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Nov 18, 2015 J.R.B. Online [Community Site] [DONE!!!] Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's finally here! I've pretty much complete our community site! This is the official thread here talking about it and linking to it. Highly rated would be nice :) ... ... ... Here is the site. Also, I need you to stop by here and provide me with some information for the site. Also, could I get Zanon to put a lasting link to the site from Zanon's Bar from now on? Use this thread for feedback, compliments, suggestions, and bud reporting. Special thanks to MVP Leviathan for helping me bug scrub! Special thanks to Aldrexus for making this thread a sticky and fixing links! ENJOY THE SITE!!! Duke16 Nov 18, 2015
May 11, 2011 Joeyray's Bar Open for Business There's a war-torn cosmos out there, and the heat of battle can wear on even the most seasoned marshals (or Dominion outlaws if you wanna split hairs). Don't ya sometimes just need a place to go to get away from it all -- a place where you can knock back a cold one and strike up a conversation or two with fellow battle-hardened strangers? Well we're happy to announce Joeyray's Bar is open for business! (You steal ol' Joey's replacement jukebox and you'll wish for a death by zergling ambush.) When you need to step back from the ladder, the achievements, and the action, Joeyray's Bar forum is the place to go to share your own stories set within the StarCraft universe. Dive into the richness of the terran, protoss, and zerg races, the violent political turmoil shrouding the Koprulu Sector, and the (in)famous characters you love... or love to hate. With this new forum, we hope you'll find an outlet to discuss and create your very own StarCraft fan fiction. You have an immense sci-fi universe at your disposal. We want to see your words breathe even more life into it! Original announcement: May 11, 2011
May 11, 2011 Welcome: Please Read! Welcome to Joeyray's Bar, a place to share and discuss your own StarCraft fiction! We oblige you to choose whatever platform for sharing a tale or two that suits you best. The denizens of this bar are always anxious for a new story of conflict, calamity, and conquest. Before ol' Joey takes your drink order though, let's cover a few of the basic rules you're expected to abide by while in this establishment. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and guidelines before posting. Important Reminders: Search The search function at the top of the StarCraft community site is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, please be use it to search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer for which you are looking. Making a new thread on an existing subject can result in your thread being deleted or, if you continue to re-post the same content, the loss of your forum privileges for spamming. Rating The forum rating system can be used to promote positive discussion, demote unhelpful comments, and even report posts that violate the forum Code of Conduct. By hovering over a post you'll be presented with several options, including a "thumbs up" (Like) and a "thumbs down" (Dislike) icon. Clicking the "thumbs up" icon will rate the post up. If enough people like a post, it will gain a Highly Rated status and appear at the top of related search results. Highly Rated posts will also have a highlighted background. Clicking the "thumbs down" icon will expand a drop-down menu which will include "Dislike," "Trolling, "Spam" and "Report" options. "Dislike" will rate the post down. If enough people dislike a post, it will be darkened, and with a lot of dislikes it will be hidden completely. You can also quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of a violation. Please note that you can only rate each post once. Use your power wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Have fun posting on these forums, and good luck with your adventures in the Koprulu Sector!Zarhym1 May 11, 2011
1d "The Quote of the Day" "The quote of the day thread is a little tradition of mine. I always start this kind of thread no matter where I go. All that's important is that I become dedicated to that forum and here I am. It may not be the best thread, but it provides a little entertainment for a while, so go ahead. Give your quote of the day and cite the source. Give context if possible. It doesn't matter where it's from. It doesn't need to wise words. Make a movie or game quote if you want. Quote your friends if it pleases you. Leave nothing too obscure out of this thread. Have as many quotes as you want in a day. You don't even need to believe in the idea behind the quote, so go wild." -TheCommander, the Quote of the Day.Zanon381 1d
Apr 14 SC1 had a subconscious 80s Cold War theme So I watched the movie "Hunt For Red October" and realized that the cold war flick and SC1 have a lot in common. I think the creative team of Blizzard at the time didn't even realize it, but if you watch it (if you have the patience, its a B- movie) it gives you those nostalgic 90s vibes, the same vibes you had when watching Brood War cinematics take place inside battlecruisers instead of submarines, and UED authoritarians instead of soviets. Brood War is even packed (randomly) with Russian characters. I say randomly because games that are released recently don't have a real boogeyman anymore to base the "bad guys" off of. COD Ghosts has a spontaneous South American federation pop up out of nowhere since going after the Russians got very old. It makes you realize how games with good storylines depend heavily on the decade they take place. I feel like war themed games post-2001 got very... tired, there was no potential or recent outside thread from a big empire in the real world, and it had an impact on the lore of games thereafter.KubusKraft1 Apr 14
Apr 9 Alternate Universe (Purifiers vs Taldarim) So I'm still in the process of writing my custom campaign and I've run into a difficult choice and I wanted to get some outside opinions. The problem is which faction should I use as my antagonist protoss faction. (Be warned these are alternate takes on the factions and I'm only using the original StarCraft manual as canon.) Purifiers: Under the command of High Keeper Khas, (Khas is still alive, sustaining himself thru his mastery of the Khala and was leader of the Conclave until it's destruction in SC1.) the Purifiers blame the Dark Templar for the destruction of Aiur and view the Hybrid as heralds of the gods. Taldarim: A Dark Templar splinter group, lead by the new Praetor Mohandar, (Since Zeratul's disappearance) the Taldarim view the Khala presence on Shakuras as a threat to their culture and blame the Executor for bringing the Zerg to Shakuras and the death of Matriarch Raszagal. They've joined the Hybrid conspiracy plot to destroy the Khala Templar and take their revenge. So which would you prefer and why.Scuro3 Apr 9
Apr 8 Tribes Paths The islands hung above the jungle, as if made of abstract. Magnetic currents, generated by tectonic mysteries beneath Aiur, kept the isle in flux. Vegetation grew on the island rocks, and together with rivers of morning dew cascaded over the sides. Karaks flew high in the sky on outstretched alabaster wings, darting in and out of the dripping water. The water rained down onto the basin below where Tyr had been meditating. “I thought I would find you here.” Gwen’dyl breathed, pushing through the undergrowth, crownwood and tangleroot, and into the basin. “Why must you always hide from your mother?” Tyr listened to the waterfall, just focusing on the sound of rain on stone. The same as he had been since dawn. “I am not hiding, mytera. Thinking, but not hiding.” Gwen’dyl stepped from the jungle plants into the clearing. The basin was a crescent strip of grass attending reflecting pool. The matron glided closer to her son. The Protoss peered over the brink of the pool. Two azure eyes floating over a sealed mouth peered back at her. “Tyr, I know you better than any else, and I know when you are hiding from your mother....or perhaps your thoughts” She bent down to the waters, dipping quadruple jointed fingers beneath the pond surface and watching the ripples distort her face. “You are worried about tomorrow.” Tyr said nothing, only kept watching the falling water. But Gwen’dyl could feel his fear, like a chill running down her nerve cords.She bent beside him. He had been meditating in lotus position, taloned hooves folded across his lap.Beside him lay a brown strip of cloth, he had used the weave to bind his nerve cords since he was a young whelp. His nerve cords were now fanned out behind him, the air itself snapping as he attempted to commune with Aiur herself. “Can you hear them?” Gwen’dyl asked softly. “What?” “The ancestors, can you hear them?” Tyr kept his eyes closed, but his cheek twitched ever so slightly. Then after a long drawn out moment. “Only No, I cannot hear them.” Gwen’dyl smiled gently at him with her eyes. “Do you wish you could? If you were Khalai you could hear there whispers.” Tyr face did not move this time, but his thoughts came clearly to her. As crystal as the reflecting pool. “I know what you would have me pick mother. It is my choice. Not yours.” “Of course. Of course.” His mother seemed acquiescent. She looked up towards the levitating islands above them. The sun was arcing through the morning, casting rainbows between the mist. The reflecting pool glistening brilliance and unity. “I used to come here.” Gwen’dyl said reminiscent “Before my chosen day. To this same think about him.” Tyr’s cheek twitched again. Artanis. “You miss him.” Gwen’dyl said placing a cautious hand on Tyr’s shoulder. “I understand. You want to speak with him again. I understand. He would want you to accept the Khala.” Tyr opened his eyes. “Draki disagrees. He says Artanis gave his life to rid us of the Khala’s control.” His mother’s vertebral bones straightened, offended by the notion. “The Khala is our greatest strength, reserve of Protoss wisdom and source of our valor. A collective song written indelibly on each Khalai. Draki, and the rest of his fallen brethren wrongly believe a protoss is only the sum of his actions while the Khalai realize we are all part of something beyond ourselves.Yes, Artanis did abandon the Khala in his final days, but we remember who Artanis was before he was lost.” “Artanis did not reject the Khala, the Khalai rejected him. He severed his cords and those of our people to save us from…” Gwen’dyl grabbed her son’s wrist, squeezing with conviction “Tyr...take the gold. Join our people. Your people. Save yourself from a life of isolation and worse. You, more than most your age, know the cold winter bite of death.” Tyr tried prying his mother’s lacquered fingernails off his wrist. “Artanis would want me to…” “I can’t bear an eternity without you.” his mother’s thoughts exclaimed, spilling desperation “I won’t bear it. Not after Artanis. Not after Yara. Not you too. If you don’t accept the Khala...if you severe your nerve cords, you will be lost forever.” The birds had stopped cawing and the jungle was quiet save for drops of water and mute sunlight. The crownwood uncurling fern leaves to sap the patient dawn. His mother dropped her head crest and looked suddenly ashamed, like she had just remembered something she had fought so desperately hard to contain. Tyr’s eyes narrowed, scrying his mother's face for answers. “What do you mean?” “I...I cannot say. I have already said more than allowed. If the elders had heard what I just...” “But you spoke none the less” Tyr said concerned “Is it true? Do the Khalai really life forever? Tyr unfolded his legs and stood. He looked down at his mother, her azure eyes still lost somewhere in the reflecting pool. The same eyes which had watched over him since before he could remember. “Do the Khalai live forever in the khala?” “Take the gold.” His mother said at last. Tyr waited for her to speak again. After a long time he sighed and turned away from her. “En Taro Artanis” he said. “En Taro Artanis” she responded. Tyr left his mother grieving by the side of the waterfall. The crownwood swallowing his figure into the leaves before her first tear hit the ground. She picked up the cloth he had used bind his nerve cords. She had cut it from the dress she wore on her own choosing day. She held the fabric close to her and cried. Archer2 Apr 8
Apr 6 FroBobTwinDropIsAFlop Been watching a few hours each day. Got a Bobtoss drop from twitch like a week ago. Basically the first hour I enabled drops. Been waiting for another ever since. the add on launcher says"5x drops". BS, today I look at my drop reward and there is a 2 next to Bobtoss. Really 2 Frobob portraits? Next blizzard going to charge me $15.00 for a drop dlc to get another frobob character in a week. Done supporting blizzard as they are cheapskates. ElderScrolls legends gives me like $5.00 worth of drops every day in drops, When they first started drops it was like $10 worth of cards. Blizzard can't even give me different portrait. No point in watching SC twitch. They just milking views. Pin this delete this I dont care. Wont be back.Slimdragoon0 Apr 6
Mar 16 The Geneis Loop. heyo! i took the plunge and wrote up a short little thing, thinking people might want to read it and that here might be the best place to put it... i can post it in raw text if people really want it. if people like it i might try making more. :)davionsin0 Mar 16
Mar 15 StarCraft 20th Anniversary StarCraft has met its 20th anniversary! Hurrah! Pet Battle cruiser is available, and Sarah Kerrigan skin is available on Overwatch for widowmaker. StarCraft I & II will be rewarded with console skins and portraits. In Wow, you can unlock the achievement "A Bow For StarCraft" by bowing down to a StarCraft pet, and in Hearthstone, you can play at a dungeon based on StarCraft and unlock a Cobolts and Dungeons Card Pack for free. Enjoy StarCraft's 20th anniversary!bapline1 Mar 15
Mar 14 Rocks Rocks “Dive!” Sam yells, throwing the throttle downward. The Apollyon falls away from them and for a moment everyone on the bridge floats as if someone stopped the clock. Welk activates his mag boots, Brock grabs the closest handlebar. Kroc, snatches for a railing but misses, his three ton suit drifting harmlessly upwards. Qyburn, still examining the prisoner, is thrown to the ceiling, his head striking a support beam and his body going limp . The pair of widow mine vibrated as their drilling claws burrowed into the floor, one grabbing the cloaked man by the chains and the other grabbing the unconscious Qyburn. The cockpit window shows asteroids flying north as Sam tilts the ship into a vertical nosedive. “We have to get beneath these rocks before…” The battlecruisers opens fire, flashing crimson as an asteroid in front of them explodes into dust. Beams of red continue to shower from the warships down towards the Apollyon. “Laser volley incoming” Brock shouts climbing hand over hand towards the gunnery chair, his feet dangling in the freefall while the ship waits for momentum to catch up. “!@#$, %^-*, !@#$, %^-*…” Sam curses, fumbling in his chair for the cybernetic jack, then finding the connector, slams the plug into a slot behind his ear. The flight console lights up “Synchronizing…” The ship lurches west, reversing inertia and slamming Kroc into a bulkhead. He grunts but it is lost in the sound of vaporizing asteroids, disappearing in front of them with time bomb furiosity. “Brock…” “I know…” Brock calls back sliding into the gunnery chair and jacking in “...I know, deploying photoelectic countermeasures” On Brock’s gunnery console is an camera feed of the external hull. A device resembling a searchlight mounted on a three axis turret, spins out of a hatch, aiming towards the incoming laser fire, then a puff and the hull is surrounded by a cloud of reflective ribbons. The streaking laser hail passes over the Apollyon. A hole appears on the command bridge near Welk’s feet. Layers of metal and plastic disappearing instantly. Lieutenant Welk barely budges, his eyes fixated on the tactical readouts from Sam’s flight console. There is a hissing sound as atmosphere escapes through the breach and then seconds later this stops as the pressurized foam in the spaceships walls seals the breach. “Ninety percent” Brock laughs “Cap’n ninety percent light reflection, that’s the best…” Brock twisted in his seat to look at the Sam and his mouth clamped shut. Behind the Captain, Kroc was floating lifelessly. The marine’s helmet slowly rotating to show a one centimeter precision circle cut through his visor. Welk’s eyes dart to the dead gunnery sergeant, then without hint of emotion back to the tactical readouts. “Brock” Sam punches maneuvers into the flight console for the AI to analyze “how many of those countermeasures left?” “Wha…none...” Brock answers “I told you we needed more but you said we couldn’t afford it.” Sam twists the Valkyrie into a corkscrew plunging towards the densest pocket of the asteroid belt. A cloud of asteroids and meteorites rising up to meet them. Six million kilograms thrust rise with it and the crew feel all of it. Teeth shake till loose. Chest pressure of a football team pile on, gasping for air heavy in a throat of molasses. Blood centrifuging out the back of the brain and dragging consciousness with it. Sam, feeling all of this, pushes the throttle up to twelve g force. “Cap” Brock howls as he is pinned down in his crash chair. “...we need the inertial dampeners!” “This !@#$%^- locked her in the cargo bay” Sam yells back. “Welk, let her the hell out of there. If we don’t make it into that asteroid belt right *!@#ing now we are all going to be swiss...” another hole suddenly appeared in the spectrograph viewscreen behind Welk “... swiss cheese.” Samwise finished “And I can’t accelerate anymore without pancaking all of us. I need Jewel in the engine room to operate the inertial dampeners.” “I am not stupid Mr Jones. I give your crewmate access to the engine room and she will be able to reach the AI mainframe or the set the reactor to overload or disable the life support systems.” Sam punches the throttle up to thirteen gravitational. Kroc’s body, still floating in rear of the command bridge, slamming into a storage compartment.There is a load crunch as one ton of power armor crunches the compartment open. Sam pitched the Apollyon forward to avoid another strafe of lasers, the spacecraft flipping over its lateral axis and jettisoning the contents of the storage compartment Marine had broken. Protein bars, a virtual gaming console and Sam’s boombox spun out into the command bridge. Sam twirled the mass drivers to break the ship’s roll, and everything was in zero gravity again, in the freeze frame moment a slowly rotating protein bar hitting the play button on the speakers. Loud rock music suffused the cabin. “AAAAaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaa” Screeched Revolution Overdrive, the acoustics rebounding off the command bridge. ”Aaaaaahhhhhaaa. Gunpowder drives, kills the nice and the slow, my hands cross the wheel, fuel gauge kissing looow…” Another laser lanced across the bow, slicing an asteroid in front of them. “Brock” Sam said “we need to put as many of these rocks between us as possible. Target the ones we can use for cover.” “Aye aye” Brock acknowledged pulling the targeting reticle up across the cockpit window. A three dimensional holo projection appeared above him and leaning back in his crash chair he drew lines with his hands through the asteroid field, plotting trajectory and intersection coordinates. “Engine burning hotter,” the boombox sang “my old lady at my side, hear the whispers of the water, when everyone knows they liiied…” Brock highlighted an oblong asteroid which Sam barrell rolls towards. On the rear view screens they could see the lasers trailing them, annihilating anything in their path. They passed under the asteroid just as the lasers caught up, the bulk of stone and ore shielding them from the deadly rays. The Apollyon plunged deeper into the rock cloud, the asteroids crowding closer. Tinning sounds bouncing off the hull and cracks in the cockpit windows.. “All is dust here, nothing but dust here, nuclear dust here, come taste wasteland feeear…” There was a loud crunch and Sam glanced in the corner of his HUD, the starboard turret junked and sputtering sparks, as the culprit stone rotated away from them. Sam silenced the alarm before Brock, too engaged in finding an evasive route through the gravel storm. “aaaaAAAHHHhhhhaaaaaAAAAhhhhh” the boombox speakers belting out. In front of them, two floating mountains converging on a tectonic crunch. Behind them, the battlecruiser spits photonic fire. In between them and the warship a lone asteroid, blocking the laser beams but disintegrating by the moment. Sam guns it for the closing gorge between the mountains, willing to give a kidney to have Jewel in the engine room priming the afterburners. The twin asteroids close around them, the Apollyon skirting the canyon as the rock walls collide together. Sam closes his eyes as everything collapses in on their ship. And opens them again, still alive, a moment later. The two asteroids crashing into each other, throwing up dust and slab in every direction, and hiding the Apollyon from chasing pursuing battlecruiser. The boombox, still wailing, drifts past one of the widow mine drones who snap the device out of the air with a mechanical claw then crush the thing easily, dousing the cabin into silence. Archer2 Mar 14
Mar 6 The offensive Nexus. A while after the changes where the mother ship lost the ability to mass recall and blizzard gave the ability to the Nexus. I wanted to try out some cheese where you build a nexus in your opponents base ,do a one base all in, and mass recall your units in there base. I won the game and it was a lot of fun.bossman0 Mar 6
Mar 4 Cages Cages “What did you say?” Sam asked, stepping up to the Lieutenant’s face. Welk barely responded to the captain’s aggression. Inches from Sam’s face, all Welk gave off was disdain. LIke Sam was something unpleasant on the bottom of his shoe. “My crew just delivered on our end of the bargain,” Sam snarled, “now you hold up yours. You are going to wire the credits into my account and then you, your mad scientist pal and the jarhead are getting off my ship. And taking that thing with you.” Sam pointing toward the cloaked figure in between the widow mine droids. The figure looked bigger than any human Sam had ever see. He was draped in dirty cloth fabric with a hood concealing his face. His arms and legs were bound by titanite chains. Qyburn had already taken to inspecting the man's restraints. Welk glanced from the prisoner back to the Sam. Welk took a step back from the captain and smiled wickedly “Sergeant Kroc…please shoot this man in the knee.” Before Sam can finish comprehending what the Lieutenant had said his leg exploded into pain. He looked down to see a three centimeter hole in his thigh, then knee buckled and he collapsed to the ground. Brock grabbed for his own side shooter but not before the marine had leveled the barrel of the Impaler rifle at Sam’s head. Brock stopped reaching for his gun. Keep the gun on Sam’s head, Kroc’s reached over to disarm the gunner. Welk rolled his eyes. “I said his knee Kroc not his thigh, ahhh ahh ah.” He held up a finger to stop Kroc who was re-aiming at Sam’s right knee. “ will do.” Welk squatted down near Samwise who was holding down pressure against the gunshot and gritting through the hurt. Sam could feel his leaking pulse underneath his thumb. “Mr Jones...I bought this ship and your services the moment you let me on board. It will cost me much less than it will eventually cost you, especially if you talk to me like that again. Is that understood?” Sam met Welk’s cold gaze despite numb lighting stroking down his leg. Jewel kneeled beside Sam, taking out a greasy rag tucked in her belt and wrapping the cloth around his gushing femoral vein. Welk strolled across the cockpit to Brock. The gunner was a statue, emotionless rage. Sam knew that look, he had seen Brock rip someone’s throat out wearing that mask. “You, Mr...” Welk checked his holo-watch “...Carter. Can you fly this ship?” “Not as well as the man you just shot...” Brock replied sarcastically “Good, here” Welk swiped data from his wrist towards the flight console. “These are the coordinates for the hypernode. You will take us there. At which point I will tell you what to do next.” Jewel helped Sam to his feet, fresh rushes of blood pouring down his pants. Welk turned his back to them. “And Mr. Carter, before you...or anyone else tries anything...rebellious, you should be aware of your situation. The widow mines who just cleared an entire dominion Marine squad are set to standby mode. They will kill everything on this ship at my earliest command.” The two killer droids in the corner whirled excitedly at the attention. Brock didn’t say a word, just walked to the flight console, taking a seat in the foam crash chair and tapping on the holo-vid screens. “Now there is one more order of business.” Welk raised his eyes towards the ceiling “Computer.” “...yes.” a synthesizer voice came from above. A female tone but calculated and aloof, broadcasting from the overhead communication system. through the overhead com system. “You son of a !@#$%” Sam said furious “You leave her out of this.” “You have been awfully quiet computer. This is Lieutenant Welk. Ranking commanding officer on board this ship. Hereby reliving captain...mister Jones of duty. Authorization codes for command transfer incoming.” Welk pointed a pistol at Brock’s head now and politely invited Sam to enter the authorization codes into the flight console. Sam reluctantly complied. After he had done so Welk lowered the gun from Brock’s head. His voice oozed with smug satisfaction as he began uploading the ships database to his holo-wrist. “Computer, tell me about my new ship.” “Her name is Valerie” Sam hissed. “...and Kroc” Welk waved a hand dismissively “escort these two to the medical bay...” Jewel helped a limping Sam towards back of the command bridge and Kroc in tow. As they left, Valerie’s articulations could be heard fulfilling Welk’s request. “The Apollyon...Valkyrie class missile frigate. Commissioned 2491...assigned to the seventh UED expeditionary fleet...on mission to pacify the Koprulu sector...commandeered by Captain Jones 2533...commandeered by Lieutenant Welks 2548.” “Specs...” Welks directed “Length span one hundred and fifty six meters. Weight sixteen gigagrams. Crew three to ten…” “...combat specs” “Outfitted for bomber runs, torpedo assault and projectile interception roles. Equipped Shortstop missiles, each containing multiple exoatmospheric kill vehicles. Advanced sensor array, X-band radar and kilo-target infrared tracking, capable of projecting anti-ballistic screens across an entire battlefleet. Safeguard shield fins composed of ceramic alloy and tested to withstand up two million newtons. Eight Peregrine engines providing up to 7N sub-light acceleration…” Valerie voice's faded as Samwise and Jewel took the stairs. Sam winced with every step. Behind them came Kroc, power armor strugglling to squeez through the narrow staircase. “What’s the plan, captain?” Jewel asked peaking back at Kroc who was bending the neosteel railing to make room for his suit. “We do what they say” Sam said, then “...until we can think of something better”. Archer2 Mar 4
Feb 28 Don't Break The Seal First, thanks for not shooting me on sight: people say I resemble Mengks. Now listen, this is a theory that has been banned every forum I post, but I hope that in this Bar, the theory can remain... a conspiracy. The New Blizzard game, the MMO-RTS, is going to be a WarCraft: Total War Arena rip-off. If you don't know what the Total War series is, it's a simple X4 game that hybrid the element of RTS. It's a good game, fun game, and now they have one special game brewing, first it was on Steam, it was called "Total War: Arena". But the game is so FREAKING AMAZING, they found out that monetizing is great and since they don't wanna share with Valve, they went on their own client: Basically, this is how it works: You have a General, and you select your units. In Total War Arena, games went from 12x12, to more: it's not a moba, but it's a battleground where you join with a preset, and here comes the micro transactions, army. So for example, your "general" will be, let's say, Thrall, and you get to be on the field, controlling you and your minions like in WarCraft 3: but in a Huge, 12v12 battlefield. A mix between WarCraft and Warhammer: you will have your "elite" unite, and smaller units, to fight. And probably an X4 map, easy to admin via MOBILE. Never forget that Overwatch is a failed MMO that turn out to be a rip-off Paladins. Truth is WarCraft is probably going to be the base for this new game, that's why the poor "Revival", instead of an HD, etc, etc. Truth about WC3 is that MM is a mess and maphacks own the game, like Diablo II. Again, the reason they ban: No one like Socrates: Blizzard isn't making new stuff, so they are just re-using old. I am one that also believe the same is happening to StarCraft: the only thing I feel "canon" in SC nowdays is that a marine is a criminal inside an armor that fights communist aliens.EVA0 Feb 28
Feb 26 Fictional Vs Debate: Zerg vs Godzilla You get to make 200 supply of military units and try to make something that you can argue for being able to beat Final Wars Godzilla: The guy who gives Godzilla more power is a Kaiser Telepath. He has the same type of power as the monsters Gidorah, so he transferred his power and al the power of the ship to Godzilla, and the computer has an infinity symbol showing that Godzilla became Kaiser Godzilla. Adult Gidorah is 120,000 tons. I calculated from the Heart of the Swarm opening cinematic that Ultralisks are 1600 tons or so, based on the fact that the one stomped on and smashed an 80 tons neo-steel siege tank during the fight. Godzilla is not as big as Gidorah. I don't know his exact stats, but he's probably about half the mass of Gidorah. This means you would need about 35 Ultralisks to equal the mass of Godzilla.Wade0 Feb 26
Feb 22 Home Spawn more OverlordsArcher4 Feb 22
Feb 22 Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 39) Continued from "Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 38) Nova Covert Ops"Zanon429 Feb 22
Feb 21 Armies Versus Other Armies from other Games. I am about to do another write soon, is there StarCraft matchup Versus another Army from a different game the community would like to see in particular. See here to know what I am talking about. Please feel free to input opinions. Its a work(s) in progress. My Idea was Undead(WoW) Versus Necro(Warhammer 40,000). But StarCraft Armies seem to be more popular that Undead right now..or is it?? Warcraft 3 Elfvs Versus Warhammer Orcs..... ANy sugestions at all?TheHand0 Feb 21
Feb 16 Pilot Pilot “So tell me, space cowboy, why would anyone even need a pilot?” Sam took another sip of beer, turning the bottle over in his fingers as he searched for the right words. “You mean like a computer?” he glanced up at the woman across the table. “Human mind will never be as fast or as powerful as an artificial intelligence...why can't the computer fly the ship alone?” “Yes.” “Well…” Sam replied setting the bottle to the side and wishing he had another “ isn't so much can humans fly better than AIs. But rather can AIs fly better with humans.” The woman in the cherry red dress gave no response so Sam continued, “You see artificial intelligences, they can only be so creative. They lack flexibility. But a human brain synced into a AI's neural network gives them just that. Flexibility.” Leaning forward in his chair, as if confiding a secret the rest of the world already knew, “A pilot synced with a ship can do things.” Sam made a blusterous motion with his hands “Things a computer could never do. Things like you wouldn’t believe. Enhanced aerial maneuvering, ballistic chaos theory, hyperspace solutions. Plus...a human is cheaper than a repair droid. You’d be surprised what you can fix stuck adrift with nothing but duct tape, monkey grease and the motivation to not die in deep space.” The woman crossed her legs underneath the table. “Just need the right monkey I guess,” she twirled strands of black hair between her fingers, holding Sam in her eyes like an idea, only as long as it interested her. Joeyray’s buzzed with the after hours crowd, rambling conversations, and the holographic screens broadcasting Murderball,Tarsonis Avengers versus Real Mar Sara. A country band, Revolution Overdrive, played in the corner. Howling banjos, cryin fiddles and an obnoxious harmonica to boot. The singer, an old man wearing a straw knit hat and turquoise bolo, warbling the closing words of that oldie. Shotgun. Zerg...and you. Gotta Zeeerrg and a shotgun...and I am bringing them home to youuuu... “What about the risks to the pilot?” the woman asked after a long silence. Sam shrugged. “Dominion don’t much care for that. Cost of doing business.” “And that's why you quit?” “More or less.” The woman pivoted around in her seat. “My friends, back there,” pointing to a trio of well-dressed men by the bar. “Those guys are actually Dominion Navy officers. And they say you are not a pilot at all. They looked you up in the flight school roosters. No record of a Samwise Jones in any graduating class.” “Let’s be honest. Those guys...” Sam jerked a thumb in the general direction of the bar, dropping his voice further “...aren't your friends. You just met them tonight. Those…” his voice crawled to a whisper “...are just some guys looking to pick up cute single women at a bar.” “Doesn’t matter, at least they’re not lying trash.” the woman snapped back “And how are you any different? Like you didn’t come to Joeyray’s to meet something pretty?” “I’m just trying to be friendly, ma’am. And pass the time until the next job.” A buzz came from the small rhinestone purse on the table, and the woman pulled out her phone, glancing at the message and then back at Sam. “And just what job is that?” Sam bent in close and through grinning teeth stated, “Contraband smuggler.” Rolling her eyes, the woman dropped her phone back into her purse “Good day, Mr Jones, if that is your real name, if that is your real job, if you aren't just a lowly piece of space drift blown into this bar.” She got up from the table then walked back to the officers. Sam tried not to follow her pendulum hips as she walked away. “Well...that went well.” Jewel said, propping an elbow over the booth seat behind him. She had been eavesdropping quietly from the table next to them. His crewmate took a bite of a fried wing and then dumped the remainder of the wing on her plate. Jewel always ordered Chicken Mar Sara whenever they were in town. Jewel Riker was a five foot three hispanic native of Mar Sara. She wore perpetually dusty handyman overalls, a pink undershirt streaked with engine grease and hat that said “Tonka StarFrackers”. Her hair was held back in a bun by a micro-welder stylus. She swung another arm over the booth to face the Sam. “So Captain, I know that old love engine is rusty as hell, but not more rusty than our ship’s engine, and if we don’t get new parts soon she's going to fall apart on us right in the middle of hyperspace. And I really don’t fancy being a light year long skid mark across the galaxy.” Jewel picked up the almost finished chicken bone again, took another nibble then continued, “And new parts means we need money,” she said mouthful, “which means we need a new gig, and we are not going to find that job sitting in this dingy ol’ bar again. No matter how good their food is.” Sam furrowed his eyebrows. “You know that stuff is sewer lizard right?” “Yeah...” Jewell had a look of momentary regret then took a final bite and dropped the picked over reptilian wing back onto the plate. “Why don’t we head over to the Alakasan shipyards? See if they have any work.” “Excuse me, are you Samwise Jones?” A proper English accent asked from above. Both Samwise and Jewel looked up at the man standing beside the table booth. He wore Dominion Navy service dress adorned with gilded ranks on the shoulders. His face was as serious as an early funeral and his stature vertical attention. His calculating eyes betrayed annoyance at their silence and he opened his mouth to speak again when Sam said “Um yeah...who are you?” The officer’s mouth snapped shut momentarily then he stuck out a hand in strained formality “Lieutenant Welk of the Seventh Fleet. Mr. Jones are you a pilot?” Sam shook his hand warrily then recovered, sat up straighter in the booth, puffing out his orange vest and saying confidently “It is Captain...Jones and yes. I am a pilot.” “Captain of…?” “A ship.” “What kind of ship?” Welk inquired as he carefully lowered himself into the booth seat the woman had vacated. “A Valkyrie, hey what’s this about man?” Sam said defensively. Welk frowned, glancing backwards at his companion officers at the bar. This was not a man who wanted to be overheard. ”Mr. Jones, the lady you were unformally acquainted with over there tells me that you are a transporter of custom goods, is this correct?” “That !@#$%!” Jewel exclaimed. Sam put his hands up defensively “Look man that was just bar talk, you know just trying to impress…” Lieutenant Welk lowered his voice to a drip “...because if that is the case then I may have a job for you.” Sam looked at him confused and Welk spoke the next words with surgical precision. “My associates and I are looking for a pilot for a job of utmost discretion. Specifically package removal.” “What's the package?” Jewel interrupts. Lieutenant Welk looked up surprised that she was even a part of the conversation “Something which belongs to me” he said inspecting Sam’s face for reaction. “So we are stealing something.” Sam asked “Where exactly are we stealing this thing from?” “A Dominion transport vessel. On hyper-transit from Tyrador II to Korhal.” “And...the package? What exactly are we stealing.” “That's need to know.” Welk said, eyes still locked on Samwise “And you’re just the pilot.” Archer3 Feb 16
Feb 10 Sick Sick “We picked you up orbiting Mintaka, in a Vespene tanker called the Icarus. The Icarus’s engines had failed, subsystems dead including the cryosleep units...except, of course...for yours.” Jessica tried to focus on the sheet of paper in front of her. Her head hurt. In the upper left hand corner there was a photograph of a young Caucasian woman. She had seen this woman before, but could not remember where. Across from her a man in a dark blue suit was speaking to her. “Salvage team gets claim to the vessel including any cargo but maritime law demands they release survivors at the nearest Dominion held world. Hence why you are here. They dropped you off yesterday and” the man paused choosing his words “...and we have been thawing you ever since.” “I am sorry, where is here?” “Bernard’s...short for Bernard’s World, but even the navigation charts don’t reference the founding name. Listen, Ms. Harding, I am going to need you to sign right here on the dotted line.” The man reached across the desk and tapped at the bottom of the form. Jessica clutched at her temple, the headache was intensifying. She squinted through her migraine at the big red words reading “Jessica Harding” on the top of the paper. The photograph stapled to the document apparently belonged to her. Jessica scrawled her name along the dotted line, the pen scratch against the table the only noise in the white muffled room. When she had finished and handed the paper to the man in the suit Jessica turned around in her chair. The room was claustrophobic white, prefabricated table, two plastic chairs and a thick frosted window looking in. “Why can’t I remember anything? Why does my head hurt so much?” “Freezer brain. Expected side effects from prolonged cryosleep. The headaches will get better in time as will the memory.” “ said you found me?” “Yes...cryofrozen in a derelict spacecraft. The logs were almost unrecoverable but they reference the ship as an Icarus III, say she departed from Kelt-9 enroute to Gliese but a catastrophic engine malfunction left the ship thrustless in orbit around Mintaka. That’s where we found you. Mintaka is a neutron star and the radiation coming off the star likly obscured the ship's mayday broadcasts.” “And they found me frozen...on this ship...where is my family?” Jessica asked with the sinking realization that she couldn’t remember her family. Not their faces or there names. She wasn’t even sure if she had every had any family at all. The man sighed, looking down at the table before taking off his eyeglasses and polishing them on the cuff of his suit. When he had finished he replaced the glasses on his nose and folded his hands in front of him. “I am afraid to tell you this Ms. Harding. This may come as a bit of a shock, but... you were down for quite a long time, the ship records read eighty eight years.” He looked up at here to make sure she understood. “I am afraid that unless your family had been able to afford digital entombment or methuselah treatments they have all passed by now.” “I…” Jessica stuttered trying to find any semblance of memory to hold on to. The room was beginning to spin. She could feel her fingers digging into the arms of her chair. With another sigh the man in the suit reached under the table fishing for something in his pocket before pulling out two small digital tags and a business card which he held out towards her. “As it happens one of your departed crew members was from Bernard’s, and a relative who lives nearby has agreed to take you on until you can find further employment. Her name and address are on the back of the card.” He placed the business card on the table followed by a green and blue tag. “The green token will get you as far as Lausten by magnetic track. There is an eight ten out of the station across the street. You should arrive by the morning. The blue token is fare for an auto-cab once there. I am sorry for your loss Ms. Harding, but I ask that you realize just how many state charity cases a public servant such as myself has and to not abuse the contact information on my business card.” The man in the dark blue suit stood up from the table, turned towards the door and departed. He paused outside the room a moment, out of the corner of his eye through the soundproof window he could see the woman screaming. The man checked his watch. He was late for his next client. Archer4 Feb 10
Feb 9 Portents Portents “I think we should go back.” Orin’s thoughts weeped like water across Vaz’s mind. He could feel the fear telepathically, cold as deep space. “No.” Vaz replied staring down at the crater below him. The crater was indistinguishable from countless other hollows pocketing the otherwise barren ash surface of Kaldron VI. This crater was no different...except for the body. “Is it Terran?“ Orin asked. Vaz was silent. It had been over a century since he had seen one, out in deep space near the Jinren Reefs, but the body was indeed Terran. Orin’s doubts continued with escalating declaration. “If it is a Terran, then this represents a breach of the Sanghectis Accord. There isn’t a Terran outpost within seven light years. This...this is a breach of the Accord, and we must tell the elders about it at once.” Vaz ignored his apprentice. Templar did not know fear. Fear was seared out during the discipline scourging. In place of fear the Templar learned I’rali, that unconscious projection of granite calm. If Orin’s had been bonded to him Vaz would have suppressed the young one’s deviant terror. Vaz ventured down into the crater and reaching the small figure bent to examine it. The body was covered in blood and dust and scars, tattered white space suit utterly out of place against the basaltic dirt. A female, if dormant memories still served him. His taloned hand turned the human over and palm to chest Vaz felt for pulse, but there was none. Vaz stood over the creature, his mind searching for reason as Orin carried on behind him. “...and if there is one Terran here then that means there are multiple. A rogue settlement, an expedition, or worse an incursion force. No, the elders must be told immediately…” Vaz’s spoke finally, articulating the measured syllables of the Erza Cantos “Fear is a singularity. A collapsing weight devouring everything into itself. Why, heart of Adun. Why must you trespass it’s horizon.” The Templar rounded on his pupil, grasped him by the shoulder, claws pressing in on still tallow flesh. Pressed his hand against Orin’s breast a moment before pointing to the dead Terran. “This is not the self. This is a vessel. The true self was formed in the Khala and returns indelibly to her in time. But by acts of valor and meaning are we made significant. And fear of the unknown douses this like monsoon against the candle. Burn brighter Orin. Burn brighter if you ever wish to wear Templar vestments.” Vaz shifted his focus back to the corpse. “Besides...this is one Terran and a dead one at that. There is no danger here. Come we have our patrol to finish. When we have arrived back at the Gateway we will report this finding.” The two climbed out of the crater, ascending the rim, and marched on across the Bna’gol Dunes. The land here rose in overlapping foothills until it met the Marcelis Buttes. There solar windswept sand exchanged for obsidian stone, cresting stalactite teeth and serrated ravines which swallowed Vil’tama starlight into fractured shadows. The Protoss strode on through these narrow crags, illuminated only by the crystaline matrix of the Templar’s armour. The auric breast plate hummed, the internal plasma shield generators vigilant for threats. Orin listened to the feline swooshing of Vaz’s cybernetic grafts, piezoelectic quartz fibers contracting in unison. When he could no longer hold his worries at bay, Orin broke the calm. “It is not the dead I fear” he said “but the mechanisms that place a dead Terran on this moon which gives me pause. There may be others, there must be others. Master, I...I sense crisis in this.” Vaz turned to look at his apprentice. “Ah, so now you dabble in prophecy! Tis remarkable progress you make for one who hasn’t shed his W’ret scales yet. Tell me, do you know how the exalted ones achieved prophecy?” Orin was caught off guard. “You mean Tassadar? Artanis? They listened to the voice of the Khala.” Vaz halted midstride. The Templar twisted to face the whorled stone walls of the canyon around them. “What made this canyon?” Orin was confused. “What do you mean? Seismic activity I suppose. An ancient river could have eroded this passage eons ago. Volcanic forces may have rent tectonic plates asunder? If we had a probe we could survey the sedimentary…” “The past, Ap’re Orin, the past made this canyon. Events in sequence caused a divide in this earth allowing us to walk though this space today. Prophecy is not about listening, it is about predicting. Only knowledge of the past foretells the future. The exalted ones possessed the ability to entune with the entirety of the Khala. A hundred thousand protoss minds calculating probabilities. In this dream miasma all possible eventualities would coalesce and collapse until finally the true reality inherent would rise to the surface. And the Exhalted would read them as one reads celestial kinetics.” “Yes, Kla Vaz, I think I comprehend.” “So what does the past tell us about the Sanghectis Accord?” “That it was agreed upon in the wake of the Second Great War, that separation ensured stability. The Fallen Xel’naga had been defeated. The Zerg Swarms, severed from Amon’s connection, were decaying. Among ruined city and extinguished stars, the leaders of man and first born assembled on the planet Sanghectis and forged an agreement to ensure that interspecies genocide would never happen again.” “The end result being…” “The end result being the formation of the Astyanax Rift, a demarcation zone three hundred light years wide between Terran and Protoss space. Lined with all manner of Terran Mines, Automated Defence Turrets and Early Warning Detection Stations. And guarded on our side by the Umbral Fleet.” “Another question Ap’re Orin, what do the Terran’s understand about crossing the divide?” “That it means a Third Great War, master.” “And if the Terran’s chose to violate our space? To make war on us. Is this really what you imagine the first sign would be? A dead human left in a crater. On a moon holding no significance to the Terran before the Rift closed? I think not. The past provides a much more probable explanation. This cadaver has been here a long time, since before the Second Great War or perhaps during it. Embalmed by this moon’s polar vacuum such that her skin appears as new as the day she died. I suspect we missed the body on our initial scans because it was buried in the ground and a recent meteorite shower must have unearthed…” Vaz stopped suddenly. The canyon had broken left and opened out onto a valley. Down at the nadir of the basin, was a wreckage of metal and ceramic. “That is…” Orin did not need to finish his thought. It was a Terran vessel. The Protoss gazed at the ship, neither exchanging words, then cautiously they descended down towards the ship. It was a freight carrier, an ice hauler, now beached and spilling her watery cargo out into the exposed lunar air. The scene around the ship was encased in sheets of ice and gossamer frost. The frost sealing the crash site with reflected moonlight and a timeless stillness as if the crash had always been here. The ground cracked under Orin’s feet as the Protoss approached. Through the gaping breach in her hull Orin could see mechanical arms with yellow drilling and loading attachments meant for deep space glacier mining. The mechanical arms twisted around each other like intestines from some gargantuan sea-creature now gutted and awaiting carrion birds. “Stay here” Vaz commanded Orin who watched as Vaz warily entered the vessel’s cavernous hull. Leaking neon coolant pooled on the floor, leaving plutonium green in the wash of Vaz’s footsteps. Several kiloton containers had been anchored to the ceiling, when the magnetic locks failed these corrugated tetra-iron blocks had crashed were gravity demanded thus forcing Vax over or around the haphazard cargo gravestones. A shredded tarp swayed gently towards the bow, propelled only by slow venting ozone from an adjacent service pipe. Vaz pushed back this tarp and found a door behind marked “crew quarters”. He heaved against the jammed door until the hatch snapped back on its track and painfully egressed. Inside was a massacre. Blood soaked bulkheads and corpses stacked atop each other. Most with a clean borehole between the irises, a few with cauterized throats slit. Vaz ignited his psionic katar, stalking through the crew quarters to the opposing passage. The door to the cockpit slide open effortlessly. The main steering controls had been smashed but nothing else was abnormal in the room. As Vas turned to reexamine the bodies the templar heard a click. On the far side of crew quarters behind him Vaz could just make out the dim shimmer of shadows, then his head exploded against the cockpit window followed microseconds later by his armor’s plasma shields flickering on. Orin crouched behind the fuselage. He had waited a long time since hearing the rifle shot but the interior of the ship had since been silent. Vaz had not come back. Something was not right and Vaz should have been back by now and we should have gone back. Orin had tried to reach the psi network but the aether storms of Kaldron IV continued to block all signal. He was alone and the star Vil’tama sinking below the horizon. When it was pitch black Orin finally moved, slinking between rocky outcrops and cracked boulders as he made his way towards the valley entrance. He was almost back at the canyon he and his master had came from hours ago, when he broke cover and sprinted for the breach in the stone. He had almost reached those mausoleum walls when a tungsten bullet fired by infrared scope from the crashed vessel, found him in the dark.Archer1 Feb 9
Feb 4 Starcraft:Evolution, the butchering continues You thought the SC story couldn't have gone worse since the epilogue. You thought you were free of that massive torture the SC2 story was. Well, you were wrong. I present to you Starcraft: Evolution ! ... Oh my god, I want to cry so hard now. This is even more BS. They're destroying everything we knew about the SC universe. The Zerg are happy and trying to live in peace in a world they rebuilt ?? Wtf ??? Is the writer one of those redheads ??? Oh, and the name is awful too. Dragonball: Evolution anyone ?Urux96 Feb 4
Feb 2 Back for a Visit Hey, what's up guys? Long time no see. Sorry I never come on any more. I don't really role play any more, but I was thinking about you guys. Update on my life. I'm a Lance corporal in the Marine Corps now and I'm chilling on an army base, if you cane believe that. How's everyone been?Thecommander3 Feb 2
Jan 21 [Suggestion] Bnet App See Clan Chat Hello. There is something I noticed would have been useful if possible. Would be good if a feature was added in which you can see the chat or members in your clan channel without entering the game. There are cases where one may want to play with clan mates but has to wait and instead of doing it in the game that may be just needlessly loaded, it would be nice if besides added friends you can see clan channel chat in the bnet app too.ImpactRange0 Jan 21
Jan 8 Why is the Zergling/Baneling plush gone? There was a zergling plush in the blizard store and I saw it last at the beginning of 2017. I'm talking about the reversable one that can be turned into a baneling. I've always wanted such a plush and my friends told me that they'll get one for my birthday so I didn't order it then. Several orders of this plush failed for some reason or another (customs didn't let it trough or out of stock). I tried Amazon but it failed for the same reasons. What happened to the zergling plush in the blizzard store? Why did they remove it? Where can I get one now? :(Kamenation0 Jan 8
Jan 1 UED campaign Idea - Feedback? So, I already started making the first map - The story goes like this: Campaign revolves a small (Unofficial) faction that has several lowly colonies under it's defense. The faction resembles a mercenary corporation, having mostly just a small fleet that patrols the colonies from regular feral zerg attacks. The colonies, are officially under UED control. (This all takes place beyond the koprulu sector) Feral zerg have been spreading over the years toward this sector, and is now a major nuisance in it. The UED is trying to cleanse the feral zerg's advance toward Earth - not paying much attention to the colonies and beyond them simply because Earth and the core worlds are more important than the outer colonies. In short, The UED is paying no mind to it's far away colonies, and thus, they are claiming independence in the middle of this massive UED x Zerg war. Now the scale of the feral zerg presence is unimaginable. Zerg are everywhere. The reason the UED does not take much precaution to defend the colonies is because they are not as old and trust-worthy as the core worlds. The colonies, are found within a sector called "The Rim". This sector resembles much like koprulu, and has the same story (Colony ships sent out to colonize area). Unlike the koprulu sector, the UED was successful in claiming this area (In this story, it is explained that the UED sent not just one expedition, but many in one massive, bloody crusade.). The sector does not have protoss, and with the UED concealing what happened in the koprulu sector, the public only knows of the zerg (Not knowing of it's true potential. They only know that zerg are feral dumb space animals). How does this sound?AlexTheComie0 Jan 1
Dec 20 Mutalisks in the new Resident Evil 5 movie Hello, I just came back from the theater where I watched the RE5 movie and at the final scene there are several mutalisks!!! Wow I didn't know that the whole virus plot was caused by a Zerg infestation, so maybe the zombies are Infested Terrans?? o.0 You can watch that clip in this link at minute 14:54CrackerBlue7 Dec 20
Nov 25 Uncertainty So this will probably be more of a 1x1 rp however if people are interested they can join. With that being said, this rp is also going back to before the purge as I have found an unfinished interest is some of my prior characters. If you do not agree with this premises please just ignore this thread. The setting is six months after the final battle with the Splitters. The Splitter army was decimated but with a heavy cost to the sectors defenders. After the battle the group known as Poltergeist has disbanded as much of its resources were spent and the home base was destroyed. Now in regards to characters, I'd prefer that we stick to existing characters that were in Epilogue but new characters could be accepted. Please wait to post.LeKroger227 Nov 25
Nov 23 sc2 down? I cant login to servers but there is nothing wrong with my netKrauzen0 Nov 23
Nov 17 StarCraft Cosplays As an aspiring/wannabe cosplayer, I'm always looking for new and different characters that you don't normally see at conventions outside of BlizzCon. One such character I have in mind is SC II Jim Raynor in his civilian clothes. Mainly because I don't have the skills or transport ability to create Terran Marine armour. I'm trying to find suitable vests, but have been unsuccessful. Any tips or ideas on what to use here? Also, if you've done any StarCraft cosplays, feel free to share them!TheOutlaw0 Nov 17
Nov 16 StarCraft 2: Redux By now, If you've seen some of my posts that is, you probably have guessed that I not what one would call a fan of StarCraft 2. A couple of months ago, I made a post where I laid out a general outline for how I think StarCraft 2 should have gone, and generally people seemed to like me ideas. Someone on another forum who I talked to, who I showed them my idea, said "Why don't you actually make this a campaign using the editor." To which I said "Because my retarded !@# can barely use the internet without something going wrong." I am not tech savvy, to say the least. So he then recommend I try looking for people who are, and ask around for anyone who'd be willing and able to help. And that's what I'm doing now. As of today, since then, I've been reworking my outline, this project of mine would consist on 3 campaigns, Zerg, Protoss and Terran in that order, 12 missions each. I've designed the first 8 maps for the Zerg campaign and have written out, up to the 4th mission, the general events and dialog. But now I need to find the person/persons that can help make this idea of mine into a reality. (I need to find my spirit warriors, A+ to whoever gets that reference.) So if you have even a passing interest, and would like to know more, just to see if what I've been working on is worth your time and effort then let me know here. Let's make StarCraft great again.Scuro120 Nov 16
Nov 15 Announcer suggestion Is it possible to get Arcturus Mengsk as an upcoming announcer? his death in HotS shouldnt really be a deterrant to this since its just an announcing role, and he would be STELLAR as one! anyone agree? disagree? thoughts?NovaPrime2 Nov 15
Nov 5 arcade!!!!!!!!!!! The new arcade system is pure garbage. That's it. That's all there is to say. ever since the major change to the arcade it's ruined my whole ability to play the games i enjoy playing. the patch has made it so that if I don't see a change soon, I'll likely never try again. so, preemptively goodbye scII arcade games i enjoyed.Yethhound2 Nov 5
Nov 3 SC2 Developer/Enthusiasts Social Bnet Group! Hi all! If you're a SC2 dev, we have a new Bnet Social Group dedicated to SC2 developers. It's a small group of us at the moment, but with a wide range of experience! Come join and help bring the SC2 custom and AI scene together! Let's share and help each other build awesome and innovative content for the community! Also general game devs, artist and enthusiasts welcome! Nov 3
Oct 27 OtH/OtR (IC thread) Link for discussion thread for details. Oct 27
Oct 20 Blizzcon 2017 prediction: Zeratul is alive! Has anyone else noticed how little airtime one of the most enigmatic characters has had for a Protoss focused campaign? The concept of Nova: Covert Ops is a precursor to a greater campaign which will be announced at Blizzcon and it is no coincidence that Blizzard mentioned "surprises" on the Starcraft 2 stage. The next campaign will feature Zeratul, describing how he survived his encounter with Artanis. Fading away (as Dark Templar do) after cutting off Artanis' nerve cords achieved a multidimensional goal for Zeratul. It freed Artanis from Amon's control, presented him with Zeratul's own warp blade (which he can use due to effectively being a Dark Templar now), and filled Artanis with a sense of purpose to seek vengeance on the god that forced him to slay his friend. During the events of Legacy of the Void, Zeratul is alive and well. First meeting the Avengers (khalai dark Templar on Aiur seeking vengeance against the Zerg infestation) and learns the ways of the Zer'Atai. This campaign delves deeper into the void and aims to explain the differences between the Zer'Atai, Lenassa, and Tal'Darim Protoss. It will then move on to Shakuras in the second installment, describing the events that took place leading up to Artanis destroying the planet. Zeratul then flees (under the advice of none other than the spectre Gabriel Tosh) to Slayn in the third installment, where he goes on to create the Blood Hunters (a secretive faction of assassins working for the Highlord with aims of their own) and describes how Zeratul and Tosh (along with their Blood Hunters and Spectres) were the hidden hand behind Alarak's rise to power ultimately leading to Amon's loss of control over the Tal'Darim.Zeratul0 Oct 20
Oct 10 Samuel Duran. Where did he go? Soooo Forgive me if this is played out in the campaign, (I haven't finished HOTS and LOTV)But what ever happened to the mysterious Samuel Duran from Brood War? Let me know if the answers I seek are in The Campaign!GrimReaper8 Oct 10
Oct 8 dungeon master Just played this in arcade and had a ton of fun! It has 3 lvls. I recommend it.Generalherps0 Oct 8
Sep 16 W H O O P S posted the original thing in the wrong sectionAuroth0 Sep 16
Sep 10 This is Their Story This is Their Story Background: 2309; The Earth is in shambles from a war that depleted resources, destroyed land and leveled nations. Overpopulation, pollution and disease run rampant around the world as well as radiation chemicals from a worst-case scenario of mutually assured destruction. Remnants of world governments come together and create a space exploration initiative. Two decades later the initiative finishes with a great ship destined to colonize a distant world outside of the solar system. The ship uplinked to many space telescopes, surveying for a suitable world in the seemingly more elusive “Goldilocks Zone”. After months of sitting in space looking, they find a big green and blue world. The sun is closer to a red giant, but its still billions of years of life for humanity. It’s a little on the colder side but it will do. And so they set off to the star they now call Novus Domia. Domia for short. And the planet they named Terra. The ship arrives many years later, but experimental and untested technology only got them so far. Upon reaching the influence of the big green and blue planet many systems fail, including life support for some. The ship barely manages a landing, nearly all crew dying to save whoever is left. Escape pods blasted out from the ship into dark unexplored regions of the icy wastes of the planets northern reaches, only to be lost to the madness of a barren planet. Only a handful of people remain; they range from agricultural experts to soldiers and everything in between. It is their job to preserve what is left of humanity. There isn’t much to tell, but this is their story. Synopsis: You survive the crash landing of the ship. Other survivors are within a mile radius of you. Everyone has a wrist device that tracks vitals and other colonist locations among other things. You need to gather what you can and find a new place to begin settling. There is a strange feeling of this planet. Even with the creaking of a burning ship, and the violent cold winds of this planets version of a boreal forest, there is an eerie silence. But that’s not important right now, what is important is surviving. This can’t be where the story ends… Characters Name: Character Name: Specialty/Skills: Description: Equipment: (Pressurized Exploration Suit[PES] is a pressurized space suit designed to protect from extreme temperatures, radiation, and the vacuum of space and is standard for all colonists. You may have something different but nothing over the top. For the most part, nothing beyond like Fallout power armor) Backstory:Korozain5 Sep 10
Aug 25 Whom should Blizz hire to write plot of SC3? Hello friends, As bleak as it may be, some of us - idealistic and naive (speaking of myself) old fans have hope that one day in the not so distant future, a Starcraft game would appear where Blizzard would actually do what they were supposed to do in 2010 and hire a competent writer to write the script for SC2. Alas, back in 2010, Chris Metzen fell into the "George Lucas prequels mode" and did not do that, resulting in a very underwhelming story for the long-awaited amazing sci-fi franchise. Still, sometimes a franchise gets lucky. Force Awakens and Rogue One follow the weak prequels, or Days of Future Past (Rogue Cut) comes out and corrects some damage done by X3, etc. Anyhow, if SC3, or another SC game with legitimately good writing were to be produced, which writer(s) would you feel be good choices to create a solid, epic story that may somehow, potentially, make up for the underwhelming writing of SC2? Examples: (1) Christie Golden - who better than a person who wrote the most SC novels to date? (2) Timothy Zahn - the acclaimed father of the true Star Wars "sequel" novels and the latest author of a SC novel - why not? (3) Gabriel Sorrel - creator of one of the most interesting "sequel" campaigns during the original SC era of late 1990s who created amazing, though unfinished, "War of the Tribes" campaign. (4) James Phinney - the man who probably wrote the story for the original SC. (5) Have one of the "CD Project Red" writers try it out. (5) Gradius from SC legacy website. (6) {your choice here} ~RSBKExecutor6 Aug 25
Aug 6 Nova covert ops soundtrack Just wanna know is there an official Nova covert ops soundtrack? Some of the music during coop missions is really exciting gotta notice! Though I am not sure it is from the Nova mission pack...FrancisWang1 Aug 6
Jul 9 Darkest Heart Part 4 What had been meant to be a rather short and sweet investigation into the remains of a government fortress quickly turned into a fiasco when the strongest of the Seven Deadly Sins made himself known; Wrath. Tobias and his hunters quickly retreated and fled, though not before a fool-hardy young off-worlder who was with the group attacked the Sin and received a wound as penance. After the group had fled, the Archangel Altun crossed blades with the Sin, clashing with him in a short but powerful battle that forced even Altun to retreat. Upon returning to his mansion, the following week was dedicated to preparing and training by all involved. All that's left is for the threats to resurface and show themselves once more. Table of contents: PRP: Part one: Part two: Part three: Jul 9
Jun 28 Most achievements across 4 servers combined? Hello all, I'm an achievement hunter with roughly 11k achievement on NA and after the release of Stukov in Dec 2016 and the following lull in content released I started playing the other 3 servers for fun to get more "career master finishes" and achievement points. Does anyone in the community know what the highest achievement point total (or master finish total) across all 4 servers combined is? I have roughly 33,000 across all four servers combined now, roughly 11k na and over 7k on the other three. I also have over 100xMaster finishes if counting all 4 combined. I'll count them all up exactly, but, does anyone know? What's the highest Master finish 4 server total and achievement across 4 server total that you guys have heard of?Zolunaria0 Jun 28
Jun 21 4th Dimension: StarCraft Mind Control ... Stay tuned for more episodes!Spartan1 Jun 21
Jun 10 Leovaunt's (unoffical) Starcraft RPG Ruleset Hello, fellow residents of the Koprulu Sector! I hope this is an exciting a day for you as it is for me. I have eagerly been devouring all the information about Legacy of the Void, as I’m sure most of you have. I am Leovaunt. Over the last few years, I have created a table-top roleplaying game for the Starcraft setting. I now want to share it with the world and the community, and let the project grow with the help of my fellow Terrans. All my currently published resources about the Starcraft RPG can be found at the following website: Allow me to first assuage concerns by answering a few questions. ‘Why did you make it?’ Simply, why not? Starcraft was one of my first serious forays into the science-fiction genre. I see it as an optimum setting for a heroic sci-fi roleplaying game. It has a lot going on in the setting: dueling factions, variety of worlds, killer robots, monstrous aliens of all sizes, psychic powers, and enough magical aspects thrown in to make it a science fiction-fantasy hybrid. It is a setting where you can easily have a wide variety of different characters throw in together and start on an epic adventure. I made it so my fellow Terrans could enjoy exploring the universe of Starcraft as I see it, in a zoomed in scale in a manner that is rarely seen by the game. This is not a roleplaying game for the Starcraft games: this is a game for the Starcraft setting. It uses the books, comics, stories, and lore bits from the website to create a game universe that is expansive and real, more than just moving units around a map. However, the setting also allows a view of heroic individuals facing impossible odds and prevailing, like we see in the exploits of great heroes such as Jim Raynor. Of course, this epic project is also my first major public venture as a game designer and a writer. This project is also my resume, so people can see what I can do. ‘Aren’t there already Starcraft roleplaying games?’ Well, yes and no. Obviously, there are plenty of Starcraft roleplaying groups on forums and websites around the world. Some others have even tried to convert other game systems to the Starcraft setting, and there was a little known official Starcraft RPG years ago, if albeit a small one. The way this is different than the forum RPGs, is that this is a structured ruleset. Players can create characters by spending characteristic points to buy skills and attributes. They earn weapons and abilities that have statistical values, and involve dice rolling to make different effects. While the narrative play by post format is awesome, this allows players to roleplay in Starcraft in the classic fashion I grew up with; bunch of fellows around a table with dice, record sheets, and a map. Why is this different from other RPGs that have been put out? If I had to pin a word on it, I would say it’s the scope of the game. Not only is it a zoomed in view of the larger Starcraft universe, but this project covers all angles of game play. Any type of game is playable with this RPG, from detective mysteries, to warfare, to space exploration, espionage, piracy, or simple treasure seeking. The rule set is open ended, allowing players to create whatever type of characters they want, chose from a wide variety of backgrounds appropriate to the setting, and be supported with endless options for character customization. That is the main difference with my system versus the roleplaying games, that this is a set of rules that lays the ground work for a Starcraft setting. It is a set of example game mechanics, relying on dice rolling, which allow a structured yet customizable playing experience. I plan on supporting this project for some time, assuming I have Blizzard’s blessing. ‘Okay, so what is this game like?’ Anyone familiar with d20 roleplaying game systems, such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or Star Wars: Saga Edition, will be able to pick it up fairly quickly, as it uses a twenty-sided dice as its main mechanics. However, it is not a clone copy of such rules. For example, the system ONLY uses twenty-sided dice. Everything in the game can be determined with one type of dice, and usually only one dice roll, making encounters fast and simple. Furthermore, the statistical values of the game are determined in a completely unique manner. More than that, the system is extremely customizable and without a rigid class-like system. Every time a character levels up, they receive a number of statistic points, prowess points, skill points, and a talent. These factors allow complete fine tuning of a character, and the higher level a party is, the more different each character will be from one another. Even better, equipment is varied and adjustable. Almost every item in the game has an equipment tier, everything from flashlights to missile launchers, allowing the character to constantly be seeking better and better items as the campaign goes on. There is no staleness of being stuck with an item for 10 or more levels, as the players will constantly be able to seek out better and better loot. Even vehicles have tiers, so players can upgrade their combat craft as well as their personal items. The game is spread across 20 levels that cover a massive diversity of player power. A level 1 character is little more than a common civilian, and would be quickly ripped apart by a single zergling. A level 20 character is a legendary figure that could take on squads of Dominion Marines single handedly, and can even give pause to the great horrors of the setting, such as terrifying Zerg brood lords and ultralisks. Even psionic powers offer a great deal of flexibility, with every manifestation of a power giving a varied number of ‘power points’ that can be used to customize a psychic power to the exact needs of a character at that moment. But be warned, for there are many enemy psychics in the game, ranging from Terran Ghosts, Zerg Queens, and all manner of Protoss warriors. Only Terrans are available to play as in the game at this moment. I do plan on adding support for additional races as time goes on. ‘How is this going to be released?’ I have created a website where all the details on the roleplaying game will be revealed in a number of files. My first release will be the How to Play Guide, which details the basic mechanics of the game system. This will be followed shortly by the first adventure, the Escape from New Folsom. It pits the players as a group of prisoners trying to escape the planet following that climatic level of the Wings of Liberty Campaign. This will be accompanied by a series of pre-generated 2nd level characters to start on the adventure. The adventures of these escaped prisoners will continue in future adventure detachments that will send them all over the sector and beyond. Also there will be supplement releases so anyone playing the system can make their own characters, and eventually there will be support for Game Masters to create their own campaigns and stories. All of this is a fan-made project, and will be completely free of charge. As usual, all creative rights to the Starcraft setting, including names, locations, and species, are the property solely of Blizzard Entertainment, whom I by no means represent. ‘What other work have you done?’ I have created my own personal universe known as the Stellar Realms, which is the setting for my Heroes of Keshan series of novellas. To learn more about my setting and find links to my published stories, go to You can find my published stories on the amazon kindle store. To find my website with my introduction files, go to Jun 10
May 23 Austinites here? Anyone from ATX here wanna meetup and play some Star Craft? Teams, and goofing around and etc. My skill level is at gold leagueRivm0 May 23
May 14 hTx VS Confed hTx (Heretics) clan war today will be live on twitch @ 5PM PST / 8PM EST vs Confed! Please tune in on twitch @ and - There will be commentary overtop of the gameplay and also twitch features such as chat, etc. - Don't be a stranger! come by and support some SC2 good times!Defy0 May 14
May 14 hTx VS Confed hTx (Heretics) clan war today will be live on twitch @ 5PM PST / 8PM EST vs Confed! Please tune in on twitch @ and - There will be commentary overtop of the gameplay and also twitch features such as chat, etc. - Don't be a stranger! come by and support some SC2 good times!Defy0 May 14
May 10 Roll 2 Dodge: Thombie Apocalithp In this thread, players may in their posts Attempt to do things. An attempt could be anything from trying to Spawn Moar Overlords to eating cake to conquering the earth. All could potentially be fatal, or could make you rich! I (or another qualified person) will roll a die to determine your level of success. Providing example: Bob: I attempt to cook a pot of soup. Roll 1, lethal failure. Bob's soup is so bad that he dies instantly and his body is charred to ashes on the spot. Bob is now ashes: Dead. Roll 2, failure. Bob's soup tastes awful, so bad he begins vomiting violently. Bob is now Vulnerable. Roll 3, grey area. Bob eats a bowl of the soup, but it's not appealing. He leaves the rest. Bob is now either Fine or Vulnerable, dependent on magnitude of attempt. Cooking soup is mundane. He is Fine. Roll 4, success. Bob makes a delicious soup. He eagerly eats it all. Bob is now Fine. Roll 5, great success. Bob's soup is so good he opens a soup restaurant, which is immediately successful. Bob is Good. Roll 6, extreme success. Bob's soup is fantastic! It raises his psionic index by 2 and gives him eternal life. Bob is Great. You may get tags from actions. THis is what they mean. Keep in mind that I might not enforce them if I take pity on you, get irritated by you, or am simply too lazy. Tag scale: Exiled - out of the game unless someone specifically summons him. Cannot roll. Dead - could be revived accidentally or on purpose. -2 to all rolls. Injured - not in the best shape. -1 to all rolls. Vulnerable - off balance. -1 to Dodges. Fine - nothing wrong here. Good - feels pretty good. +1 to all rolls. Great - things are going very well. +2 to all rolls. Giddy - sick with happiness. +3 to non-Dodge rolls. Prepared - ready for anything. +2 to Dodges. Godlike - SOMEBODY STOP HIM! +3 to all rolls. Cannot be Killed, Exiled, or Injured. All players begin Fine. If higher than Fine, will lose one rank each turn. If lower, action must be taken to raise rank. If someone Attempts to do something nasty to you, you have to Roll 2 Dodge. The die will be rolled for you to determine how much damage you suffer, if any. In addition to being a qualified operator of the Dice of Power, I also represent the Celestial Court, to which you can appeal if you are Exiled for a couple of turns or if you feel you've been wronged. Qualified Rollers: The Original Trio Zanon KnarledOne Animus ShadowFury *tentative* *Note that each roller may use a variant of the rules. Anyone else who thinks they have what it takes may apply to the Celestial Court for a chance at Rolling the Dice. If "we" like your work you could become qualified. Make your Attempts.KnarledOne175 May 10