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May 21 Protoss 2 base timings and all ins Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows the timing of a normal 3rd nexus. I wanna check for it to help me see the 2 base plays coming earlier.Swayze1 May 21
May 21 Master Zerg Streamer! Streaming EVERYDAY! SC2 Masters Zerg streamer! I'm new to streaming and I've began a journey to stream for at least 3 hours a day for an entire year! Join me on my journey, I'd love to have you :D. http://www.twitch.tv/impravidoImpravido0 May 21
May 20 How to : Swarm host Hey guys, I have never playedHOTS before but I heard that swarm hosts are good vs T and P . Is there a way for me to utilize this unit ? I read it somewhere that this unit was nerfed and after that I have never seen pros using it in LOTV.KayOne6 May 20
May 20 Early toss agression with adepts, warp prism Im a rank 14 bronze player and Im struggling with fighting this sort of stuff. What in their base can tell me that hes gonna attack? About what time do I start making big armies instead of drones? Thanks in advanceRoomcajs3 May 20
May 19 Zergling Lore So zerglings "in real life" would be about the size of a big dog? Like a 90-100 pound dog?Ice55 May 19
May 18 I did some testing Anyone who says liberators are op are wrong Firstly I went zerg for multiple games to see if going against libs are as frustrating as it seemed. This was plat too. Literally you get ultras at 11 minutes and get a bunch of corruptors and a-move. Now if you just a-move you die But splitting corruptors actually does alot. A liberator costs more than a corruptors, cant be spammed like zerg units and is a SPLASH unit. Zerg whine literally ruins this game because dk seems to only listen to you Btw im silver because im trying mass reaper outWiDoW3 May 18
May 18 Easily Track Spawn Larvae! See: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/20744184255? This suggestion allows players to easily track Spawn Larave & Upgrade times!Erebos0 May 18
May 17 Zerg early Anti-Air options? Hello, I didn't play the BETA, but I played SC1 and am trying to main zerg for SC2. I've been holding my own in silver leagues in both 1v1 and teams. But the hole in my game and the cause for just about all my losses is early air defense. It's either a fast void ray or banshee or even mutas that keep ripping me up. For the more experienced zergs, what do you do to counter this? I know the obvious first step is to improve scouting. I can scout effectively in 1v1 but in teams it's quite hard keeping tabs on all of them with such slow ovie's. So for main strategy, I usually ling rush to see what they got, try to worker harass and then build up tier 1 to keep the pressure on. But since there's no air attacking in tier 1, I'm always caught before moving to hydras. So should I keep a second queen handy, incorporate spore's on the mineral line or forget about tier 1 pressure and tech straight up to hydras and mutas? I know scouting is the obvious answer, but that's a whole seperate problem right now. Perhaps I should make overlord speed a priority in all my strats. Any advice? Thanks.Scarecrow21 May 17
May 16 Coop Hero Zagara Feedback. Zagara is really disappointing. The reason why zerg can have this disposable play style in a normal game is because they can get an exceptional economy to support it. In these coop missions however, you are restricted to 1.5 bases and it just can't support throwing away waves of units. The population cap is too severe, it makes it less fun. Not having a large army forces you to build more spores/spines and bile launchers, which is counter to the point of this hero. You constantly feel cornered, rather than overwhelming your opponent. Without a decent unit that can attack both air and ground you're forced to throw away units to switch tech constantly or run a terribly weak force to cover both, which results again in you cowering behind spines and spores just to not get annihilated. Since the hero is worthless at fighting, you would think it has strong casting abilities. But its casting abilities aren't strong enough or able to be cast fast enough due to energy restrictions and cool-downs compared to other heroes. Bile launchers are just terrible. I'm not even gonna talk about them. Not fun at all. If you ever think about using one, just forget about it and morph 5 more banes instead. The AI is much improved at countering swarm play with brutal High Templar storms, copious siege tank emplacements, hybrid and investor fungal. Which makes the suitability upgrades not good enough even with good play. Most of issues are addressed 'slightly' in Zagara's upgrades as you level, so its obvious that these weaknesses have been considered. But its not enough. Please consider these changes. * Increase population cap to 150 * Double Zagara's mana regeneration * Reduce cooldown of roach drop. * Make bile launchers auto-attack, or increase their double their area-effect radius and increase range. * Upgrade to give spores AOE attack and increase spine range by 2 * Reduce the cost of all units by 25% * Make scourge start with all their upgrades.Crankyhobo21 May 16
May 15 Is mass infestors viable? So I was watching avilos mass infestors stream and I thought it was great. Or was it just because avilo is a great player that he could pull it off. If it can...can you give me the variations of each comp vs each race Thanks!PaRaSite12 May 15
May 12 Cheese is not the way This is a public service announcement. Whether it’s bubbling hot on pizza, ooey gooey on top of a nice juicy burger and swimming in creamy dreamy heaven with macaroni, humans love cheese. Aggressive pool first style is not the way to enlightenment it is only the way of the herd!RavenerAlpha0 May 12
May 12 Scouting Hello! In HotS I used to drone scout and although I sucked at telling what I was up against, I at least got some vision into their base and could pick up early stuff. What's the right way to scout these days? First OL to behind the main and sneak in at some point to get a look? Lately if I try a 1/1 roach speed timing push I get brutalized by lib's / tanks, immo's or am rushed way before by zerg. Has the timing changed where you need to sack an OL faster? are there other ways to scout I'm just missing? I've been trying to run 2 lings over as soon as they're built - 1 behind the nat (or 3rd depending on map) and 1 outside of the main so I can see a push, an expand, etc. That doesn't give my knowledge of libs / tanks or immo's though. Struggling here - any help is appreciated.Lokei12 May 12
May 12 zerg underground spikes? greetings, this is my first day playing sc2. i just got pooped on hard by a zerg opponent who i thought i had beat. he used units which went underground and killed me almost instantly with these spikes and there was nothing i could do about it. how do i stop this? i play terran.dangerzoned5 May 12
May 10 zerg imba Way too ez. No brain required, ultra and win. This !@#$ is way too imba. If the skill level is even zerg auto wins. Amove garbage please remove.Bladewise5 May 10
May 10 TvZ tips - need some. I can't seem to stop their economy, they just keep turtle-hopping from one base to another - or harassing the sh*t out of me. The effort to stop the harass rarely is equal to their cost. In the rare instances where I get ahead, I can't maintain it.Novae6 May 10
May 7 The Mastermind Principle Thread Mastermind Alliance. The Mastermind principle consists of an alliance of two or more minds working in perfect harmony for the attainment of a common definite objective. I've always wanted to have an on going theory discussion on the Zerg forums to figure out how to most effectively play the game with the Zerg race, and I've decided it is time to do so. The quote above is from Napoleon Hill, who wrote famous books on success, such as Think and Grow Rich and Outwitting the Devil. The Mastermind Principle has always stuck out to me in his works as one of the most intriguing, and I really want to apply it to Starcraft and see how well it works. The way this will work, is someone will come in and present a problem, and the collective group of players in the thread will apply all their knowledge and experience to fixing the problem by putting all of our minds into the same frame. So, my fellow Zergs, present your problems.Roboroadkill6 May 7
May 5 HYDRA VS ADEPT If the Hydralisk has the +1 range and speed, and the Adept has the glaves so it attacks faster, what wins in a 1v1 with no micro???IlIlIlIlIlIl2 May 5
May 5 great allin vs Protoss stargate opener just open standard 3 hatch, take 5 gases go lair 100@lair-build Nydus worm mass hydra ling queen on 3 bases and do nydus in front of his 3rd this works very well vs Protoss stargate openers, especially vs pheonixes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-RWqNxCMsc&index=29&list=PLT0hfPWJS6_vUC4p0x3tBuC6lImI7hiOTTerran0 May 5
May 4 Desert strike HOTS, angry players/pros? Do you ever get matches where you're playing with or playing against angry hotheaded players who's every word he/she says involves unnecessary swearing? Like for one example I would say "gh hf" in the beginning of every game i would play, and always hope I get the same response, yet somehow there always have to be a player or two, or even three will replay "F**k you and your noob team newby" Sometimes I find pros (or even "super pros") to be the worst, some are so condescending enough that they get off insulting us and their rubbing their flashy win/game counts and experience stats in the faces newer and learning players way more than necessary. "Ok we get it, obviously our 1-2 games a day is nothing compared to your 4-5 games per day, not all of us has the luxury playing as much as you guys, some of us are lucky to even play one match at all, no need to insult us by saying we have no life...."Crafty4 May 4
May 3 Sometimes I Just Don't Understand... I am going to try to be as polite as possible. Cannons were given a buff, +10 vs bio, so that Toss didn't feel one dimensional and had more options to their game. Okay, cool. So why does zerg have to go through it? Basically zerg is now being limited to a one dimensional early mid game style like toss. Mutas is now officialy the way to go, because of nerfs to spore. If you don't go mutas yourself, you will soon realize in z vs z you are behind. Going spire is too cost efficien. The amount of static d the opponent not going mutas is putting up will make just the spire being put down worth it. considering bane-ling is it's compliment in z vs z, IF you go hydras you will get swarmed with banes, if you go lurkers, you will get swarmed by mutas; lurker tech so slow and expensive, can make so many mutas in time. So what does zerg have to do then, be contained to 2-3 bases ( lucky to be 4) until they can get to hive and get p bomb, only to get rolled by ultras or lurkers later on by your opponent because of his massive economy lead he built. If it is annoying and frustrating for other races, it is for us as well. Please think twice again about the spore nerf, or make hydras a little more tanky. YEAH, yeah, i know hydras more tanky, im sniffing glue.FOREVEERF2 May 3
May 1 Is ultralisk worker harassment viable? cause it would be hilarious to watchGiwl1 May 1
Apr 30 Ling/Bane control issue I haven't played ling/bane much but am starting to more recently. I don't know if I'm seeing this exactly right but I know I'm doing something wrong. I have a group of let's say 40 lings and 10 banes. I click the lings to attack a group of marines to surround/distract and want to pop them w/my banes. If I tell my banes to attack the group, they're basically blocked out by my lings surround and just sort of squirm around behind the lings. Eventually they make it in and go pop but I think that's just because the marines are killing a few lings. Do I need to box a few lings and have them run away before the banes get there? What am I doing wrong here?Lokei6 Apr 30
Apr 28 Creep heal again Pls change the zerg creep so that it fasters the regeneration speed of all zerg units on it. Buildings to. In SC1 zerg used to have passiv regen. In sc2 other races have much faster and effective healing. Protoss shields that regen almost instantly and terrans with their repair and medivacs. My hydralisk army is totally useless after one fight, with 10-30% hp. So im stuck on this useless army that i cant even replace, because they take 2 supplie. On creep they should atleast regen faster, like in starbow.mario8 Apr 28
Apr 28 Diamond Zerg Streamer looking to improve!!! SC2 Diamond Zerg streamer! I'm new to streaming and I've began a journey to stream for at least 3 hours a day for an entire year! Join me on my journey, I'd love to have you :D. http://www.twitch.tv/impravidoNate47 Apr 28
Apr 27 I'm totally lost in ZvP Hi! diamond Zerg here. I'd appreciate any help in ZvP because I don't know what army comp use as standard. I like to play macro games without do any cheeses or timings, I like to take one base more than my opponent and try to hold his pushes. I used to play roach/ravager/lurker vs Protoss when LotV was released with good results but now Protoss are used to deal with lurkers and they bring some obs with their army or make a push before you could have lurkers. Then I tried with mutas but they are only usefull if your opponent don't see your spiral. Ling/roach/ravager loose vs zealot/inmortal/stalker push or maybe I'm too greedy. Any ideas? ThanksDestruktor10 Apr 27
Apr 27 So We're getting nerf'd to !@#$.... TL;DR Hey guys, i try not making that many posts anymore because i understand the community is extremely divided and posts get shut down pretty quick anyway. After reading the latest update from blizzard i decided i would write one more post and think seriously about this game. I started playing couple of months before the end of last year as a complete noob, but i remember buying the game and just had so many old school memories come back as youngin when sc1 came out. I forget about the game until hots; had to buy wol, and lotv came months after, so i was like sweet. I remember coming home with hots and wol so excited to play the campaign cause that was really my vice and stress reliever. The concept of building units, gathering resources, and strategically fighting is what makes this game the best game ever. Im watching sc2 streams and i hear Rotti say "if you get this game and don't play multiplayer, your definitely missing out on the best part." I start playing multiplayer. I got laid of from construction, so i played every day at least 5-6 games a day for at least 4 months. Lotv comes out and i hit every day for another 2 months. I probably dedicated like 4 hours a day to this game and i didn't mind it. The balance wars start between the sc2 crowds on what is op what is not, and we all were chipping in our thoughts. At this time i started slowing down my playing here and their because i got a part time job down the street. As im working im googling sc2 forums, im reading what pros are saying, im listening to the debate, and i started to realize something. When i start working full time my proper job, or choose to go back to school im not going to invest this much time because i can't. I was like all this practice im doing, all this knowledge im trying to gather its going to be thrown out the window once i can't pay attention to the meta or know nerfs/ buffs. while i play some dude will call me a f**g, tell me my race is op, or im just trying to survive massive cheeses; from all races. fun. I actually try to play, try to get to longer games for enhancement, try to get better at my hotkeys and apm ( i don't spam and range between 160- 200). I put all this time in to learn this fun, stressful, addicting game. Did i say anything when they complained about our (zerg ) map prion terraces with the excessive gold bases? No ( even though catellena was atrocious for zerg; clearly favoring terran). Did i complain when they did the parasitic bomb nerf because they thought sky was too strong? No ( even though storm and 145 damage shots from the disruptor existed). I still thinking having a unit, disruptor, that by passes all the hard work you put into the game such as making a bigger army, getting better upgrades, getting a range of variety in your compostion, disrespects the essence of roots in sc strategy. Im playing in diamond league right now and besides recently i put in a lot of time into this game, majority with toss and zerg. Im telling your from and average zerg players perspective that fighting toss and terran is very hard for zerg. It may not look hard, because the majority of the lotv games, imo, is cheese fest for that average lower tier players. I face it myself, Proxy gates, proxy barracks, endless army of lings, or the ,current term, "full na", where they are constantly all ining you early game no matter what race. When i go to longer games i do win but i get smashed by people that are logical and know what they are doing. I honestly think we zerg are weak if we don't cheese, or put our opponent behind early game. Zerg always has to get to the boss units, ultras, brood lords, vipers, cracklings and hope to survive endless harass to feel like we secured a win. Then we have to hope thors, immortals, liberators, tempests, void rays aren't spam'd because if they have a certain mass then your armored units melt like butter and those units are so expensive. I watch the gsl and iems and i thought the top level management would see how even though zerg are out numbering their competitors; more in the west and not the south, we really don't win. The south says zerg is weak compared to toss, the west says opposite. The south gets banned from our competitions because they are too good, so whose rational would i believe. Last weak Davie agreed with zerg being weak compared to Toss, this week its a flip flop. All i know is im patient and ill play, but this is now too much. I can not see what clear direction the sc2 management team is taking this game or the races. NO RACE IS SAFE. Your strategy that made you how good you are, is up on the chopping block if there is enough rage spilled into it. Everything you worked for or learned can be thrown out the window. I don't want to invest the time to learn or connect with other race, like other people don't want to to mine. All i know is my race is being nerfed to !@#$ and were going to be few in numbers like how we once were. I done ty.FOREVEERF9 Apr 27
Apr 25 ZVP GSL vods Can anyone link me GSL ZVP matches where the Zerg was victorious? I'm going to be modeling my ZVP after Korean ZVP.Roboroadkill1 Apr 25
Apr 22 Terran Got Pwned Video Clip I just had a video clip of my ZvT. Terran's tier 1 units were tearing me apart until they messed up with my precious Zerg eggs. LOL. https://youtu.be/pqoZyWuGqaU Here's the whole replay: http://ggtracker.com/matches/6605362 It's just a lower league replay, a Gold rank Terran player vs Me, a casual Unrank Zerg player. I found the video clip so funny. How in the hell those units came from small eggs? LOL. I love my ZvT games.BigBadZerg1 Apr 22
Apr 18 ZvT liberator replay help Hello! I've had 3 losses in a row to Terran where they built liberators and completely rekt my army. I know I'm handling this wrong but I'm not sure when/how to transition. https://sc2replaystats.com/replay/2707822 At around 6m or so he starts harassing with a single liberator. I built hydras which I should have known was the wrong idea since once they're seiged they just wreck hydra and roaches. When I saw the lib should I have gone spire and build corruptors? When I pushed in I'm pretty sure I killed my own units with my ravagers but before I knew it everyone of my units were dead. I'm assuming I walked into a seiged lib but I'm not 100% sure. I would love any and all feedback on the replay. Thanks in advance.Lokei7 Apr 18
Apr 14 How do I scout this? (Replay) Hello! ZvZ - he goes 2 bases, doesn't really drone up the 2nd, takes a 2nd gas and a RW and masses ~12 roaches at the 4m mark. I was droning up my 2nd before my RW so by the time he pushed in I only had my initial lings. What should I have seen here to let me know what he was doing? I assume I miss something on the scouting. I never know if I should look in the main or not due to queens. Thanks in advance. The replay is short - about 5m. http://sc2replaystats.com/replay/2720332Lokei5 Apr 14
Apr 14 Ideas for balance and a newer metagame SSSSOOOO.....weird idea, I'm a bit drunk so let me know if I'm being crazy. All ideas after 1 are only relevant if the first idea is implemented. 1. Remove photon overcharge entirely, or at least, if you can't do that, then have to do have it do a quarter of its current damage applied equally in a small area, like every enemy in the area takes full damage, while slightly reducing the range of PO. 2. To make up for the above change, increase maximum of Mothership Cores to 2, 3 once you have a fleet beacon. 3. If the above ideas are implemented, give the Mothership core a speed boost of 0.25 so that, since you have multiple cores, at least one can be used for mild harassment while keeping the defense.....adequate, against early pressure. And 4. At the Fleet Beacon, you can get a very expensive upgrade (minimum 750 Min, 750 Gas, 150 Seconds to research) to allow you to get a second full mothership on the battlefield. I think that these changes may allow protoss the ability to attack and defend earlier on, and at the same time, Something that I'm not sure can be done with the highest non professional player now, but I suck a bit already, so I'm not totally sure........ Once again, I'm a bit drunk, feel free to let me know if it's me or the booze talking hereHammnet1 Apr 14
Apr 14 Mass immo/stalker (replay help) At around 7m I peek in (my scouting was terrible up until this point) and see a handful of immortals and stalkers outside of his main (this was on dusk towers, so the site of his 3rd basically). I had a ~30 1/1 roaches to his 6 immo / 10 stalkers (1/1 as well). I pushed up the ramp w/around 16 lings to distract and tried to attack up the ramp w/my roaches and was just murdered. I'm not sure if I just plain !@#$ed up the attack (several roaches are running around in the back like idiots) or if that was an unwinnable engagement? I backed off, build hydras and a few spines and he camped outside my base. I was attempting to tech up to lurkers but didn't have enough time. I tried pushing out and luring a few of his units in which worked a few times but ultimately I was destroyed. Once I saw him at the 7m mark - what should I have done? Could I have won the fight ~8m? Thanks in advance. https://sc2replaystats.com/replay/2739700Lokei3 Apr 14
Apr 14 Looking for help on improving [note - posted in general w/no response - hoping to get one here] Hello! A little about me: I'm a silver level zerg player atm - been in gold 3 times. Haven't played for about a year. I do ok in most games - not a lot of major blow-outs, but I do have a few difficult match-ups (early lings, lib/tanks, mass stalker/immo). I feel like I'm getting a little better all the time (better scouting, reacting, etc). I see 3 options for me to improve and would like some opinions on what the best approach is. Options: - Play a game - if it doesn't go well post the replay, ask for help. I tend to over-analyze things in general and I think this may be taking more time than it's worth. - Watch more streams / videos / tutorials / etc and try and figure out what i'm doing wrong in my match-ups vs. what I'm doing well, etc. - Just play as many games as I can, not caring about the results too much, and wait to analyze until I've played a 100 or so games this season. For those of you in higher leagues, how did you improve? How important is it to analyze each loss vs. just playing more games? Thanks in advance.Lokei4 Apr 14
Apr 13 what do u do when u see mass immortals? the toss a moved me with 12 immortals and some archons when i had like 12 lurkers + hydras + lings he had like 12 immortals, the fight wasnt even close cuz the immortals were in concave so the each lurker hit like 1 immortal... i tried to get to broods but i didnt have the time... it seems that u need like 300 supply to beat this army... i just find myself camp with some spines till i get to broods... lame design and meta just lame... its not legacy of the void its starcraft 2 - camp till you got the composition i think the problem is that in starcrtaft 2 there are too many units that counter other units too hard.. like the immortal. i think that if units were better against certain units they should be like 20% better and not like 200% better, if u dont have the right composition its just instant lose with no chance to come back think about it.talski4 Apr 13
Apr 9 ZvT Question How do you defend heavy Hellion/Banshee pressure into Hellbat/Thor/Liberator push? I tried mass queen and died. I tried Nydus, and died. I tried roach/ling into roach/ravager/queen and died. I have no clue how to beat this.LigerMaNN4 Apr 9
Apr 7 Mutas anymore viable in ZvZ? I been thinking about this dank composition: lurker, ling, muta, the CLASSIC from brood war eh? Maybe banelings at the start to hold off early all-ins, start off with 2-base muta harass. Transition into lurkers, keep other zerg on his side of the map since he needs to build up hydras before he can leave his base safely. Upgrade, and keep him busy with lings/mutas as I transition into ultra tech, perhaps even brood lords. yay or nay? It sounds ok on paper to me anyway -__- I don't think they nerfed spores yet tho lolzerganator11 Apr 7
Apr 7 How to deal with terran mech? They all whine so bad about how "UP" mech is... but I'm having a really hard time against it. Thankfully, I usually get to kill them before things get out of hand, but they have so many harass options, it's disgusting. My main issue is with mass thors+tank+hellbat+liberator. It's so... disgusting. Kills everything insanely quick. He didn't have all that many libs, so I was thinking brood lords, but I couldn't get any significant number of them out, because I always had to run around chasing stupid liberators all game long (+reaper opener). The range and damage on these things is insane. Why on earth does the thor have that much range?Spydalisk9 Apr 7
Apr 6 why roach ravager in ZvT? i think muta ling bane is still sooooo much better. i tried this composition yesterday and this is godawful lolTerran18 Apr 6
Apr 5 ZvT question This has happened a few times now - I push in against a T with an advantage of overall units and upgrades - destroy the 2nd/3rd and there is a small ramp to the main. They have a wall-off of some sort and 2-3 sieged up tanks with 2-3 lib's behind the wall. I'm at a loss what to do here. If I try and push up the ramp I get destroyed. Do I need to get to vipers / fungals? I get wiped out in about 10-15s. [edit] - so another thing I wonder if I was missing was ravagers to snipe out the tanks / lib's at range. No sure if that's the right idea. Just feel like I'm making lings/banelings/roaches at random and clueless what to do. Thanks - newly back to the game bronze here FYI.Lokei12 Apr 5
Apr 5 Help with Bio/mine/Liberator Hey guys I'm having a bit of trouble with one particular play style. Terran Liberators are very strong, as we all know, but I generally have ways of beating them UNLESS its a composition heavy on mines/marines. Bio/lib/mine seems to be getting more popular and I can't seem to beat it. I typically go Ling/bane/corruptor against this until I can get ultras out but the amount of micro it takes to fight mines and liberators while still trying to fend off a large 2 base bio force just gets absurd. I'm just not sure how to beat an army that can zone lock me into my own base until I either mine out or take a bad fight, it gets worse if there are tanks as well. I have heard that roach/ravager is a way to do this but that just falls apart against bio, any suggestions? I keep getting stuck in these scenarios where I'm either trapped in my own base or stuck outside their base and the micro requirements to fight against this army (which is nothing but set up, then micro the bio) just seem to be extreme.Mattao4 Apr 5
Apr 5 returning player looking for mentor and teams I'm finally returning to the game as a zerg currently in bronze :/ looking for good coach/mentor to help me get better also looking for same person to be interested in doing 2's and/or archon please message in game for fastest responseNubplox4 Apr 5
Apr 4 Zerg Anti-Air Zerg Anti-Air. Why does it suck so much? Seriously, what is it about the options Zerg has that make them so terrible against air units? For example, Raven+Viking+BC is nearly impossible for a Zerg player to deal with. PDD stops all anti-air shots of Zerg units and fungals pretty much tickle BCs. Also, infested terrans aren't even close to being worthwhile to rely on as anti-air anymore, because they don't receive any upgrades, for some stupid reason. I understand the fungal nerf, but Zerg's AA took a major hit while Ravens received a major buff. Not a good simultaneous change, in my opinion. Especially because Zerg units never were that great against air units in the first place. Not to mention Void Ray Colossus is super difficult to deal with as well. Hydras don't even always beat Void Rays, anymore. Blizzard buffed spores against mutas because of how weak zerg's anti-air is. You can't go another unit composition without that buff, because AA is such a problem for zerg, that the normal little harass units would literally kill players that were going for different unit compositions. Maybe Blizzard should just give Zerg good anti-air units and quit doing things that are silly like buffing spores specifically to ruin a ZvZ strategy altogether.ATHEOTES28 Apr 4
Apr 4 MM Tank Drop And Libs On The Other Side It's getting old. I've seen Polt did this couple of times against Zerg. Against slow Roaches, it seems this is effective. That's why I prefer Lings, Bane and Mutas then later Ultras against Terran. I'm just a casual player on a lower league and it seems my LBM combo is effective. Here's my last ZvT game. LBM is not that bad. http://ggtracker.com/matches/6568772BigBadZerg3 Apr 4
Apr 4 ZvP - Immortal's vs RR I'm having a little trouble with ZvP when they mix 4-6 immortals into their army. If I'm going roach/ravager or roach/hydra what's the best way to counter them? Should I be adding ravagers to either build and using them to pick them off? tech up to vipers so I can pull them back? Also - last game I was able to push through the immortal's w/sheer force (it was still bad, but they all died). Then a handful of archons just wiped me out. What's a good counter to archons? Thanks in advance.Lokei3 Apr 4
Apr 3 Constructive Balance Suggestions To preface; I am a Gold league Zerg player. I've been playing for around 2 years, and this is my attempt at providing constructive balance suggestions. While I know each race has their issues, I will be providing my suggestions from a Zerg point of view. Zerg Issues: 1. Early game variety. 2. Early and late game air defense/viability. 3. Unit production efficiency per base. Solutions: 1. Allow Hydra Den to be built at same tier as Roach Warren. Keep the Hydra upgrades at Lair tech. Hydras are a good solution to early game air defense. Instead of guessing at how many Spores to build potentially putting you at a significant disadvantage you would get a solid unit(s) to take into mid game. It would allow for more creative strategy, and add variety to the early game. 2. I already touched on early game air defense. I believe that Vipers were too strong pre-PB nerf, but I believe the 30 damage nerf was too harsh. I believe Mutas, Corrupters, and Broodlords are in a good place, so my fairly lame suggestion would be to give some of the PB damage back. That way other air armies can't simply fight through and win despite it. It should force them to micro their air units, and at its current damage I don't believe it does that. 3. I believe that the unit production efficiency advantage that 2 base Protoss and Terran has over 2 base Zerg is important and should exist, but right now I believe that the advantage is too great. Simple solution would be to add an extra larvae at Lair, and then an additional larvae at Hive. Not only would this give players a reason to upgrade more than one base to Lair/Hive, it would allow for more styles of play early game, rather than forcing Zerg to expand early and often. Thank you for reading, feedback would be appreciated!Smoove3 Apr 3
Apr 2 ZvT replay question Hello! I'm currently bronze - only been as high as gold in the past. I had a ZvT tonight where I pushed 111 w/roaches into marines and I got destroyed. I don't know if I should have pulled back upon seeing marines or if I just screwed up the engagement somehow (moving incorrectly, etc). I would love any feedback you have about this first fight (~7:30), or any of the replay for that matter. I defended a push from him (~10:30 - lost my lair / hydra den / rw) and tried to push back, but was wiped by tanks / lib's. Again not sure if it was pure mismanagement or if he just had me based on units. http://sc2replaystats.com/replay/2656672 Thanks in advance.Lokei4 Apr 2
Mar 31 upgrades for static D in late game hello guys, I'm a master Zerg player. I think that one of the problems in z game atm that spine are irrelevant in late game, so its like impossible for zerg to jump from 1 base to another in the late game, protoss have cannons and can warp in, terran got planetaries but Zergs spines are just meaningless, 1 drop for 3-3 marines or zealots can destroy 400 worth of minerals of spines easly so its so easy for toss to warp in in my mainbase and then attack from other some position, its impossible to defend as zerg. so, ive thought about an upgrade for the spine crawlers and spores that when u hit hive you can upgrade each spine u want for (example for 50 minerals and 50 gas) the spine to be stronger, maybe + 10 dmg +100 life or more armor.. so Zerg will have a decent static defend in late game.. thanks alottalski8 Mar 31
Mar 31 Injecting - hot key for individual hatch I've never tried this method but I'm wondering what people this of this method. Don't you run out of hot keys once you're on 5 bases? Right now I use the "backspace" method but I mapped the cycle key to an extra mouse button instead. I think this is the easiest method but it does cause rally issues for queens sometimes which I'm sure the individual hatch method wouldn't.Shahzad18 Mar 31
Mar 31 zvz 17 hatch vs 12/13 pool all in This is kind of embarrassing but what is the proper recourse in this situation? Should I do this or is there a better way to deal with this threat... 1.overlord scouts incoming wave of lings 2.cancel second hatchery and instantly make roach warren to counter banelings I can macro like a beast but keep getting stomped by this level 1 noob opening. Appreciate all the help!!! Hopefully the feedback provided helps someone else as well!!!Hexor10 Mar 31
Mar 27 zvt marine hellbat medivac timing hey guys whats the timing to scout for this and how do i stop it?Alexander4 Mar 27