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6h Blizzard abridged part 3 Topics Spiderman Anduin sucks Forum alignment chartBifrost41 6h
12h CUSTOM SC2 CAMPAIGN STORYBOARD HELP. Hello everybody. Let me start off by saying that I'm no fan of SC2 and ever since the release of LotV, I've been working on a custom campaign to "reboot" SC2, that uses only follows the canon set up by of Starcraft 1 and Brood war but recently I've gotten a severe case of writers block and have been second guessing myself to point that I'm just stuck. I would really appreciate some help from the community so that hopefully I can finish by the end of this year. 12h
15h Annoyed At Lost Viking Achievenemts First of all, congratulations to those of you who have gotten all of the Lost Viking Achievements in WOL. But i hate it I love SCII and have made it my (sporadic) mission to get full achievement completion. The only thing keeping me from getting 100% in WOL is this Galaga knock off and i'm rather annoyed that i'm losing out on achievements (and now a banner) because i won't invest the time in a non-SC game required to complete it. Sorry about the rant, just rather annoyed.Volsarex15 15h
18h Requirements for FoS Cheevo Banners? What are the in-depth requirements for the Feats of Strength achievements that give banners? Unsure if it was meant to be 100% of the main achievements, or 100% of ALL Campaign Achievements (Masteries included.) I unlocked Remember November after today's patch even though I have not completed any of her Mastery achievements. I also don't have it for any other campaign. Blizzard, this is confusing.Sprite2 18h
1d Can we change Campaign Canon? It's been a few years since Legacy of the Void was released and a part of me wants to replay the campaigns, but AFAIK there is no way to change the 'Player Canon' paths (You get what you picked the first time you finish the campaign, no backsies) There are certain canons I'm regretting (I fell for Nova's Lies the first playthrough) and was hoping someone knows how to perhaps change the canon (Tosh is a bro and I sympathize with Spectres more)Kuronan34 1d
1d Blizzard games abridged part 2 Starting a continuation thread of this one. @RC Our obsession with last post is mostly based on a genuine threat that a thread could be ended with a Redhead post.Bifrost500 1d
2d More Campaigns, Nova's not enough! I crave more. I think it's obvious we need an Alarak campaign, but what about a zerg campaign as well? My thirsty and wallet hunger!Recca5 2d
3d Please Help "All in" Brutal I have watched videos and read through the forums but none of them hit on what I need. I couldnt last five minutes in "utter darkness" until someone brought up dark templar and building them into a wall. So there has to be some trick for all in for super bad players like me. I am a completionist and just want to finish WoL to move with the rest of the story but i die in all in before the artifact hits 34 percent. I massed tanks and during kerrigans first attack i look and i have 2 tanks out of 10 tanks two bcs and 8 full bunkers and 6 banshees. Please help if you can (besides telling me to give up on sc2 I tried but it pulled me back in its 2019 for novas sake lol ) i have been playing since 2001 i know im sad but ive learned to live with it lolChaosDestiny15 3d
3d A Challenge Campaign Playthrough All 3 main sc2 campaigns. Hard difficulty. Faster speed. No training/morphing/warping in workers. (Mules allowed). No cheats, obviously (save scumming allowed). Basically, every single unit you make and worker you use has to get its value. You really see how few workers you start with and how cost efficient you can make your units. A few hints if you want to try it: Get gas as you need it. Very rarely put 3 workers on gas in the early missions. You can redirect workers to harvest from minerals closest to your base to maximize income. Any upgrades that improve harvesting (auto refineries, vespene efficiency, etc.) are huge power spikes, cutting down on the amount of gas workers you need. Units with energy are your friend. High templar and kerrigan especially.Rhyme4 3d
4d SC1 unit audio/bgm swap mod i still don't understand why blizzard has not given us the option to "swap" or "change" unit voices from SC2 to that of SC1. it is NOT going to "break" the game in any way or form it is just a cosmetic thing. frankly i find the unit voices of SC1 are FAR superior to that of SC2. the devs of SC2 seem to try their "best" (make not mistake SC2 unit audio has it moments) but was overall a "general failure" the same can be said for the OST and BGM. Notice the difference between the voices of SC1 and 2 4d
5d PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS bug/glitch I just finished the wings of liberty campaign on hard. But it never appeared on my stats that I finished it on hard. Then i saw it said "cheat usage achievements disabled"????? WHAT DO YOU MEAN i was working so hard like a month to finish the whole campaign and it just said i was using cheats why??? please blizzard fix this do something about it if you can please i was working so hard to finish this and it just appeared like that please!!!.NAZAR8 5d
5d Simulants and UED I have a idea of good use of Simulant Zergs in the lore. As we know only UED wanted and were succesful in controlling zergs, so creating mech-zerg would be their idea. They were gathering data about protoss and zergs before invasion, during, in regime time and after defeat (by UED remnants). The UEDR have enough resources ams scientists to start a project, but of course they would need additional funding, resources, people and bases to finish it. Amd they get it by a lot of corporations and probablu even fractions like Dominion. But true reason of creating the project was secret and unknown to most of personel of project (so perfect way to make UED responsible of this). And when they finished it (and destroyed by zeeg himselfs) they had all needed data to stsrt it elsewhere and send it to Earth. This idea is perfect to start a phase of return of UED and DLC/SC3. This idea is perfect too for Terran CoOp commander, UED (Dugalle or The Captain) which would have a some terran army and simulant army. What do you think?Kubek92 5d
Apr 17 Potential glitch? Me being blind? Hey, so I started beating all the campains on hard mode just for the achivements and for the banners, but I just beat Wings of Liberty and it still says I've only beaten on casual? In my profile, that is. I complete all 26 missions, I went with tosh and the protoss, but I still don't have the golden banner in the bottom right of my profile. Any suggestions?Reid6 Apr 17
Apr 16 Lost Viking achievements Can we get rid of them from the feats of strength achievements requirement? It's killing me.ripMillet1 Apr 16
Apr 15 Hots: Mission "Domination" Hello guys. Recently I have started to play the Campaign with video-capturing. The purpose is to make one-shot video of making all the possible achievements (Specialist included). The meaning of one-shot video is that I must perform all achievements during the video, of course I can save-load, but I will eventually cut the fail attempts to make it look more flawless. So, there's a problem with the mission "Domination". Before that, you have to pick up the planet to go. Char or Kaldir (frozen world). Sure thing I picked up Char, because in Kaldir as I recall, there's a specialist achievement that you are not able to do without jumping banelings. That's why, I play without Roaches and Hydralisks. Achievements on the mission are: 1) Hatch all 6 Baneling nests before collecting 100 eggs. 2) Destroy all Terran CC 3) Destroy Zagara's base within 14 minutes from start And there's the problem, because I can do it maximum at 16 minutes. As long as I've served the YouTube walkthroughs, I've never seen anything like that. Even beastyqt made this Specialist achievement totally ignored the first 2 ones. Do you have any idea how to make it with one shot? Share you ideas. P.S. I must remind you that you only have Zerglings, Queens and Defense structures available to morf from workers.Cybernetix1 Apr 15
Apr 13 Zurvan vs Overmind This kinda randomly came to my mind when I was replaying the campaign - Zurvan the Ancient One. - Overmind the Eternal Will of the Swarm. Both big bad final bosses of zerg. A war between Zurvan's pack and Overmind's swarm erupts. Who do you think would win? who would be assimilated by the other?SaberLariat4 Apr 13
Apr 13 New Feast of strength achievements bug? After seeing the new Feast of Strength achievements for completing all WOL, HOTS and LOTV achievements, I replay the master archives to complete 100% achievement. But after getting just one new mastery achievement in HOTS, I get the "Swarming the castle" achievement. I thought maybe the "Swarming the castle" does not count the mastery (as I only have a few mastery achievements left) so I continue to finish 100% HOTS achievements. But when I got to LOTV, played the first mission and get the third achievement (losing <100 units in Normal), I immediately get Fill the void achievement. My completion for LOTV is only 62%. From my understanding, the requirement of these achievements is 100% achievements for each campaign. Is this a bug or am I understand this wrong? I did not complete Nova Mission pack yet. Will test in WOL later tomorrow. Can someone test this? You just need to go to master archives and complete one achievement.Leviathan4 Apr 13
Apr 12 5 new achievements for 100% campaign In new patch note it is told 5 achievements are given for completing everything on 100%. My campaigns are 100-100-100-100 long ago. So. Where are my achievements for this?Pluton16 Apr 12
Apr 12 The resurrection of Starcraft When Starcraft is resurrected in 10 years, what kind of stories do you guys what to see? What parts of the galaxy do you want to explore? What characters do you want to revisit? What character arcs do you want to see finished?Samariyu15 Apr 12
Apr 11 New Feats of Strength As of right now, between Legacy of the Void's prologue and epilogue and the two Nova mission packs, that are twelve missions for which completion on Brutal difficulty does not count towards any achievements. With the release of the third Nova Covert Ops mission pack, that number will increase to fifteen. I actually prefer StarCraft II's PvE content and have had a lot of fun earning all the achievements. I'd love a better excuse to jump back into the content than earning them again on the European server. Do you guys think it would be a good idea to add a feat of strength for beating these missions on Brutal? Obviously not one feat for each mission but maybe there could be one for the six missions in LotV's prologue and epilogue and one for the nine Nova Covert Ops missions. They could also add regular achievements to the currently stark mission pack sub-menu.JacobSeidner1 Apr 11
Mar 23 Is Artanis Khalai or Dark Templar? So after the events of the destruction of Shakuras when Vorazun told Artanis what the Shadow Walk is; she then goes onto to say that Artanis is now a Dark Templar instead of Khalai. So what is he? Dark Templar, Khalai or both?Aesunity386 Mar 23
Mar 22 What happened to the UED Simple question, what happened to the remainder of the UED government and fleet after the brood wars? It’s a lightly covered topic and I have heard groups discussing a plot idea involving them. Did Mengsk or the Swarm get rid of them without much talk? I’m suddenly wishing that the epilogue didn’t just be a bunch of stills with words thrown on them..Terrano173 Mar 22
Mar 19 DEATH BATTLE! Episode 1 Sons of Korhal Kerrigan vs Nova during Defenders of Man Insurgency! Who do you think would win? (I’ll rest my pick for now.)Bifrost346 Mar 19
Mar 17 Mohandar return as Purifier? Hi, Probably I'm not only one who hate what Blizz made to him. Killed him in short story. But my question is there any possibility that Mohandar could return/be revived as Purifier? And if answer is yes, is there any sense in bringing him back? For me at est one reason is that he is my favourite Protosz hero in SC universe.Kubek6 Mar 17
Mar 16 Mission packs when? I love co-op and all, but obviously the community wants mission packs now. There has to have been something in development after Covert ops.... everything got sidelined for Co-op. Didn't covert ops sell incredibly well though? Blizzard wants to make money, don't they? I will concede that reskinning assets for co-op is a lot less resource intensive than building an entire 9 misson story arc, but c'mon, there is a demand. Plz blozzerd, halp us out here.Klimpt123 Mar 16
Mar 15 Units that you would like to reappear in SC3 Only 6 Protoss units, 5 Terran units and 5 (6) Zerg units from SC1 reappeared in SC2 Multiplayer. Which SC2 units do you think should reappear in SC3? From lore point of view. Those who made the comeback Probe Zealot High Templar Dark Templar (BW addition) Observer Carrier SCV Marine Ghost Siege Tank Battlecruiser Drone Zergling Hydralisk Mutalisk Ultralisk (Lurker)Bifrost32 Mar 15
Mar 8 LOTV doesn't register as completed Okay, so when I log on my Windows Desktop, it says that I've completed Legacy of the Void, but when I log onto my Apple computer, it says that the last mission completed was Steps of the Rite, and I can't play Master Archives. At first I decided to complete the Campaign on my Mac, and it was okay for a while, but later on when I got a new Apple computer, it went right back to Steps of the Rite, but the campaign still registers as complete on my Windows Desktop. What is going on? Why is it doing this? It makes no sense!SuperMage3 Mar 8
Mar 5 Wings of Liberty in Chronological Order Hi everyone, I was trying to figure out the chronological order of how WoL should be played through. One of the factors I took into account were the UNN broadcasts in the Cantina aboard the Hyperion, and reading the news ticker feed at the bottom of the TV screen (which I'm sure not many people read). For example, Kyla Velassi (she's on Tychus Findlay's armor) is a minor character, but there are events that seemingly happen in chronological order. Based on those events, and reading the campaign quotations page on the StarCraft Wikia, I've determined this is the chronological, canon order in how WoL should be played. The first 3 Mar Sara missions The Evacuation The Devil's Playground Smash and Grab Outbreak Welcome to the Jungle The Great Train Robbery The Dig Breakout Cutthroat Whispers of Doom A Sinister Turn Engine of Destruction Media Blitz Echoes of the Future In Utter Darkness Piercing the Shroud The Moebius Factor Supernova Safe Haven Maw of the Void Char Missions TL;DR: By paying close attention to the UNN broadcasts on the TV in the Cantina and reading the news ticker feed at the bottom of the screen, you can decipher the overall state of events. I hope this helps. Edit: I previously had The Devil's Playground after Outbreak, but after playing it through again, think that it should be after The Evacuation/before Smash & Grab.VampSpartan113 Mar 5
Feb 28 Raynor and Kerrigan Am I really the only person who doesn’t see anything wrong with how they characterized Raynor’s relationship with Kerrigan? 1. Let’s address the first point people make: that they were never romantically involved in SC1 in the first place and the “you pig!” bit was the only possible indicator, yet was just shallow, “not related to romance” event. Let me counter this by the amount of concern Raynor had about Kerrigan going on her final mission. He had a feeling something was up and didn’t want her to go. If they were in a “strictly business” relationship, why would he care about her specifically? Why would he not give the same talk to Marine #4058? Why would Kerrigan send a psionic distress call to Raynor while she was in a cocoon? Why would Raynor go to freakin Char of all places just because he had a dream about Kerrigan still being alive? See where this is going? That’s like literally going to hell and back for someone! 2. The second point people make, AKA the “I’m the man who’s going to kill you one day” reason. Do people really think Raynor is going to think the Queen of Blades is the same person (mentally speaking) as Kerrigan? The sudden change of character post infestation really tips that off. Yes, Kerrigan was always an assassin, but one who assassinated under orders. I really don’t think it would be in character for Kerrigan to manipulate and backstab Fenix in such the way QoB did. Clearly Raynor believed the QoB “killed” Kerrigan in much the same way Obi Wan believed Darth Vader “killed” Anakin.TideHunter30 Feb 28
Feb 26 Ultralisk Reconstitution Hey all, In "Heart of the Swarm," in the heart of Amon's Temple, Kerrigan and Stukov come across a dead Ultralisk, which Abathur "reconstitutes" back to life. Is it ever explained anywhere how this was done? I don't believe so,and I always found that odd, as if they were so easily revived pre-Torrasque strain, you'd think the Swarm would do that all the time.Juxtapose4 Feb 26
Feb 26 Dehaka’s Future Dehaka is bound to face a problem down the line. Dehaka was promised by Kerrigan to find more essence during their exploits, but their weak Terran foes offer litterally no adaptions that a primal Zerg would find useful. Protoss foes have a similar reliance on technology, but do have a stronger physique and mind. Both Terran and Protoss individuals have very little evolutionary distinction between eachother. So save perhaps sharper mental capabilities from Protoss, neither T or P is really going to offer Dehaka the change he desires. This leaves to the other main threat: enemy Zerg broods. Unlike the others, the Zerg offer essence in unimaginable bounty, yet still, individual warrior strains are mass produced and nearly identical to eachother. The more the Primal Zerg consume Swarm Zerg, the more they are bound to lose their identity, their individuality. They spat upon the mindless meat puppet cousins before, but now after battles with and against them they’re becoming ever more like what they despised. Primal Zerg (perhaps forced) to become meek drones and sacrifice themselves “for the cause” to feed bigger primals which goes against their philosophy. More and more, primal zerg individuals are becoming rank and file Hydraisks, Roaches and Ultralisks who unquestionably obey a central power (Dehaka). Unless Dehaka rebels agianst the Swarm, or other primal Zerg rebel against Dehaka, this is the future of the primal zerg: to be slowly transformed into just another somewhat different brood of mindless pawns for the Swarm.TideHunter9 Feb 26
Feb 25 enemy units how many zealots can nova keep mc'd lore wise? I noticed you can only do 1 ingame? And what is the most power protoss unit you can mc?BlackLight6 Feb 25
Feb 24 Why no Leviathans in LOTV? During the end missions of the WoL Campaign, you are faced with killing the monster zerg flyer. Why did Amon keep his Leviathans out of the fight during the Void campaign when they would have easily won him the war?Volsarex20 Feb 24
Feb 23 Shadow Wars (again) We don't have a thread about it, so here's one. The art is different this time, a bit less clean but it's mostly fine. I do have trouble telling some zerg species apart with this style, and the protoss sometimes have some wonky poses but it's still pretty good It seems like Niadra has joined the fray to personally crack some protoss bones, while she's tricked/diverted the terrans into a trap to separate them (Judging by how only Alms can detect a zerg attack brewing from in the cave, i'd say it's an intentional trap) It's a little odd the protoss could just call in air support since they already scrambled all their fighters to take on the terrans, but they died so quickly it's something i don't particularly mindTogetic185 Feb 23
Feb 22 Role Playing Characters Hey all, A completely off-topic thread, but I know many of you play or have played RPGs, and I'm curious if any of you have made characters based on characters from other games and fiction? I know it's a fairly common thing, but I've actually rarely done so myself. 20-ish years ago I know I made a Paladin in Diablo II called Maximus, and I focused on Roman looking items for him, but otherwise, that's been about it. As I've mentioned in other threads, I'm enjoying The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, and when I'm done my current playthrough, I'm thinking of starting another, and basing the character off of Sylvanas. I've never actually done a "bad" character in "Skyrim" before, and I've never played as a Wood Elf in any The Elder Scrolls title before, and I think that would be fun and interesting to do. The character would focus on Archery, Illusion, Sneak, Light Armour, Speechcraft, and Lockpicking, she'd generally be selfish and self-serving and only aid people if it benefited her or her cause, and she'd join both the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood. She'd also contract Vampirism to become Undead, and to get Life Drain. I'd have her join the Stormcloaks with the intent of fomenting rebellion and putting herself in a position to more control the province, and the Blades would basically be my personal "death guard." I'd also try to kill the Grey Beards after the Main Quest since they'd be of no further use to me and could be a potential threat down the road, and in pursuit of power, I'd collect all the Daedric Artifacts as well as all the Dragon Priest Masks.Juxtapose8 Feb 22
Feb 22 Starcraft: Soldiers Starcraft: Soldiers came out a couple days ago with no blizzard acknowledgement because.... uh, who knows, I guess? It didnt stop Starcraft: Scavengers from selling well, so hopefully this one follows that trend. So let's all talk about it in a spoiler-filled way. Anyway it's pretty good, I like it and the story is a lot more about telling the story than setting the ambiance like Scavengers so I imagine it won't have the.... not weird pacing necessarily, but odd slow burn storytelling choice that comic did. I like our protagonist, I like that her "by the books" style is the result of her bad home life and the dominion basically becoming her found-family. I also like that in keeping with the "it's morally gray out here on the fringe" she's not necessarily wrong to be a stickler for the rules: not obeying them gets people hurt and killed, even if her brashness in enforcing the rules isn't really right either. For background details: The officer she's got as a father figure has the symbol for vardona on his desk, and the Defenders of Man emblem is visible on his computer screen. This is set post-covert ops, which makes it all the more interesting. The doctor's office has "UNSC" branded onto it as a fun halo Easter egg, and there's two male background characters holding hands outside the office on the next page, which is a nice little piece of representation that's cool. I also love that they got around having to explain how lurkers attack by just having one sand-shark eat someone from underground. Overall I liked it and I'm happy to buy more Starcraft But Just Doing The Plot Of Tremors as it comesTogetic10 Feb 22
Feb 17 Heart of the Swam difficulty As massive fan of the starcraft campaign (played through all 3 + nova campaign countless times), I'm repeatedly disappointed by HotS campaign difficulty. It's way too easy on brutal. Even without decent micro and just massing 1-2 units and no army split, it's all a piece of cake. Would REALLY love to see HotS campaign difficulty increase, as it really is tons of fun to play through. Just don't want it to be a walk through the park.TJay14 Feb 17
Feb 17 Completing the Cycle vs. Breaking the Cycle Just to bring everything back to Starcraft for brief moment, let's have a bit of fun. What are you're biggest SC pet-peeves that you've seen brought up amongst the community? For me, it's when I see people say that the Protoss briefing room music copied WoW's night elf music. It's like WoW players never seem to remember, or didn't do their research, that Starcraft came before WoW. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: Changed the title after the thread turned into a massive debate about completing the cycle in the original games vs. breaking the cycle in SC2.Retloclive244 Feb 17
Feb 17 Campaign problems is anyone else having trouble accessing campaign for terran or zerg? I can only get on with protossHank1 Feb 17
Feb 17 Battle chest issues Hey guys, i bought the battle chest for starcraft2 finished the 1st campaign but now its asking me to purchase the second (hart of the swarm) and the third works fine , its just the second campaign . Any help would be appreciated.APPELS3 Feb 17
Feb 13 Dreadlocks Kerrigan Is the best version of Kerrigan in SC2. (As per usual, take me half-seriously.) She’s canonically with us for a lowly amount of 7 missions (given the canon order of mission in HotS, which I find ridiculous if we talk gameplay. Who plays without Roaches...), but she’s the best version of Kerrigan. Here’s why. She actually feels sorry for Tychus. Raynor is the d^ck hete. Her exchange at the end of the Char arc feels meaningful. Warfield saying she’s not even human anymore actually sounds as an insult not as a statement of a fact since she’s not Primal yet. Tricia Helfer’s unadulterated rockmelting voice. Doesn’t commit atrocities like New Babylon yet. She trolled Mengsk Jr. without killing anyone. Zerg got loose because of the attack, there were only bots in tutorial. Actually feels fragile and struggling. Kerrigan’s only obstacle Raynor’s faked death comes during this phase. Doesn’t commit all that Kaldir nastiness. Does becoming Primal make you an a-hole/bi^ch? Char is full of soldiers, there are no actual civilians, so her brutality kinda makes sense here. Her cutscene with Zeratul is bad because of Zeratul’s writing not hers. It’s quite reasonable for her to expect him to be hostile. Amnesia or not, she has flickers of remaining memory and it is beliavable that Raynor told her what she’s done, she just doesn’t remember. Or she’s lying, which makes loads of sense, because guilt and people being mad at you might not be good excuses, but they are good explanations.Bifrost28 Feb 13
Feb 12 Prebuilt bases are a scorge... In most cases prebuilt bases are a scourge, something highly annoying to work around, I wind up razing merc compounds or moving stuff around because its all in the way...mind you I have issues only one being OCD LOL. I'd rather have the resources a fulled loaded command center with SCV's and a tiny bit more time....that or let me move the damn merc centers around.....ZippyDSMlee20 Feb 12
Feb 11 Blizzcon and Blizzard games abridged : -Sc2 ? Here's Zeratul for ya, nothing else. -Heroes : We dropped any pretense of showing all Blizz characters, we're making new ones ! -WoW : Ready to follow Saurfang against Sylv... wait, why are you upset ? Well, at least Classic comes in 6 months right ? -HS : Mic problems. -Overwatch : McCree rival for ya. -HS : Trolls ! Trolls everywhere ! -Classic : WC3 REFORGED, YIPEE -Diablo : We made Diablo 3 for mobile, except we call it Diablo Immortal, because gameplay will be worse. Morality : WC3 REFORGED IS AWESOME.Marsaro500 Feb 11
Feb 9 Redheads I think we’ve been too harsh on this beautiful hair colour (in case of females) because of Kerrigan. Therefore, I raise another game. Name a fictional strong female character with red hair who does better job than Kerrigan. (I know, not that hard) My pick - Ygritte from Song of Ice and Fire/Game of ThrobesBifrost46 Feb 9
Feb 8 expansion for SC2 like SC? One thing I have seen from SC is that it had an expansion with 3 add new campaigns that being SC Brood war. With that being said it is unclear whether or not SC2 will also have their own virgin of a Brood war expansion. Mostly because of how SC 2 campaigns where given out as its own expansion. There is also the fact I remember a cut scene in SC2 Heart of the Swarm campaign where Kerrigan asked Stukov what will happen if the fleet from Earth came back and whether or not Stukov would join them. Hinting at the possibility of a SC3 or SC2 having their own virgin of a Brood war expansion.STARLORD1 Feb 8
Jan 30 Who do you think is stronger? Alarak or Artanis ? I feel like Alarak coulda owned Artanis if he wanted toLoochi153 Jan 30
Jan 26 Mastery Achievements on Brutal Regarding the Mastery achievements for Swarm and Void campaigns...the descriptions say they need to be completed in Hard mode. Do I not get the credit if I complete it in Brutal instead? I've only sampled 1 mission, and I'm sure I completed the objective...but not sure if I did not get credit because I did it on Brutal.Enigma5 Jan 26
Jan 20 I'm pretty sure they're about to kill Tosh. -Or at least set up up as the next minor villain. So for all of you that have no idea what I'm talking about, I suggest you go read the Shadow Wars Comics that Blizzard's been making. It's a decent story, in which several (kinda) memorable characters from previous campaign missions show up and make their marks. Niadra, Urun, Nova, and more- But the guy I'm concerned about here is Tosh. Now, the whole catalyst for conflict in this comic series has been jorium- a rare material that spectres use to mix with their terrazine as a sort of mental stability suppliment. It's also worth a small fortune, which is why the Dominion trespasses on protoss space for it in the first place. After aggrivating both them and the zerg, the main character (Elms) heads off to a shady-!@# city to sell it. In the city, one can see a spectre watching Elms as she passes, looking to meet up with Sirius so she can sell her recently-acquired haul. A betrayal and infested outbreak later (in which no spectre corpse can be seen), Reigel, and then Nova herself, shows up and buys the jorium off of them. After they get their pay and Elms decides to leave the other two surviving characters, a Reaper suddenly shows up, apparently having blown their ship open or something. Now, we have several indications of Tosh's involvement here First off, jorium- while Nova blowing up Tosh's store isn't canon, I have no doubt he's constantly in need of more to fuel his spectre army (or whatever he's doing with himself). Next, the spectre- Spectres are solely under Tosh's control. The one here is even wearing one of the suits he'd gotten from the Umojan Protectorate. (While yes, the Moebius Foundation had some, they're all dead or recovered now) Nova- Nova has a long history of not only hunting spectres, but Tosh himself. In WoL she tries to convince you to betray him. Luckily, Raynor isn't that stupid. Her sudden interest in Jorium is very suspicious. The Reaper- When you first meet Tosh in WoL, he helps you with your Jorium mining operations by giving you reapers- they're pretty much his signature unit. This reaper is conveniently attacking the ship in which a large shipment of Jorium had just been contained in. It isn't hard to connect the dots here. Now you may be thinking: "That's great and all, but I doubt they're going to kill him off." Yeah, well -Spoilers- They killed Urun off already. Not only that, but Nova's kinda Starcraft's favorite Mary Sue right now, what with Kerrigan dead (or "ascended", whatever). She's recently singlehandedly invaded and killed everyone in a Umojan space fortress (you know, the guys who're supposedly the smartest human faction around by far), including a shadowguard- Umojan psions so powerful and well trained that surviving an encounter with one was previously unheard of. She also did, y'know, all of NCO, in which she killed and beat the Tal'darim- you know, the hyperagressive warrior faction of a race that's physically, mentally, and technologically superior to humans by a mile- as well as an entire rebelling faction. Tosh has absolutely no chance against her. Not by a long shot. And with the direction they're taking this, I have no doubt that he's about to find himself on the shooty end of her rifle. No doubt they'll make him completely evil beforehand, so no one feels bad when he gets shot. I see two possible plotlines for the remaining comics. A- Nova comes out of nowhere and saves Elm from the reaper after a short skirmish, explains Tosh, and they go out and kill him. B- Reaper takes the three (Or just elms, knowing these comic writers) to Tosh, where he makes some threats or evil monologue before Nova shows up and kill him. Either way, he's probably dead. Which is a shame, because Tosh is one of the few remaining characters in SC lore with real potential to be an interesting character that could effect the later games in a large way. It'll be sad to see him go.Nathaniel66 Jan 20
Jan 18 Campaign editor tidbits Round 1: The Havoc heyo, it's TBO, who has been looking in the campaign editor to attempt some map-making again, and I have stumbled onto some completely irrelevant tidbits about some units, which I will no inflict upon you, the unfortunate reader of this thread. First up the Tal'darim Variant of the sentry: The Havoc. This thread will (Probably) be updated as I find more "cool" stuff. Feel free to contribute with your own interesting tidbits as well. Havoc (Tal'Darim Sentry). - Has two alternate names in the data editor, it's actor being named the Monitor and its passive aura and lock on abilities being prefaced with Observer. - Havoc is definitely a better name for a Tal'darim unit than Monitor so I can see why they eventually went with that. -I don't think blizzard would ever have seriously considered calling the thing observer, the name already being taken. Which bring up the interesting idea that they may have monkeyed around with giving the observer some abilities in the LotV campaign, but wound up scraping that and putting them on the havoc,TheBentOne0 Jan 18