Bug Report

May 22 Double vote bug So, if you upvote a post then downvote it again, that registers as two downvotes from you. Similariy, if you upvote, then downvote, then upvote again then you just gave somebody two likes. This should probably be fixed as leaving it in prevents an accurate representation.Oxstar0 May 22
May 22 into the void issues im haveing issues with into the void. i beat legacy of the void and cant go to into the void. please help if you canSidgas0 May 22
May 22 Catch Me If You Can Achievement Not Awarded I finished "In the Enemy's Shadow" in 3:56 according to the mission selection screen yet I was not awarded the "Catch Me If You Can" Achievement. I played it from the Master archive but I've never seen an achievement not work from there before.DiamondDave4 May 22
May 22 Siege Tank won't finish building. I was playing a ranked ladder game and after having built 2 siege tanks the third tank started building and when the progress bar finished it didn't pop out of the factory and the progress bar stayed stuck at finished. When I noticed I cancelled the stuck tank and started a new one. This one got stuck as well in the same exact manner. At this point I gave up and switched into widow mines. I was playing against a protoss so it was not an overseer.Blitzed4 May 22
May 21 The problem with sc2 profile The authorization on the battle.net website is normal. Credentials smolko72@hotmail.com. On this site I switch to Starcraft 2 and get to the new game site: https://starcraft2.com/ru-ru/ At the same time, authorization occurs automatically and I see my nickname in the upper right corner: Ukko. And just below, also Ukko PROFILE button. However, if I click on the PROFILE button, it sends me to the address: http://eu.battle.net/sc2/ru/profile/9659989/2/Ukko/ where I get a message in Russian "Something in the eye hit me. It seems that the site has a small problem. Probably will shake first, and then we'll all explode. Error number: C3ZI3 " At the same time it looks rather strange "ru" in the address, whereas the Russian region has long been canceled. At the same time, my profile still exists at the old address: http://eu.battle.net/sc2/en/profile/575885/1/Ukko/ But on this page I can not log in anymore. The profile is current. If I change my portrait in the game, it will also change in this profile. The history of games in it is also relevant. But you can not autorization in to this page. Also, since the beginning of this problem (with the start of a new, second season of 2018), and the site http://www.rankedftw.com/ has ceased to update information on my account. I opened the support tiket EU62072387 and received advice to write on this forum. Support for the game can not solve this problem for its part. I have a similar problem with the second account. I'll write about her in a comment. UPD: I deleted the cookies.Ukko0 May 21
May 21 Archon Bug We played Archon and get into 2v2 match(yes, 2v2 surely). We thought we press the wrong bottom but my match history showed that it was Archon loss.Rigeletto1 May 21
May 21 Ventana Emergente Existe un problema a la hora de estar jugando contra IA y estando inscrito a un torneo, cuando la maquina lanza el mensaje de gg, la ventana de torneo impide aceptar el GG eso cuando esta apunto de empezar el torneo que lanza una ventana emergente, por ende no queda mas que retirarse de la partida perdiendo porque no se puede acceder a la otra ventana de ggAlienbrainSR0 May 21
May 20 When i switch hotkeys from my custom keys When i switch hotkeys from my custom keys to standard profile back to my custom keys it messes with my hotkeys and unbinds some too.DEVIN0 May 20
May 20 [Bug] Not getting credit for WOL 25 Hard My game isn't showing that I achieved beating 25 missions in Wings of Liberty on hard difficulty. I even started a new campaign and played only Hard for every mission, and I'm still not getting credit. Please let me know if there's any other information I can provide. Thank you.SuperSaiyoon1 May 20
May 20 Can't view profile. "ERROR" Happens a lot. https://i.imgur.com/P87sIKi.gifvLyganesh2 May 20
May 20 Tournament Loss Before Game Started 5/20 I won my tourney, but it displayed a message that I had lost prior to the match starting. I was alt+tabbed before the match began, but I subsequently won the match but the tournament bracket still displayed my lossPentagonal0 May 20
May 20 BLZBNTBG800000011 unable login battle net Login on Battle.Net Issue. BLZBNTBG800000011 - Keep presist! when can be solves?Takoyaki0 May 20
May 20 Covert Ops Battlecruiser Texture Overridden Covert Ops Battlecruiser Texture Overridden With the skins introduced in the latest patch, the existing texture for the different model battlecruiser in the Nova Covert Ops Missions was overridden by the texture used by the new one (the War Chest unlock skin). A quick check in the editor reveals they used the same file name, and override the other unique texture used by a different model.Nolanstar6 May 20
May 20 Multiplayer ranked data presentation error Description: EU Region login. A) By clicking in Multiplayer on my league Rank badge 1v1 or 2v2 as a Terran, the devision does not show my MMR ("0") and selects/shows a different player (mostly two rows below my character) in the overview. B) By clicking in Multiplayer on my Rank 1v1 as a Protoss, the devision I am in shows my MMR but selects/shows a different player (mostly one or two rows below my name/character) as selected in the overview. Multiplayer ranked 1v1 and 2v2 as Zerg and Random as well as 3v3 and 4v4 seems unaffected. Steps for A) and B): 1) Login to the EU region 2) Select Multiplayer Ranked 1v1 3) Select/iterate the races 4) Click the league badge 5) Check the ladder devision overview for this account 6) Iterate between all races including Random ( 3)) and all Multiplayer modes (1v1 to 4v4 - 2)) An email with a screenshot attachment was send.propagare15 May 20
May 19 Unable to pl;ay co op Unable to pl;ay co op games because not every thing is loaded proeprly so that you can see and choos 1, 2 3, Unable to pl;ay co op games because not every thing is loaded proeprly so that you can see and choos 1, 2 3, or 4 vs 1,2,3,4 players.or 4 vs 1,2,3,4 players.Armorcladed0 May 19
May 19 FPS drops hard from 170 to 7 Issue on StarCraft 2, when I start up a game less than 10 seconds in my fps goes from 170ish to 7fps... makes the game freeze for a second, then goes back to normal, then less that 20 seconds later it does it again, 170fps down to 7fps. Was happening before last year but then it was fixed, now recently it started up again. on my MSI afterburner program I'm holding a steady 2100Mhz for GPU Clock and 4608MHz for Mem Clock. when that fps drop happens my GPU Clock drops to 139MHz and the Mem Clock drops to 405Mhz. I loaded up Destiny 2 to test it out, no issues on that game, so I'm thinking its something to do with a new patch released on SC2? Could someone help me out please or let me know if I am not the only one having this issue! Id upload a video showing exactly what happens but I don't know how to upload a video on here lolWarriorbaha0 May 19
May 19 Sc2 Tournament bug so I was in the semi finals for a masters tournament and it randomly eliminated me because my opponent was not online... ??? I made sure I was ready and even waited a solid 20 minutes only to be eliminated without even playing a game.. haha I know its not a huge deal but its still annoying.Ryu3 May 19
May 18 Versus + Elite AI: no achievements Eu region Not getting any achievements in Versus + Elite AI section. I'm also not getting any credits when I play custom 2v2 Kin/Elite AI, 3v3 Kin/Elite AI with allies against AI opponents (Elite). I create a game and set-up the AI, but no achievements are awarded at the conclusion of the game. No "Wins streaks" (neither 2v2/3v3). No "Versus AI Coverage: Elite".propagare0 May 18
May 18 Stats encoutners bug on Redshift Hi Blizzard. Here is a video of Stats playing on 16 bit (correction, I don't think it's Redshift). He encounters this weird bug when he is playing: https://clips.twitch.tv/AltruisticNiceSquirrelRlyTho Please fix the bug before the next WCS or GSL startsgadwin0 May 18
May 18 GAME HANGs ON QUIT Patch The game hangs every time I close it. I waited for it to close but it doesn't close until I kill sc2.exe from task manager. That's happening only recently, probably after last patch. The same problem happens if alt-tab out of the game. When I return the game hangs. That doesn't happen if I haven't played a game - then I can alt-tab as much as I want. But if I played (or started) at least one game the game hangs on alt-tab Windows 7 pro,i7 2600, 3.4GHz, 24 GB RAM, usually more than 7-8 GB is free. Phy GTX680 .NickSoft9 May 18
May 18 LOTV Not Enabling Epilogue I beat the main campaign in LOTV, but it would never save my progress properly. If I clicked "Continue," it would always start me at The Spear of Adun. However, if I loaded my last campaign auto-save, it would happily resume where I left off. I didn't really mind this inconvenience, except now that I've beaten the game, it won't let me play the Epilogue. Is there any way to unlock the Epilogue now? I have the achievement for beating the campaign.WiseBeardMan0 May 18
May 18 MMR not working correctly? When I play against some people, the MMR shown on the victory screen doesn't match their profile, even if they are not offracing, which doesn't give good MMR if I win or it's not as even and I lose easliy. Seems like a lose-lose situation. Screencaptures: https://imgur.com/a/rLzorHASvile0 May 18
May 17 Darkness Sanctuary LE (Archon Bug) Hello Map:Darkness Sanctuary LE Mode:Archon 2v2 Symptoms: Game load like classic 2v2 with 2 bases per team, instead of 1 base per team. Happened 100% of time with this map. PS: it happen on ladderChelios0 May 17
May 17 High Ground Bug on Darkness Sanctuary On one of the high ground spots connected to the natural a unit moving down the ramp going towards the middle of the map was able to provide vision of the high ground. A link below shows the issue. https://g.redditmedia.com/unXGqkAEdhNmu5VsCPKb4_8ogvO9ivkTJy9nUBNLzyc.gif?fm=mp4&mp4-fragmented=false&s=0e69bc21b3c902180ff1d0c50901373cDiggiey0 May 17
May 17 Unable to use CO-OP commanders Hi Blizzard support, I just bought Legacy of the Void today but i still cant seem to use the 4 commanders Co-Op. Zagara, Swann, Karax, Vorazun. Can you kindly get back to me on this as soon as possible. Ty :)ShawnBushido1 May 17
May 17 Banks Not Being Read for Arcade. Dear Blizzard, Thanks for putting out a patch with new content today. I'm sure all the ladder players appreciate the new pay to play coop commander. For those of us focusing on custom/arcade games, especially as developers, it can be quite frustrating to jump in to the game and immediately get inundated with complaints from community members that "My bank has been reset!". Naturally after a bit of looking into this it was in fact the new patch that has caused an error where SC2 is no longer recognizing certain bank files. This is most prevelent in the game Undead Assault Chronicles, but has been reported in a few others as well. I understand you folks are working hard to ensure that people can be milked of more cash through micro-transactions on commanders and coop play. And I'm really glad to have gotten all those nice portraits of people I don't know or care about. You know what would make me really really happy though? A little bit of communication with your development community. When a patch comes out that literally breaks an entire game, and the development team gets caught with our pants down because not only did we not have access to any testing opportunities, but there is zero communication between developers and Blizzard staff, it's an issue. If you have any interest in coming up with an actual solution to the systemic problem, please feel free to contact me, or respond here. I'm always in favor of productive and constructive discussion. I just know better than to expect it by now. Thanks, MalikavMalikav11 May 17
May 16 I'm a bug. [Line6 POD GX] I have a Line 6 POD GX audio interface. Occasionally it dies, I lose sound and I have to restart my PC because nothing else helps. This problem has existed for years. I've tried everything that was suggested on the internet. When it dies while I'm playing Co-Op, the mission bugs out and it won't finish. It happened twice already. First time it was the Malwarfare mission. My teammate told me that he also lost sound. We finished the mission but it didn't end. We had to quit. Second time it was the Void Launch mission. My teammate said that his sound was fine. We finished the mission but the last science vessel didn't launch and we had to quit. So, apparently, I'm a bug. Sorry.Iconoclast4 May 16
May 16 co-op cloaked units when playing co-op missions my cloaked units are always able to be attacked even when the enemy has no detectors around, is this a bug or just and in game mechanic?Darkprince1 May 16
May 16 Flickering shadows of certain objects This problem has been solved, improper video driver configuration was the cause. Please see the posts below for details. Original message follows: When running the game (latest version) with shaders set to Medium or higher, there's a constant flickering of shadows (that is, they continuously alternate between appearing and disappearing) that seems to only affect certain doodads and other objects, including: - trees and/or their parts (crowns) - chain link fences - terrain doodads positioned on high ground near cliffs (with shadows drawn on lower ground) Here's some screenshots showing the bug with tree shadows: https://imgur.com/a/1am4z Regular units and structures (including neutral) seem mostly unaffected, except Jim Raynor in Marien armour for some reason. This bug is not tileset-specific as far as I can tell. In the cinematics, all shadows are rendered normally. The bug occurs both with the 64-bit and 32-bit clients. What I tried to fix this but it didn't work: - switching to Windowed or Windowed Fullscreen mode - adjusting shader, shadow terrain, texture and effects quality above Medium - turning on anti-aliasing UPD: Setting shaders to Ultra removes flickering (I assume this happens due to soft shadows on), but the affected areas occasionally display flashes of bright light. My system specs: CPU: Intel Core i5-3230M 2.6GHz Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 710M RAM: 6 GiB OS: Linux (64-bit) The game is running through PlayOnLinux with a 64-bit wineprefix using Wine 3.5 without any DLL overrides. I am almost certain that the bug is not directly Wine related though because I have the old SC2 demo from 2010 installed separately via POL with the same version of Wine and it runs fine without the shadow flickering bug. Additionally I checked the POL debug console while running the current version and didn't notice anything that would seem to be related to the bug or suggest its cause. Perhaps the fact that the bug only affects specific object types could point in the direction of how to fix it?Gogi7 May 16
May 16 Offline Authorization? Okay, so I’m in a bit of a situation where I lack internet on my PC for a few weeks. So I was hoping to play through the campaign of SC2 again in the meantime. But for some reason it’s telling me I need authorization... to play offline. Ignoring the glaring hole in that logic for a moment, it also says I need at least one Starcraft II character on the account with purchased content, and... I mean, if it’s reading the files off my computer, which obviously it is because the game starts up, from my logged in (offline) Battle.net account no less, it’d also see I have, at the very least, all the campaigns for the game right up to Nova: Covert Ops, as well as all the co-op commanders, not that they’re relevant in this case. The game is also updated enough that I had the 20th anniversary loading screen when starting up. So unless there’s a big obvious button I’m supposed to hit somewhere to get past this, I’m not seeing why the game is preventing me from playing offline. This is... kind of a really dumb thing in place here. And I say really dumb, because the first sentence of the big error message to come up is practically contradicting itself. ... I’d post a screenshot, but as I said, I don’t have the internet to do it on the PC. Is there anything I can do to get past this, or am I screwed until I’ve got internet again?Brownee2 May 16
May 15 [Co-op] Purification Echo tooltip Disruptor's Purification Echo (the second blast) does +25 damage against shields, but it's not mentioned anywhere, not in Disruptor's command card nor in upgrade tooltip.Maguro0 May 15
May 14 BUG with Leave league button Hey! I cant leave a league, clicked the leave league button and then it disappeared, still in the league. I want to leave the league because i don't want it to be shown in my career summary but now it does show in my career summary because I can't leave the 4v4 league. Hoping this gets fixed before the season ends. Support please contact me Thanks!Mushroomen0 May 14
May 14 Mothership "attacks" own unit During a game vs a computer i noticed my mothership wouldn't move towards my units when i right clicked on them when they were attacking an enemy structure (possibly unit too but i didnt check that). instead it selected the attack command in the bottom right. it doesnt attack the unit but it wont move towards it either.Eraser0 May 14
May 13 Arcade Internet Problem So, this didn't happen only one time. It happens about once every two days. I am busy playing in the arcade (usually Probes vs Zealot 2), and the "Attempting to reconnect" screen appears. I check the router, it's fine, I try to go on YouTube and it works, but Starcraft is still showing that screen. Please fix this, since it always happens at the worst of times, like when I'm about to win and rank up. I don't know if anyone else experiences this, but it is damn annoying. Please fix this!YoungOneJosh0 May 13
May 13 Memory Leak issue on Battlenet only (after long time into game) THIS IS FOR THE TECHNICAL ENGINE DEV Depending of your computer setup, a receive a lots of comment about long time into a custom game drop the fps. After about 20 mins in-game (depending of your computer) we notice a leak fps drop. 60 to 50 to 40 to 20 to 15. There is something wrong with this. I dont know the source, cause it seem to be a engine problem, but i found a solution! After 20 mins in a bnet custom game and your fps drop to 20 or below, to fix it, you simply go in graphic settgins, turn on/off Vertical Syncronization. BOOM! 60fps back!. How its possible? Reply here for more info. It was tested in the custom game: The Curse of Tristram availible on Bnet arcade Egodegodbout0 May 13
May 12 Unable to Retrieve A Locked Map An old map I made years ago is no longer on my computer and its locked so I can't download it. I was wondering if it was possible to change its settings or something through Blizzard support, but I couldn't figure out how to contact someone.PumpkinBug0 May 12
May 12 Unable to play anything after logging in after logging in, I can't do anything. Ladder is not showing. Whenever I join an arcade game lobby or create on it just says "ERROR". I've reinstalled the game and updated my drivers but it's still the same. Everything seems to be grayed out and I can do anything in game. Please help!maykmayk0 May 12
May 12 Fenix co-op commander didn't unlock Why in my account starcraftII co-op commander fenix didn't unlock? (I see my brother receive it for me in last starcraft anniversary the period)AgentX4 May 12
May 12 [Bug] Malwarefare Win Conditions It appears that Malwarfare is another map that no longer ends after the win conditions have been met. I have been able to replicate this bug a total of two times before making this thread. The first time my ally and I missed the first bonus objective but not the second, and Aurana's transport was at about 25% health remaining. The second time my and my ally completed both bonus objectives with transport health around 50%. Both times Aurana would finish resetting the last terminal, enter said terminal, and then proceed to do nothing else. No end game cut scene. The second main objective, the one where we have to move to the five terminals, was completed and greyed out. The main objective where we have to protect the transport and not let it die was still white and active. Both times, I waited for about 15 minutes before leaving the game. The second time I full cleared the map of all enemies, that still did not resolve the issue. Here's to hoping this information is enough to find and fix the problem.Sunrider4 May 12
May 11 Save Failed. Hello, Trying to play through nova's campaign and whenever I try to save the game and/or the game attempts to automatically save after a checkpoint, I get a "Save Failed." message. I was searching through the internet and apparently there used to be a sticky thread about this but it is now gone(404). Information on the issue is scarce and nothing conclusive. I am logged in as Admin and the Documents/Starcraft 2 directory has the correct permissions... Help?Spawn15 May 11
May 11 Master Archives missing unit possibilities Bug Prologue I'm not sure this bug has been posted on the forum or not (there were like 41 pages and idn't have time to read through all of them). I haven't played SC2 for a long time, now I installed it maybe a month ago. I wanted to play HotS Master Archives but it told me that I cheated (I did, when completing the campaign, back when I first played HotS) so I completed the Campaign again on Casual (to be fast). The Bug I noticed that some units on some missions are just not there, not available. I experienced this with Impaler/Lurkers on Char and Zerus and some units on Skyggeir but can't remember which. Kerrigan abilities seemed fine. I didn't check every single mission unfortunately, but they were there before (when it was "cheat infected"). I then checked LotV MA and found one discrepancy with Skyshield not having Phoenixes, which they should if the MA takes the longest possible mission route to that part. Steps (prior to bug): - I haven't used cheats in the entire process below unless stated! - installed game & played HotS MA (campaign was cheated so cheat message displayed every time) - replayed HotS on Casual to remove "cheat infection" - bug occured Steps: - started HotS again, this time Khaldir > Zerus > Char (stopped here) to see if it updates MA (did not), but didn't finish campaign - Log out > Log in - deleted SC2 folder under Documents - cheated my way through entire HotS campaign > all options in MA returned!! but now I'm back to square one :(Koi0 May 11
May 11 Exit Freeze The last few days I can not exit the program. I hit exit and the screen goes black, the sc2 cursor still shows. Even if I bring up the task manager I can not escape the black screen. Task manager shows SC2 is not responding. It also happens if I minimize for SC2 for a while.SystemicEcho16 May 11
May 10 [Bug]Achievement Mutation Hard:50 for Coop I seem to have lost 10 wins for the achievement mutation hard:50 for Coop-games. Even tho i already have this achievement, the win counter says only 42 wins, but it should be 52 like the counter for normal and casual games. Could you take a look at that? Thank you very much in advance.EuroZone0 May 10
May 10 [Editor] FPS drop with Unit/Doodad palette The editor's 3d render region suffers a massive fps drop if the unit or doodad palettes are selected. The rest of the editor stays completely responsive. I have found, that the classic and minimalistic Windows 7 theme was the reason, more specifically the Desktop Window Manager Session Manager (uxsms service), apparently because the editor relies on it heavily to render(I don't think it should). steps to reproduce: (with standard theme) -open SC2Editor, see that editor behaves fine with unit/doodad palettes -open a command prompt (with admin privileges) -type: "sc stop uxsms" without quotes (this stops the service responsible for windows7's effects) SC2Editor now has terrible performance, when trying to place units and doodads -type: "sc start uxsms" to command prompt to restart the service SC2Editor behaves fine againTapir1 May 10
May 9 Game frozen when running with Twitch I've run Starcraft 2 together with the desktop app of Twitch for a while. Only recently I got this issue: - Run both SC2 and Twitch desktop app. - Found a game in SC2 and go to loading screen. - Alt + Tab to switch to whatever programs, not necessarily must be Twitch. - Switch back to SC2, the game or the desktop seems frozen: -- The loading screen doesn't move anymore. -- I can't switch to any other programs. It means that I can't even switch to Task Manager to close SC2. -- I can press the Windows button, right click on the Task Bar to open Task Manager, but can't switch to it. -- I have to use Ctrl + Alt + Del and restart the computer. I'm not sure what is the real reason. But, when I try to run only SC2, the issue doesn't occur. By the way, should I report this on Twitch as well? If yes, does anyone know where I can report it?Syltom4 May 9
May 9 Recent update, unable to launch SC2 game Recent update, causes an error when launching the game. Error: 2.75Alzamon0 May 9
May 9 Remove from lobby promotes to host instead Because the two options are right next to each other and after removing someone from the lobby thirty times (because you can't outright ban them) you invariably promote them to host instead of kicking them. /salt On that note, why in heaven's name don't lobby hosts have the power to permanently remove someone from the lobby? If I'm removing someone from the game thirty times, it's because I'm obviously not interested in playing with them (likely because they intend on ruining the game for other players). Yet they can still join in perpetuity; and if they are the last person to fill up the lobby, the game autostarts and the option to remove them is gone, forcing players into a match with them.gftgy1 May 9
May 8 Bug in Amon’s Fall mission In the mission Amon’s Fall, spine crawler (rooted) and spore crawler (rooted) do not receive a life regeneration increase of Malignant Creep. In the mission Amon’s Fall, both burrowed and unburrowed impalers do not receive the effect of Malignant Creep.Ryloth0 May 8
May 8 [BUG] Preferred Game Server doesn't work The prefered game server matchmaking option doesn't work. I am USEAST with USEAST preferred and about 1/3 of my games are matched on Singapore or Australia servers. The algorithm for matchmaking needs to be checked, this has been an issue for many players. Googling the bug shows many people complaining, just to link a few: www.reddit.com/r/starcraft/comments/6k7wia/why_are_half_the_north_america_servers_not_hosted/ www.reddit.com/r/starcraft/comments/8fb5z5/australiasingaporebrazil_in_team_games/ www.reddit.com/r/starcraft/comments/8cryms/how_it_feels_to_play_against_australian_players/TheoRy0 May 8
May 8 Unable to Post : Due to Portrait Change I was unable to post in SC2 forums for several days. I did make a post in Heroes of The Storm for help. ...For the simple fact that I changed my "Protoss" portrait to the "20 Year Anniversary portrait" I was unable to post. My SC2 Forums avatar was changed to an SCII icon. It is easy to change the avatar in the Heroes forums because there is an option under "Posting as: " to " change avatar". In the SC2 forums, however, I'm not seeing an "change avatar" option under "Postings as:" in the upper right of forums page. I had to mess around in-game SC2 to change my portrait, in order to change my avatar forums icon back to my classic Protoss Avatar. Thanks to Fizivix advice I'm able to post again.MoreCowBell0 May 8