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Aug 13, 2010 What to do in PvP? I am a diamond league player, I normally play random, and I am finding that one of my hardest match-ups is the protoss mirror match. What do all you high-level Toss players do in that match-up?Cankerz8 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Colossis cliff sight I noticed that my proponent units where able to target my colossi even though they had higher ground and the opponent did not have any sight (or observers/detectors) to be able to see me... To further confirm this, once my colossi died my immortals that where beside them where not hit (as it should have been) due to their higher ground and no visibility by my opponent. My opponents army was being hit but could not hit back the immortals. Anyone else have had this problem? It really hurts the colossi placement in the game if this mechanic is not working properly.Shawmeck33 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 archon useful ever?Thrawn16 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Nerf Void Rays Already Nerf them. Seriously. I'm a Protoss player and I still think they're too overpowered. Please, Blizzard. Please.Kinetix28 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Another void ray QQ therad Literally 75% of the games i lose against protoss, it's with void rays. And when i play protoss, and i decide to go void rays, i win 80% of the time. I play random and having a unit that can only be countered by not letting it charge is bs. They're not that hard to stop charge but only if you stay in your base, they usually attack when you move out and they ALWAYS win a base trade. Scouting them is not as easy as you think, since you can build pylons and stargates in awkward places. The real problem is not the OP ness, it's just how bland they are making games that involve protoss.Frontstab2 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Issues with 2v2 vs double terran. My partner is Protoss and I play Zerg. We're in platinum 2v2. We've had a hell of a time against double Terran early Marine/Marauder pushes. Now the way a Protoss deals with this in 1v1 is force fielding the ramp until Immortals or Void Rays come out. But in 2v2 Protoss has to try to save its ally with Gateway units that are DESTROYED by marauders. So when the Terrans push the Zerg player the Protoss seems pretty helpless to intervene and I have a hard time fighting off one Terran, nevermind two. What exactly are we supposed to do? He doesn't have enough sentries to force field my ramp too, and even if he did I'd lose my expansion that I need to be on par with one base Terran. Ianarian2 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Help Against Terrans So I'm pretty new to all this, but my most miserable and lame games are consistently against Terrans. They immediately wall off making it impossible to scout any useful information from them, then they plant a turret at their wall so I can't even go DT on their turtling selves. Afterwards there are just so many possibilities on what they can do it isn't even funny. If I try to build a force to bottle them up they just dropship into my base. If I try to play defensively I just get stomped by MMM or they seige me. If I try to go air with voids they just smash me with their most basic unit while facerolling one button. What the hell am I supposed to do to beat these guys!? It seems like we have to do deep tech switching non-stop while they just lol out massive amounts of different units while running off of one base. D:Sumpter2 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Dark Templar I think these bad boys are under used I try to tech up as fast as I can to DT when I play against all races and I lose only to mismanaged micro. I think my problem though is I micro more than I macro so I get jacked pretty bad when I concentrate too much with only 3 DT's while my main base isnt really expanding... -_-JRey5 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 How to bust open PvP turtles? I've been encountering a lot of protoss v. protoss turtles lately and I'm having trouble busting them open. I'll scout early and see them putting down canons and know what I'm up against. Usually they FE and surround their expo with a MASSIVE wall of canons with tons of pylon backup. I've been seeing FE around 22 and by 25-27 there are 3-4 canons down. These turtle FE builds typically have almost zero mobile defense and rely heavily on the canons. The canons are stacked heaviest up front but by the time I've got a few void rays built they've got canons in the back as well and some stalkers to back em up. Second expand goes down around 50 and quickly gets a load of canons. At this point they can 6-8 gate and just overwhelm. The problem here is that by the time I see they're turtling and FEing, I'm already a bit behind - what are my options at this point? If I try to FE and chase them I'll always be a bit behind them. My rushes typically fail against the first expo, sometimes I can pick off the 2nd if I spot before the 8 canons are down. Either way, I'm burning a TON of units to stop an expo that I haven't matched yet. Need some advice against the turtle - at this point my PvP strat is going to be to quickly canon turtle first until I can devise something that works against this.Oddible28 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Newbie Opener Question All the openers I've read (other than the Cannon Rush and Zealot Rush (zealot rush follows up to assimilator)) follow this basic pattern at opening: 9 pylon 10 2 probes (cb) 12 Gateway 12 2 probes (cb) 13 Assimilator As a newbie does that translate into building the following units in this order since it doesn't really specify? 7 Start 8 Probe 9 Probe 9 Pylon 9 Chrono Boost Nexus 10 Probe (boosted) 11 Probe (boosted) 11 Probe 11 Gateway 11 Chrono Boost Nexus 12 Probe (boosted) 13 Probe (boosted) 13 Assimilator You start with 7 probes I believe, so this would give you: 14 Probes 1 Pylon 1 Nexus 1 Gateway 1 Assimilator Correct? I think I've got that much down. What happens after with the build orders is a mystery to me though since you have a gateway it isn't clear whether you should build more probes or start pumping out units. I'm aware that you generally want 16 probes minimum on mining and pull off 3 on the first assimilator completion for gas minimum, for a total of 19 on the opener. Do I continue to 16 probes before pumping out units, or do I start building immediately or what? Build orders for openers get hazy to me after the assimilator. Xgoblin3 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Chrono Boost Warpgates Does Chrono Boosting Warpgates decrease their cooldown?Chin4 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Warpgate questions I've tried out Warpgates a few times, but I don't see the point in them really. So, I think I don't really understand them. Could someone explain them to me? To me, they seem pointless because I can't keep my eye on a battle and make units. They require more button presses, and you can't queue units if you have the money to do so while you attack an opponent. The way they work is instantly placing a unit in the pylon field, with a cooldown as to when you can make the next unit. Right? I assumed the length of time it takes for that cooldown to roll around was the same length of time a unit builds in a gateway. I guess this is wrong though, because people say on here that Warpgates build units more quickly. So, I see that as a plus obviously. But the babysitting of the warpgate and not being able to continue making units while you're in a fight seem to be huge minuses to using them. Am I just wrong in how they work, or am I wrong in how they are best used? To me their best use seems to be offensive warp-in to a corner of an enemy base with the flyer that makes the pylon field (can't think of it's name right now). Sort of like a sneaky nydus canal attack by Zerg. If someone could explain warpgate usage and where it really shines for me, that'd be great.Deathnozzle15 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Proof that Terran is OP hey protoss players i just wanted to share this video with u guys and know what you think about it. It's a video i found on youtube i don't own it, but i just found it very interesting and i think this video (by HuskyStarcraft) proof that marauders are op.iKHo12 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Immortals have gold fish companions!!!!!!! Seriously guys!!! I looked at the portrait and what do I see? It's a gold fish, looking at me :D Edit: I don't know if it's a gold fish, still. It's sweet.Strife2 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 High level protoss players i can watch?? I enjoy watching the high level games to learn from, but it seems like it is usually terran or zerg, or a protoss player getting his ass kicked. What are some good protoss players names?DanTheMan8 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Seriously, %!## emp Even army, one emp = dead protoss. OPDeign21 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Anyone have a Replay of a GOOD Cannon rush? So, I keep hearing about this, more and more and more. Now, I'm starting to get a little worried I'm going to be caught with my pants down and not expecting it one day, because I've simply never ever seen it. Does anyone have replays of a proper cannon rush, so I can see how it works?Nephrahim22 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Please Fix Protoss Air Over 200 league games. I have not seen a carrier or mothership used ONCE. Except when I used them just to mess around on a game I had already won. They are just universally awful for the cost. Now battlecruisers have been majorly buffed, those things are scary. And Broodlords are very very impressive. But the classic Carrier and Mothership are in desperate need of buffs. Part of this is because there is minimal use of most toss air, so you don't have the stargates to support a jump to t3. So lets look at the other toss air. Phoenix - Situational They are not really air superiority fighters. They don't even counter void rays, and gravity beam has its uses, but its also very poor for harass as a single turret can drive them off. Majorly buff their non light damage please. Only one light target can even shoot back, and the other can cloak to escape!! Bring back overload, lol. Void Ray - Situational Powerful in limited harass, granted. But not a unit you get to actually fight with because of their charge time. Any half decent player will focus them down rapidly. They aren't even particularly good against the units they are supposed to counter, because of that. My suggestion - Decrease the time they need to get to full charge by quite a bit. Decrease the total damage they do somewhat in exchange, and give them a bonus to massive targets. This makes them useful on the field of battle, and gives them a place taking out BCs, Colossus, Thors, etc, the units they are supposed to counter. It seems like all the cool stuff protoss air could do in the early videos was stripped and nothing replaced it, sigh. Thoughts?Ascendant20 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 What is your most satisfying win? I'm still new to SC2 multiplayer, only been playing for a few days, but I had my most satisfying win today. A Terran player tried building a bunker in my base, I killed the SCV, to retaliate I started building cannons in his base. >>win I don't usually use cannon rushes(don't work all the time, and a little cheesy), but this was a very satisfying win.Cog20 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 FORGE hi i play protoss i watched a lot of videos of pros protoss on youtube diamond league and all that. And i notice that they get the forge pretty late in the game why so?? is there like an other to when i should lay down the Forge cause i feel like its an important builing that should be build in the begginning. After what building or when should i get it?Early or Mid or Late game? When should i start upgrading A-D-S at what time ?? Mikel3 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Quick Question, On my methods. For Auir! Anyhow, before we get into oh god shut up Bronze I will just say I was stupid and did my placement matches before I learned how to macro/micro efficently (and basically was a turtling tard until I got ahold of toss BO and read the forums etc. Thanks to Emo especially) so lets just get past that here and now. I find in 1v1 (Bronze of course) and 2v2 (Gold) that canon rush seems to be insainly prevelent. I have faced about 2 toss out of probably 8 or so that do not cannon rush. Even the 2v2 one toss tried to cannon rush me while the other tried to Zealot rush me. (unsuccessful) Is the "proper counter" Going into standard 2 gate? I usually Pylon at 9 scout see no gate and patroll my base. Due to the poor macro/micro at lower lvl I trap their probe to their pylon with 2 of my own and kill it then CB out a zealot to take care of the pylon and another incase there is a outside attempt to wall me in. Now my worry is when I face people with better Micro/Macro that going into 9 Pylon 12 gate/CB Zealot, it won't be fast enough. I am just curious if going solid 2 gate is fine vs going forward or if I should immediately to try switch upto 9 Pylon 10 Gate? It seems almost pointless because by the time I scout what is going on I have already begun to do 9 Pylon 12 Gate especially on long maps. Is there really a better simple counter? Usually after I defeat their attempt at Crush I have an Assim up and gas and drop a forge immediately Cboost weapons research (as i continue to pump zealots out and add another gate) and apply pressure on them until they crumble. (maybe a cannon or two for defense) this seems almost to risky, and I just worry about learning bad methods by playing in Bronze league. So if any of you wouldn't mind (Gold + please not dismissing you lowers just need bracket knowledge) could you tell me if this is a solid if I see it higher up (which it sounds like its less common) if this seems still like a viable route?Shadlicious4 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 M&M Modified So recently I have been playing against a friend of mine who usually goes for an M&M ball a long with STs. I countered it very well with Chargelots and Phoenixs with the Zealots being upgraded with one weapons. I've also tried Chargelots and Immortals which have worked extremely well since I usually flank him from behind and keep him trapped in my choke with sentries. But, recently he has been putting two banshees and one raven in his unit mix and they have been doing fairly well against my T1 units. He plays like a novice Terran not really skilled in microing or any type of harassment except for reaper cheese and he usually attacks during the 35-45 supply limit. We play on Agria Valley and Lost temple. Any unit combination or microing tactics I can use or try to counter this?Emperiaxe4 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Feedback vs Terran Anyone have much success using the High Templar ability "Feedback" against Terran? I love using it to drain Medivacs of energy and doing serious damage to Thors and Battlecruisers. It can definitely make the difference in a game; against the other races too. So lets not forget Feedback when that first HT pops and you've got a bioball on its way to your base and storm is upgrading. For newer players: Feedback is an ability that all High Templars come with (meaning it requires no upgrade). It drains the energy from a unit that has energy such as Medivacs, Banshees, Sentries, Infestors etc and for every point of energy it drains from that unit, the unit takes damage.Idirekt3 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Phoenix harass vs Zerg? No-brainer? I've started phoenix harassing with 3 Phoenix's every game vs. Zerg. I almost always get a couple drones and often a queen before their hydra's can get over. And woe to the zerg player that went early mutalisk and watches my Phoenix's crush their muta fleet. Do other Toss players have this much luck with this? Is that a staple of the Bronze league? What do I look for as the counter (Hydras stationed at mineral fields?). It just seems to work SOOO well right now that I can't imagine not doing it.Krakatoa49 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Dt's and Archons So iv'e been experimenting with a build lately that works pretty well vs. zerg that basically has dt's and archons. I don't know if anyone else use's this strategy but iv'e had some succes with it so far. I go for a standard dt rush and get a few zealots to block my entrance for ling rush's. Once i get dt's i slap 2 if i'm still worried about zergling into my block and go scout with the zealots. By this time i usually have a proxy pylon somewhere and i start warping in dt's. If i'm playing against a decent zerg they usually have an overseer up by this time, but i have seen quite often some gg's and out when i send 2 dt's to take out their lair/spire/hydra den. Anyway, if i don't do enough damage at this point i usually just warp in more and more dt's and try to get about 8-10 and then i go scout and see what's up. if i see muta ling, i morph all my dt's into archons and get a few more dt's for the front. if i see hydra roach i usually leave more dt's and try a robo tech switch. So far iv'e seen some good success with this because of the splash of the archons and how early you can get these units in. Anyway, just thought i'd share and maybe someone has some improvements on this strat?UnderTowed11 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Help with Zerg As of late, I just can't seem to win against zerg, ever. Basically They can mass an infinite amount of lings while teching up to whatever they want, which prevents me from pushing - In terms of numbers, i can't compete with how many lings they have vs my zealots, and by the time i have teched to colossi its too late, they will be on a different tech (usually muta or even ultras). Basically what I'm getting at is that there is no real window in which i can push out and break them due to all the damn lings. If i go air, they will have a counter up before i can effectively push (not to mention how outrageously weak protoss air is with the except of void rays, which are not good aginst hydra or muta which Z easily can mass). I feel like they can FE and then mass 10 million zerglings while i am forced to turtle on one base trying to tech up and counter whatever they throw at me. Then eventually i will get on 2 base, but even then, it's so easy for them to just run in and kill my workers, even with good micro force fields etc. I feel like i have to constantly try to change my army composition and try to counter them, but can never get enough units to actually move out and do any damage. If they go hydras, then fine i can deal with that with either colossi or storm. Hydra/roach isnt a problem. It's when they ahve 10 million lings along with the hydra, roach, muta, ultra, etc. I have tried double 10 gate pushes at the start which arent effective, they just throw down 3-4 spine crawlers and i can't kill anything of value before they are up, and then i am behind economically. I've tried pushing out with a variety of gate or robo units and it's just never enough to break their front door/expo. I can apply pressure but i can never break it, even if i am going balls out pushing it with every last bit of resource that i have. trying to out expand the Z is not an option because P army is much less mobile. 10-15 supply of lings can wreck an expo in seconds, before my army can even get there. So what do you guys find that works against diamond level 600+ agressive zerg? I just find that once they FE and get lings out, there isn't anything i can do.Legion4 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Marine+ghost rush (Silver/HuK replay). So with me keeping a potential switch to Protoss in reserve if Zerg begin to bore me, I decided to try some Toss tonight. I am still learning but have the basics down and surprise surprise, managed to snag a win versus a low diamond. However then I went up against this tactic twice. I don't have a replay, but here is another that demonstrates the tactic very well. Basically a ball of 6-10 marines and a ghost, getting out the door asap. Shields go boom, marines chew up units. What would be the counter to this?Sorrow3 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Cannon Rush/Push I am really getting tired of this. They spam cannons outside the base, and start pushing forward. I know some counters, but I think a good idea would to make forges require a gateway to build. There really isn't any major problem with this change. What do you guys think?Duce13 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Terran troubles... Ok so I'm pretty new but appreciate some advice. I had perfected a strategy for defending my base with Photon Cannons while amassing an air assault with VR, Mothership, and a Carrier or two if I have time, and have no problems winning against the AI on insane, and online Zerg or Protoss players. But I get served every time I am up against Terran. That Scanner Sweep is brutal, and they perfectly counter whatever I do like they are psychic! Have tried ground assaults too, but with the Novice maps it makes it harder, and again the Scanner Sweep kills me regardless. If I tech up to Collossii instead of air they counter that as well. Is there any way to deal with that major Scanner Sweep advantage they have???TeeHoldem8 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 I Need a Mentor Well I'm pretty god awful at this game but I LOVE IT but I don't like losing I'm on a 8 game losing streak right now :( I really need help with knowing what units to build to counter what, some good starting builds, how to keep my money low, and all those things sooooo If anyone wants to take some time out of there day to help a poor little noob who just wants a Zealot reward reallllyyyy bad I'd love to hear from you -JPoPP JPoPP11 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 mothership usefulness - detection? I don't use motherships, less face it, they're just too expensive to justify what they do. One thing I think that would help out with them that wouldn't OP them, how about giving them some detection? It's the mothership after all, wouldn't you think it would have some built in observers? I don't know, as it is it's a late game trophy unit basically saying you have too much income or that you are hunting down that last floating terran building. I think it just needs some loving.Pasanius7 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Lore question about Zealots. *nerd alert!* Do Zealots refer to themselves as such? We all know our favorite templar ground pounders, the Zealots, and appreciate what they do in game. But, is this an actual rank? I've been reading the wiki and trying to absorb all I can about StarCraft lore and can't find anything about the title "Zealot" being a rank, or their actual designation within the protoss military aside from it being the name of a unit in the game. Executor, and praetor are all ranks I have read about, when concerning the templar. But, are there any books that count as official canon that deal with Zealot? As far as I can remember no unit in game or otherwise has referred to himself or any other templar as a zealot. FRYBOTH14 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 need training PLEASE and help okay every time i play a 1v1 i will lose most of the time i was wondering if someone thats a awesome protoss playing will help me PLEASE!!. Also i will take any help from only a good protoss player thank youMrMooMoo0 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Voidray charge question Can the void ray hit full charge by killing multiple small units? Or does it need one sustained hit on a building or big unit to charge? I had a few that were taking down a lot of marines, but never charged, and the marines won. So I think you need to start with a building (even your own), hit the charge, and move to units. Is that right?Skribe4 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 After 4Gt Robo or Air?(I know very broad Q) So this morning before work I figured I'd get some games in. My first game is against a zerg. I wall up via gateway/cy core at my entrance with 1 zealot. He tries to ling rush and fails. I proceed to continue with 4 gate and win. Easy peazy. That's not my problem, the next guy who I face is. It's a terran who I believe one based it up and walled himself off. I try to push at 8 mins via typical 4 gate but he's got too many Marauders up and I lose that wave of my units. I recover and keep pumping out more zeals/stalkers/sentries all the while researching charge and pumping out 2-3 immortals. I try again, fail. I then try to get some collo's up. I get about 3 up, thermal is researched send it about 20 units, zeals, stalks, sentries, collo 1-2 immortals. Fail. It's like 7:50 I still haven't showered and I've got to get to work so I said f'it and quit. I do not know if he expanded via a drop ship somewhere and built another base but there was nothing I could do with the limited amount of time I had so I quit. I didn't save the replay like a damn fool because I was in a rush but what would you pros have done differently in this fight? Edit** He was scouted very early and I saw he had early gas up so I knew he was going MMM. It's my own fault for not trying another strat now that I think about it.Zera6 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Looking for Practice Group and/or Mentor Hello everyone!! I am looking for some people to play/practice/gel with. At the moment, I am not looking to join a clan/organization as my skills are still raw. However, I can still play with you guys as long no expectations/commitments are expected of me in term of group tournament. So if anyone in the same timezone and interest, add me up and we'll play/practice together and exchange strategies. I am fortunate to win more than I lost. As I said before, I am still raw. :) Leave me a comment or add me up in game. Note: Preferably someone with a headset/mic to communicate with. Thanks!! I'll see you guys in game, lock and load!!Hwangje5 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 How Best to Use Blink I am not trying to debate the usefulness of Blink, because there's a reason why it gets brought up every time Stalkers are suggested as a counter to something. But I personally as a player struggle to use it properly. As such, I'm curious what you've found to be the most useful applications of this ability. Blinking in for a surprise attack? Getting around walls? Blinking individual units back for micro?PikaBot9 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Void Ray Charge Up Time.. I must believe as a protoss player their charge up time is to short.. due to the fact it makes nearly unkillable when charged :( Please nerf us.Socks2 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 MMM ball and Stealth Banshee... defense? I had a game last night in which the Terran quickly built depot, barracks, depot at his ramp (not unusual). He then built two starports with tech labs and immediately teched for stealth. I understand how to counter this. But it seems like the counter for this (robo+observer+stargate+phoenix) is very different then what you'd tech for for the MMM ball (Colossus and/or high templar). So, am I obligated to send a REALLY early scout to their base to see what's up? It feels like a big economy hit to scout on 8 but is that what I need to do? Any thoughts would be welcome.Krakatoa6 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 General BO Alterations Hey guys, I'm a recent diamond player (I think I'm ranked 30ish) and I was gonna run a few questions by the protoss community: I generally start off with a 2gate 4/5 zealots rush via saved chronos- NOT a proxy, I used proxy up until plat and found it's not near as effective vs. people who know how to counter. People who are constantly crying about "cheese" rushed just need to prepare accordingly. Anyways, after I scout and send an initial wave of zealots (usually around 4 minutes) I generally go into a 4gate build or voids for the midgame (if they didn't scout and have zero AA; not incredibly common). For MMM I tend to lie heavier on the stalker/sentry combo, and for lots of lings I warp more zealots. If it's toss and they are going heavy stalkers I might set up a 3gate robo and throw some immortals in there. Here's my question- how and what do ya'll transition to when you see they're going a cookie cutter BO, e.g. MM, 4gate, lings/roaches/hydras? MM gives me the biggest problem- sometimes I get rofl pwned by stimped MM's even with a weapons upgrade and a few waves of warped guys. Yadda3 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Is this a rush? Played a large 4 player map (can't remember the name but it's the one with like 8 scout towers scattered throughout. I started bottom left. Scouted at like 16 (late!) and got lucky and found his base in the top right. At this point I had a single Gateway and 2 Zealots. I noticed he had a pylon out front and a forge but no cannons and two gateways being built (IIRC). Seeing no defenses, I sent my zealots up, figuring if I killed 3-4 probes it would be worth it. I then built a proxy pylon around the corner. He then proceeded to complain about my rush and ridicule it the whole game... Now, leaving aside the issue of whether or not a rush = cheese, Is that even a rush? My thinking was that if I encountered any defenses (Like if he'd built a cannon or a couple zealots before i got there) I'd just move my zealots to his natural and try to ambush his expansion... I had time to scout across the map, see that he had no defenses, trot my zealots up and attack (I think I killed 5 probes and 2 zealots with my 2). Thoughts?Krakatoa4 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 TvP replay terran to many rushes terran are so op they have to many rushes.SC2Replay So I did my scouting saw a tech lab and thought marauders nope it was reapers so I lost TERRAN HAS TO MANY EARLY GAME OPTIONS WHERE DID I GO WRONG IN THIS GAME!JPoPP6 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 PP vs TZ 2's partner and I have been playing relatively well lately, we both roll Protoss for the most part, sometimes he goes Ran. Were rated number 1 in our plat division and soon to be diamond, we both work so hard to learn as much as we can and to review our mistakes to better ourselves for future games, but i gotta be honest, our VS TZ is horrible. We usually open with x2 Z because of the possible maruader ling push, then if we find Z is going roach then we will switch to a higher tier unit, usually immortal (not to many) with stalks z's. Our higher tier units usually ends up being voids for the RAN/Col for ran zerg, with standard uniots to backup them up. I never get the chance to run templar, is that a big nono vs this combo? I mean should i have temps out with storm most of the time vs this combo?? Any help or suggestions would be great thank you so much. nanoKing,nanoKing4 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 4 gate to templars? Ok help me out here... I just got violated by a MMM ball... the dude just walled in and then bursted out in a big angry ball of pain. So my question is, do you guys have any good build from your basic 4 gate build to templars?Vezz15 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Need Protoss Partner for 1v1 practice Im currently Gold mid 20s, need some reliable partners to practice with. I have a busy schedule during the day but time at night to practice. I feel like im decent but could be alot better if I had the opportunity to practice with some other players consistently. Let me know if ur down and leave ur add code. Thanks. TooLegit7 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Why P v T is tough any suggestions. I find that in diamond league every time I play Terran I end up facing cloaked banshee harass. I find this to be extremely tough and annoying due to the fact that toss has such horrible detection units. Observer moves as fast as molasses, and drops to a scan and vikings like no ones business. Cannons are also viable but you have to make so many to cover a large area. Cannons are also resources exhausted that should have been used towards more units. The lack of units/lost probes makes it easy for a quick medivac drop for the win. I would greatly like any advice/replays showing how to effectively counter this. Seems like by the time i get an observer in to scout he already has banshees out and is tearing up my probe line. Roosta20 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Marauder/marine/!!! How do i counter this early on. Anytime I see this mix coming with with a good medivac support i fight it off as long as i can but eventually mhy economy is too drained to continue. I hate marauders. KingAki9 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Double Stargate choices I have been using the dual stargate vs Zerg for awhile now on maps where the air distance is less than the ground distance. I have been using Nonys variation of the build which involves rushing phoenixes out of both s-gates to harass the zergs economy. This works well most of the time but I have also seen a different variation of this build where one builds void rays out of one s-gate and phoenixes out of the other to provide support for the ray. I was simply wondering if any protoss players out there have put some effort into trying both variations, and which one they prefer or which one does the most damage to the zerg overall.Sentient1 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 question about HT, psionic storm mechanics if you put down multiple psionic storms in the same area, would the damage stack? I read in some Korean forums and some players pointed out that multiple psionic storms still only act as one.. it would be nice to have some blue clarificationDaciMVRL3 Aug 13, 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Lol "protoss Dicussion and stradegies section WHy is there a protoss section of stradegies? theres no stradegy on protoss.. >.> Just mass stalkers= win, mass void rays= win, mass infantry with op colossus walk cliffs= win... idk this is just my opinion of y theres a protoss discussion/stradegies section.. (nope this isnt a mega ugly disgusting troll thread) *(and yes my name is Zeratul who plays terran, im ownage unique :p*)Zeratul20 Aug 13, 2010