Bug Report

Jan 3 Did not get Starcraft Veteran Achievement I've seen this achievement among a few players where it says "Purchase a Campaign before Patch 4.0" and I've bought the games since WoL. Why haven't I received this achievement?CrAzEdMiKe1 Jan 3
Jan 3 [bug] Viewing others' Achievement Profiles Screencapture of the issue: https://i.imgur.com/6hqJcgZ.jpg Description of issue: After clicking "View Profile" of someone else's profile, many players are unable to see the progress bars under the other's profile. The achievement are listed as Zero, as shown in the picture above, when in actuality, they have many. I've asked around, and everyone asked has confirmed having this issue as well. Any way we could get this fixed? :)CrystalDazz0 Jan 3
Jan 3 Achievement bug - Phase-Smith Commander I have access to, and in fact have reached Mastery with, Karax. Despite this, the achievement for purchasing him does not appear in the Feats of Strength menu of my achievements. When starting up the game, I occasionally see a message declaring that I have the achievement, but it does not get added to my list. When joining a party with a friend of mine, he often reports seeing the message and link to the achievement, as well.ShiningDark0 Jan 3
Jan 3 Campaign allied forces production bug. This bug tends to happen in all missions where you have allied forces supporting or helping you, regardless of campaign. What happens is that the allied forces don't keep up with the production cycles they are supposed to be doing, and in some cases they don't produce anything at all. This bug makes missions that feature allied forces less consistent and causes those allied forces to be less helpful due to lower numbers being produced.MyOhMind0 Jan 3
Jan 3 3v3 and 4v4 AI Custom Achievements I'm not getting credit when I play custom 3v3 and 4v4 games with AI allies against evenly-matched AI opponents. I create a game and set-up the AI, but no achievements are awarded at the conclusion of the game. Previous posts that I've read say to make sure you're using the "multiplayer" tab, but I don't see that tab anywhere. Is anyone else having this issue? Can anyone help? Thanks!Shagdawg19 Jan 3
Jan 3 [BUG] 1vs1 achievement Hello, I played this season very much 1vs1 in sc2 with Protoss. I won more than the half of the games. After some days I looked at my profile and saw the achievement where you have to win 1vs1 unranked or ranked matches. There stands that I only won 16 matches. http://www.bilder-upload.eu/show.php?file=112494-1514938215.jpg I looked at my ranking and saw that I won more than 20 games already. http://www.bilder-upload.eu/show.php?file=4b67a4-1514938370.jpg Please fix it. Sorry if my english isn't the best. I wish you a happy new year!Lukemaker0 Jan 3
Jan 2 [Co-Op] Nova hotkeys messed up. A couple of units in the Nova co-op commander got messed up. The Ghost is now S and the Raven is F. When I tried to go into the hotkeys menu to change it, the Ghost key says it's G (but in-game it's still S) in the Barracks Hotkeys menu, while the Raven is also non-existent in the Starport menu. Blizzard, please fix your hotkeys menus. They are a mess and don't include everything that is needed. Raven screenshot: https://image.prntscr.com/image/6OD794nmSG2AqQoH-ASblA.jpg Ghost hotkey ingame: https://image.prntscr.com/image/ZX1N6L9vSvmD1h3rpPZt_g.jpg vs. Ghost hotkey in hotkey menu: https://image.prntscr.com/image/fvTJyVlwTHuyQMMw4ijk5Q.jpgReaperMAC2 Jan 2
Jan 2 Perfil não carrega, partida vs I.A não entra. Saudações! Comprei o Starcraft 2 a alguns anos e joguei apenas as campanhas, agora que o jogo está gratuito convidei alguns amigos a jogar, mas com esse problema está impossível. Estou tendo problemas com o jogo desde que resolvi voltar a jogar, tem hora que o jogo funciona muito bem e tem hora que não carrega nem por %$$%@!. Percebo que o jogo não irá carregar quando a foto do perfil que fica no quanto superior direito não aparece. Ai esquece, fecho o jogo, abro o jogo, disconecto e conecto e nada! Depois de tempo tento novamente e vai! Mas isso é muito ruim, pois chamei dois amigos para jogar e eles estão tendo o mesmo problema. Quando o perfil não carrega não conseguimos jogar juntos, VS I.A não vai nem $#!@!. Já coloquei o jogo em 32 bits, coloquei com permissão de administrador, pelo laucher (blizzard app) já coloquei para verificar e reparar e nada, liberei pelo firewall e continua na mesma. Exclui a pasta de cache como foi dito em um post q eu li :>https://us.battle.net/support/pt/article/34721 E nada de solução. Naveguei pelo Forum e vi POSTS de 2013~2015 de pessoas que tiveram o mesmo problema e nada de solução. Aguardo resposta, meus amigos desistiram já do jogo, mas eu AINDA não.Dolly0 Jan 2
Jan 2 It is impossible to play one arcade. Some time ago, I found an interesting arcade I played it once, and I liked it. Link to it (it is on eu server, on bug reports its good to say this stuff I think): battlenet:://starcraft/map/2/197557 I and my friend were in party (I was the party leader), and I wanted to show it to him, so I tried to create a lobby, but when I pressed it, the moment it entered "waiting for party" phase, it suddenly created an error, which looked exactly the same as when trying to join a game that already started, but it wrote "S2GAME_INTERNAL_ERROR" instead. Trying to create the lobby again didn't help, as well as exiting and starting the game again. When we disbanded the party, I was capable of creating the lobby normally. However, when I tried to invite my friend, it resulted in me being kicked from the lobby in the first case (the chat window, like normally, told me that "you left the lobby"), and in repeated attempts told me that "the player was already invited to a game" He then went to play something else, so I didn't managed to ask him what happened from his perspective.timelord1 Jan 2
Jan 2 [BUG] Hearth of the swarm achievement I had already completed 19 missions (out of 20) of the Hearth of the Swarm campaign. All I needed was the "supreme" mission, where Zerus' pack leaders must be eliminated. Yesterday, I finished it, but I did not get the medal of 20 missions in brutal. Going to check in my profile, the counter (before 19/20) was blocked at 0/0 or 70/70. I restarted the game, then uninstalled it and reinstalled, no effect. What can I do to get the medal?Krakaendrago1 Jan 2
Jan 2 Confirmation code entered still cant play I entered confirmation code from email and I still cant play SC2Daniel1 Jan 2
Jan 2 Coop Experience not given Ive been playing coop for the war chest and when the victory screen appears the the experience gained are not given it says total experience gained 0BjornGodric1 Jan 2
Jan 2 баги в совместном режиме В миссии "Цепь вознесения" последний гибрид которые появляются в правом нижнем угла карты, находится за пределами картыArtyom1 Jan 2
Jan 2 Purifier warchest skin bugs 1.Good day I have a question why in the trailer on the new skins has a hight templar circle behind her back and in the game I do not have to fix it please (shadow for HT have circle in move) 2.Purifier zealot does not change the color of the blade 3.sorry for me english im use translatorAntyCZ0 Jan 2
Jan 2 Long term arcade freezing issue I am getting really tired of this long term issue. Sometimes when you leave an arcade game and try to join another it just sits at the loading message and never joins the game, even if you wait an hour. I understand that there is a lot of code to these games and there are a lot of issues but this has been an issue for over a year and nothing has been done to fix it. Blizzard is pumping out new content (co-op commanders) to take our money but can't even be bothered to fix game stopping issues that they have known about for years. It would be really nice, as someone who has purchased every SC product since launch, to get an answer to why this issue hasn't been fixed yet.TurdFurgeson2 Jan 2
Jan 2 macOS: Bad AirPods audio quality Hi. I play StarCraft 2 on my iMac 5k, High Sierra 10.13.2, with AirPods. When I launch StarCraft 2, the audio output quality on the AirPods is telephone quality. My voice chat settings are either to disable voice chat, or to use the built in microphone. But StarCraft still seems to use the AirPods as an input device, each time I launch the client, reducing the AirPods's output quality. To fix this, each session I must go to StarCraft 2's options menu > voice chat, and toggle either "Voice Chat Enabled", or what my input device is (landing on "Built-in Microphone"). Upon doing this once, or sometimes more, the AirPods will reconnect as only an output device, with full audio quality. StarCraft 2 should respect my voice chat settings, and not enable audio input on the AirPods, when I first launch the client.interim0 Jan 2
Jan 1 Broken Arcade Maps due to last big patches. Your last big patch broke a lot of classic well done arcade games, and the most recent patch broke A LOT of the arcade games. To include: Ancient War II - WOC III Mod Ancient War(War3 Mod) Stardrive TD Era Zombie Invasion Castle Fight! TD Tycoon. When you look at the amount of time put into Stardrive TD, it is probably one of the most well done artistic maps out there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytxxVIxLKlY I hope blizzard can look into these maps and see what they broke in the last patches, or at least give us an unlocked version. I have emailed the map makers / friended them, but I don't think they play anymore. Many of the issues are related to WC3 Sprites/Spells. Map start trigger / settings. Custom sprites becoming invisible and unselectable. I know this has been brought up before, but I had to put in my 2 cents, as these were the games that always brought me back to SC2, and now they just aren't playable.EYEQ8 Jan 1
Jan 1 (Coop) Stukov Infested Tooltip Error Infested Trooper's and Infested Marine's command card tooltip for Retinal Augmentation is "Infested Marines and Infested Troopers gain +2 attack range." Retinal Augmentation only increases range by +1, not +2.llllllllllll0 Jan 1
Jan 1 (Coop) Fenix Disruptor Command Card Instead of saying "This ability unlocks at Commander Level 9" and showing a locked icon on the command card, Disruptor Cloaking Module and Disruptor Purification Echo say to research it at the Robotics Bay on the Disruptor unit. This is before Fenix is level 9, at which point the mentioned researches are locked.llllllllllll0 Jan 1
Jan 1 Coop Hero's rest to level 5 Hello My hero's Zagara, Artanis and Kerrigan are above lvl 50 and I just logged on and now there all back to level 5. What happen?Andromidis0 Jan 1
Jan 1 Master archives Bug Hi, recently I've finished the HotS campaign (every mission and I even got 70 level kerrigan) and i wanted to complete some achievements in Master Archives. First thing that I noticed was that my evolution missions were incomplete so I had 20/27 Missions completed. Well that didn't really matter but I've lost every another level, which Kerrigan got from Bonus Quests. So she was the lowest level possible with finished game. I was OK about it in that moment i wanted to complete game at hard difficulty so i began missions in Master Archives and did 1st 10 missions (Umoja, Kaldir, Char) + all evolution missions to have 27/27. Than i turned off the game, and when I today woke up i wanted to do some other missions there and same thing happened again. I only have completed 20/27 quests (every single evolution quest is incomplete) and levels for kerrigan for bonus quests are again just gone. Is there any solution to this problem? If not should I even try to level her again, because another lost of levels would be just dumb. Btw. I'm playing at HotS expansion, haven't bought LotV yet and I'm in Europe region server. Thanks for replies.ZiZiak6 Jan 1
Jan 1 (Coop) Amon has Raptors This was done in Custom Mutators. Zerg ai, Brutal, Swarmy ai composition. The Raptor lings jumped and acted like you would expect Raptor lings to act. https://ibb.co/mEQLGb EDIT ~ Raptors are spawned as escorts for Zerg shuttles.llllllllllll0 Jan 1
Jan 1 Dropped with good internet Getting kicked from game for internet but I have excellent internet. Get dropped from every single game and my wifi is fantasticTristan0 Jan 1
Dec 31 Screen flicker: Fullscreen mode + IntelHD4600 The screen flickers when I try to use the "Fullscreen" mode on my laptop using Intel HD Graphics 4600. I tried to re-install the most recent driver (I provide more info as Intel's naming scheme is terrible): - Intel Driver Update Utility reports: - installer file name: win64_154034.4624.exe - installation and driver reports version: DxDiag + Gamelogs (starting the game using "Fullscreen" mode): https://www.dropbox.com/s/4ci3sbl9ung884r/screenFlickerAhliLaptop24thJune2017.zip?dl=0 Workaround: - use "Fullscreen (windowed)" instead Btw, "Fullscreen" works fine in Heroes of the Storm SC2 build is: Previous builds might have caused problems, too. I rarely use SC2 on my laptop. Oh and my portrait in this forum is wrong as it displays a Roach instead of a Community Commander.Ahli7 Dec 31
Dec 31 no bonus obj. credit for HoTS mission achievs As the title says, some mission achievements in HoTS are not properly giving credit as "completed" on the bonus objective even though they are complete. As an example, I have included several screenshots to more properly demonstrate the issue. Kaldir mission tab indicates that I have not completed the bonus objectives for Enemy Within: https://i.imgur.com/eB57NbS.jpg 2nd screenshot showing that the bonus objectives are complete from the same tab: https://i.imgur.com/x22oaU5.jpg A post-game victory screen after replaying the mission and completing the objectives again (no new credits given, still incomplete bonus objective): https://i.imgur.com/tvgvb5L.jpg This occurs with the Conviction objectives as well, under the Space Missions tab. Please let me know if there is any other information I can provide.turkycat1 Dec 31
Dec 31 UI Bug after arcade game After playing a single arcade game, I can't join another arcade game or even begin a multiplayer game without having to re-login. This is pretty frustrating as I have to literally log out after every single arcade game.JeongnWild26 Dec 31
Dec 31 Achievements in campaign mode While reviewing my achievements under the campaign section, several achievements (e.g. completing a mission that had been completed while connected to battle.net) were not listed as completed.Mike0 Dec 31
Dec 31 bought warchest a few months back, now it's gone.. i purchased the war chest some...i don't know, 4-6 months ago (special forces chest?)? I played and unlocked stuff in the chest by gaining experience or whatever ,then i got a bored with SC2. I didn't play it for several months. I load the game up today and i can't find the war chest i purchased with the remaining stuff to unlock. Instead it's asking me to purchase it (or a new one?) again... What's up with that? The new blizzard micro-transaction model is that you buy "time" to unlock stuff, and if you don't unlock it, you don't get the rest of the rewards?Computer0 Dec 31
Dec 31 [Co-op] Overlapping events glitch This has happened twice now, once in mist opportunities and again in chain of ascension. It seems that when two alerts happen at the same time, the game goes into this weird state where the mission dialogue will not end and so the sound bugs out, only playing at the decreased sound set by your settings, and the mission narrator stops talking. Meaning that when you complete all of the objectives, the mission clear won't trigger because the game is waiting for the narrator to finish their last message so that it can play the mission complete message. So the game gets stuck in a permanent in progress state. I hope this can get fixed soon because it sucks to have to take an exp penalty for exiting a mission where everything is completed.Meteor0 Dec 31
Dec 30 starjeweled vs a.i. = no army starjeweled dont work vs A.I., don't sends armydrugo5 Dec 30
Dec 30 Freeze the Day Campaign Achievement The counter is now showing 102/100 and not giving the achievement. No idea what I should do.Overkill0 Dec 30
Dec 30 [Bug] center on current selection When several buildings are in the selection (nexuses, forges, cores) and "center on current selection" is pressed the camera goes to the first nexus but when the "center on current selection" is held and then the hotkey with the buildings is pressed the camera goes (I think) to the nearest nexus. I also noticed that holding "center on current selection" and pressing different control group hotkeys sometimes causes the camera to go to some other location for a split second and then to the correct one. (Jesus, can we have a bit more that the 45 character limit for the title, please?)Iconoclast3 Dec 30
Dec 30 Eidolon skin NOT working in game I've got it as a gift, equipped it and in game it's NOT working, All I see is the old standard ghost skin and even the portrait is same. Nothing works!Mading2 Dec 30
Dec 30 [Bug] Wrong total career games Hi! I'm from EU server. After 4.0 release the number of Total Career Games is drastically smaller than it was. And I definitely plahed more than 499 games... What's the deal? Please help!Zellan4 Dec 30
Dec 30 starjeweled when I play starjeweled vs comp. comp does nothingslappystar1 Dec 30
Dec 30 BUG OF H&H When H&H was in Oblivion Express with Karax, the choro boost of top bar ablity didn't work for the Dominion Starport. The charge cooldown didn't reduce quickly and even slower than usual, which means that the effect of choro field was removed as well. This bug have been seen three times in one game, not just once. Don't know this bug exists in only this map or all maps. Please check carefully and fix it as soon as possible. This feels bad when play with Karax as a team.ghostxrm0 Dec 30
Dec 29 Can’t play offline Can’t play SC2 WOL offline. I have updated and still cannot play offline. I have logged in almost everyday but still keep seeing “Blizzard must authenticate”. Can only play online. Has been like this a few days.Dac0 Dec 29
Dec 29 p4.1 new player lower on ladder oversight Patch 4.1 changed where new players start on the ladder which was a good idea. Before I always told new people to insta leave around 10-15 games because I always thought it put you too high. BUT THERE'S ONE HUGE OVERSIGHT. Starting a new arranged team in 2s/3s/4s also starts us lower. We start in Silver in fact even if we go 5-0 in placements. This is bad for the real silver players and its bad for every Master group of friends who want to start a new team. I dont want to spend the first ~15 games playing below diamond. The way I see it there are two simple solutions. Either you revert the 4.1 patch changes to ARRANGED TEAMS ONLY (at least we started in plat back then) or you start all arranged teams based on our previous arranged team mmr or our 1v1 mmr.EZcheezy0 Dec 29
Dec 29 Possible Rank Bug Good night :) Im new to starcraft, but i am playing and practicing a lot. I was playing with some friends and climbing in ranked games, when they noticed that i had Silves league, but when they clicked on my profile, the blue bar belor the league showed "Platinum 3". They told me to leave league and play again, so it would fix my mmr and rank, it ended up reseting me to silver 2, but it still shows platinum 3. Is it normal? Why am I in silver with Platinum league written on the blue bar? I would be very pleased if you could explain this to me, sorry for any incovenience :D Have a great night.Reuter2 Dec 29
Dec 29 [Bug] 0 MMR, rank bugged When I started the game after the last patch I accepted the request for administrative privileges (which I usually deny), and now my versus screen + profile is buggy. My profile said I have 0 MMR (plat 3, rank 0) as Terran. I had only been placed for Protoss, so this is wrong. When I check Protoss it says I am unranked and have played a lot more games this season than what's correct. Zerg seems to be untouched. In the versus screen Zerg seems to be normal. Protoss still says unranked (or whatever I've clicked before clicking Protoss). I did play my placement matches for both Terran and Zerg AFTER I got this bug, to see if it did any difference. The versus screen now shows the correct rank for Terran(gold) and Zerg, but if I click the Terran rank/league it takes me to an empty plat 3 league. If I select Protoss after selecting Terran, my Protoss shows my Terran rank. I've tried relogging, changing regions, restarting battle.net launcher, restarting my computer, scanning and repairing (via the battle.net launcher) and playing both ranked and unranked games. I've had others check my profile and they can also see the 0 mmr rank 0. Is anyone familiar with this kind of bug? Any tips to what I can do would be appreciated :) Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/52c362d28d23a3bbe39da0e213d09f0aSnapZ12 Dec 29
Dec 29 Starjeweled (problem with latest update?) Hello, Probably not something most folks care about, but when I have a few minutes to kill I like to fire up a Vs. AI game in Starjeweled. Ever since the latest update the AI never generates any units... Is there a setting that changed or is this an actual bug. Just wondering if anyone else is having this or can replicate. Thanks! -johnUCMJB4 Dec 29
Dec 29 Protoss Observer: Surveillance Mode sound bug Is the new sound effect for observers that are in "Surveillance Mode" supposed to be audible to opponents, even if they don't have detection to see the observer? When I load a replay and select the vision of my opponent, I can hear the new sound effect that observers make when they are in "Surveillance Mode". I can't see the observer (the opponent had no detection near it at the time of the replay), yet I can hear the sound effect. Is this intentional? I figured surveillance mode already has the penalty of making it so observers can't move. Should opponents also be able to hear them while in this mode as well? It's possible it's only audible in replays and not in game-play. I've only tested replays so far.Oberoth2 Dec 29
Dec 29 Rainha do enxame não aparece no cooperativo. Rainha do enxame não aparece no modo cooperativo, sendo assim não é possivel configurar as hotkeys da mesma, muito estranho. No jogo normal x1 ela aparece, mas no cooperativo não, isso aconteceu após o jogo se tornar gratuito. Arrumem ae.Jokker0 Dec 29
Dec 29 Co-op: Karax Chrono not working Karax's Chrono Boost is not affecting dehaka or han and horners Assault Galleon, wouldn't fit. so i've been trying to level up the War chest and i decided i might as well top off dehaka and the horners. while i was levelling dehaka, i landed karax player who used chrono boost twice, my primal wardens roach eggs weren't affected at all and it didn't look like research was going any faster; now the research i might be mistaken about because you might've decreased chrono boosts efficiency. but for the horners (and this i know is a glitch) Assault galleon didn't seem to be affected by chrono boost at all. if any of this info is correct, could we get a fix?Awesomov1 Dec 29
Dec 29 [BUG] Hearth of the swarm campaign I had already completed 19 missions (out of 20) of the Hearth of the Swarm campaign. All I needed was the "supreme" mission, where Zerus' pack leaders must be eliminated. Yesterday, I finished it, but I did not get the medal of 20 missions in brutal. Going to check in my profile, the counter (before 19/20) was blocked at 0/0 or 70/70. I restarted the game, then uninstalled it and reinstalled, no effect. What can I do to get the medal? J'avais déjà terminé en mode brutal 19 missions (sur 20) de la campagne Hearth of the swarm. Il ne me manquait que la mission "supreme", où il faut éliminer les chefs de meutes de Zerus. Hier, je l'ai terminée, mais je n'ai pas eu la médaille de 20 missions en brutal. En allant vérifier dans mon profil, le compteur (avant à 19/20) était bloqué soit à 0/0 soit à 70/70. J'ai relancé le jeu, puis je l'ai désinstallé puis réinstallé, sans effet. Que puis-je faire pour obtenir la médaille ?Krakaendrago0 Dec 29
Dec 29 [Bug] "Safe Haven" Achievement I have beaten "Safe Haven" twice now, on Hard and then on Normal, to get the "Normal - Rescue 3 / 3 Colonies" achievement. Even though I get all three, "Thanks Raynor!!" style messages, I have not gotten the achievement. But it's not even close--I save each colony way before it even takes damage, so I don't get what could be going on other than a bug. Oddly I have the 2 Colony / Hard Mode achievement.TorqueSmacky1 Dec 29
Dec 29 (Co-op) Avenger Ignores Armor Negated Zagara Zergling's Shredding Claws (Zergling attacks reduce their target's armor to 0 for 10 seconds) will bring a max avenger buffed unit's armor down to three instead of the zero advertised.llllllllllll0 Dec 29
Dec 29 black bar when watching replays gday. when i watch replays all of the bottom is black.. the area that shows units and what structures are building and so on.. this has happened to me in the past but it seemed to fix itself.... but it is back!!! cheersFatallicA0 Dec 29
Dec 28 Mouse cursor slow, jittery, gets stuck LOTV on MacOS HighSierra 10.13.1 Mouse cursor works at start of game and becomes unresponsive, moves slow and gets 'stuck' rapidly as game goes on. Mouse works outside of SC2, so I know it is not a hardware issue. Issue began 11/14/17 1am PST, before downloading Patch 4.0.0 4.0.0 didn't fix the issue. Update: I just realized the issue only happens in Fullscreen or Windowed(Fullscreen), but there is no problems at all in Windowed mode.AVERY11 Dec 28