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Jul 23, 2012 This is an invitation. Specifically to Nukester, but also to any and all trolls who happen to be reading. Troll Me! Seriously, bring it. I wanna see you try. My arms are open, the gloves are off, the finger is up, and I had a lot of fun with your mother last night. I wanna see you do your absolute worst to me. I need the laughs. I won't even set you guys to ignore, I wanna see the absolute worst you can do.Thundercrash240 Jul 23, 2012
Jul 22, 2012 The War for Joeyray Backstory The Troll Wars ended months ago. The defendants of Joeyray repelled the Troll Invasion and brought peace to the forums once more. But they knew the peace would not last. Although they won the war, they knew that it was a matter of time before the trolls struck once again. Thus, massive defensive systems were built around the perimeter. Nearly four months has passed without incident. All of that changed on that fateful day. The first sign appeared on 15/7/12 in the form of a forum member named smylez who changed into a monstrous creature that no one saw before. It proclaimed that smylez was gone and that a new age would come. Without the owners in sight, it proceeded to destroy the bar before vanishing in front of the other members. The survivors of the attack could scarcely believe what they saw. Unfortunately, there was little they could do. Four days passed. During this time, the second sign showed itself. Two more people, Nukestar and RedOctober showed up to the forums. Though they looked innocuous, that was far from the truth. They spammed the other threads, had mediocre spelling and grammer and succeed in pissed people off. RedOctober established a new bar. However, due to the constant spamming of the two, the lukewarm reception of the bar and constant self-promoting, it resulted in negative energy that was used by the Trolls to open a portal to this world. His bar is ground zero. Their mission finished, RedOctober and Nukester ran away as far as they could from Joeyray knowing what will happen to them if they were caught. The war began shortly afterwards. ............................ ''The end of your cycle has come. All that was needed was my agents to infiltrate your forum. I have established a front against you. Now, this forum, the last bastion of reason on will fall! Just as the other forums have devolved into insanity, so too will this one. For in the end, all will end in utter darkness and shall be recreated in MY image.'' ''Your defenses have been circumvented. And now, this forum will finally be mine!'' ............................. The trolls begin to secure several buildings surrounding REDOCTOBER'S bar in the town. They appear to be guarding the area and waiting for something.smylez105 Jul 22, 2012
Jul 22, 2012 RP Ideas Discussion I havent seen many new RPs in JoeyRays so was I made this thread so people could submit ideas and if people like it, someone (whos good at leading RPs) could start a RP!!!!!!! My Idea: (I know its kindve lame but im new so cut me some slack) On a small Earth like planet inhabited by Terrans the people were prospering and life was getting peaceful and a new fad started up, owning pets. They imported all kinds of animals including dogs, cats, snakes, birds and other creatures native to Earth (though people have started to tame the more exotic creatures). The planet catches the eye of the Zerg who see this as an oppurtunity to assimilate creatures rare to the Korprulu Sector. The planet is attacked by Zerg and the Terrans have dug in when the Protoss suddenly appear, wanting to cleanse the planet of Zerg filth. Thus, a 3 way battle has started with innocent pets caught in the crossfire. Rules: You will play as a domsticated animal (Cat, Dog, Snake, Bird, etc. Maybe a Zoo animal) caught in the havoc of the monstorous battle. A few will play as the normal Zerg Terran or Toss characters. I just scratched this together in a few minutes so its not very specific. Post ideas and rate others and maybe we could give birth to a new RP!!!!!MechaGhidrah58 Jul 22, 2012
Jul 22, 2012 -Deleted- -Deleted- Shouldn't have made it here :/ Stupid idea.Nikola0 Jul 22, 2012
Jul 21, 2012 Question- 2nd UED Invasion Thread? I'm thinking about making a new RP about the UED's return to the koprulu sector. But I will need some support, I mean at least five frequenters. Plot Layout- UED have returned, with their big guns this time. Being years ahead of the Terran's in the Koprulu in technology, and having a fair assesment of the other threats (i.e. Protoss, Zerg) They are back- With a vengeance. A massive fleet appears on the edge of Dominion space, a powerful signal is broadcasted throughout the sector. A UED Admiral has declared war on the Dominion and all Xeno species. The Umojan and Kel-Morian combine quickly agree to a peace treaty, recognizing the superior power of the Directorate and hoping the will free them of the oppressive Mengsk. It's taking place sometime after Kerrigan's reappearance, I'm not sure if I should have the Raynor's Raiders already have hijacked the UNN studios and revealed Mengsk's war crime (Unleashing the Zerg on Tarsonis). And this is going to be a war on many fronts. No time for sight-seeing or settling. So, anyone gonna have my back?Avikon271 Jul 21, 2012
Jul 21, 2012 Looking for someone to practice with!! Im new to starcraft 2 but im loving the game..I would like to have some peeps to practice with or team up with ... I have 2 accounts the other is all gone this will be my main for please if your a noob like me or a pimp that just beasts everyone please add me on skype Xc1LuSiv3 or post and ill add you in game thnx !!! XXcLuSiVe7 Jul 21, 2012
Jul 20, 2012 Eighth Nibble at the PanKoprulu Academy Hello and welcome! There is a space mission, then- *gasps*- OUR FIRST GRADUATION! This is simple. A school- esque setting will fuction here. There will be a short monologue, followed by every "student" (people who apply) going into a unique mission. You will all be one of the following units, or any combination thereof: Marine Firebat Marauder Reaper Medic Ghost Spectre (side note: your posts must reflect slight insanity) Zergling Roach Hydralisk Lurker Queen (SC2) Zealot Stalker Dragoon Sentry High Templar Dark Templar Be forewarned: the more diverse your pool, the more nerfed you will be. After each mission, the Board (my next post) will be updated. All applications must follow the following format: Name Age Unit Mix (the one you are most of first, least of last) Abilities (two maximum, kapische?) Used Weapons Special Notes In Special Notes, if Protoss or Terran is part of your mix, you may include their personal transport. It will be used in one of the two mission modes- Space Conflict and Vehicle Chase. IF AND ONLY IF YOU ARE PURE ZERG, you may use one of my custom vehicles (I'll throw 'em in later) Vehicle List (Space Conflict) Void Ray Scout Wraith Pheonix Corsair Viking Banshee Valkyrie Vehicle List (Vehicle Chase) Vulture Hellion Goliath Immortal <None needed for Stalker/Dragoon> Reaver (modified) Colossus (modified) Siege Tank I mentioned modes earlier. There are four. Jester- Protect a special unit (30 hp, 2 damage, 3 range) until he gets to a supercomputer to hack files for you. Invasion- Your units travel with 12 supply of in-game units (no, not each) to achieve a goal. Vehicle Chase- All of you have one goal- destroy all of each others' vehicles! (only vs.) Space Conflict- Enemy Stargate/Starport/Spire units will try to kill you. Kill them first. Basement: CLASSIFIED Ground: Classrooms, Lab, Grass field, Parking Lot, Bathrooms 2nd Floor: Cafeteria, Phones, Library 3rd Floor: Dance Hall, Bedrooms (everyone has a roommate, decide for yourselves) 4th Floor: Gymnasium, Firing Range, Chemical Testing Roof: Gun Batteries, Warp Pad, Broadcasting TowerDraconus500 Jul 20, 2012
Jul 20, 2012 KnarledOne's Bar Why not? Everybody else has one, they're all the rage these days.KnarledOne16 Jul 20, 2012
Jul 20, 2012 Looking for partner/friends to play with Hit me up my code is #248Thezturtle0 Jul 20, 2012
Jul 19, 2012 (I don't have an idea for a name) This will be a collection of writing about a character I plan on using frequently: Calek. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Waiting. Nurturing. Feeding. Commands. Sounds. Warmth. Enveloped. Breaking. Cacophony. Sound. Sight. Taste. Smell. Feel. Orders. Moving. Group. Others. Identical. Others. Different. Orders. More. Fighting. Death. Pain. Pain. Fading. Darkness. Other. Different. Together. Orders. Same. Retreat. Others. Different. Retreat. Moving. Crawling. Slowly. Pain. Other. Different. Coming. Close. Very close. Together. Awake. I awoke. I. Me. Individual. Tugging. The tugging of orders. No more. I was my own, I was ME. I was strong, and powerful. There were others, smaller than I, in strange suits. They started. They fired, to no avail. Their small bodies were ripped apart. By me. I didn't touch them, only thought. And then they were gone. There was pain, bodies everywhere. The tugging persisted, and I followed it. Not physically, but mentally. I followed it across the plains. The flat ground on which the battle was raged. The area where I was truly born. I felt the others. Those like me, who I was one of. Not am, was. I continued along the path, feeling those along it, and found its source. An "Overlord". Those who ruled over us individually. They were of no use to me. Their mind was shattered, their body destroyed. I continued along the path, to another, and another, and another. Not one of them was who I was looking for. I continued. The others became stronger and stronger, but these where looser. They did not control us, the masses, but them, the Overlords. I continued, ignoring these ones. The beings whose minds I felt continued to become stronger, until I found them. Her. The one who controlled it all. And she felt me. She saw me for what I had become, and she came along the path, as I had. She was coming for me. Nay. To destroy me. I broke from the path. I ran. I tunneled. I did what was necessary to get away. Away from the tug of orders, through which she would get me. I was terrified. I had only just become truly alive, and now I would truly die. I continued, the tug getting weaker, but the presence getting stronger. I ran, across plains, over ridges, getting away from her. She was close. Very close. And I stopped. There were others, strange others. They were in odd craft, hovering in the skies. They saw me. They felt me. and I used them. The power of their craft, I channeled it, and used it. I controlled all the energy withing me, and them, and directed it. At her. The blast traveled along the link, and reached her. She faltered, but not in a manner that showed fear, or apprehension, or pain. One that let me feel curiosity, intrigue. And in that faltering, I leaped to the ships, and they took me, away from there, away from my birth place. I was free. Me. Calek. Calek was free. -----End of Chapter One----- So, anyone like it?Nikola8 Jul 19, 2012
Jul 19, 2012 J.A.N.E. the Movie. I'm calling it a movie cuz it was a tv show before, so this is like the movie. Enjoy. Will update when I can. ---Somewhere in space--- Thel'kas listened to the mental reports of her minions. A stream of visual flowed in, relayed from a Zergling - the creature ran through the corridors of the massive ship and leapt at a panicked Terran, but an Auto-Turret opened fire, spraying a stream of bullets; the visual turned to blackness. An Infestor fared little better - it deployed its infested minions, but they died as fast as they emerged. The Terrans' automated defenses continued to fire until that connection too went dark. The Overlord chatter was endless: The Terran ship's armaments are incredible! They aim better than any Terran should be able to! They don't miss a single shot. My Mutalisk squadron was decimated by their- -The automated internal defenses are too well regulated. Zerglings are having no effect. Reinforcements are required. I- -were cut off and destroyed. Psi-disrupters are positioned strategically within the walls. Communications with sub-brood 33 were- -Brood Mother, their systems isolate breaches faster than we can reinforce them. Their auto-turrets are unnaproachable, I require Hydralisks to- - We can't maneuver in these disruption fields! Their homing missiles can't be avoi- -LOCK DETECTED! I REQUIRE IMMEDIA- -The automated defenses far surpass any other Terran devices. Brood Mother, we must deploy additional- She hissed with anger. This ship, this Khan, was far more difficult to capture than anticipated. She had assumed that such a large ship was some sort of mobile mining platform, but it would seem it was a full-fledged warship. Thel'kas had hoped to simply capture a ship so she could test her new weapon on its systems at her leisure. Unfortunately, the first ship she had spotted turned out to be this monstrosity, the Khan. It must have been experimental, for Thel'kas could see no other reason why the Dominion had not yet deployed it against the Swarm. Really, the ship's immense size shouldn't have been too much of a problem. The problem was the ship's computer system. It worked fast and extremely effectively, the Terran or group of Terrans responsible for its creation must have been genius. The computer ran almost all of the external weapon systems without a need for Terran gunners. It could aim perfectly, it could anticipate perfectly, it had even been using psi-disruptors as a sort of beam weapon! The calculations required for such that trick would have been a challenge for Thel'kas herself. Inside the ship, things weren't going much better. As soon as the Zerg could penetrate the ship's hull, the systems closed off all hatches automatically, drastically slowing the rate at which the Zerg could spread. Even as the blast doors sealed and cut off all access, automated internal defenses came online and quickly destroyed the Zerg. The ship also seemed to somehow always have Terran troops exactly where they were needed, exactly when they were needed. Clearly this ship couldn't be allowed to remain intact. If more of these monstrosities were created, it could pose a serious threat to the Swarm. This thing would have little trouble obliterating a Leviathan, or even a group of Leviathans. Of course, its strength was its automated systems, so the solution was obvious. This had just become a field test. Move the Distrophers forward. This is an attack. We'll see how well they fight without their computer to help them. ---Later--- The Khan hung in space, a dark mass against the darkness of space. Overlords moved slowly along its hull, deploying drones. Already much of the hull was covered in Zerg structures. The hull had become somehow harder to penetrate now that the Distrophers had attacked the ship. Most likely a design flaw had caused the nanite systems in the hull to make it easier to breach. Whatever the reason, the Zerg were limited to using the already made breaches as entrances for now. Thel'kas was pleased. Her Brood had served her well. Still, there was more to be done. There was the matter of exterminating the Terran survivors, who were holding out remarkably well. Plus, the computer systems, though damaged, were still functional. And something about its sporadic behavior just didn't seem right... ---Inside the Khan--- "Captain, I've found something out. And now I'm sure it's true." "What? What is it?" "You may find this a bit difficult to believe, but..." "But what?" "Something very odd has happened to the Jotunn-class Automated Network Engineering systems." "So, what's bothering JANE today? I thought the Zerg blew her completely." "No. She - it was merely damaged. It repaired itself." "Then why aren't our systems back online?" "Well... something went wrong in the repair process." "Of course." "It repaired itself. But it's... different." "How so?" "Some major fragments repaired themselves and are operating independently of the JANE system. And, sir, I think they might be..." "Might be what?" "In - intelligent, sir." OOS: OK, there it is, post 1. Feedback PLEASE!!! Will follow up with some Entities awakening. I'm going to exactly replicate some of the original dialogue from the RP thread. If anyone objects, let me know.KnarledOne41 Jul 19, 2012
Jul 19, 2012 RedOctober's Bar Sit down, have a drink, and tell us all about your character. Is he/se used frequently like Nukester's Commander Jones Commervac? Is he/she only seen sometimes? Or is he/she new? Regardless, RedOctober's Bar is a rest stop in the middle of the kropulu sector, Protoss, refined Zerg, and mainly Terrans come here at all times! So sit down, buy a drink, turn on some music, and talk!RedOctober29 Jul 19, 2012
Jul 19, 2012 RED OCTOBETR’S BAR – (PART 1) RED OCTOBETR’S BAR – NOW OPEN OFFICALY (PART 1) Sit down, have a drink, and tell us all about your character. Is he/se used frequently like Nukester's Commander Jones Commervac? Is he/she only seen sometimes? Or is he/she new? Regardless, Red October’s Bar is visited by mainly Terrans, who come here at all times! So sit down, buy a drink, turn on some music, and talk! -DRINK MENU- (ranging from most powerful to least.) -Nukester Supreme Don’t ask me what’s in it, or how Nukester made it, all I know is that it’s EXTREMELY powerful. You’re in for a wild ride my friend! (shot glass only) -DMST or Tsunami Drinkable Modified Stim Pack, This will keep you buzzed for three days. -Sludge Hammer Knocks you out cold. Sweet dreams. -HellFire Burn your face off hot! This will sober you up in no time. -Scotch A classic. -Whisky Another classic. -Smooth Messes with your vitals a little, But low in potency. -5 hour energy Get ready for an addiction and hangover (Come in quarts) -Coffee Not much to say. -Tea Sweet and hot -RedOc’s Root Beer Tastes Great -Milk Duhh, -Water What else can I say? -FOOD MENU- -RedOc’s Combo Burger, Fries, nuggets, and a free drink. Yes indeed! This bar if fully equipped! Jute Box, Galactic telephone, many tables, holo TVs with UNN on, Dueling room, bedrooms for if you get drunk, all the dishes you will need, cool doors and more my good gentlemen! ENJOY THE VEIW OUT THE HUGE WINDOW THAT LOOKS OUT ON A HEAVY RAIN STORM! Gentlemen, First drink is on me.RedOctober82 Jul 19, 2012
Jul 19, 2012 Avikon's PRP Bar (Part 1) Everyone else is doing it, so why not? Sorry if the place is a little... dirty. Just bought it, only 30 credits too! Though I'm starting to think it's a reasonable price... There's hardly even a roof. I hung up a picture of Stukov on what was left of a wall, that seemed to spruce the place up a bit. I also don't have much to drink... Some watered down beer.... Actually, that's not water, is it? *takes a sip of the orange-brown liquid from a dirty and partially broken mug* ... Yeah... That... That's not water... Not even beer... I don't recommend consumption by humans. Excuse me while I try to find some medical attention.Avikon20 Jul 19, 2012
Jul 19, 2012 A Sob story, and a new leaf -UNN News Repot- RedOctober was devastated by the rejection of the RP community! He was In a dark place, the ruins of his bar. anger had driven him mad. He was sitting in the corner sourrounded by bottles of Tsunami. Nothing could make him feel better, He banged his hand on the wall. and then he banged his head. Would he seek revenge as Nukester had done a year and a half ago? No, it would only make things worse. RedOctober needed help. He managed to stand, then he got on his hovercycle and drove to a troll reformation center. Not the same one Nukester had claimed to go to, but the top of the line troll reformation asylum. on the way he passed out from all the Tunami he had drunken, and fell of his cycle. All was black. He awoke days later, he wiped his eyes, and noticed a building in the foggy distance, he got back on his cycle and went to it, He realized that it was the Troll reformation asylum he had been traveling to, he booked himself in. The doctor told him that he had done the right thing, and that this serious a case would take months, perhaps a full year to be rehabilitated. For RedOctober, it was a new start, he entered his room/cell, and slept, the next day held much training. He will not be back for a while, and when he does come back, he will not be the same.....RedOctober12 Jul 19, 2012
Jul 19, 2012 Why are all the RP threads only SC2 related? Really cuts down on the potential of rps here.BcInFinitY12 Jul 19, 2012
Jul 19, 2012 Looking for practice partner I'm pretty new and I am getting demolished in bronze, if anyone else is new and having this same problem, or super good and would like to take a rookie under his wing, I would love a good practice partner to bounce ideas off of.My character code is 164SpiderMatt0 Jul 19, 2012
Jul 19, 2012 The Body Snatcher! The year is 5122. The time is different now; no war no mad zerg killing planets. your world seems so wonderful but there is one problem. You are a crazy scientist that found a regenerative gen inside a common Zergling flesh sample. Your goal is to kill the three scientists within your lab and use as many body parts as posible to construct abstract zerg monsters to berth fear to your planet! (you can be any race just not zerg and can give he she a name and anything else you wish to. Next you will tell your story!)Tibalt7 Jul 19, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 6) Continued from Zanon's PRP Bar(Part5)Zanon500 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 looking for 2v2 partner Hello, I play Terran and I am ranked silver in 2v2 random. I am looking for a bronze to gold level partner for 2v2 (not random). Also, I am always open to more practice partners. My code is 878 (which for those of you who don't know is easy to find out by clicking on the poster's name to the left). Feel free to hit me up if you see me in the game.Selby0 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 The Outbreak (Reworked) The year is 2499, the Confederacy was in desperate need of resources, so they sent out 15 mining ships, massive ships that were able to house thousands of people. All 14 other ships mysteriously went dark, but 1 remained, uncontested and began mining for 5 months. However after those 5 months, something happpened, a sabotage took place, someone destroyed the engine core with bombs, and planted a transmitter in the communication tower. Nobody knew who did it or what the transmitter was for, but in less than a week, Zerg showed up. In less than a hour, 90% of the people on board, died a brutal death. The few who survived, holed up in the ships armory, and awaited for extraction. Ok, describe your character in this layout: Name: (Codenames allowed) Ex. Carl "Blades" Manny Gender: Race: Zerg or Terran (Protoss if it makes sense or fits) Posistion: (Survivors, or Rescue team) Job: (Doctor, Engineer, Security, etc) Appearance: (Optional) Weapon: Personality: Background: (Optional)Korozain500 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 Cheaters With New Season The following players cheated to win at new season with by quitting at the loading of game so many quit also they have friends who are also players in the game which plays as your team mates and do nothing just to let their friends on the other team wins! Here are the jerks names pass it around!! halfwist Broodking Sythas LycanMephisto2 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 16, 2012 Pint Gaming is looking for players (Temporary site until the real one is finished) Pint Gaming is looking for StarCraft 2 players to join their team. Eligible players must meet Pint Gaming team standards. Positive Dedicated NA server Mature, in person, as well as game play Masters/GM Plays frequently Hard working Has a good understanding of the game Willing to practice with our team Wanting to grow as a team while achieving individual goals Able to play in tournaments If you are wanting to join Pint Gaming please email Please provide your ID/code, race, league, age, contact information, and a brief summary as to why you will be an asset to our team. Also include a ladder replay and I wil get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks and good luck! Pint Gaming Pint Gaming was created in 2012 by Travis "EddyTwoHands" Long. His love for RTS and Esports made him want to get more involved with compettive gaming. The story has just begun for Pint Gaming.EddyTwoHands0 Jul 16, 2012
Jul 15, 2012 Roll to Dodge Randomness! Hey guys, new to this area of the forums, decided to do something I like to do called Roll to Dodge. What happens here: Basically, this is an RPG where you play as yourself. You can attempt to do pretty much anything- but whether you succeed or not is determined by the roll of a six-sided die. So: If you roll a: 1- Critical Failure: The opposite of what you intended occurs, usually in such a way as to screw you over. And yeah, I DO mean screw over. If you try to use your -3 to "Not find 1,000,000$", then I'll likely pit you against a bag of killer coins. 2- Failure: You fail to do what you were attempting. 3- Marginal Success: You accomplish what you were attempting, but in a sub-optimal way. Or maybe not, depending on what the action is, and what mood I'm in. 4- Success: You succeed at the action. Trying to cause mass destruction will likely prompt a R2D against the target, however. 5- Excellent Success: You perfectly accomplish the action, and get a +1 morale bonus to your next roll. 6- Critical Success: You complete the action and accomplish something else related to it. You also get a +1 morale bonus to your next roll. Depending on the date or turn, this might be an overshoot instead, in which case I might cause it to backfire horribly due to the over-exertion of effort. You still get to keep your bonus in the end, though. To put that into an example, lets pretend to build a house, and see what the roll results would be: 1- You attempt to build a house, but instead end up destroying all the residential buildings within a 10 block radius. You now have an an angry mob heading towards your direction. 2- You try and build a house but succeed in doing nothing. Dang, Minecraft makes it look so easy! 3- You attempt to build a house, but you end up tearing up your neighbor's shed for materials. The house is done, and now he's thoroughly pissed, and threatening to file criminal charges. 4- You build a small, yet comfortable house. 5- You build a good-sized house with the mortgage payed off. +1 to next Roll for a nice pad. 6- You somehow built a mansion complete with a swimming pool and power generator. Sweet! (+1 to next roll) Furthermore, whenever someone attempts a hostile action against someone else, that person or object must Roll To Dodge! 1- Critical Hit- the object is destroyed or the person dies. 2- Hit- the person or object is severely damaged. If successfully attacked again before recovering, they will die. 3- Light Hit- the person suffers a -1 penalty to their next roll. 4- Miss- nothing happens. 5- Compromising Miss- the defender gets a +1 to their next roll against the attacker. 6- Counter- the attack fails, and the attacker must Roll To Dodge. Other rules which players should likely read: 1.) You can't attempt the same action twice in a row. 2.) You can't attempt a hostile action against other players, the GM, or the topic in the first three rounds. Otherwise this thread would asplode within the first round. 3.) You can't attempt an action specifically against everyone posting after you. You may attempt an action at the next person, or specific people, or everyone, but allowing people to target everyone after them encourages ninja posting. And that's no good. 4.) Any action attempting to tamper with the nature of the dice automatically fails. 6-siders only, damn it! 5.) Actions are resolved in the order they are posted, unless otherwise subverted by the ruling of a GM as the result of an action. 6.) Get money 7.) Get laid 8.) Erry day 9.) Hyphy 10.) Players can act only for themselves. No other entities can be given actions by one pllayer, because it just gets ridiculous to GM. And that's it. So, glhf! I'll be the GM, or GameMaster, here, so... Yeah. Glhf!MrRandom198 Jul 15, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Which videogame character would you be Which videogame hero would you like to be, not just because how cool (s)he is, but also thinking about his/her lore? For example: Cloud from FFVII is one of my favorite characters ever, but that guy's pretty !@#$ed up, I wouldn't like to be him. Heroes from the Diablo universe are insanely BA, but I wouldn't like to be in the Diablo universe at all! It's %^-*ing scary in there! I'd much rather be Link or Zidane (from FFIX)! Also: Which videogame hero would you HATE to be? I'd have to say the dude from Amnesia.Jusseppe19 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 High Plat Zerg Stream Hello all. I am a high plat zerg and am new to streaming. I am looking for people to come watch my streams for fun, to get better (lower leagues), or even give me some advice as to how to improve. I am also looking for lower league players that would like some coaching! The link to my stream is . If anyone is interested in coaching or anything you can add me WizardSleeve 970.WizardSleeve2 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 LF another (or many?) for team games Just for sh*ts/giggles. I am not hardcore/serious. I was diamond (prev seasons). 1v1 isn't fun imo. Just looking to goof around or play just semi-seriously. Let's mimic some of "NovaWar Says" if you've seen it. Or maybe create a drinking game! Righteous. Hit me up here or in-game.Tabascosauce0 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Jesus, I'm tired... I haven't been posting recently because I've temporarily moved to China. The first few weeks of me being here have been hectic, and I haven't had any time to actually write a decent sized post or story. Things are finally starting to settle down (I hope) and I'll probably be able to start posting more frequently again. A few ideas have been running in around in my head for a while now, so... uhh... yeah. I've also seen a recent lack of people posting, which saddens me somewhat. It would suck for this part of the forums to die.BcInFinitY43 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Looking for Starcraft 2 buddies! Hey guys, My name is Sergio you can call me Surge I'm looking for some players to play Starcraft 2 with to practice my game and have a good time. You can live anywhere but if you live near Homestead, Florida we can maybe meet up and talk about some Starcraft! My goal is to learn from new players I'm fairly new to the game and still not a high calibur player but i'd like to enter a tournament with just the intention of having fun for now. Looking forward to some good games and making some new friends. Thanks!Surge13 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 12, 2012 Horizon, An Open-RP Five years ago...... The medivac shook when the rocks hit its hull, making its passengers stumble. Maroo barely manged to hold on as the next volley of rocks hit, almost dropping the package they risked their lives for. "Warrens, we're not going to make it if this keeps up!" "Put the thrusters to full, Parem!" Parem turned around in his bulky marine suit to give him a desperate look. "I'm giving all she's got, boss! We need to drop off the cargo and lead the enemy away!" "Then get the door ready. I have no plans to make their sacrifices for nothing." Warrens looked at Maroo, holding a parachute "You can't be serious! We can make it, if we just-" Before Maroo could finish, Warrens already had him pushed towards the hatch door and strapped the parachute on him. There was a struggle before Maroo could managed to break free from his grip. "Stop, you're making a mistake! We can make it!" "We're going to drop you off a couple of meters at the MZ. The enemy will follow us thinking that we have it, while you get to safety." "Are you insane? I can't let you die!" "Yes, you can. Good luck, sir. It has been, truly, an honor." Before Maroo could object, Warrens had pushed him off the ship into the dark ink that were the caverns. Present Day: "All of you must be wondering why you must be here. Well, I wish I could tell you now, but unfortunately you'll be told why when you're sent there." You are sitting in a conference room with other people, some soldiers, some not. The man briefing you is Corporal Herald, a well decorated man within your station. He had called you all suddenly an hour ago, and is now finally speaking to you. "You're being sent to Horizon as guards for the inhabitants. You may consider this as a vacation, because I heard this is far from any danger. Any questions?"Naitsrich500 Jul 12, 2012
Jul 11, 2012 Nectar. Nectar is sweet. Neatherae knew this as a fact. So did Makeao, his Dark Archon half. It as quitw convenient, that as far as Protoss love goes, they had it. So their merging wasn't quite the burden compared to the others who did it. Nectar, however, ruined it. First, it was Neatherae. Neatherae got Nectar first from the Benefactor, and soon it corrupted Makeao as well. At that point, they officially left the Protoss Dark Archon army, and joined the Benefactor with the others in the underground tunnels. Terrans are explorers who came to the Benefactor's planet with their underfunded groups. Zerg want to use the Nectar as a powerful device. Protoss want the Benefactor, whoever it may be, dead along with its followers. Non-combat Protoss want to help these "lost" Dark Templar find peace. (The environment is a lush tropical forest, much like their homeworld before it was Char-ified) You know your duty. Begin.Vultureling12 Jul 11, 2012
Jul 11, 2012 An Overlord is you! [Quest] Simple. Quest = Everybody on the forum is controlling the SAAAMMMEEE unit. Whatever the Overlord (and cronies) do is determined by majority vote. Voting Format: [X] blah blah blah => I support this plan. Now for setting: Your hive is on some unnamed planet. All your hive really cared about was the invading Terrans and the impending Protoss. Your hive has so far infested at least a third of the Terrans on-planet, and your colony is THRIVING. You are a pitiful little larva. The Queen not even three feet from you informs you that you are to become an Overlord, so you do so. As you feel your body shifting and growing all around... your pre-developed ears hear a thrum. You don't know what that is. A couple hours later, the Queen informs you to avoid hatching-- the Egg is safer than outside. You hear the sound of fire roasting and a Purifier's beam (You only know it to be Protoss in nature). You hear some crackling sounds (Psi-Storm), and many Zerg dying around you. Some hours later, even after all of that, you burst out of your egg. There is a wasteland in front of you-- scorched, creeped trees, burned ground, receding creep, whole sections of the planet burned a few feet deep. Around you, besides the terrain, you see a trio- two Zerglings and a Roach. You check yourself first. You need to know if you CAN do anything before you try. Character Sheet: Name: OVERLORD! [Vote if you want a different one] Age: About twenty hours since you were "born" as a larva. Life: 200/200 Energy*: 100/200 Speed: 2.50 (You're really fast! :o) Armor: 1 Abilities: *Abilities cost energy-- this is basic psionics; so you can't do much... yet. Making something like Psi-Storm would cost you at least >200 energy-- different scales for strength of casters. Communication: (No cost) As an Overlord, you have a functional brain. You can talk and stuff. Convince: (No cost) As an Overlord, you are intelligent! You can attempt to convince (with words) units to join your side. Dominate: (20 Energy per supply attempted to Dominate; but can vary; especially when you're not Dominating Zerg units.) As an Overlord, you are capable of exerting your mind over other organisms, attempting to bring them under your control. What do you do? [] Convince the Zerglings and Roach to join your side. [] Dominate the Zerglings and Roach. [] Something else (Write-In). Combat is roughly based on Unit Stats and Unit Counters like in-game and on the website (somewhere).Eliwan66 Jul 11, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 The Birth of Vengeance *Sobs.* NOBODY LIKES MY STORY! I accept Criticism. And I accept Compliments. Please post either. The Birth of Vengance I wake to sounds of screeching, I run to my window with nothing but my boxers on and look outside, about a mile away I see a large purple and brown mass of creatures and I have no idea what they are. But from the sounds they do not seem friendly. I quickly get dressed and grab my pocket knife and run downstairs. The Confederate soldiers pulled out about 20 days ago with several people with strange powers developing. Now I knew we were screwed, because these things in less than 3 minutes had already covered close to a half a mile. As I get downstairs I see my dad, my mom and my little sister grabbing a few things and stuffing them into a bag. “Dad, what are those things coming at us,” I ask “Their called Xenomorphs, or Zerg.” He replies. “When did you first see them?” I question. “About 6 minutes ago, and were about 2 ½ miles away.” He answers. “Well now they’re only ½ to a ¼ mile away, so we have to get the hell out of here!” I yell. “DON’T SWARE YOUNG MAN!” My mom yells at me, “but we will run for it.” My dad picks up my little sister and he my mom and I open the door and run towards the nearest Starport, but we were too late. The Zerg were already upon us, I saw one fly from behind me and smash my mom to the ground. The thing was horrible. It had two sickles like appendages instead of front legs, a long head with two arms like things hanging on it, tusks sticking out from the side of its mouth, orange fierce eyes. And its teeth, they were sharping than a dog’s canines and it was the same size as a large dog. It started tearing the back of my mom apart and eating her insides. These things had no mercy. There were screams of agony from behind, but I dare not look back in fear of what I might see. My father and I continue running. We are less than a block away from the Starport when a giant monstrous serpent like creature jumps out of the ground, standing in the way of my dad. Its arms were like scythes and its mouth was split into three jaws. It opens its mouth and a spine a little less than 30mm flies out and pierces straight through my dad. My sister starts crying and is dropped to the ground. One of the smaller Zerg runs and picks my sister up by the back and then starts tearing her apart. The serpent creature looks towards the small Zerg and then turns its attention to me. I brace myself for death, but it sniffs me and then start feasting on my father’s corpse. I am completely taken by surprise by this and am frozen for a second, and before I can even process what happened hear a very loud roar in the distance behind me and start sprinting again and as I arrive at the Starport and get on a transport, tears start pouring out of my eyes and I begin sobbing, not even noticing when the transport took off or the when some of the Zerg start following the transports that took off. I saw almost all of my family with the exception of my brother ruthlessly slaughtered and starting to be eaten. I am not the best author, but please give me a chance.ShadowFury16 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 !@#$ing Units! How do they work? ¯\_(シ)_/¯ I'm currently working on a project called Stetmann's Zerg Research Log, which I have posted in the 'Joeyray's Bar' section in the forms which attempts to exlain how Zerg units perform game and lore based actions. While no specific lore is given for these, I've had a lot of fun with my first two entries; the Baneling and Infestor. As much fun as I've had writing these, I'd like to hear how you guys think certain mechanics of the Terran, Zerg, and Protoss work. Some examples are : How do Mutalisks fly in space? How can Nydus Worms appear on island space platforms without their body showing between the gaps? Where are Protoss buildings created now that Aiur is infested? Where are Raven pilots controlling the Ravens from? Post your creative, random, and/or stupid explanations here. If you need help, you can fill out this template: Unit: Ability : Explanation: Here is a brief explanaton taken partially from my Baneling entry; the full text you can find here if you'd like: Unit: Baneling Ability : Detonation does not affect friendly units within the blast radius. Explanation: The Baneling has deep grooves throughout its carapace. When detonation occurs, the Baneling controls which grooves burst, and which ones hold, thereby controlling the dispersion of the acid inside. This precise detonation allows nearby allies, such as Zerglings which are weak to such acid, escape completely unscathed. Show me what you've got!Aradan67 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 The Ghost Chronicles Well men and women of the Dominion and otherwise it is undoubtedly good to see you again. In my absence I have played several custom games - read many stories/lores - and minecrafted it up!!! I have decided to come back to writing the story I once began - but decided to its monotonous tone - it needed to be reworked. So, I am using some of the basic story line from the original and am re-writing this entirely. So, enjoy the read!!! --------------------------------------------------------- Part 1: Infestation Chapter 1 --------------- Lieutenant Michael Hawkins retreated with the few remaining of the 301st Special Operations battalion. These were the men and women he had fought alongside for years and were slaughtered on Oranus V at the hands of the zerg. "Sir, multiple contacts heading our way," 2nd Lt. Shad Callisto reported to Mike. He discharged his DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) as a few zerglings attempted to attack the survivors. "I know.... Any idea where an evac ship is?" 1st Lieutenant Michael Hawkins asked Ensign Eliza Frost. "No sir," she responded as she checked her HUD which had been integrated with information from a satellite," Wait - sir, there's one last ship. It's being loaded up as we speak." "Location!?" Mike asked as a trio of roaches opened fire on one of the marines of the group. He screamed in pain as the acid melted through his armor. He rolled around for a minute and finally died. "A mile north!" Eliza responded as she picked of a Hydralisk with a high-caliber pistol. "Good - let's move it men!" Mike said as he began to run for the evac-ship. A few minutes later a full force of Zerg could be heard ravaging the land behind them. A few of the men turned and opened fire on the small swarm approaching. They then again turned to run as more joined the spree against them. "We won't make it off this planet if they keep following us," Shad shouted to Mike. A quad of spikes flew and hit the two remaining marines of the group they fell, dead. Now only Ghosts and Special Ops remain. "Alright - I'll lead 'em away. The rest of you - GET TO THAT SHIP!" he shouted. He activated his cloak and ran away from the rest of the group. "I'm with you sir," Shad whispered to him as they ran away from the group of soldiers. "Michael - get back here there's still a chance," Eliza beckoned over the radio. "Mike c'mon man," Sgt. Sage Tucker said," We can make it." "Sorry, I'm afraid we have our mission," Michael said as he turned off his radio. The Zerg broke off and chased the two Ghosts the best they could. Cloak and near invisible any sensor wise they're hard to track. The 301st Remnants made it onto the Colony Evacuation Ship a few minutes before the zerg arrived and we're airlifted safely - but alas - two of their own were left behind. --------------- "So, where do we go now," Shad asked Mike - they had been running for a good four hours now. "I.... don't know," Mike said as he kicked a deserted shop open. It was small and desolate - very little remained on the inside. "We need a fire, I'll scavenge what little food I can," Mike said as he surveyed the store. Shad began to assemble a fire with the various boards that littered the floor. Michael was able to find a few MREs in boxes in the back - but other than that - nothing. They sat down and ate their meals quickly, they didn't taste good and there wasn't much subsistence - but they made do. Shad said he would take first watch, and sat by a window DMR in hand. He looked up and saw the moon and just sat there. Mike fell asleep quite quickly and was soon awakened by the sound of a body thumping somewhere outside the store. He looked around - and saw Shad gone. So he quickly picked up his XM67 SMG and walked outside. He went around the back of the store and saw where he assumed Shad's body had fallen. He also felt creep and fog begin to move into the area. He advanced where the drag lines were in the dirt - which lead to a large and growing patch of creep. He looked around and saw something moving in the shadows. He activated thermal and saw the outline he feared most striding towards him. He tried to move his feet back - but the creep had moved up to his calves and held him in place. He fired a few rounds into it but it wouldn't budge. "So, you have finally fallen into one of my traps," Infested Kerrigan laughed," It was a pain to get you and you're subordinate to fall for it." Mike aimed his gun but it was swept away with a brush of her hand. "Now now," She said," I wouldn't want to get angry with you." "What do you want from me. No - more importantly, why am I still alive?" Mike asked. "I am in ...... need of genetic material for, well, an experiment," She responded as she looked at his body. "Muscular, Psionic, and strong like the other. You both will make perfect test subjects," Kerrigan said," Now - I guess it is time we end you're connection with those of you're race." "No.... Noooooooo!" Michael shouted as she bit him on the neck - using fangs that had been incorporated onto her body by her own design. It injected the zerg virus into his system - which began to mutate him almost immediately. He fell to one knee as his skin turned green and his veins purple as it spread. He then doubled over in pain as it fully infected his system and rendered him paralyzed. She smiled and patted him on the chest as a few queens picked him up and followed Kerrigan. --------------- "Sir, requesting permission to board ship," Eliza asked over Fleetcom to Admiral Strauss. "Permission Granted," Came the response. The civilians and soldiers walked onto the ship reassured that they would live another day. Eliza and the few remaining troops of the 301st ran past the civilian crowds and headed toward the bridge. When they arrived they saw Admiral Strauss coordinating Orbital Strikes on the planet to take out some of the major points of infestation. "Sir - we need to talk," Eliza said as she slowed to a halt. "Soldier, I have little time to do things..." Admiral Strauss began. "Sir, there are still soldiers..... Ghosts down there," Eliza said. "I see, and you'd like to?" He continued. "Go down with a retrieval squad and get them, sir," Eliza finished. "Negative - the area you were in was just overrun by the zerg - it's too hot," Strauss said. "But sir!" "That's all, you may leave," The Admiral said. "We'll be back to get you," Eliza mumbles under her breath," I just hope you'll be there when we get back." (Please post you're thoughts - they are valued greatly.)Paladin0 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 5) Continued form Thundercrash Bar Dimension. The code of conduct remains unchanged my friends, and the roaches in the back haven't been fed recently. (Please excuse me while I fix that) Now to the important stuff... Drink menu: A Jim Raynor -- Cheap, harsh, and served up warm in a filthy glass. A Tychus Findlay -- You’re not actually sure what it is, but you spilled a few drops and the counter is still smoking. The Zeratul -- It isn’t served to you, instead it appears from the shadows. Then, when you try to drink it, you experience weird visions and the glass disappears. Zergling “Special” -- “Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my rag-time gal…” Firebat -- Burns goin’ down AND comin’ back up. Psi-Storm -- Hits so hard you’ll remember what happened tomorrow, yesterday. Grounds for Divorce -- Matt Horner was drinking these when he “won” a fateful card game. What He’s Having -- Kachinsky always seems to be in here, so whatever he’s having must be pretty good. Baneling Body Shot -- Are you sure this is a good idea? I’m not sure where to put the lime... A Glass of Milk -- “Whaddya mean there aren’t any cows in Koprulu? Where’d this come from then?“ The Solar Shot -- For those looking for a good time. Flame-proof clothing recommended, cuz you’ll be shining brighter than the star of Typhon. Korhalian BackStabber -- Good for the recently betrayed and left for dead. The Jail Breaker -- new from the recently opened New Folsom Prison Bar. The Bloody Medic -- kills the pain, but we still say you should have a doctor check that out. Redstone Mixer -- expensive, but I can guarantee it’ll be served in a clean and sterilized glass. Careful, that lava’s hot. The Broadcaster -- You’re not ready for the raw $ex appeal this sucker brings. A favorite of a certain ex-convict. The Hellracer -- suspension of sobriety is an integral part of any drinking experience, but this experience requires suspension of sobriety and inhibitions. The Maelstrom Shocker -- Only served here, a 40% bigger hit than standard Shockers, guaranteed. Psionic Cooler -- yes, I know it feels weird. Don’t worry, the energy coming out of your body should wear off in a couple days (insert generic letters to indicate gibberish) -- I don’t know what’s in it either, but that guy down there had one. He started screaming and thrashing for a while, and now he hasn’t gotten up off the floor in over an hour. The Judicator -- Perfect for influencing the minds of the intoxicated. Prismatic Void -- Gets better with every drink. Has been known to be lethal. Mind Shredder: perfect for those wishing to forget everything and start a new life. For anyone not wishing to do this, this drink isn’t advised. Scotty Bolgers old no. 8: the good stuff Andorian Ale: Can’t tell you how I got this, its a trade secret. Charge: Made using stim and several other ingredients. Side effects vary. Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer): If you really want to feel hammered, this is for you. Served with a side of hot lead. Enlightenment: tell me when you get there. Marine: may cause you to see the counter vanish Feedback: served cold. All those annoying voices in your head start telling you what you did wrong today. M.U.L.E.: Good buzz, but may cause a break down later. Haven Splitter: you’ll either feel warm, safe, and content, or depressed, paranoid, and possibly like injecting yourself with random serums. 50/50 shot. Ace Suicide: I don’t actually know what this does. Nor do I recommend it. Alcoholic Projector: Ever wanted to know what you’re actually like when you get totally trashed? Take a few sips of this, and all the alcohol in your system will condense into a ‘party’ version of yourself, where you are completely wasted, have no inhibitions, and are just out for a ‘little’ fun. The more you’ve drunk beforehand, the better the projection. Have fun! The HBRB: however crazy you think you are, this will make you worse. Yes, that includes you, namesake. The Noodle Incident: we all know what happens when you take this. It needs no explanation. Little bit of everything: Exactly what it says. I’ve taken everything I’ve got, mixed it together, and put in the laser accelerator for a few hours. There’s no telling what will happen. Slicer: Has the unique property that it changes effect depending on the drinker's personality, amplifying any traits they have a good thousand times over. Buzzes in the back of your skull begin after three drinks, amplify slowly, and you randomly sprout wings after the 11th glass. The Scoutmaster: May result in the drinkee feeling experiencing high levels of Trustworthiness, Loyalty, Helpfulness, Friendliness, Courtesy, Kindness, Obedience, Cheerfulness, Thriftiness, Bravery, Cleanliness, and Reverence. Not Recommended for parties. Mar Sara Black: need a pick me up, or something for radiation poisoning? Or jut something to get a good buzz going that doesn’t break down? Then say good night, because we won’t be seeing you until the morning. If you wake up. Drink accessories: pylon shards (for those that need that extra crunchy glitter) hydralisk spine umbrella (not for the more bubbly drinks) Mentos: you’ve seen that experiment with Coke? Wait till you see what happens with this stuff. Laser accelerator: Heh heh, you think you’ve had it all? Time for a little ‘randomosity’. Maximum time of one week. The menu will updated every so often, so check back to see if there is anything new you might like to try. There are only two rules here: If anyone starts a bar fight I will either: 1) throw you into the pen of Roaches I keep in the back. I feed them regularly, but you know how voracious Zerg are 2) personally blow your head off, and use your dead body to make new drinks and 2: what happens in the bar, stays in the bar. So come. Drink. Enjoy. Chat with friends. Make new ones. Pick up a date [or a one night stand ;) ]. Drown your sorrows. Bi*ch about your life. For those of the literary bent, use this opportunity to get the creative juices [among other things] flowing. As long as you pay your tab, and don’t break anything, I really don’t care what you do. And the best part is: no hangovers!Zanon500 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Describe Your Last Match Akin to this thread: But to heck with the "In 4 words or less" part. The goal is to see if you can construct a short (or not so short) story based on your last match. Bonus if you include the replay so we can actually see how close your story matches your game! The story can be about you playing the game, your units and their perspective on the game, or any other which way - as long as it makes for an interesting story.TheSkunk7 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 DoomerX's Roll to Dodge Randomness! This is to bide us over while Mr. Random/Draconus gets the normal thread up and running.DoomerX41 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Scroll of Resurrection Could i get someone to send me a scroll of Resurrection for WoW? I would really appreciate itSimpleFury6 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Bacon is Delicious. Bacon tastes really good. Discuss.DivineSalmon45 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Random Stories! Since some people in this forum are inconsistent with posting, I've decided to start a thread where you can post stories (Of any length really, I don't care if it's one post or fifteen). If you want to RP and no one else seems to be in the forums right now, then have a go at your own little story here, and let others admire it (Or hate it- But haters gonna hate.) Guess I'll start one: (Separate from SC universe) Descending Twilight He shouldn't be alive. Not because of some self-loathing or guilt-ridden reason, but because he's simply defied probability. He'd been shot, thrown from heights, hit by vehicles of all sorts, blown up on several occasions, lost an arm at one point (swiftly replaced by a mechanical one), infected with deadly viruses, inside spaceships that have crashed- These are spaceships we're talking about. Those things aren't even designed to land, barely even enter atmosphere, and certainly not crash. -and the list goes on and on and on. Hannibal Lenin didn't have an "average" name, but he sure as hell doesn't live the average life either. A soldier of the Intergalactic Trade Company for 12 years, he's seen more combat than almost every other soldier in his unit combined. There were no official ranks in the IGTC (some sort of illusion of equality), but there were different levels of squads. Ghosts being the lowest, then Phantoms, above them are Spectres, then Revenants. The Spirit names weren't coined because they were stealthy, but because they strike fear into their enemies. Even low grade Ghosts were specialized killers. Despite being employed for twelve years, he's only made it to Phantom level. He and everyone on his squad (which are all given names from an alphabet from a long dead civilization- His squad's being Epsilon Gamma)had never seen a Revenant level soldier, and there were rumors going around that there was actually no Revenant squads, or that the Revenants were rumors in the first place. "Seven, what are you doing?" One of his squad mates inquired. "Seven" was Lenin's codename. The IGTC discouraged socialization one the grounds that it hinders combat abilities. Lenin realized he had been standing still for the past 3 minutes, and that was valuable time when preparing for a deal. "Oh, I- Uh..." "Just get back to doing something, alright" Five interrupted him. "Our buyers will be here soon." Lenin began a systems check while manually inspecting his weapon. Epsilon Gamma had been assigned to trade off weapons to a probable bandit clan. 'Probable' because the IGTC doesn't officially deal with Bandits, Rouges, or Pirates. But they don't check their buyers very thoroughly. Money is money, right? His squad was waiting in a desert, no trees, some small shrubbery organisms that somehow thrived here, and the planet seemed as if it was barreling toward the sun and everything on it was about to be incinerated, and Lenin almost believed this, due to experiencing one fo teh small shrub plants simply bursting into flame. (Though the effects couldn't be felt through their sealed environment combat armor)This is were their "clients" said they'd make the deal. In a valley, with little to no cover, and low visibility (due to sand being blown all over the place). But that's what the IGTC troops were famous for. Equipped with state of the art armor and weapons, the do a deal on your terms, and 70% of the time it was a trap. But only 12% of the time is it actually successful. You'd think that people would learn by now, but the bounty provided by both the soldiers and their cargo is just too enticing for most low-lives. The soldiers were gathered around a large crate with a tarp d@!@%d over it. The tarp's purpose eluded Lenin, because the crate was made out of metal and there was absolutely nothing this desert could do to harm it. It had been dropped off with the squad about three hours ago. The dust began to settle around Epsilon Gamma, and revealed several dozen bandits setting up gun emplacements, sniper posts, and bunkers. One spoke over the Squad COM "Okay, who the hell missed this?" Three was in charge of an ultrasonic scanner, and responded "Uhhh, well, I guess that would be me, I still have no damn clue how to work this thing." Lenin spoke up "What is that, Fiftey-Five of em'?" Nine got on the COM channel "Against nine of us? I almost feel sorry for the poor bastards." He did have a point. In their advanced combat suits, their reflexes were improved by almost twice as much, and their strength was almost ten times as greater. The suit had about 20 minutes of recycled oxygen and experimental power cells. They brief you on your suit's capabilities and how it works. But it was practically useless explaining it to anyone but the best engineers and scientists. It's just standard protocol that protects the IGTC from legal repercussions if the suit failed in anyway or had somehow caused the death of it's wearer. And their standard issue Atlas MAR-550 rifles were more than a match for a meager bandit force. The Magnetic Accelerator Rifle had to be hooked up to the suit in order to maintain power, and acted as an assault rifle and sniper rifle at the same time, and eliminates the need for explosives. It fires fifteen 12mm Titanium rounds per second at supersonic speeds, easily penetrating battleplate armor, not to mention human flesh. Lenin raised his rifle and observed his foes through his scope. It was confirmed, they wouldn't be much of a fight. Lenin saw that the bandits were alerted by the sudden stop of the sandstorm, and were no where near prepared to take them on. A few made the decision to flee, knowing that they couldn't win this fight. One was the unofficial leader (as by custom) so he gave the command. "Fire at will." Each squad member made a circle around their cargo package, and designated the targets above by marking them with their corresponding number, which appeared in their helmets HUD. Doing this avoided the soldiers from overlapping their lines of fire and wasting time killing the same targets. Several controlled bursts of fire came from each marine. Then some more. A few more rounds were fired off, mopping up stragglers. Three's voice came in over the COM "Uh... If this thing is right... I don't think we have any more problems..." he started muttering something about how complicated it was to work. The troops started getting into an argument over who had been the most effective in the fight, but One's authoritative voice broke through the chaotic chatter and rose above it all. "I'll get command on the line. The rest of you start looking for something of value among the corpses." The squad broke apart and began their ascent through the rolling sand, as well as their long wait for a ride.Avikon0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Neatherae's Tomb. This is an open roleplay (SEPARATE from Zling and Zlot thread). Your objective is to find the lost tomb of Neatherae, a most peculiar Protoss. You will need to keep track of A-Money. AVAILABLE CHARACTERS... Scv, Probe, Drone. Marine, Zealot, Zergling. (With luck) Marauder, Stalker, Roach/Hydralisk. Updating momentarily. For example- If you are a Zerg creature, you are of Zerg allegiance. You are in a small encampment of your race. It is a modest base, not too many defenses. I need some people, before I go any further. I made this because the original RP is getting a bit old. If it gets more people, I will return. You can grow stronger and evolve as you gain experience, and move about the storyline. Here is my character... Zergling, name- Ker. (This rp is CLOSED for the day. It will open again "soon." Perhaps 5:00 est?)Vultureling146 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 what's ur favorite video game? my TOP 5: 5. mortal kombat PS3 - just so bloody and awesome 4. starcraft 2 PC - nuff said just fun to mess around with, cheese, and move up in rank. 3. super smash brothers N64/GC/Wii - a game with more depth than you think. really fun party game aswell. 2. Barney sega genesis - great games like hide and seek kept me alive as a kid. and my number 1 game is RATCHET AND CLANK! PS2/PS3 - get this game nuff said. the last 2 sucked tho.DonkeyKong80 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 realm of the mad god I was just playing this game and suprisingly good. I love the idea of it and everything Anyone else played it? And if you have do you think permadeath is a good idea?geras6 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Our Pro's are in trouble. (maybe) So today while at physical therapy for my back, which i hut playing basketball, I got into a conversation with my physical ther.apist, Adam, about multitasking. Apparently there really is no such thing as multitasking; your brain just switches between tasks incredibly fast. Proof: Now I know several things are going through your head right now, "why does this matter", "What do I care", and many more things. The truth of this is, is that this fast switching of tasks your brain does hurts your brain over time with heavy use. Just like the Starcraft Pros do. Lots of actions per minute and constant vigilance around the game, watching worker production, unit production watching for harasses, doing harasses double pronging attacks while using spell casting watching the mini map. There brain is under a tremendous amount of stress as the peak performance of your brain task switching is only 2-4 tasks depending on the training you have had. Proof: Now i would hate to say that the game is causing all of this, I just wanted to bring up and interesting subjet for the community to discuss and see if the 'multitasking' of players’ drops off after years of intense play and practice. TL:DR... Multitasking isn't really multitasking it is your brain switching between tasks and it can hurt you. edited for spelling.OwKking7 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 A shop. Everybody's opening a shop. So I opened one. It has nothing for sale. Feel free to browse my selection of nothing.BcInFinitY166 Jul 1, 2012
Jun 30, 2012 The Crash (Part 7) ---Continued from The Crash (Part 6)---Zanon496 Jun 30, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Cloaked Love V2 P3 Okay, so here we are on page 3. Here's a summary: Moirana, Gabriel, The Changeling, Zanon, and the characters made by wfawwer, Nick, and I believe Knarled have moved to Bel-shir. Moirana, Gabriel and Zanon have met the Changeling's clone, though they currently believe that the clone is a Terran woman named Laura Wolf. We've also discovered Selene, a separate personality living inside Moirana's head. Nick and Knarled are pursuing the Changeling in order to learn about it (please confirm). On a separate note, Marcus has been captured by the Changeling's Chimera brood, and his buddy Jason is trying to find him, having been recently equipped with new armor (please provide names, it's been awhile since you posted them). Jason has also met Infinity, who was also injured while fighting the Chimera brood and hiding out while he recovered. If I missed anything, please state, and I'll add it in here.Thundercrash392 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Protoss Text Adventure You are a zealot that was a part of an elite strike force of the Aiur survivors. You were sent by your high templar commander Mel'har'zu to take control of the base that was established by the Dark Prelate Zeratul. You and your strike force, who were your squadron that accompanied Zeratul to the Warp Gate during the Invasion of Auir, find the base torn asunder. You sense a presence nearby. As you look around you see a Protoss civillian running away. You follow it with all your strength. Perhaps he could provide answers to why the base is out of operation. Then you hear Mel'har'zu call out "Where are you going young Zealot? There is much to be done here. You can now either follow the civillian or carry out with your squad and Mel'har'zu. You... (Names for you are still up in the air. Go ahead and take a vote. Shout out to LiquidDeath and Aradan for inspiring me to do this!)Chesty56 Jun 29, 2012