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Mar 3 Apm per league? Just currious as to what apm I should average by league. Right now I'm terrible despite stomping the ai and I average 40 apm. Also, any tips on upping apm?Dakarius152 Mar 3
Mar 2 Evolution pit in multiplayer So I know Zerg are meant to swarm enemies and I remember swarmlings From the campaign. And I remembered how muck evolution meant to them. As some know the evolution master becarm a co op character and his units collected bio mass. I say we do that in multiplayer and when you get enough you go to an evolution pit you made and upgrade a unitepic0 Mar 2
Mar 2 ZvT - Ling Bane Build Order? I keep trying to go ling-bane vs. Terran bio, and I can never seem to get enough quickly enough and end up getting overrun. I'm sure a good bit of it is poor micro on my part. But I'm also a bit flustered on the basic build. What is the basic ZvT ling-bane build order? If I have that down, maybe I can focus better on micro/scouting/etcfightnbluhen2 Mar 2
Mar 2 Toss Harassment + Turtle? Help. I've been dealing a lot with Protoss heavily freaking harassing me early game and turtling up and teching up behind it. And I'm not talking like your standard oracle - adept harass I'm talking Neeb/warp prism like harass! It gets so frustrating to deal with! I'll try to go for a counter attack but he's turtling and if I try to leave my base the harassment just gets worse. Ideas: I've thought about doing like a Scarlett two base mutalisk type of play? I've always heard that two bases is harder to harass because obviously the less bases you have to defend. But yah, any advice? Thanks.BIGmermaid3 Mar 2
Mar 1 ij jjBIGmermaid0 Mar 1
Feb 26 Climbing to Masters. Just hit Diamond today. APM avg ~181. My hardest matchup is usually PvZ. I can decently ZvZ. I could work on baneling micro and transition. I purely got to diamond with macro. Now I really want to climb the ladder into high diamond or masters. I'm just looking for a Zerg coach. Not a Terran or Protoss main that thinks they can coach Zerg to masters, please. Just looking for help to climb higher. I know no builds or anything of the sort. Just generalizations, and so far I've been able to climb to diamond. Thanks guysChiRho10 Feb 26
Feb 26 ZvT Help, Diamond 3 Trying to get beyond D3 and this isnt helping!!! I know I screwed up defense against the first 4 hellions, but other than that what else did I do wrong? Played him 3 times in a row, and this is the 3rd game (i deleted the others D:) He does this build everytime(i think) and mass BCs at the end, I didnt have ciritcal amount of corrupter/hydra. Maybe I needed infestors? IDK D: how the F did i even get to diamond :( http://ggtracker.com/matches/6981309KillJoy3 Feb 26
Feb 25 Tips for zerg, cant win Another im losing topic. Played tonight and lost every single game (about 10 didnt check). Obv playing zerg. I scout terran but the build order looks the same with barracks and factory. Protoss either mows me over with adepts, stalker, or skytoss. Zerg always cheeses with lings and i seem to always lose some how yet i have more lings. I have decent macro, i have tried roach all in, baneling bust, 3 hatch b4 pool, everything. Nothing works. Terran will just mow over anything i have with bio and tanks next to my base. I just dont know what to do anymore. I played well about little bit back got to plat 3 from gold 2 in 1 night and was happy (just using rank to represent games won). Now i lost about 300 mmr and anything i try as zerg just fails. Muta ling bane, roach hyrda, roach all in, ling cheese, infestor ravager, mass queen with lings. Nothing seems to work at all. Any tips that anyone can give me that i may have forgotten to help improve? I don't know if i forgot some key strategies or what, just not winning at all anymore and need some help. :/Ampoz6 Feb 25
Feb 25 Advice vs Terran Mech? Thor/Lib/Tank I am Diamond 3 and I am having trouble against terran mech. I had the base advantage against my opponent and had 3/3 roach/hydra, but he massacred me. I know roach/hydra is a bad composition against mech, but I didn't see he went full mech until it was too late. What is the correct way to face this? Broodlords/Ultras? I tried lurkers but his tanks easily countered them by scanning.Shadez7 Feb 25
Feb 25 ZvT Tier 2 Diamond. Help me please. I'm a tier 2 diamond player and my worst matchup by far is ZvT http://ggtracker.com/matches/6971942 This is how a typical ZvT always looks for me Any hints or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I feel like I'm always so ahead then always fall apart to constant harass. I don't know how to leave my base without him dropping me and killing everything and I feel that if I don't push with my full army strength he'll easily beat it. Thanks.Zasz4 Feb 25
Feb 24 I Need Help with the Cheese I am tried of lose everytime when someone use a cheese, Please Help me with itMJleal4 Feb 24
Feb 24 How to defend cannon rush (Helpful GUIDE) I know this is a touchy topic and really there's no easy answer. But I hope to give some guidelines on how to defend this so you don't just die or rage quit Starcraft forever. 1) Of course there's the basics always scout for an early probe. Basically, if you see a probe before or a bit after the 1min mark or if you even see 2 probes then something stinks in Denmark. 2) You need about 4 drones to kill a warp in. Don't panic and pull all your workers, for heavens sake! But if he's using two drones to do warp ins then you must pull all of your workers and have at least two following each probe at all times. 3) DO NOT ATTACK THE PYLON!! NEVER EVER ATTACK THE PYLON!! If your opponent drops a pylon in your base I want you to do this "OMG SO PRETTY" but don't do anything! But the moment he drops a cannon be all over that like flies on S H I T! What the Protoss loves for you to do is attack both his pylon and his cannon warp ins, which can be overwhelming; but you're not going to do that because you read this post. Note: Attack the pylon if and only if he's no longer warping in anything, I do it normally with my first Queen. Its important to do this because he may do a follow up with a mother-ship core. Also immediately attack the pylon if its near the ramp because he's likely warping in a sneaky cannon from the low ground. 4) Zone out! You'll need to zone out some of your drones. This is because if he's a smart toss player he'll drop pylons and cannons in areas that are harder to... surround?! Like, I had one toss player cutely drop a cannon between my gas and my mineral line so it was hard for me to surround it and kill it. Basically, he wants to limit as much surface area as possible to make it harder for you to attack it. But you being a smart little Zerg player preemptively zone out some of your drones in those areas making his warp ins harder. Tip: He also might start warping in near your gas or spawning pool so you might want to zone out there as well. 5) Let's say you completely messed up and didn't see his cannons or pylons until it was too late. Don't worry, immediately make two gases and start droning up then drop a roach warren make a few roaches (don't worry there armored units) and slowly push out.BIGmermaid0 Feb 24
Feb 22 How to deal with mass High Templar? i'm Diamond 3 and and the game I played was ZvP, and I went roach/hydra and was ahead in economy. I couldn't attack his army though because he had like 8-10 high templars on full energy and I couldn't really attack him. When I engaged him, I tried to split my army, but his storms were everywhere and I lost my whole army. Is there any way to counter mass high templar? He also had archons/zealots/stalkers.Shadez6 Feb 22
Feb 13 Questions about the third base and beyond Hey, I'm a new player in silver and have mostly stuck to 2 base builds so far but I'm transitioning into 3 base play. What is the general procedure to take a new base (effeciently)? Should I transfer drones over from the natural and main or just set the worker rally point to the thirds mineral line? How do I deal with queens having excess injects without having a different larvae cycle for the third (and ensuing bases)? Right now I'm just ignoring the additional larvae to keep them all on the same cycle. Sorry if these are dumb questions and thanks in advance. One last question, do people macro 4 bases very tightly and is it something worth practicing?Chongus1 Feb 13
Feb 11 No blade s guid ? Hi, 4years ago i played this game and was master level, i learn all i need to know with the player blade who did a perfect guid in hots. Today im back and want to push master rank again, but.. never found a good guid to learn macro game in lotv I always play macro games, because i like to counter cheese and learn my builds very well. I hope some of u can help me :p GoodLuckHave: FUN!!!!GoodLuckHave1 Feb 11
Feb 9 Corrosive bile hotkey Hey guys, just here to give a top on how to set up your hotkeys to make mass corrosive bile even easier than it already is. The default way biles work, is you have the hotkey of "c" to select the ability, then the left mouse button for where you want to cast the ability. There is way to hotkey both of these actions to the hotkey. Personally I use a bit any button that isn't already hotkeys to something else will work. When you go to menu, then hotkeys. You can select global or race specific hotkeys. Select zerg first and simply set the bile alternative hotkey to whatever your like. Then in the global hotkey panel, select unit management tab. Under unit management there should be an option for "select so target" change the alternate to the same alternate as corrosive bile. That should make biles unbelievably easy to cast in mass. You can even hold down the key rather than pressing it repeatedly.NoNoUDo4 Feb 9
Feb 7 GUIDE: ZVP SWARMHOST INFESTOR Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5rjXNUVPj4 Greetings, some of you might remember me from Guides such as the 3 Roach Opener vs Terran. http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/sc2-strategy/507369-zvt-3-roach-opener and the 19 / 35 Drone allins vs Protoss http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/sc2-strategy/510773-zvp-blindcountering-tc-adepts Who am I / Credentials I am a Swiss Grandmaster Zerg residing around 6.1k MMR on EU and in the top 50 on NA and I am here to show you all my solution for the ZvP Matchup to deal with any and all Protoss Openers and Strategies. Whether you struggle against Archon Drops, Dts, Carriers, Chargelot Immortal Archon, Colossi or phoenix openers. This Strategy might not be easy to execute for lower league players but it has been quite effective. The Idea: Long ago Infestors were OP. All races feared them in the golden age of Zerg also knows as Lings of Liberty. Infested Terrans were too strong. Fungal shut down complete builds and any all army movement. However, come HotS the Infestor largely disappeared. In the latest Patch the Infestor was buffed once again and is now able to cast neural parasite while burrowed. Since I am a big fan of the Swarmhost Unit I was trying to find a way to make them work. However, Locusts don't shoot up, Colossi burn them alive and Archons kill them with their Splash. Additionally Chargelots seem to do really well against them so I was looking for a way around all this. What I found was the Infestor. By opening early Infestors I can easily shut down most aggressive Protoss openers. If I am up against a Carrier Protoss I can just spam their base with Infested Terrans watch as their unupgraded Interceptors fall apart against the power of 50 Infested Terrans which also kill their Stargates / Cybercores. Once I have Infestors I can add the Swarmhost on top and use the Infestor's Neural Ability to shutdown Colossi / Archons while the locusts mow through their Army. Their Chargelots will explode against my Banelings and I will win since I have FREE UNITS. The Build Order I will try to give you guys as good of a Build Order as I can. It's kind of hard because I am still experimenting and adjusting a lot depending on what I scout. 13 Overlord 17 Hatchery 18 Gas 17 Spawning Pool Rally next drones to gas 19 Overlord 100% Pool 2x Queens, 2 Lings @100 Gas Ling Speed 100% Queens 2x Queens @3:30 Lair, Extractor, Evolution Chamber @3:40 2x Extractor @Evo Chamber +1 Melee @4:00 3rd Hatchery 100% Lair (@4:30) Infest. Pit, Baneling Nest 100% Infest. Pit (@5:10) Pathogen Glands, Burrow Upgrade @Pathogen Glands build Infestors or Swarmhosts as you see fit. @+1 Melee Go 2 Evo Chamber and Melee + Ranged Upgrades. If you are dealind with Carriers go Ranged + Carapace instead. Core army Composition is Ling Bane Infestor Swarmhost (Queen) Don't forget Neural Parasite. I usually get it once I have the Infestors on the field / after Pathogen Glands [/spoiler] Adjustments vs TC Adept Allins: Replay vs Tails http://sc2replaystats.com/replay/activeArmy/4314958 Get a Baneling nest ~3:45 at the latest. Spam a lot of Lings don't drone your 3rd. Just try to hold on. Swarmhosts are going to be more effective than Infestors in these Scenarios but it will be very difficult. vs TC Adept Openers: Don't really have a Replay but it's pretty much the same as vs Allins. Just get a Baneling Nest and use your Queens to zone a lot. vs Straight Carrier http://sc2replaystats.com/replay/activeArmy/4325511 Spam their Wall with Infested Terrans and then lings and just kill them.. They automatically lose. You may also use Swarmhost Runbys ala http://sc2replaystats.com/replay/activeArmy/4325685 vs Archon Drop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWJKmXtAN54 Replay can be found in the Description of the Video. I use a lot of Queens to shut down the Drop. The early Lair means that I don't need any Spores as I can build Overseers. Infestors allow me to Fungal the Prism and kill it vs Oracle Openers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dgtyCfj0KY Replay can be found in the Description of the Video. I use Queens and two early Spores to shutdown the Oracle. Spores around 3:45 I believe vs Phoenix Openers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAZM57LRMbs Replay can be found in the Description of the Video. I delay my Spores a little bit. I use the Queens to zone the Phoenix and eventually try to time Burrow + Infestors at the same time so I can immediatly fungal the Phoenix and kill them.Railgan7 Feb 7
Feb 7 Larva in MP/Co-Op should work like Campaign. Queens shouldn't have a larva spawn ability, they should just be the healing and creep generating combat unit. Hatcheries should spawn more larva automatically as they upgrade. Switching from campaign to MP it took me longer than I care to admit to figure out A) That my queens weren't moving with the rest of my army (using F2 to command them all) and B) Why I was getting so few larva. The way it works in MP.... it just doesn't make any sense to me. I do not see why'd they'd have it this way. Freaking Hives only giving me 3 larva at a time? I just, I can't, ......no. Fix it, make it like campaign.TheSong11 Feb 7
Feb 6 Dealing with Turtle Terran/Toss ((Guide)) I hear some Zerg players are having trouble dealing with Terrans/Tosses who turtle and it's understandably frustrating to deal with. Here's a strategy that has almost always worked for me. Composition - Early on you want to drone up heavily and then build up a good ling/bane composition. Based on my experience turtle Terran/Toss are mostly going for a death ball comp of sky units. So if you can confirm you'll need to get upgrades ASAP and units that compliment. Strategy - If he wants to sit and turtle on two bases then make sure he stays there! If you see him moving out to take another base then this is your time to attack. This is also your time to expand. If you know he's turtling then his unit comp is probably going to take awhile to build up, so this is your time to get map control - take as many bases as you can and continuously spread creep. DO NOT attack into his base! That is exactly what any Terran or Protoss wants! The whole strategy behind this is a War of attrition! YOU having the whole map and him having only 2-3 bases. You'll also need to bank minerals. The old RTS adage "spend money as soon as you get it" doesn't apply here. In the late game, assuming you've expanded and droned up, you'll need to bank up heavily on gas and minerals. This is when he attacks you you can just easily replace your army, and because he's only been on a 2-3 base economy well...! Tip: A very simple way to get a turtle player to attack/come out of his base is to just take his expo. I don't know how many times I've done this too a turtle Terran. I would just sit my army right in front of his main or natural and send a drone to take his expansion. This forces a tough choice for the turtle player because if he doesn't attack that hatchery then you can just spread creep tumors around his base along with some static defense, and you've basically got him pinned. But if he successfully pushes you back then just cancel the hatch and move on. All and all you wasted a few minerals to get a good engagement and delay his expansion, well worth it! gl, BMBIGmermaid0 Feb 6
Feb 6 Sick of Terran, give me your filthiest all-in I'm done with Terran. I'd rather quit this game than deal with them. Just give my your nastiest all-in that I can roboticly execute and not have to think about all their BS anymore.Geo11 Feb 6
Feb 5 Why is the Zerg homeworld char? It seems like an odd choice for three reasons 1.correct me if I'm wrong, but fire seems to the the Zergs most consistent weakness. 2. One of their main mechanics is burrowing underground, which could lead straight into lava, like the nydus mission showed. 3. If it's because it has hostile terrain, they could have chosen a jungle planet, and infested all the plants so it was more dangerous, but posed no danger to the zerg My suggestions are A. Bel'Shir: jungle for infestation, biomass and defense B. Skygierr station: prebuilt defenses, infested troops and hybrid lab/essence/corpses C.Kaldir: flash freezes now grant attack speed buff as well as freezing enemiesAbathur5 Feb 5
Feb 5 Late game zerg army What do you build during late game if you use roach+hydra early-mid gameHershey2 Feb 5
Feb 1 Battlecruiser in my main at 5:40 Just played a zvt, i did my normal scouting, started with gas pool hatch, scouted and saw the usual barracks supply depot block and a factory going up, I started a baneling nest to break through and by the time I had done that first attack and built up a rush, he has a battlecruiser slaughtering my drones. I'm pretty unexperienced in the ladder, this is my first time jumping back into it since hots since I just got a new computer that can run this game, but I'm curious as to how terran can get this out so soon, if it's common, and how to easily spot/counter it? I apologize if this is a noob question, but back in hots I only remember having to fear early hellions.SerenEldred17 Feb 1
Jan 31 Zerg army composition I just got back into the game after taking a large hiatus shortly after HOTS was released. I was never phenomenal at 1v1 but I'm looking to get back into things. However, I can't find any real consensus on what the best builds are for each match up. Obviously this is influenced by what my opponent does in many situations but I'm just not as familiar with the meta for LOTV. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.JoWlbaBy1 Jan 31
Jan 31 Swarm host viable? Hi! Is anyone trying to use swarm host after patch? I tried to use them and despite it is not a good idea to mass them as a main army, I found very useful make some of them to harass, taking advantage of flying locus on some points like from golden enemy base to his nat and main in Vaani Research Station, from 5th to main on Daybreak, from 4th to nat on Echo and points like that. Do you believe Swarm host are viable? Thanks.Destruktor10 Jan 31
Jan 29 Basic LoTV Openers Can anybody point me to basic Legacy of the Void zerg openers, so I can have that by rote while I work on mechanics and timing? I'm getting back into the game, and I was never that good to begin with. But whatever little I used to know about build orders from Swarm seems mostly useless now.fightnbluhen19 Jan 29
Jan 28 Replay: Mass Marine vs 1 Base Bane My last game was pretty intense! noobsmashing random vs my burrowed bane defense. 8min nonstop struggle! What other possibly way would you defend against this? With my average macro game keep in mind haha http://sc2replaystats.com/replay/activeArmy/4244922 Thanks ^.^WhiteBeard3 Jan 28
Jan 27 Zerg improvement ideas *Drones removed - zerglings can now fight and gather resources *In matches Base starts with zerg queen *Zerg are now mobile, specific units can collect the resources or morph to be able to collect resources gathered from zerglings *Zerg queen now lays eggs that spawn random anti air wasps or strong solider caste, the eggs are laid automatically but you can switch between solider caste or anti air wasps. * The overlord can now also morph into an anti-air bug Think (Hornet) however it is very slow can only attack other air units but can shoot quick stingers.Blacksting2 Jan 27
Jan 22 Is there any counter to the liberator? Make air? Nope gets destroyed by terran air now, make hydras? Nope, cause tanks, plus liberators kill your hydras in 1 hit.Hecatomb68 Jan 22
Jan 20 Zergs need some tool to beat Carriers. Hi! Diamond EU player here! I think Carriers are too strong vs Zerg now. It can't be than their main zerg counter, corruptors, can't win carriers right now, maybe zergs need some buff vs skytoss. It's frustrating than despite I see my opponent is going mass carriers I can't do anything to win his army. Any ideas? ThanksDestruktor11 Jan 20
Jan 19 Are Mutas bad in ZvZ? So in ZvZ (a.k.a. the bane of my existence) whenever I tried to tech to mutas the transition was fine but the mutas themselves sucked. With groups ranging from 8-16 mutas I just couldn't get work done and whenever someone goes Mutas against me I just turtle with spores and queens until I get Hydras out. Are Mutas just bad or is there some special trick to them?Biomech4 Jan 19
Jan 19 How do you use roach ravager? I'm pretty new to this game and I want to know how to use roach ravager. I have a hard time knowing when to attack with it. Any tips?Zurge5 Jan 19
Jan 19 Low Drone Cap? I am very new to this game (Right? I hop on almost 20 years later?) But I have realized that my hatchery caps out at 16 drones, where all of the build order videos I have watched cap out at 24 drones. What am I missing? Campaign completion? Leveling up? I am at a loss. Still only playing against the AI so it isn't that big of a deal, but I would be at a severe disadvantage if I was playing against other players and there were having an entire multiple extra of workers on their bases.RAGINoWHITEY3 Jan 19
Jan 15 Allies should be able to build on creep! I see in the forum guidelines that petition posts are frowned upon but I think allies being allowed to build on creep would help balance 2v2 a lot, and maybe other team games as well. Zerg has weaker units than the other races. They need creep for the speed boost on their units and the map vision. It makes it hard to go banelings in 2v2 against a bio terran for example when they just attack your ally's expandsion. Banelings trade well on creep vs bio but pretty badly off it. Maybe in the early game your fine when your bases are pretty close together and you just have the zerg take the front base to spread creep on the map. When the game goes later though and your ally wants to take a third base somewhere on the map, you can't build any creep there because of that. Then if your opponent attacks there your banelings are almost useless. If there are any team game players out there, what do you think about this?BiGBuLLY6 Jan 15
Jan 14 Basic rules still apply Message to all Zerg's: I've played this game following basic rules of Zerg macro for years: Determine enemies plan of action, construct the largest economy my opponent will allow while consistently probing for more information, and then build an army to crush him. I have not a single clue as to the meta nowadays, yet I still regained masters with ease. The message is this: Regardless of the meta, imbalance, or any other variables outside of your control, the fundamentals always work. Apply them, and you will be successful.Roboroadkill2 Jan 14
Jan 11 crazy zerg strategy Any thoughts on crazy strategy as a zerg? Post them here. I have tried: 1. mass queens w/ spine crawler (transition into brood lord) push 2. overseers spawn tons of changelings to block off ramp They didnt work very well though lol. I feel that you can do funny things w/ infestor but I am too dumb to think of any :(Nuno13 Jan 11
Jan 10 ZvT Cyclone/Hellbat All-in Basically Terran gets blue flame and +1 attack, and moves across the map at around 5 minutes, what can zerg do to defend this?KorTECK9 Jan 10
Jan 10 Zerg vs Terran HELP!!!!! Ok so typical game, Terran def up their base so can't get in with lings, need to get some better units right? But what the hell do you do when they cheese and just non stop build reapers? Damn observers are too slow in the beginning of the game to get a good scout by the time 5+ of em are at my base vs just a few of my lings. And if it's not that cheese its building crap in my natural blocking me and putting down a turret. I'm finding it hard vs Terran atm on so many levels since the patch with the improvement to siege tanks but now I am running into more n more cheese plays and I feel like I cant get my feet off the ground. Suggestions please!!! Typical build if I think they are going cheese. drone, observer, gas, drone up gas, spawning pool into lings+ movement speed, observer and pump out a few more lings while starting up on roach warren (IF I am able to get to that before I am raped by reapers).Tyyphoid6 Jan 10
Jan 10 Cannon rushes I've been getting cannon rushed so much lately, and I usually could handle this type of thing. But these new cannon rushers commit so hard. I open 17 hatch and usually keep my second overlord at my natural to see if it gets blocked. I see a probe come in it immediately throws 3 pylons down to block my ramp. At that point I have pool about 1/4 done and I pull 4 to 6 drones to break the wall. After his pylons finish(at least 1 of them always does) he throws a cannon on the low ground with another pylon. Lings/queen isn't out in time, and drones can't hold it by themselves. Is there a way to beat this is or do I have to start 14 pooling every game?NoNoUDo10 Jan 10
Jan 10 PvZ help The Protoss discussion is dead, and the General discussion irrational, so I’m going to ask you guys for help. Right now the only strategy I can win with vs. Zerg is mass carrier, and Zerg players are fast learning the counters. Anyone have any basic build orders I can start off with, because I am completely clueless and helpless right now.WireBender8 Jan 10
Jan 10 Zerg Behemoth - transport/support unit Massive zerg air unit, bigger than an leviathan but not as dangerous. Stats hp - 1600 energy - 250 supply - 20 movement speed - 1.4062 Cost - 800 minerals, 500 gas build time - 180 seconds regular attack - 60 damage(single air), speed 3 seconds. Abilities 1. Shadow in the void - This large creature blocks out the life form of the planet, weakening all enemy units within 11 range of the behemoth. Enemy units loses 30% damage and 40% hp from this passive effect. 2. Load - Load up to 30 supply of units. 3. Consume - Eat 6 bio infantry units, gaining back 200 hp, cost 150 energy, can be used on units from both sides.Tarzan6 Jan 10
Jan 9 Different builds as a new player Hi, I'm new to sc2 but I've been hearing that the most important thing to work on is mechanics and macro as a new player. Will experimenting with different build orders etc hurt more than it will help early on? If so, when can I tell if my fundamentals are good enough to start experimenting?Chongus7 Jan 9
Jan 8 TVZ Replay Analysis So I literally just learned the 2-1-1 today and would like some tips and analysis of these replays. http://ggtracker.com/matches/6921336 http://ggtracker.com/matches/6921337 My few questions are What am I doing glaringly wrong? What is the purpose of the 2-1-1? To delay creep, harrass or start engaging to force the zerg to build units and halt their economy? What is the follow-up past the drops? What is the exact timing that it is supposed to hit? I.E. What are the benchmarks?Thanks!Azrael7 Jan 8
Jan 7 Marine Drop Loss Hey all, I've been recently getting back into Starcraft after about a year or so. Already, I'm ranking platinum whereas a year ago I was a consistent gold. Obviously, I still have quite a bit of rust to knock off, but I was really perplexed by this loss: http://ggtracker.com/matches/6911371 The terran player goes dual medivac-marine drop into my third and after two really bad engagements I realize that the game is a lost cause. Overall, I am pleased with my build order and most of my gameplay mechanics (for the most part); I saw the medivacs coming and I was expanding quickly (something I knew I needed to work on from a year ago), and if I remember correctly my injects were adequate. I think what lost me the game is the initial fight at my third - he hardly lost any marines and then he dominated what few banelings I was able to throw at him. What could I have done better? Should I have built more units instead of attempting to drone up at the third? Instead of the third, should I have saturated the natural/main and started to build army units? I built a baneling nest completely guessing that he would go bio - in hindsight, it may have been more appropriate to go roach to counter the marines? Thanks /KaldenKalden4 Jan 7
Jan 6 zerggame video in youtube Hello everyone,I am zerg player daimond league tier2. I collect my game in youtube. Welcome to to see for learn tactic It's funny and make you learning. I make categoy in zvz,zvp,zvt for easy to watching. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgkWH7jeHYO6sExL0lPIKtgZergden1 Jan 6
Jan 6 Other races hating on zerg. After a post in the general discussion boards, asking about a possible hydra change, I ran into a completely absurd and unnecessary amount of hate and trash talk from terran and protoss players. So effective immediately, I will be trying to put much more time into my play and also more time into forum activity to help new and lower level players. I'm currently plat zerg. Been higher in the past and looking to climb hoghwer once again. Friend or message me if you're looking for coach or practice partner. This was the last straw, I'm tired of t and p players acting hard. Let's kill those nerds and remind them who the best race is.NoNoUDo8 Jan 6
Jan 6 How to stop archon/stalker/Colossus? I played a matchup against a Protoss and we had similar economies. He went the above build and I had Roach/Hydra teching to Muta. I lost in an engagement just before I got decent amounts of Mutas. Was there anything I could've done other than teching Mutas faster?Netherdrake6 Jan 6
Jan 5 Idea I'd like to see tried So, I was thinking that I would like to see a replay of a zerg player fighting carrier rush with 4 hatch before lair into double nydus with mass hydra/queen Here's the idea: the protoss is not getting any more army than they need to defend, so a couple crawlers can hold your base. spend all you're larva on units with 4 fully saturated bases and place you're first 2 worms outside the front door, much like a proxy pylon. They are safe there to continually unload units as fast as you can make them. Then as you through 100s of units at the front door, start putting more nyduses in the protoss base, and keep unloading. This is an all-in. As your minerals deplete, it may be best to stick the drones in the nydus and a-move them. You will have double the resource value, and more because zerg doesn't need to buy as many buildings to get hydras as protoss needs to get carriers (2 stargates and a fleet beacon is 600/500 already) I don't know if this would work, but I would like to see some replays of this being tried. Whether it works or not, it would be really cool to watch.WireBender9 Jan 5
Jan 5 Corruptors Vs ' carriers' interceptors It is hard to micro with many Corruptors VS interceptors, especially that Corruptors auto-focus the interceptors. do you think this should be changed to balance the ZvP ?VeNuM8 Jan 5
Jan 3 Bad Problem Floating Minerals What are some good ways to stop floating minerals as Zerg in the early/mid game? http://ggtracker.com/matches/6911751 This was a ZvZ I just won against a diamond player and quite frankly, I don't think I should have won. In the early game, our builds are very similar but his spending was far superior to mine in most every way. Honestly, the only reason I think I won is because he was really bad at pushing engagements - the game was essentially over when I killed his army after he attacked my gold base. After a few minutes, I start really floating minerals and it just gets worse and worse as the game progresses - again, the engagements were what saved me. What are some mental notes/ques that might help to trigger gas investment or spending? /KaldenKalden7 Jan 3