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2d Co-op Mission Update - Alarak Revamp Greetings! Our final Commander for this round of reworks is Alarak, Highlord of the Tal’darim. We commonly see Alarak being played with two drastically different playstyles: Ascendant-based strategies, and Mechanical unit-based strategies. Ascendant-based strategies are currently seen as very strong but require a high level of execution. Meanwhile, Mechanical-based strategies are relatively straightforward but fall behind Ascendants in terms of effectiveness. Our primary focus with this revamp is to improve Alarak’s mechanical army and reduce the gap between the two playstyles. Empower Me Alarak's Empower Me will now scale twice as much for Alarak's Mechanical units. Each supply of Alarak’s Mechanical units will improve his attack and ability damage by 10%, up from 5%. Alarak’s fantasy is that he is the leader of the Tal’darim, a war-like society that places much value on its tradition of ascendency. Alarak sits at the top of this societal ladder and other units in his army exist only to serve him. Gameplay-wise, we feel Supplicants and Ascendants support this idea well as they both have abilities that directly and specifically buff Alarak. However, we feel we can push this fantasy even further with his other units, which all happen to be Mechanical. We considered many options for how we could achieve this and ended up improving the way in which Empower Me scales with Mechanical units. Of all the options we considered, we felt that this was the most elegant as Empower Me is an existing ability that already scales up with the supply cost of units affected. Alarak's Empower Me will now reset the cooldowns of Deadly Charge and Destruction Wave. We want players to feel immediately powerful after Empower Me and thus are making this change so Empower Me, Deadly Charge, and Destruction Wave will always be able to be used in quick succession. Slayer Slayer damage changed from 10 (14 vs armored) to 13 (18 vs armored). Ground weapon upgrades now provide Slayers with +1 (+2 vs armored) damage, up from +1 damage. The Slayer's Blink ability replaced with the Phase Blink ability, which will retain all functionality of Blink. In addition, after casting Phase Blink, the Slayer will deal double the damage with its next attack. As with Vorazun’s Stalker, we’ll be increasing both the base damage and how it scales with upgrades. In addition, we’d like to push the offense-oriented Tal’darim fantasy even more and thus will be improving Blink so that Slayers will deal more damage after being cast. Vanguard Vanguard area of effect radius increased from 0.6 to 1.2. The Vanguard has a very complicated weapon, so we looked into many different options for how we could adjust and improve it. We eventually came up with a larger area of effect radius, which should make it harder for the Vanguard to completely miss a moving target and reinforces the unit’s area-of-effect role. Wrathwalker Ground weapon upgrades now provide Wrathwalkers with +10 (+18 vs Structure) damage, up from +10 damage. Wrathwalkers are in a pretty good place right now, so we’d just like to slightly improve how well they scale with upgrades. War Prism War Prisms in Phasing Mode are now valid targets for Structure Overcharge. Switching modes will allow the Prism to retain the barrier portion of the ability, but disable the damage portion until the Prism is switched back to Phasing mode. War Prism power radius increased from 4.75 to 6.5. War Prism movement speed increased from 2.5 to 3.38. War Prism transformation time decreased from 1 to 0.75. War Prisms can now transform without coming to a full stop. We want War Prisms to feel like mobile Pylons, so we wanted to remove some of their differences. Perhaps most importantly, Pylons can be targets for Structure Overcharge while War Prisms cannot, so we’ll be amending this! We’ll also be increasing the power radius of the War Prism so that it matches that of the Pylon. Finally, we’ll be making some improvements to the responsiveness of the War Prism. Upgrades Ground Weapon upgrades renamed to Protoss Weapon upgrades. Ground Armor upgrades renamed to Protoss Armor upgrades. War Prisms, Motherships, and Destroyers will no longer start with 3 Air and 3 Ground upgrades, but instead will benefit from Alarak's upgrades from his Forge. These changes are aimed at making Alarak’s upgrades work more consistently with those of other Commanders. Masteries Shield Overcharge attack speed increased by 95%. Shield Overcharge Barrier absorption increased from 200 to 400. Shield Overcharge Shield and Attack Speed Mastery bonus decreased from 7% per point to 2% per point. Maximum bonuses decreased from 210% to 60%. Because of how powerful it is, the Shield Overcharge Mastery felt like a must-pick. We’ll be transferring much of its power to the base ability in order to make the choice of Mastery more competitive. Empower Me Duration Mastery increased from +0.5 seconds per point to +1 second per point. Maximum bonuses increased from 15 seconds to 30 seconds. Death Fleet Cooldown Mastery increased from -2 seconds per point to -4 seconds per point. Maximum bonuses increased from -60 to -120 seconds. Thanks to player feedback, we noticed that these Masteries feel a bit weak. We’ll be doubling the effectiveness of both! Artanis In the past two weeks, we’ve talked a lot about Stalker variants, but there’s one more we haven’t talked about yet—the Dragoon. We’ve noticed a lot of discussion surrounding the Dragoon recently, so we think it’s time to revisit this topic. As we previously addressed, we think it’s important that Dragoons retain much of their identity from StarCraft I, but at the same time, we agree that the Dragoon could use an additional power bump. Thus, we’ll be looking for ways to buff the Dragoon while at the same time respecting the unit’s origins. Dragoon movement speed increased from 2.25 to 2.95. Dragoon weapon speed changed from 2 to 1.764. First, we’ll be improving both the Dragoon’s movement speed and weapon speed to more closely match its StarCraft I stats. During testing, we found that this increased movement speed, in combination with its 8 maximum range, was especially helpful for kiting enemy units. The weapon speed change will also allow players to kite at a similar cadence to what they might remember from StarCraft I. Dragoon damage increased from 14 (28 vs armored) to 15 (30 vs armored). Dragoons now receive +2 (+3 vs armored), up from +1 (+3 vs armored). This slight damage bump is intended to help Dragoons scale better with upgrades. Combined with the attack speed buff, it should represent a significant increase in damage. Dragoon base HP increased from 80 to 100. Dragoons will now come out of the box with more HP, matching its Brood War stats! The Dragoon's Trillic Compression Mesh upgrade renamed to Trillic Compression Systems. It now increases the Dragoon's HP by 20, down from 40. In addition, it will allow Dragoons to regenerate shields in combat and doubles their shield regeneration rate (from 2 per second to 4 per second). Finally, we wanted to make the Trillic Compression Mesh upgrade to be more interesting, so we’ll be adding some passive shield regeneration to the upgrade. Combined with some micro, this will allow Dragoon-centric strategies to have some more sustainability. While playtesting this new Dragoon, my personal favorite moment was when I was able to force enemy Siege Tanks to continuously siege and unsiege, taking advantage of their slow siege animation to pick them off one-by-one—very reminiscent of Brood War! We recognize these are major changes to the Dragoon and we do have some concerns about their role overlapping too much with both Immortals and Tempests, so we’ll be closely monitoring this situation. Going Forward Before we go, I want to loop back a bit to both Alarak and to these commander revamps as a whole. We’re always reading feedback and suggestions— and we’re always looking out for ways to improve the gameplay experience for our players. While we won’t necessarily be able to address all the feedback we get regarding the Commander revamps, there are certainly opportunities in the future to revisit commanders or individual units we’ve already addressed. That said, I’m excited to hear what you have to say about these proposed changes and look forward to talking to you again soon. Kevin Dong Lead Co-op Designermonk240 2d
Sep 29 Co-op Mission Update - Vorazun Revamp We’re back—and just in time to talk Vorazun, Matriarch of the Nerazim, specialist of crowd control and cloaked units! Vorazun’s Corsairs and Dark Templar are extremely powerful cloaked units, and we feel that their power ends up pushing players to neglect some of the other strategic options she has in her kit. Let’s see what we can do in this department. Strike from the Shadows Strike from the Shadows now provides cloaked units with 25% additional energy regeneration in addition to its current functionality. We wanted to provide a small buff to Vorazun’s caster units (Oracle, Dark Archon) and, at the same time, reinforce Vorazun’s stealth theme. This ability will also work with allied units, so it will be even important to carefully place Dark Pylons to support allied casters such as Ascendants and High Templar. Centurion Dark Coil now grants Centurions an additional 100 shields for 10 seconds in addition to its current functionality. The Centurion is a difficult unit to adjust because it fills many of the same roles as the Dark Templar— it’s a melee ground unit that only hits ground enemies. We therefore believe that if the Centurion were to ever have a proper niche, we would have to differentiate it more from the Dark Templar. As a result of this conclusion, we decided to lean the Centurion towards a more crowd control, tank role to help distinguish them from the Dark Templar’s more fragile, high-DPS role. We imagine this cheap mineral-only unit would be best used as a tank in combination with Vorazun’s more gas-intensive units such as Dark Archons. Dark Coil range check increased from 0.1 to 1. This change will allow Centurions to cast Dark Coil more often in a large group of enemies. Stalker Stalker damage increased from 10(14 vs armored) to 13(18 vs armored). Ground weapon upgrades now provide Stalkers with +1(+2 vs armored) damage, up from +1 damage. Phase Reactor now restores 80 Shields over the duration of its effect, up from 40. Phase Reactor now cloaks Stalkers for 5 seconds in addition to its current functionality. Stalkers are another unit that we’d like to improve both offensively (with a damage increase) and defensively (with a Phase Reactor shield restoration buff). Stalkers will also now cloak for 5 seconds after Blink, which in addition to defensively hiding the Stalker from enemies, has offensive synergy with Strike from the Shadows. In addition, we’ll be increasing the damage of Amon’s Stalkers from 10(14 vs armored) to 13(18 vs armored), as we felt they were slightly underwhelming as well. Dark Archon Dark Archon Mind Control cast range increased from 7 to 9. Dark Archons were bumping into each other a bit too much previously when trying to take over their often high-range enemies. This change makes the cast range of Mind Control as long as it is for Confusion. Oracle The Stealth Drive upgrade now permanently cloaks Oracles in addition to its current functionality. Pulsar Beam energy activation cost decreased from 25 to 0. Oracles now benefit from air weapon upgrades, +2(+3 vs Light) per upgrade. Oracles were being targeted by Amon a lot because they were often the only uncloaked unit among an otherwise purely Corsair/Dark Templar army. After these changes, you will have the option to permanently cloak all your Oracles, opening them up to buffs from both Veil of Shadows (400% shield regeneration) and Strike from the Shadows(+15% attack damage, +25% energy regeneration). We’d also like to push Oracles a bit more in the direction of combat units, so we’ll be removing a few barriers to entry in that department by removing Pulsar Beam energy activation cost and allowing them to benefit from weapon upgrades. In addition, we’ve anticipated the following related requests, so here they are: Raynor’s Banshee Cloak energy activation cost decreased from 25 to 0. Swann’s Wraith Cloak energy activation cost decreased from 25 to 0. Stukov’s Infested Banshee Cloak energy activation cost decreased from 25 to 0. Han & Horner Asteria Wraith Cloak energy activation cost decreased from 25 to 0. Void Ray Prismatic Alignment maximum bonus vs armored increased from +4 to +6. We wanted to give a slight boost to Void Rays to reinforce their anti-armored role. Mastery Shadow Guard Duration Mastery increased from 0.5 seconds per point to 2 seconds per point. Maximum duration increased from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. The numbers on this Mastery are a bit underwhelming, so we’d like to bring them up to a point where they’d be more competitive with the Time Stop Unit Speed Increase Mastery. This new Mastery will also help shore up Vorazun’s relatively long ramp-up time. Going Forward These are all our planned changes for Vorazun. We hope you have fun with our upcoming weekly mutations, and make sure to tune in next week as we go over upcoming changes for Alarak, highlord of the Tal’darim! Kevin Dong Lead Co-op Designermonk139 Sep 29
Sep 8 Co-op Mission Update – July 24, 2018 Hello again! Since the last community update, we released updated versions of Nova, Kerrigan, and Zagara. We hope you've enjoyed tinkering around with them and all their new toys—including the monster Mutalisks that were live for a few weeks! That said, we're finally ready to announce our next three commander reworks: Abathur, Vorazun, and Alarak. Abathur Abathur has some powerful unit choices and some VERY powerful Ultimate Evolutions, especially when augmented by Masteries. Our current thinking is that perhaps these Ultimate Evolutions can be too strong, to the point that other units are often not needed to complete missions. We'd also like to more incentivize players to opt for more Roach- and Ravager-heavy compositions, depending on the situation. Finally, we're also going to take a close, hard look at Abathur's Masteries. Vorazun In our view, Vorazun has one primary issue: the combination of Dark Templar and Corsairs overshadows many of Vorazun's other options in terms of both power and ease of use. We'll be looking to improve these other options so they'll be more comparable to Dark Templar on the ground or Corsairs in the sky. Alarak Alarak shares a similar issue to Vorazun in that Ascendant-based builds are viewed to be his strongest options. And as with Vorazun, we think there's certainly room for improvements to what is perceived to be Alarak's less powerful units, especially Slayers and Vanguards. Going Forward Let us know what you think about the general direction of our changes. We’re eager to hear your ideas about how we can rework these commanders. Stay tuned for further updates in the near future! Kevin Dong Lead Co-op Designermonk159 Sep 8
Aug 31 Co-op Mission Update - Abathur Revamp It’s time for the first commander revamp post this round, this time featuring the master of evolution, Abathur! As always, among our primary goals with this revamp are to promote use of underused units and create more interesting decisions when selecting Masteries. In Abathur’s case, we’re also taking a close look at both the Biomass mechanic and the power of Ultimate Evolution Symbiotes. Now, onto the details. Biomass Biomass pickups will now merge together when less than 4 distance apart, up from 1.9. We considered many options to improve the quality of life associated with picking up Biomass. After this change, players will hopefully be able to spend less time picking up Biomass and more actually utilizing their high-Biomass units. Biomass now drops at a base rate of 5 per supply, up from 4 per supply on casual and normal difficulty. Biomass now drops at a base rate of 4 per supply, up from 3 per supply on hard difficulty. Biomass now drops at a base rate of 2.5 per supply, up from 2 per supply on brutal difficulty. Abathur’s Level 3 Talent, Virulent Nests, now allows Toxic Nests to drop 50% additional Biomass, down from 100%. This set of changes is aimed at mitigating Abathur’s potential overreliance on Toxic Nests to ramp up his power. One consistent piece of feedback we’ve received is that, in order to gain Biomass, you must be able to predict enemy attack patterns, which can be difficult for newer players. In addition, players often complain about allies killing enemies before they can trigger Nests—possibly because they’re not familiar with how the mechanic works. Finally, we think that Toxic Nests in their current form give players who are able to place them perfectly too much of an early power spike in their ramp-up process, given that these players are often able to complete missions with Ultimate Evolutions alone. After these changes, most players in most games will receive more Biomass than before. Meanwhile, the difference between killing units with or without the use of Toxic Nests will be less exaggerated. Roach Tunneling Claws cost decreased from 150/150 to 100/100. Adaptive Plating research cost decreased from 150/150 to 100/100. Hydriodic Bile research cost decreased from 150/150 to 100/100. Adaptive Plating bonus armor increased from 3 to 6. Roaches are Abathur’s cheap front-line forces, and one of their defining characteristics is that they cost no gas! Unfortunately, their upgrades are a bit expensive and lackluster, so we’re making a few minor tweaks in this department. Roaches now gain armor per point of Biomass, up to a maximum of 5 additional armor with 100 Biomass. We didn’t want players to feel like picking up Biomass with their Roaches is a waste. This buff gives players more of an incentive to ration Biomass to their Roaches and reinforces their defensive role. Ravager Biomass picked up by Ravagers will now decrease the cooldown of Corrosive Bile, up to a maximum of 50% at 100 Biomass. Ravager Corrosive Bile range increased from 9 to 12. Likewise, we wanted players to feel more rewarded for picking up Biomass with Ravagers, so we’re allowing the cooldown of Corrosive Bile to scale with Biomass pickups, similar to how Abathur’s Swarm Hosts currently scale with their Locust ability. We’ll also be increasing the casting range of Corrosive Bile, because Ravagers in Co-op tend to trip over each other quite often. Masteries Symbiote Ability Cooldown Mastery replaced with Symbiote Ability Improvement Mastery. This new Mastery increases the damage dealt and absorbed of Abathur's Symbiote ability by 3.33% per point, up to a maximum of 100%. Double Biomass Chance Mastery increased from 0.5% per point to 1% per point. Maximum chance increased from 15% to 30%. Abathur is designed to be the Evolution Master—he’s meant to grow in power as a match goes on. True to his name, he does indeed have one of the most powerful late-game armies among all Commanders. That said, with full points in the Symbiote Ability Cooldown Mastery, he can also potentially have one of the most powerful early-game armies, and this is something we’ve always seen as an issue. This newly-designed Mastery will improve Abathur’s Symbiotes by approximately 100%, versus the previous Mastery’s approximately 150%. In addition, the new Mastery will scale more linearly (the previous Mastery scaled exponentially), which could lead to situations where you might not want to go all-in on it. Meanwhile, the Double Biomass Chance Mastery was looking a bit weak, so we’re increasing the numbers there a bit. Abathur's Toxic Nest Damage and Respawn Chance Mastery changed to Toxic Nest Damage Mastery. It now no longer provides Toxic Nests with a chance to respawn. Abathur's Level 3 Talent, Virulent Nests, now provides Toxic Nests with a 50% chance to respawn when they die, in addition to its current functionality. The original Toxic Nest Damage and Respawn Chance Mastery was so good that players essentially didn’t a choice but to pick it. As a solution, we took the element that made it feel like a “must pick” and moved it into the base talent. Hopefully, the resulting Mastery will now be on a similar power level to the new Mend Mastery. Mend Heal Over Time changed from 50 health over 15 seconds to 50 health over 10 seconds. Mend Healing Mastery replaced with Mend Healing Duration Mastery. Mend Healing Duration Mastery increases the Heal Over Time duration of Mend by 10% per point, up to a maximum of 300%. This new Mastery will allow Abathur and his allies’ forces to stay in combat for an extended duration and improves it in a way that allows for units with lower HP to benefit. It also encourages planning, as spamming Mend with the Mastery won’t net you as much of a benefit. Weekly Mutations Finally, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be introducing new weekly mutation combinations in an upcoming update—many of which will feature our most recent maps, including Cradle of Death, Part & Parcel, Malwarfare, and Scythe of Amon. We’d like to take some time to preview our first new Weekly Mutation: Bannable Offense. Bannable Offense has you fighting on Malwarfare, an ancient Purifier facility where preserved Protoss personalities come to life. However, the personality of a Tal’Darim warrior has awakened, and this time, he’ll assault you with the unholy power of cheating. This Tal’Darim will attempt to glitch out his units using Evasive Maneuvers and enter the infamous “Power Overwhelming” cheat code from StarCraft I. Fortunately for you, Power Overwhelming doesn’t have the same potency it did in the original StarCraft, but you’ll still have to deal with evasive enemies that can cast random abilities. Of course, cheating is a bannable offense. Kevin Dong Lead Co-op Designermonk193 Aug 31
Aug 2 Co-op Missions Update Archive In this post you will find all archived Co-op Mission Updates. Co-op Mission Update - Abathur Revamp - 8/2/18 Co-op Mission Update - 7/24/18 Co-op Mission Update - Zagara Revamp - 6/12/18 Co-op Mission Update - Kerrigan Revamp - 5/31/18 Co-op Mission Update - Nova Revamp - 5/23/18 Co-op Mission Update - 5/17/18 Co-op Mission Update - Swann Revamp - 4/12/18 Co-op Mission Update - Raynor Revamp - 4/5/18 Co-op Mission Update - Artanis Revamp - 3/29/18 Co-op Mission Update - 3/15/18 Co-op Mission Update - 2/15/18 Co-op Mission Update - Karax Revamp - 2/8/18 Co-op Mission Update - Fenix Revamp - 2/2/18 Co-op Mission Update - Han & Horner Revamp - 1/26/18 Co-op Mission Update - 1/17/18monk0 Aug 2
4m How to Raynor BC? I do all the tricks i can in hard mode but whenever the BCs come to play it’s already GG WP. Can’t seem to get them up fast enough to use. I always think may be bio first then BC but i never got them in time. Is there any good strategy to use BC early?NickHousen10 4m
26m Wheel of Misfortune I absolutely love Wheel of Misfortune. If you can't handle it, don't play it, or play casual. Yes it's true some mutation combos are unfair and force you to start over. So what? 99% of weekly mutations are stupidly easy and boring as hell, all regular brutal missions can be solod. This is literally the only time I get to have some fun without spending hours and hours begging someone to party with me to play a custom mutation only to have them leave after 1 game because they're bad. Play Chaos studios enough times and you get some very good and fun games, I have like a 90% win ratio if you don't count my newbie allies who don't know how to play brutal missions. Anyways thought I'd speak up and say something after seeing so many people whine and cry about how it's just rng and doesn't take skill etc, eventually you get some mutations in the middle that are not stupidly easy or impossible and gives you a good challenge, and takes skill. So to Blizzard, there is at least 1 person who appreciates this weekly mutation.DieTrying4 26m
3h Co-Op Mutation #128: Wheel of Misfortune ... Ugh.CtG32 3h
3h Propagators are stupid overpowered Was playing wheel of misfortune, got propagators w/ barrier. Fun. They 1shot my immortals, cannons, everything. They ate my nexus, and all probes within 2-3seconds while I was fighting a artifact and then both our bases were gone by the time we could respond. Why are these here?/ I wasted 15mins just to get those and we auto-lost. Not risking wasting another 15+25 minutes to get that frigging stupid mutation. What is wrong with blizzard?MystiKasT13 3h
3h Tychus attack speed I have the attack speed mastery so his attack speed is 0.18. However, when I put him inside rattlesnake's rivitalizer(after upgrade), his attack speed is still 0.18. All other outlaws' attack speed was buffed though.AsUsual2 3h
3h Stop giving us Wheel of Misfortune! We just had one 10 weeks ago. You still have unused mutations in the editor. Wheel of Misfortune is a literal RNG fest. You pray you get a good set or you reroll. STOP. GIVING. US. WHEEL. OF. MISFORTUNE. You must realize by now that basically nobody enjoys it.Yuriprime32 3h
4h Mutation 128 Wheel of ^&*% Ranks/Tiers So this week is all about RNG and it looks like Blizzard didn't optimize most of the mutators for this map. Nukes will hit all over the main and expo (just not your Town Halls), Blizzards will go through your Expo, Void Rifts will spawn in your Expo, Twisters will not throw the Trucks making them take crazy damage. I've seen some crazy games where everything was going well then it all went bad fast. Think about just rerolling if you get a bad mutator set. Keep in mind which mutators you have and what size army you have as some mutators effect smaller armies more (Diffusion, Laser Drill, etc.) and some will effect larger armies more (AOE mutators). I haven't beaten it with all commanders as of this time and not sure if this mutation deserves all my time gg Blizzard, so if you want to talk about the hell you went through here as well. Thanks for reading. Here is the link to the VOD Last weeks all commnders is here Commander/Tiers 3 H & H You can defend well but push okay but not the best this week. Strike Fighters are good for clearing any ground forces holding an encampment but not mush else, takes too many Fighter to kill a Construct. Call downs are great to use to clear as well you can always use the Strike Fighters for vision. I like Reapers for offense and Widow Mines for Defense. 2 Fenix Hard to finish when things get bad but if you et your full army you can steam roll. I like Robo Stargate Gateway in that order. Adepts are great to add as they can hit both air and ground and the Shade does a lot of damage. Carriers are also great here but take a while to build. Switch suits often to get more energy. 2 Artanis Okay commander this week not the best but as Guardian Shell and Shield Overcharge to help deal with damage. I like Archons and Zealots to deal with everything. You will need Detection so be sure to get a Robo. Make sure to at least get attack upgrades for ground units and to get Zealot and Archons specialty upgrades. Solar is great for a single Construct or an attack wave. 2 Alarak Can be great once you get your army going but a lot of mutators will hurt him. I like to keep my Ascendants at home until they are at least a couple Ticks for powerful. Mothership is great here to help with a push and to get you out of a place with Teleport. Polarity is bad for him as a lot of if health comes from killing enemies. 2 Nova Nova can do well here but its all RNG, unfortunately mutators can do a lot to hurt her. Her units are so important that you really don't want to lose any of them, so be careful and try to always be aware of mutators. Griffin Air Strike is great to use before attacking so that you can clear as much as possible before moving in. If you see Black Death try to use call downs more often and solo it for a bit, same goes for any other hard mutators.Hunter4 4h
4h COOP VETO MISSIONS OPTION Hey, Now that we've seen Blizzard add the Random Commander Option, it'd be cool if they added a Veto Mission Option to the menu as well. With so many missions available now, there always seems to be one or two that people would rather not play. Having an option to veto certain missions would be pretty cool... and the technology to make such a button luckily already exists! So all Blizzard would have to do is mirror that feature into COOP. If this could be done, I'm sure a lot of us COOP players would appreciate it. Thanks!billynasty12 4h
5h Cradle of Death feedback So now that Cradle of Death has been out for a while, do you guys feel like there are some simple changes that could improve it a lot? When I first learned that Blizzard would be adapting my mission, Cradle of Death, I had ambitions of writing a deep analysis of their take, but I don't really have time to do that. Still, I thought it would be fun to briefly write about it. When the post first went up and I saw my beautiful forest replaced with a bleak gray station and these strange constructs that had to be disabled, I was worried it wouldn't even be recognizably inspired by my version. As soon as loaded into the map, my worries dissipated. It was immediately obvious how close Blizzard had stuck to the original map layout: (Although they did make some common-sense improvements, opening up a few areas.) This surprised me since I considered the layout the weakest aspect of Cradle of Death. Of course, the design has significant changes. When I designed Cradle of Death, I thought back of feedback I wrote on the Co-op game mode back in 2016: Thinking back to my criticisms of the mode at the time and how I would address them purely through may design, I decided to focus on Player Agency, Variety, and Rewarding Player Creativity, Skill, and Exploration: For the most part, they stripped all of the elements that supported these goals, such as removing the variety of hybrids and payload upgrades while putting in the construct system that really limits pretty much all of those aspects. However, it did capture the feeling and spirit of the original mission. They doubled down on the player-controlled payloads rather than simplifying them as I feared. They also kept the chaotic pacing and constant counter-attacks. While simplified and cleaned up, it still definitively inspired by my version and it is, in my opinion, a very fun and unique mission. Let’s take a closer look at their design decisions, the good, the bad, and now I think it can be improved. The Good The construct system is both the good and the bad of Blizzard’s implementation. A trouble I had with Cradle of Death is that players had trouble keeping track of their payloads. The construct system serves as a series of way-points for your payloads which help you keep track of them. By requiring the payload to disarm constructs, players are organically reminded to keep moving their payload forward. If players lose track of their payload, they can just check the location of the last construct they fought and it’ll probably be there. In my version I gave players the option to leave their payload at home and pre-clear areas. (You still had to protect payloads from attacks triggered by the payload’s forward progress) However, if you considered the ability to leave the payload at home a problem, Blizzard’s solution is elegant. The construct system in combination with eliminating the loss condition for losing too many payloads made babysitting payloads less stressful and frustrating for lower level players. They also improved the layout and enemy attack waves. Opening up the bottom of the base so players can return home to defend attacks easily combined with eliminating enemy attacks to your expansion allowed them to keep frequent base assaults without making the mission too difficult for lower level players. Overall, I think that sums up what Blizzard did well: they cut the fat and made the mission easier to follow for lower level players.TheSkunk78 5h
6h What do you want new announcer? I personally 1. McCree 2. Pharah 3. Soldier76 4. Ana 5. Junkrat 6. Reaper 7. Reinhardt 8. Mercy 9. TracerNewYorkYanks33 6h
8h Make brutal harder Brutal should be harder or make a higher difficulty. I understand that their are mutations but that is something completely different. No one usually wants to do custom mutations being the player base so low. So in order to increase the difficulty for myself I would have to play a commander that has 0% chance to win with the current mutation which completely defeats the point. On that note I've beaten every mutation to come with every commander. If you could possibily add a higher difficulty than brutal that would be great. Call it Insane and make the first wave of units come at the 1 min mark or something crazy like that. Make it winnable, but make it challenging. Current brutal difficulty is far to easy and to tell me to play without any points in masteries kinda defeats the point of asking for a higher difficulty. I can do that easily as well at the current difficulty settings.ZergIsOp40 8h
8h Co-Op Tychus, Nux attack sound Not sure if this is intended but whenever Nux attacks, there is a high pitched "EEEEE" sound that plays after he finishes firing his regular attack. As i have tinnitus, the sound that plays is almost exactly what i hear on top of my already constant ear ringing. This is even more irritating to me hearing double the ringing... Sure you can say lower the volume or don't pick Nux but is there a way that Blizz can remove the "EEEE" effect from his regular attack?DrPepper9 8h
10h please remove loss punishment when i choose random i usually get cradle of death or part and parcel eventually. nobody have won those. as a result i get my experience frozen. they made the system worse after a while. initially, it was experience freeze for 2 losses but then they changed it to 1 loss. why not at least change it back to 2 losses but instead make it last for 2 days.andreasasp32 10h
12h Ascension level 1000 What is the best method to get it if you want to do it quickly?. Play on fast brutal missions?.MyOhMind27 12h
12h suggestion for ascension levels i got an idea that can make the game more fun to play further. each commander could get access to new units. either through a tech select screen or a fixed solution. for example: alarak could get the ability to create destroyers, zagara could get the ability to create roaches. artanis on the other hand, could get carriers. it would not involve creating new units as the units is already there, so is the buildings. another option is to add a new loadout system where each commander can access a new loadout that needs to be played from level 1 to 15. kerrigan for example would get more maximum energy with her human loadout(like in the campaign), along with terran units and different abilities. for new players of course, they can choose an initial loadout to play until ascension, for example kerrigan human, kerrigan zerg and kerrigan Xel'naga. please suggest loadouts for the other commanders and please support this topic.andreasasp8 12h
12h Interesting type of players on brutal I have played coop since the beginning and personally i noticed a huge downfall in the quality of allies. Maybe i improved after playing over thousands games since then but i did notice that the majority of my games i have to help my ally "a lot" in order for him to survive the first 2 , 3 waves and the end of game. On specific maps , it is kinda annoying like Cradle of Death , where it's hard to solo main objective and do both bonus objective solo. But that isn't the topic , i started like every second or third mission to play like my ally , most of the time watching my base or enjoying the view of some plants , yes some of them do that for some reason , in other words let my ally push the objective or very defensive style of play. I would say over 50% of those ally either get their army wrecked in few seconds or they are pinning the objective. So here is my question to others , are you also lucky to get such entertaining games as me? because i'm enjoying these games quite a lot , especially when my ally is mad when we lose and blame me for everything.albedo26 12h
14h Wheel of Misfortune Fix (Bug?) Notice how in other mutations random nukes doesn't hit your mineral lines? Notice how in other mutations blizzard doesn't hit your mineral lines? Notice how in other mutations Void Rifts don't spawn inside the last enemy base right from the start? (south base for this weeks mutation, 4 shards/thrashers base and last stop for Aurana and etc for others) Well, too bad, in Wheel of Misfortune they stop bothering to discriminate. They might not nuke your main, but your nat is fair game. And a few void rifts spawning behind fortification at the start of the game basically kills you slowly but certainly, unless you have calldowns that don't require vision (or a scan). I say, it's too much. I enjoy challenges, yes, but not a coin flip game where some mutators are further buffed because someone decided map specific modification is a no go. I don't know if it's intended as the mutation is thematically all about luck, but it I think this goes a bit further than comfortable gameplay-wise. LET THE MUTATORS DISCRIMINATE SPAWN LOCATIONS PLOX!!! btw mineral shields for some reason cover more mineral patches than normal too, but at least that's easily solvable on the player's part.DroneRush2 14h
14h fenix should have fire collosus the fenix collosus has the fire colossus look in campaignChadThunderc9 14h
15h so uh.. what to do after master 90? please don't tell me all there is left to go for is "higher levels" that does absolutely squat?MikeHunt30 15h
17h Fun Coop Things As per topic...what have you found some of the interesting things to do on coop? Like someone else suggesting using Kerrigan + omega worms only. May not be the most efficient but definitely sounds crazy fun. Here are few of mine: -Full on defense in night of the dead -Swann in miner evacuation -Spawn killing trains on train robbery -H&H bombing only on night of the dead Just few that I can think off right now.Fury3 17h
23h Co-op Commander Draft: Selendis Hi. I know, I know. Another Selendis suggestion thread, we've seen those before. Hell, I've seen those before. However, as I've been playing through the individual Co-op commanders, especially the ones that have come out lately, I've noticed a trend of gradually departing from the classic core mechanics of a race and wandering into the undorthodox. This is where my suggestion comes in, as it's been one I've been mulling over in my head for a while, but the design always seemed a little too radical. I always tried to bring it down to the ground a little to line up with the classic Protoss mechanics, but seeing what the devs have been doing recently with commanders like Tychus, maybe it's not so outlandish anymore. To preface, this is just a draft. There are still some holes to plug (calldown lineup, levelling, upgrades, hero unit mechanics) but the general concept is where I'm looking for feedback here. So here goes... ======Selendis, Commander of the Golden Armada======= The basic design stems from the Safe Haven mission from WoL, specifically Selendis' Purifier Mothership. Now, traditional designs would suggest making the Mothership Selendis' hero unit, similar to Kerrigan or Dehaka and otherwise making her play like classic Protoss. However, I find that, in general, all the Protoss commanders already play mostly like default Protoss in terms of base building and tech, with only the units and calldowns being different. Other races, on the other hand, go all over the place with their base construction and design. Tychus, Stukov and H&H being probably the most radical. To make Selendis feel different and really hammer home the idea of the Mothership being the centre of your playstyle, the Mothership would BE Selendis' base. Like H&H build their Assault Galleons to serve as mobile battle bases and Barracks/Factories, Selendis would have her Mothership to serve as her entire base. It would train workers, it would train ground and air forces, it would unlock the tech tree, it would research upgrades. It would be your all-in-one base. Your hero unit and your loss state (should you lose it). And it would fight...sort of.Marcus30 23h
1d 2 Mutations a week? What are your thoughts on having two mutations active at a time, both of which get refreshed at the end of the week?Redinferno2 1d
1d More than 2 players co-op? Co-op mode is great, why stop at 2 players? Why not 3 4 ... even 8 players? More players, bigger scale, I think it will be fun!SirRommel9 1d
1d suggestion for new co-op mission my suggestion is this: amon`s forces is threating to conquer aiur unless they are stopped. bonus objective is to destroy amon`s supply trains.andreasasp17 1d
1d Mutation 127 Battle Hardened The Hybrids on Slayn are channeling the terrazine mists through their massive armies, protecting themselves and allowing them to empower their forces. They have also unleashed the latest round of missile bombardments upon the commander's bases. Shore up your defenses to have a chance of supporting the first Ascendant. Map: Chain of Ascension Missile Command - Endless missile bombardments target your structures and must be shot down throughout the mission. Inspiration - Enemy Heroic units increase the attack speed and armor of all enemies within a small range. Hardened Will - Enemy Heroic units reduce all incoming damage to a maximum of 10 when any non-heroic enemy unit is near them. Reddit post: Will post later. Video Replays on Brutal difficulty: CtG(Han and Horner's view) - Yuriprime(Vorazun's view) CtG(Alarak's view) - Yuriprime(Karax's view) [CtG(Raynor) - Mazso(Fenix)] CtG(Abathur's view) - Hunter(Dehaka's view) [CtG(Kerrigan) - LordMelchett(Artanis)] [CtG(Swann) - LordMelchett(Zagara)] Other Notes: Missiles spawn at the very start, from the edges of the map. They slowly fly to the players' bases. Missiles deal 100 damage at first. However, the size increases, and eventually they launch nuke missiles toward players' bases. Those ones come with a warning sound. We can shoot down the missiles [10 HP], but sometimes they launch Point Defense Drones, so we need to shoot those down first. Also, we cannot stop them from spawning. Hardened Will is basically the hardened shields from the Wings of Liberty version of the Immortal. If your normal attack does 50 damage, it will deal 10 damage to units with hardened will. Missiles provide the Hybrids with Hardened Will. Inspiration provides +25% attack speed and +3 armor to enemy units within 5 radius of the Hyrbids. Commander of the Week: Mutation difficulty: Do you like this mutation? Commander of the Week winner of last week: Stukov, KaraxHunter25 1d
1d Improving Havocs I've taken another look at playing Alarak after the changes to him, but I feel that Havocs could be improved as the way to make Mech Alarak stronger. Currently, the Havoc has a somewhat counter-intuitive design - the strong single target focus and range aura means that you only want to build a few, but to mass forcefields, you need quite a few Havocs as you need to replace them often due to how often massive units break through in later waves, especially on the infested maps and Temple. As such, I would like to propose some changes - making the Havoc easier to get, or making it so that Forcefields are able to buy more time for Alarak's mech army to kill enemies, as they are often able to sit just out of range of the enemies to begin with, and can clear. Thus Havoc > Cost reduced to 50/75 (or even 50/50) New Research (combined with current +15% damage research) > Hardened Forcefield: Massive units no longer break through forcefields. This would not really represent a change to Ascendant Alarak, where they often clear the wave before they are able to reach the units, but Mech Alarak could benefit by keeping enemy waves at bay and reducing the amount of attrition his units suffer throughout the game.TheDarkFox12 1d
1d Hero unit upgrades unaffected I was wondering if this is by design and for the purpose of balance but what is really bothering me is how hero units for most commanders just dont get affected by upgrades. We're not talking about much stats here, 3 armor and 3 damage, but what ends up happening is that for Alarak, my favorite hero, he ends up taking so much more damage than a supplicant, which with max upgrades has 5 shield versus his 2 that can't be upgraded. Do you think all units including static defenses should just benefit from upgrades?Claymore16 1d
1d How long, if starting from scratch? I've been playing at a video game lounge on their public account, but they won't allow IAP purchases. I've been entertaining using my own, but it does seem daunting to get to lv90 again. Does anybody here have metrics on how many hours we would need to put in to get to get to those levels? Mastery lv1? Mastery lv90? I recall IME, and hearing from others that the first few Mastery Levels (like 1 through 20) come by fairly quickly. Later ones may feel like a slog, but it's still a "relative slog" as the XP required at later levels isn't quite exponential like RPGs, and other systems. It seems to "taper off" at a certain point.ackmondual16 1d
1d Nightgaunt/Draugr Brood Commander concept Nightgaunt/Draugr: Terrazine-addicted Toxic Zerg Collective Mind What if: Feral Zerg exposed to Terrazine became addicted and developed toxic metabolism, Terrazine addicted Overlords developed a collective mind and formed the Nightgaunt brood Key ideas: -Collective mind Overlords (Brain Spectre and Yggdrasil combat variants) -“Chemical Warfare” crippling enemies/making them more vulnerable -Long range random area bombardment provides “softening up” -Terrazine addiction, buy Terrazine for healing+chemical artillery ammo, too long without it and you begin to lose hp -100 max supply units that focus on crippling enemy Mechanics: -All unit attacks apply poison and toxin, buildings spread blight ….Poison-short term dot ….Toxin-counts that reduce enemy damage and can be triggered by units to give additional effects (% reduction in damage& speed/toxin, count slowly reduces with time) ….Blight-does % current hp dps (reduced for heroic) to all ground, and non-heroic buildings take % bonus damage Blight can only spread on Creep Blight spreads from NG hatchery, and any NG(or allied) building on blight -Terrazine: ….Negotiations: minimum mineral cost, increases with each purchase, % cost decrease over time. ….Addiction: Units+buildings gain a period of rapid healing each time Terrazine is bought, after a time period with no Terrazine healing they begin losing hp, no normal zerg regen. -Spore Cannon (unique): Targeted to very wide area, global range, ammo shot at random in area applies poison, toxin, or blight -Hatcheries autogather minerals from nearby blighted crystals, preventing other gatherers.. rate per crystal increases to max over 2-4 minutes, NG start with 0 drones Units: -Mastermind (supply Overlord): spawned instantly, 50% more supply, can root to generate creep -Hunter Gorgeling: mineral only, from larva, jumps cliffs+to target, resources from kill -Corpser Leech: lifesteal, roachlings spawned from enemy corpse, can consume roachlings to increase max hp (to a limit) -Brain Spectre (mech+ bio Overlord): detector, Frenzy target, Fear area (time/toxin), Enemy mech explode (dmg/toxin) on death, Razor swarm-mobile psi storm -Emissary (infested Terran spectre): antiarmor combat unit, cloaked on creep -Yggdrasill (long range attack Overlord): attack damage increased/toxin, air form attacks ground, groundform attacks air, can launch nearby Gorgelings at target -Miasmalisk (blightbringer):Attack damage * %max hp of target, Infectious blight (spreads through enemy buildings) Bile-enemies in area give Lifesteal (%/toxin) Miasma trail-leaves continuous poisoned+toxic area near where it was -Noxious (ultralisk): enhanced Terrazine healing instead of tissue assimilation Tech Tree/Buildings: -Hatchery->Gorgeling Nest->Lair->Infested Covert ops->Hive->Noxious Den, Miasma Pool, Yggdrasill Stalk -Gorgeling Nest->Leech Warren -Infested Covert Ops->Nydus Network->Nydus Destroyer (attack ground+air), Creep tower (creates temporary creep highway in chosen direction) -Evolution chamber->Impaler colony (detector v. ground+air) -Spore Cannon (unique): Targeted to very wide area radius, global range, ammo shot at random in area Can add cannons to a max to improve firing rate Poison ammo (smallest aoe): Terrazine only Toxin ammo: Terrazine+gas Blight ammo: Terrazine+gas Abilities: Stank Fiends (Pack of many, separately controllable Mutalisks that share damage, like trains, no healing, takes dot) Original idea credit to Severo Other ideas 1d
2d One Speed ONLY After all these years, i still find it hard to believe that they are still solid with their choice of "different difficulty, different game speed". All of you who are my fellow SC players, i ask of you to vote for "One speed only". We have to let them know that if all modes have the same speed more benefit will come to company and players. _ If all modes have the same default speed, Co-op can become one of the practice rounds along with Arcade and Custom to invite more players into Ladder. The stability of speed eliminate the need to adjust oneself when changing difficulty. _ More speed differences mean you creating more problems and steeper learning experience for new players. You are making less and less new players being able to join the ladder sooner than it should be. _ I still remember when i practice against AI. The increase in Difficulty never was as hard as COOP because we found an unity in speed but as Amon shattered the Unity of Khalai, you shattered our Speed Perception with the wall of complication. _ Not to mention, you are making the game play much longer, putting more stress on your server and your customers. We are living in the age of "2s is too slow" and indeed, in national level tournament of many Esports, 2s are a lot. _ Please unite the speed force of coop so that no more complication of unnecessary be the obstruction of players _ and no whining thread like this one needs to exist. _The existence of this kind of thread is a suffering. Please, end it. _ Well, unless you don't want more people to play other mode of SC2, that's a different story.NickHousen54 2d
2d A Selendis Request: Alpha Mothership Weapon Since Selendis will probably be the next Co-Op commander, I have a small request for Blizzard: if Selendis gets a permanet mothership, please give her the Alpha version SC2 attacks. The attacks can be seen here: As a long-time SC2 player, this video footage is a huge reason for me to choose Protoss as my main race to play. It's a huge shame that such cool idea was later removed from the game. But Co-Op is a great place to bring back such cool ideas. Now, in case anyone says 'this is not feasible due to extreme complexity', here is my demonstration. I have made a mod to mimic how the original mothership attack works. You can find the mod using link battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/303298. The original file can be downloaded at Please feel free to download and use the mod. No credit is needed when you use the code for your own projects. However, there are some bugs (especially the weapon range) in my implementation and fixing them require skills beyond my current abilities, so I do not intend to update it in the future. The range and damage are just arbitrary values. Please feel free to leave any remarks or comments.Procyon16 2d
2d Tychus: Don't Surround Your Bar! Friendly note to neat-freak base builders like myself who happen to play Tychus every now and then: Please don't surround Joeyray's Bar. You can hire new outlaws this way, but if you wipe for some reason, you can't get them back unless you destroy something to make an opening. They will be stuck in the bar with no way to get out, Tychus and his Odin notwithstanding. Admittedly, this is probably the best argument I've ever heard to not build a base this way, at least with Tychus. It's too easy to surround the bar by accident doing that.Akamia8 2d
2d What's your Tychus team? I've pretty much settled on my line up, and it seems to work in every situation. I'll general stick to Tychus+3, filling out the last slot if the match goes longer Tychus > Rattlesnake > Nux > Sirius > Cannonball. That's it. I don't see any benefit to using any other Outlaw. Crooked Sam; his chargers don't synergize well with anyone or anything (everything is dead by the time it would go off.) Vega is a FUN choice, I'll add him if it's a heavy SkyToss/Terran capital ship, but it's not a necessity, but his domination and air unit grounding is tons of fun. Sucks he can't dominate Motherships, Ultras and similar units, or void shade units on Scythe of Amon (is that a bug?) Nikara; heals waaaaay better than Rattlesnake but tbh she's overkill, Rattlesnake does just fine. I'll add her if for some reason Blaze is out, say if I misclicked. Blaze; tbh I haven't given him a fair chance, he was so bad while I was leveling I never went back, even when I unlocked his ult. And Cannonball is far and away a better overall tank, who AoE stuns, can jump to the front and revives on death. Blaze sets fires and dies way too fast up front.Klimpt32 2d
2d Level 900 to 950 in 1 day. Said he did it on Void Thrashing with a 2nd computer leaving the game at the start. Even so, the math doesn't add up when I do it. That's.. a lot of games in 1 day. Is this possible to do legit?CrystalDazz15 2d
3d Anything new for co-op at Blizzcon? I heard some folks found Tosh stuff in the map editor, is that for real?AsUsual19 3d
3d Irradiate I have a question regarding this skill. When Amon's sci-vessels irradiate my Zerg Mech (Stukov) they get damage and if they are all crowded the damage is huge. But when I go Swann and irradiate Amon's Terran Mech they don't seem to suffer a thing. Is it because my mech are alive?Daegoth5 3d
3d Tychus bugs and inconveniences 1. Karax's chrono doesn't work on Tychus' bar. I am sure this is a bug, same thing was with HH Starport, later was fixed. 2. [This is now fixed] Engineering bay was changing hotkeys. 3. There are several bonuses for Tychus attack speed. Not all of them work. - Mastery points on his attack speed. This works. - Upgrade in Engineering. This works. - Mastery points on improving the effect of upgrade in Engineering. This doesn't work for him. - Marauder hero healing ability speeds up attack of all heroes except Tychus. So doesn't work. 2 of 4. 4. Mastery points on medivac cooldown are not really needed. If you have 3 platforms you are provided with medivacs any time. Should change it to smth else. 5. On the top bar health of heroes is not shown. Any other commander HAS health indicator to react on damage, but Tychus heroes have upgrade indicator instead. Which is less usefull. Actually they could have both. 6. Don't know if it's bug or not. If Tychus was killed and you called Odin then Tychus is revived inside it with no money cost. Is it supposed to work this way? 7. If you resurrect a hero in the bar and buy 5th hero when it is in progress and then reject him, then you are locked with only 4 heroes on the field. Huge bug. 8. Reaper's grenade doesn't stun infested trucks.Pluton33 3d
3d Kerrigan mass omega worm So, it is probably rather well known that a good enough Kerrigan can solo maps with only the hero unit. Why not supplement her abilities with not units, but rather alllllll the omega networks you can get? For example, on mist opportunities (this map is so great for this), I ended up with over 65 omega networks. It was capable of defending the final wave and three other attacks separately because Amon wasn't able to beat the worms back fast enough (1k health/2 armor meatshields per second is op). By the very end of the match, I ran out of places to spawn more worms and ended up throwing them in my mineral line because why not? It's not a serious build by any means, but it's so hilarious for both you and your ally.Anatayu19 3d
3d How Tychus solo defends in DoN? Once upon a time, in Dead of Night map, a Nova said to me: "I attack, you defend, ok?". Do I look like a Swann, or Stukov, or Karax to you? So, at my best try, I got Sirius to solo defend at one entrance, Tychus + someone at the 2nd, Nux + someone else at the 3rd. The question is, if I have to defend all 4 entrances, what should I do? 5 buddies and 4 entrances, I need at least 3 buddies, who can solo defend like Sirius. PS: Brutal mission, at max level.Syltom32 3d
4d Mutation 127 Battle Hardened Ranks/Tiers So Battle Hardened is a new mutation with some quirks. So missiles count as unit and can both make Jinara be pushed back and add Hardened Will to the Hybrids. Lower damage units with high attack rate can help here but not all commanders have that option. Keep in mind too that later in the mission missiles with nukes will show up accompanied with PDD (Point Defense Drones) these drones will stop any projectile shot from hitting while the PDDs have energy, to avoid this try to use units or structures with hit scan (i.e. Marines, Monoliths, Bunkers) even Swanns Missile Turrets can do well as they have so many missiles with each volley. One last thing say about Missiles is a few of them will still do damage even if shot down to Terran commanders might want a few SCVs to be on patrol to heal anything that gets hurt. Also as mentioned before the missiles will push Jinara back so be sure to have both you and your ally leave a Worker or unit on the path to avoid losing without even knowing. Zerg is great here for that as you can either leave an Overlord or a Burrowed unit. Thanks for reading. Here is the link to the VOD Last weeks all commnders is here Commander/Tiers 3 Artanis Not the best commander for this week. Archons are the best for this one with Zealot support, although I was able to work with an all Dragoon army its not the best. You should try to time every Hybrid with the cool down for Solar Bombardment so you don't have to worry too much about them. When attacking any encampment try to spilt your forces to avoid AOE. I like to Shield Overcharge before attacking the encampments. Storms are great and if you can get the enemy unit to clump they are even better. 2 H & H Good commander this week but tough for defense as you will only have Turrets unless you want to try for Reapers and a lot of micro. Call downs are great here as they can clear entire waves or encampments. Mag Mines will try to hit the missiles and fail so make sure to only place them when you know an attack is coming or when you are attacking in so they don't get wasted. I like Reapers here as they have high dps but low damage. Don't forget Ravens. 2 Karax Karax is great this week, defense is perfect and Spear of Adun can really help any ally. Make sure to get all the Spear of Adun upgrades as they will help a lot. Monoliths are the best for the Missiles as they are Hit Scan. You can also get some Observers over your expos to get vision of the high ground so its less likely to get hit. The Spear can kill the Nukes with Orbital Strike just keep in mind that the Nukes are Flying and you will have to hit lower than the Sprite on screen. Purifier Beam for the attack waves. 1 Fenix Good commander this week with all heros or your favorite 4. Fenix can clear entire attack waves with just him. I like Robo into Stargate into Gateway. Make sure to get all upgrades for every hero you research. Praetor suit for tanking and Dragoon for clearing attack waves. Make sure to have a few Probes to keep Jinara from being pushed back. You can forgo the Legionaries and make Cannons for defense from the Missiles. 1 Vorazun Vorazun is great here as Corsairs have low Damage but High DPS, add Black Hole and Time Stop and you are fine. Make sure to Black Hole the Hybrids and the Defense so that the extra Armor goes away. I like using TS for the encampments as you can just Black Hole the Hybrids and you can lose a lot to the encampments as its very spread out. If you can't depend on you ally for Missile Defense make sure to use Corsairs and Cannons, Corsairs will bypass the PDDs.Hunter14 4d
4d Commander concept (Archon focus)? There are a lot of Cancelled Archon units in the wikia + Archon skins from the battlechest. I have been thinking. Is there any possible commander concept that utilise all these Archons? From the Cancelled unit section Mega Archon From the name, this Archon should be summoned by sacrificing a large amount of unit and should be an ultimate unit like Dehaka's Tyrannozor, Abathur's Brutalisk and Leviathan or H&H's Sovereign Battlecruiser. Twilight Archon From the concept, this Archon should be summoned by merging High and Dark Templar. Shadow Archon Intended to be a replacement of Dark Archon for the Dark Templar. From the skin Tal'darim Forged Archon (Some people also dub this Blood Archon) & Purifier Archon Archons that already in coop _Standard Archon (from Artanis before he upgrade them to High Archon) _Dark Archon (Vorazun) This is just a discussion because simply i was bored and want to make something to talk about not that i want it to be made because i don't even have the basic concept in my head.NickHousen31 4d
4d Should Swann get a planetary fortress? ^MADDDOGG54 4d
4d Pneumatized Carapace visual bug in co-op I am not sure if anyone complained yet but has anyone notice that there is a visual bug in the overlord's Pneumatized Carapace upgrade. After researching the upgrade it still show the icon grey-out.PhantomXIII1 4d
5d Zeratul Commander concept So i'll give some concepts and random ideas about few commanders, i don't wanna bother you with level progession/masteries... Only ideas about army units, hero units, calldowns and macro structures... Numbers are purely theoric since i am not a game desinger or an expert of balance... For this thread we'll talk about: Zeratul 100 supply army limit, he will be a true Daelaam, access to both templar and nerazim units, like on the campaign, unlike all other commanders that are monothematic (Tychus doesn't count because he has heroes, so the only exception is kerrigan that has two different sets of evolutive paths (ling-muta-bl / hydra- lurker-ultra) but other than her even H&H use the same skin set for both marauders and dominion units) Zeratul is a pure Autoattack damage meelee hero that will support his army with his hero spells instead of calldowns, so no calldowns at all. He will spawn from his Void Seeker that will function as a static defensive structure and research facility for zeratul spells. For first Zeratul have a permanent Cloacking Field that will preven roots, stuns, blinds, silences and slows... Plus a late game research will negate all damage every X seconds for 3 seconds and have a passive dodge chance on enemy attacks. His ground autoattack would be a medium speed 180° frontal arc that deals splash damage, 50 damage and gains 25 damage with every attack upgrade you research at the forge... He will also gain health+armor and shields+shield regeneration with every atk/armor/shields upgrade researched at forges. The air autoattack will be autocasted while he is moving and attacking ground, it will be a slow high damage single target void burst, let's say 100 damage at spawn (+25 per upgrade) He has detection and 250/250 health at spawn and his forges will research upgrades at a reduced cost and time, so fastest 3/3/3 army on the whole game. Now for his spells: Q: (30 seconds cooldown) Zeratul summons a shield around himself and near units that protect them from X damage, increase life/shield armor by X and increase the attack speed of affected units... You will have to choose during the game if you want to upgrade this spell to increase your army DPS or surivability. W: (15 seconds cooldown) Zeratul traps units (included Hybrids) on a small area or a single structure in a void stasis, affected targets can take damage and are unable to take any kind of action or detect E: Blink (with the smoke visual effect), 10 seconds cooldown but a large range, with some researches it will stun units and negate their armor in a large area for X seconds R: 180 seconds coolup, 90 seconds cooldown and 30 seconds duration. Zeratul loses attack speed and splash damage, but his attacks will be able to attack a single target (both air and gound) for a whopping 500 damage (it ignores every kind of armor or damage reduction effects, even ones that come from heroic tag and mutations), that will gain 125 damage with every atk upgrade from forges. Now it's army time: Zeratul won't have zealots, it will start his army production at gateways with Avengers DTs that cost 125/25 and will be recalled at your nexus when taking fatal damage every 45 seconds. His caster unit will be the sentry at 50/100 cost, it will heal shields of two nearby units and guardian shield that will reduce all incoming damage by 15% for 15 seconds on a large area The tier 3 gateway unit will obviously be twilight archons, 6 supply, 300/250 cost, 10hp/600shields, 4 attack range, 50 flat damage splash attack that stuns the attacked unit. For the robotic facilities we'll have the other core unit, Annihilators, they can attack both air and ground units, have a flat 35 damage, 8 range and a shadow cannon that it's a 30 seconds cooldown flurry with 10 range that deals 350 damage Tier 3 robo will be dark reavers, they will deal 75 damage in a large area, will move fast and each scarab will pull target at the core of the explosion after detonation From stargates we have void rays, they are way faster of Vorazun ones, have more hp/shields, 45 sec. build time and Prismatic Alignment (45 sec CD) that doubles their movement and attack speed for 15 seconds. Tier 3 air unit will be Arbiters, with cloacking field, recall and a stasis that will also damage enemies over time; They can go on surveillance mode where they gain detection and a large power field to warp units and structures As all the other protoss commanders Zeratul will have photon cannons, but he has the special ones, they can warp on any powerfield (120 sec CD) Final zeratul "offensive" structure is the Obelisk from WoL campaign, his function is to provide 10% damage reduction for all allied structures on a medium range That's it for Zeratul i guess... Autoattack-splash-support hero... movable cannons... a resistant and high damage army with 100 supply cap.DefilerRulez4 5d