Technical Support

Feb 5, 2011 Testing Realm Login issues When trying to login to the PTR I get an error message saying I don't have an associated copy of Starcraft II on my account.aXiom1 Feb 5, 2011
Feb 5, 2011 Freeze when playing with ultra textures Hi, I've been experiencing micro freezes (1-2 seconds) at the beginning of the game when I play with ultra textures. The problem occurs when a new type of unit gets out or a new type of building is put down. Generating more of those will not cause the freeze. I play 4v4 against AI. I reinstalled Windows, the game, direct X and my drivers, but it still happens. However, I reset the graphic settings to default, and everything is set to extreme/ultra, except the textures, which are set to high. In that case, freezes rarely happen. I believe I should be able to play at my resolution (1400x900) with highest setting with my current configuration: Core i7 860 MSI P55A-G55 w sound & lan. 4GB Kingston 1333Mhz ASUS ENGTX 460 DirectCU TOP 1 GB DDR5 320GB WD Caviar Windows XP SP 3. Can you help me figure out what causes the freeze ? Thanks.Gore3 Feb 5, 2011
Feb 4, 2011 Simple problem, but annoying. Every time I go to another page on the SCII forums, well this message keeps on popping up "Unsupported node - 4", and I can't seem to get rid of it. Any suggestions of getting rid of the message so I don't have to spam enter every now and then?Zymosis1 Feb 4, 2011
Feb 4, 2011 OpenCl Driver along with Display Driver Hey everyone, I have a Radeon HD 4800 card and I'm about to install the latest drivers. I'm opting out of downloading the Catalyst "suite" software that comes with the drivers. Should I also download the latest OpenCl driver? I'll be honest in saying i don't know if it's necessary. Thanks in advance!Abrnond0 Feb 4, 2011
Feb 4, 2011 Replay loading.... Most of the time when i open a replay it will load but once loaded it will just sit there and saying Loading... anyone know how to fix this ???NPC1 Feb 4, 2011
Feb 4, 2011 The Game Crashes After Loading Screen So I havent played Starcraft since 12/28/10. I have recently tried to play, but the game crashes after the loading screen with Raynor's face. The planet spins a little, the screen turns darker, then the game completely shuts down. I am not sure what the problem is. Any help would be appreciated.Zhaion1 Feb 4, 2011
Feb 4, 2011 Server Issues Since i downloaded patch 1.2 i have been disconnected several times during game play, gotten the waiting for server issues at least 10x more. it has gotten to the point where i feel like i cant even play multiplayer with out the fear or frustration of causing the game to slow down or even stop. I realize this is a known problem but i haven't seen any blizzard personnel say anything concrete on the problem. Where is Blizzard at in fixing this problem, when will we see a fix, what is causing this problem? all questions i think are legit. like i said i know its being worked on but i feel like the game is now useless with out multiplayer (which like i said i feel i cant even play cause of this) and i feel like im temporarily out $60. Please help a guy out Glitch4 Feb 4, 2011
Feb 4, 2011 Saved Game/Replay Issues So For whatever reason Single Player Saved game files have been acting up on me.. every thing has a Red Explanation Point on the left side? At first after a patch the game instructed me to use Continue and not load off a previous saved game, otherwise achievements wouldnt work. It's still doing it and i question if im actually earning achievements.. and what's stranger is the campaign saves dont have the explanation point, but the auto saves do, as well as replays from multiplayer. what the hell? right now it looks like everything's loading in 1.2.0 17326 Raiden0 Feb 4, 2011
Feb 4, 2011 game "lags" and studders during play Not sure the right word to use for this, but recently when I play my mouse will start lagging, and then the game goes through tiny lag bursts which makes it extremely difficult to do anything. I usually play on extreme, but ive played countless games on low and even then it studders, so its not a graphic card problem, and my framerate isnt dropping so I dont know what it is. Persuade3 Feb 4, 2011
Feb 4, 2011 Can't Login My internet connection works just fine, I can connect without any problems. It's how I am able to create this thread. My copy of Starcraft 2 is authentic, so it can't be that a fake/wrong CD Key is causing my account to be suspended. Although, it is a completely digital copy (I don't own the disc) I successfully logged in just 4 hours ago to play a practice game with my friends, and haven't messed with my computer at all (as in, I haven't dled anything since then or even used it after the game, I just set it to sleep and opened it back up about an hour ago) My friends, who use the exact same internet service as me, can connect just fine. For some reason, when I type in my e-mail and hit connect, it keeps popping up that thing where it's waiting for to respond, but it never connects. Maybe someone knows what the hell is going on, because I set aside this time to play this game and I have to work later on so this is frustrating me to no end.BeardedSlug2 Feb 4, 2011
Feb 4, 2011 There should be a Blizzard Tech Support chann like in bnet 1.0 yeah.HighVoltPIES2 Feb 4, 2011
Feb 4, 2011 Team Colors So every team match I've been in recently - the team colors are all messed up. Instead of our individual team colors (ie: yellow, green, etc). It shows us as blue vs. red for the AI, people, whatever the case is...can this be fixed back to normal?? If so, how? Appreciate the help.zealot2 Feb 4, 2011
Feb 4, 2011 PTR Resolution Problem So, the new patch is up on PTR, and I wanted to check out the new maps. However, I have DLed the patch and all, but when i launch the game to go to the PTR, the game launches at diff settings than my normal game. The main problem is the resolution. It launches in a higher resolution that my monitor supports, so all i see is an "Input out of range" message. Any way to change the resolution from out of game? (editing the Variables.txt file did not help. That appears to only affect the main game, not PTR)Averious1 Feb 4, 2011
Feb 4, 2011 Bnet Disconnection Issues In past 24 hours I have been disconnected from 3 games in past few days while laddering. I havent had this issue before and it happens at the randomest times. I've done a trace route and I seem to get unusually high pings to the server, which is strange as I have a fairly fast connection. This is the trace bellow, i'd also like to add that i've done a few tests and the one bellow is also with DMZ mode on (all router ports open): Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms 2 10 ms 13 ms 7 ms [] 3 9 ms 9 ms 9 ms [] 4 22 ms 23 ms 25 ms [] 5 23 ms 23 ms 21 ms [] 6 21 ms 21 ms 21 ms [] 7 176 ms 179 ms 173 ms 8 237 ms 240 ms 244 ms [] 9 210 ms 238 ms 236 ms [] 10 235 ms 232 ms 226 ms [] 11 234 ms 230 ms 224 ms [] 12 197 ms 197 ms 198 ms [] 13 248 ms 226 ms 212 ms [] 14 238 ms 236 ms 236 ms [] 15 224 ms 224 ms 228 ms 16 248 ms 244 ms 242 ms 17 reports: Destination net unreachable. Trace complete. Arkan3 Feb 4, 2011
Feb 4, 2011 Voice Chat Issues First things first, I tried the search command that everything I found were problems related to a summer patch. So here's the situation, while playing with my friend and my brother, voice chat works fine between me and my brother. We can hear and speak to each other. My friend can hear us, but neither me nor my brother can hear him well, meaning his voice is there but really really low. I tried port forwarding. But it made no difference. I do not have the problem on my laptop which is connected to the network wirelessly. Anyone have any suggestions?Zad3 Feb 4, 2011
Feb 4, 2011 Changing Processaffinitymask When changing the process affinity mask for WOW and dealing with an i7 2600k which has 4 cores/8 threads can I assume that with hyper-threading on it has 4 physcial cores and 4 simulated cores or does it have 4 physical and 8 simulated? I ask because I an trying to figure out the best processor pattern to use. All the information right now is for i7 processors in general and does not differentiate between 4 core/4 threads and 4 cores/8 threads. I can not find any information dealing with "12 cores" if the latter is indeed the case. Sorry for posting here but it won't let me post on the WOW forums right now.Mark1 Feb 4, 2011
Feb 4, 2011 Profile problem The first account i bought was from LA but i send an email to blizzard to change my account to NA. So they did it and now im in NA server. But at the moment to log in into my account in i have the old one (LA).... When i play my character name is Bighead, but as you can see here im Beliel (LA profile)Beliel11 Feb 4, 2011
Feb 4, 2011 Request Time Out ONLY when Logged in to Bnet For some reason, whenever I login to, my internet starts timing out. When I don't have SC2 open in the background/foreground, my ping to for instance does not show request time out. But when I start up and login, it starts timing out. Of course, this also implies that I CANNOT play games else I would get drop. Here's what my ping -t looks like when I'm logged in: here's what my ping -t looks like when I'm not logged in to Is this a hardware issue, ISP issue, or issue? **It happens even if I login NA or SEApon3 Feb 4, 2011
Feb 4, 2011 Waiting for my cd key, how long does it take? I sent in my old starcraft 2 key for my brother because when he bought the game, somebody had used the key already so I sent it to blizzard. I was wondering how long does it take to get a new one? Has anybody ever had this issue? I sent mine about 2 weeks from now and still no game on the mail. please let me know anybody.bigj1 Feb 4, 2011
Feb 4, 2011 Connect button So i put in my email and hit connect and i pretty much say Good bye starcraft 2 the game just shuts off ive tried reinstalling ive tried administrator ive tried tons of things nothing work can anyone helpMegaflare4 Feb 4, 2011
Feb 3, 2011 Corrupt Installation This is a very frequent (and frustrating) issue for me and many other people. At random times (in a game, in the menus, in campaign, etc) the game will just crash, and I will receive a message telling me my installation is corrupt. All my drivers are up to date. This still happens after reinstalling. It's incredibly frustrating because this has caused me so many unnecessary losses and I don't know what to do. After doing some research, I believe this is an issue only with 64bit Windows 7 users (such as myself). Please look into this. Thank you.ambient15 Feb 3, 2011
Feb 3, 2011 Missing Blizzard maps in "Versus AI" I've usually been playing against A.I. via multiplayer, but today I tried to play against the A.I. just using the single player option (since I have a little bit of lag when in vs. A.I on multiplayer sometimes) and noticed I'm missing a great deal of official Blizzard maps there. I can see and play them in multiplayer, but they're 100% not listed in single player. I called my friend up and asked if that was the case for him, and he said he saw the exact full list of Blizzard maps in both single player, and multiplayer. Did they install wrong, or something? Help, please!QXJp3 Feb 3, 2011
Feb 3, 2011 camera problems i just got a new screen and i have it set to the right res but my camera is zoomed in a little more is there a way to zoom to zoom it out because its really bugging me.Chris0 Feb 3, 2011
Feb 3, 2011 My digital download taking over 16 hours to d I had to reinstal, I used the digital dl, (Lost my cds) and the dl has brought my comps ms from 30 to 400-600 and been dling since yesterday afternoon, about 19 hours and its only at 18% its crazy Any idea why this might be? My comp can dl all the digital wows with no lag and in fast speed and wow is much larger then sc2. i can barly write this its so lagy due to the dlnVdaGlock3 Feb 3, 2011
Feb 3, 2011 ATI EYEFINITY 3 I got a 5870 and bought 3 22" monitors to run my games @ 5040x1050 Not getting an option to do some in Starcraft 3 - yet I hear Eyefinity 6 is working. Whats going on, any ideas how to remedy this problem?JNasty9 Feb 3, 2011
Feb 3, 2011 Game settings question I'm hoping to build a new desktop (which means I have no idea what I'm doing so paying a friend to do it) for Sc2 but I'm having a hard time deciding what graphics card I need. The desktop I hope to build needs to be able to run on max settings (at least ultra) with high frames up to 3v3 games and maybe 4v4 on a high resolution (preferably max). Processor: i7-950 quad core (3.06 GHz) Ram - 8GB Windows 7 64 bit Hard drive should be 1TB What kind of graphics card would work with this setup for highest graphics? If this won't cut it then what needs to be changed/added for it to work? Thanks!SwordGuy3 Feb 3, 2011
Feb 3, 2011 media keyboard bug after last patch After the last patch, whenever I use a media keyboard (I've tried 3 different models) It registers the key presses on the media buttons twice. So it will skip two songs instead of 1, or if I pause it will pause then play again instantly. They work fine in WoW and every non-blizzard application in existence...purely a SC2 issues after the last patch. Kougeru1 Feb 3, 2011
Feb 3, 2011 Reporting possible cheater Well, just played "roob." The game went back and fourth till I got into a winning position and then I was dropped. I thought he was the luckiest guy on the planet, but smells like a cheat. There was no disconnect timing. Just "you were dropped" and then he went offline. I can upload the replay if needed..TRaFFiC1 Feb 3, 2011
Feb 3, 2011 Problems with Dlink router loseing connection So I've been having the problem for sometime but never bothered to seek out a solution. Unfortunately it's gotten to the point where I can not play ladder games due to the instability of my connection. The problem only occurs during Starcraft 2 custom/ladder games which seems odd since I do play quite a few other games. So here is a breakdown of the issues I'm having. During random matches (not always) my router suddenly loses internet connection (The green globe on my router turns yellow then goes away completely.) Sometimes it will regain the connection again before I get dropped from the game and sometimes i get booted to the main menu with the error "connection to has been lost" It will ALWAYS regain connection never having to restart or unplug the router it's just a matter of how long it decides to take. The router in question is D-Link model DIR-615 if any additional information is required to help troubleshoot the problem please feel free to request it (I'm not very tech savvy so i have no idea what to post for a problem like this ^^ ) IdErp1 Feb 3, 2011
Feb 3, 2011 Xel Naga Caverns Lag Hey everyone. Since the last patch ive been having pretty huge lags on Xel naga cavern. Whenever I look in the middle of the map or on the sides of the naturals, I get massive lag. Is there a way to disable the lightining graphics in the middle ? It sucks because Xel naga is one the good maps. Also, It was fine before the last patch what did they change ? Maybe a variable.txt fix ? Thanks.Qwws1 Feb 3, 2011
Feb 3, 2011 Stuck installing Patch I just installed the game and when i type in my account name it brings me to the patch install over and over. I restarted my pc, repaired the game... Don't know what else to do. Great... now its looping the damn patch install. Help! grrrarrrg!Dreaa1 Feb 3, 2011
Feb 3, 2011 Game crashes during gameplay My game never used to crash then I installed a new video card (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460). Now I can't even finish a game without crashing. My video card drivers are up-to-date, yet I still crash. My specs are: Motherboard: MSI DKA790GX AM2+/AM2 AMD 790GX HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+ 3.10 GHZ (2 CPU's) Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 RAM: OCZ Reaper HPC 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) Hard Drive: OCZ Vertex 2 OCZSSD2-2VTXE60G 2.5" 60GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) Hard Drive 2: Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 ST3250410AS 250GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Also, my game is installed on my secondary 250GB hard drive and NOT my 60GB SSD.RunningRiot5 Feb 3, 2011
Feb 3, 2011 3rd Time Posting This I still need help with my damn crashing... I can't play competitively since i lose every game since my game will crash. I love this game and i want to keep playing but i just can't will some one please help me i keep getting the error report saying Memory couldn't be saved to blah blah blah i have windows 7 and used the Memory test and it says all the ram is working i have 4 GB of ram which is plenty. I just want my game to work D:. Will love anyone if they help me fix this stupid errorKomodo6 Feb 3, 2011
Feb 3, 2011 My Replays are not saving :( Sorry i accidently posted the thread in the wrong Gen. Disc. forum. here is the link: Feb 3, 2011
Feb 3, 2011 [Fixed]Flickering Checkered Squares Overlay Hi. I was searching around the forums and the internet and couldn't seem to find an answer. I have these strange flickering squares over certain things in starcraft 2 and other games.... which means it's not Starcraft 2's fault. I didn't know exaclty where to go to ask for help though. I updated my display drivers and everything and it still hasn't helped. I was playing in a game of Bunker Choices something or other, a mass game. I saw the dots/squares all over the ground on the map, then my game crashed. When I reloaded the squares were still everywhere. I haven't tried playing any games because they're extremely distracting. Here's a screen-shot of the opening screen after I logged in: The checkered squares are all over the planet and when in games the playing area. I don't overclock my card or anything and it was reporting in at 48 degrees Celsius when I jumped to my hardware monitor after the crash.Jhaman2 Feb 3, 2011
Feb 3, 2011 Poor performance on certain maps... I normally play with all settings on max and I usually get 70ish FPS at the start of the game, but I noticed on some maps (Steppes of War and Twilight Fortress), it struggles to even reach 60FPS. This is at the VERY start of the game where there's only the starting workers mining. Anyone else experiencing this? It's kind of annoying since everything goes downhill from there when more units get on screen. Specs: Phenom II X4 965 at 3.7ghz, 4b RAM, GTX 470 playing at 1366x768. I should definitely be getting better performance than that... especially at my resolution and I know I can because on other maps, it plays fine.Pengyou1 Feb 3, 2011
Feb 3, 2011 Dropping from the game I just dropped two games in a row. First game, as soon as a big battle engaged it popped up the "waiting for server" thing. I'm on a voice server with my friend and he informs me there is 8 seconds left and my game jumps back in. *phew* it didn't drop me. Then it did, half a second after bringing me back in. Next game, I'm in the middle of building an army when the "waiting for server" thing comes up again and I'm pissed. Then, to make matters worse I RECIEVE A MESSAGE THROUGH BATTLE.NET FROM A DIFFERENT FRIEND. WHAT. THE. HELL. Then same thing, game comes back for 1/2 a second and drops me. Very frustrating, and I gave up on playing for the night. If there is something I can do to fix this, please let me know. I've never had these issues before and I've been playing since the beta.LooKe1 Feb 3, 2011
Feb 3, 2011 Patch keeps looping Patch (I think) 1.2.0 keeps finishing at 99%-100, says 'update complete' but then constantly loops back to 0-3% and starts all over. At first I didn't notice it was the same patch notes because I figured it had a few to go through since I haven't played for a while. I googled and found it is a problem but no fix. Can a Blizz employee or knowledgeable person help me out? I'd really like to play the game again. Problems like this are so discouraging though... Thanks for any help.Foxhound1 Feb 3, 2011
Feb 3, 2011 Join Game => Endless Wait Happening random times when I try to join custom games. I hit join game... then nothing happens forever. I can refresh the list, chat in channels but all game related buttons are disabled and I must relog to get the buttons back. The join game button is immediately greyed out and there is no way to cancel it (wow great gui design there!) single player button greyed out, replay button greyed out, find match/map prefs multiplayer buttons greyed out. i must restart the game or relog to reinitialize everything. this is pissing me off, it's only started happening recently (I don't remember how recently). I can play "most" of the times but when it happens I feel like I'm in starcraft 1's join game screen again with the most ridiculous refresh and blocking UI design ever.TurdBurglar1 Feb 3, 2011
Feb 3, 2011 Ihave a problem with Starcraft II please some Hi I have a problem installing ... I format my machine and I forget aser an endorsement starcraft II and cut my interest so I get off at a friend's machine and installed it all and left the game files to install the "Installer" aora I try and install but I get: Sorry, the installer WAS Unable to start up X No installer data could Be found. If this problem Persists, please contact Blizzard Technical Support. if someone could help me I would greatly appreciate Thanks, RegardsStaL0 Feb 3, 2011
Feb 3, 2011 Offline mode problems I bought a latin america version of the game. My account expired 1 month ago, and I wanna play in the campaign mode without having to login, since i can't do that! Is there any way to do that? Well, I paid for the game... it would be fair enough. Thanks for any helpGustavo0 Feb 3, 2011
Feb 3, 2011 Crashes I was playing starcraft just yesterday and i went to play today and it crashed and keeps crashing before it even loads. Any ideas?Dfenestrator16 Feb 3, 2011
Feb 3, 2011 Need help ASAP! I recently decided to re-do my older computer. It's not very old. I put in a fresh SATA harddrive and installed Vista SP1 64 bit in it. After a few problems, everything was working. I went to check my PC grade and see what i was getting it was saying that I don't have a video card. The problem I am having is that when I turn on my computer and check the display's it says i'm using a Standard VGA adapter, when in reality it's using the 9500 GT, which is DVI. I tried numerous times to update the drivers through different techniques. I have used the disc that came with it, the drivers off here. An older driver off of here, windows update. After I update it, the device manager recognizes it as the 9500 GT, but doesn't display the stats or anything which will show up upon restart I believe. But everytime I reboot, it doesn't get to the login screen, it goes blue screen, display failure. I'm at a standstill and just really want to start playing on here, any help is appreciated Running Vista SP1 4 GB DDR2 Ram Nvidia 6100 MSI motherboard AMD 2.7 GHZ dual core processor Two fans I'm not too good with computers but my friend is and we've tried a bunch of things. any help is appreciated.Gibbs0 Feb 3, 2011
Feb 3, 2011 Worth upgrading a PC to ultra settings. I debated and debated buying a new PC, and I finally got a I-7 2600K (sandy bridge) with and ATI Radeon 6950 and 4GB. It's like a whole new game. Wow, so pretty. The memory, motherboard, processor and video card all came to less than $1000. So much better than my Dell Core-2 duo T-9300 laptop.TheG4 Feb 3, 2011
Feb 3, 2011 Are we not in any league? So 25 weeks ago me and a friend started a 2v2 team. we got through the placement matches and did not get put into a league. We decided to wait it out, and we still have yet to get put into a league. I don't understand what is up with this. In game it says we have no league in one screen and bronze when we go to another screen. The website also says we are bronze, but no matter were we look our division is always glitched. We are ranked 0 and are not even on the list of the division it says we are in. I would like to play more to see if we are getting ranked it is just not letting us see it, but my partner doesn't want to play that much if he thinks it will be for nothing. Anyone else have this problem or know of a way to fix it?Safeguard0 Feb 3, 2011
Feb 3, 2011 not really a tech problem, but.... I am new to this game, and on the minimap, it showed the colors of the players you were playing with. Now, enemies are red, and allies are yellow, is there anyway to change it back to the player colors?Deepthinker4 Feb 3, 2011
Feb 3, 2011 Cant start SC2 after 1.2 I patched 1.2 and now I can't even start the game at all. I get the following error: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: SC2.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 4d095610 Fault Module Name: SC2.exe Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 4d095610 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 0021f36e OS Version: 6.1.7600. Locale ID: 4105 Additional Information 1: fb8b Additional Information 2: fb8bd1bf7dcc44d047c58f37f56ad727 Additional Information 3: fa63 Additional Information 4: fa63c80ebf2b9d98cfa9fc211d9a92ad Can someone help me?Kasparov7 Feb 3, 2011
Feb 2, 2011 I'm playing against a non-existant ERROR Right now I'm in a game (dual monitors) against an opponent named ERROR. However, ERROR isn't a person, it's an actual error. I'm in a game all by myself. This wouldn't be a problem but I'm on a win streak and really don't want to go back down in rank just because I have to leave a game which I can't win. Is there anything I can do to leave this game without my stats being affected?YimYimYimi2 Feb 2, 2011
Feb 2, 2011 Guy sitting in Starjeweled game AFK as Host No one can play a Starjeweled game easily. he is sitting afk and won't start game so you gotta get lucky enough that the room is full to get in a game, or make your own but if everyone makes their own it won't work:-/ Don't know if I am allowed to say his nameHuko1 Feb 2, 2011
Feb 2, 2011 Recommended setting exceeded, still problems I tested on canyourunit and pass everything except the video but it seem that what I have exceeded the recomended but I can't play on anything more than low setting. any reason for this? here are my results: Video Card Recommended: 512 MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 GTX or ATI Radeon® HD 3870 or better You Have: ASUS EAH5450 Series Upgrade Suggested: Unfortunately, your Video Card does not meet this requirement. Click here to see some recommendations. Features: Recommended attributes of your Video Card Required You Have Video RAM 512 MB 2.7 GB Hardware T&L Yes Yes Pixel Shader version 4.0 5.0 Vertex Shader version 4.0 5.0Zad4 Feb 2, 2011