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1h New Mastery Achievements for WoL Campaign Currently, the Wings of Liberty only has 3 hidden achievements (for The Devil's Playground, Welcome to the Jungle and Piercing the Shroud) that are listed under Feats of Strength, which reward 0 points but by all accounts are similar to the mastery achievements introduced for the Heart of the Swarm, Legacy of the Void and the Covert Ops campaigns. I would like to propose moving these 3 secret achievements to a new WoL Mastery category, and rewarding 10 points apiece, as well as introducing more achievements for the other missions so as to provide replayability and to test players skill in macro and micro, or just working out how to get the achievement given the prerequisites. I haven't got a suggestion for every level yet, and some may be simply "destroy all enemy structures", but here are some examples: Liberation Day = [The People's Hero] Don't lose a single Marine on Hard difficulty or higher. The Dig - [Dig It In] Complete The Dig without losing or salvaging a single unit or structure on Hard difficulty or higher. Maw of the Void - [Breaking the Chain] Destroy the Tal'darim Mothership on Hard difficulty or higher. Cutthroat - [Budget Cut] Destroy Orlan's Mercenary Fortress without hiring Mira Han on Hard difficulty or higher. Breakout - [Friendly Fire] Complete Breakout without using a single nuclear missile on Hard difficulty or higher. Echoes of the Future - [Cleanup on Aiur Four] Destroy all enemy structures and workers on Hard difficulty or higher. (this includes the ones that can only be reached with Observers and Blink Stalkers - I included drones because they do rebuild) In Utter Darkness - [Alpha and Omega] Kill the 3 Omegalisks on Hard difficulty or higher. All In - [Turtle Power] Don't lose or salvage a single structure on Hard difficulty or higher. SEE BELOW FOR A MORE COMPLETE LISTKit43 1h
9h Favorite Starcraft fanfics? Here are some of mine: The first one is more serious then the second oneWiseKitsune9 9h
11h How will Zagara react to Niadra? In the latest Shadow War issue, Niadra is revealed to have a substantial brood under her command, and that she is completely hostile agaisn't all Terran and Protoss. It seems she is planning to attack them on a larger scale later. Zagara is supposed to be the one leading the Swarm. Is she aware that Niadra is going her own way and threatening the pact made between the Swarm and the Terran/Protoss? Zagara has to eventually become aware of her existence. Will she immediately crush her resistance once she realizes the threat she poses to her long term reign? Fracturation inside the Swarm has historically never been tolerated for long. An absolute leader always seeks total control eventually. Also, is Niadra planning to overthrow Zagara? I really wonder how this will go...Hugo19 11h
12h Successful defence of Auir against Overmind Assuming they threw in everything they had: - Spear of Adun technology, and the army inside of it. - In time reactivation of Colossus technology - In time reactivation of Purifiers - In time reactivation of Motherships Do you believe that Protoss could have pushed back the invasion of Overmind and his zerg with these odds? Surely the Colossi and Purifiers alone would have made things a lot harder for the zerg?LostHero25 12h
1d How were WoL Taldarim evil? I just finished the WoL campaign for the umpteenth time, and I was thinking, how are WoL Taldarim made out to be the bad guys, using only info in WoL? I know there are novels and later expansions that explain their motivations, and later-construed releationship to Amon, but if I recall Tosh introduces them simply as "Fanatics", and Raynor proceeds to take him at his word and murder countless Protoss for their artifacts, which hold cultural and religious value to the Taldarim. Each mission has you assaulting one of their shrine worlds or territories, yet the Taldarim is not belligerent in WoL, we don't defend any assaults against the Taldarim. In fact, the Taldarim even imprison the dark Templar on the world ship, rather than kill them outright. Just seems like the Raiders are a bit belligerant here. Raynor even says "they need to know when to quit", and I'm thinking he is the one that attacked them on their world for artifacts that are sacred to their people... Is there any good explanation for this behavior, am i forgetting a side conversation? Remember, this thread concerns info that can only be obtained through the WoL camapaign, no info from dark Templar saga or later expansions.AGNO26 1d
1d So, apparently Mira's a total pushover I was goofing around in WoL's campaign again and I found this trick out in cutthroat. You can actually destroy mira's planetary fortress and literally just set up your base inside there and then pay her using the minerals she was already mining.DarthWalrus4 1d
3d Tosh, and Ulrezaj So... spectres were the result of ghosts using terrazine. What happened to Tosh and his dudes after Amon's return? Were they controlled by him and ultimately killed in the storyline? Another question, anyone looks forward to a bonus mission pack for Ulrezaj? Reintroducing a character whom all 3 races were involved in his storyline would be fun I guess.Ascalon14 3d
3d Redheads I think we’ve been too harsh on this beautiful hair colour (in case of females) because of Kerrigan. Therefore, I raise another game. Name a fictional strong female character with red hair who does better job than Kerrigan. (I know, not that hard) My pick - Ygritte from Song of Ice and Fire/Game of ThrobesBifrost39 3d
4d Enslavers Hey all, I'm also complete another playthrough of StarCraft II and then plan to play "The Rise of the Blood Elves" mod for the first time for Warcraft III, and after that I'm thinking of giving "Enslavers" a whirl. I never got around to playing the Enslavers Campaign back in the day, and was curious on people's thoughts of it, both story and gameplay wise. Also, I know Enslavers II takes place after "The Stand," but when does the first one take place?Juxtapose18 4d
4d Theory: Nerazim adaptation to Shakuras As we know, Protoss feed on light, but there is not much of it on Shakuras. Wiki mentions vaguely that Nerazim had to alter themselves in order to survive here. My take on the adaptation is that they started to feed on wider scale of electromagnetic spectrum, which has to be either to shorter waves (for example UV or even gamma), longer waves (for example infrared) or both. Adaptation to infrared makes sense on hot planets. Shakuras is mentioned to be desert, but that means it’s dry, not hot. Adaptation to short waves might be very useful on planets with thin atmosphere that doesn’t protect the surface from these waves unlike ours truly ozone layer. Nerazim like all Protoss in general and unlike Terrans are insanely durable, therefore they don’t need such a protective layer to survive on their adopted homeworld. Which one do you find more likely? I personaly find the second option more likely. Shakuras always felt cold to me.Bifrost29 4d
5d Protoss plant style reproduction Would you like Protoss to canonically reproduce via something like pollen? I have seen it as a quite common fanon.Bifrost20 5d
Feb 12 Strongest being after the End War "Who is the strongest being in Koprulu" list below isn't really relevant with Kerrigan gone, Amon, Ouros, Narud, Zurvan dead. Aaand Ulrezaj seemingly ditched. So please don't consider anyone who disappeared, died or Ulrezaj. List isn't put in specific order, but my must-picks are. Alarak Artanis Dehaka Leviathan Nova Stukov Talandar Tanya Caulfield Zagara Wondering about Tosh (if alive) and Vorazun.Bifrost47 Feb 12
Feb 12 Do not pay attention to the protoss? Why does the energy consumption of the prophets have increased, and have not been explained by the patch now? The energy consumption of the prophet is 1.5 times that of the original Many people do not know that the energy of the prophet has been altered.Azlone6 Feb 12
Feb 11 Is evolution just become pointless? So, I finally have to time and energy to read the Shadow War comic. (My opinion is that it suck.) And it seem to me that all the major charector didn’t learn anything from evolution... (Another conflict because of some minor faction of Zerg again, but that beside the point.) They should finally learn to cooperate. And starting to trust each other. However, for just a single battle cruise doing some trespassing which causes an important Protoss leader to died. (I still don’t understand why his corpse is lying on the ground and not evaporate.) They don’t investigate. They don’t contact each other and just ask what is going on. They just resorted to another conflict? It was hard to believe that is what Artanis did in evolution after the event of Legacy of the Void. And now after the evolution and all, it’s even harder. Do they learn anything from evolution? Is the evolution becomes pointless? Also, is this a start for another mission pack or another cliff hanger for the next volume of Shadow War?Time19 Feb 11
Feb 10 Was hoping for help with Wings of Liberty Hi there, I really like the SC2 campaign for all three races and have replayed them repeatedly, but I noticed recently that I have not collected the end-of-campaign rewards for finishing the Wings of Liberty campaign. I have since found out that there's a secret mission and I went back, found it and did it. However, to get the end-of-campaign unlocked, do you also have to play all six decision variants in the three missions that require choice? (Nova/Tosh, Haven/anti-Haven and ground/air on Char?) Thanks!Serenicus6 Feb 10
Feb 9 Dark Archon Mind Control... made Brutal too ez Gotta do it again without dark archons.Nydus9 Feb 9
Feb 7 Make your own unit (forum game) Just something I thought up. Spill your imagination on a custom unit. Make it as overpowered as you want. Must Include: -Race affiliation -How the unit is produced/production time -Cost -Health, damage, and armor -Damage type (regular, anti-armor, anti-light armor, splash, etc.) -Supply cost -Availability (Campaign/PvP/Co-op) -Targets (air/ground) Optional: -Active/passive abilities and energy costs -Appearance -Skins -Speed -Upgrades (Campaign/PvP/Co-op) Imagine away!Lavaholic7 Feb 7
Feb 7 What happened? I'm sure this has been covered heavily before but...what exactly happened with this franchise's story? I just played through the old campaigns on SC Remastered and it's like night and day. Sure, the story is simple and straightforward; and limited by the technology of the time. But it's actually coherent and has non-forced emotions in it. Why the constant retcons and inconsistent characterization in SC2 compared to SC1/Brood War? Didn't at least some of the same people work on the story? Was there ever actually a plan back in 1998 on what to do with Duran and the Hybrids and Kerrigan, or were they always going to make it up as they went along? Why didn't the eagles just drop the ring in Mt. doom? Sorry to rant, I just remembered getting to the secret mission the first time when I was 12 and being blown away by the Duran reveal. Sad that decades later it came to nothing.DagothUr89 Feb 7
Feb 7 WOL - All Missions on Brutal? Hey everybody, how do you get the all brutal achievement? I've gone back and done all of the missions (zeratul, choice alternate missions, secret mission, everything before Char, etc.) on brutal but the portrait/achievement doesn't show up. How do you unlock it? Thanks.ParaChase2 Feb 7
Feb 7 WoL Brutal living up to the name I am a barely mediocre low apm noob that was kindof disappointed with the HotS difficulty. I was happy to get all the brutal wins, but figured I had improved enough to handle brutal... then I played WoL. Currently, I just have All-in remaining with no upgrades, tech, and a save file for air and ground. The bad news... I had to cheese ghost/Spectre nukes to get there, so the enemy waves may just be too fast for me. I read a strategy about using ghosts, which may give me hope. I’m thinking of going with the air version with ghosts in bunkers and ramps, hive mind emulators for whatever Mutas and broodlords I can grab, seige tanks, and then marines to help with Kerrigan. Perhaps that is still more apm than I can pump out, so i’m curious if any of you have suggestions that can help make this mission even less overwhelming. I’m still able to go ground, so if that is the response, then i’m all for that, too. Strategy above just looked good on paper, which will likely go haywire during the first attack wave. LolPiCKleS18 Feb 7
Feb 6 Shadow Wars (again) We don't have a thread about it, so here's one. The art is different this time, a bit less clean but it's mostly fine. I do have trouble telling some zerg species apart with this style, and the protoss sometimes have some wonky poses but it's still pretty good It seems like Niadra has joined the fray to personally crack some protoss bones, while she's tricked/diverted the terrans into a trap to separate them (Judging by how only Alms can detect a zerg attack brewing from in the cave, i'd say it's an intentional trap) It's a little odd the protoss could just call in air support since they already scrambled all their fighters to take on the terrans, but they died so quickly it's something i don't particularly mindTogetic123 Feb 6
Feb 6 NEW LOTV CAMP. CHALLANGE! So, this challange is simple. as. heck. All you have to do... Is pick only Aiur units! That's it! No "You can only use dis" or "Yew Cahn Unly Ooze Dayut" NO. ONLY AIUR UNITS. Note that the Void Ray WILL not count as you can only unlock the Aiur unit later on in the campaign.Amades13 Feb 6
Feb 5 So what happened with Niadra? I mean Kerrigan just left her on the Protoss ships for kicks and giggles?Horebane29 Feb 5
Feb 5 Protoss History Im interested in a Protoss historical timeline, does anybody know when certain major events occurred? From what i gathered on the wiki, the Discord was 1000 years prior to the events of the first game, or about 1500 AD. Khas developed the Khala about 1000 years prior to that, so about 500 AD. If you think about it, considering how long Protoss can live, it seems kind of strange how some of these events are depicted as so "ancient". I think these events seem a little compressed. For instance, the dark Templar were expelled from Aiur less than one Protoss lifetime ago. So to the Protoss, the discord is like how long ago WWI or II is to current humans. Distant to the current generation, but there are still some who remember. Further, the Khala and presumably the Protoss interstellar empire has existed for only 2000 years, or about 2-3 Protoss lifetimes. In comparison, to humans, that's less than how long ago the U.S. was founded. So has any of the history prior to 500 AD been explored? When was the Aeon of Strife? When did the Protoss achieve space travel and when was the height of their empire?AGNO6 Feb 5
Feb 2 SC: Evolution Thoughts (spoilers) It boggles my mind Umoja still doesn’t have a real army. Mengsk’s bunker is 50 m deeper than any Protoss purification? Liberty’s Crusade said it breached the mantle, so that’s impossible. Valerian says "Even at her best Kerrigan had been something of a maverick. At worst she’d been a traitor." Traitor, really? How does evil mass murderer sound? I bet Zahn was banned by Blizzard for saying that even if he thought it was true. Or even worse, nobody wants to acknowledge she's a mass murderer. So they finally explained how transmissions work interspecies. The psi just gets converted to a sound and sent via Terran communication protocols. The zerg reverse engineered an old Valkyrie comm system. Did Matt really not tell Valerian what happened to Sarah? He was there. Da fũq? Protoss can inhale plant spores. So they can breathe through their skin. So people still don’t know how psi emitters work. If it attracts Zerg on the controller level or base level. It seems commanders can't stop its effects. I’m sick of seeing human ghosts be more useful than Templar in battle. Tanya, Nova, Kerrigan, can all fry a bunch of Zerg minds just by focusing really hard or removing their psi inhibitor, and in the meantime, the supposedly most powerful psionic species of the galaxy just slashes at its target uselessly like a deranged crane. Protoss don’t have telekinetics, they don’t have the ability to fry brains, so what the hell do they have? Glave Wurms get inside of Terran vehicles/ships and eat them. Whoa. Protoss calling terrans by their full name and rank is a million times better than this “friend Raynor” crap. I like that the timeline says Arcturus enacted a brutal civil suppression regime to end the unrest that Raynor’s Rebellion caused. Would have been nice to have this info in HoTS so it felt like we accomplished something.Gradius14 Feb 2
Feb 2 Zerg Zombie build and campaign combat? I found a cool build playing through the zerg campaign. I was wondering if they were ever going to make a game mode using your campaign and evolution power choices instead of normal play? Specifically one with people fighting each other. I was hoping to use my combo in play somewhere. But I'm assuming there is no way to do this. BTW, I haven't played multiplayer much since wotl came out and most of that was back when sc1 and BW was still played commonly before SC2.. I'm not that familiar with multiplayer. BTW, my build is: Kerigan: LV1: Heroic Fortitude LV2: Chain Reaction LV3: Zergling Reconstitution or Improved Overlords LV4: Spawn Banelings or Mend. LV5: Twin Drones LV6: Infested Broodling LV7: Drop Pods Evolution: Zergling: Metabolic Boost; Swarmling Baneling: Regenerative Acid; Hunter Roaches: Hydriotic acid; Corpser Hydralisk: Grooved Spines; Impaler Mutalisk: Viscious Glaves; Brood Lord Swarm Host: Burrow; Creeper Ultralisk: Monarch Blades; Torrasque I've found this combo to be very powerful. It's allows very early and hard hitting armies that can keep pushing because of the constant artificial unit creation push abilities and early resources. I don't worry about the loss of faster extractors because it is heavily based on minerals over vespian potentially(And keeps your vespian based units alive longer). In fact it is very versatile and you can pick any combo you want resource wise. The only draw back is a lack of anti air. But I figure that is normal for zerg.. And you can afford to mass build anti air with the fast production of drones or just get lots of infestors and steal anti air. If not you have a lot of hydras to buy or you can plow through the enemy so quick early game it's minimally needed. And the Queens are a decent early anti air unit for how much you will have to deal with it early game. Given the potential unit combos you could cover a map in creep fairly fast and pull out endless drones to make zerg ground and air defense units and cover the map while your units plow through the enemy as they are trying to figure out where all the creep and defense structures came from.. BTW, did they kill off the ability in all cases to steal drones and start production of a second race? I loved that ability in SC1/BW. I noticed in the Terrain Campain I couldn't take drones with my one building choice... It was kind of stupid. I spend a bunch of time getting a drone near it to take it over and it didn't let me. I found that to be a really bad choice given the game potential. And what happened to the ability to carry units inside my overlords... I used to be a big ling dropper. I would mass way too many overlords as cover and drop massive amounts of lings and ultras on my enemies bases and watch them suffer. I was going to use this as a main strategy in the zerg campaign but I never got the option to do this or even upgrade my overlords... Why did the remove the ability for overlords to see also... I remember this along time ago when sc2 first came out. it was kind of silly. why not give them the option to upgrade out of seeing hidden units instead. Make it something worthwhile like droppers loose the ability from making space for units. Then you can see which Overlords have units in them potentially. And hiding them in extra drop lords is expensive for the ling user.Aital7 Feb 2
Feb 1 Biggest fail-lords of StarCraft Who would be your picks? The designated losers like Nyon, Ji’nara, Warfield or Duke? Zeratul for his slide into dementia.? Aldaris, because he was right and no one listened? Overmind, because it ended up screaming in its cage? Raynor because of his character develop- deteroria- because of his character turning into set of medical conditions?Bifrost128 Feb 1
Jan 31 Better Upgrades Game Game is simple. Take a crappy/useless upgrade in any of the campaigns, and replace it with something that you believe would be much more useful. Examples: 1) I never liked the duel-build Medic upgrade. So just replace it with the chance to purchase the Restoration ability. Granted, AI spellcasting would need to be tweaked to make this a viable option. Like enemy ghosts actually using lockdown and such. 2) The fast unload for Medivac is also a pointless one. I actually like idea behind the second upgrade of it healing two units at once, so why not just give it a Faster Healing upgrade that's similar to the one for the medic to go along with the double heals.Retloclive11 Jan 31
Jan 29 Terran Upgrade Recomendations? I'm going through the Wings of Liberty campaign for more or less the first time, and I've noticed that I'm not going to have nearly enough credits to buy all the upgrades by the time it's over, so I figured I'd come here to ask for advice. Thanks! :)Mitsota46 Jan 29
Jan 28 List of achievements in the Master Archives Yeah, so, huh, I've recently begun doing the all the achievements in the campaigns and I would like to ask if it could be possible to update the Master Archive to have access to that list of mastery achievements and stuff because it's really annoying to go back and fort out of the archive to look at my profile then the achievements and stuff. In some cases there aren't that many and I can "print screen" it in a paint document but sometimes I just have a long list of things to do and it's not that I can't note it on a piece of paper but that would make it much easier, thank you. :)CyborgHotDog4 Jan 28
Jan 27 The Daelaam's Tal'darim Representative? When Alarak ended the truce between the Daelaam and the Tal'darim he allowed members to join the Daelaam if they so chose. While we never learned how many joined my guess is that there would be enough to require some kind of Tal'darim equivalent to a Praetor or even Executor. Has the comics or any other referential material mentioned who it might be? We know Vorazun still leads the Nerazim and Talandar leads the Purifiers but who for the Tal'darim?ZealousGamer26 Jan 27
Jan 27 Could Tassadar done what Artanis did? He took out the Overmind which is legendary but he also lost his entire fleet to kerrigan, which mean he was a bad leader and tactician. Would Alarak have respected Tassadar or think he was an idealistic fool?Horebane5 Jan 27
Jan 26 For Church of Mengsk members Let us all do a prayer devoted to our glorious leader Arcturus Mengsk and reference when he fed the homeless, donated to sick orphans, saved humanity from the zerg, bravely saved kerrigans life on Tarsonis, saved the entire planet of Tarsonis from a zerg invasion, and saved countless puppies and kittens from annihilation Praise Mengsk \o/Amon55 Jan 26
Jan 22 Should They Have Combined Hanson and Stetman? Both served the researcher stereotype of the group that hung out in the same room of the Hyperion, and neither character really ended up all that important in the long run. The way I see it, either Hanson should have been recruited on Agria to serve as the primary researcher of the Raiders without Stetmann existing, or Hanson is the one that's left out, and Stetmann serves out the role he currently has as the researcher while having Hanson's Colonist arc.Retloclive25 Jan 22
Jan 22 Idea - multi leveled Void & SC3 So, today I had an interesting idea: what if the Void was something more than a single dimension, but rather a collection of "layers", or different interconnected universes, with differing properties, and what we saw was just one layer of it? I decided to try to expand on the idea for a bit, and connect it to the philosophy of the Xel'naga (and other Void entities), and this is what I came up with: The layers of the Void would vary in how chaotic they were, with some layers being cold and dark realms (like the Void that we saw in the LOTV Campaign) and others being extremely alien, destructive, and chaotic dimensions whose very basic physical laws were unstable. The more "chaotic" a layer of the Void was, the more power it granted to those that could access it, with some even allowing users to manipulate reality itself. However, due to the instability of those realms, the beings that use their power would not only have to be able to anchor their presence to them using their psionic power, but also be able to adapt to their ever-changing environment. And that is where the concept of purity of form and purity of essence comes in, with Xel'Naga being the embodiment of both and thus being the perfect beings that could channel the chaotic energies of the different layers of the Void. This concept could also explain why we can clearly see power differences between different Xel'Naga, and why the abilities of some Xel'Naga (e.g. Ouros and Kerrigan) appear different to the abilities of other Xel'naga (e.g. Amon), with different Xel'Naga using the powers of different layers of the Void. However, there can be ways of "cheating" the system and becoming able to access the power of the Void without having the two required purities. One way to do this would be to engrave oneself into the very fabric and laws of a layer of the Void. The Voice in the Darkness, which was, for a time, the "heart" of the Void, is one such example. Anyhow, this idea could open up the possibility for the Xel'Naga still being alive and perhaps even quite numerous and more poweful and "godlike" than the Xel'Naga we have seen so far, and could be used as a plot idea in SC3. Though if Blizzard does decide to use this, I hope that they put a lot of effort into making the Xel'Naga be seen as truly awe-inspiring gods and not just a bunch of incapable space manatees. Perhaps introducing the idea that they have no true or default form could help with this. And also, I suggest fast forwarding several hundred years into the future to allow for more flexibility for each race whilst still keeping the key Zerg, Terran, and Protoss qualities. I personally would love if they used this new idea for SC3.VoidRay18 Jan 22
Jan 22 Nova 1st mission quirk I just noticed that everytime you snap a neck of a female Ghost, she falls down with her body mostly intact, but male Ghost turns into the bloody spot you all know. Might be because I am playing on low graphics, but it’s kinda funny.Bifrost14 Jan 22
Jan 19 Favorite arcs in each expansion. WoL - If Fall was canonic, then it would be Colonist, because it actually has some stench of impact and realism. Because it’s not I would choose Covert, because despite it has satisfying bittersweet ending. Still pity, Tosh is MIA and they haven’t connected it with Rebellion arc (Odin for New Folsom, Tosh for Korhal!) HotS - I guess... Char? Kerrigan gets called out on her sh^t by Warfield. THEY BRING IN ANOTHER GORGON. And it’s an arc with very little nonsense. LotV - as short as it is - Shakuras beats even Second Invasion of Aiur for me. Rare example of true sacrifice and loss to achieve great victory, kick^ss moment for both Artanis and Vorazun. HM - obvious honorable mention is the Second Invasion, it’s like Avengers. With Protoss. Nova - 2nd pack. It’s Nova’s own Empire. Second installment, that ends with bad guys winning. And even the tedious mission is fun, because you have subway and you get to feel being Nova on the battlefield, while defenses hold out the base.Bifrost13 Jan 19
Jan 15 Why did Tosh not tell Jim about Tychus' deal? He is a spectre, surely he could read his mind. And it sounded like he knew what Tychus was up to, when he warned Raynor to watch out for him.Shawn15 Jan 15
Jan 13 Teamliquid Campaign Poll Somewhat interesting because of its somewhat high sample size. Here's some of my conclusions (feel free to disagree): - Best campaign is Legacy of the Void, but the prologue and epilogue drag it down. - Best characters are Zeratul, Abathur, then Alarak. All aliens, sorry DiamondDave. - Worst character is Amon. Probably because everything is retconned to be his fault and all he has is Diablo 3 style taunts. Worst real character is Hanson. - Best protagonist is Raynor, or Nova if we count Covert Ops. Kerrigan is the most controversial. - There are more people who's favorite was the epilogue instead of LoTV prologue (literally only 1 guy of 203). Guess people hate prophecies. Who would have guessed? Oh wait, me and everyone else when WoL was released. :p - Best villain is Mengsk (ugh). SC2 just had ѕhitty villains now that I think about it. Literally nobody was good. - Best lab technician is Abathur. - Best sidekick is Horner. - Dehaka is a bad character (sorry Togetic). - People are really split on Vorazun. On one hand she's a generic good guy and a copy of her mother. On the other, there's nothing really wrong with her and she didn't blink at volunteering to blown up her own freaking planet. That deserves props.Gradius46 Jan 13
Jan 12 Do people still have a problem with the game? When WoL was first released, people was pissed for some odd reason that it was Terran only even though BLizz Announced that two more games was coming. Now for me, I thought an entire campaign devoted Terran only, like a full game was awesome. Same for Zerg, same for Protoss. However, back then people flipped their !@#$. Like really freak out about it. Do you guys think it still hold true today?Horebane48 Jan 12
Jan 12 Khalai and Nerazim politics Have you ever thought about Khalai being the left-wing and Nerazim being right-wing? And I mean the economical principles, not the often incorrectly associated conservative or liberal values. Especially in this regard, because Nerazim are definitely more liberal. Khalai emphasize order and solidarity, while Nerazim emphasize freedom and individualism. It’s obviously simplification, but I can’t help to not see parallels. Similar comparison can be drawn between Swarm and Primals, but Zerg are alien bug/reptilian genocidal monsters, so let’s leave it for now.Bifrost5 Jan 12
Jan 10 Do I have to Buy the Bundle? So, I recently got back into Starcraft and saw the new Free to Play Update. I then checked out the store and saw that there was a "Campaign Bundle" But no Individual campaign and I was wondering if I would have to buy the bundle in order to get LOTV even though I already have WOL and HOTS.Shadowdragon2 Jan 10
Jan 9 Can Amon be salvaged? (Without rectons) I was reading around a little for something else, and i started thinking about Lotv's retcons and Amon's role in shaping the races (Protoss, in particular). I'm of two minds about the melding of old lore (The benevolent and peaceful xel'naga uplifted the protoss and loved them as their weird space children) and the new lore (Amon and his followers uplifted the protoss as part of his plan to destroy the infinite cycle). On one hand, as-is it's just another layer of cluttered nonsense that makes Amon seem a lot stupider Why is he (and narud especially) such cartoonishly evil squid villains if they're the same group that uplifted the protoss and taught them everything they knew? Why would the protoss remember them as peaceful pacifists, and be able to slaughter so many if Amon is a ruthless murderous dictator who later goes on to structure the entire tal'darim society around murdering each other for his amusement? Why would they remember him that way if his defining trait is hatred (overwhelming the khala with his hatred, twisting the void with his hatred) ect ect On the other though, isn't that gap between the two mindsets yearning for intelligent exploration? I've been of the opinion for a long while that there needs to be some backstory comic or book or something written about Amon to justify his existence and actions, but i feel like the greatest place to start with at least partially salvaging him would be there, with the protoss' failure and betrayal. I personally feel like bringing in a competent writer (Zahn again? I don't know if his authorial range includes the kind of xenofiction you'd need for the Xel'naga) to give a solid backstory to Amon could salvage the character. There's still some unfixable issues with how cartoonishly evil he and narud/duran are, but i think there's a human (At least, in the sense of it being understandable rather than human human) element to him and his followers that could be exploited. What turns a shepard of the cycle against it? Can the brutal betrayal of their success twist his hatred of the cycle into a hatred of all the cycle's products? That kind of thing is at least mildly interesting and i think would give some much needed depth to him. This was, for the most part, just a rant on my part about how I think you could fix him, but i'm posing this as a question now: Do any of you think Amon can be salvaged into a real character if we're just working with the lore that's already here with no retcons? If so, how?Togetic10 Jan 9
Jan 8 No mission pack? :( So... I haven't heard them confirm another mission pack after this one... is this it? :( I'll be sad if it is...CyborgHotDog15 Jan 8
Jan 8 Mission Packs' Presence? What happened to them. It's been a year since the 1st Nova mission pack went out. What's going on? D:BrawnTDD15 Jan 8
Jan 8 Enemy Intelligence For some time now, I've been somewhat obsessed with this mission. I've played it over and over with a view to finishing it in as short a time as possible while achieving the The Invisible Woman objective and rescuing the prisoners. The other objective, Bunker Rush, is rather silly; two bunkers in 10-minutes! I finally got all five in under 8! One could perhaps shave a few seconds by not going after the prisoners, but that wouldn't be right, now would it? One could speed up the mission a bit by killing a few Defenders, but I've manged a respectable 10:42. I wonder if one could do it in under 10-minutes without the prisoners or the objective. I'm going to try to fight the urge to find out. Does anyone else ever obsess over a mission to this extent?DiamondDave49 Jan 8
Jan 6 Happy new year Exactly what it says on the tin. May you find happiness and health in this new year, may the story receive good care, and may some poster not return :3 See you soon for debates and Church publicity :DMarsaro6 Jan 6
Jan 5 Achievement guides? Does anyone know of (any) good achievement guides/walkthroughs for the achievements that aren't in video form? I decided to go back and do the achievements for HotS and LoV, and some of them are absolutely brutal. I 100% WoL when it came out, but some of these ones are giving me a crazy time. I just finished the Nova DLC tonight after finally getting it the other day, and that stuff was hard as hell. It took me a day and a half to beat the last mission on Hard, and I'm usually a Brutal guy. Yes, I am planning on 'gitting gud' but in the meantime I'd love some ideas.Cobalt14 Jan 5
Jan 5 Can Kerrigan disconnect from the Swarm? You know, if she could, she could take on Psi Destroyer.Bifrost33 Jan 5