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Sep 4, 2010 stalker bonus vs light? Anyone else think the Stalker should do bonus damage vs. light instead of armored? The Stalker is supposed to be a harassment unit yet it takes 5 hits for it to kill an SCV. Every other harassment unit in the game kills workers in 2-3 hits. I feel the Stalker should do 13+3L damage. It would hardly be any worse vs Vikings but it would be so much better against workers and marines. As for anti-armored well we have the Immortal and the Stalker already doesnt compete with the Immortal anyway so the Stalker being anti-light just seems to make more sense.Khobai12 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 MMM on maps like scrap yard How the hell do you stop it, you just can't make voids soon enough.Addohm5 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 way to q warp in gate units? so you get the upgrade to your gates and they can beam in your units. Pretty cool but kinda annoying to have to check back every few seconds to make new units warp in. Seems easier to macro up an army(assuming you have the resources) without the gate upgrade by just q ing bunches up and setting a rally point. So can you make the warp gates beam in units automaticly to a designated spot each time the cooldown is over? What other pro hotkey macro skills are they hiding from me (ive never seen a good list)?buffalozap15 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 Late game transition Normally, I can end a game with a crippling early game attack, followed up by a massed Zeal/stalker/immortal push in the midgame. Lately, however, I've been finding games against my friends getting into the late game, where they tend to dominate me with with giant balls of MMMT+viking, MM thors+viking, battlecruisers, or massive hydras+some corruptor/broodlord support. Terran MMM can replenish faster than my units (though they start to tend toward more marines, thanks to reactors). Zerg can outproduce me with extra hatcheries. So by the late game, their army size is usually a fair bit larger than mine. Typically I tech(naturally) into colossi with maybe HT or a little bit of phoenix/VR support, but in the late game I am just getting steamrolled. the air support crushes my colossi, and if i divert my stalkers to deal with it, my zealots get massacred. If I don't, I'll usually take out most of the ground forces, but once my colossi fall, so does the rest of my army. storm works wonders, but if the enemy pulls back, my zealots get hit by the storm instead. If I go air, corruptors go through them like tissue and vikings will just focus fire down my colossi before they die. Is there any advice on how to solve this problem?Hyren0 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 Anti-rush problems Yo, Bronze Leaguer here. I have been fighting the never-ending struggle to improve my skills, but my biggest weakness is my starting game. I can never seem to figure out the best defense against early rushes. I would appreciate suggestions on things like build order, use of cannons, anything like that. Thanks in advance.Hileksel10 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 I love high templars. I started using high templars in my games. Vs terran just got so much easier. <3 Psi storm and feedback. He was trying to harass with cloaked banshees, so I'd waddle over an observer and feedback them to blow up. One shot medivacs when fights break out, kill ravens with full energy at starts with feedback, and psi storm just rolls over bioball. Life just got easier. Screw you, colossus. You overpriced anti air target.Neiko5 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 Unique Nydus worm counter Anyone ever try surrounding a nydus worm with pylons so the units cannot get out? Obviously this isnt as good as killing it but lets say its in your base and all you have closest to it is a probe. May help buy time?Contain4 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 TvP - Ghosts Ghosts are insane against protoss. If a terran player mixes some in with his army and he can micro his ghosts reasonably, its GG for any protoss player. Its all due to the fact that their EMP is so heavily aimed at any protoss unit. No other race has both their energy and essentially their health cut in half by a single unit that can use its ability to hit multiple units. I think they should have this secondary function of their ability taken out as it just affects PROTOSS. I can't think of anything thats the equivalent of it against terran for the protoss. And if you say they are the counter for immortals, get some marines with stimpacks and say that to me again. Any tier three unit save maybe carriers, are dominated by the EMP. DTs lose their stealth, HTs cant storm, Colossus just have their shields drained which is enough for a few marauders to clean up, etc etc. They are the counter-any-protoss-ground-unit and it needs a balance. Countering with air is not viable as keep in mind, they do support with MMM which can stim pack any air down no problem. Odysseus44 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 Who do you think should win this fight? Terran army: 1450 minerals, 425 gas 13 marines, 5 marauders, 2 ghosts Combat shield Concussion shell Stimpack Protoss army: 1425 minerals, 650 gas 8 zealots, 3 stalkers, 4 sentries Zealot Charge The battle takes place in an open field, and the terran player doesn't control his army until several marines are already dead. Even after taking control, his micro consists largely of 1 stimpack and 1 EMP. Additional information: Zero armor and attack upgrades for both sides. Spoiler: Terran loses 8 marines and a marauder Protoss loses entire army.Invictus21 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 Dang - My first diamond game... It was CRAZY. I watch a ton of replays, but I always thought that they were unnecessarily drawn out... I never had any idea how long two people could beat each other to death before one of them gives up at the high levels. Suggestions? I want to stay in Diamond instead of getting bumped down to plat so I'm open to any tips: Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 Hotkey question Is there a way you can put like multiple nexuses on one hotkey like 3? I tried pressing control click on both nexuses and ctrl+ 3 but it didnt work, as i only got one in result.Hopittyhop7 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 PvT Question - Expo Early for Gas? So, I am really trying to figure this out. I need lots of gas to tech vs. T, but I can't get my expansion because they roflstomp me if they see I early expo. I tried making up the slack with extra zealots, or stalkers, etc, but any competent terran just hits the remove shields and FF button, followed by the double damage button, while the auto kite shells are raining down. You just can't hold against an early timing attack without a tight choke to FF. What should I do? You can literally drop 2000 gas easy just teching vs terran to stand against MMMG.Ellyll2 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 what could I of done better against VRmass.?. I'm bronze and I suck and this map isn't exactly the best i've ever done.. however I think this is the perfect replay for me to ask for help on. The guy basically didn't make anything but cannons and VRs, while after watching Day9s "protoss macro" video(which imo that guy has helped improve my game immensely) I've been fiddling with fast expand and mass z/st/s etc etc and i've won a bunch of games(3v3 not 1v1 I know lol) because of it. After watching the replay I noticed a few things I did wrong.. the overall jist is that he out macroed me bad.. i mean we both ended up having 3 bases, he just got there a lot faster then me. I also know I should of been better at harassment major question is what is a good strategy for blasting past all those cannons? also I know that I was pretty slow on "fast expanding" and I brought out the robo way to late which means I had observers too late. I knew about half way in that he was going to go VR when I saw all those cannons.. but honestly in my head I did not have a clear cut strategy to say.. ok he is going VR.. this is what im gonna do. you can see I did a back door DT attack on his econ(by that time it was too late anyways), and I tried phoenixes and a few other things. I know it was my own lack of skill in knowledge in letting him amass such an armada that lost me the game. anyways I'd appreciate any comments and criticisms and most of all advice on how I could of handled this 1v1 better and actually won it. I'm not a big fan of 1v1 even going back to SC1 days where I almost always played with friends and honestly I love doing that now, but they say 1v1 is where you learn to be better so i'm trying.Ferox16 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 PvT Replay - Help / Crit Me Plz I win this game against the MMM + Mech with some nice Psi Storms. Hoping I can get some Tips / Advice for improving... The Terran probably could have crushed me a few times, but kept backing off / playing timid. I make some micro errors for sure. The first week of release I was Plat, but got my ass beaten down too silver... I'm working my way back up though! I'm on the right track I think. Hoping someone watching my play can give me some ideas on what I'm still missing. Thanks!DorkPunk2 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 omg stupid terrans lifting buildings Wtf omg im in a game for an hour when I base traded vs a terran and he lifted his command center and barracks when i destroyed his whole baes. I have 6 stalkers and some zealots but tehey cant reach the terrans. I have no nexuses and 2 probes. I dont wanna lose 20 points in this super important league game! This is so stupid im still in ga- NO. This has never happened to me because im not stupid. Stop making crappy posts about this @#!@!Lyserg6 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 Psi Storm It didn't stack in BW. Does it stack in SC2? Honest question. Phalanx3 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 really tired of terrans having flight Game after game i see it every time, i win some lose some cause of it. The maps are the real issue though, why are there maps having complete empty space so even stalkers cant shoot them hovering over the void. Don't tell me to tech to air because its not always a viable option due to base trading positions and maps that have empty spaces usually are rather large and your units can not get back to your base in time to stop the killing. Either eliminate the empty void space so terrans cant hover over nothing, or put some **** energy on the buildings for the reason of hovering. usually this issue occurs within ten minutes and you can't viably tech to air / shouldn't have to just for the fact all their buildings float. thats asking to spend atleast 400 to 500 minerals/gas every match against terran within 10 minutes just to secure the fact that they fly.BiggieJohn19 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 Void Rush - critique me please. I finally got 25 wins with this Void Rush (I don't play as often as most people so don't give me too much hate for taking this long), so now I can have my beloved Stalker portrait. But when I completed the Void Rush I felt as though I could have done better. I'm just in Gold but I was hoping for some criticism. How can I improve this build?TorqueSmacky6 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 I just lost to Justin Bieber. Title says it all. His name was JustinBieber, he beat me and words cannot describe how sad I am right now :(Proski16 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 Need some advice from the community hey guys i have been playing Toss for a while now and i really enjoy it, i do want your guy's advice on how to better my micro/macro skills, i am starting to get it down but i am not sure of it yet, can you guys watch this and let me know what i can do to improve myself? Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 Scouting suggestions So right now I'm in bronze league and while I'm not an excellent player, I've been steadily improving. One thing I've observed about my gameplay after watching some of my replays from both wins and losses is that I think I could do better with my scouting in order to better prepare for and counter my enemy's attacks/defenses. In every match, I always use one of my probes early on to try and get a feel for what my opponent is doing with their first few minutes. This has helped me greatly in repelling rushes of varying kinds. From there, however, I feel my scouting skills are rather lacking. I've noticed that I often take a little too long constructing and placing observers and doing attacks that aren't really to do damage but just see what my opponent is up to. Can you offer any tips for how you balance/manage your scouting with everything else? I'd appreciate it because I feel this is one of my weak points.Darkstriker3 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 Bronze player looking to get better I am going to post two games. I won both of these games. I think there is still more that I could do. I would like to start working my way out of the Bronze league and I think analyzing both win and loses will help with that. I feel my stronger game was the protoss lost temple game, but a few things could have been done differently. Blacklance9 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 Protoss vs Bio Ball (with Replay!) Hello everyone! In the optic of getting better, I would like to have strategies against a Bio Ball. I have just done a match that I was in good shape, although I was always on the defensive. I am aware that I didn't expend early enough, and I would like to know any other mistake I did. I have uploaded a replay of the match, if you want to look at it. Thanks for all your precious answers, Sarcasm Edit: Of course I forgot to put the vid -.- :DSarcasm8 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 New to 2v2, doing terrible So I'm a bronze player all around (1v1 and 2v2). I'm in the top 3 of my 1v1 ladder as of now (which isn't saying much!). A buddy of mine got SC2 and we started trying out 2v2. We do horrible. Absolutely horrible. We both play Protoss and can only seem to win if we manage to attack early on. Once past the 10 minute mark, we're doomed. I need suggestions, I try playing it as if I'm in a 1v1 match, but that never really works. Is there a thread somewhere that has tips for 2v2 or can you, most supreme fellow Toss, provide me some tips? Sometimes it seems like one player just gathers and sends all their resources to the other. Is this common in 2v2 or just in bronze? We're also running into more players (usually other Protoss) who turtle and just mass photons and then mass VRs. It's probably from my lack of skill/experience, but what do you do when you go attack an enemy and you run into 15 photon canons at their entrance? I don't usually run into this in 1v1 (even in bronze), maybe because attacks are focused on just one enemy.Tofor5 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 why? why is it i see more cheeses when i face silvers than when i face bronzes?Thrawn7 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 Nydus worm What's everyone's strategy to defeat a proxy nydus worm? I just got owned today by a nydus network even though I set up pylons at the perimeter of my base. Does the nydus worm sound go off when it starts building or when it is already built? My troops were already guarding my expo at the time and it was too late to turn back so I went straight for his base. We both wiped out each other's bases and he just BARELY won as he was left with 2 hydras at the end of the game (and I had 2 probes left). I could have done a better job microing here but what is a good way to prevent nydus? I scout his base quite as I had 2 observers in his base but those things build just so quickly. Setting up cannons around my perimeter is not ideal to do every time I face a zerg player.Thumper23 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 Fake cannon rushing Has anyone tried this? Sending a probe to the opponents base, building a pylon just barely out of, or even in sight, and then kiting the probe around. Most people will assume you're cannon rushing and pull probes/SCVs/drones off the line to try to stop you. I imagine the damage you do their economy/gameplay is enough to offset the 100 minerals. It should also throw them off their game plan, maybe force a few extra marines, while you have a little bit more time to tech up. I think I'm going to try this later, but before I do, I wanted to get some community feedback.xaxidk18 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 Best Protoss strategy against Void Rays? Let aside there two arguments: - Don't let your opponent build VRs - Build your own Vrs I tried stalkers, photon cannons, high templars, Phoenix and carriers with disappointing results. What is the best strategy for a Protoss player against VRs? Is this hopeless? Thanks.Hagen14 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 Immortal help! Can someone explain the shield to me? Obviously its really powerful. I just don't understand the mechanics of it fully and how it works in conjunction with guardian shield and shield upgrades. Thanks oodlesShade7 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 The Quick Reaper Counter I have been paired up over the past 4 - 6 games v. Diamond Terran players, and it seems that I see a reaper well before my cybercore is up going 3G build. I am pretty comfortable scouting it out to know its coming, but is there any other easy way to counter this other than micro-ing with zealots until I can get a counter stalker. Any other ideas?Relkin11 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 What if you were the "new" Terran? I'm probably going to regret starting this thread, because I'm going to attempt to actually start an intelligent discussion, and those don't tend to integrate well on Blizzard forums, but good judgment has never been a forte of mine so @%## it. =P I just posted in one of the many "Terran OP" threads that roam across the forums asking how players from other races would act if their race was considered overpowered instead of Terran. For easiness' sake I'll just copy and paste that post here: ... I'm not "complaining about QQ" or anything like that. I'm not a Terran player and even if I were I could care less about any of the complaints. I'm just genuinely curious is all (and bored :D). So, if Protoss was suddenly considered by the community to be "OP", how would you react?Kurugi43 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 What generally happens in PvP? This is just out of curiosity. In ZvZ it's basically back and forth with lings/roaches until someone techs to mutas. I also asked about TvT in the terran forums. So what happens in PvP? A lot of stargate teching, 4 gate...?Nargannon54 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 Mothership Ideas I legitimately had a dream last night about starcraft2 (lawl). But anyways, during my dream I was the zerg and a protoss mother ship flew directly over my Hive and incinerated my entire base with a giant laser ala "Independence Day". So that got me thinkin, what if instead of having a bunch of supportive, random abilities, the MS had a damage ability that it could fire underneath itself, insta-killing anything directly underneath it and dealing less damage the farther units are from the initial blast. Imagine flying over a terrans base and annihilating them with a giant laser. Obvious the numbers would be balanced. Im only theorizing this cus I, like most of you, hate to see such a badass, expensive unit be so underused and crappy. If you think its a retarded idea, suggest your own way to improve the mothership!BAMF13 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 I'm not quite sure what to make of this. I played against a zerg named KrUSiiD. He was a bit of a jerk, but that is not the point of this replay. The point is that I am ocnfused as to how one is meant to respond to whatever build he used. I got a little supply blocked, and that delayed my first zealot, but I was able to handle the first 6 zerglings with my probes. However, he generates a completely overwhelming number of zerglings very very fast. And 2 in base hatcheries for some reason. So basically, what I'm asking is for good players to watch this and tell me how to not lose to whatever he did. replay here: Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 PvP Phoenix So, I've been playing around with stargate builds in pvp because getting 4 gated all the time got a little boring. I usually get 2 gateways before stargate and gas after the second gateway. I've beat 3gates, 4gates, and robo builds with this by keeping map control and expanding first. I usually end up with 3 gateways and 1 stargate off 1 base. The thing is, i can't play much and can't test it out more. What do you guys think about it? Should I get a void ray after 3-4 phoenix?cracked6 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 I'm having nightmares about Terrans Seriously guys, Some big dude was pounding my house with grenades. I threw everthing at him, my CPU, my chair, my guitare, my T.V. and my roomate. And it just laugh at me will getting healed by a strange green beam. So I tried to get away. I realized that if I flew out of my house he could not follow me. So I grew wings and took off. Only to realize that a thousands marines we're waiting to shoot me down on the north side of the block. After losing my wings to a shower of lead, I ran south. I ran, ran until I had no breath. I turned back to see I was now very far of the fight. But I heard some thunder noise from far away, I felt the flames consume me and my surrounding. Then I woke up panting and sweating. What do you think it means?Kami4 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 warp prism speed upgrade? Hi everyone, I just want to discuss what people do or think about this topic. I personally love using the warp prism, I rarely do / get to as it seems risky both economically (instead of getting an immortal or more gateway units early on) but also timing wise since its rather slow to get out, and after that it moves like slower than hydras ( i know... but it feels like it :) ). Anyway, that brings me to the question, those of you who EVER uses the warp prism for anything but island expanding, do you get the speed upgrade too? and if so, how fast? strait away or later in the game? thanks, I would love to fit it in somehow but it just seems like the time where i could be awesome, the resources are spent better somewhere else. TheCarrot14 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 HELP!!!!! I cannot win a lot of games(i know loseing isnt important but still i want to win). There is a difference to me between a bad loss and a good lose. A lose where i can learn from my mistakes(good) and a lose where i just couldnt scout and lose because of mass something(bad). I always think i lose because of the practice league maps. They have those rocks, scraps, etc. blocking both mine and the opponent's ramp so i cant get a early scout and then when i finally break the rocks they attack my base and its gg for me. I dont want to leave practice league because I feel like i am not ready for the actual placment leagues. I only won games becuase of early pressure and harassment to workers. Another problem i have is the mid game. Usually when i try to win the game early my opponent destroys my early pressure and i only have 4 attacking units left in my base. I usually go for the 4 gate build because thats the only build that has worked for me. I have seen day9 and youtube videos. I also google strategy for protoss. At battlenet i looked at every counter for every unit in the game and wrote it down on a piece of paper. What i think i need is a practice partner to help me get through this game. Thank you and please reply LazerTec2 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 Struggling against Terran I am having huge difficult against terran. I say I win a majority games against protoss during PvP. win 50/50 against zerg, and lose most of the games against terran. I'm 25-27 in gold league. 1) I can't break the terran wall. I decide not to build ground units and try air and they stop it still. 2) they defeat my wall with ease since they have tanks. 3)MMM very hard for me to stop. 4)The only success I have against terran is dropping dts in there base beside that cheesy tactic I have no success. Since I'm playing gold league games more often since I got promoted a week ago, that tactic fails a good bit now. 5)I tried colo. but vikings tore them apart. 6)I tried carriers one game with good success but his army in size was just bigger after I did all that teching.Nightmare2 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 PvP Boredom? I played a match last night agaisnt a protoss player and it was more than just fairly even. It was dead even. We had the same unit composition, roughly the same amount of units and pretty equal macro. It was very much a stalemate, the swing happened when I pushed in a little too early and he had 2 more immortals than I was expecting. As a result I lost my army and my reinforcements couldn't hold up agaisnt his remaining force. I said gg and surrendered. It was an ok game and he deserved the win but somehow it felt kind of empty? It just didn't feel like the compelling match I was used to, it felt like staring in a mirror and since he had a few more units he won. But I didn't blame the player, as currently with lack of options on the protoss side, it seemed more of a bigger flaw. Can we ever escape the mirrors of gateway/robo armies going head to head? Is anyone else not as excited when you go PvP? Satchmo13 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 Void rushing zerg I usually void rush zerg and proxy pylon terran and protoss. When going against zerg, I started using a phoenix mixed in with 3-5 void rays. You can use the phoenix to levitate queens and kill overlords to try to supply block the opponent. Im just wondering if its worth it to spend the 150/100 on the phoenix or just get another void ray. Please dont QQ about OP void rushes, every race can defend them and they are very scoutable. Please also dont tell me im bad for void rushing, im just asking a question.CHOCOLATEBAD3 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 PROTOSS NEED MORE AA I know this has probably been discussed already but seriously I think most would agree with me, new to forums fill me in...Jeo17 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 Help with EMP Hi guys! I'm still learning how to play with protoss and I'm playing around with different builds on this round ( I tried not going for High Templars and instead I went for Zealots / Robo units / Sentries. Those EMP's are pure pawnage, anyone has a video / replay strategy on how to manage that without/With High Templars? Thanks a bunch ^_^mantecon13 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 Question about Protoss Lore "...Probes also manufacture and plant the micro-beacons that anchor the teleport matrices of structures. These beacons allow the Protoss to warp in prefabricated structures from their homeworld..."- Pulled from this site under the Probe Unit. Just a question that has probably been answered, but how can they be warping in Pylon's from their homeworld (Aiur) if it was completely taken over by the Zerg? Are they building all of their buildings and units on Shakkurus now or did Blizzard just ignore the lore behind it? Just wondering if anyone knew.Aradan5 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 PvP NEED HELP! So PvP is my worst matchup. I scout at first and see something that might be a 2gate but I am not sure yet, I make counter measures and my tech is slow. ( in the end turns out they did not two gate and i get %**@d) Or I try to play to a 12 gate into cybercore and get %**@d by the 2 gate. Please how can I improve?BuZZ0 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 Critique my anti macro zerg game! (: I think I did pretty good here, I could have microed my pheonix a little bit better though... I want the real pros to tell me the small things though! Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 Looking for some pointers Was hoping someone could look at a replay and give me some ways to improve i'm sure there's plenty. i guess my overall strat is to do a 2 gate push into a robotics then i just wing it from there. thnx in advanceBlaster4 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 What's the point of HT/Archons? Here's my view on this. Not trying to get into an argument, but if somebody can please give me a reason to use them, I'd be happy to oblige. Research time and cost, the Collosus can come out quicker and be used earlier; HT's are useless without storm. Even including the thermal lance research time, it's still quicker then the HT tech. They can actually catch up to your army, whereas if you have HT you need to constantly stop to let them catch up. As an added bonus, their cliffwalking abilities are great to abuse on high terrain maps and can be used to view blind spots on high ground so your stalkers can blink up there. Even with storm, HT's become useless when their energy runs out and the archon is arguably just as useless as 2 HT's. In terms of tech tree, the Robo Fac tech gives you more options. You get an observer, warp prism, immortals, and a collosus. Even if you choose to go both HT and DT (expensive), you only get 3 addition to your army (the archon counting as the third). Have an army with stalkers for air and sentries for some well placed forcefield with the Collosus at the back and they can burn through any ground army composition by Terrans or Zergs.Suno24 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 I get a head start but still get decimated I've been playing startcraft 2 for a few days now, and yes, I'm not that good yet. My problem here is, every time a game starts, I almost always have the first pylon down. I'm also always the first to build my gateway and first zealot. For example, I have 3 zealots, the other guy has 1 or 2. I geet 2 sentires and the other guy has 1 or none, so I'm always ahead of the other guy at the start of the game. Then I start to fall behind for some reason. I build around 3-5 warpgates. I build counter units for the units he has cause I continuasly scout. I don't have a problem with minirals or supply, but in the end I still get overrun. I tryied a more defensive strategy at the start then start building a massive army. All attacks from the enemy fail so I should have a chance of winning the battle, but my army fails, even though I build units that counter the other guy's units. I always focus fire the most immediate threat. Here's the build order I use: probes until I have 9/10 supply. pylon right when I have 100 min. probe after that gateway right when the pylon finishis + Assimilator zealot after gateway and cybernetics core + second Assimilator + 3 probes(crono boosted) when cybernitics finishes i go sentry after 3 zealots and warpgate teck(with crono boost) I build 1 more gateway + forge I build atleast 4 stakers after second gateway I build 1 more gateway + robotics facility observer goes scounting then I-4 immortals depending on what I see I build more stakers and zealots I go twilight + another robotics facility I expand then the rest goes according to the game. Of course I build pylons every time I see that I have 4 supply left, and I mass my fotons so my base becomes almost impermiable.(I also build every 3-4 for pylons right beside each other so that if the first or the second gets destroyed, the rest supply energy for the warpgates) I only go for dark templars when I see no revealers. I also never stop making fighting units. Units that I don't use too often are air units in general, except the mother ship, and high templars. Am I not building enough warpgates? are 2 robotics facilities not enough? Any one see the problem here? Tassadar12 Sep 4, 2010
Sep 4, 2010 Archons... Has anyone actually successfully used them in a multiplayer match? I don't think I've seen them ever, at all in multiplayer since the game released... (debating going mass archons in a team game for the lulz >.>)Tchernobyl14 Sep 4, 2010