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Sep 8, 2010 Need some General Tips vs Terran I know I know, 10000000000000000000000000th thread. But my problem is with terran, and yes it's bioball. It's like...I go Roaches/Lings/Banelings. But my banelings can never reach them , even if I disract with lings. Also Marauders block marines, so they dont take much damage from banelings. I know I should have Infestors out, but if you try to get them out they never have enough for FG. BTW whats a good number of infestors to have? 2-3? Im starting to thing Zerglings are kinda useless. and roaches get torn apart by marauders. So should I just be going Ling/Bane/Muta? or whatInfested6 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Reapers... Stop complaining about them plz Seriously why are all Zerg players complaining about early reaper harass??? All zerg players these days go for Fast expands and Fast tech ups while relying on 6 or 7 zerglings for defence only. All races should be punished early for making little to no units and just teching/fast expanding. If you want to counter mass reaper rush then just mass roaches and counter his base. He'll only have 1 or 2 marauders by the time you get there and you'll have around 10 roaches (if you go one base play and dont tech). If T or P try to fast expand your zerglings would destroy it and contain us so really theres nothing we can do. Reapers are the only answer against a zerg who is fast expanding/Teching up and they should be because every race should have an answer for an opponent who is neglecting early defences. Zerg is complaining because they arent allowed to get economic advantage and tech advantage at the same time anymore and just overpower the Terran with mutalisks and high teched units... Seriously learn to adapt and not go with the same build everygame so you dont end up looking like Idra.... Learn from the koreans that do 1 base zerg and destroy terran/protoss opponents, not try to copy idras fast expand builds and whine because you cant pull it off.KiriKitsune76 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Sooo early Stalker push.... I wanted to know what strategies work against a stalker push early on. I know lings and roaches can usually clean up stalkers np, but I just played a match where neither my upgraded +1 attack speedlings, nor my roaches could do anything to stop it. It was extremely annoying and he put a pylon just outside my base and I didn't see it. My opponent was also micro-ing his stalkers in the most obnoxious way: putting them on my entrance ramp, then pulling back, then coming back up, pulling back. Anyone have any good strategies to handle this? And the match was only I'd say 5-6 minutes in when this happened, so I don't think fast tech would help.HydrogenHum2 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 3v3 Alright. Yea im bronze 3v3. i was wondering if theres anything i need to know that can helpme improve my game. Im still trying to find a good wayof approaching these games. recently iv been going speedlings straight to hydras. Is this good, bad? i know roaches have there advangtes of takeing out zelots and marines. but i just hate how its not an anti air. Late game, if they game turns into those almost stalemates i normally get broodlords and corrupters. Its just like devour and gardiuen from sc and bw. I didnt play zerg in broodwar though(online) just mainly toss. i am scared to try and do zerg on 1v1. as i expect the very worst. also had the worst luck during the pplacement matches for 2v2. Arbiter8 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Beating a dead horse I just played a 2v2.. double zerg vs double protoss. They 4 gated double zealot rush and we counter with roaches. They started spamming stalkers and we started spamming hydras and held them back once more. My partner and I both had two saturated expansions with map control, creep to the enemies' door, the protoss had 1 expansion each. We scouted collosus and templars coming and i teched to 3/3/5 ultras. I was pop capped on ultras/infestors and left over hydras with no NP, it was still researching. They attacked with stalkers/temps/collosus and rolled over ultras like it was nothing, even with FG down. Zerg is my favorite race and I'm scared to even go random on the off chance I might get shafted, I think i'll spam reapers with terran and laugh as I gib nexus in two seconds. Thanks for your time pals.constantino4 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 4 Queens 8 Transfusions Replay (Platinum) This was a ZvP, we both didn't expand. He 6 Gated and I ran a double hatch. Just wanted to share how my 4 queens saved me from a loss against mass Charge zealots with 8 Transfusions on a single Spine Crawler. Tell me what you think. http://www.gamereplays.org/starcraft2/replays.php?game=33&show=download&&id=147157Zergster17 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Those silly Terrans So I wanna hear some stories of where you've felt what is stated above, for me I always lewl when I see Terrans using vikings thinking they're the counter to mutas (lolwut?) and also when I see them using their cc's energy to call down additional supplies and scans, no mules. My final one I want to put out there is when a Terran thinks that I'll stop producing banelings to roflstomp his Bio Balls (hehe balls) sending wave after wave to their demise. Now that I've told my "Silly Terran" moments I wanna hear other peoples' :DBobomberman10 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 looking to get better So as zerg, I have been moving up from mid bottom silver to top of gold now, and have been playing lots of platinum players as a result of having anywhere between 5 and 8 more wins than loses. Lately though, these top-o-platinum leaguers that I've been matched against (namely protoss and terran) I have been having lots of issues with. Basically, I'm always torn between wanting to try and push out with my ground army or wait back at my base to try and fend off a very powerful push. My question is should I continue to scout throughout the game and build an army to counter and wait for a push then try and counterattack? Or, should I just always try to build mutas to harass while massing some sort of mineral-heavy-gas-cheap army back at my base? I am leaning towards the latter since the mutas scout AND harass.Clonosaurus6 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 ok so something about zerg is bothering me... OK so anytime you play against protoss or terran, there is usually one unit that you HAVE to respond to or you'll lose the game. Protoss, you must respond to collosus or you will lose guaranteed since they wipe out zerg armies like no other. For the terran, it seems like its every unit, but I'm sure there is more than 1: thors, marauders, hellions, reapers, etc... Then for zerg, does terran or protoss EVER have to say to themselves "uh oh, zerg player has such and such, I better build such-and-such unit to counter it" or do they just say "ill build some air defense units (like stalkers or mass marines) to protect against muta harass and then build a few collosi or thors and then a-move at the zerg" In fact, do you ever see protoss or zerg scout you except at the beginning to make sure you dont 6 pool them? It just seems like zerg is lacking in that one unit to make the other races go "oh *!!#" outside of the absurdly expensive and hard to tech to broodlords. food for thoughtClonosaurus22 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 No ideas Vs Toss Seriously, I got nothing. I lose every game these days vs Toss. They seem to be all 4 gate or 3 gate + Robo strats. or Pheonix + Zealots I tried 1) 10 pool to Zerglings, Banelings and Roaches with an initial push while building economy. I even usually get an expansion out, but their counter push just ruins me. 2) 14 pool, early expand. Double the production. Still same issue. I usually cant even counter by 14 pool because they have a few cannons up. 3) Evo chamber wall in to Multalisks. This didnt work for me either. I got pwned by Pheonix's, while he expanded all over the map. Since I cant move my buildings to get out, my own units from my main were useless. Zerglings - get destroyed even in numbers. Banelings - stall them for a bit. Roaches - work initially but get melted too fast as soon as they have a good number of stalkers mixed in with the zealots. Multalisks get pwned by Pheonix's. Hydralisks - get melted by the stalkers, even when in a roach+hydra+speedling combo. Seriously, Im out of ideas. Right - so the point of the post was - obviously SOMEONE is winning Vs Toss. So what strat's are being employed to win?Calculon4 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 I suck today Seriously. I've played over 200 games, way more than my normal bronze brethren, but I still seem to be consistently losing today. I had pulled up to a 50% win percent at about 45 games, making up for a 20% in the first 20, I'd pulled even ahead of that, getting 10 games above 50 50... and then today. I've lost 4 extra games under 50/50, even though two of my wins were due to random DCs on the other end, and 1 was due to someone randomly surrendering as they were about to win. Seriously, this is a #%!@% thread, but I suck today and I'm pissed and sad. :(Hadrian8 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Delta Quadrant I FEEL and imbalance for Zerg on it. I can't put my finger on it so I won't say that it IS. What I FEEL is broken is the easy backdoor entrance, the expansions are too close together allowing other races to easily 3 base which is takes zerg at least 4 base to stay even, which is difficult as the fourth is harder to defend. And the fact that the expansion area off to the side is so tight and is easy to get in, since it is so tight zerg suffers just because of zerg's nature. *Blink stalkers can also blink from one expansion to another while you need to move your entire army back and forth. I've seen this in a game already! Now I would say the solution is to kill the observer giving sight, however stalkers can pretty much one-shot overseers. I am not saying to immediately remove this map Blizzard, I'm just saying keep an eye on it, watch who wins and how they win, and if you see a problem then please just fix it as you usually do, after much speculation.Sense3 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 I have a question. A) what zerg unit can effectively counter 12 orso zealots? B) what zerg unit can effectively counter 19 orso stalkers with blinking abilities? C) what zerg unit (if any) can counter colossi? D) what zerg combination (if any) can stop all 3 of these at once?Talquin15 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Z dont have it, others does. Z do not have the Choke Def Z do not have cliff climbing units Z do not have invis while attacking units Z do not have middle class units (exp: Tank, banshee, immortal, void ray don't tell me hydra is because the list above are very effective even in small amount or even just 1!) Z do not have multi use main base (toss's speed up, tarren's scan, mule, extra supply) Z do not have building armor upgrades (maybe not important but tarren and toss have an option to upgrade and we don't?) just asking why don't we have these goodies. tell me if we should have any of these above as a ZSanami28 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Platinum replay needing critique I've been dancing around the top of my platinum division for awhile trying to break through. I played a great game against a protoss on steppes of war in which I was able to hold off a 2 gate, a warpgate timing push with two void rays, and I won't spoil the rest, but I'm just looking for some advice on any aspects of play you might notice or opportunities in the game that I could have done something differently. http://www.sc2replayed.com/replays/75275-1v1-protoss-zerg-steppes-of-war Points I've considered: - I had an ultralisk cavern building when I'd already pretty much won, even though they were a poor unit choice against what he was showing me. I pretty much instinctively get them because that's what I usually use my hive for and I didn't have a spire in this game. Maybe mutas and late broodlords would have been better. - Some micro mistakes with zerglings vs stalkers that I am aware of at various points. I don't want this to turn into a thread about how I'm platinum and my opponent sucks; I'm trying to improve my mechanics and better understand starcraft II and the ZvP matchup which quite honestly has given me more trouble than ZvT lately. Please keep the bashing of my opponent to a minimum, even though I know there are certain aspects of my strategy that may have been less than successful if he weren't as good. Keep in mind that even pros make mistakes. EDIT: Only I would type all that and forget the replay. Link is included now.Jechte12 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Request: Bring back Lurker and Scourge I'm making this thread in hopes that all of you would help support it (keep it bumped and with draw as much as attention as you can to it). I firmly believe that if we had these two units, a lot of our problems would be fixed or at least alleviated to a degree that we will hear almost no more complaints on ZvT. Banelings are extremely useful against MMM Balls, sure, but they are not ultimate answer, there are times were they are just too difficult to deploy or simply not possible. (Theorycraft need not apply). I don't think Lurkers and Banelings overlap, but rather compliment each other on the same role (which is currently not properly filled. Scourges would help a lot not only for early AA against quick tech for harassment, but also help fulfill a scouting role that is honestly lacking for a race that is supposed to be reactionary. Good players Terrans and Protoss will simply not let you drop a Changeling inside their bases and a kamikaze overlord is not my idea of excellent scouting. As of right now, both Protoss and Terrans have superior scouting to us, and I only ask that we're put on par with them. Please keep this thread alive and try to draw as much attention to it, I don't think we're asking for too much (adding back units that are already ingame), especially since the last thing we should give up is hope.LittleEmp0 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 This is how Zerg Reproduce. http://hiphotos.baidu.com/fightforlove/pic/item/e049b950cbdd4556853524a1.jpg?v=tbs The hatchery is a lie.Seraph17 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Terran Player "Hydras Need a Buff" Hydras seriously need a buff. How are they different in SC2. Why do they need to be 2 food and slow? Zerg used to win by overwhelming the opponent but this is no longer possible with high Supply values. Hydras have and still are glass cannons. Can't they be 1 Food? Or will this break the game? To me they seem easy enough to deal with that big numbers of them would be ok. They also need a small speed buff off creep.(Tried out Zerg their pretty slow off creep)Raiden41 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 I got pwned by reapers And was wondering what I could have done better to win this game.. http://www.sc2replayed.com/replays/75122-1v1-terran-zerg-cavernes-xelnaga heres the replayNoC14 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Light vs Armored So most the time you will use zerglings vs any armored unit, but this isn't because they do +armored damage to them, nor do any other zerg unit, but because the armored unit probably does +damage to other armored units like roaches. Stalkers and Marauders both do +damage to armored units, why doesn't zerg get this perk until an ultra pops out?Crensh0 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Hatcheries cost 400 mins http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3rhQc666Sg&feature=relatedRevelation54 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 The Nydus Network:: Factual Quick Reference. This thread will be a collection of general facts about the Nydus Network concentrating on its mechanical abilities and limitations. While I think this particular building is under used and under appreciated I can't really comment on realizing its use strategically. I am a crappy player. I didn't play SC2 Beta. I am currently only in the Silver tier. With the understanding that there are a lot of players out there just like me, who may not know all the nuances of different zerg units and structures, and spend most of our time trying to smooth out our simple game play I present this guide Perhaps with this guide as a reference, players who want to be more creative in their gameplay can spend their time doing strategical experiments with the Nydus Network: THE NYDUS NETWORK GENERAL FACTS: --The Front End of a Nydus Network is called a 'Nydus Worm'. --The Back End is called a 'Nydus Network.' --'Nydus Worms' are spawned by 'Nydus Networks'. --'Nydus Networks' are spawned by drones. --'Nydus Networks' can only be spawned on creep. -'Nydus Worms' can only be spawned in places you have sight and have enough room to spawn a 'Nydus Worm' --After it is done spawning, a 'Nydus Worm' will begin to spawn creep around it. The maximum radius appears to be the same as a creep tumor. COSTS: --It costs 150 minerals and 200 gas to spawn a 'Nydus Network'. --It costs 100 minerals and 100 gas to spawn a 'Nydus Worm' --It costs 50 units of time to spawn a 'Nydus Network' --It costs 20 units of time to spawn a 'Nydus Worm' --The 'Nydus Network' is unlocked with Lair Tech. STATS: --Both the 'Nydus Network' and the 'Nydus Worm' are Armored/Biological/Structures. --The 'Nydus Network' has 850 HP and 1 armor. These stats cannot be upgraded. --The 'Nydus Worm' has 200 HP and 1 armor. These stats cannot be upgraded. USING THE NETWORK: LOADING AND UNLOADING: --All Nydus Nodes are interconnected. Troops loaded into any 'Nydus Worm' or 'Nydus Network' can be unloaded at any other 'Nydus Worm' or 'Nydus Network'. There is no Parenting. --All Nydus Nodes can set Rally Points. Troops unloaded from those nodes will travel to the rally point the same way units rally from hatcheries. --Hatcheries can Rally to any Nydus Node and units will enter the Nydus Network. --Units unload from the Nydus Network in the order they were inserted. --Only Units that were inside the Nydus System at the time of the Unload All order will unload. If more units are loaded into the system they will stay there until a subsequent unload order is issued. --Individual units can be selected to unload from the Nydus Network. --If you have multiple Nydus Nodes under the same control group and 'Unload All (D)' units will unload equally and simultaneously between the nodes. SPAWNING 'NYDUS WORMS' --Each 'Nydus Network' can only spawn one 'Nydus Worm' at a time. --'Nydus Networks' can queue 'Nydus Worms.' As soon as the first is done spawning the second will start. --If you have two or more 'Nydus Networks' you can spawn two 'Nydus Worms' simultaneously. The limit is based on the number of 'Nydus Networks' you have created. Note you must have the 'Nydus Networks' grouped to spawn worms simultaneously or the worms will queue instead. --'Nydus Worms' cannot be canceled once they have begun spawning. There is no option to at either the 'Nydus Worm' that is being spawned or at the 'Nydus Network' spawning the worm. --Queued 'Nydus Worms' can be canceled by selecting the 'Nydus Network' that queued them to be spawned and using the 'stop' command. This will cancel ALL worms that have been queued. All resource costs will be refunded in full for the canceled worms. --When a 'Nydus Worm' has completed spawning it will 'scream'. The scream is heard by all players on the map, much like a nuclear launch warning. --Queens cannot transfuse a 'Nydus Worm' while it is still spawning. Queens may transfuse after the 'building' is 'constructed'. UNITS: --Units cannot enter a Nydus Node while burrowed. --Flying Units cannot enter a Nydus Node. --Infested Marines cannot enter a Nydus Node. --Broodlings cannot enter a Nydus Node. --Neural Parasited units cannot enter a Nydus Node. --Neither Spine Crawlers nor Spore Crawlers can enter a Nydus Node. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN?: --If a 'Nydus Network' is destroyed while in the process of spawning a 'Nydus Worm' both the 'Nydus Network' and the 'Nydus Worm' are destroyed. Regardless of whether there are other 'Nydus Worms' or 'Nydus Networks' already built. There is parenting only during the spawning process. --If a 'Nydus Network' is destroyed after it has spawned a 'Nydus Worm' only the 'Nydus Network' is destroyed. --If all Nydus Nodes are destroyed, any troops still inside the Network at the time of the final Node's destruction are lost.Room60 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Replay Advbice please http://www.sc2replayed.com/replays/75163-1v1-terran-zerg-scrap-station Thanks\!Adam2 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Why When all I do is practice zerg, everytime I queue as terran I always--always---ALWAYS get a major % change in winning. Everytime I 2v2 as terran it's plausible -- I mean, I AM learning, but jesus *%!*ing christ, when I play zerg I know it better, but my partner tells me to queue terran regardless because we have a better ratio like so. It's so damn easy to play Terran. Is it just because it's a recent release or what? #*@@, time to go queue as terran for practice since i'm not learning #*@@ losing against people who don't scout, don't do 1/4 the #*@@ I 'try' and do. In no way am I sayin' I'm good, but wtf. I try. These terran #*##*es don't, and they still have a major advantage.Teaturtle4 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Changeling Concept (Terror/Harass unit) I'm not sure about how many of you actually tried this, but have you ever taken a closer look at the Changeling model in the game...zoomed in and really looked? It's actually quite an interesting model, and the mechanic behind it's design is very nifty with the way that it sucks it's upper body into the sack-like abdomen, when at rest. Regardless, I was thinking about how Zerg lack when it comes to terror units, harassing, due to the wall in strategy of both Terran and Protoss. This lead me to a passing thought as I was looking at the Changeling. In its current form, it's a scout...lifespan on a timer because it would essentially break the 200 supply cap otherwise, which is understandable. It has no attack because such would defeat its purpose...and if it did possess an attack, the fact that it has to be manually targeted would make the creature overpowered...all understandable. This does, however, not reflect the lore...which paints the Changeling as far more than a simplistic spy, and actually a rather stealthy assassin-like creature capable of causing some adequate terror amongst the enemy. So, why not reflect this in game...but to ensure it does not go against the current Changeling nature, make the attacking variant require a morph. This morph would, essentially, make the Changeling a true unit...cost minerals, gas, supply, whatever it takes to balance the ability. Now you could deploy your Changeling scout, traverse around the base...then go off and hide in a blindspot to morph into your more assassin-like form...run right back to their weak points that you had previously scouted, and terrorize the opponent. This morph would stabilize the genetic structure of the Changeling, thus removing its life timer and giving you a true, solid, harassing unit. The unit wouldn't be able to morph back, but since you spawn the creature from the Overseer and it's initial cost is nothing more than energy...you wouldn't need it to possess much of an ability to get out of the base...just like the Changeling in the lore. That creature went in, it scouted and collected data, and then it effectively proceeded to assassinate people one at a time. Just imagine, you're sending forth an Overseer and deploying a few Changelings that effectively shapeshift into the enemy, scouting around for you. Then, instead of just having them die off, you could morph them into a terror unit behind the enemy lines...harassing the mineral lines or whatever weak point you had scouted out within the "Changeling" form. Not quite cliff traversing...but an interesting Zerg natured manner of harass. http://starcraft.wikia.com/wiki/ChangelingTenebrae40 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Map Editor Customization As the lurker is in the Galaxy Editor as are Scourge, is it possible to make custom games that that have been 'patched' by the players? For instance ladder games where the Zerg have these units and other tweaking, and if so how does one do it?GiGiDy0 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Point Defense Drone Zerg have nothing that can counter this when it is used in unison with air units. Nothing. The Point Defense Drone cancels out Hydralisks, Spore Crawlers, Corruptors, Queens, and Mutalisks. That is EVERY Zerg unit that can attack air. They literally took Dark Swarm, made it benefit air units as well as ground, and gave it to a flying spellcaster. Now I know PDD doesn't see much play, yet. But this spell is completely overpowered. It blocks all attacks untill its energy runs out, than instead of exploding, they sit around and regain energy, in turn forcing the Zerg to focus fire them when they are out of energy. Now I know you can run away from these things, but when air units are involved, they can go to one of your expansions, set a PDD and the base is GGNORE. There is no counter. You can try to get a Neural Parasite off, but your Infestor will be crushed under the weight of a BC/Viking army. Now I know what people are going to say, "You shouldn't let your opponent get that far." Here is a fine example of this at work and the source of inspiration for this thread. [url=http://www.gamereplays.org/starcraft2/replays.php?game=33&show=download&id=133955][img]http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/repimgs/repimg-33-133955.jpg[/img][/url] On a side note, I hate when people say a 200/200 Zerg army isn't supposed to be able to take a 200/200 Terran army. This is bull @#%!. What we lack in strong units, we SHOULD (But Don't) make up for it in numbers. As it stands now, our units are too expensive in terms of Minerals, Gas, and Supply. The cost effectiveness of these units are also terrible. TL DR: Zerg have no counter for PDD used in conjunction with air units such as the Viking, Battlecruiser, or Banshee. They have no unit that can hit through the Raven's "dark swarm".Nipels1 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 My dirty little Zerg trick I've been experimenting with a little trick that has helped me quite a bit in matches. When I hit 10/10 workers, I grab two and scout the enemy's base. When I find it, I build 2 extractors and completely gas block him. When the extractors are almost finished, I cancel them and build them again and again. The beauty of this trick is that since you keep canceling and rebuilding, the structure is incredibly hard to kill. When they have a sizable army that is able to kill your extractors, you simply cancel them one last time. For 100 minerals, you get to see their unit progress, gas block them, and distract them while you build your army. By the time they usually kill my drones, I already have a small army of speedlings breaking into their base. EDIT: Was going to add that this is probably not new, but I haven't seen many people reference it. Jetrii12 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Zerg Equivalent to Scans/Observers? It's easy to see that the Terrans and Protoss have easy, cheap ways to gather intelligence on what the enemy is doing, but is there a good zerg way to do this? Like, mabye sending a burrowed roach or some similar tactic? Scans are a very cool advantage I have enjoyed while playing Terran and as I was about to pick up Zerg I want a way to keep this advantage.Crimson3 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 ZvP Replay... I'm a %%####? Called a win, won, and I'm a **@*#!. I guess if a Zerg victory isn't cursed, a Zerg isn't doing its job... http://www.sc2replayed.com/replays/75266-1v1-protoss-zerg-steppes-of-war#rd:dna Also, any pointers would help. I was a little slow out of the gate. Thanks guys! FOR THE SWARM!Stefin3 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Can zerg beat a 200/200 Mech army head on? DISCLAIMER: Not QQ about it, seriously curious if anyone has been able to out force it. RULES: 1. Don't tell me they shouldn't get the force in the first place, because on many 1v1/2v2 maps there is a very easy expansion + turtling ability on many maps 2. Don't you dare say out expand, I'm talking about BEATING a 200 mech based army, not out resourcing. 3. DONT TELL ME TO SURROUND with X, straight up fight. Has any zerg players here been able to beat it? I'm talking about TONS of thors Lots of tanks lots of AA (Marines/thors/vikings) I want someone to explain how THEY overcame such a force. BetrayedArk59 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 ZvT intense game This was a very intense game i just had with a Terran player who was very good in my opinion. Admittedly we both did make some mistakes but all in all i thought it was a very action packed interesting game with some great gameplay action. Let me know what you guys think! http://www.gamereplays.org/starcraft2/replays.php?game=33&show=details&id=147276Thehandyman6 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Bit of Advice on Scouting Proxies? Just had a 1v1 game in Silver against a Protoss that put a proxy pylon and double stargate in the mid field of the map. I did a 5 roach rush and had half of his base destroyed before his two Void Rays came out. Not sure if it was his being revealed or I actually got visual on his two stargates, but as soon as I noticed them, I sent speedlings over to kill them. The match came down to a base swap and a race. I had to destroy all his buildings before his void rays could destroy all of mine. Luckily I was able to get my drones away while he was taking out my buildings and get some hatcheries going, meanwhile I finished destroying his base and had to start a search of the map for another one of his buildings. Finally I found his remaining nexus that he had built and was able to win the game. All this prelude is really leading up to the question of how can you effectively scout hidden proxies? If I had sent in a ling or two to scout, they wouldn't have gotten past the wall of 2 gates and a cyber core. I don't remember at the moment if they had double gas or not. So, having scouted those it would lilkely lead to believe that they're going heavy ground instead of the void rays.Kyp6 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 T invasion Duke nukem style. "I'm looking for some alien toilet to park my bricks. Whos first?"Unholyhunger0 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Bioball Help I was wondering if someone could help me with bio balls. What unit comps work well against say marine/thor, or MM+siege tanks, etc. Thanks. Mrpebbles5 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Deflier Talk, but no love BW for queens? personally i love the queen alot more than the defiler in BW, i loved ensnare/parasite/spawn broodling/infest. Im hearing alot of talk about the deflier/scourge/luker but wheres the love for the queen? I understand that ensare=fungal growth Infest command center=Banelings Spawn broodling= Brood Lord Parasite= .......WTF I WANT MY PARASITE this could be a second caster? what is everyone thoughts/comment on a possible second caster being an air unit for zerg? This isnt a "ADD THIS UNIT NOW" thread, im just wondering who else would like to discuss how having a caster air unit for zerg would change your game style. Bliz: give me my god damn parasite back >:OMuppetMan6 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Possible future HoTs blizzard interview "I'm here with john who is a developer from blizzard and we're talking about HoTs, the upcoming expansion for Starcraft 2." "hey, hows it going folks" "So, John, describe to us what you're doing with HoTs" "well, with WoL we really didn't like the way the zerg was designed, they just seemed really weak, they lacked a lot of hard counters and zerg players really had to almost play perfectly just to be even with just the simplest executed toss strategies, so we're really looking to fix that in this new expansion" "wait, so you guys knew all along the zerg was bad but you're doing something about it now? the game has been out for 2 years and now you're addressing the problems with the zerg? why did you wait to HoTs to "really look to fix the zerg strategies?" why didn't you just fix them in WoL?" "well, uh, we implemented a lot of patches...." "you mean like patch 1.1 where you increased reaper and bunker build time + 5 seconds? and nerfed the tanks a little bit? you mean patches that didn't really do anything to help?" "umm, with HoTs we're going to give zerg a cliff walker" "oh that's great, a cliff walker! when WoL was coming out you showcased this new mechanic of cliff walking but then you only gave it to TWO out of the three races! now, in HotS you're finally giving zerg a game mechanic that was showcased 2 years ago!" "we also plan to give them some new units and.." "Ya, new units, because atm zerg only have 9 useful combat units! and looking at the main page listed under the "units" section I see you have a nydus worm listed under units. A nydus worm is a building, not a unit! I don't see any protoss or terran buildings listed under their unit sections." "uhh, well, it moves like a unit..." "and why is their larvae listed under units? all it does is make units! I don't see a terran barracks or protoss gateway listed under their unit section" "well the larvae is a small unit and..." "Overseers are listed under units! they are a dector and supply depot! I don't see the terran command center, which is a supply, detector and a seige tank, listed under units!" "well that's what we're trying to fix!" "Now, 2 years and you're trying to fix it now? when the community has been saying it for 2 years how zerg has gotten the short end of the stick? and how the game is imbalanced to zerg and you want to fix it now! when you release a new expansion! and whats this!" "here play the demo!" *plays demo* "What's this? terran and zerg are fine, but now protoss is severly imbalanced, look see!" "well uh we'll implement a patch soon and...." "let me guess, when it comes down to promoting the third expansion you're going to say how you didn't like how the protoss was designed right? and how you're going to fix it in the upcoming expansion right?" "well uh....." *leaves the interview" KASMA15 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 mass carriers Hi everyone. I just had a question for some of the more adept players in regards to reacting to a large number of the Protoss flagship, the Carrier. If I have a couple of Carriers to deal with, I have a very easy time using hydras to focus fire + a couple of corruptors microing corruption and then getting to safe range. However, if I encounter a whole fleet of carriers I find that my hydras and corruptors get sliced into pieces. What do you do in this situation? Mike13 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Saddens me that we will never see the lurker Because Bliz will not add another unit to a released game. I would like to see the proof that internal testing showed that lurkers were under utilized. I can name a couple toss/terran units that are underused compared to how much strats could be used with lurkers. Severian1 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Will Zerg Rankings Improve with Patch? Hello, When Blizzard finally balances this game in the next couple of patches (Yes, I said couple. The "balance" changes that were announced will not really change the game a whole lot.) do you think you will make a jump to a higher level league? I think I will. I have been top 5 and usually top 2 in my Gold league for a couple weeks now. When the Swarm finally has it's day I will make the jump to platinum. Until then, I bide my time.BigGayMarine0 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Neural Parasite while burrowed? I know you can't do this right now, but it seems useless to me as it stands. Does anyone actually use it to legit swing the tide of some battles? Example... the other day in a 4v4 I was holding down a line against 10 or 12 thors with mass hydras roaches and lings, I brought infestors behind the line, unburrowed and neural parasite as many as I could, but they just focus fire 1 shot the infestor and I lose control. DWMspdracer4 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 i only want ONE THING! for our roaches to attack air like the beta. Agreed/Disagree? Would this make us WAY better? Would it make us actually use more units then 3 base ones? Would it help? Would it be OP? you decide Devildog0 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 What Upgrades Help Ultralisk? Does the melee upgrade help these guys or is it missiles? Or neither? I assume the carapace helps them, but not sure. Or is Chitinous all they need? Anyone can help out this baby zerg, many thanks!Keywest5 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Ling atk spd buff not correct? (t3 research) I was doing some math. The tool tip when you hover over the icon states lings will recieve a 20% bonus to attack speed. A lings normal attack speed is .7, x20% is .14, subtract that from .7 and you should get .56. When my lings are upgraded, their attack speed is only .59. Is my math wrong? Have the lings recieved yet another nerf (the original attack speed bonus in SC1 was 25%)?Ivan10 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 What's wrong with being in Silver/Bronze? Dear Higher League Players, Perhaps it is not common knowledge but there are many reasons why Silver or Bronze players are where they are but please refrain from the usage of comments such as: "You're Silver/Bronze" or "Oh you're only Silver/Bronze." Believe it or not many us do not enjoy such demeaning comments and it does in fact label you as a "Douche" or "Jerk" or etc. in the eyes of the people you put down. In addition, I would love to point out if you get used to such discriminating manners then it will eventually lead to such behavior in your social lives. Such said behaviors will lead to a range of bad to dire consequences. So please, do refrain from singling out us "Silver/Bronze" players. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Silver playerSpiffyMooge59 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 hydra's im a all around player and i like zerg the best and use them the least but i think with MY opinion hydra's should have a movement speed buff ULTRAS move faster then them off creep i just think that maybe they should get a buff slimier 2 the roach movement upgrade who here agrees they need 2 be buffed blizzard needs help with this kind of stuffredfive0 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Leviathan What would you do if Blizzard decided to give the Zerg the Leviathan as some sort of a super unit. 8D?TheArbiter5 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 Nerf Mules and Thors FFS Mules are the backbone of why Terran get called imbalanced. Most players don't realize it's the mule causing the Terran to have way more units than they should. Because of the 270 mineral spike every 50 energy. The mule also makes Terran macro the most forgiving! Forgot to use energy? NO PROBLEM just drop 2 Mules and enjoy the insane mineral spike. Not to mention late game when you get more then 1 cc, Terran outmine the other races that have the same amount of harvesters by at least 500 minerals per min. That is imbalanced how can you not see that. Then there is the Thor. This unit cost the same as the ultralisk and colossus. It does about the same amount of damage on the ground, AND it has the best anti air in the game BY FAR. On top of that you can Repair it. Blizzard you did one hell of a job making a super race in SC2 (Terran). I have never seen such imbalance in a rts before this is quite sad. Someone on the balancing team needs to be shot/fired. RandyCross21 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 I miss the swarm. So, like many others I swapped to protoss because I'm a pretty casual player, and my beloved zerg wasn't nearly as successful for me. I play a lot of zerg in customs, still trying to figure them out. I'd like to say that I really appreciate this grand zerg experiment. I'd like to think of it as such, rather than a design flaw. I think that the hardest thing for me to transition back to was queen micro. Specifically larva spawning. I would queue 100% zerg if it were easier to not mess up larva spawning. I feel that I can slip a little (as a lot of us do) with mule or chrono boosting micro, and I have not put myself in a critical position. When I slip with my larva micro I often find myself crippled. I totally blame myself, but it's pretty easy to do I think. I would welcome a change to larva spawning.Stygian6 Sep 8, 2010
Sep 8, 2010 How to counter MMM + tanks?? I'm not a particularly good player or anything, but I've been having trouble countering MMM with tanks. the tanks cut through my speedlings and hydras, the rines through my mutas, and the maruaders through my roaches. banelings never even get close, even with upgraded speed. What do i do? (And don't say Ultras, this is still midgame)JimRaynor18 Sep 8, 2010