Bug Report

Jun 21 no matchmaking i cannot find any game...waiting like 40 minutesfalconx0 Jun 21
Jun 21 game crashes my game will not play! I am a huge fan of star craft played the first one. I know just got the second one yesterday. However every time I download it on my app and open it, it crashes as soon as the game play videos start. The error tells me I need to re-install the game. I have done so 5 times now! how do I fix this!!!!!usmctwitch7 Jun 21
Jun 21 Problems while trying to change the announcer I've been having problems while trying to change my announcer for Zerg. Terran and Protoss both work just fine, but Zerg only keeps the standard announcer no matter what I actually have selected in the Collection page. I've tried updating the game and scanning for problems, but to no avail. Has anybody else ever met this problem? How can I solve it? Thanks in advance for any help.vanderLin1 Jun 21
Jun 21 Objective Bug in "With Friends Like These..." In the HotS Campaign Mission called "With Friends Like These...", there is a bug that occurs when you collect the 2nd mineral cluster. This bug occurs when the Hyperion levels up at the same time that you clear the 2nd mineral cluster. This only appears to occur after you have collected all the mineral nodes from the 1st mineral cluster and the mineral nodes that go all the way up to the 2nd mineral cluster. I believe it has something to do with the character quotes, as Swann says that the Hyperion has leveled up, but it appears to skip the dialogue where Matt Horner would've said that the mineral cluster has been fully collected. The bug is that it doesn't tally/add 1 to the number of mineral clusters 100% harvested to the listed objectives. The marker for the mineral cluster also remains on the mini-map, as if it hasn't been collected, even after there are no mineral nodes left in the cluster. In any case, the bug occurs with and without fighting the Kel-Morian Capital Ship for their electric field generator to unlock an EMP for the Hyperion. This issue causes you to be unable to get the achievements for doing all of the objectives and bonus objectives for the Space Mission section of the HotS Campaign. Thanks, ConfuzzConfuzz0 Jun 21
Jun 20 Wrong patch notes sorting on website When you click the "show all patch notes" link in the Blizzard app it goes to http://eu.battle.net/sc2/en/game/patch-notes/ which has a problem where it sorts the patch notes wrong because it thinks 3.8 > 3.11Stan0 Jun 20
Jun 20 Campaign not progressing & no achievements I'm not progressing in the campaign and I'm not getting any achievements from the LotV mission 15. I can't move forward in the campaign because of this.StraightDigz2 Jun 20
Jun 20 can't play i can't play it will load in games in arcade but 10 seconds into the game it kicks me out I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game please help me fix this issueryan0 Jun 20
Jun 20 random disconnect During game play or idle random disconnect to host occurs. In game this is usually seen as a music "reset" and lag or frame drop. also mentioned: https://www.reddit.com/r/starcraft/comments/6hrf8n/anyone_getting_a_music_reboot_bug/ https://www.reddit.com/r/starcraft/comments/6hrm0v/anyone_else_having_disconnect_spikes_in_just/sineon5 Jun 20
Jun 20 Stuck Entering Lobby After short game I know this has been posted before, but it seems like the Starcraft2 team is ignoring this issue. After leaving a short-lived game, and trying to join a new game of the same name, the game gets stuck "Entering Lobby". After logging out and back in, or after restarting the game, the game lets me join a lobby cleanly without getting stuck. I've seen people say to clear a certain folder but why would the end user be responsible for what is clearly the game's bug? It must have something to do with the previous game lobby still being open/in-progress and the game is not being recorded as finished for me even though I have left, so it tries to rejoin the same lobby. That's my guess. Please resolve this issue. I'd give you two screenshots from March and June of the game being stuck "Entering Lobby" but you can already imagine what it looks like if you take a screen shot of the game when it says its "Entering Lobby" as it normally does for a brief moment.Eighteenth2 Jun 20
Jun 20 Niadra bug in "Enemy Within" naidra spawns after i use the larvae but she doesnt have the option to spawn zerglings which means i cant finish the mission and therefore the campaign here's a screencap of iteKs2 Jun 20
Jun 20 Party Bug Every time in any multiplayer games that I'm in a party it disbands after every game.abuseislove1 Jun 20
Jun 20 Stasis Ward cloak uses the Observer icon. Regular Oracles' Stasis Wards use the Observer's icon for their "Permanently Cloaked" button even though a specific icon for the Stasis Ward exists and is used in co-op missions by Vorazun's Stasis Wards. I.e. regular Stasis Ward button uses "btn-ability-Protoss-permanentlycloaked-Observer-color.dds", it could use "btn-upgrade-Vorazun-stasiswardpermanentlycloaked.dds" instead.Purplexed0 Jun 20
Jun 20 BCs w/ Yamato use the unupgraded jump effect. After upgrading Battlecruisers to use the Yamato Cannon, the effects when using Tactical Jump remain the same, i.e. they depict a Battlecruiser with the front in the closed position rather than using the one for the upgraded unit where the front is open. The appropriate effects do exist within the editor - BattlecruiserYamato_Hyperjump_In, BattlecruiserYamato_Hyperjump_Out, BattleCruiserTacticalJumpYamato_Placement and BattleCruiserTacticalJumpYamato_Placement_TC - but they are not used/applied after the Weapon Refit upgrade.Purplexed0 Jun 20
Jun 20 Coop achievement "smooth operator" I just completed the smooth operator achievement playing as Karax Smooth Operator: Harvest 100000 Vespene Gas for your ally with Rory Swann's Vespene Harvester in Coop missionsLittleSmall1 Jun 20
Jun 20 Terran skins "unselecting" Collection - Terran Skins "unselecting" When i log in i have to reselect Terran skins for Large format games. Has only started recently, and only happens for Terran, the protoss and zerg selections are fine.ShareTheLove0 Jun 20
Jun 20 Right Click Moving Refocus Bug When an attack group is selected, only when an enemy is near, right clicking no longer moves men, instead refocuses on various mains such that moving my men away from the enemy ends up dragging them defenselessly into the fight more often then not... Not fun...Pennywise0 Jun 20
Jun 19 Music Reboot Bug Getting a bug in-game where the game gets jumpy and then switches the in-game music to the next song. If music is disabled, the same issue happens but then the music re-enables itself. Very annoying. Anyone else getting this?TBoothPuppy6 Jun 19
Jun 19 Random disconnect from host During game play or idle random disconnect to host occurs. In game this is usually seen as a music "reset" and lag or frame drop. also mentioned: https://www.reddit.com/r/starcraft/comments/6hrf8n/anyone_getting_a_music_reboot_bug/ https://www.reddit.com/r/starcraft/comments/6hrm0v/anyone_else_having_disconnect_spikes_in_just/sineon1 Jun 19
Jun 19 Periodically locking up b/c of sound/music This happened recently (Last 2 days) and it was working fine before that. In co-op (haven't tested elsewhere) the sound / music will cause the game to lock up for 2-3 seconds periodically. Disabling them doesn't fix the issue, in fact after the game locks, it re-enables both. Everything I have done to try to fix this did not do anything, I even tried reinstalling the 30GB game. Blizzard, please look into this.Quasar6 Jun 19
Jun 19 Broodwar soundtrack causes random pauses There's a track under the broodwar sountrack that cuts halfway through, causing a 2-3 second pause in the game as it is trying to load the next track. This started happening after the last patch, but I also added new announcers to my collection so it might be a conflict between trying to load the announcer resource and the soundtrack. I am not sure what the track name is, but I can try to listen to the soundtrack on youtube and find out which one it might be.AnEmortalKid1 Jun 19
Jun 19 [Data Request] Disconnection Issues Hi all, We're currently looking into the disconnects, quick reconnects, and all the issues that stem from disconnecting. If you're experiencing this issue we're seeking your aid in the form of your system specifications. Here are the steps to locate your system specific information: DXDiag & MSInfo Mac System Info Once you've obtained those files you can send them to StarcraftBugAttachments@blizzard.com. Thank you for time and patience while we resolve this issue!Kelphe0 Jun 19
Jun 19 ERROR Of Mission mode history Pass all the missions in the brutal level of wings of liberty and I have not been given the achievement of the 29 missionsZehnder1 Jun 19
Jun 19 [Co-op] Amon makes empty bunkers Only the Bunkers at the start are filled with Marines. If Amon's SCVs (re)build Bunkers later, he never sends Marines to fill the Bunkers. Thus, they are always empty.Syltom3 Jun 19
Jun 19 vs AI Vs AI two and three player does not find a game. Suggestions?Bones2 Jun 19
Jun 19 Zagara's scourge not in co-op rewinds Everything seems to work fine in replay, except for Zagara's scourge. They don't appear in the "Army" panel or the "production" panel when I view my replays,Mark1 Jun 19
Jun 19 D/C and Reconnects in under a second Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me with this issue I am having. When I play a match of Starcraft 2 win or lose after the match is over the game disconnects me from the server and then reconnects me immediately. I have tried clearing my DNS cache, Renewing my IP, Shutting down Backround apps (never been a problem before), and also doing system maitenence i.e defraging virus scan updates. It is not happening in HoTs or Overwatch. Can anyone help? Its already made me lose 2 Tournaments.WoodChuck2 Jun 19
Jun 19 Achievement Bugs/Glitches I know some achievements do not register right away after you complete them or they do after you complete a mission. That I already know. The bug I am having an issue with is "Fast Friends" for the co-op Commander Karax. It's the one where you activate the ability of Chrono Wave and your ally is suppose to build units to the amount of 500 units (not in a single game of course). The achievement didn't complete when I reached 501/500. So I restarted the game and looked at it again, it now said I am at 494/500. So I was cool with doing one more mission to get it to 500, nope! Once I did another mission it did not update, it stayed at 494/500. It could be due to having Stukov as a partner in a co-op mission. His minions I guess do not register properly with the achievement. Anyways hope you fix this issue. I also have a super old achievement that I never got an achievement for, it is "Frugal Fighter". I have tried it many times in the past and it never registered it, any tips would be great. If you say, "oh maybe you are doing it wrong," look at my achievement score, I always get my achievements right. ;)Pentecost2 Jun 19
Jun 19 [BUG]Mouse Left-click-drag trigger hotkey 'C' I saw a similar post on Jan 3, 2016 which another player named FreeSpeedVic posted as topic "Annoying control problem". Perhaps this problem is rare thus no one fix it. 1) here is a control problem that troubles me: when I select 2 (or more) high templars at the same time, they automatically merge into an archon. It's quite annoying when units do something even before you ask them to do so. 2) My mouse's left-click-drag will automatically activate hotkey "C". for instance when I left-click-drag my mouse to control a sentry, , that sentry activates its hallucination menu !! It's just like when i left-click-drag to select 2 high templars and they automatically merge --- in both cases, my left-click-drag activates the unit 1st magic(skill) , which is merge/hallucination menu and they are bound under hotkey "C" 3) As far as I can recall, during the past several days I've experienced left-click-drag and automatically activate hotkey C for: High templar merge, sentry hallucination, Swarm host spawn locusts, Queen spawn creep tumor, etc and all of them have default hotkey "C". 4) After I change these "C" to "V", my mouse left-click-drag on ground no longer activates any skill. Solution found but it shouldn't be like that. Appreciate anyone help to fix it thank you so much.Showtime1 Jun 19
Jun 19 Multiplayer "play again" button bug After a multiplayer match when I go back to the main menu, I click on "play again" and it blocks the button but it is not looking for a new game. I can stay for like 15 minutes waiting for it and nothing. I have to reboot the game.Sheridans0 Jun 19
Jun 18 Game not working I am getting error code BLZBNTAG0000096A what is this i cant even open the game i just paid forChad0 Jun 18
Jun 18 Party keeps disbanding Anyone having problems when partied with a friend after game the party gets cancelled?SneakySquid6 Jun 18
Jun 18 2v2 disbands party Doing 2v2 and every single time after game it disbands the party and I have to rejoin or reinvite to to more 2s with my teammate. Getting really annoyed at this. Any way to fix this?DayofDreamz3 Jun 18
Jun 18 Dark Pylon not cloak high ground structures http://imgur.com/0BACQr0 As you can see in the image, the structures on higher ground were not cloaked by the Dark Pylon. Of course, my Dark Pylon has more than enough range to cover all those structures. I put all 30 points in its range after all.Syltom2 Jun 18
Jun 18 [BUG] Disbanding party after each match As of yesterday, when a friend and I are in a party and play a Legacy of the Void 2v2 ranked match (though we haven't yet tested it unranked)-- after the match is over the party will be disbanded (or one of us is kicked from the party). This happens every single time. We have also tested it in Wings of Liberty and the same issue is happening. The only thing that has changed recently (from when this was not happening) was the recent update, and the fact that I had upgraded to Legacy of the Void. I did a search for this bug, and found some hits from a few years ago in various places online, but no satisfactory fixes or answers.Kookaburra9 Jun 18
Jun 18 Glitches ahoy in co-op - Playing as Swann, the scvs will move to an unfinished building, such as the laser drill or an addon. Presumably an unintended side effect of the scvs auto-constructing a nearby building. - Alt+Tabbing and switching back during a game will make sound effects (Ctrl+S) randomly toggle on or off periodically throughout the remainder of the game. - Replays will constantly say "Desync", freezing the client for ~30sec, and coming back with a dialog window "Options" or "Quit Replay". This dialog does not go away, so while the replay is still running in the background, I have no choice but to Quit Replay. - I sure hope that someone is play-testing the current version right now.Gredfe0 Jun 18
Jun 18 HotS Campaign reseting i just got hots and was playing through the campaign, after the mission when you take over the protoss colony ship, my campaign booted me to the home screen and when i reopened it, it was stuck on the first mission again. help?DestroyerAR0 Jun 18
Jun 18 Legacy of the void campaign bug repeat Legacy of the void Campaign mode repeat mission 1 again after clearing mission 6 forbidden weapon. Cleared sky shield mission first before doing forbidden mission. Cleared forbidden mission,cinematic appeare but after that mission 1 launch appeared, did not load to spear of adun.noctis0 Jun 18
Jun 18 tournament Problems I have a problem Keep getting kick out the tournament after the first match and goes to the tournament sign in screen. don't know what the problem isVenom0 Jun 18
Jun 17 [Co-op] Mist Opportunities Spawn Block It's too easy to block attack waves that come on Mist Opportunities during final terrazine mining. I played two games with Abathur and both times I managed to mess up spawns without intending to with Toxic Nests. When you block spawn on one point, waves spawning at other points get blocked too. Here how I placed toxic nests. It could have been little different during block, the screenshot is from the end of the game. http://i.imgur.com/4CyOEIk.jpg I never had this many issues with Raynor massing spider mines. Edit: There are issues with spidermines too, maybe I didn't notice it as much or it's harder to block with them.Maguro0 Jun 17
Jun 17 Terran skins dont display in large format Terran skins keep resetting to normal after each game even if selected in large format games . Zerg and protoss are fine though .Even after selecting them they wont display in big games with 4+ players anywaySmaSh1 Jun 17
Jun 17 [Bug] Co-op Nova Achievement Riding Shotgun This is a potentially 2 part issue. I have been working on Commander Nova's achievement Riding shotgun, where I am supposed to do 200,000 damage. According to the in game tracker, It shows I have 200,043/200,000, which should get me the achievement, however the progress bar is not fully filled, and I do not have the achievement. Before posting I thought I would look at my profile in the forums, rather than in game. It claims I have 199,891/200,000 progress, and the bar is roughly in the same place. This differs from what I see in game. Directly, this bug should be no issue for me, as I can easily (and willingly) do another mission to to get the required damage done, but figured I would at least alert someone that this bug of ghost (hah, pun not intended) damage exists. (Playing US server, time roughly 9:30 pm Central time) Also, I can provide a screenshot here if requested, but I am sending it in via email as requested in one of the stickied threads. Edit: After restarting Starcraft 2, the numbers in game seem to have righted themselves. It is now displaying what I assume to be the correct 199,891/200,000. But regardless, somehow I garnered damage that added to the counter, but was not tracked.comPEWPEWter0 Jun 17
Jun 16 Can't join spesific game in Arcade So Cortex Sector Zero I used to play a lot, but most recently in the arcade I can't join it... It always pops up as 'Game is no longer available', yet it's still there in the list of games that are open...clicking more times results in the same situation. I can however make my own, others can join it, and I can go back and join that same lobby I made. The map in question I also can't review either despite playing it multiple times. Is it the map that is glitched up for me or is it something on blizzard's end? Furthermore would deleting the map and downloading it from scratch help? If so how could that be accomplished?Latios1 Jun 16
Jun 16 Arcade Games List Will Not Refresh/Load Arcade games list will not reload or refresh properly. When entering the game and clicking the arcade tab, games do not display properly. No title of games are shown, no portrait images will show, and also portrait image on top right will not show. Some games in the right hand list will show, but 80% of games will not be visible or load correctly, after 3-8mins they will load and display correctly. Refreshing the games list helps to load a couple more. Happens every time you load the game or leave out of a game and return to the lobby. This is after a reinstall of windows 10 Creators edition to fix the issue with steam games not working properly, I used a backup copy of SC2 to reinstall the SC2 game. I've ran a Repair using the launcher, and it found 1 file corrupt, and reinstalled the entire 30GB game, and the issue still remains. Reset my modem, with restart of my game. Looked on the forums for related issues, found an issue from SC2 ver 1.2 that had the issue, but nothing resolved, and idc about your step workarounds blizz, do something.Jinshutekisa1 Jun 16
Jun 16 Assorted Co-op Bugs - Vorazun's Dark Pylons cloak the barricades in Dead of the Night - Some of Stukov's complete tooltips (ie, "add-on complete" messages that appear on the left side of the screen) use incorrect icons (the one in particular I recall, upgrades to Infested Compound use the Neural Parasite icon) - Swann's idle SCVs attempt to help construct add-ons. - Swann's Engineering Bay says it allows the construction of Missile Turrets and Spinning Dizzies, but the Bay is no longer required to construct them. - Karax's Zealots are called Legionnaires in ghost-over tooltips.DrakeyC0 Jun 16
Jun 16 Achivement's Bugged i recently went through replaying the game on my account that i re bought Starcraft 2 on i finished wings of liberty and Hots but there are a few achievements i did not get like Abathurs Cookbook even though i did all the evolution's the completion of the space missions, char missions and by extent of the abathur one not working i did not get swarm domination and with wings of liberty i did not get ghost of a chance one. i did try redoing them and reloading saves multiple times and re logging non workedMythicOddity0 Jun 16
Jun 16 Issues when queuing unranked 1v1 Hello, I believe that I'm having an issue when queuing as unranked for 1v1. When I queue up as ranked for 1v1, as Diamond 3, I will generally get matched within 30 seconds during prime time. If I swap to unranked during this time it will generally take 5-6 minutes to find a match, and then when a match is found it will either be bronze or silver, which to me doesn't make sense at Diamond level. Yesterday I tried to see if I could play myself out of it, I played about 15 games, each taking 5-6 minutes to queue, and consistently getting matched vs bronze and silver players, which wasn't much of a challenge for me and wasn't fun for either of us. I believe there may be something specific to my account.Uberpwnzorz0 Jun 16
Jun 15 Terran campaign won't load I finished the Supernova mission on the Terran campaign and now can't enter the campaign anymore. I go to the screen for the Terran campaign and click load, then the loading screen with the battle cruiser appears. The bar fills, but then I am kicked back to the load/options screen. I tried to scan/repair the game, but I kept being told "An error occurred download game data from Blizzard's servers. Please check your internet connection and try again later." My internet is otherwise working fine. I waited 24 hours and tried again but the issue is still there. What can I do?Wittigo3 Jun 15
Jun 15 Patch 3.9 Lowers Gamma Since patch 3.9, I think there were some changes to make tabbing out smoother. However, as a result, everytime you tab back, the gamma is reduced drastically (about 60%) and you need to play with the gamma again to restore it. Hope this gets fixed in the next patch. =xKyrie1 Jun 15
Jun 15 Why Game Game Master not doing anything. I have shown directly the kind of harassment the is being done against me online to a "Game Master" and yet nothing is being done. At all. What i was told from the "Game Master" ... Fast forward to now and nothing - absolutely nothing has been done because the problem still exists to this day. I am posting this is "Bug Report" because i think its the "Best" way to get my message to "Blizzard" and maybe something might be done.GoodDaytoDie2 Jun 15
Jun 14 Portrait bug preventing forum postings. The more recently added portrait, starting from patch 3.3.2 and the 2 new ones from patch 3.4.0 have a bug that disables the users ability to post in the forums, Like/Dislike posts and gives the following message when you try to make a post or new topic. "You need a character (Created in-game) to post on these forums" If you use any portrait that was available before 3.3.2 this doesn't happen. Main credit goes to CrystalDazz for discovering the source of this bug.Tolrath3 Jun 14