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4d Co-op Missions Update – October 3, 2017 Hi Everyone! We wanted to give an update on some of the things we’ve been working on for Fenix. First off, I’d like to extend a huge thank you for the discussions around what was and wasn’t working with the commander. You contributed some really cool ideas—we’re always grateful for how engaged and passionate our community is! We took a closer look at some basic functionality around Fenix’s champions and found some immediate changes we could push out in the next patch. These changes should make the champions more responsive and effective in combat. When a champion transfers, they will prioritize host shells that are closest to where that champion died When champions transfer, they will no longer be briefly stunned Champions can now be set to control groups and will still function correctly even when they transfer into a new host shell These changes are a start, but we also wanted to take a step back and look at his overall design and see where we need to adjust. This is where the community feedback was particularly helpful! A few of the areas we’re exploring changes to in a future patch are: Avenging Protocol not requiring the champion to die to gain a buff Research costs and the impact they have on his macro and playstyle. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to work on Fenix! David Sum Lead Coop DesignerDavid Sum34 4d
1m If Swann had battlecrusiers instead of Raynor With all this talk about Swann recently, I was thinking, what if Swann was given battlecruisers instead of Raynor? Generally, people agree that Raynor has little use for battlecruisers in optimal builds, since his other units outshine them so much. However, they might be considerably more useful given Swanns kit. For instance, Swann has the Vespene economy to support them, as well as tech reactors, and more consistent healing compared to medics, since his SCV repair is free, he has science vessels and to a lesser extent the bio metal regen upgrade. Additionally, Swann has other mech specfic buffs (+20% hp right off the bat, vs raynor who needs to upgrade his vehicle armor to increase hp, etc) Further, there could be some interesting synergy with herc transports, since battlecruisers can tac jump with them, allowing siege tanks or goliaths transported within to have heavy air support. Also, they might serve as a useful tank for wraiths, allowing the wraiths to deal with air units. Together, science vessels, wraiths, and battlecruisers might open up a mildly air focused build. What do you think? As Raynor doesn't seem to get full use of the battlecruiser, would it be slightly more useful under Swann, or would this unit still be obscure?AGNO16 1m
10m Co-Op Mutation #76: Temple of Pain The hardest wars are those of attrition. The temple is under siege, minerals can be difficult to harvest, and Amon's army is both resilient and fanatical. Hold out as long as you can, and hope it is enough. Map: Temple of the Past Mineral Shields - Mineral clusters at player bases are periodically encased in a shield which must be destroyed for gathering to continue. Barrier - Enemy units gain a temporary shield upon the first time they take damage. Avenger - Enemy units gain increased attack speed, armor, and life when nearby enemy units die. Reddit post: Will post later Video Replays on Brutal difficulty: CtG(Raynor's view) - Yuriprime (Alarak's view) CtG(Dehaka) - Hunter(Abathur) CtG(Vorazun) - Curufinwe(Stukov) Hunter(Zagara) - Happysnail(Abathur) Yuriprime(Kerrigan) - Bokuz(Swann) Yuriprime(Nova) - Bokuz(Artanis) Yuriprime(Stukov) - Bokuz(Fenix) Other Notes: Avenger can buff units up to ten times, with each increasing HP and shields by 10%, life regen by 1 per second, armor by 0.3, and attack and movement speed by 10%. Units that get the Avenger buff also grow in size to give players a visual indicator. Mineral shields are 50 health structures. A minimap ping indicates their arrival. If not destroyed they last a very long time then they disappear on their own. Player units and static defense DO NOT autotarget Mineral Shields. Barrier is a 100HP shield that lasts for 5 seconds. Barrier triggers when an enemy unit is damaged but not killed. 1-hit KO bypasses Barrier. The mineral shields also benefit from barrier. Mind-controlling/Reclaiming Avenger-buffed enemy units will cause them to lose the Avenger buff. Commander of the Week: Mutation difficulty: Commander of the Week winner of last week: VorazunCtG25 10m
22m Co-op Ascension Reward Suggestions Just returned to SC2 after quite some time, but after a brief lookup through the forums I haven't come across this suggestion yet so please correct me if this has been brought up before Why not give skill points for ascension levels to tweak the commanders, to further personalise the commander to your liking? I'm NOT asking for straight-up buffs like the mastery levels, but a system where every point you add to buff something gives you a penalty in another aspect of the commander? This would obviously require huge amounts of testing to balance, but I honestly think it's a cool idea to make people more incentivised towards gaining Ascension levels, AND it gives you the chance to add tonnes of depth to the co-op experience If the community comes up with suggestions i'm pretty sure things can get done pretty quickly too. Let me know what everyone else thinks guys! :)AngelWing14 22m
5h Co-op Commander Guide: Vorazun Here's the guide for the Matriarch of the Nerazim, Vorazun! Edit: The previous guides can be easily found here: 5h
5h New Coop Map idea I'm new to this but i just had this shower thought. You are more than welcome to disagree with it and tell me why the heck is this stupid. I was thinking that maybe we could have some maps that present a disadvantage to certain commanders or, in any case, units. For example: Like in the mission "Death From Above" in Heart of the Swarm, maybe we could have a map that has this Psi Destroyer field where commanders like Kerrigan, Zagara or protoss are vulnerable while others are totally unaffected. And something among those lines could be having EMP fields that dont allow mechanical units while bio are good to go and so. There could be a downtime on these fields so that if 2 Zergs (except Dehaka) get paired, they are still able to complete the map, but at a higher difficulty. idk just suggestingExalindor4 5h
5h Coop level 1000 hacker Just found another one of these damned hackers: battlenet://starcraft/profile/1/4469724782220279808 Blizzard, fix.drusus13 5h
7h Endless Custem Mutation. Anyone else think their should be a custem Mutation that disables the win condition. Now I am not saying this should be a Weekly mutation, or anything. But I know alot of people who enjoy dragging on as long as possible in maps like Dead of night. It would be neat if their was a mutation added that disabled the win conditions... So trains keep going, bots keep harvesting. Shuttles keep launching. And you just eventually die. I am not 100% sure how practical adding a custem mutator like that would be, but assuming it's not a !@#$% and a half to program in, I think it would be neat.TechPriest4 7h
11h Overhual Fenix Suggestion I Heard someone say aura Recently, So I decide to Necro My post (which is posted on some thread in the time that people already lose interest in that thread) + add something new about Suggestion. Here I go (Warning : Long paragraph Detected) A. Progression 1) Remove Avenging Protocol Here the reason why Avenging Protocol is lackluster most of the engagement, if you is on the brink of wipe out. your is champion is likely to be last man standing because of their high HP (normally enemy will target unit with least HP). so when wipe out, the new champion unit that get this buff is at your base and mostly cannot utilize this buff beside move faster in short time frame and if not lost champion(which if play properly you won't get lose anyway), this perk will contribute nothing like they didn't exist most champion that can utilize this buff is Kaldalis due to suicide nature of Engage skill (and mostly with Legionnaire no charge upgrade) others champion is not this case like him this perk indirect affect mastery choice (Mastery set 2), because if we need to make champion die quickly to utilize this and shield increase is obviously not a choice to make use of this buff Even with some change apply on it, this will not end well. Here list of sample scenario 1.1) Champion gain permanent stat when die will lead to weird game-play, like "just move champion to die alone, so we can get stronger version of them" no real logic support behind it. leading to toxic gaming 1.2) Champion gain temporary buff when their respective unit type die around better than current version but no enough to make any significant change protoss by default is not disposable army and Fenix contain no unit that using resource below 100 mineral or 25 gas and take considerable time to build unit. So utilize this buff is not worth for what it cost champion that can utilize this buff well is Kaldalis and his Legionnaire because he always at the front as their nature should others champion will rarely benefit from this because their nature (Maybe Mojo too get some benefit because of his short range) 1.3) Champion gain temporary buff when others Champion die around possible way to reserve this perk (if want to reserve it desperately) encourage to go multiple unit type problem is similar to 1.2 when come to resource and build time Kaldalis can make this buff without risk for others champion by go in first like he did still not enough to utilize this effectively (in my opinion) 1.4) All of units of the same type gain temporary buff when others unit in their respective type die around them another possible way to reserve this perk problem is similar to 1.2 when come to resource and build time So what's a point having Champion ? (weaking champion concept itself)Rhapsofy7 11h
12h Ascension achievements Is it just me or are the ascension achievements going to be basically impossible to do? I was aiming to have all of the COOP achievements in the game ... I play COOP a lot, and I am only level 81 ... sooooo ..... how on earth am I getting all these achievements???Jason13 12h
12h Co-op Commander: Lt. Morales Hey, just a quick question if that is a possibility. I love playing Lt Morales in Hots, and i was thinking about the units she could use. Like the MEDIVAC in SC2 would be super cool support for the Partner, maybe it sounds silly, but i think a commander focused in support would be pretty awesome. Maybe someone has another idea for a good support commander. I love to help my Partner and want to just (like in hots) support with buffs and healing other units. If someone knows another char in the SC 2 Universe who would be a cool supporter i would like to know :P Stay safe in spaaaaaceee :DMeowingston14 12h
12h Abathur's biomass comprehensive spreadsheet I wanna make another good deed and share with you my spreadsheet. I collect this data, just to make it clear for players who wants understand better bonds between biomass drop and enemy setup. First of all biomass drop data: Those who gives 2 biomass (doubled 4): - marines, zerglings, hunterlings, reapers and all workers Those who gives 4 (doubled 8): - marauders, firebats, medics, ghosts, widow-mines, vultures, goliaths, hellions and vikings - hydras, roaches, infestors, queens and kaboomers - zealots, adepts, stalkers, sentries, high and dark templars, dragoons Those who gives 6 (doubled 12): - siege tanks, cyclones and warhounds - swarmhosts, ravagers, lurkers, abberations and chokers Those who gives 8 (doubled 16): - immortals, archons and disruptors Those who gives 12* (doubled 24): - Thors, ultralisks, brutalisk, tankolisk (Stank), reavers and colossi *This is maximum value which can be dropped by strongest enemy. All hybrids gives 12 too and those who goes ground can give doubled 24. Logical. Flying units (numbers means biomass): 1 - Overlord, Scourge 2 - Observer 4 - Raven, Science vessel, Medevac, Mutalisk, Corruptor, Spotter and Phoenix 6 - Liberator, Banshee, Viper, Scout and Oracle 8 - Broodlord, VoidRay, Tempest* 12 - Battlecruiser, Carrier and Mothership *Strange, but tempest is equal to carrier unit, but gives only 8... And tasty to the end. Those who gives nothing: - temporal units, infested civilians, banelings, Loki(big pirate battlecruiser) and Big Leviathan. Second strange is that mothership gives 12 and counts the same as Loki or Leviathan (Void Launch), but last two gives absolutely nothing. Yes, they appears when game ends and their biomass doesn't has a big role, but it still strange. Also i was searching the forum and find this post: Sorry for upset, buddy, but they really give nothing. Third strange thing is that scourges and banelings are both suicidal units, but only scourge can left biomass and only 1 (why not 2?) In my opinion both must give. Fourth thing is on DoN. All enemy, which died under the sun doesn't drop biomass. And all special units (except Stank) are very dangerous, but giving less biomass. Also i find a bug similar to Chain of Ascension. When Stank using aoe - brutalisk's symbiotes instantly dies and never resurrect. Like after Slain's cocoon.HorrificDoom16 12h
13h New Coop Missions? I know we had the contest recently, but am I'd personally love to see some more campaign missions reworked for Coop. The first that comes to mind is In Utter Darkness from WoL, I'd really love to see that as a coop. I'd also like to see The Essence of Eternity or Last Stand/Salvation, and maybe even Into the Void as a Coop mission. Some of them like In Utter Darkness could be really fun to see how far you can push with Coop Commanders, especially with a mutation. Thoughts?Cybrok11 13h
13h Dehaka's Primal Ultralisks How come they didn't take the primal ultralisks from the HOTS campaign, which looked cooler imo and different than regular ultralisks? I think they should make a patch so Dehaka's primal ultralisks look like what they're supposed to. Every other primal looks like what they're supposed to from HOTS. Nothing makes the primal ultralisks from Co-Op look unique so I think they should make them look like they do in the campaign which look unique. Here is a link to what they look like in HOTS: 13h
19h Should Swann's Cyclones work like in Ladder? I rarely find a use for his Cyclones, but if they were altered to work like the ones in ladder mode (super-rapid attacks, strong against armored), would they be more appealing?darkdill32 19h
23h Mutation #76: Temple of Pain Temple of Pain #7 Mutation overlap The hardest wars are those of attrition. The temple is under siege, minerals can be difficult to harvest, and Amon's army is both resilient and fanatical. Hold out as long as you can, and hope it is enough. Map: Temple of the Past Mutations: Mineral Shields Mineral clusters at player bases are periodically encased in a shield which must be destroyed for gathering to continue. Barrier Enemy units gain a temporary shield upon the first time they take damage. Avenger Enemy units gain increased attack speed, armor, and life when nearby enemy units die. play video Stukov+Karax Zagara+Dehaka Raynor+Artanis Fenix+Karax 23h
1d What could be the new avenging protocol? What are your suggestions? Will Blizzard think of something none of us could think of ? The new avenging protocol could trigger when any unit dies, when Fenix changes suits or periodically for exampleAntichaine17 1d
1d Impact of Raynor Nerfs As you know, patch 3.17 brought about changes to Raynor’s Dusk Wings calldown and Vulture Spider Mines, effectively nerfing them. Since I’m a solo speedrunner, I had to account for these changes and determine how much my runs would be affected. At this point, I believe I have sufficiently explored the implications of these nerfs on all maps, and I would like to share my thoughts here. Dusk Wings Before the patch, the Dusk Wings benefitted from the drop pod mastery’s 30s buff to attack speed and movement speed. This gave them a nice boost to burst damage for the first 30s of their duration, at the cost of reducing their realtime duration, as their timers would also be accelerated during the buff. In essence, their total damage potential was unaffected by drop pod mastery, but their 30s dps would be higher. The nerf therefore only affected the initial 30s of higher dps. Now, this would be bad for those who drop Dusk Wings unsupported on top of enemy fortifications or large groups of enemies that can fight back (or any group that has air units), as these players would want the Dusk Wings to do as much damage as possible before they are all shot down. However, I stay away from using my Dusk Wings in that manner, considering speedrunning requires squeezing the most out of every resource available. If I summon Dusk Wings without support, they are typically summoned in situations that are favorable to them to avoid losses. Otherwise, I summon them as support for my main forces, carefully keeping them from going too far forward into enemy fire. In either case, I make full use of their damage potential, regardless of dps. In the context of how I’ve been using the Dusk Wings, I have been mostly unaffected by the nerf. One could bring up theoretical situations such as if the Dusk Wings had managed to burst down x units more quickly, then I’d have more forces remaining alive to finish the mission faster; or that the Dusk Wings now take longer to destroy expansion rocks (on Oblivion Express, they used to be able to destroy main+gas rocks before assaulting first attack, but now they have to destroy gas rocks after first attack), which would delay full exploitation of expansion resources. However, after going through many games, I have found the effects to be quite negligible to the extent that I do not even notice the change. Vulture Spider Mines Before the nerf, the invincibility that the mines had upon activation meant that any ground force would be unable to stop the mines once activated. Their only weakness was if an enemy out of range could see them with a detector and destroy them without activating them; but for the most part some enemy would get within range, activating the cascade of invincible bombs. Now that the invincibility is gone, you can expect the enemy to fire upon the mines during transit, destroying some of the mines despite the incredible movement speed. This means that mines laid in the attack paths taken by the enemy attack waves would need to outnumber the ranged forces by a sufficient amount such that enough mines survive to detonate. The number of mines required really depends on the enemy composition, but in general, placing mines in attack paths is no longer effective against late waves. Taking the strength numbers used in the map triggers, I would say the cutoff point is around 3-4, depending on the tech level. Up to this point, 8-10 Vultures can lay enough mines along attack paths to stop any ground wave; beyond that, many more Vultures are needed to support the overwhelming number of mines, using up available resources that could otherwise be used for Raynor's main assault forces. Splash-dealing enemies make the situation even worse, since mines tend to clump together as they approach their first target, and the AI is very good at reacting and destroying all the clumped mines with a single spell. A notable exception to the mines' weakness is the Zerg ground composition; Roaches have slow attacks with low range, Ravagers and Lurkers have considerable delay before the attacks threaten the mines, and Hydralisks don’t come in large-enough numbers. Infestors are the only real threat, but they are not enough to overcome the composition’s inherent weakness to mines.LilArrin13 1d
1d Dehaka AoE Attack Greetings! Would it be a nice addition to give Dehaka an AoE auto-attack? It would make sense since Dehaka grows larger and his hands and arms grow larger as well. Dehaka will sweep the enemies around like a wrecking ball.Ragnaros9 1d
1d Score Screen Simple question: Is it possible to access the score screen once you turn it? Because it seems you just can see it once and then fades away for ever. Sometimes I am alt tabbing waiting for results, and when I click to the game again, the screen just goes away and I want know stats. Also the last two matches didn't even show this screen, guess the game bugged. And btw, is it possible to access this screen on replays? It would be nice to know stats from there too.Daegoth0 1d
1d New Fenix upgrade? Been thinking of all the great things Fenix has and all things he's MISSING because too many Purifier features for off loaded onto Karax. So, after some thought...can Fenix get warp harmonization? Lore-wise, it doesn't make a lot of sense because that's an ability powered by a Spear of Adun Sub-system...but I think it's fine because Karax is OBVIOUSLY using the spear of Adun but has a lot of Purifier/Cybros things going on as well. I dunno.... For a paid commander Fenix feels totally lacking. Maybe buffs to his armor suits is all he needs. They are certainly lack luster even at 90 mastery. And his mastery in general needs some buffs....huge disappoint when I hit 15 and got all my mastery points and it was practically nothing. Any thoughts guys?Stegasaur12 1d
1d Can we get map bans for Co-op mode? I dunno about you, but I dislike the Lock & Load map compared to the others, and would like to be able to avoid it if I'm going random. To that end, could we have a map filter for when we're doing random maps? To offset it, I'd make it so that each map you ban, you get less bonus experience.darkdill10 1d
1d [CONCEPT] Admiral UED - commander co-op As you know, the Queen of Blades did not completely destroy the first UED fleet, which we see survived Lieutenant Morales. And remember in the 5th episode of BW we played for the captain? So it! Nowhere is it said that he died at the hands of Roy, and we can say that he can become commander of co-op. Since he has the highest rank of all survivors, he automatically becomes a new admiral, and look for all the remnants of his army. _____________________________________________________________________________ Concept \ Gameplay \ Mechanics \ Unique objects: Galactic Teleport - is one of the most important commander mechanics. Since the former Captain has ties to the Dominion, he may well know that Amon wants to destroy all life, and is trying to communicate with the planet Earth, which, as a result of it, succeeds. Once the planet Earth has learned that the universe is in danger, they immediately undertake to help the Koprul sector. They handed over the technology, the so-called "Galactic teleport", to the first surviving fleet. Galactic teleport allows send reinforcements from the planet Earth, to assist the UED fleet. It should be borne in mind that some types of units can only be obtained from the Galactic Teleport. Next, I will introduce in detail what types of troops we can get, and what to produce in buildings: 1) Can be made and received from the Galactic Teleport: Marine, medic, goliath, Valkyrie, battlecruiser 2) Can to only produce: Ghost, vulture, siege tank, hawk, scientific vessel 3) Available only from the Galactic Teleport: Hunter, marauder, Diamondback, warhound, bearsting, Juggernaut, Wraith, banshees Challenge reinforcements are divided into 4 phases: 1 Infantry unit: Basic: 4 marines, 4 hunters, (for every 240 seconds) Improved: 6 marines, 6 hunters 2 medics, 2 marauders (for every 220 seconds) 2 Surface technics: Basic: 2 goliaths, 1 Diamondback, (for every 300 seconds) Improved: 4 goliaths, 2 Diamondback, 2 warhound (for every 270 seconds) 3 Air support: Basic: 2 Wraiths, 1 Valkyrie, (for every 300 seconds) Improved: 4 Wraiths, 3 banshees, 2 Valkyries (for every 270 seconds) 4 Thunderstorm steel: Basic: 1 battlecruiser, 1 Bearsting, (for every 360 seconds) Improved: 2 battlecruiser, 2 Bearsting, 2 Juggernaut (for every 320 seconds) Cost and time of improvement for all four phases: 1) 300 minerals and vespene, 150 seconds 2) 450 minerals and vespene, 180 seconds 3) 450 minerals and vespene, 180 seconds 4) 600 minerals and vespene, 240 seconds _____________________________________________________________________________ Warlords and platoons - are one of the most important mechanics of the commander. With the help of warlord, they can group the same type of troops, joining single combat units (Something like "Dawn of War"), they also gain experience for participating in battles, raising the rank (there are only 3 of them, from the officer to the lieutenant and captain). The higher the warlord's rank, the more he can join troops. For each joined combat unit, summarizes the health indicator(if it reaches 0, the entire platoon dies), the amount of attack and ability(Even if they are joined in a platoon, everyone has their own cooldown, if someone used it.), the bonus to damage and armor, and also each type of combat unit will have a unique bonus, provided that the warlord has the rank of captain and full platoon. As an example, we consider this: Let the warlord have the rank of lieutenant, and let's command the marines, can attach up to 6 pieces, and then look at the general characteristics: Number of units of marines: 1/2/3/4/5/6 Attack Damage: 6,3/6,6/6,9/7,2/7,5/7,8 Number of attacks: 1/2/3/4/5/6 Number of abilities used (Marines throw grenades): 1/2/3/4/5/6 Health Stock: 45/90/135/180/225/270 Armor: 0,2/0,4/0,6/0,8/1/1,2 _____________________________________________________________________________ Maximum Supplies - up to 300-330 (the beginning of 200) - we can assume that the "UED" military regime is more severe than the "Dominion", but nevertheless this commander does not have the hero and abilities of the top panel, but has many types of troops than at the others.ZeratulAndre12 1d
1d cyclones for stukov I really like the current state of commander stukov. He is the best commander. He has the most diverse playstyle - even his portraits are beautiful. Could we enhance this experience by adding infested cyclones? This would compliment his overall mechbuilt..Crusher7 1d
2d Bug on Mist Opportunities I've noticed this a lot more than once now - when you play against zerg swarmy composition (ling, bling, abberations, swarm hosts, scourges, vipers) on Mist Opportunities, the enemy waves during final bot harvesting just stop appearing. For example, just now - one wave spawned on the entrance of their base (we destroyed it earlier) - and no more waves after that. Also, when the bots finish harvesting, they usually send 3 more waves after your bases, usually they are more powerful. But now - only one wave. This mission end game was boring even without that bug, now you just struggle not to fall asleep. Has anyone else encountered this bug?AuReaper5 2d
2d One Fenix Change There is one change to Fenix's champions that I'd love to see. Right now the champions only change shells upon death. I propose allowing them to change on demand. Such a change would fit well thematically with the Purifiers and Fenix as a commander; since they are a race of down loadable AI. This change would give Fenix a lot of additional micro potential in saving non-champions right before death. It would also give a good way to use terrible passives like avenging protocol or even heal certain units. There would need to be some simple restrictions like a global cool down to prevent abuse.Dapperdanman0 2d
2d Hotfix for Fenix 1. Legionnaire Leap to target instead of Charge. (Charge makes Legionnaires die too fast.) 2. Whenever any kind of my unit dies beside champion including champion itself, Avenging Protocol activates.Tachyon1 2d
2d Stukov psi emitter The psi emitter affects all infested units which is good sometimes. But other times you want some units to go to A and other units to go to B. Psi emitter now works like a the F2 button. We need more control on where the psi emitter for infested-creating buildings gets placed instead of a 'F2' emitter. Each baracks and infested compound have the psi emitter but when you place it somewhere it is still 'F2'. (Is this intended or a bug?)visvector34 2d
2d Original 6 Commander Updates - Vorazun Lately I’ve been playing nothing but the original 6 commanders lately and trying to think of how to make them comparable to new commanders so they feel less….dated. I believe maps can always be made more difficult but commanders ought to be comparable to one another, with no useless units and abilities, and that commanders ought to be more closely tailored to reflect their commander design philosophies. Vorazun has always been very powerful, with a few effective builds for variety, so she needs few changes compared to the other 5. Main issues I see with her are those in early game as well as with some skills and units. However, due to her powerful SoA abilities and existing options, I don't think she should be buffed to have a powerful early game. I’ll offer suggestions as well as reasoning for the suggestions. Feel free to comment and add your own so we can all contribute to the balancing effort if Blizzard needs any ideas. Centurion – Not really a bad unit but doesn’t see as much use as I expected it to. I think changing Darkcoil will make them nicer to build and allow them to help more. Darkcoil – Now will only autocast on units that are not currently stunned, slowed, blinded, or otherwise disabled and prevented from moving/attacking. Darkcoil blinds Detector units/structures for 3 seconds. Stalker – Not a very good unit, but I think a significant buff to its base stats will make it have the potential to be broken and will lead to greater inconsistencies between them and Amon's units. However, I think they can still be improved and given an upgrade for more flavor compatible with Vorazun’s stealthy commander philosophy. Blink/Phase Reactor – Roll these into a single upgrade, Blink Recharge, costing 200/200. Blink cooldown increased by 1 second (from 7 to 8). Shadow Ambush – Stalkers now automatically cloak after 6 seconds of not taking damage. Cloaking lasts only so long as they do not attack. On their attack that breaks cloaking, they do double damage. Shadow Ambush (alternate) - Stalkers now become cloaked for 5 seconds after using Blink. Additionally, they gain +50% attack speed during those 5 seconds. Oracle – I’m not sure if it’s just me, but its beam attack ability has always felt clunky to me, and the activation cost reminds me of the old Wraith cloak thing from SC1. I think, per someone's suggestion, that increasing Vorazun's casters' energy regeneration would also help them see more use. Pulsar Beam – Activation/deactivation now costs no energy. Instead, Oracles use 3.5 energy per attack when Pulsar Beam is activated. Dark Archon – Due to the nerf in MC and the sheer power of other options, Dark Archons have become a lackluster choice for almost any Vorazun build and situations. I propose that they start off with Mind Control without needing research, and that their Mind Control research be replaced with something else. I noticed that Confusion has an oddly short cast range. They also compete with other units for gas, so I think more regeneration is a way to gain their power without needing to build like 7 of them. Dominating Reach - Dark Archons gain +3 cast range for its abilities. Veil of Shadows - Shield regeneration bonus of units cloaked by Dark Pylons decreased to 250%, units with energy cloaked by Dark Pylons regenerate energy 100% faster, Dark Pylon cloaking field provides HP regeneration of 1.5 HP/secondAuragami16 2d
2d Original 6 Commander Updates - Zagara Lately I’ve been playing nothing but the original 6 commanders lately and trying to think of how to make them comparable to new commanders so they feel less….dated. I’m no Zagara expert since I usually play all Protoss commanders but all my commanders are maxed and I am level 120+. Still, this isn’t the commander I use most, and I'm not a guy who plays brutal speedrun mutations for competitions, so bear with me. Main issues I see with her are micro or sustain issues, along with a few units or structures that should be improved. She isn't supposed to have an army of unkillable Abathur-esque units, so I won't make suggestions that completely solve this issue. I’ll offer suggestions as well as reasoning for the suggestions. Feel free to comment and add your own so we can all contribute to the balancing effort if Blizzard needs any ideas. Queen – Largely useless except for spreading creep. Building more hatcheries tends to be more convenient for larvae production and doesn’t eat supply. Building hatcheries also saves you some need to build Overlords. I don't see a purpose for this unit. You have Zagara, her Hunter Killers, and Spore Crawlers for anti-air early on. I propose that this unit be removed. A new unit to replace it in the form of the Defiler or Infestor should be added. Creep Tumor ability should instead be given to Zagara (the hero unit), with its cast time and cooldown reduced to 7 seconds since now she is the only one capable of making the tumors. Got a good amount of feedback for Queens. I still think that if they DO remain, they can still benefit from a change that makes them feel more Zagara. Inject Larvae - This talent now also speeds up the gestation time of Inject Larvae spell by 50%. Corruptor – The prime candidate for improvement. Currently has awful DPS and the only use for this unit is its ability. I propose changing its ability and adding a new researchable effect, as well as allowing Corruptors to spawn two Scourge upon death. Corruption – Cooldown decreased to 20 seconds. Effect duration decreased to 15 seconds. Volatile Infestation - New upgrade for Corruptors. Units and structures that are destroyed while under the effects of Corruption spawn units. Ground enemies spawn Banelings and air enemies spawn Scourge. Aberration – This unit is mostly fine, but its armor upgrade strikes me as being not very useful, given its cost and intended effect. It should be changed. A buff as well as protection in the form of damage reduction should help protect your small units from ability damage more. 45% should help Zerglings with +10 HP survive the fury of a full-length Psi Storm or Fungal Growth with 1 HP. It will be better once you factor in Zerg regeneration and creep regen bonuses. Protective Cover – Reduces damage dealt to friendly units under the Aberration by 45%. Infested Drop – A decent ability. Not the best ultimates, but shouldn’t be since its cooldown is short. However, the choice of plain Roaches as drop units doesn’t add to Zagara’s flavor and isn’t remarkable in any way. I propose making the Roaches those of the Corpser Strain. This would work with Zagara's design philosophy and add more flavor by adding many tiny, weak, swarmy units. Infested Drop now drops 10 Corpser strain Roaches. The number can remain at 20 with Darken the Skies, or be reduced to 15 to account for the increase in power. Mastery now also increases Roachling HP. Bile Launcher - This should be given a fire-in-area command on autocast like the Warcraft game catapults so it can continuously attack an area, freeing up some micro and making it less intimidating for beginners to use. More of a quality of life change, as careful aim is still best for optimal shot placement. Incubate Banelings - Should be updated. Aberrations spawn Banelings upon death and Corruptors/Brood Lords spawn Scourge upon death. Proposed name change to Volatile Incubation. Infestor or Defiler - Zagara would benefit from a support caster. I'm leaning toward Infestors due to the ability of Infested to help with emergency AA before the Scourge cost upgrade, their nature as expendable little units fit with Zagara's theme, and the crippling effect and detection of Fungal would help her. Although Plague and Dark Swarm are powerful, and Consume fits with the theme of sacrificial units, casting Plague, running away, and waiting for it to take effect doesn't seem to fit Zagara. Fungal Growth's quicker effect and disable seem more appropriate. However, I can see a cool combo. You can cast Plague and then drop Corpser Roaches. Edit: Removed Brood Lords, received good explanations about them not fitting with Zagara's philosophy. Added Inject Larvae suggestion and changed Corruption suggestion.Auragami7 2d
3d Reclaiming Sunken Colony Some units like dark archon or energizers are able to control Amons scvs, probes and drones. But these units are not able to build stuff. I really would like to build Amon like bases with sunken colonies and all the stuff they have in built.Crusher4 3d
3d Multi Update I am concerned in what way the multiplayer update will affect the coop units. Will we get killer stalkers and micro intensive chrono boost or will there be a fork between the two game modes like they did with swanns cyclones?Crusher4 3d
3d I wonder. Why was the rename upgrade of Fenix made? Are you kidding me? Is not it obvious that Fenix is stronger because he knows he has a strong heart? If I am a game developer, I will give Nova a plastic surgery upgrade. Her illustrations and modeling are less than Heroes of the storm. +Please break the stubbornness. DS is very focused on "AI". The Avenging protocol is related to AI, so he sticks to it. Purifiers are bound together in a network so that they become stronger as they combine.(By Karax). Please focus on the tactical data network rather than the Avenging protocol. If Fenix gets stronger by improving the Avenging protocol this time, I will not say anything.Merrily6 3d
3d My thoughts on Dehaka Posted in a thread about some of my thoughts but seems that thread has fall many pages back so I figure I'll make something new here. Not a big fan of Dehaka's early game, while Lings mining minerals is neat I feel its more annoying and attention consuming than it should be to saturate a base. Not to mention for Dehaka early game unlike other Commander hero units, Dehaka you basically always need to be microing or he just dies. Not to mention we're not even sure if the Lings mining is a bug or not it's not written anywhere that they should be able to do that. That being said, Dehaka himself and his early game and his expo taking/clearing feels horrid compared to other commanders as every other commander has some kind of very easy units or static D that clears easy and fast, and other commander hero units also have strong abilities on their units to clear fast aswell.Along side that Dehaka earliest unit being the zergling has the lowest dps early game unit giving build time and such, especially since he only spawns 1 zergling at a time. That said would like to see little Dehaka get a weapon speed buff, either to match other commanders at 1.5 (except for Talandar praetor suit I believe) or make Dehaka have a fast attack as a baby and as he grows he has a slower stronger hit. Primal Mutations; Some of his mutations feels great while others just don't feel worth it, especially considering the mutations hold the supply for the 2 original units. While I'm only at level 13 on Dehaka currently and not sure if the gene mutations helps with this a lot.. I feel like Tyrannosaurs and Igniters just aren't worth it at all. While Tyrannos get double HP pool of your ultras and an air attack (not sure if they still cleave) I just feel like when I make a Tyranno it evaporates, and the huge AoE knock back and damage the ultras have and the super regen out of combat feels so much more valuable than a Tyranno. and then there's Igniters, Idk what happens to these things, but I morph em and I feel like they go missing 4 times faster than I can make them, even if in combat my Dehaka is tanking the brute of incoming damage. Defense and Summons: Loving Primal Wurms as they do a butt load of damage, but at the same time I almost feel like they get nothing done as they're just so very slow. Their weapon speed is slow and their level 10 unlock ability is a long cast time. Personally I would either like to see their weapon speed dropped from 2.2 to 1.9 or give their unlock ability AoE damage especially since they take up supply. and while on Wurms, I feel like Glevig could use a bit of an HP buff either 250 or 500 more or a range upgrade, given his limitations on spawning him as he's like a building I feel like I'm always forced to spawn him in awkward positions and then even with his initial spawn summons I feel like he just dies instantly.Variations22 3d
3d How to identify good/bad Stukov early Too many bad Stukov's out there. What are the early tell-tell sings? Often these players turn out to have like 10 APM, and do nothing the whole game apart from sending infested, no micro, no macro, no anything. It's a problem on brutal and on mutations. I am on the verge of insta quitting when paired with Stukov. Do Stukov actually have any units or micro? rare to see.TyphonVexCZ56 3d
3d Glevig Incendiary Acid I'd like to propose a change that is more of a quality of life than nerf/buff. I'd like to see either auto-cast disabled, the AI adjusted, or at the very least, not cancel the action if you disable the auto-cast while it's being used. The AI on this ability seems very poor and it's like it target that's furthest away and in a direction that doesn't have a lot of mobs. For this reason I turn it off and manually target. I try to turn it off as soon as he spawns but sometimes he cast it right away and as I right click to disable, he starts the cast and it cancels it and uses the cooldown and does no damage. This ability is very strong, but the auto-cast makes it near useless unless the target is stationary (like shards or thrashers).laZy8 3d
3d Co-Op Mutation #75: War Is Hell Char is ablaze. Increased volcanic activity has made the planet even more hazardous than before. Keep your eyes on the enemy, and always remember: Don't stand in the fire. Map: Void Thrashing Scorched Earth - Enemy units set the terrain on fire upon death. Lava Burst - Lava periodically bursts from the ground at random locations and deals damage to player air and ground units. Evasive Maneuvers - Enemy units teleport a short distance away upon taking damage. Reddit post: Will post later Video Replays on Brutal difficulty: CtG(Nova) - Yuriprime(Kerrigan) CtG(Raynor) - Yuriprime(Artanis) CtG(Alarak) - Zafitfitixh(Karax) CtG(Dehaka's view) - Hypernut(Vorazun's view) Yuriprime(Vorazun) - CtG(Karax) Yuriprime(Abathur) - CtG(Zagara) Other Notes: Lava Bursts hit air units, like in Vermillion Problem. The Lava Bursts appear all around your expansion, but not in the mineral line. It is probably wise to break rocks, and build your expansion on-location. Scorched Earth stacks depending on the supply count of units killed in a particular area, but it dissipates over time. Scorched Earth does NOT damage air units. Sometimes units blink closer to your units. Watch out for Banelings! Commander of the Week: Mutation difficulty: Commander of the Week winner of last week: KaraxCtG42 3d
3d Discord group and in-game group I've created a discord group for co-op, come join! ... This is the in-game group for NA ... To join the in-game group, you have to paste the above link into a chat window, then click on it Here's the 'Blizzard app' group invite link for NA: This uses the new 'social' function for the Desktop Blizzard app. ...Yuriprime3 3d
3d Infested Compound + Chronoboost = ? I did a test on the infested compound, here are my findings: You have an ability called 'Spawn infested civilian' ( It has a CD of 60seconds. Normally it is on autocast, for this test i turned it off. Once you activate it (click on it), eggs will spawn ( The eggs take 30 seconds ( to hatch. After the eggs hatch, a timer shows up, counting down 30 seconds ( I will call this grey timer thingy on top of the compound 'Timer cooldown'. In a normal game without chronoboost, everything aligns perfectly. Activate 'Spawn infested civilian', ability goes on 60second cooldown. Eggs hatch after 30 seconds, then the timer cooldown shows up. The timer ends after 30 seconds. In total 60 seconds have passed since you clicked on 'Spawn infested civilian', so you can use it again. But, if an ally chronoboosts you, the 'Spawn infested civilian' ability takes less than 60seconds to cooldown, so you can spawn more civilians in less than 60seconds right? Wrong. You are unable to click on 'Spawn infested civilian' until the timer cooldown ends. Notice in this picture (, the 'Spawn infested civilian' ability is off cooldown, but it is greyed out, because the timer is still there (the grey thingy is still on top of the compound). This shows that the chronoboost buff only affects the 'Spawn infested civilian' ability, NOT the timer. You will not be able to spawn any more civilians until the timer ends. In simple terms, the timer prevents you from clicking on 'Spawn infested civilian' , thus preventing you from spawning more civilians. However, it is still possible to spawn tons of civilians when you use Chrono Wave, Karax's ability. As mentioned above, the timer cooldown only shows up after the first set of eggs hatch, so the trick is to get the 'Spawn infested civilian' ability off cooldown BEFORE the first set of eggs hatch. This can be acomplished with Chrono Wave. Chrono Wave does not speed up the hatching process, but it does reduce the cooldown of the 'Spawn infested civilian' ability. When Chrono Wave is activated, the 'Spawn infested civilian' ability goes off cooldown BEFORE the eggs hatch, as shown in this picture (, the ability has 6 seconds left but the eggs are nowhere near hatching. Since the eggs have yet to hatch, there is no timer cooldown. With no timer cooldown, the 'Spawn infested civilian' ability can be used again. As shown here (, there is another set of eggs before the first set has hatched. If you use Chrono Wave DURING the timer cooldown, even though the 'Spawn infested civilian' ability is off CD, you CANNOT use the ability. Which means the Chrono Wave is useless. However, the normal Chronoboost (22.5%) is not able to help you get the 'Spawn infested civilian' ability off CD before the eggs hatch, so it does not help you in any way. The only situation its useful, is for the first wave of infested, which has a coolup of 3 minutes. There is no timer cooldown for this first wave, so chronoboost can help you get your infested earlier. TLDR: do not use Chrono Wave if you see the grey timer thingy on top of your compound. The normal Chronoboost only helps you get your first wave quicker, nothing else. The original post is linked here: 3d
4d Next Commander???? In my personal opinion, i think one of the up-coming commander should be a Terran one. The possible ones i can think of are either Mira Han, or even Matt Horner. This is just my personal opinion, if anyone agrees, well, you are the bestConan33 4d
4d Hidden feature of Dakrun Many people may know already. Dakrun deals a big AoE damage at where it is summoned. I don't remember if Glevig and Murvar do the same. And, I can't find this feature written anywhere. It's a useful piece of information, so that people should summon Darkrun in the middle of enemy to kill most of them instantly.Syltom8 4d
4d Mutation Week 75 War is Hell Pro/Cons I wasn’t able to do last weeks as my family was dealing with the Nor Cal fires. Everything is good now and I should be able to continue thanks for reading and posting your own builds So, every week I take on the weekly mutation on my stream and I wanted to open up topic about the pros and cons of each commander. Please make sure to talk about your builds and anything that you want to say. So, let's get started. I wanted to start off by saying that this mission can be cheesed by going around the outside of the map thus avoiding the lava spouts and all the burning ground. Some if the easier ones are Stukov’s Liberators, and Artanis’ Tempests. Stukov’s Libs do great damage and have a lot of damage reduction and the Tempest have a super long range. Using this method you can even get the bonus easily by going the the first Thrasher normally, then the second one by skirting the west side. The last two sets of Thrashers can be done by going around the east side and getting the bonus on the way to the last set. Here is my order from best to worse Stukov Dehaka Kerrigan Zagara Vorazun Raynor Swann Abathur Alarak Nova Karax Artanis Fenix Good Offensive Commanders: All Commanders Good Defensive Commanders: Not really a defensive mutation Raynor Composition: Viking/Banshee Pros: Easy to cheese this mission with this method. Hyperion can be used to deal with the first Thrasher and help to clear areas before you get there. Banshee call downs are good for small attack waves and to finish off thrashers. Air units avoid half the Mutations. Viking have super long attack range and Banshee are great aoe for ground forces. Raynor can reinforce anywhere on the map so attacking the last two sets of Thrashers will be easier. Cons: Losses are inevitable even with great micro as you can repair any units while skirting the outside. While using an air composition it might be hard to keep medics alive if you attack as they will get all the ground damage and the Scorched earth will do a lot of damage. Kerrigan Composition: Ultralisk/Zergling. Pros: Kerrigan is great for this mutation as she can do great damage and Immobilization wave is OP as always. Ultralisk are very hard to kill and you can always put them back into an Omega Network any time you feel they might have taken too much damage. Zergling are a great use for the extra minerals that you might acquire so feel free to make as many as you want as long as you have extra Larva. Leaping strike is great for an time you need to get away from flames. Cons: Air composition are very tough to deal with as Hydralisks will melt in the fires, thius you will never be able to get enough of them. Artanis Composition: Tempest/Zealot. Pros: Tempest have great attack range. Solar Bombardment can deal with the first Thrasher and a few other things throughout the mission. Disintegration is great for dealing with any one unit or to get extra dps aginst a Thrasher. Zealots can be warped in anywhere to help pull agro from your Tempests. Guardian Shield will help keep your forces alive. Cons: Might be a bit hard to defend if you go around the outside, and if you go from the front you might lose a lot of Tempests to the Lava Burst. Swann Composition: Tank/Hercules,Goliath/Science Vessel. Pros: Tanks have great dps and as long as you keep them moving with a Hercules you should be able to to never lose any of them to the fires or the lava spouts. Science vessels should be able to keep your forces alive with free heals but you will have to be careful about the lava spouts. Laser Drill should help you deal with any attack wave and get you extra dps for the Thrashers. Goliaths have good dps and attack range for the air units. Cons: Goliaths will die very fast so hope for a ground comp.Hunter4 4d
4d Co-op Announcers Hello, I just noticed that most of the commanders (except Zagara and Stukov) have their own announcers in-game (for multiplayer and co-op and arcade?). I was just wondering if it can be implemented to a commander that will be picked, the game will automatically assign its own respective announcer (if purchased or can be "free" in co-op missions). You know, rather than the commander just buts in the middle of the game then Isha, Ji'nara, Rohana, Sgt. Hammer (depends on mission) will be reminding us of the objective. Then again, Zagara and Stukov (am i missing someone?) needs to have an announcer in-game too. Hope I explained it well. *too many parenthesisMandirigma0 4d
4d Please Add Random Commander Selection Please add a question mark option for commander selection that will give you a random commander. For those of us just farming and want to mix it up :)LumduL12 4d
4d The amount of mixed difficulty games The amount of mixed difficulty games. I encounter almost only mixed difficulty games when leveling heroes l1-l10 on hard (then I switch t brutal). There are some problems with this: The games speed is slower then hard The game takes longer, and time is precious I get slowed down. -- my tempo drops it's better to not get ever used to slow speeds Too easy again, not challenged enough and become lazyunfair the normal or even! casual player still gets full hard experience. THisdoesn't motivate them to improve playing with them is annoying. Ussually I can carry them, but in this one trains game, he only build few vultures, no macro, no units, I just couldn't do it. Had to give up after 20 minutes = waste of time.Maybe that works on casual/normal IDK Maybe leveling from l1 on brutal is solution, but I feel I am beying slightly carried then. TLDR for varios reasons it costs time what are your experiences? If you need to see my profile refer to eu profile.TyphonVexCZ5 4d
4d Mira Han Poster at BlizzconGear store I guess it is confirmed who the next commander is.Kosta0 4d
4d Question regarding mutations Hello. Does anyone have a list of the first 70 mutations? Just curious what is coming up. Also, how do I make a custom mutation map? I must be missing something very obvious, but the answer eludes me. When I go into the custom tab, I do not see how to select mutators. Thanks.BunnyBorne3 4d
4d Is there a custom community for this game? I keep looking for some place i can find some people to play custom mutators with but it seems chat is always talking about everything except co-op. I am on the Americas BT is geeg#1938 if anyone wants to play some!Geegus0 4d
4d Why is Nova so popular? So i made a post one month earlier called: "LIST YOUR MOST FAV TO LEAST FAV COMMANDER" and got lots of replies. (thx for all the replies btw :]) it was great to see all the list By the time i post this new one there was about 55 lists and out of those there are lots of Nova at the top. so i went and count up all the nova that was atleast at top 3 i got about 35/55, so around... 63%ish And so i just have to ask why is she so popular? Is it her kit?(units, top bar, upgrades) Is it her play style? Is it because she have her own campaign? or is it Nova herself ;)? Plz let me know what yall think :D PS: Coop Rocks! love you Blizzard staffs who made this mode a thing <3Kinrada37 4d