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1h Co-op Mission Update - Alarak Revamp Greetings! Our final Commander for this round of reworks is Alarak, Highlord of the Tal’darim. We commonly see Alarak being played with two drastically different playstyles: Ascendant-based strategies, and Mechanical unit-based strategies. Ascendant-based strategies are currently seen as very strong but require a high level of execution. Meanwhile, Mechanical-based strategies are relatively straightforward but fall behind Ascendants in terms of effectiveness. Our primary focus with this revamp is to improve Alarak’s mechanical army and reduce the gap between the two playstyles. Empower Me Alarak's Empower Me will now scale twice as much for Alarak's Mechanical units. Each supply of Alarak’s Mechanical units will improve his attack and ability damage by 10%, up from 5%. Alarak’s fantasy is that he is the leader of the Tal’darim, a war-like society that places much value on its tradition of ascendency. Alarak sits at the top of this societal ladder and other units in his army exist only to serve him. Gameplay-wise, we feel Supplicants and Ascendants support this idea well as they both have abilities that directly and specifically buff Alarak. However, we feel we can push this fantasy even further with his other units, which all happen to be Mechanical. We considered many options for how we could achieve this and ended up improving the way in which Empower Me scales with Mechanical units. Of all the options we considered, we felt that this was the most elegant as Empower Me is an existing ability that already scales up with the supply cost of units affected. Alarak's Empower Me will now reset the cooldowns of Deadly Charge and Destruction Wave. We want players to feel immediately powerful after Empower Me and thus are making this change so Empower Me, Deadly Charge, and Destruction Wave will always be able to be used in quick succession. Slayer Slayer damage changed from 10 (14 vs armored) to 13 (18 vs armored). Ground weapon upgrades now provide Slayers with +1 (+2 vs armored) damage, up from +1 damage. The Slayer's Blink ability replaced with the Phase Blink ability, which will retain all functionality of Blink. In addition, after casting Phase Blink, the Slayer will deal double the damage with its next attack. As with Vorazun’s Stalker, we’ll be increasing both the base damage and how it scales with upgrades. In addition, we’d like to push the offense-oriented Tal’darim fantasy even more and thus will be improving Blink so that Slayers will deal more damage after being cast. Vanguard Vanguard area of effect radius increased from 0.6 to 1.2. The Vanguard has a very complicated weapon, so we looked into many different options for how we could adjust and improve it. We eventually came up with a larger area of effect radius, which should make it harder for the Vanguard to completely miss a moving target and reinforces the unit’s area-of-effect role. Wrathwalker Ground weapon upgrades now provide Wrathwalkers with +10 (+18 vs Structure) damage, up from +10 damage. Wrathwalkers are in a pretty good place right now, so we’d just like to slightly improve how well they scale with upgrades. War Prism War Prisms in Phasing Mode are now valid targets for Structure Overcharge. Switching modes will allow the Prism to retain the barrier portion of the ability, but disable the damage portion until the Prism is switched back to Phasing mode. War Prism power radius increased from 4.75 to 6.5. War Prism movement speed increased from 2.5 to 3.38. War Prism transformation time decreased from 1 to 0.75. War Prisms can now transform without coming to a full stop. We want War Prisms to feel like mobile Pylons, so we wanted to remove some of their differences. Perhaps most importantly, Pylons can be targets for Structure Overcharge while War Prisms cannot, so we’ll be amending this! We’ll also be increasing the power radius of the War Prism so that it matches that of the Pylon. Finally, we’ll be making some improvements to the responsiveness of the War Prism. Upgrades Ground Weapon upgrades renamed to Protoss Weapon upgrades. Ground Armor upgrades renamed to Protoss Armor upgrades. War Prisms, Motherships, and Destroyers will no longer start with 3 Air and 3 Ground upgrades, but instead will benefit from Alarak's upgrades from his Forge. These changes are aimed at making Alarak’s upgrades work more consistently with those of other Commanders. Masteries Shield Overcharge attack speed increased by 95%. Shield Overcharge Barrier absorption increased from 200 to 400. Shield Overcharge Shield and Attack Speed Mastery bonus decreased from 7% per point to 2% per point. Maximum bonuses decreased from 210% to 60%. Because of how powerful it is, the Shield Overcharge Mastery felt like a must-pick. We’ll be transferring much of its power to the base ability in order to make the choice of Mastery more competitive. Empower Me Duration Mastery increased from +0.5 seconds per point to +1 second per point. Maximum bonuses increased from 15 seconds to 30 seconds. Death Fleet Cooldown Mastery increased from -2 seconds per point to -4 seconds per point. Maximum bonuses increased from -60 to -120 seconds. Thanks to player feedback, we noticed that these Masteries feel a bit weak. We’ll be doubling the effectiveness of both! Artanis In the past two weeks, we’ve talked a lot about Stalker variants, but there’s one more we haven’t talked about yet—the Dragoon. We’ve noticed a lot of discussion surrounding the Dragoon recently, so we think it’s time to revisit this topic. As we previously addressed, we think it’s important that Dragoons retain much of their identity from StarCraft I, but at the same time, we agree that the Dragoon could use an additional power bump. Thus, we’ll be looking for ways to buff the Dragoon while at the same time respecting the unit’s origins. Dragoon movement speed increased from 2.25 to 2.95. Dragoon weapon speed changed from 2 to 1.764. First, we’ll be improving both the Dragoon’s movement speed and weapon speed to more closely match its StarCraft I stats. During testing, we found that this increased movement speed, in combination with its 8 maximum range, was especially helpful for kiting enemy units. The weapon speed change will also allow players to kite at a similar cadence to what they might remember from StarCraft I. Dragoon damage increased from 14 (28 vs armored) to 15 (30 vs armored). Dragoons now receive +2 (+3 vs armored), up from +1 (+3 vs armored). This slight damage bump is intended to help Dragoons scale better with upgrades. Combined with the attack speed buff, it should represent a significant increase in damage. Dragoon base HP increased from 80 to 100. Dragoons will now come out of the box with more HP, matching its Brood War stats! The Dragoon's Trillic Compression Mesh upgrade renamed to Trillic Compression Systems. It now increases the Dragoon's HP by 20, down from 40. In addition, it will allow Dragoons to regenerate shields in combat and doubles their shield regeneration rate (from 2 per second to 4 per second). Finally, we wanted to make the Trillic Compression Mesh upgrade to be more interesting, so we’ll be adding some passive shield regeneration to the upgrade. Combined with some micro, this will allow Dragoon-centric strategies to have some more sustainability. While playtesting this new Dragoon, my personal favorite moment was when I was able to force enemy Siege Tanks to continuously siege and unsiege, taking advantage of their slow siege animation to pick them off one-by-one—very reminiscent of Brood War! We recognize these are major changes to the Dragoon and we do have some concerns about their role overlapping too much with both Immortals and Tempests, so we’ll be closely monitoring this situation. Going Forward Before we go, I want to loop back a bit to both Alarak and to these commander revamps as a whole. We’re always reading feedback and suggestions— and we’re always looking out for ways to improve the gameplay experience for our players. While we won’t necessarily be able to address all the feedback we get regarding the Commander revamps, there are certainly opportunities in the future to revisit commanders or individual units we’ve already addressed. That said, I’m excited to hear what you have to say about these proposed changes and look forward to talking to you again soon. Kevin Dong Lead Co-op Designermonk165 1h
1d Co-op Mission Update – July 24, 2018 Hello again! Since the last community update, we released updated versions of Nova, Kerrigan, and Zagara. We hope you've enjoyed tinkering around with them and all their new toys—including the monster Mutalisks that were live for a few weeks! That said, we're finally ready to announce our next three commander reworks: Abathur, Vorazun, and Alarak. Abathur Abathur has some powerful unit choices and some VERY powerful Ultimate Evolutions, especially when augmented by Masteries. Our current thinking is that perhaps these Ultimate Evolutions can be too strong, to the point that other units are often not needed to complete missions. We'd also like to more incentivize players to opt for more Roach- and Ravager-heavy compositions, depending on the situation. Finally, we're also going to take a close, hard look at Abathur's Masteries. Vorazun In our view, Vorazun has one primary issue: the combination of Dark Templar and Corsairs overshadows many of Vorazun's other options in terms of both power and ease of use. We'll be looking to improve these other options so they'll be more comparable to Dark Templar on the ground or Corsairs in the sky. Alarak Alarak shares a similar issue to Vorazun in that Ascendant-based builds are viewed to be his strongest options. And as with Vorazun, we think there's certainly room for improvements to what is perceived to be Alarak's less powerful units, especially Slayers and Vanguards. Going Forward Let us know what you think about the general direction of our changes. We’re eager to hear your ideas about how we can rework these commanders. Stay tuned for further updates in the near future! Kevin Dong Lead Co-op Designermonk157 1d
3d Co-op Mission Update - Vorazun Revamp We’re back—and just in time to talk Vorazun, Matriarch of the Nerazim, specialist of crowd control and cloaked units! Vorazun’s Corsairs and Dark Templar are extremely powerful cloaked units, and we feel that their power ends up pushing players to neglect some of the other strategic options she has in her kit. Let’s see what we can do in this department. Strike from the Shadows Strike from the Shadows now provides cloaked units with 25% additional energy regeneration in addition to its current functionality. We wanted to provide a small buff to Vorazun’s caster units (Oracle, Dark Archon) and, at the same time, reinforce Vorazun’s stealth theme. This ability will also work with allied units, so it will be even important to carefully place Dark Pylons to support allied casters such as Ascendants and High Templar. Centurion Dark Coil now grants Centurions an additional 100 shields for 10 seconds in addition to its current functionality. The Centurion is a difficult unit to adjust because it fills many of the same roles as the Dark Templar— it’s a melee ground unit that only hits ground enemies. We therefore believe that if the Centurion were to ever have a proper niche, we would have to differentiate it more from the Dark Templar. As a result of this conclusion, we decided to lean the Centurion towards a more crowd control, tank role to help distinguish them from the Dark Templar’s more fragile, high-DPS role. We imagine this cheap mineral-only unit would be best used as a tank in combination with Vorazun’s more gas-intensive units such as Dark Archons. Dark Coil range check increased from 0.1 to 1. This change will allow Centurions to cast Dark Coil more often in a large group of enemies. Stalker Stalker damage increased from 10(14 vs armored) to 13(18 vs armored). Ground weapon upgrades now provide Stalkers with +1(+2 vs armored) damage, up from +1 damage. Phase Reactor now restores 80 Shields over the duration of its effect, up from 40. Phase Reactor now cloaks Stalkers for 5 seconds in addition to its current functionality. Stalkers are another unit that we’d like to improve both offensively (with a damage increase) and defensively (with a Phase Reactor shield restoration buff). Stalkers will also now cloak for 5 seconds after Blink, which in addition to defensively hiding the Stalker from enemies, has offensive synergy with Strike from the Shadows. In addition, we’ll be increasing the damage of Amon’s Stalkers from 10(14 vs armored) to 13(18 vs armored), as we felt they were slightly underwhelming as well. Dark Archon Dark Archon Mind Control cast range increased from 7 to 9. Dark Archons were bumping into each other a bit too much previously when trying to take over their often high-range enemies. This change makes the cast range of Mind Control as long as it is for Confusion. Oracle The Stealth Drive upgrade now permanently cloaks Oracles in addition to its current functionality. Pulsar Beam energy activation cost decreased from 25 to 0. Oracles now benefit from air weapon upgrades, +2(+3 vs Light) per upgrade. Oracles were being targeted by Amon a lot because they were often the only uncloaked unit among an otherwise purely Corsair/Dark Templar army. After these changes, you will have the option to permanently cloak all your Oracles, opening them up to buffs from both Veil of Shadows (400% shield regeneration) and Strike from the Shadows(+15% attack damage, +25% energy regeneration). We’d also like to push Oracles a bit more in the direction of combat units, so we’ll be removing a few barriers to entry in that department by removing Pulsar Beam energy activation cost and allowing them to benefit from weapon upgrades. In addition, we’ve anticipated the following related requests, so here they are: Raynor’s Banshee Cloak energy activation cost decreased from 25 to 0. Swann’s Wraith Cloak energy activation cost decreased from 25 to 0. Stukov’s Infested Banshee Cloak energy activation cost decreased from 25 to 0. Han & Horner Asteria Wraith Cloak energy activation cost decreased from 25 to 0. Void Ray Prismatic Alignment maximum bonus vs armored increased from +4 to +6. We wanted to give a slight boost to Void Rays to reinforce their anti-armored role. Mastery Shadow Guard Duration Mastery increased from 0.5 seconds per point to 2 seconds per point. Maximum duration increased from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. The numbers on this Mastery are a bit underwhelming, so we’d like to bring them up to a point where they’d be more competitive with the Time Stop Unit Speed Increase Mastery. This new Mastery will also help shore up Vorazun’s relatively long ramp-up time. Going Forward These are all our planned changes for Vorazun. We hope you have fun with our upcoming weekly mutations, and make sure to tune in next week as we go over upcoming changes for Alarak, highlord of the Tal’darim! Kevin Dong Lead Co-op Designermonk129 3d
5d Co-op Mission Update - Abathur Revamp It’s time for the first commander revamp post this round, this time featuring the master of evolution, Abathur! As always, among our primary goals with this revamp are to promote use of underused units and create more interesting decisions when selecting Masteries. In Abathur’s case, we’re also taking a close look at both the Biomass mechanic and the power of Ultimate Evolution Symbiotes. Now, onto the details. Biomass Biomass pickups will now merge together when less than 4 distance apart, up from 1.9. We considered many options to improve the quality of life associated with picking up Biomass. After this change, players will hopefully be able to spend less time picking up Biomass and more actually utilizing their high-Biomass units. Biomass now drops at a base rate of 5 per supply, up from 4 per supply on casual and normal difficulty. Biomass now drops at a base rate of 4 per supply, up from 3 per supply on hard difficulty. Biomass now drops at a base rate of 2.5 per supply, up from 2 per supply on brutal difficulty. Abathur’s Level 3 Talent, Virulent Nests, now allows Toxic Nests to drop 50% additional Biomass, down from 100%. This set of changes is aimed at mitigating Abathur’s potential overreliance on Toxic Nests to ramp up his power. One consistent piece of feedback we’ve received is that, in order to gain Biomass, you must be able to predict enemy attack patterns, which can be difficult for newer players. In addition, players often complain about allies killing enemies before they can trigger Nests—possibly because they’re not familiar with how the mechanic works. Finally, we think that Toxic Nests in their current form give players who are able to place them perfectly too much of an early power spike in their ramp-up process, given that these players are often able to complete missions with Ultimate Evolutions alone. After these changes, most players in most games will receive more Biomass than before. Meanwhile, the difference between killing units with or without the use of Toxic Nests will be less exaggerated. Roach Tunneling Claws cost decreased from 150/150 to 100/100. Adaptive Plating research cost decreased from 150/150 to 100/100. Hydriodic Bile research cost decreased from 150/150 to 100/100. Adaptive Plating bonus armor increased from 3 to 6. Roaches are Abathur’s cheap front-line forces, and one of their defining characteristics is that they cost no gas! Unfortunately, their upgrades are a bit expensive and lackluster, so we’re making a few minor tweaks in this department. Roaches now gain armor per point of Biomass, up to a maximum of 5 additional armor with 100 Biomass. We didn’t want players to feel like picking up Biomass with their Roaches is a waste. This buff gives players more of an incentive to ration Biomass to their Roaches and reinforces their defensive role. Ravager Biomass picked up by Ravagers will now decrease the cooldown of Corrosive Bile, up to a maximum of 50% at 100 Biomass. Ravager Corrosive Bile range increased from 9 to 12. Likewise, we wanted players to feel more rewarded for picking up Biomass with Ravagers, so we’re allowing the cooldown of Corrosive Bile to scale with Biomass pickups, similar to how Abathur’s Swarm Hosts currently scale with their Locust ability. We’ll also be increasing the casting range of Corrosive Bile, because Ravagers in Co-op tend to trip over each other quite often. Masteries Symbiote Ability Cooldown Mastery replaced with Symbiote Ability Improvement Mastery. This new Mastery increases the damage dealt and absorbed of Abathur's Symbiote ability by 3.33% per point, up to a maximum of 100%. Double Biomass Chance Mastery increased from 0.5% per point to 1% per point. Maximum chance increased from 15% to 30%. Abathur is designed to be the Evolution Master—he’s meant to grow in power as a match goes on. True to his name, he does indeed have one of the most powerful late-game armies among all Commanders. That said, with full points in the Symbiote Ability Cooldown Mastery, he can also potentially have one of the most powerful early-game armies, and this is something we’ve always seen as an issue. This newly-designed Mastery will improve Abathur’s Symbiotes by approximately 100%, versus the previous Mastery’s approximately 150%. In addition, the new Mastery will scale more linearly (the previous Mastery scaled exponentially), which could lead to situations where you might not want to go all-in on it. Meanwhile, the Double Biomass Chance Mastery was looking a bit weak, so we’re increasing the numbers there a bit. Abathur's Toxic Nest Damage and Respawn Chance Mastery changed to Toxic Nest Damage Mastery. It now no longer provides Toxic Nests with a chance to respawn. Abathur's Level 3 Talent, Virulent Nests, now provides Toxic Nests with a 50% chance to respawn when they die, in addition to its current functionality. The original Toxic Nest Damage and Respawn Chance Mastery was so good that players essentially didn’t a choice but to pick it. As a solution, we took the element that made it feel like a “must pick” and moved it into the base talent. Hopefully, the resulting Mastery will now be on a similar power level to the new Mend Mastery. Mend Heal Over Time changed from 50 health over 15 seconds to 50 health over 10 seconds. Mend Healing Mastery replaced with Mend Healing Duration Mastery. Mend Healing Duration Mastery increases the Heal Over Time duration of Mend by 10% per point, up to a maximum of 300%. This new Mastery will allow Abathur and his allies’ forces to stay in combat for an extended duration and improves it in a way that allows for units with lower HP to benefit. It also encourages planning, as spamming Mend with the Mastery won’t net you as much of a benefit. Weekly Mutations Finally, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be introducing new weekly mutation combinations in an upcoming update—many of which will feature our most recent maps, including Cradle of Death, Part & Parcel, Malwarfare, and Scythe of Amon. We’d like to take some time to preview our first new Weekly Mutation: Bannable Offense. Bannable Offense has you fighting on Malwarfare, an ancient Purifier facility where preserved Protoss personalities come to life. However, the personality of a Tal’Darim warrior has awakened, and this time, he’ll assault you with the unholy power of cheating. This Tal’Darim will attempt to glitch out his units using Evasive Maneuvers and enter the infamous “Power Overwhelming” cheat code from StarCraft I. Fortunately for you, Power Overwhelming doesn’t have the same potency it did in the original StarCraft, but you’ll still have to deal with evasive enemies that can cast random abilities. Of course, cheating is a bannable offense. Kevin Dong Lead Co-op Designermonk183 5d
Aug 2 Co-op Missions Update Archive In this post you will find all archived Co-op Mission Updates. Co-op Mission Update - Abathur Revamp - 8/2/18 Co-op Mission Update - 7/24/18 Co-op Mission Update - Zagara Revamp - 6/12/18 Co-op Mission Update - Kerrigan Revamp - 5/31/18 Co-op Mission Update - Nova Revamp - 5/23/18 Co-op Mission Update - 5/17/18 Co-op Mission Update - Swann Revamp - 4/12/18 Co-op Mission Update - Raynor Revamp - 4/5/18 Co-op Mission Update - Artanis Revamp - 3/29/18 Co-op Mission Update - 3/15/18 Co-op Mission Update - 2/15/18 Co-op Mission Update - Karax Revamp - 2/8/18 Co-op Mission Update - Fenix Revamp - 2/2/18 Co-op Mission Update - Han & Horner Revamp - 1/26/18 Co-op Mission Update - 1/17/18monk0 Aug 2
1m Tychus's Outlaws > Hots's hero candidate? Tychus and Blaze have already joined the Nexus,Other than Nux&Kev "Rattlesnake" West that Tosh&Swann are better choice and Vega&Lt. Layna Nikara that they spot have already taken by Nova and Morales ,Other may join the Nexus personally I want to see Reaper hero.NaIL0 1m
13m Zeratul as Co-op Commander I know Blizzard was hesitant to bring back dead characters but I'm pretty stoked for Tychus's release. If they were to release Zeratul as a commander I would buy him as well. I may even buy that voice pack. Thank you Blizzard!Sting7 13m
20m Tycus should be allowed to have all 8 Fenix can have all 6 hero units at a time in comparison. Nova and Horner can have all of their specialized units at the same time. Also restricting Tycus to not having all 8 is a huge missed opportunity to add a bonus or bonuses for having the team all together.MyOhMind20 20m
40m I watched the Tycus video. Play style is very similar to Nova. A small number of elite, Teleportation and nucleus...very similar. Kevin Dong likes nova. Hum ... What happened to Tosh? I want to see the powerful Specter crowds. There are still alive characters left, but dead characters were created first. Could not the 'Dead Commander' be created when you did not have an idea?Infested8 40m
43m Why doesn't Amon have special roster units? Out of curiosity, is there a lore-related reason or something as to why Amon doesn't have access to various strains of Zerg or otherwise specialized units such as jetpack Reapers? I think it would make brutal much more interesting and possibly challenging if you had to deal with that instead. And possibly even open up more niche uses for commanders unit rosters. I suspect it's a topic that has been asked previously but my searches only brought up topics related to Amon skins. Apologies if that's the caseBrosifStylin25 43m
1h Tychus Confirmed! I would like to take this time to confirm with these forums that it's a reality that Tychus will be the next commander for Co-Op! Source: I would also like to say that this is very significant because this is the first time that a character that's canonically dead has made it into Co-Op. I couldn't be any more excited for Tychus. I loved his off-the-rails personality in Wings of Liberty and I can't wait to play as this scoundrel.Amethyst98 1h
1h Alarak design has some serious issues After giving it some thought, I think this rework does very little to address the issues that underlie Alarak currently. I think Alarak is only decently designed if he was only intended to play with comps that had ascendant opener. In Alarak revamp, monk stated following: ... I think they did a bad job if this was their attempt, because they did so little to actually address any of the real issues: Alarak level upgrades Alarak possibly has the least consistent level upgrades. How many commanders can anyone here name with a level 15 upgrade that you can only benefit from if you include a particular unit in your comp? How many commanders have 3 upgrades altogether that affect only one unit, while each other unit has only one upgrade level that actually affects them? And overall, Alarak has many absolutely pointless upgrades. Why do you unlock Ascendants at level 8 when they are nearly worthless until level 12? Did you know about Lightning Surge upgrade? Yeah, me neither, it has no noticeable effect. What's the point of adding 4 destroyers to Death Fleet? It's still extremely minimal power gain and Death Fleet is often used for its utility. What's the point of having an upgrade that exclusively focus on Deadly Charge, a non-heroic ability for Alarak? Many commanders have somewhat insignificant upgrades regardless of how you play with them, but Alarak is packed full of them. And if you play Alarak optimally, then Alarak has only one upgrade the results into a stellar power spike: level 12. After that, only masteries will result into power spikes (and after changes, masteries will result into less power spike overall). Some of these upgrades just feel like they only exist because you couldn't come up with anything else. And personally, I think it's ridiculous that Alaraks level 15 upgrade currently benefits almost nobody. 1QE2C has very limited benefit in certain maps such as Malwalfare, Scythe of Amon etc. vs building objectives. And you can't take benefit of it without Ascendants. Absolutely no other commander has a level 15 upgrade that not only is of marginal benefit, but only benefits you if you play with a particular comp. EDIT: As of currently, it turns out that supplicants sacrificed to Alarak do refresh cooldowns. This is a recent bugfix and it helps a bit to justify WotH. Ascendants Alarak is designed around ascendants. If you want robotic Alarak to become a reality and feel good, you're going to have to change the design of Alarak altogether. The way you have him designed currently is so that it's hard to touch any other aspects of Alarak than mechanical units themselves without buffing already overpowered Ascendant-based strat further (meaning that you can't close the gap). You even admitted to this when you introduced that Empower Me scaling with mech units. This was the only way you figured out to improve mech Alarak without improving Ascendants and without touching individual units that will then get compared with other commanders and be complained about. Also, please don't try to justify the relative power of Ascendants by pointing out how much skill it takes to use them effectively: it doesn't. I would argue that Ascendants are the easiest unit in the game to play with. There's probably no other unit in the game that can trivialize every kind of enemy attack wave. Their skill ceiling suffers from diminishing returns really quickly, because all that is left is the decision when you should sacrifice. Otherwise the only thing you need is map knowledge to know where to position yourself and when. Supplicants don't help mech Other ridiculous aspect of mech build is that they are forced to build supplicants but, unlike in Ascendant builds, they can't actually sensibly benefit from them aside from being meatshields. You can't sacrifice them and you absolutely must have them to avoid Alarak chugging your far more valuable units. Again, design that makes sense if Alarak was meant to play with builds that use Ascendants as core units. Why do you have to force robotic based builds into warping supplicants as well? Nerfing Death Fleet for consistency If you're nerfing Death Fleet for consistency, how about buffing it for consistency? Compared to every other calldown in the game with similar cooldowns (and no other calldown even has that long coolup), it's a very, very underwhelming ability. If you removed the recall, it would be absolutely worthless.BrosifStylin15 1h
1h Death fleet? no Dead fleet Motherships and destroyers are now affected by upgrades. In date, Mothership's attack power is 6. The number of attacks is six. What if I do not upgrade? 6x6 = 36 LOL The initial cooldown is also very long. Perfect taxi Death fleet x Dead fleet o I thought you would increase the attack range of the mothership and the damage of the destroyer. The barrage of terran gauss rifles has an attack range of 5. The great over-tech Protoss's final weapon mothership has an attack range of two. Wow! Of course, it is easy to absorb the damage that comes to the destroyer. But it is too short! It will be the main target of the turret and Goliath because of the attack range of 2. 2000 HP is colorless. Before changing, the death fleet is so weak that it is unlikely to be Alarak's final skill. But if you change it will be weaker.Infested9 1h
1h Mutation 120 Masters of Midnight Ranks/Tiers This week has a little bit of RNG and that’s okay. Melee units a very good thing to add or make the bulk of your build, they are the units that will get you the vision that you need. Every commander works this week but the tier 2 commanders have issues getting all the parts that they need before the first timer runs out. Thanks for reading. Here is the link to the VOD Last weeks all commnders is here Commander/Tiers 2 Alarak Alarak has low Hp so he gets Feared a lot, and when he is Feared he can kill Sacrifice almost all your army. You might be better off without him but he can help. Ascendants are the way to go here. Every attack should be started with Ascendant Orbs to kill anything that gets close to Alarak. Mothership is great here and can help you get around the map. Make sure that you have Supplicants around at all times, and watch Alarak as he is Melee and Fear will make him do stupid things. Since you don't have much vision you will build up charges on Overcharge wo be sure to make Pylons are strategic places to Overcharge them. 2 Artanis Okay commander here, not the best not the worst. Zealots are great for vision and to hold back units. Be sure to get the Zealot upgrades. Try to use the Solar as soon as possible to maximize dps. I like spawning a couple Zealot and running them into enemy lines to get to the middle of an encampment. Shield Overcharge can help keep all your units alive. 2 Karax Great commander against Mech or Robo units as mind controlled units aren't affected by Sort Sighted. A bit hard for the early game without a good partner as you might only have the Spear of Adun and a few Zealots to get all the parts, think about waiting for the expo. Spear of Adun should be at least upgraded to the 3rd upgrade to help with any push. Zealot Energizer is the best IMO. 2 Vorazun Vorazun is great in the mid to late game as her units are melee any way. With great micro and all mastery in the Spear of Adun energy you can get enough parts for the first Hybrid but it can be tough so that is why she is tier 2. DT Corsair is the way to go here. Time Stop should be used asap to maximize DPS. Black Hole can be helpful but it might be hard to put it in a good spot without vision. 2 Abathur Abathur is great here for mid to late game. You can go for Spines and a Spore to help get you Biomass, but it will be tough to get your first Bruta without a little help. As soon as I got my Bruta I cleared the North West area for Parts to make sure we didn't run out of time. Once you get your first Bruta its smooth sailing. Try to be all your upgrades and make Mutas once you get your 6 Evos. If its a ground comp you should be able to use Toxic Nests to clear all the attack waves. 2 Dehaka Dehaka has a great mid and late game but its a bit tough to clear enough parts without a good amount of micro that is why I put him as tier 2. I like Mutas here as they need to get in close anyway and they have a res. It might be tough to Devour the Psycic units here so try your best to get the right vision. Call downs are great as always make sure to a move them to a far location so you dont have to micro them. Glevig need micro to use properly so think about adding him to a control gorup asap. 1 Swann Swann is good here I like Goliath Hellbat. Make a few Hellbat for the first attack wave then use your first call down to clear the expo and get some extra time. Laser Drill is great here make sure to upgrade it. Make sure to get all your upgrades for all your units. Hellbat are mostly for vision but they can tank very well. Make sure to stutter step your units if you don't have all the enemies in vision range.Hunter2 1h
2h Karax. Graviton Catapult. Not much to say here. It's obviously not a huge deal, but carrier's DPS without it is total garbage. Especially in low numbers. is there any real reason it doesn't exist?Rhyme1 2h
2h About attacking partner what do you think of attacking partner in the co-op missions?Megumi31 2h
2h Myst opportunities - too long The problem of this map - it is not fun. It is cleared entirely too fast and what players have to do is WAITING. Armies are just standing on empty map, doing nothing, players have to watch the slow bots rolling across the map. It lasts nearly half an hour and there is no way to speed it up. Please make something to this map to make it faster. For example you could add a button to the bots hangar to release them right now (if both players press it) and increase their speed. Or remove bots completely and make players harvest terrasine with workers, so they can do it any time.Pluton30 2h
2h Tychus Model Observations The spotlight video for Tychus uses his Wings of Liberty model, but the model shown on his Commander page is different, featuring higher detail on his Minigun and head: However, it begs the question: are the other models shown in the spotlight final? Several of them (most notably the Firebat and Medic) are noticeably lower detail than other units and have lower-grade textures (again, the Firebat and Medic are good examples, being flat and shiny compared to units like the Ghost or HERC). It's really a shame that Blizzard chose to upgrade the WoL model instead of using the one developed for Blizzard DOTA: It's much closer in detail to other hero units (Alarak, Nova, Raynor, Artanis, ect) and modern units (Warhound, HERC) and would only require small adjustments to fit.Kith6 2h
2h Stim Pack Questions I saw that the Tychus Master Bundle will include a Stim Pack. We've managed to sort out how Co-op Stim Packs work for the most part(They only count towards the Co-op mission and optional objectives, not other bonuses and bounties). But what happens if you get the Master Bundle when you already have the Stim Pack from the War Chest? Or if a Stim Pack is active during a promotional event where you get double XP like the recent 8th anniversary week? Do the XP bonuses stack? If not, does the new Stim Pack not take effect until the current one expires? Please help clear this up.HyperTurtle7 2h
2h Arcturus Mengsk as a Co-op Commander? With Tychus being announced as the first canonically dead co-op commander, this kinda leads up to the question of, Could Arcturus become a co-op commander? I think it's a little unlikely, seeing as how most characters hate him, but there's still a chance.Chronos14 2h
3h Tychus' Storyline (Coop/Canon) My apologies if this was already answered somewhere else, but does the appearance of Tychus in coop mean that Tychus survived the events of Wings of Liberty? If i am not mistaken, the coop mode is set in between WoL and HotS. Also the WoL ending cinematic cuts to black when Raynor fires his shot in the direction of Tychus. Yet some wikis state that Tychus did in fact not survive. So what is the canonical stance on it?BlaSh28 3h
3h Kerrigan's Chain Reaction not worth it. When Kerrigan Shoots Chain Reaction, its just does 10 damage as the attack bounces 4 times. It just doesn't seem worth it ):( It's just (40~70 damage) - 10 - 10 -10 Couldn't we increase its potential by fraction? For example, we can make the fraction deduction, 100% - 35% - 35% - 35% - 35% 70 damage (30 Mastery) - 70 - 24.5 - 24.5 - 24.5 - 24.5 = 168 (30% M.Carapace) = 50.4 restore per hit 55 Damage (15 Mastery) - 55 - 19.25 - 19.25 - 19.25 - 19.25 = 130 (30% M.Carapace) = 39 Restore per hit 40 damage (No Mastery) - 40 - 14 - 14 - 14 - 14 = 92 (30% M.Carapace) = 27.6 Restore per hit That will be a great Couple with Fury, Creep bonus and speed mastery! Imagine Kerrigan's sheer DPS! I mean imagine how fast she could break Sky Terrans! That upgrade will enable Kerrigan to go Solo! PS, Chain reaction doesn't seem to stack her Mutating Carapace :( Mr. Monk! Please make it happen ;3 !!!GhostGiraffe23 3h
4h Two Terran Commanders in a Row? The logic up until now seems to have been that a new commander would be that of a different race than the latest released, but now instead of having a new Protoss commander such as Selendis, Rohanna, or even the next Zerg commander, we are getting another Terran 8-10 months later. Would be interested to know the decision making process behind it.Zyne36 4h
5h Mutation Week 120: Masters of Midnight Vampires are legendary creatures who rule the night and suck their victims' blood. Amon apparently got word of this and designed his new hybrid lab after this monster. He has summoned a fog to keep his enemies' vision short, and fitted his armies with a new health-draining weapons system. Command your forces masterfully to keep them from falling into despair and fear! Map: Part & Parcel Life Leech [New!] - Enemy units steal life or shields whenever they do damage. Short-sighted - Player units and structures have reduced vision range. Fear - Player units will occasionally stop attacking and run around in fear upon taking damage. Reddit post: Will post later. Video Replays on Brutal difficulty: CtG(Kerrigan's view) - Hunter(Dehaka's view) [CtG(Abathur) - Windrunner(Nova)] [CtG(Stukov) - Windrunner(Fenix)] [CtG(Vorazun) - Maltiki(Swann)] [CtG(Han and Horner) - Pmjf(Karax)] [CtG(Zagara) - Hunterzx(Artanis)] [CtG(Alarak) - Yuriprime(Raynor)] Other Notes: Surprisingly, this is the very first time Life Leech will appear in a non-wheel mutation! A high damage output is important to make sure life leech won't keep the enemy constantly fed on your units. Mind controlled units from Vorazun, Karax, and Stukov are immune from Short-sighted. The fear effect will make your units run around and be completely uncontrollable or unrecallable for 10 Blizzard seconds Static defenses are immune from Fear. Commander of the Week: Mutation difficulty: Do you like this mutation? Commander of the Week winner of last week: AbathurHunter16 5h
5h New mission too, or just Tychus? The title says it all. I honestly think that after all this time waiting for a commander, also a new mission should be due.Ciccrebonz7 5h
6h Arcturus Mengsk as a Co-op Commander? With Tychus being announced as the first canonically dead co-op commander, This kinda leads up to the question of, could Arcturus become a co-op commander? I think it's a little unlikely, seeing as how most characters hate him, but there's still a chance.Chronos0 6h
7h honestly co op needs AVOID ID ... i played just 3 games , in all 3 games different people went afk , or didnt do anything , like it was bot playing i swear. I had to do everything myself. Failed every mission since i am not a god to play with level 10 fenix on bruytal and conquer all. Safe to say i am taking another break after only 3 games that i just played after a longer break.IIIIIIIII21 7h
8h Prediction on the next commander By watching the skins from Warchest 3 packs i theorize that the next commander will be Umojan (maybe using the scientist model we see on early sc2 hots cinematics for the "mission select" screen) that will use a mix of both Umojan terran and Simulant zerg units (both spawned via terran structures), if you take a look at both skin packs you can notice that they use a similar white/grey palette and the "lore" of the skins explains that they were created on a laboratory... Sounds pretty Umojan to me. Further proofs that the Simulants are Umojan tech come from this Heroes of the Storm skin description "Fully cleansed by the Xel'Naga Artifact, Kerrigan joined forces with Jim Raynor and Prince Valerian. Armed with the latest Umojan tech, they prepare to bring Arcturus to justice once and for all." Maybe they could link these Simulants to the experiments done to Kerrigan on the first mission of Heart of the Swarm where they somehow disovered more about the Zerg... Remember that we were already teased about starcraft 2 lore before, with this Artanis launch skin (Our hierarch came to Heroes before sc2 lotv, as a launch promotional event for Legacy launch) Or maybe it could be Valerian itself that meshes in his army Dominion tech with Umojan tech and Simulants The "Golden Age" skins could maybe applied to an entirely new commander (i have no idea who could it be... Selendis? Rohana???), since they have not been applied to Artanis or Karax when the skin pack was launched (thing that instead happened with zagara that gained the Leviathan pack's) skins PS: I don't think we'll see two commanders at Gamescom, it never happened and they need the ipothetical second commander for Blizzcon release and don't burn up a second new commander... I mean, they need the put on the spotlight on commander at the time, the same happens with heroes of the storm, we don't get two heroes at once since the end of 2015 and we'll never get them anymoreDefilerRulez83 8h
9h HEL it's about time! Tychus Finlay as a co-op commander? There is only one acceptable response to that. Hel it's about time. Very excited to see what he can do and how he plays.Sting1 9h
10h About Swarmhosts I wanna say one more time(does somebody counts?) about this abandoned unit. I don't understand why Blizzard completely ignores him and the main question is why he was provided in SC2? He is slow huge, time to born new locusts takes 3sec, and locusts are also very bad: slowest speed is 2.25 lowest attack range 2 no impactfull dps 8.3 very short lifetime 15sec can't split into groups to proper control the situation doesn't defend the master even if enemy is in range doesn't have prioprity to kill first the map objective if you have many SH, than they spawns too many locusts which are crowding and doesn't attack enemyIf compare with other small units such as zergling or marines, locusts simply slower than them I think the closest to the concept of this unit are broodlings from broodlords, they also have short lifetime, but! Their speed is very high 3.84, the broodlords deals damage besides the spawning new broodlings. The only benefit is that locusts can attack air, but here comes Stukov, who also can spawn free marines, which are also very similar to locusts but has 120sec lifetime compare to 15... One guy told me, that SH also not so popular in multiplayer which appears the main theme of all SC2, so i wanna some huge fixes/buffs around this unit. As i told earlier multiple times, i wanna flying locusts, cause they are superior to ground in all senses. P.S. Liquipedia says, that this unit is effective against workers, lol 10h
10h Team Color change? Probably a little numbers of viewers of Tychus video will noticed that, but, Blizzard changed the Amon's forces TC, and now they are dark red, this probably is because Tychus TC is red. But is not only this. Since now dark red is for Amon, we can suppose Alarak will be red now (for obvious reason), and if someone see with attention, Swann's Hellions have yellow team color instead of orange (maybe to make all "mechanics" yellow? (Swann, Abathur and Karax). What do you think? They changed others team colors?Zarxiel3 10h
11h gamescom and next commander? 11h
12h Why are we nerfing the Death Fleet I don’t care if this is the 3rd or 4th thread on this discussion. It needs to be addressed: The Death Fleet is already one of the weakest ultimate call downs in the game, if not THE weakest. Now we are nerfing the upgrades that come with it. This makes no sense. Make destroyers and the Mothership do more base damage before nerfing the upgrades.xDRAMAGIRLx17 12h
12h Next commander teased (no clickbait) 12h
14h Should Mutators give Experience Points? To add some variety and encourage mutator use, would it be possible to have mutators give experience points? Something a little more than the bonus.Gungnir12 14h
1d Alarak Revamp Thoughts I wanted to give thoughts on current revamp and additional requests for Alarak revamp. My suggestions are in the context of lvl 15, 90 mastery with skilled play. Overall, the revamp post is good. War prism buff, mastery tweaks, slayer buff, and vanguard buff are all good. War prism changes matched almost exactly what I had suggested. Slayers already were competitive with WWs, and now will be a good source of higher tempo building dmg for ascendant builds without making WWs unusable. Vanguard aoe buff will give them a niche of sustained aoe dmg support for infested maps; good enough considering massing them will always have issues. Ascendants didn’t need buffs. Mastery changes are flat buffs; they’re just quite small buffs. Overcharge mastery should allow non-pure ascendant builds to put 2-8 points in overcharge for a very very slight eco boost and a small increase in atk upgrade timings. It’s fine. The set 2 mastery buffs to Empower Me duration and Death Fleet cooldown are good. I use mass ascendant builds (28 ascendant, 1 havoc, supplicant) for huge dmg from Empower Me + ACR (1qe2c) combos. The mastery change let’s me keep Empower Me mastery the same while getting a free 5 minute DF cd. Or I can have +15 s extra EM. Seems good.DrOrgo9 1d
1d New Dragoons I’ve read about the new dragoons and I am hyped. Monk stated his awareness of overlapping with immortal and tempest. Tempest is a slowly moving late game air unit with slow overkill attacks. Dragoon is an early game ground unit with now faster attacks and faster movement. I personally see no overlap except for the antiarmor usage. Compared to a immortal there are similarities. Both units attack antiarmor and are more durable units with new Trillic. I wonder: Does the antiarmor of the dragoon fill a certain role? I would be more interested in a general damage buff without a bonus regarding armored targets.Crusher8 1d
1d Chrono Boost Mastery Specifically, let's talk about the chrono boost mastery. Every Protoss commander has it for mastery set 3. And in most cases, it's the less used option. It just seems like they decided to make Protoss masteries easier to fill by giving them all one that's the same. I'm not saying it doesn't have its uses. There's definitely times where it can be pretty powerful. But where's the variety? I don't think every single Protoss commander needs to have it, especially when there's something else you can probably put there for all of them.Moraeth28 1d
1d has terran always used ghosts with nukes? I've got 7 commanders to max lvl and got mastery lvl 65 so I've been playing for quite some time however today is the first time I have ever fought a terran who was spamming nukes, is this a new addition or is it just extremely rare to fight this composition?havikryan16 1d
1d Dehaka's problems Just wanna remind to all, that problems are still exist and i want you to start making hype around this more often. I'll start from bugs: CreeperHosts suicides can't damage friendly unit (yours or ally) for some reason. NOT splash! Karax's energizers still can't boost Dehaka's worms and structures Recent bug - when you devour the psionic unit first time it doesn't provides blow Mutation bug with Polarity - If your ally is Alarak and he puts overcharge on your worm, and you use deep tunnel, than Alarak's overcharge can't damage the units polar to him anymore.Some logic inconvenience i discovered. For some reason the rare units such as flying zerg queen (on Miner Evacuation) or the biggest Leviathan (on Rifts on Korhal) doesn't has psionic tag, but by all logic senses they must. Also i don't understand why enemy prism is psionic? She is robot and has no mana. Sentry is robot too and has mana, but for some reason he is psionic too. For example terran raven also robot and has mana, but don't have psionic tag (or doesn't provides that wonderfull Dehaka's blow on devouring) I don't see logic here, i suggest to make all units with mana to be "psionic"-type for Dehaka The second problem which is bothering me is his structures. They have attack indicators, but they are just nominal or reference to elves in Warcraft 3. You can't use them to defend mostly because of armored tag. 4 immortals would be enough to kill barracks by 2 strikes. Why not replace armored with Massive tag? Also maybe boost a damage impact and allow to attack while sitting. Cause currently we haven't a defence zerg. When Dehaka was announced, i thought that he will be, but for some reason he won't. Also a tricky thing is that all structures costs supplies, so we can consider them like units, but they actually not units. Why? It would be very nice if they (structures and worms) will have all benefits from both types and none flaws (such as Plague mutator) It won't boost Dehaka's too much but we will finally can to capture damn celestial locks on Lock&Load. And the last thing is units. I guess the most useless units is ravasaur. This is a mineral dump unit which has no impact on battlefield cause other units are way better. Maybe give them some small debuff or idk. The second after ravasaur is primal igniter. I don't use them often, maybe they are good only against infested. The last unit is Tyrannozor. He is very expensive and not so survival, Cause there is a big chance to get none of mutations for him and they have no heal. Dehaka's passive ability can't manage this question and i don't know why ultralisk's selfheal don't spread on tyrannozors. Also i don't understand why Dehaka's passive heal doesn't shown on healed units (no icon). How would i know who is under heal? Click on Dehaka every time? Maybe ultralisks regeneration would be too OP for tyrannozors but why the last can't get life leech by default for example?HorrificDoom28 1d
1d My thoughts on revamp changes Now that all 3 commanders' revamped changes have been out for awhile. And after reading some of the comments regarding these changes, I thought I throw my own in for some of the more important points I see personally. Abathur: The biomass nerf to Roach buff may in fact balance itself out in terms of reaching the first Brutalisk. The key here I think is to gain that first 20 biomass (assuming the armor gain is evenly distributed +5armor/100biomass). The change in Symbiote vs Double Biomass mastery provides little incentive to switch. A relatively skilled player would have no trouble gaining the required amount to make this mastery choice worthwhile. This continues to secure it as a situational mutational choice. Meanwhile, the changes in Ultimate Evolutions as a whole can be equated to forcing a higher micro cap on players. I am not against it personally but on a slightly different perspective, seems a little contrary to the Toxic Nest to biomass change (to help "most players"). Overall, if these changes remain this way, Abathur's play will likely remain unchanged with Ravagers being slightly more mainstream. Vorazun: Dark Archon's Mind Control cast range with the increased energy regeneration change will push them to be more relevant than they are now. It is a shame that certain units are not within the mind controllable list (BCs and Ultras, while Carriers are for some reason). This unit/build itself requires a much higher micro to casting accuracy that may remain the biggest barrier to popularising such a cool unit. Moreover, the boost towards cloaked Oracles and damage boost (to Voidrays as well) will likely overshadow any motivation for the general players to go for Vorazun's ground forces. Overall, all changes in units and mastery are an obvious boost to this commander, the core play hasn't really changed (which isn't a good or bad thing). Alarak: Death Fleet nerf/buff to Empower Me change may inadvertently drive players to stay mainstream to Ascendant build. Add in the newly gained bonus damage from robotic units, the timing of Empower Me and Death Fleet can stay in sync (if the player wish). And with a practised player on the continuous strike to wave, there would be more incentive to stay on Ascendant play with now more mobility, higher destructive power, and therefore increased capacity to wipe enemy base. Other boosts are straight forward in that players preferential to robotic playstyle would gain a slight boost. It will remain Ascendant is more powerful than ever (that I am personal totally ok with, as they are unique and fun). One change I'd like to highlight is Warp Prism's static vs mobile forms. This is again I believe more theoretically sound than in practice. The biggest barrier to this the population cap, as Warp Prism does not address it in any way. As such, this change would provide slightly fancier styling points to higher skilled players, yet does not help the general player base. Keeping in mind that robotic build has high gas cost, timing to first set of Wrathwalkers may be delayed further for less skilled players by trying to add in 1-2 Warp Prism. Overall, Alarak's playstyle will unlikely to change either.FearrWhalins0 1d
1d Campaign to Co-op inconsistansies There's 2 of these in the Co-op mode that really stand out to me atm, and it rather bothers me they didn't get tweaked in the pass of Commander reworks. Which is surprising since Co-op mode seems to super buff things from their campaign version. 1) Kerrigan's Malignant creep; working as intended, well mostly. Problem is though, in the actual campaign, the buffs from creep also affected buildings. Her Co-op version doesn't. Would be nice if it did, would actually make a Zerg commander for once not completely garbage with static D structures. 2) Alarak Vanguards; Still perplexed that half it's Campaign power is locked behind upgrades, and then another large fraction is locked behind a random reason they nerfed the Attack count from 16 in the Campaign to 8 in Co-opVariations7 1d
1d Weak Nydus on Miner Evac Would it be possible for the the enemy Nydus Worms on Miner Evacuation to be of the same strength / health as the ones on Dead of Night and other maps? They seem wimpy in comparison.Gungnir2 1d
1d Miner Evacuation Bug It is really rare, but I experienced the enemy waves were disappeared in minimap.(I mean.. that big red dot on the armies of the each wave) I saw many of players who faced the phenomenon seems like that bug makes them so hard on the mission.aile3 1d
1d Changes for Zagara. 1) Make the roaches in the drop Corpser Strain. 2) Allow bio-launchers to auto-attack besides target location attack. 3) Allow Zagara's armor to be upgraded by ground carapace upgrade. 4) Make Zagara's queens build faster and give them some upgrades to make them different then Kerrigans queens and as useful as Arb's swarm queens in combat.MyOhMind17 1d
2d Who is left? I think only Dehaka has not had a revamp because he was "new" when they started? I can't remember or find in search if Stukov was ever done? Comps which needs lots of help still in my opinion are Dehaka ground (ALL), Swann wraiths, (for casual players this time, forget speedrunners which is a grand total of 5 people in the world), and Stukov mech/air. Who else do you think still needs work? Ignoring Vorazun, Alarak, and Abathur for this thread.Jailbar15 2d
2d Death Fleet nerf The brilliance of this nerf is certainly above me. I can only take wild guess at how the exchange went to arrive at their conclusion: "So currently it looks like Alarak is having a bit too easy time regardless of what comp its facing. It can just annihilate one wave after another. We have to do something about this, John." "What's causing it, Nate?" "Well, according to our metrics, people currently seem to be using Ascendants a lot and also Death Fleet is being used consistently-" "Ever tried using Ascendants, Nate? Darned things. Requiring high level of execution and all. It must be the Death Fleet, I have seen its capabilities. Teleporting around, killing every single zergling out there. No wonder Alarak players use it. " "But sir, Death Fleet as it is just tickles enemies, players mostly use it for transpo-" "Ever been tickled John? Tickled real good? Sooner or later, you'll start running out of breath. It becomes a matter of you trying to breathe over your primitive laughing reaction, until you can no longer breathe and eventually your system runs out of oxygen. A horrible way to die. Even the zerglings do not deserve it. Let's get to work."BrosifStylin18 2d
2d My opinion about Abathur As a result, Abathur units have increased their effectiveness as tankers. But there is no longer any need for a tanker to Abathur. Viper and Brutalisk risks are sufficient. The problem is the Symbiote mastery. First, Abathur's death ball is weak overall. And feeding 100 units to the unit I think I need enough compensation. So I am satisfied with the current Symbiote mastery capability. What if Symbiote abilities change? 200 damage will be wasted on weak units like Zergling or marine. This is a terrible waste of power. I know that developers like to play Nova. However, he made Nova, the top ranker of all commanders, stronger. Are you less understanding because you are a commander who does not usually play? As a result, we will be reluctant to generate Abathur's Brutalisk and Leviathan. The main offensive ability of Ultimate Evolution is provided by Symbiote. Brutalisk still has some Deep tunnel capability, So it is worth using, but Leviathan has no skill. Additionally Swarm Host, which is weaker than Amon's Swarm Host. It seems that Locust will need to increase the attack range or add more heavy damage.Infested13 2d
2d Dropped from game I was playing on Mist opportunities, and when the last bot was saved, the game halted, then seconds later I got a messaged that I got dropped from game. I'm pretty sure it's not from my internet connection, cause I have fiber optics high bandwidth. So I lost this game, even do the last bot was saved. Maybe some kind of bug? Not sure if it's related, but sometimes when I do campaign achievement hunting my saves get messed up and I need to restart the mission, because achievement are disabled. 2d