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2h WoL order I know the timeline here is kind of a hodgepodge, but we can make something out of mercenary/armory unit order. So, what I’ve gathered is... Mar Sara-Agria-Monlyth-Redstone III... And then I’m getting stuck because of Vulture-Diamondback.Bifrost3 2h
13h How to access In Utter Darkness WoL Hello guys, I'm trying to complete the Terran Campaign. The only missing mission is In Utter Darkness. I'm trying to activate/play it but it is not available. Do you have any suggestion?Marlot2 13h
1d Do we know LotV mission order? What it says on the tin.Bifrost16 1d
2d DEATH BATTLE! Episode 1 Sons of Korhal Kerrigan vs Nova during Defenders of Man Insurgency! Who do you think would win? (I’ll rest my pick for now.)Bifrost268 2d
3d How will Zagara react to Niadra? In the latest Shadow War issue, Niadra is revealed to have a substantial brood under her command, and that she is completely hostile agaisn't all Terran and Protoss. It seems she is planning to attack them on a larger scale later. Zagara is supposed to be the one leading the Swarm. Is she aware that Niadra is going her own way and threatening the pact made between the Swarm and the Terran/Protoss? Zagara has to eventually become aware of her existence. Will she immediately crush her resistance once she realizes the threat she poses to her long term reign? Fracturation inside the Swarm has historically never been tolerated for long. An absolute leader always seeks total control eventually. Also, is Niadra planning to overthrow Zagara? I really wonder how this will go...Hugo75 3d
4d Amon should've won A world of eternal darkness cleansed of all life but Hybrid is better than this trash-heap. Imagine the evolutionary pathways the Hybrid would take as Amon rebuilt the universe.TheUndermind48 4d
4d StarCraft 1.5 I was never fond of how "Warcraft" starcraft 2 felt. It's way to influenced by wow and that's painfully apparent to any long time fans of Starcraft or Blizz in general. That being said. I'm in the process of writing a re imagining of how the story should or could have gone if it wasnt written by, frankly. Wow fanboys. Now. I don't have time to sit here and write every last detail of the story but this is a rough idea of where I'm going with it and some bullets to highlight plot points. Once I have completed the story I'm going to work on building this campaign. So it's going to be a while. Starcraft 1.5 Factions- Terran- Koprulu Terran U.E.D Protoss- Templar Dark Templar Zerg- Zerg Patriarchy Zerg Matriarchy Former Player characters- Terran- Commander Rhodes Captain Axis Protoss- Preator Artanis Executor Selendis Patriarch Zeratul Zerg- Cerebrate Gazzalix Cerebrate Daggoth Sarah Kerrigan Samir Duran Prologue- Kerrigan pursues Captain Axis and the remaining U.E.D survivors and kills them all finalizing her victory in the Koprulu sector. •Player character from Broodwar act 5 is killed. Act 1- Samir Duran returns to Daggoth who is alive and in hiding with his brood. He informs Daggoth of his success in incorporating the Protoss into the swarm and that Kerrigan has left the Koprulu sector in pursuit of the remaining U.E.D. He then informs Daggoth that Kerrigans slave Cerebrate Gazzalix that lead the final assault leading to Kerrigans victory is the only other Cerebrate to survive the Broodwar and that without him no hope would remain in creating a new Overmind and creating more Cerebrates. The time had come to act. •Player character from Broodwar act 6 is defeated by Cerebrate Daggoth, They merge together into a new Overmind. Act 2- News of the emergence of the new Zerg swarm once again under the control of an Overmind and with Infested Protoss in its numbers has sent terror throughout the sector. Would this lead to a continuation of the Broodwar? Or worse. Would this overmind once again gain control of Kerrigan and the full fury of the Zerg? Commander Rhodes had taken no real part in the conflict since splitting up with Raynor and had kept his people mostly safe from the chaos of the Broodwar but it was time to act. Someone had to lead the exodus from Koprulu. •Player character from Starcraft act 1 gathers Terran survivors for evacuation. •Jim Raynor joins the evacuation but is killed covering the escape. Act 3- The Terrans had abandoned the sector en masse. The Zerg were once again infesting world's at an alarming rate and the Protoss were in no position to stop them alone. It seemed the Terrans wouldn't be the only species forced to flee the sector. Together, Preator Artanis, Executor Selendis and Patriarch Zeratul lead their people in evacuation. •Player characters from act 3 and 4 escape from Koprulu with Zeratul. Act 4- After destroying the U.E.D Kerrigan and her swarm began the return to Koprulu. Kerrigan began to sense the minds of the new Overmind and it's new Cerebrates. Confident that her powers had grown strong enough to resist falling under their control she continued on. However as she got closer she began to struggle to remain in control of all her broods. She was bombarded telepathically by them all as they fought to wrestle away her control of not only the Zerg but of her own mind. Not even her Overlords could help because even their will was being pulled from her. •Kerrigan creates Swarm Queens as an answer to Cerebrates to help her maintain control of her own swarm. •Kerrigan kills Duran. •Kerrigan attacks and kills Mengsk and infests his remaining forces. Act 5- With the destruction of the U.E.D expedition and the full scale evacuation of the Koprulu the people's of earth began to understand just how dangerous this Zerg threat really was. This time the full fury of the U.E.D was sent to secure Terran supremacy and permanently end the Zerg threat. •New character Admiral Azalea Leads attacks of both Kerrigan and the Overmind •The U.E.D manages to once again secure a foothold in the Koprulu sector but reach a stalemate with the Zerg. Act 6- The entire fleet from the Terran home system had descended upon the Zerg and after initial success even they began to fold under the weight of the innumerable swarms. The Protoss witnessing this decided once again to stand united against the Zerg. •Artanis now named Hierarch of the Protoss leads the fleets to aid the U.E.D •Kerrigan is defeated and executed by Zeratul •The Overmind attacks the Protoss fleet Artanis and Selendis die in the attack •Commander Rhodes and the remaining Koprulu Terrans join Zeratul. •Zeratul Kills the Overmind.Shepard8 4d
4d StarCraft Evolution Thoughts Hello guys, I haven't personally read the book because I haven't bought it yet, but based on several posts and fandoms, here is what I got from it and my thoughts. First, I am by no means a fan of the whole the swarm is trying to do good thing by revitalizing planets to create food for the terrans and daelamm. At the very least make it so that they want to revitalize planets to keep their OWN species flourishing by providing indefinite biomass and species variants. Second, How can abathur betray Zagara? Isn't he supposed to respect strength and aren't Zerg supposed to be incapable of betrayal against their superior? Please tell me if I had gotten something's wrong. Thank you for your time! :)BroodHive170 4d
4d Carbot strikes again 4d
Jun 12 Kerrigan appears in the Temple of Unification I just played that part of the LotV campaign. The Protoss had figured out where Ulnar is to find and captured the 5 celestial locks to get into the temple and suddenly Kerrigan conveniently flies in through a wall? Why did she come there and how? Was it that someone remembered that they needed the Queen of Blades for the next part and so they literally tossed her in? Even the Wiki has nothing better to say than this: Hierarch Artanis entered the Temple of Unification alone, and put Matriarch Vorazun in command of the Spear of Adun. He discovered a wall carving, showing the death of Dark Prelate Zeratul, the destruction of Shakuras, and Sarah Kerrigan being attacked by a hybrid reaver. Just then a wounded Kerrigan was thrown through a wall with a dead hybrid reaver. Maybe later on it gets some explanation or some twist to the story as to why she was there, but I am too angry right now to find out. Is there some reason to it or did they REALLY pull a Deus Ex Machina move? If it is the latter I am seriously disappointed in the storytelling of LotV.Nevermore13 Jun 12
Jun 8 UED ? So let me get this straight: On the Terran campaign of Brood War... were we playing as the villains? I mean, the United Earth Directorate (And also, Earth) was an antagonist of some sort? The planet that exiled the Terrans are the villains?Rod13 Jun 8
Jun 7 So were the Humans the Xel' Naga chosen? It seems like it since both Zerg and Protoss appeared to have bene made by Amon. However Primal Zerg might have bene made by the Xel Naga along with the human to combine into the next Xel'Naga. Right? Why else woudl that Xel Naga give Kerrigan a human that power? Does that mean years from now we will have a whole army of angel-like Xel'Naga with Kerrigan guiding them?Horebane15 Jun 7
Jun 7 Daelaam Where’s it going?HOFF42 Jun 7
Jun 6 Kerrigan Appearance Why doesn't Kerrigan look like a weird tentacled Jabba the Hut? Amon and Ouros, plus all ancient drawings of Xel'naga, have this appearance. Why does Kerrigan look like a fire angel instead?Jailbar13 Jun 6
Jun 6 Kerrigan is a Good character. I've noticed that there have been a number of posts on here about how Kerrigan is somehow Kerrigan is a bad (evil) character. I disagree, she only kills her enemies (such as the dominion and certain protoss) sometimes civilians may die during crossfire, but war is war I suppose (plus not every planet has civilians), she lets reynor evacuate civilians when she realized that she should do the right thing, I don't see how a few decisions make her evil when people in the real world have done things similar to win wars (WWII), she didn't remember what she did before WoL, Human Vs Zerg is also a part of the story, Etc. So yes, I think she's good. Anti-hero- maybe Evil/Bad - no I want to see how many others agree. Please, only comment if you agree as I'm in no mood for arguing and it won't go anywhere anyway (as most online arguments do, (I'll ignore if I have too)). Let people enjoy things. Watch this (I don't agree with everything, but that section makes good points): Jun 6
Jun 5 I went to theaters and saw that... [SPOILERS AHEAD] Raynor is terrible fighter who always put his failures on others, waste other 's lifesavings on pointless things, a possessive boyfriend who beats the hell out of children to stay with his chick, and prefers to die with her girlfriend rather than listening to others. Spielberg totally nailed it. Never, Ever, get close with someone looking like Raynor. ;)Marsaro70 Jun 5
Jun 5 What if Kerrigan didn't kill Fenix In SC Brood War, after defeating the UED on Korhal, Kerrigan betrayed her allies and killed both Duke and Fenix. This event alienated everyone else in the galaxy and caused Raynor to be angry at Kerrigan. What if Kerrigan had only killed Duke and not Fenix. While the other factions might still be upset at her, I doubt Raynor will care about Duke at all. And since Kerrigan and Mengsk have bad history, the other groups might be inclined to overlook it. How would future events be changed if Kerrigan didn't kill Fenix?fdas29 Jun 5
Jun 5 Why is the UI broken? WoL Campaign can you guys (people or devs) help me? This is WoL campaign... brutal mode. It's broken please fixStYliShGuY2 Jun 5
Jun 4 I Revisited Amon's Fall It's been quite a while since I did my all-brutal-achievements runs of the campaign missions. Thanks to my experiences playing co-op, I've gotten a lot better in PvE, so I wanted to see how well I could do all-brutal-achievements. Amon's Fall was an early pick because I remembered it felt very tricky when I first played it. The mission took forever because I had to wait for the right opportunity to do the Triple Tap achievement. I thought it was mostly luck-based, and I had to wait for RNG to bring out the three crystals at the right places at the right time. Turns out, the crystals aren't RNG but are on cycles. With some careful planning, I was able to get the first 7 crystals available, with the Triple Tap being done for the last three. Because this was so fast, the limitation became the 375-kill achievement for Kerrigan, and I had to make sure Kerrigan had plenty of enemies to kill as part of the route. You can see in the video that I barely scraped by with 378 kills. Therefore, I think this is close to the limit of doing this mission while also getting all the achievements. I find this sort of planning and execution to be quite fun, so I'll be revisiting all the missions over time. I've already redone a few (in no particular order), but I wanted to share this one because I put a lot more effort into planning the run, and I'm quite pleased with the result. Oh, and no need for remarks about Super Saiyan Kerrigan or how the epilogue sucked, I'm revisiting the campaign purely for gameplay, so I'm not particularly paying attention to the story anymore.LilArrin35 Jun 4
Jun 3 Thanos: Amon done well (spoilers) Fair warning, this thread is likely to contain spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War at some point. While I will try to avoid spoiling anything directly in the opening post, the discussion will likely drift that way eventually. Read at your own risk. I was re-watching the movie earlier tonight, and it occurred to me that Amon and Thanos are very similar at a broad strokes level. Both of them are vastly more powerful than the main characters of the story, both of them sat back and let their minions move their goals forward for most of their activity, both of them see themselves as doing a necessary evil. But Thanos was done amazingly well, which makes it all the sadder to look at Amon. Heck, its almost like some of the writers for Marvel played SC2 and said "we can do this better." The biggest thing Thanos has going for him is that we know what he wants and why he wants it. He doesn't just claim its for the greater good, he identifies a very specific problem that he thinks he is fixing. Once he takes the spotlight, he isn't a mystery anymore. He genuinely believes in his goal, and wants other people to believe in it too. He doesn't understand why people cant admit he has a point. He even does that "explaining what he's going to do" thing that Amon does a couple times, and it works for him because we see where he's coming from. I'm curious if anybody else who saw Infinity War noticed the similarities between Thanos and Amon, or at least how they wanted Amon to come off.Kelthar39 Jun 3
Jun 3 WOL Campaign changed? . Greetings everyone! I'm a very casual SC2 player. I'm just here for the story. I remember getting darn excited when SC2 was announced as I totally loved SC1 not just for its awesome gameplay but also for its sci-fi story. And I remember I bought SC2 a bit after it came out, totally hyped and when I finished the campaign I felt very... "meh". I guess I was too hyped and I found the story very bland. Now, after all these years (7?) I bought the other two expansions and decided to play all the campaigns, starting again the WOL one. And darn, I liked it much more! And for the Naga's !@#, I can't remember if it was always like these or if Blizzard changed some stuff with the many patches. So, did they changed some story stuff between the first release and the release of the expansions or is just my un-hyped mind now? Thanks! EDIT: Stuff like, did they added more missions, more dialog or changed dialog, more cutscenes? etc?DariusBD10 Jun 3
Jun 1 Anyone want to play WoL 3 player campaign? The WoL 3 player Co-Op campaign is just like the original and includes research points for upgrades. I'm looking for 2 people to play this campaign, preferably on brutal. Anyone interested?Ghost0 Jun 1
Jun 1 Protoss after Lotv I am not sure how to view Protoss after lotv. Are they more democratic minded now, electing leader? I used to view them as Authoritarian, militarist and spiritualist, but now i think they may be egalitarian or something, removing the Authoritarian ethic. They are unified as Dealaam now? with Tal'Darim and Alarak as the only faction? I am confused about how Protoss is structured now politically and what it means for their race, and can they be psionic after severing from the khala?MylilPwny2 Jun 1
Jun 1 3 Missing archievement of Heart of the swarm i complete all the normal archievement ( can be filtered with "unearn" in account panel) and 20 mastery archievement ( which can't be filtered with "unearn" ). Now my progress is 96% and i'm lacking 30 point. Anyone can tell me what archievement i'm lacking or a link, a hint ?NhatAnh5 Jun 1
May 31 PQOB = INFESTED SPECTER? Is kerrigan technically an infested specter? there's a bit of evidence pointing to this and it sums up to this Before Zerus kerrigans colour and colour of the swarm was yellow similar to that of Jorium After Zerus the swarm and kerrigan changed colour to purple simmilar to Terrazine At the beginning of HotS kerrigans hair retains it's "infested" look despite the rest of her body being cleansed this could possible be the Jorium at is enhancing her After becoming the Primal QoB, possibly after a Terrazine infusion, kerrigan when on a killing spree killing the other primals, much like specters of the past have done so Each time kerrigans become infested her Psionic powers have jumped in power, which Jorium and Terrazine are said to dostormbourne10 May 31
May 30 Starcraft ladies rated Both SC1 and SC2. Rate them how you find appropriate. Short list, long list, ones you love, ones you hate. ... I am fully aware of the inevitable fate of this thread.Bifrost57 May 30
May 30 Any News? So has they been any updates about upcoming campaigns? DLC? Books? Possible Rumors? Basically, anything lore related.Retloclive17 May 30
May 29 HotS campaign a bit too easy? Was so easy, no challenge at all. Granted it was normal difficulty, but 90% of the misssions is just build workers---build tons of units----swarm the ennemy. There's barely any pressure by the A.I at all while you build your swarm. Kinda dissapointed. Story is ok, I guess. Now onto LotV and see what comes out of it.MumblingRock2 May 29
May 24 Last LotV Mission Question Has anyone ever managed to keep Alarak alive on Brutal for Amon's Fall, the last Protoss mission of LotV? It's become my personal objective to keep that guy alive *somehow* but he sometimes manages to suicide on the very first wave of units. He seems to have a very active death wish, is all I'm saying...Anna9 May 24
May 22 we need more single player missions I know this might be alot, but from all four single player missions i felt like the ones focused on nova story was nice we need more like that, for example we an get a story with stukov what happens with him maybe he finds a way to revert back to a human or something. there can be more for all the outcast characterskiller68 May 22
May 22 Catch me if you can achievement Has anyone been able to do that 'Hard' achievement for Nova mission 7? The one that require you to finish the mission in 4 minutes. I couldn't even do it with God mode on.TheVoid14 May 22
May 21 Wings of Liberty Hard Achievements So today I bit the bullet and decided to try out Blitzkrieg in Media Blitz once more, after reading about simply focusing on the Odin (and maybe some Thors) with some repairing units, first four SCVs and then Science Vessels. Things did go awry when I couldn't quickly send those units to the front on account of the Missile Turrets that remained intact, but I managed to pull it off in the end. I'm thinking of doing the one for Echoes of the Future (Overmind Dead Body) next, which has the same sort of time limit. Sadly, Zertaul's not nearly as powerful as the Odin, and the blinking bypass doesn't really work that well anymore on account of those Overseers being everywhere as of the latest update. Any advice you could provide? I have done the rest of the Rebellion, Covert, and Colonist achievements (plus the Mar Sara ones), and have only the Supernova one for the Artifact arc and the entirety of the Char arc remaining. Hoping to get myself some new portraits.RainingMetal32 May 21
May 20 The Utter Darkness Theory As you may know,the last mission of the protoss side-story in wings of libery was In Utter Darkness.Which was situated in a POSSIBLE alternate future.My theory is....That everyone that was in Utter Darkness.The universe has a tendency to repeat key events,but sometimes in completly diffrent circumstances.In Utter Darkness our heros fight to the last to give hope to those who come next.(Bonus)Which is exactly what all of them did....before they died.Thing is if this is true,then the last 2 of the bunch Selendis and Artanis....will also die.I sure hope not....but's getting closer to this situation.We'll have to see what the next campaign/game/comic does.Pls Comment your idea bellow.TheDragon33 May 20
May 20 Custom Campaigns I saw a site with a lot of popular custom campaigns, I think it was sc2 mapster. Has anyone tried these, and would you mind commenting on general quality? A specific question I have is whether any have a between-mission upgrade system similar to what WOL/HOTS/LOTV had, or something equivalent. Stuff like co-op commanders level of uniqueness would be cool too.Certa9 May 20
May 20 Is Kerrigan too oversexualized? One thing that always stood out to me like a sore thumb during Hots was exactly how sexualized it seemed that Kerrigan was made. Now I am no femanazi or sjw sort of person have no issues really with nudity, but I just kind wondered about this at times. While its true there is Stukov, Kerrigan is essentially naked with a carapace makeover over. Think about it. Without that carapace makeover this game would be rated M for sure. Then there is this version of Kerrigan which comes a whole lot closer to legit nudity. And yes. There is an actual game model that looks just like that in game. Then there is also the carapace heels that Kerrigan has. Not judging whatsoever, but I am noticing that Kerrigan is drastically more sexualized than basically every character in the Starcraft franchise. So, what are you thoughts on all this? I am sure I am not the only one who has wondered about this at some point before. EDIT: FYI: While I was searching for this picture, I accidently ran into a Kerrigan hentei similator.RayoftheSun69 May 20
May 19 Where's the UED? I thought Nova mission would have them once again but nope. Nada. Look at the planets the Terrans have? If i remember correctly they only had a few ships with 60k colonist. Then, their planets all have billions on them and they have a great many planets to boot. However, we get to see Earth only once, does the UED have more planets under their control? It seems from the graphic they don't, does that mean the Terrans in the K-Sector out numbered the Earth humans 10 to 1 at the very least? Just how big is the UED? Their fleet was able to bring the entire sector to it's knees but after that nothing. Was that everythign they had or just a very small part of their vast war machine? We need more UED damn it!Horebane57 May 19
May 19 Wings of Liberty Brutal Achievement So I recently beat Wings of Liberty on Brutal but found that I did not get the achievement... I looked into it and found that it said that I hadn’t beat Shatter the Sky. Classically, it seems like my internet went down or something. However, upon completing the mission, I got the hard achievement for beating Shatter the Sky, so it seems like I was online then. I mean if needed I could just beat it again but I would prefer not to have to...Willasian1 May 19
May 18 1-30 STARCRAFT I & II DEAD PEOPLE LIST Meeting our StarCraft 20th anniversary, lets list all the dead ones from all races! The UED, Terran, Zerg, and Protoss and whatsoever! 1. Overmind 2.Dagoth 3.Zas 4.Tassadar 5.Gerad DuGalle 6.Razagal 7. Alexei Stukov (rose again) 8. General Edmund Duke 9.Duran/Narud/Infested Duran 10. Tychus Findlaybapline27 May 18
May 18 Stetman/Hanson Interaction Only a recent pick up, maybe I'm late to the party, but did Stetman ever acknowledge Hanson either while she was in the lab or post whether she left of her own accord or was killed by Raynor, there were a few mentions I believe from Horner stating Stetman would do well with some company in the Lab or something along those lines but nothing from the characters themselves... considering they're standing a few meters apart for some of the WoL campaign, even at the point where it said that Hanson barricaded herself in the lab if you chose the path to destroy her people because of the infestation... where was Steman in all this, and his response post this event, the Lab is his baby, and if I recall correctly, we didn't really get much from him in this Hanson/Stetman thing, anyone shed some light on this, or was it just an overlooked part, a throw away line some where, something?Manbotower49 May 18
May 18 Where did Amon go? This is actually double question. I mean the game one, because I am interested if Xel'Naga bodies in the Void rot or anything. And the Forum one, because I miss that fella.Bifrost30 May 18
May 18 Is Raynor helping Kerrigan a secret? We know Valerian's contact with Kerrigan and his collusion with her before her attack on Korhal is a secret to the public, but is Raynor's Raiders assisting Kerrigan in the final assault also something hidden from the masses? Surely it'd be a Mengsk using the psi-emitters level controversy if it got out, wouldn't it? A known terrorist who was working with Valerian at the time assists the queen of blade in committing regicide, then suddenly gets a high level job when Valerian takes over- that's got to be something hugeTogetic26 May 18
May 15 Difficulty It's been years since I played SC2 but I just got the urge to replay the campaigns. It might just be me, but it seems like the difficulty is all over the place. In all three games Normal is faceroll easy, but in WoL some missions are easy on Hard, and others are rather difficult. HotS seems to have it perfect, Hard is noticeably more difficult but not frustratingly so, and I was able to complete the entire campaign on that difficulty. LotV on the other hand, the difficulty spike from Normal to Hard is closer to what I'd expect from Brutal, and past the first few I simply can't win at my skill level, yet on Normal it's impossible to lose. Why is this?EvilMark26 May 15
May 12 Where did Kerrigan Meet Zeratul? In heart of the swarm campaign, after you complete char or kaldir, Zeratul shows up and Kerrigan beats him up to an extent. Kerrigan seems to know Zeratul, yet Kerrigan also claims that "[she] doesn't remember anything about being the queen of blades." In sc1, we don't meet Zeratul until way after Kerrigan was infested. If we say Kerrigan remembers bits and pieces of the time she was infested, why doesn't she recognize stukov? Or any of her own creations like isha?Rhyme19 May 12
May 12 What happened to the UED Simple question, what happened to the remainder of the UED government and fleet after the brood wars? It’s a lightly covered topic and I have heard groups discussing a plot idea involving them. Did Mengsk or the Swarm get rid of them without much talk? I’m suddenly wishing that the epilogue didn’t just be a bunch of stills with words thrown on them..Terrano5 May 12
May 8 Khalai and Void energy Can Khalai use void energies like the dark templar?Atlas24 May 8
May 7 Artanis-Alarak or Artanis-Vorazun as Archon Which one of them would you prefer to see?TUGANLI21 May 7
May 6 buying SC2 expansions Do the SC2 expansions ever go on sale? Wondering if I should wait and keeo an eye out, or just buy em digital.Epiclog3 May 6
May 4 Shadow Wars (again) We don't have a thread about it, so here's one. The art is different this time, a bit less clean but it's mostly fine. I do have trouble telling some zerg species apart with this style, and the protoss sometimes have some wonky poses but it's still pretty good It seems like Niadra has joined the fray to personally crack some protoss bones, while she's tricked/diverted the terrans into a trap to separate them (Judging by how only Alms can detect a zerg attack brewing from in the cave, i'd say it's an intentional trap) It's a little odd the protoss could just call in air support since they already scrambled all their fighters to take on the terrans, but they died so quickly it's something i don't particularly mindTogetic147 May 4
Apr 30 Story of the Protoss Hero Adun as a DLC? As I understand it, Adun is a legendary protoss hero of both the Templar faction, and the Dark Templar Faction. Would love to see a mini campaign DLC like nova's, chronicling his deeds for the old Templar conclave, and how he helped the Dark Templar get their void connection.Homsuigok1 Apr 30