Zerg Discussion

May 9 Meed help with ZvP Hi guys, I've mained Protoss since the game came out, but I've been mainly offracing as zerg recently. I suck (low silver) but it's ok, it's fun to play another race. Anyways, I hadn't played protoss in a while, and the metagame has changed with LOTV, so I'm having trouble dealing with mass adept pressure. I tried getting roaches but can't seem to be able to defend well with them. Eventually I chase the adepts off or kill them, of course, but in the meantime they have decimated my workers count... Another thing is that I often go roach hydra, but then it's really hard to deal with Disruptors (guess I should switch into broods against that but it's not easy) Any advice about the issues I mentioned or ZvP in general would be appreciated.niteowl7 May 9
May 9 Zerg creep problem So when creep goes down hill it gives me full vision wherever creep goes, but when creep goes up hill the creep spreads, but does not grant vision so I cannot keep placing creep up hill unless I send a unit to go up hill so I have vision so I can put another creep tumor. Does this make sense? I just find this very annoying that I have to send a ling over there when the creep goes uphill so I get vision so I can put another creep tumor. This isn't a problem when creep goes down hill. Now there are those plants that block vision. I don't have a problem with this because the idea is that your not suppose to get vision when there are those vision blocking plants. Please patch this so creep grants vision when it goes uphill.monster5 May 9
May 9 Carriers - Multiplayer & lower tier (I think) the game's focus has always been the 1v1 matchup as opposed to the multi-player games. As well as top tier 1v1 games. However, the strategy in lower tier (ie. platinum and lower) and in any multi-player game is often mass carrier. We've started to see it commented on and used in pro-level matches as well where they see a carrier or two and the toss opponent knows they're against a clock to kill the toss before they mass these things with the mothership. I think it's a strategy that negatively affects lower tier games and the multiplayer game - also it seems to be affecting the pro games - if they know that they pretty much have to resign if they let this happen. I don't know how to fix it - I've seen the toss answer that they are the weakest race currently, so they have to have this option - but they have to admit that this is a low skill option of gameplay: Perfecting a route to carriers and the nuclear option on each map... For the multiplayer and lower tier games, I might suggest the following possible fixes for zerg (I'm a zerg player): - Make the viper parasitic bomb do 120 damage and in a larger area vs. massive. (In 1v1 play: a skilled player should be able to separate it's carriers) - Bring back the corruption ability for corruptors (why did that go?). Caustic spray is cool too. BC have 2 abilities now. Why not make corruptors have 2 abilities?TheEther3 May 9
May 9 Counter to Disruptors? Split! There, I beat you to it. If you have no other input apart from that one revolutionarily original piece of advice, you're welcome to leave. So I gotta learn a counter to these things as Zerg, they are doing me a stress. Splitting's all well and good and I'm trying to get better at it, but are there any other hard/soft counters I could invest in? I know 'don't make Lurkers' is a good idea, what about trying to focus down and kill the Disruptor before the thing goes off? I know if it dies, the bomb fizzles. Should I swing to air if I see a robotics bay go down? Set up flanks and try and kill it when it fires off the bomb/retreats? Should I invest in killing it above all else or should I completely ignore it after it's used it's ability(and accept it might get away and recharge)? Dive into their army so it can't be used effectively without friendly fire? If splitting's really the one and only good strat, that's fine. I just don't want anyone wasting everyone's time by suggesting it since it's the go-to strategy against any AoE damage; trust me, I've already considered it.TheSwarm3 May 9
May 9 am i doing this right? hey brood masters, i am mainly a toss player but i've noticed i'm not using the abilities enough, i've been trying to train myself by using strictly casters. here's what i have for hotkeys. 1= Hatcheries sometimes i've noticed i'm kinda panicking and scrambling my hotkeys to use the proper abilities when i'm attacked, with this i'm bound to lose units before the ability activates, this is a fail-safe. 2&3=first and second groups of swarm hosts this as i've found out is a necessity for multiplayer, i could get away with a singular hotkey on HOTS as there is room for error and no "twice as long as locust life" cooldown, but in multiplayer there is none, so one group spawns, after they expire or a dangerous unit gets by that i worry about (thor, ultra, colossi, etc)(or a unit i can't just yank back in front of the locust with a viper) i'll spawn the second wave early, for this should i keep an extra group of swarm hosts? 4=corruptors swarm hosts (unfortunately) can't cover air, so i keep these handy, their caustic spray is handy too, (but kinda slow). 5=vipers these guys i added so i can yank enemies in front of the locusts and protect my swarm hosts, parasitic bomb's fun too. 6=overseers quite the necessity though i would literally only do it for contamination. another reason why i'm doing this is so i can train myself off the F2 key, which i use way too much, am i doing this correctly?Awesomov4 May 9
May 9 Swarm hosts I'm a returning player and I just wanna ask if swarm hosts are still used and how? Lol thanksShuKoN2 May 9
May 9 How does Zerg beat siege tanks besides BL? Title. I always lose to them if I cant get BL out in time. Mutas dont work because terran always has: Missile turrets, Marines, Thors protecting them.KingAzaz25 May 9
May 7 BattleCruiser Helion Hi, I just lost to BC rush with Blue Helion support late game. So im kinda stumped as to the corrrect way to face this. I tried massing hydras, but with baneling support, the helions ripped thru them too quickly that i didnt have enough to take on the BCs. Lings didnt work too well either cuz they just warp back lol. Im honestly kinda stumped cuz id assume the corruptors or mutas would be too low in dps but idk. Any help would be appreciated thanks!ShuKoN6 May 7
May 5 Cannon Rush (4 Step Guide) Zerg Scouting information * Be aware of the map. (short rush distance). * Watch for early scouts, usually before 1min mark. (You should never see a probe arrive at your base before the 1min mark if you do then something stinks in Denmark). * Look and see where the probe is headed. (If they make a B line towards your cliff then it’s a cannon rush. You may also see a probe headed for your base but don’t see it enter your base then it’s likely a cannon or other proxy rush). Reaction/build 1) If a pylon is dropped do NOT attack it. (Never attack a pylon or proxy gate! Before 2min mark cannon’s should take priority over everything). Note: If he drops a pylon then drop a spin ASAP near that pylon so he can't go back and drop a cannon once it finishes. 2) If canon is dropped take 4 drones and IMMEDIATELY attack it. (Pylons are fine but a cannon should NEVER be allowed to finish). Note: Say you let a pylon finish and he drops multiple cannons then IMMEDIATELY attack the pylon. 3) Trail the probe. (Just simply grab a drone or two & click on the probe. This helps zone out the probe and it forces some unnecessary micro out of your opponent). 4) Zone out drones or spins to potential drop areas. (Usually behind your gasses or right beside your ramp). Note: Also another scenario he may try to contain you outside your natural. (Just build up to 8 roaches and push out or get to your Nydus network). [i][/i] Remember defending cannon rushes is all about reacting almost perfectly, so if say you didn't scout it or reacted wrongly then just GG and leave. Look it happens even to Pro's. You'll see SOS cannon rush people in GSL matches. Just take away from the experience and do better next time.Pumpkin0 May 5
May 4 Getting back into Zerg from HOTS OK so I haven't really played SC since HOTS, but I am looking to get back into it. However, I am a little concerned as to what has changed since I have been gone. The last Zerg compositions I remember using were ling/bane/muta and then roach/hydra. How has the zerg meta changed, and what are some common strategies/unit compositions vs every match-up?GroinShark0 May 4
May 3 WTF Map pool! Every single map in this pool is 90% ledges. Just a big !@#$ you to every Zerg out there.Geo0 May 3
May 2 New to the game and new to zerg just bought the game on April 24th, and haven't stopped playing and becoming completely engrossed, been playing lots of 2v2 and 3v3 with some friends (1 has had the game since WOL and the other is generally just really good at strategy games) and i feel like I'm the stick in the mud, one pulling them down. So i went over to 1v1 (unranked of course) to see how well i do alone, and so far its been non stop losses, So i like Terran, much prefer zerg and really don't like the protoss, and I'm really wondering how i can improve, other than play and play until you cant play anymore.. and then play some more. I'm currently watching Lowko for a few ways to improve but even when I'm pulling everything i have, i cant seem to pull out a 1v1 victory. Please help a poor ZerglingSgtTodd3 May 2
May 2 Zerg can't stop carriers Honestly, the only way to stop this as zerg is to stop it before they get to this point. Even with mass corruptors they still get shredded by carriers. Even with support, with queens, vipers, etc. it's incredibly hard to stop carriers. And worse is that it's a complete A move across the map. I don't complain about Balance....EVER, not a single other unit/matchup/composition....this is the ONLY thing I have a problem with. I'm sick and tired of dying to a Toss who can just mass carriers and A move across the map. It's to the point where I might as well literally just quit the game if I see more than 5 carriers. Sorry for the rant, I've been around long enough to know this is not a popular way to post, but it's out of control.Ordin92 May 2
May 2 Ladder Anxiety for a Returning player Hey all, I played SC2 a lot in WoL, and the beginning of HoTS. I am coming back from being out of the country for about 3 years, and want to get back in! Right now I'm struggling overcoming anxiety to do 1v1's, which is what I want to play. I was plat when I was playing, and had a pretty decent MMR, now however it scares me, because i'll be placed with people with that same MMR. I also no longer have friends that I actively play with anymore, and am hopeful to find some!Donzo5 May 2
Apr 29 Current Meta? Hello, so I haven't played this game since the first month of LoTV release. Can anyone give me a brief rundown of the current meta (i.e. unit comps per matchup; things to be mindful of; and anything else that I should know).Matteus2 Apr 29
Apr 29 Defending Marine Drops zvt Hey everyone, I've been having a problem with zvt lately. I scout and see that he has a starport and massing marines and I figure he is gonna go for drop play. He does . I usually go long,bling,muta against terrans so I can get enough units out but once they start going 2 prong 3 prong attacks it becomes really messy. Especially earlier on when I can't get mutas out yet. So my question is how are people defending multi prong drops? Do you preemptively build spines when you catch the starport ? What's the best placement ? Is there something I'm missing? Any help would he appreciated cuz I'm quite stuck this haha. Thanks!ShuKoN3 Apr 29
Apr 29 ZvP cannon rush at nat ramp I had a ZvP where I saw a probe, knew it didn't show up to scout my main and figured he was rushing me. I was right - only he took me by surprise when his pylon/cannon was on the ramp at my natural instead of behind the lines. I gg'ed out mostly b/c I was annoyed. Should I have just scouted the natural earlier and moved to the 3rd like normal? Or should I have tried to build lings/queens to attack the rush? Just trying to get a feel for what to do when I see the rush. I'm aware I was slow to build my gas / pool. Thank in advance. http://sc2replaystats.com/replay/4737042 (short replay - gg'ed out 2:39 in)Lokei5 Apr 29
Apr 27 Zerg is too easy Do your job blizzard this is unacceptable. http://www.rankedftw.com/stats/races/1v1/#v=2&r=-2&l=-2PatchRandom16 Apr 27
Apr 23 HotS Enemy Within Does anyone know the fate of the ship/Zerg from this mission? I expected to find out in LotV but as far as I know it is never mentioned again. This has been bugging me for quite a while now and is the only loose end I can think of that wasn't addressed in LotV.Earthroot2 Apr 23
Apr 22 ZvP - cannon rush review Hello! I'm recently back to the game again and not doing to well (3-11 so far...). I'm in gold (barely) and was paired against a diamond protoss. I made a lot of mistakes after defending the cannon rush (bad focus, bad expand, bad rush into his wall, etc etc etc) and ultimately died to phoenix. All that said - I would like to know how better to defend the cannon rush in a scenario like this where I spotted it early. I feel like I committed too many drones, but I don't know the right counts. Thanks in advance. http://sc2replaystats.com/replay/4464710Lokei8 Apr 22
Apr 21 Counter to Bio Widow Mine? My main issue is with widow mines in general. I don't care what anyone says, they are op. Blizzard has basically decided that they're not going to change it so I have to deal with it, but seriously. it's a burrowed, re-usable baneling that does far more damage, has a ranged attack, can hit air, and only costs 75 min 25 gas... It costs me the same to make a baneling and I don't get anywhere near the same kind of power. How the hell is this a mine? It's not a freakin' mine it's a mobile turret that launches grenades. ways to deal with them? 1. trigger with a few lings. well the terran parks their army over them and that stops that 2. avoid them, try to do that and you get contained 3. try to trigger with swarm hosts, probably your best shot, but still difficult to pull off whereas the terran requires little to no micro to push with them. I watch plenty of pro games as well on Gomtv and I see bio widow mine and hellbat drops and nothing else. Why? Because more often than not, it works. Some of the best zerg players out there getting beaten by mediocre terran players. As a result I have become very disappointed with heart of the swarm. The expansion gave Terrans 2 powerful new units that are always worth getting and very effective. It gave the protoss 1 new unit that is only used for early cheese and 1 that only ever gets used in long drawn out macro games. And they gave zerg 1 awkward, clumsy slow siege like unit that doesn't fit well with most zerg strategies, and a caster that everyone has figured out how to nullify now and is essentially useless... I'm not saying Bio Widow mine is unbeatable, but I do think it's overpowered against zerg as it requires far better micro on the zerg side to stop it than it does for the terran to use it. Am I wrong? If there is a better counter to it that I and the pro players I've watched have missed, please tell me.TechanMac15 Apr 21
Apr 21 Quitting ZvZs I've had it. I'm in Australia. There are more Zergs here than anywhere but US helps balance it out, however now I'm getting 80% ZvZs. It's always a coinflip allin. Always. Now I'm just F10ing instantly if it's ZVZ. Heck I'll even get the same Zerg 3-4 times in a row. So many free wins for these chumps. I learn nothing. I can't improve ZvT or ZvP.DarK4 Apr 21
Apr 21 Yet another queen thread Hi! So, let me preface this by saying I am not a great player, as I am sure people are going to REPEATEDLY tell me after I post this, so we'll knock it out of the way before we even get started. Anyway, what I'm wondering is what would be the harm in changing queens so that you could optionally set a rally point for them for injects? It wouldn't be hard to program in, as far as I can tell with all the other rally points that exist. Then you could make it so you have to hit a key to use your rally, or have to hit one to manually target it. Either or would be fine. For example, if you have 4 hatches and 4 queens, rallied at a 1:1 to each hatchery, you would select the hotkey with all your queens and hold down ctrl + shift and hit V four times to inject each. Or, if you make them automatically go to their rally, if you wanted to inject a newly planted macro hatch, hold down control on your one queen then hit v, and you would be able to target inject. Since everyone elses macro mechanics were simplified, wouldn't this be in line with that trend? Just seems to make it easier, fewer misclicks, and a greater ability to pay attention to micro without sacrificing the core timing on the macro mechanic. A small, but significant quality of life improvement for the zerg, as injects are one of the things that keeps them inaccessible to newer players, in my opinion. Thank you for your time.AnAppropriat2 Apr 21
Apr 19 Zerg Tier 3 Balance Ultralisks should fly, and carry queens that can transfuse and fire while being carried. Thank you for your time.Yarters2 Apr 19
Apr 17 Zerg control mechanics is broken I have found a few things I don't like about zergs control mechanics. For example I typically have all my queens in a control group under the number 6. When I need for them to put larvae spawn on hatcheries that already have a larvae spawn currently on they will go to different hatcheries to put the larvae spawn which causes me to lose track of where all my queens go. The only way to prevent this is to put larvae spawn on a hatchery that doesn't have larvae spawn already on. Instead of having to wait like this, I suggest that regardless if a hatchery has a larvae spawn or not whatever queen is closest to their hatchery they should only go to that hatchery. This will solve lots of confusion. Also, the dropship overlords should be a separate overlord from the original overlord. Whenever I need to use only my dropship overlord I end up clicking all my overlords and it is a pain to separate my dropship overlords from my original overlords. It just causes wasted time and confusion for the player. I would also like to see original overlords have their own rally point. It is just annoying to have to always put my overlords in a safe area or at least have overlord eggs before spawning a different color so I can control group them and have them rally point to a safe area of my choosing. I also noticed that when creep tumors die you automatically lose vision in that area regardless if there is creep still there. As long as creep is there the zerg player should have vision.monster8 Apr 17
Apr 15 Zerg is imba Zerg at this point is completely broken. Zerg has only 3 anti-air units. This is completely unacceptable. Ravagers do not count as anti-air units. I am originally a terran and a protoss player. I have been trying zerg out and they are so broken vs terran and protoss. Especially terran. There are just not enough counters that zerg can utilize. Terran player can use so many different combination of units to counter zerg. Zerg does not have this option and is forced to use the same old boring methods that don't work to fend off terran and protoss attacks. Even in the midgame it's almost suicide to attack a planetary fortress. Zerg can lose almost there entire army just fighting a planetary fortress alone. I have to work extra hard just to win a game vs terran. As for a terran player, you don't even need to try so hard to win vs zerg. I suggest to reduce the cost of certain units like hydras, broodlords, and swarm hosts, just a few units to help zerg have an edge. Add a additional anti-air unit.monster4 Apr 15
Apr 12 Neural parasite If you neural parasite a mothership does it decloak there units and cloak your units.monster1 Apr 12
Apr 12 Zerg upgrade idea There should be a upgrade for zerg that comes from the hatchery that allows upgradeable units to upgrade 60% faster. This upgrade is not for making any type of units 60% faster, but only the units that can upgrade to another unit. For example, zerglings can upgrade to banes, hydras to lurkers and so on. This upgrade will only allow units that can upgrade to a different unit upgrade 60% faster.monster6 Apr 12
Apr 12 Could a species like Zerg ever exist? [Discussion] Thought this would make for any interesting topic of discussion. Basically what I mean by a species of Zerg. Would a species that has adapted to resist and deal military grade damage, mutate and reproduce at extremely high speed rates and be evolve to do interstellar travel merely by evolution and adaptive means be able to exist in real life? Microorganisms also don't count in this topic.RayoftheSun7 Apr 12
Apr 12 ling wall jump in ladder So I just figured out how to jump lings over terran walls in ladder. https://youtu.be/5OT5LVW4Nog I think this will be the new meta :D If only I had better micro.BilboBagins0 Apr 12
Apr 11 Zerg has been Underpwoered for awhile FIX! LETS roll out some fixes.Overmind23 Apr 11
Apr 11 Protoss is BS. Not enough counters to skytoss Void rays are OP as s***. You use vipers/hydra and it doesnt matter because void rays melt your army no matter what. Used to parasite bombs on a cluster of void rays and he was still able to melt my army and have enough to make them right back. WE NEED A F***** counter to SKYTOSS. ITS RIDICOULOUS AND I HAVE A 20% WIN RATE VS TOSS BECAUSE I LOSE THE SAME WAY WHEN I FINNALLY GET ONE. I DO EXACTLY WHAT IM "SUPPOSED TO DO TO COUNTER" THEM BUT IT DOESNT MATTER BECAUSE VOID RAYS ARE OP AS S***. ZERG CANT STOP THEM FROM GETTING VOID RAYS BECAUSE ZERG IS THE DEFENSIVE RACE VS TOSS AND TERRAN AGRESSION. Since when did zerg become the race that was always on the defensive from rushes and aggression? Toss have a ridcoulous ability early game that allows to make their supply a f***** op weapon so there is no keeping up pressure till you have a big army. THERE ARE NO COUNTERS TO VOID RAYS even if you hit good bombs and stay ahead they MELT YOUR ARMY AND ITS BS. IM OVER IT. F***** OVER IT.Vike11 Apr 11
Apr 10 Roachs ZvT Are roachs/ravengers a viable army composition when fighting Terran bio? I know at the beginning of LoTV there were super good but it seems a lot of pro players are going mass ling/ban muta(or untras). Personally I find ling ban a lot of fun its just so micro intensive and one wrong click into a widowmine or a bad commitment and I can lose. Does anyone have some tips or opinions on if roachs and teaking into teir 3 units is a good idea or should I just mass queen/long/bane?BossninjaxD2 Apr 10
Apr 10 ZvT - ~20 marine rush I was playing a ZvT and about 4 minutes in I see ~16-20 stim marines attacking my OL at mid-map. I didn't have a ling at their nat to see them coming so I know that would have helped, but what else could I / should I have done at this point? I built 14-16 lings but still had no chance by the time he got to me. If I would have seen him pushing out (i.e. ling at the nat) I would have built a few spines and as many lings as possible. I don't usually push an OL into their base until I have speed (which I believe was working at the time I saw him). Thanks in advance. http://sc2replaystats.com/replay/4671153Lokei11 Apr 10
Apr 9 Losing spread out OL's to air I've had a lot of success with spreading my OL's out to open lanes, 3rd/4th/5th bases, etc. Spotting what is happening early or having a resting OL to poke in when needed is wonderful. In a ZvT last night he built 2 vikings and proceeded to cripple me by going base to base and killing all my OL's. Once he killed the 2nd I started bringing them "home" but by then it was too late - he caught up with most of them. Is this just a risk you have to take when spreading out OL's? Is there a trick to hiding them better? I guess I could use them to look around initially but not fully spread until I have speed maybe? Thanks in advance.Lokei2 Apr 9
Apr 6 How to make Zerg Overpowered. You know the saying,"The Swarm Conquers all". There's been some people saying that Zerg are underpowered. We all know that Zerg are the most powerful race in the game. So how to we really make them overpowered. Lets take a look at a few of these changes: 1. Zerglings spawn and in pairs of 4, are permanently cloaked and immune to fire. Not only this, but they can jump up and down cliffs. 2. Overlords regularly spawn creep that will fill up the map in about a minute or so. They are also cloaked and have 10000 health. 3. Roaches can attack air as well and are immune to attacks from airborne units. They can also deep tunnel anywhere on the map regardless of if its in their vision or not and move as fast while burrowed as they can on land. 4. Queens covert 6 enemies that come within their range into larvae every 6 seconds and can summon Real scale sized leviathans to the game at any time for no cost. 5. Infestors can passively permanently mind control any enemy that walks within their line of site, spawn 10 infested marines very 5 seconds, or freeze any enemy in place that walks near them till they die of fungal growth. 6. Spawn hosts spawn spawn 30 upgraded banelings ever 5 seconds which can also attack air. They can also deep tunnel anywhere and have 5000 health each. 7. Hydralisks and lurkers shoot 3 sets of spines instead of 1. They can also move and both attack while burrowed. 8. Mutalisks can fly at the speed of sound, do 105 damage per hit and regenerate health to full every time they move. 9. Corruptors cloud the vision of any units within 15 range. They can attack ground and as well and each attack destroys structures with one hit. 10. Banelings(forgot these earlier) will detonate a zerg version of a nuclear bomb upon death and are also cloaked. 11. Brood Lords Launch Ultralisks instead of Broodlings and attack airborne units by launching corruptors. 12. Ultralisks are able to deep tunnel anywhere on the map even without vision of it , are immune to attacks from air units, have 10000 health and do 250 damage per attack for zero supply. ___________________________________________________________________ Would love to see these updates added to multiplayer for zerg in a future update. Zerg needs to be as overpowered as it can possibly be. For the swarm!RayoftheSun3 Apr 6
Apr 2 Am I too old? I was a junior in high school when StarCraft was released in 1998. I have played every release since and immensely enjoy the franchise. I find that in my old age, I do not have the reaction time to truly master the game. Family and life obligations prevent me from playing more than two times a week, but I enjoy the game regardless. I am currently a tier 2 silver league player, and my APM average is 98. I understand the flow of the game. Drone up, bases, queens, creep spread, scouting etc…but where I fail to win games is in the micro game. I feel I had many games won, if I could micro better. I am ashamed to admit, I am still a Noob who uses F2. When the battle starts, I’m like a deer in the headlights. It’s overwhelming trying to control everything. I also do not understand how to probably use the attack + move. I’m having trouble getting it work properly. Are there training exercises or ways to practice micro? I find the single player challenge modes too difficult. I’m afraid my reaction time and hand eye coordination is something I can’t improve. I have this issue when my friends want to play Halo or Smash Brothers. I’m too slow. I realize I will never be a champion player. I love this game and would play even if I could never leave the bronze league. I want to play to the best of my abilities. I feel I could reach gold league as I have won games against gold league players when matched up against them. Is my age catching up to me? How do upload replays? I know posting replays always helps. Thank you all for taking the time to read my post.Epoch31 Apr 2
Apr 1 How about we buff the roach? Tanks wreck them, Immortals wreck them, chargelots wreck them, marauders wreck them, I can keep going. Why not give roaches an upgrade w/ hive tech, similar to adrenal glands? Right now, they are just units that get nothing done in ZvT and in ZvP, they are only good vs mass adept or fast collosus. The roach is a CORE UNIT for zerg, and without it being an effective option, the other 2 races can just prepare for ling bane and win every mid-game.LigerMaNN71 Apr 1
Apr 1 BURROW fungal how is this still in the game, if anything atleast nerf the range and or damage the funal does WHILE BURROWEDKingSTARK13 Apr 1
Apr 1 Trouble with sentry immortal timings Hello all, so I've recently been having trouble with some sentry immortal timings, generally zvp is my best match-up but theres this one timing i can't quite beat, back in hots it was a 2 base all in but now protoss just grab a fast 3rd while pushing out with this attack, i can't really counter attack as protoss will have overcharge ready at there 3rd, so i have no choice but to stop it in its tracks, generally its about 3 immortald and 10 sentry at the 6-7 min mark followed by adept/stalker warp ins to reinforce. I generally like to skip my roach warren in favour off hydra ling bane, but i can never get more then a dozen hydras out before this timing hits, my question is, in terms off holding off this composition, given that i cant get hydras out quickly enough to thwat it, what would be the most cost efficient way to delay/engage this. Bare in mind that i only have about a minute and a half from when ive saturated 3 bases and grabbed a 4th to actually produce units, ive been thinking perhaps mass ling bane/queen, (i generally get about 8 queens regardess) use lings to bait out a force field wall around his army, and then use dropolords to drop banes on top, i figure if i can kill off the sentrys and weaken the adepts the ling queen will have an easy time mopping the rest up, would this be effective or would i be better off using roach ravager? My problem with roach ravager is that the immortals deal bonus damage to roaches and they generally are the back bone off this push, also i dont like roaches in general, there low range is easily abused by force fields.Hydralisk4 Apr 1
Apr 1 Zerg larvae counter/selector? Protoss has a warpgates counter and button that can select all of them at once. Would be great to have such button/indicator for zerg larvae as well.Nylithius2 Apr 1
Apr 1 Any good Macro/Micro Arcade trainers? Was browsing through the arcade in hopes that there were some good Macro/Micro trainers to practice with. I found some really awesome Terran and Protoss trainers but I'll be damned if I could find any for Zerg. Are there any good ones and if not, why? Thanks for help!LexLuthor7 Apr 1
Mar 30 state of swarmhosts hi i have just started up playing starcraft again and i have reached diamond 3 and is trying to slowing going towards master. i have been wondering if im the only one who have really taken a liking to swarm hosts and how other people have been using them. to me it looks like the current map pool is great for swarmhost plays. such as proxima station, honorgrounds and newkirk precinct. there are many good ways to get the locusts into the main or natural. with only a handfull of swarm hosts it´s easy to take out workers, production or even the base itself in rare cases. This also gives great scouting since you will see tech or army composition. the way i have seen it stopped have been air units or pulling the army out of position which can open up for ling run by. They also feel strong to delay a push since you normally dont want to engage into the locust and lose units for free which can buy time for a round of units to pop to defend against an attack. so i feel they are in a strong spot right now with their fast speed and cheap price. only problem i have run into was they are weak if you are being contained by harassment. i did not expect to do so well with them when i started trying them out but with the great results i have had, i was wondering why i so rarely see them when i play random or other racesnaple2 Mar 30
Mar 29 How to deal with semi-mass Widowmine? ZvT. I went roach/hydra had 3/2, and 4th base. The terran's army comp was made of bio and a few medivacs and about 9-12 widow mines. I wad trying to defend the final attack on my base, and he planted his widowmines and they completely wiped out my army and his bio just finished off the rest. How do I deal with/counter this kind of situation?Shadez5 Mar 29
Mar 29 Hydralisks in BW vs Hydralisks now So hydralisks were bumped to T2, their den cost 50 more gas, they themselves cost 25/25 more (a third increase in mineral cost and a doubling in gas cost), and they now take two supply. Yet despite this massive increase in cost, they haven't significantly gone up in power or versatility. In fact, quite the opposite. They have the exact same health they always had, despite their new costs. Their attack, which used to be instant, is now projectile based so they frequently overkill their targets (who often get one more attack off than they would if the projectiles were instant) and are vulnerable to defense drones. They gained a bit of DPS, but without superhuman micro this is largely counteracted by how much overkill they tend to do (compared to smart targeting reapers and marines, people tend to ignore how huge a boon this is in SC2). They got their old range upgrade built in and now have another one on top of that, but then again they got slowed down a lot and lost their far more useful speed upgrade. Not to mention, hydras in BW transitioned nicely into the higher tech lurkers, which no longer exist. If anyone cares, hydras now also take a little longer to build and, for some reason, gained a very large increase in sight range. So basically even if you like the new hydralisk, it's indisputable that their gains are far less than their increase in cost. At a 33% increase in mineral cost and a doubling in gas cost, you might expect hydralisks to be at least 50% more effective even without considering that they've been moved up a tier and are now a two pop unit, but this is not the case even in ideal conditions (IE, perfect micro resulting in zero overkill). Of course, BW and SC2 are different games, but the general stat level has remained the same. It isn't like the jump from WCII to WCIII where all the numbers for every single unit changed by a factor of ten, making any comparison such as the one I made here pointless. The critical comparison is to marines, who became far easier to mass due to reactor, gained five health, had their ranged upgrade also built in, and gained a shield upgrade while suffering no ill affects in cost or tech placement. So I guess hydralisks really ought to be a lot better given their new cost and tier position. Like, a !**@ ton better. Like take on 3 stimmed shield marines and win better. But to be honest, zerg shouldn't have a super beefy T2 all around ranged heavy hitter because that's pretty boring and makes for boring games where zerg masses cost effective hydras the whole game and is pretty much never punished for it. To be honest, and I know that saying this now is like telling someone to turn their stove off after their house has already burned down since the chances of Blizzard doing this now are somewhere between 0 and -1, hydras never should have been moved up a tier. They should have remained as they were, a weak, but fairly cost effective all-rounder available early on. Roaches, meanwhile, should have been kept strong, but moved to T2, instead of butchered such that their primary mechanic, their regeneration, isn't even in play in the tier where they are most used. Instead, what we have is a T1 lacking all-around and a T2 lacking a true heavy hitter. Drinniol48 Mar 29
Mar 27 Mass queens are a joke Most OP thing in the game, besides BC teleport. A queen beats a stalker 1 on 1. In mass, queens destroy everything. Carriers can't even kill them. I tried it on the unit tester, and I simply took an amount of queens that cost as many minerals as the 9 carriers, and I was able to have my way with them. That's not even factoring in the thousands of gas the carriers cost. That's not even factoring in how many minerals go into rebuilding interceptors during the fight... Transfuse and BC teleport are the most broken spells in this game, and, correspondingly, the most broken units. I'm tired of having to run maxed armies away from pure queens. A "spawning pool unit." The anti air range on the queen is comical. It doesn't even make sense. It's like a melee unit with 8 range. Visually it makes no sense. Play wise... no sense. Either limit how many queens a person can make or nerf transfuse to the ground. Or... let me make 10000 mothership cores and just spam photon overcharge everywhere. How many Zergs need to be in GM before they acknowledge the strength of this race? 150+? How few Zergs need to be in the lower leagues before they acknowledge how easy the race is? Zero? Close enough as is. If the disruptor could 1 shot queens, it would help a lot. Something has to be able to kill the unit.... a hero unit that is massable. Such double standards. You don't need 10+ queens, unless you're abusing the game.Playa65 Mar 27
Mar 27 When are you going to buff/fix Broodlords Waiting............. Time and time again we see them being 100% useless at pro level. As many have already said there is NO reason to make BL as zerg when you can make other units that can acomplish the same goal for less resources and less supply and without all the negative side effects of Broodlords...... like being slow.... like being the longest tech path in the game......like being really expensive....... like having no AA. etcOvermind32 Mar 27
Mar 25 What replays do people want? Going to start posting replays again curious what people want to see vs. like zvz vs early pools zvt vs 2-1-1 or hellion styles zvp vs standard stalker sentry or iac/pica. standards.Ascarecrow6 Mar 25
Mar 24 Macro Hatcheries I do not see any benefit to building a macro hatchery, other than the ~15seconds you might save not having to send a drone out to a new base. Is this the reason macro hatcheries are usually made, or am I missing something?Social5 Mar 24
Mar 24 Gold ZvT - Tanks Hello! I cannot seem to win against tanks. Sometimes I try ling / bane, use the banes to bust through the wall and send the lings against the tanks. Sometimes I try vipers to pull the tanks towards my roach / hydra / ravager group. I even tried Mutas to run behind and snipe the tanks. Nothing seems to be working. I'm getting better at scouting and have been able to peek in and see 1-3 tanks and a group with marines and/or marauders. The question is what should I be doing? Viper seems to be working ok but I still can't close the deal. I know I'm making other mistakes as well but I'm just looking for a strategy to put in place when I see tanks. ThanksLokei3 Mar 24