Bug Report

Mar 26 [co-op] Dehaka Hive Decals This bug happens when playing in co-op as Dehaka. When a Primal Hive is constructed and then moved to a different location, the decal on the ground (that was in front of the Hive) doesn't disappear and reappear at the new location.Supramarine0 Mar 26
Mar 26 Co-op QOL Bug Hi Guys More of a quality of life bug than an ingame breaking bug. When selecting the option to go random commander in coop upon completion of the map instead of staying on random commander it selects the commander you just played.Caboose0 Mar 26
Mar 26 VS Mode wont advance VS mode is supposed to match you with an AI at your same ability level. Hard, Harder, Elite, etc. And that level is supposed to go up and down based on the games you win and lose. HOWEVER...I have been frozen on "Hard" level. No matter how many games I win my standing does not advance. The little stasis bar doesn't even move. It's not even stuck at the cusp of "Harder," its in the middle, and frozen in the middle. I win and win and win, and I'm stuck in Hard mode. Please help.SpellMaster1 Mar 26
Mar 26 Stuck joining lobby in Arcade. Every other game I play, after ending a Squadron TD game I would try to join another one after it ends. When I click on another Squadron TD game to join, the bottom left of my screen says "Joining Lobby" and I end up getting stuck there. The only way to join another game is to logout or exit the game.Hahn5 Mar 26
Mar 26 Starcraft2.com Website bugs I'm not sure if this is the correct place to report bugs for the Starcraft 2 website but here are a few that I've just encountered. Under Starcraft 2 News page https://starcraft2.com/en-us/news Load more stories button does not work. Tried on Windows 10 (Chrome, Firefox and Edge), iPhone running iOS 11.2.6, nVidia K1 Shield Tablet running upgrade 5.4 (Android 7.0). Also, the Mobile navigation menu (Hamburger) on the top left will not engage. Neither will the Account icon on the top right. Tried on iPhone and Shield tablet Portrait mode.Fidgeter0 Mar 26
Mar 26 I buy and play NCO campaign, doesn't save First mission... I use the saves to get the fourth achievement of the mission, all good. Second mission... I want to also get the fourth achievement on that one, and a bunker gets destroyed, I restart and save Happens again, I load, all good. I destroy a wave of zerg, instead of a 'saved succesfully' I notice that it says it cannot save. I still keep on playing and a bunker gets destroyed on the last wave. I want to load back to the last checkpoint, doesn't work. Thank god I made my own save though, just kidding, also doesn't work. pls fix, im losing all motivation to play the campaign right now... even though I just bought it.........BerserkFury0 Mar 26
Mar 25 Duplicate BobToss Drop Approximately five hours ago I got a notification saying I had gotten a drop for watching Starcraft stream, when I checked my inventory however I found that it was a second copy of BobToss - something I had already earned days ago (I believe it had taken a while for it to properly register). You can see here a screenshot I took of the inventory after: http://puu.sh/zOhkC/07f64d1b11.jpg Upon logging into the game it seems that there is nothing new in-game either so if a drop was earned it was indeed a duplicate of BobToss. I also contacted a member of Blizzard support about this to see if they may have had any additional information - although it's still unclear if the drop was meant to be something else or simply the system failing to register that I had already gotten BobToss and restarting the timer of "watch for two hours". I am personally confused by the time between the first and second drop of BobToss if it was merely a matter of not registering that it has already been awarded. If anyone else has experienced similar or can add to this I'm sure Blizzard would appreciate it.Kaislinn1 Mar 25
Mar 25 JUST A SCRATCH BUG? Hi guys, I played today a game with terrans because I wanted to get the achievement Just a Scratch, I Repair 1300 life of a command center but I didn't get the achievement, is this a bug or something?MarcosM0 Mar 25
Mar 24 Unable to Invite Friend To Party Trying to invite a friend to a party to play 2v2. Appears that the Invite to party is grayed out. I searched other posts and found this was an issue a few months ago but had been resolved. However I am still having an issue.MeatPeterson0 Mar 24
Mar 24 Community button on site broken. https://starcraft2.com/en-us/ That community button specifically. You can't navigate to the forums from the main SC2 page, you have to use a search engine or have the actual URL typed in. Just thought I'd let you guys know. It's been broken all day.Vindicare3 Mar 24
Mar 24 match making is broken on co-op im on normal mode and i keep getting easy or hard or brutal team mates and it puts me on that mode so its broken. parts and parcel dont give us enought time to build any thing when certain commanders you play alot of commanders take along time to get any units out on normalZeroBurn0 Mar 24
Mar 24 Strange clan picture Hi Blues, this isn't an important issue, but one that really freaked me out. When I was watching a replay some minutes ago, I suddenly had a clan picture, I've never seen before (and which isn't even saved on my computer). I started the replay from the match-ending screen; when I started it from my replay folder afterwards, I had my normal clan picture again (wrong -> Edit2). Here's the original picture: https://imgur.com/a/Tjz0f And here's my normal clan picture: https://imgur.com/a/oNEEn Picture made at the same time of game 1 loaded from the replay folder: https://imgur.com/a/xVCbS I'm not kidding you at all. The first picture isn't on my computer, it's not shopped or anything, it only appeared in the replay. I don't know if it was there during the game, too (FranzMedrano vs. Quotenfrau on Katalyse LE 03/22/18 9:04PM) since I didn't pay attention to it, but it was there when I watched the replay after the match. Nevertheless, when I watched the replay again (loaded from the ingame replay folder) it wasn't there anymore, and my normal clan picture took its place (wrong -> Edit2). Thank you in advance, and sorry for the disobediance. Edit: inserted picture of game when loaded from the replay folder. Edit2: OK, I found a way to reproduce it. When I watch a replay until the end and restart it afterwards, the odd picture replaces my clan picture. If I load it from my replay folder, watch it and restart it, this is the case, too.Quotenfrau1 Mar 24
Mar 23 My I.A. are bug my IA is bug , I reciently buy the SC2 and when I pay and then recive mi new "licence" i open the game to game whit the IA and i won to many times but the IA does not go to a higher dificult it keeps in the midle dificult y won a lot of battles but i can go forther to at advanced IA, some knows how to fix that?Crozz0 Mar 23
Mar 23 Dehaka Devour If the first devour used after ANY revival (including initial spawn) is on a psionic target, the explosion will deal 0 damage. This only applies to the first devour after any revival. The second (and following) psionics devoured will still cause damage.AznHopeful0 Mar 23
Mar 23 Bug Wrong wireframe covert ops ghost skin When the female ghost skin from Nova covert ops is selected in multiplayer games, the wireframe model for the standard ghost skin is shown, instead of the correct wireframe. This bug was not present in earlier versions of the game. Can you please fix it?Worgotan0 Mar 23
Mar 23 Game is not correctly awarding achievements In the enemy's shadows mission not correctly awarding completed achievements. It took three sucessful runs to get the completed achievement and even then it is still not awarding the "I'm with her" and "Fix Me up, will ya" achievements. The setting is normal and the game was connected and logged in the entire time. Having the same issue with the next mission as well.Greeniewolf0 Mar 23
Mar 23 rank stopped Dears, My rank stopped, i play play and win, if you back to my history win you will see how many i win and no rank as the photo i attached, i cant play in same level, very boring, please fix it,ALJASMI0 Mar 23
Mar 23 Can´t access master archives in HoTS I've finished the campaign but it's not showing in campaign selection the last mission (27) was completed. The game keeps sending me to the last save if I click on the 'continue' icon. I've tried playing the mission again, beating it but still it's not working. Therefore, I can't access the master archives. It seems this is a recurring problem yet, even in other campaigns too.Darrenov0 Mar 23
Mar 23 Nvidia 3d Vision Not working I recently bought Nvidia 3D Vision and the game Starcraft II does not start, the game just shown in a black full screen, and loading windows cursor in the middle. I have: Monitor: Dell S2716DG(DisplayPort) / 144hz display and 2560/1440 resolution. Graphics Card: MSI Nvidia GTX 1080ti SO: Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) Nvidia driver: 388.13Lawliet0 Mar 23
Mar 23 Co-op Bug MAR102018 Just a few minutes ago I have experienced Coop Bug that the game did not finish when the mission objective is done on mutation.pandaOTL1 Mar 23
Mar 22 "The Crucible" "Epic Meal Time" "The Crucible" in the HotS campaign. There is the archievement "Epic Meal Time" to kill 75 units with locusts. Not achievable.CapitanD0 Mar 22
Mar 22 WoL achievements - profil <-> archive I don't have the achievement for finishing the WoL campaign on brutal. If i click on the separat missions (25) in the archives i can see that my missions were all registered on brutal, yet there is written "missions completed: 22/26" below.CapitanD0 Mar 22
Mar 22 Neural after recall If a protoss unit gets recalled, but is neuralled right after, the recall colour animation will not disappear from the unit. This is purely a visual bug far as i can tell, the affected unit is still able to attack and does not require detection to be seen (if it is a non-cloaked unit).Benirons1 Mar 22
Mar 22 Co-Op: Bonus objective did not register After killing Molten Sal in The Vermilion Problem on Brutal difficulty, the Bonus Objective did not register having been completed or reward XP after the game. Two possible causes of note were: - My ally left at the beginning of this mission, so I was controlling both commanders/armies. It is possible that some of the player no longer in the mission's units dealt the killing blow, somehow interfering with his death being registered? - Molten Sal dies just as the lava recedes, which normally causes him to despawn until the next lava phase. Despite his HP reaching zero and his death animation clearly playing, perhaps this caused him not to register as being killed? Other specifics: My commander was Vorazun, ally was Zagara. Only units present were Void Rays, Shadow Guard, Zagara, Aberrations (and their spawned Banelings), and Overseers. Happy to provide screenshots and/or replay if helpful.Mei0 Mar 22
Mar 21 No Fungal Growth My infestors don't have fungal growth. The little square at the bottom right between Infested Terran and neural parasite is just empty in games with other players. It is regularly present in games vs AI.grasp0 Mar 21
Mar 21 No progress while playing vs AI The progress bar while playing against AI doesnt work at all, it works by "losing" and then you drop down to a lower tier AI but you cant rank up to play vs harder AIs making it impossible to complete the achievements.Breaker1 Mar 21
Mar 21 Raynor co-op ready - helm is not closing While Raynor is selected when pressing Ready button you can hear the sound of closing marine suit helm but the animation is missing.anikey1 Mar 21
Mar 21 Co-op Mutation Achievement Count Stuck I play the co-op mutations every week and mostly on hard difficulty. I just noticed after getting a brutal achievement award, that the hard achievements are stuck at 75. There is not even the progress bar, that usually is there. I have played a lot of the mutation missions on hard, so it should be way past 75, if not actually completed. I have played a few more games on hard and brutal, winning them, mostly, and the hard achievement is still frozen at 75.Stele0 Mar 21
Mar 21 Wacom Tablets not recognized in x64 Editor As the title says, Wacom Tablets arent being recognized in the X64 version of the Starcraft Editor, yet they are recognized on the x86 version but only if it is started in administrator mode. In the X64 they arent being recognized at all, with or without administrator mode. TL Link for further reading: http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/sc2-maps/342066-wacom-tablet-in-galaxy-editor glhf with this one!KTVMapsSEA0 Mar 21
Mar 21 cant place command center. https://clips.twitch.tv/AbrasivePiliableKangarooOSfrogFluffyZling1 Mar 21
Mar 21 Cannot select any campaign missions Hello all. I did some searching and found only two references to something similar to what I am experiencing so I am seeing if I might be able to figure this out with the community here. Issue: I cannot select any campaign missions. I can load SC2 with no issues, I can select the campaign tab with no issues, but when I go to click on any of the characters' campaigns (Raynor, Kerrigan, or Artanus) nothing happens. I can't even click on Nova, whom I haven't unlocked. This is a recent issue for me. I like to replay the campaign missions maybe once a year and I was able to start HotS a few weeks ago. I got several missions in (just cleared the snow planet missions) when I was finished for the day and quit back to the main menu when I got an error saying that the game could not save. That's when the issue of not being able to do anything with the campaign came into play. Steps I have taken to resolve the issues; Computer reboot. (several, actually) Scan and repair files of SC2. Deleted SC2 and redownloaded it. Ran virus and malware scans, nothing found. Searched forums, found one more post very similar to mine and one other mentioned the cannot save game issue but no resolutions have been found. I even waited for a patch, and no change has been made. *UPDATE* Deleted Battle.net Cache file, no change except acheivement percentanges are at 0%. I'm hoping a resolution is found quickly, I'm sure I'm not the only one. Edit: Machine specs; Win10 Pro Intel 6700k 16GB DDR4 3200 GTX 970Warglock9 Mar 21
Mar 20 Many clans with 0 members ? 1337 and leet clans have 0 members but are still clans? how?DEVIN0 Mar 20
Mar 20 Master Archives Weirdness I may not understand how the Hots/LotV Master Archives are meant to work, but unless they are meant to operate differently, there's something wrong somewhere(s). Heart of the Swarm: 1) I ran through the entire Hots campaign on Casual and the Master Archives reflected that properly by showing only Casual completions for all the missions. 2) I then started a new campaign on Normal (not played from the archives) and completed the first four missions as seen here: https://postimg.org/image/qwrr4zaqt/ 3) However, the Normal completions are not registering in the Master Archives: https://postimg.org/image/cez5aoqt1/ (That is after logging off, waiting a day and logging back on.) 4) For a test, I wiped out these files: https://postimg.org/image/j6pkdbal1/ 5) When I logged back in, they were replaced with new ones from the servers. Those replaced copies are now making the Master Archived show that everything was completed on Hard only: https://postimg.org/image/710d2oydh/ Summary: It appears something is not updating locally and/or on the servers? [On a side note, I have completed Hots on all four difficulties, so somewhere along the line that data was lost. In other words, the Hots Master Archives should show every mission completed on all four difficulties, but as you can see, it doesn't.] Legacy of the Void This one is a little different than the Hots issue. So far, I only tested through the three Prologue missions before I posted here. I haven't looked at the main campaign or the Epilogue campaign. 1) I ran the Prologue missions on Casual and the Master Archived reflected that properly by showing only Casual completions for the three missions. 2) I then started a new campaign on Normal (not played from the archives) and completed the three missions as seen here: https://postimg.org/image/hvht4qk39/ 3) (This is where it's different from Hots) However, the Normal completions replaced the Casual completions: https://postimg.org/image/dnn0vy0n9/ (That is after logging off, waiting a day and logging back on.) 4)Like above, as a test I deleted those same files 5) When I logged back in, the servers replace them just like before. However this time, nothing changed - meaning the Master Archives showed the same Normal completions (with the same completion times) as before the files were deleted. Summary: Things seem to updating locally and on the servers; however, starting a new campaign erases the other difficulties from the Master Archives. I swear that I once saw a popup when the Master Archives is accessed for the first time which described what the Master Archives is, what can be done in it, and that restarting a campaign won't reset the archives (I could have been imagining it. It's been a long time). This is on a fully updated Windows 8.1Leviathan0 Mar 20
Mar 20 han and horner portrait is not compatible If you try to use the Han and Horner portrait, you will be unable to use the forums. Please, can you fix this issue? Thank you.BunnyBorne0 Mar 20
Mar 20 Authentication Error If I try to launch Starcraft II without connecting to internet, it tells me that "Unable to download game data from Blizzard's servers. Please check your internet connection and try again later." The game is fully updated with Version When I do have an internet connection, the game loads up without a problem. There is an internet connection I have that allows me to use the internet but Starcraft II is not allowed to be played online. I can launch the game but when I try to login it tells me that I need to have logged in within the last 30 days even if I was just playing online the day before. I have used this connection plenty of times in the past and have been able to use the Play Offline feature without any problems. It is only in the last 2-3 weeks that this problems is happeneing.Santiago0 Mar 20
Mar 20 Unranked 1v1 Can get stuck See video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_8sAm4aSSI It happens whenever I go to versus and click unranked in 1v1 before the other buttons(ranked and maps) become clickable.SmashOne0 Mar 20
Mar 20 Campaign reset bug Campaign bug: I am currently trying sc2 campaign in asian server but every time I log in to play campaign it always resets and had to log out to play where I was. But now, it doesn't even work, it resets all the time. So I re-installed the game and tried but it won't work, and same results. Does anybody have any solutions for this bug? I really need the solution that works 100% because I am a campaign lover.BJmingul0 Mar 20
Mar 20 Raven shredder file missile If u do two shredder fire/seeker missiles it does 60 damage not 30 on the first and 30 + bonus damage against -3 armorDEVIN0 Mar 20
Mar 20 Free heart of the swarm not unlocking I have wings of liberty physical installed and I have legacy of the void but my "free heart of the swarm" isn't unlocked. and for some reason it wont let me make a ticket someone please help.lBrandOnBl14 Mar 20
Mar 20 Remastered Zerg HUD is bugged Zerg icons do not fit into HUD icons grid. Best and easiest fix for that is to make it same as on Remastered Terran HUD skin - just fill that area with black. OR fix the grid. On Remastered Protoss HUD it feels and looks fine. And R-Terran HUD is the perfect example of best remastered control panel grid. Currently https://i.imgur.com/9leDplm.png Easy fix https://i.imgur.com/c7vol1n.pngExistor1 Mar 20
Mar 20 Disruptor is broken Since last update, 2 things (without mentionning their related connections) have been removed. The Apply Behavior effect named: DisruptorAnimationControllerAB The Actor named: DisruptorCharging (and this one is even lacking the model's actual file for the sound and model) The prepare time on the ability was removed as well.Rem2 Mar 20
Mar 20 Crash when scrolling lobby teams preview The game crashes when I try to scroll the team preview of an open lobby. https://i.imgur.com/QTm4qEf.pnghawk1 Mar 20
Mar 20 Scrolling player list crashes the game Sorry, I am too lazy to check if this was reported already. If you scroll the player list for SC2 lobbies up and down then the game crashes. (from the place where you see all open lobbies) Me and some people I know tested this several times with 100% success rate. Not many Arcade Maps you can scroll though, as the lobby requires many teams for the player list to be scroll-able. Good example is -Mafia-, as it has 15 teams.Who2 Mar 20
Mar 19 Starcraft 2 crashes on launch Hello, When trying to launch it, Starcraft 2 crashes with: "An unexpected fatal error occurred." This happens only while MSI Afterburner (v4.4.2) w/ RivaTuner Statistics Server (v7.0.2) is running. Report ID: 784AD965-DA11-4DEE-AD5A-FFFC6190456E Thanks.hpTheGreat1 Mar 19
Mar 19 Can't leave group Hello. Wasn't sure if I post this here as a bug or under the technical support forum but... I've been stuck in this group for probably close to 6 years. When I try to leave the group i get the following text in the chat box: "You must transfer ownership to another member before leaving this Group". Group name is HUD518. I think I created it. Thanks.hpTheGreat0 Mar 19
Mar 19 coop xp ascension level stuck (no xp gain) I just completed the coop weekly mutation and my ascension level didn't gain the xp (equal to about 1 level). It says 0/0 ascension xp when I clicked on mastery after the game. The bounty has already been gained so can't be gained again, so the xp is effectively lost due to this bug. Any fixes available?Mike0 Mar 19
Mar 19 BUG Queuing SCV to mine gass while constr raf While SCV is constructing a rafinery and player adds any sequence of commands into SCV's queue and the last action will be "go mine vespine gas to that rafinery," SCV will ignore this last action. More of that, if the queue continues with more commands, some of which are again "go mine gas," every one of this type of action will be ignored. It's important that all actions of the type "go mine gas" are set while the rafinery is not finished AND the rafinery, which is ordered to be mined, is the same rafinery.KaspecCZ0 Mar 19
Mar 19 Starter Edition accounts do not... A few friends of mine who bought Starcraft 2 can't post on the forums without the error message: "Starter Edition accounts do not have the ability to create posts or use the rating buttons. Please upgrade to a full account to enable these features." They also played the 10 matches to unlock the 1v1 ranked ladder. Don't know if this is a bug or if people who got the game for free need to do something to use the forums.Shana2 Mar 19
Mar 19 Bobtoss Portrait Bugged After receiving the Bobtoss portrait, I switched to it in game(as you do), but it seemed to disable my ability to post in the forums. The CS gave a reason along the lines of new portraits bugging the forums, perhaps due to the new portrait/avatar/character not being recognised by the forums yet. I was told to post the problem here, so here I am. Thanks again to the CS people for the helpSamus0 Mar 19