Bug Report

3d Mal Nickname Buenas, tengo un problema en el juego, mi cuenta aparece con un nombre que no me corresponde y no se si puedo cambiarlo o no, pero yo no me he puesto este nick, me apareció cuando compre el starcraftgferwgergerg0 3d
3d obtaining a Brutalisk crashes game obtaining a Brutalisk crashes game when playing with Mira han. Sometimes when one of use gets a Brutalisk when playing the game encounters a [fatal error]. For one of the sides -might if you witness the obtaining of a brutalisk it crashes or if you aren't looking at it it crashes.CraftThis1 3d
3d [Editor/Galaxy VM] Global memory space Global memory space was apparently heavly reduced within release of 4.0. Since this major change was not listed under patch notes, I wonder if can it possibly be a bug? I think previously the limit was 16MiB. I've measured it with following script: https://i.imgur.com/iFnZwA1.png Screenshot was taken on old version. It reports that 99% of available space was used. After update the same script does not compile anymore. Error: Could not allocate Global Memory After reducing the array size to byte[1024*1024*3-5] t; It did compile and report 99%. Thus it appears we went from 16MiB, to 3MiB. This is really huge change... multiple arcade maps are possibly broken as a result (mine included).Talv3 3d
3d warchest issue I cant acces the warchest tab anymore. not showing up in collection or anywhere elseHellblood1 3d
3d Aiur Sentry Guardian Shield The standard Sentry from Forbidden Weapon mission has 15 second cooldown on Guardian Shield. If they're upgraded to the Aiur faction, the cooldown increases to 30 seconds. This is basically a downgrade.MrGW1 3d
3d Holy Macromony - Achievement Bug This Han & Horner achievement seems bugged. I've tried it a few times, and even sacrificed all of my workers to have a full 200 supply with over 80 supply from Han and 40 from Horner, and it did not unlock. It was on Hard difficulty.DrSeRRoD12 3d
3d Can't Buy Han & Horner For some reason they are unavailable in the Store. I heard some people had success buying them in-game, but my parental controls won't allow that. Could you please fix this store issue?SquirrelKing0 3d
3d [Bug]Coop: Speccing Mastery points < level 15 Hey Blizzard Team and Community, I found a bug concerning at least 4.0.0 and before. Have not tested in 4.0.1 because I'm unable to. Course of actions: Unlock mastery points on a commander Buy a new Commander When the new commander is shown (and you have a bit of lag probably), before level 0 appears, you can quickly see the mastery level and click on it Specc mastery points and click OK I don't know and can't confirm if the selected mastery points have any influence on the game or are locked, but the UI interface for them works completely. After pressing OK, you can't reach it anymore though, unless you play to level 15. I can't really figure out any other triggers because there are no new commanders for me to buy. Have tested it on Dehaka and Han/Horner though, worked both times. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Kind regards, ohazohaz1 3d
4d Patch 4.0./4.01 Choppy game I know since this patch came out, the game was reported as being laggy/choppy. This issue is still ongoing. I have narrowed it down to the 64 bit client as being the problem after testing it on 32 bit. I thought it was internet connection/lag issues but now I'm thinking it could be something else. Is there a way to narrow it down to maybe there is some setting that needs to be adjusted? Or are we going to have to wait for another patch.Subjugator1 4d
4d [2.0.5] Wings of Liberty Hard/Brutal 25 Patch 2.0.5, achievements Wings of Liberty Hard 25 / Brutal 25 still bugged. Replayed / started a new Wings of Liberty campaign in hopes of unlocking two of the only achievements I have left, no luck. The completion counter was not going up at any point during my replay of the campaign, which was not in one sitting. All relevant screenshots posted below. Campaign complete [Spoilers in screenshot] -> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=132333272 Date finished -> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=132333336 Old achievement completed (Hard Completionist) -> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=132333292 Bugged achievements (Hard 25) -> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=132333308 (Brutal 15, same problem) -> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=132333331 I know you guys really don't care (or at least it feels like it, going on 2+ years of this problem), but my OCD is killing me and it would be really great if I could get some help on this.Gillrien27 4d
4d Reset Coop Dear Blizzard I have reached Coop Raynor to Fenix max level Now I lost all coop level except Raynor LV 12 remaining reset Lv1. Please check and restore Coop Thanks and Best RegardsLioner0 4d
4d Can't play replays in LOTV Hi-- I'm trying to play the replay from this link: http://lotv.spawningtool.com/20949/ but whenever I try to load it the game crashes and I get the error report "Can't download game data from Blizzard's servers...etc". It looks like this game was played in July 2016. I am able to play newer replays from that site with no problem. I've tried using 32-bit client (Windows) and Scan + Repair tool. Any other thoughts on how I might be able to watch this replay?Metajovian16 4d
4d Multiplayer ranked data presentation error Description: EU Region login. A) By clicking in Multiplayer on my league Rank badge 1v1 or 2v2 as a Terran, the devision does not show my MMR ("0") and selects/shows a different player (mostly two rows below my character) in the overview. B) By clicking in Multiplayer on my Rank 1v1 as a Protoss, the devision I am in shows my MMR but selects/shows a different player (mostly one or two rows below my name/character) as selected in the overview. Multiplayer ranked 1v1 and 2v2 as Zerg and Random as well as 3v3 and 4v4 seems unaffected. Steps for A) and B): 1) Login to the EU region 2) Select Multiplayer Ranked 1v1 3) Select/iterate the races 4) Click the league badge 5) Check the ladder devision overview for this account 6) Iterate between all races including Random ( 3)) and all Multiplayer modes (1v1 to 4v4 - 2)) An email with a screenshot attachment was send.propagare8 4d
4d Save Failed. Hello, Trying to play through nova's campaign and whenever I try to save the game and/or the game attempts to automatically save after a checkpoint, I get a "Save Failed." message. I was searching through the internet and apparently there used to be a sticky thread about this but it is now gone(404). Information on the issue is scarce and nothing conclusive. I am logged in as Admin and the Documents/Starcraft 2 directory has the correct permissions... Help?Spawn8 4d
4d 1.4: Game keeps changing my mic volume Every time I launch the game, the volume level of my microphone gets changed in Windows. This problem happened with the PTR version and I assumed it wouldn't persist to the live patch, but it has. I've tried altering the settings in the 'Voice' options menu (even though I always have voice disabled) to no avail. Even if I select an entirely different input, the game still keeps doing it. No matter what combination of settings I've tried, it keeps altering my microphone level in Windows every time I launch the game. If I set the microphone's volume to 0% in SC2, then it sets it to 100% max in Windows. As a temporary workaround, I can set it to a low percentage in-game. The game then changes my Windows level to that number (despite voice chat being disabled). The game shouldn't be altering my mic level like this, it never happened with any previous SC2 version. Any help here would be nice, or if its a bug, a hotfix. Sushbag17 4d
4d Unable to see Co-op partner's screen location With the most recent patch I have been unable to easily see my partner's screen location because the color of it is purple or rose. When their screen is positioned over areas of the minimap that are not in fog of war it is very hard to see and when it is over Zerg Creep it is almost invisible. I had actually believed the function was removed until I played with one of my IRL friends and expressed my displeasure over VoIP. I have been unable to find an option in the settings that allows me to change the color to something more easily visible. Is there an option that I have overlooked or is there another way for me to change the color?Mathemagic0 4d
4d SC 2 launcher stuck on 'waiting' As the title suggests, the little loading bar next to the Play button on the StarCraft 2 tab has been stuck on 'waiting' for the past few days. I can load the first StarCraft just fine, so the launcher is working period. I've exited the program, totally closed all instances of it running from the Task Manager, and restarted my PC. I am running Windows 10 and have all three episodes of SC2 installed. Original SC is the only other Blizzard product I have installed, and it's not currently installing or downloading any updates.DynnVaelir1 4d
4d for loop does not working Many map use for loop for specific player select. However 4.0 patch block this trigger. Plz roll back trigger. This patch killed a lot of old map.firebear0 4d
4d Melee Launch and Creation Every time i go to launch or create a melee game it recognizes it but then it simply starts streaming then it freezes and kicks me off game. Anyone else dealing with this seeThor0 4d
4d Game will not update. I updated the game yesterday and that is not the patch I am referring to. Today I was playing Co-Op and experienced a bug crash. Upon trying to re-enter the game a patch started downloading then once it had the download figures it then immediately said Waiting on another installation or update and for 3 hours has not moved. I have tried restarting the client/game/computer and nothing has worked. UPDATE: Withdrawn report, the problem seemed to be because I paused the update when it wasn't downloading then restarting it bugging it out. I cleaned temp folders and it worked.SiKiN0 4d
4d @blizz profile portrait bug hey bliz heads up, our forum portrait is still shifted from what its supposed to be. its been like this for many months. edit: ALSO, kinda related, if you are using one of the war chest portraits you cant post in the forums for example, everyone with the Predator portrait will have this dog thing instead (i have since changed my portrait away from the Predator)EZcheezy20 4d
4d Nothing works! After 4.0.1 nothing works at all! All coop commanders are 0, but even then coop doesnt launch. Ladder doesnt work non of other mods are (even training)! All is blank! Even my portrait is not loading. That really sucks! I have downloaded full 4.0.1 patch though. Had been playing LOTV before that with no problem.GarbageDildo0 4d
4d [Co-op] Swann's Hellbats can't transform As the title says, the ability for Swann's Hellbat to transform into Hellion is completely gone in 4.0. Found this out while playing with Han & Horner not sure if that is what causes the bug.foreignreign0 4d
4d Broodlings at start of Flashpoint Mission After the opening cinematic of the Nova Campaign Flashpoint mission ends, the Broodlings from the nuked Infestation Pits remain and begin attacking the Command Center. I played the mission on Monday night (11/13/17) with no problem. I played it tonight (11/15/17) and the issue heretofore mentioned was now occurring. Thank you.Urstadt0 4d
4d Вежливость и приветливость 2.0: графика > 1 ... ... ... ПАРни. Я достаточно внимательно ознакомился с минимальными и рекомендуемыми системными требованиями к игре и, поскольку конфигурация моей системы удовлетворяет и те и другие с большим запасом, возник следующий вопрос: проседания ФПС до 24 на средних ("высоких") настройках графики, это баг или фитча? Просто я большой любитель красивостей и т.н. свистоперделок, для меня это критично уточнить = (smellthemgc1 4d
4d Вежливость и приветливость 1: Тайна неюзабель Ребят, у вас кнопка не работает. Чтобы портретик поменять. Вы в курсе, да?smellthemgc3 4d
4d 7F9A1BC7-8B59-4FA9-B49C-F981B881663B please help me, someone with this fail too????Poooooooooli1 4d
4d Hey, Allied Commander mod crashing Yeah I've been off Starcraft II for a few days but I got lots of complaints and reports from several of my friends currently online. One of my friends, whom is also a master, sent to me that games with the blizzard mod Allied Commanders mod have been dropping players just after the "start game" counter finished. Similar to previous patches, if you could remember... Hope the Blizzard team reads this, cause I want them to know I'm cheering 'em on. Keep doing what you're doing and hope this problem is resolved (preferably before my next birthday which is just 2 days from now. Would suck to be unable to enjoy Starcraft II on mu bday...)Formicidae1 4d
4d Han & Horner can't set CC way-points. Han & Horner Co-Op Commander can't set way-points for SCV's that are in the build queue on their troops. I like to use about a half a dozen SCVs to repair my mech army, but as they get destroyed I have to replace them. I like to set a way-point on my mech units so I can queue up 5 SCVs at the Command Center and know they'll meet up with my army as they're built. If I wait for them to build at a static way-point on the map I can then get them to follow my units. However, StarCraft 2 rarely lets me sit idle that long. Plus I have to go back to that way-point and get them as soon as they build, or wait for all 5 to build and then get them as a group. Though in the middle of the field with enemy units incoming. It's good to get them their as soon as they build. Anyways, if the Command Center could be patched to send SCVs in for backup like the rest of the Terran Commanders. That'd really make my mech game a lot easier. P.S. They're a fun pair to use in Co-Op and I'm looking forward to spending more time with them. ^_^GamingRAPTR0 4d
4d No Automated Tournament Schedule Not sure if this is a bug or not, but with the new UI there doesn't seem to be a way to view the schedule of upcoming automated tournaments.GlooM1 4d
4d Crash on Auto Join Hi! Today, both on Macbook 2016 and 2012 (both retina of course), on auto join I get a crash. I was sending crash reports, here is an example: 2ED7EE67-4861-4F5A-95C2-FA21F7A5AD02 Would appreciate some attention. Thank you!Zellan1 4d
4d Will not start 32 bit or 64 bit client It won'tOmniCaustic2 4d
4d Bttle.Net - Starcraft NO PLAY button anymore Battle.Net - Starcraft II Has NO Play button any more. How do you play the free version when you already have an account?John3 4d
4d [campaign]swarm hosts missing animations In the Heart of the Swarm campaign both Swarm Host strains (Creeper and Carrion) are missing their animations, they just slide on the ground when moving. Basic Swarm Hosts still have their animations.Supramarine0 4d
4d Server pinging is currently erroneous Last night I kept getting put on the Singapore server because the game thought it was the server I had the best ping to. I live in California so I get best ping to US West. Last night, Singapore was pinging the same or better than US West, both of which were much much lower than the other options. All the numbers looked normal except Singapore, which was erroneously low. When I got in the game, ctrl+alt+f display would start with a 25-30ms ping and then go up and up until it got to 200ms+ as it should be. For some reason it initially thinks I have great ping to Singapore but the reality hits when I'm actually in a game. And now this morning, here's what it looks like: https://i.imgur.com/JF1z5gC.png Singapore 63ms (erroneous) All other servers 9999ms (are they down? or is this erroneous as well?) As I matched people last night, I was asking them where they're from so we could try to understand why we were getting Singapore. For the most part, it made no sense geographically. So it seems that everyone had erroneous ping data to Singapore and the matching system thought it was doing us a favor by putting us on Singapore.NonY3 4d
4d Shield Battery does not receive shield upgr. In standard matches, the Shield Battery does not profit from the shield upgrades researched at the Forge, unlike all other Protoss buildings and units. See also: https://www.reddit.com/r/starcraft/comments/7d6jvj/shield_upgrade_doesnt_work_on_shield_batteries/Shildbirm0 4d
4d Stukovs Tanks miss circle of attack The Tanks of Nova etc. have an circle of attack range while being immobile. Stukovs Tanks miss this circle. It would be nice to have this feature, because the ridiculous range is hard to measure.Crusher0 4d
4d Mag Mine Z-Layer The Z-Layer of Hans Mag Mines is bugged. Ground units and buildings can block vision to mag mines, which should be hovering above. For example: -----------[M1]------------ ----------------------------- [M2] Building [M3]--- ----------------------------- ------[M4]----[M5]--- Even Mine 4 and 5 would be blocked out of vision.. Only the outlines are shown. Units will meddle with the mines, too. Even bypassing Scvs can cover part of the mines, like the spikes at the downside.Crusher0 4d
4d Kicked from a games I cannot open an issue. How can I contact support????? I had 2 game failures and now my MMR is too low!!!!blasterofrac0 4d
4d Unexpected Error Crash Since the patch my game has been crashing. Once in game on the mutation & once after I had just gotten out of game. The crash is very sudden and pops up the unexpected error menu.LaughNgamez28 4d
4d WAR CHEST I bought the war chest a while ago for all three races, I earned the first set of skins while I waited for the rest to become earnable. Ended up playing other games for a while, now I can't even see my war chest, what I have unlocked, and what is still available. Also, am I out of luck on those skins then? I spend way too much money on blizzard games to deal with this kind of BSPGID2 4d
4d sal i can t play host ....just lotv why? and how can i play hart of the s. again?IIIIIIIIIIII0 4d
4d HOTS LADDER PLEASE BRING BACK HOTS LADDER!! I can't play HOTS ladder. I don't like LOTV.SonOfSand1 4d
4d server issues need some help please!!! I play custom 1v1 with my friend from south east asia but the game always a drag us into "eastern united state!!!" that doesnt make any sense to me. ''Options > Language and Region menu>Region>Preferred game server> set to singapore" ....I did it all....Sly1 4d
4d US Servers Ping problem the game seems to think Singapore is the best server for me with 250 ping while all the US servers are 250+. Because of this I always get Singapore in my 1v1 games. HOWEVER if i play in team games in a party we get US servers and my ping is totally normal. it seems the system that calculates the ping is wrong (and the actual ping is fine) and keeps putting me on Singapore because "its best" when in actuality its the worst server for meEZcheezy0 4d
4d Blightbringer Disappears? Just did miner's evacuation mission as the horners with a raynor partner. everything was going well, nothing odd until i got the blightbringer bonus mission to complete. it was hard difficulty, so not a challenge, but when i went there to kill it, it disappeared after only a few seconds of coming out of the ground. i couldnt complete the bonus mission, but at the same time, it didnt count as failed. the bonus was left open in the quest log and the timer disappeared. I didnt see the timer when i went to kill it, but im pretty sure i didnt time out. sad to say, i didnt get that bonus exp and level...OshianStar0 4d
5d WoL campaign challenges not F2P 1. Create a new Battle.Net account 2. Start StarCraft 2, go to Campaign -> Episode I, Wings of Liberty -> Challenges -> e.g. Path of Ascension -> Play 3. Get error message that says "You do not own the required campaign to load this map" Those challenges were around when WoL was released and the menu structure highly suggests that they are part of the WoL campaign. Thus, I assume that those challenges are intended to be F2P as well and that this is a bug.Morty0 5d
5d [Co-op] Stukov's volatile mastery bug I was farming Train of the Dead mutation for a bit as Stukov and was wondering why I consistently deal a lot more damage (up to ten times more) to trains than my allies. So I watched a replay very carefully and noticed a very strange thing. As train is moving infested civilians leap after it very often and it seems that with each leap they have a chance to spawn volatile infested (probably same chance as one given by mastery for initial spawn) on their landing position (original civilian stays intact). New volatiles either explode immediately (you can't even see them, it just looks like green splash where civilian lands) or spawn nearby if there is no space and proceed to attack a train on their own. After exploding they also spawn broodlings if Gestation upgrade is researched (which also makes it somewhat easier to spot, as broodlings spawn continuously while number of civilians does not decrease).Alex2 5d
5d name change not going through for NA acc since the NA and Sea servers merged i m not getting an option to change my name on my previous NA account, when i click character name change it only goes through for my SEA account that got switched over when the servers merge. So basically my NA character is not getting an option to reset name change every season it only goes to the Sea account that got switched overKyoto0 5d
5d custom game problem here. I play from south east asia i always set my preferred game server into singapore but when i create custom game with my friend(we r in the same country) I always get eastern united state server (ctrl+alt+F checked) its happen to all of my friend when they play custom aswel ps. but its just fine in 1v1 rank modeSly0 5d