Bug Report

Nov 22 MOUSE DRAG (WHEEL) BUG - VIDEO Please see the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ap19Ftq610g I use mouse-wheel drag as the main method of scrolling during micro fights. It has not happened to me for a long time and now it's happening again. The two problems are 1: the mouse sometimes jumps on the middle of the screen which ruins any skill (EMP/snipe/liberation zone) that requires mouse accuracy 2: sometimes the screen jumps in the direction of the mouse a whole screen (somehow calculated through the mouse drag speed, so the higher the speed the more it'll jump) I am extremely upset with this and as I've used this method for years and thousands of matches I cannot simply switch to edge scrolling back again. I feel extremely disappointed as this issue seems to never have been fixed by anyone - it just comes and goes. I have noticed multiple threads across the years most of which have been replied with "we are aware of this and it will be fixed in a future patch" - how many of these replies should I read before this actually gets fixed? I understand it may be because of 4.7.0 - It doesn't even matter why it's happening. Please, I am not here to argue or insult or bad mouth Blizzard - I am here to ask you, nay, beg you to fix this issue - PLEASE look into it. This issue requires a hotfix, not the wait of another x months for a patch. Please be sensible, whoever reads this and make sure it is reported properly - not only does it ruin observer/caster experience but it COMPLETELY ruins the gameplay of some of us who chose this method of screen scrolling.Grringo0 Nov 22
Nov 22 Bug Co-Op cmdr Artanis Robotics bay Ok A Small bug but doesn't seem to impact functionality When you select a constructed Robotics bay on Artanis you get upgrade options for Zeratul notably observer speed upgrade and the upgrade right next to it. They even list Zeratul's upgrade path to unlock them. You are able to upgrade as normal as these icons don't overlap with any robo bay options but are still thereEnsarda0 Nov 22
Nov 22 Profile bug So MMR is seperate per race for 1v1, but not teams. So then why doesn't it show the same rank for your team for each race? I played only Terran in 4v4's but if you have Protoss or Zerg selected then it doesn't show my 4v4 rank, it says i need to play a placement, as if the MMR for 4v4 is seperate per race. I uploaded an unlisted video to youtube that may help you understand what is happening: https://youtu.be/DEpjDi7ZA5cPXXXN17 Nov 22
Nov 22 [Editor] Leech kills source + undying units I have 2 editor related bugs to report. === 1 === The bug occurs when you have really high damage combined with multiple stacks of behaviors that use vital damage leech array fields. For some reason, it will kill the caster - it's very easy to reproduce - make a behavior with 'x' leech array for life and make it stackable (40 max stacks) is good. Make 2 units, make the dealer's damage effect really high and set target's max health really high. You can set it to about 100k (damage), 300k (health) to ensure this works. But in my mod, I have had many times where an unit with even just 200~ health, tried to deal 8000~ damage to another unit and had 10% leech (100 stacks of .1%) and it killed the source. Afterwards I could pretty much reproduce it without fail and I made sure to test it on other brand new map - and it still happened. === 2 === This bug is a lot more rare, and it's harder to pinpoint exactly what's causing it - but I've had issues where killing an unit with a behavior that modifies max health sometimes causes it to have 'negative' health. The unit can't be killed, and any attempts to damage it won't be detected. I think the problem happens, when the behavior is removed right as a unit is dying (this is just a whim). I checked the unit's health and it was at 0.00000. There were no behaviors on the units either. I could not replicate this issue by myself outside of my own map, but I can confirm that it wasn't a behavior reducing incoming damage because I have a behavior + life displaying command. Same with debugs for damage taken/dealt. It's rare but it does happen every now and then - I wish I could be more specific but this is all I have.Broot0 Nov 22
Nov 22 Achievements & Co-op Moved to a new computer and all my achievements and co-op ranks are gone what is this all about and is there any way to transfer that stuff overAirtron0 Nov 22
Nov 22 Zeratul Announcer Error I equipped the Zeratul Announcer, and received no warning when my mineral line was under attack. First I was dropped by marines in my main mineral line, and there was no notification. In a second game, I received no notification when an oracle was harassing my mineral line, and ALSO when an oracle Stasis ward went off in my mineral line. Please look into this issue.TheG1 Nov 22
Nov 22 Co-Op Bug with Zeratul Co-Op Mission: Part and Parcel Problem: If i sent the crystal over on of the hybrids cell, the hybrid wont come out if his cell and i cant fight it. So i loose. Unfortunately..Flutterhulk3 Nov 22
Nov 22 Did not get Zeratul coop achievement I found the last artifact at 11:39 and did not get the "That Belongs in a Museum!" achievement, was playing Dead of Night on hard.YAMATO0 Nov 22
Nov 22 Into the void issue Into the void on the protoss campaign will not unlock even though i completed campaign. I tried to restart the game and battle net, along with trying to replay the final mission but nothing. Please helpdeathstalker0 Nov 22
Nov 21 left click works in discrete positions only Recently ran into an issue where left-click commands only execute in discrete positions on the map. e.g. - I have to click dead center on a hex to place a building, or I have to select dead center on the nexus to chrono boost, or I have to click dead center on discrete positions on the map to execute an attack command, please advise.UnitOne0 Nov 21
Nov 21 Typo in Coop - Commander Selection In Commander Selection - Vorazun The Upgrade Dark Templar Upgrade Cache tells that dark templar disable UNITS - they disable STRUCTURES used for detection though.Crusher0 Nov 21
Nov 21 [BUG] Announcer messages not playing Since the latest patch, each game I launch into does not play my announcer Day9's quotes for starting a game or winning a game. This applies to all servers, all game types, no exception. Specifically, the two quotes that are missing are "Aaaand we're live!" at the beginning of the game and "Good game!" when a game is won. Attempted fixes: Taking no action at the start of the game, spamming actions at the start of the game, unequipping and equipping the announcer, the last step but with a game restart in between, restarting the computer, scan and repair of SC2, deletion of the Tools folder to force Agent to update.Chordeva3 Nov 21
Nov 21 Day[9] Announcer has untriggered Voicelines So I bought the Day[9] Announcer recently and noticed that the start of the match was awefully quiet. Same goes for the end of the game. To my knowledge all voicelines trigger correctly except for the start and end of a match lines. Just to make sure i also purchased the "Tastosis" announcer. With this pack equipped everything works fine. (As far as i can tell.) Apparently something is broken with only the Day[9] announcer. I have changed no settings in between switching announcers. I have reinstalled the game, verified the new installation, switched from german voice and text to english and checked my audio settings. It's a shame to not hear Day[9]s soothing voice wishing me glhf at the start of each match. It's probably just a typo or a wrong line referencing as it apparently was introduced with a patch in June: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/topic/20765486909IIIIIIIIIIII1 Nov 21
Nov 21 Ascension level achievement not unlocking This is a new bug that appears to have been introduced with the latest patch. It has happened to a friend of mine as well. https://imgur.com/a/Oosd5uoJagriff12 Nov 21
Nov 21 MMR BUG Tengo mmr de Liga de Maestro en 2v2 servidor Europa y sigo en Diamante 1. La temporada pasada fué asi todo el tiempo y en esta sigue igual. Por favor, solucionar el problema. Gracias.ChovscopaSEA0 Nov 21
Nov 21 psionic gale damages friendly units the tool tip say that it does not but, one of my immortals got caught in its area of effect and suffered 300 points of damage to hp and 150 points of damage to its shields.andreasasp0 Nov 21
Nov 21 Co-op Bug (Tychus+Vorazun interaction) When playing as Tychus with a Vorazun partner, when a unit that was mind controlled by Vega triggers Vorazun's passive Emergency Recall, it will be correctly recalled back at 1 HP, but also Vega herself is set to 1 HP (although she doesn't get teleported to the CC). This occurred on CoA with mind controlled burrowed lurkers. I didn't test if cloaked units also trigger this bug.braindoper0 Nov 21
Nov 21 Mouse doesn't move I'm using a MacBook pro and my moose cannot function normally in the game. I tried the trackpad and the remote mouse, but neither of them can move the cursor on the screen. However, I can still left & right click and swipe down pages. For example, I can check all my replays by scrolling down the list and click on them if my mouse is placed properly before entering the game. The problem is that my mouse cannot be moved in the menu, either in the replay, so I assume it wouldn't move in the gameplay either.llll2 Nov 21
Nov 21 [BUG-Coop] ladder trophy is not exist [BUG-Coop] Ladder tournament win trophy does not exist for Tychus and Zeratul.inthesky0 Nov 21
Nov 21 Zeratul's Zealots don't get Charge When Zeratul summons the Zealot group, even if he has all 3 Artifact Fragments, they won't get Charge. It's particularly annoying to see your Zealots walking slowly at the enemy.darkdill0 Nov 21
Nov 21 FIX BURROW/SPINE+SPORE UPROOT BUTTON Why is the Burrow Button and the Spine/Spore Burrow Buttons Separated into two buttons now? After the Update? Blizzard Fix Team, Fix Please ... This is a huge game play inconvenience. Please Do Not Mess With Hotkey Settings Anymore. Stop Trying to Botch which was not Broken.WorldEater1 Nov 21
Nov 21 League Placement bug? Hey, I just played for my league placement, random and also protoss, got over 3510 MMR, and uhmm, i'm placed at Gold 1? (that MMr belongs to Diamond 3, as i ended up my season). So is it a bug or what? because being at gold 2 i go against platinums and diamond mostly.... almost all the time, so... wth?IlIlIlIlIlI0 Nov 21
Nov 21 Placed after one ranked game. I saw the new ranked season had started and so I figured I would do a few of my placement matches. When I logged in it said I had 5 placement matches still, yet after the first game it placed me in bronze. Now I don't mind climbing back up but it's a bit discouraging when it said I have 5 games and got placed after the first. I am not sure if this was just an Isolated indecent or if its happened to others. I am also sure if it makes a difference that it was on the 1v1 ladder and that I played a tvp game and won.Psychosis0 Nov 21
Nov 21 WATCHING WCS FOR 8H AND NO LOOT TO ME Whats the problem, my account is linked, pls add my loots. https://blizzcon.com/en-us/news/22549375/twitch-drops-are-back-for-heroes-and-starcraft-iiEledos19 Nov 21
Nov 21 WCS Global Finals Twitch Drops Not Dropping Got Chest and Sirius icon but I not AlarakShatter5 Nov 21
Nov 20 [BUG]Zeratul and H&H infinite resources There is an interaction between Han&Horner and Zeratul that results in allowing Zeratul infinite resources. In testing it, we have confirmed it is an inelastic glitch, not map-dependent, and easily reproducible. When H&H have double drops enabled through Masteries (didn't try without), the Xel Naga Abrogators of Zeratul, with their third artifact upgrade to spawn 3 mini-novas, the mini-novas drop Scrap, worth 30 gas and 15 minerals. The Abrogators can attack ground, leading to an easy infinite resources, but even masses of them when just attacking enemies. As the mini-novas do not COST minerals, this can result in hundreds of thousands of minerals and gas in just a couple minutes. Picture proof of the mineral pile, since it's so pretty: https://imgur.com/a/oxxENcf And it definitely counts these, they're real resources, note the resources collected on the score screen: https://imgur.com/a/goLZXpS While this could be intentional, I'm betting it isn't. Also note the "units produced" for Zeratul in that score screen, he doesn't make that many units, it seems the Abrogator novas count as units themselves.Zietlos5 Nov 20
Nov 20 A800 Rewards Not Granted Just recently got to Ascension 800 as Zeratul at the time, possibly during maintenance. Post achieving this, the usual rewards are not granted and the achievements not given. Please fix this, thanks :).FearrWhalins0 Nov 20
Nov 20 Last patch makes game lag Seems to be slow and/or lagging after your last patch which came out today 11/20/18. I was playing vs 2v2 ranked.Trend0 Nov 20
Nov 20 Coop Commander Reset Hi, I logged on today (20/11/2018) and it seems as though all my progress on the coop commander has been lost. All character levels have been reset and corresponding abilities lost, other than kerrigan (now lvl3, used to be lvl7). Not sure if this is a bug but I can say nothing new has happened on my end. I played last night and all was well but today total reset. Possibly has something to do with the current maintenance, not too sure but would appreciate your help in the matter. Thanks, KlawKlaw2 Nov 20
Nov 20 Burrow/Unburrow Hotkey Toggle Conflict To act the same as tanks and most other units, can you not allow toggle conflicts same as the siege tank, widow mines, liberators, and protoss prisms, etc for burrow and unburrow? Also observer for toss? With Siege tanks, though the siege and unsiege hotkeys are different pictorially, you can assign them both to one hotkey. Why not make burrow and unburrow the same so that they can function the same. This applies to lurkers and swarmhosts as well. The overseer can toggle between oversight and not on the same hotkey. Why can't the toss observer do the same?MrMojoRisin0 Nov 20
Nov 20 Last season promotion not displaying ingame I got promoted to masters last season, yet my "Highest career finish" and Career summary still display the season before the last one where I finished diamond, and not the last one where I finished with M1 MMR. Should this be fixed, and since I achieved M1 promotion post seasonal lock, will it appear as M2 being my highest finish, or M1?DanceMan0 Nov 20
Nov 20 Zeratul's monoliths delete enemy AI Enemies spawned by 'Outbreak' mutator lose their command after getting stunned by monoliths. Once the stun wears off they just sit there idle until death or end of game.Escadin0 Nov 20
Nov 20 Аchievement bug Already received 110 + level of improvement, but did not receive achievements for 91 and 100 level on the European serverllllllllll0 Nov 20
Nov 20 Zeratul + Kerrigan on double solo - omegas If you're playing Zeratul with a Kerrigan ally and s/he leaves, when in control if their omega worms, you'll see an interesting thing: they can warp out Zeratul units loaded into void arrays. Is that intended? Anyway, if your partner leaves, you'll be unable to load your units into omegas, both those originally yours and your partner's. They also change to your color. I had noticed this change of color in ally omegas before Zeratul too. Ah, a little thing: sometimes the artifact fragments will spawn inside Miner's caves so they'll be very difficult to find.Ross0 Nov 20
Nov 20 [Co-op] Healing Galeons under construction Swann's Science Vessels will repair Mira's Galeons while they are being built. It has no effect on build time.Alex0 Nov 20
Nov 20 Bug Zaratul no tesserac Torret Power I are level 10 but I hv don't in menu game tesserac Torret , I see a Upgrade it active but not in game ... Need new patch for resolve all problem . BlackMambaaaROBOCOP0 Nov 20
Nov 20 Bug Zeratul no tesserac Torret Power Bug Zeratul no tesserac Torret Power , Scrive in menu level 5 active in upgrade but no in select menu game normal . I hv don't tesserac Torret ..... I hv picture but no can put here !!!! Need new patch for resolve all Bug. BlackMambaaa.ROBOCOP0 Nov 20
Nov 20 Can not play campaigns Ever since the free to play patch came out, I have not been able to play any of the campaigns. I can load the campaigns screen and see all 4 options, and they highlight when I mouse over them, but I can not select them. Please help.Ragnar0 Nov 20
Nov 20 No promotion after maxing out progress bar Hello there, I'm having an issue in the 4v4 ranking system. (EU) No matter how much my MMR increase, i'm not promoted to Master Tier 1... Here's the screenshot : https://imgur.com/a/SPzxwY0 Is it a known bug or am i missing something? Thanks, ThadortinThadortin1 Nov 20
Nov 20 Losing Marine,while Reactor getting destroyed Hello, I don't think that should be right, that you are losing one marine while you are producing 2 marines on a barracks with a reactor, when meanwhile the reactor getting destroyed. I mean the order was already running and I think that no one should lose that 1 Marine. GreetingsReportMe0 Nov 20
Nov 19 Level 350 Ascension Bug Hi there, I am now level 351 Ascension in co-op and I did not receive my achievement for being level 350. Can this be fixed?Pythagoras2 Nov 19
Nov 19 Mouse doesn't function within game I run Starcraft on a Mac and the mouse works at battle.net, but once the game itself is opened my mouse doesn't function. It's frozen and won't move. Have reopened the game multiple times and each time I have to force shut down my computer because the mouse is frozen and I can't exit game without a mouse. So not only can I not play the game at all, but I'm stuck at the menu.DeadlyPants0 Nov 19
Nov 19 Zeratul Order Number 489759773 can't lvl up You purchased Announcer: Zeratul Order Number 489759773 but I still can't lvl up after lvl 5Chillsword0 Nov 19
Nov 19 Save Failed - Again and Again and Again This is a condensed report of an issue I posted in the TS forum. It never received a reply there so I figured I'd put it here in Bug Reports. Not necessarily to get a response here, but if it's not going to get one in TS, might as well let QA know about it. I see the issue has been an issue for others in the past, but I'm not sure of its status. My dxdiag is in the TS thread: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/topic/20762176495 The issue: When playing the campaigns, the save game function intermittently stops working. When it does, the in-programmed auto-saves, manual saves and quicksaves all fail, as indicated by the "Save Failed" that appears at the top of the screen. What I've done: 1) https://us.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/topic/20757617833#post-2 2) Set the Bnet app to run as admin 3) Even wiped out the entire Strarcraft II folder in /Documents and let the game recreate it and everything within 4) Folder permissions checked and are all set properly, which is essentially full access for everyone/everything across the board. Results: No change. Saving intermittently stops working. Observations: I don't fully believe it's permissions based because it's not constant. The three types of saves (auto, manual, quick) work some of the time, but just stops occasionally during the same play session. Another indication it's not permission based is because the failed saves do create a 1 to 2 MB file in the "Saves" folder, so it does have permission to write. However, the files created by the failed saves are not loadable. Hence, what it can't seem to do is create a proper/functional save file. Side Notes (may be coincidental): Seems to only be Lotv (Prologue and main campaign for sure. Not sure about Epilogue) Seems to only be in Brutal difficulty. When the saves start failing, if I quit the mission and simply start it over, the saves start working again. It seems to present when replaying a mission immediately after finishing it (on a different difficulty, for example). ---------------------------------------------------- Is there anything would help with this? Would copies of the non-functional save files help?Leviathan9 Nov 19
Nov 19 El puntero del mouse aparece pero no se mueve El puntero del mouse aparece pero no se mueve en modo pantalla completa, al minimizarla si se puede mover sin ningún problema. Al presionar cmd + m se achica la pantalla y el mouse se puede mover a travez de los menos del juego, pero la pantalla es muy pequeña como para jugar, al volver al modo pantalla completa, vuelve el problema. Saludos LuchoLucho0 Nov 19
Nov 19 Kerrigan's Respawn L.O.T.V. [Kerrigan] doesn't respawn after... what (seriously) the 1st death in ''Into the Void'' mission! Please fix this (Are you f-word kidding me) mistake thank you!!! -Sincerely E.D.K.J. ;)-EtheGREATEST0 Nov 19
Nov 19 previous name showing My account is ITsTI but it sais Timoty here on the site <^. It's because i changed my name into ITsTI. I reported this a few weeks ago and i was told to wait until wednesday when the server would restart, but it had no effect. I dont want to change my profile every time i visit the site, and i dont want this name and picture showing. plz fix this for me. thank youTimoty0 Nov 19
Nov 19 Can't leave conversation via right click When your friend is in launcher and you're chatting you cannot leave the conversation via right clicking on their name in your friends list like other ones. You have to instead type /leave <name> Please fix this so it's consistent with online accounts.LaughNgamez1 Nov 19
Nov 19 zeratul stone keeps being unreachable as said zeratul stone keeps being unreachable it seems to be off in space usually on a platform of some unreachable type even by viking or drop ability of any kind but it says its out there then the game is almost over and i have spent 20 minutes looking for this ^&*$ing stone ... i am now pissed i have not got to play cause i have been searching this whole time or my build wont work because i have not found 1st !&*# stone yet please make them easily reachable and fast so we can get on with the game and yes i multi task with him while i attack with other units and as well go out during night on dead of night i have no problem multi tasking i was this is a big enjoyment flaw hereiHADtoRENAME1 Nov 19
Nov 19 In-game Banner did not unlock I had the stream open for the entire Blizzcon weekend. Both the Heroes of the Storm and Starcraft 2 streams were open. I received the in-game Heroes rewards but apparently not the Starcraft 2 ones. Did anyone else have the same problem>?DatShaNayNay3 Nov 19