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4h Co-op Mission Update - May 17th, 2018 Hi all! We hope you’ve had fun playing the newly revamped versions of Raynor, Swann, and Artanis over the last month. We’re hard at work on the next Co-op Mission and Commander, but in the meantime, we’re ready to present an overview of the next round of Co-op balance updates. In the past few updates, we’ve been focusing on Terran and Protoss Commanders; in the spirit of balance, we’d like to give some more love to our Zerg friends! With that said, the next three Commanders we’ll be looking at are Nova, Kerrigan, and Zagara. Nova We feel that Nova is in a pretty good place right now. Her core gameplay is solid, and she has a diverse roster of powerful units. We’d like address some of her slightly more underwhelming units, including Hellbat Rangers and Covert Banshees. For instance, Hellbat Rangers could probably use a bit more survivability in order to fulfill their role as an anti-light tanking unit. Kerrigan Kerrigan, like Nova, rewards a very hero-based Commander playstyle, with a variety of powerful options and a high skill-cap. Many of you have pointed out that her Spire units are hard pressed to compete with her ground options, however. Our Kerrigan pass will focus on bringing more use to these Spire units. Zagara Of the three commanders we’ll look at in the next Co-op patch, we’re going to focus the most attention on Zagara. We know that a lot of you wish Zagara had more options when it comes to army composition. We’ll be looking at changing parts of her toolkit so to give her more varied playstyles without adding additional units. Specifically, look forward to changes for Corruptors—lots and lots of changes. Going Forward In addition to these goals, we’ll also be looking at quality-of-life improvements and Mastery options for each Commander. As always, the next few weeks is your opportunity to voice your concerns about these Commanders. Please let us know what you think! Kevin Dong Co-op Commander Designermonk146 4h
1h (Oversight) Artanis Orbital Strike refund Anybody else noticed that the energy gain on a canceled Orbital Strike is still 50 which means you gain 25 energy every time you cancel it?Cloud8 1h
1h Zagara defensive structure mastery Zagara’s ability to produce Drones two at a time and the cap on her army size could give a niche for supplementing her army with massed defensive structures, but as-is it’s not really worth the effort. DrOrgo and me had ideas for this in Monk’s thread but discussion on ideas for it seem to make it worth it’s own thread. To enable this strategy I’d give her a mastery for it and let her spread creep easier by letting Zagara place creep tumors and making all of her creep tumors invulnerable. I’d also like to remove the supply cost for Queens so that using them to heal or plant larva wouldn’t gimp Zagara’s army. Maybe with a cap on how many can be built if massing then became an issue. For the mastery itself, I’d want to emphasize Zagara’s aggressive nature with cheap and deadly defenses that still aren’t very durable, and need replacing more than, say, Karax’s. This would also play nicely with repositioning them aggressively. So I’d replace the weaker Sustained Frenzy Mastery with this for a trade-off between more direct and immediate assault or defensive potential: Defensive Structure Cost Reduction, Attack Speed, and Bonus Damage - up to 50%. What are your thoughts on a defensive building mastery for her, and if she got one how would you design it?Galgus11 1h
1h Underused co-op units? With all the updates I’m wondering what underused units are left to buff.MyOhMind19 1h
3h Commanders that should be added The commanders that should be added, but not limited to: Gabriel Tosh High Executor Selendis Emperor Valerian Mengsk Reigel Admiral Urun Prelate Mohandar Brood Mother: Kilysa,Naktul,Ryloth,Niadra,Rokarr, That is the list of characters that i could think of.jacksonkill15 3h
5h Please lets have an option for vetoing maps! I know whining about co-op is a dead meme by now, but seriously. I cant stand a couple of the maps. Myst Opportunities in particular... It is just way too long. 31 minutes long and any sort of challenge is over at 10 min in Or playing a map where you have to rely on a team mate to push Jinara or to close a lock. Its just pretty annoying and I don't like crying to my team mate asking him to do what he is supposed to be doing. Bring on the down votes.CoolTapes39 5h
6h Soooo... votes are ultra bugged. nvm I'm stupid. Mod pls lock thread.Oxstar14 6h
6h One of Swann's New upgrades doesnt work? Haven't played Swann since before his changes, so just tried him, wanted to toy around with the Wraith changes, specifically this one: The Wraith's Pulse Amplifier upgrade has been reworked. It now has the following functionality: When the Wraith is moving, the damage of its Gemini Missiles is increased by 100% and the damage of its Burst Lasers is increased by 300%. But when I used it it didn't do anything? like how does it work ? Cause when the Wraiths are moving they don't have any bonus damage written on themVariations23 6h
7h Zagara Level 15 talent Idea Hello everyone! I love Zagara and I am thrilled to have her as the next batch of trip to be reworked. I play her a lot and just like many people have addressed, her population cap of 100 feels severely limiting. I have a crazy idea that many of you wouldn't probably be fond of about her level 15 upgrade because I think that the current one can use a bit of buff. What if when a player reaches the level 15 talent "Broodmother", aside from the current upgrades, they receive a population cost reduction on all her combat units and queens to 1 population only. So, one of her zergling are a third of population, abberations, corruptors, and queens cost only 1 supply too. This hopefully can deal with the limiting feeling of a 100 population supply cap, but still maintaining the fantasy of it. Hopefully. Plus, it fits with the name :) What do you guys think? Feel free to suggest your own idea for her :DBroodHive8 7h
7h Co-op idea - evil commanders On players' side we have 14 sub-races to variate the gameplay. On AI side we mostly have usual ladder races or sometimes the infested. Yeah, we sometimes meet unique units like warhounds but mostly AI plays usual races. The idea is to create enemy commanders who also use different game mechanics. Players can't play them, evil commanders are for AI only. Whom can they be? Some special talking hybrids, a man from Mobius, a possessed zerg queen, a possessed protoss. May be Narud himself. Also do you remember the Dark Voice? That was Amon BUT not himself, he was talking through a possessed protoss. Evil commanders don't require that much work as playable ones because no need to think about their economics (their units just spawn by trigger), no need to create their progress. They will use different units, they have some abilities of their own. Also evil commanders could talk to us a bit. Like: "You noobs, all your base are belong to us" and so on. Having evil commanders would make the game more variable, your enemy now has a face. You can play same map vs different enemies and get different experience.Badman5 7h
7h Mutation Week 106: Ulnar New Year It's a time for celebration, and Amon's starting it all off with a bang. Not only does he intend to overload Ulnar, he has outfitted his own minions with explosives as well. Make use of the resources being gifted to you and put a stop to Amon's plans. Map: Lock & Load Fireworks - Enemies launch a dazzling fireworks display upon deawth, dealing damage to your nearby units. Lucky Envelopes - Festive envelopes containing resource pickups are dropped at random throughout the map. Reddit post: Will post later. Video Replays on Brutal difficulty: [Hunter(Zagara) - Ayaks(Stukov)] [CtG(Stukov) - N/A(N/A)] Other Notes: Fireworks target a spot with your units after an enemy unit dies. The more enemies, the more fireworks. Fireworks deal area damage to units standing in a targeted circle after a split second. Fireworks damages buildings as well. Lucky envelopes is a flat out buff. Nothing about this makes the mission any more difficult. The lucky envelopes give 50 minerals or gas to both allies when picked up. This is for the LUNAR new year, not the Gregorian new year, which is why it says Ulnar. Commander of the Week: Mutation difficulty: Do you like this mutation? Commander of the Week winner of last week: StukovHunter27 7h
7h Zagara Corpser Strain. I know they said in the update that no units would be added to fix Zags comp but I always thought Corpser Strain Roaches were meant for Zag.SiKiN11 7h
11h Mutatio Week 106 Ulnar New Year Ranks/Tiers Hey Everyone here is my ranking and tiers for this week mutation. Again the order of the list is the rank and the number of for each is the tier based on the tiers I have at the end of the list. Under the extra info I have it broken up into 3 categories separated by slashes: general info, negatives, positives. Here is the VOD from the stream where I play all commanders Stukov 1 Bunkers are great and Infest Structure helps with fireworks/ Small flow of units from bunkers/ Can lose Everything Abathur 1 Ultimate Evos tank everything/ Toxic Nest get hit by Fireworks/ Leviathans are great Kerrigan 1 Add Ligs to spread Fireworks/ Hydras will melt/ Ultras can tank many shots Dehaka 1 You can hero solo/ Devour makes fireworks hit instantly so anything over 3 suply wont heal/ Mutas will help with defense if needed Nova 1 No real army needed/ May be hard to hold all 5 locks/ Nukes, Sabatoge, and griffen can kill anything Alarak 1 Little to no army needed/ Slow army/ Overcharge and wave can make most fireworks little issues Artanis 1 Zelots for firefodder/ Archons have large hitbox/ Storm can be used from afar H&H 1 Best with Widow Mines/ Still need some help finishing off enemy defense/ Strike Plats kill most def Swann 1 Keep hercules with army for hot pick-ups/ Slow rebuilds/ Laser drill, Long Range Karax 2 Best for Defense/ Units are slow and will get hit/ Spear cant get hit Fenix 2 Dont need a large army to push/ Slow so will get hit/ Avenging protocol will get used a lot Raynor 2 Calldowns are good for advance clearing/ Fireworks will rek your forces/ Can be remade very fast Zagara 2 Keep Zagara back for pushes/ Army dies fast/ Able to resuply very fast Vorazun 3 Control all units separate/ Cosairs clump too much/ DT's can poke then blink Tiers Tier 1: Finishes mutation quick and can deal with fireworks Tier 2: Either need help pushing or defending Tier 3: Army dies quick hard to keep locksHunter1 11h
17h A plead all Stukov players If you are paired with a Swann partner, please build the gases at your expo, even if you're not mining them. Not having the expo gases simply just cut the gas income from the drone down to 75% for BOTH players.Skyfire27 17h
18h Zagara ''Sustain'' Analysis As a long time fan and main of Zag, I thought the only way to play her was Scourge-Bane. However after the new update announcement....I decided to try Corruptor-Abberation...the supposed ''other'' build for Zag. I must say...I was impressed.I didn't have that many complete wipes,but like Raynor's mech It felt very good on defence maps.My suggestion is: (based on a total of 6 matches on diffrent maps) To Add some form of healing:Healing of the worst things about Zag.Generally every zerg has a good way to heal their army...expcept Zag.She must use the weak and slow Queens (Carried in a overlord spreading creep) just to heal her army.I can already see you guys think...healing is bad for a suicidal commander, but let's be frank.Lossing the supposed '' sustain'' army soo quickly is clearly a fail.Either make the banes attack heal,give abberations and corruptors life-steal (25% of damage dealt of something like that)or make Bile Launchers also heal(heals mechanical too,Last option would synergise a lot with other commanders as well) 2)Make the Abberation Aura affect ALL nearby units 3)Make Corruption on Auto-cast AND AoE (range of 2.5) 4)Change Corruptor to have current armored DPS as base then add an upgrade to deal more versus armored and attack ground.TheDragon6 18h
18h Zagara: Move some Abilities to top bar. ... With the upcoming Zagara rework, I want to toss in my 2 cents. I believe some of Zagara's abilities should move to the top bar, which will make losing the hero unit less punishing, and also open up space for new abilities. Two best ability to relocate are Mass Frenzy and Infested Drop. These abilities does not depends on where Zagara is positioned in the first place, hence it make very little sense why they should be attached to herself. With 2 ability slots now free on Zagara, we can think of something else to give her. One very popular request from many players, is allowing Zagara to assist in spreading creep herself. This would be great. One idea is to make Zagara spawn the tumor much faster than standard queens, spread faster, or perhaps also has the first tumor act as a Detector also ( so she's less reliant on stupid overseers). I really can't see anything else that would fit better on that empty slot. As for the last slot, anything goes I suppose. There's the option of leaving it empty, which would be... fine, IF we don't want to buff her too much. Another idea is to have an ultimate ability like Spawn Locust that summon a swarm of locust around the Zagara,that can attack both ground and air and heal the hero unit for damage dealt (Crypt Lord anyone?) I see that Blizzard is planning a larger scale rework for Zagara, unlike a simple revamp for other commanders, so perhaps something like this is possible (along side whatever else they have in plan of course, like buffing Corruptors to usability). Thoughts?Khoakuma20 18h
19h Commander at level 15 thoughts / tier list So I have all the current commanders at level 15 and I have some though on them having a pretty good working knowledge oh how the work and having seen many people play them way better then me. so here goes. easy to use and master Nova and Dehaka These who start off strong and only get stronger as they level up, as well as not having to worry about building supply, there is normally no wrong way to play them Solid all around Raynor, Kerrigan and Artanis The starting set, they are all very solid commanders and if you can play them well they get very strong armys, while artanis isn't as good as defense as the other two you can more than make up for this with the 200 starting supply and being able to warm in tempest anywhere he wants. but they can also be built wrong by players over building...really your going to build 10 gateways but never have more then 10 zelots and 5 dragoons on the field? really good at 15...meh at below level 15 Zagara, Swann and Karax so leveling up these guys can be a pain but once you do they are very powerful if played well, zaraga with her very cheep never ending army, Swann has a slow start up but his mechs pack a punch and Karax because very strong in the way of the cannon rush (or carrier rush) Simple at first but very complex and fun to use Stukov, Abathur and fenix so people will see this and say, how are they complex? well stukov has a ton of options and not just zombies, he has strong mech and air units they can hold there own as good as anyone elses! Abathur has a whole mini game of get the most units to biomass 100 as you can and Fenix you can build up 3 or 4 different ways (my favorite is scouts and carriers!) Throw them in the trash Vorazun and Alarak so yeah...these matter how you build them, even if your a pro level 200+ they will still suck and your partner will have to carry you, Vorazuns only use is buffing Novas ghosts and droping pylons so your partners army gets the cloak buff because all of her units hit like wet noodels even with the buff (minus the DT but they can only hit ground units and if they get coughed on they die) and Alarak is just bad, 0 use whatsoever, his unit itself is your WORST unit (I'll enplane later) his units over all are pretty weak when compared to everyone else's units and army's and going back to the Alarak unit itself he needs constant pampering, at his strongest he is still weaker then other hero units by ALOT, he need to always have your finger on him to Micro him to keep his damage up by spamming charge and wave and if you wanted to build a big strong army with him in get ready to lose your units every 5 seconds cuz if a hybrid so much as looks at him funny POOF your army is gone because in place of going "I'll just take one supplant and heal back up to full" he goes "NO GIVE THEM ALL TO ME I NEED MORE" he heals for like 10% but then keeps eating units...I remember once I had a full supply of 200, like 50 supplants and a ton of wrathwalkers and ascendants I though I would be fine so I hit his empower me and then walk up to the point and ONE hybrid hits him...ONE and them Alarak thoes a fit and starts eating my army, before I knew it my whole army was gone and alarak was dead...point is throw these two in the trash and leave them thereLancelot16 19h
1d The co-op NPC that annoy you the most? So yeah, which one makes you just wanna fail on purpose? For me it's Stetmann, because he whines over everything and acknowledges nothing, makes jokes that makes me want to devour small children. Followed by him we have Debra Greene, who keeps guilt tripping you about every single little hint of danger despite the fact that they shouldn't have come to an infested planet in the first place. And finally, our very own douchebag, Donny Vermillion. F**k that guy, all I have to say. So yuss, which ones do you hate?Oxstar42 1d
1d My Gabriel Tosh concept Hi all ! I wanted to share with you my concept of commander Gabriel Tosh. It is my very first coop commander concept so it might not be a perfect concept. Gabriel Tosh is the leader of the spectres, psionic enhanced ghosts using terrazine and jorium. The main theme for my concept is the use of psionic powers and psionic technologies. So, I chose to focus the concept only around his ground units. If you have any ideas of other air units for Tosh, let me know. Units Marine : Classic marine but without stimpack. Can be upgraded with combat shield and an increased damage (per shot). Marauder : Classic marauder also without stimpack. Can be upgraded with concusive shells and splash damage. Reaper : Same price as Mira Han ones. Can be upgraded with increased attack speed and temporal invulnerablity (active ability). Spectre : (Unlocked at level 2)Units from the campaign. Can use cloak and ultrasonic pulse. Can be upgraded to be always cloaked, to start with max energy and to use psionic lash. Can call down a nuclear missile from a silo. Predator : Unit from the campaign. Can be upgraded to have larger radius and to have a plasma shield (150 shield points). Diamondback : Unit from the campaign. Can be upgraded to have increased range and to attack air units. Medivac : Built at the factory. Can be upgraded to heal 3 units at a time and to become always cloaked. Special Buildings Psi disruptor : Defensive building which slows down enemy units incoming. Can be upgraded to deal low damage over time. Nuclear silo : Can construct and contain one nuke. Nukes can be upgraded to reduce armor at the zone they landed. Psi indoctrinator : Tech building, requires barracks, replace ghost academy. Research facility for Tosh and Spectre. Needed to build spectres. Hero Gabriel Tosh Stats from the campaign (can be changed) Mind blast : Stun enemy units in the area and deals 35 instant damage. Can be upgraded to a larger zone and a longer duration. Psi shield : Absorb 500 points of damage (can be changed) during 20 seconds. Detector : Tosh is the only detector of the commander (I don't really know how to bring him detection, your help is welcomed about that) Psionic aura : (Level 5) Tosh decrease attack speed of nearby enemy units. Voodoo doll : Tosh can control a unit during 10 seconds, then, the unit is destroyed. Works on all units. Can be upgraded to target 3 units at a time.Ramack9 1d
1d New Commander Amon with a mustache.Obbi7 1d
1d Dark Archon commander -Nexus with a standard harvest -Archon surrounded by an electromagnetic field which requires direct harvest drop off to upgrade -Factories make replicator units in constant spawn within power field -Upgrading archon electrofield increases rate of replicator production -Replicators can be morphed into comparible game units by resource and supply exponentialityHOFF4 1d
1d Next commander? Hey, do wehave any info about the next commander yet? Usually there is a tread about it but couldnt see any. Like, have anyone found something interesting in the map creator?Xardaz85 1d
1d What would you do for Stalkers/ Slayers? Stalkers and Slayers are rarely used, partially due to competition from powerful units but mostly because they are just weak in co-op. They basically get run over by any late-game wave if you rely on them as anything more than redundant support for an army. _________ I'd like to move them into a sort of glass canon role: currently they are fragile and have poor damage. Both of them having defensively focused research options also feels odd given that proper micromanagement would typically let them avoid damage as other units tank or crowd control, but first and foremost I think they need a shared buff. This is what I would do as a change to both of them. ________________ 1. Make Blink a default ability. They'd be more satisfying to use in the early game if they could blink off the bat, but mostly I'd want to free up an upgrade slot. _____________________ 2. Add a Phase Pulse upgrade in it's place for both of them which allows their next attack to deal 3X damage after blinking. Blink micro is core to the concept and fantasy of the Stalker, so I'd like to make them stronger by emphasizing it. With this they would have a generally satisfying volley of damage that would also make them far more effective at blinking forward to pick of troublesome targets. ________________________ 3. The Stalker's Phase Reactor now also boosts attack speed, starting at a higher percentage and decaying over the five second duration.. This simply gives Vorazun's Stalkers better burst and sustained damage on top of the other bonus, rewarding her for both blinking to regenerate shields and positioning to take advantage of the burst damage. _________________________________ 4. The Slayer's Phasing Armor research is replaced by a Multi-Core Reactor upgrade, which lets the Slayer store up to three charges of Blink. While Alarak's Mech build is by it's nature less micro intensive than the more powerful Ascendant build, being rewarded with absurd damage for good micro seems like a theme worth carrying over to the Slayer. Instead of blinking forward and hoping that Phasing Armor can keep the Slayers alive, Alarak would have a powerful toy to micro: using the triple blink effectively would be a balance between maximizing the effectiveness of the burst damage and keeping the Stalkers alive.Galgus27 1d
2d Mind Control range feels extremely short Does anyone else wish it had about twice the current range? Maybe as an upgrade? Mass Dark Archons is a fun strategy that's already held back by heroic immunity, massive energy costs and cooldowns, and Ultralisks being immune for no good reason - severely hampering the build against Zerg. But the stubby range and large unit model makes it tricky to move Dark Archons with the ability ready into position before the target dies. It also makes stealing key units very difficult.Galgus16 2d
2d Zagara QOL Improvement Happened by chance, so i noticed. Can we please change Zagaras Respawn time to match with the others? its still at 120 seconds right now, while ( i believe) all other heroes sit @60Killercat4 2d
2d An option to choose Partner Commander? We already have an option to choose a specific mission and commander to play, but there is no option to choose a specific commander to partner with. You might think, you can easily fix this problem by inviting a friend or a player and have them play as the commander as you want. Also when you choose a specific partner commander, the match making system may take longer time (it depends on the amount of players who may play that commander). But come on, some of us wish to have that option so why not have it? I think Implementing this option could be a neat option for Co-op Play. Personally, I sometimes want to play with specific partner commanders. Abathur with Dehaka Artanis with Stukov Raynor with H&H Etc etc What do you think?GhostGiraffe11 2d
2d [POLL] Game speed Right now, it's only set to "fastest" on brutal. 1. Do you want the game speed to be set to "fastest" on hard? a. Yes b. No c. Undecided 2. Do you want the game speed to be set to "fastest" on normal? a. Yes b. No c. Undecided 3. Do you want the game speed to be set to "fastest" on easy? a. Yes b. No c. Undecided Here's my answers: 1. A 2. C 3. B Bonus Poll: If blizzard keeps the difficulty of the difficulty options we have now the same, would you mind less of having one after brutal? A. Yes B. No My answer: A. I think there should be one thats harder than brutal but only if all the other difficulty settings blizzard doesn't adjust.Candy26 2d
3d Mutation Week 105: Shields Up! A spacetime anomaly has enveloped Kaldir. Kinetic energy is diffused in all directions, and pockets of temporal and spatial irregularity litter the battlefield. Fight through them and take down the shuttles. Map: Void Launch Diffusion - Damage dealt to enemies is split evenly across all nearby units, including your own. Mineral Shields - Mineral clusters at player bases are periodically encased in a shield which must be destroyed for gathering to continue. Shortsighted - Player units & structures have reduced vision range. Reddit post: Will post later. Video Replays on Brutal difficulty: [CtG(Fenix) - XxFlairaxX(Artanis)] [CtG(Swann) - Factor(Vorazun)] [CtG(Karax) - XxFlairaxX(Dehaka)] [CtG(Nova) - XxFlairaxX(Kerrigan)] CtG(Alarak's view) - Hunter(Han and Horner's view) [CtG(Abathur) - Ryuotaikin(Raynor)] Other Notes: Diffusion affects units within 5 range of the enemy damaged. Mineral shields are 50 health structures. A minimap ping indicates their arrival. If not destroyed they last a very long time then they disappear on their own. Player units and static defense DO NOT autotarget Mineral Shields. Mineral Shields can activate on any mineral patch within 15 distance away from a Command Center/Hatchery/Nexus or any variant thereof. Raynor's scanner sweep is unaffected by short-sighted and allows players to shoot enemies from a sufficient distance to avoid damage. Melee units will still attack even without vision. It seems that calldown weapons are immune from Diffusion. Diffusion spreads damage from the mineral shields to your workers. Commander of the Week: Mutation difficulty: Do you like this mutation? Commander of the Week winner of last week:Hunter34 3d
3d Raynor's Busted I had played raynor post-rework but I hadn't realized how strong he was until today. Long story short, I played 7 games in a row with high ascension players (120-520) and got double their kills every single time. No, level doesn't equate to skill, but to get to level 500 you'd want to finish games quickly. Weirdly there isn't a lot of talk about him since his rework, but he feels like one of the top 5 commanders now.Rhyme49 3d
3d E. Recall isn't working with Mind Control I tried using Dark Pylons with mind controlled units to try to stem the attrition that typically comes with them, but they do not warp to a Dark Pylon when they would die - they just die. I'm not sure if Strike from the Shadows works or not. This seems like a major oversight for the Mind Control ability, and fixing it would give the interesting, but not very powerful mass Dark Archon some extra tactical depth.Galgus2 3d
3d Dehaka Devour Autocasting Please give Dehaka's devour ability an auto casting option, preferably so it focuses on the toughest enemy in sight (To avoid wasting it on infested, if more viable options are available). This would make the focus on his army a little more streamlined for those of us that would prefer to micro him a little less.Stryker20 3d
3d New Commanders Is there no more new commanders? It has been a long time after Mira and Hatt. I just want some new commanders to play.InfiniteSinX59 3d
3d If you could add a stupid commander And what I mean by that is, if you could add any commander based on awesome and fun alone with no regards to balance and lore, then what or who would you add? Go crazy now, it's what we're here for =)Oxstar46 3d
4d Bundle vs Separate Commander Price Hello everyone! Just a quick question, is the bundle of four commanders for Co op more expensive than buying individual commanders? I am currently planning on buying Han and Horner and Dehaka and, yes, the bundle only sells 4 commanders at once, but the previous bundle of 4 commanders we're 20.99 if I am not mistaken. Is this correct? I couldn't find the previous bundle to check the price. Thank you for your attention, time, and replies :)BroodHive10 4d
4d New CO-OP "commander" idea I know this is pretty much impossible but it would be cool to have the Overwatch team as a new co-op commander. Players can choose up to 6 heroes as the game progresses, each hero needs to be purchased and they have different costs (minerals and gas). Heroes can level up to learn/enhance their skills, this can also be done via researches, Heroes' dps is doubled, while HP is tripled from Overwatch's base value.SCakewalk11 4d
4d Last funny or interesting thing toyou in coop There have been many dire predictions about lack of content recently so I thought I would change gears a bit and ask about what you had done recently in the mode that was memorable. Tell us about anything funny or interesting that happened in a co-op match recently!Polaris22 4d
4d Who Will Be The Next Commander? Happy New Year everyone! With a new year comes speculation of who will be the next commanders and when will see them. I'd guess either Protoss or Terran. If Protoss: Selendis is the most likely. Rohana could be a surprise Commander but, I don't think that will happen this time around. If Rohana does become a Commander (and I'd guess she will be.) she'd be after Selendis in terms of Protoss. If Terran: Tosh or Valerian could be the next Terran Commander. However, I'm split as to which is most likely. Who do you think will be next? There are plenty of possibilities left. Such as; Izsha, Tychus, Ji'nara, Zeratul, Mengsk, Niadra, etc.ZealousGamer59 4d
4d Are we still getting Leaderboards? We haven’t heard or seen anything related to this previously announced feature in a long time. Is Blizzard still trying to incorporate this?xDRAMAGIRLx13 4d
4d Kerrigan, Zagara, Nova(Revamp opinion) Kerrigan -Give the Kerrigan or Omega network a detecting//Or air unit can use the Omega network. (I can't understand that she can not detect concealment and latency despite the high Psionic class.) -Kerrigan Prolonged Mutating Carapace of Master Force 3 is Change to increase up to 500. -Zergling and Hydralisk can pass under the Ultralisk. -Increases the physical strength of Mutalisk by 100. -Brood Lord Increases the movement speed of the Brood Lord. Broodling Quotes changes to 0.5 seconds, and it deals 10 damage in a small range when it's destroyed. Add an upgrade of the duration so that the Broodling Quotes can prevent enemies.(It explodes immediately or is a time bomb.) Zagara -Instead of Zergling Evasion change the production cost of Unit to produce them at a certain probability free of charge.(It is a 15 to 30%, except for Drones) I heard that the concept of Zagara is the concept of putting the force without resting. -Limit the survival time of Baneling'baby -It automatically generates 2 Scourge from the Scourge nest. -Changes the armor of a Aberration from heavy armor to light armor attribute, adds a vampire ability and a small range of attacks. -Corruptor can attack the building, and two Scourge will be created when the Corruptor is destroyed. Nova -Eliminate the Hellbat Ranger's rush and give it to Han & Horner. Hellbat Ranger's stamina has increased to 600, and some of the damage that Hellbats have received is reflected to nearby enemies. -The Covert Banshee can make an air unit attack and the Covert Banshee's ability is automatically cast(It's on/off).LKRplatypus5 4d
5d Starcraft 1 co-op Is anybody out there interested in playing starcraft 1 in co-op? I am on quite often and am in Eastern time zone in the United States. I am wanting to play all 6 campaigns all the way through in co-op, but when I am starting a game, it says I have an open slot for a partner, but doesn't seem to be a way to search for another player. If anybody wants to play or has suggestions to find people, I appreciate the help and look forward to playing with you if you wish to do so thanksSpectre4 5d
5d Suggestion: Wild Mutation I recently replayed the HotS campaign and I was really charmed by the Wild Mutation ability. I'm convinced it would be a great ability in Coop as well. It makes for a very flexible ability with a high skill ceiling. The ability loses much of its power in late game, though that is not necessarily a problem. Maybe a hive-locked upgrade could increase the range to make it more useful in late game. Maybe a mastery could also increase the range. I don't really mind if it's added to a new Zerg commander, or included with the revamp of an older one. Yes, no, thoughts?Rayquorz5 5d
5d Mutation Monday: 105 Shields Up! Ranks/Tiers Hey everyone here is the ranks tiers for tis week. This week is all about vision and sustainablity. Had the most fun with Abathur and Dehaka. Thanks for reading and make sure to put in your 2 cents. Abathur 1 Evos/Devourers/Toxic Nest Stukov 1 Bunkers/Calldowns/Tanks Dehaka 1 Muta/Vision can be difficult Raynor 1 Vikings/Vultres/Tanks/Turrets Kerrigan 1 Worms/Immo Wave/Ultra/Hydra Fenix 1 Carrier/Zealot/Interceptors for vision Nova 2 Mech/Turrets/Air Strike Karax 2 Static D/Carriers/Solar Forge Alarak 2 Ascendants/Vision Makes Overcharge Hard Vorazun 2 DT/Corsair/Cannons Swann 2 Static D/Tanks/ Suply Depot for vision H&H 2 Reaper/Wraiths/BC/Calldowns Artanis 3 Cannons/Phoenix/Zealots Zagara 3 Diffusion Kills Scourge Tiers Tier 1: No Difficulty Tier 2: Early/Midgame Difficulty Tier 3: Late Game Difficulty/ Very ToughHunter6 5d
6d Educate me about fenix's legionaire I have started playing Fenix as my next mastery target. I have several problems with Fenix's basic unit, zealot legionnaire. I found them extremely bad and I can't think of a niche they fill. 1. They are twice expensive as alarak's supplicants and less tanky than one after upgrades. 2. They cost 3 supply and it's hard to mass early game. 3. They are painfully slow(with exception of Kaladis personality). 4. Their unit-size are too big to effectively to be meat shield because smaller enemies easily flank them and kill them. 5. They attack slowly so the high damage rarely matter. 6. They can cause serve early economic problem when you lose them, but if you keep a few low hp ones they would not stand in last waves. P.S. I play normal/hard only.Darkness31 6d
6d Has anyone reached Ascension 1000? Hi, just wondering if anyone has reached Ascension 1000 for co-op? If so, could I have a link to the person's profile? Cos I'm interested to see what the Ascension 1000 achievement icon looks like when you unlock it, thanks! Specifically, what this icon looks like when not greyed out: 6d
6d No one uses Stukov's Brood Queens. Why? I think most Stukov players even forget that Brood Queens exist. They're on the Starport, which almost nobody builds, and they just don't seem to be worth making. Why is that? What change could be made to them that would make them something worth getting? In talking with people in-game, it was mentioned that they decelerate rather slowly, and have to be fully stopped to use their spells. That seems like an easy balance fix, but would it be enough? What are people's thoughts on the Brood Queen?mrxak27 6d
May 16 Chrono Wave could... ... have an activation delay after using the ability so that allies have time to set up production and upgrades without wasting time. Not an issue with experienced players that let their ally know, but could help the ally when playing with a less experienced Karax player.SkyHiRider19 May 16
May 16 Great Brand new feature for coop What if, maybe every month or so, blizzard decided to realize teasers about upcoming coop commanders and then maybe about a month later, they actually released them. Wouldn't this be great? *sarcasmdaedalis11 May 16
May 15 Co-op Commander Guide: Han & Horner Another guide out. Not everything about this situation is a failure. Just build some reapers. And maybe some other stuff. ...AznHopeful51 May 15
May 13 Biomass/Essence on Infested Maps? Is there actually less biomass and essence on Miner Evac and DoN? Infested civilians make up a majority of the enemies you face on those maps, but they don't drop biomass or essence.Moraeth4 May 13