Bug Report

Sep 9 All Achievements Lost Dear Blizzard, All my achievements are lost after 3 years of inactive Starcraft 2 account. My account was transferred to America Server, only my Protoss achievements were migrated but not the previous 2 instalments. Pls help!Evercel0 Sep 9
Sep 9 Nova holo decoy Blazefire Gunblade When Nova has the Blazefire Gunblade equipped in the covert ops campaign, and she is using the holo decoy, the holo decoy will not display the new weapon (instead displaying the Monomolecular Blade), nor will it display any attack animations or sounds. This seems to be the result of the decoy's actor not being updated with the messages that correspond to the weapon.Nedia0 Sep 9
Sep 9 Nova Covert Ops hero model glitches When Nova has the Monomolecular Blade equipped in the Covert Ops campaign, a strange object appears to be strapped to her right leg. It appears to be some sort of bandolier or grenade hostler, and seems to have no thematic relation to the blade. It does not appear in the wireframes that correspond to the Monomolecular Blade. It appears on the models for three out of four suits– the exception is the jetpack suit. It does not appear when the Blazefire Gunblade is equipped, only the Monomolecular Blade. By searching online, I have seen that it appears in recent videos from the last year but not videos from 2016. There is also another issue where her Super Stimpack attachment is partially obscured while her Apollo suit is equipped, and only the very edge of it can be seen.Nedia0 Sep 9
Sep 9 [Bug] Co-op/Tychus/Malwarfare. Hello Blizzard team! Lt. Layna Nikara can heal Aurana during the mission. Precondition: Procyon Twin Heal Beam Gauntlet upgrade is researched, Lt. Layana is in range of healing beam with Aurana, auto-healing enabled. (And may be this may help, allied commander was Swann.) Reproduction: Set any injured unit close to injured Aurana and let Lt. Layana stay idle. She starts healing injured unit, aswell as Aurana. Thank you for the fun to play commander! :)NickDeksu0 Sep 9
Sep 8 Neural Parasite bug with burrowed Drone When a burrowed drone is targeted with Neural Parasite, unburrowed, then ordered to build a structure, the structure is instantly cancelled. There is an additional behavior that is supposed to apply to Drones to prevent this issue, but currently it only applies to Drones that are unburrowed from the start.Nedia0 Sep 8
Sep 8 Disruptor Golden Age Skin Preview Issue Under Collection > Skins > Protoss, the preview graphic for the disruptor is not showing up properly and only displays fully after I hover over the button for the GOLDEN AGE skin. It appears the orb in the center is the only thing that is being displayed. Two images can be seen here: https://imgur.com/a/ZRK7Wxv First image is what is seen when the cursor is not hovering over the skin, second is when the cursor is over it. This appears to happen with all graphic settings (tried Ultra - Low although I did not restart the application when prompted). I checked all other units and this appears to be the only unit where this happens. I'm using a 1070 nvidia graphics card on the 391.35 GeForce Game Ready driver.Sword1 Sep 8
Sep 8 Tychus bug locks you at 2 outlaws - start a coop mission on brutal - recruit tychus and warhound - get both of them killed - farm up 2000 minerals and 200 gas - queue up the revive for tychus and warhound - queue up a third outlaw (your queue should now have 3 outlaws) - note that you can't recruit any more outlaws - cancel the third outlaw - note that you should give your second base to your ally because now you're stuck with only 2 outlawsXpyder2 Sep 8
Sep 8 War Chest Vanished Summary: I purchased the war chest for all three races a week or two ago. I had been playing games against the AI for war chest experience when I noticed that the icon was no longer appearing, saying "War Chest XP gained." I went to the collection tab and the War Chest was completely gone. (There was not even a tab for it.) When I went to look at whether I still had the skins, I still did. I restarted the game, and the war chest reappeared under the collections tab. While this bug didn't terribly effect the game, it sure gave me a fright. You should definitely look into what was going on with it, so that it doesn't happen to other people. Details. I was playing as Zerg vs a random easy AI on the Acid Plant LE map. The random AI was Zerg. I had maxed out on Swarm Hosts, and won the game with that. The skins I had equipped were: Simulant Baneling Primal Brood Lord Primal Corruptor Simulant Drone Simulant Hydralisk Leviathan Brood Infestor Leviathan Brood Lurker Primal Mutalisk Mutant Overlord Primal Overseer Simulant Queen Simulant Ravager Simulant Roach Simulant Swarm Host Primal Ultralisk Leviathan Brood Viper Simulant Zergling For Large Format Games, the skins I had equipped were: Mutant Overlord Simulant Drone Simulant Zergling Simulant Baneling I had the Kerrigan Announcer equipped during this game. When I reopened the game, I found that I was on the third section of Phase 2 of the current War Chest. I do not know if any experience was contributed from that game. I can provide the replay upon request.Tanavast0 Sep 8
Sep 8 Tychus and Outlaws Disappear After Medivac After using the medivac, Tychus and all 4 outlaws I had disappeared for the rest of the match. I was unable to respawn them from the Bar. I could call in Odin, but Tychus would remain missing after. They were removed from my control group, just seemingly vanished. I would say it was game breaking, all I had was SVC's after that. I was on the mission with the harvester bots.Ambivalence0 Sep 8
Sep 8 [CO-OP] Warhound Turrets missing Upgrade Sirius's Warhound Turrets are properly upgraded by Outlaw Weapons and Outlaw Armor, but they do not receive the benefits from the ITC-E Trigger upgrade despite falling under the "Guns" classification.Kith0 Sep 8
Sep 8 Can't do F10+Rewind First of all I randomly started lagging & got dropped even though I didn't lose internet connection. Web browser, Battle.net app, etc still worked. But anyway... I tried to jump into the replay to check something by pressing F10+W but after a few seconds the "attempting to reconnect" re-appeared. I kept trying it and it never worked. Video: https://streamable.com/nixocLyganesh0 Sep 8
Sep 8 [BUG] Hotkey profiles won't load/save I noticed after updating yesterday (1/20/18) that my hotkeys profiles, and most settings in options, will not load or save. The hotky profiles disappeared from the pulldown menu, despite remaining in my hotkey folder. I tried saving and applying new hotkey profiles, but controls stay default and new profiles disappear. Most settings in options reset after applying (one that seems to actually still save is the background menu character). I'm using a PC, with Windows 10. Please help me out if possible. (Update) I seem to have been able save changes to the 'Standard' hotkey profile after a few attempts, but it simply reset again after exiting and restarting the game... (Update) Noticing a couple other players are having the same issue. Also if you manage to create a new profile for yourself, it will stay until you exit the Options menu, at which point hotkey profiles reset to default.TVTVTV5 Sep 8
Sep 8 [Co-op] Alarak Attack Upgrade Hotkey The hotkey for Alarak's 1st level of attack upgrades defaults to G and cannot be changed in any way. 2nd and 3rd level, however, use the proper hotkeys that Protoss Ground Weapon upgrades use.WorldFrgttn0 Sep 8
Sep 8 [COOP] Tychus Rattlesnake french localization Hello there I noticed an error in the description of Rattlesnake's Moebius Aggression Blend in French. It states that it increases the movement speed by 20%, not the attack speedLupe0 Sep 8
Sep 8 Versus AI not progressing When I win against AI in versus mode (1v1), it doesn't progress from Harder to Elite despite how many times I beat it. Can you help me fix this bug?peskybugs56 Sep 8
Sep 8 Canceling Tychus merc blocks choosing one TL;DR: Queue a merc to revive, choose a new merc while this is happening, cancel the new choice, you can no longer choose a merc for that slot at all. I had four mercenaries (including Tychus) chosen, and they died during a foolish play on my part. I then selected Joeyray's bar and queued all four to return to the field. Once they were queued, I selected Nux (filling the final spot in the queue), changed my mind, canceled him, and then could no longer select a fifth mercenary. Nux was canceled and I could not choose his research in the Fixer Safehouse, but Joeyray's bar behaved as if I was still capped out on mercenary selections. This effect persisted for the entire game, and did not change regardless of what else happened (building the medivac platform, having all of my units die again, resurrecting them again, etc).Galoubet2 Sep 8
Sep 8 Portrait LOST Hello, tonight I was reviewing my profile in the game ... and I noticed that the portrait of the eighth anniversary had been lost ... I swear I got it ... and all the games I played in July 2018 are now lost. .. only one survives ... the one with which I got the random achievement very easy. sorry for my english...Serginho7 Sep 8
Sep 8 [Co-op] Molten Sal killed, no bonus granted While playing a co-op match on The Vermillion Problem, I took my army and destroyed the Salamander bonus objective. However, the objective tracker in the top left never checked off the bonus objective, nor did Donny trigger a voice line, nor did I receive any bonus XP at the end of the mission. Replay: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UKRlJ1x_NxTlgqPjMI_NhHLr-qIuVqMX Not sure how to reproduce. I killed the Salamander just as the lava phase was ending, but I imagine that has happened before. I was also using the Shadow Cannon ability of Karax's Immortals. Teammate was Artanis (he did not fight the Salamander).BlacRyu3 Sep 8
Sep 8 Pneumatized Carapace Pneumatized Carapace upgrade doesn't "light" up after you research it. It still gives the speed buff though.MystiCDeath1 Sep 8
Sep 8 Tychus Bugged at 3 outlaws I just played Cradle of Death on Brutal and recruited 3 outlaws and the Bar went blank and wouldn't let me recruit my last outlaw. I'm level 15 with masteries into reducing time. Had Lt Healer, Vega and Cannonball. GGlobemaster1 Sep 8
Sep 8 [Co-op] Abathur's Brutalisk Cancel Bug When evolution into Brutalisk is cancelled, model of egg is not disappearing until unit will evolve into Brutalisk. Pictures: https://sun1-18.userapi.com/c830308/v830308536/18c218/x6MUGctgc1k.jpg https://sun1-7.userapi.com/c830308/v830308536/18c20e/M0P9OUEXxzA.jpgPrometheus0 Sep 8
Sep 8 [Co-op] Abathur's Brutalisk & Leviathan Bug It is not possible to cancel evolving into Brutalisk or Leviathan if autocast of "Ultimate Evolution" is enabled.Prometheus0 Sep 8
Sep 7 [Bug] Control Key gets Permanently Stuck Ever since I started using this setup I've had a bug appear (seemingly randomly) every few games. When the game starts, it acts as if the Control key was being pressed (can't use hotkeys or control groups, can't even type in chat). What makes this a different bug to others posted is that it stays this way even when alt-tabbing to a different window or closing the game. Often, the only fix I find is to hybernate or reset my computer. I exclusively get this problem while playing Starcraft IIBrainth2 Sep 7
Sep 7 Tychus medivac problem Hello for the co-op Tychus commander there is an issue with the mouse disappearing whenever I am using the medivac and doesn't come back for the remainder of the game.LazyAss0 Sep 7
Sep 7 Starter Edition accounts do not... A few friends of mine who bought Starcraft 2 can't post on the forums without the error message: "Starter Edition accounts do not have the ability to create posts or use the rating buttons. Please upgrade to a full account to enable these features." They also played the 10 matches to unlock the 1v1 ranked ladder. Don't know if this is a bug or if people who got the game for free need to do something to use the forums.Shana4 Sep 7
Sep 7 [Co-op] Nikara healing Miner Evacuation ships Lt. Nikara from Tychus Findley's bar can heal the objective ships on Miner Evacuation with both her auto heal and her ability heal. This should be disabledConga2 Sep 7
Sep 7 Tychus's outlaws need more weight Tychus's outlaws get pushed around by allied armies very easily which makes them often get trapped when working with an ally with a much larger group (zagara, swann, fenix). They need more force when moving to help them push their way out of a mass of allied unitsXpyder1 Sep 7
Sep 7 Tychus Rattlesnake "Revitalizer" does damage 'Revitalizer' in game does damage and healsKatallask1 Sep 7
Sep 7 Tychus' Bar Doesn't Respawn I was playing a match, and the bar got destroyed because I wasn't paying attention. The bar just straight up never respawned after that, and I was stuck at 3 outlaws. This is game-breaking and needs to be addressed ASAP.PROTOTYPE1 Sep 7
Sep 7 Name change causes loss of data Recently on the EU server I changed my name because I didn't really like it anymore. The prompt told me that this will not change anything other than my name and all my save data will be kept. However, upon reloading my account, all history of every ranked game I have ever done including the ranks I achieved have been deleted and lost. Luckily all other information remained such as coop commander levels but this is still distressing to me as I have invested quite a few hours into ranked and now with nothing to show for it (granted I wasn't too good but it still sucks). Is there anyway of recovering this data?ConDude0 Sep 7
Sep 7 sound bug in main menu Music of the main menu is superimposed on the music from the background wall.SeTRonIX0 Sep 7
Sep 7 [Co-op] Missing last 2 Hybrid groups in CoA Replay: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HHAhZbmSaZFiADTEFRy80-VxK1e47ylf I just played a game in the map Chain of Ascension. The 3rd and 4th Hybrid groups did not spawn. I just pushed Ji'nara till the end and won.Syltom0 Sep 7
Sep 7 [Bug] Abathur's Pneumatic Carapace Abathur's Pnuematic Carapace upgrade takes the full 60 seconds to upgrade even with a full devotion to Evolution Speed mastery, which should reduce the time down to 24 seconds.Arrow0 Sep 7
Sep 7 Vega dominated Thor bug Problem: When Vega dominates an enemy Thor in coop, the Thor does not have it’s barrage ability. The command card is completely blank beside the top row of shared unit controls. Dominated battlecruisers do have tactical jump and Yamato. Thors used to have barrage when Karax would reclaim them with energizers. This is a significant issue as thors are a top 5 best target for Vega dominate.DrOrgo0 Sep 7
Sep 6 Tycus Co-op / The Bar closed Joey ray's bar Bug - was Invisibel - cant be selected in anyways - cant be rebuild - Chain of Ascension - Normal game - Coop DehakaKiljohn4 Sep 6
Sep 6 Archon control group bug Hello, i was playing archon with a friend of mine and as we switched roles meaning he was macroing and i was microing i realized that because he switched his (normal) "create hotkey" into "take from other control groups and create new one", that if he pressed it units also or buidlings alos dissapeared from my hotkeys, i dont think that is a feature but rather a bug hoping for some fast fix or explanation why it is not a bug.Fergan0 Sep 6
Sep 6 HoTS Brutal Achievement stuck at 15 At the request of Game Master Zhyrayen on Ticket Number: US64760064, I am opening this bug to report additional details. I have posted screenshots to that ticket as well as Issue ID #63175850. I have played Heart of the Swarm Campaign all the way through at Normal level, then gone back to play at Brutal, as well as Hard to do the other achievements. I have won all but one mission on Brutal, and hit Heart of the Swarm Brutal: 15 on 7/23/2018. But since then cannot advance to Brutal: 20. The achievement shows: "Next Achievement: Heart of the Swarm: Brutal 20 70/70" On exiting the game to Battle.net GUI, and restarting it comes up again as 0/0, but on finishing a Brutal mission, goes back to 70/70. I can complete other achievements ok. On suggestion of Issue ID #63175850, I replayed 21 missions at Brutal, but failed to advance. In addition, I see that the evolution missions are sometimes all marked incomplete, and attached a screenshot of that to one of the Issues. I have re-played those as well, and they stick through a game restart, only to revert to incomplete after finishing a Brutal mission. I have also observed that the game fails to stop sometimes when I quit. The game screen goes away, and Battle net GUI remains, but attempting to relaunch produces an error 2, and I have to kill the StarCraft II process C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft II\Versions\Base67188\SC2_x64.exe manually. There have been problems with Battle.net disconnects during game play due to Blizzard as well as my ISP from time to time, of course. So I started a manual ping -t on a separate monitor while replaying the 21 Brutal missions, and saw no ISP drops, nor any notifications of the Achievements service disconnecting. I also run PRTG network monitor to log longer outages and track my router performance, which is lightly loaded. I have found several other reports of similar problems, all without followup: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/topic/20760677768 https://us.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/topic/19288658884 https://us.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/topic/16779908068 https://us.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/topic/15551555300 I think this is a long standing problem, generally ascribed to Battle.net disconnects, but not repaired by re-playing, and no fix has been confirmed in the forums that I can see so far. I am a network engineer with 40 years of experience. If I can provide any sort of dumps, packet captures, Perfmon or Sysinternals recordings, I can oblige. =Farth=FarthFader2 Sep 6
Sep 6 BAGS OF TEAKUS COMMANDER. There is a known bug that encouraging the fighter "Kev <Viper> West" and improving its ability to "Set the animator", an additional increase in attack speed in the form of 20%, does not work.Niktrons0 Sep 6
Sep 6 Tychus – Kel-Morian Ripper Rounds Kel-Morian Ripper Rounds don't reduce shield armor on protoss shields. Normal health armor is correctly reduced. Tooltip: "Tychus' attacks decrease the armor of their targets by 5 for 2 seconds."Maguro1 Sep 6
Sep 6 Part and Parcel does not end. (Tychus bug?) My partner (Swann) and I (Tychus) killed the final hybrid boss on Part and Parcel with plenty of time remaining (at least 5 minutes). General Davis's dialogue picture appeared but she did not say any words. The game did not end and we could still control all our units despite every objective being ticked off. Sounds were very quiet from this point on. After a match timer of around 40 minutes, I quit the game, receiving no experience as expected. However my partner whispered me that when I quit, he received the victory screen and received xp. I have not reproduced the bug. However, I can only think of two possibilities: 1. We killed the final boss EXTREMELY fast (fully upgraded units, ~60 goliaths, etc) resulting in some issue. 2. I used Crooked Sam's (Tychus Reaper Hero) Demolition charge, fully upgraded, with 5 second stun. Maybe the stun prevented something from triggering?WeedWizard0 Sep 6
Sep 6 BNet site profile link issue I contacted support and was forwarded here. When I visit the BattleNet site, the profile link that shows up is: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/profile/817728/2/Gridlock/ . And when I try to load it, I get this error: I SWALLOWED A BUG. We seem to be having a little problem with our website, so we may experience some slight turbulence and then - explode. Error ID: 655TN That profile is actually my KR/TW server account. It's supposed to be linking to this: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/profile/346831/1/GetFroggy/ . When I use that link, the profile loads, but I have to load it from my favorites as this does not appear when I log in on the BattleNet site. I've tried multiple browsers on multiple computers/devices at multiple locations and all of them point to the Gridlock profile link for some reason. This isn't that big of an issue to me, however I might not be the only one experiencing this. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.GetFroggy2 Sep 6
Sep 6 Sphere bug after patch, THANKS! After receiving the new patch for SC2 (4.6.0) this crap happens http://i374.photobucket.com/albums/oo182/gyrannon/Screenshot2018-09-06%2004_52_03_zpstaykdqnh.jpg FIX IT. I did install Mass Recall but this bug was not here then. I did "Scan & Repair" and it says "not needed" and I say "BS!" This bug happened AFTER the patch, now I can't play my game, THANKS!Gyrannon0 Sep 6
Sep 6 Tychus announcer When playing co-op, with Tychus announcer equipped, sometimes the announcer is another voice. This occurs on multiple maps. Example, Temple of the Past and Oblivion Express. This occurs with multiple allies. The other announcers are: Han and Horner, and Raynor. Both whom I have purchased and used recently.PrgrmNChrist0 Sep 6
Sep 6 (Bug) Vega Units that have had Psi Projection used on them and then were dominated have their character models permanently moved to the floor.llllllllllll1 Sep 6
Sep 6 Tychus + Eminent Domain Mutator Saw this mutator and immediately asked "what if?" Game started (I was playing Tychus) immediately sent my SCVs to attack Joey Ray's Bar. It hit 0hp then the hp bar filled up again promptly crashing both of our games.ZxPlatinum0 Sep 6
Sep 6 Tychus – Outlaw double spawn Sometimes two outlaws of the same type can spawn on the battlefield. Here is a replay where the first outlaw (Nikara) spawn twice. ... I managed to consistently replicate it. Hold the hotkey for an outlaw in Joeyray's Bar while its required structure (e.g., Fixer's Safehouse) is nearing completion. When the structure completes two outlaws of the same type will spawn.Maguro2 Sep 6
Sep 5 viking trophy, in game playing no viking, view ultralisk trophy long time...................... no patch??? koreakers3 Sep 5
Sep 5 [Co-op] Swann's multiple construction After new patch Swann's SCV sometimes do not join nearby construction. Those SCV's actually seems to notice that it is there as they turn that direction and icon for multi-construction turns white, but they don't move and just stand there staring on ongoing construction.Alex14 Sep 5
Sep 5 Resolved ResolvedLateByDesign0 Sep 5
Sep 5 Tychus – Hotkey issue with att/arm upgrades Changing hotkeys for attack/armor upgrades for Tychus' Engineering Bay affects only the first levels of attack and armor upgrades. The rest of them retains their default hotkey. Cause: "Hotkey Alias" isn't set for buttons corresponding to level 2–5 upgrades. Temporary workaround Add these to your hotkey file and change W/Q to desired values. TychusOutlawArmorLevel1/TychusEngineeringBay=W TychusOutlawArmorLevel2/TychusEngineeringBay=W TychusOutlawArmorLevel3/TychusEngineeringBay=W TychusOutlawArmorLevel4/TychusEngineeringBay=W TychusOutlawArmorLevel5/TychusEngineeringBay=W TychusOutlawWeaponsLevel1/TychusEngineeringBay=Q TychusOutlawWeaponsLevel2/TychusEngineeringBay=Q TychusOutlawWeaponsLevel3/TychusEngineeringBay=Q TychusOutlawWeaponsLevel4/TychusEngineeringBay=Q TychusOutlawWeaponsLevel5/TychusEngineeringBay=QMaguro0 Sep 5