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Nov 18, 2015 J.R.B. Online [Community Site] [DONE!!!] Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's finally here! I've pretty much complete our community site! This is the official thread here talking about it and linking to it. Highly rated would be nice :) ... ... ... Here is the site. Also, I need you to stop by here and provide me with some information for the site. Also, could I get Zanon to put a lasting link to the site from Zanon's Bar from now on? Use this thread for feedback, compliments, suggestions, and bud reporting. Special thanks to MVP Leviathan for helping me bug scrub! Special thanks to Aldrexus for making this thread a sticky and fixing links! ENJOY THE SITE!!! Duke16 Nov 18, 2015
May 11, 2011 Joeyray's Bar Open for Business There's a war-torn cosmos out there, and the heat of battle can wear on even the most seasoned marshals (or Dominion outlaws if you wanna split hairs). Don't ya sometimes just need a place to go to get away from it all -- a place where you can knock back a cold one and strike up a conversation or two with fellow battle-hardened strangers? Well we're happy to announce Joeyray's Bar is open for business! (You steal ol' Joey's replacement jukebox and you'll wish for a death by zergling ambush.) When you need to step back from the ladder, the achievements, and the action, Joeyray's Bar forum is the place to go to share your own stories set within the StarCraft universe. Dive into the richness of the terran, protoss, and zerg races, the violent political turmoil shrouding the Koprulu Sector, and the (in)famous characters you love... or love to hate. With this new forum, we hope you'll find an outlet to discuss and create your very own StarCraft fan fiction. You have an immense sci-fi universe at your disposal. We want to see your words breathe even more life into it! Original announcement: May 11, 2011
May 11, 2011 Welcome: Please Read! Welcome to Joeyray's Bar, a place to share and discuss your own StarCraft fiction! We oblige you to choose whatever platform for sharing a tale or two that suits you best. The denizens of this bar are always anxious for a new story of conflict, calamity, and conquest. Before ol' Joey takes your drink order though, let's cover a few of the basic rules you're expected to abide by while in this establishment. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and guidelines before posting. Important Reminders: Search The search function at the top of the StarCraft community site is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, please be use it to search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer for which you are looking. Making a new thread on an existing subject can result in your thread being deleted or, if you continue to re-post the same content, the loss of your forum privileges for spamming. Rating The forum rating system can be used to promote positive discussion, demote unhelpful comments, and even report posts that violate the forum Code of Conduct. By hovering over a post you'll be presented with several options, including a "thumbs up" (Like) and a "thumbs down" (Dislike) icon. Clicking the "thumbs up" icon will rate the post up. If enough people like a post, it will gain a Highly Rated status and appear at the top of related search results. Highly Rated posts will also have a highlighted background. Clicking the "thumbs down" icon will expand a drop-down menu which will include "Dislike," "Trolling, "Spam" and "Report" options. "Dislike" will rate the post down. If enough people dislike a post, it will be darkened, and with a lot of dislikes it will be hidden completely. You can also quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of a violation. Please note that you can only rate each post once. Use your power wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Have fun posting on these forums, and good luck with your adventures in the Koprulu Sector!Zarhym1 May 11, 2011
1d Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 39) Continued from "Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 38) Nova Covert Ops"Zanon423 1d
2d [Suggestion] Bnet App See Clan Chat Hello. There is something I noticed would have been useful if possible. Would be good if a feature was added in which you can see the chat or members in your clan channel without entering the game. There are cases where one may want to play with clan mates but has to wait and instead of doing it in the game that may be just needlessly loaded, it would be nice if besides added friends you can see clan channel chat in the bnet app too.ImpactRange0 2d
Jan 14 SC1 had a subconscious 80s Cold War theme So I watched the movie "Hunt For Red October" and realized that the cold war flick and SC1 have a lot in common. I think the creative team of Blizzard at the time didn't even realize it, but if you watch it (if you have the patience, its a B- movie) it gives you those nostalgic 90s vibes, the same vibes you had when watching Brood War cinematics take place inside battlecruisers instead of submarines, and UED authoritarians instead of soviets. Brood War is even packed (randomly) with Russian characters. I say randomly because games that are released recently don't have a real boogeyman anymore to base the "bad guys" off of. COD Ghosts has a spontaneous South American federation pop up out of nowhere since going after the Russians got very old. It makes you realize how games with good storylines depend heavily on the decade they take place. I feel like war themed games post-2001 got very... tired, there was no potential or recent outside thread from a big empire in the real world, and it had an impact on the lore of games thereafter.KubusKraft0 Jan 14
Jan 8 Why is the Zergling/Baneling plush gone? There was a zergling plush in the blizard store and I saw it last at the beginning of 2017. I'm talking about the reversable one that can be turned into a baneling. I've always wanted such a plush and my friends told me that they'll get one for my birthday so I didn't order it then. Several orders of this plush failed for some reason or another (customs didn't let it trough or out of stock). I tried Amazon but it failed for the same reasons. What happened to the zergling plush in the blizzard store? Why did they remove it? Where can I get one now? :(Kamenation0 Jan 8
Jan 6 Starcraft:Evolution, the butchering continues You thought the SC story couldn't have gone worse since the epilogue. You thought you were free of that massive torture the SC2 story was. Well, you were wrong. I present to you Starcraft: Evolution ! ... Oh my god, I want to cry so hard now. This is even more BS. They're destroying everything we knew about the SC universe. The Zerg are happy and trying to live in peace in a world they rebuilt ?? Wtf ??? Is the writer one of those redheads ??? Oh, and the name is awful too. Dragonball: Evolution anyone ?Urux95 Jan 6
Jan 1 UED campaign Idea - Feedback? So, I already started making the first map - The story goes like this: Campaign revolves a small (Unofficial) faction that has several lowly colonies under it's defense. The faction resembles a mercenary corporation, having mostly just a small fleet that patrols the colonies from regular feral zerg attacks. The colonies, are officially under UED control. (This all takes place beyond the koprulu sector) Feral zerg have been spreading over the years toward this sector, and is now a major nuisance in it. The UED is trying to cleanse the feral zerg's advance toward Earth - not paying much attention to the colonies and beyond them simply because Earth and the core worlds are more important than the outer colonies. In short, The UED is paying no mind to it's far away colonies, and thus, they are claiming independence in the middle of this massive UED x Zerg war. Now the scale of the feral zerg presence is unimaginable. Zerg are everywhere. The reason the UED does not take much precaution to defend the colonies is because they are not as old and trust-worthy as the core worlds. The colonies, are found within a sector called "The Rim". This sector resembles much like koprulu, and has the same story (Colony ships sent out to colonize area). Unlike the koprulu sector, the UED was successful in claiming this area (In this story, it is explained that the UED sent not just one expedition, but many in one massive, bloody crusade.). The sector does not have protoss, and with the UED concealing what happened in the koprulu sector, the public only knows of the zerg (Not knowing of it's true potential. They only know that zerg are feral dumb space animals). How does this sound?AlexTheComie0 Jan 1
Dec 20 Mutalisks in the new Resident Evil 5 movie Hello, I just came back from the theater where I watched the RE5 movie and at the final scene there are several mutalisks!!! Wow I didn't know that the whole virus plot was caused by a Zerg infestation, so maybe the zombies are Infested Terrans?? o.0 You can watch that clip in this link at minute 14:54CrackerBlue7 Dec 20
Nov 25 Uncertainty So this will probably be more of a 1x1 rp however if people are interested they can join. With that being said, this rp is also going back to before the purge as I have found an unfinished interest is some of my prior characters. If you do not agree with this premises please just ignore this thread. The setting is six months after the final battle with the Splitters. The Splitter army was decimated but with a heavy cost to the sectors defenders. After the battle the group known as Poltergeist has disbanded as much of its resources were spent and the home base was destroyed. Now in regards to characters, I'd prefer that we stick to existing characters that were in Epilogue but new characters could be accepted. Please wait to post.LeKroger227 Nov 25
Nov 23 sc2 down? I cant login to servers but there is nothing wrong with my netKrauzen0 Nov 23
Nov 17 StarCraft Cosplays As an aspiring/wannabe cosplayer, I'm always looking for new and different characters that you don't normally see at conventions outside of BlizzCon. One such character I have in mind is SC II Jim Raynor in his civilian clothes. Mainly because I don't have the skills or transport ability to create Terran Marine armour. I'm trying to find suitable vests, but have been unsuccessful. Any tips or ideas on what to use here? Also, if you've done any StarCraft cosplays, feel free to share them!TheOutlaw0 Nov 17
Nov 16 "The Quote of the Day" "The quote of the day thread is a little tradition of mine. I always start this kind of thread no matter where I go. All that's important is that I become dedicated to that forum and here I am. It may not be the best thread, but it provides a little entertainment for a while, so go ahead. Give your quote of the day and cite the source. Give context if possible. It doesn't matter where it's from. It doesn't need to wise words. Make a movie or game quote if you want. Quote your friends if it pleases you. Leave nothing too obscure out of this thread. Have as many quotes as you want in a day. You don't even need to believe in the idea behind the quote, so go wild." -TheCommander, the Quote of the Day.Zanon365 Nov 16
Nov 16 StarCraft 2: Redux By now, If you've seen some of my posts that is, you probably have guessed that I not what one would call a fan of StarCraft 2. A couple of months ago, I made a post where I laid out a general outline for how I think StarCraft 2 should have gone, and generally people seemed to like me ideas. Someone on another forum who I talked to, who I showed them my idea, said "Why don't you actually make this a campaign using the editor." To which I said "Because my retarded !@# can barely use the internet without something going wrong." I am not tech savvy, to say the least. So he then recommend I try looking for people who are, and ask around for anyone who'd be willing and able to help. And that's what I'm doing now. As of today, since then, I've been reworking my outline, this project of mine would consist on 3 campaigns, Zerg, Protoss and Terran in that order, 12 missions each. I've designed the first 8 maps for the Zerg campaign and have written out, up to the 4th mission, the general events and dialog. But now I need to find the person/persons that can help make this idea of mine into a reality. (I need to find my spirit warriors, A+ to whoever gets that reference.) So if you have even a passing interest, and would like to know more, just to see if what I've been working on is worth your time and effort then let me know here. Let's make StarCraft great again.Scuro120 Nov 16
Nov 15 Announcer suggestion Is it possible to get Arcturus Mengsk as an upcoming announcer? his death in HotS shouldnt really be a deterrant to this since its just an announcing role, and he would be STELLAR as one! anyone agree? disagree? thoughts?NovaPrime2 Nov 15
Nov 5 arcade!!!!!!!!!!! The new arcade system is pure garbage. That's it. That's all there is to say. ever since the major change to the arcade it's ruined my whole ability to play the games i enjoy playing. the patch has made it so that if I don't see a change soon, I'll likely never try again. so, preemptively goodbye scII arcade games i enjoyed.Yethhound2 Nov 5
Nov 3 SC2 Developer/Enthusiasts Social Bnet Group! Hi all! If you're a SC2 dev, we have a new Bnet Social Group dedicated to SC2 developers. It's a small group of us at the moment, but with a wide range of experience! Come join and help bring the SC2 custom and AI scene together! Let's share and help each other build awesome and innovative content for the community! Also general game devs, artist and enthusiasts welcome! Nov 3
Oct 27 OtH/OtR (IC thread) Link for discussion thread for details. Oct 27
Oct 20 Blizzcon 2017 prediction: Zeratul is alive! Has anyone else noticed how little airtime one of the most enigmatic characters has had for a Protoss focused campaign? The concept of Nova: Covert Ops is a precursor to a greater campaign which will be announced at Blizzcon and it is no coincidence that Blizzard mentioned "surprises" on the Starcraft 2 stage. The next campaign will feature Zeratul, describing how he survived his encounter with Artanis. Fading away (as Dark Templar do) after cutting off Artanis' nerve cords achieved a multidimensional goal for Zeratul. It freed Artanis from Amon's control, presented him with Zeratul's own warp blade (which he can use due to effectively being a Dark Templar now), and filled Artanis with a sense of purpose to seek vengeance on the god that forced him to slay his friend. During the events of Legacy of the Void, Zeratul is alive and well. First meeting the Avengers (khalai dark Templar on Aiur seeking vengeance against the Zerg infestation) and learns the ways of the Zer'Atai. This campaign delves deeper into the void and aims to explain the differences between the Zer'Atai, Lenassa, and Tal'Darim Protoss. It will then move on to Shakuras in the second installment, describing the events that took place leading up to Artanis destroying the planet. Zeratul then flees (under the advice of none other than the spectre Gabriel Tosh) to Slayn in the third installment, where he goes on to create the Blood Hunters (a secretive faction of assassins working for the Highlord with aims of their own) and describes how Zeratul and Tosh (along with their Blood Hunters and Spectres) were the hidden hand behind Alarak's rise to power ultimately leading to Amon's loss of control over the Tal'Darim.Zeratul0 Oct 20
Oct 10 Samuel Duran. Where did he go? Soooo Forgive me if this is played out in the campaign, (I haven't finished HOTS and LOTV)But what ever happened to the mysterious Samuel Duran from Brood War? Let me know if the answers I seek are in The Campaign!GrimReaper8 Oct 10
Oct 8 dungeon master Just played this in arcade and had a ton of fun! It has 3 lvls. I recommend it.Generalherps0 Oct 8
Sep 16 W H O O P S posted the original thing in the wrong sectionAuroth0 Sep 16
Sep 10 This is Their Story This is Their Story Background: 2309; The Earth is in shambles from a war that depleted resources, destroyed land and leveled nations. Overpopulation, pollution and disease run rampant around the world as well as radiation chemicals from a worst-case scenario of mutually assured destruction. Remnants of world governments come together and create a space exploration initiative. Two decades later the initiative finishes with a great ship destined to colonize a distant world outside of the solar system. The ship uplinked to many space telescopes, surveying for a suitable world in the seemingly more elusive “Goldilocks Zone”. After months of sitting in space looking, they find a big green and blue world. The sun is closer to a red giant, but its still billions of years of life for humanity. It’s a little on the colder side but it will do. And so they set off to the star they now call Novus Domia. Domia for short. And the planet they named Terra. The ship arrives many years later, but experimental and untested technology only got them so far. Upon reaching the influence of the big green and blue planet many systems fail, including life support for some. The ship barely manages a landing, nearly all crew dying to save whoever is left. Escape pods blasted out from the ship into dark unexplored regions of the icy wastes of the planets northern reaches, only to be lost to the madness of a barren planet. Only a handful of people remain; they range from agricultural experts to soldiers and everything in between. It is their job to preserve what is left of humanity. There isn’t much to tell, but this is their story. Synopsis: You survive the crash landing of the ship. Other survivors are within a mile radius of you. Everyone has a wrist device that tracks vitals and other colonist locations among other things. You need to gather what you can and find a new place to begin settling. There is a strange feeling of this planet. Even with the creaking of a burning ship, and the violent cold winds of this planets version of a boreal forest, there is an eerie silence. But that’s not important right now, what is important is surviving. This can’t be where the story ends… Characters Name: Character Name: Specialty/Skills: Description: Equipment: (Pressurized Exploration Suit[PES] is a pressurized space suit designed to protect from extreme temperatures, radiation, and the vacuum of space and is standard for all colonists. You may have something different but nothing over the top. For the most part, nothing beyond like Fallout power armor) Backstory:Korozain5 Sep 10
Aug 25 Whom should Blizz hire to write plot of SC3? Hello friends, As bleak as it may be, some of us - idealistic and naive (speaking of myself) old fans have hope that one day in the not so distant future, a Starcraft game would appear where Blizzard would actually do what they were supposed to do in 2010 and hire a competent writer to write the script for SC2. Alas, back in 2010, Chris Metzen fell into the "George Lucas prequels mode" and did not do that, resulting in a very underwhelming story for the long-awaited amazing sci-fi franchise. Still, sometimes a franchise gets lucky. Force Awakens and Rogue One follow the weak prequels, or Days of Future Past (Rogue Cut) comes out and corrects some damage done by X3, etc. Anyhow, if SC3, or another SC game with legitimately good writing were to be produced, which writer(s) would you feel be good choices to create a solid, epic story that may somehow, potentially, make up for the underwhelming writing of SC2? Examples: (1) Christie Golden - who better than a person who wrote the most SC novels to date? (2) Timothy Zahn - the acclaimed father of the true Star Wars "sequel" novels and the latest author of a SC novel - why not? (3) Gabriel Sorrel - creator of one of the most interesting "sequel" campaigns during the original SC era of late 1990s who created amazing, though unfinished, "War of the Tribes" campaign. (4) James Phinney - the man who probably wrote the story for the original SC. (5) Have one of the "CD Project Red" writers try it out. (5) Gradius from SC legacy website. (6) {your choice here} ~RSBKExecutor6 Aug 25
Aug 6 Nova covert ops soundtrack Just wanna know is there an official Nova covert ops soundtrack? Some of the music during coop missions is really exciting gotta notice! Though I am not sure it is from the Nova mission pack...FrancisWang1 Aug 6
Jul 9 Darkest Heart Part 4 What had been meant to be a rather short and sweet investigation into the remains of a government fortress quickly turned into a fiasco when the strongest of the Seven Deadly Sins made himself known; Wrath. Tobias and his hunters quickly retreated and fled, though not before a fool-hardy young off-worlder who was with the group attacked the Sin and received a wound as penance. After the group had fled, the Archangel Altun crossed blades with the Sin, clashing with him in a short but powerful battle that forced even Altun to retreat. Upon returning to his mansion, the following week was dedicated to preparing and training by all involved. All that's left is for the threats to resurface and show themselves once more. Table of contents: PRP: Part one: Part two: Part three: Jul 9
Jun 28 Most achievements across 4 servers combined? Hello all, I'm an achievement hunter with roughly 11k achievement on NA and after the release of Stukov in Dec 2016 and the following lull in content released I started playing the other 3 servers for fun to get more "career master finishes" and achievement points. Does anyone in the community know what the highest achievement point total (or master finish total) across all 4 servers combined is? I have roughly 33,000 across all four servers combined now, roughly 11k na and over 7k on the other three. I also have over 100xMaster finishes if counting all 4 combined. I'll count them all up exactly, but, does anyone know? What's the highest Master finish 4 server total and achievement across 4 server total that you guys have heard of?Zolunaria0 Jun 28
Jun 21 4th Dimension: StarCraft Mind Control ... Stay tuned for more episodes!Spartan1 Jun 21
Jun 10 Leovaunt's (unoffical) Starcraft RPG Ruleset Hello, fellow residents of the Koprulu Sector! I hope this is an exciting a day for you as it is for me. I have eagerly been devouring all the information about Legacy of the Void, as I’m sure most of you have. I am Leovaunt. Over the last few years, I have created a table-top roleplaying game for the Starcraft setting. I now want to share it with the world and the community, and let the project grow with the help of my fellow Terrans. All my currently published resources about the Starcraft RPG can be found at the following website: Allow me to first assuage concerns by answering a few questions. ‘Why did you make it?’ Simply, why not? Starcraft was one of my first serious forays into the science-fiction genre. I see it as an optimum setting for a heroic sci-fi roleplaying game. It has a lot going on in the setting: dueling factions, variety of worlds, killer robots, monstrous aliens of all sizes, psychic powers, and enough magical aspects thrown in to make it a science fiction-fantasy hybrid. It is a setting where you can easily have a wide variety of different characters throw in together and start on an epic adventure. I made it so my fellow Terrans could enjoy exploring the universe of Starcraft as I see it, in a zoomed in scale in a manner that is rarely seen by the game. This is not a roleplaying game for the Starcraft games: this is a game for the Starcraft setting. It uses the books, comics, stories, and lore bits from the website to create a game universe that is expansive and real, more than just moving units around a map. However, the setting also allows a view of heroic individuals facing impossible odds and prevailing, like we see in the exploits of great heroes such as Jim Raynor. Of course, this epic project is also my first major public venture as a game designer and a writer. This project is also my resume, so people can see what I can do. ‘Aren’t there already Starcraft roleplaying games?’ Well, yes and no. Obviously, there are plenty of Starcraft roleplaying groups on forums and websites around the world. Some others have even tried to convert other game systems to the Starcraft setting, and there was a little known official Starcraft RPG years ago, if albeit a small one. The way this is different than the forum RPGs, is that this is a structured ruleset. Players can create characters by spending characteristic points to buy skills and attributes. They earn weapons and abilities that have statistical values, and involve dice rolling to make different effects. While the narrative play by post format is awesome, this allows players to roleplay in Starcraft in the classic fashion I grew up with; bunch of fellows around a table with dice, record sheets, and a map. Why is this different from other RPGs that have been put out? If I had to pin a word on it, I would say it’s the scope of the game. Not only is it a zoomed in view of the larger Starcraft universe, but this project covers all angles of game play. Any type of game is playable with this RPG, from detective mysteries, to warfare, to space exploration, espionage, piracy, or simple treasure seeking. The rule set is open ended, allowing players to create whatever type of characters they want, chose from a wide variety of backgrounds appropriate to the setting, and be supported with endless options for character customization. That is the main difference with my system versus the roleplaying games, that this is a set of rules that lays the ground work for a Starcraft setting. It is a set of example game mechanics, relying on dice rolling, which allow a structured yet customizable playing experience. I plan on supporting this project for some time, assuming I have Blizzard’s blessing. ‘Okay, so what is this game like?’ Anyone familiar with d20 roleplaying game systems, such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or Star Wars: Saga Edition, will be able to pick it up fairly quickly, as it uses a twenty-sided dice as its main mechanics. However, it is not a clone copy of such rules. For example, the system ONLY uses twenty-sided dice. Everything in the game can be determined with one type of dice, and usually only one dice roll, making encounters fast and simple. Furthermore, the statistical values of the game are determined in a completely unique manner. More than that, the system is extremely customizable and without a rigid class-like system. Every time a character levels up, they receive a number of statistic points, prowess points, skill points, and a talent. These factors allow complete fine tuning of a character, and the higher level a party is, the more different each character will be from one another. Even better, equipment is varied and adjustable. Almost every item in the game has an equipment tier, everything from flashlights to missile launchers, allowing the character to constantly be seeking better and better items as the campaign goes on. There is no staleness of being stuck with an item for 10 or more levels, as the players will constantly be able to seek out better and better loot. Even vehicles have tiers, so players can upgrade their combat craft as well as their personal items. The game is spread across 20 levels that cover a massive diversity of player power. A level 1 character is little more than a common civilian, and would be quickly ripped apart by a single zergling. A level 20 character is a legendary figure that could take on squads of Dominion Marines single handedly, and can even give pause to the great horrors of the setting, such as terrifying Zerg brood lords and ultralisks. Even psionic powers offer a great deal of flexibility, with every manifestation of a power giving a varied number of ‘power points’ that can be used to customize a psychic power to the exact needs of a character at that moment. But be warned, for there are many enemy psychics in the game, ranging from Terran Ghosts, Zerg Queens, and all manner of Protoss warriors. Only Terrans are available to play as in the game at this moment. I do plan on adding support for additional races as time goes on. ‘How is this going to be released?’ I have created a website where all the details on the roleplaying game will be revealed in a number of files. My first release will be the How to Play Guide, which details the basic mechanics of the game system. This will be followed shortly by the first adventure, the Escape from New Folsom. It pits the players as a group of prisoners trying to escape the planet following that climatic level of the Wings of Liberty Campaign. This will be accompanied by a series of pre-generated 2nd level characters to start on the adventure. The adventures of these escaped prisoners will continue in future adventure detachments that will send them all over the sector and beyond. Also there will be supplement releases so anyone playing the system can make their own characters, and eventually there will be support for Game Masters to create their own campaigns and stories. All of this is a fan-made project, and will be completely free of charge. As usual, all creative rights to the Starcraft setting, including names, locations, and species, are the property solely of Blizzard Entertainment, whom I by no means represent. ‘What other work have you done?’ I have created my own personal universe known as the Stellar Realms, which is the setting for my Heroes of Keshan series of novellas. To learn more about my setting and find links to my published stories, go to You can find my published stories on the amazon kindle store. To find my website with my introduction files, go to Jun 10
May 23 Austinites here? Anyone from ATX here wanna meetup and play some Star Craft? Teams, and goofing around and etc. My skill level is at gold leagueRivm0 May 23
May 14 hTx VS Confed hTx (Heretics) clan war today will be live on twitch @ 5PM PST / 8PM EST vs Confed! Please tune in on twitch @ and - There will be commentary overtop of the gameplay and also twitch features such as chat, etc. - Don't be a stranger! come by and support some SC2 good times!Defy0 May 14
May 14 hTx VS Confed hTx (Heretics) clan war today will be live on twitch @ 5PM PST / 8PM EST vs Confed! Please tune in on twitch @ and - There will be commentary overtop of the gameplay and also twitch features such as chat, etc. - Don't be a stranger! come by and support some SC2 good times!Defy0 May 14
May 10 Roll 2 Dodge: Thombie Apocalithp In this thread, players may in their posts Attempt to do things. An attempt could be anything from trying to Spawn Moar Overlords to eating cake to conquering the earth. All could potentially be fatal, or could make you rich! I (or another qualified person) will roll a die to determine your level of success. Providing example: Bob: I attempt to cook a pot of soup. Roll 1, lethal failure. Bob's soup is so bad that he dies instantly and his body is charred to ashes on the spot. Bob is now ashes: Dead. Roll 2, failure. Bob's soup tastes awful, so bad he begins vomiting violently. Bob is now Vulnerable. Roll 3, grey area. Bob eats a bowl of the soup, but it's not appealing. He leaves the rest. Bob is now either Fine or Vulnerable, dependent on magnitude of attempt. Cooking soup is mundane. He is Fine. Roll 4, success. Bob makes a delicious soup. He eagerly eats it all. Bob is now Fine. Roll 5, great success. Bob's soup is so good he opens a soup restaurant, which is immediately successful. Bob is Good. Roll 6, extreme success. Bob's soup is fantastic! It raises his psionic index by 2 and gives him eternal life. Bob is Great. You may get tags from actions. THis is what they mean. Keep in mind that I might not enforce them if I take pity on you, get irritated by you, or am simply too lazy. Tag scale: Exiled - out of the game unless someone specifically summons him. Cannot roll. Dead - could be revived accidentally or on purpose. -2 to all rolls. Injured - not in the best shape. -1 to all rolls. Vulnerable - off balance. -1 to Dodges. Fine - nothing wrong here. Good - feels pretty good. +1 to all rolls. Great - things are going very well. +2 to all rolls. Giddy - sick with happiness. +3 to non-Dodge rolls. Prepared - ready for anything. +2 to Dodges. Godlike - SOMEBODY STOP HIM! +3 to all rolls. Cannot be Killed, Exiled, or Injured. All players begin Fine. If higher than Fine, will lose one rank each turn. If lower, action must be taken to raise rank. If someone Attempts to do something nasty to you, you have to Roll 2 Dodge. The die will be rolled for you to determine how much damage you suffer, if any. In addition to being a qualified operator of the Dice of Power, I also represent the Celestial Court, to which you can appeal if you are Exiled for a couple of turns or if you feel you've been wronged. Qualified Rollers: The Original Trio Zanon KnarledOne Animus ShadowFury *tentative* *Note that each roller may use a variant of the rules. Anyone else who thinks they have what it takes may apply to the Celestial Court for a chance at Rolling the Dice. If "we" like your work you could become qualified. Make your Attempts.KnarledOne175 May 10
May 1 Starcraft 2 streamers Hey everyone. I'm looking for the section where i can post/talk about streams and broadcasting starcraft2. I just want to engage with the streaming community and learn streaming tips to help me grow. I am very new to streaming but i like the pass time. Hypothetically i have already been passing time like streamers do for the last year as a chill, consistent gamer that likes to talk and watch games. I'm a university student living away from home so i have more opportunities with my time to engage and develop a stream. I think there is a lot of fun to be had and i'm already having fun. - a redirect to the proper forum or some streamer discussion here would be rad! - if you like starcraft2 and broodwar streams please follow my channel! it's free and easy! - Join in on hTx clan observing with us as we talk starcraft strategy and have a few laughs over some 1v1 melee matches from clan members!\ May 1
Apr 23 Making Starcraft II Great Again (This post is a transcript of a (fictional) recorded phone interview that took place between an anonymous Starcraft II balance team member and an anonymous Bronze-level player (operating under the alias John Miller), who offered a large sum of money in return for several minutes of the employee’s time and the guarantee that his demands would be passed on to the game’s lead balance designer David Kim.) Blizzard Entertainment: Alright, let’s get this over with. Who are you, and what do you want? John Miller: Let me tell you. I know a lot about games, alright? I should know; I’m a member of the Gaming Hall of Fame. Now, I think Starcraft II is a good game. It’s a good game, but it’s not a great game, if you know what I mean. But I think that I could help make it a great game. Blizzard Entertainment: How? John Miller: Let me explain. I’m someone who is a big fan of the franchise. I have been for many years, and I like to think that I know quite a bit about it. I played Brood War back in the eighties, and let me tell you; that was a great game. I’ve had a lot of experience with it; I’ve had a lot of experience with both Starcrafts. I think Starcraft II’s designers could benefit from my experience. From what I’ve seen, they need all the help they can get. Blizzard Entertainment: Okay. John Miller: Let me start by talking about deathballing. Don’t get me started about deathballing. It’s bad news. You don’t want to talk to me about deathballing. It hurts the game; it hurts the gameplay. I’ve seen it happen. There was a game I played about a few months ago where my entire army massed itself into one giant deathball and was just wiped out by the enemy Colossi. Completely obliterated. You wouldn’t have seen that happen back in Brood War, I guarantee it. That I can guarantee. Blizzard Entertainment: And splitting your Marines didn’t work? John Miller: There were too many of them. There was nothing I could have done. Just thirty seconds, and it was all over. It was all over. There wasn’t any time. If you don’t mind I’m going to talk about Colossi for a little while, is that alright with you? Blizzard Entertainment: Sure, but– John Miller: Now, the Colossi, the Colossi are the real problem. They’re the perfect example of bad unit design. Apart from maybe the Disruptor. Yeah, the Disruptor’s pretty bad too. Maybe worse. Probably not, though. Now Reavers, if you added Reavers back in, that would fix everything. Here’s my suggestion: remove the Colossi and the Disruptor, and add Reavers back in. That’d be guaranteed to fix everything wrong with Protoss at the moment. I don’t know. Maybe not. Blizzard Entertainment: Alright, but what about– John Miller: You know, Protoss suffers from a lot of problems right now. It’s simply too powerful. I guarantee, every singe game I’ve had to play against Protoss, I’ve lost. It needs a nerf. The race is simply too powerful. You can’t win against them. It’s impossible. I should know; I’ve tried. Blizzard Entertainment: Actually, Protoss balance is pretty good right now. There are some thing’s we’d like to try, of course, but– John Miller: Wrong! That’s not true. Protoss is grossly unbalanced, and you know it. Everyone knows it. I assume that David Kim knows it. He just can’t admit it, because then it would be an admission of guilt. Blizzard Entertainment: Actually– John Miller: I’m not afraid to admit it. I’m not afraid to admit it, and that’s what makes me perfect for the role of lead balance designer. David Kim is a terrible balance designer. I were in charge of balancing this game, I would balance it so well, you just would not be able to believe how well the balance would be. David Kim hasn’t balanced a game in his life. It’s time for people to open their eyes and see who’s really cut out for this job. Just you wait. I’ve got all kinds of ideas for what to do with the balance; great ideas. In fact, I just had another one right now. Blizzard Entertainment: Uh-huh. John Miller: First thing I’m going to do when I become balance designer is give both the Zerg and the Protoss nukes. It’s a good decision; the Terran race is simply too powerful in that respect without giving the nukes to everyone else. Everyone except Protoss. It makes sense Lore-wise too. I think it would be in the Terrans’ best interests to give the Zerg nukes, because it’s a bad universe out there and you have no idea what might happen. That way if something else were to happen like, say, the End War, then both races would be better prepared to deal with it. I happen to know that a lot of people are asking for this. Blizzard Entertainment: I... Don’t think I’ve ever heard that request before. John Miller: Let me just get this straight: I have lots of friends who are Zerg and Protoss players. I know what I’m talking about. And I happen to know for a fact that they all want this. Blizzard Entertainment: There aren’t currently plans to give Zerg nukes. Zerg balance is in a pretty good place right now. Of course, that doesn’t mean we won’t be considering drastic balance changes for future iterations of the game, but– John Miller: Wrong! The Zerg race is currently in state of terrible, terrible imbalance. It’s too weak. I’ve been playing Zerg for years now, and I’ve lost nearly every match. Zerg needs a major redesign if it’s going to proceed as a viable race. If I were balance designer, the first thing I would do is give Zerg the Leviathans and Brutalisks from the campaign. Blizzard Entertainment: Thanks for the suggestion, but those units were never designed to be in multiplayer. If they were added now with the current game balance, they– John Miller: Now, to conclude what I was saying: There’s a lot of problems with Protoss right now. There’s a lot of problems with Protoss, and it’s going to be very difficult to sort them all out. It’s not the kind of thing where you can just make a single change and fix everything; it’s the kind of thing where it’s going to take months of developing and testing to sort it all out. Blizzard Entertainment: But you just said that putting Reavers back in would fix everything. John Miller: That’s not true. I never said that. What I did say was that replacing the Colossus and the Disruptor with the Reaver would fix everything. And it will. But I’m done talking about that.Nedia2 Apr 23
Apr 17 Starcraft: Enumerate The Concept of SC:EN is to be one based off of the ideals of establishment and rewriting a universe completely of its outcomes and history. Following the concepts of the First Game and the Manual, with some elements of the Brood War Expansion, the entire thing follows a change of history, where the outcomes of the Three Races, the All Resilient Terrans, the All Powerful Protoss, and the All Mighty Zerg, as the combat each other in the Korpulu Sector and beyond, reaching towards an endless war where the Three Races strive for their own goals, reaching towards a change that will inevitably change not only the three races, but the stars themselves. This is not a campaign, rather a ‘universe that holds a large amount of different campaigns’. With there being plenty of things to tell of Pre-Great War, Great War, Brood Wars, and Beyond. There will be many settings in which the Three Races will be part of, with the first being majority wise Terrans and Zerg, and later the Protoss becoming also a major part of the story in terms of higher quantity. This is to tell of the different changes and settings established for all three races. Timeline Ideals - Table of Index Post #2 - Zerg - The Overmind - - Psionic Capabilities - - Biological Capabilities - - The Knowledge it Holds - - Personality of the Overmind - - Outcome of the Overmind - The Cerebrates - - Individual Cerebrates - - Coma State - - Psionic Potential Post #3 - - The Cerebrates (cont.) - - Classes of Cerebrates/Broods (Umojan) - - Classes of Broods (Confederacy) - - The Connection - - Feral Zerg - - Feral Brood - The Overlord - - Senses - - Transportation - - Connection to the Cerebrates Post #4 - - Overlord (cont.) - - Endurance and Control - - Aged Overlords - Queen - - Hive Structure - - Classes of Queens - - Parasite Types - - Powers of the Queen - Defiler - - Use for the Swarm - - Chemicals based on Strain - - Consumation - Mutalisk - - Different Morphs (New Units) Post #5 - - Scourge - - Short Flight - - Ground Bombardment - Creep Colony - - Creep Colony Metamorphosis - Hatcheries and its Kin - - Relationship to Overlords - - Different Hive Structures - Hydralisk - - Lurkers and its Cousins (New Units) - Scyllisk, Stactling, and Morralisk (New Units) - - Scyllisk - - Stactling - - Morralisk - - Other Special Strains - Assimilated Terran - - Conexus - - Commisceo Page #6 - - Assimilated Terran (cont.) - - Pararius - New Overmind(s) Page #7 - - TL;DR Zerg Page #8 - - Terran - Powerhouses of the Korpulu Sector - - Confederacy - - Umojans - - Kel-Morian Combine - - Newfound Dominion Kel-Morian Combine - Pirate Subfactions - - Jolly Rogers - - Rebellions - - Mercenaries - - Conclusion Page #9 - - Kel-Morian Politics - - Conducator - - Overseer - - Assistant Overseer - Kel-Morian Security Forces (New Units) - - Marines - - Enforcers - - Goliaths - - Vultures - - Larua - - Formido - - The Following Page #10 - - Kel-Morian Military Force - - Reapers - - Dreadnaught - - Vindicator - - Nuclear Missile - - Kelanis Orbital Mine - - Morian Orbital Mine - - Generals of the Military - Kel-Morian Structures - - Command Centre - - Refinery - - Supply Depot - - Engineering Bay - - Barracks - - Icehouse - - Academy - - Factory - - Armoury - - Starports - - Physics Facility - - Missile Turret - - Bunker - Kel-Morian Miners Page #11 - Umojans - Marine Corps (New Units) - - Sword Marine - - Shield Marine - - Mace Marine - - Rule of Left Suits - The Armoured Core (New Units) - - Aleksandrushka UGV Miniature Tanks - - - Leopard Variant - - - Jaguar Variant - - - Cheetah Variant - - Fyodor Orlov Siege Tank - Naval Core - - Valkyrie Frigate - - Freyja Starfighter - - Yorith Battlecruiser - - Dropship Page #12 - - Specialist Core - - Shadowguard - Scientific Establishment - - Pro-Chemical and Physics R&D - - Bio-Mechanical R&D - - Mechanical and AI R&D - Research & Advancement Accomplishments - - Proto-Synethetic Apathon (New Unit) - - Caballero Walker (New Unit) Page #13 - - Research & Advancement Accomplishments (Cont) - - Larvae's Metamorphosis - - - Aberrant - - Different Researches during Pre-Great War - - - Zergling Strain Pens - - - Zergling Breed Manipulation - - - Spawning Pool Research - - - Drone Mutational Process - - - Overlord Research - - Biological Weaponry - - - Anti-Hive Cancer - - - Anti-Hive Necrosis - - - Anti-Hive Spores - - Hivemind-Related Devlelopment Tech - - - Psi-Collar - - - Psi-Overlord - - - Confederate's Tech - - Psi-Tech Development - - - Cyberlord - - - Metalord (New Unit) - - - Psi-Disruptor - - - Psi-Collars - - Establishments made by Bio-Mech R&D - - - Overlord Farms - - - SCHMD-G4 Experiment - - - Slave Fleet - - - Mobile Science Fortress - - Mechanical and AI R&D - - - Predator (New Unit) Page #14 - - NF Standalone Turrent Division - - Nuclear Reactor - - AC-AA Turret - - AH-AA Turret - - AL-AA Turret - - Siege Turret - - AL-AU Turret - - AH-AG Turret - - Ion Cannon - - Sentry Martyrs - Umojan Protectorate Structures - - Command Centre - - Supply Depot - - Refinery - - Engineering Bay - - Barracks - - Physics Centre - - Shadowhelm - - Factory - - Remote-Control Satellite Station - - Armoury - - Starport - - Turret Battery Core - Umojan Protectorate Miners - Umojan Protectorate Leaders Page #15 - Terran Confederacy - Old Families - - The Beauregard Family - - The Breckinridge Family - - The Buchanan Family - - The Buckner Family - - The Cleburne Family - - The Cockrell Family - - The Duke Family - - The Forrest Family - - The Hampton Family - - The Mahone Family - - The Mengsk Family - - The Pemberton Family - - The Ramseur Family - - The Wheeler Family - Korpulu Squadrons - - Alpha - - Beta - - Delta - - Gamma - - Epsilon - - Omega - - Zeta - - Nova Page #16 - - Colonial Magistrate - Confederate Armed Forces - - Marine Corps - - Vulture Boke - - Goliath - - Siege Tank - - Siege Battery - - Wraith - - Dropship - - Leviathan-Classed Battlecruiser - - Behemoth-Classed Battlecruiser - - Ziz-Classed Battlecruiser - - Science Vessel - Nuclear Weaponry - - Ghost - - Armageddon-Classed Nuclear Missile - - Apocalypse-Classed Nuclear Missile - - Cataclysm-Classed Nuclear Missile - - Holocaust-Classed Nuclear Missile - Terran Covert Ops - - Ghost Program - - - Electronic Soldiers - - - Psionic Assassins - - - Secret Police - Confederacy and Science - - Confederate Psionic Research - - - Psi-Emitter - - - Neural Resocialized - - - Psi Disruptor - - Electronic Research - - Nuclear Research - - As a Whole Post #17 - Terran Dominion - The Old Families - Confederate Remnants - Deal with the Kel-Morian Combine - Umojan Restrain - Enforcing Law - Extermination of the Ghost Program - Raynor's Raiders - Capital and the Dominion - The Concept of the Terran Post #18 - The Protoss Protoss of the Void - History of the Outcasts - Argus Crystal - Tresu'loth - - Tresulla - - Flosklish - - Barrgurgon - - Stra'loth - Xel'Naga Artefact - Void Language - Xel'Naga World Ship - - Circles of Truth - - Circles of Fight - - Circles of Meditation - - Circles of Knowledge - - Circles of Flight - - Circles of Skin Post #19 - - Void Tribes - - Boros - - Bor'Ichu - - Bor' Bastruga - - Bor'Rychanga - - Bor’Isallar - - Bor’Nyon - - Drashaka - - Grothsamar - - Groth’Kasarr - - Groth’Dag - - Groth’Dag’Hassatar - - Groth’Claggoth’Carro’Passolon - - Lenassa - - Lena’Drasha - - Lena’Grasso - - Lena’Hassoloth - - Lena’Krath - - Lena’Strass - - Zuroth Post #20 - - The Void - - Tenants of the Void - - The Schools - - Meditation - - Self-Severance - - Tribal Leader - The Unity from the Great War (New Units) - - The Serf - - The Acolyte - - The Sentinel - - - Walker Form - - - Battery Form - - - Turret Form - - - - Electricity - - - - Plasma - - - - Storm - - - Shield Form - - - - Cloaking - - - - Shielding - - - - Hallucination - - - Warp Form - - Lenassa Warrior - - Lena'Drasha Sorcerer - - Lena'Krath Fighter - - Lena'Grasso Raider - - Lena'Grasso Corsair - - Drashaka Maro - - Lenassa Starseeker - - Boros Warrior - - Bor'Ichu Link Master Post #21 - - Unity from the Great War (cont.) - - Drashaka Hunter - - Groth'Dag Rider - - Groth'Kasarr Knight - - Zuroth Meditation Orb - Structures of the Void - - Vorota - - Gur - - Servant Factory - - Furmigator - - Circles of Truth - - Circles of Fight - - Circles of Meditation - - Circles of Knowledge - - Circles of Flight - - Circles of Skin Post #22 - Protoss of the Khala - Castes - - Judicator Caste - - Templar Caste - - Khalai Caste - Conclave - Khala - Khaydarin Crystal Post #23 - - The ProtossMass - - Nexus - - Assimilator - - Pylon - - Gateway - - Stargate - - Robotics Facility - - Forge - - Cybernetic Core - - Citadel of Adun - - Robotics Supply Bay - - Observatory - - Templar Archive - - Judicator Assembly - - Fleet Beacon - - Arbiter Tribunal - - Photon Cannon - - Warp Cannon - - Shield Battery - Protoss Warriors - - Zealots (Unchanged) - - Dragoons (Unchanged) - - Praestes - - High Templar - - Sactraton - - Vicilian - - Scout (Unchanged) - - Carrier - - Aquila - - Noctua - - Scrix - - Arbiter Post #24 - - Protoss Warriors (cont.) - - Sentry - - Observer (Unchanged) - - Shuttle (Unchanged) - - Reaver (Unchanged) - - Adherent - - Super Carriers (Unchanged) Protoss of the Pre-Aeon of Strife Post #25 - The World of the Korpulu and Beyond Terrains and Doodads - Resources - - Blue Mineral Field - - Yellow Mineral Field - - Red Mineral Field - - Green Mineral Field - - Black Mineral Field - - Brown Mineral Field - - Silver Mineral Field - - Large Vespene Geyser - - Medium Vespene Geyser - - Small Vespene Geyser - - Organic Vespene Critter Post #26 - - Worlds of the Milky Way - - Orange Desert World - - Blue Desert World - - Volcanic World - - Ice World - - Asteroid Belt - - Lunar Moon - - Gas Planets - - Khala Space Platform - - Terran Space Platform - - Terran Installation - - Protoss Installation - - Terran Terraformed World - - Protoss Terraformed World Post #27 - Critters - Terran Critters - - Alpacon - - Callux - - Camullin - - Dreedhorn - - Gout - - Gayulla - - Water Buphaloon - - Yackayack - - Bysadon - - Koya - - Honey Bee - - Addux - - Boarkyn - - Rhynadon - - Vermoon - Protoss Critters - - Bengalaas - - Tipacurra - - Calgorrianu - - Corwulocks - - Leck'Ruugu - - Ta'Ta - - Gr'rothbag - - Crassitudino - - Crassitituu - - Spissuu - - Credcrab - - Turror Post #28 - Terrain Effects - UI/Gameplay Changes - Reasons for ChangesToxicDefiler73 Apr 17
Mar 30 Corporate Law, Redux, (OOC) (Credit to Artificial For original, he came up with it, I'm just changing it some and redoing it.) The year is 2360, Earth. The planet is, well, its pretty much a hurricane of political figures, firebrands, and, the main players, Corporations! Corporations have seized control of large areas, with outlands were they don't control, and Technology has advanced. Theirs a Lunar colony, consisting of three Large interconnected cities, Alpha, Beta, and Theta, Who are independent and responsible for a lot of minerals and materials, Zero Degree freezers, Psychics, Commercial space flight, Advanced A.I, its there. But the granddaddy of weapons, Antimatter, is hotly debated and controlled loosely by a clause of a U.N treaty that The corporations respect.... So far. With global Warming already done and over with, scarce earthly rescources, and wars... Its a powder keg. (Clause, for reference: IX: No country Or corporation shall use Antimatter on Another country's civilian Population Without Due Warning.) Anyway, The main flashpoint now, is Demigods. They are massive expenses, whole cites worth of money and manpower put into make them, but there worth it. They take human ingenuity and creativity, The Power of a Superhero from a comic, and Whatever Advanced technology the corporation has, And They throw it all into a Blender, mix it up, let it age for a few centuries like a fine wine, then add in some illegal stimulants. That's my best way to describe what a demigod is, other than this: Most corporations have one, some are still developing theirs, And One Outlands Nation (To either be chosen by me if no one makes a outlands Char and controlled by me, or Randomly picked from among Outlands Players through some procceses I come up with) Has managed to procure one. So, lets get down to business Corporation App: Corporation Name: History: Corp Leader Name: Could be the charimen, CEO, pres, whatever. Your main Guy.(Or Girl) Country: Pick a non claimed country to control, or specifiy a Area, ill work up a map when we have a lot of applicants to show who has what. Demigod: Explanation On what Your demigod is our will be, has to align with the corps Area of expertise, Ex: A Robotics Corp Will have A super robot cybernetic warrior demigod, or someone with telepathic control over Cybernatics. Area of Expertise: What services the Corp provides, what tech its specializes in, stuff like that. Government: How its ruled, Meritocracy, Democracy, Etc. Flag: Optional Outlands Nation App: Country: What the outlands nation is, you can either pick a country that no one has, and be that country, or you can pick a area of the globe that no one has and Either make up a country for it or make it the remnants of a Present day Country. Leader: Self-Explanatory History: Demigod: Put what your demigod would be, if I chose you for it, you have lots of freedom for what it is, since your not restricted by Your Area of Expertise, but It has to be Less powerful then The Corporate ones. More versatile but less powerful. Flag: Optional Stance: What its stance on Corporations and other outlands nations is. Government: How its ruled, Meritocracy, Technocracy, Democracy, Etc. Okay, That should be all, My first time hosting on here, but I did some on the wow rp forums, so hopefully I can Do this. Ill get my Corporation up on the Accepted page, and edit it to have those corporations and outlands Accepted.you49 Mar 30
Mar 24 Unit Sizes, Rough Estimates I am using this chart as a reference: It is in the Field Manual and is Blizzard approved I believe. It's the closest thing to "official" we have. Credit to xiaorobear aka Robert Rose for this image, being the artist and the Field Manual written by Rick Barba. So I was bored and decided to try and extrapolate the sizes of all the units. So for the ground and air units, I basically used the Warhound as a reference. I believe it was stated to be 7 m tall, so going off of that, I came up with these: Ground Units (These are heights unless otherwise stated): Marine: 2.1 m SCV: 3.5 m Hellion: Length: 4.2 m, Height: 2.8 m Arclite Siege Tank: 4.2 m Goliath: 4.2 m Cyclone: 5.6 m Siege Tank (Siege Mode): 4.9 m Viking (Assault Mode): 6.3 m Warhound: 7m Thor: 16.8 m Probe (Length): 3.15 m Zealot: 2.4 m Dragoon: 2.8 m Stalker: 4.2 m Disruptor: Length: 5.6 m, Height: 4.9 m Archon: 6.65 m Dark Archon: 7 m Colossus: 46.2 m Reaver: Length: 14 m, Height: 6.3 m Zergling: 1.4 m Broodling (Length): 2.8 m Drone (Length): 3.5 m Hydralisk: 3.5 m Queen: 4.2 m Infestor: Length: 7 m, Height: 4.9 m Lurker: Length: 9.8 m, Height: 6.3 m Ravager: 7 m Swarm Host: Length: 12.6 m, Height: 8.4 m Ultralisk: 19.6 m Air Units (These are lengths unless otherwise stated): Banshee: 8.4 m Viking (Fighter Mode): 8.4 m Wraith: 11.2 m Liberator: 23.1 m Valkyrie Missile Frigate: 25.2 m Medivac Dropship: 25.2 m Observer: 2.8 m Interceptor: 7 m Oracle: 14 m Corsair: 14 m Phoenix: 19.6 m Scout: 22.4 m Warp Prism: 25.2 m Shuttle: 25.2 m Overlord: 15.4 m Overseer: 14 m Brood War Queen: 6.3 m Scourge: 4.9 m Mutalisk (Height): 4.9 m Corruptor: 16.8 m Brood Lord: 28 m Viper: 17.5 m Guardian: 14 m Devourer: Length: 7 m, Height: 11.2 m Now of the capital ships, thankfully they have a 1 km reference line, so going off of that, I came up with this: Capital Ships: Raven: 62.5 m Arbiter: 125 m Science Vessel: 500 m Void Ray: 625 m Tempest: 1 km Carrier: 1.5 km Battlecruiser: 1 km Mothership: 3.25 km Leviathan: 10.5 km Spear of Adun: 74.5 km Anyways, sorry for the big post, but that's just some food for thought. As you can probably tell, I didn't do every single unit, just the ones that stood out or I found to be the most common (like Marine or Zergling). Just found it interesting, and hope others do to. Like I said though, these are just rough estimates, I know Blizzard doesn't really have any "official" numbers, and these can be changed or retconned anyways in the future. Well, hope you found this interesting. =)Collater2 Mar 24
Mar 23 Table of Contents - Darkest Heart My attempt to set up a decent table of subplot contents in the Part 3 thread failed due to the character count limit. I will attempt to maintain a complete list of major subplots and a literary map assisting any who wishes to read them in this thread. This thread has some other purposes, too. 1. Zanon and Zarkun have both endeavored to create Monster Manuals for Darkest Heart. They may post and maintain them here, to maintain a center of information on Darkova. 2. Character biographies can be stored here as well by any who wish to add their character to this database. Clarification: NOT character sheets. Biographical entries only, please. 3. The PRP thread is used for character creation and plot-planning activities, and the RP thread is used (naturally) for RPing. This thread, then, is the perfect place to put other Darkest Heart related discussions. Anyone who appreciates the literary talents and efforts of their fellow DH authors should feel free to say so here. Anyone who finds a particular plot interesting should feel free to discuss its nuances here. Finally, anyone who writes for Darkest Heart and wants to know how they can improve should request feedback here. That is all. Hopefully this will provide a single, centralized location for all activities not directly related to the plot or the PRP thread. Table of the Table of Contents' Contents. Inquisition of a Liar: A Tale of Two Blades. Chronicles of Hunger. Monster Compendium (v.4). Mar 23
Mar 7 SAPICE VIATUSSE TUN ( space conducting ) What about some new era thinking ??? make a profit out of a stable thought by your own way by visualizing what you want with your head and put some of your own knowledge and whats economy worthy to put in the concept that you are vizualazing !!!!! THEN KEEP CONCENTRATE and think the only F***CK WORDZ THAN GOD GIVED TO ME !!!!!!!!! CREATE --- ( i mean when your done vizualising just say create..... then youll see the difference of good old wisdom from me and myself and everything i have that comes to you as the Creator of the realm... ) ENJOY CREATING HUMANOID FROM EARTH !!!! ¨ this was a message send by Davie Pelletier from Québec to uprise vizion about what you can do by yourself with a little of bit help From Me... THX and have a nice weekFulGOr2 Mar 7
Mar 4 On the Hunt/ On the Run (OtH/ OtR) So rebooting this RP to see if it will last a little longer and tap some people's potential. It will be as before but limited to 2 ghosts for the hunters per group of 5. For active non-npc runners I would prefer to not more than seven at a time but if need be we can have more. There will be an open position for a merc company under employ of the Dominion and limited to a group of no more than 6, not including the commander, for the time being Merc commander will be determined before the any others for the group will be accepted. Merc commander will have some input on who is in and who is not. This Rp will be taking place probably around five years after the great war which should put it right around the time of WoL and HotS, so all points of lore up to HotS is acceptable. Any further questions feel free to ask. More to be posted please wait to post.LeKroger20 Mar 4
Feb 16 Ursa Academy. So this rp take place six months before the UED assault on Ursa. Characters are ghost trainees between the ages of 13 and 15 all just starting at the academy. Your PI shouldn't be higher than 8 and obviously no lower than 5. Your gear will be basic ghost gear. You may have some personal items but nothing like personal weapons or armor. The set up for their training is as a team, and unless we have enough people there will only be one team. There is one open slot for an instructor that will be working with my NPC, but can be made an NPC if no one wants it. Later when the UED is nearing the assault, probably two months before, there will be openings for positions there. With the trainees back story I would like to see how they came to the academy. Did their parents send them? Were they caught by a wrangler? Did someone turn their parents over for trying to hide their child's gifts? I will reserve the next three spaces then I would like to post your ideas on this and character sheets if you are participating. [Edit:] Changed the time from ten months to six due to timelines.LeKroger9 Feb 16
Feb 14 The Fists of Animus (short story) Updated Weekly! I swear I'll be consistent! ======== “Prelate, we have received word from the Hierarch. He has authorized this mission.” Razuc’s eyes opened slowly. The dark templar sent his thoughts through the ship’s communicator. “So, he has made his choice. I pray it is the right one. Azora, are all my warriors accounted for?” “Yes Prelate, all of them are inside the ship. If there is nothing else, shall we head for our destination? “Set our course. I will give the order to set off. The sooner we bring in our target the better.” Razuc paused for a moment. Rare was it that he felt so restless upon meditating. Such a delicate mission entrusted to him by the Hierarch himself weighed heavily upon Razuc’s shoulders. Yet, for the sake of peace for his people Razuc knew he could not fail. Razuc left his room and made his way towards the ship’s bridge. The crew had already assembled; most of them anyway. Razuc knew them all, he fought alongside many of them and they were all experienced and skilled fighters. He sat down on his seat and nodded towards Azora, his second in command. “Setting course for Mar’desa. We are off the ground. Estimated time of arrival will be half an hour. Cloaking fields will be engaged once we are on the other side” Azora stated, turning to him. Razuc pressed a button on his terminal, popping open a screen for everyone in the room to see. “You have all agreed to this rather dangerous mission,” began the Prelate as he began to link his thoughts with all the personnel in the room, “and I am sure you all know what we are going to be dealing with. However, let me go over the situation once more.” The screen showed the image of an immortal operator. What stood out the most out of the warrior’s shattered body was his eyes. They were bloodshot, unrelenting and furious, with a gaze so intense it even disquieted the Prelate when he first saw the image. “An immortal by the name of Animus has gathered a significant number of followers for his xenophobic and militaristic shilling. His dogma harks back to the days when the Protoss Empire was in its Golden Age, not as explorers but conquerors. Those dissatisfied with our current administration more…diplomatic ways have all flocked towards him.” “The Hierarch has offered many times to try and work things out but each time, it was rejected harshly. The last straw was them raiding a Protoss shipyard and making off with several of our warships. Luckily, no one actually died in that incident.” “Now what makes this particular Protoss hard to catch is that he and his followers don’t stay in one place for long. If I had to describe it, the Fists of Animus are more akin to space pirates. Yes, I think that’s a fitting description for them. We’ve recently got a tip that he is staying in Mar’desa. For what reason, I do not know. But this is our best chance to apprehend him. Without their leader, it is our hope that his group falls apart without their leadership.” Razuc was silent once more. Spilling Protoss blood was never easy. When the Dark One took control of the Khalai, he had slain several close friends in self-defense before realizing he could cut their nerve cords to sever their connection to the Khala. Then there was the final battle at Aiur… “The Hierarch is hesitant to spill more Protoss blood. Truthfully, so am I. However, if things go wrong, be prepared to fight against our brethren once more. Those in the council are worried he can plunge us back into war, be it against the Zerg or Terran or even with ourselves.” We cannot have someone like Animus threaten the peace we have worked so hard to achieve and maintain. Not when his movements suggests a mobilization for a possible war. And so we will take him in, dead or alive.”Animus0 Feb 14
Feb 7 Corporate Law Redux (IC) The World was On the brink, of War. Politicians Raved, corporations schemed, and the common person Suffered, Mused Morgan O'Neil At Corporate HQ In Belfast. He picked up the picture of him, his son, and his grandson smiling outside of Tara, taken just one month before he perished.... He sighed. "Maia, Buzz up My Grandson, and make sure we are not disturbed." "Yes Sir" "Its Morgan Maia, I told You. "Okay Sir". He sighed, and waited. "Yes Grandfather?" Morgan turned around from his balcony, smiling. "Yes, thank you for coming. I have a plan." Cormac smiles, though He's slightly Confused. Morgan sighs, "There's a war coming, and I'm not sure we will survive it. So, here's the plan." Morgan waves his Hand, and with a slight crackle of electricity a Electronic Data pad Constructs it self from spare parts, links itself to the Wireless Net, and displays a Dossier. "The Shadow. A Corporate espionage agent, does anything for the right price. But that's all we have. I want to learn more about him, but, I received word that the last person that tried to hack into the net and Uncover anything about him, Well, He's Still in a coma, and it'll be a bit before they figure out what computer virus Caused his Cybernetic implants to rip themselves out of his body. So, Cormac, Keep watch, and if anything happens.... Make sure I survive." Cormac nods, determined and goes behind his grand father, who sits down at a desk, waving his hand and watching as a series of fiber optic cables connect to his implants and a visor slides down onto his face, as he immerses himself into the Net, and attempts to uncover more about This... "Shadow". (Okay, Zarkun, ill Put a post describing how he's trying to uncover his backstory after other people have had a chance to post. Lets get this started.you9 Feb 7
Jan 27 StarCraft:Spectre Shado hey guys, just wanted to share what little bit of a fanfic i wrote, anyone is welcome to comment and who knows what happens from here maybe it evolves into a open rp. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ A man who stood six foot wearing black ghost armor however this man was different aswell, he didn't use any guns, instead he'd worn Protoss Psi Blade focusers like a zealot would wear, this made since Terrans were at peace with the Protoss for now, These wrist mounted devices enable the feirce warriors of Auir to shape raw psionic power into deadly close combat weapons by harnessing the wearer's violent psionic energy, Psi-Blade focusers generate incandescent blades that can cut through any material regardless of density over time, the Protoss have further refined these devices allowing Psi-Blades range and power to improve during the heat of battle. The four or five marines weren't much comfort either they wore black armor similar to the Ghost, these men were lead by Shado, the man wearing the Ghost armor, he often didn't show his face but when he did it mean't trouble as his Psy abilities increased by ten fold when breathing the air without assistance, this wasn't typical for just any Psion, however this wasn't a typical mission or a typical team these guys were some of the biggest baddest guys out there and Shado wasn't even Military when not in combat he was a cooler boy at a local fuel station in his home town of New Haven on Earth. Shado looked back at the marines and stared them down "we're here to investigate rumors of Zerg running amok in the area, more specifically we haven't heard from the Mar-Sara magistrate's office in three comm cycles, be prepared for anything." He said and turned back around hitting the button to open the door, as the door opened Shado was tapping at the com pad on his wrist a holographic map after getting a sat-link established with the orbiting satellite Shado had progressed to walking onto the surface of the colony, the dropship/medivac which brought them down from the battlecruiser had taken off to provide a support type role incase they needed a quick exit. He looked around getting a good reading from this deserted colony "it's a giant waste of time if you ask me." one of the men said only to get Shado to look back at him and put his finger up to his helmet " a man speaks foolishness is a man that is dead from the beginning." He replied quickly and quietly he than looked around again as the warmth of the breeze ran across his armor. He looked around and closed his eyes for just a moment to the marines nothing had changed, he'd just become very still. "we need to find a place that we can not be watched from." Shado quickly spoke as the marines looked around they saw an abandoned bunker near by "that way." one of the marines said as he pointed to the bunker all five men began to run towards the bunker, Shado leaped into the air and activated his psi blades and looked back as he landed to see one of his marines being devoured by a zergling. He instead quickly grabbed the rifle of the now dead marine and fired at the zergling to give the other three marines time to make it to the bunker, Shado jumped into the air and fired around the zergling keeping it contained as best as he could , looking at the marines for a quick second he'd formulated a plan to keep them safe " adjutant recognize, Ghost Shado nine eight six." he said speaking into his comm link located in his helmet , "what are ya doin sir?" one of the marines shouted as he already knew what the ghost had planned "get yer rear in here." he added to his comment , "Bunker adjutant recognizes Shado nine eight six, voice command ready." the computer said as Shado dropped the rifle much to everyone's unknowing he'd attached a grenade to it and rigged the power supply on the rifle to feed into the grenade to create an unforgettable explosion. "adjutant,close bunker door and activate shield." Shado had ordered as he began running as the zergling crawled over to the rifle and began to sniff it, the scent of human on it made the zergling more hungry. Shado had ran as fast and hard as he could even with his psionic powers he couldn't augment himself enough to escape the explosion but he could become intangible however this would also cut him off from communications while he was in this state, as the rifle began to explode he rendered himself intangible, inside the bunker the marines could feel the explosion and see blood and body parts flying everywhere, "Shado report." one of the marines said but there was only radio static, "adjutant open the door and deactivate the shield." he ordered the computer, "Unable to comply this bunker is under attack only a status green indication or Ghost Shado can override and open the door, otherwise it is suggested to man a fire station and prepare for combat." the computer said, this statement only served to infuriate the Sargent whom went on to use a string of curse words before ordering the computer to open the door again " open this door or i'll rip out yer power core and use it to light my cigar." he said however the computer was silent and non compliant to the Sargent's order. The screen displayed a scanner screen and then finally displayed a green light on the panel " no immediate threats detected shield deactivated and bunker door unlocked, door open" the adjutant said as the door opened, the dust from the explosion settled and the three marines walked out of the bunker one at a time, the first of the marines had his rifle at the ready followed by the second and finally the Sargent, they looked around the bunker seeing blood and body parts laying across the ground "Shado?." the Sargent said quietly as he looked around the landscape, however there was only radio static again, he let out a sigh of disbelief as the radio crackled " Ghost Shado Nine Eight Six, anyone that is receiving, I am alive." the Sargent looked up as he heard the message and then looked around the battle zone to see Shado walking out into the open de-cloaking. " how the bloody hell did you survive that one?" the Sargent said , Shado smiled under his helmet and continued to walk towards them with a light airy breath he replied " forget you, that's how." he chuckled as he was caught by one of the other marines as he collapsed from extreme energy loss.RevCross1 Jan 27
Jan 14, 2017 Dang, this place got slow. We're all like old folks now. Glad to see I recognize most of you still! Can you believe this place has been running near 7 years!?Duke3 Jan 14, 2017
Jan 3, 2017 Clan (OD)-ObsidianDragon Recruiting!AnyLeague We are re-recruiting for SC2 US members for fun and friendly games, and also tutoring for any who wish to get better :D, but overall we only want to have fun ^^ Join our Clan Chat Channel on SC2:ObsidianDragon and chat with everyone else in the clan! sooner or later we will be using the OD site for official recruitment and for better organization purposes once the SC2 clan gets large! visit it here if you want ^^ gl hf gg ^^ Starcraft2 ftw DeceiveR1 Jan 3, 2017
Jan 2, 2017 Quest To Masters Welcome to my thread, since I bought this game I wanted to stream, I wanted to be a personality, I wanted to make this game my career. However I was unable to complete that quest due to being a broke colledge student and unable to afford non-copper/non-cable internet. So I have created this topic to attempt to sastify my hunger with a blog style thread where I will post my replays and discuss them. Each replay will include what I find to be the three areas I did well in, and the three areas I did poorly in, as well as my thoughts on the game in general. I hope that anyone who stops by will enjoy the read, and maybe even improve their own game play from it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Day 1 Today I achieved Diamond Teir 3, but entering my first tournament after achieving such great heights I played a very tough competitor. Ranked 1 Masters Teir 1 he seemed to know my every move and have the army carefully positioned to counter them. He finished me off with a swift drop into my base and I found myself out of position on his side of the map. This is the closest I have ever been to GM, I can taste the golden cup from across the battlefield, and I want it, I want to drink from it, I will drink from it, it will be mine to hold and to own. Jan 2, 2017
Jan 1, 2017 War Pigs: Freelancers, I "Hello?" "Get me Commander Norman." "Yes, sir." A few moments of silence ensued while Makins stormed through the military base. His pace was fast and his mind was racing even faster. It was going so well, so damn well. Makins thought about the interview he had just been put through by the leader of the Sons of Korhal. He and his cerberus troops were accepted, of course, his presentation was flawless and his product priceless. But one off-hand comment by the soon-to-be-crowned Arcturus Mengsk sent Vince into a full on panic. "This is Commander Norman." "Commander!" Vince barked in a loud voice, but quickly hushed it before looking around his surroundings as he walked, "Give me a status on project Clean Slate." "The Silico hasn't docked on any Confederate ports. Thanks to you breaking into SoK databases, we can also determine that they haven't docked on any SoK ports either." "Damnit. So no leads, then?" "Affirmative." "What about that ghost the brass sent, has he reported anything?" "High Command hasn't given you access to their operation or operative, but I took the liberty of acquiring it anyway." "Good. And?" "Well, his vitals are strong, but his GPS would have me conclude he's been reassigned by High Command." "Screw High Command! There won't be a High Command by the end of the week – you contact that ghost and tell him to finish the job!" "Yes, sir. Norman out." Vince shook his head and swore again as he stepped into the wing where his personal shuttle was docked. Cerberus troops met him and proceeded to escort him to his craft. He looked nervously around to determine if there were any SoK troops on his tail or waiting for an ambush. How the hell does that primordial slime ball know that my last project tried to assassinate him? "Fire up the shuttle, we leave as soon as I'm on board. And get me a wraith squadron to see us out of orbit." Vince demanded into his comms. It's okay, Vince, calm down, you don't know what Mengsk knows and doesn't know. Still, the military leader's words kept ringing in his head. "We wouldn't want this project to find itself firing at the wrong people, now would we?" He had said with a devilish look in his eyes. Mengsk said this just after Vince explained how loyal his Cerberus troops were, and ever since, Vince had assumed his words were an allusion to his first project: the War Pigs. And now Vince knew that all people, places, things or events that could tie Vince back to his attempted assassination of Mengsk had to be destroyed as soon as possible. War Pigs, Discussion – War Pigs: Origins, I – War Pigs: Origins, II – War Pigs: Origins, III – Jan 1, 2017