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Feb 24 The Guide to Zerg Guides I'm writing this for all the players new to the amazingness known as Zerg, for all Zerg players looking to improve their Zerg know how, as well as for myself, so I can condense all the helpful links I know of into one linkable post. I'd like to thank everyone I mention/link here for all the help you've given me along with the rest of the Zerg community, If I could sticky every one of your threads to the top of the forum I would and the world would be a better place for it, but this is the best I can do for now. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Videos -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Save the best... for first! Day[9] Day[9] is the best thing ever to happen to Starcraft 2, if you want to get better at this game, every one of his dailys are a must see. Archives http://day9.tv/archives/ YouTube http://www.youtube.com/day9tv For any Zerg player looking to get better, dailys #194, #208, #252 and #263 are a must. Day[9] Daily #194 - Newbie Tuesday: Drone Timing http://day9tv.blip.tv/file/4210235/ Day[9] Daily #208 - Live coaching with djWHEAT http://day9tv.blip.tv/file/4321552/ Day[9] Daily #252 - Secrets of Hotkeys, APM and Mouse Movement http://day9tv.blip.tv/file/4712303/ Day[9] Daily #263 - Checkin Out IdrA http://day9tv.blip.tv/file/4782428/ Day[9] Daily #360 - Mental Checklist: Exercises! Part 1: http://blip.tv/day9tv/day-9-daily-360-p1-mental-checklist-exercises-5635566 Part 2: http://blip.tv/day9tv/day-9-daily-360-p2-mental-checklist-exercises-5635612 Part 3: http://blip.tv/day9tv/day-9-daily-360-p3-mental-checklist-exercises-5635643 Day[9] Daily #235 - Zerg vs Zerg Opening Builds http://day9tv.blip.tv/file/4612990/ Day9 235 concentrates on developing and implementing a strategy for gameplay. Read post #11 below for an in depth review on why this daily is a must! Mr. Bitter Mr. Bitter may be the best thing ever to happen to the Zerg community, and his videos have by far the most in depth information on becoming an amazing Zerg player you can find. If there's any match up or strategy you're having a hard time dealing with, this is the best place to look. Archives http://mrbitter.blip.tv/posts?view=archive&nsfw=dc YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/MrBitterTV PsyStarcraft Psy is incredibly entertaining at the same time as being incredibly insightful, you're sure to learn something as you laugh during every video you watch. YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/PsyStarcraft Rekatan Helpful and insightful, his POV casts help you understand what's going on in the head of a good player and his RekCasts will help any lower league player understand how to iron out the bumps. YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/Rekatan FilterSC Bronze to Masters Playlist: A great way to learn all the skills you need to take your Zerging from noob to master! YouTube http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7FA12E7399568F9C dApollo Zerg Tutorial Working up from Bronze League: Everything you need to up your game is in this playlist! YouTube http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0B7058D9D46661D1 ----Zerg Streams---- All the best SC2 live streams in one handy dandy link! http://www.teamliquid.net/video/streams/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good Reading -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----How to Zerg, from A to Z---- These guides will give you everything you need to become a great Zerg! Nick's Extensive guide to Zerg -NakaNaide- From basics to builds to everything else, if there's one guide you're going to read, this should be the one! http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/933153625 Sheth's Guide -Sheth- Sheth is one of the best SC2 pros in the world, and this is how he plays Zerg. http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=133023 Beginner's guide to Zerg micro, macro, & Bos -Nicholas- Everything you need to know in one easy to read post, need I say more? http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/375108296 ----Tips to improve your Zerg play---- Guides to push your game to the next level How to Improve at SC2 1v1 Efficiently -CecilSunkure- Regardless of your skill level, if you want to get better, this is the place to start. http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=208343Jopirg165 Feb 24
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20h How do you hold Cyclone rush? I've been struggling holding this double Factory opener, Cyclone rush build. Roaches and Queens totally get rekt against Cyclones, and since they are armored, Zergling don't seem to work neither. Other options like Hydras come just to late, so not viable. Whats left? I need some tips please, this rush feels unstoppable.Talento10 20h
1d Exact benefits of creep Hello everyone, I was wondering what every benefit of creep was. (Is it only good for zerg unit speed and observation, or are there other benefits too)...also how fast, etc. does creep help.CrusaderKing4 1d
2d Struggling to find uses for Mutas outside ZvZ It seems that I am always playing Ling Roach Hydra in most of my Zerg games, which has the major benefit of transitioning much easier into the late game with Ultralisks. However, I am struggling to find use for Mutas in most of my games outside some ZvZ. While I use them to harass, I can't seem to get much value outside the relatively narrow early to mid game especially in ZvP and ZvT for their 100/100 cost. Can you guys help me out and give some tips, where mutas would be a worthwhile tech over a roach hydra?Younghoon2 2d
2d New Inject method Found? So i was brainstorming about Injects, their consistentsy and the rapid fire technique did bring up a new idea in me. First u need all Inject Queens in a Group and Select them and put ur Mouse in the middle of ur screen. [<] is used as Base Camara key to cycle through the hatches. [y] is used for the Inject selection [x] is used to click on the hatch So u select Queens press <yx<yx<yx<yx<yx<yx<yx and u got 7 hatches injected U can do that in 1 second if u got it down fast. Essentially i use 3 fingers of my left hand and tab on the keyboard in a way u do when you are waiting and start tapping ur fingers. This makes it a lot faster then to click with the mouse If u think this may be a valid and fast method i can go into more detail why i use this spesific keys and how u can do this without !@#$ing up the hotkeysTenshi2 2d
2d Exploding Tumors. Came across a thought, pretty simple. Thought I'd share it because why not. How would you feel about creep tumors that could explode? Not automatically, but manually. The biggest reason this thought intrigues me: ZvZ What is the biggest advantage in creep spread in zvz? Map vision, sure. Increased movement speed, can actually work against you since the other zerg recieves speed buffs on your creep. Connecting bases, beneficial. This would seem to me to allow for more strategic choice in zvz. Detection would (almost) be a must. Mass queen strats more viable? I would be interested in seeing something like that. Better defense against early ling floods? Would possibly be nice. Could this allow for more strategic gasless play? That would be nice too. Anyways, what are your thoughts to this in regards to ZvT, ZvZ, or ZvP? Worthwhile idea or nah?IIIIIIIIIIII0 2d
3d 1v1 opponents upset if I baneling bust I sometimes do a baneling bust all-in vs Terran. I hit their base at about 4 minutes. If they're not prepared for it, it's really hard to stop. Of course, I'm sacrificing econ to get a huge army. Sometimes they manage to hold and I end up losing because I'm behind in econ. But when they don't, they just get completely wrecked. Several opponents get angry and call me names when they lose to this build. Is this warranted? My build isn't something that can't be detected by scouting, so I think they should really look at how they are taking advantage of the reaper scout.ChronoCube10 3d
6d Lurker Dens Got back into SC2 recently, seems lurker den is a new building and no longer morphed from the Hydra den? It also has a really strange build animation. I found the logic was that it was too much of a burden on the Zerg player if they lost the Lurker Den and wanted to rebuild it. Another option would be to have the Lurker Den as an upgrade and morph so that when that upgrade is complete the Hydra Den is removed from the build menu and the player can only build Lurker Den (to unlock Hydra and Lurker). It would lower the burden of replacement, but also mean there is only one tech structure for the opponent to take out still. If the upgrade is complete have the reconstruction the same price as the Hydra Den, but slightly longer rebuild time. I liked how it was :(.Richo3 6d
6d Mutalisk are trash for their cost Little to no damage, gets shredded in seconds; nothing like the old mutas we all loved.MystiKasT18 6d
May 18 Injects and You: beginners guide Hello all, Here's a step by step guide for new zerg players of how to properly abuse the mechanics of stackable injects for maximum effectiveness. To begin, go to the menu in the LOTV main screen, then options, hotkeys, to the global tab, and open the "unit management" section. Go down to "choose ability or A.I. target." You will then add an Alternate hotkey, leave the primary alone as you do need that. I set my alternate to "T." You have now a new mechaniccalled "rapid fire." Anything bound to T will instantly select as its target whatever your mouse is hovering over as long as you hold down that key. This allows the ability to be triggered very quickly as each time it recognizes the command it determines its target instantaneously, allowing many actions to be taken in a small fraction of a second. There are many abilities this is useful with, but for brevity I'm only here to talk about Injects. So now you will go to the Zerg Tab, select the queen, select Spawn Larvae and set its alternate hotkey to your rapid fire key, whatever your choice for the equivalent of my "T" was. Keep its primary key bind if you would like, it really should not cause many conflicts. Now, to inject all you have to do is hit your go to base key- which I rebound as caps lock for quickness, but is normally set to backspace- select your queen, hover your mouse over the hatch and hold down T. In a half second your queen will now be commanded to dump all her energy into injects on that hatchery. No repeated selection of skills or multiple clicks, its all done right then with minimal effort. Continued next post.....AnAppropriat7 May 18
May 16 Getting tired of Protoss cheese Like okay, have a cheeky cannon rush every once in a while. It's not like I dunno how to counter it. Get the probe. Or surround the pylon, deny the cannons from coming out. Or sneak a drone out and expand where it's nobody's business. But god damn. Having to check for it every freaking match? Over and over? It gets tiring. If I find the probe immediately I've pretty much won, the remaining like 3-5 minutes is basically wasting my time. If I miss the thing... then I'm set back for quite a bit, but I can still comeback and win. But it's a long, slow, drawn out, un-fun, and annoying match since we both have a weaker / slower economy from the get-go: me from not being able to expand as fast, and him from dumping way too much cash too early on cannons. Compare this to the Terran form of harassment. Drops left and right. Annoying? Yes. Keeps the game effing pumping? Holy F yes. Both sides of the match trying to get just the right balance of micro/macro and not a dull moment on screen, or otherwise what looks like a successful drop in terms of damage is a net loss due to me outdroning / producing him during drop time. Zerg cheese? With the dancing back and forth of lings and banes, or watching it get shutdown by the sudden spawning of roaches. Even if the match only lasts like 4 or 5 minutes, that's 5 minutes well spent, pumped on adrenaline from start to finish. Cannons? Let's say it succeeds, the cannons are down and the drones evacuated... all the excitement has basically died and the game has become a long boring snoozefest, usually involving walling in till they max out on mothership carriers. I've quit matches mid game long before anyone was declared winning or losing because I'm not willing to commit the next 20-30 minutes getting 12 MMR from players obviously outside of their tier. The annoying thing is this kinda thing will never disappear from the meta. There's just no excuse for it. Reapers have been nerfed till they're more or less just an annoyance, ling drops have become impractical. But cannon rushes? Never gonna happen. Let's all just waste a worker and some marginal amount of early income patrolling back and forth, slowing down our games for this terrible meta.madumlao8 May 16
May 15 how to improve us zerg ? how to improve as zerg ?science1 May 15
May 15 how to hold cannon rush hi i am gold 3 i cannot hold cannon rush when they match me with stronger oponentsscience1 May 15
May 15 Parasitic Bomb idea Why PB dont work as Plague from Defiler in BroodWar? So it ignores Protoss Shield, and takes down only Hp, to easier deal with high HP units. For Zerg and Terran do the same dmg as now.Rico1 May 15
May 15 Lurker Burrow Bug? I have burrow and unburrow on the same hotkey, when I hit burrow/unburrow twice (under 0.2sec between two presses) Lurkers will burrow then unburrow(not holding shift), every other Zerg unit will burrow but not unburrow. This happens even before the Talons upgrade which reduces burrow time.Aeruthus5 May 15
May 11 Infestors taking control of Probe/SCV I've seen a vid on YT of player Lowko who was reviewing a replay that was sent to him and the player used infestors to neural parasite an enemy probe and he simply piggybacked in a line with other another infestor in order to get it to where he wanted. He ended up building a Zerg-controlled Mothership, Carriers, and Rays. Should this become a more common strategy with the Zerg?Adrian6 May 11
May 10 T&Z with Mutas are OP AS HELL Recently, I've been playing with my friend (really nice guy) and been doing 2v2's. Our strat goes a bit like THIS. I go heavy Harass, he goes heavy late game. THAT'S. IT. Like holy crap. I go mutalisks and Zerglings and Hydras (You know, expendable units (sometimes with a nydus.)) so that I can hold the enemy off whilst obliterating their Eco ('cause mutas and Lings.) whilst my friend fights off attacks on the base, even if they tried to kill us while I be an annoying little !@#$. Not to mention this also helps with us killing several types, plus even if the enemy goes Carriers, my mutas can easily obliterate them when I target fire either the mass number of carriers or the massive amount of damn Interceptors, causing them to be defenseless before we kill them to OBLIVION! So anyway what'y'all think? :DAmades2 May 10
May 10 about Sc2 complete edition Multiplayer Mod can u please make it to were we can be morphing the zerg heroes & I am going to mission the selectable ones NIADRA ZAGARA KERRIGAN LEVIATHAN STUKOV & DEHAKA (he can be selected if you root the primal hive) so it can be even and fair when playing with A.I. that's Very Easy Easy medium hard harder very hard elite and what ever cheater difficultly we pickZargara2 May 10
May 10 So I need a new color In the past I used purple but a new guy in my little treo stoll my color so I usualy play zerg and need a new colorLucky3 May 10
May 9 Should Drones have 5 more HP? Given that Drones are more precious than Probes or SCVs due to Larva limitations, would it break game balance if they were a slight bit harder to kill?darkdill8 May 9
May 9 Real life banelings Tell me, does this sound familiar? https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2018/04/animals-ants-borneo-exploding-defense/Crow2 May 9
May 9 Scouting Hey! I just found out that scouting is actually useful :P Got to Plat2 without scouting and then began losing almost every game, then I started scouting and got back to winning! AMAZING, who could know. Therefore, I am turning to you for your scouting techniques! Do you scout with overlords or drones? Why? Are there any precautions you want to point out to help a scouting noob? Thanks and GLHF to you!pisO4 May 9
May 6 What's the best method to inject larva? This is what I do to inject larva. 1. Have camera hotkey on all bases (I use my mouse panel buttons (1-12) to hotkey camera locations). 2. Shift hotkey all queens on hotkey 2 3. When injecting-- I click my camera hotkey, click my hotkey 2 (queen), and press "v" on the hatchery, then click my next camera hotkey and do it all again for each base. Is this a viable/top level method? How do you guys do it?CrusaderKing7 May 6
May 6 Pro zergling rush build order? I am looking for a pro zergling rush build order, first of all I know its a dirty tactic but sometimes you just gotta do it. I tried google but I didnt find anything good. I would like a build order that can deploy lots of zerglings before the other player can dispatch any defense. Thank you.Ghost25 May 6
Apr 30 ZvT Current Meta broken? Discuss... 1. Here's the good stuff I see: Early game is very balanced, both can scout each other and there is no clear advantage to either race. 2. Here's the bad stuff: Midgame seems broken. Siege tanks wreck zerg's face. Not possible to attack into. Zerg must sit back and defend, or ideally catch the siege tanks before they get into threat range. Almost impossible to stop on small maps. Ravagers are supposed to stop tanks. But they cost more than a tank does. And it requires 3 biles to kill 1 tank. And they have to step into tank range just to launch the biles. Endgame seems broken. Zerg endgame overpowers tanks, but there is no counter to ghosts. EMP hard counters spell casters. Can snipe all detection. Can snipe all expensive end game units. Raven splash damage is so difficult to deal with. Only counter seems to be parasitic bomb. But ghosts and vikings hard counter all vipers. 3. I'm no genius, but I'm at a complete loss. I have no idea how to approach ZvT, particularly after watching the recent Elazer vs. Byun GSL game 3. Elazer was so far ahead and still lost. Please help...Gambit7 Apr 30
Apr 30 Low IQ build- Canon rush into toss air ,,Deer,, Blizzard Teem!!!!! Do something with foking Toss Canon Rush into Carriers!!!!!!!!!!! And remove or change a shield bateries and chronoboost! It was a zerg privilege to get a quick units, not toss! Thanks for doing !@#$sRico1 Apr 30
Apr 29 Gold/Plat TvZ? Hello, I'm coming back, last time I 1v1 laddered and tried to improve is back in WoL. So far all match ups have been really fun, and I'm actually doing well in ZvZ, give and take in ZvP, but ZvT im having a hard time. I think I just don't understand the current meta, unit comps, goals, etc. Can anyone give a brief rundown of this, or point me to a good explanation? ThanksAgrael4 Apr 29
Apr 26 ScourgeHost? Reading a few of the forums today, I noticed that a lot of people are complaining that Zerg is lacking in AA. The return of Scourge seems to be the most common comment. However I also feel that if this unit is to return it is an opportunity to bring a new life to the Swarm Host. I kinda feel like it could be fun to switch between locusts and scourge. Building requirements Roach warren = 2 Locusts Spire = 4 Scourge with a 5-10 second life span each dealing 35+15 to armored splash damagePumperNickel16 Apr 26
Apr 23 What to scout for against Zerg? Can someone please give me a brief run down on what to look for when I first worker scout at a silver-gold level. If I see gas double gas on 2 base before lings, should I expect muta aggression and prepare for a defense or is it most likely they're rushing hive tech and I should counter attack before they tech up? Much appreciated.UriHamGeh3 Apr 23
Apr 22 Liberators How do you deal with them other than rushing before they get them?jwill4 Apr 22
Apr 21 Triple evo chamber. More zergs should do this if they can afford it.MyOhMind5 Apr 21
Apr 18 Gas blocking useful? Wondering if you guys think gas blocking terran or protoss is useful, assuming you have the apm to keep making and canceling and making the extractor with your drone without killing your macropoofball8 Apr 18
Apr 17 ZER LIC PLATE IDEAS? sorry off topic but ive been waiting till i got a fairly respectable car to finally get the lic plate "ZRGRUSH" but its taken now :( any ideas?dumpLing0 Apr 17
Apr 15 Best Ling Bane build? Here is my goal. I want a that gets me a good ling bane army ASAP. I could google it but there are so many builds. So what's your opinion. What build can get me a solid army fast.Rich0 Apr 15
Apr 14 Customizing Hotkey Issue (Grid) I've been manually customizing a few keys in my grid hotkey layout by going into the hotkey file (saved in documents>sc2>accounts>hotkeys) and typing the code for each key i want to change. For example, I did Attack=Q, BurrowDown=F, BurrowUp=G, and stuff like that. Now this is where the problem arises. All my units burrow and unburrow just fine when using my new hotkeys (F and G), except infestors will not unburrow for some strange reason. The key on my command card for unburrow while having the infestor selected says G, but clicking G does absolutely nothing although manually clicking the command card works just fine. If I have the infestor and another unit (say swarm host) burrowed and click G for unburrow, the infestor unburrows along with the other unit. But when just infestors are selected, it does NADA. Like I said, all other units unburrow with G just fine. I've allowed key conflicts with AllowSetConflicts=1 so this shouldnt be the issue.Shark1 Apr 14
Apr 13 Zerg questions Zerg questionsJust a couple of questions. 1. Why you can queue up every units to morph into another one except lings to banelings?? (Hydra to lurker, roach to ravager, overseer, BL..) 2. If I put a drone into a separate Control group and morph it into a Buiding, this building will be in this Control group, but if I put it into a Control group with for example Hatchery, and than morph building, it will disappear. 3. Why are the Hatcheries first when they are together in Control group with Lair or Hive? But If start an Burrow or Queen or Ovi speed, it starts at Lair not in Hatchery, but when I want to upgrade to Hive, first will be Hatchery to Lair. No logic there?? 4. Viper as caster is 3 supply, Raven only 2?? Why?? 5. Groung Carapace cost 150/150, but other two races only 100/100?? Make sense? Thanks a lotRico2 Apr 13
Apr 9 Caster units, how to use them Hello again my fellow Zerg players. thank you very much to all those who responded on my returning to SC thread. been back now for a fair bit and i am noticing that in high(er) level play we as Zerg rely heavily on our caster units. so i have a few questions that i am hoping you, the community can help me answer. in what situations do you use the viper/infestor (when do you chose one over the other) what unit comps do they work well with? where do you position them in your army as i feel they always get killed before i can use them. any other advice/tips/tricks you can share about caster units please feel free to share. also any tips on using swarm hosts would be appreciated as well. Thanks guys!STxNebula4 Apr 9
Mar 30 Where did the zerg anti air go? This game is completely inbalanced. Protoss can simply gather early void rays and you can do nothing about it... What happened to scourge and other anti air units from the zerg. This game makes no sense. The enemy just ammases air against zerg and we can do nothing.. I'm sorry but there should not be an absolute need to scout and ammas and play early combat. Zerg used to be able to deal with things regardless. This game is as messed up as it gets. it's been completely designed around a small group of players playstyles and everything else removed. This game is aweful. Why can't we actually have a starcraft 2 that is a continuation of the original so we can keep playing. There are no strategies but a few and zerg can't afford not to scout anymore. The game was never about scouting and forced early melee. It was more versatile than that. This game is horrible compared to the original. And I'm sorry but I don't feel like playing the original anymore. I really wanted to play an updated continued version of the original. This game is horrible. Why has every company in the world ruined their titles like this. Nobody will just keep making the games that made them famous or continue to advance what people loved. It reminds me of magic the gathering and it's problems. They have destroyed one of the best rts games that ever existed. They don't give one iota about what they have done. They probably don't even understand it. There is no strategy when you only have a handful of options.Aital17 Mar 30
Mar 28 TWITCH TODAYS, TWITCH EN LIGNE AUJOURD'HUI! www.twitch.tv/xxjohnson89xx Bonjour, je ferai un live au courant de la journée et régulièrement par la suite. Il y aura éventuellement des ajouts à ma chaîne Twitch, comme caméra, concours etc... Comme je débute j'aurais besoin de vos conseils, encouragement et votre support, afin de me permettre de grandir dans cette grande aventure. Voici mon liens: www.twitch.tv/xxjohnson89xx , je remercie d'avance tout ceux qui vont s'abonné(e)! Hello, I will make a live during the day and regularly thereafter. There will eventually be additions to my channel Twitch, as a camera, contest etc ... As I start I need your advice, encouragement and support, to allow me to grow in this great adventure. Here are my links: www.twitch.tv/xxjohnson89xx , I thank in advance all those who will subscribe (e)! www.twitch.tv/xxjohnson89xxJohnson0 Mar 28
Mar 26 returning to SC, haven't played since WOL Hello my fellow Starcraft players, as the title suggests i am getting back into SC and haven't played since the release of HOTS. when i left in WOL i was high Dia low masters. a lot has clearly changed since i have last played and it seems the community has nose dived a bit. way back we had resources such as GOMtv or Day9, Husky etc. coming back it seems that a lot of my resources for learning this game have either retired or moved on to narrating crap on youtube that i need not concern myself with. in a last ditch effort i turn to you, the forums, the people who i assume like me just want to get better and watch someones base burn to the ground as we run thousands of lings, banes mutas through their army and worker production. i come to you, asking where can i learn? is there websites to help me learn what the META is? videos on youtube that i am clearly missing? if you guys can help answer any of my questions that would be freakin' fantastic. What is Meta for ZVZ, ZVT,ZVP -WTF happened to my first 5 minutes? -am i seriously expected to play Heroes of the storm? (seems every unit now has a special ability) -what are the core foundations of Z now? (do i still need to expand like theres no tomorrow?) -how can i effectively use the new units in my builds? (haven't played since WOL i know nothing about anything new) if you guys can write out your builds for me for the first 5 minutes that would be greatly appreciated as it will give me some insight on what im supposed to be doing now. also i will take info from Bronze, Silver, Gold Plat, Dia, Masters, GM i don't care please let me know how you play. Thank you all!STxNebula8 Mar 26
Mar 26 Help newbie get good with Zerg... Please? Good like everyone else? Get the hotkeys down, move fast, get production down quickly, decide on a plan of attack etc? What are some strong beginner builds for Zerg? I know I'm gonna lose a bunch, played SC1 in my teens back in the 90s. Really not looking to go PRO asap, but want to win games, see myself getting better and eventually moving up the ladders. More than anything, I want to have fun! Looking back, if you were just starting with Zerg, how good is your hindsight? What would you have done better or differently? Also what are some easy to understand external web sources for me? I'm at around 50 apm...ChuckNorris8 Mar 26
Mar 26 How to force yourself to use casters more Hi! New here, not that good. I know that casters matter, they count, they turn battles around. They are hard counters to many things or if not are highly invaluable. Vipers eat tanks and ranged stuff. Infestors eat bioballs. A changeling every once in a while helps with scouting. Caustic sprays are there too. Thing is, everything else about playing zerg is either so fun or exhausting (macroing, inject cycling, scouting, army comp, creep spread, harassment, etc) that when I'm in the middle of the battle, yeah I pretty much forget to bring them out or really just don't have the energy to care. Or if I do bring them out I almost never utilize them to the best of their ability (outside of the threat that terran scans "oh noes he has an infestor, lets delay going up that ramp till we can"). Which is hilarious because if they knew a thing about how I play it should be more like "haha he just wasted a ton of gas on casters he doesnt have the micro skills to care about". Pretty much the only spell I use is the ravager bile and that's because they're part of the main army. Heck I can't even swarm host effectively, even though I can leapfrog just fine with lurkers and siege tanks. The only exception is when the player / computer is weaker than me or I've otherwise secured enough of an advantage that there is no pressure. And even then I pretty much can only bring out the casters for harassment because otherwise my army is so much bigger than the opponent that they melt before the fungal either lands or holds them for a second. But if the pressure comes on, then the gas is just wasted. I know I'm not the only person that has limited brain capacity for micro, so... does anyone have tips?madumlao12 Mar 26
Mar 26 So they FINALLY did the math on your OP race https://us.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/topic/20762176206 Whats your argument now that you cant argue your race NOT being OP without being legally insane/illiterate? Id Love to hear it.Hestheone2 Mar 26
Mar 25 Crazy swarm host idea I'm not even a zerg main, but from watching Zerg pro's stream I've made a few observations 1.) Swarm Host is pretty rarely made 2.) Skytoss is (almost) impossible to counter if you allow them to get that far. (Pretty much have to be a high diamond at a minimum to build the perfect unit comp and micro infestors properly) 3.) Swarm Host and Brood Lord sort of do the same thing. So here's the idea: Why not have Locusts attack air units instead of ground? Burrowed SH's could provide zone anti-air defense. Sky toss would have a viable counter, and SH's would have their own purpose. But what do I know, I'm just a low diamond terran player.Waagenator3 Mar 25
Mar 24 Drone Scouting? I remember sometime back in HotS it was common to drone scout - I don't recall which drone was generally used but I remember always doing it. Are people still drone scouting these days or just using OL's? If yes, which drone? ThanksLokei3 Mar 24
Mar 22 Weird footprint of spore crawlers Why do spore crawlers has this weird footprint? https://pp.userapi.com/c841124/v841124370/7181a/7fnYbZanlD8.jpg It is not even symmetrical. And in case you didn't knew - footprints serve as a path blockers, so this is what you're should consider in cases of wall building.Xeizzen5 Mar 22
Mar 20 ZvT, defending the first push Who feels a giant relief in ZvT after the first push is defended? This is always the most intense part of the game for me.Nydus1 Mar 20
Mar 17 How to play Zerg with 1 finger https://clips.twitch.tv/TsundereRelievedGrasshopperCoolStoryBob I laughed.Archon0 Mar 17
Mar 17 late-game ZvT ... late, late, moving with our teeth... :D http://gggreplays.com/matches/47253 Your thoughts? I'm interested in different late-game approaches, haven't watched the replay in full yet.iBurrowStuff2 Mar 17