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Aug 30, 2010 Dear Fellow Zerg Players, Disclaimer: I hope that this should not offend anyone. I only hope that people will read this and stop doing the things on my list of complaints. A: they're not actually worth whining about. B: They make zerg players in general look bad. C: It's not actually improving your gameplay when you complain on the forum. I won't claim to be any sort of scholar, gosugamer, or diamond league. However, I must request that the great majority of zerg players stop whining and raging. Note that I will also not claim that zerg are 100% balanced. They're much more difficult to play and can be easily exploited by other races. Also note that I am also a Zerg player. When you're in the diamond league and you've tried whatever it takes and you get stomped. I can understand the frustration. However: Summary of my complaints: 1. Zerg who rage for no reason 2. Zerg who whine about strategies that are easily countered 3. Zerg who whine that we have to macro/micro harder to get our dollar's worth 4. Zerg who whine about units being too weak 5. Zerg under diamond/plat that claim credibility "as zerg players" and try to contradict 1000s of diamond and pro-league players to their faces 1. To all zerg players. Please refrain from raging about being cheesed or losing to MMM + tanks etc. Cheeses are easily scouted and easily countered 90-95% of the time. I've seen diamond players do it all of the time and i've done it myself. SOME strategies are disgusting and you are 100% allowed to get frustrated about. Such as double proxy gates in 2v2 XXvPP... Its very hard to scout out and very hard to counter and will get 1 arranged team tons of wins on a gimicky crap build. If you're losing to a 9 pool in ZvZ, stop trying to 14 pool. Its obviously not working, or learn to fend off zerglings and spine crawlers with your drones. I've seen it done quite easily. Also make sure you're always scouting. We're a race that requires reactive gameplay. We are NOT for the weak of heart. Globally, in diamond leagues 35.12% of players are Toss 30.74% of players are terran and only 23.91% of players are zerg (taken from sc2ranks.com). Zerg players are relatively limited, but those who play it play it well. I know it's not much fun to play lots of players that just cheese every game. But that's part of earning your way into platinum and above. Terran can reaper rush their way into platinum no problem. Zerg have to earn their place, which is better overall because you'll be more prepared when you're put into diamond and the skill level of opponents doubles or triples. I personally appreciate how hard i have to work to get into diamond right now. Cheese strats are easy to carry out but very difficult to counter. But once you can counter them, you've earned your place in the upper division and can happily play better players. That's not to say diamond players don't spine crawler rush. I've seen it in Diamond-diamond ZvZ. You need to be able to beat everything thats thrown at you to be "good," or the "best." Also, please don't complain about being "punished" for taking a fast expand. It's your job to defend your investments. Likewise, it's your opponents job to make sure you're not going to get ridiculously powerful. That's like coming home and finding a !!!#*@ attacking your wife and not smashing his skull in with the crowbar in your hand because it'd be an IMBA OP "punishment." Yea, he's @%*%!@ your wife! %@@@ him up! 2. If there's a strategy that can be easily scouted and people have told you the counter for it many times. No one wants to hear about how unoriginal the strategy is. At the end of the day, you're not liquidTLO (unless you are...) and experimenting with silly strategies isn't a viable option for victory. Example: Roaches do not beat stalkers or marauders. It's a well known fact. If you want to use roaches THAT BADLY, then accept defeat 50% of the time. If you scout the enemy playing marines and marauders, get speedlings and blings. They actually work! Coming on the forums and raging about how your roaches never seem to work, but you refuse to use blings is just annoying. KrevanSerKay12 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 What is the Magic Box? I've seen this phrase used to describe killing Thors with Mutas. What is the Magic Box?PhineasRage19 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Spreading creep in ZvZ So i spread creep in essentially every game i play, but im starting to doubt how good it is in ZvZ. Creep works for every zerg unit that runs on it, even if its your opponents. I sometimes find it better to not spread my creep, at least not too far, or else my opponents can RACE into my mineral line, or my base itself. Another thing is that if my creep is running to the middle of the map, the enemy can get on it and use it to his advantage before running into my army. If it is in front of my base, i can make my units stand on the creep, but not give them any room to get on my creep without running past my units. This gives me the creep speed advantage in battle, but if they have been on creep since the half way mark of the map, they have the creep speed advantage too, and i cant put my forces half way through the map, or my base is exposed. Am i not making sense? It makes sense in my mind, so i hope its translating well in this post. Any thoughts? Am i right? or...Babafesh7 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 When you chose Zerg as a main..... Were you expecting to HAVE to win through Guerilla tactics and out expanding your opponent (A majority of the time?). Were you expecting to have that swarminess of units that SC1 used to have? No, and Yes for me T__TShaizu37 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Pessimistic view of 1.1 The increase build time on zealots will fix a lot of ZvP issues. However, in the case of terran, +5 seconds on reapers is not going to change how brutally effective they are against all zerg tier 1 units. Zerglings melt at critical mass, which isn't very hard. Roaches get kited, queens get kited, and siege damage vs buildings. They are simply incredibly effective. As far as tanks go, they're less effective vs hydra, and more effective vs ultralisk due to the ultralisk damage nerf vs armored. This change was, however, directed towards ZvP, in which ultras were very strong. This will have a negative effect in ZvT. This patch will effect ZvP and PvT more than it will ZvT. Even a lot of high ranked players, like Zelniq, feel that this patch is pretty insignificant and isn't really addressing any of the real issues with ZvT. It's nothing more than a step in the right direction. ... Naraka22 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Overlord creep spread..wouldn't it be funny.. if the spew creep ability slowed enemies it was puked onto? or added some odd useless effect? "Vicous Odour/Gas - Units will move 1 range unit away from the affected units." "Grossed out - Units refuse to step through/under the Overlord spewing the creep." Not expecting serious responses but post your silly ideas. Before people scream IMBA or "This is stupid." It is. Its a joke. Take it as one please.Shaizu0 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 How to beat MMM? I absolutely hate playing against a terran player. He just walls off, sets up a tank or two then pumps marines, marauders and medivacs. I try to go mutas and harrass mineral line, but he has 1000 turrets or so, so that doesnt work. I set up some banelings and take his army, but he just keeps coming and I can't put any pressure on his base at all. I honestly have no idea how to even begin beating MMM. Any tips are welcome.cake8 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 My first hour long game And the first time I think ultralisks have ever won me a game, enjoy http://www.sc2replayed.com/replays/68095-1v1-protoss-zerg-desert-oasisBygameHunter0 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 My brother thinks he is pro Seems zealot rushing and cannoning in until void rays makes him pro. what exactly do I do against a void ray stalker army as well as a turtled in protoss?Netheran17 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Most Epic ZvT replay ever The guy said he was going to make me into Zerg stew. Looks like I'm the one having the stew tonight :). Pretty long, but definitely worth watching. You should fast forward some parts. http://www.sc2replayed.com/replays/68072-1v1-terran-zerg-lost-temple Mafezoli0 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Did anyone see the ultralisk nerf coming? I was surprised.. a lot.Cazeoj18 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 I miss... the days of the BETA, where every few days they would throw out a patch. It kept things exciting and made it feel like th game was evolving. It was like a REAL RTS, the factions upgrading, changing. Almost like a RP(G)RTS where there were (numerous) Zerg changes. It made me feel like the swarm was evolving for better or for worse. Wake up in the morning open up the beta and see a new patch and Zerg changes was like the Queen of Blades was sending us a notification. Roaches are massively powered and put to much strain on the larva, their armor is dropped (of course Im romanticizing Blizz's and Zerg's relationship). We've combined evolutionary traits together to make it easier for Roaches to become more effective (Organic Carapace/Tunneling Claws) Oh how it made me excited to wake up and wonder if the Queen had evolved the Swarm today. Take my swarm out against some Terran or Protoss and see if they can handle our evolutionary changes. Ah the days when IT was moved around to the Overseer. Almost made them worth having. Frenzy on Broodlords and the days when Ultras were just slower lumbering mentally challenged Zerglings (They still sorta are :/). Then I wake up to see that the Queen has infused the Ultras with their Speed evolution when they are being morphed! Oh what GLEE, the Swarm is evolving for the better! Now... now, I must wait anxiously for any change to my precious Swarm. Now I must rely on the same defensive (reactionary) strategies every game. Oh the Protoss are using their advanced technology to call in 4 reinforcements outside my base at the 3 minute mark? Oh the Terrans have massed T1 and my Zergling/Roach army isn't large enough? Day in.... day out. The same things over and over. Where is the wildcard nerf/buff? Even the Thor size buff was random and changed the game. And we remember the Roach... Oh how the Queen had inducted such a beautiful slug into the Swarm... strong and resilient! But as time progressed, somehow the genetic structure of the Roach got mutated for the worse... slowly, generation after generation, they lost their effectiveness. Now our beautiful slug, who was our hardiest unit, capable of taking out the Terran armor and Protoss Zealot is dying, no doubt by some terrible Terran genetic experiments. Let us not forget our Queens. They were such a terrifying force en mass, as were the spine and spore crawlers. Now, without the creep that nourishes all, they are ineffective. Even the dreaded Hydralisk, our most potent strain, able to attack relentlessly, is pitiful if off our precious creep. What has become of our Swarm? Where is the constant changing that is our Evolution? We, the Zerg, innately undergo natural selection within our exoskeletons (Stetmann). And yet we cannont change at all? We must wait for the Queen of Blades to make small changes to our genetic structure monthly at the soonest? Oh how I miss my Swarm, how I miss the changing nature of the Zerg. We were never the same for very long. No technique could quite be used against us indefinitely. Oh how I miss my Swarm.Rat0 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Baneling Micro ZvT A noob looking for some tips\help. I find myself using Banelings incorrectly early game, and I'm very interested in hearing how people micro them on the run (not burrowed). Here's my flawed method: - Terran incoming with MMM. - I have zerglings (control group 1) and banelings (control group 2) - I set my banelings to attack the largest concentration of marines and hope for the best - Switch my attention to the battle with my lings Often the above fails. Marauders soak it up, they explode incorrectly, focused fired on etc. Any help would be appreciated!Stucatz9 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Does Marauder deal splash damage? ^Thomas7 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Roach vs. Hydra What are the differences between these units, besides the obvious range difference and that the hydra can shoot at air, and the roach can move burrowed and heal fast? Is one better at killing one type of unit and another at killing another type of unit?Cerberus8 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Counter to mass stalkers? What is it? I'm talking 40+ stalkers in a big ball.Cerberus8 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 What is the ideal drone count for each main? Or expansion? Blizz says 3 drones per mineral. Is this really true? And also... do SCVs and probes harvest at a faster rate or all they all the same?Cerberus1 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Seeking help Hi, I don't understand how the main power race in the lore is the hardest race to play with; I don't understand how other race outnumber the zerg in term of mass units. So, like I don't understand that I'm seeking help into how to take care of army and economy like others do. Any tips? Any BO? Thank you so much for the assistant !Jirr6 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Tier 3 Zerg I've been reading a lot of people complaining about how long it takes to "get the first ultra" or "get the first broodlord" out. People need to consider the main problem with comparing Protoss or Terran tier 3 tech with Zerg: Zerg can instantly build as many of said unit, while T or P have to build it over time and also construct buildings to produce such units. Right when you get that ultra cavern, if you have the money, you can make as many ultras as you want. That is why blizzard had to increase the time it takes for Zerg's tier 3. Good day Sir!IrishBull24 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 ppl say roaches good vs. marines? I don't see it. Lately I've noticed a trend of Terran going 5 rax 4 reactor 1 tech lab. They use gas for engi upgrade and marine armor/stim upgrade. Roaches get sh1t on by stationairy MM stime marines. The last game I played I was on 2 base both saturated, but my roach ling production wasn't enough to hold back the stimed MM on the Terran one base. I ended up making 2 SC to protect expansion and held off rush till 2 medivacs showed up then it was an easy atk move GG win. Such a joke. Ya I'm glad tanks and reapers are getting a nerf, but MMM is even worse.sleepnaught18 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Having trouble with 2 hatch hydra vs P I am a plat random player, but I found that most of my wins came from when I was terran and protoss, and now I'm trying to play zerg exclusively until I get better at it. In the plat league, I'm finding that I am mostly against protoss players and my ZvP skill is probably more at a silver'ish level. I'm following this guide: http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/2_Hatch_Hydra_(vs._Protoss) and my problem is that I seem to be in a weak position even if I hold off the initial rush. The main problem is that the protoss player is usually smart enough to pull back when he sees my sunken colony and he doesnt engage even my small hydra force. At this stage of the game I feel like I am stuck in my base and don't have map control which is a horrible situation to be in when you're zerg. I've been trying to practice all my timings in 1v1 comp stomps but as soon as I go against a human player I get absolutely embarassed. :S Any general advice?Gnome3 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Looking for Infestors I'm looking for some replays using Infestors as one of the main damage dealing units. Particularly the Infested Terran. I was sleeping and had a dream of an army of infested terrans that I could spawn on command and fight against his army. The best part was that I still had my own army since I wasn't wasting any minerals or gas just using the Infestor's huge pool of energy. So, I woke up and thought about it a bit more. And the idea of creating an instant army using nothing but energy and using THAT to fight the enemy was significantly more cost effective than anything else. (Yes, I love Starcraft so much that I actually have dreams of playing Starcraft games)Coupons15 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Fix zealot rush Make zealot take 2 minute to make. They are outrageously overpowered. Tiggerlove7 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Zerg Expansion Questions etc. This is a mixed pile of questions concerns and just why's on Zerg Expansions. (Keep in mind im not a very experienced player) 1. Why is 1 base zerg no really viable? is it the larva count? I know it doesnt work but I dont understand completely why. 2. Why is it that toss and terran can simply 1 base yet a zerg cant even hope to do it?, Isnt this kind of unfair? 3. Although expansions help your income and map control (in most cases) doesnt it kind of put you at a disadvantage because maps that dont have very fast expands make you stretch out your forces etc? 4. As zerg when should I normally be looking to expand? 5.(None expansion related) I have trouble with my overlords where should i be positioning them If i spread them around the map they always get picked off and if i stack them in a ball behind my base if a viking or phoenix comes my food is !#@%d. Skoll9 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Just a Rant For some reason, I keep winning against people who are better than me. They tell me, I'm not very good, but I win the match. This is so unfair. Blizzard needs to balanced everything, so I will lose against people who are better than me. Thanks, just need to get that off my chest. Tineke1 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Requesting defense build vs 6 pool Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has a build that can get a spine crawler out before the zergling rush comes, if possible, please not let the build hurt my economy too much in the longer run. ThanksDragon23 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Best way to counter early mass marine push? I can't figure it out. I just lost this morning with about 12 banelings, 30 or so zerglings. I was sort of out of position but didn't have baneling burrow. He just stimmed and GG. It's about the only thing I can't figure out how to stop. He pushed once +1 wep and stimpack were done.heysup1 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Zerglings and Ultralisks sounds I liked the aggressive sound Zerglings made when they attacked, and I LOVED the ultralisk ROARRR!! Give them back their sounds, bliz!CajunKhan5 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 What to do against Terran mech/bioball Hello everyone! Now I know a lot of people will get mad at me posting this since it's probably gonna end up as another ZvT imba thread, but I seriously need help. I just finished a game where this guy turtled and had no expansions (I denied them all... I felt proud). I had 4 expansions and was up to 5k mins and 2.5k gas soon. Why didn't I spend it? Well I tried numerous assaults on this guy's base: I tried 20 mutas to harrass, but he had placed about 10 turrets in his base, and then I tried 2 different nydus networks, though he found them easily (since he only had one base to cover). Then, all of a sudden, I spot his army of bioball + 3 thors. I meet my army with his - using FG as well - but his Thors completely obliterated my army of roaches, hydras, mutas, and lings. What is Zerg supposed to do against an army that can mass marauders/marines/Thors and easily win the game? Sorry this is so long but I'm pretty pissed off.KingOfShadow8 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Tactic I find useful I know, the bronze is an auto roflnoob but just thought I'd throw this out there. Generally when I play a long game (anything above 20 min) the Terran or Protoss have amazing defensive positions that your speedlings/hydras/mutas will have a nightmare trying to beat through. The past 3-4 games I've had, I decided beating my way through their base would take too long and at too much loss of army. So all I did was spam speedlings, mutas and hydras, camped each resource zone with a burrowed zergling and waited. Every time a command center showed up to expand, my creep highway let me speed over to it and take it out, then speed back to my mass of units at my main. I find they will send a force or two out to try and break the cycle, but all those units I didn't suicide to the enemies main defenses, were built up and I could crush the assault pretty quick. Sure all those games the opponent left before I could finish off their resource starved bases, but a win is a win.Datastream6 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 What's with the muta love? I've seen a lot of people commenting on how great mutalisks are, you'd think they were a highly versatile backbone of the army. People recommend them for worker harrasses, for countering thors, etc... So how are these people effectively using mutas? Each time I try getting mutas they're not that cheap and they're fragile so they don't seem to be great for engaging your opponent's units, and the economy harassment is usually countered by 1-2 missile turrets/cannons/spore crawlers farily cheaply and effectively. I could see them useful maybe for baiting your opponent while you get ready to attack from a different point. But it just seems that once your opponent knows you have mutas, it isn't hard and doesn't take long for them to be shut down. Sort of disappointing for such a gas investment. Thoughts/suggestions?Olaf4 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 something new against protoss? im having alot of problems against protoss players was hoping someone could tell me what im doing wrong? maybe i just suck and should start playing terran? http://www.gamereplays.org/starcraft2/replays.php?game=33&show=details&id=144394Toxia3 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 ZvT Insane AI Hey guys, Does anyone have a ZvT Insane AI replay where they won? I've been trying for a while now and the 3rd wave of MMM wipes me out every time. I've had some success with Banelings, Roaches, or whatever else I can come up with, but my production always fails to compensate for that 3rd wave. I looked around and it seems that everyone uses cheese to win vs. Insane AI. I'm wondering if anyone has a good replay where they beat a T Insane AI as Zerg without using cheese? I would greatly appreciate it, thank you.Vexus8 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Imbalances with Infestors I've noticed that when somebody has infestors on the field, 99% of the time they use all their energy on fungal growth. FG is such a great ability, compared to the other 2 which are relatively lackluster. I would like to see a slight nerf to FG, and some buffs to NP and IT, to make all of the infestor's spells useful!BAMF43 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Diamond player looking for advice (Replay) http://www.sc2replayed.com/replays/67736-1v1-terran-zerg-blistering-sands This replay is to get some people to help me work on my game, as well in turn give some pointers to the lower league players out there on different ways to contain someone and strike hard. Things I already know I need to work on: 1. Overlord placement (It's annoying) 2. More Hotkey use (Especially for banelings) 3. Laughing harder after Banelings melt an army But is there anything else you guys could throw at me that I could change? Things not to suggest: 1. Sending the Drone in further... I could have, but he was blocking with Barracks, meaning he wasn't going mass reaper, he was massing marines. He obviously didn't want to get busted by banelings, so he built a pure barracks wall. 2. Scouting... I saw plenty from the Harass and the Xel'Naga, and as I was going to get some Changelings going, the Overseer died. 3. L2P... Die in a fire, honestly. 4. Build Order... This is my favorite build, and it works for all circumstances, I have not been cheesed, rushed, or stomped early-game at all with this build. Any posts are appreciated.Xero9 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Have to personally "gg" 90% of the time? As the title states, whenever I lose I gg, and get a gg back. But even if the other player trys to cheese me, or we have a 40 minute long game and I top off, 90% of the time, I am forced to call the gg, no response, player leaves. I've had 5 matches of 1v1 in diamond so far, and havbet gotten a gg back yet.Xero44 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Counter to mass stalkers? Hey im in plat and it seems toss goes mass stalkers alot, and i have a tough time countering it as im never really sure what to get. Any ideas?Kiker8 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Only way to beat MM w/ Siege support is Bling drop on top of their army!!! Nothing else seems to work... (Broodlords take way too long compared to how fast they get a massive MM/Siege tank army.)YaO3 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Mutalisks - Are they really cheap? Hello Zerg Discussion Forum. Today I come to you with a question. Mutalisks. Are they cheap? The reason I ask this is lately I've been playing alot of players that don't scout me or don't put up anti air. Even if they do put up anti air it's not much maybe 1-2 missle turrets or cannons. So I tech straight to mutas and get them out around 8 minutes in. So I go in and eat their econs alive. Then I get called cheap or a few other profanities I won't say. Is this just players raging that they didn't get a free win against zerg or is there another problem?Dragonrider19 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Building structures on opponent's creep? Is there a reason we are allowed to do this? Seems to support some really annoying strategies. inb4 gold Narnith2 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 possibly the worst diamond player ever? http://www.sc2replayed.com/replays/67961-1v1-protoss-zerg-xelnaga-caverns you be the judge, lawlBygameHunter3 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Defense Replays: 2gateproxy, 8pool, MM+T+V+S ZVP Diamond Match: Defending a 2 Gate Proxy on Steppes of War. http://www.gamereplays.org/starcraft2/replays.php?game=33&show=details&id=144255 ZVT Diamond Match: Defending Against MM+Thor+Vikings+SCV repair. http://www.gamereplays.org/starcraft2/replays.php?game=33&show=details&id=144257 ZVZ Diamond Match: Defending Against 8 Pool using 14 Pool. http://www.gamereplays.org/starcraft2/replays.php?game=33&show=details&id=144238 For anyone concerned with the general BO: The double extractor build 10 extractor trick 9 build drone 10 extractor trick build drone cancel extractors 12 overlord 14 gas (send 3 drones immediately, you'll harvest 100 gas at the same time the pool pops) 15 pool 15 overlord 6 Pump lings and queen 21 overlord 22 hatch Here's a general guide I wrote for Zerg Global Domination: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/374719750 FTB13 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Laugh worthy replay I'm not too sure what this dude was on throughout the entirety of this short 10 minute game. I found his commentary to be pretty funny. As a side-note, I'm pretty sure I played a solid game against his all in. Thoughts? http://www.sc2replayed.com/replays/67974-1v1-terran-zerg-blistering-sandsAmAnn0 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Petition: Bring back the Lurker So I read all these forums crying about Terran and their OP units and counters. The problem, I've come to realize, isn't the units. Zerg have units that can counter anything the Terran throw easily. It's the mechanics and resource balance. Mechanics: In SC1 the mechanics and metagame between Terran and Zerg were almost a perfect balance until end-game. Terran always went MM+tanks vs zerg and Zerg always went ling, lurker, muta against Terran. The key here is the lurker: a NON-SACRIFICIAL cloaked destroyer of infantry. While you might argue that the baneling fills this role, it's not the case. Banelings have terrible utility for their cost and build time. Assuming of course you don't waste any banelings with bad micro, it takes 100-150 gas to destroy up to around 500-750 minerals worth of marines, maybe more if you get lucky. But because of the mechanics of mules and reactors, this is WORTHLESS, because the terran can just pump more marines, often faster than you can make banelings. The lurker, on the other hand, had such synergy with the rest of the zerg army. Backed up with lings, a quick surround of terran infantry by zerglings and a few lurkers would result in INSTANT ANNIHILATION without the sacrifice of gas heavy banelings. It would also force the terran to decide: mules or scan. That decision alone is HUGE, as each scan is worth 300 minerals. It would also force the terran to build ravens at end-game, which can easily be sniped for a cost of 200 gas, which would RADICALLY change the Z v T metagame. I think that just by bringing back the lurker, all of the QQ that happens due to T v Z would be completely reversed. But wait, what about mech? The best part about all of this is that the Lurker would have equal utility against mech as it does against infantry (unlike the near useless baneling). If Lurkers did similar damage as SC1, you would only need 8 or so lurkers and a swarm of zerglings to ambush and destroy a sizeable mech army. Yes, I understand this probably won't happen. Blizzard, for some reason, has decided to go with banelines. However, if you agree, please sign the petition.Laer1 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 MMM + Mech How do you beat this combo? He kept me contained with hellions and a fast-ish Thor. I opened with slings/blings which were shut down by the hellions. I make roaches which get shut down by rines/thor. Try slings/roaches vs the Thors. No dice. Then comes the MMM mixed in with the 5-6 Thors. My final army composition was 3 Ultras, 4 Brood lords, 10-12 Speedlings, 6-8 Roaches. I also had infestors that I researched NP for but didn't really get to use since he scanned it early. He had more upgrades than me, but I wasn't aware of this until it was too late. http://www.gamereplays.org/starcraft2/replays.php?game=33&show=details&id=144350 ^ Replay Edit: I could've done some Muta harassment, but I was afraid it'd be an all-in move since his mech army was growing quick. At the time I didn't realize my army was useless anyways.Hovanator9 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 baneling advice Can someone explain how to use banelings well? From do you autocast? or just run them into the enemy or the drones? I'm trying to get better with them. Do you ever burrow them? and if so how do you use them? I'm wondering if you grab a group and you're fighting mech, do you just go running at the mech? and wait for it to die and explode? or do you explode them one by one? etc? JackdaRippa0 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Can't wait for Patch 1.1 Seige Tank DMG = 35 + 15 Armored Seeing as Zerglings have 35 hp: Zerglings with +1 armor will survive an initial Siege Tank shot (before getting shot down by a marine) Hydras now will need to be shot three times from seige before going down. THE THOUSAND ARMIES OF THE SWARM DESCEND UPON YOU!!!!FTB8 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 Finally Finally got my hydra avatar. The last 2 wins were against terran and protoss too. Feeling good right about now. iZerg3 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 how is this even close to balanced? I got so tired of being beaten by massing thors that i figured why not do a custom game and figure out exactly how much time i have till someone could start fielding them. I could start producing thors at 7 mins and 3 seconds with 2 tech lab factories up. Now the only counters i can think of for thors would be 1 speedlings, 2 broodlords/corruptors using ability. So once i figured out that my opponent was going to be fielding them i made a ton of speedlings and banelings as well to blow up his base before he could get too many, he had 2 thors and 1 halion in this base that wrecked an army that i had gotten from 2 full running bases on lost temple. The other 6 thors that he had produced with 3 halion escorts walked into my base when my nydal worm popped out in his and had both my main base and expo clear out. I play in the gold and am in diamound on my 3v3 random. How is it even balanced to be able to field something that can aoe attack air is basically a siege tank to ground units and one of the counters i have for it forces me to make a infestor pit (wait for that to spawn), then make a hive (wait very long for that spawn) then turn my spire into a greater spire ( wait for that), and finally even if i mass a bunch of corruptors before my greater spire pops i get to wait again for my broodlords to spawn. Why isn't the thor a tier 3 unit for the terran? Why would anyone being terran against a zerg player bother fielding anything else? I have come up with 2 ideas that might work and hopefully blizz reads these forums like they do for the wow community. First idea, place thors as a structure when it comes to baneling damage output i believe that banelings do 80 damage to structures while they do 40 to units (w/o upgrades). The other idea would be make the thor have the same weakness as the collasous, all it to be attacked from all units reguardless of whether they attack ground or air only. I'm tired of not being out PLAYED, but rather out RACED.Malak21 Aug 30, 2010
Aug 30, 2010 I don't understand cheese-rays I'm so sick of them. Sure if I already have a fleet of mutis I can handle them. But wtf was Blizzard smoking when they made a Unit that can charge to essentially 1 shot any enemy, can attack air and ground units and just keep going. They need to make them only attack ground, OR make them start their charge all over again when switching targets. TekWolf30 Aug 30, 2010