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Sep 8, 2010 How do I deal with 4-gate? Hi, I'm a platinum Zerg who has a ton of trouble against Protoss players who 4-gate. Against Terran I'm actually really good (I can't remember the last time I won to one honestly, although I have to say Terran has some distinct advantages in the TvZ match-up and I just do everything in my power to avoid them). ZvZ I could use some work, but ZvP I was always solid on until I reached platinum, and then I just fell apart. In gold league, they'd always VR rush and I'm pretty good at countering that. In platinum, they always 4-gate (because people in platinum are actually good...). So I'm wondering, what should Zerg do against 4-gate builds? I always scout them and then I still lose to them. Does mass Roach into Hydra/Roach work? I usually get caught with a bunch of Zerglings as I try to tech up to Mutalisks for harassment purposes and then lose them all to good Sentry/Zealot micro. I usually don't go for Roach just because I feel like, although the Zealots would be a non-issue, while I'm microing the Zealots to death, the Stalkers would be shooting at the Roaches racking up kills, and worse, what if the Sentries throw a force field down to back me into a corner against the Zealots?Velix30 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Zerg Response of Turtling? Turtles are always annoying, but as Terran I found I could break their defenses with nukes, banshees, and a little patience. The zerg, however, don't have anything remotely like that. Is there a great way for them to break a barricade of bunkers, turrets, and seige tanks?Crimson19 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 The Happy Thread. Wow you look at the difference in the forums. The first 8 posts in this when I come in are... What if bannelings attacked like marauders. Roach - What a waste of Larva. Artosis already found the zerg problem. Why Blizzard is stupid. Zerg are Dynamic, Correct? Will zerg every be buffed? Why spawn larva is bad. Zerg players just be proud of yourself... and the list goes on and on. If Zerg were semi balanced maybe our forum would be full of strategy and discussion about the race. Instead its broken and its full of complaints and impatience.Crensh5 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 What does it take to rank up? When I started out I went through quite a few losses. But after winning 9/10 of my last games, most of which tmy opponent was slightly favored/favored. I want more of a challenge and was wondering if there is some milestone you have to hit before you can rank up.Reese4 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 ZvT flowchart So I stumbled upon this awesome flowchart for ZvT. You should all take a look. "Mutas or hydras?" -> "Hydras" -> "LOL" -> "He destroys your force without trying" -> "GG" http://www.gliffy.com/pubdoc/2229946/L.pngEclipse24 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Questions: Control Group Mechanics 1. When you select multiple types of units into a control group, and later hotkey into that group, certain unit types will always have "priority" for spells/abilities. Is there any way to configure a group so that a particular unit type gets that priority? Eg if I have a group of banelings and infestors, what if I want baneling explode available without tabbing first? What are the priority lists for the zerg? 2. How smart are the group mechanics? Example: Suppose I have 3 hatcheries with 3 queens. If I select my 3 queens into a group, can I v-click on my 3 hatcheries in the minimap and expect each queen to service the hatchery closest to it, or do I have to order the group somehow? I don't want to send my queens scuttling across the map to spawn larva on the wrong hatchery. 3. Is there any way to select units on screen via keyboard? Or must I use the mouse and capture my selection to a control group first? Thanks guys.Josiwe1 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Stalkers! How do I kill them? Many would say to use lots of zerglings, but if there are tons of them what do I do? Mind you, that in this hypothetical situation we are talking late mid-game, so I am not limited to lings and roaches, but I do not have Broodlords yet.Mike0 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 zerg player looking for some advice on builds i am a protoss player going to switch over but seeking some recommended builds so i can practice with no cheese please ty =]adam20 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Should queens spawn from larvae instead? That way she doesnt interfere with lair/hive/research at our hatches. It would also allow us to bolster more AA defense early on before T2 and get creep tumors spreading faster. I dont think it would be OP because what is zerg gaining that OP? a better defense with alot more transfusion on spine crawlers? If anything zerg needs a better base defense thats harder to bust from terran and toss.Tormented3 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Counter to Robo So what is the zerg counter to toss robo. I lost to this yesterday because when I went to harass with my lings, he had walled in. That's right walled in. So i figured he was going void rays and decided to counter with hydras. Turns out he was going immortals and stalkers. I'm running 3 bases at this point, and he's still turtled in one. He facerolls me. I tried swarm of slings with hydras, kind of worked, but he was able to out produce me even on 3 bases, and 4 hatcheries. So what do i DO?Slprywnwt7 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Terran is tearing me up. As the title says I keep getting rolled by terran. I've lost 3 games straight to either MMM or mech builds. I against the mmm I went lings / banelings / mutas, but unless I get the initiation just right I get pounded. It seems like against terran there are so many different builds that it is hard to scout exactly what they are doing and plan for it. Even if the builds are scouted I have to catch them out of position in order to have a chance in a battle. Any advice for terran? I may just start 6 pooling them and see how that goes.ferro69 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 What if Baneling had an attack like Marauders just a curious thought i know people say marauders and marines beat just about every tier 1 unit(at least zerg). After reading several threads i just thought of some sort of solution(Maybe). What if Banelings could attack and slow their opponents down and as they attack they will move in for the explosion helping out zerg against races in the beginning what do you guys think?McNasty28 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Life in Bronze #2 Disclaimer: I'm terrible. These replays are provided strictly for the lols. In this game, my hero drone tastes blood and decides he wants more! I fast expand into my opponent's natural and follow it up with spine crawlers and lings. My opponent unwisely decides to build marauders, even moving his blockers to allow me access to his base >.< http://www.sc2replayed.com/replays/75883-1v1-terran-zerg-delta-quadrantBrigaldio0 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 WTB Brandald, all night long ____Active____ Arkain: 26 Curiel: 15 Votan: 14 Erawen: 11 Hammerway: 10 Willobeast: 9 Brandald: 8 Ghanksta: 8 Behowulf: 6 Eiora: 6 Mateo: 6 Maldoron: 5 Thoranalos: 5 Dragon: 4 Anetheroc: 3 Aaton: 2 Synsation: 2 Boogieman: 1 Dylain: 1 Ingphorlas: 1 Nuggdawg: 1 Warrblegarrble: 1 Alnora: 0 Amaterasu: 0 Brusef: 0 ____Inactive____ Flagg: 18 Garett: 14 Rothric: 14 Fistendantilus: 12 Aisleas: 11 Eloden: 11 Malsgaurd: 11 Grey: 10 Sam: 9 Tomllin: 9 Koreli: 8 Chindogu: 7 Nees: 7 Noglin: 5 Theladiel: 4 Minilos: 3 Octavon: 3 Thoghorn: 2 Eilonway: 1 Shawnolas: 1 Du: 0 Shawen: 0 ______Drop Rate______ Pre-F2P: 85/381 22.25% Post-F2P: 14/20 70% Anetheroc0 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Early game help please. So, hi guys naturrally im doing 14 hatch and 16 pool then im spamming drone to my natural expand when it done. How many drone should i get ? because im always getting rushed and i have a bunch of roach but they got mrine and marauder. plzkevenc3 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 It's good to be a girl... http://www.etsy.com/listing/55036103/starcraft-ii-wings-of-liberty-baneling?ref=sr_gallery_1&ga_search_query=baneling&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_page=&order=&includes%5B0%5D=tags&includes%5B1%5D=title and I thought I just wanted a baneling plushie XDJaxAttax0 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Is it just me... Or does Zerg seem to have like no units. We have the zerglings (obviously) roach, hyrdralisk, infestors, and mutalisks. And then the ultralisks and brood lords are tier 3 and take a REALLY long time to spawn and are rarely used. Infestors are pretty much only supportive and die pretty fast, corrupters are only anti-air and usually only used against mass vikings/voidrays or collussus, and banelings are only used against marines and are suicidal units. And obviously queens aren't used in actual battles. So we have zerglings, roaches, hydralisks, mutalisks, and some infestors. So does anyone else think we have no units or is it just me...Sungminy0 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Neural parasite? yay or nay? Im VERY on the fence about this being worth upgraded. I usually build at least 2-3 Infestors for my army (for FG), however there are many cases (Thors/Sieges) where I think this ability would be useful. My only fear is the actual range......like is it too little, too much? I've never even really tried using it more than a few times against thors, but I never had enough energy. So....does it have it uses?Infested18 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Nydus: in desperation. reply review plz So I think Nydus worms are uber cool. Just sometimes a little pricing to use unless you need need them or have a perfect opportunity. I finally got the courage up (haha fear of losing kills me) to finish my placement matches and ended up in silver :/ not where i was hoping, but now i can work up right? anyways, first game after placement i get kinda bunker rushed but he just used marines and mauraders. reapers woulda killed me i think. But thanks to the nydus worm, i was able to pull out a win. Although it was a win, i am still looking to improve, and would like any higher level advice on maybe what YOU would have done. (try watching the replay from just my vision and try to picture what you would have done differently) Heres the replay: http://www.sc2replayed.com/replays/75667-1v1-terran-zerg-desert-oasisMisterParker4 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 If scanner sweep costs 300 min, so do ovies I'm tired of the argument that you would've got 300 mineral from a MULE instead of using your scanner sweep. By the same Logic, with the 100 minerals you used to make your overlord, you could've used that to make 2 drones, which is a huge amount of lost minerals to mining, nearly as much as a MULE. But let's for the sake of argument say they gather less, so we'll say 200 minerals. So we're already at 300 minerals lost, but wait now you will be supply blocked and you HAVE to build another overlord to replace him, so 400 minerals. See, costs us more to scan. For the record I don't buy into this replacement drone/overlord bs but I'm just using that logic to illustrate how utterly RETARDED the "scanner sweep costs 300 minerals" argument is.Gabriot59 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Anyone tried this against T? Fast expand skip the queen into mutas?revolution3 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Hatchery cost 500 min and 1 food Been thinking about how necessary a queen is.Toothkiller3 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Tier 1 Corruptors - Zerg Anti-Air Fix? If so many Zerg players want Tier 1 anti-air why not allow Corruptors to be built at tier 1? Considering Corruptors have zero harassment capability(unlike Vikings & Pheonix) I don't see how this could really be abused in any matchup other than ZvZ due to overlord sniping and even then Corruptors cost 150/100 which is huge in the early game. Perhaps something like having Corruptors require an Evolution Chamber instead of a Spire. Maybe even increase the Evo Chamber cost (like requiring gas) or nerfing Corruptors(with a Lair tech upgrade to bring them to current stats) to compensate. The advantages of this over getting tier 1 hydras is that it also improves Zerg scouting as well which is very poor before Lair tech. MisterMan10 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Wait for HoTs shouldn't even be an option! What is wrong with you people? judging from the different forums (not just this one) it seems to be obvious the the sc2 community is disappointing with the zerg race. I am not going to say whether or not the zerg is UP or not, I am not even going to discuss balance, but I am going to say that it is plainly obvious that blizzard didn't put as much effort into the zerg race as the other 2 races. 1. Look at the unit section of the main page and you will find larvae, nydus worm, overseer and overlord listed under units. That is laughable. A larvae just creates units, a nydus worm is a building, overseer and overlords are flying supply depots. One is a detector and the other turns into a drop ship after upgrades you get at lair tech (LOL), it seems to me that blizzard just added those those things(2 of which can be argued are units, the other 2 are obviously not units) as some laughable attempt to cover up the fact that zerg don't have as many equal units to the other 2 races. 2. The cliff walking mechanic that was showcased in the promotion of this game was given to only 2 of the races. 3. The imbalance that may or may not exist (I don't have the authority or experience to speak on it) The general response to these issues seems to be "be patient, wait for HotS" which to me is completely unreasonable. We shouldn't have to wait for the next expansion to get a complete race, we should have a complete race right now just as the other 2 races are complete. I could be wrong (I hope so) but this seems like a huge marketing ploy by blizzard. It doesn't seem coincidental that the race featured in the upcoming expansion is what seems to be the most UP race out of the 2 and the most neglected race out of the 2 as far as new units and useful units go. If what I've read about the beta is accurate, then these concerns have been brought the attention of blizzard well before the release date, and yet zerg remains seemingly UP. So, my question is, why are you guys allowing yourselves to be manipulated by what may or may not be a marketing ploy? why are you allowing blizzard to hand you an unfinished product most of you (it may be a vocal minority, I could be wrong about the majority being unhappy with the zerg race) seem to be unhappy with and then exclaiming we should be patient for the next one? why are you not fighting with your wallet? KASMA16 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Global nydus sound a boon in 1.1? With the ability to refund your nydus zerg will be able to feint spawn their nydus all over the map forcing the opponent to become paranoid with scouting. Edit: I'm a dummy. I got confused with a fake patch that somebody posted a while back.EvoHelix6 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 The best ZvZ I've had... ... is right here http://www.sc2replayed.com/replays/75807-1v1-zerg-xelnaga-caverns I'm posting this to try and help some people out. I hear lots of complaints with ZvZ (I struggle with it) and this was the first time I've had a match where, win or lose, I felt both players performed admirably and the outcome was a really fun game. If you don't get much out of it, that's fine. I'm hopeful that someone will.AmAnn2 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Build orders/Strats? Looked through several pages of threads and I did not see a consoldated thread that had common build orders/tactics for zergs like I have already found for Terran and Protoss. Far to many threads complaining about zerg in general... anyone have a link to such a thread? Would really appreciate it.Ortgrale3 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Need help in ZvP Over a course of 5 ZvP games 2 of them I lose when my opp went 4gate stalkers with colossus. I was wondering what can I do to counter that? I have tried using Ultras with queens to transfuse, but that only lasts so long. As another question, does fungal growth work on stalkers and colossus?Ardis7 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Lurker...useless? So Dustin Browder said during several interviews that the lurker was removed because they felt it was useless and overlapped its role with baneling. I dunno about you guys, but vs good terran and protoss players, I'm finding banelings quite useless vs good forcefield play and stim kiting + siege tanks. Also, you want to talk over lapping roles? Colossus / High Templar Repear / Hellion Marauder / Tanks How about Blizzard actually put lurkers back in the game and let the players decide what is useless and what isn't. I think you'll find lurkers used a lot more than banelings after the first 6 min of the game. Just an observation. For those that don't know, here is the lurker in its Sc2 form; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wJjw56OdGsNaraka62 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Queen idea for HoTS Wouldn't it be awesome if the queen can morph into a queen, lol from sc1.. I really do love the queen abilities like spawn broodling.. Insta gib a unit.. Like a siege tank and since people hate changelings, it would be great to have parasite again to cast it on important units such as medivacs or thors for scouting/vision.. And don't forget the ensnare was kool also but than again you got fungal growth but it would b niice to have two types of ensnare.. I say bring back the flying queen we need more Zerg casters!!!!!!!! Or defiler :)Gynosis0 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 I like Zerg. They're challenging. Why play a game if you aren't challenged? People here think they're underpowered? Great, then I'll play with their handicap, and get good at it, then when 90% of the people here complain and Blizzard buffs Zerg, then I have that edge plus the buff. IMO. Better to apply one's mind and seek solutions rather than complain.FarmerBen7 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Macro tips for the Zergs!!! Hey all, I've found my macro to be somewhat hurting, and I believe it has something to do with my poorly allocated hotkeys. I was wondering if you guys could all share how you normally set up your hotkeys and why you think it works so well... so I can steal it :P currently, I have all my hatcheries on "0", all queens on "9", and ground forces "1", infestors "2", and mutas "3" ... so yeah, any tips would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!Ironclad16 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Lurkers should be implemented This is coming from a terran player. If zerg got lurkers i believe that would weed out all the noob terrans. Example an MMM ball would walk into a couple lurkers and get destroyed. This would force terran to always tech to get a raven or two therefore weeding out the nubs that just mas MMM balls!SgtChronic10 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Balanced T1 AA suggestion. What if the Baneling nest also allowed Zerglings to morph into Scourge that have +damage to armored units? This would solve the issue of early air attacks(not very useful against banshees though) while still keeping Zerg distinct from the other races without gaining any real T1 advantage. Though to keep ZvZ from being a scourgefest they'd have to give overlords a passive resistance to them, negating most if not all scourge damage.Sodamuffin2 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Supply dictated by amount of creep I think this would be a very good tweak for zerg in general. Your supply would be dependent on how much of your creep is on the battlefield (IE, creep controlled by you with buildings) Right now hatcheries give only 2 supply, which isn't fair. But with this, they would start grow more supply as the creep around it spread, making it a little more balanced to the 10 supply other races get from bases. Instead of overlords, you would be spreading creep, and building the zerg equivalent of pylons, which would be mutated creep tumors that give supply, and are harder to kill. These "creep pylons" would be able to spread creep tumors and cost resources to upgrade a creep tumor to a "pylon" You would start with 1 "pylon", and spread from there. Overlapping "pylons" would not give more supply, forcing zerg to spread their creep across the map, hiding "pylons" wherever they can. Overlords would be given the speed and sac upgrades straight away, their primary purpose turning into scouts and drop ships. (unlocked with lair most likely) As the lore says, creep is the "food" of the zerg army, so why doesn't it determine their supply? edit: just thought of something else to add, once nydus network is constructed, creep pylons should be able to mutate into entry/exit points for the nydus network.Thorn3 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Thinking out loud When people say we have less units than other races so we should get more units, or we don't have a good "ultimate" unit so we should get the leviathan, I can't help but wonder if we're really solving the problem. For example, what if our ultimate wasn't a unit, but a really awesome building? What if the spawning pool could have an upgrade that increases the larvae spawn rate and maximum for the hatchery? What if the queen could spit an armor upgrade in a small area of effect, and any ground unit in range receives that bonus for a limited duration? Another example would be the queen barfing a slimy shield onto units that lasted until it absorbed X damage. Just curious why we're working to become more like the other races instead of finding other creative ways to differentiate Zerg from their counterparts. edit: All of these are just examples. I'm not suggesting any specific one of them should definitely be implemented. just giving ideas.Rabbit3 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 How do I beat this (for serious) I have been near the top of my 1v1 league for a while. I just can't seem make it to gold because I keep getting this: 1. VS Terran: I'm being a good zerg and expanding, once, maybe twice. I see his workers are all waiting for harassment so I go mutas. I fly my mutas over to his mineral line, and kill maybe two workers before I see 1 Thor+Marines that are too powerful for the 6-8 mutas I could get that early. A few minutes later he is in one of my expansions with a few tanks, thors and marines that kill all of my lings and wipe out my expand. I fly my large group of mutas over the base to find it fully saturated with missile turrets. I muster what little force I can make (probably hydras) but it doesn't stand up to the unchecked thors and tanks that are piling up and overrun me. 2. Vs Protoss: My Roaches hit hard against his early stalkers. His stalkers kite my roaches to make it really embarrassing. Once again I have expanded and made a lot of units, maybe mutas, maybe hydras. Mass stalkers and a collusi push me fast: Hydras - kited, melted. Mutas: massacred by stalkers. In both cases the opponent pushes carefully, takes ground and advances slowly as they contain me and build up their forces. Their armies are too strong and too early to counter. They force their position to gain the advantage with their superior force and then keep it as they build up more forces leaving me with no chance. Lings are too weak, hydras are too slow and mutas are too easily countered by turrets to do a base push. Keep in mind these are pushes by good players so your run of the mill strats are not going to work. Against Terran I usually scout and react, either heavy blings for a marine push or fast mutas against a heavy marauder push. I always have an early spine which typically shuts out reaper harass. I tend to favor Mutas because there's nothing a terran player can do against mutas at critical mass except stim marines and missiles, which are easily avoided by muta speed. Against Protoss I beat early zealot pushes and 2 gates with early roaches. I diligently search for meandering probes to shut out 4 gates and proxy gates before they start. Void Rays = lol hydras. I always keep an eye out for a cannon rush, usually sending mass lings to their base = GG. I always morph Overseers and spores to make sure I don’t get caught off guard w/ banshee/DT harass. I guess I just need to get better and my macro game and get good at using Infestors? The only thing I can think to counter these strats are Neural Parasite but I haven’t been able to pull it off yet. SpaceyCasey8 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Zerglings Counter Marauder and Stalker? Hey, This is a question about a 2v2 I just played but it likely pertains to 1v1 as well. They say Zerglings counter Marauder and Stalkers... well, those units just annihilated my massed Zerglings so I must be doing something wrong. Scenario. ZZ vs. TP. The opponents rush us with Marines and Zealots, we hold it off easily with Roaches. We push back and manage to really cripple the Protoss' economy and decimate his/her army. Scout again and see heavy Marauder and Stalkers massing. So we switch to Zerglings as we get our Hydras ready. Before we can get enough Hydras to make a difference, wave after wave of Stalker and Marauder come at us. Initially we hold this but it's soon becoming obvious that we're losing more units than they are and with each push they're doing more and more damage. Ultimately we're overrun - and the crazy part is that we were pumping Zerglings non-stop. I'm pretty strict about using Spawn Larva as often as I can, and even with that, we couldn't make enough Zerglings to hold off these units. While we did take a lot of them down, at the end of the game, we just couldn't stop this combo. So, question is, then... am I way off base thinking Zerglings counter Marauder and Stalker or do I really need Zerglings + another unit (probably Hydra) to have any hope here? If that's the case, I guess I need to tech to Hydras faster - or just make that an absolute priority, whether or not I'm rushed. Thoughts? Anti2 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 going after overlords is legit strategy? Just a quick question for you zerg players, do you consider going after ovies early a legit strategy? I was contained pretty good by speedlings in crap station, so I decided pick some ovies to decrease the numbers coming in and was called of newb cheeze etc. I, myself, dont see anything wrong with this start, just wondering what others think.Evil16 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Fast Expand when your natural is vulnerable ? On maps like Steppes of War, I go 14 pool/hatch then immediately put at least 2 spine crawlers to defend both the expo and my main's choke point. But this only works because it's easy to use the queen to block the ramp and keep my opponents from rushing past the spine crawlers and into my main. However, on maps like Scrap Station the main's choke is further away from the expansion. So it can't be defended by the spine crawlers at my expo. What's the proper way to fast expand on these maps? Is it better to use the queen's first energy for larva, or for creep to connect the main and expo?Cosmo1 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Give Roaches +damage to Mechanical units It'd at least make them somewhat unique and give them more reason to be built.Gabriot3 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Where is the Stuff? As an avid zerg player, I am willing to stick with whatever I can get. However, I was on liquipedia and I notices that the zerg always have less than Terran, and almost even or just under Protoss. Here is a collection of what I found. Upgrades; http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/Upgrades#Zerg_3 Terran: 37 upgrades, 18 general, 15 special Protoss: 25 upgrades, 12 general, 13 special Zerg: 27 upgrades, 15 general, 12 special We have 10 less upgrades than terran, and 2 more than toss, but we have 3 more regular combat upgrades, and we have the least special upgrades. Combat Units: Terran: 12 units Protoss: 13 units Zerg: 9 units (queens are pretty much an add-on to the hatchery, ive never seen an army of queens) As you can see we are also lacking in units. Also compare the tech trees: http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/Zerg_Strategy To Battle Cruisers: Barracks/Factory/Starport/Fusion Core: 4 buildings To Mothership: Gateway/Cybernetics Core/Stargate/Fleet Beacon: 4 Buildings To Brood Lord: Spawning Pool/Lair/Infestation Pit/Hive/Spire/Greater Spire: 6 Buildings As you can see our tech tree is much longer and much more expensive than all of the other Races'. Builds: Terran: http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/Terran_Strategy 18 Liquipedia Builds Protoss: http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/Protoss_Strategy 5 Liquipedia Builds Zerg: http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/Zerg_Strategy 5 Liquipedia Builds Once again, Terran comes out on top, with Protoss at a Tie. Are you seeing any common traits here? Discuss. AJj6 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Ovies no longer detect, neither should scans Currently it's about as fair and balanced as fox news to have terran the only people with mobile detection at tier 1Gabriot44 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 How to confront armies? I'm just curious as to how other zerg players fight the enemy. Do you find it better to fight their armies head on or run around their armies and hit their base instead? I ask because I prefer the latter, but am worried that as I get into higher level play this is going to end with base trading, which won't end well against terran. Any tips/thoughts?Flintlock6 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Diamond replays vs Protoss. So, heres a few games where i played vs a toss player. I show a few different strats, as each game i did differently... Even tho i was dead tired >.< PS: Does anyone know how to update my league on sc2ranks? it keeps auto making it plat, due to malpractices league.. when im diamond -_- Also, advice never hurts, but realize i was very very tired :( Anyway; Ling+Muta: http://www.sc2replayed.com/replays/75745-1v1-protoss-zerg-metalopolis Roach/Hydra/Infestor http://www.sc2replayed.com/replays/75748-1v1-protoss-zerg-scrap-station Hydra/Infestor/Ultra/ling http://www.sc2replayed.com/replays/75750-1v1-protoss-zerg-delta-quadrantMalpractice0 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 What do you hate more.... Hello, I recently just started playing SC2, and I found myself in a game yesterday where a Zerg had fast expanded into his natural. I didn't have a force strong enough to kill his main base until he had mutalisks up. Now this is the question. Would you dislike it if I wrecked your main base (Hive or whatever it is at that moment) or your expantion? Any helpful advice would be nice. Thnx!Quantum3 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 I would use lurkers, wouldn't you? I would use lurkers on those games where I have a decent contain on my opponent and I have the economic advantage. I have expos all over the place and I'm pumping out an army that should fare well against his. I've done all of the scouting, I have a rough idea about what is coming. However, I find that even when I am in this position, I can be steam rolled by a terran or toss that was on 1 or 2 bases just because his units are much stronger. Mind you I could be ahead by 20 food. This is where lurkers would be useful. I'd set lurkers up near chokes (not in them) and when his army was coming I'd try to make him fight on top of the lurkers. The lurkers would be safely doing lots of +armor damage while my lings/mutas and whatever else delay his advance and distract him from the lurkers. This would be great against MMM, thors, stalker balls etc. His army would be decimated or would have to retreat. Lurkers are a way to capitalize on that map control that we've worked all game to have. Banelings would not be as good for this at all because they only get 1 attack and suck vs. armored. Perhaps I wouldn't use lurkers every game, but most people don't use every unit every game. But they would be fantastic to have as an option. More zerg units would open up more options and strategies.CaptainDes1 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 here you go Zerg, how does this sound? how does this unit sound to solve your cliff climbing issues Unit : Arachnid Tier 3: Low Dps, Main focus is the fact that is a support/harass unit Can climb up and down cliffs energy max - 150 Abilities Web sack (50 energy) - spins a web sack over an enemy airship or MECH unit, during this time the unit trapped nor the arachnid cannot move or use any abilities, nor can it be damaged by any units until the websac is destroyed or the timed duration runs out on it (15 sec.) the Web has roughly 500hp, Trap door (only active while burrowed) - While burrowed if trap door is active, and the arachnid will attack the closest enemy unit causing triple standard damage, the cooldown for the ability is 3 minutes to prevent spam sticky saliva - (50 energy) - Spits on small area of units, slowing their movement speed (not attack speed) by 50% for 5 sec. Shalav1 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 2 Hatch, 1 Base No, this isn't a post about one overlord vomitting into another overlord's mouth... I see this now and then and I haven't really tried it - the advantage here is more larvae but you don't actually gain any more minerals / gas. I've seen this used in 2 different conditions. In early game as a 1 base opener - I assume this is to do some sort of mass ling rush. And in later game when you have a couple expos - which I assume is again for some late game ling fest where you just need more larvae. Am I correct in assuming that 2 hatches in one base is primarily a zergling strat? When I expand I am always gas starved and have more larvae than I know what to do with - so I usually build drones and lings and continue expanding. I'm having a hard time conceptualizing a need for MORE larvae given the amount of resources I can gather on a saturated hatchery. What are the uses for this and when is it a viable strat?Oddible4 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Zerglings Should Be Able to Run Through an Ultralisk! I mean seriously, how big is an ultralisk? The size of a building, and you're telling me zerglings can't run under them? Collossi can walk through a protoss army and up cliffs, Ultras should be able to walk up cliffs and have zerlings speed from under them. +1 if you like this, if it goes through, ling+ultra would be better combo.Tychus16 Sep 8, 2010