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Apr 23, 2013 "Resource stall", "Network Spikes" counter explanation Hello all! We’ve noticed some confusion about the “Resource Stall” counter that some of you have spotted in the game, and we wanted to briefly explain what the counter is keeping track of. The counter is tracking the number of times that your StarCraft II client has needed to accomplish something that was not already pre-loaded. Examples of this include: - Streaming missing data - Loading data assets from your hard drive - Compiling graphic shaders on the fly It’s important to note that having resource stalls does not indicate, by itself, that anything is wrong with your StarCraft II client. The counter is primarily included for the benefit of our developers, and we apologize if not masking it has resulted in any misunderstandings.Kaltonis1 Apr 23, 2013
Jul 25 StarCraft II Low FPS Troubleshooting Guide Hello everyone! I've noticed quite a few people asking for help with low fps issues in StarCraft II. There are many factors that can affect the frame rate of the games you play and often this issue can be resolved by doing some basic PC housekeeping and walking through some basic troubleshooting steps. Instead of repeating myself, I've decided to write a guide to help those who are experiencing low frame rate issues in the game. The PDF guide can be downloaded here. StarCraft II Low FPS Troubleshooting Guide (PDF)!391&authkey=!AJyeTw3RV0ZXoR8&ithint=file%2cpdf It contains a set of basic troubleshooting tips that may help fix low fps issues in your games. It also covers the NVIDIA video card software settings as well as the StarCraft II in-game settings. I've copied the basic troubleshooting tips from the guide and pasted it below. For the non-tech savvy users among us, I've also included easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions for each troubleshooting tip, which can be found in the PDF document. Without further ado, let's get started. 1. Update Your Video Driver The latest graphics card drivers can sometimes provide a large boost in performance. To ensure the best graphics performance, it’s a good idea to keep your video driver as up-to-date as possible. 2. Reset Your Video Driver Settings If your graphics driver is already up-to-date, try resetting your graphics driver settings. Improperly configured application profile settings can cause low fps and resetting them to default values may help improve your frame rates. Support Page → 3. Update The System Drivers Keeping all of the major system drivers (chipset, audio, network etc.) up-to-date is essential to the performance of your system. 4. Update Your Operating System Use Windows Update to keep your Windows computer up-to-date with the latest patches, bug fixes and performance improvements. 5. Perform a Clean Startup Some applications and services may interfere with StarCraft II. By performing a clean startup, you can determine whether a background program or service is the source of the frame rate problem. Support Page → 6. Adjust Visual Settings in Windows Disabling many of the visual enhancements and graphical features within Windows can improve your system’s performance. 7. Check Your Power Options In Balanced and Power Save mode the CPU may not be running up to its full potential all the time. Enable High Performance mode to run the CPU full throttle and maximize system performance and responsiveness. 8. Check Your GPU’s Power Management Mode Another setting to consider is the graphics card’s power management mode setting. If it’s set to ‘Adaptive’, it may run at a lower frequency to conserve power. Setting it to ‘Prefer High Performance’ can increase the frame rate in your games. 9. Disable Windows 10 Game DVR If you face any performance issues while playing games, and if you don’t have any need for it, try disabling Windows 10 Game DVR. 10. Configure or Disable OneDrive If OneDrive is enabled your frame rate may drop if OneDrive synchronizes the folder while you are playing StarCraft II. If you are having frame rate issues and OneDrive is enabled, configuring or disabling it might help. 11. Set Windows for Best Performance for Programs While the ‘Adjust for best performance’ setting in the Advanced System Properties is set to optimize Windows for best performance for programs by default, it is worth checking this setting to ensure it is still the case on your system. 12. Optimize Your Hard Drive Optimizing your hard drive can aid in improving the frame rate in StarCraft II, especially if game assets like textures, models and shaders are loaded at runtime. 13. Check for Overheating Components CPU’s and GPU’s can throttle down performance to compensate for the heat. Make sure your system isn’t overheating. Support Page → 14. Scan for Viruses and Malware If the system is running slowly, there is a possibility that it’s infected with a virus or malware. Scan your computer for virues and malware to ensure it’s still clean and not infected. Support Page → 15. Check for Problem Devices Check for problem devices to ensure that there are no conflicts between device drivers or problems with any devices on your system. 16. Use the StarCraft II 32-bit Game Client If you’re running a 64-bit Operating System and are experiencing frame rate issues when using the 64-bit game client, try using the 32-bit client instead. Some players have reported better fps with the 32-bit game client. Support Page → 17. Disable NVIDIA ShadowPlay & Streaming Service Increase your frame rate and save precious CPU cycles by disabling NVIDIA ShadowPlay & NVIDIA Streaming Service. 18. Temporarily Disable Your Sound Card Disabling your sound card will help you determine if the sound card is the root cause of the low frame rate problem. 19. Check for CPU Hogs Programs that require a lot of CPU resources can slow down your computer. Look for resource wasting programs that you can shut down to free up CPU cycles and check your computer’s CPU usage while playing StarCraft II. 20. Turn Off Search Indexing in Windows Windows Search Indexing is constantly running in the background. For users with a slow computer it can be benificial to turn off Windows Search Indexing. 21. Enable Intel Turbo Boost If your CPU supports Intel Turbo Boost Technology, it can run faster than the noted speeds. Enabling Turbo Boost will result in increased performance in applications and games. 22. Use High Performance Discrete GPU To ensure your games take advantage of the faster graphics card in your system, set the preferred graphics processor setting to the High Performance Graphics Processor. 23. Exit When Launching Games In rare cases, the Blizzard launcher can cause high CPU load. If the Blizzard launcher is causing high CPU load on your system, set it to close itself when it launches a game to improve the frame rate in StarCraft. 24. Disable Superfetch Superfetch tries to improve performance by predicting which applications a user is likely to launch and preemptively loads them into RAM. Some players have reported improved game performance with SuperFetch disabled, so disabling it may be worth a shot if you’re experiencing in-game “stutters”. 25. Enable or Disable AMD Turbo Core AMD Turbo Core allows the processor to dynamically adjust the CPU operating frequency. Some users have reported better performance with AMD Turbo Core enabled, while some others have claimed that their fps drops stopped with AMD Turbo Core disabled. If it’s already enabled, try disabling it. If it’s not enabled, turn it on and see if that helps. Please keep in mind that while the suggestions listed above and the ones listed in the PDF document may help improve your PC's performance, they will never be able to improve it beyond the limitations of your system's hardware. If you're still experiencing low fps after that, I'd recommend running a system benchmark (e.g. PassMark) and compare your computer’s performance with the online results to ensure your system is running at the correct performance speeds. Good luck, and happy StarCrafting! Changelog ========== May 13, 2016: Initial document release. May 19, 2016: PDF download link changed from Twitter to OneDrive. May 20, 2016: Added "AMD Turbo Core" and fixed typos.Deanx5 Jul 25
Jan 25 Loading Slowly/Freezing at the Start of a Game Hello all, Thanks everyone for the reports on this issue. We have found the root cause and are working on a fix. In the meantime, we have seen enabling Vsync has helped fix this. Thank you all for your patience while we work to fix this. 1) When in game press ESC 2) Click on Options. 3) In the Graphics section check Vertical Sync 4) Press AcceptEloemaz0 Jan 25
Jul 27 Disconnections/Reconnect and latency issues So, the amount of lag time at the start of matches ever since the last patch have been unbearable. I've already had people quit coop matches and it even does it in Campaign mode. On top of that, when playing the campaign, every few minutes, it keeps saying my battlenet connection has failed, but it's not my internet or my computer. When matches end, it logs me all of the way out of my account, so I have to sign back in to get Battlenet service restored. But if I click another mission, it's the same problem all over again. It's bad enough that clicking "remember my account" almost works and hasn't since the option was first implemented, and even when it does, it doesn't remember my password. I'm exhausted with having to type my password on my home computer on my own account on the game I paid for, but I'm at peace with the fact that it may never be fixed. But I literally cannot play I have to deal with the constant pop up saying Battlenet connection has been lost or near constant resource stalls, and when I leave games or missions, I've lost all of my experience points or achievements that I would have had.Sheffield75 Jul 27
Jul 20 End of support for Windows XP and Vista coming soon (post borrowed from Nate Valenta - Community Manager) Starting in October of this year, we will begin the process of ending support for Windows XP and Windows Vista in World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm. Microsoft ceased mainstream support for these versions of Windows in 2009 and 2012, respectively, but since a decent portion of our audience was still using them at the time, we continued supporting them. However, there have been three major Windows releases since Vista, and at this point, the vast majority of our audience has upgraded to one of the newer versions. The games will not run on these older operating systems once they are no longer supported, so we encourage any players who are still using one of the older OSes to upgrade to a newer version. We’ll be rolling out this change on a staggered schedule, and will post further notices as we get closer to making the change for each game.Omrakos0 Jul 20
Jul 1 Common Connection and Latency Issues Greetings all, We've been working to improve some of the available troubleshooting resources for our games. Since connectivity problems are a common problem in gaming, we wanted to provide some information on what causes connection problems and what to do to resolve issues when you're having them. Table of Contents 1. Connection Troubleshooting Resources 2. FAQs 3. What to do if you need more helpDrakuloth4 Jul 1
Feb 20, 2016 Problems Joining Arcade Lobbies Having trouble joining games in arcade ( ). Seems to be happening to several people. When I can get in to a lobby, I see a pretty constant stream of people joining and immediately disconnecting multiple times. We try to start the game with a half full lobby, it goes through the countdown all the way to 0 and then it just goes straight back to the arcade screen to select a lobby. Doesn't even make it to the loading screen. I've reset my connection, flushed my DNS, still having the same issue. Seems to be happening more with the map "Hero Lines Wars Starlight" than any other, though I have had issues with other maps as well.Verathis115 Feb 20, 2016
Jan 15, 2015 ★★★ Spotlight on - Patching and Installation Troubleshooting ★★★ Patching and installation issues are some of the more common issues that we come across in the Tech Support Forums. This thread will highlight some troubleshooting steps that have been proven to resolve most of the patching and installation issues that you as a player may encounter. Most of the support articles linked below will include steps for both, Windows and Mac systems. However, if you require further assistance with a Mac Installation or Patching issue that has not been mentioned in this sticky thread, you will want to post in our Mac Technical Support Forum. Installation Troubleshooting Steps Patch Troubleshooting StepsDankorii2 Jan 15, 2015
Oct 22, 2012 MVP Troubleshooting and Advice How to Write a Good "Technical Issue" Thread—TheSkunk Archer's Troubleshooting Thread—Archer The Importance of Computer Maintenance—DannibusX Complete Virus/Spyware/Malware Removal Guide—BlueCow The ULTIMATE SC2 Optimization & FPS Guide 2.0—Duke Vs AI & 'Bonus Objectives' Achievements - Information—Leviathan Name Changing Error - Information—Leviathan How to request help on a performance issue—HellsingVelnrak0 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 Forum Guidelines & Information Welcome to the Technical Support forum for StarCraft II. This forum exists to provide StarCraft II customers with a place to discuss technical issues with each other and Blizzard Tech Support staff members. While Blizzard Tech Support staff regularly monitors and replies to this forum (between 8am-5pm Pacific, 5 days a week), it is not meant as a place to resolve complex issues, because of the nature of forums. If you cannot resolve your issue through the forum, we recommend checking our Knowledge Center for resolutions and workarounds for common issues: If you wish to contact our Support team directly, you may do so through the following channels: Online Ticket - You can keep track of all your communication with Customer Support through your Blizzard account. Phone Support - You can schedule a callback from us from 10am - 6pm Pacific time, 5 days a week. Please keep all posts on topic. This means technical issues, advice, and discussion of technical issues. Bug reports should be directed to the bug report forums. Game discussions, criticism, or commentary should be posted in the appropriate gameplay forums. When requesting assistance with or discussing an issue, please create your own thread unless a topic for the issue already exists. Do not hijack threads with your new topic. Posting an issue which is similar but different from the original topic means that your request may be missed or the original request ignored. Please post a subject with a clear summary of your issue. Starting posts with "I need help!" or "Can't play no matter what" only serves to make your issue harder to resolve. We understand that emotions can run high while dealing with technical issues, but posting in an abusive or disparaging manner will not be tolerated, and does not advance our goal of providing assistance to the widest audience of customers in this forum. Please do not post direct contact info for other companies. It is acceptable to post links to websites where contact info can be found, but posting the information here on the forum is not permitted. To provide feedback on a ticket or customer support response you have received, please utilize the survey system built in-game or on the online ticket. We hope that this forum can continue to be a place where users can find quick resolutions to their issues. To help do this we ask that the forum guidelines be observed at all times when contributing to discussions.Medearn0 Oct 4, 2012
30m Windows Fall creators update caps game to 30fps. Just installed the fall creators update from windows and unfortunately caps the game to 30 fps, please check it out. I can confirm it because I reverted to the previous windows build and there is no cap.MarineBoss1 30m
35m Multiplayer > Custom: Can't create a map and play with friends In Starcraft 2, i used to go to Multiplayer > Custom Game > Create Game (I think, i can't see it) and take on AI's while partnering with friends. This option seems to be missing completely, what has happened?AquaDuck1 35m
51m Unable to connect to I'm trying to get into SC2 and I can sign in to the app on my computer, but every time I get into SC2, it takes a long time to authenticate, and either says "Cannot connect to; may be temporarily down or your internet connection may be down. Please check your connection and try again" or nothing in the game actually loads. No profile, achievements, campaign, co-op, multiplayer, etc. I've checked my internet which is working perfectly fine. I just started experiencing this issue about a week ago and have tried troubleshooting different ways and even talked to my ISP. Please help :(Malek1 51m
6h Can't play multiplayer I'm trying to play Multiplayer on Heart of the Swarm but all options (like 1v1, 2v2 etc) are gone. The Play button has a lock on it and says "In order to access this content, you must upgrade your copy of Starcraft II". I have the game settings checked to Heart of the Swarm in options, so that's not the problem. What do I do? I've restarted the game several times to try to fix the problem.Varsity13 6h
7h Spray's Question Um... i'm having a issue with my sprays, and i was wondering if one of the blizzard techs could help me out with this question... A few months back i was able to use sprays, to my choice.... Now.. whenever i use a spray... it's my decal picture... and the "use decal picture" isn't selected... i have a specific spray selected, however the decal default spray "raynors raiders" is used... I'm not sure what i did... but even if i select a specific spray, nothing works... I'm just not sure what happened... I hope someone can help me with this problem, because i dunno what else to do... i've tried all my settings.Shadow0 7h
18h Players being elected not to join lobbies problem. Patch 3.19.1 Today recently after the newest patch, I've noticed several players having the same issue when trying to join a public arcade lobby. They'll continue to get "[This Player] has elected not to join lobby". After countless tries, they still fail to join the lobby. It's not a rare occurrence, it's actually happened to around 20 players I've met so far. If anyone else is having these issues, I'd suggest reporting it. Even though I can join arcade lobbies fine, I just wanted to speak out for the ones who aren't.Formicidae0 18h
18h You broke the game The latest update made the game unplayable for me. I liked to pick multiplayer, then pick a map, from a long list of maps, and set myself against 3 or more AI, and play locally. I can't do that now. How do I do that? I'm now forced to play against human players.Dad2 18h
21h Create offline game option is gone There used to be an option in Custom Games where you could right-click on a map and then select "Create offline game", in the latest patch it's no longer there. Any way to create an offline game the same way as before?mef12 21h
22h Arcade Tab Missing The arcade Tab is gone, and I can't play arcade games HELP!blinkskater1 22h
1d my data, achievements and stuff is gone.... co-op data gone... achievements gone... even my chosen character face is gone... Did an update happen that wiped player data out? i go away for the summer and my account is empty. What happened?bobaphet14 1d
1d Starcraft2 will not load, help! Hello, I am having an issue to were when I click on "Play" for starcraft 2, my screen flickers and changes size, then I go back to my desktop with a window that pops up reading: Graphics device is not available at this time. Please try starting StarCraft 2 it again, or restarting your machine. If the problem persists, for more information consult our support website at" [Reopen] [Close] please help.Kahless10 1d
1d Replay crashes game Every time I try to watch a replay, it downloads and then crashes before it starts. this is the error message i get after crash E3C7932B-E6AC-4F5C-AA93-6F543785A26A please try to help, thanks.SKRAPSTA2 1d
1d Problems in Multiplayer Testing is currently inactive? In MultiplayerDRiVen0 1d
1d Multiplayer testing is currently inactive???DRiVen0 1d
1d Error code: BLZBNTAGT00000BCA Ive gone through the list of trouble shooting solutions, the last being to uninstall and reinstall, which when I attempt to reinstall the game I get this same exact error.boxstar0 1d
1d Randomly Getting DC'd In Co-Op Ever since you guys put in that patch from 3 patches ago, I have been randomly getting DC'd from Blizzard and and the Co-Op game I am playing in. Sometimes I will be able to reconnect after sitting there staring at the screen for 5 min, other times I am forced to surrender. When this happens after I reconnect I have to exit the game and re-open it, because if I don't I will never get a score screen for any of the missions I do after and the DC's will happen more and more. This doesn't happen with any other game except SC2 Co-OP and that is what is causing this. I could play Diablo 3 or Heroes of The Storm or any game on Steam and not have any connection issues whatsoever, but as soon as I play SC2 Co-Op, I am getting a DC problem within a 2-3 missions.EnkerZan1 1d
1d Error Code Error code: 0A44ECED-7501-4F2D-B0B5-71C478DDB38D It only happens if i minimize starcraft to browse the web and then try to maximize the window again.drunkenfuryz1 1d
1d Error Codes: BLZPTS0000F this error code keeps coming up every time i try to install the game. i have tried all of the solution options in the errors link but it still pops upgorelord3 1d
2d I'm on a trip with my laptop and can't login Hi. As the title says, I'm on a trip, and took my laptop with me. I tried logging in but the system told me I had to verify my ID. So they sent me the code via mail, and I could login to the Battle.Net site (as you can see from my being able to post here) and even the App. But when I open SC2, it says basically the same: I need to prove I am me. I don't know what else I'm supposed to do.Hellspawn0 2d
2d Why is MMR gain/loss different on Scorescreen/Match History? I noticed that when i look at the Score Screen it will say something like -25 mmr if i lost. Then when i look at the same game on Match history it will say something like (loss -11) mmr. Why is this? Why are they not the same? I actually lose the 25 mmr not the 11. Why such a big gap between -25 and -11? I have viewed my opponents Match history and sometimes itll say +25 but on match history it says +22. Why such a small gap for my opponent? To me it makes no sense why it would be different. In general discussion i made a post about a recommendation that you show the Running Totals of each race's MMR on the match history page next to the most recent MMR change so you do not have to switch pages to see your Total MMR for each race. Also you can more easily keep track of how much MMR you win or lose per match per race. Match history would look something like: Interloper (Loss-22) Terran 3245 33min ago Interloper (Win+22) Protoss 3355 40min go Interloper (Loss-15) Terran 3267 1hr ago And the changes on Score Screen would actually be the same as the changes shown on Match History.Baphomet1 2d
2d SC2 wont start - win 7 So I was greeted by this lovely message today upon booting up SC2. Now I know what you're thinking; upgrade your OS noob, you've known for months. Vista and XP are not supported according to all the news posts, I have windows 7 and have largely ignored the messages because I run the app in administrator which is technically 'compatibility mode'. I have since shut off 'run in admin' downloaded and updated the agent and made sure that SC2 is not running in admin or compatibility mode just in case. WoW runs fine, as does Hearthstone (shocker), D3, HoTS, and Overwatch. Only issue is with SC2. Any suggestions? Screenshot: dxdiag upon requestMortiseraph11 2d
2d Login error - Change in access pattern Having issues logging into Starcraft from the desktop app. Keeps referring to an email message which was sent to the associated account - I've checked the mailbox multiple times and nothing. I've reset my password on the account and done a seperate security check. Still able to login to my other Blizzard games on the same account through the battlenet app. Not sure what else to do?ZEUSES0 2d
2d The game wont launch Since the last patch my game just wont start. It keeps saying game is running on the battle net app. But nothing is happening rather i can other games but not this one???DOOM0 2d
2d last update can t find game since last updateSURVIVOR0 2d
2d cannot find lotf to install I just purchased legacy of the void and cannot find it anywhere on my computer to install. I have the order number so the transaction went through how can I download it?aannddrreess0 2d
3d Stuck at entering lobby Since the new patch when I go to custom games, melee I choose a map and click on create lobby. It just sits on Entering Lobby. What can I do?Buddy0 3d
3d Offline Multiplayer Maps Won't Load In case anyone is curious, I have googled this frequently and apparently nobody has a solution so far. I do not have internet access at home (thank goodness for laptops) so I would like to be able to play against the AI offline. It used to be have some issues but lately its completely impossible. I click on the "Multiplayer" tab and it switches to the screen where it would list maps, at least that's what I assume, and nothing loads up. I get the loading circle which just keeps going but it never loads the map list. Is there something I need to do to get it to load maps? Am I doing something wrong in how I try to open an offline vs. AI match? Thanks! PS: As it turns out the Custom map list isn't loading online either. It's okay if I have it on Ladder maps only but if I uncheck to only do Ladder maps the list will not load.Dauntless17 3d
3d SC2 disconnects randomly per account This account seems to be associated with random disconnections while in game. This is my friend's account, which sometimes she will just disconnect in SC2 and the surrender button pops up. Bnet does not disconnect at all. I remember there used to be a in game warning saying game is disconnected and achievements are disabled, and those warnings are not there also. She used to play on her desktop, then today she is playing at my desktop, which I never had any disconnect while I was playing on my own SC2 account. Then the same behavior happened. The game would disconnect and nothing else disconnects. Bnet is still logged in, and internet connection works fine. (This time she played co-op, and previously disconnect happens in both co-op and multiplayer games) So I suspect it's related to the account rather than internet/os/software/hardwareIIllllIIlllI2 3d
3d Connection problem from China I'm a Chinese player but I always play at US server. I could still play the game yesterday, but I can't log in or website today. I tried to use ShadowSocks and it appeared that the website was still blocked under PAC method, but it worked under global mode, while I still couldn't log in the game. So I guess has just got banned from China's Great Fire Wall, but I checked for some Blizzard official social account including Twitter and Weibo (Chinese official account) and found nothing related: No maintenance, no GFW information. It seems weird and I'm still trying to connect to game...Lugh1 3d
3d Can't load saved files Last time I played was before the patch (10/3/2017) and now I can't load my saved game. Is this an issue with the patch?Venturi1 3d
3d Cannot Start Any Specific Starcraft II Map Game Trying to play Melee against the AI, but the map I pick (and I tried many of the "Blizzard" category maps) never finish downloading / "entering Lobby" and do not start a game....I did not have the issue last night but when I logged in today there was an update (on top of the one from Tuesday. And Now I can not get a game to start....I see some sort of systemic problems with the other Blizzard games too...What is going on? Oh, and I can play Starcraft Remastered so there is not a connectivity issue...SCArcher1 3d
3d Short freezes after the recent patch After the latest patch the game sometimes freezes for a short time. Ctrl+alt+shift sometimes shows ping spikes, but sometimes ping stays low and fps is as high as ever (>200), yet the gameplay experience isn't smooth anymore.Sinus0 3d
3d 0 Progress Shown I opened up Starcraft 2 to find that I could not play co-op (all the levels showed 0) then I looked at my campaign progression, and it showed zero achievement progress as if I never played, anyone got any ideas? is it maintenance?LeetBolt2 3d
4d Stopped Gaining Achievements..... I've been wondering why the past like 3 Wings of Liberty campaign maps I haven't gotten achievements and I seen when i went to beat Maw of the Void again to try to get the achievements that it says they are disabled due to a cheat or cheating and I have no clue why its saying this all of a sudden because I haven't used, or know any cheats. I was getting achievements the other day then starting yesterday when i hit continue campaign I quit getting them. Maybe this is from new patch that corrupted my save like a game master suggested? They also said maybe i accidentally typed one in which is near impossible...first off I don't hit enter while in campaign as there's no one to talk to and if i accidentally did I'm sure I didn't accidentally type in a cheat that I don't know. any suggestions?Kenpachi0 4d
4d "Temporary outage of service, try again later." I am unable to log into SC2 and I get this error when I try to. I see it was an error a few years ago, anything I can do?Purple6 4d
4d Video failure The videos at the end of the missions run for a second or two then stop . The game continues to the next setting. It happens in Legacy Of The Void only. Thanks.Cratchett0 4d
4d Where are the maps? I just want to play against the AI on a map. How do I do that? Last week I'd choose Multiplayer and it would list maps, I'd pick one and fill in the AI opponent races. Today ... there are no maps, just a "let's figure out what level you are" mechanism. I'm not interested in being evaluated.Stefanus1 4d
4d Starcraft 2 Patch 3.0.1 Stuck at 0 B/s Again, probably for the third time in three weeks I am here. Once again, my Starcraft 2 does not seem to want to patch at all. This started when I was downloading the 3.0.0 patch, where the patch got stuck at Optimal with 250MB remaining. Somehow, I was able to fix it by moving the installation folder and having the app re-find the installation. Sadly, this is not working this time. I have 449 MB of patch data to download and the download is stuck at 0B/s. I have tried the following: - Modem Reset - Turned Firewalls off - Opened ports on my wireless hub - Used the Scan and Repair tool in the bnet app. - Changed my DNS to Google Public DNS servers I would like to note that Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone and Diablo 3 seem to be unaffected. I am able to apply the latest Heroes patch with no problems. This issue has ONLY affected Starcraft 2.Diosys50 4d
4d Trouble playing game Dear Tech Support, I had played both the Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm earlier in my previous comp (win 10). I had recently bought and new comp (win 10) and the game SC2 Legacy of Void. I have no problem installing the game, but when come to "Play Game" it doesn't load properly. There are graphic that get pixel-ed. And it prompt a notification on saying "Application Has Blocked From Accessing Graphics Hardware" I tried to research on youtube for similar experience, tried their method. End up my laptop hang and showing blue screen. Now i had reformatted the comp, hesitated on how to install this properly. Please kindly help. Appreciate it. PS: I had even purchase a software to update all my drivers and hardware, also directx. I never had such issue playing the previous 2 installments.Kahkit1 4d
4d Starcraft2 crashes upon launching the game 868A9E4E-2581-4B2A-90E1-42C164410A96 Hard crash each time when I launch Starcraft 2. It has been 3 daysSamuel5 4d