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Oct 24 Protoss Standard Openers With new MMR patch, I'm finally laddering as all three races now. I need two solid openers for each matchup- Plat+ builds. Having trouble dealing with early terran WM play too. - Two openers for PvT -Two openers for PvZ (Need these the most-possibly more than two) - PvP general advice and safe openers.CSPARROW3 Oct 24
Oct 23 please be aware of lazyness i feel like there are to many trolls on this forum just speaking and arguing about the problem they do face in their limited vision of gameunderstandment and trying to speake for dumb !@# senseless changes with no point to change the gameexperience of both players playing the game. just like everybody wants to achieve the biggest piece of the cake thats obviously made for everyone RIGHT NOW! I do not feel that half the posts are read twice by its posters or even thought trough in its evolving changes for the game as its whole. I do not want to waste my time on reading nonsense and or not-informing posts that do not improve starcraft!Thunderbolt0 Oct 23
Oct 21 How do you deal with widowmines early on? How do you not lose the game to widowmines? Proxy widowmines and normal widowmine drops come so quickly. I was playing versus a terran that just kept doing the two above things over and over and I got completely steamrolled every time. I even made a robo asap but I lost so many probes and mining time.Krotux12 Oct 21
Oct 16 Protoss meta Hello guys i used to play platinum in heart of the swarm but i quit playing. I got lotv when it was released just to play the campaign and see how the story ended so i havent played any multiplayer seriously for like 3 of years. My questions: What is the general meta for protoss curently? What kinds of army compositions against what races? Colosus or disruptor? What are the best openers against each races? What are the best strategys? Also what are the things to look out for the other races and?PleaseNerfMe3 Oct 16
Oct 7 Protoss Purchasable Tal'darim Skin Change Recently Alarak was added as one of the co-op heroes. When I played him I was both pleased and slightly annoyed that the buildings had a Tal'darim skin change. I was annoyed because I feel like there's so many unused Tal'darim skins, and I know they were used in campaign and co-op but still I feel like there's more potential. That's why I feel like there should be a purchasable Tal'darim skin change. I don't what to say if this task is easy or not, but I feel like it would be (I have no idea). I feel like it's easy because almost all of the Protoss building and unit skins have a Tal'darim counterpart. Also I think that this could be profitable. Like I said earlier, recently Alarak was added as one of the co-op heroes so this must be making a decent amount of money, right? I don't have much experience programming games but I would think its easier to do a skin change than it is to balance and pick a new hero. So if the Tal'darim skin change was charged for the same amount as a new hero, then I think that the money would be decent for the amount of work. In conclusion I think that there should be a purchasable Tal'darim skin change because I still think it would be fairly easy, and the money from it (I would think) would be decent.reaperEX6 Oct 7
Oct 5 Protoss Healing (Suggestions!) Hello fellow starcrafters! Id first like to give a tiny background on myself to keep it 100! I no longer play, I just watch due to PC being down. I was a toss player, although enjoyed Zerg as well (toss was diamond) This thread is designated to explore the future of Protoss regarding the healing mechanic (or lack of) Protoss is the only race that does NOT have some way to heal lost HP, whether in combat or out of combat. This puts Protoss in situations, especially near end game, where retreating successfully can be just as harmful to the success of the future Protoss army as if the units stayed and died. Retreating and saving a dozen stalkers with <50% hp missing can make their next attack/defense even many minutes later, feel very handicapped as the units are heavily damaged and thus devalue the strength of the army. Now, a few understood statements to help us in finding a way to fix this mechanical flaw in Protoss play - Zerg units heal passively, more so on creep, and also have active healing options such as Queen/Burrow -Terran bio can heal passively, and also has heavy on the spot healing in the form of SCV mass repair and Medivacs -Protoss only has 1 way to regenerate any damage, and that's passive and only applies to shields -Protoss does NOT need an active, combat ready heal -Protoss DOES need a way to replenish HP, in a way that does not require huge changes in game programming, playstyle, or unit/spell additions *MY SUGGESTION* Any Protoss unit within range of 3-5 pylons is given a passive regeneration to their HIT POINTS (NOT shields) Units within range of 3 pylons regenerate at similar speed of zerg bio off creep Units within range of 4 pylons regenerate at similar speed of zerg on creep Units within range of 5 pylons regenerate at similar speed of burrowed zerg units The healing effect does not trigger on any units affecting by combat within the last 20 seconds This "Mechanic" can either be upgraded via cyber core, free passive from the get go, or however else you guys think it could be implemented How I personally feel this is as balanced as I can make it (Open to suggestions, please) 1. Given it takes 3 pylons, units to be within the pylon range, and the out of combat trigger, this mechanic would not benefit Protoss on an aggressive engagement across the map 2. It allows Protoss to make interesting building placements within their own base 3. It allows versatile play through giving Protoss options to create little "Healing nodes" at strategic places around the map, opening up players to im sure numerous innovative ways of creating prolonged attacks and split attacks more interesting 4. It does not make it practical to abuse my 4th tip all over, as an investment of 4-5 pylons at remote spots would be needed to POSSIBLY aid the Protoss army Please let me know if you guys like it, or even if you don't, Let me know ways to tweak it, scrap it, or even add more ideas. I strongly feel Protoss NEEDS a way to regenerate lost hit points, as it is a silly mechanic to essentially have to sacrifice units end game to make room for units with more hit points, just to give yourself a fighting chance in an equal army supply fight. Also sad to know if you manage to save half your army and they are terribly damaged, they can no longer be as effective, unlike every other combat unit from zerg/terran. Thanks!!! -Brozills Now, why I feel this is balancedBROZILLA13 Oct 5
Oct 4 Adept shade hotkey Hi! I would like for blizzard to impliment a cancel shade hotkey to the adept unit. It's really stupid that its on esc, and it cost me a game just now because I accidently hit ctrl button for a split second, and I went out of the game instead of cancelling shade. And when I go to change the cancel shade, there are no options available. It's just a stupid setup. And really needs to have a fix.SuperJoule2 Oct 4
Oct 3 Best Monobattle Unit I have a problem ... I'm addicted to the Monobattle format in Custom Games. I just love it to death. I have fun no matter what I end up rolling (if you're not picking 'Random', you're doin' it wrong, IMO) but I am curious to know what you think the best Protoss unit is for monobattle. Personally I prefer the zealot, simply because it takes next to no time to get a massive army together, and since most of my allies end up choosing gas heavy units, they have an excess of minerals they funnel my way, allowing me to support 20+ gateways on 2 bases.Bluehair27 Oct 3
Oct 3 What frustrates you the most vs Zerg? In a matchup against Zerg, what strategies do you they use that frustrates you the most?BilboBagins13 Oct 3
Oct 1 Should Phoenixes get Grav Beam on CD? The change for Battlecruisers was a nice modification for them so they aren't as vulnerable to High Templars, and now are CD-gated on Yamato Cannons and Warp Jumps. But there's another unit I think a CD-gate could be appropriate on: the Phoenix. It's no secret that Zerg players hate fighting Phoenixes because they just keep picking up and killing your Drones. And if you try to fight back with Queens, there's a chance they might pick up said Queen and kill her. How annoying. Phoenixes usually aren't a target of High Templars or Ghosts, so having them with energy feels weird nowadays. Would it be healthier if they instead had Graviton Beam tied to a cooldown rather than an energy cost?darkdill6 Oct 1
Oct 1 Mass recall tips? I am currently a diamond player and need some clarification on the best way to use mass recall. I have heard of three ways to do this and I'm wondering which is the best. 1. Select mothership core, click r, and click on nexus on the minimal. 2. Select mothership core, click nexus camera key (already set up), click r and then on the nexus. 3. Set up rapid fire recall, select mothership core, hold down r, and then hover mouse over nexus on minimal. Which way do you master players us? Which way is the fastest? Thanks!dborre9 Oct 1
Sep 30 Thinking about playing again... So I'm debating whether or not to invest in legacy of the void and start playing again. I used to play a lot in WoL, got to masters briefly in season 3 (i think it was 3) but was knocked down almost immediately by the stupidity of the 1-1-1 at the time. This got frustrating so I stopped playing. When HotS came out and decided to give it another shot, played for a bit and quickly realized how stupid the swarm host was and stopped playing again. Now Legacy has been out for a little while; I haven't been paying attention to the pro scene at all since I'm working full time now while still in school. What is the current state of this game? Is it more balanced, less balanced? More importantly is it fun, or is it still an endless grind against mindless strategies like 1-1-1 and mass swarm hosts? I'm so tempted to buy because i love RTS games... but I do not want to give David Kim and company $40 more if he's still doing a !@#$ job and not fixing things for literally months or even a year... Edit: Also how is the map design? I remember there were some absolutely garbage maps when I stopped playing in HotS and that was part of the reason as well.Nix12 Sep 30
Sep 30 Tips for Adept Phoenix micro I hear that Adept Phoenix is the new rage against liberator + mmm, but I'm super bad at microing it against terran. Any tips?Giwl2 Sep 30
Sep 30 A Protoss that rants about Liberator abuse. Hello i'm a Gold 1 league Protoss, and i hate Liberator, it is cruel to watch my units die in one or two blows. It's there a way to know when Terran it's popping Liberators? since they don't really need to get away from the original technology tree that they normaly go to get the medibacks. I think Liberator getting nerf against air it's gonna be gay, since anyway Terran has an insane antiair with Marines. So we really can't deal with it against a Terran with good micro.Penkala5 Sep 30
Sep 29 1 base Nuke Rush lol Getting hit with this made my night! Sep 29
Sep 28 Is fansite needed to list the Ranks of Units? Like the title suggests, I tried searching for the different ranks and how many kills it takes to get your individual units to them, and nothing comes up on my mainstream Internet Search Engine. If community players , mods , and admins see this let me knoww, I volunteer to start with protoss units, starting with Probes and Zealots all the way up to Motherships.TheHand9 Sep 28
Sep 28 Need to know LoTV timings... Hello fellow brotoss. After much deliberation I decided to jump back into SC2 and couldn't resist playing the new LoTV campaign but now that I'm done I want to start playing Ranked. Before playing LoTV I did placements for funzies in HoTS and placed Tier 3 Diamond but in LoTV I am T3 Gold. I chalk that up to having no idea what timings I should look out for vs zerg and terran. It seems we have a ton of new units which has created a long list of build orders and I really don't know where to start. I'm looking to find out just a couple things to work on till I get my mechanics back. 1) Timings to look for against Zerg and Terran both offensive and defensive. 2) Simple "Go to" build orders till I get back in the swing of micro mechanics. (ie. what's the new 3 gate robo etc) 3) Any general changes to units that have fallen to the way side or are now the new "thing" to use. Anything helps, looking forward to your responses.Orenda2 Sep 28
Sep 27 Blink Stalker/Disruptor In PvT when is a good Composition to use Blink/Disruptors?noobtastic13 Sep 27
Sep 26 Fix This! Stalker focus fire problem when u target liberators with the stalkers the other units judt move instead of a moving! as result the rest of your army dont fight! fix this so if u target the libs the rest of the army a move towards the libs and not move!talski8 Sep 26
Sep 22 Let's talk PvZ Since it's the only matchup I seem to play now. I've given up n PICA. When I would mass Immortals/Archons it seemed I'd get rekt by Lurkers. I've now switch to 3 gate Adept Harass into A couple Inmortals plus sentry gateway units, WP and MSC push to take out the third. Works amazingly well on Galactic Process and Apothosis where you can FF off reinforcements and Recall home. From there I go Disruptors to deal with lurkers and Lair tech units. My Disruptor control is abismal but it's improving. GGlords and Corruptors still rekt me Cannon rushing: Frost... Pylon block by the ramp with two pylons and place down three cannons. two inside the pylon block and one at the base of the ramp. New Gettysburg: Do not attempt to pylon block the ramp.noobtastic0 Sep 22
Sep 22 Which Unit is Most OP? (poll) Sep 22
Sep 21 How do you macro well as Protoss Protoss is a race I've always wanted to play but I suck at Protoss macro. I just don't know what to build, when to expand, and how to deal with different situations(Like cheese). I've gotten to plat with zerg and would really like to get good with Protoss too cheers.Biomech2 Sep 21
Sep 20 Trying to learn protoss I'm a terran main whos trying to learn the other two races. I feel like I picked up zerg pretty easy, but other than 2 base all-ins and cheese strats, how are you supposed to win with toss? they just feel underpowered compared to the other races. (And zerg just feels way overpowered).OpenWide4 Sep 20
Sep 18 Balance Test Map: New Prism Health In my play the prism currently feels much weaker than it did a month ago even on regular ladder. Queen range buff (with the new patch of scan range), spore root time, the prevalence of mines and liberators all make prism use increasingly hard to pull of effectively even at a grandmaster level. With the proposed changes I believe the counters to prism have also got stronger and so nerfing the prism on top of these changes may be slightly over board. Viking: New +8 mechanical damage vs ground makes it easier to justify having to make 1-2 of this unit when spotting a prism. Cyclone: New design encourages massing this unit for large fights. Due to its speed it is strong at moving to locations and defending vs prisms. Adept Nerf: Makes dropping adepts and shading to another location far riskier than it currently is. Void Ray: 3.5 speed void rays deter prisms very effectively, they provide incentive for SG from the start more in pvp which in general leads to more phoenix play which decreases prism play. Queen Range: New queen range makes damage output to prism occur very quickly. Hydra Range: Increasing hydra range also helps to stop prism. Hydra speed buff on creep also allows hydra to respond faster to a drop that was missed and get in range to destroy the prism. I agree that the prism is likely currently too strong still. But my opinion is that making the unit more fragile overall is a poor design choice. In Wings of Liberty the prism was incredibly fragile and that fact added a gamble factor to using it as a harassment or reinforcement tool. In LotV protoss has finally found reliable harassment options from the adept to the prism which take away from Protoss players' needing to defend for the duration of the game until death ball. By nerfing both of the tools giving to protoss for early/mid game harassment I fear Protoss may begin to play more defensively again and options for multitask will be restricted. My solution: Instead of just removing 20 health from the prism, instead remove shield and replace the removed shield with health. And 80/120 Prism will take hull damage faster. This means that players who control their prism poorly will take irreparable damage and then be forced to use a more fragile and risky harassment unit, or replace the unit before continuing to harass. It also keeps it current survivablity initially so being caught slightly off guard once with an expensive prism harassment will not be game ending. In curious about what other people feel about this change. I agree the prism is currently too strong, but I wonder if in combination with other changes that if the prism will become a gamble and decrease Protoss players options for reliable harassment and multitask.Deadzerg4 Sep 18
Sep 18 Newbie Protoss Build Help- Wings of Liberty I have not played in a while and wanted to play against an AI and beat an Easy Mode one with Protoss. I did a Photon Canon rush that I just sort of saw in a Life Vs. Parting game. I am not playing the expansion btw I am playing Wings of Liberty. Protoss Rush 8 Pylon 10 Pylon, Forge 12 PCannon, PCannon, PCannon, Pylon 15 Gas, Gateway, Nexus 16 Cybernetics Core, Gas 18 Gateway, Stalker, Sentry 22 Pylon, PCannon, Gateway 24 Gas, Gas 26 Sentry, Stalker 30 Gateway, Gateway 32 Robotics Facility, Nexus 34 Sentry, Colossus Any help is appreciated, whether little or extensive. Thanks.musjis0 Sep 18
Sep 16 pvz any good stratagies for PvZ?soggyeyeball5 Sep 16
Sep 16 if you like to micro blink stalker iv been doing this rlly fun build that is good against early herass 3 gate expand with mothership core and early stalker expand twilight council + forge 4 more gateways + blink eventually twilight council for archons expand again its always smart to put a cannon in your min line for an unexpected oracle or widow mine drop, but i usually keep a small group of stalkers by my main and my mothership core by my nat. also walling off with buildings and cannon support is always important still working on getting a faster 3rd and a robo for observers and warp prism psionic storm drops. then it will be 100% legit i way to counter this however is neural parasite archon and mass ling fungalsnova0 Sep 16
Sep 16 Is Protoss Good Again? Hi! I used to play this game a lot until LoTV multiplayer when the game it was first released. Protoss was extremely horrible, and I always lost except to other protoss, so I quit the game (they were that bad, and the only race worth playing really). After quite a while, I am wondering if now the protoss have been buffed and are equal with the other races.Destor19 Sep 16
Sep 15 Top Protoss players Hi guys just a quick question haven't played for a while but wanting to get back into it to kill time, who are some of the top players to watch replays so i could get a feel back to the game or starcraft youtube channels i could get onto Thanks!Dorian3 Sep 15
Sep 15 Desperate Protoss Hi everyone, So I'm a Silver Tier 2 player (yes, I'm not very good), and from what I've experienced and seen from pros on YT, it seems we Toss generally have very little to work with. In other words, it seems that every race has a guaranteed 'go to' combination they can deploy every game and win, but with Toss...not so much. With PvZ, we seem to have the following issues: 1) Mass Mutas. The moment a Zerg player goes mass muta, you won't be able to catch up fast enough to counter. You basically have to kill him off first. No first tier unit (Stalker) or second tier (Pheonix) or even third tier (HTs/Carriers/Tempests) are going to be that effective. Stalkers get melted even with blink. Pheonix's may outrun them, but with a combination of hydras you're basically done. And HTs? Storm is great, but a good Zerg player will just basically move out of the way or switch tech quick enough to destroy you. 2) Early game speedlings. Let them get one inch in your natural and the game is basically over. Even with photon overcharge, if they commit, most of your probes are done and you're massively behind. PvT: 1) The MMM (add in some mech and lib if you want): Yes, we have Immortals, Collosi, and HTs. But it still never seems to be enough. We have to upgrade to Tier 2-3 just to deal with Tier 1 units. And now with the new patch upgrade on Terran Mech, we're going to get melted even more (Vikings with +mech damage and more powerful tanks). That said, I've been able to win a lot with adepts and immortals mixed in. But if I lose the mid-game all-in and don't tech up fast enough (or do a fast DT hoping that lack of detection will help), I'm basically dead. Terran and Zerg seem to have a multitude more options to counter with -- and once they find one that works, nothing we have will suffice. I'm just frustrated (as many before me), so excuse the rant, but I'd like some better anti-air for Toss, maybe some additional splash damage, and faster units to deal with MMM. EDIT: I'd also like to see a range patch for the photon overcharge. I really hate the fact that I have to place the pylon exactly right for it be effective. I've had many games where my buildings and units will easily get sniped because the pylon isn't "close enough". Maybe a +1 range upgrade patch would be nice.Saif8 Sep 15
Sep 15 mutas imba vs protoss if you didnt start with stargate opener i might as well gg and quit... is so frustrating that u gotta go stargate every game! they should buff cannons against mutas or something or stalkers... im master toss btwtalski3 Sep 15
Sep 15 PvT Stradegy guide? Poking for a good PvT Stradegy BO walk through. Anyone have any suggestions?noobtastic5 Sep 15
Sep 13 Counter vs mass mines + ghosts? This wrecks me, a mobile army of mines and ghosts... Can't get near the ghosts to take em out and the mines + nukes wreck my whole army even with observers. Do I need to go carriers and tempests?Soulmancer8 Sep 13
Sep 13 stratagy for protoss does anyone know a perfect stratagy for pvtsoggyeyeball5 Sep 13
Sep 13 die cuz adept not in the right pixel really blizzard do you think thats fun? every time i make a wall vs zerg im worried the adept is not in the perfect pixel or pose so i wont get lings runbies... i need to baby the adept all the time ,move it and let my other units out and then put it back like a moron.. thats just no fun. my adept is not in the perfect pixel between pylons and i lose the game? really? is that life fun mechanics? so lame. game is too frustratingtalski7 Sep 13
Sep 13 PvZ: First Unit Alright, my friends and I are having a debate, and I'm curious as to your opinions. Situation: PvZ, normal 2-person map. Probe scout (sent when Gateway drops) shows Zerg expansion at natural, no 3rd. Spawning pool under construction, 1 gas. Cybercore nearly finished (was started when Gate finished) Question: What should the first Gateway unit produced be? Stalker, Adept, or Zealot? Arguments: Zealot: Can block wall, hold off Zerglings. Kind of useless otherwise. Adept: Can block wall, two-shots Zerglings, but shots are slow. Not helpful if opponent goes Roaches. Stalker: Can block wall, good for taking down a scouting Overlord if your opponent is careless. Not as good vs Zerglings, but in the event they get by the wall, higher speed and rate of fire is an asset over the other two. Sentry: Force field on ramp (no wall required) provides temporary solution to Zergling attack. More useful in the next stages of the game. Heavy on gas though at that particular moment in time.TheLordGersh6 Sep 13
Sep 12 starcraft brood war deos anyone know how to make starcraft2 run on a starcraft mod?soggyeyeball1 Sep 12
Sep 11 apoptheosis V zerg? I'm a silver/gold player and I really have no idea how to avoid a macro game on apoptheosis against a zerg player because the map is so long. Other than of course going for proxy 3 gate. Is this map doomed to macro games due to the distance?Strnobull4 Sep 11
Sep 8 clean build Just trying to find a nice clean macro build for toss. lately all i've been doing with toss is 2 base timing attacks, so trying to learn a more macro playstyle.OpenWide1 Sep 8
Sep 8 MSC deselect from F2 Is there any way to keep msc as a seperate class of unit so it cant be f2'd across the map?Osiris3 Sep 8
Sep 6 How do you beat Roach--> Hydra --> Lurker? So, the zerg starts with a few lings that do nothing, I get on 2 base and then come roaches now I need adepts in case there's a ling attack, I can't take my third too fast either because I need to wall off, but then they get Roaches and adepts suck against roaches hard and if I get stalkers then the problem is the following, I play in diamond and 75% of zerg RUSH to hydras ASAP and then lurker, the problem is if I attack before the lurkers, the guy has roach+hydra behind them, but adepts will attack roaches which is terrible because roaches will be at the front and if I shade to the back all my adepts insta-melt without the guardian shell support and immortals, now I started doing 2 robo full on immortal adept play and it has moderate success but then they get lurkers and I am !@#$ed, because I simply can't kill lurkers without something like Collossi or disruptors or something but even if I do get something, I can get like maybe 1-2 collosi or disruptors but lurkers have SO MUCH F-in HP, collosi take an eternety to kill em and they dont even outrange lurkers and then disruptors are worse because lurkers take 2 shots and its not like the guy doesn't have a %^-*ton of hydras protecting those lurkers from behind.... HOW DO YOU BEAT ZERG?! Airtoss doesn't work, it dies instantly, by the time I get carriers hydra lurker is in my base already or they just go with roaches, it's not like I can kill roaches with phoenix or with void rays for that matter, it would take an eternetity to kill 30 roaches with 2 voidrays which is how much you can get max by then, not to mention's ridiculous...I tried EVERYTHING...hell even watches a !@#$ton of pro games and protoss just 90% lost...I am desperate....David4 Sep 6
Sep 5 Changing control groups I'm trying to improve my game, and part of that is making easier to access control groups. I've been trying to change for instance, control group 6 (which i use for my nexus) to be an extra button on my mouse. I can't seem to get it set up properly though. So far everything I try results in left mouse bumber changing whatever I've clicked on to control group 6, instead of control grouping something to 6, and being able to select it with the mouse button. Hopefully that makes sense to someone and they can tell me what I'm doing wrong or perhaps provide a link to a page that explains how to do all this cause I can't find anything that pertains to the problem I'm having. Thanks in advance.Gnorf1 Sep 5
Sep 5 New Player - 17% W/R in PvZ Hey guys. I started learning the game as Terran about a month ago, but quickly fell in love with Protoss. I've played nearly 200 games, Unranked, Ranked and V.S. A.I., so I'm a bit new to the game. I have two Diamond players that are friends, they're really helpful when it comes to practice. But they haven't really been able to help me one thing - PvZ. From a Silver PoV, the matchup just seems so...awkward and difficult. Sometimes I feel like I play very well, only to be hammered. I try a cheese or two, and that worked once or twice, but it felt horrible. Am I the only aspiring Toss player that has this problem? Or am I just garbage?ScRappY1 Sep 5
Sep 2 Protoss is Boring Protoss is the most boring race to play. I'm not saying that i think there under or overpowered there are just kinda boring as a race. I have mainly been a zerg player in my SC career and yesterday after going on a like a ten game losing streak in diamond i decided to leave the league and try out some other races because i really wasn't having fun in diamond. So it put my down to plat and I was getting destroyed playing as toss because i had no idea what i was doing until one of the guys who beat me told me I could start over by switching my region at login. So I did and got into silver as protoss and played about 7-8 games i think (including placements). The main thing I noticed was that it seemed the only thing I could do everygame was get 2-3 bases, mass up a death ball and then go attack. It's like i didn't have a lot of harrassment options and maybe it's because I'm a noob but it didn't feel like there was a lot of room for creativity. It's like you have to mass up this deathball with a little bit of everything because the units by themselves seem to all have hard counters so its like just survive until you have your big deathball with no hard counters. Idk I guess you can try to drop dts in their base or warp in units with a warp prism but that doesn't compare to amount of creativity i felt i had with terran and zerg. Ima keep trying to get better and hopefully I can some more interesting things to do than deathball up but for right now I'm finding terran and zerg a lot more fun to play just because of having more options to experiment with.BigMack16 Sep 2
Aug 30 PvT Proxy Mauraders How do you beat this?noobtastic4 Aug 30
Aug 29 Lurkers I've been running into Roach, Hydra, Lurker a lot lately. What's the better counter to Lurkers? Phoenix, Disruptor, Colassus, HT or concave Stalkers?noobtastic8 Aug 29
Aug 25 is that fun for blizzard? my adept is not in the perfect pixel between pylons and i lose the game? really? is that life fun mechanics? so lame. game is too frustratingtalski0 Aug 25
Aug 25 protoss unit composition Noobish player here playing protoss for the first time thats say low silver (playing standard builds). I'm really focusing on improving my macro and micro skills so I'm not doing any kind of cheese or all-ins. I've been doing alright early game and been able to secure my 3rd and sometime 4th, but after that I really just have no idea what I'm doing or what unit comp to go for. I've been trying to get adept/stalker, but I'm just getting destroyed. My builds been double gate, cybercore, adeptsx2, nexus. Then getting forge for upgrades and cannons if neccessary in my mi lines, robo for observer and immortal (I need to get better with remembering to build immortals) , starport. , getting some kind of air harass whether that be oracle, pheonix, or drop play then taking my third, so like i said pretty standard I think. From here I have no idea what I'm doing. So whats a good mid game army comps I should go for, and whats a good late comps? Also if you see a better build for me, feel free to share, but I'm more so trying to focus more on improving play rather than notch wins, so No cheese, no all-ins. I'm trying to force myself to harass or go for a timing attack every-time I expand, and force myself to expand whenever I go for a timing attack or defend a push. I'm trying to not go for full engagements before I have 4 bases up and running unless of course my opponent forces my hand.OpenWide2 Aug 25
Aug 23 How to beat Terran Thors + Battlecruisers What in the world is the right composition to beat this cancer OP Build? Massing thors destroys tempests in like 1 shot along with carriers? Void rays gets killed too? What is the right composition for this late game struggle?Tennis11 Aug 23
Aug 23 Phoenix Chasing So this doesn't really affect me at the level that I am at, but I noticed that when a phoenix is chasing a medivac it kills it much faster if you move the phoenix manually instead of right clicking the medivac. It goes from killing it in about 15 seconds, to killing it in 25+ seconds. I am not sure if this was intended or not but I think it would be cool if the phoenix could attack these units with its full potential and not just about half.Rescarve6 Aug 23