Zerg Discussion

Aug 25, 2010 How to Fix Zerg These are a couple ideas that can fix Zerg without making the game more imbalanced in the process, in my opinion. Of course there is more that can be done for balancing, but I feel these are fairly safe changes. 1. Implement some sort of a display as to how many larva are available at the hatcheries. Similar to how the Protoss can see how many warpgates are ready to warp in units. Perhaps a hotkey that selects all hatcheries without having to set them as a group. - This would make managing spawn larva easier, but not too easy. As you would simply notice that you have 4 or more larva and you know to go and cast it again. - This would balance the effort per action in a ZvP since you'll be able to manage your base and units with the same amount of ease that a Protoss can manage his base and his units. - If the game is truly balanced at the pro/diamond level, then this change would ONLY affect the less skilled players. Since the pros should already be able to keep their queen at 0 mana anyways. Overall it would make managing everything as Zerg a little bit easier. 2. Implement some sort a priority change to melee units. It would be something like if the unit cannot get into range of the unit it wishes to attack to resort to a priority list. If it can't reach the target unit, then attack another hostile unit, but include repairing/healing units as a hostile unit. - This would heavily balance situations in which SCV's have a Thor surrounded and when the Zerglings prioritize the Thor, they ignore the SCV's and run around attacking nothing. I think it is unreasonable to assume that a player MUST micro to kill each SCV before being able to kill the Thor. The same thing applies to a Planetary Fortress. - This would definitely balance the effort per action in these situations. It is essentially and indirect buff to Zerg and Protoss and an indirect nerf to Terran. Flobie1 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 Regarding Queen's Larva Injection Some people might argue that if blizzard made larva injection autocast it will be too easy on zerg's late game macro. but given the current way of larva injection, doing it every 40 sec(w/e the cooldown is) late game on every hatchery takes a good portion of all the time a player has. My apm is around 80ish as a low tier diamond player, and it takes about 5~8 seconds(depending the number of bases) to cycle through all bases late game for one round of larva injections. ideally, i'm supposed to do it every 40 seconds. so larva injections alone take away up to 1/5 of my macros. while for a terran player, after building enough production structures, they will not need to manually click on the map or screen to make units. they can just use hotkeys to make units. for protoss, they do still need to click on the map. but units are created almost instantly. plus they still have the option to go back to gateway to queue up units. so the compromise could be to make larva injection autocast a research option in hive. some penalty can be considered i.e. make it spawn 1 less larva per cast after the research. alternatively, make it so that you don't have to click on the hatchery. 1 hotkey will make the queen find her closest hive to inject larva.Yashiro1 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 Protoss cheese I am in serious need of help. I've been hit about a dozen times with warp rays (About 15-20 of them). I'm in bronze, run terran. There has to be some way to stop this broken madness.Shido14 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 Roaches saved my life... Well they saved the game at least... ZvT I almost lost.. Pretty sure 90% of zerg players would have gg'ed this game and quit. Not me though and I pulled it out.. Watch the replay and let me know what you guys think... I really do hate it when the other guy says gg like its over or something... Really great to pull it off after that!! http://www.sc2replayed.com/replays/64006-1v1-terran-zerg-metalopolisrstoner6 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 thinkin bout switchin ive been playin protoss for a little bit now and have started playing custom games as zerg to get better at it. i like zerg so far theyre pretty crazy. any tips for the transition? i notice the way stuff is done is so differentPaul10 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 Mass reapers? I cant stop 8+ of them are there no counters? they get me before i can muta, and speedlings cant jump up cliffs...Star4 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 How do you find the replays you saved? I had a really good game (still lost thought), for my almost-first platinum win. I saved the replay but there doesn't seem to be a "replays" folder in the sc2 folder like there is for warcraft3.BAMF1 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 Infestor needs to be more threatening Ok I was thinking about the problem with mmm with Zerg and normally blings/infester are your best bet of course company by your army.. Infestor do 36 points of damage over time and a marine life is about 45(55 with upgrade) leaving a marines life with 9(19) hit-points left unless they don't stim... Now one of the best ways for a toss player to stop mmm is high templar that do massive damage of 80 damage pretty much killing everything.. The problem for toss is Ghost.. Now you normally don't see a ghost in a Zerg match cuz it's normally not needed I think?  What I'm trying to point out is why did Zerg devolved? The plague ability from defiler was such an awesome spell.. And Now where left with a fungal growth that only does 36 dmg.. WDF.. Happen.. I remember in beta Blizz was explaining why fungal growth was reduced from 45 to 36 cuz they didn't want it to one shot marines but every Terran player always upgrades marines life and have medics maybe if the infestor was more scarier, Terran would be using ghost a lot more often to drain an infestor energy just the way they use ghost often for toss in high level play.. Yet a high Templar can kill a dozen marines in mere seconds so why can't a infestor do the same but it's not as powerful as a storm though.. So I don't see why Zerg are left with weak #**# yet Terran and Protoss have better abilities.  Care to share your thoughts and ideas? This my first post ever, go easy on me :)Gynosis8 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 Counter to Void Rays? I just had a game with a Protoss player. He walled off to start and managed to hold off a Baneling Bust with a couple Stalkers and Cannons. Anyway, I built up a sizeable army of Roaches and managed to get in his base, but was promptly stomped by about ten Void Rays. At this point I had zero air, so I quickly made a Spire and built 20 Mutalisks before he sent the Void Rays to my base. I killed three of them. I gg'd out and made this thread. Assuming I see that Void Rays are coming and have ample time to prepare, what Zerg unit counters them?Ganthor15 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 Can Roaches Hit Air Now? I've been playing a lot of random and what I always find is that longer matches end up being air rushes. To this zerg have a very weak air defense. Corrupters are cool and all but since they cannot hit ground they are rarely built. The only real air units people tend to lean towards are brood lords and mutalisks, neither of which can deal with air rushes. Yeah there's hydralisks but by the time you develop a hydralisks den he'll already have @@@! in the air. I'm not suggesting that zerg have no counter to air rushes. They do. The problem is that they don't have cheap/accessible answers to air rushes. Terrans have marines after 150 mineral investment. Protoss have stalkers after a 350 mineral investment. Zerg get hydralisks after 450 min/200 gas Zerg get corrupters after 550 min/300 gas Yep.Troublmaker28 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 My Suggestion for Spawn Larva [Not AutoCast!] This suggestion has nothing to do with putting Spawn Larva on Auto-cast. The primary problem right now with Spawn Larva is that it is totally unforgiving. You miss a spawn, and it's gone forever. In long games, even the best of players will miss Spawns as the game doesn't solely dwell on your base. You have to micro units, build units, expand, tech, harass, attack, help a teammate, defend... The list of things you do from any given minute to another simply doesn't allow you to Spawn Larva reliably over the course of a Starcraft 2 match, especially the longer ones. With this in mind my suggestion is a bit simple: Instead of having the Queen cast Spawn Larva on the Hatchery/Lair/Hive, have the Hatchery/Lair/Hive cast it on Queens. This is balanced by two factors: 1. Queens are of a finite number. You will never have an infinite number of them due to their resource and food costs, which prevents you from amassing too many troops at once. 2. Larva cannot exist off of creep. By allowing players to cast Spawn Larva on Queens, instead of Queens casting it on Hatcheries, a player can simply build a second Queen, and have the Hatchery use it on that one. This will allow them to catch back up on unit production, while still costing 150 minerals + food. With these costs in mind they can easily be paralleled to the other two race's primary production buildings: Barracks and Gateways. The cost of the Hatchery effectively limits how many Queens you'll be able to put Spawn Larva on during any given game as well. This will keep Zerg's Spawn Larva macro Mechanic in check, but give Zerg players a little more elbow room with using it. TL;DR: Allow Hatcheries to cast Spawn Larva on Queens instead of having Queens cast it on Hatcheries.Omniance17 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 Can i get some feed back? Just wondering if i can get some feed back on my replay i know it is not that pretty but i was proud that i beat this guy since im bronze and he is gold. some constructive criticism would be nice plz http://www.sc2replayed.com/replays/63944-1v1-terran-zerg-kulas-ravine BlackIce2 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 Protoss BO How do I tell the difference between a 4 -gate push and a VR rush? Can i do it when i get there with my drone? Ynotmc4 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 Looking for feedback http://www.sc2replayed.com/replays/63851-1v1-terran-zerg-steppes-of-war What'd I do right and wrong? Specifically near the end...we basically each destroy each others bases but he lifts off and i am f*cked.... just looking for some constructive criticism. looking back at the replay i feel like i was doing pretty well, i just chose to attack at the wrong time...oh well.Syle2 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 Banelings effectivness vs toss? I've started doing 1v1's recently, and I've been doin pretty ok so far. Thing is tho, I've only been facing terrans! No one seems to really play toss or zerg so far, lol. buuuuut, my friend wants to play me soon as his main race, and he's a toss player. So I have to 1v1 him without knowing much of how the zerg fight the toss early game. Sooooooo, I was wondering if anyone here could throw some tips my way, and explain if things like banelings are still effective against them, or if I need something else to fight the toss early game.Treble8 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 Deny expo w/ burrowed banelings + detonate ZvZ: Place 2 burrowed baneling with unburrow and detonate structure on auto cast. When an enemy goes to build an expo, they will automatically unburrow and kill the structure including the drone. Against terran and protoss, you need 3, but its still cost effective considering that they need 400 minerals to build the expansion as opposed to 300 for zerg. You wont kill the worker unless you get really lucky. Or if you kill the worker, you can be unlucky in that you didn't kill the structure. This costs 150 minerals (75 for lings, 75 for blings) and 75 gas to do and your taking out 400 minerals/350 minerals against zerg. And against zerg, you are denying an expansion for awhile as you killed the drone. Be very careful about placement, all 3 banelings must unburrow or else you won't kill the structure in time, and if you place it too close, the enemy cant build the structure giving your strategy away.Checkmate0 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 HDstarcraft game featuring OGS.Cool Cool wins, and there is quite the amount of Terran over there commenting ("omg this shows Zerg is actually the OP race OMG"). Hop in and defend our Zerg honor... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1-dIvYHqKsSplit7 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 How do Overlords fly? They don't have wings... are they just full of hot air - like a hot air balloon? Calydon16 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 Buff nydus canal load/unload rate or HP Nydus canals are certainly powerful, but their fragility causes them to be cut-off before unloading even a single tab of units. The two solutions I see are either increasing their durability or increasing their load and unload speed. Whether sneaking in a nydus, or using it to protect an expansion, this has been a consistent issue.hyperrift5 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 Zerg can beat Terran Mech Easily http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teyZZLclTis This video says everything. Korean starcraft really plays differently. If anything, infestor is the answer :)DreamRaider5 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 easy non unit changes for zerg 1. auto cast on larva spawn, in gods name make this happen 2. make buildings spread creep like they used to as well as the nodes by doing this zerg will be able to maintain the high amount of larva they need with ease and creep will spread faster earlyer for the zerg making them more effective over distances on large maps.LLAMARAMA6 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 Burrow Control There are separate buttons (E and D) to switch tanks between Seige and Tank. There are separate buttons (E and D) to switch vikings between assault and air. There is one button (R) to burrow and unburrow our units. It is very frustrating when trying to micro. I would like unburrow moved to W or something.nananaw5 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 Still not finding roaches useful I've been trying to broaden my play and incorporating new strategies but I still find roaches mostly useless. To me, speedlings + anything other than roaches works well. Mutas+speedlings give outstanding map control and harass options. Hydras behind speedlings tears through units. Banelings+speedlings melts T infantry. Add infestors to any of the above combinations and things get even better. I know lots of people love them and in ZvZ I'll admit they're handy but I seem to rarely encounter other Z players (wonder why that is hmmmm?) so I hardly ever use roaches. I'm only Silver league (movin on up though!) so maybe my opponents jut don't present me with reasons to use them? I sure can't wait for HotS so we can see some new Z units. For that matter Etelo1 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 Ultralisk Issues When I first encountered ultralisks in SC2 I was really impressed how they had made them much more relevant than they ever were in BW. That being said, there are a few things that make them less than ideal as a tier 3 powerhouse. Frenzied -They're immune to stun and mind control, barrel through force fields, but they can be slowed by marauder grenades? That seems like an oversight. Pathing -I'd like to join many others in agreeing that ultralisks would be much more effective with pathing more like that of the colossus (sans cliff walk) I'd love to hear any other ideas to fine tune the ultralisk into the tier 3 powerhouse it was designed to be.Finlay8 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 Rank 1 v Rank 3 Diamond League ZvZ http://www.sc2replayed.com/replays/64163-1v1-zerg-scrap-station Check it out if you wanna see some ZvZ action.Jeonyboy2 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 How to stop Colossus/stalker phoenix attack I have been having issues stopping this attack. I'll stop the first inital attack of stalker zealots and use my mutas to try and harass but then they go phoneix and mutas just can't kill these darn things. I use hydras to counter that but then they just mass stalker colossus on me with a few phoneix to take out my army of mutas. I have no idea what to do! so someone got any advice or know a video that could help me out? ~thanks EdeNEdeN13 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 how are we 2v2, 3v3, 4v4? playing a lot of 1v1, i see how that goes, but how are we zerg at 2v2, 3v3, 4v4. Right now ive gotten my friend to play SC2, he never has played SC, where as ive played SC since its creation. we just started 2v2. so far 2 for 2. doing great. hes protoss, im my old time fav Zerg. so far i harrass the enemy while my bud levels up his tech and finishes them off. it seems to be working fairly well. will i notice a difference later on in diamond or plat?Ganthore13 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 zergling buff minor change Zerglings should have 40 health. Marines now have 45 health and do 6 damage as opposed to the zergling's 5 and they can also be upgraded to have 55 health. Imo, 40 health on lings isn't a huge deal, but it could allow zerglings to beat marines in melee range as they tended to do against unmicroed marines in starcraft 1. Also, buff adrenaline glands. Cracklings in SC1 had one of the highest dpses in the game. I think we should keep that.Lagrange12 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 Creep... Thoughts On Why It Needs Work Zerg units are faster on creep. That's good. Creep tumors spread out creep. This is also good. Overlords dump creep when you have a Lair. This is good. But all these things do not address some of the fundamental issues involved with Creep as a game mechanic. 1. The necessity of creating a creep highway by its very definition puts an artificial 'timer' on Zerg capacity to engage the enemy with advantage. Even on a small map, your creep carpet will not reach the middle of the map (let alone enemy territory) until well into the mid-game. This means that until mid-game (or later) your forces are laboring under a mobility DISADVANTAGE unless you are playing a strictly defensive game. If you try to move out into Non-Creep-Country then the Zerg are disadvantaged. This means Zerg are disadvantaged by default until mid-game at the soonest. 2. As a related issue - the choke/cliff heavy nature of SC2 maps makes Creep expansion both slow and difficult unless you are 'near your base'. Since creep is critical to good Zerg performance (esp flanking) it becomes important to push the goo as far as you can. Map artifacts make this very hard to do in such a way as to actually allow good creep usage. For example, in order to 'flank' an enemy force in the field you need creep to literally be in a HUGE 'bloom' around the enemy. Quite honestly, you just can't do this on most maps. 3. The busywork needed to create (and maintain) the creep carpet is a series of attention-diverting tasks that Terrans and Protoss DO NOT have to match. All three races have to focus attention on building up their base, expanding, their economy, macroing armies, and microing battles. But ONLY THE ZERG have the additional requirement of trying to blanket the map in creep. To effectively spread creep over as much of the map as possible you must (A) have a Queen or two dedicated to dumping out new tumors (B) constantly go back to old tumors and have them duplicate (C) and manage a ton of your Overlords to cover the map in creep puke. In a game that is already very attention intensive, this is a level of busy-work that takes away from micro, macro, expanding, etc... And - I must repeat this - ONLY THE ZERG are required to invest in this 'extra' work. 4. Focusing on Creep expansion slows down your production. To kick out critical creep tumors, you must divert queen energy AWAY from larva just at the time you need them most. This is a TERRIBLE mechanic that does not benefit Zerg in any way. Creep tumors should not penalize Zerg productivity. EVER. 5. Allied players hate your guts. If you play a map with a 'shared base' and are actively spreading creep then you are effectively PREVENTING your ally from building defensive structures and expanding. Neither Protoss or Terran structures 'stop' their allies from building. The Zerg necessity for creep expansion is a bonus to the Zerg guy, but a hinderance to his allies. Don't get me wrong. I like the new Creep dynamics. I like tumors and Overlord puke. But I do NOT like the fact that my units are disadvantaged when OFF the creep. To my mind, Creep should not 'bonus' the Zerg. It should "Debuff" Terrans and Protoss. Zerg should be just as fast off creep as on it, but Terrans & Protoss should be slightly slower when fighting on our goo. IMO Blizzard got the whole aspect of Creep wrong. Creep should not be 'necessary' for Zerg to push out. That is a limitation and a weakness. Creep should instead be a penalty against Ter/Tos when they try to 'push in'. Creep should punish enemy offense - not limit Zerg offense. And Tumors should not penalize player larva production.Nafarias32 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 I want to play Zerg I'm fairly new to this game. I first started watching HD and Husky on Youtube back in May when SC2 was in Beta, and I decided to buy the game when it was released. When I did buy it I had decided that I would play Terran, just because. When I got the game two weeks ago, I mostly played Campaign and Customs, with a bit of Practice League. So, I started playing in the Practice League as Terran, perfecting the build order and Reaper Rushing my way to victory nearly every time. When Reaper Rush failed, I would build up an army of Marines, Maruaders, and Meds and faceroll my way to victory. The few times I didnt use Reapers, victory was easy with just those three units. It was boring. I think I lost something like two games, both of which were against Terran who Reaper Rushed better than I did. There was no effort required at all. I'm not saying that TERRAN IS OP ZOMG, like nearly everyone I played against did every time I beat them, I'm just saying the learning curve is a little easier than other races. I tried playing Protoss, didn't like it. Something about microing the Warpgates really rubs me the wrong way. I tried playing Zerg against the Medium AI a couple times, which I had been easily able to crush as Terran, but found myself losing again and again against every matchup, Z, P, and T. So it seems that Zerg will be a challenge. I want to play Zerg. Unfortunately, I suck at it. Is there anywhere I could go to read up on tips and build orders for Zerg, or videos to watch on strategies? Probably missed the 23 that are already here when I skimmed over the thread list before I posted this, but oh well.Ganthor9 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 Lack of units I think one of Zergs problems is their lack of attacking units. The big issue that comes to mind is their ability to assault an enemy base. Protoss- Colossus, pheonix(with graviton beam), VOID RAYS, stalkers(Blink), Carrier Terran - reaper, banshee, viking, battlecruiser Zerg - mutalisk, broodlord It is easy to see that Zerg lacks in options when it comes to this strategy and in general when it comes to atempting anything that involves infiltration/scouting of an enemy base. These shortcomings are a key to Zergs apparent weakness as a race. I think giving them a tier 2 unit that can jump cliffs, or allowing an upgrade to give a unit the ability to cliff jump would greatly even the playing field. If you see a flaw in my logic, which there probably is, please don't be offended and simply reply with your views/ideas on the matter. Thanks!Dirk16 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 Troubles against Protoss Hey there fellow zerg players. I've been having a ton of trouble combating a two gate into a four gate. I have no trouble winning against Terran or Zerg in diamond but all my trouble are with toss builds. If I don't expand before he does I die, simple as that, but I never get the opportunity to expand without building roaches to defend against a few early zealots. (Why protoss can get out so many zealots so early is beyond me.) I can push his forces back, but once he starts seeing roaches he obviously builds stalkers. I try to expand but I can't hold it long enough to keep it. If he sees me expand he'll simply push while expanding himself or building a colossus and a healthy number of zealots and stalkers. This leaves me with the option of building hydras and roaches. I obviously need corrupters but I end up getting starved economy wise to build it intime or I dont have enough to make a big enough dent before his colossi roles over my hydras and roaches. Now this has led me to experiment with infestors, but even a well placed NP does not work against colossi because the infestor will be killed within seconds. I've tried rushing with a 14 pool baneling bust build that I made up but that doesn't work either because I can't do sufficent damage to his economy before he hits me again. I've tried delaying the colossi as long as possible with overseer's, but it only works for so long before he kills my overseer with cannons/phoenix/stalkers etc. If the protoss player simply 4 gates right off the bat I'm able to hold my expansion, but with all the early pressure I hardly can ever get it up long enough to make any use of it. I even can fend off cheese rays with great success. It's just every protoss player I play uses the same damn build, and I cannot find a suffice counter to it. Any advice is welcome. I don't care if your in bronze, any ideas could be useful.Calamity17 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 Why should I switch to Zerg? Im a protoss player and I think it's time to start learning another race. This is mainly because I would like to see maybe it fits me better. Any other reasons? All input is much appreciated. ThxMihai22 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 Zerg Team Talk So a friend and I are getting into 2v2 (as Zerg & Toss) matches and here recently we are doing much better as we've learned to scout better, communicate more, and have up'd our armory of strats. Oddly enough I noticed that even though we were making our strats off of what people were posting about 1v1 we were doing well. I say well and not great because we're bronze league due to a rough learning curve we had. I doubt this kind of planning continues into the upper divisions and I was curious. There are some hurdles in team games not present in 1v1 Like: Aiding friendlies when they get rushed Surviving a multiperson rush long enough for your friend to help Not suffocating your oppenent with creep How to best support allies with your flexability And there are tons more. I feel like this is a huge subject no one really talks about, and just wanted to open it up. Crysnon0 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 [Suggestion] Larva eggs icons for Hatchery Why dont they make Zerg Hatchery exactly like Protoss gateways ? did you notice when you play a 4 gateways build and you upgrade them in warpgates it actualy work the sameway or almost than a hatchery would work, you got a delay then the spawn. but for protoss when the timing is done you got a little icon at the right of the screen saying you got 4 unit ready to get warped in by your gateways, so something that telling you that your timer is done. what about doing the samething for Hatchery ? whenever a Queen cast Larva on a hatchery a little icon would pop at the same location than when you play protoss saying Larva eggs is on your hatchery or something like it. and when your larva fall of the hatchery and a queen is ready to cast it again on it the icon will disappear. so 3 hatchery ? 3 icon in a row at the right of your screen telling you when the queen eggs is on the hatchery, 4 hatchery ? well 4 icon .... that way zerg would miss alot less of larva spawn for sure and would be much more easy to dont forget about spawning larva, and i dont think it would be overpowerd because protoss actualy work like it. BIGFATPORK6 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 Not sure if you knew this but... those Xel'whatever towers cannot detect burrowed units. I got real nervous in a game yesterday because I had a bunch of roach's burrowed near a tower that the enemy ended up controlling. I figured that if the tower lit up a huge area it would also be able to detect.... Well that isn't the caseJootorious2 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 Grand List of Zerg Changes It seems it didn't post when I hit sumbit before, so if I end up posting this topic twice, I apologize in advance. You could also call it "Zerg might look like this if as much development time was put into them as was for Terran. I'm a theorycrafter at heart, it doesn't take long when playing a game before I try to think of what could make it better. Not everything I think of is always an improvement, but it's entertaining at least, and a few I'd think might actually improve them. This is no different for SC2, I can see where possible changes to all three races, not just Zerg, could go a long way toward snot only balancing some things out, but bringing more fun and different sorts of strategies into play. This here, is a list of all of the things i've thought of for Zerg. Note that this isn't to be taken as a "Zerg need all of this or else they suck" thread. I'm not saying that if any of this happened, all of it should, though I do intend to put this in such a way that if most of it came ot be, it would not horribly imbalance the game. I'm hoping for this t act as a thread for us Zerg players to generate further ideas, who knows, perhaps Blizzard might take a glance at it and take like, one of them. So if you like any of them, say so. Find anything that sounds too imbalanced? Once again, feedback is appreciated. Have ideas of your own? Feel free to list them, I'll put all of the best ones into this list. Now with that, the list itself. General Changes: Lurker and Scourge brought back, stats below. Deep Warren: Morphed from a Roach Warren for 50 minerals and 100 gas, 40 second build time, has 1250 hit points, allows Roaches to morph into Lurkers, requires a Lair. Regeneration: All Zerg units have their regeneration rate increased from 0.27 to 0.5, and gain an additional 0.5 regeneration while on Creep. Zerg structures have their regeneration rates increased from 0.27 to 1. Burrow: Burrowed units have their armour increased by 2 Creep Speed: Zerg units have a slightly higher base speed, and the creep speed modifier is changed from 30%, to a static 1 extra movement speed, with the exception of the Queen, which gains 1.5 extra movement speed. Continued below.AkaiKaze23 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 Build Orders: Out of the Box So Ive stated this before in other posts, Terran and Toss have MANY openers that they can use to harass early and then transition into decent mid game builds. They also have alot of fun, kind of obscure builds. They seem to constantly be evolving and I think we should be too. So lets compile a list of some weird builds you guys might be trying that actually seems to work... double hatch in your base, very early blings, anything. Post some ideas here.Split0 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 The reason why I prefer playing Zerg is... Believe it or not, I'm starting to think that one of the things that makes me enjoy playing Zerg more over the other 2 races is the fact that it's a bit weaker and that I'm not in control of the game. This sounds really bad but this fact makes it so I have a few things in mind when a game starts but almost all of my games turn out to be very different one from an other because I adapt to what my opponent does instead of repeating the same strategy blindly over and over. I played 6 ZvZ last night, won each one of them in a different way. Same went for my ZvP and ZvT (didn't win them all, some cheese still beats me or some strategies I have trouble handling still). I played Zerg mostly in SC1. In SC2 beta, I played Zerg a lot but mostly played Protoss at the top of the ladder. I'm a bit stronger with Protoss (nearly 100% win PvZ and PvT, about 50% PvP) but it feels like I'm playing a 1 trick ponney. They get really boring because I'm doing the same boring 1 base strategy over and over every single game because I know that no matter what my opponent does, this strategy has very high chances of success so there's not much point in even adapting at all (sure I'll rush a sentry out or stalker from time to time but nothing really major that I change). I'll be happy if Zerg gets buffed but I just hope it won't turn out like when I play Terran and Protoss where I can just repeat the same strategy every game regardless of what happens and get really bored. Having to adapt is harder but makes each game more unique. It also feels a lot more rewarding to me when I win with Zerg using flanking/many units/adapting, etc. than when I win with Protoss warping a bunch of T1 with a few VRs, forcefield the choke and almost A+move to victory (similar with Terran but I haven't played them as much). Post your reasons why you prefer playing Zerg!ZerGhoul0 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 Why do Thors out range Broodlords? Sorry to contribute to the TvZ talk (like it needs more attention), but 9 range vs 10 range? Does this seem like the opposite of how it should be to anyone else? I don't need to go into describing the effort of actually getting broodlords for anyone on this forum, so I'll just say that when a unit as quickly attainable as the Thor out ranges it...it's a little frustrating.Chorizo0 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 need some help in ZvP i have heard alot of ZvT but recently i started to do bad in ZvP So i need some help in order to counter some units and any tips -zealots and stalkers -zealots, stalkers with some immortals -VRs i had a expantion and ultras with speedlings but i still lost =/ because he could warp in his units where as i had to wait for larvae most of the timeZergling5 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 I hate "1 fix to Zerg" threads. And I hate you, all of you. Sorry, just feeling ragey tonight. Now to contradict myself: Queens now cost 100 minerals and build time reduced to 30 sec. That would be enough for me. God, I hate this game tonight. Grrrrrr!SpaceYeti6 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 ATTENTION: BLIZZARD! Blizzard, Zerg are underpowered. I mean really guys patch the damn game already. OrionHunter8 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 I should not have won this http://www.sc2replayed.com/replays/63874-1v1-protoss-zerg-delta-quadrant I pretty much stopped playing Zerg at this point because I feel like a sitting duck or chased convict at every turn. With Protoss, I have air defense & early detectors (Photon Cannons), I have wallclimbing early AA BlinkStalkers, Void Rays, Proxy Pylons, Phoenix Harassers, I don't lose a worker every time I make a building (in fact I can send it right back to the mineral line), I don't have to manage queens, I get a Chronoboost on whatever I deem important right now and I can summon units in at the freaking blink of an eye. I can just walk into a Zerg base and wreak havoc at my own choosing. And that's not right. I'm not a good player; I'm Silver League material, I should not be able to walk all over a Zerg player like this each and every single time no matter how many match-ups I get against Z, no matter if it says "favored" over the Zerg name. I shouldn't go into a PvZ match thinking "oh, hey, Zerg enemy. This is going to be easy". It makes me sad because Zerg are my favorite race, and I probably convinced this guy to not touch them again until Blizzard addresses some of the issues. Replay summary: Zerg player tries to fend off me as Protoss, fails at every turn no matter what he tries. Sadness ensues because that's exactly how I feel when I play Zerg.Caw9 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 How many brood lords... does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Nobody knows, because games don't last long enough to check.Nezbit1 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 Queens need to have ranged on ground. Whats the deal with queens having ranged for air and not for ground. Doesn't make much sense to me. Anyone else thing thats we lack ranged units and since the queen is so slow, this would help be a little better for Zerg and help balance the reaper/hellion harass Just a thought. Snizzapple4 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 I've just realized... ... Terrans are OP because this game is their release. Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty. See Terrans are SUPPOSED to be OP so all the Terran fans can be happy. Zerg are UP because humanity's greatest enemy in any Sci-fi story with alien bugs and other aliens, is always the alien bugs. Sorry Zerg fan's we're up against the unstoppable force of pop culture. Blizzard wanted terran players to get that 12in. *%!* feeling when playing vs the stupid bug aliens. That's why Blizzard isn't patching the game yet. I guarantee Zerg will be OP when Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm is released. OrionHunter0 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 Terrans were designed to counter themselves I thought this was funny.. How do you kill Marines? Moar Marines + Stim How do you kill Marauders? Moar Marines + Stim How do you kill Ghosts? Scan = Moar Marines + Stim How do you kill Reapers? Moar Marines + Stim How do you kill Vikings? Moar Marines + Stim How do you kill Banshees? Moar Marines + Stim How do you kill Thors? Moar Marines + Stim How do you kill Battlecruisers? Moar Marines + Stim How do you kill Seige Tanks? Moar Marines + Stim How do you kill Hellions? Moar Marines + Stim LEGEND: MM = MOAR MARINES MMM = MUCH MOAR MARINES FTB5 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 ZvZ Help Needed As an introduction and segue into the heart of this post, let me first off say how much I hate baneling play early game. Those little ninjas always seem to find their way into my mineral line, and I end up gging (or rage quitting) within the first 5 minutes of the game. Before you go any further, check my profile. I'm a diamond league player, currently ranked 3rd, so don't even dare call me a noob. There are two things I've tried, unsuccessfully. First of all, I tried to make a few spinecrawlers to pick off the banelings while kiting my drones. This has ended in disaster. Banelings are faster than drones. Then I tried fast roaches, but I haven't found a suitable build order that would allow me to fully defend against banelings, and I have one replay where my opponent even managed a baneling break against a number of roaches. If there are any skilled players who have replays countering this early game baneling play, I would be appreciative. Any other advice will be heard and taken with a grain of salt if you're a silver leaguer. Red Viper, out.TheRedViper8 Aug 25, 2010
Aug 25, 2010 any tutorials for scouting protoss cheese? I can handle the cannon rush, what I'm mainly referring to is this: In any time I play a toss, there are w/out any exceptions only 1 of 4 strategies they employ: 2 gate proxy 4 gate proxy void rush cannon rush I can stop the cannon rush fine and dandy because that's easy to spot, mainly I've been having trouble lately spotting the proxies. Here's how it usually goes: I scout their base, I see nothing except mainly a pylon. I figure they are doing a proxy rush. I immediately start trying to build up some lings and spine crawlers, and I usually do end up spotting the gateways but by that time they have an army of zealots that just wipes me out. The proxies are the most common aside from cannon rush, so some games I'll just assume proxies are coming and go w/ fast expand and bunch of spine crawlers. Unfortunately, murphy's law is in full effect because then I just get void rushed and creamed that way. I'm at a dilemma in that I just can't seem to spot these strategies in time, and if I just assume one thing w/ out actually seeing it by scouting, I'm usually wrong and end up paying for it. Any tips on facing toss cheese? I don't really know the best method to stop proxies even when I spot them.Gabriot5 Aug 25, 2010