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Feb 20 The Guide to Zerg Guides I'm writing this for all the players new to the amazingness known as Zerg, for all Zerg players looking to improve their Zerg know how, as well as for myself, so I can condense all the helpful links I know of into one linkable post. I'd like to thank everyone I mention/link here for all the help you've given me along with the rest of the Zerg community, If I could sticky every one of your threads to the top of the forum I would and the world would be a better place for it, but this is the best I can do for now. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Videos -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Save the best... for first! Day[9] Day[9] is the best thing ever to happen to Starcraft 2, if you want to get better at this game, every one of his dailys are a must see. Archives http://day9.tv/archives/ YouTube http://www.youtube.com/day9tv For any Zerg player looking to get better, dailys #194, #208, #252 and #263 are a must. Day[9] Daily #194 - Newbie Tuesday: Drone Timing http://day9tv.blip.tv/file/4210235/ Day[9] Daily #208 - Live coaching with djWHEAT http://day9tv.blip.tv/file/4321552/ Day[9] Daily #252 - Secrets of Hotkeys, APM and Mouse Movement http://day9tv.blip.tv/file/4712303/ Day[9] Daily #263 - Checkin Out IdrA http://day9tv.blip.tv/file/4782428/ Day[9] Daily #360 - Mental Checklist: Exercises! Part 1: http://blip.tv/day9tv/day-9-daily-360-p1-mental-checklist-exercises-5635566 Part 2: http://blip.tv/day9tv/day-9-daily-360-p2-mental-checklist-exercises-5635612 Part 3: http://blip.tv/day9tv/day-9-daily-360-p3-mental-checklist-exercises-5635643 Day[9] Daily #235 - Zerg vs Zerg Opening Builds http://day9tv.blip.tv/file/4612990/ Day9 235 concentrates on developing and implementing a strategy for gameplay. Read post #11 below for an in depth review on why this daily is a must! Mr. Bitter Mr. Bitter may be the best thing ever to happen to the Zerg community, and his videos have by far the most in depth information on becoming an amazing Zerg player you can find. If there's any match up or strategy you're having a hard time dealing with, this is the best place to look. Archives http://mrbitter.blip.tv/posts?view=archive&nsfw=dc YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/MrBitterTV PsyStarcraft Psy is incredibly entertaining at the same time as being incredibly insightful, you're sure to learn something as you laugh during every video you watch. YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/PsyStarcraft Rekatan Helpful and insightful, his POV casts help you understand what's going on in the head of a good player and his RekCasts will help any lower league player understand how to iron out the bumps. YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/Rekatan FilterSC Bronze to Masters Playlist: A great way to learn all the skills you need to take your Zerging from noob to master! YouTube http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7FA12E7399568F9C dApollo Zerg Tutorial Working up from Bronze League: Everything you need to up your game is in this playlist! YouTube http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0B7058D9D46661D1 ----Zerg Streams---- All the best SC2 live streams in one handy dandy link! http://www.teamliquid.net/video/streams/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good Reading -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----How to Zerg, from A to Z---- These guides will give you everything you need to become a great Zerg! Nick's Extensive guide to Zerg -NakaNaide- From basics to builds to everything else, if there's one guide you're going to read, this should be the one! http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/933153625 Sheth's Guide -Sheth- Sheth is one of the best SC2 pros in the world, and this is how he plays Zerg. http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=133023 Beginner's guide to Zerg micro, macro, & Bos -Nicholas- Everything you need to know in one easy to read post, need I say more? http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/375108296 ----Tips to improve your Zerg play---- Guides to push your game to the next level How to Improve at SC2 1v1 Efficiently -CecilSunkure- Regardless of your skill level, if you want to get better, this is the place to start. http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=208343Jopirg164 Feb 20
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18h How can I win as Zerg? Really... All keep saying to get to masters you need macro only .... I hit my goals (5min 50 drones) and so on, my macro is actually on point and then I start playing the standard units like all say (Bane Ling Hydra) in ZvP and woop, my enemy has no ground units only mass oracles. So in the end I dont need only "macro" I also need to scout. Stop saying you only need good macro to reach masters, you need to scout as well. Played 5 games and lost all 5 because I only macro'd if I would have scouted and not play the standard Ling Bane Hydra I would have won quick. You just simpley cant play Ling Bane Hydra in diamond league because most players only go air in diamond. I don't understand this game. I am keeping my minerals low (never high than 400), always 4-5 bases, but lose in the fights because I am either playing Ling Bane Hydra (like all others..) or I play vs Terran and once again lose because my opponents go mech and not bio like all the pro's do. I can't copy any builds yet because my opponents simpley don't have the units that are required for Ling Bane Hydra... and "macro" from Diamond to Masters isn't possible if you don't scout and 200/200. I had 200/200 Ling Bane Hydra and lost to mass Thors... wtf, I should have scouted but I believed in the people who said you only need 200/200 to get to masters. So what my thread is about: How do you macro to masters, without scouting etc.? I'd say my macro is on point atm but my units are complete garbage. Btw I can't A-Move like most people say with 200/200 because I'd lose if I wouldn't add atleast 3-4 Vipers. What am I understanding wrong? Or how do you guys "blind macro to masters"? I know I can win if I play my way, but I lost if I follow the "you only need macro"-meta people talk about. Btw this account is extra for the "test" to get to masters with only macro, nothing else and I couldnt get further than diamond 3 (EU). If I want to get higher I have to atleast scout at the 4-6min mark so I don't make the complete wrong units.Ovian10 18h
19h Turtle Raven Terran WTF do you do against this? All they do is turtle with behind multiple planetaries per base, turrets every where, and a hand full of other utility units, then proceed to make nothing but ravens. They never attack, they just use their raven cloud to expand and take every base.Geo10 19h
1d Zerg Aren't Swarmy Regardless of any balance issues I must say... Zerg just don't feel 'swarmy'. Ok. You've got zerglings which are fairly 'swarmy' but that's only for about the first 7 minutes of the game. After that any race can make a blob almost as well as Zerg can. Furthermore so many zerg units require 2 pop it's retarded... thoughts? OrionHunter12 1d
1d Advice for playing Zerg? I am fairly new and I mostly play protoss. I'm trying to level up my warchest and trying to get first win of the day on every race. I seem to be struggling with the Zerg Macro, and either end up not getting buildings quickly enough, forgetting injects, using larva, and getting expansions way too slowly. Any advice?Nickssaa3 1d
2d How do you efficiently counter Mass carriers? Hello fellow hivemind. As a Zerg main I absolutely hate carriers. Is there anyway to counter Mass carriers efficiently besides the 'win before they max out' strategy? I tried Vipers, but get feed-backed by high templars. I tried mass Corrupters but end up stalemating them while simultaneously losing workers due to zealot harass. I try hydralisks, but they get shredded in seconds. What else can I do? Thanks in advance!HexorKing3 2d
2d zvt cost efficiency mmm Sweet, I was in rut, my only hope against mmm was to "hold" out until ultra or brood. Cost efficiency vs ling bane is terrible in the hands of a diamond. I could be up x bases and one bad encounter nails it for me. But now that I have discovered 2 base muta Terran cries. My issue before was once their medivac count gets up I'm doomed, the death ball stream of marines is deadly and cheap. Now since muta recharge so fast I can do serious harrass and eventually have enough muta to take on mmm. Usually they stim to try to catch the muta which is a super win as you basically got free damage. I'm sooo happy. Before I thought muta were garbage.BilboBagins1 2d
2d The Fear of....Expansion? So i'm a noob at multiplayer and so as such I've been playing vsA.I. and so far the furthest i get is...beating Easy(very easily at that) and then the game decides to match me up against medium Terran that always send MMM to kick my @$$ until i'm back to easy. so one of my biggest problems is i'm scared to expand because i have an ever looming threat of an attack coming and wiping out my base, and sending my army to defend a new expansion takes away my defenses from another part of my base which the A.I. finds and exploits. i have the same problem with harassment and i think that if i send an army to harass it'll get destroyed by an army they have defending(my usual harassment method is drops(of banlings,hydras,ultras, or possibly a combination or i send mutas which usually end up ending the game against easy A.I.).Shadow2 2d
3d FROM BRONZE TO PLAT: TRY THESTAIRCASE! If you want to improve, try TheStaircase. I am talking about 10 to 20 games, if you do not like TheStaircase then, choose a different learning method. I am a Basketball coach for 17 years now and a SC2-Coach for 6. My approach in every sport (and eSport) is: Learn and improve basics! Keep it simple! Guide http://bit.ly/2kvhPa5 What is TheStaircase? What is SQ? http://youtu.be/H7baE2AB5uQ HowTo http://youtu.be/jpOaxD2xeiw Getting started as Zerg Start at Step #0 Arcade - "Creep or die" (Filter "Creep" should do the trick) Make sure you use the LOTV version Select "Very easy" and try to creep spread to your opponent. And try to keep your Queen energy below 50. Play a simple BO like HatchFirst or 12-Pool. Whatever is fun for you is the right way. Follow the constrictions for each step. To pass a game, you must meet or exceed all benchmarks in your League Goal. When you pass 9 out of 10 games you move onto the next step. Keep in mind that TheStaircase is a learning method for about 100 to 200 games, afterwards you can try new steps. Example: You are a Gold-Zerg and choose Diamond as your long term goal. This means getting a SQ around 70 in 9 out of 10 games. It means your >Max creep %< (see GGTracker for more information) should always be 8% (or higher) and your TSC (Time Supply Capped) should stay below 90 seconds (1:30). Try to play aggressively at all times, especially after you advance to Step #2 and above. More information: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/topic/17616683060Neo10 3d
4d Seperate Infestor Burrow Hotkeys from Army!? Simple question, why can't we assign separate Burrow/Unburrow hotkeys for Infestors that are different from the rest of our army!? They already allow it for Lurkers! When I Unburrow my army, I don't want my Infestors to Unburrow too! Please please Blizzard change this.TrolosarusHx6 4d
4d Am I too old? I was a junior in high school when StarCraft was released in 1998. I have played every release since and immensely enjoy the franchise. I find that in my old age, I do not have the reaction time to truly master the game. Family and life obligations prevent me from playing more than two times a week, but I enjoy the game regardless. I am currently a tier 2 silver league player, and my APM average is 98. I understand the flow of the game. Drone up, bases, queens, creep spread, scouting etc…but where I fail to win games is in the micro game. I feel I had many games won, if I could micro better. I am ashamed to admit, I am still a Noob who uses F2. When the battle starts, I’m like a deer in the headlights. It’s overwhelming trying to control everything. I also do not understand how to probably use the attack + move. I’m having trouble getting it work properly. Are there training exercises or ways to practice micro? I find the single player challenge modes too difficult. I’m afraid my reaction time and hand eye coordination is something I can’t improve. I have this issue when my friends want to play Halo or Smash Brothers. I’m too slow. I realize I will never be a champion player. I love this game and would play even if I could never leave the bronze league. I want to play to the best of my abilities. I feel I could reach gold league as I have won games against gold league players when matched up against them. Is my age catching up to me? How do upload replays? I know posting replays always helps. Thank you all for taking the time to read my post.Epoch43 4d
4d Basic Burrow Question Hey all, Burrow: Is the Lurker the only Zerg unit that can Burrow without it needing to be researched? Does Tunneling Claws for Roaches also grant Burrow to them? Thanks!Juxtapose1 4d
6d When to take gas? I know this has been touched on a bit. But I was curious when do you take additional gasses? I like roach hydra style so I take 2 more gasses and put drones back on my first gas at roughly 2 base saturation. Also when do you drop evos and take lair in all 3 match ups.Insomniac9 6d
Sep 17 Practice Team For Improving Zergs If you are a Masters or Silver level Zerg player looking for a place to 1v1 practice, take a gander our way. We are aiming for a productive and improving environment. Newly formed, but we have a M2 Protoss, M2 Zerg (myself), and a Random M3. A Zerg at this level would be a nice way to round out our needs. For Silver, we currently have an S3 Protoss. Anyone else is also encourage to inquire. The more the merrier! Message me if interested! Practice#11725IIIIIIIIIIII3 Sep 17
Sep 17 WHEN WILL LOCUSTS AUTO SPAWNING AGAIN? Having to hotkey or click locusts is super annoying. Can I get less damage for more playability? This is really stupid, I could just make infestors if I wanted to hotkey spawn some stuff.Cow2 Sep 17
Sep 16 Need help with spending as Zerg! By the end of the game taking longer than 6 minutes: Avg unspent resources are around 3k Minerals go to thousands Gas runs out when I tech up I notice that after a 3rd base, the resources shoot up really high even if I make a macro hatch (though maybe I make it too late?). Here's some replays for reference: Win: http://ggtracker.com/matches/7175953 Loss: http://ggtracker.com/matches/7175952 (this loss isn't attributed as much to spending as it was to ZvZ sense in general) (Gold 1 Zerg, Gold 1 Protoss main, Plat 3 Terran)Giwl5 Sep 16
Sep 16 Hurricane Irma and Harvey Skin Hey, I see there is a pet you can buy for WoW, but I would love to see a skin for SCVs, Drones, and Probes and you could make it where half of all profits for those skins go to a charity or maybe everything spent on the skin over $10 goes to the charity. Do if for the builders since there is a lot of rebuilding to do. Maybe the skin could have a little swirling air around it like an Archon. Doesn't really mater what it has though, I'll still buy it or them :P. I'm sure someone else might also have a great idea for a skin. Thanks for what you are doing with the WoW pet though!Wildcard0 Sep 16
Sep 16 Need advice for Zvt Hi guys.... Long story short I used to main Protoss, but these days I'm mostly offracing as zerg. Playing Zerg is fun and I made it into gold (older player with limited time so yeah, it's ok for me) Anyways, ZvZ I'm doing ok, ZvP was a little hard at first against certain builds but now (partly thanks to advice on this forum and watching pro games) it's my best matchup, almost an auto-win in gold unless I make stupid mistakes (love it when they go air because down comes the Hydra hammer...as long as I hit early enough) ZvT. however, I'm finding really hard. I've won some ZvT of course, just because of better macro than some players, but yeah..... not sure what to do. If I play aggressively it usually doesn't work as terrans have so many tools for turtling and tanks are really strong, and if I go for a long macro game all the harass they have usually just means I will lose later to a bigger army.... not to mention that tanks wreck almost everything even later on (except flyers, but mutas suck against terrans and getting to Broodlords while defending various forms of harass to beat a guy that can churn out tanks much earlier seems pretty tough). Any advice? How do you approach this matchup? Honestly, it feels to me like SC2 is a little like BW (Z bettter than P and T better than Z)... but whatever, imba or not it's the way it is.niteowl6 Sep 16
Sep 15 Latest testing balance change question I was just reading up on the latest changes to the "testing" section and noticed that entangle was removed as an ability in favor of adding fungal growth back in. I didnt have a chance to play with infestors that had entangle but when I heard that fungal was ground only that something like entangle would be necessary for zerg to survive in an air game. To anybody who had played in the testing section, was entangle not as effective as it needed to be to counter air now that fungal was ground only? Just curious as to why they went back on the ability.MooCow1 Sep 15
Sep 15 Terrancraft 2 Quite the QQ on this game now every patch they buff terran and massively nerf zerg and protoss... No wonder most the audience plays 'Starcraft Broodwar'YosHi6 Sep 15
Sep 14 How could Human Kerrigan survive char? At the end when Raynor's Raiders and the Dominion defeat Kerrigan and use the Xel'naga artifact on here, ray nor brings her outside for a moment when she turns back into human form. Now here is the potential problem. Its been stated that Char's atmosphere would instantly burn up any human. 1470 Fahrenheit to be exact at times. How is it that Kerrigan in human form would be able to survive naked outside that Hive Cluster once Raynor brought her outside? So far I've seen this mostly as an inconsistency.RayoftheSun8 Sep 14
Sep 14 Upcoming patch Some thoughts on the upcoming patch to make zerg more zergy. They might be overpowered and would necessitate changes else where but it would give zerg more fun harass while not being too crazy and would reward players for their cleverness. maybe 1) Morph lurkers from roachs instead of hydras. They already moved it from hydra den. Gives zerg a different transition. MAYBE let roachs morph WHILE BURROWED, provided it is researched and give it a big bulge in the ground like the dt blur to scare the crud out of probes, because of the implication. This would lower the cost of getting lurkers, and make them more viable for harass with out making them do more damage or shoot further run faster or anything really different engagement wise. 2) Bring burrow back to hatch tech. Would give zerg drones defensive abilities earlier and leads to more harass and scouting, which is what zerg is about. It would change how zerglings play in the early game quite a bit provided you dumped your hatchery into upgrading it instead of going to lair. 3)Make corruptors and brood lords morph from mutalisks. Make mutalisk to corruptor cost 50 minnerals and take 10 seconds. Increase brood lord by 50 minerals to make the difference. Would help zerg deal with phoenix that while not making mutas or corruptors any stronger. and allow you to transition from harass to anti air with out being really game breaking. Also could pop a dieing muta into a corruptor or broodlord for heals provided you have the right apm.Reachard1 Sep 14
Sep 13 ZvT, what is cost effective vs Thors? I'm pretty much a noob and don't have great micro or anything yet, mostly working on just 'having more stuff than the other guy'. But Thors seem to be great against everything. Any tips?Kouen8 Sep 13
Sep 12 [HotS] Countering terran planetary fortress Game goes like this: Terran builds nat fast and engee bay for planetary. He upgrades nat to planetary and proceeds expanding all over the map and making planetaries. Obviously, going something like banelings is a HUGE waste of resources, and with some mines and turrets mutas are not such a valid option. Behind all this the terran's plan is to mine all the gas on the map. Basically, even if you kill a planetary you will only prevent terran from mining two gases, not much damage done, and you had to invest in killig the expansion (plus giving terran time). So, then terran comes over with mass raven. And you've lost the game. If you thought going 6-7 infestors would be good, think again (turrets are great counter, plus raven is a detector already for burrowed infestors). If you thought that mass muta would be good.. nope. Terran drops PDD and seeker-missle's you. And well, mass hydra I guess would work.. Anyways, how do you counter this? Do you just go mass roach and hunt expansions? Do you try to break the main base? EDIT: Going mass hydra can work, but you still need a decent amount of them to be able to snipe planetaries. This game is so poorly designed.. I can't even.Starby2 Sep 12
Sep 12 La team Unité recrute La team Unité recrute la TEAM UniT recrute des joueurs fr' le discord -> https://discord.gg/ZTbPG2P ou m.p my ^_- >| Gl hf |< Good Luck & Have Fun <-----*(^_- )--> On as de tous niveau News a master ; on fait des soirer coach des journée tryhards et tous dans la bonne humeur ou seul sur canal muet spécialement. A bientot et surtout Good Games Team Unit --> discord -> https://discord.gg/ZTbPG2PFRraptor0 Sep 12
Sep 8 Dehaka' broken arms Can you clear tell which arms of Dehaka are broken from the game interface when playing Coop? I recognise one small arm on his right side, how about you? (I know Dehaka should have at least two arms on both sides...)AngryZergSoO0 Sep 8
Sep 7 Ascarecrow Replays today is zvt since i was asked for some replays here is a bunch from last night. http://lotv.spawningtool.com/30007/ http://lotv.spawningtool.com/30008/ http://lotv.spawningtool.com/30009/ http://lotv.spawningtool.com/30010/ http://lotv.spawningtool.com/30011/Ascarecrow13 Sep 7
Sep 4 gas less lotv build Hello i was wondering if anyone could help me out and post some gas less builds for lotv. I've been thinking about trying gas less again, it was fun to do in HOTS but i haven't seen a real good gas less build since the extractors bandit build. Thank youInsomniac12 Sep 4
Sep 2 Scarlett Zerg Replays (Want) Hiya Want to watch replays from Scarlett (zerg) but Scarlett don't upload any of current patch so only been able to see six of the previus patch. I have also heard Scarlett is a very bad act to try to follow "very risky" & "very game sense demanding" and simular. But if someone else here does like to watch Scarlett replays I would very much be intressted in hearing what you do think a bad player could learn from Scarlett replays. But back to main topic, anyone have any Scarlett replays to share? :) <3 <3 <3 Take care and have a wonderfull day.ChloePrice6 Sep 2
Aug 31 masters player returning and has questions i haven't played in 4 years and noticed that no one makes macro hatches anymore. I've noticed that the mineral lines deplete really fast now. when was this changed? so my guess is that the reason that no one builds macro hatches is because making another expo is way better due to the quick mine-out of bases. is this correct? please, master or high only on responses. thank you.Justicar7 Aug 31
Aug 31 Zerg quality of life - more gather points What would make my game experience much more better without making it some unfair advantage would be additional, separated gather points for Overlords and Flying combat units from the Zerg hatchery. It gets so annoying to move those newly spawned Overlords to back of the base and they block vision of combat unit to box them. If only there was Overlord gather point.. Also gather point for Flying combat units other then Overlord, let's say I want my Mutalisk or Corruptors to hang around outside the map somewhere behind the main base without them going to where ground combat units are placed. Other races can have separated gather points for flying units (Stargate, Starport), why Zerg does not? Also maybe there could be even specific gather points for specific units from the hatchery submenu? (Zerglings go to the right, Roached to the left etc..)Frosti4 Aug 31
Aug 31 Targeting flyers with Revager Silver league story, Is there some trick to target flyers with Revager bile attack? I have the flyers indicators helper turned on already btw. I have just lost an army of Ravegers and a game to 3 liberators. The liberators were stationary I fired at them with three salves and yet I could not hit them because they were stationary hovering over some Jungle/Beach/Sea decoration where flyer position indicator do not shows. When I finally started hitting them 80% of my army was DEAD. As I was writing the post I lost another game to stationary pack of Mutalisk that hovered above some jungle decoration and I could not see where to shoot with Raveger to hit them. I got so mad that I had to make forum post about it.Frosti2 Aug 31
Aug 30 Zerg Ships So how do the zerg travel to other planets? Do they have like a zerg ship? A thought is they could just get vision and then use nydus worms. But really how do they travel to different planets?BilboBagins17 Aug 30
Aug 29 The reason we don't have cerebrates any more The real reason we don't have Zerg cerebrates any more pt1 *notes http://starcraft.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Zerg_cerebrates Zerg Cerebrates where in SC1 & brood war (also the two add-on for sc1 ) Abathur himself said this " request imminent induction into enemy swarm " referring to the cerebrate brood ( Kaloth ) that infested Alexei Stukov btw all of Stukov's powers come from the cerebrate cells in his body . There was also a Terran ghost that become a cerebrate . last note Abathur ( Abathur is cool ) & all the ( Amon is the dumbest thing they ever did to the game ) Amon BS did not exist in sc1 cannon , all of that stuff was added later in sc2 . in the original star craft Kerrigan was just meant to be a weapon Vs the protoss , and was infested by the overmind & Cerebrates , there was no abathur back than or Primal zerg *DeathBlade5 Aug 29
Aug 29 CyclOWNED - how to counter this? What can Zerg do against such reckless build order? http://drop.sc/replay/5346749 Update: alright I figured it. I should have scouted that he had only 1 base, so he can be doing some 1 base all in.Frosti0 Aug 29
Aug 29 PETITION TO BRING BACK SCROURGES The best anti Air unitYankee5 Aug 29
Aug 24 Zerg redesign I think with the new multiplayer changes there could be an opportunity to redesign how the Zerg work. I think rather then having bases built there should be more emphasis on different types of (Mobile) queens and Egg laying, this would allow more flexible unit compositions because you now have to choose which unit/s your queen will produce and there would also be a delay on the time from egg to hatching. So what i see is a the Zerg being a mobile base as the queen gathers resources directly to produce eggs that produce units, so it would be like Army ants with no nest. For example, in another game total annihilation kingdoms one race summoned beasts to fight, so you would have this one unit that created other units etc, in starcraft the zerg queens could take this role. So on the battlefield you can have a certain queen moving forward near the enemy to begin egg laying to attack (still needing resources to feed from directly) or you could have a certain type of queen at your base defending. You will have to change what units you want to spawn as the enemy changes is tactics and if a certain queen died in the hierarchy you would have to go back one step to recover. This change would create a zerg that have the options to deal with any threat however player decisions on queen and unit and time waiting for eggs to hatch would be the deciding factor in being competitive. I hope the dev team can consider it would be a major redesign it would require a lot of effort but i think most zerg players would enjoy the new flexibility in terms of units and capability e.g (Anti-Air) and other capabilities.Blacksting3 Aug 24
Aug 24 Zerg quality of life improvements I see two improvements that can have a big impact of the quality of life for zerg players, this is from the perspective from a casual non-pro player who wants to jump in a match and have fun while still being competitive. (Firstly Base expansion) have a single optional unit dedicated to base expansion that can produce eggs and hatch permanent units that can fight, this unit moves slowly and has a longer build / training time, what i like about this unit is that it needs to feed on the crystals and gas at the resource nodes to survive and to also to continue to produce eggs.. what would be so exciting and fun about this is that you can send an escort of units to protect it and the queen can walk / move to an area rather then base building, And also managing game-play and expansion is much easier from less clicking and less replacing workers and would also have a slightly more defensive game play. The second idea (Zerg workers) is to be able to morph workers into flying resource gathers like a bee or wasp this is to make resource gathering easier but at the cost of more population consumption per morphed worker.Blacksting1 Aug 24
Aug 20 Zerg Design Changes Friend brought this to my attention since I don't play much SC2 anymore : http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/blog/20975163 Skimming over most of it, I'm realizing a lot of contradictions in what Blizzard says they're doing to the Zerg : Blizzard : Additionally we want to look into experimenting with Zerg ground based anti-air options outside of the Queen and Hydralisk. Blizzard : *nerfs Infestors, a ground-based anti-air unit* Blizzard : Looking forward as the testing progresses, we want to make sure that Zerg has enough aggressive options Blizzard : *nerfs Infestors, an aggressive option* Blizzard : before late game so that Zerg players don’t feel heavily pressured into only defensive play. Blizzard : *buffs Lurkers, a defensive option* Is... is this supposed to be contradictory?Echo8 Aug 20
Aug 17 late game bc's question I am a dia3 zerg and I seem to be having a problem in late game vs terrans that go mass bc's. as a zerg player fighting against a lot of bc's I have to make a lot of corruptors. however, the problem I have is that you cant outrun the yamato cannon range after they have initiated the spell or i take the fight and lose half my units and they warp away not allowing me to even get any value out of my losses. i have had games where no bc's are even on the screen I'm so far away and i still lose my units to the yamato cannon. its only an issue when the terran is maxed and i am maxed in army supply because when the battle starts the cannons go off and i immediately get half my army 1 shotted...and even if i immediately remake all those corruptors the yamato cannon is ready again by the time i get into the fight....its like a never ending cycle until i lose. Does anybody have any advice or maybe a different strategy to beat them in the late game, i enjoy playing macro games but not being able to outrun the yamato cannons means if i make a wrong turn with my army and he sets it off then i lost a ton of units no matter what...any advice would be appreciated thanks.TrAuMa2 Aug 17
Aug 17 What happened to burrowed Banelings? I used to see burrowed Banelings all the time when I watched pro games. Lately it seems like the pros never even research burrow, never mind making burrowed Banelings a significant part of their strat.CajunKhan3 Aug 17
Aug 15 Infestor/hydra vs Mass carrier Hey all! I like to play 4v4 and nearly every game there's a sky toss going full carrier. Despite my team winning, once the carriers are out, very hard to counter. As a zerg player, I always considered my lack of caster use the reason of my defeats. I started to slowly integrate infestor, swarm host and viper to my army with great success (sometimes not, especially in 4v4). Today, I finally beat a skytoss on my own using hydra/infestor combo. I can't believe how EASY it was... the skytoss did some mistake (hit a gold base full of air turret). At that point I had nothing else than infestor but held him at bay. My team rushed around 4 and were able to disable two of them effectively. I was surprised how ineffective the carrier pack became once you neural parasite them. Could it be because the other interceptors target the neural interceptor ones too? Despite being higher in the score, the protoss lost with me in second position as we failed a rush earlier. After looking on google for this type of match up, it seems like not so many people agree this combo is the way to go vs carrier. A good toss player would probably have had some high templar to counter my hydras... in which case I would probably have lost.Ranken1 Aug 15
Aug 13 when to gas/tech up? i'm high diamond probably going to be masters soon, as my micro is very high level, but there is just one thing i can improve but i'm not sure exactly how other players do it it is deciding when it is the time to upgrade and tech up, especially in more intensive matches. i usually beat terran and protoss by pure micro skill, but since zvz you're fighting the same units, it mostly falls to the macro decisions. my high level micro saves me many times but eventually i get to face players who got a better macro and my micro won't be enough i can open just fine, just i'm not sure when exactly i should add more extractors, the evo chamber, the roach warren, the lair etc. sometimes i add them too early, sometimes too late, i just do it by feel and against master players i end up being behind in army numbers so, how master players do it? they just memorize a build order and play it that way, or do they have a real reference? i probably could improve my other matchups with this information too, as sometimes for example when my spire is done i usually have gas only for very few mutas and i can't do anything with them, so i just sit them back at my base until their number is more significant i hate memorizing build orders as i'm a very reactionary player, i build my strategy as my opponent builds hisDemocracy4 Aug 13
Aug 13 Corruption for the corrupter again? I wish corruption was a thing again for the corrupter . It really helped out against difficult builds like mass thors and bcs and even sky toss. It was such a useful ability for these situations. I hope others agree with me on this one. If not then I have nothing else to say. Take it from here.bullsammyLOL1 Aug 13
Aug 12 lurker in zvz what is the best way to defeat lurker in zvz? am talking of 20+ lurkers. make your own lurkers? mutas? some other idea? i almost defeat a master 1 player in zvz, i was ahead most of the game, then he switched to mass lurker and i couldn't hold it with ravager/roach/hydra. didn't even have enough ravagers early onDemocracy1 Aug 12
Aug 11 Zerg YouTube channels? What GOOD YouTube channels do you recommend Zerg players?Rich6 Aug 11
Aug 10 Zerg Players... Interested in 1v1 practice? I am putting together a group of people and maybe more to make available a place to find somebody to spar with. If you would like your name in the hat, put it in a paper airplane and throw it my way. I hope you are good at making paper airplanes, because to reach me it will probably have to go pretty far. I'm currently a M2 zerg and we have an M2 protoss. But even if you are new to the game, I would like to get anyone involved not just Code S players (OK?). So if you are Bronze, send me a paper airplane! If you are GM, send me a paper airplane. I don't care about your league, I care that you feel like you have options and make definitive goals to strive towards. So go ahead and tell your friends, grandmother, cat, and the flying purple people eaters about this. Maybe we can get something awesome going. Practice#11725IIIIIIIIIIII1 Aug 10
Aug 8 Team anti-toss air There is no game that make me more mad than one I lose against mass toss air. I started to !@#$ list all the maps allowing too easy 3 bases for toss players but there's always these 2 or 3 maps you can't get rid of. Protoss are quite hard to hit even at 3 or 4 mins. For 3 mins you can hope to bring enough zergling and bane to breakthrough and do eco damage but that's quite risky considering his teammates will support him. If you fail, you will face enough void rays to force you to retreat. Let's not forget the freaking mothership core that will rekt anything you try to throw him at. From that point he'll just keep going on with his cheesy build and mass out void or eventually phoenix if he fears you go muta or what ever. So what's the option from there? Hydra are fine if you control the map, you might be able to strike him soon enough to get rid of his voids and win the game. But when he got terran as teammates, that's not so easy (kiting). I feel it's like a hit or miss, you can't really counter that particular strategy as it really depends on how good you teammates are (and the other opponents). Even if you take down one of his teammates, if he got 3 saturated bases the carriers will just keep on coming. Corruptors are quite expensive and not strong enough to engage toss air in fewer number. Should I just get infestor and tech asap for Vipers? Infestors can handle mass ground and with a couple of bane that should be enough to keep the enemy at bay. What composition do you get with that? Infestor ling hydra? Then you get viper and pray it's going to be enough? Edit: Seems like hydra viper is a good contender to counter the air toss build. I will practice this out.Ranken4 Aug 8
Aug 8 ZvZ - how to handle lurkers ZvZ - he harassed with lings at the beginning so i was a little behind. ~11 minutes I push into his base and we have a similar number of units / upgades. He has 8 burrowed lurkers that just completely destroy me. When poking into a base (in this case up a ramp as well) and seeing lurkers what should the response be as Zerg? Thanks in advance.Lokei12 Aug 8