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2h Amon and Khala Had been wondering about this. Does Amon is capable to corrupt Khala at will or he needs a specific condition or timing to do so? I mean, why would he had waited all the Protoss came to Aiur only to take over them? Does it ever explained how the hell he did that?Kilometer14 2h
5h Ouros is evil? As all of you guys (all that count) know about my own interpretation of the story. In my own naractive Ouros is just a recon charector put in at the last minute in a very jagged shape that makes Kaldir arc smooth by compassion. And yet, some of you guys say that he is an a-hole and such. My question is why? I mean at best he is just a side charector who doesn’t do anything other than move the plot forward in the epilogue. (@Brother Bifrost For the sake of this discussion, please acknowledge that we do have the epilogue.) We could totally take him out and then substitute him with a Xel’naga corpse. Kerrigan could simply absorb the essence of eternity and ascend that way no problem. (Just as was shown in HotS, Abathur can revive dead Ultralisk, so it shouldn’t be far fetch.) Given how of little consequence he is, I’m just can’t see him as either good or evil. It’s like saying that the Keystone is evil. Note: while I know for sure that Brother Bifrost think he is evil, I’m pretty sure other poster also agree. I welcome reply from ‘all’ poster... which I’m well aware of the consequence... (Regreting it as I type.) For Arcturus’ sake, please give me some sensible answer before devolve this topic into another ‘Kerrigan is angelic being’ debate? Not sure what to call it anymore...Time154 5h
5h Multiplayer Hey all, While we normally talk about the story and lore of the franchise here, I'm curious how many of you play the Multiplayer version of the game as well? Do you play Unranked, Ranked, Co-Op Commanders, Custom Games, Archon Mode? What League have you placed in, and was it in 1v1, 2v2, etc.? Which Race do you main and what's your off-Race? For me, I just started playing Unranked back in June and switched to Ranked in July. I started at the end of the previous Season and finished in Silver Tier 2, I think. This Season I've reached Gold Tier 1, and this is all 1v1 on the Americas server. I play as Random every match, as I have with any RTS, and in StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void I'm best with Protoss and worst with Terran. My best match up though seem to be Zerg vs Zerg, and my worst is without question Terran vs Terran.Juxtapose0 5h
7h Mengsk and Saving Humanity With Marsaro's recent satirical posts on Mengsk, I actually started thinking more about the original game and the motivations of the character, and an interesting point for actual discussion: Did Mengsk actually save humanity in Starcraft? By that I mean, he toppled the Confederacy solely by using the Zerg thanks to the Psi Emitters. Let's hypothesize that he never acquired them from the Jacob's Installation and had to continue his guerilla war as he always had before. He would not have been able to crush the Confederacy and form the Dominion, which in a short space of time outperformed the longer enduring Confederacy of Man. He also would not have abandoned Kerrigan to the Zerg in which case they wouldn't have found their "ultimate weapon" to combat the Protoss and would have continued scouring Terran space in search of suitable psionic potential. Had the Confederacy indeed survived and remained in power, do you think they would have been able to beat back the Zerg, or do you think humanity, through the Zerg's more prolonged search, would have been consumed? While both the Confederacy and the Dominion are corrupt governments, and both the Old Families and Mengsk were concerned with acquiring and maintaining power, one core difference is the Confederacy highly prioritized making profit (they had been secure in their power for a long time), while Mengsk was more focused on upkeeping his power base and defending it more aggressively. Thoughts?Juxtapose169 7h
7h Installing Starcraft II mass recall I'm having trouble installing this I've put everything in the folder containing my starcraft II .exe file if I run the setup as non administrator it tells me that 'cscript' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. Checking installation.. The following files were not found: "1. Rebel Yell\Terran01.SC2MAP", despite both the zip file and the extracted SCMRmaps1_v6.2 folder containing the map If I run as administrator it tells me I'm in the wrong folder despite C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft II being the folder that contains my starcraftII.exe file I have noticed that starcraftII.exe no longer starts the game directly but merely opens is that a problem?trickyness12 7h
8h Koprulu Sector Map Firstly let me post this image: It lies in my computer and I am unable to recall how I got this. I search in google but can't find it. It seems that it's on the wall which implies it might be in blizzard hq which means it might be the canon map of Koprulu Sector, yet I can't be so sure about it. Any thoughts?Ascalon414 8h
17h No Master archive for terran/zerg campaign? So I noticed the protoss campaign allows you to replay any mission with maxed out customization that you can change as you please in the master archives. but as far as I can tell the terran and zerg campaigns don't have this feature in their archives. Why? I would love to replay so many missions with fine tuned upgrades for that mission. I feel like there is a lot of replay value being lost.seaplusplus1 17h
22h No Production Campaign Runs revisited A few years ago a challenge was presented to do a WoL run on casual difficulty without producing any units at all to see how easy casual difficulty is. Turned out it wasn't that difficult save for a couple of missions that required a ton of babysitting. I even did it on normal difficulty, which was considerably harder. Now I'm gonna try doing this on normal difficulty for HotS and LotV (I initially tried it on casual and found it laughable). The conditions are straightforward - do not morph any units, even drones. Abilities are ok - including zergling reconstitution. I'm almost done with the HotS campaign - Kerrigan can solo a lot of stuff obviously; so missions she is not available are bit more challenging. I'm already at the Korhal missions, so I'm guessing it shouldn't be too hard at this point. As for LotV, I dunno if using the spear of adun ability to generate free units would be considered "cheating". I don't think 10 free zerglings every so often are nearly as useful as 4 protoss units. Anyway, I was just curious if anyone else wanted to try this little endeavor.Kramerica4 22h
1d We need a Stukov-centric Mission Pack Stukov seems like the perfect candidate for a Mission Pack, one where you lead his infested forces on a campaign to establish their own place in the Koprulu Sector. Given that he was loyal to Kerrigan, and not Zagara, I can't imagine he'd be welcome with the Zerg indefinitely. Here's a rough idea on how the story could go. ... Sounds a bit like Sylvanas' campaign in WC3, I know, but this seems like the best direction that Blizzard could go in. For some campaign specifics, I have the following thoughts. After leaving Char, Stukov locates the graveyard where the last of the UED Expeditionary Force were wiped out at the end of Brood War. There he finds the Aleksander, and makes it into his flagship. While looking for resources (or something of the like), Stukov comes across Lt. Morales, who used to be under his command before his "death". Helping her out of a jam with the Umojans, she joins him despite his infested state, though he does not have her infested (he lets her choose). Stukov's gameplay should be somewhat similar to his co-op playstyle, though with a little less in the way of "unlimited units". I also would not have Stukov on the front-lines every mission, but only in some select cases. Also, we need at least a FEW Hybrids to fight, rather than them being completely absent (they can't ALL be dead after Amon's death).That's just for starters. If you have your own ideas, feel free to share them. But seriously, Blizzard needs to give Stukov a campaign of his own.darkdill7 1d
1d Ingame Cinematic Lore So I watched the intros for all three parts of starcraft 2. Something struck me: Intro 1: Wings of Liberty How does Tychus use the bathroom? How does he cut his toenails? Intro 2 & 3: Ultralisk in Heart of the swarm is big like the skyscrapers. Ultralisk in Legacy of the Void is kinda - elephantlike?Crusher5 1d
1d Starcraft ladies rated Both SC1 and SC2. Rate them how you find appropriate. Short list, long list, ones you love, ones you hate. ... I am fully aware of the inevitable fate of this thread.Bifrost17 1d
3d Will we be getting more Mission Packs? Topic. I liked Nova's, it was a fine story and the new art assets and gameplay mechanics kept me entertained and it felt worth the price. I wouldn't mind seeing more. Two in particular I think could be done, a Zagara and Niadra campaign, and a Vorazun vs Ulrezaj campaign, which would give us one for each race.DrakeyC24 3d
4d Lore-Wise - Psionic Storm So in lore-wise, does Psionic Storm has the power to destroy buildings?Kilometer7 4d
5d Why did Zurvan attack Kerrigan? Now we already know why he attacked Kerrigan. What I want to know is why he didn't utilize the ancient pool of the Primals himself to gain the power that Kerrigan gained? Was there something stopping him from using that pool, or did the pool need something that only Kerrigan had to unlock is power?RayoftheSun26 5d
Oct 16 Starcraft: Mass Recall I've been playing Starcraft: Mass Recall for the first time over the last week and a bit, and I'm having a blast with it. Hats off to the mod team that put it together; not only is it just so much fun to revisit the classic story with a fresh coat of paint and modern interface, but the extra little cutscenes that have been added thus far are great! I'm presently just starting Zerg 8 in the original game, playing on Normal.Juxtapose12 Oct 16
Oct 16 Is there a such thing as good and evil? Or is it merely a social construct. I am talking about both real life and in perspective on the game(as well as personal perspective). This topic is for discussing all of these viewpoints. Have you ever had a "villain" that you somewhat sympathized with or sort of felt more inclined to side with? I personally feel that good and evil are merely social constructs as dispite most people being inclined to say there is good and bad people in this world. The very unpopular reality of such a belief though is that, if good and evil merely are social constructs then... it means that some of the worst people imaginable in this world can be totally justified in what they are doing. So lets get this discussion started. FYI: My reason for asking this question is because I noticed Blizzard calls many of their prime characters heroes even though many"Heroes" have often done horrible things.RayoftheSun19 Oct 16
Oct 16 Zerg Hierarchy post-end war So from what we have been explictly told: Zagara is overqueen of the swarm, and she has broodmothers serving under her, Abathur has been removed from being a commander, and is under constant watch due to his little stunt in the one day war, so he's effectively entirely removed from the chain of command now. But the question is, what happened to the Primals, And Infested forces under Dehaka and Stukov. Both Dehaka and Stukov are bare minimum as strong as Zagara, with Dehaka being brute strength, and Stukov having incredibly psionic potential, either greater than or equal to nova. Both of these have basically an entire sub-faction to them, and I'm curious what exactly happened to them. The only hint we have is non-canon source Heros of the storm suggesting Stukov was loyal to Kerrigan, not the Swarm, which I doubt is real canon considering he really doesn't have anywhere else to turn. So are Dehaka and Stukov just independent now, or are they considered "broodmothers" for lack of a better word. Looking for discussion and theories, and lets try and keep it civil :3Skullhawk8 Oct 16
Oct 16 Your favorite character... Based on what cards you love. Druid : Sarah Kerrigan. A natural shapeshifter, you can of course do pretty much everything, whether it's jumping into melee and swiping your foe, or staying at a distance to support your ever spreading monsters, your favorite ones being the ever adapting flappy mutalisks and bitter hydralisks (Or were, your tastes are changing...). No one should harm your lover, or they'll face the Wrath of your Swarm and its Ultimate Infestation. Hush, Jimmy. Hunter : Nova Terra. Everyone knows that one. Whether your target is in a good armored marine suit, or in the middle of all his allies protecting him, or both, you'll always find a way to shoot him in the face. As he tries figuring out what could be the secret of your skills, you're already out somewhere with a command to kill another poor target. Mage : James Raynor. You're the most basic guy in the sector, yet you can still put on a good fight with your old yet efficient Artillery. After a series of personal tragedies, you're reduced to a door-revolving wreck, yet don't lose hope, for you'll always have a plot arm... er Ice Block to save you in every situation. Paladin : Artanis You're the most noble guy out there, and it shows. Your allies seems weak, but you'll always have their support anywhere, and you'll make an unstoppable forces out of those fishes out of water with your gentle advices. If your enemy has not yet conceded before you, you can still unleash your final weapon, so devastating they'll call your spear "Ashbringer" Priest : Tassadar. All the hopes of your people are on your shoulders in their final hours, and despite the initial letdown of your purification methods, you'll not fail them. With the light of the Khala, you'll protect and heal the wounded, preserving countless lives. But you also have learned the dark arts of the Void, and when you're not playing mindgames with the Druid, you'll unleash those dark powers to overwhelm even the most powerful Swarm. If you mix both powers together.... well, you're one of a kind, and truly a godlike Highlander. Rogue : Zeratul. In the shadows, you're moving. Nobody is seeing you, and before they can, they'll be stabbed in the back and eviscerated by your psi blades, and you'll vanish without a footprint. And you clearly have the mammal glands required to make a distraction should you get caught. There's just one problem : STOP.TALKING.TO.YOURSELF. Seriously, it's a miracle no one ever punched you in the face. At least your quest has come to an end. Shaman : Abathur. At first, people will laugh at you : Ooooh, look at this cute broodling, what can it possibly doooooAAAAAH !!!!!!!.... While people are busy being torn apart by token Zergs with minimal amount of essence, you're making 4 monsters 7 days a week to overload them with pressure, creatures from below will pop out of nowhere to stall them, and you'll design the final evolution of your minions to finish those fools. Stay away of the Priest tho, and beware the Druid's mood. Warlock : Alarak Power.... it always comes with an hefty price. For you however, discarding your worthless zoo of an army is cheap as hell. For your enemies, you're a nightmare to behold, for you can unleash the fires of hell with your demonic vessels, and you'll always drain life out of some stupid schmuck. Of course your minions hate your guts as much as the Paladin's ones love him, but as long as you can claim victory, it's not a problem. Just avoid annoying the hunter. You're a sadist, not a masochist after all... Warrior : Tychus Findlay. Think about what your opponents sees in you. At first, this ever armored dude is just a boring fight in perspective. And while you have enough taunts to drag the fight forever until they die of fatigue, you very much prefer the good old methods of your pirate days, facestomping them like an enraged berserker before you can even say "I'm in charge now". If there's one recommandation I can give : Don't go in bar brawls too often. It often turns into a lottery, and you're not a good patron anymore, so go there with parcimony.Marsaro32 Oct 16
Oct 14 Could Zerg exist in real life? I am talking about creatures that are capable of mutating into drastically changed organisms within a matter of seconds, beasts that have armor so tough that it can resist military grade bullets and small explosions, become capable of damaging high grade metals, and an entire species that evolved do space travel purely by biological evolution(or maybe the tampering of a higher race). Cause this basically the kinds of things that the zerg are capable of doing.RayoftheSun35 Oct 14
Oct 14 Worst campaign concepts in the game Pretty straightforward topic. What concepts do you think have done the most damage. We are talking about both gameplay and lore. In a non-specific order Amon's whole existence Keystone Prophecy Ambiguity of split-choice missions and lack of follow-up Untouchability of protagonists in WoL, HotS and Epilogue Difficulty of evolution missions Hybrids as the main antagonists Some upgrades and units being totally useless, especially in WoL (e.g. Medivacs if you have Hercules dropships, Predators, Reaper upgrades, Wraiths and their upgrades...) Lack of Protoss in first two expansions Nyon Ouros and Ulnar HM - The infamous Overmind retcon, which is sometimes useful.Bifrost192 Oct 14
Oct 13 Why WOL didnt have Master Archives? Just finish all of the campaign a few hours ago, but still wondering why in WOL theres no master archive like hots or Lotv? Is it because WOL have challange option? still that didnt have anything to do with master archive,... every time if we load an old save game, the existed archive also loaded from the save game...NetBattler20 Oct 13
Oct 13 Looking to Listen... I tried searching this forum and multiple Google searches, but I can't find the different dialogue variations with the characters on the Hyperion in Wings of Liberty based off what mission order you're doing things laid out anywhere anymore. Can anyone link where all the different dialogues can be found?Padraic1 Oct 13
Oct 12 Possible Idea for Starcraft 3? So after Starcraft 2's epilogue where everything was peaceful and happy, I thought about a possibility of Starcraft 3 in the future. The problem with it would be what to do for a storyline, and I thought of a few things that could be the case. Terrans: A new expeditionary force of the UED returns to the Koprulu sector and sees all of the crazy !@#$ that's happened there. Protoss: The Tal'Darim, lead by Alarak, on a quest to find a new homeworld. Zerg: The new queen from that lost Protoss Carrier (I forget her name) comes back and finishes her quest to destroy the Protoss. This would also be essential because Blizzard pretty much forgot that she existed in LotV. Any thoughts/criticisms?FELCom73 Oct 12
Oct 12 Any chance for BW campaign official remake? Hi guys. After playing Starcraft Remastered campaign I wonder is there any chance that Blizzard will make an official remake of sc-sc brood war campaign in SC2? I know about Mass Recall and it is great, but I believe and official remake would be even greater. So, what do you think?Agroprom6 Oct 12
Oct 11 Roll 2 Dodge: Story Forums Edition. The one stop shop for all our off topic role playing shenanigans, and the place In which TheBentOne Shamelessly steals an idea from Xer and lifts a game from JRB (Nobody posts there anymore, they won't notice. *shhhhhh*). So, for those unfamiliar with the concept, in this crazy world you can attempt to do anything, from purifying worlds from high orbit, to constructing additional pylons, or trying to figure out what mutalisk wings taste like (Hint, they taste like the flesh of your mouth dissolving.). The only catch, is that when you attempt to do these things, i or somebody else that I have authorized (*cough* Kelthar *cough*) roll a 6 sided die to determine your level of success. For Example. Tassadar: I attempt to convince Aldaris to authorize a strike on the cerabrates. 1: Lethal failure: You don't even get to send the message, a minor electrical glitch in the ships transmission system cascades out of control for no apparent reason and vents the entire ship into space. Tassadar is dead. 2: Failure: Aldaris doesn't bite, in fact hes so ticked you consorted with the dark Templar that he up an sends a fleet after you. Tassadar is Vulnerable. 3: Grey area: Aldaris takes your advice into consideration but decided he doesn't have the forces to act on it. He says he'll ignore your collusion with the dark templar if you return to Aiur at once. Tassadar is Fine 4: Marginal Success: Aldaris agrees to trust you just this once, he's sending Fenix and Artanis after the cerebrate. You did remember to tell him only void energies can damage it right? Tassadar is fine. 5: Great success: Aldaris is super enthused by the idea and not only does he assault the cerebrate, but he gives you your old job back. Tassadar is good. 6: Extreme success: Turns out Aldaris mistook the overmind for a Cerebrate and Fenix killed it with his bare hands, that went pretty well huh? Tassadar is great. Over the course of the game tags may be applied to you. These tags grant roll modifiers. Not all of them are pleasant. Exiled - out of the game unless someone specifically summons him. Cannot roll. Dead - could be revived accidentally or on purpose. -2 to all rolls. Injured - not in the best shape. -1 to all rolls. Vulnerable - off balance. -1 to Dodges. Fine - nothing wrong here. Good - +1 to all rolls. Great - +2 to all rolls. Prepared - +2 to Dodges. Giddy - +3 to non-Dodge rolls. Ascended - +3 to all rolls. Cannot be Killed, Exiled, or Injured. if somebody tries to do horrible things to you, you get to roll2dodge, to determine what limbs I get to cut off, (if any.). Ok gentle beings. Give it hell.TheBentOne232 Oct 11
Oct 9 Enemy Intelligence For some time now, I've been somewhat obsessed with this mission. I've played it over and over with a view to finishing it in as short a time as possible while achieving the The Invisible Woman objective and rescuing the prisoners. The other objective, Bunker Rush, is rather silly; two bunkers in 10-minutes! I finally got all five in under 8! One could perhaps shave a few seconds by not going after the prisoners, but that wouldn't be right, now would it? One could speed up the mission a bit by killing a few Defenders, but I've manged a respectable 10:42. I wonder if one could do it in under 10-minutes without the prisoners or the objective. I'm going to try to fight the urge to find out. Does anyone else ever obsess over a mission to this extent?DiamondDave46 Oct 9
Oct 8 If Nova was the queen of Blades? How drastically would this alter the storyline up till the defeat of Amon? I rather imagine a number of things would be quite different and what role would Kerrigan likely play in all of this. In this scenario, I am also assuming Kerrigan never got infested in the first place, but nova was the one sent to aid ray nor and left behind by Mengsk.RayoftheSun11 Oct 8
Oct 8 What keeps Stukov from dying? One thing I often wondered about Stukov in particular is that why he does not die from being infested? My understanding is that most infested Terrans have a very short life span and cannot think coherently. This is also another question. How can Stukov think basically as clearly and coherently as a regular Terran whereas most infested terrans seem basically possessed and mindless. How can Stukov be surviving this?RayoftheSun9 Oct 8
Oct 7 Greatest/worst deaths in all of Starcraft Which characters died in a particularly memorable/epic/meaningful way? Or, on the other hand, who died in an ineffective or meaningless way? Of course, many deaths in Starcraft aren’t permanent, but you can mention them anyway if you think they belong in this thread. Greatest deaths, in no particular order: Stukov. He died (albeit temporarily) doing what he believed was the right thing, even though it made him seem to be a traitor. DuGalle. “Dearest Helena” is one of the best-written cutscenes ever, in my humble opinion. Warfield. Up to the moment he was murdered, he did everything in his power to care for his injured soldiers. Narud. “I've come to say goodnight, you son of a !@#$%." Worst deaths, in no particular order: Duke. His death felt anticlimactic given his extensive history of military encounters. He died because his soldiers were resting after taking Korhal from the UED. That’s not exactly the best way to go out. Fenix. Same as Duke. Amon. Kerrigan shot her fancy lightbeam at him and then he was apparently dead.Omegasaur13 Oct 7
Oct 6 Campaign Problem I have an Issue with campaign that I want to point out, (I do not know if anyone else has this problem) Whenever Legacy Of The Void came out. The mission in which you help Valerian and Raynor get the artifact back (Forgot Name) is imprinted onto my Wings Of Liberty Campaign, whenever I select it, it ends up opening LOTV instead of WOL, If anyone knows how to fix this then please tell me, I really want to play some WOL but I cannot do so with this issue.Dedfaul3 Oct 6
Oct 6 Is Kerrigan too oversexualized? One thing that always stood out to me like a sore thumb during Hots was exactly how sexualized it seemed that Kerrigan was made. Now I am no femanazi or sjw sort of person have no issues really with nudity, but I just kind wondered about this at times. While its true there is Stukov, Kerrigan is essentially naked with a carapace makeover over. Think about it. Without that carapace makeover this game would be rated M for sure. Then there is this version of Kerrigan which comes a whole lot closer to legit nudity. And yes. There is an actual game model that looks just like that in game. Then there is also the carapace heels that Kerrigan has. Not judging whatsoever, but I am noticing that Kerrigan is drastically more sexualized than basically every character in the Starcraft franchise. So, what are you thoughts on all this? I am sure I am not the only one who has wondered about this at some point before. EDIT: FYI: While I was searching for this picture, I accidently ran into a Kerrigan hentei similator.RayoftheSun59 Oct 6
Oct 4 Amon should've won A world of eternal darkness cleansed of all life but Hybrid is better than this trash-heap. Imagine the evolutionary pathways the Hybrid would take as Amon rebuilt the universe.TheUndermind19 Oct 4
Oct 3 Where's the UED? I thought Nova mission would have them once again but nope. Nada. Look at the planets the Terrans have? If i remember correctly they only had a few ships with 60k colonist. Then, their planets all have billions on them and they have a great many planets to boot. However, we get to see Earth only once, does the UED have more planets under their control? It seems from the graphic they don't, does that mean the Terrans in the K-Sector out numbered the Earth humans 10 to 1 at the very least? Just how big is the UED? Their fleet was able to bring the entire sector to it's knees but after that nothing. Was that everythign they had or just a very small part of their vast war machine? We need more UED damn it!Horebane53 Oct 3
Oct 3 Why is Zeratul way too powerful in BroodWar? ?TUGANLI4 Oct 3
Oct 3 Missions that shouldn't exist. You know what I mean... Kaldir (Niadra redeems it a bit), Safe Haven (good gameplay though), Epilogue... What are the missions you wouldn't miss at all? Be it gameplay, be it story. (Inb4 Gradius and Marsaro call the whole SC2 trilogy)Bifrost62 Oct 3
Oct 2 Difficulty levels Has the difficulty levels Causal, Normal, Hard, Brutal been adjusted with patches since the game was first released? I've been attempting to get the Zero Hour achievement "The Best Defense" (Hard). I've watched a few youtube videos that are 2+ years old and in those video getting the achievement takes less time and fewer units\resource\etc, which now appears to be impossible when playing the game on Hard. In the videos, the attacking enemies appear less aggressive and easier to kill than what I am experiencing. Then again, I might just suck more than I want to believe. :)JACKNECRON17 Oct 2
Sep 30 If Amon was a player? Same goes with Kerrigan, Rayor and Artanis. What rank would they be on the leaderboards? Also just cause I am curious. What about Stukov? My personal guess with Amon is that Amon would probably be a very low league, but just have a very large army and essentially be winning due to cheating. The other major heros. My guess is maybe at least masters level. Stukov I am very unsure about, but I highly doubt he'd be anything below diamond.RayoftheSun9 Sep 30
Sep 28 Zeratul's dramatic blade Has anyone else noticed every time zeratul slices something in a cutscene, it takes longer to actually be cut? Hydralisk:1 second delay, Kerrigan's wing: 8 seconds, Artanis' nerve cord: 13 seconds (and motion) I understand suspense and dramatic timing and all that, but still, anything over 5 seconds makes it seem like its a design choice in universe.PixelProf4 Sep 28
Sep 27 Zerg infestation/assimilation question So, my question arises due to Dehaka being the new co-op commander. But, i feel this question is more suitable here. The question is, why don't the Zerg infest/assimilate the Primal Zerg? What prevented them? Next question: In the case of Protoss, Protoss are supposedly immune to infestation/assimilation, due to protection of the Khala and the Void. *LotV spolier alert* Since the Khalai have severed their nerve cords, thus ending the Kala; why don't the Zerg infest/assimilate them?ixzyquinn12 Sep 27
Sep 27 Hots Campaign - The Crucible Save File Can someone please share their Hots campaign save file where the story is at The Crucible mission? i need it to complete the Fashion statement achievement which has to speak with zurvan, izsha and abathur after get the new queen of blade form, i have just finish the campaign a few days ago and remember already done speaking with Izsha, abathur and zurvan, but in the achievement say it still lack zurvan conversation... Its ok if the save file is still at the leviathan before starting the crucible mission or already starting the mission or even after finish the crucible mission is fine, thanks...NetBattler5 Sep 27
Sep 27 What Upgrade? Why is there a locked upgrade on the last mission of Nova Covert Ops?AncientOfDay8 Sep 27
Sep 26 What kind of creature is Zurvan? Being that HOTS was my favorite expansion in terms of storyline, I've played it a lot over many times. One of my favorite series of missions are the Zerus quest line. Now after doing this over a number of times, there was something that occurred to me about Zurvan. Has anyone ever stopped to wonder what type of zerg Zurvan is? This guy unlike many other zerg is incredibly large. This also had me wondering what the potential life span of a zerg is should live to be long and old. This is why I think Zurvan may either be a very old primal zergling or primal ultralisk(not the co-op versions). What do kind of creature do you think Zurvan could be?RayoftheSun6 Sep 26
Sep 24 Your favorite character in each campaign What are your favorite characters in respective campaigns (including all games)? Note that characters shouldn't repeat themselves and characters who undergo changes like reassembling or infestation still count as one (Kerrigan, Overmind or Stukov), but Talandar is separate entity from Fenix. I am not putting Mengsk everywhere either. My list SC 1 - Terran Kerrigan, Tassadar (just for trolling QoB), Raynor BW - Zeratul, Stukov, Fenix SC2 - Tychus, Dehaka (yeah, eat it), Vorazun, Nova (for making me actually starting to like her instead of loathing) Honorable mentions Alarak for taking two second places, Delta Emblock for making me interested after reading her wiki page, Abathur for Evolution... (...and Arcturus Mengsk for being disqualified due to his sheer awesomeness)Bifrost183 Sep 24
Sep 24 Templar of Doom- Achievement question. Hey there, During the mission "Temple of Unification" there is an achievement where you're supposed to kill the giant warp prism within 10 min. Should mean that one needs to kill him before the 15min mark bcs u don't get the task until 5 min mark ingame. Yet I killed him before the 13min mark and didnt get the acheivment, even got a savefile to prove it :p. Am I totally wrong here? (High possebility) CheersRetrau9 Sep 24
Sep 23 Can Blizzard stop giving protoss breasts I feel like we need a new thread and I keep seeing official art where vorazun has a set of big ole' honkers and it's annoying me. Sc2 is incredibly inconsistent on protoss nipples, with zeratul seemingly sprouting and shedding them at random but there's actually less inconstancy with protoss females inexplicably having mammalian breasts, in that they're pretty much universally implied amongst the protoss women we've seen in-game despite never being described or shown before. Adepts have them in their models and it's very noticeable in the art they feature in, Vorazun sprouts them in her Children Of The Void story art but has them downplayed so it's debatable in her in-game model and her coop loading screen picture. Rohana.... KIND of does? Sort of? Her outfit is framed to imply she does, but like vorazun it's kind of debatable. Poor, poor Lasarra also has an outfit that implies she does, and looks pretty much like she does, but has it obscured enough that i'm going to drop her in the debatable pile. Selendis doesn't, not in her WoL appearence, but her concept art and lotv model does. I guess she's got the same thing going on as zeratul nipple-wise. I take a lot of issue with the dumb sexual dimorphism that's suddenly appeared now too, because it actually retroactively supports the conclave's sexism and only exists because chris metzen needs to jerk it to a protossTogetic45 Sep 23
Sep 22 Single player DLC in 2018 I personally like to see the lore expanded post nova covert ops. For those of you who played it, you know that Alarak played a part in it, never truely revealing his intentions. I like to see his story line play out and figure out what he is up to. I bet he is looking for ways to get an upper hand on artanis and now that amon is gone, harness the powers of the void. Though this time I like to see them try an even grittier story than covert ops. hope blizzard do this for next year. a 4 part series releasing every 3 month would be phenomenal.Eyeless10 Sep 22
Sep 22 All In win condition disable? I've kind of wanted to do something where I could turn off the charging mechanism (or whatever causes me to win the mission) so that I could basically just screw around in the level since it's supposedly the hardest mission and because it has all of the possible troops, buildings, and upgrades. I've tried using the cheat code for disabling win conditions, but it has never worked before. Anyone got any ideas? P.S. It's worth mentioning that, due to admin restrictions on my computer, I can't really go into core files; all my game files are on my desktop so I can play the game at all.SuperChu9 Sep 22
Sep 21 New skin system has lore tidbits The new patch has brought a skins tab, and with that a short lore paragraph like they have in Heroes of the Storm. None of it is particularly new information and mostly just flavour lore, I ironically found the pylon to have the most interesting information, although the revelation that Karax's air shooting adept prototypes are intricate handcrafted by Karax to the point that the Daelaam can't mass replicate them is actually fairly interesting The "'origional" or "default" pylon states that the daelaam has already reconstructed their warp matrix, while the "Judicator" pylons are apparently leftover relics that used to adorn The Heart Of The Conclave.Togetic66 Sep 21
Sep 19 Why did LotV change up the Protoss cast? WoL gives us appearances of Selendis, Mohandar, and Urun making it seem like these were going to be the SC2 Protoss characters we were eventually going to see more of down the line. Yet by the time LotV comes around, these three get pushed to the side in favor of new characters like Vorazun, Karax, and Rohana. What's up with this?Retloclive21 Sep 19