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1h Unexplored Infested Terran Plot points Howdy. This is my first time posting, so I apologize if anyone has done this topic before. Personally, I searched and didn't find any. Anyway, I noticed something in Heart of the Swarm. Kerrigan asked Abathur if he'd ever been given Terrans to experiment on. He confirmed it. It was never mentioned what became of these test subjects. Could some of them still be around? Perhaps some served as the template for breeds like the Aberration(or at least testing new strains of the virus)? If any are still around, they could align with Stukov. And Kerrigan did achieve a better process with Ethan Stewart (which, for all I know, her broodmothers might have knowledge of)... Second point: It is never confirmed what became of Morik or Eschuetta the Wicked, so if Stukov DOES get his own mission pack, I could see either of them returning. They could both represent mercenary factions. Third point: There might be more of Kerrigan's personal test subjects or other such beings out there. I noticed that Hanson seemed to show some self awareness, so perhaps some average infested terrans retain a bit of their minds. Any thoughts?RogueSpectre26 1h
9h buying SC2 expansions Do the SC2 expansions ever go on sale? Wondering if I should wait and keeo an eye out, or just buy em digital.Epiclog2 9h
1d I went to theaters and saw that... [SPOILERS AHEAD] Raynor is terrible fighter who always put his failures on others, waste other 's lifesavings on pointless things, a possessive boyfriend who beats the hell out of children to stay with his chick, and prefers to die with her girlfriend rather than listening to others. Spielberg totally nailed it. Never, Ever, get close with someone looking like Raynor. ;)Marsaro44 1d
2d Where did Kerrigan Meet Zeratul? In heart of the swarm campaign, after you complete char or kaldir, Zeratul shows up and Kerrigan beats him up to an extent. Kerrigan seems to know Zeratul, yet Kerrigan also claims that "[she] doesn't remember anything about being the queen of blades." In sc1, we don't meet Zeratul until way after Kerrigan was infested. If we say Kerrigan remembers bits and pieces of the time she was infested, why doesn't she recognize stukov? Or any of her own creations like isha?Rhyme18 2d
3d [BUG] CHRONO SURGE não está funcionando Acredito que esse botão Chrono Surge quando ativado na lança de adun no modo campanha teoricamente era para eu clicar e fazer alguma coisa, mas nada acontece... É um botão de abilidade passiva? Porque eu clico e nada acontece, também não vejo nada mudar na velocidade de produção do jogo. Porque tem um coldown e custo de energia se o botão não funciona?Qrcyen2 3d
3d Bug regarding WoL campaign completion? So I recently did the WoL campaign and completed the story beating all of the brutal missions along the way. I then went to the archives and did all of the remaining missions on that list on brutal as well, but my public SC2 profile says that I beat "All Casual Missions" in WoL instead of "All Brutal Missions"... what gives? Also, it says 24/25 missions completed when I count 27 missions... arg!dex9 3d
3d Is Raynor helping Kerrigan a secret? We know Valerian's contact with Kerrigan and his collusion with her before her attack on Korhal is a secret to the public, but is Raynor's Raiders assisting Kerrigan in the final assault also something hidden from the masses? Surely it'd be a Mengsk using the psi-emitters level controversy if it got out, wouldn't it? A known terrorist who was working with Valerian at the time assists the queen of blade in committing regicide, then suddenly gets a high level job when Valerian takes over- that's got to be something hugeTogetic21 3d
4d Hots Glitch!?!?!? What?! Holy bloody mother of god, During the char mission, the one where you collect eggs, I found a glitch where you can WIN without gathering eggs by following these steps... A few things you need to do for this glitch... -Go to Zerus before Char -Get her Mutation ability -Get bonus (Obviously) -Get a bunch'a mutas -get upgraded attack/def in air forces -DO NOT GATHER EGGS, STALL ZAGARA for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE -Attack Zagaras base with Mutas -Mission ends without egg ending. Try it out, just something neat I found out :DAmades5 4d
4d DEATH BATTLE! Episode 1 Sons of Korhal Kerrigan vs Nova during Defenders of Man Insurgency! Who do you think would win? (I’ll rest my pick for now.)Bifrost131 4d
5d Nova C.O.: "End Game" mission cheese So im not sure if this is well known already, but i couldnt find anything about it, even on the wiki.. The cheese works for the "Bringing Down the Big Guns" AND the "Stonewall Defense" achievements, during the same match. For upgrades, I used Nova's barrier, Blazefire Gunblade (the secret weapon from P3M1), the temporary stealth suit and the range increasing visor. 4-target upgrade for Battlecruisers. Basically.. Right when the game starts, start making workers for minerals. Have Nova beat the first wave of attackers, and then immediately go clear the Defenders from the southern Gorgon (or wherever the Xanthos attacks first, at least in Hard it did this one for me). Make sure you do Not spend your resources on any upgrades or units. Save up to around 700-1000 minerals by the first Xanthos attack. ---- Okay, so here comes the cheese. Have your forces attack the Xanthos's weapons, but when the last weapon is around 10-20%, quickly start building Supply Depots at the ramp to the Gorgon (on the top of the ramp), completely blocking away the road. The Xanthos cannot fly over these depots, and with no weapons to attack with, it is stuck there "Retreating" for as long as you keep the depots up. Attack waves also seem to cease. (You can lower one supply depot to get Nova away from the Gorgon's platform, the Xanthos is too huge to get through.) Congratulations, you now have unlimited time to safely clear the map and build a 200/200 force to battle the Xanthos. Just take your forces to the end of the cleared map and lower the supply depots, and prepare for an easy fight. ------ This cheese will allow you to get the "Bringing out the Big Guns", since the Xanthos never even got to the 2nd launch. And no need to let any Gorgons die, so theres your Stonewall Defense. --- I'm sure this will save people from headaches..Eleanoriel16 5d
5d WoL problem with Archives Why when I go back on some mission and wont loading all research point?Tohi21 5d
Apr 15 Please add hotkeys to Spear of Adun abilities Please add hotkeys to Spear of Adun abilities. Also, this forum is better late than never.Eigenscape6 Apr 15
Apr 15 Battlecruiser ranking Just thinking. Gorgons are obviously at the top, but there are some variables to compete with. The Loki and Aleksander are listed as super-type battlecruisers, so does that put them on equal footing with Gorgons? Plus, the Aleksander would be UED, which possibly puts it in a different technological class. I just finished replaying the final WoL artifact mission, where the Battlecruisers are specified to be Minotaur-class, which I believe to be specified to be over the Behemoth-class (which the Hyperion belongs to), and then we have the Moirai-class(Special Forces). So I think this goes: Gorgon, Moirai, Minotaur, Behemoth. But where do you rank the Super battlecruisers or the mercenary ones like Jackson's Revenge? I also wonder where the Pride of Augustgrad-class fits.RogueSpectre20 Apr 15
Apr 14 Short Stories general thread Starting a re-read and in some cases first readthrough of these, because I have pharyngitis. So far I have finished Changeling and MOTHERSHIP. Changeling has two very different themes. First one is the unquestioned loyalty of Sgt. Briggs to the Dominion that ends up being crashed into nanoscopuc pieces just before his untimely death. Second one is the classic horror sequence that is trying to give off Alien/Thing vibe. MOTHERSHIP was great. Kinda sad, but Juras/Martul is one of the best Protoss relationships in the lore. I hate myself for it, but I wouldn’t mind a love relationship between them, since they touched each other quite many times (twice) for Protoss. Connection to other stories - Collosus. Kalathi Genocide is mentioned. Juras used to design weapons back then, might have had a hand in the Colossi too. On to the next.Bifrost6 Apr 14
Apr 11 Maar Question- Was Maar even aware that Amon was "alive" ? Was he clued in on the grand plan? I feel he couldve been better used elsewhere other than trying to enslave the protoss, later it was shown that Amon already had his own toss with the taldarim (retcon so we wouldnt feel bad about killing nyons innocent protoss for defending their sacred sites and home) Named hybrids that were self aware seemed pretty cool at the time, later we just got generic "boss units" maybe make him an enemy leader? give him command of some taldarim?(lotv) or even the swarm after kerrigan got rekt by the artifact?(hots) after the death of Amon maybe try to do a better hybrid process on an individual level and make his own faction of different hybrids? not "boss units" but on a combine a hydralisk with a zealot for example... armies of different hybrid units like give an ultralisk the shields and cannons of an immortal.. corruptor-void ray, etc.Deathwing11 Apr 11
Apr 10 Didn’t expect this on SC reddit I have sudden urge to spread my half-trolling to next platform.Bifrost6 Apr 10
Apr 9 1-30 STARCRAFT I & II DEAD PEOPLE LIST Meeting our StarCraft 20th anniversary, lets list all the dead ones from all races! The UED, Terran, Zerg, and Protoss and whatsoever! 1. Overmind 2.Dagoth 3.Zas 4.Tassadar 5.Gerad DuGalle 6.Razagal 7. Alexei Stukov (rose again) 8. General Edmund Duke 9.Duran/Narud/Infested Duran 10. Tychus Findlaybapline19 Apr 9
Apr 8 we need more single player missions I know this might be alot, but from all four single player missions i felt like the ones focused on nova story was nice we need more like that, for example we an get a story with stukov what happens with him maybe he finds a way to revert back to a human or something. there can be more for all the outcast characterskiller5 Apr 8
Apr 7 Who is the best character in SC? Hey, I am new in this forum and I must say one thing that may get some to frown upon me, actually two things I never finished the SC and SC:BW campaigns, I was not alive when they were released, and I actually liked SC2 campaign( I know it is very flawed but I enjoyed, mainly because I really like Stukov's character)rafinhabr17 Apr 7
Apr 7 Mission Pack Idea: Horners VS. Golden armada so i've had this idea for a while now, for a mission pack based after the events at Korhal on LOTV, when the golden armada was bringing ruin to the koprulu sector, you had to play as Matt Horner and Mira Han to fight back against them. teaming up with lyrak (level announcer from Scythe of amon) as vorazuns golden armada tracker, raynor and valerian; to slow their pace and allow terran evacuations to continue. think this'd be a good idea?Awesomov40 Apr 7
Apr 6 Ultimate Form of Ultralisk? Ok, as far as the topic goes, there are 3 strains of the Ultralisk I'm considering for this, with an extra one thrown in for consideration. I will also add some opinions on a few other types(not quite strains). 1. The Brutalisk This slow-moving behemoth is probably the closest thing to the Odin/Thor that the Zerg have. A special strain of the Ultralisk, which it quite honestly doesn't really look like, it is also the only canon strain(as far as I know) that can attack air units. In fact, it's probably better at attacking air units than ground. It also has the highest amount of health, rivaled only by the Omegalisk(which I'll get to). 2. The Torrasque First introduced in Brood War, this is one of the most intimidating versions of our favorite Zerg juggernaut. In it's original version, it could be killed over and over but would continually be resurrected by its controlling Cerebrate, only being gone for good when said Cerebrate was dead. In its new form, the energy for this process is now provided by a new compound derived from an experimental warhead (thank you Mengsk). Very cost effective, plus I think it looks cool. I'm glad they had a callback to this monstrosity. 3. The Noxious This toxic titan deals even more damage than the regular Ultralisk. Capable of poisonous/explosive emissions, it is a favorable choice to use. On top of that, there's even a Hydralisk version of it, meaning the Zerg valued the potential of this strain enough to apply it to another breed. And now for one additional consideration 4. The Omegalisk A much larger and stronger Ultralisk with health rivaling the Brutalisk, it is rather formidable. However, it didn't really add much beyond that and never appeared again after WoL. Perhaps the strain was discarded/lost? Anyways, I think Brutalisks win health-wise and attack range, but they suck at movement. The Torrasque is undoubtedly the most cost effective but can be difficult to use properly. The Noxious dominates the ground and has actually had its biology replicated. The Brutalisks appear rather rarely and probably take special skill to make, so it might win this round, with Noxious and Torrasque close behind. One final note: The Leviathan Brood and both forms of Primal Ultralisk also earn cool points for appearance.RogueSpectre31 Apr 6
Apr 6 Make your own unit (forum game) Just something I thought up. Spill your imagination on a custom unit. Make it as overpowered as you want. Must Include: -Race affiliation -How the unit is produced/production time -Cost -Health, damage, and armor -Damage type (regular, anti-armor, anti-light armor, splash, etc.) -Supply cost -Availability (Campaign/PvP/Co-op) -Targets (air/ground) Optional: -Active/passive abilities and energy costs -Appearance -Skins -Speed -Upgrades (Campaign/PvP/Co-op) Imagine away!Lavaholic19 Apr 6
Apr 6 Does anyone care about PvP violence? Maybe i'm just misremembering sc1, but did anyone besides Tassadar care about Protoss killing Protoss? He made it a pretty big thing that he was horrified about it to the point of turning himself over to the conclave to stop it, and it was sort of billed as this horrific sin for a protoss to kill another protoss lest the Aeon of Strife be repeated, with brood war continuing this to a lesser extent as part of why everyone was horrified Aldaris would turn on them. But as time goes on it seems like that wasn't actually a thing anyone but Tassadar really cared about? It's not brought up ever again and later soft retcons (Expansions of older lore, i guess, rather than re-writing of it) with things like Tassadar slaughtering most of the conclave singlehandedly, and the whole short story about a high templar murdering a carrier's crew because she just hates carriers as units- it seems like this isn't really a thing protoss society as a whole has a major aversion to, and was just an idealogical quirk of Tassadar. Even heroes of the storm, which was the thing that made me think about this, has a Fenix quote where he lampshades after killing another protoss character but his labels it as "Tassadar's greatest fear" rather than some protoss cardinal sin Basically i'm just wondering if this was ever supposed to have been a thing, that's been watered down by the expansion of lore in recent years, or if it's just a hippy thing Tassadar was into that everyone else mostly doesn't care aboutTogetic0 Apr 6
Apr 5 StarCraft Chronicles? Not sure how original this idea is, but here it goes. The WarCraft universe is getting a lot of lore love with the WarCraft chronicles and Diablo has the Books of Cain and Tyrael. Is StarCraft even going to get something like this? There are a lot of things that could be clarified I think from a story perspective. I have the Field Guide, the original manual for the first game and read most of the books. Is all that still canon? I would definitely want some more back story on the settling of the Koprulu Sector, the Guild Wars and some more character info. What about all of you? Would you want something like this and what would you want to see?Voodoolord1 Apr 5
Apr 3 Where are all the short stories? I can't find them on the official website anymore, but i want to reread them. Are they available in print? Can they be rereleased? Am i looking in the wrong place?SquirrelKing3 Apr 3
Apr 2 Any plans for more mini stories? After playing Covert Ops (which was great imho), i am wondering if there is plans for more mini mission arcs in the future. What are your thoughts on this?Instinctz30 Apr 2
Apr 2 Is Hybrid overrated or Protoss just better? In SCBW, Duran hyped them so much. In WoL, Raynor and his team were terrified with its power and endurance. In HoTS, It took Primal Kerringan level to deal with it. However in LoTV, Protoss seem don't have much problem dealing or killing them with their current technology and weaponry despite that they have no idea about Hybrid capability. And then we have Artanis murdered Hybrid without going some kind of power-up. In Aiur, Amon's Ultimate Body was quickly got taken down by Protoss. The only time that Artanis's force ever feel threaten was against his own kin, Golden Armada. So, was Hybrid power was blew out of proportion or Protoss's technology is simply just better despite that their DNA is not optimised like Hybrid?Kilometer58 Apr 2
Apr 2 NCO thoughts Just replayed and finished it on Brutal. End Game is really difficult and I really dislike Xantos constantly pressuring while you have to bother with economical fatigue. I actually had to switch to mag-rail marines mostly because they are so cost-efficient and not because they are actually best at taking Xanthos down, because their DPS per supply is crazy and they dodge missiles well (unlike you Tanks). ... Capping off that arrogant bit^h remains one of the most satisfying moments of the franchise. I wonder if she is herself meant to believe she has ever been remotely on the same team as Nova in any way. I mean she wasn’t even in the Old Families, she just knew them, right?Fact that Davis even survived Fall of Confederacy should be proof that she couldn’t have been that important. Also Nova happens to not be an a^shole towards poor people and has survived Gutter. ... I hope we see more of Reigel and some additional background for the whole team. Preferably including some well-deserved vacation after the Insurgency. ... I love that Griffin actually looks aerodynamic.Bifrost25 Apr 2
Apr 2 Does Kerrigan know that Zeratul is dead? Does Kerrigan know that Zeratul is dead?TUGANLI27 Apr 2
Apr 1 some questions about the protoss. so I remember reading in the Brood war booklet that Artanis was roughly 260 odd years, yet his nerve cords were like a foot or 2 long, so how did in SC2 he had a full length nerve cord like the others, thats a rapid growth in 4 years to say the least. also... how did his eyes change color from OJ to Blue? same with Zeratul, his went from OJ but to Green. I thought it was simply Blizz changing all the Khalai to Blue and Nerazim to Green, but then I remembered high templar Karass on the Zeratul mission in WoL, his eyes were OJ as well.NovaPrime5 Apr 1
Apr 1 Ideas for Mission Packs? Hello everyone! I have been replaying and gaining the three main achievements in all the Nova Covert Ops campaign. I must say, this storyline is refreshing given the monotone and subservient nature of the dialogues in HotS and the rich but still too long dialogues in LotV. Overall, the only mission I disliked was the final mission. It felt really rushed, like suffering from the Xel'naga-Epilogue syndrome. I can't wait for new mission packs, if blizzard is ever planning on releasing more. Anyway, I would really love if Stukov and Dehaka gets their own mission packs. Stukov's maybe about finding his place in the reformed SC2 universe, while Dehaka's maybe about the restoration of the primal zerg after the battle of Amon. I love these characters and I hope that blizzard can develop them further. What do you guys think? Who should be the center for future mission packs? Thank you for your attention :)BroodHive18 Apr 1
Apr 1 Never Realized Matt is Such a Whiner (All-In) (1 zergling attacks) Matt: Zerg everywhere...Sir! We should activate the artifact's nova! (1 building falls) Matt: YOU'RE BEING OVERRUN!!! USE THE ARTIFACT!!! GO NOVA!!!Retloclive10 Apr 1
Mar 31 Newbie: Does campaign order matter? There are 3 story campaigns. Do I have to play them in the order that they came out in order to get the most out of the story? For example, do I have to play Terrran, Zerg, then Protoss? Are each campaign a separate story? Can play them in any order?Rich5 Mar 31
Mar 31 Fenix in Heroes Do you think they did him justice? Mar 31
Mar 31 Best/Worst 5 of WoL Of all the SC2 campaigns WoL probably creates the most divisiveness. Some say it sucked, some loved it and some would agree with both of these. So, what were your favorite moments? Which ones did you hate the most? ... Best cutscene/story moment Haven’s Fall ending. No, it doesn’t make me happy. Hanson didn’t really deserve that. She might have been hypocritical when you compare her behaviour on Haven to Meinhoff, but still. And that is the exact reason why I like it - it has some freaking emotional impact. We did all we could, yet big portion of the refugees got infested and we had to burn. It’s the only moment in campaign where Raynor truly fails and he has to overcome a failure. My additional personal flavour is me being still at secondary school and seeing the cutscene by the time I should have been to bed. Really supported the Alien vibe. Honorable mentions: Tosh ending, Horner finds Tychus watching the news. ... Best mission/gameplay feature The Dig. It might not be the most challenging (WoL isn’t that hard for me anymore in general anyway), but it is just super fun for me. It captures Terran nature so well. Build up huge defenses and hide behind gigantic laser. HM: Outbreak, Trains, S-Nova, All In ... Best arc Covert ops. I’d pick Colonists, because it feels a lot like Firefly, but Fall ended up being non-canon for good, so I guess I gotta pick the self-contained without plot holes, that introduces Tosh to the game. HM: Rebellion arc with Tosh switched for Odin and vice versa could have tied the arcs nicely and fix a lot of plot holes, while keeping the spirit. ... Best character Tychus. Ten times better Duke Nukem than Duke Nukem ever dreamed to he in his last installment with additional tragic story about being trapped between two choices that both get him killed. HM: Tosh ... Free category T:”You know, I have been thinking...” R:”Scares me more than Zerg.”Bifrost19 Mar 31
Mar 30 LOTV Brutal Campaign Challenge I posted this on General but figured this was a better place to put this post. This was a self imposed challenge that took me the course of a few months, especially since I reached a roadblock on the final mission. Well today, I beat the last mission after a loooooong break and I issue this challenge to you all if you have nothing else to do and hate yourself. Rules: 1. Do not customize your army. You are going to use vanilla units through the entire campaign. 2. Do not use the Spear of Adun's abilities nor allocate any solarite to its auxiliary systems. To keep the gameplay as vanilla as possible, keep nexus overcharge and matrix overload (as you cannot disable those 2 columns of passives). 3. Do all bonus objectives. If you can. I only got up to 295 because Harbringer of Oblivion gave me fits. If you did all bonus objectives, you should have 300 solarite by the end of the campaign. Proof of last mission completion: Master Archive completion times: Thoughts on this challenge: Extremely difficult and taxing. Save scumming is going to be your friend. Every single unit counts, especially on the timed missions. Those missions are the absolute worst as you will have to optimize your macro and micro. Blink stalkers and immortals tend to be the core of your unit composition on most missions until you get Void Rays. Hope your macro and micro are up to par (for reference I am a D1 Protoss player) Why Matrix Overload and Nexus overcharge? My run was to be as vanilla as possible to the Protoss gameplay. Nexus overcharge has precedent on multiplayer and it's effect is usually not felt during the course of a play through. Warp harmonization gives you faster production and warp in for robotic facility and Stargate. Orbital assimilator just flat out improves your macro and you don't have to get probes for gas. The last 2 passives influences your macro. We don't want that. Matrix Overload is the weakest effect on that column. Reconstruction beam? We aren't Terran get out of here. Guardian Shield? That ability is overpowered and gives your dead units a few more seconds of surviving and dealing damage. Notes: On the last mission, I used Nexus Overcharge and shield batteries to buy me more time so it did actually have a pretty big impact on that mission but for consistency's sake I was using Nexus Overcharge throughout this challenge so I figured I was fine. IF you want, you can swap this column for Warp Harmonization since most of you will be abusing Karax for his IMBA production ability anyway. However, I have not beaten this mission this way, yet.Animus4 Mar 30
Mar 30 Kerrigan and Raynor With them walking off into the sunset and living life with each other almost 3 years ago, makes you wonder what they have been up to all this time? I think they have a son and a daughter and are living on a distance planet away from everyone. Hope we see them again soon thoughMarlexia123 Mar 30
Mar 30 Where did Amon go? This is actually double question. I mean the game one, because I am interested if Xel'Naga bodies in the Void rot or anything. And the Forum one, because I miss that fella.Bifrost21 Mar 30
Mar 30 Top 100 why Kerrigan is evil (Ceci est un appât à rouquin, vous le saurez en utilisant le traducteur automatique de votre moteur de recherche :D) Ladies and Gentlemen ! By the light of Arcturus Mengsk, here you will find the 100 reasons why Kerrigan is the most evil person ever. Why 100 ? Because it's red (head) ! 1-She killed her mother and damaged her father's brain in her anger as a child. Creepy and horrific as f*k. 2-She let a kitty die in horrible pain in order to not show her powers. Selfish @sshole. You already showed them with your parents. Only a spawn of Satan would kill a kitty. That should already be enough to prove her hellish nature. 3-Ditto with her braindead father. Without the kitty part, fortunately :3 4-She participated in the assassination of Mengsk's family. Good thing our righteous Emperor has infinite mercy. Because that is pure unholiness. 5-On top of that, she took the heads of the family and made them disappear. That's freaking heresy. "Points to Arcturus's Mercy" 6-Once rescued from the Confederacy, she has the chance to finally leave all this violence and live peacefully. Her choice ? Be an assassin for a well-known terrorist organisation. Murdering people is fun ! >< 7-She realized Raynor's description of his son's death was the official excuse for disappeared ghosts, yet never told him about that despite the chance of maybe finding him. Jealous woman... 8-She was aware of the Genocidal methods used on Tarsonis by the SoK. While less evil people like Raynor were starting to gather and prepare to leave, she however chose to repel the Protoss coming to save the civilians, willingly allowing the Swarm to kill everyone on the planet. Adding "complicity in a Genocide" to her list of crimes. 9-Who can forget her sadistic nature as she spares Raynor against the Overmind's order, proving her autonomy, while destroying all his means of leaving the planet ? Not me, with Mengsk's Blessing I won't forget ! 10-Adding to 9, she tortures him mentally. The man who was the most supportive of her. Ungrateful b!tch. 11-Overmind is dead (Sorry Undermind :( ). She is free to choose her destiny. What does she decide to do ? Gain control of her Swarm for power ! 12-She mind control Raszagal. That's low even for you, gal. Exploiting a senile granny won't make you look good. 13-Backstab Aldaris. With Lurkers. While he was talking. F*kin coward. 14- She rubs Stukov's death in DuGalle face. He's your enemy, true, but come on... 15- She Infests poor Morians workers to help her economy. A prelude to the injust social dumping Zagara is doing with her farm planets. 16-She uses Spawn Broodling on Fenix before gloating about it on front of Raynor. F*k you. 17-At the same time, she kills Duke to torture Arcturus. You know it wouldn't affect our righteous Emperor Arcturus Mengsk right ? You're only looking petty. 18-She rubs her enslavement of Raszagal in front of Zeratul. At least she's proud of her evilness. But still evil. 19-She also keeps her prisoner. That's so mean and useless... 20-Once Zeratul killed his Matriarch, she allows him to leave with his guilt. No wonder why he's talking to himself until his end. Psychological torture is evil.Marsaro189 Mar 30
Mar 28 Could Tassadar done what Artanis did? He took out the Overmind which is legendary but he also lost his entire fleet to kerrigan, which mean he was a bad leader and tactician. Would Alarak have respected Tassadar or think he was an idealistic fool?Horebane12 Mar 28
Mar 27 How much does Nova remember? I just finished reading of the first book (fun read), skimmed through the wiki again and I am really confused what parts of her past Nova remembers after all those memory wipes and terrazine inhalations. On a second note, I remember once more why I hated her before the Keep comic and NCO. Why is she loyal to Mengsk after the Hauler incindent? Did she just... didn’t believe the information from Hauler (justifiably so)(also, please give me grammar check for this sentence)? Or was there any other source telling her about Mengsk’s orders for Tarsonis, Shi or any random Dominion lab? On a third note. Sooo glad, Ndoci is dead.Bifrost1 Mar 27
Mar 26 Does battle chest 2.0 have nova missions? Hi, I'm new to this and want to know does the battle chest from a website like this have the nova mission packs? or only the complete campaign package from the Blizz store have it. I want to buy a bundle because I've only played WoL and would want to continue the story.Moongrave5 Mar 26
Mar 24 Hyper-evolutionary virus Couple things here. One, I'm wondering if one could classify the hyper-evolutionary virus according to known classifications of viruses. My best guess would be the Retrovirus class, which involves both RNA and DNA. Then again, we are talking about a virus which is changing DNA on a body-wide scale as well as affecting the mind and has so far proven to not be 100% curable, so maybe it's a new class entirely. Secondly, I think it's not limited to virus form. Checking the Lore, in addition to the virus being spread via virophages or even through water (on at least one occasion), Zerg spores can also have this effect, which I guess means there is a fungal version. And there is the matter of a certain strain of creep that created the only example of an infested Protoss (Starcraft: Frontline: Creep). Creep can be used to infest buildings in game(Skygeirr missions) so maybe it has viral qualities as part of it's biology. Any thoughts? Does the field manual mention anything( I don't own one)?RogueSpectre117 Mar 24
Mar 24 Stukov dialogues in HotS Focus on Zagara and Raynor. Zagara is interesting because he acknowledges her as Overqueen and Raynor because of the relative negativity between them, even though Stukov’s original ress was partially thanks to Ray and Ray is adoring another Zerg/Terran hybrid. Also, Stukov’s casual racism towards Koprulu Terrans and banter towards Protoss are funny. I’d even say that he actually holds up to Alarak. ... Yes, yes. HotS ain’t canon. Don’t bother too much.Bifrost12 Mar 24
Mar 24 Nova covert OPS pack 3 disappointment... The first mission was really good, but the second and third were not that great... Especially the third one... I felt like it was rushed, and just unpolished. The whole Xanthos and defending the "Cerros?" shipyards was a great concept but wasn't well executed IMO. Even the calldown for raven healing drone isn't on autocast. Its model is similar to the point defence drone, not polished like the coop one. Even the SCV portrait is the same as that of the normal SCV... Though, I don't normally like pointing out some minor art things, but that raven healing drone really triggered me. PS - I'll probably make a proper thread telling all the things which I didn't like in full detail, right now I'm in a hurry.KayOS11 Mar 24
Mar 23 Brutal bonus objective question Greetings, I'm finally getting around to completing WoL on Brutal and was wondering if i can skip bonus objectives on the first run, then replay the mission on a lower difficulty to complete the bonus and still get 100% completion or if it has to be all done at once. Thanks in advance.Vori11 Mar 23
Mar 23 Style of Missions for HoTS & LoTV I've been playing through the WoL campaign and while I think it's fun, I have gotten very sick of their style. Every mission has some sort of gimmick and time pressure. By "time pressure" I mean things like destroy these buildings before Kerrigan gets to them, get this mineral amount before the enemy does, or destroy this train that will come every so often. Blizzard seemed concerned about mission length in this game, so they made sure to make them roughly 30 minutes each. I miss the WC3 and Brood War style of missions that were mostly simple objectives that involve you destroying an enemy base. I enjoyed taking things slow and killing off all the enemy bases and expanding before finishing with the main objective. I was perfectly happy with taking an hour or more to finish those levels. I noticed the sale on the rest of the SC2 campaign today, and was wanting to get an idea of whether the missions continue in the vein of WoL, or if there are less time pressure missions. I enjoy the story so far, but not enough to bother going through more missions if they continue to be like Wings of Liberty's style. So what can I expect from Hots & Lotv's mission structures?Scotty24 Mar 23
Mar 23 Biggest Blizzard Story Cliches Hi Forums. This is a post relating to more than just Starcraft so hopefully it's okay to put it on this forum. I wasn't sure where else it should go. So I noticed that Blizzard likes to reuse a lot of ideas. Some of them are theirs and others aren't. From a gameplay perspective I think this is a good thing. They're essentially finding some interesting mechanic and trying it in the context of another game. When it comes to the story though, it really just looks like lazy writing to the point where it's honestly a bit comical. So for the hell of it, here are some of Blizzard's biggest cliches. Feel free to chime in! The good guy gone bad Obviously this isn't a trope that Blizzard invented but it's one that they've really embraced and repeated. What's funny is how similar the circumstances around these turnings evil are... Medivh: I don't know the lore of the original Warcraft very well but I think the part about Medivh being corrupted was added in Warcraft 3. Izual: From what I can tell this was the first character Blizzard made to use this trope but I didn't get too much into the lore so I could be wrong. Izual lead an attack on the Hellforge, lost and turned evil. I think some of this might have been elaborated on in Diablo 2 though. Kerrigan: Pretty simple; the Zerg swarmed Kerrigan's position and overwhelmed her forces, took her away and infested her. When the Overmind was destroyed, she regained her free will and became the central villain of the Starcraft universe (Until SC2 of course). Aidan: This one's not very consequential but worth mentioning. The hero defeats Diablo and sticks a rock into his brain and basically turns into Diablo himself. Sargeras: From the Warcraft 3 manual. Basically he was sent to defeat the Eredar and Dreadlords and they drove him mad. It's like somebody realised they needed a backstory for Sargeras an hour before a deadline and in a panic just said "Oh to hell with it, just give him the same backstory we always use!" This was also reconned later so it's not canon. Arthas: Probably the most iconic one. His passions drove him to do progressively more questionable things and eventually he picked up Frostmourne which ate his soul and completed his turn. It's similar to the story of Kerrigan except the Lich King lured Arthas to him rather than seeking him out. Sylvanas: Again, similar to Kerrigan's story. She fought against the undead and lost and was turned into one of them. Later she broke free and it didn't take long for her to show that she wasn't the noble ranger that she'd once been. The evil talking head I'm referring to the villain that repeatedly shows up as a talking head somewhere on you UI and tells you how hopeless your situation is and that you should just give up and accept your salvation or something. This mostly happens in Starcraft 2 and had me rolling my eyes before long. Kerrigan and Narud are both examples of these but the big one is Amon (the dark voice himself). My personal favourite, however, is Maar from the Protoss side missions in Wings of Liberty. Some Maar quotes: "Prepare for death!" "Surrender to despair!" "Still you cling to hope!" "Do you not see the futility?" "Why persist?" "Death comes for you" "None shall stand!" "Life is forfeit" "Oblivion for all!" I seem to remember Diablo doing the same sort of thing when you're trying to get to the top of Heaven. I feel like this has been done in WoW as well but off the top of my head I can't think of any examples. Enemies coming together to defeat the common threat! This is a particularly corny one. I think Blizzard probably wanted to shake up the faction warfare narratives in Starcraft and particularly in Warcraft I'll just list some of these off: -The humans and Laughing Skull orcs in Warcraft 2: Beyond the Dark Portal. Haven't actually played this myself. -The UED, Dominion and Protoss at the end of Starcraft: Brood War (of course this one failed). -The Orcs, Humans and Night Elves at the end of Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos. -The Dominion and Raynor's Raiders at the end of Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty -The Templar and the Dark Templar in SC1 and later the Purifiers and Tal'Darim in SC2 Also "I will take pleasure in flaying the flesh from your bones" and the many variations of that line which I'm sure we can find many occurrences of in Diablo and WoW.Bobmcbobson42 Mar 23
Mar 22 Campaign Reboot? I really enjoy the entire StarCraft 2 storyline. I love the Wings of Liberty campaign even though its sometimes quite annoying. The WoL has that character diversity and depth and conflict we can relate to. The mechanics are really well thought and I was really looking forward to these 'fallen ones'. However, adding a deified fugure doesn't exactly work for me in the end because the whole xelnaga things kind of seems rushed. HotS was just a major disappointment. It didn't have that character depth, diversity, and conflict that WoL and LotV had. It didn't even tick the zerginess in me. Like, I have the impression that kerrigan is just using her own brood even though there are plenty of other broodmothers to support her (in the late campaign). I mean, kerrigan have some serious identity crisis, turning from "I must pay for the millions of blood on my hand" to "there are no moral high grounds here" in a matter of missions. Mechanic and story wise, it's simply unsatisfactory. LotV was better than WoL at mechanics while better at HotS at storytelling( though not as much subtleness as WoL). I really enjoyed the main campaign except for the part where they just bombarded amon's new body. Everything after that just seems rushed and forced (yes, including the infamous epilogue). Nova covert ops is better, similar to WoL and very excellent mechanic like LotV in my opinion. However, the entire StarCraft 2 franchise just seems hopeless now. Why is Blizzard so focused on the multiplayer aspect, but instead neglects the story aspect? I would love if Campaign gets rebooted, but I am afraid that there will be people who will have a problem about the achievements or sorts. What do you guys think? Any ideas and critics are accepted. Thank you for your time ! :) PS. And sorry is this offends you or if I'm accidentally necro-posting :)BroodHive12 Mar 22