Bug Report

5d [Potential BUG] Game freaked out weirdly And sorry about the title, but i just can´t think of a good way of describing this. And i have not the faintest idea how to recreate this strangeness. Also played another 2 games, roughly 1 and 2 hours respectively, and again, not the slightest sign of this. I´ll also add that the first time we played another game after the bug, my computer had not been rebooted since the bugged game. Repost from technical support forum ( additional info at end ): http://eu.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/17289310987 2 players vs 4 AI At the moment 1 AI surrendered after around 2 hours 40-50 minutes, things went stupidly weird. Mass selecting my units only visibly selected SOME of them, but i still controlled all i could see(whether i could see all units is another question though, as i could see some of my friend´s units that he could not see or interact with, repost edit). Building new buildings either used no building animation(my friend, playing Toss, or showed finished building(me as zerg)), then on completion, some buildings just disappeared, leaving only their shadows. When my friend added control to me, i could move some units he could no longer see. The drones i used to build new buildings that went strange(not all of them did ) became counted as inactive, yet clicking to select them yielded no result. Hatcheries said they had full numbers of larvae, but few or none were visible, and i could not always select or use those that were visible. Some larvae shadows were visible but as with building shadows not selectable and apparently did not really exist except as ONLY a shadow. Some attack animations and sounds disappeared, then sometimes coming back next time a unit fired. The units i used of my friend, he could not see them, but he could see their shots. When units died, they just disappeared. Never seen anything like this before. And it worked just fine up until Red Zerg AI surrendered. I was in the middle of placing new crawlers when suddenly i couldn´t, and the ones that just finished, became only shadows and otherwise disappearing. 2nd post, after being asked to just scan and repair and then try to reproduce the bug: Did NOT scan and repair before playing another 2 vs 4AI game just now (had i done that, it could have become impossible to know if it was a rare bug or a corruption of data), and NO strange stuff happening in a 2 hour game. And another thing i forgot above, resources that were under fog of war started becoming invisible, then remained so on both minimap and main screen until something went to the place again and saw them. And no, this has only happened once EVER. Never seen it before, definitely hope i never see it again, because in the end we had to surrender after slowly getting smashed by remaining AIs when we couldn´t rebuild. And i really REALLY doubt that data corruption could cause such weirdness after working perfectly for almost 3 hours in a game, and without also causing a crash. And then work perfectly again today for a 2 hour game. 3rd post: Oh and BTW, my hardware is also plenty good enough. i7 4790K 16 GB DDR3 2400 10/12/12 Radeon 7870 factory set at 1100/1225 Windows 7 Pro Game runs from bootdrive SSD (Crucial MX100) Gfx card never goes above 73C CPU never goes above 61C ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Just went through most of the replay. The weirdness begins just before Red AI surrenders, probably 2:39 or 2:40. However, the replay does NOT show exactly the same as what either i or my friend saw. It shows the same issues, but not with the same units. This was especially noticeable because i recall exactly where i was seeing only shadows from crawlers at the edge of the main defense, but in the replay those 3 places are now empty, while there is a single shadow from a disappeared crawler further ahead(though i don´t recall for sure if that one was visible or not ingame). I also noticed that for a while, the minerals number became truncated, ending in "...", once i tried to figure out for who, it went normal again right away, so unsure what it was. Green AI units also at at least one point attacked something that did not exist as far as i could see. So, the attacks are in the replay, the target(s?) apparently not. And it became very clear that many unit attacks, animations and sounds were not being played. In the replay it´s very noticeable as suddenly, everything becomes so much less noisy. And it´s very uneven, i saw at least twice where Colossi when firing, only one beam was visible, so not even a simpler "works/doesnt work".FULCRUM9 5d
5d AGAIN: dificulty level in coop gets hardergam So i roll for a certain difficulty in coop usually for a reason. right now i'm trying to level alarak, and i dont have him quite down yet. so my alarak lvl 6 i roll for normal. i start the game and i get a hard ally and i get red hybrids and leviathansspawning constantly like we're in brutal. i've posted about this bug before and i feel like it's falling in deaf ears. anyone care to let me know how i can ACTUALLY reach support or get some real help with this issue?Reinaldistic4 5d
5d "Amon's Reach" kicks back to "For Aiur" Amon's reach is unbeatable. After finishing the mission and clearing all the points and getting all the solarite. The mission finishes then i get kicked into the mission briefing for "For Aiur" the first mission in the campaign. After i leave the campaign the latest mission complete is still "Spear of Adun" and I can't progress.Legend0 5d
5d Announcer Nova's low sound Hello, This was mentionned in a few comments without having its own thread. The voice of Nova as an announcer is very low and hard to hear compared with the others. I hope this can be fixed because it really doesn't help my supply management ;) CheersCosmos2 5d
5d Stukov's Infested don't get Guardian Shell Stukov's Infested Civilians and Troopers (presumably Marines as well?) don't seem to be benefitting from Artanis's Guardian Shell.Arklon4 5d
6d "What's new" tab bug Hi! There is a bug where the picture for news under the "What's new" tabs picture is showing as a pink/purple box. https://s30.postimg.org/v16cq408h/sc2problem.png Thanks in advance!robeng0 6d
6d Game is no longer available I request that you update the code that deals with joining arcade games. Presuming the game is written primarily in C++, I have written a rudimentary representation of the current code based on my observations, followed by a suggestion for how to improve it. When attempting to join a game, it ofttimes creates an error message that is not necessary, and only serves to hinder and frustrate. This seems to happen quite often when selecting the Play Again option after a map has ended. #include <iostream> #include <blizzardlibraries> using namespace std; bool mapExists; //variable to state if a current instance of the map is lobbied int joinGame() /*activated when player attempts to join an arcade game. it requires the mapExists variable to be modified beforehand based on a query of the current maps lobbied*/ { if (mapExists==false) //checks to see if a current instance of the map is lobbied { cout << "The game is no longer available.";/*this reflects the pointless error message upon trying to join a game that is unavailable*/ } else { /*insert code here to move player to the lobby of the current instance of custom map*/ } return 0; } Here is my suggestion below. It removes the unnecessary error message, and moves the player directly to the map they selected, accounting for the possibility that the game they selected is currently not lobbied. #include <iostream> #include <blizzardlibraries> using namespace std; bool mapExists; int joinGame() { if (mapExists==false) { //insert code here to create new instance of custom map //insert code here to open game to public } else { /*insert code here to move player to the lobby of the current instance of custom map*/ } return 0; } I hope this will be examined by a Blizzard Developer that will appreciate the time I took to write this. It may seem a trivial thing, but over the course of time these types of unnecessary error message have a tendency to be very irritating. Thank you for your time.Isis0 6d
6d 2 things 1. Options - Sound - Checkbox to disable Alert Sounds "Base is under attack". (Remember AoE3? lol) 2. SCV portrait is a Demon?psif0 6d
6d Highest Career Finish stats haven't updated In game, as well as on the internet. When I look at my Highest Career Finishes (1v1 and teams) they are both wrong. It says teams I haven't been diamond since 2011 and yet have been for the past couple seasons. 1v1 I have also been diamond for the past few seasons.DiViNiTy12 6d
6d [Bug] Match Queue Freezing I've been having a very consistent issue since I restarted playing around a month ago. Anytime I play a match, typically co-op, the first game I play goes smoothly - queue, load, play. The second time I go to queue, though, I become "stuck". My queue remains perpetually searching and will never find a match even given more than ample time. I cannot drop the queue or queue for anything else once this happens. The only option is to completely restart the game.. which means I have to do this after every game of Starcraft I play. This happens 100% of the time. I have no obvious networking issues or hardware issues that would cause this on my end. I have done a complete reinstall of Starcraft to find the issue persisting. Any assistance would be appreciated, and if I can provide any additional information just let me know.Corrotto0 6d
Jan 10 lost lvl sp and rune fore the second time i lost lvl and rune i playd a game whane do new game and lost all its te second time i lost lvl and rune in lottery deffense 4.0 plaese fixe it lost ultimet rune +5 upgrade and lvl 36 sp point all goneConan0 Jan 10
Jan 10 MMR not working as expected (team games) MMR appears to be broken for team games. On my EU account ( http://eu.battle.net/sc2/en/profile/299993/1/Moose/ ) I'm working my way lower and lower in MMR the more I play despite winning. I am always matched vs. higher MMR players which is fine, as effectively my MMR as it stands is wrong. Right now with a 2:1 w/l ratio in random 4v4 my MMR this season has decreased to the point I've got the demotion warning sitting there despite already being down to silver (previously diamond before taking a break), last season had 4:1 w/l ratio and dropped MMR too. Winning vs higher MMR teams gives me little (sometimes 0) gain while losses take much larger chunks out of my MMR which seems back to front. Playing more & winning far more than I lose - especially vs higher MMR teams - should cause this to increase. I've no idea what the underlying cause might be, I'm hoping you guys have access to more data such that it makes sense to you why the system is acting this way, but it's certainly a bug from a user experience point of view. Links for laziness - current season ladder: http://eu.battle.net/sc2/en/profile/299993/1/Moose/ladder/188538#current-rank (edited after league changes) last season ladder: http://eu.battle.net/sc2/en/profile/299993/1/Moose/ladder/lastseason/187061#current-rankAsh3 Jan 10
6d Second display I don't know if you can call it a bug. Or just me being "special" but i cant get ANY blizzard games to fit to second display. and its really frustrating. Being that i have 3 monitors on a VERY expensive laptop that has a VERY tiny screen. if there is any way to get blizzard games to go full screen on second display please help!ScrubbieBear1 6d
Jan 10 Karax Commander Abilities Disabled Was playing the Mutation this morning and about half way through the game my Spear of Adun abilities got locked out. Each icon had the little lock symbol over it (similar to when you aren't high enough to use it) and my energy bar went to 0 and also was locked. Needless to say that made playing him quiet difficult. This happened around the time I finished all the upgrades and my energy maxed out.Apocalypse3 Jan 10
Jan 10 SCV In-Game Portrait Question Hello, While playing StarCraft online I noticed something strange. Whenever I click on my scv's in-game, the portrait shows a demon with burning eyes with huge horns (looks like Diablo) instead of the usual Caucasian dude with the cap. I was just curious- is this some sort of special event or is it a bug? lol Thank you, YaHanYaHan5 Jan 10
Jan 10 Co-op Amon's Baneling Bug Currently, Amon's Baneling has abnormal attack power & range. This bug has been applied with the 3.9 patch, and it continues to this day. Fix it as soon as possible. One user saw the trigger and Amon's Baneling was set to explode twice. Check it plz. (Target Damage & Splash Damage expected to overlap) Thanks.Habil0 Jan 10
Jan 10 Custom game error after LotV Thanks. 99℅ of the time I'm an offline campaign and custom game against AI player. I live close to WiFi, but can't install it at home. Just this afternoon, I purchased Legacy of the Void. I did the double check, that I always do. Verify my SC2 in game, exit out after doing something, like join an A.I. match or community news and restart and do verify again. I got my laptop home and played some LotV campaign, and wanted to play a new map offline AI. I now get an error, when I try to create a game. I switched between expansion packs and nothing works. Not even previous maps on HotS. I did get to load a replay. It played fine, until I tried to replay the map. The error said, that the dependencies were moved. I usually played for months offline, without needing a verification. So my care with being authenticated offline is solid. How can I get my offline maps playable again?rjd0 Jan 10
Jan 10 Co-op Mist Opportunities victory bug I played the map Mist Opportunities (escort Stettman's bots to collect terrazine) on Hard difficulty, and on the last wave of bots, 2 of them were destroyed while they were collecting, while the last was very close to being destroyed. After successfully escorting it, the mission didn't end, even though all objectives were checked off as being completed. We waited for about 5 mins (also clearing the map of all enemies), and then decided to quit. But right as my teammate quit, the game ended in victory for me. I have no idea if my teammate got the win XP or not. I was playing as Raynor (level 10) and my teammate as Kerrigan (level 4).Relgera3 Jan 10
Jan 10 Custom Search Bug i just uploaded my custom map name Novastar but i can't search it anyway in the search engine. Map setting is set to Public LOTV campaign and multiplayer dependency Gameplay Option Expansion Level : Legacy of the VoidHyperXtreme4 Jan 10
Jan 9 Nova bf lv 10 Liberator upgrade vanished I'm actually getting tired of all this sudden bugs. New patch, new bugs. This is a nightmare. My friend who's recently bought Commander Nova said he only had ONE upgrade available at his tech lab attached to his Starport. He was below level 10 - the one that you get Starport upgrade cache [which should contain (and that's what's advertised on the tooltip on the progression icon on the Missions tab screen) the second banshee upgrade <rocket barrage> and the second liberator upgrade <smart servos>]. Except his tech lab before level 10 only allowed him to research cloaked banshees, not the upgrade that allows liberators to damage structures while in defender mode. If this upgrade was deemed unecessary, than it should've been removed altogether, not given to him after level 10. If it's supposed to be unlocked for him at level 10, then it shoulve been advertised on the progression icon tooltip. It's simple as that. Here's proof http://imgur.com/a/jA1dx there are FOUR icons on the first line, and two on the second (the second line is for Raven's) When I leveled Nova, there were TWO upgrades available before level 10: cloaked banshees and liberator attacking structures. Why has this changed?Princeso1 Jan 9
Jan 9 Stukov Infested Liberators on the mission "Chain of Ascension", the stun of the Elementals can hit the liberators during their attack (with the damage reduce upgrade ). If the liberators are hit during the animation, once they are broken out of the shell, they dissappear (become invisible).AznHopeful1 Jan 9
Jan 9 Stukov - infested compound upgrades The third and last upgrade's tooltip states that it increases amount of spawned marines to 64 however the building still spawns 32, the upgrade has no effect whatsoever.Tibor1 Jan 9
Jan 9 Campaign progress bug? So I already finish all my campaign long ago, got a new computer recently and reinstall starcraft 2, then i notice my campaigns WoL - brutal done HotS - brutal done LotV - on mission 2, continue.. so today i just spent 5 hr n finish whole brutal again on lotv so now it says brutal done.. but if i go to another computer and log in, it once again says i'm on mission 2 only.. so for some reason only on the computer i completed the campaign on will have the progress because of that starcraft 2 folder in my documents... any way to fix this so all computer that access my account would see all the campaign as complete? oh and whenever it says that i'm on mission 2 and continue, the master archive isn't available, which is why i want to fix this so that the campaign is complete and master archive is available on all my comps and it's funny i even try to do a new campaign once again, finish only mission 1.. quit.. delete the folder in my documents.. and it still says i'm on mission 2, lol so it's like the bnet server only see that i've completely up to mission 2 in brutal lotv or something i believe something like this was reported before when i search around, but i didn't see any working solution or miss it..zGemini3 Jan 9
Jan 9 Aiur Sentry's guardian shield Normal sentry has a 15 second cooldown on guardian shield. Aiur sentry increases it to 30 seconds. Seems a bit odd that the upgraded sentry has a longer cooldown on one of its abilities.MrGW1 Jan 9
Jan 9 Nova Covert Ops Mission Pack 3 I've completed the Mission Packs 1 and 2 and have purchased the third mission pack but when I tried to load the mission pack it sent me to the mission archives. Does anyone else have this problem? If so, how can I fix it?MagicTurtle26 Jan 9
Jan 9 Nova Covert Ops Master Archives broken I just cleared the last mission and the master archives remain greyed out, so i cannot rechallenge completed missions.Lionheart0 Jan 9
Jan 9 Parallel Campaigns WOL Hey all, I've seen similar topics related to this but not specific enough to my question so I'm posting here. I want to be able to load different campaigns but I'm not sure how to do this. I'm giving up on the hope for a Master Archives update to WOL like HotS and LotV already have so I'm hoping someone can explain this to me: I started and beat a Normal campaign on my old pc. My last save was on the Hyperion before the final mission so I could go back and play any mission from the archive and retain my upgrades. Later, I started a Hard campaign and am currently half way through it (my active campaign). I have since upgraded my PC and when I loaded WOL I noticed it only kept my campaign progress for my latest, active campaign, my Hard campaign. I also know that saves are kept locally on your machine along with a file specific for the WOL campaign. My question is how can I toggle between the two campaign progresses? Is your progress kept only online and for your latest campaign or is there a local file created for every campaign you start? My issue is that I copied over my old saves but they only load the campaign progress for my current campaign, which simply doesn't make sense to me. For example, I can even load an old save from the Normal campaign, immediately quit to return to the main Hyperion screen but it always returns to the Hard campaign progress. Can someone help explain how this works? Thanks in advanceThomas0 Jan 9
Jan 9 Can't drag click anything in Starcraft. I can click anything just fine, but when it comes to trying to drag anything I just can't. This only happens in Starcraft, doing anything else on my computer I can drag click. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling, resetting my hotkeys and profile, using a different mouse and updating drivers but nothing has worked. I pretty much can't play the game and it's really upsetting.BadKarma0 Jan 9
Jan 8 Unavailable Cinematics Hi, I need help. I am from Singapore, and i bought the wings of liberty pack. While playing the campaign missions, i cant load the cinematic. It says it is unavailable. It says that it will only be so if the game is fully downloaded. But it already is. I am on a mac OS10.12.1AppleWareon0 Jan 8
Jan 8 Volatile Infested get no Armor upgrade Stukov's Volatile Infested Terrans don't get any Armor upgrade, even though I upgrade armors of both infantry and mech.Syltom0 Jan 8
Jan 8 Nova (co-op) tooltip bug The tooltip for Stance Dance (in-game, on Nova's action bar) says that it's a level 13 ability, but it's actually acquired at level 15.Psychonaut0 Jan 8
Jan 8 Translation error on campaign PTBR Hi, i don't know where I should post this, but I noticed a mistake on localization while playing the campaing in portuguese. Where we are supposed to choose wether we want raptor or swarmling strain, I chose Raptor strain. On english, it is supposed to say, RAPTOR EVOLVED, where "evolved" can be either its simple past form or past participle, which is the case. However, there was this mistake in localization that generated a simple past "evolved" instead. Thus we had "RAPTOR EVOLUIU" instead of "RAPTOR EVOLUIDO". It'd be good to have some revisions on translations, but I don't know if there is a section in the forums (I couldn't find it, so please move this post if there is). If the way for me to report these localization reviews is elsewhere, please, also point it for me. Thanks for the attention, ScarPhysisScarPhysis0 Jan 8
Jan 8 dead Aleksander messes up with select army When Aleksander dies and the select army button is pressed, no command will work. Like attack or move. I have to manually get him out of the group to issue commands. Dead Aleksander shouldn't be included in the army, when select army is pressed.demons0 Jan 8
Jan 7 Can't play WoL or Nova missions. Hello, I'm having issues, because every time I've tried playing either the Wings Of Liberty or the Nova missions on the campaigns screen. It forces me to load Heart of The Swarm instead whenever I try playing the two. This started yesterday, and I have no idea why it's doing this. If anyone has any ideas on how I could fix it, I'd be really grateful.Yrovel1 Jan 7
Jan 7 Arcade Game Entering Lobby Problem Hello everybody, First, really sorry for my english. If i try to enter a new arcade game lobby right after playing an arcade game, mostly, i can never enter the lobby. It is written "entering lobby" at the left bottom corner of screen and that is it, it never enters the lobby. To get rid of that, i have to log out or restart Starcraft. For not to encounter this problem, i click Campaign, co-op or an other menu at the top of screen and click arcade again then i dont have that problem. Sometimes it doesnt work too. But mostly it works. You know that we can't cancel while it is written "entering lobby". If we could cancel it by pushing ESC there wouldn't be a problem that.BlackLotus3 Jan 7
Jan 7 Campaign saves/achievements all gone Hello, fIrst of all, 2 things: 1) I am making this because Blizzard support told me to in my ticket: ... 2) I've never backed up any of my game saves with SC2, since as far as I know it's not needed and everything (except mid-mission saves ?) is on B.net servers .. I've reinstalled SC2 before and my progress was there after the reinstall now the issue: all my campaign save games and achievements for SC2 (WoL) have dissapeared. I upgraded to HotS a few days ago, but I'm not sure if that was the reason or not, since I haven't logged in SC2 for a while before that. I've already tried deleting the cache folder (C --> ProgramData --> Blizzard Entertainment on Win7), tried both the en-US and en-GB(UK) clients and made 100% sure that I was logging into Europe region (that's where my "OscarMike" profile and campaign progress are/were .. "OscarMike" is for Europe region with my campaign progress and some achievements .. "OscarMikey" is for US region, made a few days ago, no progress there) - nothing helped. Everything works and loads fine, but my "OscarMike" shows I have 0% WoL campaign progress and 0 achievements. Achievements are one thing, but all WoL campaign save games/progress are gone too. Also, on the SC2 forums, it shows 0 achievement points near my portrait on OscarMike profile ( http://eu.battle.net/sc2/en/profile/1757080/1/OscarMike/achievements/ ), so it's not just in the game client. Is all my data gone from B.net servers and I have to start all over or it's some bug ? What do i do ?OscarMikey15 Jan 7
Jan 7 Co-op Amon's Baneling Bug Currently, Amon's Baneling has abnormal attack power & range. This bug has been applied with the 3.9 patch, and it continues to this day. Fix it as soon as possible. plz One user saw the trigger and Amon's Baneling was set to explode twice. Check it plz. (Target Damage & Splash Damage expected to overlap) Thanks.Habil0 Jan 7
Jan 7 Co-op Armor display is wrong I just played a game on the Vermillion problem. I was swann and my ally was Abathur. When I selected his structures and hovered over the armor icon it displayed "Terran Building Armor" but he was zerg and had the zerg armor icon.SorinHigh0 Jan 7
Jan 7 Coop Stukov unburrowed factory bug Hi folks, while playing Stukov in coop I noticed a bug that occurs when you unburrow your infested factory: Both Armory and Starport require a factory - nothing new. When you unburrow your factory, the requirement for the armory is no longer complied, so it cannot be build. For the starport however this unburrowed factory still counts as complied requirement. As a result, with a unburrowed factory, you can build a starport but are unable to build an armory.Thylacinus1 Jan 7
Jan 7 [Coop] Can't build armory w/ factory unrooted When playing as Stukov, I can't build armory when factory is unrooted, it tells me that it requires infested factory - which is just going for a walk - but it exists.Kemachi2 Jan 7
Jan 7 Extended mod Creating / joining custom games randomly have extended mod attacked to it.Ryuuga2 Jan 7
Jan 7 [Bug] Infested Siege Tank Portrait Likely related to: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/topic/20752428616 Estimated severity level: 4 (Low) When playing as Stukov in Co-op, if you have the graphics option set to only show static 2D portraits (often the case if the settings are put to "Low"), the Infested Siege Tank still displays a 3D animated portrait. (As with the related topic, the same situation occurs with the Infested Diamondback)Kit0 Jan 7
Jan 7 Abyssal Reef LE Bugs Playing as toss on Abyssal Reef LE vs Toss AI Death animations for units and buildings would fly straight up off the screen instead of just landing on the ground and disappearing. Some expansion locations would not allow an assimilator to be placed and a geyser.SystemicEcho1 Jan 7
Jan 6 Command Center landing sound in camp/co-op Unlike Orbital, Barracks, Factory and Starport, landing a Command Center plays the sound to the entire map rather than just the area around it. This only happens on Void/Nova campaigns and Co-op modes.MrGW1 Jan 6
Jan 6 Not Enough Charges - Stukov When multiple Command Centers are selected when supply blocked, instead of a supply blocked message I get a "not enough charges" message wehn trying to build SCVs. Selecting individual command center gives the correct supply blocked message. I think the same error applies to barracks as well. Not enough charges (when showing over 40 charges) when multiple barracks are selected. Will test furthur.Hyperion1 Jan 6
Jan 6 Stukov Siege Tank bug Just played a match on Oblivion Express with Stukov. I encountered a bug where the siege tanks do not unsiege properly. They unsiege but you cannot move them thereafter permanently. Anyone else encounter this?HeReTic3 Jan 6
Jan 6 Co-op Amon's Baneling Bug Currently, Amon's Baneling has abnormal attack power & range. This bug has been applied with the 3.9 patch, and it continues to this day. Fix it as soon as possible. plz One user saw the trigger and Amon's Baneling was set to explode twice. Check it plz. (Target Damage & Splash Damage expected to overlap) Thanks.Habil0 Jan 6
Jan 6 Stukov - Karax chrono wave bug Karax's passive is a chrono wave that affects all structures, but Stukov's structures aren't affected. Also, burrowed tanks don't benefit from the health regen masteryYuriprime0 Jan 6
Jan 6 Stukov Mastery Bug The 'Infested Infantry Duration' Specifically states infested troopers gain the +X time via mastery. This does not work ingame. Infested troopers spawned via bunkers still only have the base 30 seconds of time. I can confirm the civilians/colonists are working. I forget if the marines were. Quality of life issue: Power set 1, Army Life Unit Regeneration - The tooltip on this should mention that it is PER SECOND regeneration.Jeslis8 Jan 6
Jan 6 [BUG] Build Order tab, workers not showing This bug affects the game summary at the end of ladder games, specifically the build order tab. Bug behavior happens independently of map, race, and number of teammates but is inconsistent between games and between players within the same game. Expected behavior: All units/buildings constructed are documented in build order log. Actual behavior: Some game summary screens (~50%) fail to show the first workers constructed by one or more players. Workers will begin to be counted again after the player expands, but before the expansion completes. Unknown if this is always the case. Screenshots here: http://imgur.com/a/pRewu Example raw game summary: http://kr.depot.battle.net:1119/6a81027f53e7ff1e76ac3c31ce2a77738ac5b17b1b7835d60c993e7907e1dbf6.s2gssealingcat1 Jan 6