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Dec 27 ZvP how? Anyone else having trouble ZvP? Strange I had 65+% in this matchup pre-patch3.8. Now its 30% and still falling. I noticed lowko claimed similar in his recent videos. I used to go +1+1 roach push or mass mutas, but neither now works. I considtently die to mass Adepts. nass phoenixes, or late skytosh air... carriers. On the plus side my ZvT went from around 30% to 68%. So it swapoed! On the plus dudepoofball7 Dec 27
Dec 26 fungal battlecruisers Not to be a sourapple but if you fungal a battlecruiser it should not be able to warp away. The fungal juice would at least clog up the warp engines so it shouldn't be possible.BilboBagins5 Dec 26
Dec 25 Getting back into SCII Hey there friends, After finally finishing my Bachelor's, I am looking to get back into some Starcraft 2. It's been many months since I've played multiplayer and I was a consistently high-level gold Zerg player. I was hoping to touch base with a few players and possibly set up some matches to knock some of the rust off. Happy holidays and happy New Year! /KaldenKalden1 Dec 25
Dec 22 Another bad ZvT Hello everyone! I lost a ZvT last night and I have a somewhat generic question I would like advice on. He started out with some reapers and hellions and I defended ok. He pushed in with tanks and thors and while the initial engagement didn't go well, I got up to vipers and held off a decent sized attack from him. I did lose all my vipers though. I pushed over towards his side of the map and he had more thors and tanks. I pulled a handful of the tanks/thors in and killed them but he had ~8 sieged up tanks behind it and my control of my vipers just isn't good enough yet and I lost everything and gg'ed out. That said, I had other problems as well. Missed injects, didn't scout early, bad creep spread, etc. I'm getting better and not floating too many minerals, but at this point I'm kind of looking for a handful of things I need to improve on to help my overall game. Should I just pick one of the things mentioned above? Here is the replay in case anyone has time to give me some pointers. I have no problem losing games and can take any advice anyone is willing to dish out. Just trying to get better! Thanks in advance. http://sc2replaystats.com/replay/4125880Lokei2 Dec 22
Dec 21 Double your Creep Spread ! Hello, i am a newcomer (3weeks) I had a game where i wanted to spread my creep faster I used 1 Overlord to drop Creep and planted a tumor(survives without future creep from overlord) and then you move on to next area and do the same thing. Double the zone and you still can use the initial creep, Also you can use the overlord to move the queen faster/safer Never saw it used in a actual game on twitch/ pro players http://prnt.sc/dlyupd http://prnt.sc/dlyv2jJavaris4 Dec 21
Dec 20 Streaming! https://www.twitch.tv/insomniac313 I'd appreciate if you check it out and give me some constructive criticism. Just got Plat 1 for the first time!Insomniac11 Dec 20
Dec 19 2v2 Zerg builds to complement mech My buddy is a master terran player and I have recently started playing lots of 2v2 games with him. I just switched to zerg (played T before). We have found success in a 2base 8min timing attack of 20-25 roachs + marines, tanks, medicvacs with widow mine drops around 6min. However, sometimes he wants to go mech and I have no idea how to complement that playstyle as zerg. I need bases for an army but we give up so much map control because he says mech shouldnt move out. Furthermore we got wrecked several times in row by enemies going air units.Witchy6 Dec 19
Dec 19 LotV worth getting as Zerg? Hello people, I'm a big zerg fan and I've been thinking of coming back to SC2 multiplayer. Last time I laddered was back in Heart of the Swarm. I thought about buying LotV, but I watched some ProLeague finals and, frankly, the new units don't impress me. Now, I haven't watched any ZvZ, but from what I've seen, ZvT hasn't changed at all (zerg tries to macro while terran pummels him all game with bio), while in ZvP the protoss spam adepts who appear to be ranged, teleporting zealots made of cancer. On the zerg side, the only new unit I've seen are ravagers, and only in ZvP, and they never did anything useful. Not one hydralisk, let alone lurker, to be seen, and in only one match did Hydra manage to get to Ultras. It might be that I've just watched the wrong matches (I only watched like 10 of them), though. So, is there any zerg change in LotV that's worth buying the expansion for, or should I just stick with HotS? Any other big changes? Thanks, TLDR: Is zerg multiplayer playstyle at all different in LotV or should I just stick with HotS? EDIT: Hell, now I'm questioning HotS as well. How are Swarm Host? Still useless after their rework? What about Vipers? I'm asking, because now that I think of it, I can't think of a good reason not to just play WoL. WoL doesn't seem to make any difference in available units for Zerg, but at least it spares me the torture of dealing with widow mines. :pGiga10 Dec 19
Dec 19 no answers for protss cannon rushing. 2 gate rush cannon rush into 2 gate adepts. DTs air. plus 1 imortal all in. they are completely immune to harrassment and can take 2 bases easily and fully saturate with out losing a single probe because photon overcharge. i am more comfortable in zvt and zvz. it doesnt matter how !@#$ing braindead the protoss is i cannot harrass him and they just do what every they want and win the game. i obviously beat like mass void rays and stupid cheese. i have no answers for any of this nonsense that. master race protss.SpreestxD21 Dec 19
Dec 19 ZvT - how to beat mass cyclone I saw a few cyclones at the start and was building roaches. He pushed with ~11 and I had ~20 roaches and at first we were about even but he ended up overwhelming me. What is a good defense / counter to mass cyclones? Thanks http://sc2replaystats.com/replay/4087576Lokei9 Dec 19
Dec 19 ZvZ help I just don't understand this match up at all and it's beyond frustrating! I try to go for an aggressive ling plus 1 attack opener and it didn't work. Anyone got a good safe opener and tips to help get me past the ling/bane bs?Insomniac38 Dec 19
Dec 18 Zerg and championships has zerg ever won a championship? every time i swear its ony protoss and terran, mostly protoss that win the championships. its like zerg was created and balanced to be a punching bag. when will the zerg pros move on to terran or toss?Zeeku7 Dec 18
Dec 18 Mutas in ZvZ, a bad idea ? Imo going for mutas is a very bad strategy in ZvZ. Players who go for mutas tend to have less ground units and tend to over drone in the early stage of the game. Going for mutas is also a huge investment: expensive spire + 100 gas and minerals per mutas. You can literally crush your opponent's workers in his main and natural with a good army of roaches and lings even if your opponent already has an army of mutas at his disposal. His mutas won't kill your lings and roaches fast enough to slow down the disaster. You will eventually loose your lings and roaches army but it doesn't matter at this point if you managed to kille at least 10-15 of his workers. The second wave to end the game is coming. A couple of spores (4 to 6 spores per base) and queens in your main and natural will be enough to get rid of his mutas if he decides to attack. They literally melt against spore. So what does your opponent has now ? 10-15 mutas ? who can't even attack your main and natural because of your spores. Game over. Now it's time to mass hydras, roaches and lings to end the game with them while your opponent is still trying hard to recover from your previous attack. So I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Mutas in ZvZ, good idea or not ?BugBunnylisk9 Dec 18
Dec 18 Queen hotkey question Hello all! I typically have my inject queens on 4, my hatcheries on 5 and my creep / D queens on 6. When facing oracle / VR harass early on I have a hard time getting all my queens in the right spot to D. A few specific questions: 1- should I have an 'all queens' hotkey? either in addition to the 2 I already have or just instead of what I have. I used to use '4' + 'next base' key to inject but I do that less and less now (using camera hotkeys more). I like the creep queens on 6 so I can always press 6, 'c', and place tumors. 2- at the start of games I keep my inject queens at the base they're injecting and my D/creep queens at the front. should I be pulling my creep queens back to the 'middle' of my bases to make it easier to D these types of pushes? Would love to hear how others do it. I only recently started building more and more queens for D and they have really helped me out with early aggression and defending early air. Cheers!Lokei7 Dec 18
Dec 18 Is 15/14 trick worth using? for someone who don't know this trick it is trick that you build gas(supply become 13/14) then make drone(supply become 14/14) then cancel gas(supply become 15/14) well let do rough calculation I usual use 15/14 trick when i am waiting for first overlord and it need 75mineral to do this trick so by using this trick I can have 15th drone around 10s(normally you need first overlord(18s )+then build drone(12s) but by this trick I can have 15th drone in around 20s(around7-8s for 75mineral +12s for drone)) faster than when not using this trick cancel gas waste 6 mineral I think that in 10 s drone can have more than 2 trip of mineral harvest so in my POV this trick is worth using but using this trick may delay first expan(if U want to fast expan) for 5-8 s(don't sure) Please tell me If I get it wrong somewhere XDNaIL15 Dec 18
Dec 18 Is 17 Hatch still viable? Not having much luck with 17 hatchery opener versus ZvZ since this new patch. Perhaps it's the old school maps which are TINY and I'm constantly getting tagged by 2:10 by 1 base all ins! 17 hatchery / 17 spawning pool / 17 gas... If anyone is utilizing a similar macro build how many lings are you making before droning in your natural, also how are you defending those dreaded 1 base baneling all ins at 2:40-3:00. Feeling tired of defending cheese all day in ZvZ.RavenerAlpha9 Dec 18
Dec 18 Cheese build order I was a toss player in multiplayer I started too change to zerg now i rly need help for build orders .... I rly love cheesy build order can anybody help? #rip tossStorm8 Dec 18
Dec 17 Where are leviathan ability hotkeys ? i cant seem to find where to change the hotkeys for the leviathan. the leviathan has a few abilities and it doesnt show up on the units list in hotkeys.Kragan1 Dec 17
Dec 17 Marine, Tank, Medivac + THOR! How do I beat this playing standard Muta, ling, bling? I try to harass with mutas but turrets and thors defend + marines. I cant engage or bust his front because of tanks. So I have to wait for him to engage me, and the unit composition just wrecks everything I have. By the time I see the attack coming I cant engage with ling/bling tanks are already sieged. I cant engage with mutas [magic box] marines are stacked next to the thors. Ughh!! should i just play ling,bling,infestor vs this?AceKing15 Dec 17
Dec 15 Bangling Tip Heres a tip with the banglings, it only requires 5 banglings to successfully bust open the ramp early game. but heres the catch you have to aim for the middle structure.... heres why. https://youtu.be/2zDIqqIoePESpyroDragon4 Dec 15
Dec 15 Zerg blows late game zerg blows late game. if they don't win early they're doomed late game unless they go mass ultra.EricPlayboy24 Dec 15
Dec 13 Are swarm hosts still pretty bad in LOTV? So I stopped playing around the release of HOTS because swarm host wars didn't look fun, and I wasnt real impressed with the viper. I was even more dissapointed in LOTV when it seems like they took a step forward and step back by making swarm hosts absolutely awful and adding ravagers and lurkers. So are all zerg units more viable now? Are swarm hosts and lurkers usable?AlKaPwn5 Dec 13
Dec 13 Glowing infestor skin i really want this thing as a skin! if there are any players who don't know what i'm talking about, change to WOL or HOTS expansion levels, go into hots campaign and train one, or go into co-op and look at one as you kill them. i really want this because it... well it just looks awesome! here is some info i've gathered on them 1. glow color changes depending on you're team color 2. it's a glitch of the moment, which means it's under threat of removal (NO!) 3. it appears that the LOTV infestor doesn't glow... meaning they are two different units. Come together, all zerg players that would rather have this as a unit skin!Awesomov2 Dec 13
Dec 12 ZVP needs help Hello, I am currently gold zerg in ones (plat experienced). My winrate against protoss seems to have tanked and I'm not sure why or what to do about it. I don't think I've beat a single decent protoss player this season. I am losing to protoss with half my effective APM... it seems like no matter what I do I cannot inflict enough damage. Any act of aggression I take (ie drops or flanking attacks) always just triggers a unstoppable all in I can never beat. I get the proper counters to everything in the protoss forces, but it seems like they do the same but their comp always completely flattens mine. Here are some examples; Protoss pushes with 2 immortals, zelots and adepts. I get roaches for the zlots/adepts, and run lings around the main force to get at the imortals. Roaches get slaughtered by imo's before lings inflict enough damage, and end up getting shredded by adepts. Ok, game lasts a little longer and I've gotten hydras now... Mass collosus. np I'll get corruptors; I either end up killing all the collosus but still losing my ground armies, or he has voids/phoenix and my corruptors just get shredded. I cannot ever seem to get a step ahead. All this late game crush they have, and they still massacre my drones with early adept play that I cannot stop (fight yes but cannot stop) or oracles, both plays of which are almost garanteed to get drone kills with minimal loss on the protoss part. TLDR; need help with ZvP meta, I must not know it because I cannot beat protoss period.Atanius12 Dec 12
Dec 11 Everyone is freaking out over hydras I keep hearing they're really strong,and they're op. Is there a specific hydra build going around? Or is it just generally since they got buffed?NoNoUDo2 Dec 11
Dec 11, 2016 ZvP Carriers? I have not seen anything broken more in SC2 than current carriers. I had 2/3 full hydra army with infestors, twice the size of protoss with 1/0 and still lost the battle to 5 carriers. Anyone wining vs this setup?Lhotse12 Dec 11, 2016
Dec 9, 2016 Some Diamond Zerg Replays Been on a bit of a crazy win streak with Zerg recently. Not due to some crazy mass hydra or viper shinanigans, but due to improving my understanding of the game and actually concentrating ;) Figured i'd upload the replays if any of you guys wanted to go through them if you were struggling on any particular matchups. I lost maybe 3 in the last 15 games or so, i posted the losses as well. Importantly, I reviewed every replay win or lose, to better understand in either scenario, something I certainly think is key to every players improvement. questions such as - Was I behind when i thought i was behind? (by how much?) - Was I ahead when I thought i was ahead? (by how much?) - Did my opponent make the right decisions? (Could I identify when they did or did not?) - Were there decisions I could have made better? - Were there particular decisions I correctly made (Could I identify this or was it by accident)] I have used some of these thoughts to dramatically improve my ZvZ play recently. I used to have a win rate of around 30%!.. It's recently gone up to 40% WIN ZVP https://sc2replaystats.com/replay/4068040 WIN ZVZ https://sc2replaystats.com/replay/4068041 WIN ZVZ https://sc2replaystats.com/replay/4068042 WIN ZVT https://sc2replaystats.com/replay/4068043 WIN ZVP https://sc2replaystats.com/replay/4068044 WIN ZVZ https://sc2replaystats.com/replay/4068045 WIN ZVZ https://sc2replaystats.com/replay/4068049 WIN ZVT https://sc2replaystats.com/replay/4068050 WIN ZVZ https://sc2replaystats.com/replay/4068051 WIN ZVT https://sc2replaystats.com/replay/4068048 WIN ZVZ https://sc2replaystats.com/replay/4068055 LOSS ZVZ https://sc2replaystats.com/replay/4068047 WIN ZVT https://sc2replaystats.com/replay/4068053 WIN ZVZ https://sc2replaystats.com/replay/4068052 LOSS ZVZ https://sc2replaystats.com/replay/4068056 LOSS ZVZ https://sc2replaystats.com/replay/4068054 WIN ZVZ https://sc2replaystats.com/replay/4068058 You may noticed a lot of ZVZ's... can't think why :P It has however definitely helped me breakthrough in the style of play. All the games are reasonably different, with some cheese (mostly by the OPP) some macro games, no vipers, I think maybe one game with ultras! Enjoy!Turtle1 Dec 9, 2016
Dec 4, 2016 Master of Infestors Guide to ZvP For those of you who hate spamming Hydras and Vipers across the map, here you go: Make sure you have rapid fire hot keyed. 1. Throw down 1 hatch 2. Get a spawning pool 3. Spend all your current larvae 4. Make a macro hatch 5. Get 4 Queens and drone up in each mineral line. Once both mineral lines are filled with sixteen drones each( can vary ), take all of your gases at once. 6. As soon as you take your gases, throw down 2 evo chambers. Once you have finished droning your gas, keep pumping lings continuously. 7. When you have enough gas, get +1 Melee attack and +1 armour. 8. After your upgrades are taken, get ling speed. 9. After your ling speed is taken, get a Lair. 10. Once your lair is taken, get burrow. 11. Once your lair finishes, get an infestation pit. 12. Once your Infest Pit is done, get Pathogen glands. 13. When Pathogen glands is 27 seconds done, get as many Infestors as you can with the gas you have banked. 14. Once you queue up your Infestors, double expand( 3rd an 4th base ), and get Nueral and +2 armour and +1 ranged attack, and throw down a Roach Warren. 15. Once you have done all this and your Infestors have popped, go to his 3rd or natural and try to cancel it/kill it with lings and Infested Terrans. If he is adept or sentry heavy, go for a burrowed chain fungal. It doesn't matter, just kill his 3rd base, and if you have enough, his army too. 16. While attacking drone up, and when the attack has finished, pump out as many Infestors as your gas bank allows and then 15 roaches, and then drone up. 17. While droning up, get a spire and Hive at the same time. 18. After you've saturated your bases, keep pumping roaches till you're maxed. You should have at least 9+ Infestors. Once you're maxed, take a 5th base. 19. Now move out with your entire army and either kill the Toss, or at least take some of his army out and preferably a base. If he has Mass air, throw a few fungals and dump Mass Infested Terrans, and send your roaches elsewhere to kill his bases, or his army. 20. Start a greater spire. Now, you've either killed the Toss, or crippled him, so make as many Broodlords as you think you need( preferably 9 ), and a few more Infestors and spend the rest of your supply on roaches. You may need a lot more Infestors( 15-20+ )if he's going Mass Air, and a few Vipers( 3+ ). Mass static D in all bases also, and around your main army. You need some Queens( around 5 )also. Keep a decently small supply of Roaches or Lings to defend harass and harass themselves. 21. How to beat SkyToss/late game armies: with 20+ Infestoes, make sure you have rapid fire hot keyed: Get Broods/Queens to attack move > Hold Fire + Shift + Hold down the Infested Terran key for a few seconds, then abduct + Nueral and spam more Infested Terrans and spam Nueral again and transfuse damaged units and fungal anything that tries to run. GG. Now, this build works from Masters to Bronze, though I hope it helps in GM too^^ThatDarkSlug2 Dec 4, 2016
Dec 3, 2016 New Player. Noob builds? Hi, I'm new. I finished the Zerg campaign about two days ago and I really liked them, but I understand that you're basically told what to do all the time, so by the time I went into vs A.I. I got owned by the Easy difficulty LOL. I was able to beat the other two placements and am now in Medium difficulty, but if I am to have any hope of playing against real people, I should prob know some basic strats. So, what is a good strat for a beginner? Or builds, is what you guys call them? I tried to watch a YouTuber named Lowko, but he's too fast lol, so anything in written form would be awesome.SpaceIllidan10 Dec 3, 2016
Dec 2, 2016 Corrosive Bile How do pro Zerg player cast Ravaers Corrosive Bile super fast, like 10 shots in a second?Adjudicator3 Dec 2, 2016
Dec 1, 2016 ZvT Loss - had army advantage but still lost Hello! I lost a ZvT last night and I know I screwed up the engagements but I'm not sure specifically what I need to be doing differently. He started by blocking my nat and I was able to take my 3rd and nat quickly. I droned up ok and had a few bad engagements where I missed his WM's. At around the 10 minute mark I had a pretty big army advantage but just seemed to push into the wrong group and died pretty badly. Any help is appreciated! http://sc2replaystats.com/replay/3992765Lokei6 Dec 1, 2016
Dec 1, 2016 ZvT - how to handle thor + tank Hello! I played a ZvT today and he went tank / thor. I had vipers / roach / hydra and was able to pull his tanks and destroy them pretty well but the thors just ran over me. He had pulled some early harass and I was a bit behind so I'm not surprised I lost. I felt like I was just overwhelmed by his thor's and I'm not sure what a good response to them is. On the mid-game fight that tipped everything his way he had about 6 tanks and 6 thors. I pulled the tanks ok (mis-pulled 2, still learning :) ) but was ok until the thors came out to play. Thanks in advance.Lokei4 Dec 1, 2016
Nov 28, 2016 Zerg Turtle Style Grab a coffee guys, this is a long one. Topic says it all. I know, for the most part, Terran can pull off the Turtle style best, Protoss or "skytoss" also have the potential, but I think that's more of a bad Zerg player to allow Protoss to get to that state, ultimately they have to do some big harass early on with air units to keep your eco down. But what about Zerg? SH got the nerf back when they were ridiculously good, now they're getting a price reduction? so economy wise they may be more viable unit (I actually use them now anyway, Diamond 2, Rank 4, EU) I also think the burrow infestor buff is going to make investors even more viable also for a turtle-style. I will start by giving some credit to Avilo and his more turtle-style and showing the power of late zerg, how you can honestly turn things around with their late units (no not ultras!)Turtle20 Nov 28, 2016
Nov 28, 2016 What if Zerg got the Raptor in ladder? Humor me for a moment and imagine Blizzard decided to add in the Raptor Strain for Zerglings as a Hive tech. I'd have the following caveats. - Requires both Metabolic Boost and Adrenal Glands to be researched first. - Takes an extensive amount of time to research (i.e. 2 minutes) and a significant amount of resources (i.e. 200 minerals, 200 gas minimum). - Raptors in ladder cannot jump cliffs. The high cost, required techs, and inability to jump cliffs would keep the Raptors from being too strong a choice as a raiding unit, but being able to jump at enemies and have more damage would make them much stronger late-game. The loss of cliff-jumping for ladder would be a necessity, otherwise Raptors would be too good at raiding mineral lines, and impossible to keep out of your base. Reapers don't suffer this problem because of their 50 gas cost a pop and their low DPS for cost. Think this could be interesting? I know Blizzard won't do it, but imagine if they did.darkdill1 Nov 28, 2016
Nov 27, 2016 ZvT - doing something really bad So I know I made some mistakes during the early game but I'm doing something horrible when engaging that is costing me games when I have far more units than the other player. I don't know if I'm targetting a target too far back and causing myself to walk into a bad engagement or what. If you have a minute please look at the last engagement in this replay. I was attacking his base when he walked in with his army and just obliterated me. I know I'm doing something wrong but I'm having a hard time figuring out what. Thanks in advance. http://sc2replaystats.com/replay/4002460Lokei2 Nov 27, 2016
Nov 26, 2016 New patch builds Anybody got new patch builds yet?NoNoUDo11 Nov 26, 2016
Nov 26, 2016 Livestreaming Zerg Team Games! twitch.tv/splindyhs come drop by and say hello, maybe chill out!Xepto0 Nov 26, 2016
Nov 24, 2016 Extractor bandit Does anyone use the Fenner extractor bandit opener anymore? I just tried it again today vs ai and it does have it's benefits with fast hatch and fast pool however it's not quite as efficient as 17 hatch. Anyone have any ideas to tweak/improve/modernize this build for the current meta and help me make it more efficient. Right now i'm trying single ovie at 34 then 3rd so it's not too late of a 3rd and also trying just 3 queens instead of 4. So any ideas would be appreciated! ^.^Insomniac3 Nov 24, 2016
Nov 24, 2016 MtarJesus explains why zerg is too stong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvCTzfQT2VU&feature=youtu.beHeavyRain0 Nov 24, 2016
Nov 24, 2016 My message to blizzard(Youtube video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0jj2zuqRGk this is my message to blizzard im done with sc2 zerg is rediculous .HeavyRain2 Nov 24, 2016
Nov 24, 2016 What kind of builds/guides do zergs want? Hey everyone i am a mid masters zerg on kr and na. i play a lot of different styles and do a lot of coaching. I keep seeing people asking for help with different match ups and with vague questions. so my question is which match ups do people want a guide on and what sort of styles? I am working on lurker style for zvt and i play meta builds for zvp and it is my absolute best match up at 70-80% on all servers. feel free to ask any questions and whatever majority. I will eventually make guides for all match ups but i would like to start somewhere, where most players need help with. http://www.strawpoll.me/11374103Ascarecrow10 Nov 24, 2016
Nov 22, 2016 4 Rax No Gas Rush I'm having a problem with the Elite AI doing a 4 rax no gas rush. It gets out 12 marines and hits my natural at 2:50 to 3:05 depending on the rush distance, and can catch my scouting overlords if I'm not careful. The only way to scout it is to 12 drone scout. Hatch first or pool first makes no difference, I will lose my natural. The only redeeming factor is that if I play ring around the rosy with my queen I can save my drones limiting my losses. I hit his marines with as many lings as I can but once the hatch is down he gathers his boys and goes home. Yes the AI is still dumb as a rock. If I drone scout I can get up three spines and stop him dead in his tracks, but that is 450 and lost mining time. If I do nothing I lose a hatchery a queen and whatever lings I use to get him to go home. So how do I get out of this economic quandary? I can handle all the other AI builds but I have no clue on this one.AncientOfDay10 Nov 22, 2016
Nov 21, 2016 What to do when hatch first is canceled After the seperate mmr patch rolled out I was placed into high Plat and I definitely do not belong here. Even after 40 games I'm not getting re-placed any lower. What I've lost to the most is when my opponent takes their drone/scv/probe and sit it where my natural would go. I've until now always done a hatch first into gas pool so I have no idea how to react to this... I end up panicing, messing up my build and timings and they kill me before I can get anything going. Any suggestions for an early pool build or what I should do when my hatch is canceled?KimBanelings5 Nov 21, 2016
Nov 15, 2016 Put Away a Cannon Rusher What's the best way to end the game early vs a cannon rusher. When you run into the same player multiple times and know he always opens cannon rush, what's the best way to end the game quickly in a victory for Zerg? I can beat this player, but it always ends up being a longer game ~18-28 minutes. How can I put him away earlier? I don't need to scout him, this is how he always opens.Okami4 Nov 15, 2016
Nov 14, 2016 Need sum builds Hi guys i recent switch to zerg but i rly just winging things. Anyone know some good buildsFourtyCreek18 Nov 14, 2016
Nov 13, 2016 Zerg lore Ok, so I've been googling for a few days now, and i can't find an answer so i now turn to you guys. My question is this. In the game a zergling goes from larva to zerg in a minute or so, but what about lore-wise? If a larva was sat on Mars, and decided to morph to zergling, how long would it take? Half an hour, a day, 2 minutes? I just want to know because i write fanfiction and my buddy challenged me to do starcraft, since we both play.giji6 Nov 13, 2016
Nov 13, 2016 ZvZ - 14 gas/pool questions Hello! I played a ZvZ and tried a build that I had seen on the forums. 14 gas, 14 pool, 15 OL - queen + 5 sets of lines and speed, 22 hatch 21 OL. I pushed in with 12 lings, killed the queen and some lings at the nat, and pushed into the main. I don't know what to do here - attack drones? attack queen? a-move into space near the drones and let the AI take over? Regardless I messed it up and lost. I would like to know if that build is what I should be doing or if it needs to be tweaked. Thanks in advance. http://sc2replaystats.com/replay/3952139Lokei4 Nov 13, 2016
Nov 11, 2016 wish list for zerg overlords start at 1 speed, and upgrade 2.5 overlords can spread creep while moving at hive tech (upgrade) only small trail. queens buff (build time drop down to 40 secs,( speed increase off and on creep hive tech) spines decrease build time to 40 secs hatch los increase to cover the whole creep tumors build time, and expand creep 50% faster nydus worm cost 200 mins and not 100/100 zerg units decrease % in gas but increase% in min cost (we post to be cheap race yet price for price we are very expensive in gas.SaintSkippy33 Nov 11, 2016
Nov 10, 2016 Attacking tanks on high ground question Hello! At around the 8 minute mark of the replay below I had 2 overseers hovering above 2 tanks on the higher ground than my roaches. Since I could see the tanks with my overseers I thought I should be able to attack them from the low ground with my roaches. When I a-clicked on the tanks they run up the ramp before attacking the tanks. Did I do something wrong or is my understanding wrong? Image: http://oi65.tinypic.com/sdcxm1.jpg Replay: http://sc2replaystats.com/replay/3934806 Thanks in advance.Lokei6 Nov 10, 2016
Nov 9, 2016 Master Zerg Streamer! Streaming EVERYDAY! SC2 Masters Zerg streamer! I'm new to streaming and I've began a journey to stream for at least 3 hours a day for an entire year! Join me on my journey, I'd love to have you :D. http://www.twitch.tv/impravidoNate148 Nov 9, 2016