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Feb 18, 2013 Known Issues 3.16 [Updated: 8/7/17] UI and Online New – There is no error message displayed when attempting to accept a friend invite while having the maximum number of friends (200). New – The details panel on replays can only show up to 8 player names, even in games where there were more than 8 players. New – Certain races are getting locked out of MMQ's and displaying "there was a temporary problem with your request." New – Starting an Arcade game with 10 or more players will drop the game before the loading screen.Engine/Game Systems New – When a spectator views a game from the perspective of a player with Camera Follow Enabled, the spectator's camera stutters. Skipping Back while left-clicking on the minimap during a replay causes the the camera to lock. Using the Insert and Delete camera angle hotkeys can cause the camera to transiton to unintended angles. Alt tabbing while the starting cinematic is playing can cause the client to freeze.Game Content New – The Leviathan Baneling skin's team color is not pronounced. New – The Tal'Darim Zealot is unable to be box selected while it is warping in. New – Energizers do not automatically cast Chrono Beam on Karax's Carriers. New – Nydus Network and Nydus Worm use different grid hotkeys for Load and Unload All. New – There is an air pathing blocker that prevents Terran structures from landing at a specific location on the Void Launch Co-op Mission. New – Abathur's Devourers do double damage to the primary target after Corrosive Spray is researched. New – Fenix Praetor Armor Suit's autocast preferences are reset every time that it is summoned. Saving the campaign during the "For Aiur!" mission then loading that save causes the player to be unable to save during the next mission. Logging out after completing a mission during the Campaign will cause its progress to not be recorded in the Master Archives. Workaround: If the player views the Master Archives without relogging, the Master Archives will successfully update. Stalkers and Dark Templar can display the wrong Blink or Shadow Stride cooldown when in the same group. In rare circumstances, it is possible for a Liberator to be Abducted by a Viper, then remain in Defender Mode. Completing the Void Campaign sometimes does not unlock the Epilogue missions. Some workarounds are available. Judicator Zealot Psi-Blades are not distinct from standard Zealot Psi-Blades.Mac New – In the Options menu, the Gamma slider does not function when Render API is set to Metal. Saving a map file in the component file format, can cause issues if the user has the map folder open in finder.Huginncord4 Feb 18, 2013
Jul 27, 2010 Welcome Thread & FAQ En Taro Tassadar, and welcome to the Starcraft II Bug Report forum! Introduction: The purpose of this forum is to collect issue reports on the Live version of the game. We greatly appreciate our customers helping us to find issues with the game. As such, this forum is one of your best methods for making us aware of these issues. Please be advised that this is not a discussion forum. This forum is a direct line of communication to Blizzard Entertainment's Quality Assurance Department to report issues. Unless a moderator asks for more information, all the critical information of a post should be contained in the subject and first post. Every post will be responded to in some fashion before being locked. When a thread is locked, it means we have sufficient information on the issue and won't require any further assistance. The stickies at the top of the Bug Report Forum contain valuable information to assist you. Please read them before doing anything. Bug Reporting Guidelines: * Supply screenshots and system information where applicable. * Provide as much information as possible; give the unit, map or ability name, and a brief description of the issue you are reporting. * Crash Reporting * Battle.net Bugs * Gameplay Bugs * Graphics Bugs * Please use proper English, do not use slang, abbreviations or other unclear language when describing the issue. We cannot address bug reports that we do not understand. * Create a single thread for each issue, lists of bugs are difficult to track and respond to, if you have multiple bug reports please verify that there are not already threads on them and then post them each in their own thread. Creating a Bug Thread: When reporting a bug, we would like you to take the time and search the forum to see if your issue is already reported. While we won't delete duplicate reports, it will save us time if you know the issue is already posted and do not repost it. Using keywords (such as a unique element of a crash log or a unit name) is a good way to find threads. If you haven't found anything, start a new thread with your issue and put [BUG] in the subject while being as descriptive as possible. Additionally, if you have multiple issues, separate them into different threads. Unique bugs should get unique threads. Try to include steps to reproduce your problem. Be succinct, leave out any opinions on the problem and focus on how best to tell us about it to help resolve the issue. Feedback and Suggestions: We want to hear your feedback but it needs to be placed in the right forum. All suggestion or feedback posts should go on the Gameplay discussion forums. * General Discussion * Terran Dicussion * Protoss Discussion * Zerg Discussion General Rules and Policies: Blizzard Entertainments Forum Code of Conduct Common Confusion Reports Bumping and Spamming: Please do not bump threads or spam new threads on the same issue. All posts in this forum are read by a member of the QA team in the order that it is posted. Bumping threads or spamming new threads on an issue does not help your issue get addressed any faster. Bumping and spamming slows down our process and actually delays bugs getting fixed. Deleting Posts Policy: Posts that have been determined to be Not A Bug, Invalid Issue Reports, duplicates without more information, or other reasonable posts to make on this forum but that have been disproven will be kept for 24 hours before deletion. If the original poster acknowledges his post before that time, it will be deleted immediately. Posts that are extremely off-topic and other posts that do not belong here will be deleted immediately. Deleting invalid posts helps keep the forum clean and organized for QA to sort through.Zenux6 Jul 27, 2010
Apr 12, 2016 [Data Request] "Can't Unlock Epilogue" Bug Kelphe0 Apr 12, 2016
Dec 25 How to Write a Good Bug Report This guide was written by my good friend Kahzgul, of the WoW Bug Report Forums, and was ported over/maintained/edited by myself, with his consent. I've seen many people posting bugs in this forum that are not clearly written, or - in some cases - even in understandable English. As a 12-year professional in the video game industry, specifically testing, I feel like an adequate authority to help everyone learn how to write a good bug. I have included a sample bug which I will reference from time to time throughout this guide. This sample bug is not real, and never actually happened to me. Please do not mistake this guide for an actual bug report. Why should I bother learning how to write a good bug? The reason for writing a good bug is simple: The faster that the Blizzard testers can understand and reproduce a bug, the faster that bug will get fixed. How do I know that I've found a bug? If you think you've found a bug at all, you should report it. In the worst case, you have actually found a bug, and in the best case, someone will point out that what your experiencing is intended functionality and will (hopefully) explain how to avoid the issue that you're experiencing. Often, bugs will go unreported because people aren't sure if it is "worth" reporting. The fact of the matter is that *every* bug is worth reporting. What just looks like a small graphic error may actually be a quest item underground or a hole in the map. You're making the game better by reporting issues that you've noticed. As a side note, custom user interfaces can cause a variety of issues with the game, so please try to verify that the bug occurs without any custom UI mods loaded. Before you write the bug Do a search of the bug report forum. Make sure that your bug is not already in the forum. If it is, feel free to add any additional information to the existing thread, by try to avoid "me too" posts unless specifically requested by the Blizzard staff. When searching, use keywords that describe the bug as accurately as possible. For example: "Missing item" is not nearly as clear as "Missing 2H Weapon" or even "Missing Weapon." Also, try several searches. If your Missing Weapon search returns nothing like your bug, try searching by your class "Shaman item" or "Shaman weapon" etc. Once you've done a few good searches and are satisfied that your bug is not in the forum, you should post a new issue. Keep in mind that this forum is for the reporting and tracking of in-game bugs, and is *not* any sort of means of fixing the bug or correcting the trouble you encountered. For issue resolution, please contact the customer service forum. What should I title the bug? A bug's title should be a clear, concise description of the issue. Something like "Shaman 2H weapon disappeared" is good. "OMG game brokezor" is not good. Think about what keywords someone might use to search for your bug, and try to include a few in your title. That way, anyone who browses through the forum will instantly know what your bug is, just from the title. Sixen suggests starting your title with a tag to help identify what your post is about: For Gameplay bugs, prefix the thread with [Bug]. For Forum bugs, prefix the thread with [Forum Bug]. For Guides/Notes/Information, prefix the thread with [Guide]. What elements go into a bug description? A bug description contains several important parts: First is the bug description (What happened), second are the steps to reproduce the bug (How do you make the bug happen), and third is any supporting evidence (links to screenshots, etc.). Since this is just a forum, and not a professional bug reporting tool, I don't think that anyone truly expects full research into issues or screenshots, movies, etc. of them. However, the more information that you can provide, the better! It is also sometimes helpful to list the "who" and "where" of a bug as well: Which character(s) expereince the bug and where the bug occurred. Sometimes the "who" and "where" will be what kind of computer and operating system you have, and where in the real world you happen to be located. The "why" is what the developers will find out and fix. (Continued)Sixen38 Dec 25
Nov 11, 2015 Bug Attachment Guidelines Greetings Commanders, Cerebrates, and Executors, We are happy to announce that we now have an easier method for submitting requested attachments! From now on we will request that you send your attachments to the email address StarcraftBugAttachments@blizzard.com instead of uploading them to file sharing sites and providing a link. This should help us address your issues more effectively and be less of a headache for you. NEW! - If the requested attachment(s) exceed email attachment size limits, you may use file sharing sites such as Google Drive to upload a compressed (.zip) file and email us the download link. Below are a few guidelines we would like you all to follow when submitting your files and information to us: What to include: A link to your original thread. The requested attachment (nothing else, please). (NOTE: When attaching a replay, please also include the in-game time at which the bug occurred.) A brief description of the issue. The region in which you were playing. The time/date of the occurrence. Commonly requested attachments and how to find them: Screenshots Windows users: Screenshots can be found in your “Documents\Starcraft II\” folder. An example path might look like this: ... Mac users: ...Replays Windows users: Replays can be found in your “Documents\Starcraft II\” folder. An example path might look like this: ... Mac users: ...Saves Windows users: Saves can be found in your “Documents\Starcraft II\” folder. An example path might look like this: ... Mac users: ...DXDiag & MSInfo Mac System Info Connection Info How to format a bug attachment email: First, include the name of your thread and the attachment included in the subject line. For the body of the email, start with a link to the thread, your region, then the date and time of the occurrence. After that, please include the bug description and any other pertinent info. It should look something like this: ... Thanks! - ZobrekZobrek0 Nov 11, 2015
Apr 30, 2015 Overclocking Notice - Please read! Hello everyone! Before reporting any graphical hardware related issues, or unexplained application/system freezes, please take a moment to read the post by Glaxigrav in our Tech Support forums here: http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/17084690607 If your card is in fact overclocked, try reverting it to normal operating speeds to see if this resolves your issue. Thanks! - ZobrekZobrek0 Apr 30, 2015
Jun 19 [Data Request] Disconnection Issues Hi all, We're currently looking into the disconnects, quick reconnects, and all the issues that stem from disconnecting. If you're experiencing this issue we're seeking your aid in the form of your system specifications. Here are the steps to locate your system specific information: DXDiag & MSInfo Mac System Info Once you've obtained those files you can send them to StarcraftBugAttachments@blizzard.com. Please also include: A quick description of the issue(s) that you experienced (ex: sound/music issues, specific performance issues, disbanding party after a game, actual disconnect/reconnect error messages, etc.) The game mode you were in, and if any custom mods were being used. Any other information you can recall surrounding the incident.Thank you for assistance, time, and patience while we resolve this issue!Kelphe0 Jun 19
32m workers mining a weird path http://ggtracker.com/matches/7152907 i don't know exactly why but as soon as I placed my spawning pool some of my workers at my main base started taking a weird path back to the hatchery with the minerals. tried to micro them but they continued doing that this is the first time I see this, even though I played this map multiple times also if I take control of the game from the replay and I cancel the spawning pool, they return to mining normally. if I rebuild it at the same spot, they start doing it againDemocracy0 32m
1h Scroll click button Hello, I use to click and hold the scroll button to move the camera. Since this season with the patch, my cursor teleport over the screen when i want to use this button. If we can criss cross the screen 3×3 for exemple [A B C]×[1 2 3]. If my cursor is in A3 or A1 or anycases, when i click the button, then my cursor teleport to B2 ( the middle ). So A1, click and hold , B2, i move my camera, i stop hold, A1. This problem occure only after the first game after i launch the application starcraft. The first game, all is ok, next games, i have the bug. Normally, when i hold the button, my cursor is supposed to disappear. With that bug, it doesnt disappear and appear to the middlescreen. Its very annoying because its disturbing while playing to see jumping my cursor, i use a lot this button. I have already tried to reinstall the game many times and reset my pc, but nothing changed. im not the only one who have this problem. I hope that i explain well I really need you fix this bug i cant make ranked game because i use a lot of times this button, and i am master 1 so thats not funny for me glgl for the bug good byebigmonster2 1h
4h Co-op Raynor Vulture Rally Drop Pod Bug Hello I am not sure if anyone else has experienced this but when I play co-op as Raynor and get vultures I rally them to one of my army units so when the factory finished building vultures it would drop them straight to my army. But sometimes it won't drop and the only way to get them to drop is click on the ground somewhere or click different units.Grumman1 4h
4h the bug in LOTV Epilogue mission 1 the bug in Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void (Epilogue) mission 1, the bonus mision on zerg side, i see 1 of those 2 drones build only 1 hatchery, and other one stand nothing, that drone don't build anythingMasterGalaxy1 4h
8h Skin not working on Coop? I bought the StarCraft II War Chest this week and today I unlock the terran dominion special force skin for marine, unfortunately the skin is not showing up on coop mode. I tried playing against ai and it work. Is this a glitch? Is skin only intended for multiplayer and not coop? Thanks!Jaycee1 8h
8h [BUG] HOTS 4s arranged team game will drop. HOTS 4s arranged team when start game will drop. We are playing on AMERICA region. On match history both teams are red. Havent seen this on 3s or 2s. Please fix thisdrago7 8h
9h Profile review and campaign WoL level issue Hi guys, when WoL has been released in 2010, my old level allowed me to finish the campaign in "Casual Campaign Ace" only, which was what I did. But some months ago, I've restarted it in "Hard Campaign Ace" this time and even if I had the achievements as finishing the WoL campaign in hard mode, in my (EU) profile summary I still have it "Casual". Is there any way to fix it please? ThanksSakaFoutr0 9h
9h Marauder Concussive Shells BUG Hi, Please bring back the blue concussive shells explosion. It helps not only the player, but the viewer too. Please don't let this graphical feature get forgotten.fOrfriends10 9h
12h Zagara Frenzy - COOP It's the second time i played Zagara with a Swann partner. It's furthermore the second time the frenzy applied to its units, but they don't get the violet mist around them to signal. Also a voice would be nice, so the partner knows what is going on.Crusher3 12h
14h Bug in skins. Hello. This appeal will be to employees of Blizzard. I found a bug in the protoss skins, namely the forged oracle and the forged adept. When you select these skins, the portraits of the units do not change. I did not open these skins: the forged destabilizer, the forged colossus and the forged observer, but please also check them. P.S. I'm a player from the Russian region, and translated it all into google translate.CmeRt1 14h
18h [Co-op] Fenix bugs So I've found a couple more bugs with Fenix in Co-op: On Miner Evacuation, Stasis (on the Cybros Arbiter) does not affect enemy HERCs. Fenix' Disruptors do not damage rocks at natural expansions. The former seems to be a bug and I discovered it while playing last week's mutation, "Death from Below", while the latter was observed on Temple of the Past in an attempt to clear the rocks from the expansions. I'm not sure if the latter issue is intentional or not, seeing as you don't want to damage some rocks on maps like Dead of Night. Stasis on HERC bug: Reproducibility: Always Estimated Severity Level: 3 (Medium) - can be an unfair waste of energy when dealing with them on a mutation. Disruptors not harming rocks bug: Reproducibility: Unknown (was only attempted on the expansions on Temple of the Past) Estimated Severity Level: 4 (Low) - most people won't use Disruptors to clear rocks and other units can be used instead.Kit0 18h
19h Test TestBlackbeard0 19h
22h locked announcers it says the announcers are locked but I can still equip them I did get the announcer DLC pack the ones I don't have really are lockedSirWaWa1 22h
23h Saves fail on some Nova missions Saving on missions beyond the first nova mission doesn't appear to work. There are checkpoints and the game says "save failed" at each one. Manual saves also fail. Additionally saves appear in the list of saves, but fail to loadGeir0 23h
1d @blizz profile portrait bug hey bliz heads up, our forum portrait is still shifted from what its supposed to be. its been like this for many weeks. for example, everyone with the Predator portrait will have this dog thing insteadEZcheezy12 1d
1d Arcade stuck on Entering Lobby Often This has been a problem that has persisted for the last few months. Whenever exiting an arcade game and trying to enter another one you will often be stuck on "Entering Lobby" and the only fix is a hard restart of the starcraft 2 client. I know it isn't me only because I had a lobby of 11 other players complaining of the same thing. Thanks.Chanoris1 1d
1d korea battle chest comics link is wrong existing wrong address is https://comic.starcraft2.com/kr-ko/shadow-wars-part-2 please modify the link like this https://comic.starcraft2.com/ko-kr/shadow-wars-part-2Renatus1 1d
1d Arcade 99% download Every arcade game works fine I can log into it like normal except for one, whenever I try to join a game of Parasite-Test I am stuck at 99% download. Anyone else had this problem and had a way to fix it?Ignaris3 1d
1d War Chest I bought the protoss war chest a bit ago and it did show up in my collection about a week ago when i last played. When i did a game today to grind a bit of XP towards it, it did not show up nor can i even see the chest in my collection. I know i paid the 10 dollars towards it and i do have the probe skin to show i did buy it. If i only get 1 skin with no chance for the other skins in the warchest for 10 dollars i would like to request a refund. If this is just a bug then i do not care about a refund.Vriska2 1d
1d profile Pic and inside game bugs Profile Pic showing solid color inside game icon showing solid color only chat member not showing profile pic only solid pic example bellow screen shot https://www.dropbox.com/s/uzj2tub1yd5qy7m/Screen%20Shot%202017-08-19%20at%2013.53.55.png?dl=0 Please Help ? MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014) Mac OS Sierra Processor : 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory : 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphic : Intel Iris 1536 MBSKZ0 1d
1d Game is not working "off-line" Game is not working "off-line" - orange window is asking to authorize and to create character. Character is already created and game licence is authorized already also. During the internet connection no any problems has been detected. Please advise accordingly.IMMVN3 1d
1d "Offline Mode" not working. I am trying to play SC2 Offline and I am taking these exact steps to try to get it to work, if I am doing something wrong could someone please let me know. 1. I ensured the game client is fully downloaded and the latest update is installed. 2. I made sure I signed into battle.net to 'authenticate' my account, which I find redundant but whatevs. 3. Did all this whilst obviously connected to the internet and then disconnected from the internet to test offline and it still doesn't work. Now am I doing something wrong or is blizzard just being unbelievably pedantic about anti-piracy on their games? From what I've seen on other posts there are already pirated versions of the Legacy of The Void expansion, so what's the point blizzard???RamboV1 1d
1d [Abathur] "Symbiote Cooldown Reduction" bug After using "Symbiote Cooldown Reduction", the ultimate evolutions no longer cast their shell. (it will only cast ONCE during the entire game)Yuriprime5 1d
1d [abathur] t2 CD reduc mastery still bugged if you put points into the tier2 symbiote cooldown reduction mastery, the ultimate evolutions cast Shell once, and then never again. the symbiote does attack faster, though, so that part is working fine. it has been broken since it was released. i've posted about this a couple times now. please fix!beef1 1d
1d Map not found "Map not found it may have been removed" when trying to play multiplayer mode with custom mod.Russ0 1d
1d Sound Bug when Ctrl+S When I press Ctrl+S online, it completely disables the sounds of SC2, and the sound never returns when I press Ctrl+S again, it only says: Sounds Disabled Sounds Disabled Sounds Disabled Even when I try going into the options and change to toggle the Sounds, it toggles it back when I go back in the options. So I tried restarting my SC2, deleting the Variables.txt in my documents, and... The game's sound isn't there still. So I went and tested my SC2 map offline using the SC2 Editor, the game's sound returned when I pressed Ctrl+S there - which seems to toggle the sound. So I went back online to see if the sounds have returned for good - which didn't. The sounds of the game only worked offline, and not online. Pressing Ctrl + S online seems to only disable the sounds of the game for good. So after talking with my friends who were having similar issues, I went to Campaign and pressed Ctrl+S there - which fixed the online sound issues for me. However for my friend, it didn't work when he tried pressing Ctrl+S again in Campaign. So he had to reinstall the game completely - which also didn't fix the sound issues. Then after weeks, he said he somehow fixed the issue randomly. I hope this gets fixed, Blizzard Entertainment!Skyzer0 1d
1d Forced to log in every time I open the editor As of today I'm forced to log in with my Battle.net account every time I open the editor. I've never had to do that. It's annoying because I open & close the editor frequently.hawk2 1d
1d "You must authenticate your account..." Since Tuesday's patch, every time I start the sc2 editor it says I need to authenticate my account. Thus making it impossible to use the editor offline. In previous patches I only needed to do this once, and some patches not at all.somenoob50 1d
2d 2v2 Ai Achievement Hi Blizz I found something weird in the 2 versus 2 Ai Achievements. I have 10 win streak vs elite Ai, but i don't have the medium an hard 10 win streak achievement. What the... I work hard for it, can u do something.Arcturus1 2d
2d Balance Test Mod MS bug If mothership performs recall and dies, it still recalls units to that locationHellGoesON0 2d
2d Multiplayer ranked data presentation error Description: EU Region login. A) By clicking in Multiplayer on my league Rank badge 1v1 or 2v2 as a Terran, the devision does not show my MMR ("0") and selects/shows a different player (mostly two rows below my character) in the overview. B) By clicking in Multiplayer on my Rank 1v1 as a Protoss, the devision I am in shows my MMR but selects/shows a different player (mostly one or two rows below my name/character) as selected in the overview. Multiplayer ranked 1v1 and 2v2 as Zerg and Random as well as 3v3 and 4v4 seems unaffected. Steps for A) and B): 1) Login to the EU region 2) Select Multiplayer Ranked 1v1 3) Select/iterate the races 4) Click the league badge 5) Check the ladder devision overview for this account 6) Iterate between all races including Random ( 3)) and all Multiplayer modes (1v1 to 4v4 - 2)) An email with a screenshot attachment was send.propagare2 2d
2d Co-op Dropping Bug After completing all objectives for the mission, no matter the mission, the game starts to lag then gives me the surrender window. If i don't click it it drops me. If i do click it, i leave. No matter the option i choose, i get no exp, no war chest exp and no commander exp. No clue why this happens, it isn't my internet connection, since i'm not lagging during the mission itself. Help would be appreciated, this has only been happening since yesterday morning, so i'm not sure if a patch dropped or not. Edit: I have been playing Vorazun, on Hard with random mission. Vorazun is Lvl 9, if that helps. Edit2: Played as Artanis, brutal. got to end screen of Score Screen / Rewind. spammed "S" to go to score screen to no avail. 0 Exp. Does not affect multiplayer exp gain.Ghirahn0 2d
2d Not Available while intializing GM hi How are you i keep getting the same thing on SC2 and the ready button is not lit. It keeps saying Not Available while initializing Game Mode. The ready button is not available to click. Also none of the other game features are available either, Except for the campaign Please helpRoopster0 2d
2d Not Available when intializing GM After Loading Screen does not allow u too play keeps showing Not Available when intializing game mode I have done pretty much everything i know and short of uninstal and reinstallRoopster0 2d
2d achievement bug with flawless victory? Hi i would like to know if anyone is experiencing this as well, as i completed the map certain that alarak wasn't even pushed back once but i did not obtain the mastery achievement. Just to be sure i re-did the map on hard twice still nothing, can anyone tell me if its bugged or i've missed something in order for me to acquire the achievement "Flawless Victory".Soji5 2d
2d Starcraft remastered custom bugs When you join a custom game in starcraft remastered everyone is droppedRobertKills1 2d
2d Void Launch Repeated Bugs This is the only co-op map that I've ever had problems with, and I've probably played hundreds of matches. First time, I just ignored it, but now it's happened again on the same map with similar circumstances. I've uploaded the save files at the links below; maybe they'll be of use. Bug #1- July 26, 2017 Ally and I cleared the map of enemy buildings and forces, completing every objective along the way. Enemy refuses to spawn the last wave. We wait for almost an hour before leaving the game. http://www.filedropper.com/voidlaunch19 Bug #2- August 13, 2017 Voice acting dialogue bugs out somewhere before the 15 min mark, no more dialogues are heard. The box with the face of whoever's speaking is on the screen and stays there but frozen with no more animations. Ally and I clear the map of enemy buildings and forces, completing every objective along the way. All the waves are destroyed just before the 25 min mark, the objective greys out and checkmark appears, but game doesn't end. We waited for a few mins then left the game. The "Enemy here" red dot appears on the map, but no enemies are present, stealthed or otherwise. http://www.filedropper.com/voidlaunch22 Please look into this and find out what the issue is.Alxizh1 2d
2d Co-op Mutation Bug Playing this weeks mutation on Hard. when were on ship 4 (Mid right corner ship) the two top ships activate at the same time and start getting attacked while were defending ship 4 (we only need 5 ships so no reason they should both be activating while still defending another ship) it has done it on 4 different attempts no matter what character I'm playing. It makes the mission impossible because 2 people can not defend 3 ships at the same time. On two occasions we had a fire spout pop up under a ship and kill it while we watched because there was nothing we could do as well. This last match (attempt number 5) the third ship was killed by fire as Amons forces were going for it this caused a bug where the undead activated like the ship was still there but would not stop coming, since there was no ship they started attacking our expansion and our main base so we had to quit as it was a endless flow.blazinblades0 2d
2d Issues with connecting to Online games Having issues with connecting to online games: If I try a Co-Op game it is 50/50 that I will connect, and the last few days less than that. When I try to connect it finds the game etc like it is meant to, then when my screen displays the loading screen with my teamate it sits there, for about 2minutes? After a little while it comes up with a message saying "Waiting for Players 'Lynoss' ". Then the game appears to freeze, or after about 9/10 minutes i CTRL+ALT+Del the game. Also run into this issue when trying to connect to arcade games. Similar issue when I try to leave an Arcade Lobby and click the "quit" icon, I'm left in limbo, I've left the lobby and don't appear on the rosta but I can't join another game nor finish "leaving" the lobby. I have ran several scans on my OS as might be some conflict with spyware etc. Nothing. Yesterday I deleted SCII fully and then re-downloaded it all which TBH isn't a small file, to which I encounter the same issues. No issues with the BB at home as I can happily stream Netflix at HD, and Have done this at the same time as gaming in the past. Any suggestions on what I can do next?Lynoss1 2d
2d Sound issue I dont know if this is the right place for this but i cant find any better place. But I run Razor Kraken Chroma 7.1 headphones that run via USB instead of the typical headphone jack. But no matter what i do I cant seem to get Sound from SC II to play threw them. If you can either help me with this issue or tell me where to go to have this issue solved that would be great. Thank you in advanced.Panzer2 2d
2d Bug when opening the editor Hello, I was told by the Blizzard customer service to write a post here and report this bug, hoping that someone here is able to help me. When I try to open the editor, I get this message: "You must log in to Battle.net to authenticate your StarCraft 2 account before using the editor. Would you like to do so now? Yes / No" When I click yes and log in with my email and password, this message appears: "Failed to log into Battle.net as [my email address]. Your account from the Southeast Asia region has migrated to the Americas region! Set your region to Americas before logging in." When I close the window, this message appears: "Unable to authenticate your StarCraft 2 account. Please contact Blizzard customer service if you are having difficulty with your account." I have been in contact with the support and done everything they have told me to do - log into all regions, play unranked games vs AI, change password, reinstall Starcraft 2 and the Battlenet launcher... Nothing works, the problem still remains. Now I can not access the editor at all... It works perfectly fine to log in and play Starcraft 2 on any region, but the editor refuses to be opened... This problem started Friday 4th August when I tried to upload a mod-file to all regions. I am usually logged into EU only, except when I upload maps and mods to all regions. After that, I could no longer log in and I started receiving the messages described above... When I start SC2 when logged in to the Americas region, a window appear ingame that says that I need to select my characther: Gossen#798 or Gossen#413. "Your characther has been succesfully migrated to the Americas region." I do not need to make that choice in any other region Can anyone please help me with this? I spend a lot of time creating mods and maps in the editor and it is really frustrating to not be able to open the editor anymore...Gossen1 2d
2d Custom decal is missing I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but if it is; my custom decal is not showing up in game. I figured maybe it's being manually processed by mods but it's been almost a year and still nothing. Although it did show up ONCE on a Co-op mission as Stukov in Void Launch whilst playing with a friend some nights ago, I have never seen my custom decal show up elsewhere again. I'm certain I did the steps correctly (256x256 and all that). Not sure if this is relevant, but I'm the only one in my clan How can I fix this?ShiroiTsuki1 2d
2d Lobby link/map linking bug Experienced when linking lobbies in arcade chat. Copy the map link, for example Element TD is battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/9170 paste this in chat followed by [lobby] i.e. battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/9170[lobby] Expected result: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/9170[Element Tower Defense] Actual result: format tags are broken as seen in screenshot linked below https://image.prntscr.com/image/CTL2EmZrRRq-O7mpa_L0qQ.pngkamil1 2d