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Sep 7, 2010 Watch ME play live right now High ranked Platinum Protoss 1v1 player. Watch 1v1's against high level Platinum, low level Diamond, (& in the hopefully-near future, top level Diamond) See you there. (For those who remember me, I believe I have the audio issue cleared up now.)Dee0 Sep 7, 2010
Sep 7, 2010 Could someone just plz help me for once??? How do i turn on death animation???Lance1 Sep 7, 2010
Sep 7, 2010 Mothership: Not useless! Sorry guys, i've been informed this was patched out in the beta (wish i had known so i could've tried it when i was in the beta)EmptyPockets8 Sep 7, 2010
Sep 7, 2010 I found a full proof way to stop mmm!!! Jk How do i turn on death animation???Lance0 Sep 7, 2010
Sep 7, 2010 Someone plz help How do i turn on death animation???Lance0 Sep 7, 2010
Sep 7, 2010 countering the early MM (1v1) I find i mostly have issues with this build - honestly, i feel it highly op due to the cheapness of Marauders + concision + stim, but I guess each race has cheapness that can be exploited. My biggest weakness is defeating the 1-base early MM all in. I find that many terran players don't need to expo early because they can simply mine faster, risk not expo’ing, and hope to have larger army (if often works). By the time they attack, templar or colossus are simply not practically to get (or at least in any threatening numbers or with upgrades). I also find immortals and voidrays are pretty good against marauders, but terrible against marines so with the right mix the MM just cuts through what few immortals or voids I can pump out early game leaving my with just basic gateway units. So I guess I'm asking what do you guys typically do against this kind of build against a very good terran player? I often scout it out - know its coming and just get rolled with it, even with a surprisingly powerful numbers of stalkers. The most frustrating part is the fact the terrain needs almost zero micro. I'm also scared to fast expo on terran in fear of the attack - in other words, its just less units in the upcoming minutes that i might have against the early MM push. Kyle2 Sep 7, 2010
Sep 7, 2010 Stick to the plan! A noob surviving platinum So a few nights ago I began to kick in full gear with Starcraft 2 and really learn to improve. It all started with a few 3v3's with some friends slowly and progressively getting better. Finally the other night I mustered up the courage (after losing some pride in terrible bronze w/l ratios) to do my placement matches for 1v1. I went 4-1, and It placed me in platinum. I'm nowhere near platinum in my eyes, and can attest with replays I was only sticking to what I knew, rushing, and getting lucky with more nooby players than I. Now I'm in a spiraling loss streak, but would really like to continue in plat and try to stay in. (I really hate cheese strats already) My question is: Im beginning to overthink my strats and can't stay focused on my build order. I'm trying desperately to scout and figure out what there doing to counter it, but by the time I think it through they're on my doorstep and I haven't a thing built! Any tricks to speed up my apm, and how much time should I invest in scouting/ preemptive building, etc? Practice partner would be much appreciated! poolboy 491 tl;dr I'm a noob in Platinum and I need help keeping up!Poolboy7 Sep 7, 2010
Sep 7, 2010 What am I most lacking? I had just got my 349085734905783094578 loss in a row on 2v2 randoms. However I felt like I was playing near my best (which I know isn't that great but we all can improve right). I know I need to macro better and also micro more. Can't seem to keep track of everything on the field... probably because I know the game that well yet.... Anyways heres my latest replay for your laughing pleasure of how much suck I have. I welcome all constructive criticism. Thanks! Happyxix7 Sep 7, 2010
Sep 7, 2010 HowDoYouCounterPhotonCannon rush as anything? I seriously don't know how to counter a photon cannon rush once it's started. Even if I find the probe before it spawns anything, it spawns pylons and cannons as my scv/drone/probe is chasing it. How do you stop it???ProbeIke5 Sep 7, 2010
Sep 7, 2010 How to upload replays? I've always just gone about as minimal use of my computer outside my games as i can, recently a friend of mine requested a replay of mine and i have no clue how to upload it to my youtube account. any advice?Nasferatu3 Sep 7, 2010
Sep 7, 2010 Giving me some Tips to improve my game!! Was wondering if there was anyone who wanted to maybe play a few games with me and help me improve my game!! Give me some much needed tips and advice on my gameplay!! I love STARCRAFT and just wanna keep improving my skillz!! Thanks to anyone who can lend a hand.. Later.....DarKo2 Sep 7, 2010
Sep 7, 2010 Good DT use I feel that proper use of DTs can yield amazing results in all three matchups. Below is a PvZ game on blistering sands that shows the basics of it. Note I am rank 2 plat and my opponent is rank 3 plat. Neither of us have perfect macro and I am only slightly ahead in units during the big engagement. Basics, you want to go Dts once your off 2+ bases, and keep them with your army. Always tech blink. Usually charge too and min 6 gateways off 2 bases. Snipe off detectors with blink play. PvZ - This is the best matchup for DT play. Their observers also hurt their supply, and are pretty easy to target fire. Charge and +1 are kinda useful here as well. DTs one shot lings, 2 shot hydras, and 3 shot roaches. They are REALLY good in this matchup. Plus of you opponent goes muta-ling. you leave just a few DTs on the ground for ling cleanup, and make the rest into archons which are pretty good against mutas. PvP - You need robo+obs in this matchup. Since everyone goes 4gate or 3gate robo, you should too, wait for your tech until you expand. Good blink micro to smash their obs, then keeping your DTs in front and starting to push really hurts em. Just keep a good eye for observers and blink too em, they die REALLY fast and you wanna make sure you get it before they get yours. PvT - Scans obviously limit DT use, but terran also have the most expensive and tech heavy mobile detector so, if done right, DTs will still be very effective against Terran opponents. I try to wait to push in until I have baited a few scans with solo DTs, try to hit a bunch of different targets with solo DTs to run them out of energy while pushing in with your main army. Make sure your blink stalkers are taking out any detection they get too, turrets and ravens. General Notes. If T or Z Leaves spores or turrets at a base and calls it safe without putting an anti-ground unit there as well, go in with 2-4 DTs and snipe the detector, then take out key tech or hit drones. Send out seemingly random DTs with a right click to a mineral line, and then a shift a-move right next to it. Often their units will be out of place and even though there is detection, they will lose lots of drones. Need to break a turtle? Make a few archons to soak up some damage to let your blink stalkers bust in. Get a warp prism and drop/warp some DTs to the back of their base and then once they respond, hit the front. SCOUT: Obviously there are builds that will do very well against DTs, they do lose effectiveness against alot of T3 units because of splash. DTs are great at busting that MMM or ling roach hydra balls. Pretty good against everything toss except immortals, until cannons start going everywhere. Effectiveness I would say is great vs zerg, good vs terran, and mediocre vs toss. Try it, have some fun with it, change it, and post about it!Mojeca7 Sep 7, 2010
Sep 7, 2010 Clans? Hi, I'm a gold-level Protoss player looking for a group of players to team/spar with. Anything like that out there? Thank you! (...also LOL on this spellcheck thinking protoss isn't a real word.)Joshua0 Sep 7, 2010
Sep 7, 2010 Help with a 6rax 1 base MM I used FF and had collosi out but I still lost. I did have a bunch of unspent minerals so my expansion really did no good since i didnt use it. I'm not sure what else i could've done. (other than produce more units, which I tried but alas, too little too late), so just any advice on how to deal with this 6 rax 1 base build would be appreciatedDiego1 Sep 7, 2010
Sep 7, 2010 Im done, thanks for the $60 paperweight blizz Starting off, Yes, I know im silver. Yes, I know im not the greatest player in the world. I get this, I hold no false pretenses. So for all you Diamond and Platinums, out there, think twice. This thread isnt for you. Now, I have no chance to ever get that high, im just not the micro macro master that you are. I just want to play the game with people of my equivalent skill level. Now on to the main subject at hand. So skimming over the next patch notes, I was hoping to glean something of a nerf to terran MM ball. Something even Diamond protoss players say they have a ton of trouble with. Guess what I find, Nerf to seige tanks, nerf to battlecruisers, nerf to reapers. I dont give a crap about those. I rarely see em. Plus, they are all manageable enemies with fairly easy counters. All I ever see is MM ball. Maybe a proxy base once or twice, but 90% MM ball. Now, I know there are counters out there, but I have read many a time that even high ranking protoss players struggle with MM ball. Not all of you mind you, don't go coming in here yelling "Nuh uh! MM ball is easy!" Im not talking about you, but some of you do know what Im talking about. In silver, people start getting the MM ball down. Therefore, those protoss who arent the greatest at the counters always end in the same result with MM ball. Now, correct me if im wrong, but there as protoss, we shouldnt constantly see threads about how people overcame a particular attack, I mean seriously. If its that important that people have to celebrate beating it, it shows that its something that people dread. First off, give us more than 1-2 ways to fend off a MM ball early game. I dont care about advancing, I just want to actually get to mid and late game with Terrans. Now, I know what your saying, dont play ranked games. If I play a custom, first off, ill be waiting years for an opponent. Second, I cannot guarantee the skill level of the opponent. On the field, one of the ways to counter MM ball is to add in Charglots. Yay, guess what the next patch will do? 5 seconds on zealot build times and 5 seconds on warpgate. Yes, I know zealot rushes are a problem, but unlike MM ball, its not a safe bet. You go zealot rush and they, say, block their choke, your attack is screwed, and they can guess what you could have and wont have. In closing, maybe im wrong, maybe its just me, but to constantly see it in game, and see it in the forums then something has to be up. Alright, go ahead trolls. Eat it up. Tell me how wrong I am and how much of a loser i am. Later, and thanks for at least reading btw. It was a good way to blow off some steam.Chompa60 Sep 7, 2010
Sep 7, 2010 How I defeat the Terran Wall Hey Protoss homies. Here's an interesting/funny replay of mine versus a Terran opponent: If you want, subscribe to my Youtube channel, as I'll be posting more SC2 Protoss videos. One thing, I'm only in Silver none of that, "Oh, lame Silver league play. I'm Diamond and the coolest thing in the world..." yada yada yada. Just having some fun here! Poor opponent in this video happened to fly his whole army above my proxied stalkers...haha.Alex3 Sep 7, 2010
Sep 7, 2010 Just sorta thought of this... What do the Protoss do with their psychopaths? Considering how powerful a protoss person's psionic ability is, imagine what the psychopaths must be like... I personally think this would be an amazing lore basis for a new protoss unit, perhaps a ranged infantry unit that is an actual protoss person (not some robot-thing like goons or stalkers), maybe an amazing new spellcaster unit? Possibly a land-harass unit so we don't need to get the starport for phoenixes if we don't want to? Maybe even a light specialized anti-air unit? Perhaps a up-front tank-unit that could replace immortals if your enemy had mass small units? I'm not saying protoss needs this stuff, i do fine without it, but any of this stuff could add a new strategy or a fun twist to the already lovable protoss :D Plus protoss psychos would be amazingly badass...EmptyPockets6 Sep 7, 2010
Sep 7, 2010 What Protoss Needs We really need a unit that acts like a wall. give him 150 health 200 shield. but his att would be weak.Lance5 Sep 7, 2010
Sep 7, 2010 Fast Protoss Void Rush? What is a really fast build order for Void rays that wont leave me exposed? Im not picky but please leave it in this format Supply/Unit So an example is 12/zealot Thankyou!Ghost2 Sep 7, 2010
Sep 7, 2010 TC, Stargate, Robo fac - Do you make all 3? I'm starting to find myself in situations where had I built that extra stargate, I could have turned the battle around. I'm just curious, do most diamond-plat players make all three tech trees? My general strat is 4gate-colo but this is usually set back or ruined completely if a zerg muta harasses me. I WANT to build that stargate for some phoenix counter but I'm afraid that might set me back on ground forces. I usually build my TC early game to get some blink harass done and my robo fac a bit later to get some collosus out. I never make a stargate unless I need a Fleet Beacon to make a mothership, my ultimate sign of "I pwned you so badly I can afford this flying piece of crap and still win." Suno11 Sep 7, 2010
Sep 7, 2010 Speedling Rush on a wide-ramp base? What's the counter?Heliodorus12 Sep 7, 2010
Sep 7, 2010 Dear Protoss We see that you are having too much fun with Zealots. We don't like it. We demand you make less. Signed, Patch 1.1shadow5 Sep 7, 2010
Sep 7, 2010 Hi I'm New to Protoss + SC2 Hi there, I'm new to this game, I have never played Starcraft 1, etc, or really any genuine RTS type games. Could anyone offer me any tips on Improving as Protoss? Should I complete the Single Player campaign first before trying multiplayer? I've played games like DoTA before, a LOT. (So I know how to micro and use CTRL+1 etc for setting groups, so I'm not completely retarded). I want to try Protoss as my main race because I watched some video's and the general consensus I've gathered is that Terran is full of skilless noobs that pick an ez race.. And I don't want to be called a scrub and told I won just because of a cheesy race I decide to play.. Which is why I want to play Protoss, I like challenges! Anyone have any tips for me for playing Protoss? And any tips or guides I could read, or things I could do to improve on Multiplayer? I figured I would ask you all since you are the ones with experience in this. Thanks in advance for your help! edit: Also, I already did the Tutorial, it was incredibly easy :PProlific4 Sep 7, 2010
Sep 7, 2010 Are there any protoss shoutcasters? Is there any protoss player who streams and puts videos up on youtube for only protoss gameplay like how PsY does for zerg? Just wondering.Fourn4 Sep 7, 2010
Sep 7, 2010 The State of Terran versus Protoss With the details of the 'situation report' recently being created, Blizzard has made a step in the right direction by nerfing a few of Terran's OP strategies against Zerg. However, when looking at all of the changes that are being made it is clear that the only change that will have an effect in most PvT games is the Zealot build time nerf. Reapers, Battlecruisers, Tanks, and offensive bunkers are rare sights in PvT; however zealots are often a significant portion of the Protoss army. In a sense, it would be fair to argue that while Terran is clearly being nerfed in this upcoming patch, in the PvT matchup alone, it is Protoss that is actually worse off than it was before. And in my opinion, that was not a very good place to begin with. The biggest issue with Terran versus Protoss is inexplicable and undeniable dominance of Marine Marauder armies versus any combination of Protoss units. No matter what army composition you decide to go with, the best and most cost effective way to deal with that army is some form of bio ball. A terran could completely viably build nothing but marines from 5 barracks, and have a reasonable chance - assuming good micro and macro - of beating a protoss player before they have a chance to tech to tier 3 units which are flat out required to combat Terran T1. Conversely if a Protoss player attempted to 5 gate zealot rush a Terran they would get utterly destroyed, just because Terran tier 1 dominates Protoss tier1. The same situation would be created if a Terran 5 Rax'd Marauders, or a Protoss 5 gate'd Stalkers. In every scenario, assuming good micro and macro - the Terran wins. This is the heart of the issue in PvT, as what this opens up is the option for the Terran to enter into 10 or so viable different strategies, including FE'ing, Banshee rushing, or several different bio strategies, such as Marine Ghost, Pure Marauder, Marine Tank Raven, etc. Each of these strategies is made possible by the dominance of the marine and marauder, and the lack of any form of aggressive play a Protoss player can place on a Terran. Therefore I have created a list of the balance issues Terran currently posses over Protoss, beginning with Racial traits, and then onto units themselves, and then some outrageous costs of Protoss structures/upgrades. Most of these changes are very small, and simply reduce or remove small imbalances which give the Terran that 5% or 10% advantage over the other races. Terran Racial Traits Flying Buildings - In general I have no issue with floating buildings, however the Orbital Command is an exception. While lifting of CCs has always been around, never before has a Terran player been able to land an Orbital Command and immediately have 24 or more effective SCVs mining. With the combination of Islands and Destructible Rocks, Terrans abuse this ability to their advantage in a significant number of games, and there is no Protoss or Zerg racial benefit. Only a Terran ability they are blessed with. Solution - When a CC upgrades to an Orbital Command, root the structure similar to the Planetary Fortress. Salvagable Bunkers - While extremely cool from a developers standpoint, salvagable bunkers allow Terrans to have exceptional defense for... well, a temporary investment. There is no reason in a competitive RTS game for one race to just be given 'free' defenses, while other races have to make permanent investments to defend their bases. Solution - Reduce the return from a salvaged bunker to 50 minerals, down from 100. Repairing - Again a cool developers racial trait, something that adds a difference between the races. However, the repairing of structures, unlike regeneration of Zerg structures or Protoss shields, plays a game altering role when a base of SCVs (say 40) spam repair a Planetary Fortress or a Thor, or a Bunker. Its one thing for a racial trait to be cool and give a difference between the races, its another when they are the difference between winning and losing a game. Solution - Restrict the amount of SCVs that can repair a structure at any one time, or alter the way in which repairs works - so that it can only be used out of combat, or so that it happens at a much slower rate of repair. The biggest issue with repairing is when 1 Planetary Fortress can hold off a 2000/2000 army of units, because it is being repaired by a bunch of SCVs. And this is something that happens enough that it should be tweaked so it still remains in the game, but doesn't have game altering effects. Nova53 Sep 7, 2010
Sep 6, 2010 Protoss Mirror Matches Does anyone else think that the protoss mirror matches are downright boring, repetitive, or just make you want to quit as soon as the game starts? It really isnt that fun to see who can get more stalkers/immortals first and blink into the base and destroy everything. Im not sure how to improve these matches, but if anyone knows how something can be done please post it here. Also, if you have any starts for protoss mirror matches please post those as well, Im currently pulling my hair out when the game starts and realize I randomed toss.Fro5 Sep 6, 2010
Sep 6, 2010 Switch to terran, instant meatgrinder achieve As the name implies, i've played lots and lots of protoss games where i had situations where i greatly outnumbered and out teched my opponent but never got the meatgrinder achieve. I start a game as terran, and even though i dont know the build orders or any terran strategy other than MMM, i get an instant meatgrinder achieve in less than 3 games where i was vastly outskilled and out played. I'm not coming to any conclusions myself, i'm just stating something that seemed odd to me. Is stim really that powerful?CarlSagan22 Sep 6, 2010
Sep 6, 2010 Hallucination :D replay I know my macro was all over the place but still... hallucination kicks A$$ :DD Any tips tho? Sep 6, 2010
Sep 6, 2010 New to toss, help against zerg I'm converting to toss from Terran (really I want to mater all the armies eventually) and I need some tips against zerg, particularly when they push early with roaches/speedlings. What are the bread and butter counters to this? Best I can figure so far is ff the ramp and rush out immortals, but theirs gotta be a better way than that, right? MonAmi3 Sep 6, 2010
Sep 6, 2010 cannon rush fun cannon rush win lolzXD5 Sep 6, 2010
Sep 6, 2010 Finally ready to start playing. Tips please? Hello, after a long time doing my research, watching replays, daydailies, random shoutcasts, I think I am finally ready to get online again and finally start playing! I just want a few builds that are pretty reliable and work pretty efficiently. Thank you!ZaneZaneZane17 Sep 6, 2010
Sep 6, 2010 need a replay critique (against terran) If anyone is willing to watch this and leave me some tips please do so. Recently switched from terran to toss and it's obviously been difficult to play against plat players with a new race right off the bat. This particular game I lost against a terran who turtled and then slowly moved up with siege tanks/ghosts/mauraders/medvacs/marines. Any big mistakes you see, I would like to hear about it please. ThanksSuperNewbie6 Sep 6, 2010
Sep 6, 2010 New strats post any strats that you can think of. i don't care how stupid they may sound maybe something will come up that will help all of us. Lance1 Sep 6, 2010
Sep 6, 2010 Any new strats vs any matchups this thread is for anyone from the noobiest of the noobs to the best to post unique strategies and see if they wiil work. Stupid ideas are ok even as long as its not like "just quit"Lance0 Sep 6, 2010
Sep 6, 2010 Do what feels right... If your like me, you like to watch matches from pro and amaze at their micro and macro skills. You can pick up on stuff you may have not think about, after all some of the best strategies are circulated by the pros. I remember watching a Day9 Daily about how he was trying to beat Terrans early on as Protoss. He found that using Immortals was the best way to break the defenses and get an early lead. I began trying to incorporate them into my build to give me the extra edge, but it wasn’t working. It felt forced and I never had enough units. My original strategy involved a 2 gate opening but not utilizing it the way I should, I would wait till I get a Robotics Facility and then warp in 4 more Gateways, so 6 total, get a warp prism, and hopefully finish the game. I just kept doing this over and over again. So I was looking for a change. But the build just didn’t feel right. So I abandoned it. If you’re not comfortable with your build, don’t force yourself to use it. In a way you have to feel your way through it. There is that inner voice that is telling you what you should be doing. Listen to it and learn from it. Right now I have been trying to incorporate my favorite unit, the Dark Templar, into my builds. I don’t see this unit too often in matchups. People say that if your enemy brings detection then they are just zealots without charge. Anyone have any suggestions? BTW Check out my blog here for some more useful posts for bronze-Gold level Players Sep 6, 2010
Sep 6, 2010 Looking for advice on MMM, plat replay I am looking for advice on what I could have done differently to defeat this. Please no defamatory remarks, I am asking for help, not yelling about the OPness of the build or anything else. Responses appreciated! NearlyDead8 Sep 6, 2010
Sep 6, 2010 Out smarting terran? I just thought of a new strat against terran. You know how they like to fight at chokepoints right. you go to there choke point, when they start att/stim just force field up the choke and run. all there stimed units will be massively hurt and you have a much better chance of winning this may be a noob strat but im just putting it out thereLance4 Sep 6, 2010
Sep 6, 2010 Cannons vs. 6pool (Upcoming patch) Is a cannon wall what we need to use to beat the impending onslaught of zerg players who suddenly enjoy 6pool more? I feel like getting cannons up in the main should erase any problem the 6pool poses. Am I right? Am I wrong? What do you guys think?Proski7 Sep 6, 2010
Sep 6, 2010 Zealots nerf= Gate at 10 vs zerg? I was wondering what you think about this zealot nerf and the zerglings rush. I understand that zealots were somehow maybe too hard to push back if the zerg was doing a fast expand, but if he is on one base, it's kinda easy to beat double gate zealots. Roaches, banelings, even more zerglings can win! And in brood war (which was a balanced game) the zealot had 160 hp, not 150. so I'm wondering if he is really too much strong? But okay, nerf the zealots if you want. The only problem I see with that is the zergling rush. When I do my gateway at 12 like usual (For economy advantage), fast lings can be at my base when my first zealot is still in the gateway, chrono boost or not. Yea I can use the probes, but hey zerlings can still do some damages if he micro well, especially if the zealot come later in the next patche. So just wanted your opinion here, do you think we will be forced to gate at 10 in PvZ soon? DracoQC1 Sep 6, 2010
Sep 6, 2010 Alright smarty pants protoss I hear a lot of QQ against terran T1 being countered by protoss T2-T3. Well answer me this, can terran go mech? (hellion, tanks, thors) when a single protoss unit, the immortal, counters tanks and thors super effectively? (also the voidrays are good for tanks and thors as well. What can a terran do other than MMMG late game.mohd16 Sep 6, 2010
Sep 6, 2010 I want to get out of Bronze! I've been playing bronze for way too many games, I'm getting sick and tired of it, I've faced many opponents, I've crushed many, been crushed as well but I feel like I'll never get better at the game if I'm still facing the same old people. Basically what I'm trying to ask is, whats the fastest way to cheese my way out of bronze? VR? Proxy Gateway push? which one is more effective? or should I just elongate games past the 15 min mark where I can build counters accordingly and tear him up? I feel like I'll never get better by just sticking in one league. TL;DR, I wanna win really quick, I need the best cheese tactic!Loko7 Sep 6, 2010
Sep 6, 2010 PvP Zealot Rush, a close game this was how I attempted to fight off against an early zealot rush from another toss player using warpgates and a proxy pylon. I wasnt thinking a bit during this, sentries and that ff wouldve helped alot. either way, what do you guys think of what to do better for zealot rushes, and how did i do this game to counter itDom0 Sep 6, 2010
Sep 6, 2010 Why Terran are stupid Go watch this replay, watch the whole thing if you want but ff to near the end, this guy just floats off to the island and refuses to die... Oh and yeah i got a little mad but who wouldnt? Sep 6, 2010
Sep 6, 2010 Protoss vs Zerg[PvZ] Hey guys, how ya'll doing? Just wondering.. what is the best build to do when your 1v1'ing zerg, usually a 6-9 pool rush with lings will kill me, im not good -- just wanna get better.. Please help me :) Thanks.Yip2 Sep 6, 2010
Sep 6, 2010 Vs. Hydralisks? Vs a Hydra heavy army, should my army favor Zealots or Stalkers? I just got beat by a 7 pooler (I was pretty sure that rushing the pool put Zerg at a HUGE disadvantage if you survive the initial rush. I guess not.) He kept switching between Roaches and Zerglings. I countered both just fine... But when he threw Hydra's at me I really had no clue which units I should be popping out. I wasn't ready to throw Colossi out just yet, so between Stalkers and Zealots, what gateway unit best counters the Hydralisk?ProtoformX26 Sep 6, 2010
Sep 6, 2010 Looking for pro-protoss tutor Hi, if anyone out there has free time and is pretty confident in Protoss, please let me know and tutor me in 1v1. thanks :D Pabianne #130Pabianne2 Sep 6, 2010
Sep 6, 2010 Where does this fear come from? I'm confused. I play random 3s when I need a break from 1v1. I also want some of those team win portraits but whatever. Nobody on my random 3s teams ever seems capable of an early attack.. fine you don't want to be in a bit of an economic hole if it doesn't work, I get that. What I don't get is why you aren't prepared to defend yourself. I would say someone on my team get's rushed 90% of the time. Hopefully the other 2 players can get there in time to save the day, and everyone goes about their macro. Once I feel comfortable with my number of troops depending on the amount of time that's passed, I suggest we make a push. Most games I play, there's a protoss or 2 on the other team, and by now it's reasonable to assume (even without scouting) that they want to mass void rays. There is of course a window of opportunity in the early game where you can decimate that protoss before he gets his rays to that critical mass. If I could win the game myself at this point, certainly I would, but I can't get through the other 2 armies on that side of the field myself. I need your help random 3v3 players! Basically I want to know why players are so afraid of attacking. There is no magic number of units you are going to mass that will flat out win, especially with 3 players on the other team. We need to attack together and we need to harass. We need to help eachother out. I just want to win more games :(Proski4 Sep 6, 2010
Sep 6, 2010 Improvements for Mothership and Archon. I've been playing protoss for a while now and Mothership and Archons are not really worth it in my opinion even in the late game. Both of them cost too much resources and they are pretty much useless. The Archon is pretty much a last resort when high templars are out of energy, but I would rather save them for later uses without building more of them. Their supposedly splash damage is not great. From what I heard their splash is going straight not like its predecessor from SC1. Also marauders can make short work of them since they can slow them down. Improvements for Archon -Maelstrom which is Dark Archon ability from SC1. So it could freeze them and be able to close in to their targets without taking too much damage before it starts attacking. -Since it is only Psionic unit it could also be given Massive, so Marauders can't slow it down, but I don't know big the Archon is big enough to be considered as a Massive unit. The Mothership is just a giant kill me first sign which is pretty easy to kill when it has 350/350 shields and health. It is also just a very slow arbiter because it can mass recall and can "stasis shield units" from its vortex just like the Arbiter from SC1. Even a single carrier can kill a mothership which I'm disappointed about. I wouldn't consider the black hole ability because that would be too overpowered and even though the planet cracker looks nice, enemy units have to be under it and the mother ship is very slow. Probably some of you would say, "The planet cracker would do great againts enemy bases," but we already have void rays for that. Improvements for Mothership -Make it able to shoot multiple targets not just focus fire with 4 attacks on a single unit. For example, it could be 2 Attacks, 16 damage, 4 different targets. -Speed boost? A single phase prism, with speed upgrade, can probably bring a whole army to its destination before the mothership can reach its destination and mass recall. -Increase shields and health to 500/500. -Or bring back the Arbiter.Villain35 Sep 6, 2010
Sep 6, 2010 Protoss can't beat Zerg WTF! Okay enough is enough. Every game i play against zerg is totally pointless. This matchup is so ridiculously in favor of the zerg it astonishes me that toss can even win at all. I've tried everything I can think of. If i 4 gate against a FE zerg he just builds 4 sunkens and surrounds it with lings and 2 queens. Good luck getting in that. If i 2 gate into phoenix he just builds hydras + corruptors or mutas + corruptors and GG to all my phoenix. Here comes the speed lings to @##* the rest of my zealots. Sometimes if i play against a noob zerg I can win with colossus but against a good zerg? Hes just going to @##* colossus with corruptors and its GG to the rest of my units. Yes I am ranting but when you fall 30 spots out of diamond top 5 because you cant beat zerg you would rant too. If anyone can give me any suggestions on how to even hang with zerg I would gladly appreciate it. Barksdale13 Sep 6, 2010