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Nov 26 Need help against late mech. I feel like I can't make anything to deal with it. I'm so frustrated over 40 minute long games where turtle terran sets up super seige. David Kim give us back good tempest please.Reptar4 Nov 26
Nov 26 My time as Zerg so far . . . i get master 2 with offrace zerg with 4800 mmr my toss main race is worst than this: only 1600-1750 mmr (aswell master2) so guys just play imba zerg u get instant better than your actual rank and mmrDavidKim11 Nov 26
Nov 26 MtarJesus explains the problems with LOTV. In this video i explain the problems with LOTV and why we need controversial player like AVILO,DESTINY and IDRA.HeavyRain0 Nov 26
Nov 26 giving up on this race... why? no early game, gotta be defensive, mother ship core mechanics give you the only option to defensive at start, i want units not mother ship core. zealots without charge - worst unit in the game, a complete useless unit 125minirals 50gas stalkers with 10 dps, the worst unit in game for dps - cost ratio no counter to mutas, if suddenly in a macro game the zerg goes for mutas he can jut click the t button and make 30 mutas while u need to be afraid of it all the time and scout 24/7 in fear, you gotta go pheonix or u die while terran have mines, thors, libs, marines. the worst race to hold all ins cheeses you gotta baby your wall so lings wont get in or u auto die... if the wall guardian is not in the perfect pixel u die. you gotta hold early game aggression against zerg by walling with pylons and pray it will hold, what kind of stupid design is that? if we have the same economy i want to be able to make units that can hold not walls im a master protoss and its just a shame,,, tired of being paranoid of spire play and as a result im tired of going pheonix every game vs zerg. no early game cheeses, after the 6 min mark u can go for blink all in adept all in, dark templars but till then u cant do !@#$. zerg can bane bust, roach all in terran can go for almost an unholdable 1 base tank lib cheese protoss? till the 6 min mark u cant do !@#$ Dear Blizzard, we want units! not mother ship core, units!talski8 Nov 26
Nov 25 How I've Learned to 4 Gate Again (PvZ) CREDZ DIAMOND 1 RANK 1 PLAYER AS OF THIS WRITING WINS Pylon block, zerg takes gold, snipes my first moveout, does not defend vs FF on the ramp FF the ramp and you win vs 2 base Zerg LOSSES Several mistakes on my end results in my push losing quite a bit of steam 11 pool gas into gold natural. I forgot warp gate and could not mount a counterattack and lost Have you grown tired of trying to play PvZ macro style? Want to back to the days of just 4 gating them to death? Well, with this unorthodox style you can! Basically, we are going to channel Has and make Zerg extremely uncomfortable by pylon blocking their bases. As the old adage goes, a 1 base Zerg is dead in the water vs a 1 base Protoss (they aren't really one base though, just a denied natual) Any Protoss worth their salt knows how to 1 base all in. Here's the goal of this build. We pylon block the natural and patrol for a possible third, denying this expo for as long as we can. Then we elevator to their main, FF the ramp, and collect ladder points on 1 base. ze build (general gist) Send probe immediately, pylon block their natural and head towards a third and patrol it. Standard opener 14 pylon (pylon on their natural), gateway, gas, core, gas, gateway. (Make probes until you have 22), get a robo as soon as you can afford after 2 gate. First 2 units out of gateways should be stalker adept. Try to snipe OLs. Most Zergs got pretty complacent with them. Follow up gateway units should be 2 sentries. Add 2 gates after the robo is done as soon as you can afford. Get a immortal for a stronger but slower push or get a warp prism ASAP and just go for the throat. Head out when you have a decent size army. Close off your ramp and make a MSC. KEEP HER HOME FOR RUNBYS Kill the Zerg. Mileage depends on your Warp prism micro as well as FF. If you get to the ramp, get additional sentries over other gateway units. There you go, I've embraced our roots boys. No longer shall I play macrotoss. It's time for some old school shenanigans. I will be updating this style periodically as I play more games. TLDR 4 gate warp prism all in with pylon blocks on their hatcheries. Works on Overgrowth at the moment.Animus1 Nov 25
Nov 25 New Tempest Ability Has anyone successfully been able to use this in the current Test Map ? I know I am only gold, this only really works against static defense. Yes I know its one of its main purpose but also trying to defend a push from terran, trying to use this ability against a micro'ed army is all but impossible (at my skill level). So therefore I am posting here, anyone getting success with it ?CodeDjinn7 Nov 25
Nov 25 Happy Turkey Day! Thank you in advance for the responses... I have two questions, and I would like serious responses from skilled players... First, how do you counter Widow Mines as Protoss... One of my favorite strats is mass Void Rays, cloaked with Mothership, and I have had too many games where my entire fleet was destroyed by them. Second, how do you counter mass Battle Cruisers? I like mass Stalker/Sentry? Thank you again...Vanguards2 Nov 25
Nov 25 Protoss skill, building hallucination OK, I know sentries are pretty good for faking out your opponent and scouting with hallucinations, but what I'd like to see sometime in the future: Hallucinated buildings. If someone sees a phoenix it makes them think "Ahha, it must be a stargate", or "Hmm... pretty fast sentry scout." Now, imagine if you will, instead of actually going for a tech path, like say Dark templar, you fake it out by hallucinating that building so when they scout it out, they see a darkshrine, and instantly start prepping to counter DTs, when instead youre going robo? May be abosutely stupid, but it sounds kinda cool to me...JJCheatah2 Nov 25
Nov 24 PvP cannon rush advice? I need help. I just got into LotV after playing WoL for nearly 4 years. But anyways I have never won against a cannon rush. I just don't get how to stop it. I know imma get hate for this post but how do I stop a cannon rush? sorry im only gold qqAzzerxzz9 Nov 24
Nov 24 MtarJesus explains why zerg is too strong. Nov 24
Nov 24 Serious Talk Do you want to switch to Zerg/Terran after Patch?Granas19 Nov 24
Nov 23 North American Amateur Star League Season 4 Hello everyone, The NAASL (not NASL) is back with it's 4th open season. Anyone wishing to sign up is welcome. There is no entry fee and no league requirement, this tournament is for anybody wishing to have some fun. Sign up at Those of you who played in previous season will have to create new accounts due to changes that had to be made to the user login system. The season begins September 12, 2011 and will run in the same weekly format as past seasons. For those of you not familiar with our system, there is a 6 week season during which each player plays 1 best of 3 series. There is no elimination (that's the beauty of a swiss bracket) so everyone gets to compete for the entire 6 weeks, and losing 1 week doesn't mean you still can't win the whole tournament. At the end of the 6 weeks there will be 1 tiebreaker week for anyone overlapping 32nd place, followed by a single elimination bracket for the top 32 players. The winner of this bracket will receive the $25 dollar prize. Second place receives $15 and Third $10. More information is available at FAQs Q: Are you associated with the North American Star League? A: No. This site and tournament was created before NASL existed or was even announced and the names are a coincidence. Please do not associate us with NASL Q: I'm a casual game can I still play A: Yes. This tournament is meant for casual gamers and hardcore gamers alike. The way the swiss system works is that each week you will be paired against someone sharing the same record as you, so the matches become more even week to week. Q: Do I have to have a account on the North American Servers A: YesNix9 Nov 23
Nov 18 Anti-air missile upgrade for Colossus Why not have colossus have a missile upgrade so they can attack air units. Colossus just doesn't seem to be doing well because they're vulnerable to too many units. I say reduce their attack range but give them anti-air attack.EricPlayboy3 Nov 18
Nov 17 1gate FE vs zerg (lotv) How do you 1gate FE while still being able to hold off ling pressure?Somebody19 Nov 17
Nov 15 2v2 Mass liberator Ok. So me and another dude just started playing 2v2. We're both Toss. Against a TT opponent they went for a !@#$ton of liberators and marines and marauders to support. We killed of the rine/rauder ball quickly using colossi and disruptors. But the liberators were too many. Our phoenixes all died and despite microing stalkers as much as possible, we only killed a few more. I know the counter is to scout better and kill them off before the libs build up. But I just wanted to know, IF it gets to that point, how to counter. PS: I guess phoenix will be most viable after patchBloodHunter5 Nov 15
Nov 15 Need help ZvP please I play as a Zerg so you probably wonder why I'm posting here but the reason is quiet simple. I don't know how to beat protoss, this season I only have a 43% win rate against them and I just can't figure out how to beat them when they are on 3 bases or more, except when they canon rush me or don't build a wall in their natural. I just use my nydus when they canon rush and i've never lost so far. So I only won 3 game that lasted more than 10 minutes against protoss, only 3 ! The only thing I need now if I want to be able to reach platinum: beat Protoss mid game, late game. If I fail in my first push zergling harass in the early game, I already know it's gonna be complicated later on. I make hydras, lurkers, a bit of roaches..etc I try to vary my army composition according to his army composition, I try to expand fast but their harass option are infinite with DT, oracle that it is pretty hard to keep my hatch intact. What are the reasons you loose against a Zerg ? What kind of strategy, army composition does he have ? Could you please share a replay a Zerg beat you so I can see what he did, it would really help me. Thanks for readingBugBunnylisk4 Nov 15
Nov 14 How to beat early 3 base Zerg? Since LoTV I realized that I didn't really win zerg at all when they go for 3 base early... When I see 3 base greedy build, I go 2nd base and try go oracle but there was nothing done because the timing for scouting stargate was accurate. If I go 2 adept harras they just use lings to def. If I macro up 3rd base they just get 4th and banking minerals for all in. I see a lot of youtube protoss ppls play but IDK why they can def... So pls help me get out of this endless losing cycle~Desta11 Nov 14
Nov 14 Protoss is the best race P>Z P>T T=Z Protoss is the best race. Edit: Ok I'll write some more. I main zerg and when I start up a game and decide hmmm what units should I go this game... lings, roaches, blings... oh hey SAME THING every game! When I play secondary race protoss hoollllyyy so good, at the beginning of game I can decide ok what kind of cool stuff can I do to roflstomp my opponent? 4gate? what kind of 4gate- fast korean 4 gate?, fast regular @18 4gate?, conservative @24 4-gate? 3gate expand? LOL cannon rush? DT? 2 stargate VR? 1 star phoenix? proxy vr? FORGE FE into 2 robo? forge FE into double stargate? blink stalker rush? OH MY GOD SO MANYYYY i wish i was better at protoss =[ my favorite PvZ build is-- cannon contain into nexus before gateway, then 2 stargate void rays. LOL? mass roach to try to break contain? nope too many cannons and forcefield ur ramp. NYDUS? nice try. mass even more roach? too late void rays on the way. and if somehow you manage to break thru grats I'm on 2 base with dark shrine and fleet beacon almost done.isospeedrix33 Nov 14
Nov 12 Carriers upon Recall, interceptors remain This is really annoying, the carriers recalled should have their interceptors leave together with them instead of remaining at the enemy base. Was this intentional?Xeptimus2 Nov 12
Nov 8 Goodbye, everybody I'm done with toss. The entire race revolves around gimmicks, and it's not fun at all to play. I'm switching to Zerg. It's so much better than toss- you don't need to abuse gimmicks to win, your units are actually good, and, if you see that your opponent doesn't have a stargate, you can insta-switch to 20 mutas!Wobulator5 Nov 8
Nov 4 Low MMR player wanting to use Carriers~ Carriers are my favorite unit in the game, I fell in love with them playing customs with friends while trying to troll. I know competitively they're not good because they don't transition out of anything well (I read that on a wiki page and am trying to sound smart. I don't know what it means). In most games I've played I've been a huge fan of playing off-meta things because I like to be the guy playing something most people don't see very often. The problem is that I'm bad at Starcraft, it's a ridiculous hard game and I don't understand what I need to do at any point in a game. If I was a good player I'd theory craft up an effective way to go Carriers and implement it even if it wasn't as good as just going a normal build. But since I'm not I can't just think of an early / mid-game to try to establish while tech'ing to Carriers behind. I've won a few games, but it's always just because in low MMR people turtle on their 2-3 bases and I just mindlessly do greedy expansions and tech and people just let me do it until I have such a huge ball of Carriers that I A-click the base and win. I know that's a dream scenario, but I'm not pulling it off because I've calculated what my opponent is doing, I'm just doing it and hoping for the best while knowing if they ever attacked I'd probably lose. And winning off that just isn't satisfying and doesn't teach me anything in terms of getting better or if I did something effective. (For example, I went double Oracle against a Terran and he held them to 3 worker kills before having marines / missile turrets in the mineral line. Then I went and put Stasis Wards outside exits to his natural and choke-points to my bases while patrolling with the Oracles for drops to try and establish map control / vision. And that felt good, but he never tried anything so I don't know if what I did was actually making me safe) So how should I be doing Stargate openers with the intent to tech up to Carriers? Right now I've been doing like... 1 Gateway + 1 Stargate into Oracle harass and then using them to block create map control while I expand quickly. How should I actually be opening? What should I be doing with Gateways? I don't know what I should be building for ground units while I have 4 Stargates chronoboosting out Carriers. Also, how do I handle Upgrades? If I have double Cybercores down doing Air Attack + Armor and a Forge doing Shields, should I be dropping another Forge to research Ground upgrades? Or does my whole ground force stay at 0/0/X? I was thinking something like warping in Chargelots since they cost 0 gas and can maybe help surround an enemy army in a bad spot for my Carriers to get free damage in when I haven't got to a high amount of Carriers yet?Unsanctified12 Nov 4
Nov 2 Double stargate off of 2 base? vs Zerg Just been hearing about double stargate adept builds vs zerg. I'm a big fan of phoenix in the match up, and it sounds like a lot of fun to get a load of these bad boys up in the air. I'm just looking for a good build order to get them rolling. Anyone familiar with this build?AchromicWht2 Nov 2
Nov 2 Protoss noob seeking starting build order With the new MMR per race thing I want to learn how to play Protoss. What is a good starting build order that I could learn that would be effectve(ish) in all 3 matchups? Keep in mind I have played purely Zerg since day 1 of WOL in both singles and teams so I have no clue on what to do playing another race.Mlenk10 Nov 2
Oct 28 New to protoss Hi everyone, First of all, sorry for my english, I'm not a native english speaker so if you feel irritated because of the way I write, It's completely normal.. ^^ I started to play and discovered starcraft only last month and decided to go for Zerg straight away. Why ? I don't even even remember. I reached gold recently but suddenly lost my interest for Zerg. I have tried to play with protoss lately and it was like a revelation, I like the units designs, I like the voice in the background, the music.. in fact, I like everything. I'm wondering now why I didn't try them at the start but anyway.. I beat a gold player a bit earlier today with Protoss against a Terran but honestly I didn't know what I was doing, I was just defending my main and natural while massing air units and went for a all in and it actually worked but it's not what I'm looking for, for now. I would like to know everything about Protoss the same way I did for Zerg. I want to know everything about their units, their role, their strenghts, weaknesses, abilities, as well as different types of strategies, tricks, build orders.. Well, pretty much everything I know it seems like a lot what I'm asking but I'm not asking that one of you spend 2 hours writting a book to explain me everything but maybe you could give me some links where I will be able to find the answers to my interrogations. I have been searching on the net but I don't really know where to start and it's not really clear what I have found so far. I have heard that Protoss is probably the hardest to play for a beginner and in general but i'm ready to work hard and put a lot of effort into it. Thank you for reading, cheersMysticRiver12 Oct 28
Oct 25 PvZ standard Vods Anyone have any recommendations on standard PvZ macro game VODs?noobtastic1 Oct 25
Oct 25 Anyone can update me about the game, thanks Hi everyone, I just restarted playing Sc2 for the first time since id say about 2 years, and oh boy do I feel confuse right now. The game economy changed, I have no idea what are the standard build orders. I was master rank before so Im not a noob but id really appreciate if someone could share some infos with me, that would make the learning process less harsh for me. 1. What is the most standard and safe opening build order at the moment (for the macro game). 2. What kind of early harassment or rush options do I have that is considered effective? 3. Is it still a good idea to build pylons around the map to either warp in units for harassment/reinforcing army when pushing or its just better to use a warp prism for this. 4. Do I absolutly need to use disrupter to stay competitive at a higher level or there are viable alternative? 5. When should I build disrupters and agains what kind of army composition they are usually effective? 6. Adept vs Zealots? When to use them and why. 7. What is a good late game death ball units composition at the moment? 8. I see terran liberator are very powerful, is tempest my only option to counter them? Alright that’s enough questions for now I guess! Thanks to you guys if you can update me with the current state of Starcraft 2. Oh and sorry for my bad english!RainDrop2 Oct 25
Oct 25 Alarak mission packs? I feel they should make an Alarak mission pack that addresses the Niadra broodmother whose sole mission given by the queen of blades in Heart of the Swarm is to destroy all Protoss. That'd be so much fun. Also! Coop Alarak!! Please blizzard hear me!HapiThots3 Oct 25
Oct 24 Phoenix and Colossus in 4RT you think phoenix and colossus is a good combination in 4rt since they both have ground and air superiority.EricPlayboy4 Oct 24
Oct 24 Protoss Standard Openers With new MMR patch, I'm finally laddering as all three races now. I need two solid openers for each matchup- Plat+ builds. Having trouble dealing with early terran WM play too. - Two openers for PvT -Two openers for PvZ (Need these the most-possibly more than two) - PvP general advice and safe openers.CSPARROW3 Oct 24
Oct 23 please be aware of lazyness i feel like there are to many trolls on this forum just speaking and arguing about the problem they do face in their limited vision of gameunderstandment and trying to speake for dumb !@# senseless changes with no point to change the gameexperience of both players playing the game. just like everybody wants to achieve the biggest piece of the cake thats obviously made for everyone RIGHT NOW! I do not feel that half the posts are read twice by its posters or even thought trough in its evolving changes for the game as its whole. I do not want to waste my time on reading nonsense and or not-informing posts that do not improve starcraft!Thunderbolt0 Oct 23
Oct 21 How do you deal with widowmines early on? How do you not lose the game to widowmines? Proxy widowmines and normal widowmine drops come so quickly. I was playing versus a terran that just kept doing the two above things over and over and I got completely steamrolled every time. I even made a robo asap but I lost so many probes and mining time.Krotux12 Oct 21
Oct 16 Protoss meta Hello guys i used to play platinum in heart of the swarm but i quit playing. I got lotv when it was released just to play the campaign and see how the story ended so i havent played any multiplayer seriously for like 3 of years. My questions: What is the general meta for protoss curently? What kinds of army compositions against what races? Colosus or disruptor? What are the best openers against each races? What are the best strategys? Also what are the things to look out for the other races and?PleaseNerfMe3 Oct 16
Oct 5 Protoss Healing (Suggestions!) Hello fellow starcrafters! Id first like to give a tiny background on myself to keep it 100! I no longer play, I just watch due to PC being down. I was a toss player, although enjoyed Zerg as well (toss was diamond) This thread is designated to explore the future of Protoss regarding the healing mechanic (or lack of) Protoss is the only race that does NOT have some way to heal lost HP, whether in combat or out of combat. This puts Protoss in situations, especially near end game, where retreating successfully can be just as harmful to the success of the future Protoss army as if the units stayed and died. Retreating and saving a dozen stalkers with <50% hp missing can make their next attack/defense even many minutes later, feel very handicapped as the units are heavily damaged and thus devalue the strength of the army. Now, a few understood statements to help us in finding a way to fix this mechanical flaw in Protoss play - Zerg units heal passively, more so on creep, and also have active healing options such as Queen/Burrow -Terran bio can heal passively, and also has heavy on the spot healing in the form of SCV mass repair and Medivacs -Protoss only has 1 way to regenerate any damage, and that's passive and only applies to shields -Protoss does NOT need an active, combat ready heal -Protoss DOES need a way to replenish HP, in a way that does not require huge changes in game programming, playstyle, or unit/spell additions *MY SUGGESTION* Any Protoss unit within range of 3-5 pylons is given a passive regeneration to their HIT POINTS (NOT shields) Units within range of 3 pylons regenerate at similar speed of zerg bio off creep Units within range of 4 pylons regenerate at similar speed of zerg on creep Units within range of 5 pylons regenerate at similar speed of burrowed zerg units The healing effect does not trigger on any units affecting by combat within the last 20 seconds This "Mechanic" can either be upgraded via cyber core, free passive from the get go, or however else you guys think it could be implemented How I personally feel this is as balanced as I can make it (Open to suggestions, please) 1. Given it takes 3 pylons, units to be within the pylon range, and the out of combat trigger, this mechanic would not benefit Protoss on an aggressive engagement across the map 2. It allows Protoss to make interesting building placements within their own base 3. It allows versatile play through giving Protoss options to create little "Healing nodes" at strategic places around the map, opening up players to im sure numerous innovative ways of creating prolonged attacks and split attacks more interesting 4. It does not make it practical to abuse my 4th tip all over, as an investment of 4-5 pylons at remote spots would be needed to POSSIBLY aid the Protoss army Please let me know if you guys like it, or even if you don't, Let me know ways to tweak it, scrap it, or even add more ideas. I strongly feel Protoss NEEDS a way to regenerate lost hit points, as it is a silly mechanic to essentially have to sacrifice units end game to make room for units with more hit points, just to give yourself a fighting chance in an equal army supply fight. Also sad to know if you manage to save half your army and they are terribly damaged, they can no longer be as effective, unlike every other combat unit from zerg/terran. Thanks!!! -Brozills Now, why I feel this is balancedBROZILLA13 Oct 5
Oct 4 Adept shade hotkey Hi! I would like for blizzard to impliment a cancel shade hotkey to the adept unit. It's really stupid that its on esc, and it cost me a game just now because I accidently hit ctrl button for a split second, and I went out of the game instead of cancelling shade. And when I go to change the cancel shade, there are no options available. It's just a stupid setup. And really needs to have a fix.SuperJoule2 Oct 4
Oct 3 Best Monobattle Unit I have a problem ... I'm addicted to the Monobattle format in Custom Games. I just love it to death. I have fun no matter what I end up rolling (if you're not picking 'Random', you're doin' it wrong, IMO) but I am curious to know what you think the best Protoss unit is for monobattle. Personally I prefer the zealot, simply because it takes next to no time to get a massive army together, and since most of my allies end up choosing gas heavy units, they have an excess of minerals they funnel my way, allowing me to support 20+ gateways on 2 bases.Bluehair27 Oct 3
Oct 3 What frustrates you the most vs Zerg? In a matchup against Zerg, what strategies do you they use that frustrates you the most?BilboBagins13 Oct 3
Oct 1 Should Phoenixes get Grav Beam on CD? The change for Battlecruisers was a nice modification for them so they aren't as vulnerable to High Templars, and now are CD-gated on Yamato Cannons and Warp Jumps. But there's another unit I think a CD-gate could be appropriate on: the Phoenix. It's no secret that Zerg players hate fighting Phoenixes because they just keep picking up and killing your Drones. And if you try to fight back with Queens, there's a chance they might pick up said Queen and kill her. How annoying. Phoenixes usually aren't a target of High Templars or Ghosts, so having them with energy feels weird nowadays. Would it be healthier if they instead had Graviton Beam tied to a cooldown rather than an energy cost?darkdill6 Oct 1
Oct 1 Mass recall tips? I am currently a diamond player and need some clarification on the best way to use mass recall. I have heard of three ways to do this and I'm wondering which is the best. 1. Select mothership core, click r, and click on nexus on the minimal. 2. Select mothership core, click nexus camera key (already set up), click r and then on the nexus. 3. Set up rapid fire recall, select mothership core, hold down r, and then hover mouse over nexus on minimal. Which way do you master players us? Which way is the fastest? Thanks!dborre9 Oct 1
Sep 30 Thinking about playing again... So I'm debating whether or not to invest in legacy of the void and start playing again. I used to play a lot in WoL, got to masters briefly in season 3 (i think it was 3) but was knocked down almost immediately by the stupidity of the 1-1-1 at the time. This got frustrating so I stopped playing. When HotS came out and decided to give it another shot, played for a bit and quickly realized how stupid the swarm host was and stopped playing again. Now Legacy has been out for a little while; I haven't been paying attention to the pro scene at all since I'm working full time now while still in school. What is the current state of this game? Is it more balanced, less balanced? More importantly is it fun, or is it still an endless grind against mindless strategies like 1-1-1 and mass swarm hosts? I'm so tempted to buy because i love RTS games... but I do not want to give David Kim and company $40 more if he's still doing a !@#$ job and not fixing things for literally months or even a year... Edit: Also how is the map design? I remember there were some absolutely garbage maps when I stopped playing in HotS and that was part of the reason as well.Nix12 Sep 30
Sep 30 Tips for Adept Phoenix micro I hear that Adept Phoenix is the new rage against liberator + mmm, but I'm super bad at microing it against terran. Any tips?Giwl2 Sep 30
Sep 30 A Protoss that rants about Liberator abuse. Hello i'm a Gold 1 league Protoss, and i hate Liberator, it is cruel to watch my units die in one or two blows. It's there a way to know when Terran it's popping Liberators? since they don't really need to get away from the original technology tree that they normaly go to get the medibacks. I think Liberator getting nerf against air it's gonna be gay, since anyway Terran has an insane antiair with Marines. So we really can't deal with it against a Terran with good micro.Penkala5 Sep 30
Sep 29 1 base Nuke Rush lol Getting hit with this made my night! Sep 29
Sep 28 Is fansite needed to list the Ranks of Units? Like the title suggests, I tried searching for the different ranks and how many kills it takes to get your individual units to them, and nothing comes up on my mainstream Internet Search Engine. If community players , mods , and admins see this let me knoww, I volunteer to start with protoss units, starting with Probes and Zealots all the way up to Motherships.TheHand9 Sep 28
Sep 28 Need to know LoTV timings... Hello fellow brotoss. After much deliberation I decided to jump back into SC2 and couldn't resist playing the new LoTV campaign but now that I'm done I want to start playing Ranked. Before playing LoTV I did placements for funzies in HoTS and placed Tier 3 Diamond but in LoTV I am T3 Gold. I chalk that up to having no idea what timings I should look out for vs zerg and terran. It seems we have a ton of new units which has created a long list of build orders and I really don't know where to start. I'm looking to find out just a couple things to work on till I get my mechanics back. 1) Timings to look for against Zerg and Terran both offensive and defensive. 2) Simple "Go to" build orders till I get back in the swing of micro mechanics. (ie. what's the new 3 gate robo etc) 3) Any general changes to units that have fallen to the way side or are now the new "thing" to use. Anything helps, looking forward to your responses.Orenda2 Sep 28
Sep 27 Blink Stalker/Disruptor In PvT when is a good Composition to use Blink/Disruptors?noobtastic13 Sep 27
Sep 26 Fix This! Stalker focus fire problem when u target liberators with the stalkers the other units judt move instead of a moving! as result the rest of your army dont fight! fix this so if u target the libs the rest of the army a move towards the libs and not move!talski8 Sep 26
Sep 22 Let's talk PvZ Since it's the only matchup I seem to play now. I've given up n PICA. When I would mass Immortals/Archons it seemed I'd get rekt by Lurkers. I've now switch to 3 gate Adept Harass into A couple Inmortals plus sentry gateway units, WP and MSC push to take out the third. Works amazingly well on Galactic Process and Apothosis where you can FF off reinforcements and Recall home. From there I go Disruptors to deal with lurkers and Lair tech units. My Disruptor control is abismal but it's improving. GGlords and Corruptors still rekt me Cannon rushing: Frost... Pylon block by the ramp with two pylons and place down three cannons. two inside the pylon block and one at the base of the ramp. New Gettysburg: Do not attempt to pylon block the ramp.noobtastic0 Sep 22
Sep 22 Which Unit is Most OP? (poll) Sep 22
Sep 21 How do you macro well as Protoss Protoss is a race I've always wanted to play but I suck at Protoss macro. I just don't know what to build, when to expand, and how to deal with different situations(Like cheese). I've gotten to plat with zerg and would really like to get good with Protoss too cheers.Biomech2 Sep 21
Sep 20 Trying to learn protoss I'm a terran main whos trying to learn the other two races. I feel like I picked up zerg pretty easy, but other than 2 base all-ins and cheese strats, how are you supposed to win with toss? they just feel underpowered compared to the other races. (And zerg just feels way overpowered).OpenWide4 Sep 20