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Nov 24 What kind of builds/guides do zergs want? Hey everyone i am a mid masters zerg on kr and na. i play a lot of different styles and do a lot of coaching. I keep seeing people asking for help with different match ups and with vague questions. so my question is which match ups do people want a guide on and what sort of styles? I am working on lurker style for zvt and i play meta builds for zvp and it is my absolute best match up at 70-80% on all servers. feel free to ask any questions and whatever majority. I will eventually make guides for all match ups but i would like to start somewhere, where most players need help with. http://www.strawpoll.me/11374103Ascarecrow10 Nov 24
Nov 22 4 Rax No Gas Rush I'm having a problem with the Elite AI doing a 4 rax no gas rush. It gets out 12 marines and hits my natural at 2:50 to 3:05 depending on the rush distance, and can catch my scouting overlords if I'm not careful. The only way to scout it is to 12 drone scout. Hatch first or pool first makes no difference, I will lose my natural. The only redeeming factor is that if I play ring around the rosy with my queen I can save my drones limiting my losses. I hit his marines with as many lings as I can but once the hatch is down he gathers his boys and goes home. Yes the AI is still dumb as a rock. If I drone scout I can get up three spines and stop him dead in his tracks, but that is 450 and lost mining time. If I do nothing I lose a hatchery a queen and whatever lings I use to get him to go home. So how do I get out of this economic quandary? I can handle all the other AI builds but I have no clue on this one.AncientOfDay10 Nov 22
Nov 21 What to do when hatch first is canceled After the seperate mmr patch rolled out I was placed into high Plat and I definitely do not belong here. Even after 40 games I'm not getting re-placed any lower. What I've lost to the most is when my opponent takes their drone/scv/probe and sit it where my natural would go. I've until now always done a hatch first into gas pool so I have no idea how to react to this... I end up panicing, messing up my build and timings and they kill me before I can get anything going. Any suggestions for an early pool build or what I should do when my hatch is canceled?KimBanelings5 Nov 21
Nov 15 Put Away a Cannon Rusher What's the best way to end the game early vs a cannon rusher. When you run into the same player multiple times and know he always opens cannon rush, what's the best way to end the game quickly in a victory for Zerg? I can beat this player, but it always ends up being a longer game ~18-28 minutes. How can I put him away earlier? I don't need to scout him, this is how he always opens.Okami4 Nov 15
Nov 14 Need sum builds Hi guys i recent switch to zerg but i rly just winging things. Anyone know some good buildsFourtyCreek18 Nov 14
Nov 13 Zerg lore Ok, so I've been googling for a few days now, and i can't find an answer so i now turn to you guys. My question is this. In the game a zergling goes from larva to zerg in a minute or so, but what about lore-wise? If a larva was sat on Mars, and decided to morph to zergling, how long would it take? Half an hour, a day, 2 minutes? I just want to know because i write fanfiction and my buddy challenged me to do starcraft, since we both play.giji6 Nov 13
Nov 13 ZvZ - 14 gas/pool questions Hello! I played a ZvZ and tried a build that I had seen on the forums. 14 gas, 14 pool, 15 OL - queen + 5 sets of lines and speed, 22 hatch 21 OL. I pushed in with 12 lings, killed the queen and some lings at the nat, and pushed into the main. I don't know what to do here - attack drones? attack queen? a-move into space near the drones and let the AI take over? Regardless I messed it up and lost. I would like to know if that build is what I should be doing or if it needs to be tweaked. Thanks in advance. http://sc2replaystats.com/replay/3952139Lokei4 Nov 13
Nov 11 wish list for zerg overlords start at 1 speed, and upgrade 2.5 overlords can spread creep while moving at hive tech (upgrade) only small trail. queens buff (build time drop down to 40 secs,( speed increase off and on creep hive tech) spines decrease build time to 40 secs hatch los increase to cover the whole creep tumors build time, and expand creep 50% faster nydus worm cost 200 mins and not 100/100 zerg units decrease % in gas but increase% in min cost (we post to be cheap race yet price for price we are very expensive in gas.SaintSkippy33 Nov 11
Nov 10 Attacking tanks on high ground question Hello! At around the 8 minute mark of the replay below I had 2 overseers hovering above 2 tanks on the higher ground than my roaches. Since I could see the tanks with my overseers I thought I should be able to attack them from the low ground with my roaches. When I a-clicked on the tanks they run up the ramp before attacking the tanks. Did I do something wrong or is my understanding wrong? Image: http://oi65.tinypic.com/sdcxm1.jpg Replay: http://sc2replaystats.com/replay/3934806 Thanks in advance.Lokei6 Nov 10
Nov 9 Master Zerg Streamer! Streaming EVERYDAY! SC2 Masters Zerg streamer! I'm new to streaming and I've began a journey to stream for at least 3 hours a day for an entire year! Join me on my journey, I'd love to have you :D. http://www.twitch.tv/impravidoNate148 Nov 9
Nov 7 Broodlord broodlust ability Let broodlord attack air with broodlust ability upgrade where they can shoot flying brood locusts at air units. Make broodlords more beefier but reduce their attack range. Turn them to a heavy assault unit.EricPlayboy2 Nov 7
Nov 7 Common timings I'm just switching from toss to zerg. What are the common timings?Wobulator6 Nov 7
Nov 7 How to: Deal with mass Void Rays. So you usually have a Protoss player 'noob' who sits back on 2-3 bases and congers up a death fleet, usually consisting of mass void rays with full upgrades and then goes on the offensive and you just die to it. Now there are many ways to tell if someone is doing this usually they are turtling, they've amassed cannons around their base to deny scout, and the obvious 'red flag' they don't attack/expand for a while. But lets say its too late and you didn't scout it in time and you were a good Zerg player and you've already teched up to Hive. Well here's how to deal with it. 1. Viper/Hydralisk unit comp Vipers are the number one unit in my book to deal with any death ball fleet. They have the ability to abduct units which you can then pick-off individually. And they have the 'parasitic bomb' ability which is great against death ball fleets because they are usually clumped together, which is what makes them so impossible to attack into; hence the term (death ball). Now I list Hydralisk as a good complimentary unit but you can use Mutalisk's it just they aren't ideal for direct engagements, they're usually meant as an harass unit. 2. Viper/Infestor unit comp Having the 'fungle' ability along with the 'parasitic bomb' ability... need I say more? Keep in mind this will all depend on how your opponent attacks usually he'll go right for your main so have plenty of spores and mass queens ready. But I hope this helps so you can enjoy the game and not just die such a noob play.Dirigo6 Nov 7
Nov 7 What did i do wrong? http://drop.sc/replay/3826248 ZvP I didn't play perfect but i thought i played well enough and that i should have won and i ended up with a higher score at the end of the game. What did i do wrong?Insomniac12 Nov 7
Nov 6 Other Games with Zerg Does anyone know of any other games that has a "zerg like" race that is playable?SSpiritual1 Nov 6
Nov 6 ZvZ early zergling+spine all in rush LOL I go fast expan as usual , I scout and found that he may use 14 pool build so I prepare 1 spine some ling to defense around 2.30-3.00 as I predicted he came.....but not only zergling he got ton of drone came too when my zergling fighted back(and later lost because I didn't call all my drone for help them in time so they got outnumber and !@#$%^-* by enemy's zergling and drone) in chaos some drone slip in and become spine at my main base. I try to fight back with everything i have but I still got !@#$ in the end such an unexpected build - -* I swear next time I scout and see something similar to 14 pool again I will wall my expanNaIL2 Nov 6
Nov 4 Anyway to tell if OL has ventral sacs? I'm playing a ZvZ yesterday and all of a sudden I see 4 OL's taking an unusual path around the map heading towards my base. I was about to push in but retreated thinking he was carrying over to my base to drop. Turns out he was just moving his OL's to the corner. I still won but wasted almost a minute thinking he was dropping me. Any visual cue or otherwise to determine if an OL has ventral sacs?Lokei3 Nov 4
Nov 4 How do you deal with cyclone I have hard time with this unit, it has high HP, high dps very mobile and can be raxed. almost all zerg units that I can tell can't deal with it. Only units I find usefull is hydras and FG, Hydra's alone can't do it which needs infestors.lonedog1 Nov 4
Nov 4 ZvT - 2 tank questions I have 2 questions about ZvT and tanks (aka the bane of my existence). In 1 scenario T has 3-4 tanks sieged up outside of my base and is poking in with MMM. I have roach / ravager and a few lings. Do I push a few lings to take the initial hit then rush in and target the tanks down? In another scenario T is at their main up a narrow ramp with tanks in range of the ramp. Do I bring an overload for sight and shoot up at the tanks? Is there any way to break through the wall without losing everything? I know these are generic - apologies - I hope it makes sense. I'll look for a replay or upload one the next time it happens as well. Thanks in advance.Lokei1 Nov 4
Nov 3 Creep Ok... Who thinks that this would be an awesome idea? Creep spread that goes over canyons and such. Just an idea. Please don't hate. I know that it is unrealistic, just something fun to think about.ThatOneGuy10 Nov 3
Nov 2 Appropriate Reaction to One Base Banshee Question: What is the appropriate response if you scout a terran on one base with starport/tech lab (banshee)? I feel like i panic and overreact (3 spores every base, lair, hydra den, queens) Is it as simple as just going mass queen, dropping a spore at each base, and taking lair for overseer?Koringul2 Nov 2
Nov 2 Swarm Host, 3 alternative functions How about change the role of the Swarm Host a bit? Here are three ways I was thinking about: 1. Keep it the same, but just have Locusts be able to attack both ground and air. Giving the Zerg another anti-air option. (Although have the locusts require that they go into fly mode to attack air units, and swoop back down to the ground to attack ground). 2. Make the swarm host spawn very weak, low damage locusts, but have much lower cooldown time. Reduce cooldown time to 20 to 30 seconds, but make locusts be 30 hp and 6 damage, and live for up to 30 seconds. So they can either constantly have a wave out, and if cooldown is 20 seconds, have two waves overlap for 10 seconds. Against an army with high dps, this shouldn't be OP and just serve as a momentary distraction from the permanent zerg units. With their slow speed, they wouldn't be able to retreat anyway, and be forced to fight the enemy army. 3. Keep everything the same, but make the locust be able to move faster and live as long as the Swarm Host's cooldown time, so as to be able to reach their targets more quickly. As it is right now, once they are live out their duration, the only option left for the Hosts is to run around or stay in hiding. And since a lot of supply is invested in the Hosts, you have that much supply being inoperative for the duration you wait for the locusts to be available again. Plus, if the duration of the locusts is equal to the cooldown time, then the only way to be in that downtime situation is if the enemy army wipes out your locusts as soon as their out, and immediately counter attack while the Swarm Hosts are out.PrimalX2 Nov 2
Nov 1 Zerg workers / ressource collection I think it would be great if you could evolve the drones to flying wasp / bee, like collectors. and maybe a "bee hive" structure that you could place in new resources zones ?Blacksting1 Nov 1
Nov 1 ZvT - tanks and MM Playing my placement matches tonight I saw 2 plats do basically the same thing in ZvT. They went 1 base, 1 factory and 2-3 barracks. They pushed ~5-6m when I was pretty unprepared. I was going for a basic Roach build. I'm not exactly sure what I'm missing or what I should have seen / how I should have reacted. I know I made some basic mistakes - not pushing further to scout, supply blcoked, maybe not reacting fast enough to their aggression but I'm looking for some details of what I should be seeing / how I should be reacting. Thanks in advance. https://sc2replaystats.com/replay/3900597 - first placement - didn't see anthing except no xp. missed the OL when they were moving out https://sc2replaystats.com/replay/3900598 - saw basically the same as first game - but didn't react fast enough. should I have built more lings? do I need to scout last of 2nd faster and spine or more lings?Lokei6 Nov 1
Oct 31 Zerg Campaign Discuss Over The Zerg Story, Campaign, Mission, Heros, Custscenes,Cintimatics, and more!AuirOfWorlds3 Oct 31
Oct 31 changing the bane for your buck I was thinking about this when fighting helbats against lings they melt rappidly kinda like ling and bane war. I was going for banes but didn't make them in time. banes take 20 secs to make which i will always feel they take to long. But if you speed them up they do massive damage to light units. So what if we cut bane damage from 20/30 to 10/15 but make them cost 10/10 and take 10 secs to make instead of 20 secs.lonedog3 Oct 31
Oct 30 burrow make it microable Ok, I think one biggest failures of this game is that burrow not really feasible. Take the very basic ambushes very useless because A move army would do way more damage to army that is emerging from ground because of the delay animation. I think add invisible attack animation maybe reduce visibility Plus i think certain units should it give different micro abilities. Either it go to add units strength or cover up weakness, like roaches dps, hydras health. For right now I think adding to their strength is area should be looked at. Roaches have their regen for short duration hydras and queens get attack damage bonus. Lings, banes, will leap about 3 range lings should have ability zero dive instant burrow maybe give them different burrow option because it would have to be on cool down timer. Just a thoughtlonedog10 Oct 30
Oct 29 Help me :D So i was playing against this toss , and he did some proxy pylons on king sejon station , i assumed canon rush but he made some more near my base and proxied me. How could I have won this? http://ggtracker.com/matches/6843048 I slip my macro pretty hard when under pressure so i should consider that too.IUVSaughter6 Oct 29
Oct 28 Zerg: The Starter Race Zerg is the race you play when you first start out in the game, it's by far the easiest. It's the only race that has a sure-fire path to success: build a #%#@ ton of lings then transition into mutas. Learn how to harass multiple expansions at once and voila: guaranteed victory. I introduce Zerg as the race for n00bs to play before that want a truly challenging race like Protoss or even Terran. There's a dominant and effective Zerg unit for every matchup and situation, and you mass them far easier than in the other races. Thoughts?Rotten5 Oct 28
Oct 28 Why your Queens keep moving?! iAnswer. Someone posted a question about Zerg and Queen injects... and to my surprise no one answered this question correctly! So I felt it important enough to make a general post about it. The question was "why their Queen units keep moving from base to base after they inject?!" Ok, so lets first assume you don't just suck and need more practice. Then why do your Queens keep moving? A: The reason you're probably having trouble controlling your Queens is likely because of your computer. You probably have a cheap computer with a cheap graphics card, which will likely give you a crappy frame rate (fps). So your high APM won't exactly match up with the fps on your screen and that is probably why your Queens keep moving around and you're not injecting properly. Dirigo3 Oct 28
Oct 27 Your Zerg unit. If you are to be asked, what new Zerg creature you are gonna make, what will it be? Rules: 1. It must be unique; 2. You must explain how it looks and what it does; 3. You must think of an unique name. My creature: Ultrazor: Huge, badass, has huge kaiser blades. Mix of an Ultralisk and a Brutalisk. Bigger than an Omegalisk.Wakka13 Oct 27
Oct 27 Lurkers where mentioned even before broodwar In the original, original Starcraft site from the 90s. The Zerg section was presented like a report. At the end of it, they describe rare breeds, and I remember the line "or the creep dwelling Lurker". Later broodwar is released with Lurker as a unit. Although I find it funny that the original Lurker was probably creep bound. With some evolution, I guess it probably was eventually able to go off-creep. And now the present SC2 Lurker is as strong as ever. Anyways, anybody got a link to the website I mentioned? The new one doesn't have that section of the Zerg presented the way it was originally.PrimalX3 Oct 27
Oct 26 One base infestor - SAFE ZvZ +Replay vs Sheth Ninja Edit (replay vs Sheth!): http://www.sc-replay.com/replay/10-08-11/168203-LiquidSheth-VS-Catechin.html So, in my eternal quest to find what I consider to be a safe ZvZ style that doesn't outright lose to anything, I've tried everything from roach expands to hatch first roach, speedling expands to hatch first speedling, and any other variety of "standard" one or two base openings you can think of (hell, I did defensive 16 pool 16 gas 15 hatch and rushed out 4 banelings and a spine then tried not to die to anything :P). The biggest issue I found was that any sort of "safe" build would fall way behind in economy to someone playing a little greedier while simultaneously struggling to punish them. Sure, you would get ahead of hyper aggressive builds and more often than not stay alive, but a smart player would realize what you're doing and punish you in the mid game for it (by late game you would even out, so it was essentially all about surviving until then). After MLG Columbus one of the first thing's I did when I got back to my friend's house in Chicago was to download every replay I could get my hands on. One of those sets was Slush vs Idra in the championship losers bracket round 8. Game one was fun and interesting to be sure, but game two caught my eye (http://tv.majorleaguegaming.com/videos/305-slush-vs-idra-clr8 starts around 9:00 for those wanting to see the game; casted by Tastosis! ♥). There was something about the idea of getting lightning fast infestors off of one base that just made me giggle on the inside. But, I was tired as hell and the replay got lost in the shuffle by the time I got home. Fast forward two months to after MLG Anaheim and, once again, I've found myself knocked out of an MLG due to ZvZ (for those keeping track, I was knocked out of MLG Dallas by MnMasterAsia, Columbus by coLryze, and Anaheim by EGStrifecro). My ZvT and ZvP were solid and got me through to a reasonable point, but my ZvZ once again showed itself lacking. So, what are the criteria for a good "safe" ZvZ build? 1) The build should not automatically lose to any possible opener 2) The build should be able to either get ahead or catch up economically by the mid-game Simple, right? But it's honestly quite difficult to do. I feel as though Slush had the right idea with his infestor build but I don't really like the way he went about doing it. So, with that in mind, I went into the build order tester to try a couple of different ways of going one base infestor until I found something I liked. After a few trials I took the build to a couple of practice partners and then to the ladder. So, what's the build then? 'ere we go! - 13 pool - 16 overlord - 17 2x geysers - 15 queen - 17 spiine crawler - 18 1x ling pair - 19 queen - 22 zergling speed - 23 overlord - 23 queen - 31 lair - 31 overlord - nonstop zerglings - infestation pit then burrow upon lair completion (burrow can be delayed until pathogen glands starts if necessary) - pathogen glands (4x infestors when at ~30-40s then 1 more; 5 infestors total for now) - expansion hatchery immediately after starting 5th infestor Replay vs AI of me running through the build (ignore the drone that wandered over to the queens, that was a hotkey accident at 2 in the morning XD): http://replayfu.com/r/3QK89s So, why the 13 pool rather than 15 or even 14? Quite simply, it's in order to get out the fastest 3 queens possible while still getting the early drones you need. Now, the question as to why 3 queens rather than 2? Simply, I'd rather have two queens blocking my ramp and a third injecting nonstop. Remember, the key here is safety. You can get faster infestors if you lair after two queens, yes, but it's not as safe. Don't worry about delaying your geysers. Because you take both so quickly, your zergling speed isn't all that delayed even compared to a 14 gas/14 pool build, and you need as many minerals as possible early game. The gas timings actually work out quite nicely. Note: this is very important; if your opponent gets roaches, make two more spines (three total), one doesn't seem to be enough to remain safe; 2 spines vs a speedling all in as well and you should be fine.Catechin178 Oct 26
Oct 26 Mass Voids How to deal with them?Anonymous33 Oct 26
Oct 24 League Placement First of all, how is league placement determined when you play the placement matches? Second of all, does anybody else notice that some low-level players have actually been placed in higher leagues before? I've seen Bronze players that have previously been ranked Gold (at least).KSNumedia12 Oct 24
Oct 23 ZvZ Early Pool How do you beat an early pool? I've just lost to a 15 and 12 pool and I don't know what to do.AncientOfDay11 Oct 23
Oct 22 Roach appreciation Back in the original starcraft, I always felt Zerg where missing a mid to early game ground unit that had more hp than either Zergling or Hydralisk, but could actively fight rather than be a siege weapon like the Lurker. The Roach with it's high hp, low attack rate fits the role of tank really well. Not to mention it's ability to burrow and move around underground is another thing I had wished to see in the original starcraft as well. It's awesome to see these sorts of abilities implemented into a unit the Zerg needed for their ground units.PrimalX2 Oct 22
Oct 21 New to Starcraft Hi everyone, first of all, sorry for my english, it's not my first language I have never played Starcraft before. Used to watch my father playing the first one when I was a kid but I've never played it myself. So I have just started to play 3 days ago with the Zerg. I'm currently on holiday for a long period of time so I decided that I was going to invest a lot of time into this game. I have played a lot of games so far, read a lot of articles and watch a lot of videos and I have only won 4 games for a total of 30 games, maybe more. Even tho I realise that I'm improving as my games last longer, I better anticipate and have a better decision making and tend to resist more efficiently to oppenent's attack, I'm still missing something. The only time I won, It was against a Zerg and only one time against a protoss but I think he was new to the game as well. Every time I play against a protoss or a terran, I lose.. Even when my strategy pays off and I put the opponent in a bad situation in early game, at the end of the day, he always find a way to get back on track and win.. I play slightly better against terran than protoss but still both of them have incredible strong units.. it's very hard to beat them. As you can imagine, it's quiet frustrating.. But I will continue to study the game and hopefully I will start to win more games soon. How long did it take for you to start to win regularly ? What is the key as a Zerg to beat a terran or a protoss oponent ? Should I start to study other races ( terran and protoss ) and play with them to better understand how to beat them ? Thanks for readingMysticRiver26 Oct 21
Oct 21 Ravager Corrosive Bile Issue Hi All, I am going to preface this by saying i almost guarantee my issue is due to user error, however i was hoping someone could help me uncover the root cause. Since no matter how many times i repeat the issue i can't figure out what I am doing wrong. First- My Corrosive bile is hotkeyed to Q ( i use a customized grid setup where i manually remapped all buttons) The issue: When i have all my ravagers selected i hold down "Q" with the intention of spamming left click on the enemy army and unloading all my Bile cooldowns at once. What ends up happening about 50-75% of the time is i launch 1 bile and select( left click) the enemy unit. I have confirmed that my finger is not coming up from the bind to use the ability. I have also confirmed i am not issuing a move command or that all my ravager abilities are on cooldown. only work around I've found is to launch bile on the ground and hope enemy units run into it. Please if anyone has experience with this or has an idea of what i could be doing wrong please let me know! I am hoping it is not an issue with manually mapping the ability off of its default. Perhaps i'll reset it and see if the issue is still there. I appreciate the help in advanced!HiKids9 Oct 21
Oct 20 Infestor Drops are funny. Ever since I saw Nasreth's thread on his ZvP style I've been trying it out and dropping protoss. Just tried it with 8 infestors in two overlords and killed all three of his bases without losing them. It's so fun. Thank you Nasreth for awesome explanation on dropping protoss.thatGuyAgain10 Oct 20
Oct 17 Ultra/Corruptor in 4RT what you think about ultra/corruptor in 4rt.EricPlayboy0 Oct 17
Oct 14 Queens way too powerful Unit which cost minerals only, ability to attack units with very long range, ability to attack air units also, healing spell, reduced movement speed negated by creep which always is available, Zerg players should admit that this unit + lings + spore crawlers deflect any harras attempt possible before 10min mark, instead of tellin everything is fine. Just look at the whole picture, instead of focusing on negating the fact the unit itself is overpowered and "everything is okay".MiloViper3 Oct 14
Oct 14 What if swarm hosts could attack air? Im a low masters Zerg player on NA and I've often been annoyed about where the swarm host fits into the Zerg arsenal. Now I'm all for the Nerf to the swarm hosts as 3 hour games was not good for Starcraft at any level of play or as a spectator sport, but that being said it doesn't fit with any unit composition. Its an outsider who's sole function is to harass mineral lines and sometimes snipe bases but at a huge hit to both resources and army supply at a stage in the game where the Zerg needs to hold of big engagements. Now i think i and many other Zerg's have found that Zerg's anti air is seriously lacking when it comes to ground units. Hydras are squishy and melt to carrier, queens have low dps and move slow off creep so its bad for attacking a greedy sky toss and lastly the ravengers shots can be avoided (which is fine i like that, but a bad anti air option.) Ive thought a lot about how to make this unit viable for every game use and i like to entertain the idea of combining swarm hosts with drop overlords (which is more viable now due to the overlord morph change) or with nydus worm swarm host harass. But both of which is expensive and at the cost of both micro time and the weaker standing army you will have as a result. Now will lowering the cost of the swarm host help this, of course and I'm happy for the change but it doesn't change the fact that its basically a ground brood lord minus the damage sustain. It has no place in any unit composition at the moment and thus sees no play. So what i propose is this, what if it could attack air as well like it does in the campaign but still has the swoop. As a starter this wouldn't remove its current ability to harass but it also opens up some micro opportunity for both the Zerg player and their opponent. In zvt i think would be where this would be most exciting. What this would mean is the Zerg will have an option to deal with liberators. But this opens up interesting micro options for both players. First of all the Zerg will have to micro the locusts to target the liberators otherwise risk the locusts just swooping down and attacking the marines. However if the Zerg does try to target the liberators due to the slow movement speed of the locusts the Terran has time to unseige the liberators and bring them back into the safety of their marines preventing any damage, this now gives the Terran a window where the Zerg has effectively dropped in army supply and can press the issue. But if the Terran doesn't react to the locusts in time and loses some liberators then it would open up an engagement opportunity for the Zerg to clean up the Terran. The great thing about this is the swarm hosts are still viable with out any ranged upgrades for this kind of strategy so it fits in with that army comp. Also infestors could be used in conjunction to force the issue. Then in zvp it would be an interesting play against tempest or carrier as Zerg already struggles against those comps and again the toss can just fly away because of the slow speed of the locusts or just try to fight right through them as they don't have much health and then get on top of the Zerg who now has less army supply for a short while. But not with out taking some damage and it creates some interesting combos with infester forcing the toss to take engagements but its not strong enough alone to win the fight. but It can be used as a come back mechanic for the Zerg instead of the toss just 'A moving' there way through the Zerg. Lastly it would be interesting to see in zvz vs brood lords. I feel like at the moment if there is a situation where its roach hydra vs muta ling bane then if the muta player goes to quick brood lord the hydra player really struggles. But adding in swarm hosts in the mix means that it can zone the brood lords and if the brood lord player committed to much to brood lords and didn't have enough corrupters he could lose some brood lords, but again the brood lords could still fly away because of the slow speed of the flying locusts and there is a big cool down where the hydra player is down on supply. I feel like a change like this would give a place to the swarm host in the Zerg toolkit, making it apart of both ling bane ultra as its fine to use swarm hosts with out ranged attack and for hydra roach as a anti air supplement. Now this might be broken but i really want to have a discussion about it for the sake of the swarm host being a loner unit.Anansi5 Oct 14
Oct 13 ZvT 3 Rax Reaper All-in Defense As a Zerg what is the best response to 3rax reaper All-in? I typically go ling/bane do I need to drop a roach warren when a scout no factory double gas? OR can I get away with spines and just get to 2 Base Muta before he can kill me?Resipsa4 Oct 13
Oct 13 Need some zvp and zvz advice Currently in Diamond, but honestly just barely so maybe truly just Plat 1. My ZvT matchup is perhaps my strongest as of the moment but I'm having a little trouble with ZvP and ZvZ. There are definitely places I can improve on in terms of macro as I just came back from a 2 year hiatus and am really rusty, but a few of the other problems I have are as follows: For ZvZ I go hatch-gas-pool and do some ling bane pressure @ 34-44 supply. I don't have much trouble getting to this point and can hold most cheeses, mostly from past experience in HotS. When it hits the macro stage of the game though, I always seem to lose. I think it's cause I don't really know what unit composition I should be getting. I tried mass roach (like HotS) and get wrecked by Roach Ravager. Tried Roach Ravager and got wrecked by Roach Hydra Ravager Lurker. I'm thinking of going mutas but I'm really not sure at this point. What unit comps beat what in ZvZ? What should I be going for? For ZvP From the get-go, I have no idea what build to be going for. I just go hatch gas pool and play mostly reactionary, but with how bad I am at scouting and reading, and the unit composition issue as I had in ZvZ, I usually fail when I go reactionary. Any guides you could point me to? Or same as above, what unit comp should I be going for depending on what I scout?Shikambaw3 Oct 13
Oct 12 Looking for beginner builds Hey Zerg players! I'm trying to get into starcraft here and was wondering if you guys could send a few solid beginner builds for Zerg. When I look online the only basic builds I can find are from 2015 and I'm just afraid they might be outdated. If not, that's great but just thought I'd check here first. Thanks!Hezron9 Oct 12
Oct 11 overlords are dumb overlords should not fly away from the group when you use f2 to attack somethingMunchies5 Oct 11
Oct 11 Zerg Macro Basics: If you've ever been in this scenario, do not fear, it happens to everyone: You're a friendly Zerg, minding your own business. You've been doing the same build you've been doing every game for months, and all seems well. That is until your overlord scouts the Protoss base and you spot the chrono boosted Stargate, pumping out Phoenix's. The obvious response is to rush to Hydralisks and repel the pressure, then move across the map and deny the third expansion. You place down spores, add extra gases, and tech to lair immediately. Hell, some of you might even get +1 Melee upgrades so your counter attack is even more powerful. The Phoenix's are repelled decently enough and you get a squad of 15 - 20 Hydras as well as supporting Zerglings and march across the map to discover a full fledged Protoss army engulfing your puny force. You scramble to produce more units and hope to god you can get lurkers out in time to deflect the monstrous counter attack. Unfortunately, you have no money. Here's the problem with most beginner Zerg's macro: (And advanced ones as well, I've been falling victim to this particular problems for years.) They go off of the clock, not the drone count. The Starcraft pro scene has been a blessing and a curse to the improvement of players. Unlike other games that have steep learning curves, Esports have an overabundance of information thanks to the thousands of pro matches and community content. Unfortunately, this can stifle basic mechanics. The standard macro bench marks in games have chalked up to the time in which they are hit, instead of their relationship to your infrastructure. Let's take the 3:40 Roach Warren in ZVT for example. If this is not hit you are at heavy risk of being obliterated by the Terran double medivac timing. However, you are at even greater risk of destroying yourself if you don't understand why that timing is at 3:40. The roach warren is put down at that time not just because it allows you to get 12 roaches before the medivacs hit, more importantly, it's put down at that time because if you've droned up correctly your mineral income will easily subsidize the investment. The problem with most Zerg's that plateau for long periods is the "correct" timings they are hitting are not actually correct. The correct timing for something is when your infrastructure is ready to support it, not the time on the clock. Historically, and without exception, this problem has been the most rampant in ZVP, especially in Phoenix defense. Instead of droning like mad immediately upon the discovery of the Stargate, players will build spores and tech to lair on an economy similar to Congo's and funny enough, they won't even be able to deflect the Phoenix's without damage despite destroying their economy to do so. My advice is simple: Build it when you have enough drones to support it, inject, and build the counter to your opponents army. Boom! You've now just guaranteed yourself a promotion to master's league. The truth is most of us don't have the skill to hit pro timings. Just because a pro can correctly execute something doesn't mean you can. If you want to macro like a pro, put in the tens of thousands of hours they have and we'll watch you win tournaments. Remember, just because your timing is right on the clock, doesn't mean you actually hit the timing correctly. Look at your infrastructure as a whole and compare it to pro's, you'll be shocked at how much more they have. So instead of dropping panic spores, build ten more drones and then build the spores. It will pay dividends. - RoboroadkillRoboroadkill6 Oct 11
Oct 10 ZvP Help - Pylon Block How does Zerg expand early game when Protoss puts pylons at the natural and third? I'm platinum and this happens to me pretty much every game. I feel like I'm way behind if I have to go pool first to make lings and take out the pylons. They already have their natural up and mining by that point and the game is a downward spiral from there. How do pros usually deal with this? This is really the only problem I have with Protoss other than the warp prism harass that snipes tech structures and denies expansions late game.Migrax23 Oct 10
Oct 9 AirToss deathball is OP for Zerg for now I played a lot of 3v3 and 4v4 games lately, and there is where this crap flourishes - lots of low level players, I would say 80% actually, go for that mass void ray + mass carrier play. And if the succeed in massing them, it becomes just impossible to counter at some point. Zerg dont have the units to deal with them! If protoss manages to get a combined Deathball of VR and Carriers together, its just a stupid and effective way to kill every zerg with A-move. Corruptors die to VRs and Mutalisks die to Carriers. I can deal with them separately, but together.. mission impossible. Vipers.. they are able to puke some PB before they quickly perish under interceptors fire, but they become a 1-spell-before-die unit, which is not cost effective by anymeans. Hydra melts like cheese in oven, faster then it can get close to carriers. They are still good vs VRs though. I like deathball fights. I would like to participate in them. DB is not a bad things. Just give Zerg some adequate units and instruments to deal with it. So I am thinking we need a new Anti-Air unit, maybe the unit that can attack ground and air together.. and fly. Right now Zerg has only 1 (!!) unit that can do that - a Mutalisk. Which is very squishy and dies fast. Zerg has a good strong and fast ground army with new Ultra and Lings in Lotv, but their Air is so weak and poor. Please give us a new unit! Maybe is should have focus on air attacks and have weaker ground attacks. As an option, you could also.. 1. Give Hydra a health upgrade done at Hive tech - say 30 or 40 hp boost. Which would make hydra a bit more survivable at later game. 2. Give Viper PB a 100% damage boost vs Massive plus extend it range to 10 or 11. With expected buffs to a Carriers it is a must have.GarbageDildo7 Oct 9