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19m Zeratuel doomed humanity Think about it: his anxiety caused him to place his faith in a troubled drunk human. Clearly he wasn’t your average Protoss. He lended all his energy to a drunk and a bigot. Now two Xel’naga are dead because someone actually listened when by the looks of it the Koprulu sector was well on its way to utopian prosperity.HOFF9 19m
13h Stukov How was Stukov resurrected by a random zerg dude? If any Terran dies can they be ressurected by a Zerg? Kerrigan was the most powerful zerg pre-Xel'Naga. Could she have resurrected Raynor at any time? In Stukov wiki entry, it says at one point he was cure by protoss nano tech or something. So any Terran can be rezzed then de-infested??? Why did no Terran scientist ever research this? Immortality is bretty gud.Jailbar3 13h
19h i would like to get the campaigns but i don,t have the money to get it (and im not talking about the wings of liberty i know that is free) so im a bit sad that i am forced to play terran in solo player.(also note that if you get it for me for some reason i will help you in co op or arcade modes but im not rly good at regular pvp)jediWAG3 19h
19h True Heroes in Heart of the Swarm Dominion Soldiers and General Horace Warfield were the real heroes in heart of the swarm, protecting their families in Korhal against monsters called zergs.Supremacia34 19h
1d A Comment on SC2 It's a game, not literature. I like it. All of it. The story doesn't really matter. Now that I've discovered the "Ignore User" button, I don't care how much hate this generates! That last bit is kidding.DiamondDave44 1d
2d SC2 Story vs other games Everyone keeps saying SC2’s story is good compared to other games. I was just curious about examples of those. Games with no or minimal stories don’t count; I’m talking about stuff that had as much or almost as much effort put into it as SC2’s story did. Actual reviews of the story would be cool.Gradius63 2d
3d New Campaign DLC: Umoja and Moria I was recently thinking about a new campaign DLC, because I liked the Nova Covert Ops campaign and I think many people would enjoy a new DLC. I know we have had a Terran DLC already, but I think focussing one on Umoja and the Kel-Morians would allow for a lot of new stuff in gameplay mechanics and story wise. Now I am just gonna list the ideas i have. Pleas give useful feedback and share your ideas with everyone here. The StarCraft II campaigns and the Nova DLC were all introducing many gameplay mechanics to keep the fun in the game. Those were often abilities units in the field could use. With Moria and Umoja I would like to introduce new mechanics as well, but those would rather be concerning the Macro gameplay like economy, research and unit construction. Since Moria is supposed to be a mineral world and Umoja a hightech advanced society I think it would be great to integrate this into the campaigns. For example the resources available could be expanded, so that it's not just about Minerals and Vespene gas anymore. I could imagine there to be lendings given to the player, different ressources and ways to gather them, new updates that would be a trade between two choices, maybe even (stock-)markets or similar things. For the Umojans there could be different ways to do research and stuff. I could imagine all this to be implemented in a mission itself or between the mission like there were Mercs, research, evolution missions and Spear of Adun in the other campaigns. I think a new campaign should be larger than 9 missions and also released at once and not chopped into sepearte pieces released long after each other. To make the campaign feel deeper it should also contain more 'off mission' activities and stuff, like being on a capital ship again like in the main campaigns. Umoja and Moria were not very present in the StarCraft campaigns so far, so there needs to be a lot of world building and respective design, but the Umoja War Chest is already a good start. The story could be driven by the rivalry for resources or territorry or whatever between the two main actors (of course it needs more than just that). But in this campaign it should not all be in the battlefield, but a lot of stuff outside the mission itself like mini games or so.CDavis37 3d
Aug 11 LOTV Assembly Panel best options? I'm trying to figure out which of the 3 options are best to go with. Sometimes I feel like the "regular" option is best even though the tal'darim stuff is supposed to be a bonus? Or does it ALWAYS depend on game play? For instance I feel like with the Phoenixes it's best to just give them the double stasis lift to enemy ground units. I'm not even sure what the tal'darim option does, lol. And I definitely picked reavers over the other upgrade.Guerodemonio51 Aug 11
Aug 10 The LotV Ending: What Happened to Jim Raynor? The Legacy of the Void Ending: What Happened to Jim Raynor? No one can say that they have an absolute answer to what happened but there are a lot of clues to consider. I originally thought that Raynor simply lived too long with depression and couldn't go on but changed my mind after further examination. The following is my conclusion, an alternative idea, and the 'facts' for your review. My Conclusion: Kerrigan becomes Xel'Naga in order to destroy Amon just when all of the conflict seemed to be over and she could be with Jim. She goes to destroy Amon, facing an uncertain outcome, but believes that she must because of the "blood on her hands." She defeats Amon while the other characters must flee the destruction that comes with his death. Kerrigan survives and uses her powers to repair the damage she caused, the new 'work' that she chooses instead of continuing the cycle. We see the 'strange regrowth' of life.* After two years, she has completed her work and goes to be reunited with Jim (now depressed, believing she is dead and there is no purpose in his life) as she has wanted for years. Jim leaves his badge behind and goes to be with her (in her younger, ghost form) in a final, peaceful, phase of life.** *A return of life to a planet would take millions of years so we can assume that a powerful force is at work. It wouldn't hold that just because a powerful being dies at the edge of space, life returns to select distant planets. ** He symbolically leaves the badge representing his previous work/struggles and 'moving on' to be with Sarah (possibly keeping a low profile on the planets with new life). *** Kerrigan may be immortal at this point and what would happen after a number of years when Jim would naturally die remains up to each of us to decide. Alternative Conclusion: Kerrigan makes her greatest sacrifice yet and dies to save everyone from Amon. She essentially tells Jim she loves him, though never using the word itself, and tells him to go. The world returns to a sort of new and peaceful age with happy endings for almost every character except Jim. For almost his whole life, Jim has had a guiding purpose that he works towards. The most recent of which being revenge against Mengsk for leaving Sarah to die and saving the world with an overarching theme of his love for Sarah. With the conclusion of the trilogy, all of his goals have been completed except for his desire to be with Kerrigan. While this is the only one incomplete, there is nothing for him to work for since she is dead. He finds a sort of inner peace, sees her in his mind. He leaves the bar and goes to great lengths to hide his body before killing himself so none of his friends are burdened by it. * I have two issues with this conclusion: 1) Leaving his badge behind is symbolic and doesn't fit with suicide unless you were to say he is 'checking out' in some way. It could make more sense if he kept it, choosing to hold on to the past. He could decide that, since the conflicts of that past reality no longer exist, he no longer has a purpose either and to end his life as the (Marshall/Raider/whatever else). 2) The lack of a body also really makes the suicide narrative a stretch. Some suggest that she made his body materialize in some way like Zeratul's. This doesn't work though since the Protoss normally do that, Terrans don'tChappo163 Aug 10
Aug 9 How to play Sc:R hidden campaigns? I have read a lot about different hidden StarCraft 1 and Broodwar campaigns that are actually canon. But how can you play them? Do they contain dialogue and stuff? Which ones exactly are there?CDavis2 Aug 9
Aug 8 Something to Add? Just out of curiosity, if there was something(s) you could add or otherwise change in each of the Starcraft 2 campaigns (from a new unit or upgrade to new characters or storyline missions), what would it be? Here's my ideas -WoL: bonus objectives that grant additional credits as bonus objectives, as well as Stetmann missions, where Raynor can go on several missions to acquire research credits on zerg and protoss. Units gained would have not only units that were made into research options (Ravens, Science vessels, Predators, etc.), but also Valkyries. -HotS: Tosh and his crew (and maybe some of the Raiders) going into the prison ship to save Raynor instead of Kerrigan. -LotV: Make a support vessel option at the War Council; Arbiters would be the base unit and Aiur option, with Oracles serving as the Nerazim option and War Prisms for the Tal'darim. To replace Arbiters in the Assault ship section, I'd probably put Warp Rays (the original name of the Void Rays) for the Aiur or Purifier faction, with the ability to heal off their attacks. -NCO: not too sure since it was rather short...maybe more equipment options, like an SMG that can fire stun rounds, weapon mods for a gear option to improve weapon abilities (like triple tap with snipe), Lockdown ordinance (not just for Nova, but also Marauders, Goliaths, Reapers, Liberators, etc.), alternate ultimate weapons (instead of a nuke, she could fire a space laser or a bombing run?). They just gave TOO much potential for her; I hope they do something awesome for her first real campaign.heroix113 Aug 8
Aug 8 New skin system has lore tidbits The new patch has brought a skins tab, and with that a short lore paragraph like they have in Heroes of the Storm. None of it is particularly new information and mostly just flavour lore, I ironically found the pylon to have the most interesting information, although the revelation that Karax's air shooting adept prototypes are intricate handcrafted by Karax to the point that the Daelaam can't mass replicate them is actually fairly interesting The "'origional" or "default" pylon states that the daelaam has already reconstructed their warp matrix, while the "Judicator" pylons are apparently leftover relics that used to adorn The Heart Of The Conclave.Togetic149 Aug 8
Aug 8 Idea for Simulant Zerg set What if they were terran produced...and fell under the control of a rogue Terran faction like, say Cerberus Program? They'd be classified the "Cerberus Brood", which would go with the original naming conventions of the original Zerg Broods.heroix0 Aug 8
Aug 8 Nova Covert Ops: What else could there be? Silly questions, asking about your opinions towards Nova Covert Ops; 1.) If you could add any Terran unit to Nova's production roster, what would it be and what unit tech would they have access to? Ex: Cyclone; can gain use of Magrail Munitions (giving more damage to the initial volley), bio-regenerative armor, laser targeting system to extend lock-on's effectiveness, internal tech module, and either cloak or special ordinance. 2.) If you could add some sort of usable gear to Nova, what would it be? Ex: Lockdown module, Nova can disable a non-heroic mechanical unit, preventing casting, movement, or attacks. Your turn?heroix11 Aug 8
Aug 7 Should the lore be rebooted? I was re-introduced to starcraft fairly recently after briefly playing SC1 many years ago and I did not like the story or the characters. So I was astonished to find that the manual for SC1 written 20 years ago paints a vastly different and far more interesting picture of the setting. That manual painted the zerg and protoss as having unique and alien cultures and motivations. The zerg were monsters that sought perfection by consuming the strongest species in the universe, stripping planets to the bedrock and generally leaving a trail a destruction in their wake; there were innumerable broods unified by a hive mind, each with a specific directive around which they tailored their personalities and evolutions. The protoss had a huge galactic empire, a dark past, a telepathic empathic internet, numerous tribes with their own cultures and other alien civilizations as client states. It was pretty bare bones but it had immense room for exploration. Most of those intriguing aspects were absent from the games or stripped away as the story developed. Even the reason for why the three races fought is completely different in that manual. I cannot fathom how the zerg and protoss ever got involved in Koprulu in SC2, but according to the manual the zerg wanted to assimilate the protoss but had an inferior military because the protoss were both highly psychic and ruled a galactic empire, then discovered that terran psychic powers could be cultivated into a “determinant” that would allow them to survive the protoss war machine. Thus, the zerg invaded Koprulu with the intent of turning humanity into more of their horrible bioweapons. The protoss, who were monitoring their borders, detected the zerg probes and investigated Koprulu. Thus the two started fighting prematurely with the terrans caught in the middle. Intra-faction conflict added a further wrinkle, with the terrans having no less than three major enemies of the Confederacy. The protoss backstory foreshadowed the return of the shadow hunters and the tribe bios foreshadowed a conflict between the Ara and Akilae over the fate of the terrans. The zerg by definition lacked intra-faction conflict, but enslavement and brood wars were introduced in expansions. This was a great premise for endless stories against a backdrop of war in Koprulu. The games never took advantage of this and went off on what I consider a bizarre tangent. The games ignored or stripped away everything that made the protoss and zerg interesting (namely the Overmind, Khala, broods and tribes). I don’t really see a healthy future for the lore, assuming that Blizzard doesn’t retcon it again in SC3 (assuming that ever comes out). There aren’t many avenues to introduce new conflict since all three races have essentially been turned into peaceful hippies even if that doesn’t really make much sense (terrans inevitably become corrupted by power as we can all attest, the protoss waged the aeon of strife because they lacked a khala, and the zerg are naturally ever-hungry monsters). Another UED invasion? I cannot really fathom why the UED would invade since the Dominion isn’t rebelling and the aliens aren’t interested in attacking. The Defenders of Man are a minor terrorist group. Niadra is only hunting protoss because that was her last order. The three races essentially have zero reason to interact in any way, despite the premise of the franchise being them fighting. I think the only healthy future for the story would be a reboot that returns to the basics. Give every race their own ethics and motivations that organically draws them into perpetual conflict as per the original manual, then watch the sparks fly. Alliances are fairly easy to rationalize: if the protoss are glassing terran worlds, it makes sense for the dark protoss to ally with terrans; some terrans might form a cult that worships the zerg, and the zerg are intelligent enough to take advantage even if true diplomacy is beyond their comprehension (you don’t sign peace treaties with your food); and anyone with the means and motive could enslave zerg. Share your thoughts if it pleases you. Feel free to disagree with me, but I would like to use this thread for constructive discussions rather than debating over whether the canon lore does or does not make sense.PULLER53 Aug 7
Aug 7 Possible Idea for Starcraft 3? So after Starcraft 2's epilogue where everything was peaceful and happy, I thought about a possibility of Starcraft 3 in the future. The problem with it would be what to do for a storyline, and I thought of a few things that could be the case. Terrans: A new expeditionary force of the UED returns to the Koprulu sector and sees all of the crazy !@#$ that's happened there. Protoss: The Tal'Darim, lead by Alarak, on a quest to find a new homeworld. Zerg: The new queen from that lost Protoss Carrier (I forget her name) comes back and finishes her quest to destroy the Protoss. This would also be essential because Blizzard pretty much forgot that she existed in LotV. Any thoughts/criticisms?FELCom94 Aug 7
Aug 7 Campaign Achievements and Speedruns If you got tips and tricks for them post in this thread. (Trying to get all of them and 100%) LOTV: 100% HOTS: 100% Covert Ops: 100% WOL: 100%MyOhMind40 Aug 7
Aug 5 Infestor vs Defiler Hey guys! Today I thought I'd compare the past and current ground specialist units of the Zerg. In other words, the Defiler and the Infestor, and their abilities. 1. The Defiler is a memorable unit, both in appearance and abilities. It can cast clouds to prevent attacks, consume other Zerg for energy, and spray enemy units with deadly spores that deal damage over time. The Defiler is no longer a produced strain in the main Swarm, but lives on through the air strain Viper. Also, some feral Defilers remain. 2. The Infestor is very good at what it does. Their fungal attacks do a moderate amount of damage (more in the campaign), they can move while burrowed (a rare trait), control enemy units with a parasite, ingest and regurgitate infested marines for combat, and plant virophages. I also want to note that Niadra's Infestor's can spew larva at enemies. Exactly what the larva do remains unknown. Any, which unit is better in your opinion?RogueSpectre6 Aug 5
Aug 4 Did Tassadar ascend into Xelnaga like Kerigan Before Ourous appeared, he displayed the images and voices of Tassadar talking to Zeratul then to Artanis and Raynor. Did he die and ascended into a Xelnaga ? How did he ascend without the power of Ourous? Or was it only an image of Tassadar which Ourous used to contact Zeratul ? Tassadar he did not have what it takes like Keriggan to be ascended, as he did not have the purity of essence of a Zerg.darkholy17 Aug 4
Aug 2 Favorite Starcraft fanfics? Here are some of mine: The first one is more serious then the second oneWiseKitsune13 Aug 2
Aug 2 Game Lore - What needs to be cleared up Ok so I've been reading some topics and forums floating around about the lore and more specifically about the Xel'naga, and I'm not liking what I'm seeing. People seem to be forgetting/confusing information from all different parts of the game and it's making understanding what actually happened really difficult. I'm going to try and compile everything I understand and clear up common misconceptions (DISCLAIMER, I have not read the books, this is solely based on game lore if there are things I'm missing add it in the comments) The Xel'naga -No the Xel'naga are not a title, they are the merging of two species and are a new RACE. One must have purity of essence (The capacity for great change of a species AKA zerg) and other other must have purity of form (the ability for great psionic potential AKA protoss) -To my understanding they live for many millions of years (but as said countless times they are not immortal - they do die eventually). Because of this they wanted to have successors, and with that they took on physical forms in many universes and seeded them with life so two species would eventually evolve and merge to create a new generation of Xel'naga, this was called the infinite cycle. THEY DID NOT, I REPEAT THEY DID NOT interfere with the evolution of species - that was Amon and his factions doing to try and create a force to fight the Xel'naga. The 'good' Xel'naga slumbered in Ulnar and waited for the two species to come and eventually find them and wake them up so they could ascend the new generation of Xel'naga. -The Xel'naga are pacifists, as stated they REVERE life and they hate destroying it and this is probably the explanation why so many of them were killed by the zerg and protoss (they allowed themselves to be killed as they didnt want to fight back) -They did have incredibly advanced technology, but they themselves were also massive vessels of psionic power. Please do not argue with me that they couldn't defend themselves. For crying out loud Ouros sent visions to zeratul who wasn't even in the same dimension as him. That brings me to Amon -PLEASE UNDERSTAND AMON IS NOT THE VOICE IN THE DARKNESS. They are two separate entities. Amon is a Xel'naga who resents the infinite cycle (we know him very well) but the voice in the darkness is a entity that resided in the void and was hostile to ALL life, it mocked the Xel'naga. But jokes on him because he was imprisoned by the Xel'naga (because the xel'naga didn't want to kill anything.) -The writing behind Amon was very bad and confusing in the long run, but as far I understand Amon is just a Xel'naga in which one of or both of his previous forms didn't want to merge and ascend, hence his hatred of the infinite cycle and the Xel'naga in general. Narud and Amons other followers also shared this hatred and ideology. That's really as much as we know though. -Amon wasn't as powerful as he usually would have been in the canon universe because he didn't have a physical form in that universe. I also hypothesise that he wasn't as powerful in the void because kerrigans "holy" energy weakened him Now Kerrigan -She was a human with an extremely high level of psionic power -Her being infested by the Overmind Multiplied this power by 100 fold (thats the reason he infested her) -She was infested while supposedly Amon was still alive *SOMEWHERE*. We don't know the specifics but thats what is suggested in the game. This is what gave Amon influence over her. And I repeat, INFLUENCE not control - she still had the control over most of her actions, it was just her goals that were being altered by Amon. -Her being cleansed at the end of WOL removed the influence from Amon. She still possessed some zerg DNA (for some reason, again we don't know why) but she was mainly human and loved Jim again. -Jim was "killed" and she got pissed so she became the queen !@#$% of the universe again. -Her primal form WAS NOT an infestation, it was an infusion of zerus's (or somethings) essence into her own, making her immensely more powerful than even her old queen of blades form as it was pure and amon's presence couldn't change it. -She merged with Ouros because she had purity of form (this is debated how she had it, but the mainly accepted one is that A VERY SELECT FEW humans could have purity of form and she was one of them) and purity of essence (obviously zerg). She became a Xel'naga, but it was never explained why she looked SO DIFFERENT to Ouros and Amon. She was just stronger? More essence? I have no idea, but she STILL WAS A XEL'NAGA. Part 1/2HappyFace154 Aug 2
Aug 1 What if Kerrigan didn't kill Fenix In SC Brood War, after defeating the UED on Korhal, Kerrigan betrayed her allies and killed both Duke and Fenix. This event alienated everyone else in the galaxy and caused Raynor to be angry at Kerrigan. What if Kerrigan had only killed Duke and not Fenix. While the other factions might still be upset at her, I doubt Raynor will care about Duke at all. And since Kerrigan and Mengsk have bad history, the other groups might be inclined to overlook it. How would future events be changed if Kerrigan didn't kill Fenix?fdas89 Aug 1
Aug 1 Starcraft: Scavengers The first issue will be out soon-ish (twelve hours? i don't really have too much of an idea about whether dark horse subscribes to midnight releases or if it'll be longer) but we've got the description for the next two issues now so I think it's worth making the thread sooner rather than having a couple pop up at once. General warning for spoilers now, If anyone cares With the first issue being 32 pages and having some legitimately good writers a attached, I think I'm optimistic but the descriptions for issues two and three make me pretty cautious about it. The general gist of the plot (from the issue descriptions) seems to be: Scavengers stealing from a protoss ship > There's a dark templar still on the ship that murders them predator style > The scavenger captain reveals there's a big secret reason they're stealing from that protoss ship that goes beyond wealth acquisition and it's probably why the protoss is murdering them > dominion show up and go "stop stealing from that ship, we're going to shoot you now" That's.... fairly generic and straightforward, which is kind of a shame, but ive got faith there'll either be some kind of interesting twist on the formula or the character writing will pull through and make it enjoyable anywayTogetic25 Aug 1
Jul 28 Zurvan's picky over his food And no, I'm not talking about Primal Kerrigan. Not directly, at least. You may have forgotten it, but in the first Zerus mission, the objective at first is to wake up Belial's ripoff by feeding him. Once you get past the fact that it's Welcome to the Jungle with Dinosaurs, there's some thing odd about the mission. Namely, the MacGuffin of the Day, the Quillgor's meat. Kerrigan and the Primal whose name is irrelevant (Brakk) are fighting over it, and the possibility of the meat's destruction is something that would be a defeat for her since she couldn't wake Zurvan.... why ? It's precised that all he needed was to be fed with biomass, something that doesn't require some specific breed of Zerg to be achieved unlike say some Essence. Why is everyone obsessed with the Quillgors ? Wouldn't a bunch of Zerglings be as good for Zurvan, and even better since she wouldn't have to worry about Primals destroying the food ? Does Zurvan's Stomach only accept Quillgor's meat ? Is Quillgor the equivalent of caviar on Zerus, and Zurvan is so Upper class he won't take anything else ?Marsaro11 Jul 28
Jul 27 WoL and LotV campaigns difficulty Is it me or did blizzard spiced up thing things a little bit? The missions on brutal have become really harder than "usual brutal" and some missions are unplayable (for my skill level).KayOS3 Jul 27
Jul 27 DEATH BATTLE! Episode 1 Sons of Korhal Kerrigan vs Nova during Defenders of Man Insurgency! Who do you think would win? (I’ll rest my pick for now.)Bifrost283 Jul 27
Jul 23 Fun With Ultra Capacitors Bug Patch 4.4 messed up the Ultra Capacitors research in WoL, so now you get 50% attack speed per attack upgrade instead of the usual 5%. Behold the glory of 3/3 Terran armies with +150% attack speed on some Brutal missions. All-In Ground with Tanks with no Nova and no Nydus hunting: Welcome to the Jungle with super-fast wiping of Protoss base and stealing from every geyser before ending the game just to see what would happen: Jul 23
Jul 23 Co-op Campaigns? the Co-op missions are awesome, don't get me wrong. but as I play through Campaign many many times and reading the stories it just begs for some co-ops for 2 specific commanders. Rory Swann and Karax would go together like bread and butter because of their skills and I would love to see a mission where Karax would assist Swann with some protoss tech. such as taking out a city of Mobious missile turrets with Tempests for a fleet of Terran Banshees, Wraiths and battlecruisers to get through.Betowolf0 Jul 23
Jul 21 chronological order of LotV campaign What is the chronological order? Korhal or Shakuras first? Purifier or Tal'darim first? First time play through I pick Korhal and Purifier first.CruelAngel48 Jul 21
Jul 21 Amon should've won A world of eternal darkness cleansed of all life but Hybrid is better than this trash-heap. Imagine the evolutionary pathways the Hybrid would take as Amon rebuilt the universe.TheUndermind78 Jul 21
Jul 15 Kerrigan on Aiur Hey all, A while back I finished reading "The Dark Templar" Saga for the first time, and quite enjoyed it. One question I have though: when Kerrigan sends her Zerg swarming through the Xel'Naga tunnels on Aiur, she mentions that she's been there before. When was that? I don't recall Kerrigan ever being on Aiur before, and certainly not in ancient Xel'Naga tunnels...Juxtapose8 Jul 15
Jul 15 How to beat nova mission pack 3 on brutal? I'm fine with the 7th mission and to one extent the 8th one also, the real problem is the 9th one. I want to beat the 8th and 9th fairly (i.e., no cheesing). So, can you guys help me out?KayOS12 Jul 15
Jul 13 LotV Master Archive Of the four campaigns, I am able to play any mission I want, except for LotV. It states that once I finish the campaign I can replay any mission. So what am I missing? I was able to do this before. I even reinstalled SC2 and I still can't replay missions. My profile even says that I finished LotV on Hard lol.Shadow13 Jul 13
Jul 12 Do terrans have Purity of Form? The way the Xel'naga perpetuated their kind was by uplifting two races, one with Purity of Form and the other Purity of Essence. They would eventually naturally come together and become one race. The Xel'naga would then wait in Ulnar, until the race would come to them, where they would become one with the Xel'naga essence and rise as new Xel'naga. As seen at the end of Legacy of the Void, Kerrigan combines with the essence of a Xel'naga, Ouros, and becomes a Xel'naga. She was half of two species, however it wasn't Zerg (purity of essence) and Protoss (purity of form). She was half Zerg and half Terran. Yet she became Xel'naga. Is it thus possible that terrans were uplifted to be pure of form? Remember that the Xel'naga left the Protoss, until Amon came back and began forcefully uplifting them. What if when the Xel'naga left the Protoss, they found early humans and lifted them to be pure of form? They are the only race that doesn't have its origins explained. Also, the hybrids don't seem to be working out as vessels for Xel'naga. It would clear up a lot of things, like terrans' origins and Kerrigan's transformation. It would also contrast terrans as the Xel'naga that wasn't corrupted by Amon.DarksideDCM39 Jul 12
Jul 8 Cloud Storage and Campaign Progress Hey all, It's been quite a while and I hope everyone here is doing well! Back in May with the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, I formatted and clean installed the OS and of course everything else on my PC. I re-installed StarCraft II, and noticed my Campaign progress is all messed up. I'm not referring to saved games, which I know is not stored in Blizzard Entertainment's cloud storage, but on the main Campaign screens, your current Mission. All four Campaigns should show Campaign completed, but only "Wings of Liberty" shows that. The other Campaigns show me at different points (for example, "Heart of the Swarm" shows me on "Friends Like These (if I'm recalling the Mission's name correctly)," and some on different difficulties than my last Campaign playthroughs. Thankfully my Master Archive still has all levels unlocked, but also showing different difficulties and such since I last played. Has this occurred to anyone else before? It would seem my Cloud Storage for the game isn't saving properly. For the future, if I wanted to back up my own Profile to properly retain my Campaign progress, what file(s) do I need to back up? Thanks!Juxtapose2 Jul 8
Jul 6 Did Rohana Really Have to Cut Her Nerve Cord? I mean, I know hindsight sort of comes into play here cause no one would have known at that point that Amon would have been defeated shortly after, but she was already so close to the end when it's finally decided that she has to cut it off. Was it too much to just stay in the stasis field for a tad longer?Retloclive16 Jul 6
Jul 6 UED ? So let me get this straight: On the Terran campaign of Brood War... were we playing as the villains? I mean, the United Earth Directorate (And also, Earth) was an antagonist of some sort? The planet that exiled the Terrans are the villains?Rod14 Jul 6
Jul 6 Psionic Unforeseeables Amon lived in a house of the Xel’nagas design. Though in retrospect the fact that he could use it went unpredicted and unnoticed so why is that?HOFF32 Jul 6
Jul 5 Baneling vs Roach/Ravager Hi guys I'm back. I just thought of an interesting question regarding Swarm assimilation/evolution. Anyways here we go. 1. The roach was evolved from a tiny slug to a form just under the size of a Terran marine in height. And then's the ravager. This towering mass of spines is stated to be the result of twisting the roach genome far beyond its limits. 2. Banelings were adapted using a native acidic mold. The Zerg made a suicide bomber unit from a fungus. So, I ask you, which is more impressive? Making an acid spitting giant insect from a tiny slug, or being perhaps the only Zerg form to incorporate DNA that isn't an animal? Sorry if this doesn't seem too interesting, I've had trouble thinking of good posts.RogueSpectre3 Jul 5
Jul 4 Hardest Campaign mission so far? In your opinion, what are the 5 hardest campaign missions so far, in WOL, HOTS, LOTV and Nova?hurdler78 Jul 4
Jun 30 StarCraft 1.5 I was never fond of how "Warcraft" starcraft 2 felt. It's way to influenced by wow and that's painfully apparent to any long time fans of Starcraft or Blizz in general. That being said. I'm in the process of writing a re imagining of how the story should or could have gone if it wasnt written by, frankly. Wow fanboys. Now. I don't have time to sit here and write every last detail of the story but this is a rough idea of where I'm going with it and some bullets to highlight plot points. Once I have completed the story I'm going to work on building this campaign. So it's going to be a while. Starcraft 1.5 Factions- Terran- Koprulu Terran U.E.D Protoss- Templar Dark Templar Zerg- Zerg Patriarchy Zerg Matriarchy Former Player characters- Terran- Commander Rhodes Captain Axis Protoss- Preator Artanis Executor Selendis Patriarch Zeratul Zerg- Cerebrate Gazzalix Cerebrate Daggoth Sarah Kerrigan Samir Duran Prologue- Kerrigan pursues Captain Axis and the remaining U.E.D survivors and kills them all finalizing her victory in the Koprulu sector. •Player character from Broodwar act 5 is killed. Act 1- Samir Duran returns to Daggoth who is alive and in hiding with his brood. He informs Daggoth of his success in incorporating the Protoss into the swarm and that Kerrigan has left the Koprulu sector in pursuit of the remaining U.E.D. He then informs Daggoth that Kerrigans slave Cerebrate Gazzalix that lead the final assault leading to Kerrigans victory is the only other Cerebrate to survive the Broodwar and that without him no hope would remain in creating a new Overmind and creating more Cerebrates. The time had come to act. •Player character from Broodwar act 6 is defeated by Cerebrate Daggoth, They merge together into a new Overmind. Act 2- News of the emergence of the new Zerg swarm once again under the control of an Overmind and with Infested Protoss in its numbers has sent terror throughout the sector. Would this lead to a continuation of the Broodwar? Or worse. Would this overmind once again gain control of Kerrigan and the full fury of the Zerg? Commander Rhodes had taken no real part in the conflict since splitting up with Raynor and had kept his people mostly safe from the chaos of the Broodwar but it was time to act. Someone had to lead the exodus from Koprulu. •Player character from Starcraft act 1 gathers Terran survivors for evacuation. •Jim Raynor joins the evacuation but is killed covering the escape. Act 3- The Terrans had abandoned the sector en masse. The Zerg were once again infesting world's at an alarming rate and the Protoss were in no position to stop them alone. It seemed the Terrans wouldn't be the only species forced to flee the sector. Together, Preator Artanis, Executor Selendis and Patriarch Zeratul lead their people in evacuation. •Player characters from act 3 and 4 escape from Koprulu with Zeratul. Act 4- After destroying the U.E.D Kerrigan and her swarm began the return to Koprulu. Kerrigan began to sense the minds of the new Overmind and it's new Cerebrates. Confident that her powers had grown strong enough to resist falling under their control she continued on. However as she got closer she began to struggle to remain in control of all her broods. She was bombarded telepathically by them all as they fought to wrestle away her control of not only the Zerg but of her own mind. Not even her Overlords could help because even their will was being pulled from her. •Kerrigan creates Swarm Queens as an answer to Cerebrates to help her maintain control of her own swarm. •Kerrigan kills Duran. •Kerrigan attacks and kills Mengsk and infests his remaining forces. Act 5- With the destruction of the U.E.D expedition and the full scale evacuation of the Koprulu the people's of earth began to understand just how dangerous this Zerg threat really was. This time the full fury of the U.E.D was sent to secure Terran supremacy and permanently end the Zerg threat. •New character Admiral Azalea Leads attacks of both Kerrigan and the Overmind •The U.E.D manages to once again secure a foothold in the Koprulu sector but reach a stalemate with the Zerg. Act 6- The entire fleet from the Terran home system had descended upon the Zerg and after initial success even they began to fold under the weight of the innumerable swarms. The Protoss witnessing this decided once again to stand united against the Zerg. •Artanis now named Hierarch of the Protoss leads the fleets to aid the U.E.D •Kerrigan is defeated and executed by Zeratul •The Overmind attacks the Protoss fleet Artanis and Selendis die in the attack •Commander Rhodes and the remaining Koprulu Terrans join Zeratul. •Zeratul Kills the Overmind.Shepard17 Jun 30
Jun 28 Dank Theory Hey! Glad you could join me! I am here to... aww screw it y'all know whats about to go down. I got a few theories for Sc in general and I need y'all's thoughts on it. By the way, MAJOR SPOILERS FOR STARCRAFT AND STARCRAFT 2 AHEAD! Theory 1!!! Warcraft was a previous universe to Starcraft. Now, hear me out, this was just a wild thought in my head but what if the WC universe is the PREVIOUS universe for SC, which explains several things, actually. Such as "Where did the Orcs come from? Where did the Orcs world go? What does that portal do?" Well, what if I told you that the portal is literally a portal to ANOTHER PLANET!!!! Just a thought :) Theory 2!!!!!!!! The Terrans think Korhal is their homeworld! Now, this one is another thought I had, but what if the Terrans are convinved that Korhal was Humanities original world and that all of history was ON KORHAL? Theory 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could Humanity have been the original species along with the Protoss? Now, hear me out, but what if Humanity was originally supposed to be the 2nd species for the Rebirth of the Xel'Naga instead of the Zerg? Remember that the Zerg had ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to actually get to space at that point, untill Amon made them into "The Swarm" with the OP zerg he found there. Not to mention the Protoss are also Xel'Naga made, so I guess Humanity is the only natural species haha Anyway, what'd you guys think of this? Did you like them? Lemme know what y'all think!Amades3 Jun 28
Jun 27 Carbot strikes again Jun 27
Jun 24 How to access In Utter Darkness WoL Hello guys, I'm trying to complete the Terran Campaign. The only missing mission is In Utter Darkness. I'm trying to activate/play it but it is not available. Do you have any suggestion?Marlot4 Jun 24
Jun 22 WoL order I know the timeline here is kind of a hodgepodge, but we can make something out of mercenary/armory unit order. So, what I’ve gathered is... Mar Sara-Agria-Monlyth-Redstone III... And then I’m getting stuck because of Vulture-Diamondback.Bifrost4 Jun 22
Jun 19 Do we know LotV mission order? What it says on the tin.Bifrost16 Jun 19
Jun 18 How will Zagara react to Niadra? In the latest Shadow War issue, Niadra is revealed to have a substantial brood under her command, and that she is completely hostile agaisn't all Terran and Protoss. It seems she is planning to attack them on a larger scale later. Zagara is supposed to be the one leading the Swarm. Is she aware that Niadra is going her own way and threatening the pact made between the Swarm and the Terran/Protoss? Zagara has to eventually become aware of her existence. Will she immediately crush her resistance once she realizes the threat she poses to her long term reign? Fracturation inside the Swarm has historically never been tolerated for long. An absolute leader always seeks total control eventually. Also, is Niadra planning to overthrow Zagara? I really wonder how this will go...Hugo75 Jun 18
Jun 17 StarCraft Evolution Thoughts Hello guys, I haven't personally read the book because I haven't bought it yet, but based on several posts and fandoms, here is what I got from it and my thoughts. First, I am by no means a fan of the whole the swarm is trying to do good thing by revitalizing planets to create food for the terrans and daelamm. At the very least make it so that they want to revitalize planets to keep their OWN species flourishing by providing indefinite biomass and species variants. Second, How can abathur betray Zagara? Isn't he supposed to respect strength and aren't Zerg supposed to be incapable of betrayal against their superior? Please tell me if I had gotten something's wrong. Thank you for your time! :)BroodHive170 Jun 17
Jun 12 Kerrigan appears in the Temple of Unification I just played that part of the LotV campaign. The Protoss had figured out where Ulnar is to find and captured the 5 celestial locks to get into the temple and suddenly Kerrigan conveniently flies in through a wall? Why did she come there and how? Was it that someone remembered that they needed the Queen of Blades for the next part and so they literally tossed her in? Even the Wiki has nothing better to say than this: Hierarch Artanis entered the Temple of Unification alone, and put Matriarch Vorazun in command of the Spear of Adun. He discovered a wall carving, showing the death of Dark Prelate Zeratul, the destruction of Shakuras, and Sarah Kerrigan being attacked by a hybrid reaver. Just then a wounded Kerrigan was thrown through a wall with a dead hybrid reaver. Maybe later on it gets some explanation or some twist to the story as to why she was there, but I am too angry right now to find out. Is there some reason to it or did they REALLY pull a Deus Ex Machina move? If it is the latter I am seriously disappointed in the storytelling of LotV.Nevermore13 Jun 12