Bug Report

Sep 12 Testing:Bug when leaving during countdown I experienced a bug in the testing queue : If my opponent leaves during the countdown at the start of the game, I will not automatically leave the game and I have to manually f10 + surrender to leave it. I don't know if it affects the MMR or not though.Zazar0 Sep 12
Sep 12 Missing zerg unit issues Everything's fine when I look at the hotkeys in the main menu but when I go into a match the lurker den, ravager and sometimes swarm hosts just disappear from the hotkeys and the game.HotHands0 Sep 12
Sep 12 Odin bug in Rifts to Korhal + Alarak bug Tychus's Odin has 85 ground damage, 200 structure damage and 25 air damage. But when you call Odin at Rifts to Korhal, the damage stats are shown as 20/50/20. Rift to Korhal is based on The Reckoning mission from Heart of the Swarm, so I think that the stats of Odin from the mission are shown instead. Similar bug appears in Chain of Ascension, in which the rank of Alarak is shown as challenger, not Highlord. I want those bugs to be fixed soon. Alarak bug does nothing with gameplay, but it irritates me. Doesn't Blizzard concern about small story details? Alarak is not a more challenger anymore.RiNdA0 Sep 12
Sep 12 [Co-op] "Quick Killers" Mutation and Han After player research upgrades for Mira Han's mercenary that grant death effect, "Kill Bots" no longer gain a kill when they kill mercenaries.Prometheus2 Sep 12
Sep 12 Minimap color issue In the color options we are allowed to set which color we want our buildings and units to be on the mini-map. However, with the newest patch, the mini-map color will always present itself as green regardless of what color is selected. The actual game color changes normally. Thanks for the quick fix.Archy0 Sep 12
Sep 12 Starcraft damaged after patch Blizzard installer tells me that the launcher or Starcraft is damaged after update. Reinstall didn’t work.Crusher1 Sep 12
Sep 12 Премиум-карта «Игротеки» — Direct Strike ОПЕРАЦИИ Заказ № 338112371 Премиум-карта «Игротеки» — Direct Strike 5/9/2018 05:21 дата покупки в данный момент зашел в игру и контент исчез, осталась лиш аватарка от покупки в виде новы.Killer1 Sep 12
Sep 12 No puedo jugar Buenas noches. A la hora de crear una partida no me abre el mapa, tanto como en personalizada o en multijugador, ahora me dice que es un error que intente mas tarde, antes me decia ERROR CLIENTSDECACHE_READ_BAD_HASH. ¿Que puedo hacer para solucionarlo?BigMarine0 Sep 12
Sep 12 Tychus commander: Outlaw spawn issue Encountered a bug in the latest patch ( I had two outlaws of four killed and being re-summoned at the bar, and chose a 5th outlaw which removed the option to select another - normal behaviour here I then cancelled the pending 5th outlaw (i clicked the wrong one and wanted to change my choice) and was stuck with four outlaws max, and no option to select a 5thMussels0 Sep 12
Sep 12 Co-Op Tychus Joeyray's Bar Invisible Started a game recently and I could not see Joeyray's bar to create units. My teammate could see it and I could not build where it should have been located. Luckily the bar did become visible after Tychus spawned. I was alt-tabbed while the game was starting and tabbed back in during the animation of it dropping to the ground so maybe that caused the issue?Cabal0 Sep 12
Sep 12 NOVA vs the Choker's Tentacle During DEAD OF NIGHT, if you use NOVA's GRIFFIN TRANSPORT function to try to escape a Choker's Tentacle Attack NOVA will still die. If she is transported within a couple screen lengths, the Choker's Tentacle will extend impossibly long to continue drawing her in until she dies. If she is transported by the GRIFFIN more than a couple screen lengths, she just disappears and dies.Mithreal0 Sep 12
Sep 12 Promotional Content timer reset itself Starcraft II patch 4.6.1 has reset the promotional content timer to another 5 days. https://imgur.com/a/9PERMxe?desktop=1 This is getting sort of ridiculous to have it on there for 5 days, then have it reset again after a patch that was supposed to remove it. Promotional content on the home screen in game is interfering and mixing with background music of the already selected background content. So having "Planets" mixed with "Sweet Home Alabama" is getting old as well.Walmart0 Sep 12
Sep 12 Co-op levels won't end After completing the main objective of the match the level will just keep going, even if your base or the enemies is completely destroyed. Two Possibly linked bug are that on the Ascendant map the Elementals won't spawn, and the objective to kill them doesn't even if show up on the UI until its failed. Also of Cradle of Death the points to move your trucks to finish the sector won't appear after the constructs are destroyed, leading to the timer reaching zero. Both of these secondary bugs both happen in games where the game didn't end. Quiting still awards some XP, but not as much as a normal game does.PixelProf0 Sep 12
Sep 12 Mine evac Miner evacuation seems really glitchy on brutal. Just played it and two incoming forces got stuck and ships got launched/ activated earlier than they should have. neither of us were near the ships. I have the replay if anyone wants it.EvilPanda0 Sep 12
Sep 11 Starcraft 2 won't let me login Starcraft 2 says my version is incompatible with my region(US). I've never had this problem and it won't let me login or tell me how to fix it.[ul][/ul]CptnShtydck0 Sep 11
Sep 11 Joey's Bar Bug New Tycus Commander has a bug. I encountered this bug when my Tycus dies and every other units I had produced (Medic and Firebat Heroes). I was reviving all three of them at once including a 4th Unit (Ghost) that I haven't gotten yet. (In the Production was: Tycus, Firebat, Medic, and the new unit I was going to get is the Ghost). However while doing this I was in a rush and being overwhelmed by the enemy and I remembered I had Odin. So when Tycus came out, I tried to attack them but failed and he died again. As he just died I tried to summon Odin and it brought Odin out and all other heroes after that. Then I tried to see the Bar, it was Empty. (see screenshot) https://imgur.com/a/EvIDy63 I know you might say I might be a lower level, However, I got all 5 heroes in the game before this so I don't see why I couldn't get them after that certain bug. I hope you can recover my replay of this game as I tried to redo this bug but was unable to redo it as I either did it wrong or I forgot about it while in the heat of another game.BesFren0 Sep 11
Sep 11 Unable to accept friend request I have a pending friend request that won't let me accept. Both the battle.net launcher and SC II itself show the pending request, and produce no error message, but ignore the accept. I looked at some other topics but none seem to cover my issue (closest I've seen was if someone had a full friend list, but I only have 2 friends so that can't be it). Tried restarting all the programs, but no go.Derekloffin1 Sep 11
Sep 11 Tychus Co-Op Commander Bug. I can't remember her name, but it's the Medic Outlaw. She's... well, bugged. I haven't played since the last patch, but anyway. She doesn't always follow when I do an attack move. Unlike all other medics who do follow. She just stands in place. Usually to the detriment of herself. It happens on every mission. Also. the 'all gear' upgrade in the list of upgrades for Tychus (1-15.) only seemingly reduces gas costs by 50 not 100 as it suggests on the label.Wings0 Sep 11
Sep 11 Nova Tactical Lift doesn't remove Choker Stun Tychus's Medivac Pickup ability removes the Choker's stun from the recent patch, but the Nova's Tactical Airlift still does not remove the stun from the units. The units are dragged back to the original Choker as if they are still under the stun effect, but without the tentacle attached to them visually.Joot0 Sep 11
Sep 11 Nikara's Procyon Twin Heal Beam Gauntlet Bug The update just earlier today fixed some Nikara ai issues, but the Procyon Twin Heal Beam Gauntlet gear upgrade still is bugged. The bug is described as follows: Without the Procyon Gear, a move command on the ground issued when Nikara is healing a unit will instantly issue a move command. However, when Procyon Gear is researched, a move command on the ground issued when Nikara is healing a unit only cancels the heal; a second move command within ~0.2 s (before Nikara begins healing again) is required to issue the move command. The expected behavior is for Nikara to respond the same to move commands both with and without Procyon Gear. Note 1: The 30 hp/s to 60 hp/s gear upgrade does not change Nikara's move command behavior. It has no effect on the above bug. Note 2: I made sure to close and update SC2 before testing the bug. EDIT: forgot the links to gameplay. https://streamable.com/3l5fm https://streamable.com/p2net Thanks for reading.DrOrgo0 Sep 11
Sep 11 Options reset bug Each time restart the game, the options are permanently reset. I tried reinstalling the game and reinstalling Battle.net. But, continue to option set up game and turn it on, options will be reset. How do I fix it?StarLight4 Sep 11
Sep 11 Not being able to play campaigns I have the full version of the game including the expansions and the nova corps missions but when I go to play them. Legacy of the void for example the next screen where you have the choice to choose the prolog the epilog or the main campaign I click on the main campaign and nothing happens and when it comes to the nova corps missions according to my game I don't even have it. and the wings of liberty and heart of the swarm campaigns don't even work. I would like to know what is causing this and why it hasn't been fixed.Phoenix2 Sep 11
Sep 11 Can't play wings of liberty campaign I have completed the wings of liberty campaign before but now when I go in to play it, all it does is take me to the list of Legacy of the void missions and I can't continue or start a new wings of liberty campaign or play the missions.Gurr1 Sep 11
Sep 11 Voicechat continously muting & unmuting Hello SC2 Team, since to month every time I want to use Blizzard voicechat ingame (SC2) the micro is muting and unmuting (blizzard voicechat) in relation with every click on the game map. I read all the chats here and set all ingame and windows options as requested. But the problem still remains. It is the same problem ingame when playing Heroes of the storm. But my headset and micro work without problems in windows or when using skype chat. It also worked well with blizzard voicechat in the past. Waiting for your feedback. Please check and adivse. Thank you in advance.MAXFACTOR0 Sep 11
Sep 11 [Bug] in Starcraft Tournaments Well , I just found a strange bug, in starcraft tournaments. You have to have a rank for race that you want to play. Well, I chose a Protoss (Diamond 3) then pressed a button "Ready" and then quickly changed my race to the Zerg (Not Ranked) And I took the part in Diamond tournament as a Not Ranked Zerg Just check this screenshots: 1. https://i.paste.pics/01d4a0bd9d0c19fa024d53e0afad63b1.png 2. https://i.paste.pics/30c2447cab3581b2ce7a0e2a2f920d34.png 3. https://i.paste.pics/9aa17d73300d1de2c3d7b96d688988d5.png There you can see my Zerg statistics: 4. https://i.paste.pics/2aba96b32eb6d43baa3fd47914d9e8cd.png P.s I did this again, and took a part in tournament as a not ranked player. Also, sorry for my bad english.MrLazy1 Sep 11
Sep 11 (co-op , team color, Dark-Grey) a couple of patches back in the co-op mode was the color (dark gray), and now it's only in the online mode, I very much like it and want to be returned, where can i ask the developers about this? maybe it's just a mistake, they did not noticeDneprik0 Sep 11
Sep 11 Cannot post in gereral chat I spent 10 minutes typing an opening post in general chat and clicked "post" but the thread didn't appearovergalcian0 Sep 11
Sep 11 nao carrega ao iniciar o jogo aparece uma janela com uma barra que fica carregando eternamentemaureku0 Sep 11
Sep 11 [co-op] cant respawn tychos units i had a game where the tychos player left the game and i was playing as han since it was an easy mission i tryed to solo it but tychos had some serius problems i was able to train 2 "serius" heros and after they died i could not respawn them and i was only able to train upto 5 total that said tychos could respawn if he died game in question "chain of ascension(5)"zyprezz0 Sep 11
Sep 11 [COOP] Cannonball Tooltip error When mousing over the portrait of Cannonball in the Co-op preparation screen, the line "Can attack ground and air units." During Gameplay, Cannonball's tooltip omits the "and air", as he is a melee ground character.Jaltos0 Sep 11
Sep 10 Tab Order, Unit Selection Area Visibility I will submit an attachment with this bug report. 1. Tab Selection Criteria and Order – Burrowed Units, New Units - 1.1 Bug 1 - Burrowed Units have a separate Tab requirement when all other units and buildings in Starcraft are selected by the unit or building type. Burrowed Units should be on the same tab as units that are not burrowed. Control-click should allow you to pick the unit type, not just burrowed units, or unburrowed units. 1.2 Bug 2 - Burrowed Queen is given higher tab selection priority then unburrowed Queen. The Unburrowed Queen should have higher priority. Every other burrowed unit is given secondary priority to the unburrowed unit. The inject larvae, creep tumor, and heal commands should be available to a selection with multiple queens including a burrowed one. 1.3 Bug 3 - The attack command is available for a selection containing the burrowed queen. If the burrowed queen is selected alone, the attack command is not available. The other universal army commands (Move, Halt, Stop, Patrol) are not available by hotkey or on the command card for a selection containing the burrowed queen, and should be if the attack command is available. 1.4 Bug 4 - The "Drop Overlord" with Ventral Sacs upgrade is a different unit then the regular overlord, and should be selectable by a separate tab and be grabbed by a control-click command within the army selection. 2. Unit Selection Area Visibility - 2.1 Bug 5 - Units that have different commands available to them and those that require a separate tab to get to their abilities should be identifiable in the Unit Selection Area in the bottom middle of the screen. 2.2 Bug 5.1 - Burrowed units (especially, in that you have to tab through a burrowed unit currently to get to the unit you want to command) should be differentiable from units that are not burrowed in the Unit Display Area. Currently, you cannot tell the difference between burrowed units and normal units in the display area. 2.2 Bug 5.2 - The Drop Overlord should be visibly differentiable from the regular overlord. Currently you cannot tell the difference between the two in the Display Area. 2.3 Bug 5.3 - The following other units I've noticed have different commands available to them and should be differentiable from their other counterparts in the Unit Display area. 5.3.1 Overseer in Oversight Mode immobile should be differentiable from Overseer 5.3.2 Observer in Oversight Mode immobile should be differentiable from Observer 5.3.3 Widow Mine in Active mode is immobile and armed and should be differentiable from an inactive Widow mine. 3 Burrow Command Global and Burrow Command Specific - Bug 6 - The Burrow and Unburrow commands are universal across all zerg units except the lurker and Swarmhost, which is possibly (likely) preferred, especially the way it is organized now with the multiple tabs to get to the swarmhost. Ordering the Lurker or the Swarmhost to unburrow will not affect the other units. The Burrow Command Specific looks identical to the Burrow Command Global on the command card. They should be identifiable as separate commands on the command card by a different graphic or color, to prevent undesirable unburrow or burrow events.Attachment: The attachment submitted with this bug report on a separate email has a screenshot of a selection of Zerg units, one of each unit with different Tab selection criteria and different command card abilities within the unit selection. A. Burrowed Queen - Tab B. Queen - Tab C. Viper - Tab D. Infestor -Tab E. Burrowed Infestor - Tab F. Ravager - Tab G. Burrowed Ravager - Tab H. Lurker - Tab I. Burrowed - Lurker - Tab J. Ultralisk - Tab K. Burrowed Ultralisk - Tab L. Swarm Host - Tab M. Burrowed Swarm Host - Tab N. Corruptor - Tab O. Baneling - Tab P. Burrowed Baneling - Tab Q. Roach - Tab R. Burrowed Roach - Tab S. Broodlord – Tab T. Overseer in Oversight Mode – Leftmost Overseer U. Overseer – Tab V. Droplord - NOT A TAB?! - Leftmost Overlord. W. Overlord - Tab X. Hydralisk - Tab Y. Burrowed Hydralisk - Tab Z. Zergling - Tab a. Burrowed Zergling - TabMrMojoRisin3 Sep 10
Sep 10 Problems with latest patch I play on a Mac Laptop and am having major technical problems with the latest patch. When I play as Tychus, sometimes the mouse cursor will disappear and my F1 and F2 keys stop working. Is that something a maintenance period would fix?Deadlypen0 Sep 10
Sep 10 clientsidecache_read_bad_hash disculpen pero esto me sale cuando quiero jugar en coop o multijugador que hago???Feller0 Sep 10
Sep 10 Dark Grey Color Gone? Hi, Not sure if it's bug but the Light Grey color from the selection is gone. Could we bring it back?Aquos0 Sep 10
Sep 10 [Co-op] Mastery Levels are stuck at 90. Hi there, It seems my mastery level has been reset to 90. Not sure if this is a bug or not but previously I was around level 130-135. Edit: Nevermind it seems it came back.Aquos0 Sep 10
Sep 10 [Co-op] Odin was dropped at base Replay: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1W3ux7EKhlE_mWJnufrbMH4JOS6KrsvQy Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/f6gxLnD Timestamp as in the screenshots. I called down the Odin on top of the Tower in the screenshot. But, the Odin somehow was dropped in my base instead.Syltom0 Sep 10
Sep 10 Total Games Played When I view my account from the us.battle.net site it says i have played 7984 total games played When I view my account from SC2 client it says I have played 7937 games I want to be able to see whatever's being discluded on my sc2 profile tooDEVIN0 Sep 10
Sep 10 [Co-op] Sirius' Missle can't attack Towers Replay: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1h7jHYoAsk-fBJ9iydGyEWqDoP_79PuiY The Towers in Malwarfare can be targeted by anti-air attacks. However, Tychus' buddy, Sirius the Warhound's Missiles can't attack the Towers.Syltom1 Sep 10
Sep 10 Odin's Explosions Don't Stop I was playing the Malwarfare mission as and when I dropped the odin to fight at the final terminal, everything went normally. However, when I went to use the odin's ability (I'm not level 15 yet), it went off, and yet, after it stopped, the explosions didn't. I'm not sure what caused it, and I'm fairly certain the odin didn't die, but the explosions just kept going. I'm fairly certain they were just aesthetic as well, not actually causing any damage to enemies. This is minor, and doesn't cause any functional issues, just a little visual and audio thing.RavenFealsBy1 Sep 10
Sep 9 Players being elected not to join lobbies problem. Patch 3.19.1 Today recently after the newest patch, I've noticed several players having the same issue when trying to join a public arcade lobby. They'll continue to get "[This Player] has elected not to join lobby". After countless tries, they still fail to join the lobby. It's not a rare occurrence, it's actually happened to around 20 players I've met so far. If anyone else is having these issues, I'd suggest reporting it. Even though I can join arcade lobbies fine, I just wanted to speak out for the ones who aren't.Formicidae3 Sep 9
Sep 9 Alarak Forge keybind bug after patch For some reason after the patch the keybinds for the first level of upgrades in Alarak's forge revert to default binds when in a game. It is only the first level, after I click one of the upgrades it immediately shows the correct keybind I've set for level 2. If I cancel the upgrade it reverts back to the default immediately.Porphyra0 Sep 9
Sep 9 [Co-Op] Miner Evacuation - Tychus I don’t have a picture or video of this but in the new commander, Tychus, when you have Lt. Layna Nikara with the duel healing upgrade on. You could heal the Miner ships while she’s healing other units and it will continue even after she finishes healing your units. Healed the ship to full health from 34 hit points.Aroidi0 Sep 9
Sep 9 Unchecks "Continuous music", music still on I uncheck the Continuous music option and CTRL-ESC to windows. Game music is still on. Windows 10 SC2 Lotv, all the latest updates RealTek v. Sep 9
Sep 9 4 Nikara's Hello there, this is the first time I'm using the forum to send a bug report. It would be helpful to have a "REPORT BUG" button in-game (if there is, sorry, I couldn't find it). I was playing a coop match with Fenix and my partner had Tychus, he had to leave and that left me controlling his units. Since it was early in the game, I decided to try it out. Turns out, I was able to "buy" Nikara more than once, 4 times actually. That left me with a fleet of carriers and healers. My understanding is that each outlaw should be available only once per match. So, there it is. Thanks in advance for your time. =]Zarathos2 Sep 9
Sep 9 Main menu bug, 2 song overlap,Enter lobby bug 1. Main menu bug When someone invites you to a lobby, like David in the screenshot, when you are downloading the data, and he cancel's it during download, you will get stuck in "Entering Lobby". I waited over 10 minutes, thus I assume a restart can fix it. https://imgur.com/a/ufdnMDi Workaround: Restart SC2. 2. Music overlapping... When you go to custom game menu, song changes, no overlapping song, but when you go back to tychus main menu, the 2 songs play together, making it weird. Video: nvm SC anticheat???... blocks video... Workaround: Restart SC2GarenOnly0 Sep 9
Sep 9 I think there is an error with Stukov I think this is an error with Stukov, but the infested marines can not get all the way across the map when spawned from a bunker. I mean maybe it is purposeful but I doubt it, or die just when they get there immediately depending on distance. I would suggest about another 10 seconds of spawn life so they can be used when they get there or so they can make it across. Maybe even 15 seconds to kind of match the main spawner of infested civilians.esoteric3 Sep 9
Sep 9 wont load campaign mode..? game wont load the campaign mode, just co-op and melee and custom. wanted to replay... any of the campaigns, but specifically the Liberty campaign to get the achievements for above casual difficult and what not. can't load any of them. and it says I haven't beat Nova missions, and I know I have. several times....esoteric1 Sep 9
Sep 9 [Co-op] Abathur's Toxic Nests Bug After reaching the 3rd level on Abathur, the player gains an upgrade that makes Toxic Nests impossible to target by enemy units. Actually Toxic Nests can be targeted while they are spawning. Meanwhile, they cannot be targeted when they are re-spawning after detonation. Toxic Nests still take damage from AoE spells and attacks. Is it OK?Prometheus1 Sep 9
Sep 9 I dont know what happened bug Me and a friend were playing the co-op mutation. I had already beaten it this week. The mutation was "Get Out More" on Dead of Night. Mutators were Imminent Domain, Mineral Shields and Self Destruction. I was Nova and my friend was Tychus. We saved one structure at the end for after dark killed the bonus and then quickly killed the last structure. and beat it. I got credit for the win and he did not. In my match history it says win and in results both players were listed as me. In His match history it counted the same game as a loss and listed me as the only player. It was really upsetting. It was like he Disconnected right at the end but he did not disconnect. I still had him in the party and on comms. He did not DC and in fact it showed victory on his screen he left the game and then it showed as a loss in match history. No way to change what happened but I am reporting this so that hopefully we can stop it from happening to other players.CptPoopypnts0 Sep 9
Sep 9 Coop Map Selection Cradle of Death shows up twice in the map selection.Xombie0 Sep 9