Technical Support

Dec 25, 2010 Unable to Load Replay Why aren't my Starcraft 2 Replays loading? When I am logged into, I click on the replay icon and I am able to open my recent replays. But, I downloaded some replays of professionals playing and when I try to open them I get the message, "Unable to Open Replay." I have placed the replays in the folder titled Computer/User Name/My Documents/Starcraft 2/Accounts/Number/Number/Replays. I am not sure if they are replays from the Beta or from the final release. I have searched google, this website and a few other websites for information regarding this problem and they only turn up information on how to watch Beta replays. Also, when I click on the replays which I have downloaded, it does not display the map information at all. But when I click on my replays it does show the map information and everything works fine. Can someone please tell me how to watch other people's replays which I have downloaded?prgmwar14 Dec 25, 2010
Dec 25, 2010 Download not working. trying to play but the download stops at 2.4 mb remaining Tools Update ( Dec 25, 2010
Dec 25, 2010 Game Slows after 10 units created I am having trouble even with a simple game of me vs. AI. After 10 units my scroll speed greatly is reduced, seems like the whole game is slowed down and stutters. I have tried different video drivers, got the latest directX,... Any suggestions? Thanks,GreenArrow0 Dec 25, 2010
Dec 25, 2010 Problem with latency When i play on a multiplayer game, everytime i give an order to a unit it takes about 0.35 seconds to acomplish it. I've been reading some threads in other pages and it seems to be normal. Is there any chance that Blizzard fixes it?Naos2 Dec 25, 2010
Dec 25, 2010 [H] NVIDIA gfx black screen on SC startup About 15-20 seconds after I start up SC2, my monitor goes black and I get the message "entering power save mode." I am running the latest driver versions. I have uninstalled and reinstalled SC2. I bought a new 600w Power supply. (the old one was 300w) The card is supported, verified through Blizzard's tech support page. Everything else on my pc works with this card. The card is a NVIDA 9400 GT 1024MB DDR2. Please, if anyone has any ideas, let me know. If I can't get this working, Im stuck playing the game at 4-6fps in the midgame, 2-4 fps in the lategame and 12 fps at the beginning of the game.Joedaddy3 Dec 25, 2010
Dec 25, 2010 Display drivers amdkmdap stopped responding This is the message I got one day while playing starcraft 2. Then shortly after everything I do that pops up now and stops me from being able to play other games or even use the editor. When I play other games it randomly pops up and one game it pops up before it can even get to the main menu making the game unplayable. I can use the editor but not the previewer because when I view some models it pops up, I've noticed mainly the cloak effect models. What's this message mean and how do I fix it? I really want to play Sacred 2 so I can have a break from SC2.Keyeszx1 Dec 25, 2010
Dec 25, 2010 Starcraft 2 Crash On Startup? Whenever I go to start up sc2 it goes to the crash error message. I cant even go to the login screen!Mike3 Dec 25, 2010
Dec 25, 2010 Lost Game Key Lost it, any way to find it? Trying to create an account for Star Craft for my brother, but he ripped the effing game key off and now it's gone...AJIT2 Dec 25, 2010
Dec 25, 2010 Fix... Fix your %*%!ing match maker... I am sick and tired of losing points to diamond and platinum players. Thank you. Gotta love being stuck on a team that's all bronze against all diamond players. Oh, this is how we move up the ladder? Yeah, fat chance. I think the most of us will be stuck at the bottom. Thanks again, Blizz.Salivation0 Dec 25, 2010
Dec 25, 2010 log in button grayed out cant log in... it is grayed out cant click ittoot2 Dec 25, 2010
Dec 25, 2010 Melee Custom Game Match Making is Broken Why can't players have the option of selecting the race they want to play against? Some people may be looking to practice ZvZ, but Terrans and Protosses keep on joining so they keep leaving as a result. Also, why can't players have the option of filtering melee custom game opponents by the leagues their opponents are in? It's no fun for diamond players to practice against bronze/silver/gold players, so people have the tendency to leave when they get matched up against lesser opponents. Zerg0 Dec 25, 2010
Dec 25, 2010 Profile mismatch I don't know where to post this, so I will post it here hoping it is in the right place. It has to do with my forum profile being out of sync with my online profile. It's not too important but it has been bugging me for awhile. So is there something that I have not been doing right? Thanks for your help. :)Nelson0 Dec 25, 2010
Dec 25, 2010 Waiting for files to close - Downloading patc I seem to be having problems with the latest patch. It starts downloading fine untill it gets to 70% and says its waiting for files to close and then nothing. :(teddybeer3 Dec 25, 2010
Dec 25, 2010 Games not saving! Now this doesn't happen every time but I have been noticing that when i play team games, exp. 4v4, if a majority of the players on one or both teams either quit or drop then the outcome does not save and I can not view the game in recent matches. anyone else with this problem. It just happened to me again like 10 min ago.VexVendetta0 Dec 25, 2010
Dec 25, 2010 Dropping because of activating voice chat.. This has happend before, but i thought it coincidence. But this time i know for sure. Whenever i activate voice chat in the middle of a game, specifically the checkbox enable talking, i drop. This is really lame... On a side not, ive also noticed that if i have a match queued, and i activate it then (i was having problems at the time), the whole thing just stops. The queue fails and i have to restart it. (couple hours later) And Just now, i dropped just by going to the VOICE SECTION. WTFPlacid4 Dec 25, 2010
Dec 25, 2010 Sc2 on XP (install currupts its self) I have SC2 running on XP and about a months time and everytime I download the patches I have to download the patches multiaple times before they apply. During the beta I was running sc2 under wine in Ubuntu Linux it never currupted and for the first 2 months of the game release I was under Ubuntu then I got my new graphics card and fps was to low on Ultra for me to play so I came to XP ran good for about a month then install was currupted and repair tool didn't work and I reinstalled, updates didn't apply correctly several times. It is just getting worse and worse to deal with after every patch that is added is there anything I can do to help it?Kubulinux1 Dec 25, 2010
Dec 25, 2010 Cross region gaming... I have a friend I play with on multiple games, only problem being he lives in the EU and I live in the USA. I heard a while back cross region gaming in SC2 was going to be implemented shortly after release, but it seems that still hasn't happened. Any updates // news on if or when cross region gaming will be allowed? I didn't know exactly where to place this thread on the forums, but I didn't get any replies after 2 days of waiting in the General Discussion board so I'm hoping to get a reply here.ImposeAgony0 Dec 25, 2010
Dec 25, 2010 Patch not applied The patch "pc-game-hdfiles\Support\SC2Editor.exe" could not be applied. (MD5 mismatch: expected 0xCEC7B27F3B0A034A06470F0B1BBF8785, actual 0xE343452B32CCFA2CE55E3C5C5BA979B3.)(PTCApply_BSDiff failed.) If this problem persists, you may be able to solve it by uninstalling and then reinstalling the game. If you are unable to correct this problem, please contact Blizzard Technical Support. (BNUpdate::PTCApply) Is the Error I keep getting whenever I try to patch SC2. I have tried the following Defraging Reinstalling Virus scan and wipe (Both clean) Scandisking my hard-drive (Also a new hard-drive which is about a week old) I also recently point restored my computer before SC2 was on it, but I don't think that would do anything to it. Other than that I have no idea what to do. Edit: I also run Windows 7, 64 bit. Edit 2: I also sometimes get past the first error and get this one instead. Blizzard Updater was unable to read the file "Assets\StoryModeSets\Terran\SM_HyperionCantinaStage1\SM_HyperionCantinaStage1_00.m3". This error may be caused by problems with the media or drive at <unknown>--for example, a scratched or dirty CD-ROM/DVD-ROM, hard drive corruption, or a networking problem while downloading the update. (The error code was 0.) : DecompressJob::Execute()HBShock1 Dec 25, 2010
Dec 25, 2010 Computer shuts down all of a sudden Okay I paused the game while in a middle of playing Maw of the Void and when I return the computer shuts down the game and itself even if I did not issue the computer to turn off.JetfirePrime0 Dec 25, 2010
Dec 24, 2010 i know it shouldnt be this hard for whatever reason, i cant figure out how to change my profile picture. i have some unlocked thru the campaign, but i cant figure out how to apply them. please help... if you dont mind, please email me directly @ thanksUltimatum2 Dec 24, 2010
Dec 24, 2010 HELP! having issues with ftj happens with rt and customs, i'll try to join and it just goes back to main screen and when i try to join another it tells me my status is locked. i wouldn't bother posting but this is happening on a pretty regular basis and its starting to make me mad. HELP also just played a 2v2 rt where i got no ally. what is up with that?Skus0 Dec 24, 2010
Dec 24, 2010 no points awarded for wins? help!!!!! I may not be the greatest starcraft player but i win more than lose these days. For the past 3 days i have had several three and five win streaks but no matter if i win or lose favored or unfavored i am awarded no points in any category. Any help would be greatly appreciated this is getting kind of confusing/frustrating.HowzDeezNutz1 Dec 24, 2010
Dec 24, 2010 mission archives screen bug (screenshot) I don't know the name to discribe how it looks, i think its maybe tint? but it only happens on the mission archive screen, prety much everything is realy light green, black and realy light blue. for example, the very top cinimatic, before you click on it, prety much everything is lightblue, and parts of his cheeks are black/green and the rim of his helm is also black/green. it almost looks pixilated in the black/green areas, also can see some black/green around the cigar Also, is there a way to make a screenshot? if so i could just upload oneSgtSully15 Dec 24, 2010
Dec 24, 2010 Login Error - Starcraft II non-active everytim e i type in my email and password into the login screen is says i should active starcraft II by manage account, so i logged in and clicked on starcraft II and it still says i should active starcraft ii on my account what should i do.qurqle1 Dec 24, 2010
Dec 24, 2010 From spanish to portuguese version I recently downloaded the spanish version of the game by mistake, will i have to download the portuguese version or there is a patch for it?zeh3 Dec 24, 2010
Dec 24, 2010 help i just read this website and the patch isnt downloading i think i might have downloaded the patch twice so do i have to uninstall the game again or what should i do.... i waited till it got to 100 percent and everytime i try to log in it shuts the game downDeclan2 Dec 24, 2010
Dec 24, 2010 Cant Uninstall Game! This is what it says when I try to uninstall game! "Uninstall.xml" could not be read. Please not im not trying to get rid of sc2 I just need to uninstall and reinstall. I love your products blizzard!Mike2 Dec 24, 2010
Dec 24, 2010 StarCraft crash on startup? Hey everyone. I'm having a problem- Ever since the last patch, every time I start up the game, it goes to blackscreen and crashes. I looked at Archer's thread, and did what the only one that sounded like my problem said, and it still doesn't work. Does anyone have an idea? Here's a video: Dec 24, 2010
Dec 24, 2010 Changing version from Spanish to Portuguese Hello, I recently downloaded the spanish version of the game by mistake, i was wondering how do i turn it to portuguese, is there a patch or i will need to download the game again?zeh1 Dec 24, 2010
Dec 24, 2010 Patch Aborted The patch "base\Campaigns\Liberty.SC2Campaign\Base.SC2Maps\Maps\Campaign\TArcade.SC2Map\DocumentHeader" could not be applied. (MD5 mismatch: expected 0x77BAEC1045F02AAE736BD23739362737, actual 0xBEB20DF80165B17625B2AF24940F540B.)(PTCApply_BSDiff failed.) If this problem persists, you may be able to solve it by uninstalling and then reinstalling the game. If you are unable to correct this problem, please contact Blizzard Technical Support. (BNUpdate::PTCApply) Please help me with this patching issues. Im having the worst luck this christmas when it comes to sc2 :(Mike0 Dec 24, 2010
Dec 24, 2010 [Solved]No missions to choose after ZERO HOUR After completing 3/25 missions and watching all the cinemas, there are no missions to choose to play like mission 4/25. I can't find any new missions. I completed everything and watched the cinemas. What should I do to unlock the next mission? - Never mind, I just had to search through stuff to find a mission. I'm new to this so sorry.Pandasrule0 Dec 24, 2010
Dec 24, 2010 This may take a few minutes 2 a few hours When Jessicalu posted the scandisk and defragmenting process I did exactly that and it says "Defragmenting: This may take a few minutes to a few hours" I have been letting it run for about 8 hours over night and Im just wondering. Does this mean I have alot of stuff on my computer because Im not a computer genius im just wonderingMike0 Dec 24, 2010
Dec 24, 2010 Installed>Patching, keep getting same update? I've installed patch after installing the game about 5 times now, but it just keeps doing that same patch update, Any idea what the problem is? I'm sure I've had the same problem in the past, but not sure what I did to solve it.Brotoss1 Dec 24, 2010
Dec 23, 2010 Graphics Card Recommendation? .HankScorpio0 Dec 23, 2010
Dec 23, 2010 Extreme lag offline After 5 minutes of playing offline, i get 1 fps. Before that time period, I usually get 40 fps. I know a lot of other people with this problem. I have all the latest drivers for everthing. Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Nvidia 9100 // I know it's not good but I can get up to 50 fps on low everything. And this graphics card is supported by SC2 8GB of RAM x4 2.8GHZ processorPandasrule2 Dec 23, 2010
Dec 23, 2010 My computer is up to date... And yet I can't seem to be able to finish a game without crashing or having my pc reboot or even shut down without being asked to... Any advice ? someone ??? Thank you in advance...Silverback0 Dec 23, 2010
Dec 23, 2010 SC2 and WoW Break My Internet. I can't explain what happens, no other online games or internet activity do this to my connection. Only Blizzard games. I'll be playing fine, everything is going well...then all of a sudden my LAN connection registers no internet and I get dropped from the game. I then disconnect from my LAN, reconnect and my internet is fine again...until I try to play a Blizzard game of course. Then it breaks once more. Call of Duty functions perfectly fine, all other internet activity functions perfectly fine. This would happen to me constantly back when I played WoW and happens to me now in SC2. I just upgraded my internet and router as well; STILL having issues. Sometimes I get to play several games without issues. Sometimes I can play all night without issues. Sometimes it craps out within the first 15 minutes of the first game I try to play. I have isolated this problem entirely to Blizzard's games. If I don't play them for a week, well I magically have no internet problems that week. The instant I boot one up, I'm guaranteed to at some point have my net break on me. Please understand that this is beyond frustrating and borderline infuriating. I do not buy Blizzard games for their offline experience.Kardonn7 Dec 23, 2010
Dec 23, 2010 Email account Changed? my friend recently got an email from blizzard "Hello, Blizzard Entertainment recently received a request to change the e-mail address used to log in to the account with the username The e-mail address has been specified as the new username for this account. An email has been sent to this new address containing a verification link to complete the change." i just blocking out the emails with the x but he never asked for his email to be changed, and he is still able to use his email to log onto his account. Did he get hacked or is this some wierd bug? Guidance5 Dec 23, 2010
Dec 23, 2010 lag problems!! help Why is it that 10 mins into the game draging the screen takes like 2 seconds to move, feels laggy.. sometimes it even does it at the beggining of the game, i checked the requirements and my computer is very compatible, ived also tried putting all my settings on low but still lagsDaviD0 Dec 23, 2010
Dec 23, 2010 plz help me my game wont start it wont start it goes to patch screen and say cant pactch BLADY BLADY BLAH!!!! ug this has never happened before..... what do i do???????.................slaya1 Dec 23, 2010
Dec 23, 2010 I cant start game without it saying crash! When ever I double click sc2 to play it says StarCraft II (B16939) Time: 2010-12-22 16:39:35.224 Exe: C:\Program Files\StarCraft II\Versions\Base16939\SC2.exe Parameters: Exe Built: 2010-12-15 16:05:29.764 User: Mike Computer: TERRY-PC Version: Branch: branches/1.1.a Revision: 86327 Locale: It wont start D: EDIT: Now when i try to repair it says run from ur sc2 directory did that and it didnt work. Tryed to uninstall. WONT WORK!Mike5 Dec 23, 2010
Dec 23, 2010 Sudden loss of almost all fps I have a cpu which has played fine on medium graphic settings and mostly default. But suddenly after playing Bunker wars i have lag loading up the scorescreen. After that I go into a 1v1, same internet and everything and my fps dropped to THREE. I uninstalled then reinstalled starcraft 2 with no change. my graphics card is a nvidia geforce 9500gs and Starcraft 2 suggests that my graphics settings be on medium but to get even 20 fps now it has to be on low after 12-22-10(Wednesday). I haven't had problems with starcraft 2 before and only starcraft has suffered. All other things are the same, even watching starcraft 2 commentaries on youtube. I'm on the verge of calling tech support but I thought of hitting the forums first.Cyclo0 Dec 23, 2010
Dec 23, 2010 Unable to use low shadow settings When I first installed the game my shadow setting was set to low, but then I switched to High graphics and noticed a drop of about 10fps so I went back to custom settings and set everything to the recommended settings but the shadows won't allow me to drop below medium. It's recommending low. How will I be able to set to low. And Thank you.Slingersam1 Dec 23, 2010
Dec 23, 2010 GLOBAL_INTERNAL_ERROR I tried to change graphics settings to lessen lag during a match, and I crash, got the error message, sent what I was doing, etc. Thought nothing of it. But when I try to get back onto the game, every time I try to log in, I get this error message; "GLOBAL_INTERNAL_ERROR" What does this mean?Avacadolord213 Dec 23, 2010
Dec 23, 2010 Global internal error help please i got dropped during a game and then received an invalid login: "global_internal_error" has anyone experienced this problem and are there any fixes?iNfamous1 Dec 23, 2010
Dec 23, 2010 Gaming Keyboard key macroing??? I don't know where else to post and just about everywhere has been useless. I've emailed blizzard on this issue to no avail. Is Key macroing legal in ladder? I have a keyboard capable of this, It is NOT the official SC2 keyboard, however it has the same capabilities. In wow 1 key to 1 action was allowed. I have not seen anything that has stated whether or not key binding/macroing is illegal or legal with SC2. The SC2 official keyboard -> It has the capability to both record and do key binds, is this a fair game function or will my account get banned for use of it? At the moment I will not even attempt to use this feature until I get a positive answer.allhardcore0 Dec 23, 2010
Dec 23, 2010 Campaing progress reset after crash I have been playing the campaign again on Brutal, to get the achievement. I had just finished the mission "Piercing the Shroud" on Brutal, the mission report screen came up, i clicked Continue (which is supposed to bring me to the mission select screen, since ive beaten the campaign before). The game crashes during the loading screen, i start the game up, click "Continue" on the main menu Campaign page, and it takes me to the bridge of the Hyperion!!! (instead of the mission select list). On board the Hyperion, when i click mission history, it shows NO completion for any of the missions on Brutal, except piercing the shroud. I have put so much time into completing this campaign on Brutal, and was so close to beating it. Please tell me if there is any way to retrieve an old game log of the "completed" campaign profile. I have already tried reloading the save game during Piercing the shroud, before i beat it, but right after I beat it, it takes me to the Hyperion. Please provide a solution so all this time will not have been wasted!Arcangel1 Dec 23, 2010
Dec 26, 2010 Macbook incompatible graphics card Hello I have an early 08' macbook with an Intel GMA X3100 graphics card, which kinda sucks. It has no dedicated memory and leeches 144mb of the computers memory. Anyway, as soon as I start SC2 it tells me it does not support my graphics card, OK. Everything ran fine for a while (a day), but now the minimap won't function properly (can't see any units or structures), and the graphics for SCVs or other units don't show up (such as build, gather, and move icons). My drivers are up to date and I tried calling blizzard tech support, who basically said maybe you can find some advice online to 'tweak' your graphics card so as to run SC properly. . . Anyone have any advice? I fear I may have to return Starcraft and wait until I have the money for a computer with a real graphics card. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, JoshFoxMcCloud2 Dec 26, 2010
Dec 23, 2010 Terrain Black when UI off. I've noticed a strange issue where if any sort of custom game turns off the bottom UI, the terrain in the game has no textures. All the units and doodads and lights are fine, but the terrain itself is just black. This only happens with shaders above low. My computer has an ATI RAdeon 5750Huxley1 Dec 23, 2010
Dec 22, 2010 the battle report I play a mission and when I am done with the mission my computer is in a black screen then when the black screen is gone I get this thing called the battle report telling me what i was doing this thing was with me when i frist got the game i want to know how to get rid of the battle report.vultron0 Dec 22, 2010