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1d Co-op Mission Update - Alarak Revamp Greetings! Our final Commander for this round of reworks is Alarak, Highlord of the Tal’darim. We commonly see Alarak being played with two drastically different playstyles: Ascendant-based strategies, and Mechanical unit-based strategies. Ascendant-based strategies are currently seen as very strong but require a high level of execution. Meanwhile, Mechanical-based strategies are relatively straightforward but fall behind Ascendants in terms of effectiveness. Our primary focus with this revamp is to improve Alarak’s mechanical army and reduce the gap between the two playstyles. Empower Me Alarak's Empower Me will now scale twice as much for Alarak's Mechanical units. Each supply of Alarak’s Mechanical units will improve his attack and ability damage by 10%, up from 5%. Alarak’s fantasy is that he is the leader of the Tal’darim, a war-like society that places much value on its tradition of ascendency. Alarak sits at the top of this societal ladder and other units in his army exist only to serve him. Gameplay-wise, we feel Supplicants and Ascendants support this idea well as they both have abilities that directly and specifically buff Alarak. However, we feel we can push this fantasy even further with his other units, which all happen to be Mechanical. We considered many options for how we could achieve this and ended up improving the way in which Empower Me scales with Mechanical units. Of all the options we considered, we felt that this was the most elegant as Empower Me is an existing ability that already scales up with the supply cost of units affected. Alarak's Empower Me will now reset the cooldowns of Deadly Charge and Destruction Wave. We want players to feel immediately powerful after Empower Me and thus are making this change so Empower Me, Deadly Charge, and Destruction Wave will always be able to be used in quick succession. Slayer Slayer damage changed from 10 (14 vs armored) to 13 (18 vs armored). Ground weapon upgrades now provide Slayers with +1 (+2 vs armored) damage, up from +1 damage. The Slayer's Blink ability replaced with the Phase Blink ability, which will retain all functionality of Blink. In addition, after casting Phase Blink, the Slayer will deal double the damage with its next attack. As with Vorazun’s Stalker, we’ll be increasing both the base damage and how it scales with upgrades. In addition, we’d like to push the offense-oriented Tal’darim fantasy even more and thus will be improving Blink so that Slayers will deal more damage after being cast. Vanguard Vanguard area of effect radius increased from 0.6 to 1.2. The Vanguard has a very complicated weapon, so we looked into many different options for how we could adjust and improve it. We eventually came up with a larger area of effect radius, which should make it harder for the Vanguard to completely miss a moving target and reinforces the unit’s area-of-effect role. Wrathwalker Ground weapon upgrades now provide Wrathwalkers with +10 (+18 vs Structure) damage, up from +10 damage. Wrathwalkers are in a pretty good place right now, so we’d just like to slightly improve how well they scale with upgrades. War Prism War Prisms in Phasing Mode are now valid targets for Structure Overcharge. Switching modes will allow the Prism to retain the barrier portion of the ability, but disable the damage portion until the Prism is switched back to Phasing mode. War Prism power radius increased from 4.75 to 6.5. War Prism movement speed increased from 2.5 to 3.38. War Prism transformation time decreased from 1 to 0.75. War Prisms can now transform without coming to a full stop. We want War Prisms to feel like mobile Pylons, so we wanted to remove some of their differences. Perhaps most importantly, Pylons can be targets for Structure Overcharge while War Prisms cannot, so we’ll be amending this! We’ll also be increasing the power radius of the War Prism so that it matches that of the Pylon. Finally, we’ll be making some improvements to the responsiveness of the War Prism. Upgrades Ground Weapon upgrades renamed to Protoss Weapon upgrades. Ground Armor upgrades renamed to Protoss Armor upgrades. War Prisms, Motherships, and Destroyers will no longer start with 3 Air and 3 Ground upgrades, but instead will benefit from Alarak's upgrades from his Forge. These changes are aimed at making Alarak’s upgrades work more consistently with those of other Commanders. Masteries Shield Overcharge attack speed increased by 95%. Shield Overcharge Barrier absorption increased from 200 to 400. Shield Overcharge Shield and Attack Speed Mastery bonus decreased from 7% per point to 2% per point. Maximum bonuses decreased from 210% to 60%. Because of how powerful it is, the Shield Overcharge Mastery felt like a must-pick. We’ll be transferring much of its power to the base ability in order to make the choice of Mastery more competitive. Empower Me Duration Mastery increased from +0.5 seconds per point to +1 second per point. Maximum bonuses increased from 15 seconds to 30 seconds. Death Fleet Cooldown Mastery increased from -2 seconds per point to -4 seconds per point. Maximum bonuses increased from -60 to -120 seconds. Thanks to player feedback, we noticed that these Masteries feel a bit weak. We’ll be doubling the effectiveness of both! Artanis In the past two weeks, we’ve talked a lot about Stalker variants, but there’s one more we haven’t talked about yet—the Dragoon. We’ve noticed a lot of discussion surrounding the Dragoon recently, so we think it’s time to revisit this topic. As we previously addressed, we think it’s important that Dragoons retain much of their identity from StarCraft I, but at the same time, we agree that the Dragoon could use an additional power bump. Thus, we’ll be looking for ways to buff the Dragoon while at the same time respecting the unit’s origins. Dragoon movement speed increased from 2.25 to 2.95. Dragoon weapon speed changed from 2 to 1.764. First, we’ll be improving both the Dragoon’s movement speed and weapon speed to more closely match its StarCraft I stats. During testing, we found that this increased movement speed, in combination with its 8 maximum range, was especially helpful for kiting enemy units. The weapon speed change will also allow players to kite at a similar cadence to what they might remember from StarCraft I. Dragoon damage increased from 14 (28 vs armored) to 15 (30 vs armored). Dragoons now receive +2 (+3 vs armored), up from +1 (+3 vs armored). This slight damage bump is intended to help Dragoons scale better with upgrades. Combined with the attack speed buff, it should represent a significant increase in damage. Dragoon base HP increased from 80 to 100. Dragoons will now come out of the box with more HP, matching its Brood War stats! The Dragoon's Trillic Compression Mesh upgrade renamed to Trillic Compression Systems. It now increases the Dragoon's HP by 20, down from 40. In addition, it will allow Dragoons to regenerate shields in combat and doubles their shield regeneration rate (from 2 per second to 4 per second). Finally, we wanted to make the Trillic Compression Mesh upgrade to be more interesting, so we’ll be adding some passive shield regeneration to the upgrade. Combined with some micro, this will allow Dragoon-centric strategies to have some more sustainability. While playtesting this new Dragoon, my personal favorite moment was when I was able to force enemy Siege Tanks to continuously siege and unsiege, taking advantage of their slow siege animation to pick them off one-by-one—very reminiscent of Brood War! We recognize these are major changes to the Dragoon and we do have some concerns about their role overlapping too much with both Immortals and Tempests, so we’ll be closely monitoring this situation. Going Forward Before we go, I want to loop back a bit to both Alarak and to these commander revamps as a whole. We’re always reading feedback and suggestions— and we’re always looking out for ways to improve the gameplay experience for our players. While we won’t necessarily be able to address all the feedback we get regarding the Commander revamps, there are certainly opportunities in the future to revisit commanders or individual units we’ve already addressed. That said, I’m excited to hear what you have to say about these proposed changes and look forward to talking to you again soon. Kevin Dong Lead Co-op Designermonk259 1d
Dec 19 Co-op Mission Update – July 24, 2018 Hello again! Since the last community update, we released updated versions of Nova, Kerrigan, and Zagara. We hope you've enjoyed tinkering around with them and all their new toys—including the monster Mutalisks that were live for a few weeks! That said, we're finally ready to announce our next three commander reworks: Abathur, Vorazun, and Alarak. Abathur Abathur has some powerful unit choices and some VERY powerful Ultimate Evolutions, especially when augmented by Masteries. Our current thinking is that perhaps these Ultimate Evolutions can be too strong, to the point that other units are often not needed to complete missions. We'd also like to more incentivize players to opt for more Roach- and Ravager-heavy compositions, depending on the situation. Finally, we're also going to take a close, hard look at Abathur's Masteries. Vorazun In our view, Vorazun has one primary issue: the combination of Dark Templar and Corsairs overshadows many of Vorazun's other options in terms of both power and ease of use. We'll be looking to improve these other options so they'll be more comparable to Dark Templar on the ground or Corsairs in the sky. Alarak Alarak shares a similar issue to Vorazun in that Ascendant-based builds are viewed to be his strongest options. And as with Vorazun, we think there's certainly room for improvements to what is perceived to be Alarak's less powerful units, especially Slayers and Vanguards. Going Forward Let us know what you think about the general direction of our changes. We’re eager to hear your ideas about how we can rework these commanders. Stay tuned for further updates in the near future! Kevin Dong Lead Co-op Designermonk163 Dec 19
Dec 12 Co-op Mission Update - Abathur Revamp It’s time for the first commander revamp post this round, this time featuring the master of evolution, Abathur! As always, among our primary goals with this revamp are to promote use of underused units and create more interesting decisions when selecting Masteries. In Abathur’s case, we’re also taking a close look at both the Biomass mechanic and the power of Ultimate Evolution Symbiotes. Now, onto the details. Biomass Biomass pickups will now merge together when less than 4 distance apart, up from 1.9. We considered many options to improve the quality of life associated with picking up Biomass. After this change, players will hopefully be able to spend less time picking up Biomass and more actually utilizing their high-Biomass units. Biomass now drops at a base rate of 5 per supply, up from 4 per supply on casual and normal difficulty. Biomass now drops at a base rate of 4 per supply, up from 3 per supply on hard difficulty. Biomass now drops at a base rate of 2.5 per supply, up from 2 per supply on brutal difficulty. Abathur’s Level 3 Talent, Virulent Nests, now allows Toxic Nests to drop 50% additional Biomass, down from 100%. This set of changes is aimed at mitigating Abathur’s potential overreliance on Toxic Nests to ramp up his power. One consistent piece of feedback we’ve received is that, in order to gain Biomass, you must be able to predict enemy attack patterns, which can be difficult for newer players. In addition, players often complain about allies killing enemies before they can trigger Nests—possibly because they’re not familiar with how the mechanic works. Finally, we think that Toxic Nests in their current form give players who are able to place them perfectly too much of an early power spike in their ramp-up process, given that these players are often able to complete missions with Ultimate Evolutions alone. After these changes, most players in most games will receive more Biomass than before. Meanwhile, the difference between killing units with or without the use of Toxic Nests will be less exaggerated. Roach Tunneling Claws cost decreased from 150/150 to 100/100. Adaptive Plating research cost decreased from 150/150 to 100/100. Hydriodic Bile research cost decreased from 150/150 to 100/100. Adaptive Plating bonus armor increased from 3 to 6. Roaches are Abathur’s cheap front-line forces, and one of their defining characteristics is that they cost no gas! Unfortunately, their upgrades are a bit expensive and lackluster, so we’re making a few minor tweaks in this department. Roaches now gain armor per point of Biomass, up to a maximum of 5 additional armor with 100 Biomass. We didn’t want players to feel like picking up Biomass with their Roaches is a waste. This buff gives players more of an incentive to ration Biomass to their Roaches and reinforces their defensive role. Ravager Biomass picked up by Ravagers will now decrease the cooldown of Corrosive Bile, up to a maximum of 50% at 100 Biomass. Ravager Corrosive Bile range increased from 9 to 12. Likewise, we wanted players to feel more rewarded for picking up Biomass with Ravagers, so we’re allowing the cooldown of Corrosive Bile to scale with Biomass pickups, similar to how Abathur’s Swarm Hosts currently scale with their Locust ability. We’ll also be increasing the casting range of Corrosive Bile, because Ravagers in Co-op tend to trip over each other quite often. Masteries Symbiote Ability Cooldown Mastery replaced with Symbiote Ability Improvement Mastery. This new Mastery increases the damage dealt and absorbed of Abathur's Symbiote ability by 3.33% per point, up to a maximum of 100%. Double Biomass Chance Mastery increased from 0.5% per point to 1% per point. Maximum chance increased from 15% to 30%. Abathur is designed to be the Evolution Master—he’s meant to grow in power as a match goes on. True to his name, he does indeed have one of the most powerful late-game armies among all Commanders. That said, with full points in the Symbiote Ability Cooldown Mastery, he can also potentially have one of the most powerful early-game armies, and this is something we’ve always seen as an issue. This newly-designed Mastery will improve Abathur’s Symbiotes by approximately 100%, versus the previous Mastery’s approximately 150%. In addition, the new Mastery will scale more linearly (the previous Mastery scaled exponentially), which could lead to situations where you might not want to go all-in on it. Meanwhile, the Double Biomass Chance Mastery was looking a bit weak, so we’re increasing the numbers there a bit. Abathur's Toxic Nest Damage and Respawn Chance Mastery changed to Toxic Nest Damage Mastery. It now no longer provides Toxic Nests with a chance to respawn. Abathur's Level 3 Talent, Virulent Nests, now provides Toxic Nests with a 50% chance to respawn when they die, in addition to its current functionality. The original Toxic Nest Damage and Respawn Chance Mastery was so good that players essentially didn’t a choice but to pick it. As a solution, we took the element that made it feel like a “must pick” and moved it into the base talent. Hopefully, the resulting Mastery will now be on a similar power level to the new Mend Mastery. Mend Heal Over Time changed from 50 health over 15 seconds to 50 health over 10 seconds. Mend Healing Mastery replaced with Mend Healing Duration Mastery. Mend Healing Duration Mastery increases the Heal Over Time duration of Mend by 10% per point, up to a maximum of 300%. This new Mastery will allow Abathur and his allies’ forces to stay in combat for an extended duration and improves it in a way that allows for units with lower HP to benefit. It also encourages planning, as spamming Mend with the Mastery won’t net you as much of a benefit. Weekly Mutations Finally, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be introducing new weekly mutation combinations in an upcoming update—many of which will feature our most recent maps, including Cradle of Death, Part & Parcel, Malwarfare, and Scythe of Amon. We’d like to take some time to preview our first new Weekly Mutation: Bannable Offense. Bannable Offense has you fighting on Malwarfare, an ancient Purifier facility where preserved Protoss personalities come to life. However, the personality of a Tal’Darim warrior has awakened, and this time, he’ll assault you with the unholy power of cheating. This Tal’Darim will attempt to glitch out his units using Evasive Maneuvers and enter the infamous “Power Overwhelming” cheat code from StarCraft I. Fortunately for you, Power Overwhelming doesn’t have the same potency it did in the original StarCraft, but you’ll still have to deal with evasive enemies that can cast random abilities. Of course, cheating is a bannable offense. Kevin Dong Lead Co-op Designermonk203 Dec 12
Sep 29 Co-op Mission Update - Vorazun Revamp We’re back—and just in time to talk Vorazun, Matriarch of the Nerazim, specialist of crowd control and cloaked units! Vorazun’s Corsairs and Dark Templar are extremely powerful cloaked units, and we feel that their power ends up pushing players to neglect some of the other strategic options she has in her kit. Let’s see what we can do in this department. Strike from the Shadows Strike from the Shadows now provides cloaked units with 25% additional energy regeneration in addition to its current functionality. We wanted to provide a small buff to Vorazun’s caster units (Oracle, Dark Archon) and, at the same time, reinforce Vorazun’s stealth theme. This ability will also work with allied units, so it will be even important to carefully place Dark Pylons to support allied casters such as Ascendants and High Templar. Centurion Dark Coil now grants Centurions an additional 100 shields for 10 seconds in addition to its current functionality. The Centurion is a difficult unit to adjust because it fills many of the same roles as the Dark Templar— it’s a melee ground unit that only hits ground enemies. We therefore believe that if the Centurion were to ever have a proper niche, we would have to differentiate it more from the Dark Templar. As a result of this conclusion, we decided to lean the Centurion towards a more crowd control, tank role to help distinguish them from the Dark Templar’s more fragile, high-DPS role. We imagine this cheap mineral-only unit would be best used as a tank in combination with Vorazun’s more gas-intensive units such as Dark Archons. Dark Coil range check increased from 0.1 to 1. This change will allow Centurions to cast Dark Coil more often in a large group of enemies. Stalker Stalker damage increased from 10(14 vs armored) to 13(18 vs armored). Ground weapon upgrades now provide Stalkers with +1(+2 vs armored) damage, up from +1 damage. Phase Reactor now restores 80 Shields over the duration of its effect, up from 40. Phase Reactor now cloaks Stalkers for 5 seconds in addition to its current functionality. Stalkers are another unit that we’d like to improve both offensively (with a damage increase) and defensively (with a Phase Reactor shield restoration buff). Stalkers will also now cloak for 5 seconds after Blink, which in addition to defensively hiding the Stalker from enemies, has offensive synergy with Strike from the Shadows. In addition, we’ll be increasing the damage of Amon’s Stalkers from 10(14 vs armored) to 13(18 vs armored), as we felt they were slightly underwhelming as well. Dark Archon Dark Archon Mind Control cast range increased from 7 to 9. Dark Archons were bumping into each other a bit too much previously when trying to take over their often high-range enemies. This change makes the cast range of Mind Control as long as it is for Confusion. Oracle The Stealth Drive upgrade now permanently cloaks Oracles in addition to its current functionality. Pulsar Beam energy activation cost decreased from 25 to 0. Oracles now benefit from air weapon upgrades, +2(+3 vs Light) per upgrade. Oracles were being targeted by Amon a lot because they were often the only uncloaked unit among an otherwise purely Corsair/Dark Templar army. After these changes, you will have the option to permanently cloak all your Oracles, opening them up to buffs from both Veil of Shadows (400% shield regeneration) and Strike from the Shadows(+15% attack damage, +25% energy regeneration). We’d also like to push Oracles a bit more in the direction of combat units, so we’ll be removing a few barriers to entry in that department by removing Pulsar Beam energy activation cost and allowing them to benefit from weapon upgrades. In addition, we’ve anticipated the following related requests, so here they are: Raynor’s Banshee Cloak energy activation cost decreased from 25 to 0. Swann’s Wraith Cloak energy activation cost decreased from 25 to 0. Stukov’s Infested Banshee Cloak energy activation cost decreased from 25 to 0. Han & Horner Asteria Wraith Cloak energy activation cost decreased from 25 to 0. Void Ray Prismatic Alignment maximum bonus vs armored increased from +4 to +6. We wanted to give a slight boost to Void Rays to reinforce their anti-armored role. Mastery Shadow Guard Duration Mastery increased from 0.5 seconds per point to 2 seconds per point. Maximum duration increased from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. The numbers on this Mastery are a bit underwhelming, so we’d like to bring them up to a point where they’d be more competitive with the Time Stop Unit Speed Increase Mastery. This new Mastery will also help shore up Vorazun’s relatively long ramp-up time. Going Forward These are all our planned changes for Vorazun. We hope you have fun with our upcoming weekly mutations, and make sure to tune in next week as we go over upcoming changes for Alarak, highlord of the Tal’darim! Kevin Dong Lead Co-op Designermonk139 Sep 29
Aug 2 Co-op Missions Update Archive In this post you will find all archived Co-op Mission Updates. Co-op Mission Update - Abathur Revamp - 8/2/18 Co-op Mission Update - 7/24/18 Co-op Mission Update - Zagara Revamp - 6/12/18 Co-op Mission Update - Kerrigan Revamp - 5/31/18 Co-op Mission Update - Nova Revamp - 5/23/18 Co-op Mission Update - 5/17/18 Co-op Mission Update - Swann Revamp - 4/12/18 Co-op Mission Update - Raynor Revamp - 4/5/18 Co-op Mission Update - Artanis Revamp - 3/29/18 Co-op Mission Update - 3/15/18 Co-op Mission Update - 2/15/18 Co-op Mission Update - Karax Revamp - 2/8/18 Co-op Mission Update - Fenix Revamp - 2/2/18 Co-op Mission Update - Han & Horner Revamp - 1/26/18 Co-op Mission Update - 1/17/18monk0 Aug 2
47m Co-Op Mutation #154: Death and Taxes The infestation as taken a turn for the worse as the contagion is permeating through your armor and infecting your forces. The only base available has limited resources, and most of your income will be by foraging around the map. Keep the infested out until daybreak! Map: Dead of Night Micro Transactions - Giving commands to your units costs resources based on the unit's cost. Slim Pickings - Player worker units gather resources at a reduced rate, but resource pickups spawn throughout the map. Black Death - Some enemy units carry a plague that deals damage over time and spreads to other nearby units. The plague spreads to your units when the enemy unit is killed. Reddit post: Will post later. Video Replays on Brutal difficulty: [CtG(Raynor) - Spohky(Nova)] [CC float] [CtG(Zeratul) - Spohky(Artanis)] [The Power of Zeratul] [CtG(Swann) - Spohky(Alarak)] [The Power of Swann] [CtG(Dehaka) - Lilarrin(Abathur)] [Lila OP] [CtG(Fenix) - Spohky(Kerrigan)] [Island base] [CtG(Karax) - Spohky(Vorazun)] [i def] CtG(Han and Horner's view) - Hunter(Tychus's view) Other Notes: Any enemy unit has 33% to carry black death on Brutal. Players units that carry this plague will lose 2% of their max HP per second on Brutal until they die. When any infected unit dies [player's or Amon's], it will spread to 3 random players' units within 5 range. Stukov's Bunkers, Karax's Repair Beam, 100-biomass Abathur units, and being in Kerrigan's Omega Worms all out-heal the plague. The cost to micro a unit is its supply count times 1 mineral and 1 gas. For units that cost only minerals, the cost to micro is the supply times 2 Workers gather 1 resource per trip on Brutal difficulty. Each pickup give 50 resources to both players [mineral or gas]. Best cheese route for Terran commanders Commander of the Week: Mutation difficulty: Do you like this mutation? Commander of the Week winner of last week: ZeratulCtG53 47m
1h In game Situation I dunno if it's happening to you all... But everytime i queue in brutal... and play with a random... Mid to end game... they always attack my units, I even had a guy kill one of my hatcheries... And in my opinion, that's Harassment... And what i wanna know is... Will blizzard do anything about it.... Or am i stuck.. just randomly being harassed almost every game i play? I don't talk negative, or harass the other play, by calling them rude names.. I just play the game normally, and out of now where... my ally destroys my base or units... And i just don't understand... why blizzard is allowing this type of harassment... Everyone's Different... Everyone see's things differently, but in my opinion that's harassment... I just wish blizzard would do something so they can't do that..Shadow11 1h
9h Bug Hunt IV – Closer look at bugs in Co-op ...Hello, this is another look at some interesting bugs in Co-op. Today's list: Void Templar & Blink Reaper Out-of-bounds Ambushers & Blink Void Launch & Infest Structure Scythe of Amon – Bonus Objective Shield Battery – Fortification Barrier Spinning Dizzy & KMC Auto-Loaders Fenix – A Strong Heart Drakken Laser Drill – Instant Repair Moment of Silence Let me know if you found some of these bugs interesting, or if you encountered any interesting bugs yourself.Maguro8 9h
13h The future of co-op I've been playing co-op for quite a while now and I still love it. I've played co-op more than most other games, and I've been gaming for 25 years now. I hold co-op dearly because it's both casual and challenging at the same time. When I play ladder I'm often nervous and when I lose I take it personally. But co-op has been something else. I play a couple of hours every night, mostly with my little brother who lives somewhere else, and it's time that I treasure. But now I'm starting to worry about the future, and the main reason is lack of updates and news. When monk joined the team he was active here during the summer, and did a great job with the mode. But it has been a long time now since a map was released, and they were community based. Even Zeratul was released a long time ago now. I really hope that this mode won't die, and that the team hasn't been laid off or too affected by the Activision layoffs. You've done an awesome job in bringing me joy in SC2 and I would love to see this continue. Where do you see co-op in a year? Do we have 1-2 new commanders? Any new maps? Or do you think it's going downhill from here?pikzel30 13h
18h What happens if the Odin is destroyed? Does Tychus get auto-ejected, and fights on his merrily way, or does he die too and needs to be revived? Also, what cases has this happened? In theory or in practice? For the former, I'm sure some Mutators will throw things in for a loop. For both, if you decide to literally lone-wolf it with just him in Odin, I can see some attack compositions that can do the damage to focus-fire him down, but would like to here other thoughts on this none of the less.ackmondual4 18h
21h About future revamps all zerg commanders - 3rd rally point specially for overlords. Stukov requires it most of all as his cocoons don't select automatically to be pre-sent somewhere. His mineral line is often spamed with overlords. Kerrigan - Her broodlords are SO expansive. So nobody uses them. Reduce gas cost please. Zagara [Edited] - Remove aberrations. Add corpser roaches AND pigalisks. Cmon, aberrations are not even her style! They are intended to Stukov or Abathur may be, but Zagara... they spoil her look. Corpsers are her style and still unused pigalisks could brake forcefields. Dehaka - Only his secondary units (born from other units) have personal bonuses. But lings, hydras and stuff don't. This makes playing hydralisk or roach gameplay not valuable, you not using natural bonuses with half of your army. Add personal bonuses to starting units too. - Dehaka's healing must work in %. Else we have a problem - we can't really heal massive units like tyrannozors. - Initially his lings could harvest minerals. Yes, this was a bug but was that really necessary to remove it? Bring it back, it's fun. They are no cheaper than the workers. - Make first worm available sooner. Alarak has his first overcharge instantly, Zeratul calls his first legion as soon as he has money, even Raynor can call banshees sooner. So why the delay with worms? - Increase worm damage to rocks. I know rocks are easily cleared with 3-4 lings, but noobs do not. They go attacking rocks with Dehaka himself and this takes them like 5 damn minutes. If a worm could clear the expo, may be then noobs begin to really fight with hero unit. After all you made this hero appear so fast not because you planed wasting that on rocks. Stukov - SCVs have biomechanic healing instead of repair. So they can heal queens too. - Rework bunkers. At the moment they are bread and butter unit: they shoot nice, they walk, they spam free units, they heal in no time, they are not effected by debuffs. Many players just spam bunkers the whole game and do nothing more. This is ridiculous. I advice to remove their producing ability, they cost cheaper and created empty, player must put soldiers inside. - Make mech cocoons look different (and bigger) and be selected separately from zombie ones. - Replace liberator with valkyrie. Portrait may stay the same if this bothers you. Valkerie is the true UED unit, not liberator. Also the ability to dissolve into a gas cloud and gather back to a machine is simply ridiculous, it needs to be replaced with something else. I will even accept valkyries with no special abilities, they are too nice already. - Nobody uses queens. Because they are fragile, It's not like they are not effective, but they are not fun. You can cast an eye parasite but it god damn disappears in 1 minute. So it's trash ability right? Her other abilities don't matter much when you have a free zombie army. I advice some things to be added for the queen: 1. make eye parasite cost more but last significant time like 7 minutes. 2. she automatically protects herself with gas cloud armor. 3. she can infest damaged terran buildings turning them to your own. Infested depos really provide supply. Infested ghost academy may be gives additional gas or spawns zombies like a bunker. Cmon, you already have models for all of this.Pluton16 21h
1d Mutation 154 Death... Ranks/Tiers So this week is a bit crazy for some of the commanders, try to know your role. Some will be great at offense and defense, so at one or the other, some just at "support." For mineral gathering I like to have 5 workers on a control group that I will set to Patrol paths around the mains to spot as much minerals and gas as possible. once I see a large enough amount of drops I will have the worker closest gather then go back to it's Patrol path. Try to remember that even the best play this week takes a long time as mineral income is so low and you will lose a lot every time you move out. Good Luck Have Fun. Here is the link to the VOD Last weeks all commanders is here Commander/Tiers 3 Vorazun Not the best this week you will find that you an only really do support here and not even that well. Try to get some Cannons and Corsairs (without Cloak) at each entrance. Void Rays are the best bet to clear buildings but even they are going to be tough. The best thing you can do is to be on top of mineral and gas harvesting during the day don't forget about your call downs just don't ever use the Shadow Guard. Don't ever Cloak anything as well as it will just destroy your mineral line. 3 Alarak Not great this week Black Plague is really bad for him and he doesn't have much for defense. Try to go for a support role and let Alarak go deal with Infested. Wrathwalkers are good for support, Mothership is also good for the random need. Any Supplicants will just to Black Death. 3 Fenix Not the best this week try to go for a supportive roll and think about trying to clear the buildings on the outside of the map with Scouts. Colossus are great to help hold the entrances but are not great when out on the field. Dragoon Suit for attack wave and entrances that get overrun. Disruptors are good for AOE clearing as well but require micro. 3 Dehaka Not the best this week as any unit you make will get Plague. Wurms are good here but they still can be killed fast and the DPS is super low. Dehaka can be micro'd super well and be kept alive but in the end you will lose a lot of min/gas and still lose him. Creeper Hosts with cool downs set apart from others can do a lot and outrange the Plague but it still wont keep you alive forever. Try to be a supportive role. 3 Raynor Not so great this week, you can go for super support with Tanks and some defensive Bunkers. Your call downs can do great work on the buildings so keep that up the whole time. Try to be good at getting minerals and gas for your team. 3 Kerri Good support commander and Kerrigan is great at clearing buildings but you will find it very tough to hold at any point. You can go for Spines Spores an Lurkers if you want. I had about 10 Queens set around my Nydus to heal Kerrigan if she ever got low on HP then send her back out. Omega Worms are good here but in the end they are mostly for saving Kerrigan so you shouldn't need to many of them. 2 Zagara Good commander for this week you an defend almost anything with good Spines Spores and Bile Launchers. It will be hard to clear the buildings during the day or night, just try to micro Zagara well and you can slowly deal with the buildings. Having free Banes can help with the clearing. Roach Drop is a great way to clear the building on the fringes. 2 Artanis Not the worst on defense so you can try to be a more defensive partner here. I like Reavers and Cannons. Be sure to get as much mins and gas as possible. A few Zealots can help a defense but they are not going to make the biggest difference. Your call downs will help a lot be sure to use them as much as possible. 2 Tychus Found it easier to move the entire base to the North-East and get mins and gas during the daytime. I found that getting to at least 3-3 is super important to avoiding losing to many heros. Try to get at 1 new hero out each day until you feel comfortable. You will need Nikara to survive the Plague. When you get your new hero try to focus on the upgrades that will matter: Nikara double heal and double rate heal, Sam Stun and extra damage, Tychus armor reduction and grenade damage.Hunter14 1d
1d Some Zeratul questions. Recently started playing zeratul and i have a few questions: 1. His first calldown choices seem unbalanced: Void rays are great at clearing rocks and killing while Dark Archons got their mind control and AOE stun so both are useful. But the 5 zealots and a high templar choice die so fast that they seem pointless... It seems like they are 1/5 the calldown compared to voidrays/darkarchons but they cost the same.... 2. The Stasis Beam calldown seems awful compared to the Crystal or the new tower (which can deploy globally). I tried to find a use for Stasis Beam in so many maps and its just so unimpressive and even unreliable due to the slow firing animation. 3. The Void Blink upgrade feels lackluster because only zeratul, stalkers and dark templar actually use the blink... but i guess its situational like the other choices on that tier. 4. Avatar of Essence applies a 100% faster attack rate to all allied units nearby (ramps up over time)... so its an insane buff for both coop armies. Avatar of Form has one mediocre PsyStorm and one 3 second cast-time ability that deals a bit of damage... what? The Avatar of Form feels so unimpressive compared to the Essence variant. Most of the time Form just keeps trying to cast his 3sec cast nuke over and over and keeps failing because its target has died. And its overall spell damage output feels negligible compared to Zeratul/COOP army. 5. Is there a faster way to locate artifact fragments? I am just looking over the map trying to find it based on visual clues but i dunno is there a faster way to do it (aside from the game putting circles on the minimap if you take too long to find fragments)? Thank you for reading and helping :)Stratos13 1d
3d Missing Commanders in Shop? Been thinking of gifting a Commander or two to my partner just as a nice gesture. However, when I check the shop, the following Commanders are shown: Abathur Alarak Dehaka Fenix Han & Horner Nova Stukov Tychus Zeratul And yet, there are other pay-to-play Commanders that are missing from the shop. That list includes: Swann Zagara Vorazun Karax Why don't they show up in the shop? I know there is a "Twitch Prime" giveaway for Abathur, Swann, and then I think Vorazun, but neither of us use Prime. Anyone have any ideas?Sprite4 3d
4d [Concept] Challenge mode ...Hello, yesterday I had this idea for a "challenge mode". In short, you are faced with a set of 3 missions with mutators. Each mission is more difficult and provides more bonus experience. It's essentially halfway between my Beehive and a matchmaking queue with random mutators. Its goals are: Provide a storyline and tie missions together Break stale gameplay with randomized challenges The linked post goes into more details. What do you think? Could something like this work? Or would you prefer just matchmaking queue with random mutators?Maguro11 4d
4d How to deal with Air comps as Tychus? So I had a game on Oblivion Express. I was up against Protoss Air comp with Tempest and everything. I used Tychus, medic, spectre, warhound and reaper. My brain-dead thought spectre's psi storm targeted Ground and Air, but apparently it wasn't the case. I couldn't throw out warhound's turrets fast enough because something kept blocking where I tried to deployed. When tempests showed up, I was busy trying to deployed turrets and my medic got killed, then everything went down hill real quick. I didn't spec Tychus's grenade cool down, so with only warhound, I couldn't deal with the mass tempests fast enough, and my squad got annihilated. How do I deal with Air comps in general? since spectre's storm doesn't target air. Do I have to use Odin more in those situations?SaberLariat30 4d
4d Zeratul void array question I love these things to warp around his army, but for some reason sometimes it goes smooth as hell with 1 click the entire army goes through while other times only a couple and the rest just sit there. Then u need multiple clicks in order to warp m through. Anyone know what’s causing this? It happens when having all artifacts so it’s not an upgrade, the exit paths are clear, and I click a good distance a way from the array so the army should go through smoothly. Also always use the all exit thing on the exit void array. So I ruled those causes out. Any ideas?Boutneus3 4d
5d People with no clue on even game basics? So recently, I've been getting a few of these types of matchups. People who seem to have never played any game in this genre ever. For example, my last game. Map was void thrashing. I was playing zagara, tearing through everything, not giving a @#$% about my army since its so expendable. I had a nova for an ally. First attack wave comes. Drops in 4 marines and 2 marauders. Sounds normal so far right? First objective comes. Sits in base and does nothing. Halfway through me killing it, nova and her small army starts to head around to where the 2nd objective would be, loses army, doesn't rebuild any units. 2nd objective comes. I have a massive army ready to go. Nova has... Nova. Nothing else. Goes in before my army arrives and dies. 3rd objective comes. Now has nova, 2 hellbats, and 2 goliaths. Again, charges in losing everything before I get there. Final objective is a repeat of the 3rd, same army makeup. I should mention throughout all of this, not once did nova use a top bar ability. Now, I'm pretty sure at least one guy is gonna mention "They could have specced mastery into the hero unit". Nova was level 11. No mastery possible. Has anyone else had a match like this recently? I'm genuinely curious.Moysa27 5d
5d [Lock and Load] Farming levels in <6min I've been farming Lock and Load with Dehaka and Abathur in order to get more Ascension levels, which should be the quickest way to level up. The completion times are as follows: Zerg - 4:30 Protoss - 5:30 Terran - 6:00 Here are some VODs for anyone interested: Abathur POV: Dehaka POV: And if anyone wants to do it together, you can find me on discord I've tested Void Thrashing and Scythe of Amon, both of which can only be completed in around 8:30min, so L&L should be the quickest. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FAQ: 1) Can't you use Raynor Artanis and beat it in 3 minutes? No. The cheese is fixed, it doesn't work anymore. 2) Isn't the world record 3:58min on L&L with Vorazun Abathur? Yes, but it requires very good execution and it is very hard to replicate, let alone repeating it for leveling up. 3) What's the point of farming levels? There is no point, I just want the achievements. I'm merely sharing a way to level quickly for those interested. Special thanks to Jagriff and Lasagaeater who perfected the strategy with me.Yuriprime13 5d
5d can't get Swann Machine Bunle Anyone else can't receive the bundle? it says Success but there is also a warning said: The Twitch account currently linked to this Amazon account has already claimed this offer with a different Amazon account. I need help on this, thanks :)SUN13 5d
5d Devs, you need to QA test your mutations. Before we had Wheel of Misfortune, which led to some REALLY bad mutator combos (namely Speed Freaks + Propogators.) Vertigo was a mutator. Last week we had Memorable Boss, which was arguably the worst mutation combo. This week's mutation isn't that great either. It's so damn frustrating having these mutation combos when the devs refuse to QA test their mutators and combos. It's not really fair for the players when your objective dies to a mutator, and there is literally nothing you can do about it. Or even worse, making the mutation impossible to complete for most players without a VERY specific setup or cheese. Wake up, Co-op Devs. You're ruining your game. (Also, yes. I am upset about this week's Brutation. Aurana dying to the fire spouts is just the most infuriating thing, since you cannot do a single thing about it.)Sprite7 5d
5d Rohana Commander Concept Theme: Historical Anachronism Inspiration: Age of Empires and Warcraft 3 Faction features Memory Projector: a Spear of Adun subsystem that only a Preserver can operate. It projects avatars of great protoss heroes preserved in the Khala Age of Empires tier system: Aeon of Strife=> Second Age=> Golden Age=> Twilight Age. Each age comes with three choices that replaces one of your units with one from that era. Rohana progresses to the next age by spending resources on combat units. If she is at max supply Rohana can buyout the remaining cost to advance. Additionally, her structure tech tree is completely unlocked. Memory Projector Golden Citadel- A powerful fortress reconstructed from the memories of a Protoss warlord. It grows more powerful with each new age. Projects an aura that slightly increases worker gathering capacity. Can teleport to a new location, but has limited offensive use due to long warp in. Khas- Khas uses a ghostly version of the Preserver unit model. An immobile defensive power that summons long dead warriors to defend your base. Adun- Adun uses a ghostly version of the Artanis hero unit. Supports your army by resurrecting fallen warriors during your offensives. Tassadar- Tassadar uses a ghostly version of his own hero unit. Crashes the Gantrithor into an objective and summons Tassadar's form to continue attacking it. Tassadar does bonus damage to Void Shards and Thrashers, and has a limited ability to heal friendly objectives. Tassadar is meant as a hail-mary for extremely tough mutators. Units Aiur Zealot- unchanged from campaign Adept- Like Fenix, Rohana's shades can attack. High Templar- Units caught in psionic storm are orbitted by ball lighting that continues shocking nearby enemies and empowers friendly attacks. Observer- unchanged Glaive Thrower- A reskinned unit from Warcraft 3 Reforged. The glaive's psi blades pass through multiple ground enemies in a straight line and does bonus damage to armored foes. Glaives have an angled propellers upgrade that returns the projectile to the thrower, effectively doubling its firepower. Stone Zealot- Tankier Collossus replacement. Can switch to melee mode War Reaver- Utilizes a repair beam and can periodically fire an AOE anti-air scarab. Alternatively, this unit could be a mine-layer. Uses Reaver model from SC2 development Scout- Has an energy bar and uses photon blaster against both ground and air. Uses antimatter missiles which consume energy to quickly reduce armored air units to ash, but suffers in sustained fights. Arbiter- unchanged (continues...)Severo2 5d
6d Co-Op Mutation #153: Firewall The malicious AI has activated the unstable mine field protocol, which deployed hundreds of mines throughout the map. The prototype was not thoroughly tested though, so it destabilized the ground and started spouting lava. Tread carefully to stay alive! Map: Malwarfare Lava Burst - Lava periodically burst from the ground at random locations and deals damage to player air and ground units. Minesweeper - Groups of Widow Mines and Spider Mines are buried throughout the battlefield. Barrier - Enemy units gain a temporary shield upon the first time they take damage. Reddit post: Video Replays on Brutal difficulty: CtG(Nova's view) - Hunter(Stukov's view) CtG(Zeratul's view) - Hunter(Vorazun's view) [stannnny(Tychus) - stasha(Fenix)] [CtG(Kerrigan) - Hunter(Raynor)] [CtG(Swann) - Hunter(Karax)] Notes: Large groups of Widow Mines and Spidermines are spawned on the map. Players can destroy these to clear them out. Widow Mines have 180HP, deal 250 damage each with 5 range, and replenish their charges. Spidermines have 25HP, deal 250 damage each, and do not respawn upon detonation. Artanis' Guardian Shell and Karax's Unit Barrier are literal life-savers for mines. Observers' and Overseers' surveillance mode and scanner sweep are helpful for seeing mines. Lava Bursts hit air units, like in Vermillion Problem. The Lava Bursts appear all around your expansion, but not in the mineral line. It is probably wise to build your expansion on-location. Barrier gives a 100 health shield to units that don't get killed in 1 hit, including the mines. Commander of the Week: Mutation difficulty: Do you like this mutation? Commander of the Week winner of last week: StukovCtG28 6d
6d Infested Map Ideas? Hello all, I have always loved DoN and Miner Evac, once played exclusively DoN for a few months on random commanders. The constant pressure of the infested makes for a reasonable challenge (alebit not one that's hard to find a counter for); and killing infested always makes for huge kill counts, which is lots of fun. Not to mention that the infested are nicely countered by some of my favorite commanders. I would love to see more maps featuring the infested as either a main enemy (think DoN), or as a more minor level mechanic. So I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas for infested maps or map mechanics with infested. (Note: maps with randomized mechanics are wonderful. I'm not sure how to integrate the infested into randomization, but it would be awesome to have another map with both mechanics involved) Thanks to everyone in advance!Volsarex6 6d
6d Twitch prime/Abathur If you have Twitch prime (amazon prime) you can get coop stuff currently. Something with Abathur it seems.Alex40 6d
6d Report poor teamwork There needs to be a report feature for when people decide to kill your base instead of helping in a co op game. none of the current options really cover that specific situation. The closest you get for gameplay is cheating/botting/hacking, and he's not doing any of those, he's just wasting my time by waiting till i get through part of the level then killing off my base.RAVAGER19 6d
6d Recent patch broke Vorazun's dark pylons Dark Pylon Recall no longer functions. The animations plays and the units became transparent, but are not moved. Played 2 random missions, got Part and Parcel and Oblivion Express; bug happened on both maps.giantsequoia25 6d
Apr 12 Vorazun's Dark Pylon Recall not working?` Hi! I've been playing for a bit now and noticed that the Dark Pylon's recall isn't working? All it does now is change the color on the units and stop them in position, but it doesn't recall them. Is this a bug on the latest patch?Reynaldo3 Apr 12
Apr 12 Patch note 4.8.4 You're welcome.Nephalem13 Apr 12
Apr 11 They added a new mutation! Yay! Yep you read that right, A mutation, singular. And its WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE on Miner Evac! We love you too, Blizzard <3Yuriprime17 Apr 11
Apr 11 Time - Level 1000 Hi; How long should I play for I reach level 1000? Best regardsXianXavz13 Apr 11
Apr 11 [Concept] UED Remnants Background A group of survived UED Commanders banded together to survive Amon's onslaught during the End War. Play Style Inspired by the Age of Mythology game, this commander have about 3 tech tiers. 1st Tier is for infantry/Barrack units. 2nd Tier for Factory/ Ground Mechanical units. 3rd Tier is Starport/Air units. Each tier have 3 options for you to choose. In total you have Tier 1A, 1B, 1C Tier 2A... Tier 3... Tier tech option is selected at the Command Center. Each Tier option (A, B & C) tie to one of the 3 commanders of the UED. Dr Woodlands involved Protoss/Terran hybrid tech that's useful to deal with Protoss enemies. Capt Rasputin Infantry focus, have researches and upgrades to deal with Zerg enemy. Commodore Junlei primarily on resource support and provide effective counter against Terran enemies. Units Cossack (Marine variant) - high damage, low health, no stimpack Pyrotechnic Engineer (Fire variant) - available to Woodlands Black Scalpel (Medic variant) / can change between healing mode and grenadier mode Retriever (Ghost variant) - support units for anti-mechanical and anti-psionic Cyber Sabre (Predator Variant) - effective against mechanical units. Only available to tier option B & C. Iron Curtain (Siege Tank Variant) - Tier option 2A allow Iron Curtain to enter siege mode, Tier 2B allows Iron Curtain to enter Anti-air mode (Yes, a siege tank that target air) Jotunn (Goliath Variant) - available to Rasputin. Anti-boss units. Valkyrie - Anti light armor units Dropship - transport units, infantry loaded inside regen energy & shield at increased rate (Black Scalpel & Retriever) Discovery Mark III (Science Vessel) - Detection. EMP warhead burn 100 shield + 100 energy in an area each shot etc. Recall a 6 random units in the selective area to under near the Discovery 4 classes of BattleCruisers depend on tier option Behemoth BattleCruiser - available to Tier 3A, cheap Battlecruiser 300M/ 175G/ 5 Supply. Hercules BattleCruiser - available to Tier 3A, can be upgraded directly from Behemoth on the battlefield (similar to how Mutalisk morph into Guardian). Lost Yamato Cannon, gain Plasma Torpedo, rapid firing weapon that deal damage to ground units in an area. Horus BattleCruiser - available to Tier 3B, Yamato Cannon change to Yamato Beam, deal ~400 damage in 3 second. Have 2 charges of Yamato Beam. Advanced Warp teleportation. Ziz Battlecruiser - available to Tier 3C, Yamato Cannon can be upgrade to deal extra 100 damage to all enemies around the main target. Fast moving units. Researches quite a lot so i will only tell the most distinctive features. Dr Woodland Tier option (The B part) allows units to have shield. Horus can kill boss and high-Health targets quickly, it is also the most powerful Battlecruiser of all 4. Junlei Tier option (The C) mainly focus on resources to allow you to have large units group. Ziz Battlecruisers Yamato can destroy an attack wave if aim correctly. Rasputin Tier option (The A) Damage is key. Have research to allow units to deal Extra damage against Heroic units. Build infantries at discounted cost. Hercules and Valkyrie are anti-light units. Behemoths and Siege Tanks help with stronger units. Talents (haven't think about it yet) I got it more detail on google drive if someone wants to read it.NickHousen5 Apr 11
Apr 11 Protoss God Commander KHANDA'SHAN Khanda'Shan is an original What-if character who commands the Extremely powerful Protoss army. Khanda'Shan was a former emperor (Shao Kahn equivalent) of the Protoss Empire after the Aeon of Strife, he ruled with an iron fist. He was soon defeated by rebellion who took him by surprise and exiled beyond the Koprulu Sector. After 2050 years, He has returned to reclaim Aiur. He is aware of the Xel'nagaAmon and his goal to destroy the Universe. To reign Supreme, Khanda'shan theNew God must destroy the Old God. Khanda'Shan's army are not stagnated from stubborn adherance to traditions unlike the Khalai Protoss but improved to absolute limit in terms of warrior prowess, technology and Psionic mastery, directed by their goal of Universal Domination. They have many potentials and upgrades so they may triumph over any army. Their Greatest strength is their devotion and blessing of their God Khanda'Shan. Inspired by gameplay of Age of Mythology, Khanda'Shan can use his Godly abilities summon a Psionic Beasts of his own to aid his army and destroy his foes. Khanda'Shan has disregarded his physical form and remains in his own Khala, thus he sends his Avatar to lead his army to Victory. Specialty Has all benefit of all commander. Favour is another resource. Powerful Units and Global Upgrades require Favour. Control a DemiGod. Global Upgrade further increases the army's might. At full potential, each unit becomes extremely Powerful. All of his Army type composition is covers all areas Ground and sky Has many types of units that players can take time to try. Khanda'Shan Pros + Extremely Powerful Hero Unit that grows even more powerful through building shrines and collecting followers + The Khala Pantheon Structure allows the players to use multitude of powerful abilities. These Abilities uses favour points (Similar to solarites). + Extremely Powerful Army and variations that is quite suitable to any enemy composition . + Many Upgrades that almost endlessly increase the army powers + Hero Units with Aura that further amplifies their army. + Proper composition with full upgrade allows them to form a death ball surpassing Abathur. Khanda'Shan Cons - Too many Upgrades. - Upgrades dictates on which army composition to go with. If you change your army composition in the middle you may waste lots of upgrades and resources. - Penalty from Death of an Avatar weakens the army considerably - The units are hard to collect and expensive. - Each composition has specialists and you need fine control.GhostGiraffe43 Apr 11
Apr 11 [Suggestion] Give Swann's Thors High-Impact As the title states, I would like to suggest that Swann's Thors have the option to switch to the High-Impact Payload that versus-mode Thors have. I'm not sure how practical it is alongside their bombardment ability, but my reasons are as follows: During the last mutation (Inner Power), Swann has very few answers to Mutalisk and Scourge based Zerg compositions, especially if they're casting Disruption Web and Point-Defense Drones thanks to the Power Overwhelming mutator, because other than the drill and his Warbots, everything of his that shoots up is projectile-based, meaning it's practically impossible to deal with mass air compositions on some mutations. Even on regular games, it gets difficult if there are Vipers in play due to Disabling Cloud. With High-Impact Payload, it will allow Thors to shoot through Point-Defense Drones while rewarding micro by targetting said drones first to help Goliaths and their ally's units, as well as be a solid answer to mass Carrier or Tempest... otherwise, his Explosive Payload does fine. Thoughts?Kit15 Apr 11
Apr 10 Co-Op Commander(s) Idea - Ladder Hello all Little disclaimer in advance, I have not looked into the costs/balance of anything here, it's just a concept idea with a few specifics. Following the last 2 commanders and their complete lack of macro requirements, i think that the next commander should be macro-orientated (and based on what i see here, most of you agree). So, I have a suggestion. The next commander, or commanders, could be based on the race ladders. Now, i do understand that Co-Op was originally indented as a more casual version of the ladder (that's where we got Ranor, Artanis, and Kerrigan's builds from), so these builds would come with some significant simplifications. However, they would come with the full compliment of ladder units and abilities The largest change would revolve around the ladder build's eco requirements - very rarely does a ladder player contain themselves to 2 bases. To compensate for this, one of the commander's abilities could involve a pseudo-expansion. For the cost of a standard expansion (300-400+ minerals), the commander can upgrade the resources at their base, either generating more mineral fields/gas to mine, or upgrading them to rich resources. One of the largest problems I see with this is the potential for overlap with the other commanders (massing one unit is possible with the ladder builds, just not recommended). The only way i can think of to fix this is to have the ladder commander exist as a 3-in-1. All three races exist as 1 commander on the selection screen, and the computer picks which race you play. To avoid overlap, you cannot play as the same race as your partner. (example, you pair with a Kerri, so you can't play zerg.) This would bean that stukov would always pair with 'Toss, but i don't think that's a huge loss. Of course another possibility is to have each race front it's own commander, or allow players to pick their race as a sub-selection after picking the ladder commander. Thoughts? TL;DR - Next commander(s) based on ladder builds. macro-intensive, full ladder unit compliment. ability to improve base resources to compensate for lack of expos. possibly random race assignment to avoid unit overlap.Volsarex10 Apr 10
Apr 10 Mutation Week 153 Firewall Ranks/Tiers This week isn't so bad if you can get to early Detection and stay on top of the Mines. Try to leap frog the Detection so that you always have a least a layer of vision. The best commanders with units are Nova and Artanis that can just a move with Detection and that outrange the Mines. Try to have any units you are using to clear Mines on their own control group and try not to give them too many commands in a row as you never know what might kill them if you don't have the right Detection. Cloaked Detection is the best but you can get away with anything. Good Luck Have Fun. Here is the link to the VOD Last weeks all commanders is here Commander/Tiers 3 Alarak Oh Alarak is not the best this week. I like to go for Wrath Walkers if I need to clear and just Ascendants if I know my partner will clear for me. A few Havocs are al you should need. Try to use Havoc micro to keep all the Mines detected. Mother Ship an tank a few Mines but don't count on it clearing everything. Ascendants are not good for clearing Mines, you can Mind Blast them but you waste a lot of energy. 3 Vorazun Not the best this week, Cloaked unit can do well but Barrier will always trigger on any detection unit from Amon so it will be hard to keep you units from getting hit by Mines. Oracles are super important so be sure to have a few of them at any time. TS should be used aggressively to help clear Mines safely, make sure to let your ally know before using it. Mobility might be tough as you can't use Dark Pylons for Teleport as they will just die to the Lava Spouts. 3 Zagara Not the best this week, Lings Banes and Scourge. The best opportunity that you will have to clear Mines will be with the Roach drop. Overseers are not the best for clearing you should try to have them in Siege mode to allow them to stay alive longer. Zagara can clear Mine with Baneling Barrage but you have to know where the Mine are. Try to send in Banes and Lings in smaller forces. You will do the best if you are on Tower and attack wave defense and leave the Mines to your partner. 3 Fenix Not the best this week but you can do well. Carriers are good here but you lose a lot of Interceptors and take a lot of damage to the Carriers so be careful. You can add ether Zealots or Cannons to the build to tank some damage or deal with attack waves. Upgrades as always. The Dragoon Suit is great for early Mine clearing. 3 Swann Not the best this week, I went for Goliaths and Science Vessels. I used 2 Hercules to reinforce my army, leaving all new units in one place and then Teleporting new unit adding to control group and then moving my Hercules back, you should only need 2 Hercs for this. Laser Drill mastery is great this week as you can just get so much out of it. Hercules Tank combos work well but you have to be certain that you are not unloading on top of Mines and have good Science Vessel micro. 2 Stukov Fine commander this week, but the Mines are going to be a bit tough. I like to go for a few Bunkers to help with the steady stream of Infested, but my main army composition will be Banshee. Add a few Liberators for anti-air but hopefully you can just have the Infested be all the anti-air you need. Call downs are great here but the Apocalisk might just die super fast if dropped in a mine infested zone. Alexander is great for crowd control and to just be good at taking out anything. Make sure to move the Psi-emitter all the time to keep Infested where you want them. 2 Karax Okay commander for this week, you want Carriers or Colossus depending on the enemy comp. I like Carriers because they will most likely just lose Interceptors. Be sure to have Observers on a separate control group to avoid losing them and to be sure they are in front. I like to have Observer speed as well to make sure that you can get them into position asap and to help if you lose them all. Spear of Adun can be helpful so at least get level 1. 2 Raynor Not the best this week, looks like BCs are the way to go. If you want to go Bio you will have a very tough time, and need like 15 OC to replace units. BCs with extra attack range can do well against the Mines, add Yamato and you should be fine. Make sure to either have a set of Medics or SCVs for repair so you can keep the BCs alive. Banshee can do super well clearing the Mines if there is no Detection. The Hyperion is also good for clearing Mines, make sure to micro it.Hunter15 Apr 10
Apr 10 Fastest way to level commanders? Would hard or brutal be better to grind to lvl 15? Also, random maps for 25% more or specific ones to avoid drawn out ones? Do you guys normally save your first win/day to level commanders? Was thinking for trying to do the mutation bonus but I feel like those would be hard on a fresh comm at the hard/brutal level.PhoenixForce9 Apr 10
Apr 9 New bug fixes Just stopping by to say thanks for the continued bug fixing! I’m looking forward to trying out the artanis psi storm heal on zealots under guardian shell bug fix. That one had been very noticeable when using zealots archon comp. Cheers! Apr 9
Apr 9 Abathur: Brutalisk vs. Leviathon Both are kickass, but does it seem like Brutalisks edge out over Leviathons overall? Ironically enough, Levs have better AG DPS, where as Brutalisks have better AA DPS. They both move the same speed, and while Levs can fly over stuff, Brut's Deep Tunnel and low cd means it can essentially teleport anywhere, giving IT the edge. Last but not least, Levs can avoid some nasty anti-armored assaults like from Tanks and Immortals. I would actually prefer having 4 to 6 Brutalisks vs. 3 and 3. To make things a more apples to apples, restrict the any extra Bruts' past the 3rd to until you get a Spire.ackmondual5 Apr 9
Apr 9 Should enemy spawns/pathing be more random? Spawns are predictable on every map (or 50-50 chance on some) and spawnpoints can just be camped with static once cleared. Also enemy pathing is almost always the same and on some maps ultraboring and ez (temple, void rifts). Would be nice if waves would have more random spawnpoints when spawning and would avoid the points that are camped.Boutneus14 Apr 9
Apr 9 Tychus commander, bug Commander Tychus, due to the fact that units in Tychus are stuck and cling everywhere, Tychus does not throw a grenade, this ability is used, but the grenade is not thrown. I will write through Google translator, I apologize for the errors. The same with the Tychus flamethrower, if the flamethrower is stuck, it will not use the opportunity to eject fuel oil, but it will be recharged. Tychus and his flamethrower died today, due to the fact that they did not use abilities, although abilities were transferred to the cooldown. Tychus is a great commander, but he and his army are stuck everywhere, which is very annoying. It is possible to make the troops of the tychus have the opportunity to pass through each other, since Dehaka passes through his army, he does not clingMacReady7 Apr 9
Apr 7 Co-Op Mutation #151: Memorable Boss DNA samples have been stolen from previous battles to clone evil copies of your mightiest heroes. They strike at your forces ruthlessly and let out a powerful EMP burst when killed, that disables your weapons systems momentarily. Do not let yourself be your own worst enemy, and destroy the shuttles. Map: Void Launch Heroes from the Storm - Every attack wave will be led by a random Hero of increasing power. Each Objective point is also guarded by three random Heroes. Moment of Silence - When a Heroic enemy unit dies all player units around it will reflect on their sins, unable to attack or use their abilities. Reddit post: Video Replays on Brutal difficulty: [CtG(Abathur) - Hunter(Vorazun)] [CtG(Swann) - Khax(Karax)] [Lilarrin(Raynor) - (True Solo)] [Hunter(Zeratul) - Stan(Vorazun)] [Yuriprime(Dehaka) - Lilarrin(Abathur)] Enemy heroes Raynor (Penetrating Round) Tychus(Shredder Grenades) Dehaka(Drag, Heal, Dehaka Spawns) Karax(Reclamation, spawn Cannons/Monoliths) Nova(Snipe, Nuke) Zagara(Mass Frenzy, Baneling Barrage, Roach Drop, Hunter Killers) Zeratul(Void Armor, Shadow Blade) Artanis(Astral Wind, Lightning Dash, Resurgence) Kerrigan(Primal Slash, Psi Strike, Apocalypse) Buildings are IMMUNE to Moment of Silence. Other Notes: Shuttle waves also spawn enemy heroes. Units affected by Moment of Silence can still move, but cannot attack. Hybrids and shuttles also activate Moment of Silence. Moment of Silence has 8 range. Units affected can move, but not attack. Commander of the Week: Mutation difficulty: Do you like this mutation? Commander of the Week winner of last week: StukovCtG107 Apr 7
Apr 6 Co-Op Mutation #152: Flip My Base Orbital bombardment from Moebius Corps has sent your troops seeking shelter as missile salvos and a purifier beam threaten your base. They have also activated a radio signal that refabricates your fallen structures in Amon's name. Stetmann's Terrazine better be worth it. Map: Mist Opportunities Missile Command - Endless missile bombardments target your structures and must be shot down throughout the mission. Purifier Beam - An enemy Purifier Beam moves across the map toward nearby player units. Eminent Domain - Enemies gain control of your structures after destroying them. Reddit post: Will post later. Video Replays on Brutal difficulty: [CtG(Raynor) - Spohky(Alarak)] [CtG(Stukov) - Spohky(Tychus)] [CtG(Karax) - Spohky(Fenix)] [CtG(Kerrigan) - Espurr(Zagara)] [CtG(Vorazun) - Espurr(Artanis)] [CtG(Swann) - Confromal(Dehaka)] Notes: Missiles spawn at the very start, from the edges of the map. They slowly fly to the players' bases. Missiles deal 100 damage at first. However, the size increases, and eventually they launch nuke missiles toward players' bases. Those ones come with a warning sound. We can shoot down the missiles [10 HP], but sometimes they launch Point Defense Drones, so we need to shoot those down first. Also, we cannot stop them from spawning. The unit that kills off a player's building needs to have a ground pathing to the players' base for the mutator to activate. If there is no ground path, the buildings will not respawn. Omega Worms are immune to Eminent Domain. The Purifier Beam is permanent for Amon, and spawns at the start of the map. It slowly chases your units, and also [your static defense] A new Purifier Beam spawns on Brutal at 10:30 and after every 10 minutes. The Purifier Beams go past the rear choke point but do not go into the base. Time stop works on the Purifier Beams. Commander of the Week: Mutation difficulty: Do you like this mutation? Commander of the Week winner of last week: AbathurCtG35 Apr 6
Apr 6 A mission based on rescuing Warfield? Which is based off that cutscene in WoL. It's an epic FMV cutscene that I still watch over and over to this day. First half is a timed event where you'd need to get to him quickly. 2nd half is you need to defend that position while waiting out the timer. Closest thing we have is Dead Of Night, but I liked it enough that I'd welcome another variation of it. Also, it may clash if they decide to release Warfield as a CO, but.. 'details'. Otherwise, it could be swapped with rescuing someone else, and still open Warfield as a commander.ackmondual25 Apr 6
Apr 5 Where is the co-op team? Diablo 3 develop team has been hard working. In recently, D3 team communicated with users in D3 forums They showed signs of trying to actively accept what users want in its forum to provide convenience. however, co-op team is no sign of communication with us for nearly seven months It paid out money for trilogy of SC2 including paid nine commanders It has the right to know what's going onNewYorkYanks7 Apr 5
Apr 5 The Commander After Zeratul Now that Zeratul has been released; Who do you think will be released next? I'd guess Zerg is next. My guess is either Izsha or The Overmind. I'd say if we get Izsha; I'd say she'd be focused on Drop Pods. Her units could be dropped anywhere on the map that has vision (much like Raynor or Artanis). I'm thinking she could even drop structures and would likely have auto vespene. The Overmind? I'd say he'd start out as a Juvenile, Cocoon, and Adult (would act as the starting Hatchery). Adult could have access to massive Tendrils (that would be a top bar ability maybe?). He would most likely focus on Brood War style units. What are your thoughts?ZealousGamer76 Apr 5
Apr 5 Bug Hunt III – Interesting bugs in Co-op ...Hello, this is the third look at selected bugs in Co-op. Since a mutation with Heroes from the Storm is near, I focused on bugs with that mutator. Today's list: Heroes from the Storm - Dehaka pull Heroes from the Storm - Void Launch Heroes from the Storm - Warpin exploit Tychus vs Polarity We Move Unseen & Mind Control Building/rooting units in fog-of-war Nikara healing objectives Chokers & Stun Crooked Sam & Fear Part and Parcel – Parts trick If you have your own favorite bugs, let me know.Maguro16 Apr 5
Apr 4 Scenario idea: void chill Based on the the Kaldir mission Mobius company has opened a portal to the void that has resulted in planet wide snowstorm. Enemy has adapted to the cold temperature, yours however has not. In their haste, mobius company has left three sets of the prototype thermoregulators behind. Destroy the void portal before the planet freezes over! Map info: uses the Kaldir map, the objective is to destroy the void portal on the other side of the map before time limit (20 minutes) Every few minutes, a flash freeze storm will arrive that freezes all your units, which disables all actions. Enemy waves will come during the storms. After 15 minutes, storm will become constant. There are three science facilities scattered around the map, each with a thermoregulator prototype. Upon getting the first regulator, units within siege tank range to your buildings will be protected from the freeze; after the second, your troops can move and attack during flash freeze but at 50% slower speed; after the third your troops will be fully adapted to the cold. However, the enemy will attempt to destroy the prototypes at 5, 10 and 15 minutes, if you allow them to be destroyed, you will not be able to fight effectively in the storm. Bonus objectives: enemies are trying to mutate ursadons into bioweapons. put them out of their misery!Nameless0 Apr 4
Apr 4 Scenario idea: void chill Based on the the Kaldir mission Mobius company has opened a portal to the void that has resulted in planet wide snowstorm. Enemy has adapted to the cold temperature, yours however has not. In their haste, mobius company has left three sets of the prototype thermoregulators behind. Destroy the void portal before the planet freezes over! Map info: uses the Kaldir map, the objective is to destroy the void portal on the other side of the map before time limit (20 minutes) Every few minutes, a flash freeze storm will arrive that freezes all your units, which disables all actions. Enemy waves will come during the storms. After 15 minutes, storm will become constant. There are three science facilities scattered around the map, each with a thermoregulator prototype. Upon getting the first regulator, units within siege tank range to your buildings will be protected from the freeze; after the second, your troops can move and attack during flash freeze but at 50% slower speed; after the third your troops will be fully adapted to the cold. However, the enemy will attempt to destroy the prototypes at 5, 10 and 15 minutes, if you allow them to be destroyed, you will not be able to fight effectively in the storm. Bonus objectives: enemies are trying to mutate ursadons into bioweapons. put them out of their misery!Nameless0 Apr 4