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Feb 18, 2013 Known Issues 3.14 [Updated: 5/23/17] UI and Online New – On the Skins page, no sound plays for Hellion transformations and not all correct sounds play for Viking transformations. New – Using Rewind in a game with the WCS GameHeart extension mod causes white rectangles to display on production structures. New – When viewing a player's profile after a match, the score screen no longer stays behind the profile window. New – The Tastosis announcer's GG lines are being overridden by in-game alerts that play during the Victory animation. Players that relog while awaiting the next round of a tournament will be forced to forfeit and become stuck in a tournament. The Performance tab and the Score Summary tab have display issues in 3840x2160 resulutions. - This only occurs in 4k resolutionsEngine/Game Systems New - Using the Insert and Delete camera angle hotkeys can cause the camera to transition to unintended angles. New – Alt tabbing while the starting cinematic is playing can cause the client to freeze.Game Content New – Logging out after completing a mission during the Campaign will cause its progress to not be recorded in the Master Archives. Workaround: If the player views the Master Archives without relogging, the Master Archives will successfully update. New – Nova's Tactical Airlift can unload large units far away from the intended location. New – Fenix's Suit Attack Speed mastery tooltip displays as 0% when mousing over any of his top bar buttons. New – When playing the "Friends Like These" mission in the Heart of the Swarm Campaign, if the Hyperion levels up and clears a Bonus Objective area at the same time, the player does not receive credit for the Bonus Objective. New – When Fenix is allied with Vorazun, his Arbiter Suit's Cloaking Field does not apply Vorazun's Strike from the Shadows damage buff. Stalkers and Dark Templar can display the wrong Blink or Shadow Stride cooldown when in the same group. In rare circumstances, it is possible for a Liberator to be Abducted by a Viper, then remain in Defender Mode. Completing the Void Campaign sometimes does not unlock the Epilogue missions. Some workarounds are available. Judicator Zealot Psi-Blades are not distinct from standard Zealot Psi-Blades.Mac Saving a map file in the component file format, can cause issues if the user has the map folder open in finder.Huginncord4 Feb 18, 2013
Jul 27, 2010 Welcome Thread & FAQ En Taro Tassadar, and welcome to the Starcraft II Bug Report forum! Introduction: The purpose of this forum is to collect issue reports on the Live version of the game. We greatly appreciate our customers helping us to find issues with the game. As such, this forum is one of your best methods for making us aware of these issues. Please be advised that this is not a discussion forum. This forum is a direct line of communication to Blizzard Entertainment's Quality Assurance Department to report issues. Unless a moderator asks for more information, all the critical information of a post should be contained in the subject and first post. Every post will be responded to in some fashion before being locked. When a thread is locked, it means we have sufficient information on the issue and won't require any further assistance. The stickies at the top of the Bug Report Forum contain valuable information to assist you. Please read them before doing anything. Bug Reporting Guidelines: * Supply screenshots and system information where applicable. * Provide as much information as possible; give the unit, map or ability name, and a brief description of the issue you are reporting. * Crash Reporting * Battle.net Bugs * Gameplay Bugs * Graphics Bugs * Please use proper English, do not use slang, abbreviations or other unclear language when describing the issue. We cannot address bug reports that we do not understand. * Create a single thread for each issue, lists of bugs are difficult to track and respond to, if you have multiple bug reports please verify that there are not already threads on them and then post them each in their own thread. Creating a Bug Thread: When reporting a bug, we would like you to take the time and search the forum to see if your issue is already reported. While we won't delete duplicate reports, it will save us time if you know the issue is already posted and do not repost it. Using keywords (such as a unique element of a crash log or a unit name) is a good way to find threads. If you haven't found anything, start a new thread with your issue and put [BUG] in the subject while being as descriptive as possible. Additionally, if you have multiple issues, separate them into different threads. Unique bugs should get unique threads. Try to include steps to reproduce your problem. Be succinct, leave out any opinions on the problem and focus on how best to tell us about it to help resolve the issue. Feedback and Suggestions: We want to hear your feedback but it needs to be placed in the right forum. All suggestion or feedback posts should go on the Gameplay discussion forums. * General Discussion * Terran Dicussion * Protoss Discussion * Zerg Discussion General Rules and Policies: Blizzard Entertainments Forum Code of Conduct Common Confusion Reports Bumping and Spamming: Please do not bump threads or spam new threads on the same issue. All posts in this forum are read by a member of the QA team in the order that it is posted. Bumping threads or spamming new threads on an issue does not help your issue get addressed any faster. Bumping and spamming slows down our process and actually delays bugs getting fixed. Deleting Posts Policy: Posts that have been determined to be Not A Bug, Invalid Issue Reports, duplicates without more information, or other reasonable posts to make on this forum but that have been disproven will be kept for 24 hours before deletion. If the original poster acknowledges his post before that time, it will be deleted immediately. Posts that are extremely off-topic and other posts that do not belong here will be deleted immediately. Deleting invalid posts helps keep the forum clean and organized for QA to sort through.Zenux6 Jul 27, 2010
Apr 12, 2016 [Data Request] "Can't Unlock Epilogue" Bug Kelphe0 Apr 12, 2016
Dec 25 How to Write a Good Bug Report This guide was written by my good friend Kahzgul, of the WoW Bug Report Forums, and was ported over/maintained/edited by myself, with his consent. I've seen many people posting bugs in this forum that are not clearly written, or - in some cases - even in understandable English. As a 12-year professional in the video game industry, specifically testing, I feel like an adequate authority to help everyone learn how to write a good bug. I have included a sample bug which I will reference from time to time throughout this guide. This sample bug is not real, and never actually happened to me. Please do not mistake this guide for an actual bug report. Why should I bother learning how to write a good bug? The reason for writing a good bug is simple: The faster that the Blizzard testers can understand and reproduce a bug, the faster that bug will get fixed. How do I know that I've found a bug? If you think you've found a bug at all, you should report it. In the worst case, you have actually found a bug, and in the best case, someone will point out that what your experiencing is intended functionality and will (hopefully) explain how to avoid the issue that you're experiencing. Often, bugs will go unreported because people aren't sure if it is "worth" reporting. The fact of the matter is that *every* bug is worth reporting. What just looks like a small graphic error may actually be a quest item underground or a hole in the map. You're making the game better by reporting issues that you've noticed. As a side note, custom user interfaces can cause a variety of issues with the game, so please try to verify that the bug occurs without any custom UI mods loaded. Before you write the bug Do a search of the bug report forum. Make sure that your bug is not already in the forum. If it is, feel free to add any additional information to the existing thread, by try to avoid "me too" posts unless specifically requested by the Blizzard staff. When searching, use keywords that describe the bug as accurately as possible. For example: "Missing item" is not nearly as clear as "Missing 2H Weapon" or even "Missing Weapon." Also, try several searches. If your Missing Weapon search returns nothing like your bug, try searching by your class "Shaman item" or "Shaman weapon" etc. Once you've done a few good searches and are satisfied that your bug is not in the forum, you should post a new issue. Keep in mind that this forum is for the reporting and tracking of in-game bugs, and is *not* any sort of means of fixing the bug or correcting the trouble you encountered. For issue resolution, please contact the customer service forum. What should I title the bug? A bug's title should be a clear, concise description of the issue. Something like "Shaman 2H weapon disappeared" is good. "OMG game brokezor" is not good. Think about what keywords someone might use to search for your bug, and try to include a few in your title. That way, anyone who browses through the forum will instantly know what your bug is, just from the title. Sixen suggests starting your title with a tag to help identify what your post is about: For Gameplay bugs, prefix the thread with [Bug]. For Forum bugs, prefix the thread with [Forum Bug]. For Guides/Notes/Information, prefix the thread with [Guide]. What elements go into a bug description? A bug description contains several important parts: First is the bug description (What happened), second are the steps to reproduce the bug (How do you make the bug happen), and third is any supporting evidence (links to screenshots, etc.). Since this is just a forum, and not a professional bug reporting tool, I don't think that anyone truly expects full research into issues or screenshots, movies, etc. of them. However, the more information that you can provide, the better! It is also sometimes helpful to list the "who" and "where" of a bug as well: Which character(s) expereince the bug and where the bug occurred. Sometimes the "who" and "where" will be what kind of computer and operating system you have, and where in the real world you happen to be located. The "why" is what the developers will find out and fix. (Continued)Sixen38 Dec 25
Nov 11, 2015 Bug Attachment Guidelines Greetings Commanders, Cerebrates, and Executors, We are happy to announce that we now have an easier method for submitting requested attachments! From now on we will request that you send your attachments to the email address StarcraftBugAttachments@blizzard.com instead of uploading them to file sharing sites and providing a link. This should help us address your issues more effectively and be less of a headache for you. NEW! - If the requested attachment(s) exceed email attachment size limits, you may use file sharing sites such as Google Drive to upload a compressed (.zip) file and email us the download link. Below are a few guidelines we would like you all to follow when submitting your files and information to us: What to include: A link to your original thread. The requested attachment (nothing else, please). (NOTE: When attaching a replay, please also include the in-game time at which the bug occurred.) A brief description of the issue. The region in which you were playing. The time/date of the occurrence. Commonly requested attachments and how to find them: Screenshots Windows users: Screenshots can be found in your “Documents\Starcraft II\” folder. An example path might look like this: ... Mac users: ...Replays Windows users: Replays can be found in your “Documents\Starcraft II\” folder. An example path might look like this: ... Mac users: ...Saves Windows users: Saves can be found in your “Documents\Starcraft II\” folder. An example path might look like this: ... Mac users: ...DXDiag & MSInfo Mac System Info Connection Info How to format a bug attachment email: First, include the name of your thread and the attachment included in the subject line. For the body of the email, start with a link to the thread, your region, then the date and time of the occurrence. After that, please include the bug description and any other pertinent info. It should look something like this: ... Thanks! - ZobrekZobrek0 Nov 11, 2015
Apr 30, 2015 Overclocking Notice - Please read! Hello everyone! Before reporting any graphical hardware related issues, or unexplained application/system freezes, please take a moment to read the post by Glaxigrav in our Tech Support forums here: http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/forum/topic/17084690607 If your card is in fact overclocked, try reverting it to normal operating speeds to see if this resolves your issue. Thanks! - ZobrekZobrek0 Apr 30, 2015
38m [Co-op] Railgun didn't attack Nova's Railgun didn't attack, even though the Ghost was surely within the range 6. Screenshot: http://imgur.com/34ePlAc Replay: http://www.mediafire.com/file/i8hx23infh5ln0j/Oblivion_Express_%2824%29.SC2ReplaySyltom0 38m
6h Authorization issue Everytime I try to play offline I get an authorization issue.Tried changing emails, switching regions, Different accounts,uninstalling both battle.net app and sc2 still no luck. Anyone know how to fix?Pirateskullz2 6h
7h Art bug in Coop Missons Art bugs As we know, when Nexus produce Probes it will flash with additional lights on the nexus ,but In coop missons Fenix Nexus don't have this animation, Nexus just like Dead :( I think it's a bugZYK0 7h
8h No "go back" option from profile to lobby It might be an unintended bug that appeared after last patch. After match, after clicking "view profile" of one of the players there's no 'go back' option from player's profile to match lobby. It used to be possible before the patch and it's not efficient to 'cycle back' to lobby through the match history ( in 2v2,3v3,4v4s games ).Night8 8h
8h Website user profiles broken Thread title is pretty self explanatory, the graphics for user profiles on the website like achievements and profile portraits etc. are broken. Achievements have been broken for last year or so since you updated the website design. Please fix this sometime.Zabre0 8h
10h LOST POINTS AND RANKING I played last night and when I quit I was No 1 with about 488 approx points. Logged on tonight and was No 8 and had lost 50 points I'm in HIERARCH KAPPA group gold 2 code name COBRA what happened?Cobra0 10h
12h locked out of the hyperion In starcraft 2, after finishing the campaign I am locked out of the hyperion. I can use the mission list to select and play missions, but I can no longer visit the various parts of the ship such as the armory. it glitched back in briefly, but I'm not sure how to return. So I'm not sure if it's a bug or just bad UIPirateSanta2 12h
17h Website without Nova Chapter 3 achievements Ingame there are "Nova Covert Ops • Chapter 3" achievements but here on the website they are missing This affects Mission Packs Nova Covert Ops and the total Achievement points.EberleMs1 17h
17h Empy/missed community News Last time, 23.05. everything was fine with my news [Server -Europe] Battlenet :: // starcraft / group / 2/13471 Battlenet :: // starcraft / group / 2/233077 (Links work only in game) Now, i see almost all my news is empty. Here was very important notes with links and description about maps in "acrade" game mode. Can you return the lost information or give it to me somehow? PS. Lets me speak from my heart (c)Corsair0 17h
17h [Coop] Lock & Load Bonus Objective 0/1 After completing bonus objective in Lock & Load mission the bonus objective is set to completed, but the description is still "Destroy the Xel'Naga Construct (0/1)". It should update to "Destroy the Xel'Naga Construct (1/1)"Maguro0 17h
18h Skins wont show in 3v3 and 4v4 games Skins only showing in 1v1 and 2v2 Games. Im not sure how to correct this... I have spent a good amount of money for the skins and would like to be able to enjoy them in all modes of the sc2 multiplayer.bTniceTea0 18h
18h Fenix and Vorazun shenanigans. Fenix's Arbiter cloak doesn't correctly apply Strike from the Shadows or the bonus to shield regeneration. Emergency recall does work.squish0 18h
18h A list of things, Starting with a bookmark. First I'll start off by giving a review of my experience in finding help. I haven't, not from blizzard. It is absolutely impossible to find someone to help with any of these issues, unless from the community, which they shouldn't be the ones to carry the burden. The last thing I want to do is post on a forum and wait around for someone to maybe respond. I might get help from the community, or MAYBE from someone within the team specifically designated to help. I don't want help directly from the community, that's not their job. I want help from blizzard. For a multitude of things I cannot contact them about directly. I'll list the things first from the game then about battle.net itself in chronological order and then talk about my experience and why it's important to look at these issues. The url is In-game screenshots. http://imgur.com/a/Tea7h I bookmarked a map, and now it wont show up in my bookmarks after messing with as many settings as seem obviously relevant to the process of looking up maps. I make a game public, I can't change it back. If I make a game public, I can't change any of the options of the game once public, which I can't change back. When contacting Blizzard about this issue, their ticket system stops them from hearing about anything that they don't think they need to hear about. If it's not in a very specific set of issues, it's pushed off to the forums. When it comes to posting a ticket, I have to answer a questions like, "When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?" This within itself is an issue, and I'll expand on it later. I can't take a screenshot of starcraft with the print screen button and paste it in paint, It's a black screen. which would have made this entire process of showing my issues much easier. Instead I had to scan the forums to find the way to take a screenshot, and how to access them. To start, the bookmark issue. I think this might be a simple bug. I messed with as many settings as seemed obviously related and relevant. If I make a game public, I understand why I might not be able to change the settings, if I'm assuming correctly, it's because it's posted to the list of available maps, and changing those settings would change the parameters available to everyone looking at the maps. They may be looking for games with specific parameters. If that's the case, then why would I have to abandon the lobby and everyone in it, instead of just changing back to, "Closed to Public"? Why is it impossible to change the game back to private? It makes the lobby creation system much more complicated and bogged down. If the button also included "Close to Public," clicking it could do the same thing as everyone leaving the lobby, without everyone having to leave the lobby. It would take that listing off of the roster of games in the public's eye, allowing the settings to be changed. Everyone leaving, then joining again? That's so much work for EVERYONE involved. Let me give an example. If I made a 4v4 custom game that required the game mode to be siege mode. It's a custom game that only works correctly in siege mode, so having any other options would be completely pointless. You start the lobby, and forget to change that setting, and you wait around for people to fill the lobby. Then when you go to start, you double check the options one more time, and realise that you've been waiting for a while for all these players, and that all these players have been waiting around, for you to realise that the gamemode is wrong, now everyone has to leave the lobby. None of those people can play that game, because it's been made public, they can't change the game mode to siege mode. EVERYONE has to just leave the game after waiting all that time. That's not conductive to an active and thriving community. I've been completely disassociated from the community by being forced into it. I shouldn't have to communicate my issues to the people who purchased and play the game. Granted the point of a forum is to communicate, but that doesn't mean for the sole purpose of communicated about problems. And there are more to these forums. But I discovered them looking for ways to solve my issues, and I was told to go to the forums. Don't be helped by a development team, or someone on the phone who knows the settings, not even a robot on the phone. I was sent to a forum of people who may or may not be part of the development team or some other team that may help. The people on these forums might just be people who, out of the kindness of their heart, browse the forums for problems they can help people with, THIS SHOULD NEVER BE YOUR WAY TO ALLEVIATE PROBLEMS WITHIN THE COMMUNITY. EVER. You should not EVER rely on your community to solve your issues. I have never been launched so far away from a community or my love for a game than because of this experience. The company in which made starcraft I and brood war! The custom games and the experience that came out of those two games was absolutely massive. This is a completely different experience. I grew up playing starcraft. I was too young to understand what I was doing. I just heard names like Raynor and Kerrigan. I fell in love with this story before. I cried at the end of heart of the swarm. I was emotionally invested in the outcome of both raynor and kerrigan. Knowing that blizzard pushes their issues off onto the forums instead of having some group that answers questions of their loving community. If by chance that team in which I seek goes through the forums and looks to answer these questions, WHY MAKE IT A FORUM??? There are SO MANY better ways to directly communicate with your community. A text line something. Anything else other than pushing it off onto a forum.asd1 18h
18h EU MP down EU matchmaking arcade etc all down just gives error message when trying to start a game. Its for everyone.Kotli1 18h
18h Can't start a game Can't start any game!coolbool4 18h
22h In Editor Ghost Command card is messed up Hi, So i have a strange problem, after the latest update i did decide to make a new map (with Editor) and i was working on ghost unit when i discovered this bug, It seems Ghost command card is messed up, if i edit it anyway by adding new abilities or replace the correct abilities positions, when im in game testing, some skills commands are not in the correct position which i did set in editor and sometimes some skills will be either duplicated in skill bars or removed. (this problem mostly happens when moving sniper ability position in command bar) (also none of other ghost units from coop or campaign have this problem! only the normal Ghost in melee mod) this happens even when i simply make a Melee game with only Void.mod dependencies. Really need help i cant advance in my project until i do find a fix for this problemarcade0 22h
23h Starcraft 2 not starting when launched. So this just happened today for me, I was launching SC2 then it took a while to load. Normally this happens but it will end soon after around 1 - 2 minutes. This time It was stuck there for a whole 30 minutes. When it freezes like this, It seems that the PC freezes aswell. All I see is a black screen and my cursor while desperately trying to ALT + F4. Please help.PainU0 23h
1d Game bug that prevents you from starting game I recently restarted playing sc2 and noticed a bug that does not let you join new game lobbies after a match. One of my friends told me that blizzard has been told about the bug but cannot reproduce it. I studied the issue over 50 or so games and can fairly solidly reproduce it, and have identified where it is hanging, but not what is causing the problem. https://imgur.com/a/ThT4L If you end a game and see this screen, you will always hang, and have to relog. http://imgur.com/d2BmKF9 If you end a game and see this screen, you will be able to proceed as planned. Some times you can wait at the first one for a while and the screen will refresh and show the second one. This is not guaranteed however. https://imgur.com/a/LIIpZ This is what it looks like. You just hang on the entering lobby screen. Seeing as all my friends experience the issue it doesnt seem related to system, but here are my general specs just in case. SC2 heart of the swarm version Windows 10 Home Version 1607 OS Build 14393.1198 Processor Intel i7-6700 3.40 GHz 16gigs of ram System type 64 bitancientninja0 1d
1d Fenix's grid hotkeys have been broken Fenix's grid hotkeys were broken. X and C were moved to C and V but nothing is in the X place and there's no reason for the move and it's not listed in the patch notes so I presume this was accidentalXpyder0 1d
1d Oblivion Express Co-op Mission Crashing I've got this problem for a long time. Usually when the Oblivion Express is selected for the first time, it works just fine. At the second time there could be a little chance that the game crashes at loading or the victory. When it comes to the third time, the crash is almost inevitable. When my game crashes, the screen freezes with an annoying background noise. My computer stops respond and I have to press the power button to force a restart or it can keep no respond for all day. After restart, there is no dump file to analyse at all. Scan and Repair has already been tried. It neither found any problem or solved the crash. I've also checked my drivers. They are all up to date. Crash continues even I switch to low settings. This week's co-op mutation has made the problem much severer. Is there any solutions? Thanks for reading.Prometheus0 1d
1d Carrier Skin is not working I bought the new skin of the carrier, but in the game it is still the old skin. I did select the skin from my collection before I started 1v1 match with the computer and tried to reload it many times but it didn't work. My system is Mac.LIANG3 1d
1d Swann's new SCV auto cast glitch So when Swann's SCVs are idle near a new construction, they now dart off to help build it automatically. Cool idea and works pretty well. Except they dart off to help build addons too without reducing their build time and until it is complete they ignore constructions where they would be helpful. That is silly.PaW1 1d
1d [Co-op] Void Launch, skip 3rd bonus with TS http://www.mediafire.com/file/i5rdnxabgwla5vn/Void_Launch_%2815%29_-_skip_3rd_bonus_with_Time_Stop.SC2Replay Time Stop freezes the ship; thus, it doesn't have enough time to finish before the mission ends.Syltom0 1d
1d [Bug] Judicator zealot psi blades broken It seems that since update 3.12 with the introduction of the hellion and immortal skins, the Judicator Zealot psi blades look identical to the normal zealot psi blades. Previously the Judicator zealot psi blades were always giving off much more light, now they're not. In the collection tab preview the difference is clearly visible, in game not.Florin7 1d
1d Lightning Editor Issue Since Friday, whenever I edit any light set, it becomes completly white and reset its time to 0:00. Have you noticed smth similar? Also whenever I have 3 lights in set, and I import a new one to replace 1st, all 2 others same become 0:00 and are white... Editing any light in set makes all others broken. Please help.Apocrypha8 1d
1d error on 3.14 patch NO GAMES SITES ... NO GAMES SITES WERE AVAILABLE TO START A GAME. PLEASE TRY AGAIN. what to do???????????Cosmin0 1d
1d Terran campaign won't load I finished the Supernova mission on the Terran campaign and now can't enter the campaign anymore. I go to the screen for the Terran campaign and click load, then the loading screen with the battle cruiser appears. The bar fills, but then I am kicked back to the load/options screen. I tried to scan/repair the game, but I kept being told "An error occurred download game data from Blizzard's servers. Please check your internet connection and try again later." My internet is otherwise working fine. I waited 24 hours and tried again but the issue is still there. What can I do?Wittigo1 1d
1d Camera angle bug When using Insert and/or Delete keys to change the camera angle it gets stuck. It won't remain on the default angle but instead will face from another direction.Zephyn2 1d
2d Unable to Join Co-Op Matchmaking Every Time i Queue up for Co-Op (specifically the mutation), i get a yellow box that says "A Problem Occurred While Connecting To The Game. Please Try Again Later". Game Ready... Connecting... Error.Feniks3 2d
2d Cant Change Portrait The rewards section of my profile doesn't show so i can't change my portrait. Tried repairing client no luck.Leprechaun8 2d
2d Profile Snapshot not registering Hello! As I am writing this, I have played 15 games this season in ranked 2v2. When viewing my profile, they are showing up on the right in the "statistics" section, but as it stands my "2016 Season 2 Snapshot" is showing 0 games played for ranked. All 15 of these games are ranked 2v2, and I have been given my league placement. Why is my snapshot not registering? Thanks! EDIT: It looks like that on the forum profile, the snapshot is working, but IN GAME, snapshot is not updated or showing any games.Berzerk7 2d
2d [Bug] Tournament Race Swap Hi, I just entered a 3round 1v1 Diamond tournament. I entered this tournament as a Protoss. However when I began my first round match, I spawned as Terran, as if I had selected Random. I normally play as Random on ladder, but I signed up for this tournament as Protoss. I have screenshots of the tournament ladder with a Protoss insignia next to my name, which is why I am confident this was a glitch and not a mistake. I havent been able to reproduce this glitch yet but I'll sign up for another tournament and see what happens.Future1 2d
2d Camera Rotation Glitch - can rotate 360s Bug overview: By repeatedly pressing/releasing Delete/Insert to rotate the camera back and forth, I am able to get the camera's resting rotation to be non-zero (assuming zero is normal) in increments of 45 degrees. Occasionally while using this glitch the camera will continually rotate (at a constant speed) simply by continuing to hold the rotate button. It is possible to do this by accident within seconds of rotating (how I first found it), but it usually takes me 20-30 seconds to do it intentionally. Based on my testing, this bug affects all expansions (I tested WOL and the latest) and all maps and can occur in-game (offline or online) or in replays. I only tested Blizzard maps with no mods. Region: Americas Graphics Setup: I have 2 monitors, but SC2 was running in 1366x768 Windowed Fullscreen resolution on my main monitor. The "Graphics Quality" option is set to "Low". Details on reproducing (assuming Insert/Delete are the rotate keys and 0 degrees is "up", or the normal camera view, and that 45 is clockwise compared to 0): 1. Hold Insert until the camera is ~30 to 35 degrees or so 2. Hold Delete and release Insert until the camera is ~ -30 to -35 degrees. 3. Hold Insert and release Delete and repeat step 1. (Sometimes it works if you release the key first and then hold the other one.) I find that starting slow and then gradually increasing how quickly I switch between the keys seems to be the most reliable way of reproducing this bug. When the bug occurs, the camera angle jumps a bit instead of smoothly rotating. On the rare occasion while doing this I get back into the "constant rotation" state, where the camera spins at a constant speed while I am holding either Insert or Delete. Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/xJ7oQ (The screenshots are of a replay activated via the Rewind button in the Wings of Liberty expansion level.) Replay: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ijye374xu9pdkt0/Camera%20Rotation%20Glitch.SC2Replay?dl=0 Times of interest in the replay (be sure to be viewing my camera so you can see it rotate): 0:24 > got it rotated to 45 degrees 0:45 > 0 Inactive for a minute 1:55 > -45 2:35 > -90 Inactive for a few minutes 6:01 > continuous rotation starts 6:26 > continuous rotation stops on its own (I was still holding the key) 6:37 > end of replay with camera at 135 degrees I have also sent the replay to StarcraftBugAttachments@blizzard.com (Edit: I have tested this on version (Edit 2: This person also encountered the glitch while trying to find his opponent's observer (occurs 10-20 seconds in; it's a 46 second clip): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/139997210 )chessiiimate5 2d
3d Stuvov Unfinished Business Link to the original post: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/topic/20754356536 Hope devs could read this :) First I'd like to point out a few issues about this commander, my favourite one, (previously it was Abathur). * On this commander units tab, overseer is not there. And all of the other commanders who own that unit have it on their tab. * Stukov's Overseer does not excrete creep again unlike other Zerg commanders. (I know his CC spreads creep quickly and without stopping BUT STILL). It would be nice if you could get that ability after you build a Starport, the same way you get Overlord become an Overseer. * Overlords DO NEED a rally point like hatcheries. It' very annoying, they block sight con your minerals lines. * Stukov's Overlords cannot transport units for some reason. Everyone else's can. Either re-add this functionality or give Stukov Infested Medivacs to not only transport units but also to heal units that can't be repaired, such as the Brood Queen. * Infested CC can't queue upgrades like Hatchery. * Infest structure doesn't heal omega worm. * Stukov is the only Zerg commander (even the only former terran too) who can NOT heal his units, with the exception of banshees who can do it with upgrade, or tanks which heal themselves a bit and EVENTUALLY if you have some civs near by consuming/eating them, all of his other units can't. Raynor has medics, Swann sci vessels, Nova, defensive drone and her detector, The other 3 zerg have queens and Abathur also mend spell. Of course I am not pretendig a healing way for his infantry which is totally expendable, but his libs, diamond and queens can't get a healing unless you rely on your ally to have a way to do it, and even not all have one. Therefore he need a support unit for this issue. * Stukov's Liberator... May it be possible to change it on the close future? Perhaps a Valkyrie, or at least improve his <<mele>> ranged attack which besides being weird, it's almost a death sentence unless you have tons of them. * Stukov's Banshees, overall I like this unit, however I wouldn't complain to change its cloack skill for another one, let's say, burrowing and moving under the ground, like roaches, or as I've read on some other threads, when they kill a unit, to make it spawn broodlings, something like that. * Liberators and Banshees still have the same female portrait. * SCV's don't have a unique portrait, they share it with civilians. Why not smoking infested SCV's? * Consider another option for barracks, an aberration perhaps? Not all Stukov players mass bunkers or enjoy that strat. Some of us really go full mech and beat every single map, even cleaning the whole map without many issues. * Improve his max pop performance, when I'm full pop, it pretty lags and fps goes down horribly, I notice that it is mainly because of civilians, or deep tunnel masss tanks. I don't want to imagine how is it like with mass marines/troppers (an option I don't play). * His queens are absolutely great, still it would be nice that at the moment of the spawn broodlings cast she could do it a little faster, 'cause she needs to go really close to the target, and that is usually another suicide act. * For the Barracks, how about infested Reapers? It would compliment infested marines nicely as they can act as cover for hit and run tactics. It could also be an opportunity for the Barracks Tech Lab to be of some use after all of its research is fulfilled. * It's completely strange they aren't using the Infested Marine portrait. * Liberators could deal extra splash damage to air units. If there already is a splash attack, I don't notice it one bit. His diamond are great, only issue is their aerial trap has a long cd, even with upgrades, but not a big issue if you have many of them. Since they fixed his mastery to improve his mech units, I really enjoyed that playstyle and always play like that, some ppl sometimes get surprised claiming that they never saw his mech or even that they are very cool and can't believe there is another Stukov game style (I never build a bunker or need one at all). Btw I really get gas starved always, with tons of extra minerals the opposite I read about him. I like this commander a lot, so please consider add units to him (and others like Alarak who imo lacks many) and please change some of them cof cof liberator again.Daegoth1 3d
3d please change stukov 1. Portrait. please make and change that. Liberators and Banshees still have the same portrait. And Diamondback still has tank's portrait(no goggles ver.) In addition. Why did you make tank's goggles and infested citizen's portrait (tentacle on mouth ver) and Why marine does not use infested citizen's portrait? 2. Delete unit and Add unit Liberator is not UED unit. but stukov was UED commander. So Liberator need delete. it becomes Virus cloud...? Zerg infest is magic...? It is not appropriate about stukov Infested valkyrie needs add And Goliath need too. Because UED's main unit is Goliath. 3. Nerf foot soldier It is not interesting to produce them. We just pushing A. and click Psi Emitter infested foot soldier is OP. I am excited for next 3.15. Don't let players down....Stukov0 3d
3d [Achievement] Egg Hunt In regards to the Noble Garden event. I've completed well over the specified number of matches, but haven't been awarded the achievement or the portraits. I've done almost 30 1vsAI matches (not "custom"), 17 co-op matches, and 1 unranked game. The announcement said 15 in any combination, so I have no idea why it hasn't unlocked. (All matches were completed before the end of the event. I'm posting just before the final day ends because I'm done trying to force it to pop by playing more matches.) Player is Kakaru, #417. I'm playing on a mac if that makes a difference. Can provide screenshots of match history, etc. if useful.Kakaru4 3d
3d [Bug] Flipping game and Windows 10 Desktop I have the Windows 10 Pro Insider's Preview Fast Ring. I am running the 16193.rs_prerelease.170507-1300 (Creator's Update). After the v3.13 patch came out, I have noticed the game screen in StarCraft II minimizing and having to click on the taskbar to get the game screen back. I thought it only happens on mouse movement, but seems to be random whether I am pressing keys, moving the mouse, combination of both, or nothing at all. I generally flush my cache and reboot my laptop. That has not helped.SparksFlyn0 3d
3d Monster Hunter Maybe I'm being an idiot. I'm not sure. I've tried to get the Monster Hunter achievement four times now. And every time, it doesn't work. I've verified that I am on 'hard' difficulty. First, I went through with destroyers and sniped each of the fuses for the first three sets (9 in total) and let the Purifiers kill three behemoths while I went for the last two that spawned in the remaining base. No achievement. Second, I thought that I had to have a unit present for each kill or I did not get credit. So I sent some zealots with the Purifiers each time to get a blow on each of the behemoths, killing the last two myself. No achievement. Third, I thought the Purifiers couldn't help at all, so I sniped each behemoth by itself after destroying the fuses with my destroyers, then BARELY made it to the last two behemoths to kill them by 14:45. No achievement. Fourth, after reading that the Purifiers COULD kill the behemoths and I should still get credit, I built a mothership, blinked my way around to get the fuses, and killed the last behemoth by 11:30. No achievement. I'm a little fed up with this. I've jumped through all the hoops. Why am I not getting credit?!Sidereal1 3d
3d Marauder Concussive Shells BUG Hi, Please bring back the blue concussive shells explosion. It helps not only the player, but the viewer too. Please don't let this graphical feature get forgotten.fOrfriends1 3d
3d Rewind after finishing mutation bonus I got this small issue where if you hit rewind after finishing this week's mutation instead of going to the score screen, you do not get the bounty bonus after you finish watching the replay and getting sent to the score screen.Firesoul0 3d
3d Division placement reset and can't login 1. Can't connect to EU forums it says "Log in" I click the login button and it does nothing. Same for internet explorer. SEE: http://recordit.co/BhYMFslqe8 2. MAIN PROBLEM: I'm a master EU Protoss and I got placed into gold from master. I won vs 2 diamonds during placement. I always have this weird problem. HOW? http://i.imgur.com/cDnzN3t.png Please help me with this problem. It's wrong that I got 3 divisions reduction. Can a blizzard employee check my stats?Legion1 3d
3d MANY little bugs in Nova Covert Ops Hi! I've recently been having many playthroughs of the Nova Covert Ops campaign (both real campaign runs and via Master Archives), and I've noticed many bugs in it. (BTW, thank you Blizzard for giving us yet one more SC2 single player campaign! Despite these little bugs, I've really enjoyed playing Nova's campaign!) Please note that I purchased and started playing the whole 9-mission campaign AFTER the Pack 3 was released, so I don't know whether the bugs in Packs 1 & 2 have been there from the beginning, or appeared sometime later with patches. None of the following bugs are serious or game-breaking, but more or less annoying bugs anyway. Hope you'll find a way to fix 'em. :) - Nova's kill count ignores certain kills made with the Plasma Rifle. The immediate kills both from normal attacks and from the Plasma Shot ability are counted, but ALL kills caused by the slowly damaging residual plasma, either from normal attacks or from the Plasma Shot, are ignored in Nova's kill count! This was particularly annoying when doing the One Woman Army achievement using the Plasma Rifle: I actually killed MUCH more than 333 enemy units with Nova in that mission, but all those killed by residual plasma were not counted! (And second time, just for fun, I ”officially” killed 722 enemies with Nova, and probably actually killed over 800 should the game just properly count ALL kills made with Plasma Rifle.) - The Rangefinder Oculus gives +2 range for ranged attacks and +1 range for melee attacks, well for all other weapons but NOT for the Blazefire Gunblade: its melee anti-ground attack remains melee and range 4 anti-air attack remains range 4 even when using Rangefinder Oculus. - In the Dark Skies mission, whenever your Gorgons kill over 300 enemy units, the completion score screen ALWAYS gives exactly 300 kills for Gorgons! I'm guessing this bug is connected to the ”Until Death Fleet We Part” achievement, which requires you to kill 300 enemies with Gorgons: somehow, after reaching that milestone, the counter jams. - When opening the Equipment page of the Sudden Strike mission briefing, Swann doesn't say anything initially. After lingering around a while, Swann starts his introduction talk about Nova's equipment, something I'd believe should play immediately when the Equipment page opens. Furthermore, the Replay button doesn't work right there. - When opening the Equipment page of the Enemy Intelligence mission briefing, Reigel doesn't say anything initally, but only after clicking the Replay button. I'd believe Reigel should be giving his speech immediately. - Whenever I click the Replay button on the Unit Technology page of ANY mission briefing, Reigel always gives his original ”our forces can utilize...” introductory speech, instead of replaying the very speech he initially gives in the current mission (for example, his talk about Battlecruiser tech in the Dark Skies mission briefing). - NOT sure whether this is a bug or intentional, but in the mission briefings for Sudden Strike and Enemy Intelligence I can't scroll around the map NOR view any text boxes when moving cursor over those map icons, unlike in ALL later missions, where one can scroll the map and read those info bits by moving cursor over the different map icons. - In MANY missions some map objects seriously look like very low resolution. I'm using Ultra settings, but some map objects look more like Low or Medium resolution (I'm guessing, never having used those settings). These bugged objects include (the ones I've noticed so far): in the Enemy Intelligence mission those specific garrison entrances; In the Enemy's Shadow mission the golden ”Arcturus with wolves” statues (including their pedestals); in the Dark Skies mission VERY MANY structure objects around the map, including the Research Center you must protect as a bonus objective. - In the 2nd part (infiltration) of the Enemy Intelligence mission, many detector turrets which are supposed to turn around non-stop, tend to appear stuck. It seems completely random. Sometimes they all turn around, sometimes one turret has jammed, other times other turrets. - In the Trouble in Paradise mission briefing the English subtitles for Lockwell's UNN broadcast are all code-like gibberish. - In the cutscenes of the Flashpoint mission Nova can be seen waving the Blazefire Gunblade weapon, even though she doesn't have that weapon yet. - When playing the Flashpoint mission on Brutal difficulty, I noticed that my infantry units stationed INSIDE bunkers kept dying when my Siege Tanks were hammering the Broodlings (from Brood Lords) biting the bunkers. Definitely some kind of bug since the infantry units should be safe from damage and death when they're inside a bunker. Even Marauders kept dying. - The Equipment page in mission briefings says about the Holo Decoy that ”the hologram deals 50% of Nova's damage and takes 50% extra damage”, WHILE in-mission the ability icon says that it ”deals 25% of Nova's damage and takes 25% less damage”. - The Unit Technology page in missiong briefings tells about the Magrail Munitions for Marauders that it gives an extra attack of 20 damage, while in-mission the ability icon says it's 50 extra damage. - The Unit Technology page claims that Spider Mines for Raven replace the Seeker Missile ability, but in-mission the Seeker Missile is still available even when having Mines (not that I complain, since it's naturally better to have both abilities than just one..). - In the mission In the Enemy's Shadow, if I happen to have active Nova holograms on the field in the sewer side at the moment I move onto the 2nd part of the mission, the holograms left behind in the sewer stay ”alive” indefinitely, and I can still select them from F2, while not being able to see them or control them.Ssorg6 3d
3d Highest career finish stats not updating. My highest career finish is still blank, even though I finished in GM last season. I thought playing my placement matches would get rid of the issue but it seems like it's still not updating. Anyone else experiencing this problem? http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/profile/3814174/1/Yuna/Yuna1 3d