Bug Report

4d [Co-op] Place Holder in description It's not a bug or a big problem, but the Repair Drones of Nova's Ravens still have [PH] in the description. https://imgur.com/a/MR1n4Syltom1 4d
4d Bug - Co-Op Zergling Death Animation Recently Upon playing co-op missions as Zerg Commanders, I noticed that at random points when a zergling dies it will not use the proper animation. Instead it will use the animation that a hologram zergling uses upon death like the ones on the co-op mission "Malwarfare." As for reproducing this bug, I am unsure of what is causing it or when it begins to happen in my games.Roniker1 4d
4d Cheat Bank Backup has valid signature Loading a backup bank seems to bypass the bank signature option. Steps to reproduce/cheat: 0. Have a map that uses a bank backup. 1. Edit your bank to make its signature invalid. 2. Edit your backup bank with awesome cheated values. 3. Start the map and cause it to restore the bank from backup (because the bank's signature is invalid and most maps should check that). 4. Play the map with cheated values loaded from the backup. The map cannot detect that the backup bank was edited as the signature of the bank is verified although it should not be verified. I tested with and without enabling the signature option in the bank after restoring it. Both variants made the check fail. Thus, I believe that your implementation has a "bank security" bug. TLDR: Banks that were restored from a backup will not fail a signature test, so all bank content will be loaded making cheated values receive a legit signature.Ahli1 4d
4d Cant post on forum when using Kato avatars When using an avatar from the latest Kato Warchest I am unable to post on the SC2 forums until i change my avatar to an older image in gameMooCow0 4d
4d clan portrait bug My clan portrait changes to Geoff "incontrol" Robinson. This is how I reproduce it: -Watch any replay to the very end, until it stops -Seek/rewind replay to any point of time -Geoff's face appears at my CC instead of my own clan portrait Geoff seems like a nice guy but this intrusion is not appreciated. Please fix. Thanks. --edit-- I just noticed that the image switch can occur after activating "seek" feature at any time during the replay playback. --edit again-- I've attached two screen shots showing the change after using "seek" during replay. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bjnsrvg4rifec5s/AAAiWpiSXtzlDjGHa5IbvrhBa?dl=0 The sigil is my clan image. I need that image to remain. The other image of incontrol needs to disappear. Thanks.aeligos1 4d
4d nova campaign saves are corrupted all my nova campaign saves, be it manual or automatic (checkpoint, etc) are corrupted and can't be loaded. I just restarted the campaign again last week. Actually I played through all the previous SC2 campaigns before that and had no issue with the saves. Only when i got to the Nova campaign. If i press the "continue campaign" button, it will take me to the beginning of the next mission that i haven't played yet.Computer2 4d
4d Entering to arcade lobby becomes unresponsive Summary : Sometimes entering to lobby leaves text 'Entering to lobby' and nothing happens. It is impossible to cancel entering, only thing to do is to restart the game. I can not tell the circumstances when exactly this is happening, but I've experienced this on numerous occasions, almost every day. Only arcade games. The game type does not seem to matter, 'squadron td' or 'zealot hockey' all act the same way sometimes. I would expect there would be a possibility for user to at least cancel the entering, even when the entering becomes unresponsive for some reason (can not speculate why - but could be the lobby is full and I entered on a timeframe when this was not handled, etc - have no background on this, because user does not see it.)Marko0 4d
4d Unable to open a saved game When I want to load a saved game the message " unable to open a saved game" appears. Solution?odilgrim3 4d
4d Achievement Bug: "Beep, Beep, Boom!" Since the removal of the Seeker Missile from the Ravens, this achievement cannot be obtained anymore. I've even tested it with the new Shredder Missile, but it cannot be obtained with that one either. Obviously, this is a minor bug but it would be great if it can be fixed in the next patch.Aquos2 4d
4d Help section outdated info In the Help section of the game, it should indicate that the Lurker Den requires the Hydralisk Den, instead of the Lair.Talento0 4d
4d new skins not displaying Hi, I have purchased months ago the new skins for the roach, colossus and marines. And I have equipped these new skins for these units and everything was working fine. However just now for some stupid reason these new skins that I have equipped for these units will not work/load into my multiplayer games I'm playing. ive restarted starcraft and logged out and logged back in and ive confirmed that ive equipped these new skins on these units under the "collections" tab but they wont show up when I'm playing multiplayer games. can you please fix this and advise as its very frustrating. thank you very much.apocalypse14 4d
4d BlizzCon Portraits Unavailable BlizzCon Finalist portraits acquired through the BlizzCon 2017 Warchest are not accessible right now. I have both Warchests and have all the achievements for the BlizzCon Warchest.DougieBoy0 4d
4d Pre balance update raven in hotkey setup I got a hotkey conflict error upon client startup. For some reason the raven still has the repair drone ability in the hotkey options. I think this goes away after loading up a game or a replay, but it is annoying to get in the first place.Benirons4 4d
4d 4.2 Coop Karax Mastery Displaying Incorrectly 4.2 patch notes ... But in the Karax Mastery selection window we still see Combat Unit Resource Cost go up by 1% per point. I asked in chat and 3 other players quickly said theirs was the same. I tested in a coop match and judging by the in-game starport listed mineral cost of my carriers, the mastery gives a 0.75% cost reduction per point. My carriers listed 427 minerals in the starport. Standard Carrier Cost (minerals/gas): 350m/250g With my 8 points of mastery giving 8% reduction: 1.3x * 0.92 = 1.196x 350m/250g * 1.196 = 418.6m/299g with my 8 points of mastery giving 6% reduction: 1.3x * 0.94 = 1.222x 350m/250g * 1.222 = 427.7m/305.5gLaplaceDemon0 4d
4d No Units Playing Custom against the AI. When the game starts, there are no units. I am unable to do anything. Without units, all you can do is sit there. I played last night, and the game was fine. Is anyone else seeing this?Orgil0 4d
4d [Bug] Melee xp text appearing in Co-op Killing ghost academies in Co-op makes "+200 xp" text appear (just as it would if you killed an enemy ghost academy in a melee game), and Artanis researching the Charge upgrade makes "+100 xp" text appear.Cassidy1 4d
4d SEA to US Server Migration lost achievements I was directed by a game master to post this problem here after opening a support ticket. When the accounts from the SEA server were migrated to the US servers in StarCraft II my achievements did not transfer properly. Instead of having 100% achievement completion for the Legacy of the Void campaign achievements (which I spent numerous hours struggling to attain), I have a completely random small selection of those achievements which make no sense contextually (just one or two from each section of the campaign). I also had the entire Legacy of the Void campaign completed on Brutal difficulty (another long term goal which I struggled to attain) and now the campaign only counts as having been passed on casual difficulty with no progress saved and no access to the mission archives. I sadly don't have a lot of spare time and so the amount of hours I spent working towards these long term goals was extremely valuable to me. Is there any way I could get these achievements back? Since a few of them have transferred successfully I can only assume that all the others are out there somewhere. Thank you for your time. I always appreciate the help Blizzard has provided with solving my problems and issues over the years. Regards, Tzunami.Tzunami0 4d
4d H&H Mastery Bug The salvage mastery has no effect while I added to 60%. Died piles of reapers, always recover 10 minerals, which means this mastery doesn't work completely, need fix soon!ghostxrm0 4d
4d master archives won't unlock I finished the HOTS campaign albeit using cheats here and there. However, I cannot access the master archives. why? I even played the last mission without cheats on casual and still could not access the master archives. Please advise.mjolnir3 4d
5d Skin bug Default on Console and Selection tab Hello, I'v had a bug when i'm playing games besides coop. The skins of my units will not show on the console or the selection tab. However they will show in game play and the portraits, i have all the skins enabled but it shows the default. I have had this bug for a while and it has not been fixed in the recent patch. Thank you for the support.EpicBioHacks0 5d
5d mass recall bug LOL https://clips.twitch.tv/EnchantingMildDuckKappaClausnova0 5d
5d [BUG] No achievement progress vs AI Even if I win against AI (after the queue in 1v1, of course), I don't get any progress in my achievement: no vs AI elite, no vs AI while playing a specific race. It's the third post that I do but I don't have any good answer. Thank you for now.Magnus0 5d
5d 50% of my game searches result in drop/reset Literally half of my game searches get to the loading, then instantly drop and return back to the main panel. These games don't even appear on match history (thank god, because if I lost MMR to that I'd be blowing up the customer support phonelines). Also, it's just not me, it's my allies and opponents that are reset as well; however, my allies say this appears only to happen when teamed with me.Nydus0 5d
5d No commander XP after Coop score screen After finishing a coop match, I am taken to the score screen where XP seems to be given for my commander. After I leave the post-game score screen however, it is as though the XP was never gained, and I am at the level and amount of XP that I was before the game started. This has happened many times, but not every time I finish a coop game. I am probably 2 levels higher than I seem to be for several commanders, based on lost XP.Ladnarud3 5d
5d Graphic bug after playing arcade games After playing customs games the graphics seems odd... when i play traditional game everytime i kill something it spwans xp , and i cant see upgrade advance as i used to. plz fix thisAhkens0 5d
6d Heart of Swarm Bug Hello, I have a bug for Heart of Swarm Collector's Edition. I was playing on Normal Campaign and the red warning sign keep's popping up while I was attacking the otherenemy but finished the level with the achievement. It could be corrupted file I not sure. Have a great week Thanks. Walter ChowLewtHo0 6d
6d Bug - Achievement Tiles all show "0" When you right click a player (friend or just a random), their achievement tiles all show as "0", but they are lit or unlit depending if a player has completed anything. See screenshot below: https://imgur.com/a/D5qBS Sometimes, if you close the players profile and open it again, they load correctly.xPETEZx0 6d
6d Unable to play offline Hello everyone. I am not able to open Starcraft II offline. When I open Battle.net and click "Play", an error message appear saying "Impossible to download game data from Blizzard server. Please check your internet connection and try again later." I am experiencing this issue by months. Alredy spoke with few Game Masters and they had me to do these: - https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/running-starcraft-ii-in-offline-mode [this one I can do only up to number 3, since it doesn't open the SC2 client at all] - https://eu.battle.net/support/en/article/000034721 - I played online - I played an online match from other region - I played the tutorial again [someone said that could help] - I updated the game, it's 100% patched - I tried switching it back to HotS and WoL - If I play the campaign online and then go offline, when I finish the mission it will put me back in the login screen; there I can click the "play offline" button, but it just shows up some weird message: "Offline Play Authorization Required. To enable offline play, connect to Battle.net to authorize your game client. You also need at least one Starcraft 2 character on the account. All data files must be fully downloaded."SirZeel31 6d
6d Co-op issue don't know what is going on but whatever reason cant play co-op at all with others. and it will load to 98% and will not load into any game at all with all the characters. is there anything I can do to fix this??xeheart0 6d
6d Gates of Hell Achievement No Given - Rescue 10 Drop-Pods of Dominion Troops in the "Gates of Hell" mission on Hard difficulty. I've done this mission about 3 times in the last 1.5 hours and I've completed this bonus objective each time and when I get to the next screen to continue the campaign it won't give me the achievement. I've not used any cheats or hacks to get the achievement in game. Any tips?Jarvid0 6d
6d Tournament Queue Checkbox Not Function Hey guys, Currently the next round of the automated tournaments aren't beginning when everyone checks the box. Also the trophy cinematic doesn't play after the finals, it just says "next round will begin in 2 hours or when all players have checked ready 1/1" in the lower left. I've attached a link with images below https://imgur.com/a/sc4iSRagnarokette0 6d
Feb 18 Cheat code "iamironman" doesn't work in WoL. As stated in the title, since 2012 cheat code "iamironman" stops working after the fifth mission in the campaign. From mission 1 to mission 5 everything is ok, you type "iamironman" in the game and armor/weapons are upgraded by 1 for each time you wrote it. Since mission 6, it only upgrades armor. No such issue is found in HotS or LotV. My question is: why isn't this bug fixed yet? No offense intended, but I find hard to believe this bug takes more than 6 years to be removed after all the reports written about it.SirZeel8 Feb 18
Feb 18 [Bug] Unit disappears on death Occasionally when a unit is killed, no death animation occurs, instead the unit will just disappear completely without any animation at all. Seems to be random, I notice during GSL matches - so perhaps observer related. Cannot confirm if occurring in game. Sample clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/JollyCautiousSandwichMingLee Here a liberator disappears but it definitely happens to other units as well. Thanks.LetsBeFrank0 Feb 18
Feb 18 Eliminated fromm tourney during startup Howdy, I just competed in the Platinum 1v1 Tournament and our game was starting up when the countdown reach 0, it continued to make the countdown sound fx several more times before then changing to the loading screen that is seen after finishing a game. I was then given the message that I had been eliminated from the tournament......this all happened in less than a 5-8 second window. My connection was not an issue as none of the other 3 machines in my house had an issue and I was connected to Battle net just fine since I was able to immediately load all my profile information. No idea what happened here but my opponent ended up with the win and the trophy which feels extremely unfair here. Strangely, this match does not show up in either my opponent's or my own game history which seems extremely indicative of a bug of some sort. Please investigate.Danden0 Feb 18
Feb 18 Problem entering lobby I have not played in a few months and when trying to play now it will not load into any lobby. I can create a game but not join any. I have reset router, released and renewed my ip, flushed my dsn, used battlenet app to fix game, removed cache, allowed everything sc through firewall, and nothing seems to help. this is annoying as it seems this is an ongoing issue and I can not find any thing that works to fix it. please help get this issue fixed.,dragonfire3 Feb 18
Feb 17 Portrait Bug: Cannot post/login to forums See quotes by me from earlier support tickets below: "I can't login to the forums. Whenever I try to log in, I enter my info correctly and "successfully" login, however when I try to respond to a thread or create a new one, I'm still being asked to login, even though I've "already logged in". After that if I try to click the login button again, the page just refreshes and I still remain not logged in. I am however, able to view my account settings normally. I've noticed the same behavior on both the Overwatch forums and the SC2 forums. I've tried logging in from 3 different browsers(Chrome, Firefox, Edge) and clearing my cache/cookies to no avail. I didn't receive any emails stating I've been banned or anything nor do I think there would be any reason for me to be banned or something of the sort, afaik." I was able to resolve the issue by changing my portrait back to the Kachinsky one. Quoted from support ticket: "I may have figured out the issue. I had recently purchased the Carbot Bundle pack in SC2 and changed my portrait to a carbot one in SC2. Apparently that's when the issue started, so with that in mind I've changed my portrait back to the Kachinsky one and now I'm able to login again. Regardless, that seems to be an unfortunate bug, I'd like to be able to use my carbot portraits without getting locked out of the forums :("Spawn4 Feb 17
Feb 17 Tournament Elimination Without Any Reason I have encountered a problem where i actually won a tournament then got eliminated. In the quarter finals the player forfit or maybe bugged then when i went to semi-finals i got eliminated before even starting the match then suddenly my game started. I won that game but i was still eliminated and the losing player got to finals. Still got my mmr though.M i the only one who has encountered this problem because its kinda annoyingShadowknight2 Feb 17
Feb 17 Chain of Ascension enemy spawn in the pit https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/topic/17610892805#post-1 Sounds like this Euro post exactly ~ 2 years ago. Hopefully this explains it a bit better. We were on the last Guardian spawn and had a lot of units on the platform, anticipating the spawn. Could our units' footprint have caused the spawn location to shift, far enough that a unit was able to spawn in the botton of the enemy pit? I noticed it because I had enemy health bars turned on. The zergling had full life when I noticed it. I'm not sure if it could have regen'd to full life (don't know about enemy health regen, but it was 5 mins before we found it) I was playing Stukon and I thought my marines would have had the range to kill it. I was about to try to kill it with a seige tank (had to make one) but my ally who was protoss was able to kill it wit a Psionic Storm. Basically it stopped our ability to push the pair of champions any further until we found it and killed it.LimbsLifted0 Feb 17
Feb 17 Protoss recall visual bug I was playing against a Protoss and I killed his nexus as he was trying to recall. The units stayed the pale blue (like detected Illusions) This caused me to miscalculate a fight as I was thinking some of his carriers were illusions. I sent a series of screen captures to StarcraftBugAttachments@blizzard.comcDgGuildelin2 Feb 17
Feb 17 Coop- Malwarfare- Dehaka's Murvar The initial slow from using the Murvar orbital also affects the Purifier ship when it is moving between points.chesslooter1 Feb 17
Feb 17 Bug during recall Hello, I'm zuka, a french streamer & youtuber on StarCraft 2. I had a weird bug yesterday in a PvT game : Opponent destroyed my nexus who did a recall (during the recall) : My units stayed in a weird state during all the game. You can see that here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXd2ApFSRckzuka1 Feb 17
Feb 17 [Co-op] Nova assault suit skills hoykeys All Nova assault suit skills are bind to key 'S' for the standard hotkey profile.noHope1 Feb 17
Feb 16 Website broken http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/profile/7658983/1/Zabre/ ... http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/ladder/grandmaster/legacy-of-the-void ...Zabre7 Feb 16
Feb 16 AMD Radeon 6770M Issue Hi I have a laptop that has a i7 cpu 2.0Ghz with and amd 6770M gpu and 8gigs ram. everything loads fine, however as soon as I try and play a game or replay the map loads black. I can see my base, the mini map, and my workers but everything else is black. Windows and drivers are all up to date.ExTDRAGON0 Feb 16
Feb 16 Wings of Liberty Bug Hello, I have a bug for Wings of Liberty today and only for character problems and it felt like somebody is taking control of them while playing in Hard thru Brutal Campaign. Have a great week. Walter ChowLewtHo0 Feb 16
Feb 16 Game/World object, tool tips With the release of LOTV the options to hide world and game Tool tips have gone missing.. I'm awere theres a option under observer and replay to hide Game tool tips but that only hide game information while watching a replay.. picture here. https://i.stack.imgur.com/1I7Ts.pngCantrix0 Feb 16
Feb 16 "Mutation Hard" achievement problem The "Mutation Hard" achievement does not show the accurate counts.vabconny0 Feb 16
Feb 15 [bug]Kerrigan is Capped at level 5 [fixed] I have been playing Coop for a while now and i have gotten Kerrigan, Stukov, and Karax to level 15. After completing Malwarfare with Stukov exiting the stat screen showed that i have kerrigan back at level 5, and it says she is capped to level 5 until purchase. anyone having the same issue. the were a few other reports but they were vague so...Spudling1 Feb 15
Feb 15 No way to not autocomplete channel names I was running a competition today and this problem arose. I couldn't enter the channel I was supposed to join because the first time I tried to join, instead of just typing "<TournamentName>" I typed "<TournamentName>SC2" and everytime I tried to join the channel after that, it autocompleted to "<TournamentName>SC2", with no way to avoid the autocomplete. The only workaround was to clear all of the game cache so it could forget I was ever in the wrong channel, so I could enter the right one. Thankfully, no player was affected by it, but it was an unnecessary headache created by an unnecessary feature.SamGamgi1 Feb 15
Feb 15 Fix These UI issues in lobbies, Blizzard Please, get rid of "promote player to lobby host" as the top option. It's incredibly annoying to kick someone, only to have them rejoin and you suddenly have made them lobby host. Also, if I kick someone, make it last at least for a minute or something. So many headaches caused by these UI problems.Timeknight1 Feb 15