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Aug 29 PETITION TO BRING BACK SCROURGES The best anti Air unitYankee5 Aug 29
Aug 24 Zerg redesign I think with the new multiplayer changes there could be an opportunity to redesign how the Zerg work. I think rather then having bases built there should be more emphasis on different types of (Mobile) queens and Egg laying, this would allow more flexible unit compositions because you now have to choose which unit/s your queen will produce and there would also be a delay on the time from egg to hatching. So what i see is a the Zerg being a mobile base as the queen gathers resources directly to produce eggs that produce units, so it would be like Army ants with no nest. For example, in another game total annihilation kingdoms one race summoned beasts to fight, so you would have this one unit that created other units etc, in starcraft the zerg queens could take this role. So on the battlefield you can have a certain queen moving forward near the enemy to begin egg laying to attack (still needing resources to feed from directly) or you could have a certain type of queen at your base defending. You will have to change what units you want to spawn as the enemy changes is tactics and if a certain queen died in the hierarchy you would have to go back one step to recover. This change would create a zerg that have the options to deal with any threat however player decisions on queen and unit and time waiting for eggs to hatch would be the deciding factor in being competitive. I hope the dev team can consider it would be a major redesign it would require a lot of effort but i think most zerg players would enjoy the new flexibility in terms of units and capability e.g (Anti-Air) and other capabilities.Blacksting3 Aug 24
Aug 24 Zerg quality of life improvements I see two improvements that can have a big impact of the quality of life for zerg players, this is from the perspective from a casual non-pro player who wants to jump in a match and have fun while still being competitive. (Firstly Base expansion) have a single optional unit dedicated to base expansion that can produce eggs and hatch permanent units that can fight, this unit moves slowly and has a longer build / training time, what i like about this unit is that it needs to feed on the crystals and gas at the resource nodes to survive and to also to continue to produce eggs.. what would be so exciting and fun about this is that you can send an escort of units to protect it and the queen can walk / move to an area rather then base building, And also managing game-play and expansion is much easier from less clicking and less replacing workers and would also have a slightly more defensive game play. The second idea (Zerg workers) is to be able to morph workers into flying resource gathers like a bee or wasp this is to make resource gathering easier but at the cost of more population consumption per morphed worker.Blacksting1 Aug 24
Aug 20 Zerg Design Changes Friend brought this to my attention since I don't play much SC2 anymore : http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/blog/20975163 Skimming over most of it, I'm realizing a lot of contradictions in what Blizzard says they're doing to the Zerg : Blizzard : Additionally we want to look into experimenting with Zerg ground based anti-air options outside of the Queen and Hydralisk. Blizzard : *nerfs Infestors, a ground-based anti-air unit* Blizzard : Looking forward as the testing progresses, we want to make sure that Zerg has enough aggressive options Blizzard : *nerfs Infestors, an aggressive option* Blizzard : before late game so that Zerg players don’t feel heavily pressured into only defensive play. Blizzard : *buffs Lurkers, a defensive option* Is... is this supposed to be contradictory?Echo8 Aug 20
Aug 17 late game bc's question I am a dia3 zerg and I seem to be having a problem in late game vs terrans that go mass bc's. as a zerg player fighting against a lot of bc's I have to make a lot of corruptors. however, the problem I have is that you cant outrun the yamato cannon range after they have initiated the spell or i take the fight and lose half my units and they warp away not allowing me to even get any value out of my losses. i have had games where no bc's are even on the screen I'm so far away and i still lose my units to the yamato cannon. its only an issue when the terran is maxed and i am maxed in army supply because when the battle starts the cannons go off and i immediately get half my army 1 shotted...and even if i immediately remake all those corruptors the yamato cannon is ready again by the time i get into the fight....its like a never ending cycle until i lose. Does anybody have any advice or maybe a different strategy to beat them in the late game, i enjoy playing macro games but not being able to outrun the yamato cannons means if i make a wrong turn with my army and he sets it off then i lost a ton of units no matter what...any advice would be appreciated thanks.TrAuMa2 Aug 17
Aug 17 What happened to burrowed Banelings? I used to see burrowed Banelings all the time when I watched pro games. Lately it seems like the pros never even research burrow, never mind making burrowed Banelings a significant part of their strat.CajunKhan3 Aug 17
Aug 13 when to gas/tech up? i'm high diamond probably going to be masters soon, as my micro is very high level, but there is just one thing i can improve but i'm not sure exactly how other players do it it is deciding when it is the time to upgrade and tech up, especially in more intensive matches. i usually beat terran and protoss by pure micro skill, but since zvz you're fighting the same units, it mostly falls to the macro decisions. my high level micro saves me many times but eventually i get to face players who got a better macro and my micro won't be enough i can open just fine, just i'm not sure when exactly i should add more extractors, the evo chamber, the roach warren, the lair etc. sometimes i add them too early, sometimes too late, i just do it by feel and against master players i end up being behind in army numbers so, how master players do it? they just memorize a build order and play it that way, or do they have a real reference? i probably could improve my other matchups with this information too, as sometimes for example when my spire is done i usually have gas only for very few mutas and i can't do anything with them, so i just sit them back at my base until their number is more significant i hate memorizing build orders as i'm a very reactionary player, i build my strategy as my opponent builds hisDemocracy4 Aug 13
Aug 13 Corruption for the corrupter again? I wish corruption was a thing again for the corrupter . It really helped out against difficult builds like mass thors and bcs and even sky toss. It was such a useful ability for these situations. I hope others agree with me on this one. If not then I have nothing else to say. Take it from here.bullsammyLOL1 Aug 13
Aug 12 lurker in zvz what is the best way to defeat lurker in zvz? am talking of 20+ lurkers. make your own lurkers? mutas? some other idea? i almost defeat a master 1 player in zvz, i was ahead most of the game, then he switched to mass lurker and i couldn't hold it with ravager/roach/hydra. didn't even have enough ravagers early onDemocracy1 Aug 12
Aug 11 Zerg YouTube channels? What GOOD YouTube channels do you recommend Zerg players?Rich6 Aug 11
Aug 10 Zerg Players... Interested in 1v1 practice? I am putting together a group of people and maybe more to make available a place to find somebody to spar with. If you would like your name in the hat, put it in a paper airplane and throw it my way. I hope you are good at making paper airplanes, because to reach me it will probably have to go pretty far. I'm currently a M2 zerg and we have an M2 protoss. But even if you are new to the game, I would like to get anyone involved not just Code S players (OK?). So if you are Bronze, send me a paper airplane! If you are GM, send me a paper airplane. I don't care about your league, I care that you feel like you have options and make definitive goals to strive towards. So go ahead and tell your friends, grandmother, cat, and the flying purple people eaters about this. Maybe we can get something awesome going. Practice#11725IIIIIIIIIIII1 Aug 10
Aug 8 Team anti-toss air There is no game that make me more mad than one I lose against mass toss air. I started to !@#$ list all the maps allowing too easy 3 bases for toss players but there's always these 2 or 3 maps you can't get rid of. Protoss are quite hard to hit even at 3 or 4 mins. For 3 mins you can hope to bring enough zergling and bane to breakthrough and do eco damage but that's quite risky considering his teammates will support him. If you fail, you will face enough void rays to force you to retreat. Let's not forget the freaking mothership core that will rekt anything you try to throw him at. From that point he'll just keep going on with his cheesy build and mass out void or eventually phoenix if he fears you go muta or what ever. So what's the option from there? Hydra are fine if you control the map, you might be able to strike him soon enough to get rid of his voids and win the game. But when he got terran as teammates, that's not so easy (kiting). I feel it's like a hit or miss, you can't really counter that particular strategy as it really depends on how good you teammates are (and the other opponents). Even if you take down one of his teammates, if he got 3 saturated bases the carriers will just keep on coming. Corruptors are quite expensive and not strong enough to engage toss air in fewer number. Should I just get infestor and tech asap for Vipers? Infestors can handle mass ground and with a couple of bane that should be enough to keep the enemy at bay. What composition do you get with that? Infestor ling hydra? Then you get viper and pray it's going to be enough? Edit: Seems like hydra viper is a good contender to counter the air toss build. I will practice this out.Ranken4 Aug 8
Aug 8 ZvZ - how to handle lurkers ZvZ - he harassed with lings at the beginning so i was a little behind. ~11 minutes I push into his base and we have a similar number of units / upgades. He has 8 burrowed lurkers that just completely destroy me. When poking into a base (in this case up a ramp as well) and seeing lurkers what should the response be as Zerg? Thanks in advance.Lokei12 Aug 8
Aug 5 ((Help)) Nukes + Turtle = Sad Zerg I had a really tough game recently. I got super salty and that is so unlike me. But this Terran was turtling all throughout the game. I did my usual strat and just fast expanded and gained map control, but then he started dropping nukes everywhere!!! I couldn't keep up and just ended the game rage quitting. Any advice on how to deal with Terran nuke spamming?Pumpkin4 Aug 5
Aug 5 Ideas for Corruptor Ability I know this trend has been out for quite awale on making corruptor better/fun to use so i was wandering if the abilities I'm about to say would be atleast fun/useful to have. 1) Have a charge ability that allows them to charge through or to a targeted loaction. Any units within the charge will be damaged and push away from the diraction the corruptor is charging. I think this may be useful to break clumped up units or at least disrupt the enemy forces. Also, i could prove as a good chasing ability if need be. The draw back of this is that the corruptor can be place in a bad position after the charge. I dont really play alot of air zerg games but i think that this can help boost the corruptor's populatity, if not just a bit. 2) Have a passive ability that allows the corruptor's attack to pierce 3 units and dealing the same amount of damage (if the projectile hits a massive unit before hitting another non-massive unit, the bones damage only applys to the massive unit only). The ability only works if the enemy units are clumped up or are somewhat in a straight line position, it does not act like an AOE attack. Im not sure if it is possible to create this ability or if it is even good but i think that it could allow players to force the enemy to not clump up their units. Also, the way this ability work makes the user try to position their corruptor to maximise the damage output. 3)Have the corruptor's attack do splash damage, 25% damage to all units around the unit being fired upon. Not much to say here. 4)Have an ability that slow down attack and movement speed. Allows the corruptor to launch a goo that slows the enemy units in an area. So far this is the ideas that I could come up with. I'm not a very good player and thus not sure about balance and tatice but I hope I get to see corruptors in use in more games.MrMoody1 Aug 5
Aug 3 Proxy 5 Gate Impossible? I'm no pro or master strategist but I just got proxy 5 gated in PvZ and no matter how hard I think about it I can't find a way to beat it. You can't tech up to lair or else he overruns you with zealots because you spent resources on tech rather than defense. Spine crawlers mean less mineral income to even make defense units and 7 zealots easily take it out. The real kicker is that he invested 950 minerals into this proxy not even including the units he made which I think came around about 16 zealots so 2550 minerals into this proxy and then he was able to mass stalker and take a second base while I can't stably keep my natural. If anyone has any ideas for how to beat this or has beat it before please tell me because after losing to it I simply feel like there was nothing I could do.KrodaK4 Aug 3
Aug 2 ZvZ viable build? I had a ton of trouble in zvz until i came up with a plan. What i see most ( high gold/low plat) is either some 1 base play using ling/bane or 2 base roach. So basically roach is king since it stops ling/bane and handles roaches until you get tech. What I have been doing is hitting a sweet timing. Hatch, pool, hatch, Warren. Put 8 drones on natural and 2 saturated geisers in main. Then nothing but roaches. Excess minerals into kings and excess gas into ravages. This seems to hit both of those hard as you can have some roaches out to defend 1 base, and you hit them before they have a lot of roaches on 2 base. Maybe slightly cheesy but my zvz win rate shot up after doing this. Didn't know if it was viable or not?DrFuzzyGlove4 Aug 2
Aug 1 How many hatcheries does it take? How many bases/hatcheries does it take to produce ‘X’? In other words, I know I can produce non-stop slings for a ling flood with a two base three hatch, three queen, 24 drone build. But what about the other builds? What about ling/bane/muta or roach/ravager or ling/hydra or mass muta? Do I need three bases to do a good roach/ravager or can I get away with just two? You can do two base muta but for a flock of over 30 you need at least three bases. How many bases/hatcheries for ling/bane/muta or ling/hydra? In other words, how many bases/hatcheries does it take to produce ‘X’? Or what do you need for ling/bane/muta, roach/ravager, ling/hydra, mass muta? That's a lot of questions but take your time. I'm retired and have all the time in the world... till my Lord takes me home.AncientOfDay3 Aug 1
Aug 1 How to get the "Zergling Rush" achievement For those of you who haven't got it yet, this is the achievement where you must build 20 zerglings in the first 255 seconds of a melee game. If you don't have it yet, here's how to go about it. It very much is a "zergling rush" - you're going to need to 6 or 7 pool to pull it off. Note 255 seconds == 4 minutes 15 seconds. 1. Create a 1v1 multiplayer game and add in an AI opponent. Set it to very easy. Race doesn't matter (yes, it can be done this way, it doesn't need to be in a Quck Match game). 2. Start the game normally then either 6 or 7 pool (I preferred 7 pool). 3. While the pool is building, drone to 8, then build an overlord 4. If you timed it right you should have 3 larvae ready to go when the pool finishes. Pop out your first 6 lings straight away 5. IMMEDIATELY after the next larvae spawns, morph it to zerglings. Stay on top of this and morph the larvae to zerglings the second they pop out. Do not delay in this. That's it. If you got it right the 10th pair of zerglings should pop with a few seconds to spare! Note if you accidentally built too many drones, you can morph them to extractors or spine crawlers to free up supply once you are getting close to 20 lings, rather than wasting a larvae on another overlord. There's no need to build a queen to get this.WhitePointer6 Aug 1
Jul 30 Swarm Hosts or Brood Lords against mech. Is it better to go Swarm Host or Brood Lord against Mech? When I use Swarm Host, he makes Hellbats that fry the locusts in 2 seconds, but Brood Lords are really slow and get countered easier.Migrax3 Jul 30
Jul 30 Hydra is Broken Hyrda is broken fix it... they have too much health its no longer a glass cannon if it can advance on tanks or if they can stand in lib zone..... the games momentum changes too fast too hard when hydra hits the fieldJustin10 Jul 30
Jul 28 Is Zerg really that underpowered? I'd prefer a high-up player's opinion on this topic, one who plays and knows Zerg well. I have heard all over this forum that Zerg is underpowered, that they get creamed by Terrans and Protoss, and that they are imbalanced. Me, being a Bronze league Protoss player who wants to build up Zerg skills, I would not know much on this topic. Is Zerg really underpowered or is it just difficult to play? I have played some unranked Zerg matches and consistently lose, and when I play as Toss I don't consistently lose. And I always like to say, "A race is only as good as those who play it." What do you think?Lingua70 Jul 28
Jul 25 Focus Fire vs. A-click I don't have a replay to highlight this but I have a question about attacking into my opponent. Scenario: I have a handful of roaches / hydras. He has MMM and 2 tanks at the corners of a ramp. If I A-click into the fog my units will start up the ramp and attack the MMM coming down. In this scenario the tanks seem to just brutalize my forces. If I try and focus fire the tanks down I feel like the MMM just kill too many of my units to do anything after the fight. The question is - should I just a-click into the dark and let the AI figure it out or are there scenarios where I need to focus fire? I'm mid-plat.Lokei2 Jul 25
Jul 24 Queen idea / base expansion / zerg revamp I am thinking that to expand it could be better if you had the (option) of morphing a queen unit to be able to lay eggs without a hive, so you would move the queen to different areas on the map and then the eggs would take time to grow..possibly the drones can be used to nurse the eggs with the resources from the nearby minerals and gas, when you click the morphed queen you can click on a mini unit list to control what units would be created next ? I like this idea mostly because i don't enjoy all the clicking i would rather have a single unit responsible for unit creation as long as you have built the appropriate building.Blacksting4 Jul 24
Jul 23 Mid level Platinum skytoss problems I cant beat toss once carriers come one the field. I keep getting frustrated. I keep hearing dont let it get that far. I dont know im at a loss i know that it cant be OP but corrupters are junk and hydra just melt away. The only thing maybe would be early ling bane muta pressureYankee5 Jul 23
Jul 22 Zerg anti Air unit Blister beetle unit https://animalcorner.co.uk/animals/blister-beetle/ An early Medium size unit moves slowly but can launch air and ground Aoe Poison attacks (no damage over time), the ability works automatically but the charge must build up before launching each time.Blacksting0 Jul 22
Jul 22 New Zerg unit idea Blister beetle unit https://animalcorner.co.uk/animals/blister-beetle/ An early Medium size unit moves slowly but can launch air and ground Aoe Poison attacks (no damage over time), the ability works automatically but the charge must build up before launching each time.Blacksting0 Jul 22
Jul 20 Battle Chest Ultralisks? So I was looking through the Battle Chest skins. Really keen because they look great, and then I thought 'I wonder what Ultralisks will look like?' because I really love the unit design. Currently, I have the Collector's Edition skin and it's basically the jewel of my collection. I actually bought the entire Collector's Edition recently (already having owned LotV) just simply to get the Ultralisk skin inside it. Anyway, I checked the Ultra skin from the Battle Chests and guess what? It's exactly the same as the Collector's Edition but better. Look at it. The same model has been reused but with more bits added. Does that make me angry? That I spent essentially $30 for a skin that Blizzard simply re-released only better in a bundle with 15 or so other skins for a half of that price? That there is no reason for Blizzard to have re-used the model as the Terran and Protoss Collector's Edition skins are completely different to their Battle Chest skins? Yes, it makes me extremely angry. That my very expensive skin, the one that I learned new Ultralisk strategies just so I could use it more often was lazily recycled with more bits added on in a far cheaper bundle. Call it a childish whinge, I don't care. I'm just irked that, after I buy this Battle Chest for Zerg, there is absolutely no reason for me to now use my rather expensive, rather exclusive skin that made me feel all special every time I finished up an Ultralisk Cavern. If I were offered a refund for the Collector's Edition, I would take it hands down. A lot of money now wasted. I just simply don't see why it could be a new model, texture or color. We have had no skins that are 'basically the same as another skin but better', so why the hell did it have to start with an expensive, exclusive skin?TheSwarm3 Jul 20
Jul 19 when to scout with overlord in LOTV WHen do you sac a overlord in LOTV in opponents main?happyogre2 Jul 19
Jul 18 Zerg army composition I just got back into the game after taking a large hiatus shortly after HOTS was released. I was never phenomenal at 1v1 but I'm looking to get back into things. However, I can't find any real consensus on what the best builds are for each match up. Obviously this is influenced by what my opponent does in many situations but I'm just not as familiar with the meta for LOTV. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.JoWlbaBy5 Jul 18
Jul 14 Zerg and Pvp experience Zerg and pvp experience I would like to see an option where you play your favorite race but the army you choose has certain specializations and weakness in another so you can play the way you want without having to build structures / tech for that play-style, i remember something similar with the command and conquer line of games. Something i would like to see for zerg in this context would be a type of queen unit that lays eggs and then when they hatch they can fight. so a typical scenario for this would be sending one close to an enemy base or resource node. I really would like this implemented because to be honest i don't really like all the clicking and having a unit that can produce fighting units would make that better, also i like a bit of a defensive game so being able to use this unit to slow down the enemy with this unit would be great as well. Also it would be great if Zerg had a difference to its worker units if they could morph into flying gathers like a bee / wasp, remembering that Terran have units that can fly around the map already. I think doing this would be a great fresh approach to the usual zerg play, but to be honest i won't hold my breath seeing this change, i would like to be positive but when you see Protoss sky-toss to your side that is weak on anti-air i just wonder about the logic out there. While its true i'm not a pro-player but i think some quality of life improvement and choice of race with additional benefit and disadvantage towards your preferred strategy would not be too much to ask.Blacksting0 Jul 14
Jul 13 Late Game Is Zerg the weakest race in the late game? Is that part of its design?RAGE5 Jul 13
Jul 8 General Replay help / discussion Hello! I played a game tonight against a Terran and lost. When I pushed into one of his bases I screwed up (mis-read the ramp - didn't see a ledge) and lost several units and in general my whole plan. I would just like general feedback on this replay if anyone has the time to watch it. Anything helps! I have a thick skin - I know I still make a lot of mistakes. I try and learn and practice and improve. Thanks in advance. http://sc2replaystats.com/replay/5107342Lokei0 Jul 8
Jul 5 The Theory of Non-Engagement Hi guys. Cliff here. The oldest known living Zerg player now at 75 and ½. You can beat the Elite AI with a simple ling food, which rapidly gets boring. This is something I use against the Elite AI in all match ups. It’s Mass mass Muta. The idea is to kill workers…. All his workers. Everyone is programed to leave nothing on the table, so we diligently spend our money to keep it low. I personally can’t do that very well, as do a lot of players. My average unspent income is around 1.5K, and it’s only low when I do a ling flood. We all endeavor to arrive into the mid-game with a healthy economy with plenty of workers and bases. However, both you and your opponent are trying to keep that from happening. We attack and try to deny the third to keep his economy low. I leave him alone and have a single-minded purpose, Max out on Mutas. I don’t leave my base without 20 +1+1 Mutas. It does not matter how many bases he has. You just whip-saw him and attack where he is not. Just fly in kill the defense and kill all the workers and fly back out. If he comes before you are done, leave and never engage. That is the Theory of Non-Engagement Because he is keeping his money low he can’t replace all the workers he loses. You can kill all of his workers by playing ring around the rosie with him. In his main after his workers are gone start killing his supply and production. If he arrives, leave and go kill more workers or something else. He will soon cry Uncle or rage quit and leave the game. To do this I go 3 hatch before pool and prioritize gas above minerals. I want, at a bare minimum, 8 extractors, preferably 10. The fourth and fifth are gas only until the main and natural run dry. I strive for three fully saturated mineral lines and 10 gasses. At some point, he will go all-in and attack you so before I move out I set up a defense, usually 40 lings and 20 hydras or 16 roaches and 16 hydras. I upgrade both my air and ground army. That is a lot of gas which is why gas is the priority. This is not a build order, it’s just an idea, and it works well for me. It may be of some use to you if you want to try it out. I’m not pushing it, so if you don’t think it is for you, no biggy. PS; BTW This is my fifth and newest account, so I have more than just 1 post.AncientOfDay3 Jul 5
Jul 3 Looking for pool first build info Hello All! I almost always play 17 hatch 18 gas 17 pool and feel pretty comfortable with it. I would like to hear from others what a good pool first build it (detailed out to at least the 3rd base). I'm not looking for a super-quick all in build but just want something to try out when I'm facing particularly aggressive players. I've looked around at a few sites and have seen some builds but I want something where I can ask questions / specifics from someone which is easier to do here. Thanks in advance.Lokei2 Jul 3
Jul 3 Quick 3-base builds Evening friends, I'd like to think that I am fairly good with the standard Zerg build. However, I am wondering if anyone could recommend a quick 3-base build for Zerg? I'm hoping to get a third base up and running as soon as possible. I've been playing with: 17 hatch, 19 pool, and a third hatch at about 1:30-1:40 with a primary focus of 4-6 zerglings, 4 queens, and heavy droning until about 3:50. However, this leaves me relatively vulnerable to heavy reaper/adept harass. I would never commit to this build in a ZvZ. Thanks. /KaldenKalden2 Jul 3
Jul 2 Cyclone/Hellbat 1-Base All-in I scouted it and still lost. If I see this coming, what is the best response? I dropped two spines and tried to hold it with lings and 3 queens to no avail. any tips would be appreciated v/r SkulltwistSkulltwist4 Jul 2
Jul 2 Getting back into 1v1 I haven't played 1v1 seriously since the beginning of HOTS and really haven't watched any streams for a long long time. I've just been playing 4v4 here and there. I'm looking to get back into playing 1v1 seriously and am trying to figure out what the meta is for each match up and what to expect. Anyone care to educate me?Mlenk2 Jul 2
Jun 30 Finally made it out of silver went on tear then came back to earth. ran from silver 2 to gold 1 then back to down to gold 2. won games outright with early game ling and bane. So my question is until the end of gold and into platinum should i kinda let that play go and focus more on mid game def and late game ending? Or stay with the early game lings into banes then fast hydras that got me through to gold 1?Jenger8 Jun 30
Jun 28 ZvZ - defending 14 pool 13 gas Low Plat - I went 17h/18g/17p and he went 14p/13g. Around the 2 minute mark I see a parade of lings coming in and my pool isn't finished. I canceled my hatch, built 2 spines in my main and let me queen finish. I lost most of my D in his first push and I'm wondering how I should have reacted. Should I have let the 3rd finish to keep him busy until I could build more D? Did I just simply react wrong? I know I made a lot of mistakes after that but I was just winging it. I meant to build a RW instead of a BL nest but obviously hit the wrong key. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. http://sc2replaystats.com/replay/4906062Lokei13 Jun 28
Jun 28 LOTV zerg openings So I just started getting the hang of HOTS openings and now I'm a bit thrown off. can anyone help me? find me some sources. some videos. or just some hints. I would greatly appreciate it.. so fr i've been going 13Overlord 16 hatch 16 pool and bulding off thatSorrowsFall24 Jun 28
Jun 27 Maxing out as zerg I've had problems lately, floating a bunch of minerals in the early and mid game. I decided to play against a protoss very easy a.i. just to see how quickly I could max out on ling, bane, hydra. I was able to max out at 9:20 with 2/2, hive just finished, creep over half the map, and five bases. How good of a timing is that for my overall macro, relative to say a masters player? I know this way obviously eliminates the problem of having to deal with aggression and harassment but I figured it would be a good way to benchmark where my macro in a vacuum is at.JoWlbaBy2 Jun 27
Jun 21 Buff changeling How about give it ability to morph on to the enemy unit instead just becoming the unit. This can be viewed by 5 hp buff this can also be used on friendly units. Can only apply to one changeling at a time plus under stealth detection you can click on it that your other units would attack it. Without you use manually but if don't stop you would hurt your unitlonedog9 Jun 21
Jun 19 How to use swarmhost Hello my fellow community of the zerg race! Today im going to ask how to use swarmhost without further a do let me explain... Alright, Alright ill stop messing around so how do you guys use swarm host Ill give you guys an example I have 15 Swarmhost and im engaging an army on a 2v2 while my ally is dealing with the other player. Should i use them as waves like 5, each time it expires or just use half of them or just use all of them at the same time! Ill be waiting for feedback! Thanks!Escape2 Jun 19
Jun 17 remove infestors from the game Infestors are OP. I finally have gotten decent at using Infestors and they destroy everything....everything. I used to have issues with sky toss and toss deathballs of all flavors (usually I would have to out expand and keep toss from getting the army, now I don't care) I wish D. Kim was around to remove them from the game as infestors are imba.BilboBagins1 Jun 17
Jun 15 Swarm host I know Terran scream that they op but I think it is weak. Biggest flaw of sh is that locust has no mobility. Then for 25 secs it is useless pop I feel if you cut the duration and cool down in half. Double the flight speed so you keep distance same. This would reduce dead time in half. Now how do you solve slow locust can't increase speed than that would be strong. Solution have an ability to hatch locust inside swarm host. It would have speed swarm host and fire power of locust for 9 secs but forces you to put sh in the front of the line.lonedog9 Jun 15
Jun 15 ZvT - question on bad engagement Hello! I have a specific question about a very bad engagement on my part. The fight starts at around 9:15. A few seconds before that I accidentally split up my army and ended up attacking in 2 pitiful waves. My question is about the engagement at around 9:20. When I move in with my roaches / hydra it looks like I'm walking straight at the tanks and not attacking. I can't tell if I clicked to attack the wrong unit or was walking instead of a-moving. At this point could I have won that attack or where there just too many tanks / marauders? http://sc2replaystats.com/replay/4921849 ThanksLokei2 Jun 15
Jun 15 Roach and ravagers : differences ? Other than the bile spell, of course. Do ravagers hit harder ? Have more HP ? More armor ? More range ? Do they do splash damage ? Are roaches better in some situations ? When is it better to have ravagers than roaches, and roaches than ravagers ? Thank you a lot. I see the difference between hydra and lurkers because they both have really different uses and are different units, but the ravager just seems to be an upgraded roach and I don't really know if I should always morph them or not.Feitan7 Jun 15
Jun 11 How do I beat mass ravens? The terran goes mass planetary and missile turrets then goes into massive amounts of ravens afterwards. How to I fight this?Zurge21 Jun 11
Jun 9 Need genera advice, new player starting out. New player looking for advice on several specific points. Last time I played ranked was wings of liberty as Protoss. I've currently placed gold right now averaging around 90apm. Scouting? I do not currently drone scout, and rely on a 16 pool w/ immediate speed and lings and overlord scouting, which is often denied. What is the best way to place your overlords? Is there an ideal timing to get overlord speed? Beyond the obvious things, what am I looking for (if I see a star gate/port, expect to deal with air. Robo is usually imm/cols. Etc) I almost always make blind spores around 4:30-5:00, helps deal with harass especially if I am denied a scout. Any tips for queen management and creep spread? Most of my APM is focused on spending my income at the moment, so my creep spread is garbage, but I'm fairly decent at making time for injects. Unit compositions? Due to my poor micro, I avoid spell caster units. Depending on complexity of opponent's army, I usually end up with ling/hydra unless I think I can just kill my opponent on lings, or have to defend early pressure with roaches. Upgrades, when? I always have long speed. I usually skip roach speed, I usually forget hydra speed but try to get it. I try to get +2ranged +2 carapace unless I'm going for a +1 melee ling timing. Most of my wins in current bracket are because I've contained an opponent that is on 2-3 bases while I get up to 5 or so, usually not fully saturated. I then kill their army, usually while trying to deny a 3rd or 4th base and follow up with a mass of units that kills them. All feedback is welcome, thanks in advance!Waffles1 Jun 9