Zerg Discussion

Jan 31 2018 Ladder season 1 Zerg POV playlist Hi there, new ladder season has started. To celebrate that I decided to create a playlist with my first person gameplay. First three videos from first session are already up. Link to playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXx9oIIMH0a6IFtA1GLhNSVxm6Eo18YRp Thank you.Idocandoaddo0 Jan 31
Jan 31 Roach Ravager still viable? Sorries if this has been discussed before, I'm not on here much and quick skim didn't see such a thread. So i got to low diamond last year mainly using roach ravager pushes (as explained by past Lowko videos) And then suddenly around December I noticed it didn't seem to work as well anymore. I'm not sure if it's due to playing better opponents, meta changes, or patches. Or all of the above? Since then I've improved my other builds, got better at scouting, and turned off the all army key. So I'm starting to win again at my level, diamond2 soon hopefully. But roach ravager still feels so weak compared to before. Also learning to play terran helped improve mechanics, but that's another tangentpoofball1 Jan 31
Jan 29 Ever Ever just realize you suck at the game and think it's funny?SpunkY7 Jan 29
Jan 28 ZvZ advice I'm pretty new to 1v1 and ZvZ is just a pain. I'm trying to not cheese in any game so that I don't artificially increase my mmr without being able to play proper games at that level but I can't see any way around that in ZvZ. 90% of my games are cheese and it's pretty difficult to not do the same thing. Does anyone know any macro builds that hold off early cheese? Thanks!Shahzad5 Jan 28
Jan 27 Up to date Zerg guides I haven't played since the first few months of Wings of Liberty, where I felt I had a pretty solid grasp of the game (although I sucked against Terran). I come back after finding out all the expansion units are free and now I find the game is totally different. What do I do with all these drones? Why is everything so fast? What do these new units do? Basically, any up to date Zerg guides you can recommend for people that have been out of it for awhile? Google mostly turns up very obsolete build orders.DagothUr2 Jan 27
Jan 26 Ultralisks Do you use them?CrimsonKing7 Jan 26
Jan 25 Defending Terran drop? I have a D2 friend plays really aggressive Terran, doing drops in multiple locations at the same time. I find it is really hard to defend, because it is hard to tell which location has more drop units. I could be sending less number of units in one location, and he will win the battle in this location. At the same time, he could just fly away from other locations (where I have more units sent over). I am curious what is the better stragety / bigger thinking while defending against aggressive terran drops? Should I prevent the possibility of drop at the first place? Should I pay more attention to scouting the medivacs? Or should I try to attack his base? Thanks.RedSalmon5 Jan 25
Jan 23 Hydra is Broken Hyrda is broken fix it... they have too much health its no longer a glass cannon if it can advance on tanks or if they can stand in lib zone..... the games momentum changes too fast too hard when hydra hits the fieldJustin12 Jan 23
Jan 23 Requesting Zerg Replay for an Opener Hi there, In Hots I made Zerg as my second race. A month ago, coming back to the game, In Lotv I adjusted to the faster 1 rax FE based on the 12 worker count opposed to the 6 worker count, and now I want to play zerg against the A.I to get back into the swarm. What is a versatile opener that might be similar to an economic reaper fe? meaning to say, the opener provides safety with information that allows you to quickly respond to any kind of aggression or see that you are safe and you can drone up and move on etc. Thanks! Please send a replay so I can see how the build order works and I can memorize the timings of each detailed moment, again thank you!KnightWing7 Jan 23
Jan 17 Zerg in need of grandmaster zerg coacher Looking for grandmaster zerg coaches!Ghost3 Jan 17
Jan 15 THE CONFEDERATION WANTS YOU! The Confederation is looking for new people to join us in events like clan wars, team leagues, arcade nights, practice nights, and more. If you are interested in joining you can come chat with us on our clan discord: https://discord.gg/XA8r3UZ If you want to keep up to date with the clan and current events you can check out our website: http://confedesports.com/ Finally, if you want to read into some of our clan's background information you can read it here: http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/User:Ilovestate/The_Confederation See you soon!TossNoSkill1 Jan 15
Jan 14 Lolcraft 1234ListerFiend4 Jan 14
Jan 13 Counter to speedlings & hydras as zerg? What's the counter to hydras & speedlings as a zerg? Specifically, when they are harassing your expanded bases and you do not have your units there. Like I cannot get my guys there in time for ambushes. Even with roach speed.Zeratul1 Jan 13
Jan 12 ZvX Very Hard and Elite AI set to Full Rush I don’t ladder. I took a hit on my last post because I've been using my age to explain why I don’t ladder. I am trying not to do that now. I play the AI exclusively. I know it sounds dumb but it seems that not all people read very well. So, while not trying to diss anyone I have to add that that means I do not play against People. I have been doing a 3 hatch before pool and it works very well except for a ZvX Very Hard and Elite AI set to Full Rush. I’ve been looking around but have not seen anything saying how to set your build order to counter this. The Terran does a 4Rax gas less marine push. The Toss does a Zlot Adept push and Zerg does a Roach Baine push. All of them leaving their base before 3 minutes. I don't know the timing for the third hatch on a hatch first build. I think it will help me hold these rushes. But I don't know if it is as larva efficient 3 hatch before pool. Can someone help me please?AncientOfDay6 Jan 12
Jan 12 4min all-in hellion+cyclone rush Any idea how to stop this? I usually go hatch + gas + pool and hold off initial reaper attacks, but then get hit with 10 hellions and 3 - 4 cyclones at about the 4-5minute mark. Any suggestions on how to counter this? By this point I have a baneling nest and roach warren up. I tried mass roaches (about 12) with some lings but it didn't work.MystiKasT3 Jan 12
Jan 11 looking for practice partners hi there, i'm a terran dia player looking for dia master practice partners. if you're interested, add me: Cell#21859Budha1 Jan 11
Jan 10 10-15% faster egg hatch upgrade There is a post that stated increasing the supply cap for zerg. I like the idea but there are obvious flaws to it, the supply cap increase will require the zerg to spawn more overlords, which will give them more vision advantage early on, despite creep also giving them an advantage for vision. There is an alternative I'd like to provide. For zerg to have their "swarm" advantage, I'd like them to have a mid-late game upgrade. This upgrade requires a hive, however, it will take 5 minutes to complete costing 500 minerals and 500 gas. Why 5 minutes? I will explain. The upgrade allows all zerg units to spawn 10 to 15% faster. So if a unit takes 30 seconds, they will spawn in 27, if its 50, it will be 45 and so forth. As a terran player, I feel like I am the one who is swarmy. I find myself fighting small numbered zergs in the mid game and late game. Zerg needs to be rewarded for their ability to survive to the late game. Every time I win its due to a macro advantage, despite zerg trying to macro up and micro to win. Terran has so many explosive attacks that it kind of counters the swarm advantage. Zerg should have the compensation of refilling their units quickly. In the late game, having a combination of queen injects, creep, and an upgrade for eggs to hatch quicker, will allow zerg to have an edge. the late game should always always always always always always always always always always always always always give ZERG an advantage IF, they always: - Creep spread well - Good expansiions - good fend offs against harassments and finally - Get that 10-15% faster spawn per egg ----- Protoss and terran have so many opportunities throughout the battles where they are rewarded for creep denial and micro and click abilities. However zerg, I feel, even watching some pros, have a hard time early game. Yet the difficulty in the early game carries into the late game. Having a costly upgrade which will lead to a beneficial faster rate of replenishment, will have the zerg regain their status as being a swarm. Note that you need a hive and 500 minerals and 500 gas for this to happen, and 5 minutes will be needed. The knowledge of this upgrade will make the opponent be forced to rush an attack, this will give zerg an advantage to use their creep at home and units to defend. Or the opponent can accept the upgrade and face the swarm if they go into the late game. I love facing against zerg, its the iconic match up for me, its so fun playing against them as terran, yet I usually succeed in the mid game when their early game is messed up by harass. Now, this will be very interesting, because zerg in the late game will be super scary, and fun to play as and against. Zerg should be the race that is the only race with a late game advantage, assuming (most to all of their unique assets are used well, queen injects+creep spread). Terran has mobility, and protoss has strength, zerg, will have "numbers" by replenishing super quickly, especially in the late game. Note to self, that 5 minutes and the costly upgrade will definitely add a new layer of objectives to both the opponent and the zerg. Imagine a late game where you, as a turtle terran, thought you were safe with your 2 expansion turtle, and your zerg opponent was allowed to get creep all the way to your base, (Even if you harass them early as terran against a zerg and picked off some drones), they have speed, and upgrades AND the re-spawn upgrade complete from the hive. Your turtle will not last long you may kill alot of zerg but they will always come back. You reap what you sow, and the zerg race can benefit from their macro, and the benefit of their "swarm" reputation. Thoughts? P.S. 5 minutes is enough for the opponent to fairly scout and try to kill the hive to deny the upgrade, but its a high risk high reward play. Zerg will be rewarded for their macro at home if they are left untouched. THAT is how asymetrical balance can be done. Zerg is weak in early game, but strong late game, its the only race that should grow stronger over time. Terran is strong based on usage of units (proper utilization) and protoss is strong based on the combination of units (proper composition) Zerg is strong based on their numbers (proper swarming). If zerg is a swarm, they MUST have an upgrade to spawn much faster in the late game. They deserve it, and this will make starcraft very fun. Yes, I accept this already. You have to like this because if you depend on winning because zerg is predictable then you are missing the point. Zerge has to adapt, the last card zerg can play to adapt, is to adapt to the late game with fast spawning, they are swarm. If you, as a player, let zerg macro up, as if you were playing sim city, you reap what you sow. This is an example of asymmetrical balance. Zerg will have advantage over time (their weakness in the early game is compensated for their upgrade in the late)/KnightWing4 Jan 10
Jan 9 Burrowed Roach build Worked out this weird build that lands 3 burrowed roaches in your opponent's main or natural at 4:15. Saw a thread about it a long time ago and thought no to myself originally but I think everyone loves the idea of doing it and I'm tired of trying to force late game against protosses anyways. Can transition into roach/ravager/infestor/ling/bane afterwards. Burrowed infestors seem awesome. It times out so that lair finishes at the same time as your natural, allowing you to get burrow and a queen at the same time, and then the warren pops right before you have the resources for tunneling claws, and after lair has finished. The roaches can chill outside of your opponent's base for 10-15 seconds while they wait for tunneling claws to finish and you attack at 4:15-4:30. Perhaps could be timed out more precisely but meh. Honestly more fun than losing to mass thor-siege tank, (or colossi,) and since dropping my razer-naga addiction and putting camera locations on f1-f3 I've felt the need to make less bases and try to win games earlier. 13 Ovie 14 Gas--2 drones inside this one 16 pool 17 hatch 17 lair 19 gas--3 drones in it, consider taking them out after the roaches are built and everything is researched, depending on what happens. 20 warren 19 Ovie 22 Queen at main/burrow at natural (as natural pops and lair finishes.) 22 Tunneling claws 23 Build 3 roaches, rally them across the map ...Everything else based on what you want. ...Profit? Could maybe fit a drone or two more in before laying the warren down but that might throw everything else off so meh. I'm going to see if I can make it work and report back. Seems very vulnerable to cannon rushes but that's the only thing I can think of.... or maybe not since early pool, could just jump into a speedling rush if you see that happen I guess. It gets ahead of oracles by about 30 seconds so depending on what the protoss does it could actually bone them hard, if not killing a staggering ammount of drones, perhaps only zoning them off minerals and forcing the oracle to play defensive. Edit: Ammended for better warren timing on 20, can fit an extra drone in there. Seems only good against protoss though, early terran all-ins will go under it. Also takes advantage of lack of detection that early for protoss as well. Every ZvZ build will !@#$ all over this and terran will have scans and too many units for 3 roaches even if they don't all-in off one base it seems. Also, there might be some play with adding a 3rd drone to the 1st gas and then removing it as well to better balance the gas for the 3 roaches after tunneling claws is researched. That's really playing with seconds though, might be irrelevant, since obviously the minerals are needed as well. Just experimenting with 14/16/17 overall and you can just 14 gas--3 drones 16 pool 17 hatch 17 meta boost 17 baneling nest drone to main saturation, then queens ect. Then its a super early ling/bane all-in, nothing special but it fits the other 2 matchups better, also the gas and minerals for the baneling nest and the meta boost line up perfectly, meaning the baneling nest on time takes you directly to 0 minerals and 0 gas. Also you could even lose a single drone off the gas after you pop the baneling nest down, seeing as how you only need as many banelings as it takes to break a supply depot anyways, which is like... 8? So... 200 gas? Maybe need the 3 drones still.SpunkY0 Jan 9
Jan 9 Am I too old? I was a junior in high school when StarCraft was released in 1998. I have played every release since and immensely enjoy the franchise. I find that in my old age, I do not have the reaction time to truly master the game. Family and life obligations prevent me from playing more than two times a week, but I enjoy the game regardless. I am currently a tier 2 silver league player, and my APM average is 98. I understand the flow of the game. Drone up, bases, queens, creep spread, scouting etc…but where I fail to win games is in the micro game. I feel I had many games won, if I could micro better. I am ashamed to admit, I am still a Noob who uses F2. When the battle starts, I’m like a deer in the headlights. It’s overwhelming trying to control everything. I also do not understand how to probably use the attack + move. I’m having trouble getting it work properly. Are there training exercises or ways to practice micro? I find the single player challenge modes too difficult. I’m afraid my reaction time and hand eye coordination is something I can’t improve. I have this issue when my friends want to play Halo or Smash Brothers. I’m too slow. I realize I will never be a champion player. I love this game and would play even if I could never leave the bronze league. I want to play to the best of my abilities. I feel I could reach gold league as I have won games against gold league players when matched up against them. Is my age catching up to me? How do upload replays? I know posting replays always helps. Thank you all for taking the time to read my post.Epoch55 Jan 9
Jan 8 Why is Roach Unburrow Autocastable? question is in the title. is it a bug, or is there a purpose i'm not aware of?TrolosarusHx4 Jan 8
Jan 7 FROM BRONZE TO PLAT: TRY THESTAIRCASE! If you want to improve, try TheStaircase. I am talking about 10 to 20 games, if you do not like TheStaircase then, choose a different learning method. I am a Basketball coach for 17 years now and a SC2-Coach for 6. My approach in every sport (and eSport) is: Learn and improve basics! Keep it simple! Guide http://bit.ly/2kvhPa5 What is TheStaircase? What is SQ? http://youtu.be/H7baE2AB5uQ HowTo http://youtu.be/jpOaxD2xeiw Getting started as Zerg Start at Step #0 Arcade - "Creep or die" (Filter "Creep" should do the trick) Make sure you use the LOTV version Select "Very easy" and try to creep spread to your opponent. And try to keep your Queen energy below 50. Play a simple BO like HatchFirst or 12-Pool. Whatever is fun for you is the right way. Follow the constrictions for each step. To pass a game, you must meet or exceed all benchmarks in your League Goal. When you pass 9 out of 10 games you move onto the next step. Keep in mind that TheStaircase is a learning method for about 100 to 200 games, afterwards you can try new steps. Example: You are a Gold-Zerg and choose Diamond as your long term goal. This means getting a SQ around 70 in 9 out of 10 games. It means your >Max creep %< (see GGTracker for more information) should always be 8% (or higher) and your TSC (Time Supply Capped) should stay below 90 seconds (1:30). Try to play aggressively at all times, especially after you advance to Step #2 and above. More information: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/topic/17616683060Neo18 Jan 7
Jan 6 Mech terran is op Counter for lib, tank and thor?Jabalsal2 Jan 6
Jan 5 How to counter colossus + stalker + sentry ? I have tried using ling + bane + hydra + lurker. It does not work well when opponent gets more than 5 colossus. Some of my thoughts: 1. the colossus attack speed is faster than lurkers 2. colossus army has better mobility, can somewhat hit and run 3. the lurkers are also not getting range advantage over colossus (after 4.0 update) My question is, what can I do better to counter Colossus + Stalker + Sentry? Should I ..increase the # of lurkers? ..increase the # of banes and add ravangers to deal with force fields? ..or add corruptors? Thanks!RedSalmon13 Jan 5
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Dec 31 The Fear of....Expansion? So i'm a noob at multiplayer and so as such I've been playing vsA.I. and so far the furthest i get is...beating Easy(very easily at that) and then the game decides to match me up against medium Terran that always send MMM to kick my @$$ until i'm back to easy. so one of my biggest problems is i'm scared to expand because i have an ever looming threat of an attack coming and wiping out my base, and sending my army to defend a new expansion takes away my defenses from another part of my base which the A.I. finds and exploits. i have the same problem with harassment and i think that if i send an army to harass it'll get destroyed by an army they have defending(my usual harassment method is drops(of banlings,hydras,ultras, or possibly a combination or i send mutas which usually end up ending the game against easy A.I.).Shadow18 Dec 31
Dec 31 Where to set Dropper-Lord "Load" Hotkey? Where do I set the "Load" hotkey command for Dropper-Lords(overlords with ventral sacs)?TrolosarusHx2 Dec 31
Dec 31 having orgasms with baneling mines me vs terran http://drop.sc/replay/6137426dumpLing1 Dec 31
Dec 29 ZvZ How to counter mass Lura-Hydra? I'm Dia. Just run into an opponent, who used turtly mass Lura-Hydra. With the Lura borrow upgrade. My question is how to counter it? I've tried Broodlords with ground support of roach-ling-bane-ravager. But really lura rushed forward, made a quick meatgrinder, and then hydra finished broodlords. With the combined attack of like 15-20 lura I'm really not sure if anything on the ground can survive long enough. So what do I do? Abducts? I'll run out of mana long before lura end. Blinding clouds seem to be the option, but only if opponent fails with micro.MisterAL6 Dec 29
Dec 28 zvp hydra ling bane build i always try to saturate 3 bases before i make any units but by the time my 3rd is filled with drones he seems to already have a sizeable army. whats your guys' current build?dumpLing1 Dec 28
Dec 27 about overlord rally point( ̄_ ̄) why not as queen or drone? or give a separated rally point? i play zerg no much...Zzz1 Dec 27
Dec 26 Seperate Infestor Burrow Hotkeys from Army!? Simple question, why can't we assign separate Burrow/Unburrow hotkeys for Infestors that are different from the rest of our army!? They already allow it for Lurkers! When I Unburrow my army, I don't want my Infestors to Unburrow too! Please please Blizzard change this.TrolosarusHx12 Dec 26
Dec 21 Burrowed-move roaches allin vrs toss? I just dont know what the build for this is mainly the timings of when to research burrow and lair ext also how would you micro your roaches? would you let their army see the roaches or just sneak in and kill 5 workers sneak out?jakehfgd3 Dec 21
Dec 21 How do I play Zerg more aggressively? Here is a link to my SC2 Replays profile. Which shows this seasons history of playing games. http://sc2replaystats.com/account/display/18859 http://sc2replaystats.com/account/replays/18859/0/1261666/1v1/AutoMM/34/0 I find that I feel lost or convoluted once I hit the mid game stage, and have no clear direction of what I should 'do next?'. I know that I am not scouting enough at key points. And I am working on this every game. This much I can easily ascertain from my replays, as well as just what I am feeling during the match. But my question would be, instead of waiting for them to attack me. How can I improve on my aggression? I know it's such a vague question, but I am unsure of how to phrase it. If I win the match-up it's simply because I out macro'ed my opponent, as I feel like my general droning has improved a lot this season. I tend to notice the longer I let games go for, the more likely it is I tend to lose the game. I am simply not harrassing/scouting enough. Sorry for such a long question/or lack thereof. I hope this makes sense. :/Vociferate7 Dec 21
Dec 21 Just Delete the Useless Infestor Why do we even still have them?? Just when I thought blizzard was on a roll, they pull this stunt. How fun will ladder be when there's no zerg to fight?TrolosarusHx9 Dec 21
Dec 20 Practice Team For Improving Zergs If you are a Masters or Silver level Zerg player looking for a place to 1v1 practice, take a gander our way. We are aiming for a productive and improving environment. Newly formed, but we have a M2 Protoss, M2 Zerg (myself), and a Random M3. A Zerg at this level would be a nice way to round out our needs. For Silver, we currently have an S3 Protoss. Anyone else is also encourage to inquire. The more the merrier! Message me if interested! Practice#11725IIIIIIIIIIII25 Dec 20
Dec 19 Removal of 200-supply cap for zerg only Now hear me out - i know how bizzare that sounds - but I can defend this as being viable for a number of reasons. First and foremost realize that the overlords would still need to keep being produced, so that constraint still exists. 1.) This only will have *any* effect in truly-late game situations; as such it does not present any balance concern to early, mid, and even early-late game. 2.) While this might represent a kill-clock, "Kill clocks" already exist and have since SC1. A kill-clock is a condition which can only truly be countered efficiently by 'not letting it happen' in the first place. A terran SC1 "kill-clock" was having 12 Science Vessels or so. Suddenly lurkers and defilers and ultralisks were near-useless as clouds of irradiate would end them before any real threat. A protoss SC2 "kill-clock" is mass-mass void rays. 20-30 voidrays charged can annihiliate pure-hydra, pure-muta, pure corruptor armies or mixes thereof with ease and minimal micro. As such, adding this concept of "A zerg left alone for too long will ALWAYS make an unwinnable-against army" is not a game-breaker. 3.) Zerg are SUPPOSED to be the swarm race! What better way to affirm their swarminess than to permit them to unequivocally outnumber their terran and toss counterparts? 4.) Zerg units are -by design- weaker than terran and toss units. 200/200 armies are so heavily imbalanced in favor of toss (and terran's thanks to their composition) that its painful. This rectifies that problem by allowing a zerg player's army to stay competitive even late game. Key Point 5.) There is no reward for a zerg player taking more than 3 bases, as the game stands. While the near unanimous take on the messageboards, forums, and among higher level players (though i can't speak to pros) is that the correct counter to a turtling player is to massively out-expand him. However, a 2basing-terran turtle (not at ALL hard to make a near-unbreakable turtle shell) will be able to comfortably exceed a 90 drone, 5 base economy thanks to the improved pathing which does NOT result in severely reduced returns for high-saturation of mineral fields. Let me repeat that: a THIRTY drone leade spread across a 3-base lead is LESS EFFECTIVE than a 60SCV+3mule economy on 2. More importantly - the supply cap of 200 is hit so fast by both sides that a terran does not NEED more than 2 bases . . . ever. And a zerg player does not BENEFIT from more than 3 if there isn't enough conflict (which would mean he's slamming himself against the turtle's shell). 6.) Endgame situations do not afford zerg better macro capability than their terran and toss counterparts. . . in fact the toss with their instant-warpgate stalker-sentry-HT-zealot combo is definitively the strongest and fastest. Further, 8 instant warp in protoss units are the equivalent of roughly 16 larvae worth for a zerg player . . . .and are warped into the hot-zone. The same holds true for a terran player's endgame where having 5+ barracks AND either factory/starport is not uncommon. They can produce 30 'larvae' worth of units conveniently. . . .from queues. And there is no spawn-larvae mechanic to weaken their third-wave effect like a zerg will inevitably have to contend with. As such the argument of "you can leverage your stronger economy by instantly reproducing your army" is total bunk. Thence my proposition. -AHMADKingOfBlades146 Dec 19
Dec 19 Seeking Fellow Swarm leaders -- ZvZ help.. I get around... Playing almost 30 - 60 games a day. (and im kind of a salty player... So if I've BM'ed with my competive you I'm sorry!) I've played starcraft since 2000..... I have about 7 accounts; And after doing minor math.... I Figured out between them (regional counts as well) I've played Upwards of 57k (57,000) StarCraft 2 games since the Early beta. I was masters about 14 times in WoL - Made GM quiet a few times but wasn't able to stay in it. Finished GM one time in early HoTs ... then started going between mid masters to top diamond... Closer to Legacy I Made masters once in legacy of the void.. Now at best im top 10 Diamond Worst... Top platinum one season.. (boy was i angry) ZvZ in legacy By far is MY WORST match up..... !!!! After that *gross* ammount of games my only dream has been going to a professional tournament... Like... (I Dont even care if i dont get to the finals.. I just want the rights to say I made it.. Y'know?) And I cant get there! each day that goes by (being 25 now... I lose more and more hope) I got a job and yada yada (boring adult things.... life) But im still able to play huge ammounts of time in the evening /early morning So i dont think thats getting in the way at all Can someone PLEASE HELP ME!! ? I'm willing to do anything, ANYTHING (besides give you my Aussie... He's my baby) One step at a time I want to figure out zvz and move from there. Anyone ?GGLamby14 Dec 19
Dec 19 What am i supposed to do with lings I feel like when you do ling bane or literally any other army comp that uses lings at all makes you just suicide lings to distract them from hitting your other units is this the lings purpose or am i missing something(losing 300 minerals worth of lings but no army otherwise to like 1 high templar storm or 3 seige tanks or whatever)i just dont understand the purpose of lings currentlyjakehfgd5 Dec 19
Dec 19 What Hotkey deselects what I have selected? What Hotkey or combination press will "Deselect" whatever unit(s) or building(s) I have selected? ** and don't fill my thread with ways to select something else. that's obviously not what I want.TrolosarusHx6 Dec 19
Dec 19 Applying relentless pressure Are you a swarmmer. Can you apply relentless pressure? What tricks of the trade are you willing to share with the rest of us. My goal is to hit with wave after wave of attacks until I build up my final punch that overwhelms my opponent with superior numbers. So how do you do it. How do you hit hard, fast, repeatedly in waves keeping your opponent on his back heel.Rich3 Dec 19
Dec 18 What could i have done better? im having trouble understanding what i did wrong so i went on gg tracker and apparently they moved to a different web site http://gggreplays.com/matches/5159 theres the replay anyway he goes mass void rays and i dont really have to counter too hard because he attacked my main and i had like 4 queens there but he had 2 voids just wondering what i could do betterjakehfgd8 Dec 18
Dec 16 Proposal for Cocoon selection improvement Hi to all, I am a casual Diamond 3 Zerg player (EU) enjoying the game. One of my current challenges is to improve my control grouping. I am having hard time in complex situations where I am in combat while making/adding army units to the group I am fighting with while avoiding adding larva, all at the same time. For sure this is piece of cake for PRO players, but I believe Blizzard is looking to make the game friendly for everybody. This said, after researching and thinking about this point for a while, I have the following proposal for improvement: Assumptions: * Hatcheries in control group (4). * Army in control group (1). * Standard hotkeys. * Only zerlings for this example. * Key to produce zerlings (z). * Zerg player is fighting opponent with army, wants to add more zerlings to army group and avoid adding larva at the same time. Best "PRO" method currently available to add army units to group: step 1) hit(4). step 2) hit (z) as required (to start producing cocoons). step 3) hit (control key) + move mouse + click cocoon icon (to select cocoons only / avoid selecting larva) step 4) hit (shift key) + hit (1) (to add previously selected cocoons to army) Problem: * While performing step 3, I am moving the mouse cursor away from the fight, which means my micro is gone during those seconds. Proposal for improvement: 1) hit (4). 2) hit (z) as required (**Only cocoons** are selected automatically / **No larva** is selected). 3) hit (shift key) + hit (1) (to add automatically selected cocoons to army) Improvement: * step) hit (control key) + move mouse + click cocoon icon **REMOVED** * In this case, Zerg player can fight while making/adding army units using only the keyboard, which means less time, higher efficiency. Comments / thoughts: * Hotkeys were made to avoid using (mouse+click) actions. * Developers should not have any problem implementing this. * Since this game has been around since long time ago, I cannot believe cocoons are selected by moving mouse + click the cocoon icon. Maybe there is a strong reason for this that I am unaware of. If this is not the case, I believe this can help many Zerg players improve their game.Ibrujo3 Dec 16
Dec 13 Possible Swarm Host Iteration? Make no mistake this post isn't ranting about the SH or saying its weak or that it sucks or any of the sort. This post is mainly about how it can possibly just be a better unit to fit its name.(because currently it's just Harass Host) The swarm host went from: 1. Siege unit that would continually spawn locusts to break armies or defenses over time, to now; 2. Mainly a harassment/poke unit that deals considerable damage provided there are enough SH to either an army or tech buildings, or a mineral line, provided its not well defended. My proposal would be a different take on the SH to make it better and I'm posting this for general feedback and to see whether or not its a good idea or not. My idea is as follows: Make the SH kind of like a ground-based carrier for zerg, not in the sense that it has locust that attack ground and air, the SH will still be a siege/poke unit but the locust will cost minerals to build and the SH itself will have a cap as to how many locust eggs it can hold.(haven't worked out how much minerals per locust, but i was initially thinking 5 or 10) The SH can have a birth locust ability (or just an A move click) that will spawn the locust it has and they will either a-move toward the location. (or fly like it currently does, this could be changed to an upgrade.) I also thought about incorporating broodlings into the SH to put the "swarm" into swarm host, they could have the ability (researched or just added onto the SH) to periodically spawn broodlings as their attack while they are burrowed only. I haven't worked out how many broodlings (i can see 6-8 right now seeing as broodlings aren't very strong even when in decent numbers). Broodlings could be incorporated, but also another speedy, melee version of the Locust could be added as well. Another idea was to give the SH an actual attack, as currently other than spawning locust they would just sit off to the side for a whole minute until they were useful again. This attack could be a splash attack with a very slow attack speed think in terms of the Ravasaur from Heart of the Swarm campaign but attacks once every 4 seconds and can be dodged if micro'd properly.(damage and splash radius have not been worked out) If this change is added the broodling idea mentioned previously would likely have to be cut. The unit size would likely increase (maybe the size of an ultralisk, or slightly less) along with the supply,Hp,Armor, movement speed and cost. Locust damage and attack speed may need to be adjusted as well as Hp and timed life for balance reasons. These changes if tested could make the SH a more useful unit over all, and can be incorporated into many(if not any) build(s). They can serve as mid/late game harass/siege and would provide a reason to burrow the SH (as currently nobody really burrows SH because you can spawn and run, then have this idle period.) weaknesses and counterplay to this unit would be air units mainly as they have nothing to fear in terms of getting hit by the SH. Its cost, size, and movement speed may play a factor in its vulnerability and when the locust are being birthed is the best time to kill it before it spawns the next wave. The SH could also lose the ability to completely burrow, (think HoTs campaign where it simply roots but is still visible.) giving players the window to kill the host with ground units before it spawns again. These are just my thoughts, what are yours?Graves4 Dec 13
Dec 12 Zerg Anti AIr Zerg anti air seems lackluster. Terran have the range on their side with 9 for vikings, and 10 on thors. Plus adding HSM, and BC are good against it too. Protoss have the mega range Tempest, but mostly voidrays DPS and phoenix move speed combined with range. Also have Storms against clumped units, and blink stalkers against small groups. Zerg queen is slow moving, Hydras are squishy. Heavy counter air exists, but fungal is dodgeable, and Corruptors are the weakest of all the AtA units. I have yet to see a good response to air from zerg besides spamming so many corruptors that it doesn't matter. To keep it different, maybe Corruptors could use a buff: Vikings got great Range, decent movespeed and good damage. Phoenix got a decent range, great movespeed, decent dps. Corruptors have decent range, movespeed and dps.... What about a Hive upgrade for corruptors that gives them a small splash damage, that doesn't improve their 1 v 1, or small vs small, but make them good counters to clumped units? Would also put an end to the muta vs muta nonstop fights, the Voidrays spam, and punish a-moves of air units.Kabi24 Dec 12
Dec 12 Replay : what can I improve ? Hello ! If anyone here could check that replay and give me some tips on what l need to improve, it would be very much appreciated. http://drop.sc/replay/5970752 Ling speed late here, thought l researched it, so it delayed my drop I know. It's one of the few very long games that l played so l thought it was good to save it.Feitan3 Dec 12
Dec 12 ZvZ - good replay? I suck please need to see good replays. Thanks I'd like to see different strat for this play. What I usually do is ling then bane then roach but my transition is terrible and the opponent ends with much more roach than me. GGRanken3 Dec 12
Dec 11 Corruptors Suck? I mean, there is Vikings for the Terran with extreme range and ok damage (+armored) and can even attack ground(althought it sucks). Protoss have void rays with a good ability and can still target ground. Corruptors are not that good in my opinion. All they have is 2 armor and an ability that is more situational than the NydusMafakas12 Dec 11
Dec 11 Would like some help with ZVP So i was playing boardwalk le and this guy turtled and then proceeded to rush void rays. I was wondering what i could have done different? http://drop.sc/replay/5954023 (not sure if there is a better site to upload replays to)Towelie3 Dec 11
Dec 11 Lurkers in ZVT So I've been wondering how viable would lurkers be vs mech and bio? I've experimented a few times and it seems alright, but my biggest issue is if they have liberators.Towelie2 Dec 11
Dec 10 skins the unit portraits when you change skins the unit portraits change to match the skin but you don't know what the portrait looks like until your in game and select it. to save time could we have a unit portrait viewer in the corner so we can easly see the portrait that comes with the skin pleaseBullyfish0 Dec 10