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13m Co-op Mission Update - March 15th, 2018 Hi again! It’s been a while since our last big Co-op patch, which focused on Han & Horner, Fenix, and Karax. There’s been a lot of productive discussion in the community about how these Commanders feel post-update, and we’ve been closely monitoring this discussion to see if there’s any future tweaks we can do. But before we make any more changes to those three, we’re excited to announce our next set of Commander updates, which will include Artanis, Raynor, and Swann! Artanis Artanis is one of our starter Commanders, and we think he does a great job at introducing players to Protoss in Co-op. He showcases Protoss mechanics well and is forgiving to play thanks to his Guardian Shell ability. He also has a wide variety of powerful strategies. However, we’ve identified the following areas in which he could be tuned: Artanis’ energy-based calldowns are underwhelming compared to those of other Commanders. Thus, we’ll be looking to make changes to Orbital Strike and Shield Overcharge to bring these abilities to that power level. Artanis’ anti-air options are underwhelming compared to those of other Commanders. As such, we’ll be looking to focus some of Artanis’ changes to the Dragoon and Phoenix. Raynor Like Artanis with Protoss, Raynor serves as most players’ introduction to Terran Co-op play. Raynor’s bio play is in a good place as it is difficult to execute but also highly rewarding to play. However: His Mech units aren’t seeing as much use as we’d like. Thus, we’ll focus our changes towards improving Mech play and encouraging Bio/Mech combinations without influencing the strength of Bio. Swann Swann is another Commander that players frequently request changes for. Swann is one of the strongest Commanders in the late-game, and he has one of the most helpful and powerful Co-op abilities in Vespene Harvesters. The problem is that Swann has difficulties getting there for a variety of reasons: Swann has one of the longest ramp-up times in the game. Hellbats, Cyclones, Thors, and Wraiths are not at the power level we’d like them to be. As with Raynor, we’d like to focus Swann’s changes on these lesser-used units and hopefully give him many similarly powerful options. Community Feedback As with the previous round of changes, please let us know what you think about the direction we’re taking with these Commanders. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions! Kevin Dong Co-op Commander Designermonk135 13m
18s Dead of Night suggestions 1) Make the starting base area bigger so you have more space to build. 2) Give the players 1-2 more minutes at the start to set up defenses.MyOhMind8 18s
3m Commander Concept: Umojan Protectorate Constructive feedback and criticisim is highly appreciated. I really didn't have much to lean on when making this concept as there isn't much information on the Umojan military and so I took some inspiration again from my other favorite RTS, the C&C series. General Dodds Umojan Protectorate General Role: Reconnaissance and advanced technology Features: - Command an army armed with advanced Umojan technology and utilizing remote operated vehicles. - Use advanced scanner sweeps and recon drones to scout the enemy and exploit weaknesses. Support allies with attack and repair drones. - Utilize satellite based weaponry to call down precise orbital strikes on enemies. Calldowns: - Satellite Scan: Temporarily reveals the entire battlefield for 10 seconds and also detects cloaked units. (Requires Orbital Command) - Orbital Harpoon: Drops an orbital slug from an attack satellite to a target area. Deals 200 damage and stuns enemy units for 5 seconds. Stores up to 3 charges. (Requires Orbital Command) Design Philosophy – Coming from the resource poor, undermanned but technologically advanced Umojan Protectorate, General Dodds has placed heavy reliance on the best reconnaissance, orbital strikes and unmanned weaponry to more than compensate for their deficiency. Umoja’s technology has also pulled them ahead of their Dominion counterparts, eliminating the need for attached support structures and having buildings construct themselves without the need for an SCV. General Dodds is conceptualized to be a support commander that can also his own offensively and defensively. He provides vision and sustain to his partner which I feel are essential support tools other than resource gain.Koetetsu0 3m
5m Co-Op Mutation #97: Fowl Play Your supply lines have been cut off, and you must work together with your ally in order to sustain your armies. Luckily, there is plenty of local wildlife to harvest. But proceed with caution. Who knows what a turkey is capable of when under threat? Map: Oblivion Express Sharing is Caring - Supply is shared between you and your partner, and units from both armies contribute to your combined supply cap. Turkey Shoot - Supply can only be generated by killing turkeys that wander throughout the map. Doing so may anger the turkeys that remain. Reddit post: Video Replays on Brutal difficulty: CtG(Raynor's view) - Hunter(Nova's view) Hunter(Alarak's view) - KaGe(Zagara's view) Turkey 10HP 8dmg (+8 vs structure)/1.5s 2 move speed Provides 2 supply when killed. Infested Turkey 75/100/125/150HP on Casual/Normal/Hard/Brutal 1 armor Several spawn per car of the train, depending on difficulty level. Does not provide supply when killed. The Turking 2000/2500/4000/6000HP on Casual/Normal/Hard/Brutal 0/2/15/30HP regen per second on Casual/Normal/Hard/Brutal 3 armor 3 move speed 250dmg (+250vs structure)/2s Has a Terrifying Gobble ability that casts Fear upon your units. Does not provide supply when killed. Other Notes: Artanis, Nova, and Dehaka's supply buffs do not work for this mutation. The combined starting available supply are 80/70/60/50 on Casual/Normal/Hard/Brutal difficulties, respectively. Supply will slowly decrease based on how much supply you consume. The more supply on the field, the faster the supply available will deplete. Units will incur a damage penalty when you exceed the available supply. Players can only earn supply by killing regular turkey. Each turkey provides 2 supply. A turkey spawns every 8 seconds. Killing trains also spawns turkeys. Hostile Infested Turkeys spawn on some trains. The Turking attacks after the 7th train is destroyed. Commander of the Week: Mutation difficulty: Do you like this mutation? Commander of the Week winner of last week: VorazunCtG32 5m
30m Strike Fighters Is anyone else having a blast with the new strike fighters? I have been teching straight to the napalm ones and having one or two making strikes while I use my galleon/reaper force in the front. Then later on I add in the rest and hit enemy attacks that way. They are really good now for me. I especially like them on Dead of Night where I can hit the infested buildings at night. So much fun to use!JorgeCis4 30m
2h Zealot into Dragoon When Fenix is announced in Heroes of the Storm, it reminds me the lore where injured Zealots turn into Dragoon to fight once more. So, I kinda want to see some Protoss commander can have a variant of Zealots, where dead Zealots turn into Dragoons. A new commander or Artanis, or someone else, maybe.Syltom9 2h
2h any new content coming ? that i am not aware of ? I have been looking around , google-ing, in hopes i actually missed some upcoming content. Are they working on something at all ? I was thinking of a purchase on some commanders or something else, but i dont want to give them money if they just ignore this game completely like they do with d3. And before you flame me for this , i am looking only for answer if we are getting any new content soon or not.IIIIIIIII5 2h
3h The Fake Patch Notes - 4.3 Raynor Disclaimer This "patch note" is a fake one forged by me. I thought it to be fun to actually make ideas into such format to better explain things. Again, this is NOT an official one. Any technical explanation beyond the abstraction level of patch notes will be explained with ((Note)). Mechs, Mechs, Mechs! As we have said before, we are satisfied with the overall design of Bio Raynor. While average players could rock with early bio armies combined with beefy Marauders, Firebats, and Medics, high-level players could grasp better opportunities by massing orbital commands for more MULEs and focus on marines to get more DPS. While such macro play is certainly rewarding, it has been never an easy task to maximize it while keeping early pressures managable. In such way, Raynor reflects our design philosophy of "easy to learn, hard to master" to its best. We would like to give such feelings to his Mech counterpart as well. Our goal is to enable rewarding experience to his macro play similar to his Bio build, while promoting diverse set of units. However, with MULEs only providing mineral and Mechs being mostly gas-heavy, the choice is effectively limited to mass marines or vultures. We intend to widen the choices to otherwise gas-intensive mech armies, and meanwhile, we would also take a rather underwhelming mastery power, Stimpack Duration, to be a compelling choice with following changes: Stimpack Duration mastery power is replaced by Improved Production Process mastery power. For each point, it converts 2% of the vespene gas cost of Raynor's combat units to mineral cost. For example, with 30 points spent on Improved Production Process, a Viking would cost 165/30, and a Battlecruiser would cost 500/120. We hope that it should make much easier to access Mech compositions. ((Note: A typical macro games over 20 CCs on MO yields about 30% additional resource totals compared to incomes with 3x patch saturation and no MULEs. So it should be safe to set a conservative upperbound of additional resource incomes of MULEs to 50% of resource totals in two bases setup. Assuming 3:1 mineral-gas ratio, the overall ratio is adjusted by MULEs to 5:1 in such setup. The mastery power is designed with such numbers in mind. Of course, in reality average players play about 4~8 CCs in NA and 10~14 CCs in Asia so unless you're on the level of LilArrin you would never reach to that income ratio. In other words, this mastery power is intended to be invested less than 30 points for most of the players, trade-offing against Drop Pod power. As your macro skills get higher you would want to spend more on this power if you intend to play Mech.)) Spider Mines Spider mines have been one of the most powerful defense for Raynor. However it had been too effective compared to his other defensive arsenals; in particular, massing spider mines was deemed to be a universal solution to any defense-oriented mutations with risk being almost none, which was beyond the level we had intended. So we removed their invulnerability a few patches ago. While this change had keep them from stomping over all ground units, we have noticed that now spider mines are destroyed too quickly against units that deals splash damage -- hellbats and banelings in particular. So we would like to compensate the nerf a bit to prevent them from being completely useless against certain compositions: Spider mine no longer has Light armor. With this change, they would still remain as a bit risky yet rewarding defense, while no longer be one-shotted by such area-of-effects units.Scox5 3h
5h Co-op Commander Guide: Fenix Once a meme commander, now ... less of a meme commander! This guide has a lot of insight provided by some very dedicated Fenix players! 5h
7h Tech Reactor for Raynor when ally is Swann Abathur gets Omega network when allied with Kerrigan. Raynor can get Tech Reactor from Swann now if Swann makes one and lifts up his building. Now Tech reactor cost is the same as Tech lab, can Raynor's add-on default to Tech Reactor when ally is Swann? Terrans need some signs of solidarity like Protoss sharing power field.HappySong13 7h
7h More suggestions for Swann Hercules: Allow Hercules to pick up vehicle wreckages from Immortality Protocol Add a unique research to Starport tech lab that repairs units while loaded in a Hercules Hellbat Add a bonus to Infernal Plating that reduces damage by a % for Hellbats only Decrease unit cargo space when loaded onto a Hercules down to 2 (same as Hellion) Hellion Add Twin-Linked Flamethrower upgrade to Infernal Pre-Igniter for Hellions only Cyclone Reduce unit/collision size Reduce gas cost by 25 Increase base Lock-On damage by 100% Remove Mag-Field Accelerator research Add Rapid-Fire Launchers research Allow Cyclones to utilize Immortality Protocol Thor 330m Cannon: Increase range to 10, increase deployment speed Increase splash radius of Javelin Missiles Add High Impact Payload/Explosive Payload abilities Wraith Remove Cloak cost Lower Burst Laser base attack cooldown to .85 (down from 1.69) Change Pulse Amplifier to work similarly to Deimos Viking's WILD Missiles research Increase attack range of Gemini Missiles to 8 Armory Remove Regenerative Bio-Steel research Add Smart Servos research Reasoning for changes Regenerative Bio-Steel is bad, and although it could be buffed to be more effective like other regenerative bonuses commanders have (namely Nova), I feel that this type of research has no place in Swann's toolkit when he already has free repairs from SCVs. Instead, this ability is sort-of replaced by allowing Hercules to repair loaded units, making them both a great transport unit and also a substitute for Science Vessels. Allowing Hercules to also pick up unit wreckages makes them a pseudo "fail-safe" mechanic, allowing Swann to easily recollect the remains of a destroyed army and warp them back to base where they can be safely reconstructed. Hellions/Hellbats are in a weird place for Swann since he doesn't really need them and mass light units are an uncommon enemy composition. As such, I think their niche usage should be improved to the point that they're an OK unit to throw into a an army here and there as opposed to giving them any outrageous changes at an attempt to make them a solo-comp viable unit. With a % damage reduction passive, Hellbats can tank things like Banelings and spells much better, and with increased splash range, Hellions will deal more overall damage even if they're not fighting light units. For Thors, 330m cannon must be improved. 10 range will let them shoot over fellow Goliaths and Thors, and with an increased deployment speed it'll make them much better at reacting to incoming enemy waves as well as sieging an enemy fortification. Adding the Payload swaps for their AA also improves their general viability. All together, alongside Smart Servos, Thors would become much more responsive units to whatever enemy compositions comes their way. Cyclones actually have pretty good single-target DPS per supply cost, so I'd like to see them go further in the direction of excelling in single-target DPS. They're currently pretty expensive to research and mass, so there should be some measures to reduce their overall cost. Giving them Mag-Field Accelerators for free makes them much better out-of-the-box units, and adding Rapid-Fire Accelerators onto that will allow a pack of Cyclones to absolutely demolish beefy targets. Smaller unit/collision size is an often discussed topic of Cyclones, which will further improve their overall DPS as a group. Wraiths should emphasize more on seek-and-destroy tactics so that they can reliably defend themselves via Cloak management. A WILD Missile type ground attack and improved AA range fulfills the seek-and-destroy ideal, allowing them to better snipe out common aerial detectors (as well as improve their AA performance in general), and WILD Missile-type ground attacks will let them quickly destroy turrets/cannons/etc. These buffs work together to make them better utilize Cloak and improve their survivability while not going overboard with DPS buffs, while also making proper Wraith micro rewarding and fun. Also, I'm not a fan of perma-Cloak since it feels like a cop-out for managing energy, but at the very least Cloak should not cost energy so that they aren't penalized for constantly decloaking and cloaking when the situation calls for it.foreignreign51 7h
7h Brining co-op Units up to Speed There are a fair number of units that have been straight buffed outside of co-op that are now stronger there than in co-op. Looking at these units, I notice that as a general rule these units are part of “easier” enemy comps, or are highly underused by the co-op commander using that unit. Here’s the list: Siege tanks Thors Sort of stalkers (I’ll leave that for others to decide if it’s a real factor at all) Zealots Void rays Corruptors Hydras Banelings (Cyclones got redisigned, and would need a whole separate topic of their own) as you can see, there are some units that are already pretty good (kerrigans hydras, swanns tanks), but none of the units here are really considered to be members of the super-comp club. Now before I get ahead of myself, let me break down what the actual buffs were, and why I think they would work out fine. tanks: Sizeable dps buff, allowed multiplayer tanks to be more or less as good as swann’s tanks without even needing an upgrade. Raynor’s tanks are unpopular, and novas tanks are almost only ever gotten for the spider mines, and swanns tanks are pretty good but if he is left out his tanks would be worse than raynors, and he has always been concidered a meh commander. Worst case the rest of the upcoming swann buff would have to be directed at aa. thors: +1 base armour, totalling two, and +20% aoe for aa attack. Thors are unpopular, and well at least they should match their multiplayer counterparts instead of being weaker. zealots and voids and corruptors: all got a movement speed buff, though zealots only after charge Void rays already rely pretty heavily on teleporting with pylons, movement speed could at least make them a touch less dependant, and zealots outright feel sluggish to me when I play co-op, really pushes them to be a death ball unit which only fenix’s are really any good at. meanwhile, zagara has long bane armies, the corruptor kind of needs at least to keep up, and it still will likely need help. hydras and banes: HP buff, and move buff on creep for hydras while both of these units are pretty good on their respective commanders, there comes the matter of consistency, and zagara is considered weak and kerrigans aa, so both could be justified. And roach/hydra enemies are just the easiest ones to get, hard mutations can for suckier players be roll until you get roach/hydra, then win.WireBender26 7h
11h Random Coop I thnik the option pick random commander isn’t done good. I play only random but that silly option always get me 2 or 3 times in row same commander or map what is really anoying. There is bigger probability that me with close eyes pick random commander insted random option what know only 3 or 4 commander and 3 maps...... I thnik need to be improved with someting like : Do not allow the generator pick same commander or map in row......Lukino10 11h
13h Artanis Templar tech also needs improvement It is currently very expensive and takes too long to ramp up, compared to its power level. With Artanis being one of the commander being evaluated, I'm rather surprised that there are no mentioning of improving his Templar tech at all. While stackable psi storm has been a massive boon for the tech path, making it actually usable, it still need a lot of work. Templar requires 3 vital upgrades to reach their maximum potential, Psi Storm, Khaydarin Amulet (+150 energy on warp in), and Plasma Surge (bigger AoE and shield restore). Khamulet requires a whopping 120 seconds and 200/200 to research, and Plasma Surge requires 90s to research as well. On the scale of Co-op, this is far too expensive. Compare that to Alarak's Ascendants, with Psi Orb not requiring research, and other upgrades all only requiring 60 seconds and 100/100. Or Vorazun's DTs, which 200/200/120s research, Shadow Fury, there's simply no contest. Another problem many other co-op players have been complaining about, is that Archons does not benefit from the powerful Attack speed boost-on-warp-in mastery, which would otherwise be a very powerful tool for Artanis. ... Especially since the problem of his lackluster anti-air is discussed, making Templar/Archon better can help solve the problem with their AoE/spell damage easily wiping off AI's air waves.Khoakuma32 13h
14h Any map you alt+F4 in the loading screen? Are there any maps you instantly quit as soon as you see them in the loading screen? Personally for me it is the Temple of the Past. I find that map so god damn boring that i just cant be arsed to play it. To make it even funnier when i do make the mistake of not alt+f4 out of Temple of the Past more often than not my ally has quit as soon the game starts. So what is the map you immediately quit out of and why?Stratos66 14h
17h Right Clicking the Temple So, this actually happened a while ago but I heard people talking about scourge/bane on temple of the past, reminding me about this event. Everyone knows how annoying scourge are on this map. A single attack wave can kill the temple many times over in instant damage. However, as long as scourge continued their normal behavior of staying with the rest of their wave and then attacking any flying things the saw before the temple, it was doable. However, lately I had a game where the scourge literally ignored my air army and left their wave in the dust, leaving it fighting my base, and simply right clicking the temple. I was playing fenix, before the latest wave of buffs, but long after they removed the low attack priority interceptors, and I had a maxed out mass carrier fleet, with fenix in arbiter mode and a wall of cannons. But what happened was that the scourge right clicked on fenix's arbiter suit, instantly killing it, and then the scourge went right past all my carriers, killing 0 interceptors and not even scratching the shields of a single carrier, not even clolarian WHO HAS A BASIC ATTACK! They just went for the temple and killed it. Zagara uses this tactic of right clicking objectives to kill things with 12000 hp, why does amon get to use it against things with 3000 hp? Do we have to bring temple health in line with hostile objectives? Honestly, I don't see why we haven't just disabled structure attack on hostile scourge, there is no reason the scourge need to hit the temple when the adrenal lings and aberrations can do so just fine.WireBender39 17h
21h Chrono Boost on Photon Cannon My Artanis is going to have max chrono boost soon. Chrono Boost is amazing in the early game but in the middle game, I can't find a reason to use it after I have upgraded the upgrades that I wanted, which is indirectly made the whole chrono boost from the mastery wasted in the long run. I wonder, why can't I use Chrono Boost on Photon Cannon to increases its attack speed? At least allowing Chrono Boost to use on Photon Cannon will not make Chrono Boost (especially when you maxed Chrono Boost mastery) obsolete in the late game. I was thinking to have Chrono Boost works on mechanic units too but I have decided to against it because it may cause the game imbalance.Kilometer19 21h
23h Why not Make an OB Mode on Co-op? Now we have custom mode on co-op, but it only allow two players with no observers. Why not give us an ob mode? I think it's not difficult for Blizzard to make it for they have such complete ob mode on versus mode. 1.With the ob mode, we can learn the other's playing just by observe their games without read their replays. 2.We can also hold more relevant activities and matches on co-op with the ob mode.Recently my friends are trying to hold some small co-op matches, however it is really difficult to make it since there are no ob mode while the similar custom maps in the arcade have plenty of bugs. It would be much better if Blizzard could make the official ob mode. Thus give us the ob mode plz.windmelody2 23h
1d When's the "Super Protoss Commander"? So Nova represents the "advanced super elite" of the Terran Dominion, with ridiculously tough units that arguably better represent the "quality over quantity" philosophy then any of the other Protoss commanders do. Abathur, with his ultimate evolutions and Biomass make make for the Zerg equivalent of super units as well. But when are we going to see the "super powered Protoss" forces? Fenix does this, somewhat, but his champions don't really feel that much more powerful then his other units. Is a super Protoss commander even viable?Noogai33 1d
1d On changing difficulty speeds... Aloe suggested making them all the same, or allowing players to pick speed. Neither suggestion works unfortunately because of technical reasons. Queues and all that, plus some people can play normal or casual but not at a faster pace. But what about allowing players in a party to change difficulty speed? For example, I can solo hard on most maps and commanders, but Brutal I can't even come close. My buddy can handle cooperative hard easily, but can't play Brutal worth a !@#$. So when we play hard, it is disgustingly easy. When we play Brutal, it's a struggle to win even skipping bonuses. He gets stressed out by the speed and plays even worse than he does on hard. But he can't even practice anything faster, because it's all or nothing. So why can't we get in a party, and choose Hard on Faster, or Brutal on Fast? I am not aware of any technical limitation, and if EXP is something people are worried about, I could care less, maybe earn less exp or something. I don't play ladder and neither does he, so it isn't like I'm worried about getting "used" to a certain speed. Over the years this has been suggested many many times, but without queues in the picture, why wouldn't this be implemented? I don't mind downvotes but would love to get to the bottom of this because it's been the biggest problem with coop in my circle of friends for years now.Wiggin11 1d
1d Solo Brutal with One base Swann Laser Drill I accidentally found this guy (Grant the Drill Master)'s video. He basically developed a build for Swann that uses the Laser Drill and tower defense to solo brutal (and mutation). The strategy is quite creative, powerful, and easy to master. The key concept is to time the CD perfectly to catch all attack waves. The Drill build time mastery and the beam width mastery are required for this style. The videos are in Chinese but I think it is easy to understand the underlying idea.Greenhorn18 1d
1d Give Mass Recall to Protoss commanders' nexii Alarak is the commander most lacking in mobility and defense. Artanis is just behind - he can warp in anywhere on the map, until he can't because he reached supply cap. Other commanders have mass recall, nydus, tactical jump or deep tunnel to quickly move some units around. These 2 could use an emergency recall much like in versus. Perhaps a long cooldown (3 min), eventually able to be reduced by masteries, requiring to be researched at the cybernetics core, thoughts?TNTPIZZA9 1d
2d Why can't I play Co-Op? Whenever I click the ready button, it changes to a cancel button, and then does nothing else. I’m wondering why this is so, and if there’s a way to fix this. Any information given is appreciated.RandomRaider7 2d
2d Dominion Commander Concept Disclaimer: Any numbers that exist exist solely for representative estimates and are not as important as design elements themselves. Details and numbers are present for inspiration, whereas issues would come from design elements. Inspiration comes originally from the Company of Heroes Veterancy System: Units in that game gain experience from kills (the more expensive their target, the more they earn), and a small amount is distributed to nearby friendly units. There is vet 0 – vet 3; Vet 0 is base stats, vet 1 is primarily an ability unlock, and vet 2 and vet 3 is ever increasing stat buffs. More expensive units require more experience in order to get to the next veterancy. *Personal notes at the end. Colonel Beau “Decimus” Lisowski A former member of Raynor’s Raiders, upon the end of Arcturus Mengsk’s rule and the start of Valerian’s reforms, Beau “Decimus” Lisowski was one of the first men to sign up to be a part of the Dominion’s new army, now made up of men and women who had volunteered to serve instead of being “chosen” to serve. With a vehement loyalty to the new Dominion, Lisowski quickly rose through the ranks as a commander of his own sizeable force of soldiers. His unwavering courage in the face of the enemy and amazing leadership has made him the favorite of many of his superiors, allowing him to organize his army to represent his loyalty. He has thus renamed his troops to honor the Dominion’s greatness, and his focus on improving the skills of his soldiers through intense training and constant combat has made them elite in their own way. Additionally, his flamboyant hatred for Arcturus and his rule has earned him the nickname of “Decimus” among his soldiers. Color Scheme His troops are maroon with black accents; just enough difference in the shade and detailing to be distinguishable from Amon’s Moebius Corp. His units look meaner than average Terran units, sporting more armor and bigger/more guns. Design Principles Decimus’s focus on training and battlefield experience means that his troops unlock abilities and get improved stats the more experience they earn, and these are only unlocked when troops advance from Recruit to Corporal, Corporal to Sergeant, and from Sergeant to Captain. Each rank requires more experience to advance to than the last. Experience is earned by killing units; the unit that gets a kill gains experience, and a small portion of it is distributed equally to surrounding units. Tougher enemy units provide more experience, more expensive units require more experience to rank up. Ultimately, Decimus prefers to take the fight to the enemy instead of sitting back and letting them come to him, so he has outfitted his units to be more offense orientated, and they should be primarily used to keep fighting with few breaks to relax. Not to say that defense is not an option.Marty17 2d
2d Favorite co-op commander and why? Please post your fav coop commanders here. I'm in a mood for a survey.daedalis94 2d
2d Necro Post -Necro Post-Crusher7 2d
2d Campaign maps for COOP Now we all know that most of the COOP Maps are derived from Campaign maps. I never really understood their choices, since i think many of the more fun campaign maps are still usable for COOP. With that in mind, which maps do you guys think would make for great coop maps? My personal favourites include: All in A combination of both versions without the whole shenanigans about kerrigan would make for a great coop map in my opinion Brothers in arms Lets forget about Raynor and Valerian, convert both bases to player bases and put the expansions between them. You could have the AI attack either base during the mission + the mechanic of stronger hybrid based attack waves carrys over really well (imo). Essence of eternity As one may have noticed at this point, i like defensive based missions. A 4 base (potential for 6) EoE could be fun, one might have to introduce an extra mission objective though (because the attack waves are too small for coop standards) Breakout This is one of my favourite missions in the entire campaign. Its highly based on offense, and would be the first "destroy a base to win" mission in coop. Ditch tosh ( for this mission), and tighten the defenses a little to make it last 25mins. What do you guys think?Killercat24 2d
2d Molten Sal - too easy? It's hard to kill the pirates at korhal. It's even harder to beat blightbringer or the oversized killerbots. The virophage isn't strong but has a lot of HP and takes its time, while the infested are attacking your base, And molten sal - well you camp it and it's dead in 2 seconds flat. Can't you make it so, that it takes a little effort? Give it f.e. a real attack and a real Hpbar. If that doesn't help, then let attack from the far like a void thrasher from the fourth lava sweep on, or even better, let him spawn in the middle of the exe bases at the third or fourth lava sweep. Make us fight it on even ground or give us an incentive to take it on earlier, than in lategame.Crusher34 2d
2d Opinions about Raynor ... ... Thanks for reading.Habil1 2d
2d Next commander when ? Tosh is time to u turn out invisibility mode and come to coop!? Or maybe Selendis will warp with her mothership to battle!? Last commander was in November I would love some response from the dev team guysVinícius123 2d
2d Mutation Challenge #2 I loved the idea of Antichaine's Mutation Challenge, so I decided to continue the fun and create my own. Please reference for all the "rules" of the challenge, but the basics are play the specified map and add as many mutators as you can like in consecutive order and post the replay. Map: Oblivion Express Mutators: 1) Photon Overload 2)Time Warp 3) Temporal Field 4) Lava Burst 5) Darkness 6) Inspiration 7)Walking Infested 8) Outbreak 9) Aggressive Deployment 10) Alien Incubation Here is a replay of all 10 using Fenix/Karax, but feel free not to torture yourself and just add as many as you feel is fun! 2d
2d I feel H&H's Hellbats got the wrong upgrade Don't get me wrong; increasing the Hellbat's HP to 235 is a powerful upgrade, but it feels misplaced on H&H compared to Swann. H&H's Hellbats are meant to die to unleash their fear effect, and while the extra HP makes it more likely they'll live long enough to pull that off, it doesn't quite fit Mira's style, IMO. Meanwhile, Swann's army is all about mechanical know-how, which implies sturdy units. I know Swann's just outdated at the moment, but increasing the health of Swann's Hellbats would've, IMO, been more appropriate than increasing the health of H&H's Hellbats. Now, this is just my opinion, but I think it would've been more appropriate if Mira's Hellbats could've gotten some form of jump-dash ability like Nova's Hellbat Rangers (minus the stun) instead of the extra HP. Maybe they could've gotten their movement speed upgrade improvement as a baseline (not the fear-on-death effect, though), and then researching the upgrade unlocks their jump-dash. That, IMO, would've been more appropriate, given the suicidal nature of Mira's units. Anybody else agree?darkdill12 2d
3d Abathur&Fenix Tips(CLOSED) I will buy Abathur and Fenix pretty soon and I'd prefer having some good tips from you guys ,if possible Soo far I got these from experiences: Fenix: Conservators are amazing. Mixed army is good. Eco is very important. Fenix is super good, change modes often,keep detection always. Abathur: Biomass is super important early. Rush an ultimate. Air is super good.TheDragon25 3d
3d The 2 Categories of COOP Commanders I guess everyone who plays coop for some time has experienced games with poor allies. Maybe even lost games because of that. And just to be clear, i have no problem with that. My problem is, this: When i play Kerrigan, Alarak, Nova or Vorazun i dont care much about what my ally does. Of course its somewhat map dependent and can be annoying, but on most maps my ally can even be AFK for half the game, and its still going to be fun to play. Each of those commanders can defend or be offensive just fine, and cover if their ally is afk for some time or just if he is totally out of position. However when i play Karax, Swann, Zagara or Mira, its different. They have very distinct disadvantages, that are greatly amplified on some maps. E.g. its really no fun playing dead of night as zagara / mira, when your ally does not help defend. Similar story with Karax / Swann on Part&Parcel, if you ally doesn't help much early game or with the first bonus. Im not saying that commanders should be able to solo carry AFK allies all game long. But clearly you can carry with some commanders pretty easily on most situations, while others have a much harder time. You may ask: So what? Some commanders are allrounders, while others can not! The problem for me is, that i find myself more and more playing commanders, who dont rely as much on allies. You just have less frustrating experiences with them. But at the same time, im getting bored playing them as well. And don't get me wrong here: i love playing Mira, Swann and Karax. But having less frustrating games with other commanders just makes me gravitate away from them. To me its pretty obvious, that the problem is mainly offensive focused commanders (Mira and Zagara) and defensive commanders (Swamm and Karax). Their lacking in one area just makes them very dependent on their allies... especially on maps that amplify their weaknesses. Im not asking for straight out buffs for those commanders, but for some more compensation of weaknesses. E.g. the recent buff to miras supply depot HP was a nice step in the right direction imo. We need more of that. For example, i would love to see some more buffs to miras widow mines. Karax and swann need some help early game, while zagara needs some cost effient way to deal with sustained attacks like you have on dead of night and miner evacuation. Cheers, ZhaZhadoom38 3d
3d Gold bases So, I was thinking about what if we had a co-op map with gold natural, or even a gold main. We saw many maps with extra gases and gold bases in the campaign, and I was thinking that maybe this could provide a sort of middle ground between current economy and 3 base maps. I am well aware that there are concerns with this idea same as three base, but I want to know if people would at least be more accepting of this idea over the 3 base madness that people want so that they can go crazy macro mode.WireBender17 3d
3d Co-Op Mutation #96: Explosive Results Amon is determined to destroy Sgt. Hammer's Fortress at all costs. Explosions rock the compound as nukes rain from above and Amon's minions detonate themselves upon death. Do what you can to mitigate your own casualties as you take out the Void Thrashers. Map: Void Thrashing Mutually Assured Destruction - Enemy Hybrid units detonate a Nuke upon death. Going Nuclear - Nukes are launched at random throughout the map. Self-Destruction - Enemy units explode and deal damage to nearby player units upon death. Reddit post: Video Replays on Brutal difficulty: [CtG(Fenix) - XxFlairaxX(Artanis)] CtG(Nova's view) - Yuriprime(Dehaka's view) CtG(Kerrigan's view) - Yuriprime(Alarak's view) [CtG(Vorazun) - XxFlairaxX(KaraxX)] [CtG(Han and Horner) - XxFlairaxX(Stukov)] [CtG(Swann) - LilArrin(Raynor)] Other Notes: Mutually Assured Destruction detonates nukes after the Hybrids' death animation, which is almost instantaneously, and deals the same damage as a regular nuke, depending on the size of the Hybrid. The warning spot for nukes is the large targeting area. However, you only have 5 Blizzard seconds of warning before the nuke hits. There is no indication on the minimap, nor is there a "Nuclear Launch Detected" sound, so babysitting your units is advisable. The nuclear strikes begin at the very start of the map. They seem to be placed randomly, but there are only about 1 or 2 nuclear strikes at a time, even on Brutal. The nukes CAN hit the side of your expansion. A red circle will appear where Self-Destruction will occur. Self-destruction damages air units. Commander of the Week: Mutation difficulty: Do you like this mutation? Commander of the Week winner of last week: DehakaCtG37 3d
3d Shield Battery So in my last couple of game with Karax, my partner build exclusively only photon cannon and no shield battery nor Khaldralyn Monolith. After about 10~15 minutes mark he start to roll out some carrier. Is there some buff or change with Karax that I don’t know about? I can understand no Monolith for gas saving, but why don’t they build shield battery? My opinion with this is that it makes for a very hard early game where your ally don’t have any unit or decent base defend.Time15 3d
4d Level requirements for higher difficulties? I don't know if anyone else has been having this problem, but I've seen a big trend recently with low level commanders (some as low as 2!) queueing up for the higher difficulties and expecting their ally to carry them for extra experience to level faster. This wouldn't be an issue if they were doing it with friends who know what they're getting into, but it's rude and infuriating to do to someone who isn't expecting it. There's just no way you can expect some commanders to do well on even Hard at lower levels, regardless of player skill. Hell, I'm sure some commanders struggle to even handle Normal for the first few levels. Would it not make sense to implement a restriction to stop people for queueing in the matchmaking system at the Hard or Brutal difficulty when they're too low level? There's already a recommendation, but even a moving that a couple levels down before turning it into a requirement would spare a lot of headaches.Moraeth12 4d
4d Thoughts about Raynor Greetings, everyone! Some time ago I decided to start the "revision" of all Co-op mode commanders and, of course, I've started with Raynor. After spending good deal of time on guides and videos, I greatly adjusted my gameplay and gone playing as him for days. I was playing only him to found out all his "bests" and "worsts". I was manually selecting maps to see what strategies and unit compositions are more appropriate for them. Also, I tried to get the most diverse set of allied commanders to see how well do they synergize. --------- So far, everything goes according to the TL guide: he is hard to play (all the micro-macro shenanigans), not so forgiving about mistakes, etc. However, on the contrary of many players speaking about him, Raynor is not that weak as they claim him to be: Raynor's bio compositions are very strong when well microed and has a stable reinforcement stream from Barracks. Of course, his MMM deathball is very susceptible to AoE attacks but it's a necessary weakness that can be played around. Raynor's mech compositions also still has it's punch but could be a trouble to maintain for non-experienced players. And, of course, his vultures and spider mines are still deadly to almost any enemy ground units. --------- But despite all the praise above certain parts of his kit could use some good changes to make him more interesting and fun to play: Siege tanks Most of the time they are outclassed by the Vultures with their Spider mines. Tanks have the very niche usage, f.e. in hard-defence mission like Temple of the Past and Miners Evacuation. Siege tanks could use another Tech Lab upgrade to bring them in line with Vultures (Shaped Blast for example) and "Advanced Siege Tech" should provide armor to unsieged tanks too (partially, at least) - so tanks could cometimes actually "tank" the damage. Battlecruiser This unit is in dire need for improvements, becuase currently all other air units doing it's job better. Fearsome Yamato cannon has HUGE cd (a little more and it will be cd worth of topbar ability) for not-so-fearsome 300 single target damage. (*Looks at Sovereign Battlecruiser with its 200 auto-attack damage*) Despite the Vanadium Plating and Mercenary Munitions and all other upgrades, Battlecruiser damage is mediocre and survivability on its own is very questionable. Tactical jump brings the needed global presence but other Raynor air units only have Afterburners and without their support Battlecruisers won't achieve much (*looks at all H&H Starport units*) And even with Afterburners available BC can't get away from most of enemy units or chase them, because he can't Run&Gun (*Looks at Sovereign Battlecruiser...again*) My point is to make BC more viable and appealing via next changes: - lowering CD on his Yamato Cannon to 30 seconds (so it will be available once for each skirmish and twice for prolonged fights) - Adding 2 upgrades from Campaign to be researchable in Fusion Core: Missle pods and Defense Matrix. Both abilities could be amplified to be more impactful in Co-op enviroment (Pods dealing 80(+100 against Light) air AoE damage; Matrix soaking up to 300 damage). Both are CD based accordingly. And they can be set to autocast at will. And the last major change I propose - his 20% Factory and Starport units cost discount also applies to gas, not only minerals. Now all mech units except Vulture are not so gas heavy and could be produced more frequently. There, Battlecruiser is now a powerful and tanky spell-caster with global presense. Good answer to enemy air compositions alongside wtih VIkings. Can absorb a huge chunk of damage from annoyances like Seeker Missle, Parasitic Bomb, etc... And some minor changes: Dusk Wings - gain the Afterburners ability. And this Calldown no longer require vision to be used. Hyperion - it's Advanced Targeting Systems aura now has the visible area of effect circle just like Aleksander damage reduction one. His Yamato Cannon and Hyperjump abilities CD's lowered from 15 to 13 seconds, so both of them could be used 4 times in one full lifespan. --------- I would like to hear your comments about that. If you want to downvote me, at least state the reason why you did so below. Have a good day!lllIlll14 4d
4d Gimme More! Solo Commander Campaigns! Co-Op brought us Commanders. And for short 15-30 minute encounters with a partner that's all fine but... That's so short and everything in Co-op is so timed that they have to be done very much within the margin. So i end up never really getting up to my tier 3 upgrade research. I mean as i get better at it I'll probably be able to eventually squeeze it in for the last minute or two but... I kinda want more. Now getting two people to work together for the long haul of 30-60 minutes is probably unreasonable as a suggestion but it'd be nice to seem maybe some Commander mini-story campaigns. Like 3-5 missions just to tell kind of a little story with them. The Missions would grant a little bit of Commander XP to help level them up until they reach mastery level, at which point you'd have to go play Co-op for mastery levels. And basically it'd be a short campaign but using the Commander Army instead of the standard racial army. I think it'd be neat and fun and well we basically have Covert Ops and Co-Op as precedents for it technically. Most of the assets are already in game. The only work would be cutscenes and story and well you could release it as a bundle for money or sell the individual stories for cheaper. The Main Story might be over but that shouldn't mean the end for starcraft stories, right?Grave15 4d
4d Nova Allies Were you always able to hear the voices of an ally Nova's units when she calls them down?Raige4 4d
4d Opinions about "Interim Commanders" Greetings everyone, I'd like to know the opinions of you guys on the following subject. What if Blizz released currently unnamed commanders in between the 'official' ones. Firstly note that I am talking about lore friendly characters and not something like Thrall and his horde. There are pros and cons to this ofcourse, I'll name a few of them below: Cons: -It might take a longer time before someone's favorite commander gets released. -As there is no (currently) existing lore people could be less hyped about the character and in turn not instantly buy it. Pros: -As there is no current lore about this character the dev team can design a commander without this added constraint. Allowing for even more creative commanders and playstyles. -Releasing a good/interesting commander without lore is likely to hype people when they make its lore available, getting more people to buy warchests for example. -Releasing commanders like this will give the devs more time to work and polish commanders whom have to be created under lore constraints. -The devs will have more time to release more lore for more commanders. -The amount of commanders is finite and releasing commanders like this will vastly increase the lifetime of coop. Considering all the above, I'd say doing something like this will be extremely beneficial for coop. Blizzard will make a lot more money in the long run using this and we get more and possibly better polished content. What would be your opinion on this?ThaBombs6 4d
4d Dehaka´s Mastery Set 1 is useless? I´m not asking for a dehaka buff I just want a mastery where you have to think about your choice to get the most benefit for the mutation or at least changes dehakas playstyle! Either getting a 0.015 heal increase or getting 4.5-7.5s duration increase. I don´t think that these masteries have real impact in the game or could change your play style. other suggestions: -60%/+30s Devour buff duration (not creative but a viable mastery) -combat unit cost/attackspeed/health -Dehaka respawn time reduction -Dehaka lifesteal -Dehaka health/health per essence -Structure build time/cost/charge cooldown reduction -Dehaka ability reach (jump impact radius/Roar radius/scorching breath area/passive heal radius) -Dehaka devour buff strength/cooldown reduction -Chance for both units to survive Primal combat -Chance for double essence I hope someone from the co-op-team reads this and understands what I mean and for a change to his Mastery Set 1.MarkaTheRobo45 4d
4d Woo! Finally hit level 300. ^_^ Milestone Get. Wot's ur gais recent milestones? :3CrystalDazz28 4d
4d How should Stalkers and Slayers be changed? Stalkers and Slayers aren't the most potent units in the roster, and Slayers in particular just feel tacked on for Alarak as a means of giving him some early anti-air. They definitely need changes, but how should they be adjusted? Personally I'd like for the Slayer to adopt the whole strong-attack-slow-fire style on ladder, but to a more extreme extent. As for Vorazun's Stalkers, I don't know.darkdill31 4d
5d Word of advice for Vorazuns teleport Just had a weired case, where i teleported my army to a void pylon that was under attack. Unfortunately the pylon was destroyed before the teleport went through. So what actually happened was that all my air units did actually teleport, but immediatly exploded right in front of me. I had like 20 corsairs and 3 oracles before and afterwards just DTs. Apearently not even vorazuns cloak recall saves units from that kind of misfortune. Maybe they are now trapped in some parallel dimension or somethin.Zhadoom10 5d
5d what happened to the stank? i have not seen the stank for a while when i have played dead of night. some times i see nydus Worms, some times i do not even see those. i never see a stank. what happened to it?andreasasp18 5d
5d Hard difficulty bonus XP same as normal See title. When playing hard and normal the game reports the same difficulty bonus XP.martixy11 5d
5d Pro-be-us Probius? I believe this was brought up a while ago, but should Talandar’s hero unit Probius have special abilities? After his introduction to the Nexus, Probius quickly became one of my favourite characters, just from how much life he held, and I was amazed at the personality the HotS team was able to add to a non-speaking worker unit as a hero(even if I’m not that good at him). Then to hear he was a unit in Talandar’s repertoire made me excited to see what his special abilities were. Though, learning he was just a normal worker made me rather disappointed, Probius is supposed to be the probe that started the reclamation of Auir. So, what do you guys think Probius should have, if anything? Special worker abilities? Maybe even being a combat unit similar to HotS? Even just the ability to swap between probe shells so he stays on the field if his first one gets destroyed would be enough for me. Would love to hear what you guys think.Samus19 5d