Bug Report

Nov 29 Disable 'can't connect to b.net' messages SP It's incredibly stupid that the past few days, probably because the extra load the F2P players put on Blizzard's servers, I get 'connection to b.net lost' type messages, even in singleplayer which I am forced to click away every few minutes. I've resorted to using third party software to BLOCK Starcraft 2's internet connection so that I'm always offline and can play in peace. My connection is fine, The bug you need to fix is that there's no option to permanently dismiss the 'b.net connection lost' messages. If I could check a box not to be reminded about connection losses, at least until I restart the game again, that would be ideal. This is a simple, easy bug report, the answer is 'yes, we should do that.' I've heard a lot of other people complain about this and suggest this solution for years.Eregos1 Nov 29
Nov 29 MMR set to zero? I don't know exactly what happened, but I can't queue up for ranked games anymore, my MMR was set to 0, and I don't know what's wrong. Can anyone help?Relaxe5 Nov 29
Nov 29 Completed Campaign Not Showing As Completed Greetings: I am writing to inform about a recurring issue on Campaign progress. I have completed the Legacy of the Void Campaign on Brutal difficulty. After I finish the mission, “Salvation,” it shows this: https://gyazo.com/b1f672f4d07166b610515841b5959c18 It would be great if it would STAY THAT WAY when I log back in. However, when I log back in, it shows the Legacy of the Void Campaign as though I have not finished it. Juuust like this: https://gyazo.com/c420f1eff34b0cdb10d278f2dfb37603 It typically shows an earlier mission having been completed, and on whatever difficulty it was completed with before. Today, I played all day, on Casual on the missions leading up to “Salvation,” and then when it’s on “Salvation” again, I’d switch it back to Brutal and finish it again, just so it would show its completed screen, hoping it would stay that way. But it juuust won’t. Jumping straight to it via Master Archives won’t do it either. Why? :( This is an issue with both my Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void Campaigns. In Heart of the Swarm, it shows this even when I have already completed the whole thing on Brutal: https://gyazo.com/2301cef3c5b7d4c739bd5143bd1fa0f0 I am happy with how it is with my Wings of Liberty, though. It just stayed this way since I last played it some years ago: https://gyazo.com/2ec40a7759857349f4365b3b2003b141 What I am not happy about is that I am now scared of touching it again and replaying it because it might remove that flashy thing right there that says, “Hey! I’ve finished this awesome game in an awesome manner! Brutal!” :o All I want is for these three campaigns to be shown their correct progress whenever I log. There seem to be no problems with the Achievements. They show the correct percentages all the time. It’s just the missions that seem to be mixed up whenever I reboot the computer or play this awesome game on another computer. I’ve been struggling to finally finish the Epilogue (also on Brutal of course!) but I’d quit it once in awhile, as I am distracted by that nasty thing going on with my Legacy of the Void Campaign screen. :/ Is there something I can do about this, or is this something you can help me with? Thank you! :) Sincerely yours, Patrick/FeneloreFenelore5 Nov 29
Nov 29 Voice Chat does not Function Hello, I use voice chat on discord and overwatch and it works fine, and I used to be able to use voice chat in starcraft 2 for many years, however, when I say stuff in starcraft, the game seems like it is not picking up anything. I know my mic is set up fine and I have fiddled with all the possible settings within the game to try and fix the problem but I cannot seem to figure it out. In the settings, I can hear my voice played back to me in the test mic option, but there is no voice outside of that. I tried repairing the game too.Marco2 Nov 29
Nov 29 Terran Campaign, Mission: Shatter the sky. The mission objective is to blow up the four cooling towers, which "explodes" the platform 45 seconds after destroying one. After destroying the second (I think?) Cooling tower, the Leviathan spawns, being a side/bonus objective to kill. I had destroyed the first cooling tower, closest to the spawn, and added a few more banshees to go after the next one. I went after the north-western one followed quickly by the south-western one before repairing my forces for the last assault on the air-heavy base to the southeast. The Leviathan spawned after the north-western platform "blew up", my banshees then being halfway home from the south-western one. The south-west platform blew up with the Leviathan still within range, or just about on the edge of it. The bug is that the Leviathan now dissappeared, the big glowing icon on the mini-map showing its location was permanently stuck and the mission objective for taking it down was uncompleted and now unable to be completed due to it missing.Eothaki0 Nov 29
Nov 29 Terran Factory add on Question I've been playing Rifts of Korhal lately, and whenever the AI is terran.... the 2nd set of Rift Shards... I've come across a glitch, Or maybe it's suppose to be there i dunno... But instead of the Factory add-on being beside the factory... it's ontop of the factory... and it's happened 2 times for me so far... I dunno if it's suppose to be there... the barracks add on is right next to it... so i dunno.. I just thought i'd let someone at blizzard know... I'd upload my replay to show you all, but i dunno how to do that... I just hope it's an actual glitch... otherwise.. i'm gonna feel silly by posting this..Shadow0 Nov 29
Nov 29 Voice Chat Not Working Hi, my voice chat works on everything but Starcraft 2. It used to work, and I tried a repair, but it fixed nothing. Anyone else have this problem?Marco3 Nov 29
Nov 29 karax solar lance bug Karax's solar lance is going on cd before using all three charges. It has happened 6 times to me over the past few days.piemaster0 Nov 29
Nov 28 War Chest Progress disabled Hello, I purchased the War Chest for Protoss pre Blizzcon and Patch 4.0. I have not been able to play for a month or so. Progress for unlocking the skins and other awards seems to be now disabled for me.Direwolf2 Nov 28
Nov 28 Highest career finish not accurate Hello, as the title says, my "Highest career finish" information is not accurate inside the game. I was master 1v1 once but it shows only diamond. The count of how many times I was in master team league is also wrong. Any ideas please? Thanks.PsykO2 Nov 28
Nov 28 Patch 4 trigger errors in editor Hello. If i open the map and dont touch anything in trigger editor, i am able to save and publish the map, but once i change just 1 thing in triggers, the script gives me over 50 errors and cannot publish/test/save. Look it up please.Raiden1 Nov 28
Nov 28 Desert Strike HotS - Arcade game Hi. Sorry for my bad english :s Since patch 4.0, the arcade game is not working well. In protoss race, the archons not moving in the map. Pls review. Thanks in advance.MarlonEdu2 Nov 28
Nov 28 SC II - Authentication connecting I have Authentication connecting screen freeze on SCII and can't log in and play. Please, help?MartineZ3 Nov 28
Nov 28 Completed on Normal says Casual I beat Wings of Liberty on Normal difficulty and it says 25/25 missions completed on Normal but when I go to my profile it says all Casual missions completed. What gives? (I also double checked each mission individually and they're all completed on Normal. Not a single Casual playthrough.)Nunumbi2 Nov 28
Nov 28 Crash in Nova Campain and Cooperative After of the new upgrade (4 & 4.0.1) the game always crash when I try to play the nova campain or the cooperative mode, this only hapen on Linux, but, with the previous version all worked fine.MaxSteel3 Nov 28
Nov 28 Calendar is wrong. Calendar on EU is wrong. Havent checked if it is wrong on NA and other servers. There is a bug/error/mistake in the calendar in schedule tab - it says this Augsust 5th (2017) is Friday but it is actually a Saturday. http://i.imgur.com/IjU2BDt.pngRigensis1 Nov 28
Nov 28 Вежливость и приветливость 2.0: графика > 1 ... ... ... ПАРни. Я достаточно внимательно ознакомился с минимальными и рекомендуемыми системными требованиями к игре и, поскольку конфигурация моей системы удовлетворяет и те и другие с большим запасом, возник следующий вопрос: проседания ФПС до 24 на средних ("высоких") настройках графики, это баг или фитча? Просто я большой любитель красивостей и т.н. свистоперделок, для меня это критично уточнить = (smellthemgc5 Nov 28
Nov 28 [BUG] Raven seeker missile missing indicator WoL campaign The seeker missile target casted by enemy raven no longer have the red glow to indicate it is being targeted. The visual indicator is present prior to 4.0 update. Steps to reproduce: get targeted by a seeker missile on WoL campaign.Seederers0 Nov 28
Nov 28 Purchased Co-op Commanders Stuck at 5 Purchased Abathur and Alarak many moons ago, have them over level 15 with some mastery, now Iog in after many months, and they are only level 5 and it says I have to purchase. Please help.Wrathsong1 Nov 28
Nov 28 [Bug] Co-op commanders keep resetting to lvl5 Currently, my co-op commander levels are 147. Since F2P rolled out, I noticed each time I completed playing a co-op mission, all my co-op commanders gets reset to lvl5 on the co-cop screen. The temporary workaround is for me to log off SCII and log back in again.. and my co-op levels were restored. However, when playing another co-op mission again, my co-op levels still reset to 5 at the end of the game. Obviously, it's a bug. Can someone please help?DevoidOfPain2 Nov 28
Nov 28 Level 15 Warchest bug I am having an issue where my content that was unlocked with the lvl 15 warchest is not accessible for me even though I unlocked it within the time period.Riurei0 Nov 28
Nov 28 Server Drop Occasionally there are "Waiting for Server" screens with a surrender button in game, I am not disconnected from the internet, when I tab out I can browse websites.Antaran5 Nov 28
Nov 28 [BUG] Achievement Medals not displaying right Version: Main account on EU server I've noticed that the achievement medals (under profile page / achievements button) are no longer correctly displaying their correct Medal Tier pictures. They are now showing Tier 3 complete when my scores are in Tier 1 or 2 - which used to show an incomplete medal. They now showing either Tier 3 or nothing at all. An example: I've just started Nova Covert Ops expansion, the medal was blank, I did one mission - rebooted later - and the Medal for Nova Ops was displaying Tier 3 complete even though I did not even have enough points to hit Tier 1. Windows 10 64 bit 32 Gig Ram Nvidia 980 GTX ti [Driver 388.13 WQHL] Intel -i7 6700 K CPUChazAM1 Nov 28
Nov 28 Ready up/ entering lobby bug I have a friend who cant ready up or enter a lobby and some things are missing too on the menu and its kinda odd and retarded blizz if you can fix it as fast as possible cus i also hear alot of other people have this problemIrruption1 Nov 28
Nov 28 Campaign done on brutal listed as casual. I completed all of the Wings of Liberty missions on brutal, however it will not say that I did. I did all of the missions for instance I did Tosh's and Nova's, I did the Dr's and the Protos', I did the Nydus and the Muta one too. It lists all of the missions and being done on brutal in the archives, but when you click on my profile it will say that I did it in casual mode.Chain2 Nov 28
Nov 28 Drop hack A bunch of people have been using a drophack recently and I wanted to make sure that blizzard knows of it. You cant report these people because the games dont show up in your match history.Frostychobo5 Nov 28
Nov 28 change expansion level I received the heart of the swarm expansion as a veteran award and installed it, but when I go to gameplay options to set expansion level, there is no option there to change it. https://i.imgur.com/tYAP54x.pngdopetrack1 Nov 28
Nov 28 Han and Horner hello I buy a new Co op Commander Han and Horner get a achive that i buy them, after the 5 lvl i dont get Exp get error message blocked till purchesing the produkt. How? why ? .... then what i need to do now just siting and w8 till blizz realize that i buy the game? not just playing to 5 lvl for free .KANE1 Nov 28
Nov 27 CO-OP down? Hey guys What's up with SC2 COOP? Are there any issues we don't know yet? Hope you guys fix it quick. We can't get into a game. They say:"there was a temporary problem with your request. Please try again later." PLS HELP I CAN'T LOVE WITHOUT COOP!!!Niels1 Nov 27
Nov 27 Profile Missing Games Played My profile is missing about 5000 games played since 4.0 I was at about 12500. Now im at 7784.Omikkron3 Nov 27
Nov 27 Hans and Horner Can't be Gifted Blizzard employees - do you guys realize that Hans and Horner are not on the battle.net shop? Not on the bnet app shop nor the shop on the website. This makes gifting the commander impossible...You can only purchase it in-game for yourself. Do you guys not like money? It's been out for over a week and it's still a problem - it's gotta be an easy update no? Anyways, just posted in case you guys weren't aware.Revert1 Nov 27
Nov 27 Missing Achievements Tracking Expected: Profile -> achievements -> Versus -> 1v1 unranked/ranked. I expect one of these entries to be a "mastery" kind of achievement that shows a checkbox for each above achievement and showing the unlock progress for the dark voice picture (1k wins as random/terran/zerg/protoss) Actual: These mastery achievements seem to have been removed for not only just the dark voice but all of them. Most sections have a mastery achievement were you unlock the final portrait only after fishing everything and they all seemed to be removed. Another one is profile -> achievements -> versus -> team unranked/ranked. This section should have a mastery achievement showing what it takes to unlock the Predator portrait. also didnt these mastery achievements give you achievement points too? did you just decrease how much achievements we can earn? Im betting its a front end issue and the achievements are all actually still there and earnable, i hope soEZcheezy1 Nov 27
Nov 27 Han&Horner 80/40 Achievement bug Get 116 Horner and 42 Han supply. No result. Here is replay: https://drive.google.com/open?id=13AhR3hDxN6SOpxl8-xmwQI20jZ6BuPyX Here is screenshot: http://ybex.com/index.php?c=start&m=pic&key=165uf3wmjr7ax3ynhkz1ivk3ssjegwkuxlzd1c13 Any suggestions?Deadman3 Nov 27
Nov 27 Bunch of Abathur bugs 1) In this topic i mentioned symbiote bugs: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/topic/20759296448#post-1 2) In this about toxic nests: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/topic/20759241809#post-3 Also which still wasn't mentioned is: 3) Swarmhost's bug: They can't be autoboosted by Karax energizers Locusts target priority is very bad and they are ignoring a threat for Swarmhost and can't proper attack objectives and usual enemies. So 80% of their lifetime they simply walking 4) Viper's bugs: They can't use Consume ability on other zergs such as Stukov units and Dehaka unitsHorrificDoom0 Nov 27
Nov 27 Вежливость и приветливость 3х3 Хай, так сказать, эвриван ещё раз. К большому сожалению вынужден сообщить, что после последнего обновления 4.0.2 появились проблемы связанные С ЗАДЕРЖКОЙ (ping), при этом, к моему большому удивлению, в рейтинговой игре. Пинг поднимается до каких-то космических пределов в 1.5к и 2к, чего, до настоящего момента, не было. Играть, разумеется, невозможно. Распибомбите что-нибудь. Ну или чекните сетевой код, вероятно где-то там ошибка (я не утверждаю, это моё смелое предположение). Или что-то в этом роде. Наверное. Но лучше распибомбите. Спасибо.smellthemgc1 Nov 27
Nov 27 No XP gained in multiplayer games? Recently I have been receiving 0XP from multiplayer games. My teammates, whether it be 2v2 or 3v3, still gain xp.TitanOmega0 Nov 27
Nov 27 CAN'T CONNECT TO BLIZZARD SERVICES "CAN'T CONNECT TO BLIZZARD SERVICES Blizzard services may be unavailable or your internet connection may be down. Please check your connection and try again." I have had this problem for over a year. I only came back to try again because SC2 decided to give Heart of the Swarm as a gift and I thought I'd try again. I am connected to the internet. I have uninstalled my anti-virus so I know it can't be that. I have added it to permissions on windows firewall. I have checked the ports. I have talked to customer service which told me to do all the troubleshooting things I already found online. When I press play offline it won't even let me do that- I've been told it's because it has to connect at least once before it will let you play offline. I CAN play Diablo 3 no problems, as well as HotS, I can definitely connect to Battlenet. Just not with SC2. Help. Giving me Heart of the Swarm is such a big tease because that's why I came back to play last year. :( Rubbing salt into the wound, here..Rah2 Nov 27
Nov 27 Co-op mode complete freeze For the last 2 days any time I launch a co-op mission it loads until i press any key then the entire game just locks up/freezes and I have to quit out of the game.Kami1 Nov 27
Nov 27 Disruptor shots dealing more than intended Disruptors may be dealing more damage than intended, as they seem to be currently able to oneshot immortals. Please take a look at this thread on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/starcraft/comments/7f6mnu/stats_thinks_the_disruptor_is_bugged/ and the linked Twitch clip from Stats: https://clips.twitch.tv/AlluringPerfectButterFailFish As noted by Sc2Yrr on reddit, ...Perfi5 Nov 27
Nov 27 Unable to join Arcade lobbies I'm currently unable to join Arcade lobbies after playing one just fine, I am able to host them directly however, this is a problem when there's already host's for games. Tried resetting the network, flushing the DNS, Scan and checking game files, restarted computer. While trying to connect to a game it tells me "Unable to connect to game please try again later" or something close to that.Magnus3 Nov 27
Nov 27 HotS campaign, SH strain bug Interesting bug for me; when I do the evolution missions for the swarm hosts, the special strain don't have a walking animation. The bug carriers over into the missions; the swarm hosts just "skate" around without a walking animation. I've run the repair tool, bug persists.Stegasaur1 Nov 27
Nov 27 Co-Op Infested Marines Units Lost Infested Marines spawned in for free by Stukov's bunkers still add to his Units/Resources Lost tab.llllllllllll0 Nov 27
Nov 27 [Co-op] Swann's multiple construction After new patch Swann's SCV sometimes do not join nearby construction. Those SCV's actually seems to notice that it is there as they turn that direction and icon for multi-construction turns white, but they don't move and just stand there staring on ongoing construction.Alex11 Nov 27
Nov 27 Sc2 Low Graphics using 4.5Gb of RAM I installed Sc2 on my labtop because my work took me over seas, I was hoping to get some good sc2 playing going on. Unfourtunetly I can only play 1 or 2 melee games before the game crashes. When i first open the game it is around 0.5gb of memory usage. after 1 game it jumps to 2gb, and 1/2 way through the 2nd game it goes to 4gb + and crashes. I have 8gb of DDR3 ram. I have run many different memory tests trying to see if it is a hardware problem, and all tests come back with "no problems detected" I am not having this issue with any other game, (diablo 3, dota 2) It seems to be getting much worse, as I used to be able to play 3 games before it crashed, now I can only play 1.llamatoe1 Nov 27
Nov 27 Replay Menu And Display Bug I tried to watch one of my most recent replays and the menu and display bars were blacked out. I couldn't speed up the replay at all. I know older replays have TONS of bugs and crashes but there's no excuse for NEW replays having these kind of issues. Please Blizzard start caring about your game even a little bit. Please.JLaMaars0 Nov 27
Nov 27 Hellbats can't transform The button is missing. Applies to both void/nova campaign and co-op swann commander https://i.imgur.com/1iyVjTY.pngMrGW0 Nov 27
Nov 27 Editor Broken After patch 4.0, there are a bunch of critical errors in triggers that prevent saving, testing and publishing. Many others are experiencing this problem as you can see from here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/8126900/ Please fix by reverting changes to the editor.Sentinel0 Nov 27
Nov 26 [BUG] "Allow Toggle Conflicts" setting 2 more units need to be able to have toggle conflicts enabled now that they have new abilities: - Observer with Surveillance Mode/Observer Mode - Overseer with Oversight/Cancel OversightXelKira0 Nov 26
Nov 26 Swarm host strain animations missing Swarm host strains from the evolution missions are missing animation in HOTS Campaign anybody else have this issue?Kursed1 Nov 26
Nov 26 move commands bugged in 1v1 mode Here's a gif to demonstrate what's been happening to me. it's lost be several zvz's now. I still won this game, but holy !@#$, it's some weird once ina blue moon issue where the units will drop my move commands and just start fighting where they are. It makes no sense, and it's been happening alot recently. I've tried checking my hardware, replacing my mouse and keyboard, but the issues still persists. In the gif you'll see my in replay mode watching my game, you can see my attempted move commands, with the queen turning back and trying to fire constantly, instead of simply walking. There was nothing obstructing it's path, it was simply disobeying my commands. http://gph.is/2jpEDYu Also here's a link to a youtube version incase you'd rather have a video over a gif https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CK8AxCmUnY8&feature=youtu.beTreble0 Nov 26