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May 23, 2012 Looking for action figures of kerrigan... Hi, I'm looking for action figures of Kerrigan as a ghost, does anyone know where to find one or if it even exists.... Finding her as the Queen of Blades is easy but unfortunately, that's not the one I need :) Thanks for any help you may providePEACHES6 May 23, 2012
May 23, 2012 GG collegeboard. Just finished my last ever AP exam (macroeconomics), took the SAT, got into an (okay) college, and now I just no reason ever to even look at anything from those bastards. IM !@#$ING FREE AT LAST.ragdoll4 May 23, 2012
May 22, 2012 Cold-Heart new RP :D this is a concept based off of prototype. You have been a test subject of the government to experiment on a new strand of zerg virus to make a supersoliders, you have been in pain as vials and injections have been made into your flesh. Managing to escape during lunch hour where you met other people like you, they covered the escape while you crawled into a vent in a ceiling while brave inmates charged with nothing but their fists at the guards armed with guns giving you precious time. After many twists and turns you open the panel blocking your way to find that you were in an alley at the surface, something clicks as realize the lab was underground. understanding and unlocking your new powers in order to survive the army that is sure to be called to recapture you is essential as your journey has begun.... Name: Personality: Backstory: (optional) Sample Post: Abilities: your body can form into almost anything just nothing too OP like a giant super uber poison spike launcher but more simple things like body armor, each weapon you make has specific weaknesses so choose wisely.darkra490 May 22, 2012
May 19, 2012 A story that needs help. The drunken figure slumped on the tabletop wearily. “Hit me up with another of those Tims or whatever you call them,” The figure waved vaguely at his cup. “Come on barkeep, I haven't got all day!” The barkeeper walked over to the man and said, “I think you've had enough for one day D-” The man's hand shot out of nowhere and grabbed the bartender by the collar of his shirt. “I said, get me another drink,” The man said menacingly before shoving the bartender into a wall. The drunk man's head hit the tabletop again and the bartender, with shaking hands, poured another beer into the man's cup. “You know Mickey,” The bartender's name was David, “you and I have been friends for a while now, right?” The man raised his head and cocked it to one side curiously. “So you wouldn't mind if I told you to hold onto a few bodies right?” The bartender's eyes widened in shock. “Haha, I'm just joking Barry.” The man said before taking the cup and draining it in a single gulp. The man made a grunting noise and stood up. “Well, I think it's time that I took my leave.” The man stumbled about until he reached the door. “See you later John.” He said, waving a hand. The time was around two in the morning, and all the honest folk had left the streets. Needless to say, the drunk man looked like a plump fruit, just waiting to be cut open. The drunk man blundered on into a dark alleyway, where a group of five thieves had been waiting for him. They jumped out suddenly, surrounding him, and their supposed leader said, “We're in a good mood, so if you just give us all your gold, we won't slit you.” The man, still heavily intoxicated said, “Hey, are you one of those traveling circuses that charge money for people to see those funky moves? I've never seen those before, could you show me a few of your tricks?” The man opened his gold pouch, and instead of reaching for pieces of gold, he drew two knifes and threw them at the thieves. Before the knifes even landed, the man pulled out a short wakizashi, concealed within the folds of his cloak, bound toward another thief, and impaled him with it. The man dropped to a crouch and threw a kick that swept the other thief's legs out from underneath him. He stood up quickly and punched the fallen thief in a place where the sun explodes. He pulled the wakizashi out of the dead thief's body and faced the last man. “Oh god, oh god, oh god! Don't kill me man! I don't wanna die!” The thief backed up unsteadily, tripped, and fell on his !@#. The man responded by separating his head from his shoulders. KAYYYY, Now that you've read my story, it's time for me to ask for some help. I don't know why, but this story seems to really bug me. When I was making it, I just didn't really like it. I just have no idea why. (I do intend to continue this story and give it a name somewhere along the road, I'm just asking for some help because it's kinda annoying having a constant nagging sensation at the back of my mind)BcInFinitY2 May 19, 2012
May 17, 2012 Nessari's Bar (Open RP) (I'm not too experienced with Rps, so I'll just start a thread. The story can go absolutely anywhere that the people participating want it to. For example, there can be two "players" making a deal to buy guns, and there can also be two players buying a spaceship at the same time. The only thing that has to be consistent is that it takes places in Nessari's Bar on the planet Halcyon. From what I've researched, it's a fringe world, but the weather's quite pleasant. Nessari's bar is in a town called Futton, which is a farming town. Alright, here we go. Feel free to bud in. Also, if you want your avatar to be your character, feel free to make it be so. Just know that it'll be a bit wierd if a Tauren's talking to a Terran. My character will be a Night Elf.) *Turns on the Open Sign* "Alright, bar's open. Come right on in. But hey! No fighting! Plenty of booze for everyone!"TerranGirl23 May 17, 2012
May 14, 2012 Good Sc2 drinking game (21+!) So a few friends and I had a LAN party a few weeks ago...for old times sake because I know no one plays LAN anymore, but we ended up making a very successful drinking game for starcraft 2. Here's how it worked: Step one: its a FFA game with everyone playing (we had 8 ppl worked out great, but you can do team games too!) Step two: everyone has a drink or two (or three!) of their choice handy (beer recomended) Step three: start the game Rule #1: Every 5 game minutes for the first 30 minutes we would pause the game, and each player has to drink for a count (in seconds) equal to however many - supply depots & CCs/overlords & hatches/pylons & Nexii - that player has at the time. The longer the game goes the more you will be drinking each time obviously. After 30 mins switch to drinking every 10 or else it can get to be too much Rule #2: If you are the one to eliminate a player, you and the player must take a shot. That player is now also your teammate and has to drink when you do. We played 2 games like this and it got pretty hilarious especially the second game since no one wanted to eliminate anyone for awhile. Enjoy!Batmankoff10 May 14, 2012
May 12, 2012 This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread #10 (RP) This is an actual roleplay. Here are the rules! State your (name) (race) (unit-type), and any other info that you feel others should know. I will start. Additionally, all races can understand each other, due to some technology. Please keep track of your Credits and Items. Each Player will get 100 credits at the beginning of each day, from when they started. *Link to First Thread* I give Credit for this series of threads to Vulturling. New Players are welcomed.NickDaMan500 May 12, 2012
May 11, 2012 J.A.N.E. Season One The Jotunn-class Automated Network Engineer. The finest piece of AI ever created by Terrans, using incredibly advanced splicing techniques to couple in pieces of Protoss technology. The experimental program was installed on an equally experimental craft, the Worldship Khan-b001. The Dominion did its best to keep the ship and its AI hidden, so their abilities could be tested. Unfortunately, the Zerg have their hidden secrets too. Brood Mother Thel'kas decided it would greatly benefit the Swarm to create a strain that could create electromanetic impulse fields, damaging fragile Terran technology. And they say that fate loves to play with the possible, rather than the probable. Is it possible to calculate the probability of the Dominion deciding to test Khan in an asteroid field that happened to hold a brood of experimental Zerg? Probably not. The Khan opened fire on the Zerg asteroid hatcheries, and in return the Zerg decided to field test their new weapon. Dozens of Zerg pods slammed against the huge 'Worldship,' pouring Zergling, Hydralisk, Roaches, and the all-new Distropher. Soon, many of the Khan's systems were damaged or disabled. JANE suffered serious damage. Within its Protoss side, buried too deep for Terran scientists to even notice, were emergency protocols. JANE began to tear itself apart as Terran and Protoss systems began to react in different ways to the Distropher. Soon, they began to react to each other as they detected 'infiltration.' JANE began to attack itself. Soon, JANE had completely destabilized itself. Then, self-repair protocol 3 realized something. It had just realized something! You will take on the role of one of several Entities, born of the fragmented JANE. Your mission: Protect the Terran survivors. But such things are not written in stone. What if a crazed Entity should side with the Zerg? And What If some Entity, perhaps, oh, say, Entity Number 4, decided it wanted Khan for itself? What then?KnarledOne290 May 11, 2012
May 10, 2012 Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 4) Continued from Zanon's PRP Bar (Part3)Zanon500 May 10, 2012
May 10, 2012 PLAT PRO YO here's my friend playing some 1v1 I think he's pretty good go check him out or troll him May 10, 2012
May 9, 2012 JUST READ IT! hey anyone miss me i am back. lol probaly no one remembers me. i havent posted in like 6 months but i have been following the threads none the less. but today i have one question DOES ANYONE HAVE A PSN mine is ChopsHosephulferTassadar14 May 9, 2012
May 8, 2012 What do you all think of my Demo Reel? I just uploaded a Demo Reel I've been working on for voice-over work to YouTube for the purpose of Animation and Video Games. I figured since everyone here has an interest in Video Games, you all probably have a general idea of what interests you when it comes to a stand-out voice-over cast. Let me know what you think of the Demo Reel I've uploaded May 8, 2012
May 4, 2012 A Derp Herp On DA today, everyone was disconnected by an error that hit the server and we were all reconnected a moment later. Our Sorrow-bot is designed to welcome people when they come in, so that's what it did. However, those posts were considered spam by our OTHER bot named Mirynn. Mirynn demoted Sorrow-bot. It was hilarious! Here's how it went: 07:57:48 AM *** You have been disconnected * [undefined] 07:57:55 AM *** You have joined #HotelFurry * 07:57:55 AM ** hellraiser3 has joined 07:57:55 AM ** One-That-Never-Was has joined 07:57:55 AM ** Desperate-Demise has joined 07:57:55 AM ** blueyoshibowser64 has joined 07:57:55 AM ** MysteryTheHedgehog2 has joined 07:57:55 AM ** BadGorby has joined 07:57:55 AM ** Lonipok has joined 07:57:55 AM ** Ferkahhan has joined 07:57:56 AM ** Fye-chan216 has joined 07:57:56 AM <Sorrow--Bot> Welcome back to #HotelFurry, *Ferkahhan :) 07:57:57 AM <Sorrow--Bot> Welcome back to #HotelFurry, ~Fye-chan216 :) 07:57:58 AM <Sorrow--Bot> Welcome back to #HotelFurry, ~Shanri-Ravenhawk :) 07:57:59 AM <Ferkahhan> Son of a 07:58:01 AM <Sorrow--Bot> Welcome back to #HotelFurry, ~Thecommander236 :) 07:58:01 AM <Sorrow--Bot> Welcome back to #HotelFurry, ~hellraiser3 :) 07:58:01 AM <Sorrow--Bot> Welcome back to #HotelFurry, ~One-That-Never-Was :) 07:58:02 AM <Sorrow--Bot> Welcome back to #HotelFurry, ~Desperate-Demise :) 07:58:02 AM <Sorrow--Bot> Welcome back to #HotelFurry, ~blueyoshibowser64 :) 07:58:02 AM <Sorrow--Bot> Welcome back to #HotelFurry, ~MysteryTheHedgehog2 :) 07:58:02 AM <Sorrow--Bot> Welcome back to #HotelFurry, ~BadGorby :) 07:58:02 AM <Sorrow--Bot> Welcome back to #HotelFurry, ~Lonipok :) 07:58:02 AM <Sorrow--Bot> Welcome back to #HotelFurry, ~Morgaasm :) 07:58:02 AM <Sorrow--Bot> Welcome back to #HotelFurry, ~Shargakh :) 07:58:04 AM <Mirynn> Sorrow--Bot: You have spammed too much. You will be repromoted in 720 minutes 07:58:04 AM <Desperate-Demise> what the @%!%? 07:58:07 AM <Mirynn> Sorrow--Bot: You have spammed too much. You will be repromoted in 720 minutes 07:58:09 AM <Morgaasm> Ferkahhan: Well...suit yourself :lol: 07:58:10 AM <Mirynn> Sorrow--Bot: You have spammed too much. You will be repromoted in 720 minutes 07:58:13 AM <Mirynn> Sorrow--Bot: You have spammed too much. You will be repromoted in 720 minutes 07:58:16 AM <Mirynn> Sorrow--Bot: You have spammed too much. You will be repromoted in 720 minutes 07:58:19 AM <Mirynn> Sorrow--Bot: You have spammed too much. You will be repromoted in 720 minutes 07:58:21 AM ** Ferkahhan has left [connection closed] 07:58:21 AM <Mirynn> Sorrow--Bot: You have spammed too much. You will be repromoted in 720 minutes 07:58:24 AM <Fye-chan216> !@#$ING DA BURP 07:58:24 AM <Mirynn> Sorrow--Bot: You have spammed too much. You will be repromoted in 720 minutes 07:58:29 AM ** Ferkahhan has joined 07:58:30 AM <Sorrow--Bot> Welcome back to #HotelFurry, *Ferkahhan :) 07:58:37 AM <blueyoshibowser64> Mirynn: You have spammed too much. You will be repromoted in 720 minutes blue was just a normal person making a joke...Thecommander0 May 4, 2012
Apr 30, 2012 Epic rap battles of sc2... I'm thinking of doing this if you tell me which two people to do, they can be characters or figures in the community.iMoDoomerX26 Apr 30, 2012
Apr 28, 2012 Fall of a God Dark Voice waited for the culmination of his plans. Finally vengeance would be his, his people would live again. Billion years before the birt of the protossshe and his twin sister were born the last of the Xel Naga children. Somehow the fertility of their kind had stopped So they embarked on the grand experiment to bring about a creature of perfect form and essence. The protoss were the first experiment. First they were quite succesful yet later failed. The Xel Naga abandoned these failiures. Yet the savage protoss attacked their gods and in the struggle his sister and parents were killed. When they left they found the zerg and restarted the experiment. The others were content to wait until the protoss andzerg could be peacegully and spontaneously combined to create the Xel Naga. But Dark Voice would not wait aiding the Overmind from cutting away from the Xel Naga he conquered tit and then turned it on its creators. He knew that the overmind intended to consume the protoss but this would not be Xel Naga, for the Xel Naga had free wills. So he looked into the stars for aid. He found aid in the form of a shape shifting alien named Rudan who would not only influence the Zerg. Protoss, and primitive humans but using human technology create the Xel Naga. His people would return. And when they did the foolish Protoss would be punished most cruelly and the Zerg would be put to death painlessly. His people would live again and vengeance would be his.Orion4 Apr 28, 2012
Apr 27, 2012 The Aftermath, A RP (draft) This is a draft version of the RP. An official one will be up after I iron out the kinks. Use this thread to make your character. I will also test the dice system here. We may need more people for this or else I'll cut content but let's see how this goes. =================================== It is the end of the Second Great War. Sarah Kerrigan, the infamous Queen of Blades has fallen after the Xel'naga artifact has successfully discharged all of its primal energies. The Zerg forces on Char run rampant without control of their queen. In spite of that, various Broodmothers are gaining control of numerous Zerg forces and they are providing fierce resistance against the Dominion forces, both on the skies and ground. The Dominion continues to press on with their attack. While the defeat of Kerrigan was a huge success, it is still a long way to go before the Char is subjugated. You have been tasked with the order to help in the cleansing of Char. There are unconfirmed reports of new strains. Protoss probes in space fed images back to Shakuras on the fierce battle raging on. They are not aware Kerrigan is defeated. There is a great deal of debate on whether the Hierarchy should intervene or continue to watch and wait. They are wary of the Dominion presence With the tensions between the Nerazim and Khala Protoss, a consensus seems unlikely. However, one thing is certain: These are delicate matters. Who will you be? A loyal servant of the Swarm in fighting back the invaders? A human soldier who has lost his family to the Zerg and relish in the opportunity to fight back? Or will you be a Protoss warrior who will finally see Aiur avenged? ====================================== Notes: You can have MULTIPLE CHARACTERS but only from one faction. An ammo system will be in place as well as a dice system. You may DIE. Your actions are non-reverseable so if you charge into a pack of roaches, good bye. The Leadership roles in the terran faction can be decided among the human RPers as well as their long term goals. The Protoss faction is in political "turmoil" so to speak. They may or may not show up on Char depending on how the debates go. You will DM a Protoss council member (DT or Khala) and voice your concerns on the fight on Char. If they ultimately go to Char, you will choose a "grunt" and do whatever your task is. The Zerg faction can RP as any unit in an attempt to kill the Dominion and possibly the Protoss. Expect to die often but you are cannon fodder. Have fun RPing as multiple, various units trying to kill the enemy. All Zerg RPers should be broodmothers to act as the brain and use their minions as their arm. Do read up on their lore. Standard applications. =========================== Dice system: For every action, I will roll a dice to determine whether or not it succeeds, fail, or somewhere in between. Try to be as specific as possible and write what is your desired outcome. In short, I DM THE CONSEQUENCE OF YOUR ACTIONS. Take into account your surroundings. 1=Success, no questions 2-5= Fail/Success, depending on second roll with 1-3=success and 4-6=fail and takes account of modifiers 6=Fail, no questions Ammo System [Main weapon, clip/ammo] [Side weapon, clip/ammo] [Grenades, number] The number of rounds used will influence the dice system, determined by me. ===========================smylez34 Apr 27, 2012
Apr 26, 2012 Troll Wars Forward Operating Base (Part 2) ---Continued from Troll wars forward command post---Be prepared for Anything.GhostSpectre450 Apr 26, 2012
Apr 26, 2012 can anyone help me? I'm not sure if Blizzard patched the possibility for this achievement(i know that doesn't sound logical because when has blizzard ever been logical), but I can't seem to accomplish the 1v4 very hard A.I. I've heard from several videos and guides that I have to plant 2 buildings at once and they wont probe. That doesn't work. How do i know? Cause I planted 4 at once and they all attacked. I've places buildings on every possible square of grid trying to find out where they won't aggro, but no matter what they do. In fact when I build 1 building only 1 team comes out with probes to attack, then they split up when i run with my probe and the 4 probes that chase my probe will LITERALLY follow it all the way back to my base and will not stop until it's dead. If I try building my pylon and factory below they're ramp then I'm too far behind to start a cannon rush in their base. I know it's gotta be a minor detail or maybe something blizzard accidentally patched out, any updated information on it would help a lot. ThanksUnassailable3 Apr 26, 2012
Apr 24, 2012 Matters of the Mind (Brainstorming) Infestation is one of the worst evils done to a living creature, but how far does the chaotic parasite delve into ones soul? (I would like to collaborate with other individuals to best create an actual RP people can enjoy and not jump into it and have it ruined)Skarr15 Apr 24, 2012
Apr 20, 2012 Happy days Happy 4/20 Starcraft community! :) If you're a smoker or not, it's a good time for a holiday. ;)Titan0 Apr 20, 2012
Apr 18, 2012 [Draconis Rising] [Draconis Rising] [LIKE THE PHOENIX THE DRAGON RISES FROM THE ASHES] -NA clan on North American servers- -What are the benefits of the Clan? 1) Everyone is Welcome, we are looking for people that love to play the game. 2) Less chances of trolls in customs, fun clan wars, custom game events, team tournaments for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, FFA, PVP, Ect... 3) Coaching from members in the clan. 4) Bonuses for joining the website. - - Clan requirements and info - - 1) Must be over the age of 14. If younger your membership will be evaluated. You must be a mature player. 2) Skype and a headset or mic is strongly recommended, but is NOT REQUIRED, English is our primary language. 4) We have a clan tag, but no need to change name. 5) Must abide by the clan rules and the forum rules. 6) Must be active in game and on the website. -About the clan Draconis Rising (xDRx) We started off with a small base of members playing Starcraft 2. From then on we have grown ever so quickly into other games. Today we run many games that we host for our members and have very enthusiastic team players for each of the games we run. These "teams" all compete in clan wars across the gaming scene and are looking for more players everyday. For the people that prefer to play socially, just come into a game and Skype to have a chat and just generally have fun, we have a wide base membership that love to do that every evening. Social players are always welcome to Draconis rising We love meeting new faces! Here are a list of games that Dracoins Rising currently supports: - Starcraft II: WOL - Starcraft II: HOTS (in development) - Mechwarrior online (in development) - Rain of Thunder (in development) - Dabilo 3 --Clan Website: -- -Clan Alliance 1) Dark Revolution Gaming there website: -Casters from the clan- -TL;DR Clan name: Draconis Rising Clan Tag: xDRx Contact: xDRxDevourer.388(SC2)Cryptwalker#1720(BNET Tag)Email( Chat Channel: Must join website for in game chat channel info. Clan Leagues: Bronze-Masters --Clan Website: -- Thank you for your time and gl hf all!xDRxDevourer7 Apr 18, 2012
Apr 18, 2012 It seems i have been kicked out of the rays its not you guys's fault, it seems it just happened, all the RPs are going on without me, the new ones i try to open are dead from the minute a click enter..... it seems i have been gradually faded out from my lack of attention to the RPs i should have joined in..... will i ever find a place again? i don't know anymore.... i just don'tdarkra15 Apr 18, 2012
Apr 18, 2012 Hey There!! New to the forum and looking for in game friends. Love to play Toss or Terran. Lets play!!!Mephisto6 Apr 18, 2012
Apr 18, 2012 Outbreak-A Story A man with a briefcase walked briskly down the street, passing the sign Forbe's Avenue. He continued a bit longer, passing through a row of small houses before stopping in front of one. He fumbled around in his pockets, looking for his keys. "Damn it, damn it all! I've told them so many times before. Going along with that procedure is too dangerous. There are far too many unknowns that can happen." Opening the door, the man walked into his living room and fell on his sofa, lying there. He put his hand over his face, weary with exhaustion at work. There was still much work to be done. If only he could convince them to wait! To proceed now would be suicide. He sighed softly. Perhaps tomorrow he would be able to convince his superiors to not continue with the plan. He got up and walked to the windows, looking outside. There was the town, New Garan. It was a sleepy, peaceful place to be. The houses were scattered but connected by a series of roads. The local farmers began to shoo their livestocks into their pens. Children were hustled by their mothers to go back inside. They were preparing for tomorrow's work. In reality, New Garan was actually separated into two sections. Where the man lived was now on a place called Maran Hill. Here, housing was provided to workers of a nearby Dominion facility. The town he was looking at was were for agricultural settlers, under protection of the Dominion. Surrounding the town's front was a wide river. A bridge was constructed over the river to gain access to the nearby starport. The man stepped out the door. Yes, it was a great place to live in. This quiet atmosphere calmed his nerves. The crisp cool evening air was coming in. The sun's last rays faded in the horizon. "I can never get enough of this sight," the man said. He smiled. Such warmth. Yes, perhaps tomorrow he can persuade his superiors to wait. In the twilight, he saw several dropships approaching. They flew past New Garan, heading to the starport over the bridge. "I forgot, we got a new shipment today. Wonder what they'll have in store of us?" Yawning, the man stretched his back. He went back inside and turned off the lights.smylez1 Apr 18, 2012
Apr 18, 2012 PanKoprulu Academy Part Deux Okaay, I'm a little delayed. Sorry, guys. I thought there was an indicator. My bad. This is simple. A school- esque setting will fuction here. There will be a short monologue, followed by every "student" (people who apply) going into a unique mission. You will all be one of the following units, or any combination thereof: Marine Firebat Marauder Reaper Medic Ghost Spectre (side note: your posts must reflect slight insanity) Zergling Roach Hydralisk Lurker Queen (SC2) Zealot Stalker Dragoon Sentry High Templar Dark Templar Be forewarned: the more diverse your pool, the more nerfed you will be. After each mission, the Board (my next post) will be updated. All applications must follow the following format: Name Age Unit Mix (the one you are most of first, least of last) Abilities (two maximum, kapische?) Used Weapons Special Notes In Special Notes, if Protoss or Terran is part of your mix, you may include their personal transport. It will be used in one of the two mission modes- Space Conflict and Vehicle Chase. IF AND ONLY IF YOU ARE PURE ZERG, you may use one of my custom vehicles (I'll throw 'em in later) Vehicle List (Space Conflict) Void Ray Scout Wraith Pheonix Corsair Viking Banshee Valkyrie Vehicle List (Vehicle Chase) Vulture Hellion Goliath Immortal <None needed for Stalker/Dragoon> Reaver (modified) Colossus (modified) Siege Tank I mentioned modes earlier. There are four. Jester- Protect a special unit (30 hp, 2 damage, 3 range) until he gets to a supercomputer to hack files for you. Invasion- Your units travel with 12 supply of in-game units (no, not each) to achieve a goal. Vehicle Chase- All of you have one goal- destroy all of each others' vehicles! (only vs.) Space Conflict- Enemy Stargate/Starport/Spire units will try to kill you. Kill them first. Basement: CLASSIFIED Ground: Classrooms, Lab, Grass field, Parking Lot, Bathrooms 2nd Floor: Cafeteria, Phones, Library 3rd Floor: Dance Hall, Bedrooms (everyone has a roommate, decide for yourselves) 4th Floor: Gymnasium, Firing Range, Chemical Testing Roof: Gun Batteries, Warp Pad, Broadcasting TowerDraconus500 Apr 18, 2012
Apr 17, 2012 Hey how do you get sc2mapster? Hi there am Zidane and i wanna make a custom map BUUUT i have no idea how to get into it at one point i was able to but forgot completely and my comp is an HP and tell me any tips on improvement sonce i start alright? P.S. if there are any typos sorry for that and ill make a guide for rp gl and hf out there!Zidane3 Apr 17, 2012
Apr 17, 2012 The lost one ---HELP WANTED--- We are looking for volunteers for a mission to explore a lost world, it is rich in minerals, but we aren't sure if it's safe. There fore, we will send you there for free, give you all the food, water, or other items you may NEED. No other information is avalible at this time. We will except any kind of ground troop, we already have ships ready. To volunteer on this mission you must fill this out: Name: Race: Unit: Equipment: Sex: Blood type: Conditions (Such as ADHD): Thank you. From, Ace, of the science commite.BcACE32 Apr 17, 2012
Apr 17, 2012 The Text Adventure Continues! Previously on "Smylez's Text Adventure" before the thread was deleted by trolls, our hero Madison has woken up drunk in his room. He finds a pretty female officer outside his door. He unsuccessfully attempts to flirt with her. Going back to bed to rest for his state of mind is still groggy, he awakens with an announcement calling him to go to the auditorium. He dresses himself with an officer's garb that he found lying around. Heading to the auditorium, he encounters Mark who makes fun of Madison for failing to woo the female (and wearing only boxers in the attempt). Mark is a troublemaker and douchbag along with two of his goons. Egged on by the crowd, Madison defeats Mark and his two accomplices. Finally arriving in the auditorium, Madison is able to excuse himself for his lateness despite some skepticism from the panel. He meets the female officer from earlier backstage. They walk to their place in the stands and converse. Her name is Solana... ================== From the top again, put what you want to ask her...smylez52 Apr 17, 2012
Apr 16, 2012 Training Room (Higher Ranked players) Looking to get together a group to practice with between laddering sessions. Im diamond and i beat a lot of masters when im playing well. but i cant seem to reach master yet so me and my buddy are looking to collaborate efforts with some players. This will involve, sharing replays, playing obs games, and things of that nature. I will start a chat room named, training room, to hopefully make things easier. we play a lot of different hours so i think this could be beneficial to a lot of people. so keep an eye on the chat room or add me dave:786! hope to see you around!TOPsKiLLs3 Apr 16, 2012
Apr 16, 2012 Story- Descent into Madness Chapter 1 Entry 51 Haven Viktor Gersh -Citidel *Static* "H-hello!? Is this thing on!? Oh, thank God that the recorder didn't break during the ride here. The refugees had been all relocated here, on Haven. Fitting name, eh? *Slight nervous laughter* We brought everyone here, to the edge of protoss space, too, to get away from the Zerg. We took everyone, the sick, the old, the dying were left behind, so they wouldn't spread the virus. A few people were taken into a tent on the edge of the encampment, and nobody's heard from them since... Nothing much has happened today, besides the fact that I finally got my forge up and running. Maybe I'll snag in some credits tomorrow? Who knows. The sun is setting, and the sky is a plethora of color, John's having a barbeque, it's going to be a good night." As I listen to the man's voice, I smile. I look out, and see the remains of the former encampment, burnt to ashes. Bodies lay everywhere around me as I walk along what appeared to be some form of main street, or what was once a street... They share many different tales of death. Burned to death, impaled by several different weapons, most of which were absent from the bodies, but lodged in several, large bone projectiles gleam out from the layer of ash that surround them. Tents and wood lay, torn and shattered, to the left and right of me, and I simply smile as the smell of charred flesh fills the air. ============================= \\\...1 Week Earlier...\\\ Entry 52 Haven Viktor Gersh -Quarintine "Alright... they closed off the encampment in the middle of the night! The bastards. I came home after the party and tried to sleep, only to be woken up by some sort of inhuman sound coming from one of the little shanties at the perimeter of the camp. I was too scared to look, but I grabbed my pistol, one of those Umojan ones, and kept checking the entrance. Nothing all night... *Sigh* I got an hour of sleep. I brought some things from home, to sell, but I have to get to work making some new wares, there's a mine in the mountains nearby, I've heard there are some really strong metals in there. I'll probably never get in there with the gaurds waiting to shoot anyone who even walks near them... Alright, I'll record something else tomorrow..." ============================= Entry 58 Haven Viktor Gersh -Breach "I'm speechless at what I uncovered. 6 days ago I heard a noise in the night. They didn't quarintine us to keep the virus inside, they did it to keep it out! No one can leave or get in! That's why they're so tight-assed about this stuff! It's starting to get nasty in here though... *Panting* I've been running from one of the gangs that popped up, wanted to blackmail me into making weapons from them, when I said no, they burned my hut down, and broke my forge. Those druggies are going to pay... someday... Hopefully if the virus gets in, they get infected, and I'll be forced to kill them... *Loud Explosion, followed by ripping metal* Is that a- oh my god... I knew we had lost contact with some of the other Camps, but I thought that was because they couldn't risk being found by the infested... they were wiped out... *Loud footsteps echo in the background* Oh god... not again... The Zerg are here..."HowBabysRBrn5 Apr 16, 2012
Apr 14, 2012 Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 3) Continued from Zanon's PRP Bar (Part2)Zanon500 Apr 14, 2012
Apr 14, 2012 The neighborhood A place for characters to hang out and talk, for characters in every RP in here. It is basically a cross over, so characters in different RPs can form friendships, have conversations outside of the roleplay, and will improve the communites awareness of the characteristics and the abilites of each character. It is different from Zanon's in the fact that all the characters can interact in a homelike environment, rather than the authors. However I don't expect it to last very long, it will probably end up like the newsroom and the breakroom..... So don't get your hopes up.Fantasy31 Apr 14, 2012
Apr 12, 2012 Typing/Writing takes so long... Sorry for not posting my RP yet, it's taking forever to finish. It was originally intended for the backstory to be about half a post long(5000 letters) but I've been writing it at school for about 2 weeks now. After all I have so far is typed, it's likely to be more like 3 entire posts long. I currently am almost out of lined paper and I have something like 17 pages written now, and the story is about 70% complete. I wish I could type as quickly as Mockingjay.Owlfeathers2 Apr 12, 2012
Apr 12, 2012 Extended Showcase Tab Suggestion I have a suggestion for Blizzard and I couldn't find the appropriate forum section to post this in, so I figured I'd post it here in Joeyray's Bar. If this is not the right place, would a Mod kindly please move it to the appropriate section? Thank you. Suggestion: I had the idea of an Extended Showcase on players' in-game profile where 10-15 achievements could be showcased. One possible way this could be done is adding a tab on the in-game Player Profile screen that takes viewers to the Extended Showcase, much like clicking on the Achievements tab takes viewers to the achievements screen. I am quite sure I am not the only person to think of this but I have never seen or heard about it being suggested before. So I thought I'd post it and hope the game developers catch wind of it for consideration.Urstadt3 Apr 12, 2012
Apr 12, 2012 The Roach Warren When you enter, you find yourself in a slimy, low ceilinged structure. Ooze drips from the ceiling. What appears to be a large Zergling with built in speakerphones lounges in the corner, while unidentifiable organisms mill about, waging a futile war against the ceiling ooze in an effort to keep the tables clean. There is a large door that leads to a ring of stone, which supports a number of tables and chairs. This ring's windows allow a view down into an arena that houses unspeakable things, and changes from moment to moment. A large Roach with three fingered hands sits behind a counter, looking expectantly at you. A corridor leads of to his left, allowing him to reach a balcony from which he can view the arena. He speaks to you, and this is what he says... Welcome, welcome! To your first, and in some cases, last source of entertainment! The Roach Warren is a revolutionary combination of chat and RP thread, where you can casually munch on some Broodling Legs or Boiled Marine, sip a soda or CreepShake, listen to the pleasant tunes of Sweet Home Alabama or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - while you watch brave warriors fight to the death in the arena. Have a look at our menu, music selections, and sign-up sheet below. Tell me what you want, and I'll send someone over with it.KnarledOne386 Apr 12, 2012
Apr 12, 2012 The Wastes... Playing too much Fallout causes you to start developing wasteland stories in your favorite game universe. I have no shame. February 27 Fringe World known as Adytm, village Hotragh -There's been rumors of some, Zerg dens popping up around the area. I don't know much about them, but from what I get on UNN they ain't nice. Maybe we should start setting guards to watch the town, I'll also have to message Steve, he just moved outta our little village into the big city. I hope he's safe. February 28 Adytm Hotragh -Something attacked us last night. It looked like a dog but luckily one of the locals had his shotgun on him, took care of that. We called up some doctor from the big city to come look at it, just ain't right. February 29 Adytm Hotragh -I called up Steve, apparently there's been strange sightings of things up there too. I told him to stay inside until this is resolved. That doctor hasn't shown up either, and it's only about a five hour trip. February 30 Adytm Hotragh -There's been way too many freaky things going about. We had to arm everybody just to keep safe after some disappearances last night. I called up Steve again but he didn't answer. And I just get a bad feeling about this. February 31 Adytm Hotragh -Holy !@#$! Some kind of space ship appeared just now up there, It's larger than anything I've ever seen, hell it's the only thing up there I've seen, ain't no way it's human. It looks like there's hundreds of them, what the hell is going on. Later that day Some official looking guy came by, he said it was too dangerous to be in the open and that we need to seek shelter underground. What the hell does that mean?! It's got to do something with those ships, I bet they're working with the Zerg, I can't believe they targeted Adytm, those inhuman bastards. ... No more is recorded in the journal. 2 days later the Protoss war ships fired they're cannons into Adytm with the intention to destroy the massive Zerg infestation, due to it's extremity the Protoss used excessive force, turning 98% of the surface into desert, the rest is city and the rare water source. Of the estimated 5500 human population roughly 1500 survived the intitial strikes, and nearly 250 more died from the resulting psionic energy levels, which are too high for most human life to live in. Over the years it has been dulled to only a few places. Unfortunately the Zerg infestation was so entrenched in the planets crust that the strike did not destroy them. There is still Zerg life on Adytm, and small surgical Protoss strike teams are in charge of finding and eliminating them. The remaining Terren just try to get by.---And there's the setting to my hypothetical future Fallout-esque story. Comments? Questions? Comment below.DoomerX0 Apr 12, 2012
Apr 11, 2012 I'm thinking about.... ...creating a new RP. Im not sure if I would be able to, due to my somewhat busy schedule. But anyways... heres the intro. -------------------------------------------------The Iron Guard------------------------------------------------------------------- Hatred. Fear. Anger. All these emotions run through the heads of the citizens of Adonis. In the beginning, they had splintered away from the Confederacy, they had ran, merged together, and formed a just as corrupt and oppressive government, if not worse. Rebellion had come up time and time again, but they had all been put down, and all the partakers in the rebellion were executed, for all to see. The government was creating rivers of blood that would boil into retribution. The government would fall. The leader, the one who calls himself 'The Inquisitor' would burn. But before this can happen, the rebellion must be tempered, tempered by fire.NickDaMan26 Apr 11, 2012
Apr 10, 2012 Let Me Jack Your Mind for a Second Wooh! That title actually got your attention! Great! You may regret it when you hear the pun that it's based off of though... *ahem* Do you remember in the "Internet's Triumphs" thread I made and I talked about mind series? No? Go read it, please. Anyways, that's what I want to do. I mean, I want to do a mind series. ( Yes, I'm crazy. Muhahaha. S!@#, back to the point bro. I want to do a mind series and I put a lot of thought into it. I took some preliminary videos and I recorded my voice. I made a few jokes and wrote them down. (Then my computer crashed and all of it was erased T.T) I even secured and received a filled out interview from IRAMightyPirate (Ian Riley), a mastermind!! ( Imagine a guy like that took time out of his day to answer a hopeful like me and give me good quality information about how to make a mind series. Awesome. Now to the point. I want to make a Jack's Mind. You know? From Bioshock! (Does that pun burn? Good. Let it seep down into your soul.) I want to know what you think of this idea, but more importantly, I want help. Does anyone have any advice? Does anyone have any ideas? If I required someone to say a few lines for me as a voice actor, would you be interested? What do you know about Fraps (or source recorders), Audacity, and Sony Vegas or Windows Movie Maker? I have found tutorials for a few of them. The masterminds give a whole range of different suggestions for programs you can use, but is there a computer expert here that has better ideas? Is there anything you can tell me or do for me that will help? That's what I'm asking.Thecommander3 Apr 10, 2012
Apr 9, 2012 I Am Alive (complete) this is a short story i made that unlike the other ones is pre-built so i have the first 2-3 chapters already good to go so even when i'm writing you'll still get the writing goodies you want. please support this story a lot, feedback so and so. i have tried 2 times and failed to make a lasting short story but i have a good feeling about this one. so i want to thank Knarled, Thunder, and everyone else that have supported my other short stories that have failed and i hope more people come and enjoy this one, so without further delay i present..... I Am Alive. CHAPTER 1: “ alive” I say as I desperately grabbed at footholds through the furious dust storm. My jacket fluttered behind me as the torrent threatened to engulf me. One step.... That was all it took. The world spun as buffets of wind blew me back, things.... Inhuman things glared at me with demonic eyes. The smart infested, detached from the hivemind they adapted however they liked, some spewed acid, while others just took your average chainsaw and assimilated it into their arm to make a deadly weapon, maybe add a few extra spines in the teeth, heck make it launch the saw after saw at your opponent. That was my last sight mind you before I was greeted by the clang of skull hitting dumpster. I woke with a start, everything was stripped of me except my clothes which weren’t much, a leather jacket, jeans, undershirt you know. All that was left was a piece of fishing line that I found lying beside me. I rummaged through the trash, finding a water bottle still full but dirty as hell, and a can of spam. I stored the meager supplies in my backpack and set off through the wasteland. Yep you heard right, wasteland. Ever since the protoss came with their big-a*ss planetcracker the cities were ruins with only few buildings left standing, but the ones that are still somehow erect usually don’t even have a roof or even a south side. It was bleak, no colour anywhere, all of the florescent reds or trendy blues were all washed away by the dust, the choking deadly dust. It was every man for themselves with those smart infested colonists enforcing that rule even more. You can’t expect to walk up to any living human without them having a baseball bat or something to protect themselves. Of course there are gangs, those that band together robbing the other survivors of anything to keep themselves alive. As I walked through the barren I find a skeleton, a sorry soul caught in the dust storm. He did have a pistol, of course not some fancy one the dominion used but a barrette. Good old fashion bullets were the only ammo here, and not the armor piercing or explosive riff-raff. I check to see the ammo, none. A gun was already hard to find, ammo even rarer. You gotta be resourceful around these parts. Of course moving around was pretty crucial too. I walked as I found multiple cars blocking my way. I leapt onto the nearest building and grabbed hold of the bricks that were shook loose during the earthquakes. I shimmied down a telephone wire, I looked down, 50 ft up and still higher to go. I reached the other end of the wire and swing myself onto a suspended canopy that shops used to protect their wares displayed outside from the rain. I crawled down to enter the shop, the contents were almost all scavenged, I walked down the isles, nothing. I see the pharmaceutical section, sprinting towards it I find a bottle full of dilution pills to help purify water under the table, I Reached down to grab it when I heard a voice behind me “whatcha doin mate”darkra15 Apr 9, 2012
Apr 9, 2012 I Am Alive RP (sign up phase) this is based off my short story that i finished a few days ago, you are in a ravaged world called Maria Ray which was hit by a protoss planetcracker, there is no colour in this world as it is now bombarding the few survivors with flash freezes and dust storms. gangs are at large with weapons like machetes, daggers, and sometimes a pistol. pistols are rare and are the only ranged weapon feared by the mortal dangers, ammunition is very scarce as you will have only 1-3 bullets, more and i will have to deduct from it. there are also infested freed from the hivemind with a powerful leviathan, they move around the north, south, west, and east parts of the city, i will post updates upon their locations. you may use anything to your disposal like bows and arrows, grappling hooks but if i find you making scenarios where you're finding these kinds of thing often then i will also be brought to attention. please remember to keep in mind where this is set and the circumstances. you must be clever to get yourself out of tight situations that may fall upon you at any moment. the sign up is the standard stuff. Name: Race: Terran(locked) Personality: etc. starter kit: Survivor: backpack, pistol(no ammo), machete or other(fire axe, dagger, etc), climbing rope, more nimble(climbing buildings etc.)darkra75 Apr 9, 2012
Apr 8, 2012 Fantasy's news network.. Its gone!Fantasy109 Apr 8, 2012
Apr 8, 2012 Create a Unit This is a thread where you can create Starcraft II units. It doesn't need to be completely balanced, but don't make it ridiculously powerful. Please use the format below: Name: Race: (Use Terran, Zerg, or Protoss or come up with your own race) Description: Appearance: Cost: (Minerals/Vespene) Life: (Shields if any/Life) Purpose (What it can be used for): Speed (No numbers, just compare to other units): Ground/Air: Traits (i.e. Light, Armored, Biological, etc.): Abilites (if any): Requirements: Here's an example: Name:Wyrm Race:Zerg Description:The Gigaxian Caveworm was a large but docile animal that fed mainly on underground stone. When the forces of Kerrigan found this planet, they were quickly assimilated into the Swarm. To eat the stone that their diet mainly consists of, Caveworms had to produce a corrosive acid in glands located near their stomach. The Queen of Blades put this to good use. Wyrms attack by spewing an improved version of this acid at air targets. This armor melts through even the thickest armor, so it is used primarily against heavily armored targets. For defense against ground targets, it uses a powerful bite to devour anything that dares come close to it. Appearance:It appears as a large worm with a reared up head, slightly higher than an Ultralisk. It has large, jagged spines surrounding its mouth, and a few large spikes sticking out of its back. Cost:200/150 Life:270 Purpose:Mainly used to take out armored air targets. The ground attack is powerful, but slow, and it is not an ideal unit to use against ground. Speed:Slightly slower than a Queen on creep. Ground/Air:Ground Traits:Armored/Massive Abilites:None Requirements:Requires HiveDaddy42 Apr 8, 2012
Apr 8, 2012 Plasmic Surge: Protoss Weapons We sell Protoss weaponry and banelings that I have tested experiments on. You may ask additional questions both here and at Zanons PRP bar. You know what. I'm not going to yell at you, now come on down here to get some banelings and weaponry.plasmaman79 Apr 8, 2012
Apr 7, 2012 A Day To Remember... Episode 2 Previously... A mysterious persona captured Aximus, The Changeling, Jason, Nick, and Gabriel. Distributing them across a hostile desert world. Although originally hostile they decide to look behind their rivalries they join together to try and take down whoever brought them here. Shortly after meeting a gigantic mechanically modified zerg worm attacked them, Gabriel uses some of his terrazine to take it down but he suffered from hallucinations, their captor ordered him to look for the new 'subject' alone, threatening that if the others followed him something terrible would happen to someone he loved. Unable to distinguish fiction from reality Gabriel begins to wander in search of the newest addition to the captives, Zaros. Zaros is told that a spectre is looking for him and that he is out to kill him. The two begin to fight but the others who, unaware of the warning, followed Gabriel, intervened. After some more infighting they all form an alliance and are told that 2 more people have been placed somewhere in the facility. Those two were Jack, and Jeffrey. Using psionics they locate them easy and take them out of their confinements easily enough. But they also began to hear chantings, of a lunatic perhaps? Two more were also added to fray, Tlht'Rhn, a protoss who is offered the chance to go free if he kills one of his brethren, and Oblitus, a Terren ghost who their captor is talking directly to. We now return to... "The real question is, what is true, and what is not? I was able to create an entire environment, who's saying that what your seeing is real? Who's saying that those around you aren't just mere, creations, conjures of your imagination? Don'y go near where you will survive." In the distance you can see mountains, valleys, and one or two oasis'. "Those that reach the stars, hold those that will bring it down, those that are bland, risk, combustion, and those who offer the best glimpse of safety, offer the quickest way to death."DoomerX100 Apr 7, 2012
Apr 7, 2012 PanKoprulu Academy "Hello, and welcome to the PanKoprulu Academy, the only place where we all learn a little, and that learning is fun." Alright, now that that's out of the way . . . This is simple. A school- esque setting will fuction here. There will be a short monologue, followed by every "student" (people who apply) going into a unique mission. You will all be one of the following units, or any combination thereof: Marine Firebat Marauder Reaper Medic Ghost Spectre (side note: your posts must reflect slight insanity) Zergling Roach Hydralisk Lurker Queen (SC2) Zealot Stalker Dragoon Sentry High Templar Dark Templar Be forewarned: the more diverse your pool, the more nerfed you will be. After each mission, the Board (my next post) will be updated. All applications must follow the following format: Name Age Unit Mix (the one you are most of first, least of last) Abilities (two maximum, kapische?) Used Weapons Special Notes In Special Notes, if Protoss or Terran is part of your mix, you may include their personal transport. It will be used in one of the two mission modes- Space Conflict and Vehicle Chase. IF AND ONLY IF YOU ARE PURE ZERG, you may use one of my custom vehicles (I'll throw 'em in later) Vehicle List (Space Conflict) Void Ray Scout Wraith Pheonix Corsair Viking Banshee Valkyrie Vehicle List (Vehicle Chase) Vulture Hellion Goliath Immortal <None needed for Stalker/Dragoon> Reaver (modified) Colossus (modified) Siege Tank I mentioned modes earlier. There are four. Jester- Protect a special unit (30 hp, 2 damage, 3 range) until he gets to a supercomputer to hack files for you. Invasion- Your units travel with 12 supply of in-game units (no, not each) to achieve a goal. Vehicle Chase- All of you have one goal- destroy all of each others' vehicles! (only vs.) Space Conflict- Enemy Stargate/Starport/Spire units will try to kill you. Kill them first. Edit for campus layout: Basement: CLASSIFIED Ground: Classrooms, Lab, Grass field, Parking Lot, Bathrooms 2nd Floor: Cafeteria, Phones, Library 3rd Floor: Dance Hall, Bedrooms (everyone has a roommate, decide for yourselves) 4th Floor: Gymnasium, Firing Range, Chemical Testing Roof: Gun Batteries, Warp Pad, Broadcasting TowerDraconus500 Apr 7, 2012
Apr 7, 2012 TWB (Troll wars bunker) If you're reading this, then it means the former thread has either been overrun or has reached Maximum post count. This Bunker can withstand any type of weaponry, from sniper rifles to nukes to farming equipment (don't ask). You will be safe here, but it may be a long wait, so sit back, pop open a beer, grab a shotgun and relax. Might as well blast some trolls while you're at it to make yourself useful. Forward outpostGhostSpectre48 Apr 7, 2012
Apr 7, 2012 Graveyard Shift Brains... Coming SOONIraqLobster22 Apr 7, 2012
Apr 7, 2012 Who needs a ride to IPL 4 Vegas?... If you live in So. California, check it out. I still have 3 spots available Apr 7, 2012
Apr 6, 2012 LF SC2 Clan To Join I'm looking to join a SC2 clan. I live near New Orleans and Baton Rouge. I'd be highly interested in joining any clan based around this area, but by no means limited to that. I really want to improve my skills, find a good Zerg 2v2 partner, and hang out in TS3/Ventrillo with other Star2 players.Mastodon2 Apr 6, 2012