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7h Blizzcon and Blizzard games abridged : -Sc2 ? Here's Zeratul for ya, nothing else. -Heroes : We dropped any pretense of showing all Blizz characters, we're making new ones ! -WoW : Ready to follow Saurfang against Sylv... wait, why are you upset ? Well, at least Classic comes in 6 months right ? -HS : Mic problems. -Overwatch : McCree rival for ya. -HS : Trolls ! Trolls everywhere ! -Classic : WC3 REFORGED, YIPEE -Diablo : We made Diablo 3 for mobile, except we call it Diablo Immortal, because gameplay will be worse. Morality : WC3 REFORGED IS AWESOME.Marsaro223 7h
13h please help hello , this is maybe the wrong place to post it , but i couldn't find any other , the problem is small but frustrating, when i do complete the campaigns on a higher difficulty its not updating on my profile ? why not ? is it suppose to only register the first time you go through the game ? please respondgraphic15 13h
17h What happen to Niadra? Niadra is a character from SC2 in heart of the swarm and the mission called enemy within, She attacks the protoss ship by collecting multiple strands of DNA from creatures in the ship and summons a small army without using resources to make a army. Is it because of the special evolution or because its a video game, will never know. she destroys part of the ship for travel and kills everyone in the ship and then talks to the queen of blades on what to do next. The queen of blades just says good work and leaves her forever and we never see her again in the entire game even in the protoss campaign.amanoob28 17h
1d What Games are you Playing Now? Out of curiosity, since I'm sure we all play more than just StarCraft, what games are you guys playing now? For me, I'm currently playing: - StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm - Mortal Kombat XL - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition - Doom 3: BFG Edition I usually play a few Versus AI sets every so often in Mortal Kombat XL; it's fun and is a good short-term burst of fun. My main characters are Mileena (Ravenous and Piercing) and Kitana (Assassin), and I also occasionally dabble with Triborg (Smoke). The discussion @Gradius and I really got into about Half-Life 2 got me nostalgic for older shooters, and I started playing Doom 3 (Xbox) for the first time in twelve years. Picked up the "BFG Edition" on the Steam Autumn Sale this weekend and am starting that instead of finishing an Xbox run. I might actually pick up the Orange Box again down the road. I also had the urge for a good, single player RPG, so I fired up my Xbox 360 version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim a few weeks ago. Was enjoying myself so I picked up the "Special Edition" via Steam this weekend. I'm playing as a High Elf for the first time in the franchise, and I'm playing as a Conjuration Mage (so a Necromancer, mainly).Juxtapose27 1d
6d Game Plus? It would be pretty cool to have a Game Plus where you can select every units (Instead of unlocked units) and perks from the Start. Can you guys implement those?GhostGiraffe5 6d
6d Mission Packs Zagara & Alarak/Heir to Artanis I want another mission pack like Nova's but for Zagara and her fights against competing brood mothers, the new Empire (and maybe the defenders of man) and the reformed Protoss. What evolution/essence does Zagara require to become the Heart of the Swarm? Maybe she has to contest with Niadra, who has just grown more and more until she finally formulated an attack on the Protoss (as her last instruction was "grow and defeat the Protoss"). What if Niadra's attack pissed off Alarak or even Artanis's son/apprentice/heir or something and they retaliate by attacking Zagara's brood on char. I think there is some potential here. The other pack could be a Protoss one using the heir to Artanis or maybe develop Alarak a bit more and have him compete with a challenger and her needs the "heir to Artanis"'s help. Or forget all that and bring the UED back and have them stir up trouble with some super enhanced ghosts that rival even Protoss psionic ability. And the UED can just go around threatening everyone like they do. I dont know but I'd pay for it!!BigE6 6d
Dec 1 I think I screwed up my WoL brutal run... So..... I'm by no means a master but I've gotten to the final mission on brutal in WoL (completed every other mission on brutal as well) but I think I might have put myself into an impossible position to win (at lest for my skill level). I opted to get rid of the nydus networks and receive heavy air attacks. The problem is I just get destroyed by brood lords and cannot build defenses that protect both lanes. I opted for the predition turret, orbital command, and zerg slow ray, I finally broke down and looked at some of the tutorials for this and it seems like they rely on the planetary fortress and mind control thingy which I don't have. So my question is, is there any way to change up the research once chosen? If I complete the mission on say hard can I come back later and complete the mission on brutal and still get the brutal campaign award? Finally say I decide to just redo the campaign from scratch to get the research I want and decide to speed run it through on casual or normal just to get through it. Can I then just do the last mission on brutal to get the achievements (seeing as I've already completed the other missions on brutal previously)? Or am I better off just waiting until my skill improves and keep grinding until I get it?CAPSLOCKSON26 Dec 1
Nov 29 Jonesing for more story/lore I just got done reading the StarCraft Evolution novel, and I found myself replaying the campaigns from the first StarCraft through LOTV. I'm looking for a place to voice for the community to see if we can't catch the attention of the developers to get more story put into the game like they did with Nova Covert Ops. I have seen many people asking for more mission packs. I would very much like to play a mission pack for the novel and other stories that are out there. I love playing co-op, so I'm not trying to take away from that, but it would be nice to have that feeling we did when playing through the campaigns again. Please take our money and get us some new missions =) who else out there feels the same, or would like to add an idea that could be build off of? I think it would be awesome to have another mini game added to the campaigns to where you get a chance to play the three races showing their point of view on events that are happening in the StarCraft universe. Some may say that's called Starcraft 3, but I don't think they need another game right now. StarCraft 2 is still awesome and could still be build off of.osmond5 Nov 29
Nov 29 Favorite Mission Mechanics I'm curious... Does anyone have any favorite mechanics that they saw during a mission? Like the Laser Drill in The Dig, endless waves of infested in Infested, or the platform in Templar's Charge? Like, anything you want to see in a sequel? I personally like the reinforcement concept from Brothers in Arms, The Reckoning, and The Host, as well as the garrisonable structures in Enemy Intelligence.heroix24 Nov 29
Nov 29 Worst Mission Mechanics We had favorites. So now, do the opposite. For me, the worst mechanic was when they tried to implement "story" choice missions for WoL. The reason I say story is because these choice missions come in two forms. You got the gameplay choice missions where you make a choice in order to change how the battle plays out in the next mission (All-In and the Korhal mission in BW), and you got the story choice missions where you make a choice, and it supposedly changes how the story plays out afterwards (Hanson and Tosh missions). The story missions of WoL added nothing. All they did was change around a couple lines when HotS comes around, and since one choice mission ended up being deemed canon anyway, it makes the other mission a complete waste of time. Overall, I was so glad that they got rid of trying to implement story choices. I'd rather see more choice missions that change how later battles play out.Retloclive24 Nov 29
Nov 27 Poor Amon Thank you Starcraft and Starcraft 2 teams for a epic roller coaster of rich characters. Thank you Blizzard for making such a epic lore to fit with your games. 10 out of 10 for iconic reward. =D I love his character build up. It's so rich. His despair and hatred of the gods shows his pain of being forced to be a god. A process only gods can undo. His wrath was just for this reason. In order to reverse the condition he has to get rid all that is there. Since gods has the power to make anyone into xengela as they wish it's the only course of action. Since this was out of selfishness of the gods it's clear they will use any means to protect themselves from the effects they have cause onto others. Amon knew this and knew how to break free so no one will be put into this situation again so in that sense he's saving life from a force burden. His dilemma of hatred and saving life caused him great pain. By being forced to be one his emotions outweigh the goodness of his heart. This leads to his downfall but to only coming so close to free the suffering that exist everywhere. By being a god the mind is enhance so much that it's incapable for humans to understand. This is how Amon understood the answers of eternal suffering. The answers he discover will not be like by all buts it's the only way for what they wish for. Amon is willing to sent suffering souls free which they has stated many times. In order for peace to be everywhere and 100% all the time without violence certain conditions has to be met. Hypocrisy has to be remove in order to do so all life that has this in them has to die because it will make it impossible to achieve peace otherwise. Temporarily doesn't check out. Most life forms has this. Amon seen the worst case scenario when humans keep fighting without end and colonize through wars that will all bring suffering to all. Humans beg and can only do some of the peace belief. Doing wars while hurting others is where Amon stepping in because humans are too stubborn to admit their faults. This is true for zerg and protoss. We humans are like this by design and part of our nature. We crave violence and want to be the only ones to do so not the rest. Wol and Hots taught us this. I'm sure sc1 and bw did to. Playing god. Through our way of life there's no way for us to not hurt others in the process. With this condition last remaining forces defeat Amon. This is good since he can now see clearly without being blind by hatred, however sufferings still continue. Amon died which he wanted after his plain success but his death came first. The perspective for each race is hard to do. To make it so there's a mixture where the reader or player can view through the eyes of beings/creatures in that race. Viewing how weak and strong a race is. The ladder to each race is on by their culture and behavior is very tricky to pull off with so many characters. Then save best for last which are the xengela's and Amon point of view while all those lower than them trying to understand but couldn't. To bring this to the reader or players is a powerful out look on black/white and gray viewings of life itself. The message is clear even though over majority of people will not agreed even it's the only choice to take. I love the creativity and the rich depths. When I first played sc1 I was 8 when it came out and couldn't understand nothing until I was in my late teens. I replayed each game to find out how deep depth the story goes. The secret levels helps a lot. Once wol came about I had most answers since they're doing a common trope for many things in the game story. Few answers I didn't come up with so I waited for Hots to come out. I keep finding more rich lore and I played lotv to find out the ending. I've replay all campaigns to see I miss stuff to find some stuff I did and few easter eggs. Those who're young wait until your much older to appreciate the story because it will show you stuff that being young can't do at the time. Not everything is cut and dry. There's tons of gray areas in this game story. It's normal not to get everything at once.Exmortis184 Nov 27
Nov 22 Nova Covert Ops vs Campaign Collection I have purchased WoL, HotS, LotV before SC2 is free to play. Now I want to purchase Nova Covert Ops(14.99$) and notice that it is included in Campaign Collection and cheaper(9.22$). Is there any different, should I purchase Campaign Collection instead?May1 Nov 22
Nov 21 What's difference Legacy Edition ?? Legacy of the void What's difference between Standard Edition & Digital Deluxe EditionPongpoj5 Nov 21
Nov 21 Digital Deluxe Edition Question I've got a question regarding the Digital Deluxe Edition in the Legacy of the Void goodies section it says "... and a new unit skin for StarCraft II" is it a single unit or is it a skin set?BERNZ2 Nov 21
Nov 21 Faction Creation So now that the war with Amon is long over, how about we go to a simple writing practice, hm? As many of you know, all three races in the StarCraft universe are fighting themselves as much as each other. The Zerg Swarm is permanently fragmented, with large groups of "Feral" zerg ever-present, Terran terrorist organizations run around doing whatever it is they want, and the Protoss..... well, considering the loss of the Khala, they're pretty much like Humans at this point. So, how about you, the forum-goers, post your own Protoss, Terran or Zerg faction here, it's name, motivation, origins, etc? This'll probably be fun and distract me from the boredom of my real life! :DTheUndermind25 Nov 21
Nov 20 Starcraft: Scavengers The first issue will be out soon-ish (twelve hours? i don't really have too much of an idea about whether dark horse subscribes to midnight releases or if it'll be longer) but we've got the description for the next two issues now so I think it's worth making the thread sooner rather than having a couple pop up at once. General warning for spoilers now, If anyone cares With the first issue being 32 pages and having some legitimately good writers a attached, I think I'm optimistic but the descriptions for issues two and three make me pretty cautious about it. The general gist of the plot (from the issue descriptions) seems to be: Scavengers stealing from a protoss ship > There's a dark templar still on the ship that murders them predator style > The scavenger captain reveals there's a big secret reason they're stealing from that protoss ship that goes beyond wealth acquisition and it's probably why the protoss is murdering them > dominion show up and go "stop stealing from that ship, we're going to shoot you now" That's.... fairly generic and straightforward, which is kind of a shame, but ive got faith there'll either be some kind of interesting twist on the formula or the character writing will pull through and make it enjoyable anywayTogetic38 Nov 20
Nov 20 Xel’Naga Artefact I know this information base on alternative timeline, but that doesn’t mean we can’t glean anything off of it. So in this alternative timeline, Zeratul survive his encounter with Artanis. It could be because his Void Seeker wasn’t destroyed or whatever. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that Zeratul could find the location of the Xel’naga Keystone. Unless in this alternative timeline they didn’t banished Amon by utilizing the Keystone, is it possible that the Keystone still out there somewhere in our ‘real’ timeline? Just hidden for most Protoss. Assuming that Blizzard still insists that Co-op occurs sometime between LotV and the Epilogue.Time19 Nov 20
Nov 19 Allocating solarite OK, I'll bite: how do you allocate solarite across all the options in the solar core? It isn't intuitively obvious to me. Also, one of the options is "deploy Fenix." How do you "deply Fenix" once you have enough solarite for that option?FatBaxter21 Nov 19
Nov 17 Should Blizzard try to make an fps SC game? i was playing planetside a while back and started to wonder if it could work with the StarCraft races. Planetside (for those who havnt played) invloves a 3-way war accross 3 worlds or distinct areas. the goal is to capture bases and outposts and in doing so grants you territory so you can expand even further. the 3 races in StarCraft would be a better option in this type of game as apposed to what planetside uses in 3 human empires with diferent ideologies use of types of ammo. this is just a vague thought that has minor followup thought behind it.Slappy16 Nov 17
Nov 17 No room for Starcraft 3: Aside from Nova style quests all the mysteries in the galaxy really seem solvedHOFF41 Nov 17
Nov 16 Mission packs when? I love co-op and all, but obviously the community wants mission packs now. There has to have been something in development after Covert ops.... everything got sidelined for Co-op. Didn't covert ops sell incredibly well though? Blizzard wants to make money, don't they? I will concede that reskinning assets for co-op is a lot less resource intensive than building an entire 9 misson story arc, but c'mon, there is a demand. Plz blozzerd, halp us out here.Klimpt40 Nov 16
Nov 16 If anyone is interested... I am releasing my first RTS game "Battlemore" tomorrow on Steam (Solo indie Dev here) Its very similar to a SC2 campaign and I made it for this community. You join the random escapades of a bloated military faction as they try to uphold peace through brute force. It has 15 missions with multiple factions. I hope everyone enjoys it.SorinHigh0 Nov 16
Nov 15 Church of Mengsk for beginners What is Church of Mengsk? An organisation devoted to spreading the Truth about Emperor Arcturus Mengsk established by Marsaro (Sword of Mengsk) and me (Shield of Mengsk) and protecting The Forum from Redheads (Charmed, Ravianna, Darth Yam Yam etc.) What is this Truth? Emperor Mengsk like the omniscient benevolent being He is, saved the Universe, Life and Humanity by proxy, because everything that led to Kerrigan’s Ascension, her joining SoK, her first infestation was because of Him. Even her second infestation which was done out of anger towards him. All of it. What are our main principles? Mengsk’s Justice, Hope, Wisdom and Flavor (which is yours to pick). Who are the current members? Marsaro (Sword), Bifrost (Shield), Time/TheVoid (Gunblade), Atlas (Wraith), (Vanguard )Amon, (Helmet) VoidRay, (Glass)Walter What are our secondary goals? Making fun of UnderMind, off-topicing threads through Hearthstone conversations and arguing about Warcraft. Faithful Cultist Praise Mengsk \o/Bifrost128 Nov 15
Nov 15 Why is Artanis and Zagara so useless? Like, honestly. You'd think that as an AI, they'd ACTUALLY know how to build a base, but apparently not. One Terran cannot be in 4 places at once, staving off three or more armies while also not using Kerrigan's laser. The Essence of Eternity is a joke at how badly made it is. No amount of strategies I have tried will allow me to ever overtake this on anything higher than Normal difficulty. Purity of Purpose is a near impossible achievement with these two jokes of allies. Literally the hardest mission and achievement in the entire damn trilogy of Starcraft 2. I hate it, and I hate Blizzard for making it.Sprite62 Nov 15
Nov 14 What are KMC and Umojan doing in End war? ^^^^NaIL22 Nov 14
Nov 13 -- in LotV Dominion can only slow golden Armada down but it is after attack on Char that 50% of the fleet suffered heavy damage, their father-son civil war that wipe more than 50% of their remaining fleet ,Warfield lost whole fleet of Gorgons to Kerrigan and finally Kerrigan kill most of their elite in her attack on Korhal. Can Dominion Fleet at it peak match Golden Armada?NaIL500 Nov 13
Nov 9 An idea for a custom campaign Zerg Campaign: Mission 1 You start with only one unit sitting in the middle of nowhere: a khaydarin Crystal. It just sits there. Then a feral drone comes into view and picks it up. You gain control of this drone and return it to the Hive Cluster it came from. Contact with the crystal turns the Hive and it’s units into yours, and you spend the time building up your forces. There are other hives on the map, under the faction ‘Feral Zerg’ and you can either destroy them or claim control of them by somehow getting the crystal close enough to their central Hive clusters. More to come....TheUndermind10 Nov 9
Nov 8 Psionic Unforeseeables Amon lived in a house of the Xel’nagas design. Though in retrospect the fact that he could use it went unpredicted and unnoticed so why is that?HOFF54 Nov 8
Nov 7 Favorite non-game characters We haven’t had a thread like this in a while and I have been thinking we could take a break from laughing at our resident Redhead.Bifrost6 Nov 7
Nov 6 Zeratul is alive! So I have a theory. It's just a bit half baked but I think it has some merit. In short, Zeratul was not killed by corrupted Artanis and may still be alive. First, lets examine what happens at his supposed death. Artanis is corrupted with the Khala. Zeratul tries to cut his nerve cords to free him, and a badass fight ensues. Eventually, the two of them play a suicidal game of psionic lightsaber chicken and while Zeratul successfully frees Artanis, he is injured. He falls to the ground and utters his final words. "The keystone will guide you to the xel'naga". And with that he collapses. He seemingly turns to dust and sails off leaving nothing but a tattered cloak and his warp blade. The first question I had seeing this was, why did he turn to dust and disappear? Protoss don't do that. Even with his powers, if he's dead he should just lay there and be dead. I then remembered, sometimes Toss do just disappear. In game in fact. Every single time you lose a Zealot, High Templar, or even Dark Templar, they don't bleed out, they disappear into nothing. Why? Well the Starcraft wiki answers that in better words than I could. ... And then ... And the possibility that he was teleported is supported in the cutscene. While some of his gear stays there, the rest of his armor (including his pauldrons, which probably supply his shield and emergency teleporter) also seems to turn to dust. This would be oddly specific unless his armor had to stay on him because it was what was teleporting him. So I believe it can be established with minimal doubt that his body was teleported away. This brings up some questions though. Did he survive afterward? If so, why did the others think he was dead when he could have just showed up again? To answer the first question we need to dive into Protoss biology. First we need to know where and how Zeratul was injured. If you watch his death sequence frame by frame you can see that the following events happen… -They lunge at each other -Zeratul raises his blade to block Artanis and to strike at his nerve cords -Artanis strikes at Zeratul’s head with one blade, and toward his chest with the other -Zeratul blocks the head attack, creating an obscuring blinding light We also see that his face is undamaged as we get a clear view afterwards, and while we never clearly see the wound, we can assume it came from the other blade, and left a stabbing wound through the chest. Now, we can assume that Protoss organs are mostly in the chest (they lose limbs and survive, often becoming dragoons or immortals). We also know Zeratul fell unconscious quickly, meaning his wound probably occurred in his heart. Now when a human is stabbed in the heart, they tend to die quickly, meaning he’d show up at the teleported location a corpse. Good thing Zeratul isn’t a human. According to Starcraft: Queen of Blades [a cannon book], Protoss have three hearts. Even if the blow injured one, there is reason to believe that he could survive for quite some time before brain death. And protoss technology surpasses our own so much that it's more than conceivable that a wound like that could be repaired. And now for the second question, why is he gone the rest of the campaign? Well, a normal protoss would teleport to the nearest safe base, but Zeratul is far from normal. He is a hermit. An exile. His teleporter would be set somewhere more personal (my guess, his sanctuary world from this He would have teleported there, been healed by waiting medical probes, and most likely stayed there. He would likely need time to recover and even once he did, why return to his people? At last recollection, many wanted to imprison him. Returning to Auir would bring up difficult times for him and his people. I believe that Zeratul, after healing up and watching from afar, pleased with the new found freedom and peace of his people set in motion originally by him, spent the remainder of his days chilling and meditating in some secret hideaway. Or maybe he found another ship and went on some adventures. Or maybe he did just die. Regardless, I think the chance that he survived is much larger than is clear at first glance.axon59 Nov 6
Nov 6 Are all of these missions timed missions? I've just got to mission 7, Sky Shield. Mission 4, 6 and 7 were timed, 5 was an insane pressure mission. Is Legacy of the Void ever going to just give me the time to build a base and get my forces the way I want them to before committing to an attack? Because this is really frustrating me to the point of tears. I already hate Protoss because of how unforgiving they are (lol too pants-on-head stupid to have any means of recovering/repairing units that took damage,) and I'm not getting any time to sit back and learn all these new units. Please tell me the time pressure lets up, soon. Because at this rate, this is the opposite of fun, and I'm seriously close to just watching the cutscenes on YouTube or something.ShadowDragon24 Nov 6
Nov 4 QoL updates for Campaign? So, multiplayer is looking at an update soon/recently, right? As seen in So, can some of those be ported over to the campaigns? I'm specifically thinking about stuff like the SCV selection priority, zerg burrow/unburrow changes, and transform into warp gate auto-cast. Even if Blizzard doesn't want to update the literal balance of the units (which has pros and cons), including these quality of life updates in the campaigns really doesn't have a downside. It'd be a small thing, but it'd improve the quality of the campaigns a little and unify the handling of the races across the modes.LostDeep3 Nov 4
Nov 4 Most Difficult Mission per Campaign The other thread about Essence of Eternity got me thinking about the harder Missions of the Campaigns and play styles. I absolutely agree with the lot of you that our own play styles make some missions harder than others for us. I've beaten everything on Brutal and gotten all of the Achievements save for some of the Lost Vikings one, so these days I normally play on Hard. For me, I find the hardest Mission per Campaign to be: - Piercing the Shroud - Supreme - Essence of Eternity - End Game For "Piercing the Shroud," I always find by the time I reach the second half of the Mission, I have just Raynor and _maybe_ a few other units left. This is the only Mission in "Wings of Liberty" that I need to save all the time and do lots of reloads. For "Supreme," it's only the Zurvan battle that gives me trouble. I can do it, but find I have to reload a few times. My forces just get obliterated pretty quick. For "Essence of Eternity," I have a game plan for that Mission that works well, and I now find it easier than, say, "Piercing the Shroud," but it's the most hectic Mission for me in all of "Legacy of the Void." I am able to keep both allies alive now though, and I typically use Planetary Fortresses with Siege Tank wedges at key spots, and lots of Supply Depot walls. For "End Game," I had trouble with this Mission until I found out you could block the Xanthos in, but now that that bug is fixed, I'll need to go back to Battlecruisers with Tactical Jump to try and snipe the Xanthos quickly. I expect I'll still need to do multiple reloads. Special mention to "Dark Skies," the only Mission on Hard that I've never completed the Bonus Objective on. I've actually had to float a Barracks to the bottom left corner with some Battlecruisers for protection while Nova cleans up everything else, as my bases tend to get wiped near the end.Juxtapose19 Nov 4
Oct 31 Prequel Mission Packs? So, we saw the Nova Covert Ops, which showed what happened AFTER the End War...but what about before it began? Maybe show Tosh drifting from place to place before joining Raynor in WoL? Follow Zagara or Naktul or another Broodmother as they served the Queen of Blades before her downfall? Selendis as she leads the Golden Armada against returning Swarm and maybe the Tal'darim and Dominion? What do you all think?heroix33 Oct 31
Oct 31 Ulrezaj Prison Crystal was on Shakuras... From Ulrezaj wiki: "Despite the cost to herself, she (Zamara) used the nexus of energies which the Alys'aril sat on, similar to those used by Ulrezaj, to trap him in the crystal she herself was transferred into. The crystal containing the dark archon and Zamara was then transported to Shakuras to be guarded." As we know Shakuras was detonated and utterly destroyed on Legacy of the Void so this leaves with many question and hypothesis... Was the crystal destroyed during the Explosion? If that is the case, is Ulrezaj dead because of its destruction? Or he's now free because of it? If he's now free what happened to Zamara? Is she free as well or was easily consumed by Ulrezaj essence when trapped on the Crystal? What if the Crystal instead somehow survived the explosion of Shakuras... Where is it? Was it found by someone that freed Ulrezaj from it? All these speculations leave me with only one thing certain... Blizzard didn't pay too attention when destroying Shakuras, or something like "There's also Ulrezaj imprisoned on this planet" would have been taken in consideration... I don't really think that Vorazun had the time to set a squad to Ulrezaj prison to deal with it while her entire planet was being ravaged by hundred of thousand of hybrids and zergDefilerRulez30 Oct 31
Oct 30 Wings of Liberty Protoss Research Upgrades Hey all, I'm presently choosing upgrades I haven't used before, and I need to ask about Micro-Filtering. To confirm: Your SCVs or Auto-Refineries simply mine the existing gas 25% faster, correct? It doesn't add any additional gas to the geyser itself or to the amounts your SCV's bring out?Juxtapose3 Oct 30
Oct 28 StarCraft: Interbellum Hello everyone, I mentioned a few times that I was working on a Custom Campaign for StarCraft: Remastered, and while this is obviously a StarCraft II forum, since the story is relevant I thought I'd post about it here regardless. My Campaign is called StarCraft: Interbellum, and it's set between Starcraft: Brood War and StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. Lore-wise, the story is written to explain various points that weren't properly explained in the sequels. This includes things like how Kerrigan came to find out about Ulaan, Raynor's change of heart towards Kerrigan, the Dominion's involvement in the Hybrid program, and more. Essentially, it's meant to bridge the gap between the game's stories with greater consistency. If you are interested in playing my Campaign, I released it in three Mission Packs, the last of which just went live several moments ago. They can be downloaded at StarEdit Network here: Mission Pack 1: Mission Pack 2: Mission Pack 3: I used both StarEdit and ScmDraft 2.0 on the project, no modding though, so all original first party assets. Should you take the time to play it, I truly hope that you enjoy it! Let me know what you think, and I'm curious if you'll be able to find all the secrets and Easter eggs I tossed in as well.Juxtapose8 Oct 28
Oct 24 WoL: Overhaul The wings of liberty needs looking at, its really showing its age compared to co-op and the other expansions. For example when u load into a mission Workers don't automatically start harvesting compared to HotS and LotV also an Archives feature isn't implemented in all this time, if this could be fixed that would be great.LRDOFTRR22 Oct 24
Oct 23 Pros and Cons of the Epilogue After hearing a lot of people complain about it in the forums, I went back and played it again. Here are my thoughts. Storywise: Many people dislike the epilogue due to it's story, and I can see where their coming from. The whole space angel thing seemed like it was thrown in to eliminate any possibility of another campaign involving the three main characters. Many elements seemed forced and convenient, such as Kerrigan just "sensing Amon in the void." Despite this, the final slides show us a satisfying conclusion to what became of everyone. The development of the Dominion, Zagara containing the Zerg, and the unification of the Protoss, (with the exception of the Tal'Darim.) It resolves all the problems the characters have faced throughout the entire Starcraft story. Even Raynor and Kerrigan complete their story arc; finishing the game with the iconic line, "Hell, it's about time." Gameplay: After replaying these missions, I remembered just how difficult they can be. On top of the countless enemies and void energies, I felt like I was babysitting me allies, who were incapable of doing anything themselves. This is most prevelent on mission 2. Even while I was trying to pile on siege tanks at my allies defenses, they struggled to get more than two defensive structures. Artanis ran out and got himself killed within 30 seconds of the first difficult wave. The other missions were significantly better, despite your useless allies. I enjoyed the epilogue, even though it had several flaws. What did you all think?Zodiac58 Oct 23
Oct 21 Overmind and PSI emitter Hi all! I have this question in mind since SC 1 and I don't think it was answered in the canon, but I can be wrong... Anyway, I never understood the relation between Overmind and the PSI emitter. We find out about Zerg and PSI emitter in episode I, but information on Zerg was so scarse for the SoK at the time that they even believed that Zerg could have been created as a weapon by the Confederacy... Then we know that Mengsk, understood the capacity of the emitter to "call out" Zerg used it to summon Zerg on his designed objective (Antiga Prime, Tarsonis ecc...). At the time I hadn't any problem with this, since Zerg were showed to be basically mindless animals, so easy to trick and to be used. But then in Episode II we found out that the Zerg got a very intelligent being and that is objective all along was to capture Kerrigan (which the Overmind tracked thanks to her PSI emission)... What I never understood was: the Overmind knew that its Zerg were being used by Mengsk? Were the Zerg really tricked by the PSI emitter? Was the Overmind all along simply tracking Kerrigan (after all the PSI emitter was always used in the vicinity of Kerrigan...) So, basically, I never understood if Overmind was or not conscious that its Zerg were being used as weapon by other Terran, if it didn't know or if it simply didn't care (as long its final objective could be retrieved, Zerg were expendable). To me it seems a bit silly that a very intelligent being like Overmind could be tricked by something "simple" like a PSI emitter... Do you guys have an answer? ThanksXelNaga19 Oct 21
Oct 18 New skin system has lore tidbits The new patch has brought a skins tab, and with that a short lore paragraph like they have in Heroes of the Storm. None of it is particularly new information and mostly just flavour lore, I ironically found the pylon to have the most interesting information, although the revelation that Karax's air shooting adept prototypes are intricate handcrafted by Karax to the point that the Daelaam can't mass replicate them is actually fairly interesting The "'origional" or "default" pylon states that the daelaam has already reconstructed their warp matrix, while the "Judicator" pylons are apparently leftover relics that used to adorn The Heart Of The Conclave.Togetic151 Oct 18
Oct 15 Lost all saves and can't join any campaign I'm having trouble with my SC2 campaigns, can't start, neither load or save any game.YaDCoLDKiLL2 Oct 15
Oct 13 Playing campaign with friends? Don't you think it will be really fun if we can play campaign with friends? Something like archon mode or co-ops ?CptPrice4 Oct 13
Oct 12 Ultra Capaciters Bug Hey all, Does anyone know if this bug was fixed in the Campaign? Thanks.Juxtapose3 Oct 12
Oct 12 Will we be getting more Mission Packs? Topic. I liked Nova's, it was a fine story and the new art assets and gameplay mechanics kept me entertained and it felt worth the price. I wouldn't mind seeing more. Two in particular I think could be done, a Zagara and Niadra campaign, and a Vorazun vs Ulrezaj campaign, which would give us one for each race.DrakeyC26 Oct 12
Oct 10 Infestation Hey all, I just read Shadow Wars Part VIII, and that was an interesting way to do an infestation. Looks like Gary's turning somewhat Zergling-ish as opposed to a more traditional looking Infested Terran. As I recall he got tagged by a Larvae or parasite a few issues back. Have we ever seen that kind of infestation process before in the games? Typically, the Zerg infest via spores and Biophages (SP?). We of course saw Kerrigan create Niadra, but she was used on a Protoss.Juxtapose4 Oct 10
Oct 10 Top 100 why Kerrigan is evil (Ceci est un appât à rouquin, vous le saurez en utilisant le traducteur automatique de votre moteur de recherche :D) Ladies and Gentlemen ! By the light of Arcturus Mengsk, here you will find the 100 reasons why Kerrigan is the most evil person ever. Why 100 ? Because it's red (head) ! 1-She killed her mother and damaged her father's brain in her anger as a child. Creepy and horrific as f*k. 2-She let a kitty die in horrible pain in order to not show her powers. Selfish @sshole. You already showed them with your parents. Only a spawn of Satan would kill a kitty. That should already be enough to prove her hellish nature. 3-Ditto with her braindead father. Without the kitty part, fortunately :3 4-She participated in the assassination of Mengsk's family. Good thing our righteous Emperor has infinite mercy. Because that is pure unholiness. 5-On top of that, she took the heads of the family and made them disappear. That's freaking heresy. "Points to Arcturus's Mercy" 6-Once rescued from the Confederacy, she has the chance to finally leave all this violence and live peacefully. Her choice ? Be an assassin for a well-known terrorist organisation. Murdering people is fun ! >< 7-She realized Raynor's description of his son's death was the official excuse for disappeared ghosts, yet never told him about that despite the chance of maybe finding him. Jealous woman... 8-She was aware of the Genocidal methods used on Tarsonis by the SoK. While less evil people like Raynor were starting to gather and prepare to leave, she however chose to repel the Protoss coming to save the civilians, willingly allowing the Swarm to kill everyone on the planet. Adding "complicity in a Genocide" to her list of crimes. 9-Who can forget her sadistic nature as she spares Raynor against the Overmind's order, proving her autonomy, while destroying all his means of leaving the planet ? Not me, with Mengsk's Blessing I won't forget ! 10-Adding to 9, she tortures him mentally. The man who was the most supportive of her. Ungrateful b!tch. 11-Overmind is dead (Sorry Undermind :( ). She is free to choose her destiny. What does she decide to do ? Gain control of her Swarm for power ! 12-She mind control Raszagal. That's low even for you, gal. Exploiting a senile granny won't make you look good. 13-Backstab Aldaris. With Lurkers. While he was talking. F*kin coward. 14- She rubs Stukov's death in DuGalle face. He's your enemy, true, but come on... 15- She Infests poor Morians workers to help her economy. A prelude to the injust social dumping Zagara is doing with her farm planets. 16-She uses Spawn Broodling on Fenix before gloating about it on front of Raynor. F*k you. 17-At the same time, she kills Duke to torture Arcturus. You know it wouldn't affect our righteous Emperor Arcturus Mengsk right ? You're only looking petty. 18-She rubs her enslavement of Raszagal in front of Zeratul. At least she's proud of her evilness. But still evil. 19-She also keeps her prisoner. That's so mean and useless... 20-Once Zeratul killed his Matriarch, she allows him to leave with his guilt. No wonder why he's talking to himself until his end. Psychological torture is evil.Marsaro200 Oct 10
Oct 10 DEATH BATTLE! Episode 1 Sons of Korhal Kerrigan vs Nova during Defenders of Man Insurgency! Who do you think would win? (I’ll rest my pick for now.)Bifrost332 Oct 10
Oct 5 Shadow Wars (again) We don't have a thread about it, so here's one. The art is different this time, a bit less clean but it's mostly fine. I do have trouble telling some zerg species apart with this style, and the protoss sometimes have some wonky poses but it's still pretty good It seems like Niadra has joined the fray to personally crack some protoss bones, while she's tricked/diverted the terrans into a trap to separate them (Judging by how only Alms can detect a zerg attack brewing from in the cave, i'd say it's an intentional trap) It's a little odd the protoss could just call in air support since they already scrambled all their fighters to take on the terrans, but they died so quickly it's something i don't particularly mindTogetic159 Oct 5