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Apr 4, 2012 Salad Fingers invades. "Executer, Our assault on our previous homeworld has failed. The zerg flyers are closing on our remaining ground structures and their heavy anti air spires are rebuilding. The dominion terran are in orbit ready to halt our retreat, in hours the remnants of our kind we have left will be corroded to little more but ash." The statement lingered distastefully as the slumped executer pondered the idea of failure and the shame it wrought. "Then we have little choice" the executer pronounced ominously. "Heresy!" the second in command asertivly voiced. "I will not give-" The thought was silenced by what seemed to be an earthquake aboard the mothership. Alerts of zerg ship-board infiltration bio units beamed into the minds of everyone aboard the vessel. The executer eyed his commander as a brief pause took place. "Tassasadar forgive us all." On the battlefield raged a war between protoss and zerg, mighty colossi toppled helplessly as tentacles dragged them under a sea of zerglings. Zealots died bravely in hand to hand combat with hydralisks and stalkers became overwhelmed with airbourne broodlings and countless roaches. The chaos encompassed a small citidel that the protoss died to protect. A brilliant flash of blue illuminated the dark shroud of smoke as a single stargate cracked open. Loud thunder broke out and the ground began to qwivver. The spherical warpfeild above the stargate began to slowly give birth to a colourless, monstrosity. The ship hovered mid air in a thunderstorm as it took form til it became a glow. "Nettle carrier has arrived".FireDylan5 Apr 4, 2012
Apr 4, 2012 PLS HELP i didnt know where to post this so here it goes. At STP 4.78 L of chlorine is produced during a chemical reaction. What is the mass of this gas? i think i got the right answer but i have to be sure.geras5 Apr 4, 2012
Apr 4, 2012 What is Your Favorite Movie(s)? I got the idea to make this thread from the "whats ur favorite game" thread, so this is not completly my idea. Anyway, title says it all, here are some of my favorites: 5. Happy Gilmore 4. Rango (I just love reptiles...) 3. Suckerpunch 2. All 3 Transformers movies 1. Treasure Planet (This one is an old-ish cartoon movie that I just fell in love with when I was between ages 10 and 12, and I still like it to this day.) P.S I'm only 14, so don't expect me to be into all those dramas and dating movies and unrated/R movies......bjpiersII2 Apr 4, 2012
Apr 3, 2012 [Stream] Gnarl Diamond toss Diamond toss Live stream in HD doing some team ladder games. Doing funny strats and what not, come chill in chat and listen to some good tunes! :) Apr 3, 2012
Apr 3, 2012 Zergotchi OK, I know it's an april fools day production but I still kinda want one. Fatten up your zergling enough, evolve it and eventually it will be delicious enough for a bigger zerg to eat, the bigger zerg becoming your new pet!ArchAngel1 Apr 3, 2012
Apr 1, 2012 Breakroom in the news station EVERYTHING IS MISSING~ RUN FOR GOD'S SAKE! EVERYTHING IS MISSING~ RUN FOR GOD'S SAKE! EVERYTHING IS MISSING~ RUN FOR GOD'S SAKE! (Encoded) Dice. A traditional die is a rounded cube, with each of its six faces showing a different number of dots (pips) from 1 to 6. This object, is the primary star for this RP idea which I will give to you, reader. It will most likely be Knarled who reads this, but whomever does, take it as your own and say it was your idea. I hope you manage this RP well. I wrote this idea out, but I don't think that any RP I start will be taken to kindly. Feel free to take Characters, plot ideas, or mechanics out of this. *Note!* This is still in progress. _________________________________________________________________________ The world of the game is the RP universe. Consider it the same as PKA. Everything goes, but must be reasonable. The characters begin in the Ghettos of the world of Pheros. Pheros is separated into several districts, the lowest being closest to the starport to the Military barracks, and other facilities that are useful to say the least in times of war. The highest are the furthest away. In the lower districts, it is peaceful and quiet. The further you go down, the more stable the region's are. The upper districts are hives of scum and villainy. Model citizens, or those who strike enough bribes can get a pass or be smuggled into a lower districts. Those who commit heinous crimes are moved to a higher district. The heroes start in district 9 out of the thirteen districts. The Zerg has landed and set up colonies in the thirteenth district, aiming at the least defended locations. They are swarming, increasing in number and slowly taking over the area one by one, and so far are in the midsts of conquering district 10. Though the fighting has been brutal, no one has evacuated. They cannot because the only starports are in district 0. And the rules still apply. No one can change districts. At the same time as the Zerg, a protoss carrier crashed landed on an isolated location on an island in district 10. They maintain a slowly diminishing force that are struggling to survive against the Zerg forces. Due to a damaged communication system, they cannot expect any backup, or any evac. A good portion of the protoss forces hold the opinion of leaving the crash site as fast as possible and hiding amist the terrans. An equally large force maintains that hiding would not only be dishonorable, but also suicidal, as they would be unable to hide for long in any district. The goal of the RP is to reach district Zero by any means possible and escape Pheros before it is too late. Playable characters. Most players should be playing humans. A few trusted people can play protoss, but preferably there should be no protoss. There can be no Zerg character on the protagonists' side. However if one or two people want to play as antagonists that will be fine. Humans- Most humans will be Civilians, people who never touched a gun before in their lives due to the fact that they are extremely difficult to procure outside of the military. However due to their backgrounds in the upper districts, they will have other skills. Psionic powers are limited, but are present. Skilled Psions are highly prized by criminal organizations due to their abilities to sense dissonance within their ranks. Anyone skilled with Psionics should be hunted after by the mafia, or already affiliated with a group. Soldiers are being recruited, sometimes by force by refugees fleeing from their districts. This could be a hazard when trying to cross districts. Keep this in mind. Protoss- Skilled Psions and warriors, who maintain their struggle against the Zerg. Mixtures of inexperienced forces and battle hardened veterans crashed. Choose to play what you will. Stats Stats in the game will be selected by a random process. Dice. While players can begin with selected stats, any stat modification will be done by random. Every completion of a mission will result in the ability to modify one stat. How large the modification will be is based off of the DM's decision(EG. The reward for a mission could be either a six sided dice roll, or a twenty side dice roll.) . If the number rolled is an odd number, reduce the predetermined stat by the number rolled. If the number rolled is even increase the stat by the number rolled. You can choose to store a dice roll, and use it later if one is afraid, but remember, gambling is the only way to get stronger. Stats. Health points. Every point placed in health points is equal to five HP. If you have six points for instance in HP, you have at most 30 HP. Hit Zero HP, and the character is knocked out. Hit -10, the character dies. No one hit can instantly kill a character at max HP, the most a single hit can do is instantly send a character to Zero. Strength- Physical force. How much damage is dealt per hit. Nuff said. Protoss recieve a minus two penalty to strength. Humans get a plus two bonus. Psionics- Psionic strength. How powerful a person's psionic abilities are. Humans receive a minus two penalty. Protoss get a plus two bonus. Charisma- I have a dream! Charisma is used in bluff skills, as well as rallying people to your side. Required for rally skills. Melee weapon proficiency- how proficient someone is with a melee weapon. (Metal pipes, swords, baseball bats.) Increases ability for the character to dodge in close combat. Ranged Weapon proficiency- Boom! Headshot. How proficient someone is with a ranged weapon. Increases distance of attack as well, as well as vision in poor lighting. Dexterity-Want sticky fingers? To be able to pick locks, maintain footing on slippery surfaces, to hide easily from the Swarm, or evade capture by guards, Dexterity is your go-to stat. Also improves proficiency in knives. Luck- Pick a god and pray! No really. Luck is for the gamblers who want to live on edge. Don't main this stat, or else your character will probably die. Luck is used in random chance events, like when guards are selecting prisoners to be tortured to death, or which people will be used as meatshields, and who will be left to die after the zerg start attacking a prison. You don't need high luck to receive Luck's benefits. Just higher then everyone else's. Other traits. Constitution- Body build. Heavy builds give a +1 health but a -2 Dexterity modifier. Lithe builds give a -2 health but a +1 dexterity modifier, as well as a +1 Luck modifier. Speed- All humans start with 2.00 movement, however they also start with the Sprint Skill. Protoss have whatever speed the unit they are playing as has. _______________________________________________________________ Skills-Abilities that are learned over time. Some skills have minimum stat requirements. Sprint- Available to all. Increase speed by .50 for ten seconds. For every point in Dex, increase the speed boosted by sprint by .1. If sprinting on a waxed floor, or other slippery material(such as creep), the effects of Sprint will be diminished. Locktouch- Breaks open a locked door. Requires 7 dex to learn, and takes fifteen minutes in good lighting to break a lock with improvised tools. If a player's dex is higher, then time required to break a lock is reduced. At thirty Dex, one can open a lock with improvised tools blind in less then thirty seconds. Throw- Throws a melee weapon at a foe. Requires 5 in melee weapon proficiency, and a dex score of 6. Higher scores in both increases damage and whether or not the pointy end of the weapon thrown hits the target. Sneak/Hide- Learn-able at 3 dex(Yeah... LOL). Usable at 5(Better have a high luck score... and a poor sucker to be caught first). Practical at 10(Don't count on it). Reliable at 15(Use it as a primary way of moving around rather then a disguise, but keep a backup.). Godlike at thirty. (You have become a ninja. Congratulations.) Steal- Learn-able at 10 Dex. At fifteen you can steal from a watched object, given a distraction. At fifty dex, steal someone's clothes... and their false teeth. Powerstrike- Learnable at 7 strength. Add a 1.2 multiplier to attack, as well as other strength bonuses. Burn 10 energy on use. Powerstrike Level 2. 10 strength. Add a 1.5 multiplier to attack. Power strike Level 3 15 strength. Add a 2.0 multiplier to attack. Overpower- 10 strength to learn. Use sheer force to knock someone over into a kneeling position. Can be used to break walls with the correct tools. Persuade- BS your way through any situation. If your Charisma is 10 or higher, you have lowered suspicion. If Charisma is 15 or higher, you have partially persuaded them. 20, you have convinced them to not attack you. (Note! Guards have an automatic -3 modifier to your Charisma. The more guards are around, the less of an effect you have on them. For example two guards around will give you a -6 penalty, while only one gives you a -3. Guards on alert have a -5 Charisma. Guards on high Alert have a -7. Guards you have attacked have a -20. On the other hand. Citizens(Not party members) supportive of you have a +3 modifier, Citizens that admire you have a +4, and citizens you have saved have a +5. Other RPers give a +1 modifier due to them backing up your story. However, do note that the entrance of other forces can break your lies. Or if they think they know otherwise they will not believe you. Charm- Get into someone else's pants. Nuff said. Only works if the other guy is the opposite gender, or is gay. Requires a charisma of 8 or higher, and follows the same modifiers as above.Fantasy265 Apr 1, 2012
Apr 1, 2012 A Day to Remember in Memorium "The experiment has gone awry." "I know... they refuse to submit... I'm running out of options... there's too many subjects in the arena to keep, if they band together I have nothing to stand against them, they're allying when they should be fighting. It's madness." "No, it's survival, you are their common enemy, the one who took them from their lives and have been throwing situation after situation at them. They band together out of need, not want." "So what should I do... I can't manage every aspect at once, there's the Protoss, the Terren whose chambers I filled with Terrazine, their sheep that are avoiding every means of corralling." "Then don't retaliate, escalate." "What?" "If you can't keep order in your test, create more chaos!" "How would I go about that sir?" "Turn them against each other, if survival is their only reason for banding together let them know their free, destroy what binds them together." "I see. We must kill the... common... enemy... SIR PLEASE!" "I'm sorry, your experiment has failed. Goodbye Cold." "NO!" *Silence . . . "Attention everyone who has been a part of this experiment, you've won, your freedom has been granted to you, if -in your current condition- you can reach the far off sand dunes there is a star port that contains one ship for you all. I sincerely hope you find your way out of here safely, your captor has met an unfortunate end and sadly can not wish you best of luck in your fleet." - If you want you can continue in the thread, no rping in this post please.DoomerX3 Apr 1, 2012
Mar 30, 2012 HowBabysRBrn's Asylum... Need someone locked up tight? We here at the HBRB Asylum specialize in making our inmates brand new again! Using special techniques, our success rate is in the high 90's. Now, you may submit others for them! This is in the case that they are too unreliable to do this themselves. As long as you pay for them, everything is good! Our list of Services! -Caretaking: $10 a week. Simple things, really. We supply food and water, and Hot tubs as well as comfy beds for your slightly delusional companions. -Mental Rehabilitation: $50, straight up. This involves a process in which your inmate will undergo a complete mindwipe and reprogramming, Zerg style. Failures are deemed irredeemable and are eaten. -Torture Chamber: $5 a day. You hate someone? We will make them suffer. That's a Zerg Promise! To enlist someone to become an inmate, please contact your local Zerg Infestation, or the Changeling. We will take them if you feel that they will be... unwilling, to come themselves. Have a nice day!HowBabysRBrn277 Mar 30, 2012
Mar 30, 2012 Nick The Zealot-Marine Just a bit of fanart I did. Enjoy! (I appreciate feedback)NickDaMan10 Mar 30, 2012
Mar 29, 2012 At a world's end... I know it's most likely a dread of a sight to see me back, but just read for a little bit, ok?Chaos everywhere, people screaming, destruction everywhere... This is truely the end of this world, in sector 239-102, the planet we call home, Earth. All is lost, hope is gone... But, in our darkest hour is when we shine the most. And right now you need to shine alot, for us, for humanity, for Earth. Now get out and show them what were made of! That's the story right now, so first things first. Everyone starts out waking up in there house (where and what that is doesn't matter to me). Then here our the classes possible:Marine: On the front line these guys put the 'A' in 'Faith'. Weapons may be: A form of Assult rifle, Sniper rifle, Pistol, or machine gun. Ghosts: Strong, fast, and a good shot is what a ghost is, some say there heartless, they say there just doing there job. Weapons may be: A form of Sniper rifle, Pistol, or a PSI blade. Medivac: Healer and transporter, you are defense less without troops, but you are still needed. Weapons may be: The Medivac. Hellion: The fast high speed car, if the gun doesn't kill you, the car will. Weapons may be: The Hellion Part 2: of rules:BcACE8 Mar 29, 2012
Mar 27, 2012 clan Draconis Rising is disbaned DISBANEDxDRxDevourer2 Mar 27, 2012
Mar 26, 2012 Too Many sticky requests I had this story going called "A ghosts story" (which is still here, just search it). Its was doing pretty good but the problem is, i created it around when SC2 came out. The sticky request works like this, you click it and it kicked all the ones down so your forum is listed first. But the problem is for all the older forums, is you can only do it 1 time. This needs to be changed because now my story is somewhere on like page 10, and honestly who looks through all these forum pages? Who agrees?MrGiggles3 Mar 26, 2012
Mar 26, 2012 A Ghost's Story Here's how it works, I will start out with the current situation of the Ghost and you guys post what you think should happen next based on the options given. I will then write what happened based on the option with the most votes. Now heres the thing, do not put random comments and answers on here. There will be 4 options and all I want you do do its post 1, 2, 3, or 4. Nothing more besides the number of the option that you wish to vote for. Here is the current situation: I have just graduated from the Ghost Academy with a expert's mark (meaning I am considered an elite or professional) on my survival, sharp shooting, stealth, and endurance courses. I have been assigned to the 57th Terran fleet. The 57th only consists of one Battlecruiser. I have heard rumors that the 57th is one of the elite stealth fleets that go in and get the job done as cleanly, swiftly, and stealthy as possible. I received the time and date I am suppose to be on the ship for briefing and equipment assignment. I also received a letter from my friend who wants to throw a party for me as a good-bye celebration because I may never come back. I am not sure whether to show up to the ship on time or to go to the party because my girl friend will only go if I go because she also has to be at the star port for her briefing and ship assignment for the 43rd Terran fleet. She is a Viking pilot going to the outer boarder of Protoss space to try to take a planet called Trilium 5 that was a Terran colony before the first Zerg invasion but was taken from the Zerg by the Protoss near the end of the first invasion. What do you think he should do? -->1<-- Go to his friends party and say good-bye to all those he will miss and maybe never see again -->2<-- Show up on time to his breifing and equipment assignment (There are no options 3 or 4 at this time) Remmember, no comments besides option number please.MrGiggles72 Mar 26, 2012
Mar 26, 2012 Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 2) ---Continued from Zanon's PRP Bar---Zanon500 Mar 26, 2012
Mar 25, 2012 Lego tabletop game Mobile frame zero I stumbled across this, which I think looks like a great way to waste sometime. It's a table top strat game where you make mechs out of lego and do battle with 2-5 players. The rule book, including instructions and directions on getting appropriate lego pieces, will be out soon once a kickstarter for it is finished in a little over 2 weeks. Check it out over at If you pledge you get the rule book included, possible for much less than it will retail for.PajamaHero0 Mar 25, 2012
Mar 25, 2012 Random story Everyone contriubutes 1-2 sentances of words, but must leave it open for it to continue. No periods unless you start a new sentance. For best effect, only look at the last few words the previous person wrote. No need to make characters or anything! Lets start... One day the overlord was just flying around seemingly aimlessly, providing supply for the team. But there was one little secret: it was...bayviewnc22 Mar 25, 2012
Mar 25, 2012 Random Story Thread Everybody contributes a few sentences-a paragraph left off by a cliff-hanger to make a "great" story. I'll kick it off. All was still. The Protoss Zealot was the last of his army. He had called in reinforces, but they would not be there in time. He was surrounded by Marauders. He was about to make his final stand, when up from behind the marauders appeared a... Mop4 Mar 25, 2012
Mar 24, 2012 [Stream] Live now, Streaming in HD random team games playing toss and some random. ill try to do some funny plays, come chill in chat and listen to some good tunes while i pwn teh noobs Mar 24, 2012
Mar 21, 2012 Cloaked Love V2 P2 Alright, we made it to a page 2. Lets continue. Moirana shrugged. "No, we didn't, but when it feels like the entire sector is out to kill you, it's kind of hard to make friends. And when it come to the Zerg, it might as well be." She looked around, noticing several broken stones on the ground. Concentrating, she closed her eyes and released a wave of thoughts, trying to use them to learn about her surroundings. To her frustration, all she could feel was the empty pull of the man before her, and the locked barrier of the Shadow Fighter. She sighed, holstering her gun and sheathing her pistol.Thundercrash500 Mar 21, 2012
Mar 21, 2012 This Is a Zergling and Zealot Thread #9 (RP) This is an actual roleplay. Here are the rules! State your (name) (race) (unit-type), and any other info that you feel others should know. I will start. Additionally, all races can understand each other, due to some technology. Please keep track of your Credits and Items. Each Player will get 100 credits at the beginning of each day, from when they started. *Link to First Thread* I give Credit for this series of threads to Vulturling. New Players are welcomed.NickDaMan500 Mar 21, 2012
Mar 20, 2012 A Day To Remember Sign Up! Ok so if your here you might have seen the "A Day To Remember" Rp I made. Right now only four of us are regularing in there so if you want to join follow a simple setup design. Note : The character must already preexist in a current RP to qualify *required *Name *Unit Armaments *Original Rp *Short bio of activities in their home Rp. If you want to get an idea of the story read the other thread to see if it intrests you.iMoDoomerX103 Mar 20, 2012
Mar 19, 2012 Troll wars forward command outpost Alright, boys, we can't risk letting the contagion spread to this camp. I want a perimeter set and some bunkers with banhammers in place now! My friends, today we are taking our fight to the trolls. Yesterday, our very own Zanons PRP bar was attacked. This shall not happen again. All troll related operations will begin here, as will the defense of all forums in joeyrays. We've also set up in Zanons PRP bar, go there if the trolls attack there, too.' First battle and backstory: Emergency Bunkers: I'll set up night and daytimes if thats up to peoples liking. --------IT IS DAYTIME-------GhostSpectre500 Mar 19, 2012
Mar 18, 2012 Secrets of Meta A new RP coming soon, will update this when ever I can. I'll be finished posting this stuff by the end of the week The city of Meta, a city of utter greatness, built on Xel'Nage temple grounds. For years the people of Meta have learned more and more from the temple the lay in the heart of the city. New technology, giant towers, and powerful machines........ All of that from the Temple's knowledge. But recently, a new section of the temple was opened. Everyone who was in temple when it was opened are now either dead or missing. This has grabbed the attention of Protoss and Zerg, both sending a large force to capture the city. The people of the city are the only Terrans remaining, as the Diminion is not able to reach the planet it is on. As the three factions fight, something lurks in the temple without restraint.Naitsrich60 Mar 18, 2012
Mar 18, 2012 Gah. I was trying to write my RP and I went to the preview button after about 5 hours of typing, rephrasing, and thinking in general. It crashed and was deleted. -.- Luckily I have most of it saved on word, but my most recent typing is deleted. Because of this, the RP is delayed for a while, and will no longer be ready this week. Sorry about that. :( P.S. The OP currently is the longest of any RP that I know of (though not by too much, but it's not finished yet), and so far sounds more like a short story.Owlfeathers7 Mar 18, 2012
Mar 18, 2012 Ask Zeratul Since there's a thread about asking Kerrigan and Tychus, I thought why isn't there a thread about the protoss point of view so... I made this! Dear Zeratul, Do you think Kerrigan can be trusted? From: Ace, a devoted Dark templar. Dear Ace, No, Kerrigan should not be trusted and the terran have made a mistake doing so. And for that they will pay dearly! From Zeratul.BcACE64 Mar 18, 2012
Mar 18, 2012 Fever clan is recruiting casual gamers! Hey guys, Fever clan is a multi platform and game genre clan. Our games we participate in vary from battlefield 3, to Stacraft 2! We are currently trying to expand our starcraft 2 division, why miss out? Reasons to join What makes Fever different from other clans? Fever clan boasts a member base of over 1700 plus active members and we gain an average of 2 members per hour! The friendly admins there try to work any problems, disputes, glitches, (etc) that are not to your liking. Everyone there is welcome and friendly and respectful. Our members also come from different places around the globe, such as Brazil, China, Canada, South Korea, even some from Egypt! We are also proud to present some of the most top ranked LOL players and fps servers. We also hold a distinct ranking system within the clan. The ranks follow us order. The ranks distinguish your loyalty and activness in the clan. If you log on often, post things in the forum, and provide a friendly attitude, it will not go on unnoticed i promise you. Why should i join? My only answer to that is that you dont have to. Fever clan or myself do not want to make you feel uncomfortable or pressure you into something you dont have to do, but i can tell you the plus's in membership. As a sc2 player you might feel that you need to improve your gaming skills, well we can help you with that. Our clan hosts FREE coaching, and holds 2 weekly practices that will help you in any way possible. We also play a bunch of team games, or if you need a 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 partner, you can just ask anyone in our ingame chat. (Fever obs) If you are a competitive sc2 player, we even have our own rankings within the sc2 clan! We also participate in major tournaments, AND host plenty of clan wars weekly! What are some neat things in Fever? There are Plenty of neat things in Fever. It can vary from our forums , with its various amount of sub sections, from cooking, electronics, general discussion, it even has a sub division for each of its games! You can find the starcraft forum division here . We also have our own team speak channel where you can talk or discuss with other members. We even have our own merchandise store! The store funds our website, gamers, etc. We also have MULTIPLE streams and casters! How do I apply? Very simple you just need to follow these steps 1. follow this link to the recruiting section 2. Make an account on the website 3. go to this link and copy the format for the application 4. Go back to the first link and click the Post new thread, and copy the information format there and fill it out. 5. Your done! Requirements There are only 3 -A mic -Teamspeak -Age of over 15 we require an age of over 15 since we are a mature gaming clan. We have tons of fun, but when work becomes work, we require the maturity of players. That is all! I thank you for reading and i hope to see you guys soon!!!chippedstick164 Mar 18, 2012
Mar 17, 2012 Colonization of Candore After the second Great War groups of all types went to colonize Candor, all of the races wary of each other, and on the brink of a war. If one of another race or alleigance goes to another colony they would be attacked by the defenses if they are seen. There are 4 Terran colonies. Two belong to the Dominion. There are 6 Zerg colonies and 5 Protoss colonies on the planet as well. 2 of the Protoss colonies belong to the Tal'Darim. There is another settlement, a neutral ground where Protoss, Terran and Zerg can meet without getting killed by the others defenses. Signing up format: Name: Race: Base Unit: Equipment: Background: Allegiance: You may be a unit from HotS if you want to as well.plasmaman48 Mar 17, 2012
Mar 17, 2012 Dead Man's Gambit (Story) ((This here was my entry for the contest. Might as well share it, now that it didn't get any awards. Maybe it'll entertain someone.)) Dead Man’s Gambit The smell hit him first, striking his nostrils with all the subtlety of a siege tank. It was a ghastly odor, a combination of what seemed to be sour milk and a million decaying animals. It stuck to the back of his throat and burned his nose, even through the mask he was forced to wear in the toxic air. Refuse littered the ground, loose paper dancing through the air on thermals billowing out from a thousand vents. Green gas smoked lazily from them, a pale, white substance dripping from the grates to the acid-eaten concrete below. “Are you sure this place hasn’t been infested by Zerg?” Matthew Horner sniffed haughtily, stepping in something gooey that stuck to his thick, brown boots. Fortunately, they were used, Matt having bought them just for the occasions when he had to blend in with his friend’s clientele. Dark, billowy trousers authentically patched and stitched, along with an oil-stained shirt and light jacket tied around his waist completed the ensemble. To anyone who looked his way, he would just be another downtrodden mechanic walking around this junkyard of a planet. Now I feel like one too, he thought as he sc%%@%d the gunk off against the sidewalk. “Not even the Zerg would want a place that smells this bad, Matt,” his companion replied jovially, smiling through a mask of his own. Dark hair framed the visor, touched with gray at the temples, a matching beard cut close to the skin. His customary attire was currently replaced by clothes similar to Matt’s, a long leather duster covering the identifying tattoo of the Heaven’s Devils. A belt covered his midline, just a hint of the pistol he kept at his side peeking through the jacket. A frown cut through the joy, wrinkles appearing around the man’s eyes and forehead. “’Sides, Deadman’s Port’s strategically useless for ‘em. Nothing to absorb into the Swarm.” “Unless you count the locals.” Matt grinned, nodding to a gigantic human with bleached hair glaring at them from a doorway. What looked like a tattoo of a giant bird of prey was etched along the side of the bouncer’s face, lending a bestial aspect to the already dangerous persona. A large and very illegal sidearm hung from the man’s hip in warning to any who dared approach, lit neon green from the light that he stood under. “There’s that,” Raynor returned with a small smirk on his lips, a little of his former swagger returning to his stride. Matt followed, looking up at the fantastically green sky and wondering how such a disgusting world hid such beauty. Bright stars from the garbage that littered the orbital dump tracked across the view in a celestial dance. In the distance, a battered ship lifted off and rocketed to the sky, pieces falling off as it went, only for the detritus to be seized in mid air by the patrolling trash droids. Shaking his head at the state of affairs on this planet, Matt checked his watch. Half past ten, the old-fashioned clock read, silver hands ticking silently around the disk. The meeting they were heading to was five minutes away, but Matt was totally lost. The street they were walking down was as dirty and broken as the last one, prefabricated buildings hastily built along the sides in haphazard manners. Stacks of cubical, compacted trash lay along one side, a man loading them onto a Vulture bike’s huge rear end. The owner sped off as they walked closer to it, turning around a corner until they could only hear the buzz of the engine. The rattle of automatic fire pierced the air, far away in the night. “I hope you know where you’re going, Commander.” Matt tucked his sleeve over his watch quickly, looking around suspiciously. The watch meant a lot to him and he wasn’t about to let himself be mugged for it. “Relax, kid. Tavern’s right up there. And forget all that “Commander” stuff. Just call me Jim.” Raynor pointed at a doorway on their right. “Can’t have any unwanted ears listening in on somethin’ that sounds so military. Scares folk ‘round these parts.” “Yes, Comm- er, Jim,” Matt replied nervously, sucking in a breath of preparation before following his commander through a glass door that was covered in the same green goop that he had stepped in earlier. He’d known the other man for years and had been known to share a drink with him, but “sir” and “Commander” were the two words that came to his mind when he saw him. Not just “Jim”. Of course, his nervousness was only partially based on names. The sound of bells clinking together lit the air as they entered, almost drowned out by the general din of the establishment. Soft music played in the background from somewhere in the ceiling, the speakers expertly hidden. A television above the bar proper was spouting Dominion rhetoric, subtitles scrolling quickly across the bottom for those who couldn’t hear it over everything else. They took off their masks and slung them across a rack near the door, Matt secretly glad to breath in fresh air with only a hint of the outside atmosphere. However dirty the bar looked on the exterior, they had some good air recyclers. A bartender cleaning a glass with a rag that looked like it had seen better days looked up at them and nodded toward the curtained off room in the back. That was where the meeting would take place, according to their contact’s instructions. He made a move toward it but was stopped by a slight motion from his companion’s hand. “Why don’t you nose around a little while I talk to our friend there? See if you can pick up anything useful about him. Sudden betrayals, dirty dealing, his reputation,” Raynor listed off quietly, leaning in to make himself heard and gripping Matt’s shoulder. “I’ll do what I can…Jim,” Horner replied, catching himself. The Commander grinned at him and squeezed his shoulder in silent support. Raynor turned around and wandered over to the curtained room, looking all the world like a character from Old Earth’s western era. A few moments later, Matt was alone in the den of thieves and cheaters. Modulating his face into a mask to cloak the anxiety that suddenly blossomed in his stomach, Matt slowly walked up to the bar and leaned his elbows against the surface. Flecks of colored marble were enclosed by a thin sheen of glass; the surrounding walls covered with what looked surprisingly like real wood. Dark brownish-red paneling that matched the walls edged the bar, adding a tasteful blend of respectability despite the location. Stools made of what looked like salvaged metal were at odds with the display, though the owner had seen fit to color the cushions an approximation of the other décor. He listened to the television for a few moments, taking the sights in and affecting a suitable persona with which to blend. He stooped his back a little and cracked his neck, checking the exits and entrances nonchalantly. The feel of the cold glass on his skin relaxed him slightly, shoring up his courage enough to raise a finger to the bartender. The bald man nodded at him, still cleaning the glass as if he was trying hard to fit the stereotype. A dark, course beard covered the bottom half of the proprietor’s face, suspicion filling his eyes as he moved. Despite the wiry facial hair, his dress was relatively neat, consisting of a velvet vest that matched his surroundings and a subdued black shirt underneath. The bartender looked almost out of place on this kind of planet. Matt idly wondered how the man kept the clothes clean in this atmosphere. “You need somethin’, boy?” the man asked in a rumbling, ponderous voice, as if he were unused to using it. The beard quivered as he spoke, his hands still moving the cup around in a winding motion as he cleaned it. Matt smiled pleasantly and tried to imitate Raynor’s bumpkin accent rather than his own posh one.Croswynd10 Mar 17, 2012
Mar 17, 2012 Stetman's Mind Good god I have impulsive tendencies. Author's Note: Pretty much copy pasting this videos script and putting it to Stetman, during his later years when he begins work at Mar Mesa. >:F "Aww jesus I'm running laaate." Stetman muttered as the tram used to ferry workers to Mar Mesa pulled into the complex. "Good morning." A feminine voice says, but there is no one else on the tram. "Who said that!?" Stetman came close to yelling as he nervously glanced around. Interrupting the voice from finishing it's automated audio. "Welcome to the Mar Mesa transit system," Stetman realized what it was now, "Oh... it's the intercom..." "This automated train is provided for the security and-" Stetman saw someone standing by the tracks. "Ahhhh I'm not the only one who's late!" And screamed out the window, "SUCKERRRRRRR!" "-The time is, 8:47-" "-Shiiiit,-" "-AM." "- I didn't know I was that late!" "The surface temperature is, 93 degrees." "Ohhh man. 8:47..." "Estimated High of, 105." "I am so dead." "The Mar Mesa compound is maintained at a pleasant 80 degrees. At all times." "I need to buy a watch, I'm already on probation with the company. They could fire me. Which, isn't all that bad with the revolution still going on and whatnot..." As Stetman pondered his odd career choice the intercom lady continued. "This train is, inbound, from, level 3 dormitories to," "Oh well!" Stetman said with an air of exuberance, "what can you do?" "Sector C facilities, if your destination is a high security-" "High security..." Stetman repeated mindlessly. "Past sector C, you will need to return to the main transit Hub." "Am I on the right train?" Stetman realized his train could be wrong. "If you have not yet submitted your idea to retinal processing..." "WHOA!" There was a giant Tac Nuke outside the train. "What's this?" "Before you are submitted to the high security branch..." "Yea, high security, that's why we leave Tac Nukes lying around for everyone to check out. It's part of the tour." Stetman said in a sarcastic knowing voice (in his head of course.) "Due to the high toxicity of the material routinely handled in the Mar Mesa Complex, no smoking, eating, or drinking, in the complex." "Fascists. I'll take a 40 oz up here if I feel like it." "Please keep your limbs inside the train at all times." "Yo, I'll stick my arms out the window if I want t-" the train picked up speed and entered a narrow tunnel, "-yea maybe I won't." Stetman quickly changed his mind. "Until the train has come to a complete halt at the station platform. In the event of an emergency, passengers are to remain seated and to wait further instruction." "Hey what's going on there," Stetman wondered as they passed an odd looking wraith. "-Disabled passengers-" "-yea I should've been a pilot." "Please, stay away from electrified rails." Stetman got a laugh out of that, "and proceed to an emergency station," "Wow..." ",assistance arrives." "Man, how dumb do you have to be? I mean their not going to say something like that unless somebody's already tried it. I suppose if I was drunk enough I'd come out here and get some hangtime on the electrified train rail." He watched electrical sparks fly off one the train rails. "That reminds me of the lyote that got caught between the power lines back at MIT. The thing caught on fire and fused to the wire. Which caused the generator to blow up and knock out all the power in the campus, that lyote must have cost the university at least 10 thousand creds... That was a good day." "A reminder," the previously silent intercom sounded again, "that the Mar Mesa hazard course decathalon will commence this evening at 1900 hours." "OH MAN!" Stetman facepalmed, "I forgot about that." The intercom continued explaining the competition, "I need to practice," Stetman realized. The intercom ended it's rant of the competition with, "Remember, more lives than your own, depend on your fitness." "WHAT??" Stetman was confused, "We're physicists." "Do you have a friend or relative who would make a valuable addition to the Mar Mesa team?" "I don't believe in friends." "Immediate openings are available in the areas of, material handling..." "OH COOL A ROBOT!" Stetman was overly ecstatic when he saw a crab bot lifting crates. "Robots are the only friends I need!" He said with an superior tone. "For further info." "Mann. Look at that thing. It's like a giant worker ant. MAN ROBOTS RULE!... PNEUMATIC S RULE!... that's awesome. "... is an equal opportunity employer." "Man, they're still talking about hiring? I guess Raynor needs a job, if only he wasn't campaigning against the dominion, it'd be so much easier to find something for him." "A reminder to all Mar Mesa personnel. Regular nuclear, infestation, bio hazard, and psionic screenings are required for continued employment in the Mar Mesa Research Facility." "Don't remind me." The train was going fairly fast... approaching a wall... "WE'RE GONNA CRA-... oh good it stopped." He looked over at the other train and saw Hill standing there with a briefcase, "what are you looking at!" he wished he said so he could wish he heard. "Contact your radiation safety officer," "Hey what's that green stuff? What is this? Jesus christ look at this place! this is a disaster!" He had taken notice of the green liquids that seem to flow beneath the train. "That's gotta be toxic," he notes to himself. As the train passed over the last inches of the green river he thought, "god the EPA is gonna tear us APART if they find out about that!... Well I'm not saying anything. I don't want to be called to court as a witness on this when the Automaton overheats the servos." "Stand back from the automated door, and wait for the security officer to verify your identity." "LLLLOCKED!" Stetman was mad, the locked door was in his way. "Before exiting the train, be sure to check your area for personal belongings. Thank you! And have a very safe, and productive day!" --- The guard stood outside and looked in the train, "Mornin' Mr. Stetman, looks like your running late!" "Yea, you know what?" Stetman ranted in his head as the guard unlocked the train door and he unboarded. "I don't even care anymore, by the time I get suited up I'll be over an hour late. I figure I'm either fired, or I'm not." He heard something behind him, "Is someone following me?" He turned and checked, nothing. "Ok, good." He continued following the officer. He begin to formulate a plan in his head, "Yeaaa, I'm just gonna stroll in there like I own the damn place! Take my time, maybe get some doughnuts. If I'm fired I could probably jack some office supplies or computer equipment on the way out. I could just stuff things in a big duffle bag nobody'll notice! Y'know Swann is never in his cubicle, I could just walk right in and take his laptop! Heeeellll, I could grab that colored laser printer from accounting, that thing's nice!" WHile thinking this he had followed the guard to a pair of door he unlocked and began to actually enter Mar Mesa. "That's gotta be worth a couple grand right there. Hm, I wonder if it can print money." That's the entirety of Episode one. Six minutes. And it turned into THIS. DoomerX1 Mar 17, 2012
Mar 16, 2012 The Whirlwind. This was worse than he had ever imagined. With one gunshot, the lone soldier had angered both the Protoss, Zerg, AND Terran, by shooting a single artifact and destroying it. Each race blamed the other two for destroying something sacred to them. Some factions of the SAME RACE blamed each other, too. It would be war... Please choose your race, and faction (Protoss Xes, Zerg Ys, etc). Then a name, and unit type. Due to transmitters being assaulted, longer speeches may be better to take advantage of limited radio connections. Start with as many resources as you feel your faction has, etc. Be fair. The planet is an all-terrain, brimming with artifacts and wealth, awesome sort of planet. With lots of bananas. LOTS. Example Zerg Riders Leader : Vultureling The Returned Units : Elite squad of evolved Zerglings Base : A few augmented Spine/Spore Crawlers for defense. Location : In a marsh, surrounded by rocks on 3 sides. Vultureling set up his defenses on his home-world, preparing for war... Vultureling100 Mar 16, 2012
Mar 16, 2012 Looking for Writers! Hello everyone. Dailygamers is a new website that just started. Dailygamers shares ideas and knowledge by expert competitive gamers that play games such as starcraft 2, league of legends, World of Warcraft, etc. We are currently looking for writers for the Starcraft 2 Section. The requirement is Masters League S1-Present at least. Please Email me at Here is the website if you would like to check it out. follow us and/or subscribe for daily updates. www.dailygamers.netLiquidFuu2 Mar 16, 2012
Mar 15, 2012 New SC movie: Trailer Climbing The Ladder: Spread the Word. Mar 15, 2012
Mar 14, 2012 Guns and Steel: Jason's Terran Weapon Shop Greetings, traveller, and welcome to guns and steel, home to the best weapons in the joeray district! Now, I am not part of the black market, so don't bother asking. Too much of a hassle, and I don't like breaking the law. So, take a look around, and if you cant find what you're looking for, come talk to me, I might have it stored away somewhere.Jake129 Mar 14, 2012
Mar 14, 2012 The Crash (Part 6) Last thread was filled, you know the drill.Naitsrich500 Mar 14, 2012
Mar 13, 2012 Question Since there are so many new RPs that just started, do you think that I should delay starting mine until about Easter?Owlfeathers3 Mar 13, 2012
Mar 12, 2012 Clan [Draconis Rising] is Recruiting! If you're seeing this, you have taken some interest in signing up for clan [Draconis Rising] everyone is welcome. we will just chill hang out and play practice matches and customs together. -What does the team actually do?- We're just a group of people who know each other and like to play together. -What are the benefits of the team?- 1) Less chances of trolls in customs, and fun clan wars, custom game events, team tournaments for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, ffa, pvp, ect... 2) Coaching from members in the clan. 3) The clan is part of [Dark Revolution Gaming Community]. -How do I join?- Just add Cryptwalker:495 to your friends list, and we will help you get started with the team. -What does Draconis Rising do for me?- Once this team gets going you can proudly say you were a loyal member to the cause, and might get other bonuses later on! -Is the team well-known?- It's small, but growing, with a very active leader working very hard to make the team great. -30+ members so far and growing fast. - - Clan requirements and info - - - North American clan - 1) Must be over the age of 15. If younger, your membership will be evaluated. You must be a mature player. 2) Skype and a headset or mic is strongly recommended, but is NOT REQUIRED. 3) Your lvl of play and your skill have nothing to do with it, just hear to have fun. 4) Multi-game clan MMO, F2P, RTS, RPS, TPS, FPS and games like Starcraft2, MechWarrior Online, Diablo3, Reign of Thunder and much more. Thank you for your time, and gl hf all! -Chat Channel- must join website for chat channel info. -Website and to join, bonuses for joining the site like rank & award icons for winning game- -Home website- -Our Friends at [Dark Revolution Gaming Community] Website. -[Dark Revolution Gaming Community] YouTube Website. -Live cast for the clan- -Or go to these websites- Mar 12, 2012
Mar 12, 2012 Look for Writers: DailyGamers Hi everyone, Daily Gamers is a website, where expert competitive gamers share their knowledge and experience to everyone. currently we are looking for writers. if you are interested in joining us please send me an email to with the following: Starcraft 2 ID League: Achievements/LANs If you would like to check out the website it is Thank youLiquidFuu0 Mar 12, 2012
Mar 10, 2012 Daily Gamers I've been working on a new website and thought i post it up here. The website is a daily postings of guides, articles, and entertainment by experienced, competitive gamers. Comment on them, or you can even subscribe for the website as well. thanks for your time and let me know if you have any opinions. www.DailyGamers.netLiquidFuu0 Mar 10, 2012
Mar 10, 2012 KONY 2012 VIDEO FOUND HERE : Over the next few days, weeks and months you will be hearing and seeing the slogan ‘KONY 2012′. However, the overall ambiguity of the slogan will confuse a vast majority of you. To quote the organisation behind this campaign, Invisible Children; “KONY 2012 is a film and campaign by Invisible Children that aims to make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice.”. The 29-minute documentary (available above), which has become a viral hit being shared nearly 4 million times on Facebook in the past week, is titled after the infamous leader of the Ugandan guerrilla group LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army). It depicts a war-torn child, named Jacob, who is a former LRA child solider, and his struggle for awareness about the issues that Joseph Kony has caused. The short film calls all supporters to arms on April 20, 2012 to stage their own guerrilla war, but instead of being armed with weapons similar to Kony’s 30,000 strong child army, they will be armed with posters and stickers in what is one of the most diverse political campaigns seen to this day. The campaign will see hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of posters depicting the face of Kony plastered across the globe to achieve this goal of making Kony an infamous celebrity. Director of the film Jason Russell described the 20th April as “The day when we will meet at sundown and blanket every street in every city until the sun comes up. The rest of the world will go to bed Friday night and wake up to hundreds of thousands of posters demanding justice,”. KONY 2012 is one of the most moving viral documentaries available today, and expires at the end of 2012. It’s coming. Text source: Mar 10, 2012
Mar 9, 2012 Joeyrays bar: Buisness Stock Market Im no big stock guy, but there are so many buisnesses in joeyrays its not even funny, im going to try something. People have the option to make there buisnesses open to the public, selling shares at certain amount of creds, and having to answer to shareholders, but having increased income. Buisnesses that open to the public will be monitered and depending on their activity, will have a stock price per share. I assume companys like Fantasy news network would have shares with large worth. I will record shareholders and companys that open themselves to the public, post if you want to open a company to the public and once atleast one company begins selling shares you may buy.Leave questions and activity below. The idea behind this is to give people who buy lots of stocks a big ego and give people an excuse to open tons of stores by opening them all to the public. Also to fantasy, you could add a extra news section on stock jumps.. eh? eh? :P (Public Companys): Aces Pizza!----10Cents a share Raynors Raiders---- 1.50$ A share------ Est. 20Cent Rise every day, bumps up and down every now and then. Igun Company----- 200$ A share-----This stock has not seen any increases but with the new Igun 2g coming out, we suspect a incoming rise in stock worth. Joeyrays Bar---50$ A share. Price varys depending on how many posts are going on. (Shareholders): Jim Raynor---200,000 Shares of Raynors Raiders stocks. Hyperion crew members--10,000 Shares of Raynors raider stocks Universal Terrans---- 226,987,630 shares of Igun stock. Joeyray--- 200 Shares of joeyrays bar stock -Sold 10 stock recentley gaining 500 dollars, pherhaps to pay off some bills? Now at 190 shares Ace--5,000 Shares of aces pizza By selling shares you get alot of income, but also large shareholds have an influnence on company decisions and votes. Company owners automatically own a large amount of their own shares.Terrorz4 Mar 9, 2012
Mar 9, 2012 Alone the Ace Free Thread This is a private roleplay that will be totally free of Ace, entirely, truely and without a doubt, no Ace aloud. At all. Don't even post. Don't do it. K. Ace free. When we last left off... "GET ON THE GROUND!" A group of seemingly vigilante marines scream at you as you 10 jump to the second floor. Laser dot sights point at your face. The Hybrids climb out and shake hands with one of the marines. "A job well done." The Hybrids chuckle... And then... *BOOM* The marines open fire and slaughter the Hybrids. "Now that that's dealt with." They cok their rifles.IraqLobster12 Mar 9, 2012
Mar 9, 2012 Ace's pizza!!! Hello, it's me Ace, I realized, there are no resturaunts in our 'little town'. So here we go!!! You may order: Zeratul's shadow: An all meat pizza, peperoni, ham, bacon, and anchovies. Tychus burns: Peppers, ham, pineapple, and black olives. Ace surpreme: Ham, pepperoni, bacon, pineapple, spinach, and cheese filled crust. or whatever you like, I will make whatever!BcACE12 Mar 9, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 A day to remember part 2 You guys know what to do.wfawwer4 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 The County Courthouse HI!! It has occurred to me that we need some law and order around here. Let's elect some officials, if you have an office to suggest then suggest it here. This place will act as a court, sherriff's office, and everything else gov. related. I'll start! Preservator of the Peace (small town sherriff): In charge of maintaining law and order. Shoots trolls, gives out warnings, and is in charge of reporting the unrepentant to the Higher Authorities (you know who. The scary guys who can make you disappear without an explanation like in 1984). He gets a shiny badge, 500 credits a month, and the power to apoint deputies. I nominate Zanon, he knows the rules well, he has a record of putting down abusive threads (everybody who hates Ace post here incident), and he is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. Don't vote here, the official polling center is located in the breakroom at the news station. Current Ballot: Sherriff: ???TheCommander??? Executioner: HBRB Prosecutor: ???Fantasy??? KnarledOne19 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 KONY2012 Pretty sure that you know what it is.For those who dont know,its a revolutionary project about Ugandan children.Its supported by The U.S government.You can make a change. Here's the link: Here's the facebook page: Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 A day to remember... Ahhh, my new test subjects, how very, very interesting. Changeling, how interesting. How very, very interesting. You were around that Crash people were talking about yes? Again very interesting, the entire idea of, robbing mere Protoss and Terren of their DNA to further enhance your powers is something I would love to look in to. Further investigation hints at your cunning, and calmness. As well as insanity, you'll need those in order to survive my tests. My wonderful, wonderful, tests. Nick, Nick, Nick Nick Nick, I hear you da man! Not like that will help you, at all. Your weapons are quite powerful to be honest, to powerful. I'll be taking those and if your nice, you might get them back. Don't worry though, I'll keep them nice and safe. And about your little, Zerg phobia, Zergphobic I'll say. I do hope you get along with the Changeling, but who knows? You two could end up at each others throats by the time my test is done. Hell it might even be done by then! You be careful though. Might want to keep your rage in. Or you could jepordize more than your life, but the life of others. Like, Jason. I have to hand it to you Jason. You are one crazy bastard. Trying to fight off a level 10 was it? Psychic to save good old Mockingjay from harm. Of course this wouldn't be a test if I didn't do something to test you, so to speak. Take your knife for example. A good old, family knife. Are you a family man Jason? Because if you fail this test you might not have a family to be the man of. I'll take this knife as a parting gift. Same with Nick's weapons you get them back if you behave yourself. Ok? Good. Aximus, congratulations! You are my last student for now, a Protoss Immortal too, I've never studied a Protoss, this should be fun, and might I add I am quite impressed with your modifications to your shell, very powerful. I took the others weapon however but your case is a bit different... Well, I thought of something, it's your lucky day Aximus, you get to walk again! Of course your wonderful powered, modified, enhanced, and augmented suit, is now my property. Lets see, personal logs indicate, oh my, what have we here? A Protoss who survived the battle on Aiur! I must say I'm impressed your still alive, it appears that wasn't the only great battle you lived through, but thats beside the point. Aximus, what would you do if you had to relive those agonizing moments again? Hear the screams of your kin through the Khala as you are forever parted, I grant you that opportunity. Under my watchful eye you shall relive those moments again, and again, and again, and again! Not even your powers will brace yourself for the torture you will endure. And now, my four wonderful subjects, you will soon be placed where I want you to be. You will all suffer, and you will all bring results. Good bye. ------- Sidenote : While your waiting for the official part one you can act as your character. Quick background info - All participating characters were drugged and placed into confinement (where you are now, imagine a small box you can't get out of). Current participants - Zanon, NickDaMan, HowBabysRBrn, and Jake. If you want to add your character submit him/her into "Joey Ray's A day to remember..." and follow the guidelines. If you submitted a character but he/she has not been included yet he/she may A) Be part of a later story plot B) Have had an incomplete submission C) I haven't gotten it yet.iMoDoomerX500 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 Made some SC2 Dubstep =D Hey guys, decided to try my luck with FL Studio and picked it up last night and threw some Dubstep together in a few hours and I'd really like some feedback from the SC2 community.. I have nearly no experience with FL Studio or any DJ equipment but honesty would be appreciated.. Here's the link: Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 Good news Ace is back, and I'm a slow poke (Never been on the forms forEVER)DavidSavyer2 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 300 days "A team is only as strong as it's weakest link" I say to the group standing in front of me. "And right now our weakest link is here, we can't afford to lose earth. We are the last terran and protoss on this great blue planet. And due to the circumstances, it will be 300 days until reinforcements arrive. So until then we must survive the swarm. So load your guns, put your armor on, and put your wits up!" I tell the group. "And now we wait..." Ok so now the backstory... It is a zerg apocalypse, the terran and protoss have teamed up but there are still to many zerg, and since one planet can't be lost it is estamated that it will take 300 days for reinforcements to arrive. Ok now for details, We are in a big fort with a wall around it with a gate in the middle of present day north china plain, there's a gate, it will hold, but not for much longer, also air units can fly right over the wall. Resources are not a problem, numbers are. You can't find any survivors before the zerg do, so now you have one option, take them out at day and come back at night or not at all. For entry post: Name: Race: Equipment: Backstory: Description: Likes: Dislikes: Ok have fun!BcACE2 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Upgrade maker Ok so like Unit creator but only upgrades. I got nothing so you start.BcACE12 Mar 6, 2012