Bug Report

Nov 27 Nova Covert Ops - Missing Gear Replaying a mission in Nova: Covert Ops campaign without finding bonus gear will force the previously obtained gear to disappear. Screenshot #1: https://yadi.sk/i/IlF1twpPLcpp3g Here I've completed the In the Enemy's Shadow mission on Brutal difficulty with a full completion, collecting all pieces of wargear, and later replayed it on Hard diffuclty to get the mastery achievement. Screenshot #2: https://yadi.sk/i/skmRTkO24Rbe7w Almost the same. The difference is that the completion on the Hard diffuclty somehow someway is not registered here. Screenshot #3: https://yadi.sk/i/_GVMtC0iX-ceng The prooving screenshot. The "missing" wargear is currently equipped on a Battlecruiser. Both missions were replayed from the archives. Meta Info: Client Version: Region: EU OS: Windows 7 SP1 Favorite Co-op Hero: Fenix P.S. I'm attaching saves from the moment bug appeared to the moment i've found it. P.P.S. The archieve with all the data is available via link below AND was sent to StarcraftBugAttachments@blizzard.com as well. https://yadi.sk/d/FuK30FWNhO_UEAHares0 Nov 27
Nov 27 slow harddrive=drop here is the problem: the game is unable to load fast enough when running from a slow harddrive, like the one in a toshiba qosmio(as a result it drops). i transferred it to an external usb 3 harddrive which is much faster and there it works. this issue should be fixed by optimising the game`s files.andreasasp1 Nov 27
Nov 27 lag of selection with my mouse Hi, I would like to report a problem of lag of selection when I try to select my unit with my mouse after the click. This is something specific to the game because I don't have this issue when I am in the MacOS. I use the last version of MacOS and the mouse steelseries sensei raw. Thank you in advance for your help, best regards,Nonoxide0 Nov 27
Nov 27 Ascension Achievement problem in co-op. So why I reach the ascension level but I don't get any achievement point in ascension section.SmallMouse4 Nov 27
Nov 27 Did not receive achievement for Ascension 900 I reach ascension 914 on coop, but I did not receive my achievement for Ascension 900.Thewhite0 Nov 27
Nov 27 Coop Erro Elevacao de Nivel Algumas vezes apos o nível 90, e necessário atingir mais de uma vez 200 000 de xp para subir um nível. Isto mesmo atingindo 200 000 de xp o nivel nao e alterado, sendo necessário jogar novamente ate atigir mais 200 000 de xp para subir o nivel.Jabbutti2 Nov 27
Nov 27 Karax + Zeratul bugs: Monoliths, Robo Bay I stumbled upon some minor bugs while playing as Karax with a Zeratul! First, Zeratul’s Tesseract Monoliths can’t be targeted by Karax’s Energizers’ Chrono Beam. Not sure if that’s intentional, and it simply says "Error" on the screen if I try to do it manually, but it’s unclear to me why not! Second, Karax’s Robotics Bay actually shows icons for two of Zeratul’s Artifacts Enhancements, at least when playing with a Zeratul. Both of these should be quite simple to reproduce, but I'm happy to provide screenshots if that's difficult to do for some reason!Benjamin0 Nov 27
Nov 27 Co op Was ist da los 700 P. kein Erfolg angezeigt ????????Hagen0 Nov 27
Nov 27 CO-OP Miner Evacuation I was playing a game with a random player, we were dominating the infested at the last ship. I was playing as Artanis and the other as Karax. I had an massed army of Dragoons, Immortals and Tempists, I was able to spawn kill wave after wave of enemies while he was deploying walls of cannons. suddenly the other ships that were not active, were being attacked and destroyed. even though there was no alert that they would be, the infested bases that were "guarding" the ships became hostile to them. Is it possible to upload the replay or anything?Kord0 Nov 27
Nov 27 Hatchary Lair Hive Give me answer Blizzard!!!! Why is it still bugged?!!!!!Rico0 Nov 27
Nov 27 Spine/Spore Crawler Burrow/unburrow button in Grid Hotkey mode are on 1. and 2. place from left!!!!! They should be as for units last 2 buttons! Its same abilitie!Rico0 Nov 27
Nov 27 LEAGUE AND MMR MISMATCH I have an issue with my MMR on my second account. I've just played a raking match for the current season, and my MMR has stayed roughly the same at around 3300. However, I am placed in Gold League. When I look at the profile summary page, it shows that I am in Platinum 1 (now, after a loss, high platinum 2) But the league I'm shown in is Gold. When I look at the ladder, other players in the league have much lower MMR than me, and I am consistently being matched against platinum and diamond players. Is there any reason why my MMR does not match my league?Exercitus2 Nov 27
Nov 27 Achievement Mastery 300 was skipped Hello Debugging team, I have an achievement issue I hope you can help me with. I have surpassed level 300 in co-op mastery, and I never received the mastery 300 achievement for it - neither the achievement point, the emoticons, anything related to it. I achieved mastery level 300 at the same time I finished all the Zeratul achievements. So I achieved the "Have a Portable Charger?", and "Prophecy Fulfilled" achievement for Zeratul at the same time, but then never got the mastery 300 achievement that I reached from finishing the same game. I would believe this issue has to do with Zeratul somehow? Please look into my account for this bug. I am upset that it had skipped my achievement for it, and for now being level 301+, I feel like it will never be unlocked unless I tell you. Also, this has been an issue for a while - please fix the portrait bug. I could not enter your forums because I was using a special sc2 portrait, there is a bug that prevents us from logging in with special portraits. I had to change my portrait to a default to be able to get in here. Please fix this, it has been an issue for many years. Thanks, LexLeXteR1 Nov 27
Nov 26 Campaign Achievement Display Bug I'm working on my Heart of the Swarm Brutal playthrough and found a display bug on the Achievement Screen. I'm 16 missions deep in the campaign, and I correctly have the Brutal 15 achievement, but the progress bar underneath says 70/70 progress toward the Brutal 20 Achievement. Earlier today, it said 5000/5000 which I thought was hilarious, but I couldn't get a screencap of it. I do have a screencap of the 70/70 though: https://imgur.com/a/ZjUe8FJTheLordGersh2 Nov 26
Nov 26 Save Failed Campaign 2018 I can't save when playing any of the campaigns, or any of the missions. I've not tested Co-op as I don't have an available person to play with. In the single player Campaigns all saves fail whether they be auto or forced. I thought it was just a Legacy of the Void issue, but checked everything I could before making this to be as accurate as possible. I've searched through the forums and tried doing what others have said to solve similar failed save issues but I haven't had any success.ChozoSpawn3 Nov 26
Nov 26 Not Getting Co-op Ascension Achievement I've reached level 150 ascension (151 actually) and I still haven't earned the achievement for it. Using a Mac in NA. Thanks.KingDime3 Nov 26
Nov 26 Coop achievement hierarchy bug Hallo, i recently reached the coop-achievement "hierarchy stage 350". Sadly it wasnt counted/ didnt show up as achieved. Can you plz set this in my profile (EU)? Thank you JimiJimi0 Nov 26
Nov 26 Ascension level 600 Achievement broke Last night I hit 600, but the achievement never popped, and I haven't gotten my little (a600) emoji yet. I'm 602 now and it still hasn't popped. Anyone see something like this? Screenshots: https://i.imgur.com/Wl3wfIO.jpg https://i.imgur.com/DjOlihM.jpgTheKabutoKid4 Nov 26
Nov 26 Zeratul Prophetic Vision bug Just did The Vermillion Problem and second artifact fragment would never appear. Prophetic vision pinged the center platform but the vision was elsewhere on the map. I check both areas, I could even see zeratul standing in the vision and fragment never appeared. I checked the entire central platform that the ping was showing and it never appeared there either. I have a bad feeling the fragment was destroyed by the rising lava and it borked it from then on.Hunterxy0 Nov 26
Nov 26 Ascension Not working Ascension achievements for Co Op are not counting for me even though i am currently level 98 now. Is there a current fix being worked on?Loch0 Nov 26
Nov 26 Windows taskbar stay visible on windowed mode Windows taskbar stay visible on windowed mode (fullscreen), so in game impossible to scroll down the map. Diablo III haven't this problem.Torvald5 Nov 26
Nov 26 Achievement bug [co-op] Region: US Date/Time: 11/23/2018 – 7:55pm Eastern Standard Time. Having a problem with my achievements being unable to unlock 2. The 1st is the ascension lvl 700 never unlocked when I hit it, tried restarting and playing an extra game but it never came up (picture proof provided to the attachment bug submission e-mail) The 2nd is Zeratul 500 devolved units in 1 match, I have no proof of this but I am 100% sure I did it twice on dead of night, it just doesn't come up.ParagonHope2 Nov 26
Nov 26 Zeratul Broken zeratul broken how so well in 2 ways 1. shard is all over the place and 1/3rd the time usually in an inaccessible place. ex.platform in space cant blink 2 cant even fly to it but the little map thingy swears its out there 2.twice now my ally spawns cannons and splits me and all my units get slaughtered (second time they laughed at it as they did it on purpose) come on guys this was poo planning and making on zeratul. im very let down he is a fav character in the game very focal point and you slaughtered his makingiHADtoRENAME7 Nov 26
Nov 26 Parts and Parcel Game Break Was just playing the co-op map Parts and Parcel with Zegara and Zeratul, when we were waiting for the final hybrid to start attacking after it's first invulnerability sequence, it (the hybrid) turned 180 degrees and left north on the map, completely disappearing, making the mission unfinishable. Question is, is this a one-off wtf moment, or have anyone else had this game breaking bug pop up?Glitch2 Nov 26
Nov 25 Lost all progress I've lost all progress in SC2 since yesterday (COOP, Campaign and so on). Ive bought and lvled all chars in COOP. Done all Campaigns. Now its all gone? Feels bad man. Why? How?Sinkadus2 Nov 25
Nov 25 german patch notes 4.7.1 translate fail posting in the other forum doesn't result in anything https://eu.battle.net/forums/de/sc2/topic/17624583787 Please change "verringert" to "erhöht". ...EberleMs0 Nov 25
Nov 25 Zeratul Mission 3 has Khaydarin Amulet The third Zeratul mission in the Wings of Liberty campaign has the Khaydarin Amulet upgrade researchable from the Templar Archives. https://i.imgur.com/TOQzdLp.jpg While useful, I don't believe this is intended. This is the only upgrade like this I noticed in the Zeratul missions, and the upgrade is not available in the second or fourth missions which also have the Archives.DrakeyC0 Nov 25
Nov 25 Not all team options available Since the patch, 4v4 team option isn't available at startup. Have to play another match before it is visible.duggy0 Nov 25
Nov 25 Nova ghosts priority After update the priority of the ghost became lower than the priority of all other units (marines, maraders, etc.). Its bug because there is no information about this change in any update. Fix plz.INeverLose1 Nov 25
Nov 25 [Bug] Tooltip playing as fenix While playing as Fenix in a co-op game (partner was Dehaka, and mission was Mist Opportunities) in the research options of the Robotics Bay I have tool-tips for upgrades Zeratul has. They are gray and cannot be selected. Did not affect gameplay. Thank you, have a good day.MegaMasher0 Nov 25
Nov 24 Inconsistent Cyclone Behavior When you want to queue an attack command after the lock-on ability the cyclone's behavior differs depending on whether you queued it before the ability engaged or after the ability engaged. When you queue it before the ability engages the cyclones will move toward the attacked unit before killing the locked-on unit. When you queue it after the ability engages the cyclones will only start moving towards the queued unit after they kill the locked-on unit. Additionally, when the attacked unit is a carrier, in the first scenario they will attack the carrier but in the second scenario they will attack the interceptors.Iconoclast0 Nov 24
Nov 24 Yamato Cannon bug. YC gets cancelled if the target goes out of range while casting.MyOhMind1 Nov 24
Nov 24 Vermillion Problem - no game end I played a random co-op which turned out to be 'The Vemillion Problem'. I played as Tychus and my partner played as Zeratul. We completed the mission objective, and the game acknowledged that the objective was met, but the game did not end and the victory screen did not appear. Please address this - it's really unfair to have to quit and "lose" after earning victory.Breathofire1 Nov 24
Nov 24 Bliz you messed up EU 2v2 again https://imgur.com/a/ViTJLld http://www.rankedftw.com/stats/leagues/random-2v2/#v=2&r=0&sx=a mmr for master 2v2 is 2000 it seems, just like last season... again plz fixEZcheezy0 Nov 24
Nov 24 Game Error I was trying to get the achievement for 15 Win streak 3v3 Elite AI several times. Each time I manage to get until 6 or something, then I got an error message that reset my progress to 0. Can you imagine I get that error message several times? Can you imagine how much did I waste my time to get that achievement? This is so frustrating. Fix this!!zaki0 Nov 24
Nov 24 Edited map freezes editor So I was making a new map with the editor for quite a while. At some point my editor kept freezing but now I can't even open my map data. I tried this repairtool thing and reinstalled too. Antivirus or firewall isn't in the way either and drivers are up to date. My specs are the following: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1 AMD FX-4300 8,00GB DDR3 2047 MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 I have dropbox-links here where I have the map and a screenshot(I'm german sorry). https://www.dropbox.com/s/9l5qzb2zglox8zt/Freeze.bmp?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/r8z5sv0s9rx02xe/Winters%20Tribute.SC2Map?dl=0 Can anyone confirm that they can or cannot open the map? I really like this editor and I'm only getting startet so it would be sad to stop because of this.GamerCool1 Nov 24
Nov 24 Scythe of Amon-no game end Playing as zeratul with (pub) nova teammate, played Scythe of Amon map on hard. We killed all 5 void crystals and got the bonus objective, but the missions success didn't trigger until my teammate left the game (and then did immediately). It was from about 9:00 to 9:20 pm est, november 23. Can provide replay.SomeGuy0 Nov 24
Nov 23 Hydralisk Weapon Speed Hydralisk melee weapon is faster than the Hydralisk ranged weapon. ... ... ... now reward me with what fields to change in the editor so i can have disruptors explode on contact with units.FreezingRain0 Nov 23
Nov 23 Improve consistency: Creep Tumor multiselect I think I've waited too long when posting earlier and the thread didn't work, or does it go to approval? Anyway trying again. Creep tumor place ability across SC2 does not have multiselect support like other abilities. I think at least for 3 years this was on my mind and nobody noticed enough so I finally reported it here now. So: 1. First the ability should have a numerical indication of how many creep tumors with the available ability are selected, just like the number of larvas when selecting the HQ, minus the creep tumors that have it's ability on cooldown ofcourse. 2. Second the max range radius decals of ALL the selected creep tumors should be shown on the terrain, individually disappearing once the ability of that creep tumor was used. Currently no range is being shown when multiselected.Ferizadon0 Nov 23
Nov 23 Game breaking Zeratul Artifact bug In my most recent game, my second artifact piece appeared over an object (impassable terrain). None of my units, including air units, were able to pick it up. I was able to see it, but not interact with it.Freakazoid0 Nov 23
Nov 23 mouse frozen while in full screen mouse is frozen once I get into full screen. please help. works ok once I get into windowed mode. seems to be a new issue. using mojave, could that be a problem?guteusa0 Nov 23
Nov 23 Wrong patch notes sorting on website When you click the "show all patch notes" link in the Blizzard app it goes to http://eu.battle.net/sc2/en/game/patch-notes/ which has a problem where it sorts the patch notes wrong because it thinks 3.8 > 3.11Stan4 Nov 23
Nov 23 In-game help menu: Burrow listed many times For the SC2 in-game help menu, under "Void Multiplayer -> Zerg Units," several units have the Burrow ability listed multiple times under their abilities list.Psychonaut0 Nov 23
Nov 23 Cant join or be invited to clan The join clan button is greyed out to me and i cannot be invited to a clan either. Hoping to find a solution to this problem.Sinon0 Nov 23
Nov 22 Wrong Ranklist placement I am trying to leave a 2x2 Ranklist that I am playing with a friend. I am always set in a Master Ranklist even with a low (2000) MMR. How can I fix it?BrThome0 Nov 22
Nov 22 [BUG] Zeratul's Xel'Naga Fragment Unreachable I forgot to screenshot it, but the Xel'Naga Artifact spawned inside of one of Aurana's platforms on Malwarfare. None of my units, including a Void Array, could reach it. I had to use a secondary bug of a regular Dark Templar's blink to get inside the platform.TGMrFlibbles1 Nov 22
Nov 22 Coop- Zeretul: Mission Malware Second part of the artifact spawned right middle of Aurana's second terminal. Zeretul couldn't able to reach it to harvest it and any flying units also did not harvested it which made tier 2 imposible for me (Game was normal difficulty so it did not matter but still a big problem.) Well for things like this i would suggest that revaled artifacts should be 'harvested' by any player controlled units...TuckerOnat0 Nov 22
Nov 22 League promote bug Hey guys, how can i reach master league in 2x2? It shows that maximum mmr of diamond 1 is 4200, but when we've reached over 4200 it shows 0 and does not promote to master. Wtf? SERVER - EUOvermind0 Nov 22
Nov 22 league promotion bug Hey guys, how can i reach master league in 2x2? It shows that maximum mmr of diamond 1 is 4200, but when we've reached over 4200 it shows 0 and does not promote to master. Wtf?Roundabout0 Nov 22
Nov 22 Crash to desktop without error Nova campaign my game last year started crashing after minutes to desktop and until today I could not fix it. see this problem after playing her campaign, yesterday I entered the game and played normally without any problem until I decided to play the Nova campaign and it was not working, closed and opened the game and her campaign ran but the error of closing the game alone came back, I believe something between the error and this campaign is relatedMarshall1 Nov 22