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May 29 Co-op Mission Update - Stukov Revamp Stukov, ex-vice admiral of the UED, is the first Commander we’re looking at in the next round of reworks. As we’ve previously hinted, our primary focus will be to rein-in the power of Bunkers slightly while promoting interesting and powerful ways to use some of Stukov’s mechanical options. Infested Bunker Infested Bunker cost increased from 300 minerals to 350 minerals. Infested Bunker supply increased from 4 to 6. While there are many powerful units in Co-op, very few check as many key boxes as Infested Bunkers. Infested Bunkers are not only very powerful, but also cost-efficient, supply-efficient, durable, and versatile. While we generally try not to nerf existing strategies, we feel that Infested Bunkers are an outlier that would require extravagant Mech buffs in order to get them in the same ballpark. For that reason, we’ve decided to slightly decrease the unit’s cost efficiency and supply efficiency. Infested Diamondback Infested Diamondback cost decreased from 225/100 to 225/75. Infested Diamondback range increased from 7 to 8. Fungal Snare can now be cast on Heroic units. Duration on Heroic units is 2.5, compared to 10 for non-Heroic units. We reduced the gas cost on Infested Diamondbacks to allow them to have them be less of a gas strain and allow them to be more of a backbone unit for mech-only play. We’ve increased the range so they can be more effective in their ability to kite enemy units. Finally, we’re allowing Heroic units to be snared, albeit for a much shorter duration such that you won’t need a specialized counter for small numbers of Heroic air units, such as the bonus on Rifts to Korhal. For more dedicated solutions to air threats, however, we recommend a slightly different air unit. . . . Infested Liberator Infested Liberator cost decreased from 150/150 to 150/125. The Cloud Dispersal upgrade has been reworked. After they’re upgraded, an Infested Liberators will launch itself at an enemy target, turn itself into a swarm cloud, and stay in swarm cloud form until no enemy units in the area are taking damage. Infested Liberators will be controllable in cloud form and no longer return to their original location after they’re done attacking. Damage reduction in swarm cloud form reduced from 90% to 85%. After the Cloud Dispersal upgrade, weapon period decreased from 6 to 1. After the Cloud Dispersal upgrade, damage period increased from 0.6 to 1. First, we reduced gas cost to reduce gas strain on Stukov’s mech play. In addition, a common complaint about the Infested Liberator was that it felt clunky to use and often overkilled enemy targets. This was partially due to the Liberator’s very long cooldown and tendency to attack the same targets. We’ve reworked the Infested Liberator’s upgraded attack completely so that the player has more control and is much less likely to overkill targets. And because the Infested Liberator will be in swarm cloud form much more consistently, we’ve tweaked some numbers to temper its power level. Infested Banshee Infested Banshee now gains +2 range while cloaked. This is the same benefit previously granted to Raynor’s Banshees, but we hope Infested Banshees can use them in a different way. Because Infested Banshees are much more durable and can regenerate their energy quickly, this will allow them to more consistently keep their additional range. Brood Queen Brood Queen movement speed increased from 2.5 to 3.75. Brood Queen acceleration increased from 1.375 to 3. Brood Queen life regeneration increased from 0.273 to 1.092. Ocular Symbiote duration increased from 60 seconds to 180 seconds. Ocular Symbiote now increases unit vision by 5 in addition to its current functionality. Spawn Broodlings ability reworked. Instead of instantly killing a target unit, it will deal 300 damage to a target unit and spawn 2 Broodlings when that unit dies. This ability can now be cast on Massive and Heroic units. Players have described Brood Queens as clunky, so we’ve made some improvements to the unit’s overall usability, Ocular Symbiote’s duration and versatility, and Spawn Broodling’s versatility. Overseer Morph to Overseer requirement changed from Infested Starport to Infested Factory. We’ve changed this requirement to give players more flexibility in early-game builds. Calldowns Fixed a bug where Apocalisk Cooldown Mastery was also decreasing its initial cooldown at the start of the mission. Fixed a bug where Aleksander Cooldown Mastery was also decreasing its initial cooldown at the start of the mission. Apocalisk initial cooldown decreased from 300 seconds to 240 seconds. Aleksander Cooldown Mastery increased from -2 seconds per point to -3 seconds per point. Maximum benefit increased from 60 seconds to 90 seconds. We fixed a bug that was making Stukov’s calldown cooldown masteries more powerful than intended. It’s now in line with other Commanders’ calldowns. In order to make up for the lost potential 3:30 Apocalisk, we’ve reduced the base initial cooldown of Apocalisk from 5 minutes to 4 minutes. Infest Structure Fixed a bug where the second and third charges of Infest Structure were not reaching their cooldown as intended. Infest Structure Cooldown Mastery increased from 1 second per point to 1.5 seconds per point. Maximum benefit increased from 30 seconds to 45 seconds. We fixed a bug that would very often set the coolup for the second and third charges of Infest Structure from the intended 90 seconds to 180 seconds. Not only will this offset some of the early-game power lost by a slightly later potential Apocalisk, but it will also make the newly improved Infest Structure Cooldown Mastery more attractive. Upgrades Volatile Infested damage bonus per weapon upgrade increased from +4 (+5 vs structures) to +4 (+8 vs structures). This includes Infested Siege Tank Volatile Burst damage. Infested Diamondback damage bonus per weapon upgrade increased from +2 to +2 (+3 vs armored). Infested Banshee damage bonus per weapon upgrade decreased from +2 to +1. Apocalisk damage bonus per weapon upgrade increased from +5 to +8. Upgrade bonuses were tweaked so that they’re more consistent with how they behave on other Commanders. Going Forward And that’s it for Stukov! Stay tuned next week when we’ll be tackling Dehaka and his legion of Primal Zerg. Kevin Dong Lead Co-op Designermonk270 May 29
May 23 Co-op Mission Update - Dehaka Revamp Next up in our lineup of revamps is Dehaka, the big T-rex of the Co-op family. We believe Dehaka is a satisfying hero to control, but we’re sharpening and improving some of his unit roles to make him a more well-rounded Commander overall. Basic Primal Units Primal Zergling attack damage increased from 7 to 10. Primal Roach life regeneration rate while burrowed increased from 5 to 10. Muscular Augments (Hydralisk speed) research cost decreased from 150/150 to 50/50. Brutal Charge research cost decreased from 100/100 to 50/50. Primal Ultralisk HP increased from 500 to 625. Primal units were designed as a stop-gap on the way to more powerful units rather than as a core part of every army. That said, we’d like to make small improvements to some of the weaker basic units in areas that make sense. Ravasaur The Dissolving Acid upgrade now increases the Ravasaur's bonus damage vs. armored to 15, up from 5. The Enlarged Parotid Glands upgrade now increases the Ravasaur's movement speed from 2.25 to 3 in addition to its current functionality. These buffs should help the Ravasaur in its anti-armored pushing role. Primal Igniter Primal Igniter life regeneration rate while burrowed increased from 5 to 10. Primal Igniter base HP increased from 300 to 350. Primal Igniter base armor increased from 2 to 3. We’d like to reinforce the Igniter’s tanking role against weaker enemies. Impaler Impaler Tenderize damage increased from 100 to 200. Impaler Tenderize reduces Dehaka's Devour cooldown by 75%, up from 50%. Tenderize is the Impaler’s defining trait, so we’re really punching it up. Primal Mutalisk Primal Mutalisk damage decreased from 18/6/2 to 14/5/2. Upgrade bonuses adjusted accordingly. Slicing Glaive now provides +100% increased damage vs. air, up from 50%. Base damage increased from 27 to 28. We believe Primal Mutalisks are a bit too strong all-around without enough drawback. In order to promote Dehaka’s other units, we’d like to emphasize the Primal Mutalisks’ anti-air role. Tyrannozor Tyrannozors now benefit from the Healing Adaptation upgrade, which allows them to regenerate life quickly when out of combat. We want to address the Tyrannozor’s inability to regenerate its vast life pool. With the Healing Adaptation upgrade, Tyrannozors will truly become the behemoths they were meant to be. General Psionic Attribute added to Ravens, Raven Type-IIs, and Theia Ravens. Psionic Attribute added to the Science Vessel (Including Swann's). Psionic Attribute added to Brood Queens (Including Stukov's). One of Dehaka’s coolest and most powerful traits is his ability to explode enemy Psionic units. However, while Protoss (and to some extent, Zerg) Psionic enemies are plentiful, Terrans are quite lacking in this department. Therefore, in order to balance out the enemy races a bit more, we’ve increased the number of potential Psionic threats he can Devour. Dakrun Dakrun HP increased from 3000 to 4000. Dakrun Greater Spiked Hide return damage increased from 10 to 20. As the final pack leader in Dehaka’s tech tree, we feel Dakrun needs some love so that he can assume a more prominent and exciting role. We’d like to bring Dakrun closer to the level of his brethren and focus on what makes him unique: his ability to tank damage and return it. Masteries Devour Buff Duration Mastery increased from 1% per point to 3% per point. Maximum benefit increased from 30% to 90%. Greater Primal Wurm Cooldown Mastery increased from 1% per point to 1.5% per point. Maximum benefit increased from 30% to 45%. Gene Mutation Chance Mastery increased from 1% per point to 2% per point. Maximum benefit increased from 30% to 60%. As always, we’ll be tuning Masteries so that they’re more competitive. Miscellaneous Dehaka's leap will now damage neutral targets, such as rocks. Dehaka gains high-ground vision upon hitting level 10. Dehaka's uprooted Primal Wardens and Primal Hives are no longer included in all-army selection. Units in primal combat now have a rally button and ability. Impaler damage bonus per weapon upgrade increased from +4(+5 vs armored) to +4(+6 vs armored). Primal Guardian damage bonus per weapon upgrade decreased from +5 to +4. Dehaka's calldowns now benefit from weapon and armor upgrades. We’ve also included assorted quality of life changes. And because we’re taking a look at various calldowns in this round of revamps, we’d like to take another pass at one we’ve previously worked on. Alarak Mothership base damage increased from 6x6 to 38x6, matching its Legacy of the Void campaign stats. Mothership range increased from 2 to 7, matching its Legacy of the Void campaign stats. Fixed a bug where Alarak's Mothership was gaining too much damage per upgrade. Mothership damage bonus per weapon upgrade changed to +4, down from +7. That’s it for this session of revamps. Thank you for sending in all your feedback and happy Co-op-ing! Kevin Dong Lead Co-op Designermonk90 May 23
May 22 Co-op Mission Update - May 2, 2019 Hi all! Last year, we decided to take a look at our roster of Commanders, to determine which ones could use a fresh coat of paint. All told, throughout 2018, we successfully revamped a total of 12 Commanders. We’re ready to resume this process with the remaining four commanders, and we’ll be starting off with two old favorites: Stukov and Dehaka We feel that Stukov and Dehaka share a similar issue—while their overall power-level is very high, some of their units are a bit underwhelming. Our primary focus with both revamps will be to rework the Commanders’ units so that they either have their own niche, or represent a unique, interesting, and powerful playstyle. As always, we’ll take a pass at underused masteries and try to address some quality of life issues. We look forward to sharing our ideas! Also, don’t forget: the scope of the next set of revamps will be solely focused on Stukov and Dehaka. Kevin Dong Lead Co-op Designermonk127 May 22
Aug 2, 2018 Co-op Missions Update Archive In this post you will find all archived Co-op Mission Updates. Co-op Mission Update - Dehaka Revamp - 5/14/19 Co-op Mission Update - Stukov Revamp - 5/9/19 Co-op Mission Update - 5/2/19 Co-op Mission Update - Alarak Revamp - 8/17/18 Co-op Mission Update - Vorazun Revamp - 8/10/18 Co-op Mission Update - Abathur Revamp - 8/2/18 Co-op Mission Update - 7/24/18 Co-op Mission Update - Zagara Revamp - 6/12/18 Co-op Mission Update - Kerrigan Revamp - 5/31/18 Co-op Mission Update - Nova Revamp - 5/23/18 Co-op Mission Update - 5/17/18 Co-op Mission Update - Swann Revamp - 4/12/18 Co-op Mission Update - Raynor Revamp - 4/5/18 Co-op Mission Update - Artanis Revamp - 3/29/18 Co-op Mission Update - 3/15/18 Co-op Mission Update - 2/15/18 Co-op Mission Update - Karax Revamp - 2/8/18 Co-op Mission Update - Fenix Revamp - 2/2/18 Co-op Mission Update - Han & Horner Revamp - 1/26/18 Co-op Mission Update - 1/17/18monk0 Aug 2, 2018
May 29 Please give Lt. Nikara an offense skill Hi there, I am a big medic fan and I love Tychus's merc healer Lt. Nikara though most people think she sucks. I was hoping to suggest that she get an additional ability to help in some way in offense, which would make her stack a bit better against Rattlesnake, whom most people prefer because he has attack speed boost and a natural attack. In SC1: Brood Wars, Medics have a grenade which blinds enemies, reducing their offensive ability. This would help against major enemies like Void Thrashers. Or, give her a Spotter ability which tags a target enemy unit with a tiny red dot, (like nuclear launch in SC1) and this increases Tychus's team's damage to that enemy by a significant percentage. Regardless of what she gets, let her heal even if the secondary ability is activated, This is probably not a priority because Tychus is old news by now. But, it would be nice to see the medic get some luff.Serenicus17 May 29
May 29 How did Stetman get forgotten about? Of things used in co-op mod alone, he invented both sides of Raynor's battle bunker, he invented the process to make orbital drops for both units and supply depots, he invented the perdition turret, which directly lead to swann upgrading it with the designs of his flaming betty, He is the one who invented tech reactors, he is the one who got the hercules to have it's rapid drop-speed, and reinforced the hull, He's the one who invented automated refineries, He invented the improved upgrades, He is the one who made Science vessels able to repair mech, and he did this all in the crappy hyperion lab entirely by himself. This is quite possibly the most brilliant terran who ever lived, and the greatest scientific mind of his kind, possibly ever, and he was just casually forgotten as unimportant. How??!?!Skullhawk13 May 29
May 29 Drunken rant (Stetmann) You've gotta be kidding, Stetmann?? He was annoying enough in "Mist oppertunities" now i have to deal with him in every other mission?? Sure his satellites are useful, but I'd much rather have Tosh as the next commander, not this annoying a$$ poor excuse of a scientist! Maybe if he retained the attitude in WOL and NOT INSANE he'd be tolerable, i actually liked him in then. For real! When are we gonna get a Tosh commander!?VelariTribe1 May 29
May 29 Vorazun Nezarim Console Skin Is anyone else having an issue with Vorazun not displaying the Nezarim console skin while in a Co-op game? Everyone else's seem to be working.asamatterof1 May 29
May 29 [] Co-op Commander Guide: Tychus ...Maguro5 May 29
May 29 Stukov Revamp Feedback So while the forum is in chaos over stetlag^tm. I was wondering what the community thinks about the OG lag commander Stukov's revamp? I do feel the increased cost of bunkers and I still think liberators still suck when you upgrade them. But I'm liking the diamondbacks and have had a lot of success fielding DBack + Banshees. Broodlings having set damage and damaging heroic is a very welcome addition esp. for the soft and fragile Queens, I am almost hesistating spending energy on fungals just to use it (potentially broken in a stetfield with mecha infestor support).Koetetsu32 May 29
May 29 Please Redesign Mecha Infestors I enjoy Stetmann very much as a commander. Just wanted to bring attention to the development team to put this on their list. I know it’s not a new topic but hopefully this will help drive it across more. Please redesign Mecha Infestors, the lag issue itself is one thing but the imbalance in general is just unhealthy for coop as a whole. Personally, I’d prefer them to be redesigned in terms of abilities. This will at least help with some lag management (as that is a separate problem all on its own).FearrWhalins26 May 29
May 29 What exactly causes stettmans lag Obviously investors roach ravager spam makes the game lag like crazy just because of the NR of units on the map,, similar to stukov inf lag. But I’ve noticed stettman also makes the game lag just by going Ling’s or other units. Couple of things contributing in my opinion. The field itself which gives lag by taxing the game visually. Constant audio ques beepbop whenever a satellite is deployed by your ally (remove!), and the minimap pinging like crazy everywhere when satellites are attacked. Especially annoying when satellites are on the map and enemy expands into m (trains for example) Remove the field visuals for allies and make the satellites invulnerable or at least cloacked. Remove the sound ques and reduce the NR of roaches spawned or change investor ability. The lag sucks all the fun out of stettman.Boutneus9 May 29
May 29 Twitch Prime May Bundle? How do we claim this if we signed up for Twitch Prime and gotten the other ones successfully? The news for it does not pop up anywhere on the SC2 main page or client. The only link that appears to work is if you click 'more info' in game under features, but it says the Nerazim/May bundle is locked. I set up everything OK last month and followed all the directions.PhoenixForce25 May 29
May 29 why dev team made stettman? did they feel anything wrong while making a horde army commander without multicore support?Tera8 May 29
May 29 Don't play Stettman and Fenix together! There's currently a bug where if the Egonergy field is on and any Fenix forme is outside of a Stetellite zone - it will cause Fenix to rapidly drain energy. Given how mass Roach spam is a tactic often used - be very careful, or you may find yourself unable to use your abilities when you want! Furthermore, Fenix does not restore energy within Egonergy zones, although this is unclear whether this is intended or not. Replay URL: At about 8:30 Fenix restores energy normally - but if you go from 10:12 to 10:20 - none of Fenix's abilities are active, yet he loses about 12 energy even though he should be gaining it. Similarly from 10:40 to 12:00 - Fenix does not cast a single ability, but loses about 200 energy. Stepping into the field only pauses the energy loss.TheDarkFox14 May 29
May 29 Some attributes of Stetmann need to be nerfed Or redesigned. Infestors are broken right now. It is also a humiliation to the uniqueness of Stukov's design (considering the recent nerfs to Stukov). I suggest the number of roaches to be nerfed by 1, and the energy cost to be doubled (max energy pool increased as well). Also all buffs from Stetzones should be nerfed to their halves (your ally's buffs remain the same). Imagine a regen buff 16x to Kerrigan's creeps, and even stronger than Swann's fire-extinguisher (15hp/s) for buildings; or a energy-regen buff triples to what Artanis has. Also it is not fair to have its benefits differentiated between you and your ally. Don't make claims like "Stetzones are regional". After level 7 you will always have Stetzones catching up your forces in most maps. It would be a pleasure to see zerglings and hydras buffed. But the attributes above really require some changes.ripMillet12 May 29
May 29 Golden Age Commander? I personally like the Golden Age skins a lot and would like to have them in coop. At the same time i am bored by commanders with overkill skills. For example wave-deleting bombardments or this kind of stuff. I would like a Protoss Commander with all vanilla units - and vanilla gameplay - but with stronger upgrades at the Forge and the CyCore. For example double or triple the attack bonus of the forge upgrades and give each armor and shield upgrade a boost of HP / SP similar to raynor. Effectively the commander would be similar to Fenix, but without hero units, special skills or restricted units. Just very strong units and many possibilities to choose from. What else would be needed to make this feasable?Crusher6 May 29
May 29 So Stetman is Zerg Which means...Mist Opportunities was a mission with a zerg announcer all along?Xombie32 May 29
May 29 Stetman's forces need more strength: I think they've done a great job at making this co op commander. Blizzard just needs to make a few adjustments, making the units not die off as easily and give them more strength. My units are dropping like flies, and I can't seem to dominate the map like I did with the other commanders. Maybe I just haven't adapted to the using this commander, and need to use the right balance of units. -We need more benefits from Stetman's abilities, like the stetalites, and to show significant improvements. Example: the workers working much faster, and the allies workers working faster. And an icon that shows they are working faster. And with the j.u.i.c.e., the upgrades and units producing faster or something.uiorpo45 May 29
May 29 stetmann opening build what is the most optimal and crispy opening up to 2nd base for stetmann? post supplies, drones, overlords, first zerglings to clear rocks etc. as detailed as possible, for the first couple of minutes until expansion is built after that what build order do u go with lair/hive, hydra den etc etc. its difficult to me to understand the basics of zerg when i have to share larvae for both workers and army, to create buildings out of workers, to make all the counting and whatnot. to me it seems there is no flow when playing zerg unlike terran or protoss with separate army/workers and buildings for unitsProskill5 May 29
May 29 Lag with Stetmann Is anyone else having this issue? I am fine with every other commander including Stukov. I've tested games without Stetmann and everything is fine, it's only with him. I've tried repairing my game, settings are all set to low, but it doesn't seem to help. This basically makes it so I can't play co-op now. Anyone have suggestions to fix this other then buying a new computer?DieTrying12 May 29
May 29 Harassment, Hate Speech, Negativity in Co Op So my question is... and i really am trying to call them day by day, until someone helps me with my Issue. Everytime i queue up with a random player, they constantly kill my army, or hero's. Mid way through the game. I wanna know Why Blizzard allows this? It's called Co Op..... Team Effort..... Not Co Op - !@#$ your ally up, In hopes he leaves? Seriously.... it happens to me every day i play co op? Does Blizzard not care, i don't understand. It's Okay it if it happens once in awhile i understand... But every game i partner up with.. someone who is Hell Bent on Killing their ally's units. Especially for example, Say you're Nova, her units take time to re spawn, and if your ally kills your stuff.... mid way through the mission... You can't help. So until i figure this out, I'm calling Blizzard, and i am going to ask them why they all this type of Harassment.... Again it's a co op game...... Team Effort..... Not "let's kill my ally" It's pretty upsetting that when i brought it up to the community, they told me to %^-*... and they laughed at me, and called me a Piece of !@#$, for even Mentioning it. I just don't care for this game if everyone is gonna do that to each other. Have we as a species really gone off the edge, where we can't even Queue up and have a good time in a game... I'm gonna ask blizzard... Because it feels like harassment, and not a good kind either...Shadow20 May 29
May 29 Stetman Mutas? Something I noticed while rewatching the Stetman introduction video, is that he had mecha mutas at one point. Wonder what other sorts of units, and mechanics were left on the cutting room floor. For refrence it’s at about 2:30 in the steman intro video on youtube.Shining3 May 29
May 29 Co-op Difficulty Level I think the difficulty level system on co-op needs some rework to better allow players the experience they're seeking. The recent release of a new commander only serves to highlight the oddities of the current system. At the moment, there's not really 4 difficulty levels but combination difficulty levels. For example, I tried to play on Casual for my very first game with Stetmann in order to get a feel for the character without having to worry about gameplay. But I was paired with a Hard player, meaning I had to build more efficiently, consider detectors, etc. Conversely, I was later paired with a clearly-new Stetmann player who was not prepared for our Normal/Hard game, leading to a frustrating defeat that felt like I was solo-ing with one of my lower-level commanders. * There should be 4 true difficulty levels rather than mix-matched ones. * Allow players to choose with selector buttons which difficulties they're interested in playing out of those 4. * Then the experience of playing the game will better match what the players are looking for. * It may also be useful to restrict Hard to level 5+ commanders and Brutal to commanders of level 10+ to reduce the issues with players looking for a "carry."Dacarnix10 May 29
May 29 Please give Swann better detection options So, right now the only detector Swann has is the Science Vessels. The Problem with the Science Vessel is, that it's very slow(2.25 Movement Speed). If the AI has a decent amount of cloaked units(e.g. Banshee or DT) you can not safely use the Hercules Blink or use any of the faster units as you risk losing them to cloaked units. It feels like this really obvious weakness in Swanns arsenal and makes it very unfun to face off against certain unit compositions. By giving maybe a teleport to the science Vessel a Detector Upgrade to the Hercules or even just adding a Movement Speed upgrade to the Science Vessel this Commander would be much more well rounded.pablOnarutO12 May 29
May 29 Who is next? Gotta admit, I didn't expect Stettmann to be the next Commander. Most of you guys like him, which is great. To be honest, I was expecting either Selendis or Tosh. This came as quite the curveball, because Gary is a great pitcher. Because he's got the best oil. This may be premature, but who do you think will be the next commander?Serenicus23 May 29
May 29 Co-Op Mutation #160: One for All Your enemies have entered a state of frenzy as they charge headlong toward the temple. The adrenaline they gain from slaying your forces triggers unexpected transformations, and even provide their strongest forces near-invincibility. Throw everything you have at them until the Temple is ready! Map: Temple of the Past Hardened Will - Enemy Heroic units reduce all incoming damage to a maximum of 10 when any non-heroic enemy unit is near them. Inspiration - Enemy Heroic units increase the attack speed and armor of all enemies within a small range. Transmutation - Enemy units have a chance to transform into more powerful units whenever they deal damage. Reddit post: Video Replays on Brutal difficulty: [CtG(Alarak) - Spohky(Kerrigan)] [CtG(Raynor) - Spohky(Fenix)] [CtG(Abathur) - Aommaster(Dehaka)] [CtG(Zagara) - Spohky(Nova)] [CtG(Han and Horner) - Espurr(Artanis)] [Hunter(Karax) - CtG(Swann)] [Aommaster(Stukov) - ViS(Stetmann)] Tier - Units (Lower tiers transform to higher tiers) 0 - Broodling/Other Units 1 - Zergling, Marine, Baneling 2 - Reaper, Zealot, Roach, Hellion, Widow Mine, Hellbat 3 - Marauder, Firebat, Adept, Sentry, Hydralisk 4 - Stalker, Dragoon, Mutalisk, Goliath, High Templar 5 - Viking, Warhound, Phoenix, Infestor, Banshee, Scout, Viking 6 - Siege Tank, Oracle, Cyclone, Ghost, Swarm Host, Lurker 7 - Ravager, Immortal, Archon, Voidray, Disruptor, Liberator 8 - Broodlord, Ultralisk, Battlecruiser, Thor Carrier, Tempest, Reaver 9 - Loki, Hybrid Nemesis, Hybrid Reaver, Hybrid Destroyer 10 - Hybrid Behemoth, Hybrid Dominator Whenever an enemy kills one of your units, it transforms. Avoid losing ANYTHING whenever possible. Enemies transform into tiers based on the supply of the units they kill. An enemy that kills a Zealot (2 supply) will level two tiers. Enemy units, upon transforming, return to full health. Make sure to focus the strong ones before they become Hybrid. Hardened Will is basically the hardened shields from the Wings of Liberty version of the Immortal. If your normal attack does 50 damage, it will deal 10 damage to units with hardened will. Inspiration provides +25% attack speed and +3 armor to enemy units within 5 radius of the Hyrbids. Commander of the Week: Mutation difficulty: Do you like this mutation? Commander of the Week winner of last week: AbathurCtG34 May 29
May 29 So what happens in Mist Opportunities? Does the dialogue change accordingly to accommodate Stettman's playable status?RainingMetal6 May 29
May 29 Enemy comps seem bugged. I and many others have only been getting swarmy, skyT and techy. Can anyone else corroborate? EDIT: Every game I've checked has had a Stetmann in it. If anyone has had games without him, please chime in.ViS23 May 29
May 29 Do not mock the players I thought it would be worse than Commander Stukov, but you made a friend of the Commander who surpassed him. Please add the blocking option for heroes, at least so that 2 or 3 can be blocked. Do not mock your fans, today I left the game 5 times because Commander Stetmann came across to me, then another commander caught up, and after him Commander Stetmann again 4 times, I had to go 9 times out of the match. Playing with him is simply impossible, big lags. What do you offer players to constantly leave the game? Or is it difficult for you to add an option to block the hero? I apologize for the errors I am writing through Google translatorMacReady28 May 29
May 28 Co-op Mission Update - Artanis Revamp Hey everyone! Last time, we identified various issues surrounding Artanis, Raynor, and Swann in preparation for our next Co-op patch. Today, we’d like to focus our attention on Artanis, leader of the Daelaam. In terms of unit composition diversity, we think that Artanis is in a pretty good spot. He has many equally-powerful compositions, and all his units regularly see some use. However, compared to the rest of the commanders, we do feel he could use an overall boost in power. In our last community update, we identified specific issues surrounding his energy-based calldowns and his anti-air options. Spear of Adun We feel that one of Artanis’ primary weaknesses is the lack of tension involved in expending energy on his Spear of Adun abilities. That is, because of the low impact of these abilities, players don’t feel that utilizing the top bar well was essential. A side effect is that Artanis’ “Extra Initial and Maximum Spear of Adun Energy” Mastery is picked less often than Vorazun or Karax’s equivalent Masteries. Our changes regarding the Spear of Adun are an attempt to increase this energy tension and resolve these issues. Orbital Strike Orbital Strike energy cost from 50 energy to 25 energy. Orbital Strike cooldown from 60 seconds to 30 seconds. The current iteration of Artanis’ Orbital Strike is less than half as good as Karax’s equivalent ability. While we think that it’s OK for Karax to have a better version of this ability because Spear of Adun is so core to his identity, we don’t think Artanis’ version should be that much worse. This change allows Artanis to have the same damage potential as Karax, but with less flexibility. Shield Overcharge Shield Overcharge cooldown reduced from 300 seconds to 240 seconds. We think 50 energy for an ability of Shield Overcharge’s caliber is a pretty good deal. However, we found we couldn’t use it as much as we’d like. We’re therefore reducing the cooldown of this ability to four minutes. Upcoming Mastery changes will further improve this ability. Dragoon Dragoon damage increased from 14(22 vs armored) to 14(28 vs armored). Damage increased from weapon upgrades increased from +1(+2 vs armored) to +1(+3 vs armored). Dragoon base range increased from 5 to 6. Range after Singularity Charge increased from 7 to 8. Dragoons are often cited as being one of the weakest units in all of Co-op. We also feel that Artanis needs more options against heavy air units like Liberators, Battlecruisers, Carriers, and Tempests. As a result, we’ll be looking to change some of the Dragoon’s stats, specifically focusing on improving its performance against these units. Phoenix Phoenix base damage increased from 5 (10 vs light) to 7 (12 vs light). As with the Dragoon, we want to improve the Phoenix’s anti-air capabilities so that it would be able to stand up a bit better against armored targets, while at the same time maintaining its role as an anti-light superiority fighter. Because Karax’s Mirage is such a closely related unit and the Mirage could also use some help, we’re going to extend this buff to Mirages as well. High Templar/Archon Khaydarin Amulet upgrade cost decreased from 150/150 to 100/100. Plasma Surge upgrade cost decreased from 200/200 to 150/150. Plasma Surge upgrade research time decreased from 120 seconds to 90 seconds. We think the High Templar and Archon tech path is mostly in a good place right now. However, the ramp-up time is a bit longer than we’d like, so we’d like to slightly reduce the research costs and research times associated with High Templar and Archons. Masteries Shield Overcharge Cooldown Mastery replaced with Shield Overcharge Duration and Durability Mastery. Shield Overcharge Strength and Duration Mastery increases the durability and duration of Shield Overcharge by 3% per point up to 90%. We’d like to redesign the Shield Overcharge Mastery so that it’s a competitive choice against the very powerful “Guardian Shell Life and Shield Restoration” Mastery. At max Mastery, Artanis will be able to absorb 380 damage per unit over a duration of 38 seconds, which we feel will result in a pretty powerful ability. Warp Charge Cooldown Reduction Mastery replaced by Energy Regeneration and Ability Cooldown Reduction Mastery. This new Mastery increases the energy generation and reduces the ability cooldowns of all of Artanis' units by 1% per point, up to 30%. Affected abilities include the Zealot's Charge and Whirlwind, the Immortal's Barrier, the Reaver's Create Scarab, the Phoenix's Graviton Beam, and the Tempests' Disintegration. High Templar and Archons will have their energy regeneration increased. The “Warp Charge Cooldown Reduction” Mastery was a fairly weak option when compared to its counterpart, “Speed Increases for Warped In Units.” Almost all of Artanis’ units happen to use cooldown-based or energy-based abilities, so we came up with this unique Mastery that will buff almost all possible unit compositions in different ways. We think this new alternative will create an interesting Mastery choice for players. Going Forward As always, now is a great time to tell us what you think. Do these changes sufficiently address Artanis’ shortcomings? Is there anything else we might have missed? We look forward to hearing your feedback! Kevin Dong Co-op Commander Designermonk165 May 28
May 28 Coop Headcanon Dehaka has an elevator in his den .. Only his head is visible outside of his den. Eventually he comes out of his den and the soundeffect at his revival is always: *BING* I .... liiiveee .... Well .. your turn ..Crusher9 May 28
May 28 Next Zerg commander should be actual zerg. Of the existing zerg commanders, only three are "true" zerg. Primals, Infested, and Mecha swarm are non-standard. However rather than be boring, I suggest making it starcraft 1 style zerg, with all the advantages and disavantages there of. The thing that'd be really crazy would likely be the one supply hydralisks, even if they would be weaker and lack the power upgrades that Kerrigan's have. I've heard suggestions for the overmind, Edit: And upon rethinking it, I think it might work, even if it'd be the most implausible lore bending for co-op yet, it's not like it's that much different from reviving other dead things.Skullhawk9 May 28
May 28 Keep random CO selected One small bug that annoys me a bit is that after I have played a random commander (which I often do), the one that was chosen will be selected on the screen after the match. If I played random I want to continue with random. Feels like a minor issue to fix, but would be highly appreciated. Cheers!pikzel3 May 28
May 28 Mecha Drones Shouldn't Mecha drones BUILD building, not MORPH into them? Cuz you know, they are kinda MECHA, and it's wierd to see them morph into something.LaVolpe10 May 28
May 28 Stetlag Just here to coin the term until it gets fixed. Upvote for your hatred of Stetlag lol.FearrWhalins4 May 28
May 28 Mecha-Infestor Needs a Nerf You might think this week's mutation hard-counters Stetmann but you are WRONG! You just need to hold down on T and then F2+A to victory. Proof: Many people have mentioned that it causes serious lag in the game as well. I propose a simple nerf that solves the problem: add a 30-second cool down to the ability. Why does this work? Let's look at how imba the infestor is. Currently the Stetzone can generate 8 mana per second with full mastery. This means an infestor can throw 5 units every 15.625 second. If you believe the small roach is worth 1 supply of fighting unit and the ravager is worth 2, then this group is worth 6 supplies. Given that the roaches can survive 60 seconds, an infestor can contribute 6*4=24 supplies of fighting power if you don't count the infestor itself. What is even more crazy is that when Gary overcharges a Stetellite, one infestor can can sprawn over 50 supply of units. I don't know how you think about the fact that a 2-supply infestor = 50 supplies of fighting units. You can argue that Kerrigan is worth 100-supply. But come on, Kerrigan is a hero that you only have 1. Stetmann can build 20 infestors by the 15 minute mark. With Stetellite overcharge, this is equal to 1000-supply of units. I don't think any other commander can reach this kind of strength at 15:00. If there is a 30-second cooldown on the "Roaches Away!" ability, one infestor can only contribute 12 supplies of fighting army with this ability. This have multiple benefits: (1) Ameliorates the lag (2) Reduces the upper-limit of the infestor to a reasonable level, while doesn't affect much of the lower-limit (3) Makes the "Deconstructive Roach-nites" ability much more attractive because now most of the time it is not needed I hope Blizzard can seriously consider this issue. I understand that new commanders need to be strong so more people will buy them, but we players don't want one unit completely trivializes the game in all situations. That's no fun at all.JaredYe28 May 28
May 28 Possible Infestor Solution There was much arguing about the infestor spawning spells. How about this. Don‘t change much about how the unit works - just make its energy pool really big - f.e. 1000(+) and the spells cost a ton of energy respective. Effect: The infestor will only slowly regenerate to his maximum of energy. In direct proportion it could be like an ultralisk healing his HP all by his own. Although purple field might fasten things up. The infestor would be very vulnerable to feedback or emp shocks. Mass infestor will only help for a push - but be defenseless right after this - in the best case for several minutes. So it won’t be the ideal strategy but more like a filler in certain niches.Crusher6 May 28
May 28 New Missions I hope I am not the only one who wants Blizzard to develop new co op missions. This game begins to feel stagnant really quickly with the exact same missions.BestJewNA11 May 28
May 28 New Dehaka I really like the new dehaka. A big change for me was the new zergling damage. Actually it makes sense now to not instantly morph them into higher tier units but keep some of them. I am not sure but are the primal igniters bigger now or did they just get lucky in gene mutation? It really helped to differentiate them from my roaches though. One question I have: Dakrun still seems the weakest of the pack and i seldom get him. Why is he the third and not the first one of the pack leaders? It would be much more logical to switch his place with Yagdra .. whose weapon is more like an ultimate than dakruns charge. Why do we even need this line? Couldn’t each den be built independently so you could go straight ultralisk? Third: Why is murvar the only pack leader which gets better with its dens upgrades? You could easily nerf the pack leaders a little bit and strongly strengthen them with their dens upgrades. For example make the burning acid of yagdra weaker and then again stronger with the igniter upgrade...Crusher13 May 28
May 28 Alarak Bugs with the new patch So I've encountered two very weird and annoying bugs with Alarak that came with the newest patch and I was wondering if this was a known bug by now or if I should report it myself. 1. In Oblivion Express he is unable to attack trains because he's stuck in a weird state between attacking and moving. I already checked replays from the previous version to make sure that it was a new thing and it is. Also it has nothing to do with Stetmann which should be obvious since currently he's not being affected by any of his zone bonuses (I still checked with a different ally just to make sure). 2. Sometimes he'll refuse to attack enemy units while being on attack move command. I don't know how to replicate this one but I've already had it a couple of times you can easily fix it by directly hitting attack over an enemy unit and he'll go back to normal. If people can corroborate this bugs it would be appreciated, the first one is easy to check just attack a train and look at Alarak doing a weird dance and not attack (if possible ask your ally to not attack it for a bit so that you can see that Alarak is indeed not attacking. More info on the second one would be great too since I really don't know what causes it or if it's even a new thing (definitely only started happening to me recently). I have a couple of replays where you can see these bugs happening but it's my first time using the forums and I don't see any obvious way of sharing a replay so if someone can tell me how to go about that (assuming it is allowed) that'd be helpful.Jolleon1 May 28
May 28 Stetmann lvl 15 change suggestion Been playing a lot of Stetmann and came to feel that the most enjoyable aspect about his game play was Gary and the way he interacts with his stetalites. Super Gary is feels fun to use, however, i feel some changes could be made to make him feel a bit more enjoyable. When you get super Gary in a game, I think he should start being affected by stetalite bonuses. It seems a shame that every other allied unit in the game can use the bonuses which is frustrating especially when trying to move your army with quickly using speed boost but still have to wait for Gary to catch up as you rarely want to engage without him. The other change, if the previous one is not added, is to change to bonuses Super Gary gets from remnants from high attack speed and regeneration temporary buffs to low permanent attack speed and regeneration buffs that stack throughout the game. To me, this adds an interesting dynamic to Super Gary and could make for some interesting builds for Stetmann. Please share your thoughts on these ideas. Please note I love this commander and would be very happy with the way he is now, these are more quality of life changes that I think would make him a little bit more interesting.ConDude0 May 28
May 28 Mutation 160 One for All Ranks/Tiers This week can be really tough if you don't know the timings and you don't avoid low tier units. Always prioritize the basic units first so that the Hybrid don't have hardened shield, this will help a lot. Here is the link to the VOD Last weeks all commanders is here Commander/Tiers 3 Stukov Super bad this week, but if you have to use him go for Bunkers with Tank support. Don't ever use the Alexander as it will just feed the units. Please don't use him. 2 Zagara Although mobility isn't too much of a problem here you are going to have a tough time at the very late game stage dealing with everything you need to as the Mutations will make it tough to finish off entire waves and then remax after. Try to be on top of waves with Banes and Scourge so that you can kill them all before the even fully get on the map. You have the AMP and the minerals Bile Launchers can make a huge difference so try to get them out on the field on at least 2 of the sides. Roach Drop to pull a bit of agro but really they will feed the enemy of dropped on a full attack wave, try to wait a bit for them. 2 H & H Good commander for this week, but controlling more than 1.5 lanes will be tough. You really need to know the timings and spawn location to work with H&H. Widow Mine are the way to go here. Use the Strike Platforms to clear the enemy bases. No need to go for Carrier Galleons as they will just take supply and feed the enemy. Call downs are great for attack waves or DPS ageist high HP targets. 2 Artanis Fine commander for this week, but mobility and pure dps might be an issue. You can get away with Robo against a ground comp, but I still like Archon and Zealot, you just have to micro either way. Shield Overcharge can do a lot here so be sure to use it when you need it. Solar Bombardment is great for Thrashers but I like it better for attack waves. Be sure to try and get the most out of each High Templar before merging them. You will need some Zealots for tanking and clearing the enemy bases. If you can you should save your minerals for Cannons at the spawning locations. 2 Karax Good commander for this week but Static defense can be tough to get everywhere if your partner doesn't help to clear. Carriers are a bad idea here as the Interceptors will just feed so a force of Gateway and Robo would be best here. If you are going for static defense and your ally clears you should try to camp the spawning locations. Spear of Adun is super important and you should try to get all the upgrades, the Stun is huge for holding units back. Try to not spam the Spear of Adun so that you don't waste it, let most of the DPS come from the static defense and the rest from you ally. Energizers are super important as well. 2 Fenix Good commander for this week, but anti-air ca be a problem. Carriers are not the best this week so try to avoid them if possible, the one nice thing about Carriers is that they are great at sniping unit once their Interceptors are out so think about having them on a separate control group. Fenix can mov around very well so try to always be out of the Arbiter Suit so you can Teleport anytime you want. If you notice that the Hybrid have Hardened Shields and you cant find the mob you can always Stasis the Hybrids to single out the mob unit. Dragoon Suit for soloing attack waves. 2 Raynor Good commander for this week, but you really need a ground comp to clear most all attack waves. Try to clear asap so that you can start to work on camping the spawn locations. Vultures are you bread and butter this week try to keep them alive. If you don't make enough Spider Mines you can lay more on top of the enemy so long as you have your Bio tanking the damage, not recommend though. Hyperion is great for clearing but keep in mind that once it goes away the PDDs that it created will just Transmute a enemy unit, so try to use them sparingly. Try to know the timings and be ready for them.Hunter1 May 28
May 27 Carrying Stetmans this week has been rough Y'all are heavy. No wonder half of them leave in the first minute. But when people have left I've tried to play him and is there an option to just use larva to attack instead of zerglings? I swear they'd live longer and do more damage.Torimar16 May 27
May 27 I think it needs new map I thank develop team for making and releasing new commander However, the latest map(cradle of death) has been around for nearly a year. As you know, two years ago, there are RTC 2017 maps that the first and second place maps were released in top 10 I think the remaining 8 of 10 maps are goodNewYorkYanks2 May 27
May 27 when are they going to remove them i am talking about the 2 impossible maps part and parcel and the other one which i do not remember the name of. if they do not remove them from the game, they should at least remove them from the random map pool.andreasasp31 May 27
May 27 Stetmann calc spreadsheet (DPS, costs, etc) I've made some progress on the Stetmann sheet so I thought I'd share what I've got so far. There's still quite a lot to be done, but it might help some of you. Rather than create it separately I've added it as a sheet on my Zeratul calcs. Contributions and help most welcome. May 27
May 27 Please use user contests to make future maps Hi there, From what I've seen, the coop community is loving the commanders, but most people are hoping for more maps. I know resources and dev time are limited, so I was hoping to suggest that the devs run user contests and, at dev discretion, base new missions based on the winning entries. This has already been done before, if I recall with two missions, with Cradle of Death being one. This would both save resources for Bliz and get the coop community involved in future content for the game. This would increase user enthusiasm and give coop a special place in Bliz where users help with the direction of the game. If the contests were run for long enough and yielded enough maps, the replay value for coop would be nearly infinite. If you have 100 well-made missions and are bored, you just select Random and you're no longer bored. Things could not really be repetitive with that many missions. Thank you for reading my suggestion.Serenicus9 May 27
May 27 Devolution Retribution, Evolution!! ... I'm liking and NOT liking some of the changes from our last patch. Amongst the many changes that I'm a fan of is this one. IIRC, this means it's possible to earn this in a 35 to 45 minute game, rather than it dragging on to 1.5 hours. Some folks will decry that this will devalue the hard work that those before them have put in, but I'll counter with: 1) This is progress. You're not going to complain too about future players reaping benefits from buffs and balance changes in their favor are you? 2) Achievements are date stamped. If you really want to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff (Kerrigan quote too to boot!), if your Devolution Retribution achievement has a date of May 21st, 2019 or before, then as the Protoss would say... "your glory is eternal".ackmondual9 May 27