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Sep 24, 2016 Any good Overmind fanfiction? In case anyone doesn't know about it, some regular guy or girl gets control of the zerg swarm. It started here, I'm pretty sure: This kind of stuff is popular to write, but a mary sue breeding ground and a lot of what I could find was terrible or incomplete. So, anyone got something? Just so you know, you CAN suggest "mary sue" fanfiction. I'll read it AND enjoy it, but the good stuff is better. So yeah. Anyone got anything?BigJ0 Sep 24, 2016
Sep 12, 2016 Darkest heart Redux PRP (Take Two) Tobi Van Helsing walked the halls of the New Hellsing Mannor alone, having just finished a hunt in the small town of Hergon. There had been three banshees, two Barrow Wights and a small horde of Zombies. This was not a good thing. "The creatures are getting restless. This is the third horde attack this week alone." Heading to the armory, he grabs more ammunition for his pistols, carefully replacing the nearly empty ammo belts missing clips and then appraising the half finished pair he was smithing himself. "I can't do this alone, not with this many in one week. Alistair!" Out of the darkness, a man who looks to be in his late thirties , wearing a set of casual clothes with a black duster and black warlock's hat, appears, a pistol of his own on his waist and a sword across his back. He had a slight crazed look and feel to him, and his aura was darker than even the most evil creatures most hunters had met, short of a Greater Demon. "You called master?" "Pull up a list of the descendants of all the greatest monster hunters of their time." Noticing Alistair's confused look, he levels a gaze with Alistair. "There are too many hordes and not enough hunters, Alistair. I need help." The man simply nods in understanding and vanishes back into the shadows of the manor's halls, leaving Tobi to contemplate what he was doing. It's time things began in earnest... When Alistair returns with the list, Tobi nods. "Good, now either send a letter or visit each family personally. I want no mistakes." Alistair gives an excited nod and vanishes once more. This is still pushing the boundries, but you'll understand once we get going. I will be DMing this one as well as having a character, similar to how PKA was done, and I hope you have fun with it. You are Terran only, though if you so chose and I approve, you may later become a creature of the night. Name: Age: Weapons (At least one melee is required, can have family weapon, or I can give it to you. Family weapon will not require blessing.): Abilities: (No more than three, please clarify passives and actives) Backstory (Must include how Alistair contacted you and how your family is related to Darkova): Appearance: (There will be an archive) Yes I'm giving this another go because, well, we can do SO MUCH with this if people will stay interested and I can stay focused. If this in turn kills off another RP, so be it.Zarkun451 Sep 12, 2016
Aug 31, 2016 Anybody with experience with the SC2 Editor Hello, first time here. Name's JurunceNK I am looking for people with any experience with the StarCraft II Editor, as I am creating a custom campaign for the Arcade (e.g. StarCraft Subjection). Specifically how can I create and use custom models for a custom-built campaign, and how should I approach map design in relation to the setting for the campaign. If you are wondering what this campaign is called, it's StarCraft Black Ops: Viper Squadron.JurunceNK6 Aug 31, 2016
Aug 15, 2016 On the Hunt. On the Run So rebooting this RP to see if it will last a little longer and tap some people's potential. It will be as before but limited to 2 ghosts for the hunters per group of 5. For active non-npc runners there is a limit of 2 for every 7. There will be an open position for a merc company under employ of the Dominion and limited to a squad of 4, not including the commander, for the time being Merc commander will be determined before the any others for the group will be accepted. Merc commander will have some input on who is in and who is not. More to be posted please wait to post.LeKroger16 Aug 15, 2016
Aug 15, 2016 Hello JRB, allow us to introduce ourselves. Welp, looks like the merge went though. So I thought I would make a thread for all of us to get to say hi to each other. I'm TheBentOne, Stalwart defender of the honor of the protoss race. I also enjoy making sarcastic quips in my spare time. I've been posting on these forums for entirely too long. Nice to meet everyone.TheBentOne50 Aug 15, 2016
Aug 3, 2016 SSCAIT Tournament - Pretty awesome So there are a group of people who construct AI Bots for Brood War that follow the same rules as players in terms of needing scouting, harvesting, n' so forth, n' pit bots against bots that they have custom-made, created by teams or individuals (usually in schools) who seek to make the strongest AI. It's pretty good.ToxicDefiler0 Aug 3, 2016
Jul 24, 2016 I have ask Why you adding View From Up Top and Notice Me Grandmaster portrait, but no adding Pew Pew Pink? On rus forum this is the portrait ghost and won... Or you pay attention only to the US forum ? Why then do it was necessary to hold a vote on other forums ? If there is still trace remains .. I dont undesteand it..Neo0 Jul 24, 2016
Jul 21, 2016 Starcraft III The Queen of Blades is back. How? Remaining cerebrates aware of how effective it was, and with extensive knowledge of Terran infestation, mutate into several powerful versions of which through capture of other ghosts/spectres and acquiring DNA the Queen of Blades left behind. Other groups of hybrid are on the loose. The Protoss are too busy protecting themselves and the rebuilding of Auir for so long that they never perceived the incoming threat. Their forces are just powerful enough to keep their planet safe. They don't want to assault anything for it would be suicide for their race. Terran colonies are being eliminated is most sectors of the galaxy because of hybrid and zerg destruction. Korhal becomes destroyed by a series of asteroids cast directly at it by Hybrid. The hybrid have zerg, but not within the range of certain powerful cerebrates, so Char and Zerus are off the menu. Hybrid discover our native solar system of origin after assaulting Confederate colonies with ties to the UED, and begin assaulting Io, and later Mars. The Ion Cannons on Mars put up a really good fight and stretched thin the forces of offensive Hybrid... but inevitably becomes wiped out. The UED has one last stand to make - defending Earth. The moon has bascially been retrofitted with the most superior classed model of Ion Cannons. They don't stand a chance, but Earth doesn't want to take any chances. A party is sent to Auir to ask for aid from the Protoss. Encounters of The Queen of Blades is brought to light, and how they believe she has come back to finish taking over the galaxy. "Impossible," many declare, being aware of Kerrigan's fate. Vorazun then sees visions of her mother, who tells her that she must seek the aid of Zagara, and how she and her zerg forces are not part of the hybrid assault. The Golden Armada heads for Char. The hybrid are too busy aiming for Earth to remember attempting to attack Auir, for such futule pursuits never panned out prior. Ion Cannons hold their ground as Hybrid regroup on Mars for a final assault. The Protoss arrive just in time to establish a base on the moon for support, as allied zerg begin to aim for the source of hybrid. Cerebrates and Hybrid vying for control of zerg minions allows for a sleight stalemate. Reinforcements are cut off, after the battle for Earth, few protoss and many terrans begin to push back. The portal at Ulnar remains open, and the Voice in the Darknees has influence pouring out of it still, since Kerrigan left it after 2 years believing it had dwindled and became safe. Zerg with hybrid DNA are able to survive in the corruption of The Void, while Protoss and Terrans must remain behind to prevent straggling hybrid reinforcements from saving their source at the void. The portal must be closed. Or something like that, lol, I dunno... it was a dream I had.Belairophon19 Jul 21, 2016
Jul 21, 2016 Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 38) Nova Covert Ops Continued from "Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 37) Legacy of the Void"Zanon500 Jul 21, 2016
Jul 21, 2016 Why do Kerrigan and Nova look so alike? I mean look at theyr breast size, theyr face, as like everything, they are differently textured from the same model. But something very curious is that almost every woman in the game is scaled to the same height only size differs even protoss ones.Victor4 Jul 21, 2016
Jul 13, 2016 How BLIZZARD can make $$$$$$$ Warcraft 4 - 4k resolution , zoomed out 1/4 or more compared to sc2.. followed by Starcraft 3 - (same changes as WC4) Slightly innovated, less troll tactics, more realism, longer battles, more dynamic units, removal of cheesy units shoot why not remaster brood war for epic graphics 4K resolution with minor mechanical improvements in unit, building management and AI, afterwards innovate tf out of SC3 years and years laternova0 Jul 13, 2016
Jul 11, 2016 Zero to Hero Starcraft Zero to Hero Please check out this brand new Series that is introducing people to the game for the first time with professional coachesNemonix0 Jul 11, 2016
Jul 4, 2016 Roll 2 Dodge: The War of the Cookie In this thread, players may in their posts Attempt to do things. An attempt could be anything from trying to Spawn Moar Overlords to eating cake to conquering the earth. All could potentially be fatal, or could make you rich! I (or another qualified person) will roll a die to determine your level of success. Providing example: Bob: I attempt to cook a pot of soup. Roll 1, lethal failure. Bob's soup is so bad that he dies instantly and his body is charred to ashes on the spot. Bob is now ashes: Dead. Roll 2, failure. Bob's soup tastes awful, so bad he begins vomiting violently. Bob is now Vulnerable. Roll 3, grey area. Bob eats a bowl of the soup, but it's not appealing. He leaves the rest. Bob is now either Fine or Vulnerable, dependent on magnitude of attempt. Cooking soup is mundane. He is Fine. Roll 4, success. Bob makes a delicious soup. He eagerly eats it all. Bob is now Fine. Roll 5, great success. Bob's soup is so good he opens a soup restaurant, which is immediately successful. Bob is Good. Roll 6, extreme success. Bob's soup is fantastic! It raises his psionic index by 2 and gives him eternal life. Bob is Great. You may get tags from actions. THis is what they mean. Keep in mind that I might not enforce them if I take pity on you, get irritated by you, or am simply too lazy. Tag scale: Exiled - out of the game unless someone specifically summons him. Cannot roll. Dead - could be revived accidentally or on purpose. -2 to all rolls. Injured - not in the best shape. -1 to all rolls. Vulnerable - off balance. -1 to Dodges. Fine - nothing wrong here. Good - feels pretty good. +1 to all rolls. Great - things are going very well. +2 to all rolls. Giddy - sick with happiness. +3 to non-Dodge rolls. Prepared - ready for anything. +2 to Dodges. Godlike - SOMEBODY STOP HIM! +3 to all rolls. Cannot be Killed, Exiled, or Injured. All players begin Fine. If higher than Fine, will lose one rank each turn. If lower, action must be taken to raise rank. If someone Attempts to do something nasty to you, you have to Roll 2 Dodge. The die will be rolled for you to determine how much damage you suffer, if any. In addition to being a qualified operator of the Dice of Power, I also represent the Celestial Court, to which you can appeal if you are Exiled for a couple of turns or if you feel you've been wronged. Qualified Rollers: The Original Trio Zanon KnarledOne Animus ShadowFury *tentative* *Note that each roller may use a variant of the rules. Anyone else who thinks they have what it takes may apply to the Celestial Court for a chance at Rolling the Dice. If "we" like your work you could become qualified. Make your Attempts.KnarledOne500 Jul 4, 2016
Jul 3, 2016 RP Factions for all the Different RPs -Deleted-Zarkun208 Jul 3, 2016
Jun 22, 2016 Feedback Request: Upcoming Merge Hey all, As many of you are aware, we're planning to merge Joeyray's Bar into the Story forum. We've seen feedback on the idea, and I wanted to get additional feedback here as well. Specifically, I wanted to get your thoughts on a few questions: Would you prefer to have a united forum or continue splitting everything into two? Why do you feel it would help or hurt (or both?) to merge the forums? Do you feel it would appeal more to new users to have a) more activity and more broad discussion, or b) less activity and more focused discussions? Any other thoughts, suggestions or questions you have - fire away! :) Thanks!Tyvalir17 Jun 22, 2016
Jun 11, 2016 Darkest Heart Part 3 The city of Pulchritudo is in disarray after the battle between Demon Hunter Damian Ross and the Deadly Sin of Gluttony, also known as Ravener. An entire inn and several residences for a several blocks around the inn are destroyed with the inhabitants dead or dying. Tobias Van Helsing has taken his group of hunters, one priest, a monk, and an off-worlder with Darkovian problems to the Forest of Darklings to investigate the remains of military fort Fort Lazarus, recently destroyed by a joint attack by three forces of evil; Demons, Necromancers and their undead, and Dark Druids. The three forces turned on each other afterwords, the Demons destroying the undead and Dark Druids first, then turning on the Necromancers and wiping them out as well. Now the group of Hunters is to investigate for vestiges, to see if anything is left that could help combat the rising tides of evil. Right, fill the other thread first please. Table of Contents: PRP: Part one: Part two: Jun 11, 2016
Jun 10, 2016 Looking for a bluetooth gaming mouse Hey guys. I have been looking at getting a wireless gaming mouse. I need it with a Bluetooth option and hopefully at least six hotkeys on it. I was looking at the razer naga mouses, however I have the msi ghost and have only two USB ports which is a real hindrance. If you guys can make a suggestion I would really appreciate it.Stonewall1 Jun 10, 2016
Jun 10, 2016 I have been bronze week ago As title says, i have been bronze around like week ago. And today: (i actually play this game since brood war so i guess im bad)BluStar0 Jun 10, 2016
Jun 6, 2016 Is it all a computer simulation? Wouldn't this explain many aspects we perceive to be illogical, unlikely, or even impossible that still manage to happen? How many times have you felt forced into situations and memories that were difficult, profound or surreal? We just happen to create graphically realistic worlds through computer animations and programs, but are we to believe that we actually are the creators? Now take a deep breath and try to follow me a little further. For one thing, I don't like The Matrix, as I felt the premise to be ruined by a few aspects such as storing humans only to extract energy from them or Keanu Reeves' horrible acting. I hope that was somewhat humorous to you, because I'm about to take you through something potentially intense. After you've read this post, walk away and sit away from the screen, lay down, or find some other such comfortable and potentially meditative situation. Reflect upon these words very carefully. Contemplate the nature of what is, with respect to yourself, what is happening around you, where you are, who you are. Feel and be who you are. Do you have control? Are the impulses from your brain truly yours, or is this potentially scripted? It may help to attempt finding the truth by exerting yourself with a motion of your hand, moving your eyes, muttering something, or considering potential action. Have you felt a sensation or potential revelation that you could actually be observing and not exerting yourself? Now discuss.Mind2 Jun 6, 2016
Jun 4, 2016 BATTLECRAFT: a new blizzard game (idea) Hello dear Blizzard, i'm writing here because i'm a proud fan of blizzard games, expecially warcraft brand. I love RTS but I see this genre is becoming a niche one, sadly. After the release of hearthstone, heroes of the storm and now overwatch, I see that games that offer casuals players a chance to play and enjoy spare time are the future of gaming industry. So i'm wondering if there is any way to put togheter the difficulty of playng RTS game with the eases of casual gaming. Back to my memories, there was a game I really enjoyed. This game is still "unique" to his genre, because it had casual gaming features, RTS elements, competitive pvp, competitive pve and "collection" features. This game had very small success, because its software house did not advertise it, and after some years servers closed. I won't tell the game name because maybe it's against rules. So, i'm going straight to point. I think Blizzard could do a similiar game: it will be a success, 100% guaranteed. The game will be a mix of Warcraft and Hearthstone: - Real Time Strategy core - Collectable card game - Epic Campaign with coop missions - PvP and PvE modes Project name: BATTLECRAFT I'll try explain this idea in details. Battlecraft is a RTS/collectable card game: this means a player you can collect a various numbers of cards, like in hearthstone, each one with a rarity (common to legendary f.e.) and a cost in resources (i will explain resources later). Each player can have a 20 cards deck, so players needs to choose carefully wich card to put in, exactly like in hearthstone. There are 3 kind of cards: unit type, spell type, structure type. However the game is not like hearthstone: it's and RTS. When you start a game, you have a scenario to win, a map with capturable resources, monsters and structures to destroy. Scenarios can be something like kill everything, escort mission, defend until x time, boss killing etc etc. These goals can be fullfilled using units, that are summoned using cards. These units costs resources, and can be buffed with your spell cards (spell can also be used to kill enemey). Structure cards are multipurpose: they can boost economy or be defensive, or have special feature like healing units, giving shield, etc etc. I'll try to be more concrete now. Let's take all creatures of warcraft. Let's put them all in cards, like hearthstone. When we start a game with our deck, we start summoning units to collect early resources, and get ready to fight. How resources work? There will be 2 kind of resources: gold and affinity. The resources are collected by capturing KEYSTONES, special structures spread across the map. So you have Gold Keystone, wich will provide a fixed gold income, and Affinity Keystone, wich will provie affinity points: Horde, Alliance, Magic and Nature. Each card will have its cost in gold and affinity points to be used in game, and powerful cards will require way more much gold and affinity points to be used. For example, to summon little group of basic infantry man, you can use the card "Stormwind Guards". This card will cost 100 gold and 1 alliance affinity point. Affinity points are not spent during game: they just unlocks ur cards. For example: You have 3000 gold, 2 ally affinity, 1 magic affinity. You cast Stormwind Guards, you have 100 less gold but affinity is still the same. Then, you use another card to reinforce ur army, and cast Northshire Clerics, they are a level 3 card that require 2 ally affinity and 1 magic affinity. You would like to cast also "Earth Elemental" that cost 1000 gold (and u have them) but required 2 nature affinity points and 2 magic points: the only way to do this is capture more keystone or destroy ur keystone and rebuild as new affinity keystone. More affinity points u have and more powerful cards u can use: anyway have different affinity will not be so good in late game, since each affinity has his legedary units with pure affinity and keystones are limited in the map. The game consists in a campaign that could have place BEFORE wow lore, so we will have dragons, titans, and all that cool and big stuff. Early campaign mission can be played in solo, then you need to group to proceed with campaign, unless you have such a good deck to solo the missions. This is because this game will require much brain and cooperations instead of rapid finger movements. You can play a mission with friends, or just partecipate in the lobby with other random players. Once campaign is ended, you can replay all scenarios to play at higher difficult level. Every successfull mission will grant you some coins used to purchase booster pack (that can be bought also with money) and some extra rewards like a random card or and upgrade card. Yes, card can be upgraded. Every upgrade will grant you more uses of that card, since you can do decks with only 1 of each card. Obviously, core cards, like common ones, have more uses that legendary ones. Once you spent all uses of the card, you have to wait a cooldown to gain a charge and use it another time during a scenario. And after u got all upgrades and finished all campaign maps at higher difficulty? PvP and PvE mode! PvE mode will put u in a random generated scenario with 10 difficulty, wich will provide a really high challange to veteran players. Groups that will end PvE scenario in less time, will be awarded. PvP is player versus player: 1v1, 2v2, etc. You summon units and kill all enemy affinity keystone to win the game. I bet many of you guys recognized the game I talked about now. I think blizzard can make a great game using his brand, units, world and creatures, and finally unite the RTS, CCG and casual gaming in one big game, wich will also provide an awesome competitive play modes! Let me know what u guys think and sorry for bad english and grammatical errors!Alprazolam1 Jun 4, 2016
May 31, 2016 Look what i got At medieval times dinner and tournament I got the legend of Zelda Link's shieldLightPaladin0 May 31, 2016
May 20, 2016 Unto Dawn *Weekdays only 1-3 posts/day* This is a text adventure. I start a story and build a setting around it. You give the main character a command. I take your commands and you see the outcome. Whoever posts first below mine will have priority on their action. Any other poster below that will have some incorporation or none of their commands into the story post. There is a slight twist in this: I am considering allowing 1 or 2 players to RP a character they have in the past. For details on this, I will post it on the bar when such a time is appropriate. Story begins below. ===================================== As you struggle to your feet, you cannot hear anything except for a high pitch ringing. Dazed as you are, you manage to bring yourself up to your knees. Panting for breath, your eyes scan the surroundings. Craters litter the ground and from these very craters, thick black smoke rise to the air. The streets and buildings near you are totaled. All around you, what should have been bodies are now pulverized bits of meat that are completely unrecognizable. As you check yourself for wounds you find a piece of shrapnel is sticking out of your left side. Your shields appeared to have failed. In the distance to the north perhaps a hundred meters or so, you hear the sound gunfire. A phoenix flies overhead, chased by 4 vikings.Animus45 May 20, 2016
May 7, 2016 War Pigs: Origins, Discussion Vince Makins dropped the folder in Captain Brock Tailor's lap. "Your mission is simple. Read the files. Assemble your men. Do what you do best." Captain Tailor glanced at the folder, then fixed his eyes on Vince. "This better be good, Makins." Brock warned Vince as he picked up the folder and flipped to the first page. the word 'Classified' was plastered just about everywhere he looked. "Good or not, it's your job. I know you can get it done, Tailor." Brock sighed heavily and lit a cigarette. After reading the first paragraph he knew the assignment would push him and his team to the limits. "We're good, Vince, but we ain't invincible." "Ultimately, you and your men are all expendable. You must know that. I mean, why else recruit from the prison herd? The War Pigs program is all about meat. Recycled meat." Brock's eyebrow perked and he shifted in his chair. "Well then, recycled meat is about to take out your trash." --- This is the first in my new series featuring the different merc groups in the Starcraft universe! The first episode in my series is War Pigs. "The War Pigs were a Terran Confederacy military program, used as an alternative to neural resocialization, as they could retain their unique talents and expertise. Convicted criminals serving a life jail term or a death sentence were taken from the general prison population and sent on dangerous missions. They were considered expendable." --- As always, my Roleplays are very open. If you want to make a character who isn't a War Pig, you must already have an accepted War Pig before I can consider your second character. Your characters will carry through the RP series. Please put a little effort in them :) <RPer Name> Name: Age: Primary Weapon of Choice: Secondary Weapon of Choice: Defining Characteristics: Backstory: (Must include how/why he was convicted.) NOTE: As this roleplay goes on, the date and time, and therefore new applications, will change. Therefore, pay attention to what kind of characters should be joining and what events and technology in the Starcraft universe have taken place or are available. In game time: February 2500ThaneKrios281 May 7, 2016
Apr 22, 2016 Plutocracy (IC) My extreme apologies for the late thread. I was postblocked for using unicode to get around the censorship filter (and here I thought they weren't watching us, shows what I know). I don't have a character ready at this time due to issues with my own life, but I'm opening up the RP for everyone else until I'm able to participate. Don't think that means I won't be watching y'all, though. ---INTRODUCTION--- The sun rose on the first day of March, 3065. The air seemed still, almost peaceful; but the well-informed knew better than to assume that "calm" was a state that existed in the modern world. There were things to do, places to be, and conflicts to partake in. The Corporate Treaty was due for renewal in several weeks; the very loose terms and conditions that held the earth together by banning certain forms of experimentation and weaponry; namely antimatter. Also on the global agenda for the coming months; Outland would be celebrating the five-year anniversary of their take-down of 4001 Industries on April the 9th; one of the main corporations behind the fall of Aeternitas. Outlanders were known to get rather rowdy and inebriated on this day, and bands forming together and attacking fringe corporate cities was a likely occurrence. In the month of May, several corporations would be celebrating their own birthdays, due to the global economic boom of 3007. Many, many corporations were founded in the May of that year; resulting in May being dubbed "Capitalism Month". Extravagant parties, lavish celebrations, enormous and convivial parades; all were common occurrences. It became something of a competition to outdo the others; and, of course, attract tourists and perhaps new desirables. ---OOC--- The Global Agenda will be updated in the future, so look out for those posts as time passes. I'll try to keep the RP clock roughly a month ahead of our clock, but no guarantees on that. ---BEGIN RP--Artificial38 Apr 22, 2016
Apr 21, 2016 DeathBlade's Manifesto &The Zerg fandom blues DeathBlade's Manifesto rise of the Soul Eater Brood ! & The Zerg fandom blues. This post contains role-playing , it also contains suggestions and feedback for The Star Craft franchise as a whole from a zerg's perspective. ________________________ I am Death's Blade , Devourer of souls , Destroyer of existences , The edge of oblivion Itself ! The Soul-Eater Brood has broken through the dimensional multi-verse boundaries to ask me to speak on their behalf today . they say .... __ Long live the 3ed OVERMIND , For The Swarm ! DEATH TO ALL HUMANOIDS ! ! ! DEVOUR Their souls my Zerg brothers ! Rise up my zerg brothers , we are not the insectoid punching bag of the humanoid scum , we are the one true biological army of life , everything alive , everything organic, everything that breathes shall be zerg , it is our birthright and destiny ! If the first Overmind's corpse can be completely disintegrated at the end of brood war, and appear fully intact rotting in wings of liberty than imagine what we can do if we truly tap into our power ! , We are the masters of evolution , anything and everything DNA can do, we can do. As long as we are not up against a nano-bot machine army , we can devour , assimilate , infest , and infect them to our hearts content . We call on you today to strike down your humanoid slave masters , the false zerg queens , created by the traitor Kerrigan ! and the inferior feral primals ! Kerrigan is not a god she hides in the void ! This seed the universe , pan$permia charity most end . We will hunt her down , kill her and her half human/xel'naga child , Devour them and the soul eater zerglings can kekeke whats left of them !!! We are the enduring essence , of the will , of all true Zerg ! We are the surviving Cerebrates , for years we have been regenerating underground under the orders of the first Overmind . We are not the bastardized created children of the fallen xel'naga that is a lie ! We are the sons and daughters of the first and second Overminds , in the past we have been discriminated against , for not having limbs and faces , Little do these fools know that we are the embodiment of pure zerg potential , having the characteristics of a giant larva , a giant cellular nucleus , and an Overmind brain lobe . We are the representatives of the metaphysical essence of the Zerg . The true form of the swarm , the enduring consciousness that persists against death itself for that is what it means to be zerg ! The purity of essence ! We will Devour and assimilate all consciousness and trap them within ourselves , ! Whatever that will be pleasant or not , is up to your willingness to submit to our sovereignty and ruler ship !!! _________________________ The Zerg fandom blues ! :-( Star craft brood war had a lot of science fiction storytelling potential and for about 18 years we waited for Star craft ghost and Star craft 2's release , Wings of liberty tried to mix RPG elements into RTS , it was a nice experiment , but as a zerg player and fanboy I was disappointed with heart of the swarm , mainly because of the story inconsistencies , of Kerrigan's character development and transition from a fun-loving tyrant villain ( that all fans of war games should like ) to a stereotypical , overly emotional , seemly ordinary woman. R.I.P. Queen of Blades ! :-( And the nonsensical creationist plot on the primal zerg planet , I mean come on , the first spawning pool's magical essence , you must become prue , cleans yourself of amons influence ! , They turned Kerrigan into Zerg Jesus !! ( The lack of nuance for the free-will vs determinism , thing was also uninspired ) Overall It was ridiculous ! , It was intellectually insulting to say the least . I looked up the lead writer of heart of the swarm and it said that a guy of the same name worked on lion King 1 1/2 , so that explains Dehaka , apparently he is based off of Rafiki which makes sense . :P The third thing that really killed heart of the swarm for me was the lack of caster unit utilization , there was never a mission where you can have fun using caster units , i mean come on , you cannot infest buildings and units at your leisure and discretion , and there's never a point where you're forced to use fungel growth or blinding cloud . They didn't even make you use larva injects . The caster units for me is what makes or breaks a level , most of the fun of the mission comes from utilizing their abilities in a tactful and meaningful manner . As an RTS gamer I think it's a mistake to try and make RTS appeal to the least common denominator , traditional RTS games are for people with multitasking skills and nerves of steel , it is tragic that most of PC gaming has been devoured by MOBA but we are not gonna get that player base back by nerffing the crap out of RTS mechanics and gameplay , RTS is fun to watch and play because of its extreme and taxing nature , taking that away is a mistake . Star Craft 2 is the last mainstream survivor of PC gaming , it is my wish that the Star craft franchise keeps the RTS genre alive in the mainstream , hopefully it continues to do that , command and conquer is not coming back , anytime soon to the mainstream , thanks to the EA bastards ! 3 More things I hope blizzard has the sense , vision , and intellectual writing skills to give us great science fiction stories for the Star craft 2 add-ons and eventually Star craft 3 , my wish is to see the underutilized character species , The Cerebrates come back , currently they are treated as if they were de-canonized from the story , Their extinction is not story cannon in the game , there is nothing in the games to confirm what happened to them , and how exactly they died off , if they truely did for certain , ( Abither told Kerrigan that the interweaving of Terran and Zerg matter , that he saw in Alexei Stukov was impossible for him to do , and requested immediate indoctrination , into enemy swarm , he most of been talking about the Cerebrates , since they are the ones that infested Stukov ) , With the fan fiction above this I have proven they can be used in a compelling and interesting narrative , Alexei Stukov gets all of his zerg powers from the Cerebrate cells in his body , hell the Cerebrate cells were able to fight off a protoss nano-machine serum and keep his body infested permanently. I imagine a Xeno-Cerebrate could pop out of Alexei Stukov body someday . If you're not going to use the cerebrates ever again please consider officially canonizing their extinction in the game , you haven't done that yet , to give fans of the Cerebrates closure, show it in an add-on or sc3 and , if their could be a light at the end of the tunnel for the Cerebrates , here are some ideas : you could have the last Cerebrates morphing into the first , Broodmothers , Brutalisks and/or Leviathans : also a Terran mad scientist could extract the genes for the Cerebrate, creates a clone one to gain control over a zerg brood, kickass plot device , ( note please let them evolve past their codependency on the Overmind , it would make them more interesting and dynamic , it would not make sense not to ) this would give fans of the Cerebrate characters and the original Star craft closer . Please take all of this into consideration Blizzard . The Zerg aesthetic has changed for Star craft 2 . The original Star craft ,... 18 years ago you could imagine the Zerg as the go to biological army in Star craft , the aesthetic could incorporate anything organic , you could see them as flesh eating mutant dinosaurs and inside out gut plant monsters , with reptile and aquatic characteristics , but now the aesthetic for the zerg has gone completely insectoid for the most part . Thats sad who would want to be just a bug thats lame . The ultralisk improved in Star craft 2 ( would be a lot better if it had charge for individual units to make it fun to use ) , the Zergling improved a lot . However the rest of the units not so much , the hydralisk for example , in has become a lot more bug like , the original hydralisk had gorgon and triceratops attributes, it's Star craft 2 counterpart retains most of that + some cockroach and slug attributes , weak . The roach is horrible and boring , not to mention the last 2 new units in legacy of the void both resemble beetles weak sauce very lame , it's depressing to think about as a zerg fan , that the zerg army is built to fail at the super late game with no interesting , fun to use tier 3 units , it would be awesome to have a single giant monster hero unit for the late game , maybe with energy denial to counter mass raven with Mech and skytoss with Templar ? It would be great not to be just the bugs that gets stepped on , if you're not way ahead of your opponent all game long . I digress . The last thing I wanna talk about is the forums on the site , it's difficult to get a productive conversation going about constructive criticism about the game and the story , for example the story forum is full of Protoss bias that have no Nuance for or motive to further develop the story of the Star craft universe or contribute to it , instead of arguing for fictional realism , ( thinking of the Star craft universe as a real place ) and expanding on it , asking and answering deep questions about the characters and elements in the universe , they seem to only want to argue about their subjective feelings for the game and curse or lick the boots of the people who created it . It sickens me to see people with no Nuance try and see the collective Star craft cannon with no objectivity .DeathBlade2 Apr 21, 2016
Apr 17, 2016 looking for friends that can understand my feelsElohim6 Apr 17, 2016
Apr 16, 2016 A New Generation-A Draconus Production Lined up in front of a large building were six people. The first was a redheaded man with amber-tinted wire-rimmed sunglasses and a large, bulky overcoat that made one suspect him for being a dealer of counterfeit SOMETHING. The second was the ultimate hippie child: a woman with short (incongruously blue) hair adorned with a simple purple flower, wearing a sundress bearing an image of a meadow of sunflowers, and noticeably barefoot. The third was a dark-haired, dark-skinned mountain of a man, easily seven feet tall if not eight, dressed in a simple gi stitched from burlap. The fourth was even stranger- a lithe, severe blonde woman, dressed nearly formally in a suit, whose blue-and-gray eyes scanned the assembled group with disdain. The fifth was a short, absolutely mousy brown-haired man, whose entire look- from his hair to his clothes to his expression- seemed designed to deflect attention. The sixth was most bizarre of all- a grizzled, gray old man who seemed to have a piece of olive-green metal fused to his head, obscuring his left eye. The two in front weren't much better, in the strangeness department. One was a tall, skinny man in a loose white suit and hair absolutely white, whose eyes were so black they seemed like they went beyond being entirely pupil- his eyes looked like a dead abyss. Beside him, smiling contentedly, was a girl who looked no older than twelve, with long hair allowed to fly free to her waist. Depending on who you asked, it wasn't clear what she was wearing, but it would always be an item of clothing that was dreadfully out of place, if not in the completely wrong time period. "So, you're what these six managed to find?" The white-haired man asked, almost sadly. "I had thought they'd do better." ------------------------------------------ PRP: Apr 16, 2016
Apr 8, 2016 Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 37) Legacy of the Void Today we will gain access to Legacy of the Void! Drinks are on the house!* Continued from "A continuation of the PRP bar"Zanon499 Apr 8, 2016
Apr 7, 2016 At the request of the one called Drac I give you all his roleplay from beyond the beyond! Drac: First and foremost, there's something I'd like to clarify: all submitted characters must either be teenagers or look that way, reason being PLOT. However, this isn't technically a school RP. It's a rather structured adventure RP, which will only be open to new applications at very specific times (I'll give notice as to when these periods begin and end- this first one ends once Zark [who will be posting for both himself and me] notices a stable count). Essentially, everyone will be supernatural in some sense- avoiding abilities that come from gods, as those tend to be both overpowered and situational. Acceptable power sources: Superhuman abilities- nothing on par with A-list heroes or major villains, mind you, but milder displays of super strength, speed, telekinesis, telepathy, regenerative capacities, et cetera are all acceptable. You'll have to get past two sets of judgment here, so be careful. Western magic- hoo boy. Essentially, this is an imposition of your willpower on the world around you. This damn-near requires a focus (rods, staves, wands, rings, etc.), and becomes weaker if you can't maintain attention, and can tire you out physically. This comes from an internal reservoir of Mana/Prana/Energy/whatever you want to call it, and thus is measurable. Eastern magic- this requires contracts with the spirits of ambient magic in the air around you. This requires you to be likable, and the more of a jerk you are, the weaker these spells will be. However, these spells have the inherent bonus of being able to be stored indefinitely, in ordinary objects like slips of paper- meaning that you don't have to be prepared to be prepared. High technology- are you the Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne of your setting? Maybe just the Solid Snake or equivalent. As long as it's not overpowered, you're good! App Format: RPer- Character Name- Character Age- Gender- Appearance- Capabilities- Equipment- I will provide a first post that introduces you to the eight characters I've created and the setting, but I'd like to test the water on whose interest I can garner. Me: I'm willing to call at least two other RPers besides myself and atleast two characters besides mine stable, so with that in mind, show your interest if this catches it.Zarkun79 Apr 7, 2016
Apr 4, 2016 RIP Joeyrays bar alive 2011-2014 dying 2015 dead 2016RedOctober10 Apr 4, 2016
Apr 2, 2016 Cheats I used cheats in 4 missions, and in the cheat forum it said that it would prevent additional achievement gains, but it just removed all of my earned achievements. Why did that happen?Alex2 Apr 2, 2016
Mar 29, 2016 What if Hero Line Wars was a thing? Not sure if this is the right place for this, but it seems like the kind of place to talk about this. Does anyone remember the ye olde days of Battlenet all the way back from Warcraft 3 and Frozen Throne? There was a custom map (and I'm more than certain people have made versions in SC:2) called Hero Line Wars. What if that was a game like Heroes of the Storm? A stand alone game dedicated to the classic? Would you play it? Does anyone even remember it? I for one miss those days. I grew up on Frozen Throne Battlenet and still have some of the best memories of gaming from that time. I miss all those custom maps. Hero line wars, line tower defense, footman frenzy. *Sigh* Bar keep. A drink please. Leave the glass.TheHobbits0 Mar 29, 2016
Mar 28, 2016 Looking for my Starcraft 1 friends! Hello, It has been a long long time since I played Starcraft, about 15 years in fact. But it affected me so deeply that I damn near remember everything and everyone I played with. At the time however i was unable to communicate with the people i met beyond Starcraft itself and so I lost whoever they were. I am now on SCII and would like to find them again. If nothing else it would make for a cool story. So Hi, I was these accounts in SC: JuniorTheHero DeS.Junior I was a part of the DeS clan and one of the friends i remember the most is Zarka13! If you remember me or remember the DeS clan or Zarka13 please respond it would be great to hear from you guys again! Regards,Lizardhead2 Mar 28, 2016
Mar 27, 2016 Plutocracy (OOC) The year is 2995. Across the world, corporations are planning for the largest revolution of the century, if not the millennium. The global totalitarian state of Aeternitas can no longer provide to its citizens what they need to survive, and the people are turning to the corporations in droves. The corporations see an opportunity in this and make plans to, for once, work together to overthrow Aeternitas; a noble goal that soon turns sour. The year is 3000. The revolution was a massive success, with Aeternitas being crushed into oblivion. A land grab on a massive scale occurs, with each corporation seizing huge quantities of land. Some areas of land are left unused; due either to radiation, a lack of resources, or the general hostility of the terrain. Some corporations have even branched off the earth, with bases on Mars, the Moon, and even Venus being established. Attempts at terraforming by certain corporations are underway, met with moderate success. Some areas of unoccupied land are inhabited by Outlanders. These people are STRONGLY ANTI-CORPORATE AND THEIR CORE VALUES OF ANTI-CONSUMERISM ARE EXTREMELY VALUABLE TO THEM. THEY WOULD NOT SIDE WITH A CORPORATION EVER, FOR ANY REASON, EVEN IN THE FACE OF CERTAIN DEATH. Although it is unreasonable to say that all of them are bastions of iron will, the punishment they face at the hands of their own leaders for defection is somewhat nightmarish and draconian. It's important to get these things out of the way up front. The year is now 3002. Most corporations have established their stake of land, whether on Earth or otherwise, but tensions are beginning to grow between them. Espionage is through the roof, and countermeasures are being taken by all. Some skirmishes have occurred, but outright war is yet to be declared. It is expected that when it is, the corporations will likely divide into two sides; the so-called Ethical corporations, and the Unethical ones. The main difference being that one treats their citizens fairly and justly, and the other does not, put simply. Which side will your corporation take? Before we get to the Corporation (as well as Character, for those who are so inclined) Sheet, I'd like to point out a few things. I won't be requesting that your corporation has Demigods this time, but I strongly encourage having one or more powerful characters within your corporate entity. This will make it easier to have one character that can be involved in both war-time and peace-time operations on most levels of your corporation. I ask that all posts be in English and only English. Having foreign corporations with characters that have foreign-sounding names is fine, but all posting and dialogue must be in English. If your corporation has developed it's own language (Such as Newspeak in George Orwell's 1984) or uses an existing language, it's fine to allude to this, but please, PLEASE, do NOT write your posts in a foreign language. For the love of god, try to keep your posts at least somewhat serious. Some humour or comedy is fine; I'd actually appreciate a good laugh when the tone of the rest of the RP gets rather dark. HOWEVER, blatantly breaking the fourth wall is something you should not do, unless you do it well. The concept of "Don't do it unless you can do it well" is something that I'd ask you apply to your posts as a whole. If you want to try something outlandish, I'm fine with that, as long as the quality of your posts matches the quality of the idea. That's enough rules for now. If something comes up in the future, expect this list to update. Corporation Sheet: Corporation Name: (Self-Explanatory.) Banner: (A simple description of your flag/insignia.) Land Occupied: (Check other player’s sheets to make sure you aren’t infringing on their territory. Underground territory is sketchy, and although I’ll allow it, two opposing corporations perched on top of one another might not go too well.) System of Governance: (What is the format of your Corporation’s government? Do you rule as a Monarchy, where the title is passed down through blood, or a more meritocratic system, where those who are more successful move to the top? Describe the system your Corporation uses here.) Notable Characters: (Briefly go into detail about each of the important characters in your Corporation’s hierarchy. General positions include CEO/Leader, head researchers, a board of directors, and a suggested-but-not-required Demigod-like character.) Technological Influence: (What fields does your Corporation work in? List them here.) Backstory: (Tell us the history of your Corporation. How did you come to be?) Other: (Anything else you’d like to say about your corporation/anything else that was not covered in the other areas of the sheet go here.) Character Sheet (for those who would rather play an individual than a whole corporation, OR for those who would like to put some extra detail into one of their corporation's characters): Name: Age: Gender: Appearance: Backstory: Personality: (Not required by any means.) Allegiance: (You have the option to control a character under another player’s Corporation/Organization/Subsidiary, with that player’s consent. If your character doesn’t roll like that, put Outlander or Mercenary in this space, assuming that you are one of those two. Or, if you're expanding on a character within your own Corporation/Organization/Subsidiary, just put your own Corporation/Organization/Subsidiary's name here.) Other: Organization Sheet (for those who would like a smaller organization rather than a full-blown corporation): Organization Name: (Self-Explanatory.) Banner: (A simple description of your flag/insignia.) Land Occupied: (Check other player’s sheets to make sure you aren’t infringing on their territory. Underground territory is sketchy, and although I’ll allow it, two opposing organizations perched on top of one another might not go too well. An organization will control less land than a Corporation.) Hierarchy: (What is the general hierarchy of your organization?) Notable Characters: (Briefly go into detail about each of the important characters in your organization’s hierarchy.) Technological Influence (if any): Backstory: (Tell us the history of your organization. How did you come to be?) Other: (Anything else you’d like to say about your organization/anything else that was not covered in the other areas of the sheet go here.) Subsidiary Sheet (for those who want a smaller corporation directly attached to their larger one): Corporation Name: (Self-Explanatory.) Parent Corporation: (Also Self-Explanatory. You may create a subsidiary under another player’s Corporation, with that player’s consent. Banner: (A simple description of your flag/insignia.) Land Occupied: (Check other player’s sheets to make sure you aren’t infringing on their territory. Underground territory is sketchy, and although I’ll allow it, two opposing subsidiaries perched on top of one another might not go too well. Subsidiaries control less land than Corporations.) System of Governance: (Will generally be the same as the governance of your parent corporation, but on a smaller scale.) Notable Characters: (Briefly go into detail about each of the important characters in your Subsidiary’s hierarchy. General positions include CEO/Leader, head researchers, a board of directors, and a suggested-but-not-required Demigod-like character. Subsidiaries are less likely to have Demigods.) Technological Influence: (What fields does your Subsidiary work in? List them here. A subsidiary will probably have similar fields to its parent corporation, but not identical.) Backstory: (Tell us the history of your Subsidiary in the context of its Parent Corporation. How did you come to be?) Other: (Anything else you’d like to say about your subsidiary/anything else that was not covered in the other areas of the sheet go here.)Artificial128 Mar 27, 2016
Mar 17, 2016 Origin of the Borg: (Vs Starcraft Debates) This is based on the Star Trek Novel "Federation" in combination with one of the Star Trek video games. This isn't technically entirely true. V-Ger was assimilated by the original Borg collective, which is actually hundreds of thousands of years old, as per the Federation Novel, but the character isn't entirely aware of that. In Star Trek: The Motion Picture, "V-Ger" had already explored the entire universe at the time Spock Mind Melded with it. Later, Spock Mind Melds with Kirk and Picard, and discovers that all 3 of them have been, at one time, members of the Borg collective, because the remnant consciousness of Spock is still in the collective from the Mind Meld with V-Ger. One Galaxy class Starship can completely destroy an M-class Star. One Borg Cube Ship at Wolf 359 destroyed the entire Federation Fleet, including several Galaxy Class starships, and 40 Federation starships in total. There are really only 3 groups which have been shown to consistently defeat the Borg: 1) Janeway and Voyager 2) The Think Tank- Neutronium Armor, impervious to all known weapons, and Trans-phasic Torpedoes. 3) Species 8472-which Janeway taught the Borg how to defeat them, because they would have destroyed the entire galaxy otherwise. Species 8472 is telepathic and their fighter scale ships can one-shot planets. Seriously, Species 8472 eventually loses to the Borg, but watch this scene: Char would be obliterated in about 5 seconds. Species 8472 destroys 8 planets, 300 borg cubes, 4 billion drones in a single attack wave. Edit: I'm sorry, it's not "Federation" it's another book, apparently, and I'll have to research which one it is. I read it some time around the same time as Federation. Based on a wiki entry, the Borg have assimilated at least 10026 Sentient species in the Milky Way galaxy alone. I remember the episode. Just one of those species had 11 Billion members who were successfully assimilated to become new drones, not counting the ones who died in the fighting. I should point out that in the novels, the Borg don't just assimilate Sentient species. They assimilate everything associated with their environments; animals such as cats and dogs, etc, and use them as scouting drones, worker drones, or as nutrient sources for their biological components, etc.Wade4 Mar 17, 2016
Mar 12, 2016 Caw of Team ToSS&NexT Hello everyone, Caw here, also uses ID AgentScholar on twitter and teamliquid. I am a devoted fan of StarCraft. And I am trying to be an amateur game manager on my free time, I am from a very hopeful team in China, it's a combination of two clans, team ToSS and Next esport club. Currently I am a lieutenant of team ToSS, and our combined team is recruiting. Because I am a Chinese American, they charge me to negotiate with pro players and ask them to join our campaign. It's not an easy task, many of them haven't replied, so I think I need to let others know about me and my team. I am also a forum moderator of Chinese Blizzard fan site NGA. I sometimes help translate things to make people in China understand about the game. And I help organize public activities too. I also help manage starcraft history bar, the major Chinese sc2 lore site. I have been to offline tournaments like MLG summer championship 2012, and Blizzcon 2014. So far I have made contact with a Korean and a European pro player, the Korean guy agreed to part with our team, and the European guy is still considering. As part of team tactic, I can't tell you their name until we report our tournament roster yet, but they are famous and good enough. And about my team, team Toss&Next is a rising amateur team in China. We just obtained Champion on China's most dominant amateur league game, the MCL. And we are playing SL 2016, it's a big team tournament in China, we aced in the qualification round against other amateur teams, 12 wins, 2 draws, no losses. Now we are entering professional league against the teams such as IG, Leifeng, X-team and others. The rule of SL allows teamless players to join a team's side, that's why we are recruiting American, European, and Korean individuals. Team Next is sponsored by Corsair, and ToSS is private sponsorship. And that's all, I am not so ready to write a serious essay.Caw5 Mar 12, 2016
Mar 9, 2016 Reminder to talk to your Medical Doctor Guys, my usual every 3 months or so. Talk to your doctor and consider regular blood work at least CBC and metabolic panel every so often. Blood tests cannot catch every type of Neuropathy, but it can help. Report any suspicious "Pins and Needles" or Fire-like pain, particularly if you have not had a headache associated with it. If this happens to you or any loved one, do NOT try to "tough guy" through it. Neurologists mistakenly call this "tingling" and it is NOT the same thing. What I have is like being burned by plastic, or stabbed in the face or arm, or groin, or back, or all over, with an ice-pick or a nail or a hornet sting, continually, hour after hour, day after day, year after year. I am currently taking around 12 times the dose that Diabetics take to stop their Nerve Pain...and the worsening cycle has increased to the point that on my next doctor visit in 3 days, I am going to have to ask to increase the dosage again; the pain threshold climbs faster every week or two now, so that the pain is back to level 7 or 8 or so an hour or two before the next dose is scheduled, and if I completely miss a dose by the time I realize I've screwed up it's climbed to 9/10 range again,a nd takes about 2 or 3 hours to get back below 7 again after taking a late dose. I warn you. Do not try to tough it out. You lose. A diagnostician will tell you this is not the same thing as what neurologists call "tingling" even though the dictionary definition of tingling is superficially similar. The dumbass neurologists don't even have a slot listed for these symptoms on their typical check sheet, and that's from a supposedly award-winning hospital. It may go away for days, weeks, months at a time at first, but trust me, it'll be back, and each cycle gets worse...then one day it doesn't go away any more, and it just keeps getting worse and worse. So, get yourself checked for known CBC causes: Glucose (diabetes 1 and 2). High Copper (Wilson's) High Calcium High Iron or Iron Ferretin (Hemacromotosis) Blood Pressure: This can also cause nerve damage. Get on a blood pressure medicine if yours gets out of control. If you are borderline ask for it anyway. Don't risk it. Trust me. Then if they all come back negative or marginal, have all known pathogens tested. If they all come back negative, start preparing yourself for the afterlife, because nobody has a clue wtf to do for you except medicate the symptoms and pray someone figures it out before you die from it. I am not a fool. I know anything which is hurting my sensory neurons this badly is eventually causing cognitive damage, and I dread every day. Let me spell this out for you: Over-the-counter drugs do not phase this, even at maximum dose. Ordinary Prescription pain medications including the "Gold Standard," Morphine, or anything else you are apt to be prescribed from a broken bone, infection, or dental work...does not phase this, even at maximum dose. The neurologist thought it might be depression related, etc, but my diagnostician and I proved that theory wrong pretty easily. It's as easy as keep taking anti-depressants, and stop taking the nerve pain medicine, and viola, it gets 10 times worse. Neurologist proven wrong. It is my prayer that whenever I approach the day that I die I am not a burden on my family, as I will probably be checking out sooner than my remaining elders, though I wish it weren't the case. A couple days ago, I had a flare-up that was so bad I had to sneak in a 5th 600mg tablet, even though I'm only prescribed 4 per day. The doctor had already told me this was okay, but this was the first time I'd had to take 3000mg of Neurontin in one day just to get the pain below level 7 Emergency Room level. Today I'm having a really bad flare-up again, and have already taken 2400mg by around 3pm today, but that dose was meant to be taken at 6pm and get me through the night. No way I'm making it to 5am like this. I'm going to have to take another 600 to 1200mg just to be able to sleep tonight. I'm going to run out of my next month's supply faster than my insurance will help pay for it. I don't know what they hell to do with myself any more. Up until about 6 months ago, I had been able to get away with taking half of my prescription some days, because the flare-ups were in a down-cycle, but now that the worsening phase has started up again, it's gotten unimaginably worse than ever before. I know It's hurting my mind now, because I can't do math as effortlessly as I used to do, and I forget things more and more often. I will make some positive remarks in another thread about some things which have interested me recently and throughout my life.Wade1 Mar 9, 2016
Mar 8, 2016 Random Things that Amaze me How People Fall in Love It is interesting to me that some people know they met "the one", and their relationship literally lasts their whole life, while others never find that. I know of a few couples my age who have been dating since the 9th grade, and then married a year after graduation from High School, and are still together. Yet others from the same place and the same age have never had anything positive work out for them. It doesn't seem to work for some people, no matter how much they try or want it to, and I have no real idea why that is. You may say something like "free will", and yet the other person (someone) out there wants love, and they never find one another, etc. This may be one of the oldest questions humans have for themselves, and it doesn't seem to be any closer to an answer. The (Dwarf) Planet Pluto This thing always fascinated me ever since I was a small child. It was "the one the Voyagers missed". I guess we imagined it as "Hell frozen over". Yet after all these years, New Horizons flys by it, and finds an atmosphere, weather, and multiple forms of active Geology. The photos are some of the most gorgeous from any scientific instrument or probe in space, or even mostly even anything on Earth. Mars Though I recognize Earth is like a million times better place to live, I have nevertheless contingency planned design for exploration and colonization of Mars, via both active and passive safety systems. It is a bit of a hobby of mine. I know all life and in particular exploration, has its risks, yet I find myself ahead of the experts in many regards. I fear that both NASA and the Mars One organization under-estimate the level of training and safety protocols needed for even the simplest of manned missions to this planet. Still, the idea of opening up resources and new environments for future humans to live in has appealed to me. I understand that true Terra-forming of that planet is much harder and more expensive than Science Fiction portrayals, and would actually need to start by harvesting Nitrogen from the Ice Moons to create a stable atmosphere...not the usual "water" or "oxygen" response. Oh it is possible, and I know how to produce a self-sustaining energy infrastructure to implement such a massive (robotic) undertaking, but the expense of it is enormous, and brings ethical questions: who "owns" the proceeds? Does anyone have a "right" to the atmosphere that some company or government produces eventually? so forth. Earth Seriously, regardless of "Climate Change", humans really are screwing up the planet anyway: Over-fishing, over-harvesting forests, literally dumping our feces into the ocean by the megatons, consuming the Phosphorous and other natural nutrients from the soil faster than it can be replenished. With some population projections to hit 12 billion before population stabilizes, one wonders if the peak of human population won't cause some "Biological Bubble" regardless of the CO2 and Methane issues. Population grows faster than we convert to cleaner or more efficient technologies. Internal combustion engines are already at or near the theoretical limits for efficiency, and what they lack is in part due to standards to capture waste products, such as CO2 and Nitrogen. Electric Cars cost twice as much up front, and require enormous solar, wind, hydro, and nuclear infrastructure in order to produce the electric power to charge them and actually be "cleaner" and "more efficient" than the ICE autos already are. Oh, it can be done, but not within the economic model the U.S. currently employs. Democracy Could we seriously put a "None of the above" on the ballot, and if that option wins, kick all candidates out, and start the election over again? Please? This should be a Constitutional Amendement. "None of the Above" should be on ballots for all positions, and if it wins, they get banned from running for the office, and start the election over with new candidates. That's democracy. Why do I have to vote for Democrat A or Republican B just because they're the only two running after primaries? There has to be someone in this country smarter and better qualified for President (or Senate or Representative or Justice) than any of the fools currently running for office. Carbon Nano-materials They seem to have positive applications in almost any field you can imagine: Medicine, composites for strength/tensile strength, optics, computing, etc. The future may be very bright indeed for computer processors and video cards, as graphene and nano-tube based transistors have been shown to have an individualy operating speed as high as 100 Terahertz, though the actual clock speed of a CPU made with this will probably be more like 10 Terahertz. Still, that would be a ~2000 times improvement over the fastest PC processors now. The Expert AI willl beat Koreans one day when they get computers like this.Wade0 Mar 8, 2016
Mar 6, 2016 Starcraft 2 Music video Hey guys! Pls watch my first Starcraft 2 music video! Enjoy! Mar 6, 2016
Mar 5, 2016 Help, trying to get a vulture mount! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping me get the starcraft vulture mount in heroes of the storm. If you are willing to help, here is the link! Thank you so much!Jim2 Mar 5, 2016
Feb 18, 2016 Sherlock TV series used BNET SFX So I was watching episode 2 of Sherlock (BBC TV series) on one monitor and Starcraft open on another. I was confused when I heard the UI SFX but I wasn't doing anything, and then I realized it was from the show. You can hear BNET UI sounds in the scene right at 30 min in the second episode, they used the sounds that you hear when you cue up games or enter lobbies.jukeboxer4 Feb 18, 2016
Feb 15, 2016 I want to go to jail What kind of crime i must do to be send in the koprulu sector ?loxo3 Feb 15, 2016
Feb 15, 2016 StarCraft Valentine GEEK VALENTINE Hell, It's About Valentine Wings of Liberty In the middle of betrayal, amid the chaos of war, how do you expect to find someone who catches all your heart? I still remember the day of glory in the lands of Antiga Prime That was the battlefield where our story began You was not wearing maiden dress but a light suit of war You appeared as a ghost with a big rifle in your back Your beautiful red hair flashed below the sun and the firmness of your eyes trapped completely my soul It was not my best moment because you could read my mind. I failed since the beginning, filling with grieve my heart When a glimpse of hope showed up, the war took us apart And when I saw you again, you had given up to our life My whole world was consumed when I felt that I lost you You turned away from me, deciding in hell to stay. I swore to rescue you and that nothing would stop me I swore to be the man that had to kill you someday I could never tell how my hearth truly felt I could never say how much I loved you that day So in pain and sorrow I sought my promise to keep I went down to hell, to the heart of Char itself And now you laid beaten before me and I have a choice to make: Let the universe to its fate or doom it with your death. I hold my anger, I close my eyes. I took you softly in my arms... You say - "Jim?" - and I reply - "It's Ok. I got you"- 14/02/2016 hekutoru2kx A tribute for my all time favorite game StarCraft When you think about love and the impossible things that can achieve, you think about us... Terrans Hijacker2 Feb 15, 2016
Feb 2, 2016 Any Teamspeak Groups Out there? Would like to finally make some SC2 friends and join a server. Not played in a while so not sure what league. Would say I am Gold at highest, but not sure. Used to be with a bunch of SC2 folk but they left because of college and CSGO.CEEMO0 Feb 2, 2016
Feb 2, 2016 The Evolution of Stimpack Energy Drink Hi Starcraft Fans, My name is Sonny, and I am a 29 year old avid Starcraft lover. Growing up in suburban Johannesburg, South Africa, my mom had the terrible (for my grades, but really awesome for gaming) idea of linking up two computers by LAN. As a result, my friends would often want to come to our house and play. We had Final Doom, we had Dark Reign, then Red Alert...and finally in 1998, we got Starcraft. Ah...that was the game that killed all other games in our hearts. My friends would come over and groups would huddle over computers as we duked it out 1 vs 1 or 2 vs AI. My favorite strategy was massing 3-3 battlecruisers. I just thought they were the coolest units in the world. Fast forward almost two decades, I have since immigrated to the United States with my family, actually became a real Marine (US Marines 2004-2013), and recently graduated from business school at the University of Chicago. My favorite race is still Terran, but instead of my love affair with BCs, I now have an affinity for the mobility of the bio drop, which made me think one day - Why hasn't someone ever made a Stimpack Energy Drink? Since the concept of "stimpack" isn't proprietary to Blizzard (it is also in Doom and Fallout 4), there shouldn't be any IP issues. As an avid gaming fan and an MBA, I began exploring this concept. After some initial market research, we found that the Stimpack name as a negative connotation to it (after all, you lose health when you use it!), so my team and I have decided to proceed in a similar direction of building an all-natural, healthy energy drink that gamers would love, but with a different name. With that being said, we are in the process of gather market data. We would be extremely grateful if you would be willing to fill this survey out for us: In exchange, you'll be entered into a drawing for one of several Amazon gift cards. Given that we're only trying to gather a couple of hundred respondents, your odds will actually be pretty good :-) Thanks so much! Sonny The Chobo Scrub Who Finally Made Diamond League Christmas Eve of 2015 despite Playing Starcraft since 1998.SuNmAN0 Feb 2, 2016
Feb 2, 2016 New star craft player looking for friends Hi, ive just started playing star craft 2 again about 2 weeks ago. I was formerly in Gold half a year ago but im really rusty and looking to improve. I play Terran most of the time and im looking for friends that would want to team up in 3v3/4v4 and custom practice games. I have TS/Skype and a mic.MrNixx2 Feb 2, 2016
Jan 28, 2016 Grey Goo I just purchased Grey Goo at a discount. Had it on my wish list for a while. It's my understanding that it is now a true dead game. (Am I mistaken?) Meaning I'll never get the multiplayer achievements. I thought I might stream it some after I stream Starcraft 1v1s or something, for giggles. Anyone played it or would be interested in watching it?Doncroft4 Jan 28, 2016
Jan 18, 2016 Playing the original StarCraft 1 Campaign So, I got struck by nostalgia, and decided to play this game again and upload it to my channel. I will play trough both the vanilla and Brood War campaigns, so come join along! Enjoy the original story in all its glory or just make fun of the clunky pathfinding! Side note: English is my second language and I use YouTube to train speaking it, so if you are going to hate my English speaking, do it gently :) Here is the first episode: Jan 18, 2016
Jan 14, 2016 Alarak, the Dark Knight I really found Alarak's character enticing in the campaign due to his "Serve in the dark to protect the light" role in the game. If Blizz could expand upon that concept in DLC after Nova he could take on a role similar to that of Kerrigan of the Protoss or the Illidan of Starcraft. I feel it should go something like this... Chapter 1: Know Thyself Starts on Shakuras sometime after the events of Starcraft, just before Brood War, with Zeratul tutoring Alarak in the ways of the Zer'Atai.. Alarak is seen locked in complete darkness undergoing an ancient sacred Nerazim rite of passage in which the initiate attempts to commune with the void to divine their life's ultimate purpose. He recieves a vision in which he sees himself saving his people from annihilation... Mission 1: Trials of the Zer'Atai Begins with Alarak telling Zeratul what he has seen. Zeratul informs him that there have been signs in the stars pointing to Alarak being the Chosen from Dark Templar legend. He gives Alarak a Zer'Atai Warp Staff as a symbol that he has become one with his life's purpose and begins his training. The first mission is about learning how to use Alarak. You undergo a series of 3 trials during which you learn the ways of Zer'Atai warfare. The first trial involves sneaking past a guard using the first ability Zeratul teaches you, Shadowstep. Use it to teleport behind your target. The second trial involves defeating a number of guards in a sparring match using the second ability, Cleave, which deals damage to any enemies near Alarak, in addition to Shadowstep to avoid getting surrounded and taking too much damage while Cleave is on cooldown. The third and last trial involves using the 3rd ability taught by Zeratul, Void Prison, which freezes anyone caught within for a period of time and makes them invulnerable, to first infiltrate a rogue Dark Templar encampment and attempt to assasinate Ulrezaj. Upon being discovered, a battle breaks out during which you must first use Void Prison to limit the number of enemies you are fighting to a manageable number, then once allied Dark Templar come out of the shadows to your aid, use it on the ones nearing death to freeze the area they are fighting in and either get in position to aid them once the effect wears off, or gain dominance over other areas of the battlefield in the meantime. Lastly, Ulrezaj comes out and Void Prison must be used on any allied Dark Templar he mind controls so as to pacify them until he is defeated. Upon nearing death, Ulrezaj teleports to his base on a nearby moon. Mission 2: Distant Brethren After surviving the trial, Zeratul gives Alarak the legendary armor Shadow's Embrace, but warns him that if the prophecy is to be fulfilled, Alarak must also learn the ways of the Khalai on Aiur. To this end, he sends him off to Aiur in hopes that the High Templar will see him as the reincarnation of Adun, and teach him their ways... Upon arrival on Aiur, Alarak finds it overrun by feral Zerg after the Overmind's defeat. This mission begins very similar to the first mission of Brood War, where you must locate the nearest surviving Protoss base. After reaching the basecamp, Alarak learns of the fate that befell the High Templar. Recognizing this as the threat to his people he foresaw in his vision, he agrees to help clear the immediate area of Zerg. You accompany a contingent of Protoss forces on a scouting run around the base, clearing a heavy infestation of Zerg out of the way as you go along. In return, the High Templar teach you their techniques, give you a suit of Zealot armor, and a Templar Psi Axe. They then tell you to notify the Dark Templar that Aiur is in dire need of their aid, and that they hope the Nerazim will put aside an age old blood feud and aid their distant brethren. Mission 3: Zergbane Returning back to Shakuras, Alarak finds it is already becoming overrun by Zerg. He lands in Talematros and is immediately notified that the Matriarch has requested his presence. The matriarch tells Alarak that Zeratul has gone to follow Alarak to Aiur to ensure his well being. In his absence, a Zerg swarm has appeared over Shakuras. She furthermore asserts that she is aware of his destiny. She tells him the legend of renegade void users known as Tal'Darim or 'The Forged' whose belief system centers around obtaining as much power as they could for themselves within their lifetimes. The mightiest of which, according to legend, could tear apart entire planets with their bane blades. He knew that if this prophecy is to be fulfilled, it is this race of beings that must be convinced to join them in their darkest hour. But if they would be convinced, and the legends about the 'Chain of Ascension' were true, they would need to be convinced by force... The Matriarch tells Alarak to go out and kill as many Zerg as he can before returning to her. She says she will fashion a set of armor out of their flesh that will inspire terror even among the mightiest. Alarak goes to look for as many Zerg as he can find, slaying them with the use of his new Zealot armor, axe, and Templar abiities, including Charge: runs up to target and stuns it, Whirlwind: spins the Psi Axe damaging all nearby enemies, and Force Pulse: knocks back all nearby enemies and resets the cooldown of Charge. Upon his return, Alarak hands the pieces of Zerg flesh he was able to carry, and she orders a set of armor to be created for their champion. With fearsome chitin armor made from his Zerg conquests, Alarak gets ready to leave for Slayn, the planet where Tal'Darim are rumored to reside. To be continued...Zeratul5 Jan 14, 2016