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2h Lost all saves and can't join any campaign I'm having trouble with my SC2 campaigns, can't start, neither load or save any game.YaDCoLDKiLL2 2h
7h Dominion fleet vs Golden Armada in LotV Dominion can only slow golden Armada down but it is after attack on Char that 50% of the fleet suffered heavy damage, their father-son civil war that wipe more than 50% of their remaining fleet ,Warfield lost whole fleet of Gorgons to Kerrigan and finally Kerrigan kill most of their elite in her attack on Korhal. Can Dominion Fleet at it peak match Golden Armada?NaIL269 7h
13h Overmind and PSI emitter Hi all! I have this question in mind since SC 1 and I don't think it was answered in the canon, but I can be wrong... Anyway, I never understood the relation between Overmind and the PSI emitter. We find out about Zerg and PSI emitter in episode I, but information on Zerg was so scarse for the SoK at the time that they even believed that Zerg could have been created as a weapon by the Confederacy... Then we know that Mengsk, understood the capacity of the emitter to "call out" Zerg used it to summon Zerg on his designed objective (Antiga Prime, Tarsonis ecc...). At the time I hadn't any problem with this, since Zerg were showed to be basically mindless animals, so easy to trick and to be used. But then in Episode II we found out that the Zerg got a very intelligent being and that is objective all along was to capture Kerrigan (which the Overmind tracked thanks to her PSI emission)... What I never understood was: the Overmind knew that its Zerg were being used by Mengsk? Were the Zerg really tricked by the PSI emitter? Was the Overmind all along simply tracking Kerrigan (after all the PSI emitter was always used in the vicinity of Kerrigan...) So, basically, I never understood if Overmind was or not conscious that its Zerg were being used as weapon by other Terran, if it didn't know or if it simply didn't care (as long its final objective could be retrieved, Zerg were expendable). To me it seems a bit silly that a very intelligent being like Overmind could be tricked by something "simple" like a PSI emitter... Do you guys have an answer? ThanksXelNaga15 13h
14h Poor Amon Thank you Starcraft and Starcraft 2 teams for a epic roller coaster of rich characters. Thank you Blizzard for making such a epic lore to fit with your games. 10 out of 10 for iconic reward. =D I love his character build up. It's so rich. His despair and hatred of the gods shows his pain of being forced to be a god. A process only gods can undo. His wrath was just for this reason. In order to reverse the condition he has to get rid all that is there. Since gods has the power to make anyone into xengela as they wish it's the only course of action. Since this was out of selfishness of the gods it's clear they will use any means to protect themselves from the effects they have cause onto others. Amon knew this and knew how to break free so no one will be put into this situation again so in that sense he's saving life from a force burden. His dilemma of hatred and saving life caused him great pain. By being forced to be one his emotions outweigh the goodness of his heart. This leads to his downfall but to only coming so close to free the suffering that exist everywhere. By being a god the mind is enhance so much that it's incapable for humans to understand. This is how Amon understood the answers of eternal suffering. The answers he discover will not be like by all buts it's the only way for what they wish for. Amon is willing to sent suffering souls free which they has stated many times. In order for peace to be everywhere and 100% all the time without violence certain conditions has to be met. Hypocrisy has to be remove in order to do so all life that has this in them has to die because it will make it impossible to achieve peace otherwise. Temporarily doesn't check out. Most life forms has this. Amon seen the worst case scenario when humans keep fighting without end and colonize through wars that will all bring suffering to all. Humans beg and can only do some of the peace belief. Doing wars while hurting others is where Amon stepping in because humans are too stubborn to admit their faults. This is true for zerg and protoss. We humans are like this by design and part of our nature. We crave violence and want to be the only ones to do so not the rest. Wol and Hots taught us this. I'm sure sc1 and bw did to. Playing god. Through our way of life there's no way for us to not hurt others in the process. With this condition last remaining forces defeat Amon. This is good since he can now see clearly without being blind by hatred, however sufferings still continue. Amon died which he wanted after his plain success but his death came first. The perspective for each race is hard to do. To make it so there's a mixture where the reader or player can view through the eyes of beings/creatures in that race. Viewing how weak and strong a race is. The ladder to each race is on by their culture and behavior is very tricky to pull off with so many characters. Then save best for last which are the xengela's and Amon point of view while all those lower than them trying to understand but couldn't. To bring this to the reader or players is a powerful out look on black/white and gray viewings of life itself. The message is clear even though over majority of people will not agreed even it's the only choice to take. I love the creativity and the rich depths. When I first played sc1 I was 8 when it came out and couldn't understand nothing until I was in my late teens. I replayed each game to find out how deep depth the story goes. The secret levels helps a lot. Once wol came about I had most answers since they're doing a common trope for many things in the game story. Few answers I didn't come up with so I waited for Hots to come out. I keep finding more rich lore and I played lotv to find out the ending. I've replay all campaigns to see I miss stuff to find some stuff I did and few easter eggs. Those who're young wait until your much older to appreciate the story because it will show you stuff that being young can't do at the time. Not everything is cut and dry. There's tons of gray areas in this game story. It's normal not to get everything at once.Exmortis88 14h
1d StarCraft: Interbellum Hello everyone, I mentioned a few times that I was working on a Custom Campaign for StarCraft: Remastered, and while this is obviously a StarCraft II forum, since the story is relevant I thought I'd post about it here regardless. My Campaign is called StarCraft: Interbellum, and it's set between Starcraft: Brood War and StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. Lore-wise, the story is written to explain various points that weren't properly explained in the sequels. This includes things like how Kerrigan came to find out about Ulaan, Raynor's change of heart towards Kerrigan, the Dominion's involvement in the Hybrid program, and more. Essentially, it's meant to bridge the gap between the game's stories with greater consistency. If you are interested in playing my Campaign, I released it in three Mission Packs, the last of which just went live several moments ago. They can be downloaded at StarEdit Network here: Mission Pack 1: Mission Pack 2: Mission Pack 3: I used both StarEdit and ScmDraft 2.0 on the project, no modding though, so all original first party assets. Should you take the time to play it, I truly hope that you enjoy it! Let me know what you think, and I'm curious if you'll be able to find all the secrets and Easter eggs I tossed in as well.Juxtapose4 1d
1d Playing campaign with friends? Don't you think it will be really fun if we can play campaign with friends? Something like archon mode or co-ops ?CptPrice4 1d
2d Ultra Capaciters Bug Hey all, Does anyone know if this bug was fixed in the Campaign? Thanks.Juxtapose3 2d
2d Will we be getting more Mission Packs? Topic. I liked Nova's, it was a fine story and the new art assets and gameplay mechanics kept me entertained and it felt worth the price. I wouldn't mind seeing more. Two in particular I think could be done, a Zagara and Niadra campaign, and a Vorazun vs Ulrezaj campaign, which would give us one for each race.DrakeyC26 2d
3d Church of Mengsk for beginners What is Church of Mengsk? An organisation devoted to spreading the Truth about Emperor Arcturus Mengsk established by Marsaro (Sword of Mengsk) and me (Shield of Mengsk) and protecting The Forum from Redheads (Charmed, Ravianna, Darth Yam Yam etc.) What is this Truth? Emperor Mengsk like the omniscient benevolent being He is, saved the Universe, Life and Humanity by proxy, because everything that led to Kerrigan’s Ascension, her joining SoK, her first infestation was because of Him. Even her second infestation which was done out of anger towards him. All of it. What are our main principles? Mengsk’s Justice, Hope, Wisdom and Flavor (which is yours to pick). Who are the current members? Marsaro (Sword), Bifrost (Shield), Time/TheVoid (Gunblade), Atlas (Wraith), (Vanguard )Amon, (Helmet) VoidRay, (Glass)Walter What are our secondary goals? Making fun of UnderMind, off-topicing threads through Hearthstone conversations and arguing about Warcraft. Faithful Cultist Praise Mengsk \o/Bifrost72 3d
4d Psionic Unforeseeables Amon lived in a house of the Xel’nagas design. Though in retrospect the fact that he could use it went unpredicted and unnoticed so why is that?HOFF47 4d
4d Infestation Hey all, I just read Shadow Wars Part VIII, and that was an interesting way to do an infestation. Looks like Gary's turning somewhat Zergling-ish as opposed to a more traditional looking Infested Terran. As I recall he got tagged by a Larvae or parasite a few issues back. Have we ever seen that kind of infestation process before in the games? Typically, the Zerg infest via spores and Biophages (SP?). We of course saw Kerrigan create Niadra, but she was used on a Protoss.Juxtapose4 4d
5d Top 100 why Kerrigan is evil (Ceci est un appât à rouquin, vous le saurez en utilisant le traducteur automatique de votre moteur de recherche :D) Ladies and Gentlemen ! By the light of Arcturus Mengsk, here you will find the 100 reasons why Kerrigan is the most evil person ever. Why 100 ? Because it's red (head) ! 1-She killed her mother and damaged her father's brain in her anger as a child. Creepy and horrific as f*k. 2-She let a kitty die in horrible pain in order to not show her powers. Selfish @sshole. You already showed them with your parents. Only a spawn of Satan would kill a kitty. That should already be enough to prove her hellish nature. 3-Ditto with her braindead father. Without the kitty part, fortunately :3 4-She participated in the assassination of Mengsk's family. Good thing our righteous Emperor has infinite mercy. Because that is pure unholiness. 5-On top of that, she took the heads of the family and made them disappear. That's freaking heresy. "Points to Arcturus's Mercy" 6-Once rescued from the Confederacy, she has the chance to finally leave all this violence and live peacefully. Her choice ? Be an assassin for a well-known terrorist organisation. Murdering people is fun ! >< 7-She realized Raynor's description of his son's death was the official excuse for disappeared ghosts, yet never told him about that despite the chance of maybe finding him. Jealous woman... 8-She was aware of the Genocidal methods used on Tarsonis by the SoK. While less evil people like Raynor were starting to gather and prepare to leave, she however chose to repel the Protoss coming to save the civilians, willingly allowing the Swarm to kill everyone on the planet. Adding "complicity in a Genocide" to her list of crimes. 9-Who can forget her sadistic nature as she spares Raynor against the Overmind's order, proving her autonomy, while destroying all his means of leaving the planet ? Not me, with Mengsk's Blessing I won't forget ! 10-Adding to 9, she tortures him mentally. The man who was the most supportive of her. Ungrateful b!tch. 11-Overmind is dead (Sorry Undermind :( ). She is free to choose her destiny. What does she decide to do ? Gain control of her Swarm for power ! 12-She mind control Raszagal. That's low even for you, gal. Exploiting a senile granny won't make you look good. 13-Backstab Aldaris. With Lurkers. While he was talking. F*kin coward. 14- She rubs Stukov's death in DuGalle face. He's your enemy, true, but come on... 15- She Infests poor Morians workers to help her economy. A prelude to the injust social dumping Zagara is doing with her farm planets. 16-She uses Spawn Broodling on Fenix before gloating about it on front of Raynor. F*k you. 17-At the same time, she kills Duke to torture Arcturus. You know it wouldn't affect our righteous Emperor Arcturus Mengsk right ? You're only looking petty. 18-She rubs her enslavement of Raszagal in front of Zeratul. At least she's proud of her evilness. But still evil. 19-She also keeps her prisoner. That's so mean and useless... 20-Once Zeratul killed his Matriarch, she allows him to leave with his guilt. No wonder why he's talking to himself until his end. Psychological torture is evil.Marsaro200 5d
5d DEATH BATTLE! Episode 1 Sons of Korhal Kerrigan vs Nova during Defenders of Man Insurgency! Who do you think would win? (I’ll rest my pick for now.)Bifrost332 5d
Oct 5 Shadow Wars (again) We don't have a thread about it, so here's one. The art is different this time, a bit less clean but it's mostly fine. I do have trouble telling some zerg species apart with this style, and the protoss sometimes have some wonky poses but it's still pretty good It seems like Niadra has joined the fray to personally crack some protoss bones, while she's tricked/diverted the terrans into a trap to separate them (Judging by how only Alms can detect a zerg attack brewing from in the cave, i'd say it's an intentional trap) It's a little odd the protoss could just call in air support since they already scrambled all their fighters to take on the terrans, but they died so quickly it's something i don't particularly mindTogetic159 Oct 5
Oct 4 Are all of these missions timed missions? I've just got to mission 7, Sky Shield. Mission 4, 6 and 7 were timed, 5 was an insane pressure mission. Is Legacy of the Void ever going to just give me the time to build a base and get my forces the way I want them to before committing to an attack? Because this is really frustrating me to the point of tears. I already hate Protoss because of how unforgiving they are (lol too pants-on-head stupid to have any means of recovering/repairing units that took damage,) and I'm not getting any time to sit back and learn all these new units. Please tell me the time pressure lets up, soon. Because at this rate, this is the opposite of fun, and I'm seriously close to just watching the cutscenes on YouTube or something.ShadowDragon22 Oct 4
Oct 1 Question about Khala and Terran's weapon Terran(mostly UED and Dominion) show us many time that they can !@#$ zerg by using their own hive mind to kill them Can Terran do the same to Khala(if it still exist)? Luckily for the Daelaam ,they don't need to care about that anymore if they don't plan to recreate Khala againNaIL6 Oct 1
Sep 29 Koprulu Sector Map Firstly let me post this image: It lies in my computer and I am unable to recall how I got this. I search in google but can't find it. It seems that it's on the wall which implies it might be in blizzard hq which means it might be the canon map of Koprulu Sector, yet I can't be so sure about it. Any thoughts?Ascalon500 Sep 29
Sep 27 Legacy of the Void Alternate Ending The Host *The Protoss destroy the last Void Shard, and the Golden Armada prepares to destroy the Host body. However, the host writhes in pain suddenly* Amon: What!? What is- Aghh! *The energies around Amon change color, from red to a dark orange. The host body roars and is suddenly swallowed by a mass of flesh: the Overmind's body, bursting from the temple built over it to devour the Hybrid. Before the orbital strike hits, the Overmind vanishes into a wormhole.* *As Artanis stands in bewilderment, Tassadar's ghost appears behind him. But something is different. Zerglike tentacles sprout from the phantom's skul and his forehead splits open, revealing a large, glowing eye.* Tassadar(?): Artanis... Artanis: How..... how is this possible!? *"Tassadar" wheezes a diseased and tired laugh* "Tassadar": Everything you have been told has been lies. Ulnar, the Xel'Naga, Amon's role, everything. It was not Amon who enslaved Us: It was We who enslaved him. Artanis: But...... how!? "Tassadar": All in due time, my child. All shall be revealed. *"Tassadar" vanishes, leaving Artanis to contemplate his defeat*TheUndermind60 Sep 27
Sep 26 Black screen campaign mode, no audio Hi, when I click campaign, and then I click normal difficulty, it just shows a black screen. That's it. A black screen. Then when I left click, it shows a "pause" symbol, but nothing else. It doesn't load anything, and it just shows the black screen. When I left click again, the pause symbol goes away. Also, I'm playing with my Bluetooth headphones, and I don't hear any sound. I hear sound when I watch a YouTube video, but not when I play Starcraft II. Please help.Somperzu1 Sep 26
Sep 26 Starcraft: Scavengers The first issue will be out soon-ish (twelve hours? i don't really have too much of an idea about whether dark horse subscribes to midnight releases or if it'll be longer) but we've got the description for the next two issues now so I think it's worth making the thread sooner rather than having a couple pop up at once. General warning for spoilers now, If anyone cares With the first issue being 32 pages and having some legitimately good writers a attached, I think I'm optimistic but the descriptions for issues two and three make me pretty cautious about it. The general gist of the plot (from the issue descriptions) seems to be: Scavengers stealing from a protoss ship > There's a dark templar still on the ship that murders them predator style > The scavenger captain reveals there's a big secret reason they're stealing from that protoss ship that goes beyond wealth acquisition and it's probably why the protoss is murdering them > dominion show up and go "stop stealing from that ship, we're going to shoot you now" That's.... fairly generic and straightforward, which is kind of a shame, but ive got faith there'll either be some kind of interesting twist on the formula or the character writing will pull through and make it enjoyable anywayTogetic29 Sep 26
Sep 26 I went to theaters and saw that... [SPOILERS AHEAD] Raynor is terrible fighter who always put his failures on others, waste other 's lifesavings on pointless things, a possessive boyfriend who beats the hell out of children to stay with his chick, and prefers to die with her girlfriend rather than listening to others. Spielberg totally nailed it. Never, Ever, get close with someone looking like Raynor. ;)Marsaro76 Sep 26
Sep 26 Zerg Hierarchy After Overmind's Death In SC1, the zerg hierarchy goes like this: Overmind → Cerebrate → Overlord → Other Zerg Overmind gave power and orders to the cerebrates, and the cerebrates had overlords to control and operate the entire brood and all warriors. Overmind had the direct control of cerebrates, which made things pretty simple, but what of Kerrigan's (now Zagara's) Swarm? As far as I know, blizzard didn't explain the command chain of the current Swarm. If Kerrigan has direct control to her swarm queens, just as the roles Overmind and cerebrates played previously, that's still clear. Yet, it seems unlikely that Kerrigan or Zagara are the complete counterpart of the Overmind. Yes, Kerrigan can communicate with other swarm queens psionically, but... it's just different from the relationship between Overmind and its cerebrates to me. If they don't have that kind of relationship as Overmind and cerebrates had, does Kerrigan just use her super psionic power to "overwhelm" others to follow her? Or swarm queens have more degrees of free will than cerebrates did, and Kerrigan as well as Zagara must use their psionic power and... charm? to "show" their leadership? Is Stukov able to become the Overking of the Swarm with his psionic power which is only second to Kerrigan?Ascalon2 Sep 26
Sep 25 What happened to the UED Simple question, what happened to the remainder of the UED government and fleet after the brood wars? It’s a lightly covered topic and I have heard groups discussing a plot idea involving them. Did Mengsk or the Swarm get rid of them without much talk? I’m suddenly wishing that the epilogue didn’t just be a bunch of stills with words thrown on them..Terrano143 Sep 25
Sep 24 Zeratuel Doomed Humanity Think about it: his anxiety caused him to place his faith in a troubled drunk human. Clearly he wasn’t your average Protoss. He lended all his energy to a drunk and a bigot. Now two Xel’naga are dead because someone actually listened when by the looks of it the Koprulu sector was well on its way to utopian prosperity.HOFF53 Sep 24
Sep 24 doubt about the khala. did all protoss connected to the khala saw zeratul's death? or they simply sensed the distress in Artanis, or where they completely subdued by Aemon?Harkan13 Sep 24
Sep 22 Ulrezaj Prison Crystal was on Shakuras... From Ulrezaj wiki: "Despite the cost to herself, she (Zamara) used the nexus of energies which the Alys'aril sat on, similar to those used by Ulrezaj, to trap him in the crystal she herself was transferred into. The crystal containing the dark archon and Zamara was then transported to Shakuras to be guarded." As we know Shakuras was detonated and utterly destroyed on Legacy of the Void so this leaves with many question and hypothesis... Was the crystal destroyed during the Explosion? If that is the case, is Ulrezaj dead because of its destruction? Or he's now free because of it? If he's now free what happened to Zamara? Is she free as well or was easily consumed by Ulrezaj essence when trapped on the Crystal? What if the Crystal instead somehow survived the explosion of Shakuras... Where is it? Was it found by someone that freed Ulrezaj from it? All these speculations leave me with only one thing certain... Blizzard didn't pay too attention when destroying Shakuras, or something like "There's also Ulrezaj imprisoned on this planet" would have been taken in consideration... I don't really think that Vorazun had the time to set a squad to Ulrezaj prison to deal with it while her entire planet was being ravaged by hundred of thousand of hybrids and zergDefilerRulez23 Sep 22
Sep 21 Tychus becomes a “what-if” commander Y’all might eventualy see your dead faves Overmind, Aldaris or Duke after all. Sep 21
Sep 16 Starcraft: Brood War Release Date Hey all, In the UED thread, @Gradius mentioned that "Brood War" released in 1999. I know release dates can very by region and many of you are in Europe, so I'm curious when it launched where you are. Here in Canada, it came out in early December 1998 (I still remember the day I bought it, where I bought it, and how psyched I was as I fired up the Campaign). In the United States, I know it came out in late November 1998 as it was being released in North America in stores as soon as the delivery trucks arrived. The closer you were to Blizzard Entertainment, the sooner you were able to buy it. For Blizzard Entertainment, at least in North America, it wasn't until Diablo II that they started doing standardized release dates.Juxtapose0 Sep 16
Sep 16 Favorite Starcraft fanfics? Here are some of mine: The first one is more serious then the second oneWiseKitsune21 Sep 16
Sep 14 Two questions about the domion air forces Were valkyries ever used by them? And also, is the Bucephalus still in control of emperor Mengsk?ajavisk18 Sep 14
Sep 13 StarCaft3 Protagonists with raynor getting his happy ending will we see him as protagonist? and if not who would you like to see as Terran, Protoss or Zerg protagonists? Terran: Swan settled down defending Terran colonies in the outer rims with his mecs when Horner warps in with valerian with news about something new Protoss: Artanis receives reports of warp crystals not receiving all parts of warp ins due to some interference, Karax tracks the source some where beyond the Koprulu sector Zerg: Zagara continues to seed life but a mutation has made zerg evolution unstable after incorporating Xel'naga DNA into the swarm. the zerg heros must be found to use their essence to restabilize the swarm but they are being hunted by something new.Bullyfish11 Sep 13
Sep 13 Problem with Sky Shield Protoss Casual Timed mission of 10 minutes Protoss is dead slow, by the time get enough units built the timer is less then a minute and then I just sat there thinking how in the heck suppose to beat the timer when protoss probe's are dead slow and takes way too long to build anything to actually defeat your foes and beat the timer? To me this is not FUN at all... So is there a way to beat the timer? Did try attacking straight away with the 3 default units but was killed by what appeared to be overpowered terran units... (got the impression that player units have been extremely nerfed)... This is suppose to be single player PVE NOT PVP... ps. @Blizzard, really hate the search engine. Tried different variations and could not find anything that is helpful or search engine gave me a error message of not finding anything... ThxZetheonarr10 Sep 13
Sep 11 Do terrans have Purity of Form? The way the Xel'naga perpetuated their kind was by uplifting two races, one with Purity of Form and the other Purity of Essence. They would eventually naturally come together and become one race. The Xel'naga would then wait in Ulnar, until the race would come to them, where they would become one with the Xel'naga essence and rise as new Xel'naga. As seen at the end of Legacy of the Void, Kerrigan combines with the essence of a Xel'naga, Ouros, and becomes a Xel'naga. She was half of two species, however it wasn't Zerg (purity of essence) and Protoss (purity of form). She was half Zerg and half Terran. Yet she became Xel'naga. Is it thus possible that terrans were uplifted to be pure of form? Remember that the Xel'naga left the Protoss, until Amon came back and began forcefully uplifting them. What if when the Xel'naga left the Protoss, they found early humans and lifted them to be pure of form? They are the only race that doesn't have its origins explained. Also, the hybrids don't seem to be working out as vessels for Xel'naga. It would clear up a lot of things, like terrans' origins and Kerrigan's transformation. It would also contrast terrans as the Xel'naga that wasn't corrupted by Amon.DarksideDCM48 Sep 11
Sep 10 Why did Zurvan attack Kerrigan? Now we already know why he attacked Kerrigan. What I want to know is why he didn't utilize the ancient pool of the Primals himself to gain the power that Kerrigan gained? Was there something stopping him from using that pool, or did the pool need something that only Kerrigan had to unlock is power?RayoftheSun29 Sep 10
Sep 6 Stukov How was Stukov resurrected by a random zerg dude? If any Terran dies can they be ressurected by a Zerg? Kerrigan was the most powerful zerg pre-Xel'Naga. Could she have resurrected Raynor at any time? In Stukov wiki entry, it says at one point he was cure by protoss nano tech or something. So any Terran can be rezzed then de-infested??? Why did no Terran scientist ever research this? Immortality is bretty gud.Jailbar30 Sep 6
Sep 6 Infestor vs Defiler Hey guys! Today I thought I'd compare the past and current ground specialist units of the Zerg. In other words, the Defiler and the Infestor, and their abilities. 1. The Defiler is a memorable unit, both in appearance and abilities. It can cast clouds to prevent attacks, consume other Zerg for energy, and spray enemy units with deadly spores that deal damage over time. The Defiler is no longer a produced strain in the main Swarm, but lives on through the air strain Viper. Also, some feral Defilers remain. 2. The Infestor is very good at what it does. Their fungal attacks do a moderate amount of damage (more in the campaign), they can move while burrowed (a rare trait), control enemy units with a parasite, ingest and regurgitate infested marines for combat, and plant virophages. I also want to note that Niadra's Infestor's can spew larva at enemies. Exactly what the larva do remains unknown. Any, which unit is better in your opinion?RogueSpectre10 Sep 6
Sep 5 Main Menu Backgrounds Hey all, I properly started playing StarCraft II in Jun. 2016, and by then there were already a host of Main Menu Backgrounds available. Which do you use, or do you simply leave it at "Random" (which is what I have). Which are your favourites? I really like the 20th Anniversary one, as well as the recent 8th Anniversary. I also like Kerrigan's, Artanis', and Nova's Target in Site (forget the name, but her Mission Pack 3). Some of the planets and the Battlecruiser going by are cool too. My least favourites would be the Championship one with the commentators screaming, and also the Warchest one. Out of curiosity, which Backgrounds were available pre-"Legacy of the Void?" I briefly played "Wings of Liberty" at launch via a buddy's Guest Pass, and I recall said Battlecruiser one, as well as the various Planets, and the Space Cloud one. I know Kerrigan's was added for "Heart of the Swarm." Are all the other "Legacy of the Void" and beyond?Juxtapose3 Sep 5
Sep 3 Advice for "End Game" in Covert Ops? I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE the Xanthos. I'm playing this on Hard and I want to win it on Hard, and I'm having a lot of trouble doing so. Sure, I've thought about reducing the difficulty to Normal, but by now I don't want to give the game (and, to paraphrase Hearthstone, the horrible game designers) the satisfaction. I stubbornly want to beat this on Hard. Just my luck that GameFAQs doesn't have much of anything to tell me, and trying to emulate what I saw in one video didn't work out for me. Which brings me here. (Btw, I did see another post here describing how to cheese the mission by putting a barrier of supply depots in front of the Xanthos right before it loses its last weapon and turns back to get repairs. It can't get over the structures and it will be stuck there indefinitely. If I get REALLY desperate then I might do that, but as it is I want to win the mission and the campaign without doing that kind of thing.) Here's what I've tried doing so far that's yielded the most success. I've equipped Nova with the Plasma Rifle. Almost literally melts waves of attackers and structures. Stim Infusion too, so she can get where she's going quickly when time is of the essence and so she can get heals. I had read that Marines with Magrail Munitions could tear through the Xanthos' weapons pretty fast, so I have those selected for Marines. After experimenting with different army comps, I decided to mass Ravens with Special Ordnance. I went with this because not only does their healing ability help my anti-Xanthos force survive longer and take fewer losses, but the Hunter-Seeker missiles can be aimed at the Xanthos' missile battery from a good distance away and enough of them hitting the battery all at once have managed to destroy it before the damn thing can be used to wipe out most of my forces (which can't dodge fast enough, particularly not the marines). The missile battery is really the thing that gives me the most trouble. As soon as that's disabled, my army is able to DPS down the fighter bay pretty quick, and then the rail gun and flamethrower without losing too many units. (I wish so badly that the Xanthos only had its original two weapons. That would make things so much easier.) So I had all of these Ravens, accompanied by marines and Nova after they'd blown up the missile battery, taking on the Xanthos time after time before it could do much damage to the remaining Gorgons. It was going well. Every time Horner would show up, I would send Nova by herself to back him up while leaving the rest of my army at the base to fight off attacks. As I said, Nova's Plasma Rifle works pretty well at disabling groups of enemies, the occasional nuke before the Hyperion warps in gets rid of significant opposition, and if I were able to keep doing that indefinitely then I'm sure I'd eventually get rid of everything between myself and the Xanthos and I could finally destroy the thing for good. MY PROBLEM: I cannot keep it up indefinitely. Because despite my best efforts not to lose them, a Raven or two DOES get blown up now and then, and eventually I run out of Vespene Gas. So I reached a point where I couldn't make any more Ravens. I thought "Okay, maybe if I'm VERY CAREFUL, I can use them to destroy the missile battery like before without losing any of them, and keep holding off the Xanthos like that." Well, no. I kept gradually losing Ravens, and after losing too many then I wasn't able to quickly get rid of the missile battery any more. Game over. :( What should I be doing differently?Coffey8 Sep 3
Sep 2 9:27 9:27. I didn't just beat ten-minutes, I killed it. What will I do with the rest of my life? If you haven't been playing close attention, then this is my best time for Enemy Intelligence, a mission I have been infatuated with for some time. One of the achievements is to load two garrisons in ten-minutes on normal difficulty. Two garrisons. Ten-minutes. Really.DiamondDave0 Sep 2
Sep 1 Nova Master Archives lost progress I recently got the Nova Campaign and was replaying some levels from Master Archives to get achievements. I already had all of Nova's items and troop upgrades. However, when I replayed the 2nd mission where you protect Horner's base in the snow from zerg attacks, I did the 1st optional objective but not the 2nd optional objective, and now in my Master Archives I have permanently lost the gear upgrade associated with the 2nd objective in all levels. Is this how Master Archives is supposed to work? I thought you were supposed to keep your best progress in the Archives so you could focus on just one goal at a time when you replay a mission. If I have to do all the optional objectives each time to retain my progress I don't think I'm gonna go back and get all the achievements cuz that's too tedious.Polaris6 Sep 1
Aug 31 Samariyu’s plight They ruined Kerrigan for you, they’re ruining Sylvanas. And now there are retards who put words into your keyboard that you never said. Gotta suck. Or am I missing some mutual history?Bifrost9 Aug 31
Aug 31 Idea for Simulant Zerg set What if they were terran produced...and fell under the control of a rogue Terran faction like, say Cerberus Program? They'd be classified the "Cerberus Brood", which would go with the original naming conventions of the original Zerg Broods.heroix4 Aug 31
Aug 31 New Campaign DLC: Umoja and Moria I was recently thinking about a new campaign DLC, because I liked the Nova Covert Ops campaign and I think many people would enjoy a new DLC. I know we have had a Terran DLC already, but I think focussing one on Umoja and the Kel-Morians would allow for a lot of new stuff in gameplay mechanics and story wise. Now I am just gonna list the ideas i have. Pleas give useful feedback and share your ideas with everyone here. The StarCraft II campaigns and the Nova DLC were all introducing many gameplay mechanics to keep the fun in the game. Those were often abilities units in the field could use. With Moria and Umoja I would like to introduce new mechanics as well, but those would rather be concerning the Macro gameplay like economy, research and unit construction. Since Moria is supposed to be a mineral world and Umoja a hightech advanced society I think it would be great to integrate this into the campaigns. For example the resources available could be expanded, so that it's not just about Minerals and Vespene gas anymore. I could imagine there to be lendings given to the player, different ressources and ways to gather them, new updates that would be a trade between two choices, maybe even (stock-)markets or similar things. For the Umojans there could be different ways to do research and stuff. I could imagine all this to be implemented in a mission itself or between the mission like there were Mercs, research, evolution missions and Spear of Adun in the other campaigns. I think a new campaign should be larger than 9 missions and also released at once and not chopped into sepearte pieces released long after each other. To make the campaign feel deeper it should also contain more 'off mission' activities and stuff, like being on a capital ship again like in the main campaigns. Umoja and Moria were not very present in the StarCraft campaigns so far, so there needs to be a lot of world building and respective design, but the Umoja War Chest is already a good start. The story could be driven by the rivalry for resources or territorry or whatever between the two main actors (of course it needs more than just that). But in this campaign it should not all be in the battlefield, but a lot of stuff outside the mission itself like mini games or so.CDavis40 Aug 31
Aug 28 Let’s discuss reboot plots A month or two ago I posted a thread asking whether Starcraft should be rebooted. It did not foster any constructive discussion. In this thread I would like us all to suggest and discuss plots for an imaginary reboot of the franchise. This assumes the premise from the SC1 manual in which the zerg are the big bad invading Koprulu to get the determinant. The genre is a grounded military scifi political drama, not fantasy. To start off, there few stories you cannot tell against a backdrop of interstellar war. Especially a war as complex as the Koprulu war. There are numerous factions with their own reasonable motivations. For example: Ulrezaj is the vengeful prophet of a tal’darim cult who seeks to destroy the Protoss Empire by harnessing terran EMP and enslaved zerg. Executor Andraxxus has joined forces with the New Dresdin Outlaws to repel the zerg occupation of Brontes. The Umojans seek an alliance with the protoss. Project Bellwood seeks to weaponize the zerg. The Kel-Morian Combine seeks to reclaim the holdings confiscated by the Confederacy. The Protoss Empire’s expedition is torn between the Akilae who wish to protect the terrans and the Ara who consider their loss as collateral damage. There is so much to work with, do you think so? Edit: I don’t mean one story being the sole plot. IMO Starcraft works better as an anthology series. Many campaigns in the same sector, but no one being guven privilege over the others.PULLER5 Aug 28
Aug 28 A Comment on SC2 It's a game, not literature. I like it. All of it. The story doesn't really matter. Now that I've discovered the "Ignore User" button, I don't care how much hate this generates! That last bit is kidding.DiamondDave47 Aug 28
Aug 28 SC2 Story vs other games Everyone keeps saying SC2’s story is good compared to other games. I was just curious about examples of those. Games with no or minimal stories don’t count; I’m talking about stuff that had as much or almost as much effort put into it as SC2’s story did. Actual reviews of the story would be cool.Gradius65 Aug 28
Aug 28 What if Kerrigan didn't kill Fenix In SC Brood War, after defeating the UED on Korhal, Kerrigan betrayed her allies and killed both Duke and Fenix. This event alienated everyone else in the galaxy and caused Raynor to be angry at Kerrigan. What if Kerrigan had only killed Duke and not Fenix. While the other factions might still be upset at her, I doubt Raynor will care about Duke at all. And since Kerrigan and Mengsk have bad history, the other groups might be inclined to overlook it. How would future events be changed if Kerrigan didn't kill Fenix?fdas93 Aug 28
Aug 26 Unit Sizes, rough estimates I actually made this topic in Joeyray's Bar but no one has responded to it. I couldn't find a way to move the topic here or delete the topic, so if there is a way to do that, I would greatly appreciate someone tell me. Or just have a mod delete the topic in Joeyray's Bar, that would also be swell. Anyways, here it is. I am using this chart as a reference: It is in the Field Manual and is Blizzard approved I believe. It's the closest thing to "official" we have. Credit to xiaorobear aka Robert Rose for this image, being the artist and the Field Manual written by Rick Barba. So I was bored and decided to try and extrapolate the sizes of all the units. So for the ground and air units, I basically used the Warhound as a reference. I believe it was stated to be 7 m tall, so going off of that, I came up with these: Ground Units (These are heights unless otherwise stated): Marine: 2.1 m SCV: 3.5 m Hellion: Length: 4.2 m, Height: 2.8 m Arclite Siege Tank: 4.2 m Goliath: 4.2 m Cyclone: 5.6 m Siege Tank (Siege Mode): 4.9 m Viking (Assault Mode): 6.3 m Warhound: 7m Thor: 16.8 m Probe (Length): 3.15 m Zealot: 2.4 m Dragoon: 2.8 m Stalker: 4.2 m Disruptor: Length: 5.6 m, Height: 4.9 m Archon: 6.65 m Dark Archon: 7 m Colossus: 46.2 m Reaver: Length: 14 m, Height: 6.3 m Zergling: 1.4 m Broodling (Length): 2.8 m Drone (Length): 3.5 m Hydralisk: 3.5 m Queen: 4.2 m Infestor: Length: 7 m, Height: 4.9 m Lurker: Length: 9.8 m, Height: 6.3 m Ravager: 7 m Swarm Host: Length: 12.6 m, Height: 8.4 m Ultralisk: 19.6 m Air Units (These are lengths unless otherwise stated): Banshee: 8.4 m Viking (Fighter Mode): 8.4 m Wraith: 11.2 m Liberator: 23.1 m Valkyrie Missile Frigate: 25.2 m Medivac Dropship: 25.2 m Observer: 2.8 m Interceptor: 7 m Oracle: 14 m Corsair: 14 m Phoenix: 19.6 m Scout: 22.4 m Warp Prism: 25.2 m Shuttle: 25.2 m Overlord: 15.4 m Overseer: 14 m Brood War Queen: 6.3 m Scourge: 4.9 m Mutalisk (Height): 4.9 m Corruptor: 16.8 m Brood Lord: 28 m Viper: 17.5 m Guardian: 14 m Devourer: Length: 7 m, Height: 11.2 m Now of the capital ships, thankfully they have a 1 km reference line, so going off of that, I came up with this: Capital Ships: Raven: 62.5 m Arbiter: 125 m Science Vessel: 500 m Void Ray: 625 m Tempest: 1 km Carrier: 1.5 km Battlecruiser: 1 km Mothership: 3.25 km Leviathan: 10.5 km Spear of Adun: 74.5 km Anyways, sorry for the big post, but that's just some food for thought. As you can probably tell, I didn't do every single unit, just the ones that stood out or I found to be the most common (like Marine or Zergling). Just found it interesting, and hope others do to. Like I said though, these are just rough estimates, I know Blizzard doesn't really have any "official" numbers, and these can be changed or retconned anyways in the future. Well, hope you found this interesting. =)Collater28 Aug 26
Aug 25 I cant attack and move Clicking A + left click doesnt usually attack. A is the command set for attack but most of the time when i click A + left click the placers dont move. I often have to click multiple times and even then it isnt gaurenteed theyll move. Shift + A + left click works but thats not as ideal. Any ideas?matthew1 Aug 25