Bug Report

May 3 cannot load any game cannot load any game in coop missions or arcades. Countdown goes to zero and then nothing, i'm back to the menu to select a coopmission or an arcade game.Lwat1 May 3
May 3 Fenix zealot cost So as we know all fenix units have 20% reduced price, but why does the zealot cost is 160 minerals? P.S. I bet Kaldalis was a hero, but no one wants him with such price for zealots.DedFurion2 May 3
May 3 Experience Co-op Missions Experience after Co-op Mission I have just completed the Rifts of Korhal on Casual with the new Commander Fenix and It totalled my EXP but did not credit it to the Commander at the end. Can this be worked around or fixed please.Maximus0 May 3
May 3 Co-op Missions not calculating mastery points The Co-op Missions are not calculating mastery points and when in the rewind screen it will not let you return to the score screen.NaMeLeSsOnE0 May 3
May 3 No division placement I ought to play just one placement match, yet even after playing 3 matches i haven't been placed. Two of the first matches were shown as ongoing(1v1) even on the score screen :-/flapee1 May 3
May 3 Report screen not loading in OFFLINE mode Hello guys, in the last couple of days I didn't have a working internet connection and I've been forced to play offline vs AI a lot. I have noticed that always after an offline skirmish vs AI the report screen does not load at all. It's trying to load but nothing happens. Also the MP maps that are stored locally are not available alphabetically (they're listed randomly) and no map preview is available. Could you please : 1. Fix the bug with the match report bug in offline mode. 2. Order somehow the maps in the offline map list ? It's a pain to find the one you want to play. 3. Make the map preview work also in OFFLINE mode ? Please. 4. Add an option to automatically download all the MP maps so you store them locally. I found out the hard way that some of my old favorites were on the offline map list but were not selectable to play, just greyed out. I know offline is supposed to be a fallback mode but please don't purposely neglect it :). People that end up offline rarely choose to do so. Thank you!Florin1 May 3
May 3 Bugs new patch. 1.No divison placment. 2.Game ready .. just stops and need to search again. 3.Cant wait outside in Win or else stops searching for game. 4.Wrong avatar showing when game starts.Starscream0 May 3
May 3 Queuing with Australia on NA Bug in the title. No matter what if you're Masters+ you're forced to match up with Australia/Brazil even if you select a preferred server. This is either a bug or very poor decision making by Blizzard and should be fixed. It was originally implemented to prevent match dodging for WCS but this is a stupid consequence for NA players who want to play with NA players.LaughNgamez1 May 3
May 3 Clolarion Build Interceptor text error The tooltip for Clolarion's "Build Interceptor" button is missing an apostrophe, it says "Clolarions target" instead of "Clolarion's target".Nedia0 May 3
May 3 Can't see profile of other players after game After game is over, I liked to see how good a player was that I beat. However, I can open one up, but when I close it, the game is no longer there. I know it goes to replay, but replay does not allow me to bring up the score screen.Trend0 May 3
May 3 My game starcraft 2 stopped working Hi, I have a problem, I'm tyring to access the game Starcraft 2, yesterday was working fine, but today when I click on "play", the computer went black, I started loading the game forever, I don't know what to do. Is this a problem with the blizzard app?DAN0 May 3
May 3 [Bug] Co-op mutation achievement not credited The mutation was "Certain Demise", my victory was on Brutal today (after patch 3.13). My bounty achievement is at 193/200, it should be at 197/200. I have the replay saved - I was Vorazun, my partner was Kerrigangeminex0 May 3
May 3 Purifier executor breastplate won't move The breastplate on the purifier executor portrait doesn't move with the rest of the model. This makes it look as if something is blocking the lower left corner of the portrait. In reality, it is the stationary breastplate, which probably should be moving.Nedia0 May 3
May 3 Marine portrait missing texture The Marine's portrait is missing a texture. You will see a holographic effect on the side of his face, which appears pink, with hard edges. This effect is supposed to have a texture. Compare it to his static portrait to see the difference; it should actually look like data from inside the helmet being projected onto his face. I have reported this bug twice before. The first report was ignored; the second was apparently conflated with another, similar issue that was occurring at the time. I realize that this might not be in accordance with the code of conduct, and that there is a chance I might be temporarily banned from the forums. But since nobody else has seemed to notice this issue, I have to give it another shot.Nedia2 May 3
May 3 No attack for Karax colossi Just played a match as Karax for the Co-Op missions, and none of my colossi were able to attack. There was no icon/indicator that even showed they HAD an attack.ShadowNight2 May 3
May 2 Unable to Use 'Join Game' When playing in the Arcade, I can join games OK from the public list of open games, and also from the 'Browse' tab. I can also host games with no issues, and join as leader of a party. However, when I am a non-lead member of a party, sometimes I receive a connection error when joining games with the party. Also, for the past three or four weeks, I have been unable to use 'Join Game' to join a game via a friend on my friends list. I have also been unable to accept invitations to join lobbies for games in the Arcade. When I click 'Join Game' on the dropdown menu after right-clicking a friend's name or 'Accept' on an invitation, the 'Streaming Data' message comes up in the bottom left corner, and then the 'Entering Lobby' message, as normal. Then, I receive an error message that says there is a connection problem, and that I should try again later. This used to happen once in a while, earlier this year and last year. If I tried again, I would connect with no issues. Later in 2016 and in early 2017, occasionally my connection to Battle.net would become 'bugged' and this error would persist until I relogged onto Battle.net. In the past three or four weeks, it has been constant. The only way I can join games is as a member of a party, or through the public lobbies. Please help! Thanks~Helveticano0 May 2
May 2 Void Shade birth model missing texture When Amon's Void Shades are created from void rifts, some of the smoke that forms around them appears pink. This is due to the birth effect model missing a texture.Nedia0 May 2
May 2 Mutator Purifier Beam missing texture With Amon's mutator Purifier Beam, you can see that some of the energy at the base of the beam appears pink. This is due to the model trying to reference textures that are missing from the game.Nedia0 May 2
May 2 Swann's laser drill has wrong model Swann's laser drill has, for a long time, been using the model for the mutator enemy laser drill (which has bright red lights and sparks). I assume this must be due to an accident. Both structures share the same model; somebody must have changed the model for the mutator laser drill to the correct one without realizing that it would end up giving Swann's drill the wrong model.Nedia0 May 2
May 2 Invalid server after arcade game After playing an arcade game, you try to play it again, and it says error you tried to connect to an invalid server. Similar to problem where u try to play an arcade game again and it just hangs and you have to restart SC.Trend1 May 2
May 2 Abathur's Viper unable to abduct Nova's unit Was playing Abathur on coop and found out that Viper's abduct don't work on Nova's unit, at all. I understand that Nova's unit is 'resistant to stun effects' but ally's abduct should still work lol. Attached is a video for reference: https://youtu.be/SAIs-w2HCRQHORNGG1 May 2
May 2 [Bug] Auto-Join Chat Channel I don't want it on, and it's not but I keep getting invited to a chat, 'The Party,' and it automatically puts me in it. Shouldn't ask for my approval if I don't have the box check for auto-join? Happens a few times a night now.Gemini1 May 2
May 2 The Evaluation is broken? The evalcuation is broken because I already have armory and shrike turret but not getting those on the mission for replay on hard mission i did mission over and over for try get Sacrifice nothing achievement one time i did victory that I didn't have any building destory but not getting complete achievement!!! so why I see youtube people have shrike turret and I don't! I alreasy have that research, and I can't complete this achievement is seriously broken for years!!!!smashu0 May 2
May 2 [Bug] Coop Stukov Infested Bunkers In Co-op Stukov's infested bunkers contain inside infested troopers. When an infested bunker is uprooted(mobile) and gets hit by a spell type attack/ability, it causes the troopers inside the bunker to die. This does not happen if the bunker is rooted. In the recent Mutation challenge "Field of Screams", the following mutation is included: "Minesweeper - Groups of Widow Mines and Spider Mines are buried throughout the battlefield." The attack from widow mines is considered a spell and destroys anything inside the bunkers if uprooted(mobile). During another challenge mutation that had heroes, some of them with spell damage abilities where able to do the same. Hybrids with the mindblast ability (spell damage) used to kill the troopers inside the bunker as well when uprooted(mobile). Blizzard mentioned that this was unintended and has since been patched. However from the looks of it, it seems they just fixed the Hybrid's mindblast ability, but the root of the problem persists. Please make the content of the bunkers immune to spell damage to avoid this in the future. TL;DR: Spell Damage abilities kill the contents of infested bunkers when uprooted, which is not intended.AfterStar1 May 2
May 2 No promotion Hi, I am above the 3800 mmr cut off for diamond 3 but I never received a promotion. The season ends tomorrow and I would like to finish this season as diamond because I deserve it and worked so hard for it. Thanks!DogEata0 May 2
May 2 I found that Fenix had same bug with Stukov. Fenix's portrait doesn't appear while he giving allies a message. It is the same bug with co-op Stukov in his First co-op debut.RealImpact0 May 2
May 2 Fenix AI Personality Test Achievement Bug I just finished a game with Fenix at level 1, then when I viewed my achievements, I saw that the achievement "The A.I. Personality Test" already had a score of 2659/300000. Not sure where I got damage score that since the champions unlock at level 2. Edit: If it helps in recreating the bug, the coop map I played in was Scythe of Amon, and at the victory screen, it says that I had done 0 champion damage.ExecutorKerb0 May 2
May 2 [COOP] Scythe of Amon Victory Stats Bug I just finished a coop game in Scythe of Amon and at the victory screen, both my ally and I had 0 score in the "Damage Dealt to Void Shards" breakdown item.ExecutorKerb0 May 2
May 1 Nevozmozhno smotret' povtory Nevozmozhno smotret' povtory, igra tak kak v moment zapuska povtora igra perekhodit' ili v vechnuyu zagruzku ili zhe zavisayet', a to i vovse otkazyvayet'sya pokazyvat'Kabum1 May 1
May 1 Unable to review maps after relaunch Not sure if it's always been like this is, so I'm not sure if it's the normal, intended behavior, but a problem was brought to my attention yesterday for an arcade game I'm helping to maintain, and it seems to affect all other maps as well. Arcade games cannot be reviewed if you haven't played it during your current session. The "Review Game" button is disabled and hovering the mouse cursor over it says "You must play this content in order to rate it", even if you've played it (many times) before. If you play that game, you're able to review it afterward, but only until you exit SC2. If you do that and launch SC2 again, you're once again unable to review the game. Maps I checked in the European region: - Photon Cycles Reworked - Runling Run 4 - Hide & Kill (Assassins) I also checked a custom map (Coda LE) in the American region and it's the same.hawk3 May 1
May 1 bug in the classement my teamate (legate) and me (TLBbharaa) are playing in 2vs2 and we have a enaugh point to go in the platinum league but we stay in the gold league.... each time we goes to the end of the line, it goes to the beginning....tgfdp0 May 1
May 1 Units stop following randomly I was playing through the Legacy of the Void story (finally) and I was employing an old favorite strategy of mine: Mass carriers with arbiters cloaking them. I set the arbiters to follow a few carriers in the fleet and just roll out raining destruction on everything. The problem is, I have been noticing that my Arbiters have a habit of sometimes staying behind, if I don't notice them dropping back sometimes I will wind up with all of them trailed along the map and no cloak. I know it isn't because of any ships dying, since I rarely lose a carrier by that point (15+ carriers is op in normal difficulty and that's the way I like it okay. Lol) I don't know if maybe I am not doing it wrong, or if maybe the follow command isn't even really a thing anymore or what, but it's really a problem at times. I've seen some old threads talking about the exact issue but I guess it never got fixed? Or got re-broken at some point? Idk.Leinad1 May 1
May 1 Not ranking up. Silver 1 despite 3744 MMR. I've been playing 2v2s for about two weeks. My friend and I started in Bronze 1 and quickly moved up to silver 1 in a few games. We had played during WoL and just started playing LotV. For the last 20 or so games, we've only been playing against plats and diamonds, winning about 70% of the time. Our MMR is 3796 right now and has been climbing steadily. The MMR bar keeps filling up and wrapping back to the beginning, exceeding the "max mmr". From different posts I've seen, ~3700-3800 MMR is well above the silver 1 range, basically high plat. Is there a bug right now preventing rank ups?Kahlan1 May 1
May 1 Bonus Credits not applied in Breakout In my campaign on Normal difficulty the Bonus credits you are supposed to receive for releasing the prisoners is not applied if you replay the mission. I beat the mission the first time and received the credits, I have a save game that shows 185,000 credits after finishing. I never went to the Hyperion after finishing the first time. Since I didnt get the achievement for keeping Tosh above the health limit I replayed the mission immediately. When I finished that time I noticed I did not get the 50000 bonus credits added to my total. The mission in the archives shows it but the total did not reflect it. The save game after Breakout Victory(2) shows 135,000 credits. I have not played the other side of that mission.Cro4 May 1
Apr 30 Waiting for players bug Hi guys, I have seen this happen to many players recently. We join 3v3 Desert Strike as a team and 1 of the players get the "waiting for players" bug. The game wont load and it will be stuck in the load screen displaying the message: "Waiting for players" Forcing him to alt+f4 or end the process. Very annoying.Dotnl0 Apr 30
Apr 30 Co-Op Karax Colossus bug? I was playing co-op as Karax and on the map where you defend the temple. My colossus that I made were not attacking. Is that supposed to happen?Zergmaster6 Apr 30
Apr 30 !@#$%^-s stop with the logging in to play offline. I paid for this game, what purpose does not letting PAYING CUSTOMERS play offline serve?clckwrkmrdrr0 Apr 30
Apr 30 Mutation #50 bug I was playing the mutation #50 with blizzards and on Dead of Night, and around 35 minutes in, all the blizzards and all my overseers and half of my units became invisible. The enemy nydus worms and all enemy zombie units become invisible. I could not select my broodlings (which were also invisible) to focus fire anything. Basically everything became invisible, and the number of things taht became invisible grew over time. Eventaully all my diamondbacks and bunkers became invisible too, as well as my infested civilians. We could not finish the mission. The invisible enemies still did damage, and the invisible blizzards still froze and damaged my units, but I coudlnt' see or focus fire any of them.hurdler5 Apr 30
Apr 30 1v1 tourney bug? I joined a 1v1 6 round tourney and won my first match, but it said my opponent won. I lost my second match and got eliminated. When I went to check my match history, it showed that I had indeed won the first game. There seems to be a bug with the system figuring out who won a game in a 1v1 6 round tourney?hurdler0 Apr 30
Apr 29 Colossus has no attack as karrax? So just started playing karrax, only lvl 2 commander, but in the past two games none of my collossi have spawned with an attack ability. They are basically useless. Is this a bug?JahThunder10 Apr 29
Apr 29 Can't leave a clan I am in PSISTORM clan, but somehow I am also in HEAD ("BigHeads AND Big Ego's"). I never even heard of HEAD but I'm in the clan and there is no option to leave.poizon3 Apr 29
Apr 29 Urgent bugs that need fixing right away! I never played this map SC2:Battlefront but it showed up on my match history without me knowing it. Was playing ds hots, and went to check my green winning strike ruined by a sore loser. And it shows i had played some game called SC2:Battlefront. And i lost that as well getting a red cross. I never made, joined, downloaded the map, played, and nor quit the map Battlefront. Why do i suffer a red cross on a game i never played? Is it a bug? Someone hacking me? Or what is going on? Because i don't want to lose games, I never played or intent to play. So could you please fix this issue and remove the red cross from my match history. Thanks! Pictures: https://ufile.io/lleof Picture of chat print resolving in error: http://i68.tinypic.com/23gyd4z.png Picture of crappy tiny pic: http://i65.tinypic.com/2mpdc7l.png Additional bugs: Live chat don't allow uploading of a rar archive containing pictures. While in game on split screen: minimizing game, changing from split screen to single screen, causes the game black screen of death. Taking pictures in game, on single or dual screens, of match history details, result in a black screen when pasting into paint on windows 7 64x. In game, you suddenly receives an invite to a game, you reject it and join another game, but sc2 game client, joins the game you were invited to instead of the one you are actually joining. (Happened many times, but not the case, in this mystery ghost game, that suddenly occurred this time) Online chat error: Can't print chat. (I can understand that, since all can read how !@#$ty, and buggy sc2 is) Overall rating of chat conversation missing: my vote would be 1 out of 10, as no help was provided at all. I hope this is read at least within the next year, or 2, because others could suffer the same problems, with no help at all to gain from your support site, as to your 24/7 pointless live chat that can't help. Have a nice weekend.Teejay0 Apr 29
Apr 29 "Take Away Units" hotkey bug in Archon mode When playing archon mode, using the "Create Control Group and Take Away Units" and "Add to Control Group and Take Away Units" hotkeys causes the units added to the control groups to be removed from the control groups of your allies. This makes these control group hotkeys unusable when playing in Archon mode.frugs3 Apr 29
Apr 29 Ctrl+<N> conflicts with mac system hotkeys. On my macbook pro running Sierra, with an external USB keyboard (not sure if it matters, didn't try with the builtin keyboard), group assignment hotkeys suddenly break and start requiring additional Shift, eg. Shift+Ctrl+1 to assign something to Group 1. This is not reliably reproducible, this bug starts and ends randomly, sometimes even in the middle of the game i think (not sure), and it isn't shown in the hotkeys settings. It only started recently, around a month ago. I'm using default hotkeys. At first i was like "My keyboard not working?! *ragequit*", but then i figured out that with shift it works.NoQ2 Apr 29
Apr 29 Cutscenes getting skipped. I remember there's a cutscene about the DT Leader wanting to blow up Shakurus.. on my second play through, that cut scene disappeared. this is happening with multiple other cutscenes too, like the one Alarak shows up, and the one Karax gets recognized by the council after the Templar's charge.BlueZero201 Apr 29
Apr 29 Nova's units are resistant to stun As the description of Nova's units: "Nova has a 100 supply maximum, but her units and structure have increased life, deal additional damage, and are resistant to stun effects. Trained units are instantly deployed onto the battlefield." Nova's units are resistant to stun effects and in the map "Dead of night", bugs are hunterlings and chokers which can stun her units. This is completely against the statement above.VanWilder2 Apr 29
Apr 29 The "Symbiosis" achievement The "Symbiosis" achievement doesn't count anything when I'm healing all allied units in the co-op missions with Abathar.Vabconny1 Apr 29
Apr 28 Publish Name Matching Languages Hi, I tried updating my extension mod after some months but I get an error telling me that publish name must match exactly as it appears in each language or something like that. Now, my mod is localized into three different languages, I checked and I'm sure that each language match EXACTLY the name given (in fact I get the green Ready to Publish write during the name change stage of the publish process). So, until this get fixed, I can't update it anymore. If needed I can give the mod name or other informations via e-mail or here, if preferred. PS: I forgot to add that the bug verifies with a failed upload when reaching 100%. Tested on NA server, as I need the extension updated in that server.alfxItaly0 Apr 28
Apr 28 Solarite Payload Artanis Coop The solarite payload upgrade still shows up for the reavers but is nowhere to be seen in the robotics facilityMightybs1 Apr 28
Apr 28 Campaign stuck at 69% The LOTV Campaign shows at 69% complete - did i miss something ? do i have to play it in brutal ? or is this a Bug not updating properly i have similar problems with the other campaigns not updating - I was bored recently and tried to get the campaigns on 100% but did not find a way to do this. What am I missing? hidden missions ? achievements? - the Prologue for the campaign shows up as 100% and i have only played that on hard..Baumdoktor2 Apr 28