Bug Report

Nov 22 [Bug] Music Sound Setting Hey, I'm not able to turn off the Music, even when all Sounds are turned off, it still continues to play it. I removed every checkmark in the options but the "Sounds" one (because that would cause to turn all sound off). But it continues to play Music (idk about ingame, but at least in the Main Menu) And that kinda bugs me because I listen to my own playlists while playing, but still like to have Voices and Ambient sounds enabled.Lager1 Nov 22
Nov 22 I can't join games I can't join or host games. I do NOT mean I host a lobby and people can't connect or vice versa. I LITERALLY cannot click the freaking "join lobby" or "host lobby" or "play" button in any menu other than campaign because the aforementioned buttons stay grayed out. I've tried restarting the client, the (awful) battle.net app, and the computer. So basically I have a $something game I can't play at all. Thoughts?Thetwitch1 Nov 22
Nov 22 Achievemeng bugs Sc2 veteran achievement please? Purchased WoL back in 2011, LOTV in late 16'. Help; Please n thxSendNoobs1 Nov 22
Nov 22 My old Commanders have been capped??? Why? Hey there Gunny here , sorry too hassle yah, just wondering why my old commanders that are on level 15 with mastery points of 34 are now capped at level 5??? doesnt seem fair to too ask me to purchase them again??? i already paid for them, is this coz of the newcommanders???? please uncapp my DeHaka, Phonix ,and Abathur i miss them soooooo much neeeed them back badley , a very sad GUNNY. Thanks.GUNNY1 Nov 22
Nov 22 Profile Display Bug(?) I understand WoL and HotS are removed. When viewing in-game profile, my off-races for team games are marked as unplaced. Is this a bug? I don't see an option to place as another race for team games in Versus, yet the profile appears to imply it exists. Just wanted to confirm that the maximum season milestones one can earn per season is now 5, instead of 13 (5 + 4 + 4). Also, my web profile displays 144-time team master instead of 204..Dustin1 Nov 22
Nov 21 Unable to "join lobby" on custom games Unable to "join lobby" on custom games. Very glitchy. Ever since latest patch.Haris1 Nov 21
Nov 21 Reset Coop Dear Blizzard I have reached Coop Raynor to Fenix max level Now I lost all coop level except Raynor LV 12 remaining reset Lv1. Please check and restore Coop Thanks and Best RegardsLioner1 Nov 21
Nov 21 Old Replays Crash One day I was trying to load an old replay. So I double clicked it and then Sc2 turned on. I put in my username/Password and then sc2 loaded up the replay. Then when Sc2 restarted to load the older patch replay. It loaded for seconds and then crashed. I have went to mulitple Game Masters and Technical Specialists that said this was a bug. Here are the Error codes that I have found: 22FB89EA-7CB0-491D-8038-8B2A5AF37221 83BF1424-EC3D-43CA-89D7-AD7B3527EFF3 70A14A15-99A2-4B67-ABF9-D11707EC8730 8939D2E9-6BFD-4495-87C5-D9B12553646F 78C8A120-A542-4DAF-B8AE-208F69F1EA4F 8C09DFA3-678B-40C7-82C3-95071CA0B6F4 ED4ACD45-A45B-4CAA-99B4-CF6B2CB6DA38 2802E22E-C206-44A7-9722-3785E77E99B5 B7E23933-D529-4027-A785-0046AEBD6201 2A69E397-4F0B-4582-8D07-270617A6A765 AD08BBFF-5676-4707-8536-11E7E2EAB3E8 7554805B-3143-4A14-936D-CFCD5352A123 2C6BB3FA-C0C3-42AD-BA21-F3C41C36E9C3 46580B55-BF4D-47DE-85D7-6DCA055FADC6 AEF57D38-AB3D-42CE-B0C2-FD0AD941DCE4 8B9B4E8A-1D80-4CAB-9F5F-839B1212DAF5 D273CA9F-1884-4FEF-9D13-63A441A4F6FA E334C372-B4E2-4C8D-9347-67597B33B25D 70F0F6BD-2BDB-4A3F-A72E-390FBF30D8F9 81B8B5A5-9A50-4332-8B66-1544A664C59F 642F7E6A-FF61-49CC-9932-2F82EB6496F6 D23C5F02-A05C-440C-B230-A442A140EF2E C4791824-3221-467F-94A8-8CA3D6CF90D5 40629D22-7A5B-4E2D-B0AF-2B882013AE45 F4643BCA-A833-43AC-AD18-A3BA125BFCDC 437A23C3-8A46-4C62-BD75-90745C07D885 AA69E502-F03E-463A-8B29-4FAA1B78B476 642F7E6A-FF61-49CC-9932-2F82EB6496F6 F494AE92-132F-491C-A0F0-89E5619C4786 8404945D-0722-4AC8-B3CE-2EA8E03109CB 992C7958-A899-492D-AD3D-D95156FB4248Shaneman17 Nov 21
Nov 21 Loosing connectivity - 1v1 game drops This is the 2nd consecutive match a loose connectivity in the midst of a 1v1 game. And the 3rd one in only 2 days. I tested my internet and there's no issue. I've lost several ladder points because of this bug, compromising my Platinum status. Wanted to flag this potential bug and also kindly ask to get by ladder points back. thanksOptiMIzer0 Nov 21
Nov 21 Achievement issues as 3vAI I am trying to do a 3vAI Elite achievement. The counter is constantly dropping. I had 4 of 10, then tried to connect to match and dropped to 0-10. I haven't lost the match! The connection failed due to "player was unable to connect" Started from scratch - 1 of 10, ok, 2 of 10 ok, then right after 2-10 again failing on Waiting for Other Players and my counter is back at 0 of 10. Was not experiencing that until f2p release P.S Bring that back! By now that is wasted hours! -- Very separate but true. I have a Gold in S1 2010 - after the update the game says that I have never placed in a leagueolleto2 Nov 21
Nov 21 Not working achievement Not working Achievement "Veteran Starcraft 2" although I purchased all versions of the game before the release of the update 4.0Medved7 Nov 21
Nov 21 Co-op Nova hotkey missing Nova's hotkey on starport to build liberator and raven cannot be found in Co-Op. I am a SC2 users who owns all 3 expansion plus Nova operation pack. However, the hotkey to setup in starport to build liberator and raven cannot be found in window. Nor in general "Terran section or in "Terran-covert" section. so everytime I log in it shows I have hotkeys that haven't setup yet. I think this is a bug. please fix it soon. thank you! btw, is there a way to fix this atm?FlaviaFelix0 Nov 21
Nov 21 [Co-Op Bug] hello, i was in coop with nova and the other player was disconnected with artanis. I continu the game and when i want warp dragon, the skin is the dark dragon as you can see on the link https://imgur.com/a/bVDmGVengeur0 Nov 21
Nov 21 Han & Horner Impatience not working starport unit production time is not reduced by 30% but remains the sameTachyon0 Nov 21
Nov 21 Disconnected Dropped midgame, no latency issues, youtube running fine, voice comms with team running fine, i disconnected for no reason and wasnt able to reconnect in timeSnype0 Nov 21
Nov 21 Deluxe Campaign Collection purchase bug Hello, good evening! I already had the standard version of the first episode (Wings of Liberty) and the deluxe version of the second episode (Heart of the Swarm) before the game went free-to-play. After that change, I decided to get the third episode, and bought the Deluxe version of the Campaign Collection. But when I go to my account management, it says there is an upgrade available, and it says I only have the standard versions of "Wings of Liberty" and "Legacy of the Void"... It also gives me the option to buy the Digital Deluxe version, even though I already have it... The funny thing is, when I play the game, all the Deluxe content is available; only in the browser account management this information didn't update correctly. I had a mix of the standard "Wings of Liberty" with the deluxe "Heart of the Swarm", and during the purchase process I had a further price discount because of the deluxe version I already had... maybe that was a somewhat particular case, and the system wasn't taking this possibility into account so my profile didn't update correctly... I'm sending a picture of my account page to your attachments email so you guys can better see what I mean. Though this issue doesn't detract from me playing the game, it's a weird quirk anyway, so I thought you guys would be interested in knowing about it. I hope I was clear enough (I'm not a native english speaker), and I thank you for your attention! Have a great day, bye!Brotoles0 Nov 21
Nov 21 Save Failed. Hello, Trying to play through nova's campaign and whenever I try to save the game and/or the game attempts to automatically save after a checkpoint, I get a "Save Failed." message. I was searching through the internet and apparently there used to be a sticky thread about this but it is now gone(404). Information on the issue is scarce and nothing conclusive. I am logged in as Admin and the Documents/Starcraft 2 directory has the correct permissions... Help?Spawn9 Nov 21
Nov 21 [Co-op] Havoc's strange behaviors http://imgur.com/2Buchlt Alarak's Havocs lock on neutral targets, even on the indestructible and non-targetable objects such as trees, structures, and civilians. Moreover, in that screenshot, you can see the Havoc on the left can even lock on 2 targets (2 Havocs on 3 targets).Syltom3 Nov 21
Nov 20 [Co-Op Bug] Some of M&H units dont trigger GS Some of Mira & Horner's units do not trigger the guardian shell when paired with an Artanis partner. SCVs and Ravens I have observed do not trigger GS, while others like Reapers and Hellions are able to trigger it. Not sure if this is intended or a bug but please look into it.ReaperMAC1 Nov 20
Nov 20 Han Horner Hellbat Text the tool tip on the hellbat for the button you press to transform it to a hellion still says that the hellion does a straight line flame attack, but this isn't the case with Han'sZzAfterburnr1 Nov 20
Nov 20 Free heart of the swarm not unlocking I have wings of liberty physical installed and I have legacy of the void but my "free heart of the swarm" isn't unlocked. and for some reason it wont let me make a ticket someone please help.lBrandOnBl12 Nov 20
Nov 20 SC2 VETERAN ACHIEVEMENT NOT APPLIED 1 sec ago I have purchased all the campaigns and bonus mission packs, i own all the commanders for Co-Op and have played SC2 since 2012. Yet the SC2 Veteran achievement hasn't been applied to my account...? Purchase dates below from my Account History: 18/3/2016 Nova Covert Ops Mission Pack Bundle 21/10/2015 Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void 1/12/2013 HOTS Digital Upgrade 2/3/2012 BAM Digital Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty (Repost as the first post didnt appear in the forums...)Feniks4 Nov 20
Nov 20 name change not going through for NA acc since the NA and Sea servers merged i m not getting an option to change my name on my previous NA account, when i click character name change it only goes through for my SEA account that got switched over when the servers merge. So basically my NA character is not getting an option to reset name change every season it only goes to the Sea account that got switched overKyoto1 Nov 20
Nov 20 Starcraft 2 Warchest emoticons still locked Hello, I purchased the Blizzcon 2017 Warchest and earned the necessary XP required for unlocking everything on the EU Server long before Blizzcon. This unlocked everything on the EU Servers,however when i switch to the US(Americas) Server I noticed that everything was unlocked except for the emoticons. It says in the collection Blizzcon 2017 WARCHEST "OWNED" but the emoticons are locked for the other regions. I don't think this is intended. Did I really need to earn XP for each different server to unlock these? https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/topic/17617081577#post-1AfterStar2 Nov 20
Nov 20 StarCraft II Veteran ft. of str. achievement read in the main site that theyre implementing it 'soon' so im like ok maybe not yet. but just now my friend logged in after many months boom got the achievement! i was like wtf?? hey i bought the campaign prior to patch 4.0 too(wayyyy back 2015) anyone else didnt get this feat of strength?Cyborg3 Nov 20
Nov 20 BUG : HAN&HORNER RIFTS OF KORHAL During Rifts of Korhal a Strike Fighter was used on a pirate ship during the Electric Pulse attack. The Strike Fighter was stunned and stayed stunned for the rest of the game.Penguin0 Nov 20
Nov 20 Mist Opportunities does not end. Playing the coop mission Mist Opportunities as Karax with a Mira and Matt ally, all was normal until the last bot returned and the mission did not end. My coop partner and I waited for around 10 minutes to see if the victory screen would appear and then quit out. Exp was awarded but only the amount for completing some objectives, not the full amount.Caligula0 Nov 20
Nov 20 BLIZZARD!!!!! Fix your game blizzard!!! Fix it so it stops disconnecting me randomly and kicking me out of the game. Tons of random lag spikes costing me micro battles and nonsence. FIX YOUR GAME.Michael5 Nov 20
Nov 20 Ghost Bookmarks, Want to Delete Hello all. Wondering if there is a fix for ghost bookmarks. I know there has been an issue and I once had a lot of bookmarks from all 3 campaign eras. I have managed to manually look through the bookmarks in the search lists that have a star and remove all but 20 bookmarks. I think it might have to do with out of date maps that do not work with the current patch and or they are never played again maps that I will have no hope of finding them manually to remove them. So basically I want those 20 bookmarks remove and then keep it to minimal maps of current patch and go on from there. Thank you all. Very OCD about StarCraft 2 and this been bugging me for awhile.Doxxen0 Nov 20
Nov 20 SC2 Veteran Achievement Not Applied I have purchased all the campaigns and bonus mission packs, i own all the commanders for Co-Op and have played SC2 since 2012. Yet the SC2 Veteran achievement hasn't been applied to my account...? Purchase dates below from my Account History: 18/3/2016 Nova Covert Ops Mission Pack Bundle 21/10/2015 Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void 1/12/2013 HOTS Digital Upgrade 2/3/2012 BAM Digital Starcraft 2 Wings of LibertyFeniks9 Nov 20
Nov 20 Game Crashes When Creating a Custom Lobby MacOS Game consistently crashes when trying to create a custom lobby. I've submitted the reports after the crash. Couldn't find any other info online.majorglory0 Nov 20
Nov 20 [Bug] Han&Horner Mist Opportunites I encounterd a bug on the map Mist Opportunites while playing as Han&Horner. I used an airstrike to reveal the first bonus objective (without hitting it) and used the nuclear spacestation on it. The objective got destroyed, but was not registerd as destroyed. I did everything again on the second bonus objective, with the same result. At the end of the mission, the bonus exp for the bonus objective was not given to me. I also need to mention that non of us could interact with any of the Bel'Shir glider after i launched the spacestation at them.Dark1 Nov 20
Nov 20 Hots "fashion statement" quest bug. The achievement called "Fashion Statement" in the Heart of the Swarm campaign does not work. I have tried to get it multiple times without success. I have talked to Izsha, Zurvan and Abathur after the Crucible mission and i have not gotten the achievement, although it shows a green check mark next to each of these three requirements indicating i talked with them, but no 10 points awarded. plz fix i would like to continue playing through the brutal run. cheersOzmodeus2 Nov 20
Nov 20 F6 Key not working in game For some very strange reason, my 'F6' key does not work in game. I use F6 as one of my screen location hotkeys and for some reason today it just stopped working. Hotkeys are properly set and my F6 key works outside of SC2. All my other Function keys work except F6. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Is there any reason for this I am not thinking of? Thanks for the help. :)Gohan1 Nov 20
Nov 20 war chest gone and no unlocks hello, i purchased the {{{Warchest blizzcon 2017}}} in sept early, and went on vacation on the 20th came back just before blizzcon didn't have SC in mind played other games inbetween while i could and lastnight i opened up SC, and realized i do not have the warchest unlockables or progress i had when i last remember. my profile shows exactly when i purchased the item, also some items that where unlocked are not even in game. curious as to where the heck did my item go? i cant see no menu to the warchest nothing. and it never recognised my blizzzcon ticket either......zzzzzzz but my other games did...not happy about the warchest beeing gone though, what did i pay for again?TasteTheHate5 Nov 20
Nov 20 Mirrored portraits For co-op loading screens, Swann and Han/Horner are noticeably flipped (Swann's arm and Mia's eye). There are probably some others (Raynor holding his gun in his non-dominant hand), but not as heinous as those.HeadJam0 Nov 20
Nov 20 Black mask in the triggers won't apply. Trigger: Map initialization Effet: Enable black mask vision. It should overwrite the map settings when you apply this trigger, but it doesn't. For exemple, If you put the remove gray mask trigger, IT WILL work. Apparently only the black mask one has no authority.Rem1 Nov 20
Nov 19 In game UI not loading properly it's been happing the last couple days and im not sure how to fix it? http://prntscr.com/hcm3u4Roselillya0 Nov 19
Nov 19 Co-op Objective never spawned I was playing Rifts of Korhal and even 45 min into the mission the void shards never spawned my partner and i killed all of the enemy protosChrysler0 Nov 19
Nov 19 part and parcel victory bug part and parcel, i was kerrigan and partner was horner and mira, during the last fight against hybrid, and after beating them the victory conditions were never met and we had to quit, if it helps i summoned 2 omega worms around the time of glitch in close proximity to the hybrids, and im fairly sure my partner spawned mines aswell but not certain, we both had maxed out armies taking up alot of space, my partner also noticed the sound stop playing during the second hybrid around the time when i spawned omega worms, hope this was helpful and u can fix this problemblackshak0 Nov 19
Nov 19 [Bug] Tournament Elimination So yesterday, 18. November 2017 I entered the 7pm 6-round diamond 1v1 tournament (EU) and after going 1-1 I was ready for the elimination matches (2nd match still had ~15min left on it) As soon as the 5 min timer started for elimination match I readied up and waited. When the timer hit 5 sec I got eliminated from the tournament despite being ready. I noticed that all 4 elimination matches were instantly completed as well, so unless that is a visual bug or a weird coincidence, same thing happened in other elimination pairs of the tournament. Another weird thing was that most players in the tournament only had 1 or 0 matches played in this tournament in their match history, including the players I played. I did not have any connection issues nor did I unready at any point.GazZy0 Nov 19
Nov 19 Repair drone Armor bug Repair Drone building armor upgrade not applyingKurval0 Nov 19
Nov 19 4.01 failed pathing with mining (eu server) on the map blackpink there is a rare bug were a zerg drone is bringing a minneral to the hatch in a failed patchway. it only happends in the bottem left spawning location, with zerg, when he returnes a minneral from the 2nd minneral patch counting from the top. i don't know how to set a replay or screenshot to this post so if anyone coud tel me, i woud appreciate it.paddo0 Nov 19
Nov 19 Truble with "2v2 Elite A.I. Coverage: Elite" Truble with this achive "2v2 Elite A.I. Coverage: Elite Win a 2v2 Versus A.I. game as all race possibilities against Elite opponents." at mutchup 1 terran 1 zerg. Win more then 10 times, fast games (5 min), long games( 20 min) - nothing work. Here is my Europe profile, where i got trubles. http://eu.battle.net/sc2/ru/profile/428520/2/Egortex/achievements/category/4325389JIAJIKA0 Nov 19
Nov 19 [Co-op] can't rally Horners' SCV to air units I cannot rally SCVs from the Horners' Command Centers to Galeons, Battlecruisers, Wraiths, and maybe the rest of air units. When I choose the CCs and click on those air units, the SCVs are rallied only to that spot, not follow the units. When I choose and SCVs and click on those air units again, the SCVs again only move to that spot, not follow the units.Syltom0 Nov 19
Nov 19 Vespene drone collision Graphic bug Swanns vespene drones phase through the prolonged chimneys of Hans vespene facilities ..Crusher0 Nov 19
Nov 19 Eidolon Ghost Too small icon in barrack build list, and is there no unique portrait for it?Nemesis0 Nov 19
Nov 19 Patch 4.0 Crashing Issues not fixed https://us.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/topic/20759406816#post-2 not fixed ...mikal4 Nov 19
Nov 19 Taldarin's turret not tracking It appears that a dummy weapon for tracking was never added to Taldarin when it was for the other Immortals.Nedia0 Nov 19
Nov 19 No ascension exp after level 99 Title says it all, my exp just stuck at 0/200,000 ever since i hit level 99Applebomb0 Nov 19