Protoss Discussion

May 6 Looking for ways to improve w/ replay (s) these should be short and hopefully the links work.MightySalmon0 May 6
May 5 How to upload replays to youtube Hi, I was wondering how to upload a replay I have to youtube or send it to someone for that matter? I would love to know how to do something like this, also how does one add commentary to the replay? Thank you for your help :)Hitster22 May 5
May 2 Remove colossus and give us reavers zerg just keeps getting buffs and colossus are just too fragile and literally anything can hit them. Why cant we have a unit that actually blows up a big army like reavers? Disruptors aren't good enough and I think we should remove that unit too.Pirateskullz5 May 2
Apr 29 Anyone know how to beat mass cyclone rushes? Well first time I had seen this, but looks like terran can mass produce cyclones at about 5 minutes in. They crush adepts and stalkers do OK, if you choose to go all stalkers and not make any adepts at all. Anyone else run into this early game rush cheese? * Stalkers + blink work well but again you won't get that in 5 minutes. * Zealots + charge work well but again you won't get that in 5 minutes. Hey Blizzard, would be cool if we could post replays here in the forum to show people. Would make discussion about strats much better.DeltaLight13 Apr 29
Apr 29 Nerfing Warp Prisms is a bad idea Protoss is, for better or worse, designed around constantly reinforcing their army with warp-ins, as is reflected in the fact that gateway units are... pretty universally terrible, unsupported. I'm all for changing this. I'll happily take a Protoss that has a strong gateway army without Warp Gate. It'd be an adjustment, sure, but I don't think it'd be bad for the game. Completely removing fast warp-ins unless it's at your base(unless you want to spend 250 minerals and a minute to set up a proxy pylon + gateway) will just straight-up kill any sort of aggressive play and will lead only to 3-base turtle play, and I don't think anyone wants to see more of that.Wobulator30 Apr 29
Apr 24 Adept nerf Why did Blizzard nerf the adepts health. All there gateway units suck as it is except for Templars. The only way to win with toss is with air or robo units. Now, Blizzard just made it even harder.monster1 Apr 24
Apr 24 Protoss protoss is way too powerful every single player i encounter just does mass carriers and its boring as hell I'm done playing star craft for a while not playing any blizzard games any moreYodaSlim11 Apr 24
Apr 24 Advice need help to improve currently at silver and want to get better as toss. any tips and advice thanksBigCheese6 Apr 24
Apr 23 PvT struggle Can somebody help me with PvT? I'm struggling with defending terran early tank, raven, liberator all-ins. I'm diamond3, and I really want to improve.awerwev6 Apr 23
Apr 15 Protoss is fine Protoss is fine and requires no more buffs or redesigns, these numbers show how funny and winnable as Protoss is The Problem was just a l2p Issue after the major patch, three months after Protoss is now in a good spot (Mine and Liberator nerf wasn't so necessary) Actually they only need a Carrier Nerf (Interceptors are the most cost effective unit in the game 8 life/mineral and 0.47 DPS/minerals )MinhowMinhow13 Apr 15
Apr 14 Shaking up the Meta in a not so new way Blizzard admitted in their community feedback that they were afraid of the meta getting stale and players getting bored. When looking to change this, instead of coming up with new, untested skills, why don't we look at some of the better ones of the past, and see how they would apply with the practical new abilities of the SC2 engine? Of course I would love to hear feedback to this and all opinions as long as respectful are welcomed. Here are some of the ideas I have: 1. Bring back Maelstrom. For those unfamiliar its basically fungal growth without damage, only works on Bio units, an aoe snare but also prevents opponents from firing for the duration. I would recommend making this a late game mechanic, researchable from the Templar archives for 250/250 and given to HT's for a high energy cost, 100 likely. The duration since SC2 is faster than BW would be best at around 6 seconds. This would do many things to change the meta. It would put a premium on gas since HT's are necessary, and make their energy extremely valued. Protecting HT's would be very important, as would choosing between all three of their skills. Against a swarming army of terran Bio, chargelots or ling/bling/ultra is the energy going to be better used to damage them with storm, snare them with maelstrom or snipe tech with feedback? It could create a viable alternative, or valuable synergy with colossus, but again putting gas and build choices at both a varied and tough position. 2. Shield batteries. The ones from campaign. Give them to us, for an advanced cost, likely 150/0 or 125/25. Since the most obvious exploitation of them would come from cannon rush, make them unable to heal buildings, only units. Max 150 energy, so 300 healing, with a possible research available for up the energy by 50-100 so they're viable late game. Creates new ways for protoss to defend early game, and defend expansions all game. Healing beams cannot stack, so they can still be out damaged. Puts flexibility in army comp for defense, creates the possibility to change or remove photon overcharge, and serves its purpose without being OP. Can a Medivac full of marines still snipe down a unit, by focus or splitting damage? Absolutely. Does retreating high value units, topping them off, and sending them back to help out change how the protoss views engagements? Maybe so. Would be interested in finding out. 3. The disruptor needs some synergy with its inspiration, the reaver. Give it the ability to store charges, generated either by a small resource cost (5-10 gas or 15-25 minerals) caster energy cost or over time buildup. Possibly create this ability through a 110 second research so it would not be to its full power until the end of midgame. It should not be rapid fire, but the current speed is too slow, so perhaps an example would be building a charge every 35-45 seconds but when firing has an internal cooldown of 6 seconds between shots, following the detonation of the previous shot. It already lacks the range of the reaver, but to fire so slowly feels like a significant downgrade indeed. Continued in second post.AnAppropriat6 Apr 14
Apr 12 Nerf protoss oracle Protoss oracle revelation ability should be nerfed. Either reduce it's vision by 60% or have the revelation ability unable to detect burrowed units. Protoss has 2 detectors. Terrans raven has been nerfed so much since the release of legacy of the void. It's basically a brand new unit since this last DLC. I feel if 1 race gets a nerf the other races should get a nerf. If one race gets a buff the other 2 races should get a buff in something. Doesn't matter which units gets a nerf or buff. As long as each race gets a nerf or buff.monster4 Apr 12
Apr 11 muta attacks can anyone give me sometips on how to deal with this my plays were terrible but anything i coulda shoulda done/advice is much appreciated. Apr 11
Apr 9 PvZ, How do I combat ovi drops Coming across a few zerg at the moment doing 14 pool into overlord ling drops in my main, by that time i only have a pocketful of units, mocore included. Not a great deal i can do about having 20 lings in my base at that point, does anyone have any tips? : /Cerberus5 Apr 9
Apr 3 Second update on Reaver is missing. On co op missions and mutations.metvideo0 Apr 3
Apr 3 Advice been learning about hotkeys as a protoss players. sometimes struggle with the camera angels. any advice to help also, how do I rank up , currently I am silver. I want to be gold or platinumBigCheese5 Apr 3
Apr 3 Adepts Discuss. Are they necessary? Are they overpowered? Could their shade be nerfed? For example, if an adept completes its shade the shade cool down is increased? This would allow for the opponent to better control an attack. If not this what else could be done with the shade? Do they hit to hard? attack to fast?McNasty25 Apr 3
Apr 1 chrono boosts of multiple Nexus Usually, I would put all me Nexus into same control group. My question is, for example, I put 2 Nexus in a control group, and use their chrono boost on VC and VR. Then I wanna change chrono boost on VC and VS, how would you do to make sure that chrono boost on VR is the one changed to VS? Sometimes, when I select all my Nexus, and chrono boost VS, then the chrono boost on VC will be changed to VS, which is not my intention.BiNGo1 Apr 1
Apr 1 Wanting To Main Protoss Hello, I am wanting to switch to Protoss as my main race, and I am needing help. I am a Masters Zerg, but i just can get Protoss to click. If some people or a person could offer some helpful tips, coaching or mentoring, that would be fantastic. Here is my information to ad me if you are willing to help me. NeRBiX#1331NRB0 Apr 1
Apr 1 Protoss questions from ex retiree Hello, After seven years without playing sc2, I returned a week ago and decided to play protoss instead of terran that was what I played before. Still rusty for most of the knowledge I had about the game but I'm getting over it with practice. So I got some questions regarding this class and would be glad if anyone could help me - I don't know the name of the strategy I'm using but is the one that players I saw stream uses as the opening in the most of the time, some warp gates and the building that makes immortals (don't know the name in english) So, what is the optimum number of warp gate for 1, 2 and 3 nexus I should have? The point I have no warp gates not producing and no resources left over? - When playing PvP and my opponent goes to mass void rays, what unit answers it best? I saw on the unit guide phoenix but had no success, maybe is better to go mass void rays too and win on number and tech? - Formerly had some custom maps to train micro? Is there still such things? Where can I find it? - Is there any good use for carriers? - What is the strong and adaptive opening for protoss like bio ball for terrans? Thanks in advance and sorry the lots of questionsmilton2 Apr 1
Mar 31 스타2 밸런스 방안 1. 토르 대공 공속증가 방사 데미지 증가 의료선 탑승 시, 의료선 방어도 3증가 -> 토르는 기존 공격력과 기동성이 약하다는 단점이 있음. 특히 바이오닉의 기동성을 따라가지 못함. 범위 데미지와 토르+의료선(소위 토료선)의 활용을 높여, 화력을 개선 2. 밤까마귀 포탑 공격력까고 지속시간 증가 추적 공격력까고 범위증가 추적 공격력증가 업그레이드삭제 추적 공격활성화 속도 업그레이드추가 국지방어기 마나 50추가 -> 마법유닛은 상황에 알맞게 스킬을 써야하나, 대부분 한타 위주의 스킬이라는 공통점이 있어, 효율이 굉장히 좋은 자동포탑만을 사용함. 해당 부분을 개선하고자 자동포탑의 데미지를 감소하여 견제용으로, 추적미사일의 데미지를 낮추고 활성화업글과 범위 상향하여 공격용으로, 국지방어기를 버프하여 수비용으로 활용될수 있도록 개선 3. 공허 중장갑추뎀 삭제 경장갑추뎀 추가 분광정렬 유지 -> 체력은 약하나 데미지는 강력한 공허는 컨셉에 굉장히 알맞은 유닛이었음. 허나, 경장갑에는 심히 취약하고 중장갑에는 추뎀+스킬로 굉장히 강력한 유닛이었음. 컨셉을 유지하며, 해당부분을 개선하기 위해 기존 중장갑 추뎀을 경장갑 추뎀으로 변경한채로 유지. 기존에는 경장갑에 활용되지만 일정 상황에는 중장갑에도 활용되는 딜러가 될수있도록 개선 4. 폭풍함 이동류 스킬추가 or 이속증가 업글추가 인구수1감소 or 공속증가 or 공격형 스킬추가 -> 폭풍함은 프로토스의 최종 병기중 하나임에도 많은 인구수에 낮은 화력을 가졌음에도 이속이 낮아서 별 활약없이 죽기 일쑤임. 기존 사기적인 사정거리 롤백대신 이동스킬을 늘려 기동성을 높이고 인구수 및 화력을 높여, 활용이 될수있도록 개선 5. 차원 분광기 기존 소환 속도 감소 빠른 소환 업그레이드 추가 태우는 범위 감소 차원분광기 이동 속도 업그레이드에 태우는 범위 증가 효과 추가 -> 기존 차원분광기는 빠른 소환 속도와 멀리서 차원분광기에 태웠다내렸다하는 아케이드로 말도 안되는 타이밍에 강력한 한방 공격이 가능하였음. 해당 부분의 템포를 낮추기 위해 빠른 소환 업그레이드를 따로 추가하고 태우는 범위 증가를 기존 이동 속도 증가 업그레이드에 추가하여 템포를 개선 6. 불멸자 사정거리 증가 업그레이드 추가 -> 불멸자는 중후반 대중장갑 유닛임. 허나, 타종족 같은 포지션인 가시지옥과 시즈탱크에 비해 월등히 낮은 사정거리를 보임. 해당 부분을 해소하고자 로공에 사정거리 증가를 추가하여 개선 7. 시즈탱크 시즈모드 중장갑 추뎀 삭제 시즈모드 중장갑 추뎀 현재에서 15감소한 채로 업글 추가 -> 시즈탱크는 중장갑 싸움에서 압도적인 화력을 보여줌. 하여 타종족의 로공운영, 바퀴운영등을 압살해버림. 해당부분을 소폭 해소하고자 중장갑 추뎀을 업그레이드로 변경하고 데미지를 감소하여 개선 8. 지뢰 활성화 후 다음 활성화까지 재사용 대기시간 50퍼씩 증가 천공발톱 업글에 재사용 대기시간 증가 삭제 -> 지뢰는 초반 견제에서 굉장히 높은 효율을 보여줌. 해당 부분을 해소 하고자 쏠수록 재사용 대기 시간이 증가되도록 수정. 다만 비주류 업그레이드인 천공발톱 효과증가를 위하여 재사용 대기시간 증가 삭제 효과를 추가하여 개선 9. 전투순양함 공속 소폭 감소 사정거리 증가 -> 전투순양함은 강력한 공격스킬(야마토포)와 빠른 이동스킬(차원도약)을 보유한 최종병기임. 허나, 최종병기 싸움에 주가 되는 사정거리가 월등히 낮아 화력이 충분함에도 활용이 되지않는 모습을 보여줌. 해당 부분을 개선하고자 공속과 데미지를 조정하되 사정거리를 높여, 최종병기 싸움에 활용될수있도록 개선 10. 유령 emp에 안티힐기능 or 점막 효과 못받음 기능 추가 전술 핵공격 가격 반 감소 -> emp는 프로토스 전에서는 활용도가 높으나 저그전에서는 활용이 굉장히 낮은 모습을 보여줌. 해당 부분을 해소하고자 저그용 기능을 추가. 또한 비싼가격과 낮은 명중률로 활용이 힘든 전술핵의 가격을 낮춰, 많은 빌드에서 활용이 될수있도록 개선 11. 암흑기사 점멸 업그레이드 시간 50퍼 감소 점멸 거리 30퍼 하향 -> 암흑기사의 점멸 업그레이드가 안쓰이는 이유 중 하나인 업그레이드 시간을 대폭 감소. 다만 암흑기사의 점멸 효율의 극대화를 막기 위해 점멸 거리를 하향 12. 무리군주 공생충 사라지는 속도 30퍼 증가 이동속도 소폭 증가 일정 체력을 소모하여 일순간 많은 공생충을 소환하는 스킬 업그레이드를 거대둥지탑에 추가 -> 무리 군주는 저그의 최종병기임에도 불구하고 지상만 공격한다는 제약과 이동속도가 매우 느리다는 단점이 있었음. 허나, 화력이 매우 강력하여 알면서도 뽑을수밖에 없는 유닛이었음. 해당 부분을 해소하고자 화력을 낮추고 일순간 강한스킬과 이동속도 증가로 유틸성을 개선 13. 뮤탈리스크 바인드 데미지 1씩 감소 -> 뮤탈리스크는 바인드데미지, 빠른 이동 속도와 높은 체력 회복 효과로 치고 빠지는데 능한 견제 유닛임. 하지만 강한 바인드 데미지로 일정 수 이상의 뮤탓리스크는 견제 유닛 이상의 압도적인 화력을 보여줌. 해당 문제를 해소하기 위해 바인드 데미지 감소 14. 히드라 체력 10증가 데미지 1감소 -> 히드라는 굉장히 강력한 딜러임. 하지만 매우 낮은 체력으로 딜을 제대로 넣기전에 폭풍, 시즈탱크등에 쉽사리 죽어버림. 해당 문제를 해소하고자 체력을 소폭 증가하고 데미지를 소폭 감소함. 15. 살모사 흑구름 지속시간 증가 업그레이드 추가 흑구름에 있을 시, 아군 피격 데미지 50퍼 감소 기능 추가 -> 저그는 감염충의 진균을 제외한 마법유닛의 활용도가 지극히 낮았음. 살모사는 군락 이후에 생산이 가능한 저그의 최종 마법 유닛임에도 불구하고 가지고 있는 마법의 활용이 극히 낮았음. 이 문제를 해소하고자 업그레이드를 추가하여 최종전 싸움에 보다 다이나믹한 전투가 될수 있도록 개선 16. 모선 * 해당 업그레이드는 함대신호소에 추가됨 아무 건물에나 과부하 충전이 사용될 수 있는 업그레이드 추가 대규모 귀환을 모선 위치로 유닛을 소환하는 스킬로 바꾸는 업그레이드 추가 시간 왜곡을 일정 지역의 유닛을 지속시간동안 무적으로 만들고 행동불능으로 만드는 스킬로 바꾸는 업그레이드 추가 ( 아군 유닛도 스킬에 걸림 ) 모선 주위에 차원관문 유닛을 인구수의 2배만큼 마나를 소모하여 소환 할 수 있도록 하는 업그레이드 추가 -> 모선은 프로토스의 최종병기 유닛이나, 인구수를 먹음에도 이렇다할 스킬이 없었음. 하여 업그레이드를 통해 시간이 걸리지만 마법을 변경할 수 있도록 기능 추가. 허나, 변경된 마법은 돌릴수 없으며 패널티가 있는 스킬도 있어, 좀 더 다이나믹한 상황을 만들것으로 기대함sinbieun0 Mar 31
Mar 29 All-Ins? Alright so in my opinion, protoss cannot really apply any pressure early on. However, I like to be wrong at times - are there any all-ins or 1- or 2-base plays I cannot think off the top of my hat? Terrans have cyclone rushes or proxy bs, zergs have ... everything, for example t1 overlord drops, roach-ravager and what have you... I think there is nothing similar for protoss but as I said, maybe I am seeing things wrong and some of you know more than I do? For your information I am a diamond toss.Jockel8 Mar 29
Mar 28 Reaver to replace the disruptor??? I feel like the addition of the reaver back into the protoss army would be a good thing, and i feel like the reaver should replace the disruptor. 1: nostalgia 2: i feel like the reaver would allow protoss to be a little more aggressive during the early / mid game instead of being pinned in the base relying on photon overcharge 3: i feel the reaver is a little less gimmicky than the disruptor. (when only few disruptors are out and you miss the shots it can be a game loss due to the high cooldown of purification; also it doesn't require a high number of disruptor to be effective. 4: the reaver would be a good harassment tool at all stages of the game coupled with the warp prism. 5: anti deathball unit: promotes small skirmish type battles. not quite as effective in the larger prolonged battles I feel due to scarab prices and manual build requirements. forces oppents to split and not just a-move you 6: would make a lot of protoss players happy? the general consensus seems to be that reaver is wanted and the disruptor is not. now, if reavers were to be brought back it raises the question of would it just out shine the collosi in every way? i know scarab costs and manual build times come into account - so i feel like the collosi would be more late game than reaver. both fill a simial role and both are different enough that i feel like they would both see their uses in their own unique ways. reaver: smaller more constant skirmishes / harassment collosi: larger more prolonged battles towards late game.Chewy14 Mar 28
Mar 28 Idea for Making Zealots More Relevant This one has to do with how Charge functions. I'm not claiming that Chargelots are not strong in some situations (I personally use them quite a bit), but in general, they have proven to be overshadowed (or overshaded, if you will) by Adepts. Some large factors that contribute to this are: - The Zealot's inferior potential to escape bad situations compared to Adepts - The effectiveness of short-range splash damage units (like Banelings and Mines) against Zealots due to their melee range - The effectiveness of kiting against Zealots, also due to their melee range These proposals are meant to strengthen Zealots by increasing their micro potential: 1) Allow the Zealot to Charge to a point via user command rather than just to enemy units. Reasoning: This helps against both short-range splash damage units and for helping Zealots escape bad situations. Currently, there is rarely ever a reason to turn autocast off of Charge, the benefits of manually using it almost never outweighing the effort needed to use it manually for benefit; this would make doing so an option for those who desire to have more meaningful micro potential for their Zealots. For instance, when fighting Ling/Bling, you could keep the Zealots together to take on any initial Lings, then manually use Charge to split or pull off groups of Zealots when Banelings roll in to gain efficiency against them. You could also use this to gain positional advantages in engagements and more easily retreat from bad situations. Some tweaks to help balance this out could be to eliminate Charge impact damage and/or allow Zealots to Charge to friendly units (keeping impact damage would make this a tradeoff) instead of points on the ground, requiring a ground unit or structure back if you want to escape a situation and allowing more counterplay, though making the micro more cumbersome. 2) Reduce the max duration of Charge to limit its range. Reasoning: With the above change, you would most likely need to limit the range of Charge more than its current maximum range to keep it balanced. 3) Reduce the cooldown of Charge. Reasoning: With change 2, you also open up the option of altering the cooldown of Charge. This would mainly be to lessen (but not eliminate) the effectiveness of kiting against Zealots, as well as allow more opportunities for utilizing the micro. Again, the tweaks mentioned in the paragraph before change 2 -- as well as the magnitude of change 2 itself -- could be considered for balancing this change. With a more relevant Zealot, more freedom of experimentation for Adept changes could be opened up as many do not see the Adept as currently having an ideal design. Thoughts?NinjaDuckBob18 Mar 28
Mar 28 Why I said terrain OP Apologize for my bad English first, not a native speaker I m a Diamond 2 in NA server, even my PVT win rate is like 55%, I still want to tell you overall Terrain is OP. (My win rate above average is cuz i m good XD) Little details first: 1.Pylon no longer quick cast units anymore, now it takes 15 seconds, so a lot of 2 base play or 1 base play cant be performed, in other words, u need to build warp to play 2 base all in, some good plays like +2 atk blink stalker no longer good anymore because u will miss the timing by building VR and warp 2. Tank dmg is huge. Since adapters range is 1 less than marine, most common early rush unit for Toss is stalker, but after tank increase the dmg, not possible for any early rush 3.Colossus dmg nerfed makes toss hard to counter terrain marine marauder combination. 4. Nerfed colossus, adapter, tempest, pylon, warp. Dark templar's new ability useless, void ray buff useless. Overall: 1. The toss's efficiency of harassing economy is lowest. For Z you have air the baneling in the early game, lurker in the late game, for T is the widow mine(god i hate widow mine) and liberator. You know why T is good at harassing economy, its because widow mine or liberator doesnt need a lot of micro to perform, u just make the unit be in place and it will do its own work, u dont need to control it all the time. On the other hand, For toss, having the same effect of harassment need tons of Micro, oracles, or warp adapters. 2. Mid game is hard. In mid game, some terrain players use the combination of 3-4 liberator, 2-4 tanks, and marine, marauder combination to push to the front door of P's 3rd base, they set tank and liberator ready, again , then they dont need a lot of micro to push but P needs ton of micro to defend. In all, I find out toss needs 10 times of micro to play against T and Z, so dats why Toss is so weak right now. Since we are not GSL player and as micro becomes more and more important in PVT and PVP, (much more important than strategy ) Toss is weakSonicRUNRUN3 Mar 28
Mar 27 Macro game broken ... This paragraph is sad but true!Avalon0 Mar 27
Mar 27 Disruptor OP? Just watched a game between the German player Showtime and the Finnish player Serral. Showtime killed 8 roaches with just one purification nova. Doesnt that seem a little OP? If the players aren't on a pro level, 1 disruptor could end the game for you if you arent watching your map at all times.Rek7 Mar 27
Mar 27 I cant win in PvT vs Masters... For any master/ grandmaster level protoss (nothing less) please tell me how you achieved that level vsing terran? I ask because, you know... liberator MMM mines siege tanks every game is very popular.. and blizzard, making the maps anti- drop still doesnt change the known fact that terran drops are incredibly hard to handle. some say "leave a HT in base or adepts/ stalkers to scare them away" well, say that the terran is unsuccessful in dropping. your taking your third and a massive terran army attacks 3rd. you pull forces, get doomed dropped, he backs off after destroying 3rd, the drop killed probes then you are way way way behind.... this is me vs every decent tier 1 diamond to masters i vs and i have tried 6 different builds and combos (no joke) and none of them are good against terran. P.S cannons are minerals wasted PvT disrupters < stim air < lib gate units < barrack unitsJacob3 Mar 27
Mar 27 When will protoss be viable Fun race I'm so sick of Zerg and Terran got all the buff in LoTV and it shows for ever 1 protoss there are at least 5 to 10 zergs and terran Both. They complain about protoss when there only 1 good unit the adept and carrier are good which you will die before you ever get them and Should NEVER have to rely on 1 or 2 units to win. Ravenger biles are Overpowered what the point in making immortal's? you have to be Stats or a top top pro in the world to win enough games to ever have fun. Casual players can see how very inbalanced terran and zerg are if you play protoss. Protoss unit for more expensive but it don't show they MELT to widow mines/ bio, Banes, ravengers. It's disguisting and LONG overdue for a buff to protoss to at least balanced the race overall strong not just 1 or 2 units... I've played since 2010 and I've never see protoss get treated right WELL ROUNDED Race.. No one plays protoss and I can certainly see why. Also this is killing the playerbase having other races with comps that are twice as strong. It get's very old, very quick.InfidiumX41 Mar 27
Mar 27 Protoss "3.8": Tempest, WP, Observer, Sentry Protoss desevred it's own patch 3.8 here's my proposal ... ... ... ...DankTemplar46 Mar 27
Mar 23 Needing Help With Protoss Hello, I am wanting to main Protoss as my main race, and I am needing help. I am a Masters Zerg, but i just can get Protoss to click. If some people or a person could offer some helpful tips, coaching or mentoring, that would be fantastic. Here is my information to ad me if you are willing to help me. NeRBiX#1331NRB0 Mar 23
Mar 22 nerf void rays attack and move at the same time makes them the best unit to mass, please fix this. edit: you cant kite them, you cant out macro them with any unit, they keep attacking no matter what. high damage + no need for skill = opKosard45 Mar 22
Mar 21 Archon color different depending on origin. This is just a flavor thing that I think would be aesthetically cool. Basically, the default Blue archon is made from two HT, while the Red Archon would be made from two DT, and the Purple Archon from HT/DT. The stats on any of these is still the same, it's just the color of it's flaming Psi sphere that would be different. In SC1, it was awesome that the Archon made from two Dark Templars was Red. And I always wondered even then that if it would be purple if DT and HT mixed? I hope they implement such a change. It wouldn't affect gameplay, just flavor, like how the DT can randomly have a scythe or the arm blade and still have the same parameters. Plus, I want to know what kind of Archon is slaughtering my Zerg forces.PrimalX9 Mar 21
Mar 21 Upgraded Nexus Had an Idea, the Nexus could have an energy(resource) based attack to clear enemies. One shot light units (subject to change, less effective with armor upgrades) Make Protoss less vulnerable to rushes. Constructive criticism only please. Responses such as "L2P" are not constructive.WarMichael2 Mar 21
Mar 20 Help a returning WoL player understand LotV En taro Zeratul, fellow protoss. I bought LotV for the campaign recently, and I'm considering coming back to the multiplayer. I was never a good player, but I just can't wrap my head around how this game has changed. The increase in the starting worker count made this game so fast I can't control my economy at all. Build orders now are 10x more complex than they were back then, because of how fast and long they are. Whatever happened to good ol' forge expansions and 4gates? Anyway, I just want to understand how this game is being played right now. I've seen that most of the popular builds include early pressure with oracles and adepts or even using pylons+MCC to destroy terran walls. What are the other options? How does protoss fare against the other races in the different stages of the game? What is the metagame for player on lower leagues? What are the common cheese builds on ladder? Any help is welcome. Sorry for so many questions, but I am really surprised to see so many interesting changes to this game :P As for myself, I used to play WoL quite a bit in 2011. I was low silver scum when I quit. I took some time off and then came back to play the campaign of HotS(almost a year after it was released). Back then it seemed like the meta was really !@#$ty and zerg was dominating everything, so I didn't try to play the multiplayer. I just bought and finished the LotV campaign and I'm really hyped about the new protoss units. Oh, and I think I don't have multiplayer matches on this account. My original account was nuked by the anti theft system. Bnet would drop me every 5 minutes and then ask me to confirm I was myself by sending me confirmation emails. I confirmed I was myself about 50 times over the course of a week before I accepted I just couldn't get my account back :PHorsemaster3 Mar 20
Mar 19 Stargate opener vs MARINE THOR how the hell do you beat marine marauder medivac thor with a sg opener, im pretty convinced it doesnt f***** happen... pretty sure its AUTO LOSE to that..KingSTARK4 Mar 19
Mar 3 Prismatic Alignment After prismatic alignment is activated it should stay on continuously for the rest of the match. It doesn't make sense for the prismatic beam to keep going out of alignment with Protoss' level of technology.BilboBagins2 Mar 3
Mar 3 "You must construct additional Pylons" Wait. Wait. Don't you warp them in from somewhere else? Why are you the one told to construct them?DarthWalrus2 Mar 3
Mar 2 Help with Protoss Mothership cap in editor? Could anyone tell me how to change the Protoss Mothership max cap in the editor?RonSwanson0 Mar 2
Mar 1 Protoss private lessons Hello. I'm OpirenFlas, Master level Protoss player in EU. I am already coaching people who want to learn and improve their strategies, build orders, all in, etc. I'll be coaching players from Bronze to Master. If you are interested on, you can contact me via: SC2 European Profile: OpirenFlas #2905 GL!!!Cheers!!!European0 Mar 1
Mar 1 PvT - Easy build order Hello guys ! I'm zuka, a french protoss player (reached GM this saeson on NA and 5400 MMR on Europe). I do weekly VODs for protoss (every saturday) on many subjects : Build order, guides, explanation about how to counter specific things etc... for beginners or better players. Some english guys came on my youtube channel and they asked me to do some of my videos in English. It's a try cause i'm not totally bilingual French/English : I did my PvT easy build order in english : (i can do PvP and PvZ too if asked) I hope it can help people over there who struggle in this match up. If people like this kind of video, i can do more of them. Of course if i do more of them i will try to improve my english (my accent is maybe a bit to "frenchy" :D)zuka5 Mar 1
Feb 26 Nerf the disruptor When you mass disruptors, it's too abusive. Let's compare the disruptor vs other units: High templar: Slow and vulnerable unit. Psionic storm requires mana, deals 80 damage Viper: Slow and vulnerable unit. Parasitic bomb requires mana, deals 60 damage Infestor: Slow and vulnerable unit. Fungal growth requires mana and deals 30 damage. How about our friend the Disruptor? It's ability requires no mana, the unit is invulnerable once you use it, the attack is rather fast and deals 145 damage, and is also hard to avoid especially when multiple units are used. I say nerf it.Swarm14 Feb 26
Feb 24 fixing PVT?? Ok, before I continue I just want it on the record I am a Zerg so I have no bias here, but I was brainstorming ideas for how they could maybe balance TVP, and this is what I came up with: - remove shield bonus for widow mines.. why is it there in the first place?? this wont effect TVZ or TVT and will help fix the issue in TVP, yeah I get that they wont one shot oracles but honestly if they do 80% damage roughly cant a couple marines finish off the oracle, I mean toss and Zerg always have to keep a few units near there mineral line incase off drops, is it so much to ask that terran have to do something similar. - give stalkers a hardened shield ability like the immortal use to have, but instead off capping max damage at 10, cap it at 40... There's a very high chance that will be op, yes, but is it not worth a test? I mean stalkers aren't the most efficient unit for there cost (unless using mass blink stalker) and no zerg unit hits that hard so wont effect ZVP, only tanks and liberators hit that hard... see were I'm getting at with this? there literally the only early/mid game counter to liberators and they honestly cant touch the things, however this ability shouldn't apply to widow mines I will say that, because then they would just eat the shots and that would be op. PS: use shouldn't change the hydra to 90 hp.. as much as ill enjoy that there already ridiculously good in ZVP, ever since they got a speed buff they became a 'core' unit. this might make them more effective against 3 base carrier but they will absolutely shred Protoss ground, (more then they already do) besides hydras shouldn't be used as a primary counter to carriers, there mainly meant for mid game timings before the Protoss hits critical mass. if use want to help us out against carriers late game maybe buff vipers a bit ehh ;) (higher health/abduct range boost/parasitic bomb changed to single target high damage, something like that)Hydralisk1 Feb 24
Feb 21 Counter Mass Void Rays So, i have recently played with my friend 1v1, he went massed void rays. I know Stalkers werent a good idea, because Void Rays' Pismatic Alignment do alot of damge with armored units, and Stalkers are considered Armored units. Then I opened with 3 Stargates, keep pumping out Phoenixes, got a Fleet Beacon, upgrade Anion Pulse Crystal (+2 range for Phoenixes so that their range would be 5 to 7, when Void Rays' were 6) 2-1-2 upgrade, just like him But the problem was, he just kept his Void Ray together, by clicking all Void Rays and and right click them into 1 Void Ray, if u guys can imagine it. So that, when i micro my Phoenixes, because my Phoenixes had longer range than his Void Rays, but Phoenixes just kept flying separately from each others, but when i did like him, select all Phoenixes and right click it into a single Phoenixes and when I pressed A, they were still separate from each others, I end the game with a gg. There used to be a way counter Mass Voidray as Protoss, the Archons' Toilet, just need about 6 archons to kill 40 Void Rays because Archons' attack splash damage is so boss, but in HOTS, they removed Vortex, so Mass Void Rays is still a tricky situation for all players that have to deal with it. With Terran, we can counter mass Voids with Mass Stim Marines or Ravens' Seeker Missile With Zerg, we can go Mass Hydralisks and Infestors for Fungal Growth. Anyone has any ideas to counter Mass Void Rays as Protoss, show me your ideas and I will really appreciate it. Thanks alot :) Best wishes MyLifeForVN :)MyLifeForVN19 Feb 21
Feb 20 Disruptors vs Collossi So here's the thing. Disruptors are cheap. Really cheap. 150-150 is basically a sentry and a stalker and they can potentially kill many times their worth. Collossi on the other hand are 300-200, they cost a lot and kill considerably less than a disruptor can. Sure when you have 5-6 collossi they reach that critical mass when they can kill virtually anything while having 6-8 disruptors won't increase their effectiveness all that much, but collossi are also veak to anti air, vikings, corruptors... So my question is, why would you ever use collossi instead of disruptors? You even have to research the long range for them and damage upgrades to make them effective and they are weaker against marauders, roaches and other high hp units too. Against terran I prefer High Templar anyways, if you want to deal with 45 hp targets HT's are simply better than either. I am curious what you guys think, do you think collossi are weak too? And would you want their cost reduced or their damage buffed or some other ability like the ignite ground effect from campaign/co-op? Or do you think collossi are simply obsolete and some other unit should replace them in the protoss army?David4 Feb 20
Feb 20 How do you stop mass carriers? I'm continuously losing in PvP to mass carriers. Zerg has Hydra, which can beat carrier in large enough numbers, and Terran has Viking/medi/Marine/cyclone that can beat carriers in large enough numbers, but what's the Protoss counter to mass carriers?Netherdrake12 Feb 20
Feb 15 Constructive Feedback on Toss Trying to be more positive after the ginormous nerfs put me in a bitter, not-playing-starcraft mode for awhile. I've won a few games. I upfront admit I'm not very good at the game, especially apm wise and am only in Silver 2 1v1 currently. Still, these are the main problems I see hamstringing the race. 1) - Zealots need that base speed boost without Charge. Charge takes awhile, and it takes a bit to get to Twilight Council too. Give us that at least to make us more viable especially offensively early game. All we have now are cannon cheeses. 2) - Give us back Hardened Shell on the Immortal and 15 Range vs Ground on Tempest. Please. Immortals are garbage compared to before, and if that Shell was so op, well there must be some middle ground that's not a bubble that lasts too short and has such a long cooldown it's usable once per battle. Tempests were our siege tank so I also think it's not very useful to have them only have 2/3 range vs ground since they are pretty much the slowest unit in the game. You can even keep in the Warp Prism health nerf and warp in nerf. But it is fairly silly how you did this right at the time of buffing the living !@#$ outta Terran Mecha whereas Immortals used to be the best counter to Mecha since Stalkers insta-die unless you're a god at Blink micro. The only thing I can figure is you expected us to rely on mid game cheeses like Oracle harass and timings on psi storm or Disruptor bombs. Not sure on how effective Disruptor is as I haven't used it enough yet. 3) - Instead of trying to completely change the functionality of perfectly good units in a bad way (like say the Tempest stun and nerfing it's range into the ground), why not take out an ability or two if there are some that don't need it so heavily to be activated and then give us Dark Archons as a new caster unit? Just a thought since right now almost every unit has activated abilities that need to be used just right to make the unit worthwhile.zeroninja12 Feb 15
Feb 14 PVZ does anyone have any tips on pvz gold? I've lost 80% of all my pvz matches. Please help me.. please help me please help me pleasepotato6 Feb 14
Feb 9 Help with Protos Hi! I'm new in the game and I was playing a lot in multiplayer mode (with a very bad streak of games). I play with Protos and i would like to be told the most common construction orders for Protos, since I have my own strategy and it does not work for me at all. More than anything, I would like to know which are the best strategies for: Protos vs Terran, vs Zerg, and vs Protos. Thanks!Sorfon4 Feb 9
Feb 7 Buff Adept Shade Vision PLS The Adept's Shade needs a little bit more vision. I'm not suggesting that you should bring it back to what it was once, but add a bit of vision. Its incredibly dangerous to shade units now since your opponent could be an arm's length of the shade and still be "invisible". Allow Protoss to have a way to scout without necessarily opening with robotics every game.Whiteshadow3 Feb 7