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Mar 9, 2012 Alone the Ace Free Thread This is a private roleplay that will be totally free of Ace, entirely, truely and without a doubt, no Ace aloud. At all. Don't even post. Don't do it. K. Ace free. When we last left off... "GET ON THE GROUND!" A group of seemingly vigilante marines scream at you as you 10 jump to the second floor. Laser dot sights point at your face. The Hybrids climb out and shake hands with one of the marines. "A job well done." The Hybrids chuckle... And then... *BOOM* The marines open fire and slaughter the Hybrids. "Now that that's dealt with." They cok their rifles.IraqLobster12 Mar 9, 2012
Mar 9, 2012 Ace's pizza!!! Hello, it's me Ace, I realized, there are no resturaunts in our 'little town'. So here we go!!! You may order: Zeratul's shadow: An all meat pizza, peperoni, ham, bacon, and anchovies. Tychus burns: Peppers, ham, pineapple, and black olives. Ace surpreme: Ham, pepperoni, bacon, pineapple, spinach, and cheese filled crust. or whatever you like, I will make whatever!BcACE12 Mar 9, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 A day to remember part 2 You guys know what to do.wfawwer4 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 The County Courthouse HI!! It has occurred to me that we need some law and order around here. Let's elect some officials, if you have an office to suggest then suggest it here. This place will act as a court, sherriff's office, and everything else gov. related. I'll start! Preservator of the Peace (small town sherriff): In charge of maintaining law and order. Shoots trolls, gives out warnings, and is in charge of reporting the unrepentant to the Higher Authorities (you know who. The scary guys who can make you disappear without an explanation like in 1984). He gets a shiny badge, 500 credits a month, and the power to apoint deputies. I nominate Zanon, he knows the rules well, he has a record of putting down abusive threads (everybody who hates Ace post here incident), and he is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. Don't vote here, the official polling center is located in the breakroom at the news station. Current Ballot: Sherriff: ???TheCommander??? Executioner: HBRB Prosecutor: ???Fantasy??? KnarledOne19 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 KONY2012 Pretty sure that you know what it is.For those who dont know,its a revolutionary project about Ugandan children.Its supported by The U.S government.You can make a change. Here's the link: Here's the facebook page: Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 A day to remember... Ahhh, my new test subjects, how very, very interesting. Changeling, how interesting. How very, very interesting. You were around that Crash people were talking about yes? Again very interesting, the entire idea of, robbing mere Protoss and Terren of their DNA to further enhance your powers is something I would love to look in to. Further investigation hints at your cunning, and calmness. As well as insanity, you'll need those in order to survive my tests. My wonderful, wonderful, tests. Nick, Nick, Nick Nick Nick, I hear you da man! Not like that will help you, at all. Your weapons are quite powerful to be honest, to powerful. I'll be taking those and if your nice, you might get them back. Don't worry though, I'll keep them nice and safe. And about your little, Zerg phobia, Zergphobic I'll say. I do hope you get along with the Changeling, but who knows? You two could end up at each others throats by the time my test is done. Hell it might even be done by then! You be careful though. Might want to keep your rage in. Or you could jepordize more than your life, but the life of others. Like, Jason. I have to hand it to you Jason. You are one crazy bastard. Trying to fight off a level 10 was it? Psychic to save good old Mockingjay from harm. Of course this wouldn't be a test if I didn't do something to test you, so to speak. Take your knife for example. A good old, family knife. Are you a family man Jason? Because if you fail this test you might not have a family to be the man of. I'll take this knife as a parting gift. Same with Nick's weapons you get them back if you behave yourself. Ok? Good. Aximus, congratulations! You are my last student for now, a Protoss Immortal too, I've never studied a Protoss, this should be fun, and might I add I am quite impressed with your modifications to your shell, very powerful. I took the others weapon however but your case is a bit different... Well, I thought of something, it's your lucky day Aximus, you get to walk again! Of course your wonderful powered, modified, enhanced, and augmented suit, is now my property. Lets see, personal logs indicate, oh my, what have we here? A Protoss who survived the battle on Aiur! I must say I'm impressed your still alive, it appears that wasn't the only great battle you lived through, but thats beside the point. Aximus, what would you do if you had to relive those agonizing moments again? Hear the screams of your kin through the Khala as you are forever parted, I grant you that opportunity. Under my watchful eye you shall relive those moments again, and again, and again, and again! Not even your powers will brace yourself for the torture you will endure. And now, my four wonderful subjects, you will soon be placed where I want you to be. You will all suffer, and you will all bring results. Good bye. ------- Sidenote : While your waiting for the official part one you can act as your character. Quick background info - All participating characters were drugged and placed into confinement (where you are now, imagine a small box you can't get out of). Current participants - Zanon, NickDaMan, HowBabysRBrn, and Jake. If you want to add your character submit him/her into "Joey Ray's A day to remember..." and follow the guidelines. If you submitted a character but he/she has not been included yet he/she may A) Be part of a later story plot B) Have had an incomplete submission C) I haven't gotten it yet.iMoDoomerX500 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 Made some SC2 Dubstep =D Hey guys, decided to try my luck with FL Studio and picked it up last night and threw some Dubstep together in a few hours and I'd really like some feedback from the SC2 community.. I have nearly no experience with FL Studio or any DJ equipment but honesty would be appreciated.. Here's the link: Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 Good news Ace is back, and I'm a slow poke (Never been on the forms forEVER)DavidSavyer2 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 300 days "A team is only as strong as it's weakest link" I say to the group standing in front of me. "And right now our weakest link is here, we can't afford to lose earth. We are the last terran and protoss on this great blue planet. And due to the circumstances, it will be 300 days until reinforcements arrive. So until then we must survive the swarm. So load your guns, put your armor on, and put your wits up!" I tell the group. "And now we wait..." Ok so now the backstory... It is a zerg apocalypse, the terran and protoss have teamed up but there are still to many zerg, and since one planet can't be lost it is estamated that it will take 300 days for reinforcements to arrive. Ok now for details, We are in a big fort with a wall around it with a gate in the middle of present day north china plain, there's a gate, it will hold, but not for much longer, also air units can fly right over the wall. Resources are not a problem, numbers are. You can't find any survivors before the zerg do, so now you have one option, take them out at day and come back at night or not at all. For entry post: Name: Race: Equipment: Backstory: Description: Likes: Dislikes: Ok have fun!BcACE2 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Upgrade maker Ok so like Unit creator but only upgrades. I got nothing so you start.BcACE12 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Invasion So I was wanting to get into the whole role playing scene, but not a lot of the stories have what I'm looking for so I thought I would make one of my own! Here is the back story: We begin the story on the planet of Tarsonis. After the fall of the Confederacy the Terran were able to reclaim much of the planet. Unfortunately for the Dominion, an unknown portion of Zerg still reside on the planet underneath the surface. After Raynor returned Kerrigan to a somewhat human state, the broodmother on Tarsonis has decided to no longer remain dormant as Kerrigan had ordered. Ra'zaga leads the Cavern Brood from the tunnels underneath Tarsonis, to wreck havoc on the surface. Meanwhile, the Terran outpost of New Chancellorsville is receiving the devastating might of the Cavern Brood and is trying desperately to put a stop to them. Unbeknownst to both the Terran and the Zerg, a Protoss flagship is floating in orbit observing the mayhem below. To the victor goes the spoils. Rules and Guidelines to start us off: Any race is acceptable; Zerg, Protoss, or Terran. Any Class is acceptable even ones that are no longer in the actual game. Classes must be defined, e.g. Infestor, Zealot, Marine. Only one class per person. Cannot change class; you must make a new character. (Subject to change) Anyone can join any team. Zergs can be controlled through psionoic ops. Protoss and Terran can be assimilated. Protoss and Terran can simply decide to help or destroy each other. The story begins... A lone hellion is patrolling the wasteland behind the outpost of New Chancellorsville. The same boring routine day in and day out. Why couldn't someone else have this boring job the rider thought. As the hellion rider approached a near by cliff face in order to get a better view of the valley below, he saw the most terrifying thing a settler could imagine. A massive hole in the ground, big enough to sallow an entire regiment of marines, spewing out zerglings. How many were there? A hundred or even a thousand? No time to think, the Zerg have already caught on to the rider. Quickly he speeds off to earn new Chancellorsville about the impending doom...Vladamere43 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 5, 2012 Ask Tychus Findely this thread was inspired by the old "Ask Kerrigan" thread Dear Tychus, i am a siege tank driver serving in the dominion. i feel my job is getting boring and old. we've experienced little kills from the last few days. my treads are rusting up. being a proud dominion tank had been my childhood dream but now it seams dull. what should i do? Rolling Out Dear Rolling Out, first off son you should be servin me with the Raynor's Raiders. second, how could you get bored of blowin the snot out of dem zerg. that firepower and recoil as you demolish your enemies in a fit of blood and gore... beautiful. if it gets too dull then scare the hell outta your mates!!! you should get a ball out of that chillin in the bar, Tychus post more questions and Tychus will be happy to answerdarkra84 Mar 5, 2012
Mar 5, 2012 The Darkness Within a new short story i'm starting, about 10 chapters approx since i've been having a writer's block with my other one, go check that one out too.(fyi the name is Across the Desert Dunes)darkra1 Mar 5, 2012
Mar 5, 2012 Wow...... ace is gone i just don't know what to say.... after all these months...... he finally got banneddarkra41 Mar 5, 2012
Mar 5, 2012 Chat but we would need grack You: what do you want to do? he left :( DoctorCheese: he is just afk he will be back You: ... Grack: 'tis true I will be back. DoctorCheese: grack debates? Grack: sure i can join for one game exercise can wait. ;P You: what if we play moar micro tourney? DoctorCheese: this first You: ok Shimmy: Debates? I remember You: sucha classy name Shimmy: Sanis won by saying Uhhhhhh what was it? DoctorCheese: yeah but sanis wins Shimmy: "Because i say so"? DoctorCheese: everything You: there was a bunch of cool things like this (i think) in sc1 DoctorCheese: mario You: like there was a comedy map where you would type in standup DoctorCheese: come should I drop him? Shimmy: Mario Grack: sure Shimmy: Doc wants you Grack: then we have 6 people Shimmy: You better come DoctorCheese: sanis Shimmy: Sanis is here! DoctorCheese: have my babies Sanis: ? Shimmy: Invite him DoctorCheese: and come here Sanis: why You: and a map where one person controlled a bunch of lurkers and that person would quiz you on random stuff, lowering the lurks to whoever got it right Shimmy: Debates MAN rGScythe: Invite? DoctorCheese: debates rGScythe: Nvm... have fun then guys Shimmy: so yeah once grack leaves Grack: why do you guys always leave when I leave Shimmy: everyone leave You: Do you not like my debates? DoctorCheese: btw doomer nothing personal, I just had a campaign to win Shimmy: Sicne Grack you are our fearless leader You: Yea. Shimmy: Without you we are nothing You: I ran out of time DoctorCheese: Fearless leader Shimmy: Without us you are everything Wait That didnt come out right DoctorCheese: actually when shimmy left You: HAHA Shimmy: Without you we are nothing DoctorCheese: the game automatically ended Shimmy: Without us you can still manage Grack: oh i didnt know that You: :D DoctorCheese: since you need at least 4? 5? people Shimmy: You bring value into our useless lives Grack: let's have a discussion about History Shimmy: Okay DoctorCheese: ok You: sure DoctorCheese: I can do that Shimmy: Cavemen Made the fire Continue someone else DoctorCheese: but what they didn't know You: Dinosaurs warmed their buttocks with fire DoctorCheese: was that the fire was really and evil spirit You: whilst munching on said caveman Grack: of the evil lord Xenu Shimmy: Say "pass" when you want to pass on DoctorCheese: guys we need to do it Shimmy: Or just interrupt >.> You: k DoctorCheese: in an order Grack: pass ok we do it in alphabetical order DoctorCheese: ok Shimmy: first one to repond after pass = the continuer Oh okay So Grack you're first Grack: although no im not Shimmy: No im !@#$ing stupid LOL Doc is first Then Grack thuNdERFist: do what? Grack: how about instead DoctorCheese: anyway, the fire was from the butt of the dinosaur which housed an evil spirit Grack: we add up the letters in uor name our names* Shimmy: Then me than XDoomer OH %^-* ITS DOOMERX !@#$ Grack: each letter has the numeric value of its placement in the alphabet and highest starts first, go down from there DoctorCheese: it's ok I am still first You: ... Shimmy: Grack how about not? DoctorCheese: c is before O Grack: uh well I like my idea You: yea Grack: here, my value is Shimmy: Grack would go first then since DoctorCheese: I am adding up mine Shimmy: His name is shortest DoctorCheese would probably be last Well actually S is pretty %^-*ing far away So im not sure >.> Grack: ok the value of my name is 30 exactly 30 wait no it's not DoctorCheese: 4+15+3+20+15+18 is doctor now cheese is Grack: ok so mine is You: ok um Grack: 7 + 18 + 1 + 3 + 11 so thats 40 DoctorCheese: 3+8+5+5+19+5 Grack: my name has the value of 40 Grack: oh but there's a catch Shimmy: 19 + 8 + 9 +13 + 13 + 25 Damn Grack: we're combining our alphabet with the cyrillic alphabet Shimmy: That's 26 + 17 + 19 + 25 Which is uhhhh Grack: which if you don't know the order of anglo-cyrillic Shimmy: 38 + 26 + 25 Grack: you need to get out more Shimmy: Which is uhhhh 51 + 38 Which is 89! DoctorCheese: 130 is mine Shimmy: I CAN !@#$ING ADD %^-*!ES You: 15 +15 + 4 + 5 + 18 + 25 = 72 fuuuu DoctorCheese: that was fun Grack: lol Shimmy: Wait doomer Grack: mine is so low only 40 Shimmy: Isnt X 23? You: ... Shimmy: Arent there 26 in alphabet? You: no Shimmy: Maybe im stupid lol DoctorCheese: cause your name is 5 letters and Grack: x is 24 You: whaaa DoctorCheese: they are all early in the alphabet You: ohh we dont repeat letters? DoctorCheese: except r Grack: x and then y and then z DoctorCheese: yeah you do You: so 71? yay Grack: x is 24, not 25 DoctorCheese: right You: and I get 71 then Grack: ah ok You: DAMN YOU FINGER COUNTING! Grack: ok so doc goes first and then shimmy and then doomer and then me You: kk DoctorCheese: One sentence each let's do this Grack: let's start at the creation of mankind in a lonely KFC in Africa go. doc first! actually You: and then we waited Grack: i don't exactly like the way we decided who goes first let's do another method DoctorCheese: There was was an equivically quizzacle chicken in the KFC of the world You: why? Grack: oh actually let's go with it You: ok whos next again? DoctorCheese: idk who to spell quizzical Shimmy: As the African stared into the chicken, he developed the meaning of Life Grack: equivically? what does equivically mean? You: The African puzzled the pondering puzzlings of the quisling chicken and decide DoctorCheese: it means uncertain Grack: 40 years pass and with the help of the Crystal Skull of Xanthor's Quizzical roasted chicken, it developed the wheel, fire, oral language, and the rest is history DoctorCheese: so like"unequivical in love" would mean that they are unquestionably in love Grack: i thought isnt that equivocally? DoctorCheese: yeah Grack: not equivically? DoctorCheese: wait sec let me google it Grack: I was just picking on your spelling that's all You: I came for games, I get an english lesson Grack: ;) Shimmy: Doc continue before you google Come on doc DoctorCheese: you are correct grack You: Said Doc DoctorCheese: but something was missing from the quizzical chick, so the big man upstairs added something else to it. it's slant rhyme DoctorCheese: best I could do on the spot ok? You: shim? DoctorCheese: grack is afk QQ Shimmy: The man was later called, "Jesus" by others, despite many claims that say that Jesus was actually a middle eastern man. Grack: im not afk DoctorCheese: oh ok Shimmy: Damn that sentence didnt make any sense @#$% You: "Jesus" bestowed the one commandment DoctorCheese: who is next? You: grack zZz Grack: However, on the night of Jesus' birth, there was born another man: Brian of Nazareth. Born in the stable opposite him, Brian was visited by the Three Wise Men as a baby and would grow up to be labeled as the true messiah thuNdERFist: lol are you doing the life of brian skit? Grack: m-maybe Shimmy: Go doc thuNdERFist: lol You: gogogo Shimmy: hes thinking lets give him time DoctorCheese: brian walked up to the chick and stared quizzically at the querying question eyes of the avian baby Grack: >.< DoctorCheese: *questioning Grack: i hope shimmy and doomer know what i was talking about Grack: and don't veer off topic like Doc Shimmy: No idea LOL Grack: oh DoctorCheese: it's the life of brian Grack: yeah well Doc wasn't really off topic DoctorCheese: but I'm not that mainstream Grack: LOL what Life of Brian isn't really mainstrea m DoctorCheese: just kidding :P Shimmy: This name, Brian, was later on bestowed to a dog of a certain normal family, which gave it the ability to talk and have feelings for the female of the house. anyone know what im talking about? Grack: well Shimmy, you're too young to have watched Life of Brian You: Brian killed the dog for taking his copyrighted name, plus talking dogs creep him the ^-*! out Shimmy: Nonono wtf guys Family Guy You: inoino hey grack grack grack The number of messages that can be sent to this channel is limited. Please wait to send another message. The number of messages that can be sent to this channel is limited. Please wait to send another message. Grack: Brian afterwards decided to join the People's Front of Judea. Bestowed with the task of demonstrating the people's popular opinions on the Roman occupation of Judea. After Brian was caught by the Roman soldiers, he was confronted by Biggus *%*!us (cont) and Pontius Pilate and was selected for martyrdom by the People's Front of Judea, standing as a burning icon and figure for the movement of Christianity in the Roman Empire. The end Shimmy: That touched my heart =( DoctorCheese: well that was a delightful tale all-in-all but she did turn me into a newt Shimmy: Dude I know what to do now! You: now to post it to the forums Shimmy: DoctorCheeese vs Grack Grack: lol doc Shimmy: GOGOGOGO DoomerX3 Mar 5, 2012
Mar 4, 2012 miss me? well feel freeBcACE27 Mar 4, 2012
Mar 4, 2012 Have You Ever Looked Yourself up Online? Okay, I'm almost ashamed that I had to make a whole new thread for this, but I want to ask everyone a question. First, the details. Besides the "Quote of the Day" forum, I always start another forum along with it and let them both run at the same time. I went to DeletionQuality (it's a good site, I suggest you try it out) to see if I made both threads there as well. When I searched enough to find the site, I discovered that I hadn't, so I tried to fnd another forum that had both forums made by me. I decided to put in "Thecommander236" which is my most used profile name on the internet for years. I found, perhaps, hundreds of sites where I posted something online. Even obscure sites or locations that I have long since forgotten and I can't recall going to even though the posts are obviously there and are mine. You don't need to give the details of what you find when you search for yourself on a google or other search site, but I'm curious. How do you feel about what you find when you search for yourself, no matter the terms you type in, online? How do you feel about someone who searches for you in a similar way? Share your thoughts please.Thecommander7 Mar 4, 2012
Mar 4, 2012 Forum Roleplayers It seems to me that most people that roleplay in Starcraft tend to stray towards the forums. I have read through several of these forum posts of several stories and I am impressed. But are all strictly made for the forums? I'm more of a in-game sort of person. I've done Cortex maps several times, but it is mostly trolls for the most part. It's disappointing when I can't even get to meet the greatest of story designers when the trolls ruin the game into nonsense before I have the chance. So, I've started a search onto here to see if I can find any results. So, are there truly any experienced roleplayers out there that still use the game over the forums?Canadia14 Mar 4, 2012
Mar 3, 2012 Forum Roleplay Hi so I recently started looking for a good sci fiction forum RP. I've always like writing about starcraft but I've had no luck finding any RP Forums if anyone knows of any please direct me thank you.Durgan1 Mar 3, 2012
Mar 3, 2012 Outdoor Challenge Help Needed Help needed... Hello, My name is Kevin and as a long term loyal gamer to the blizzard community I am asking for all my fellow gamer's help in voting for us here at this link: Rules state you can vote once everyday until march 31'st if you truly want to help us. Any help from the Blizzard community would be greatly appreciated. Emphysema0 Mar 3, 2012
Mar 3, 2012 Who was Bill, why should we care? There was a dude named Bill, who wasn't a coder but was a designer in spirit... and a coordinator.... ultimately he was involved in the production and design of some of the finest video games we have ever played. He didn't write the code, and he didn't do much artistry, but he organized and motivated a crew of professionals on a mission... read about his mission :D some people ask: "what changed?" now you know.Agnosis0 Mar 3, 2012
Mar 3, 2012 Baikal Cased Small Arms A small and out of the way building sits well away from others, recently renovated and reinforced. It is constructed of steel and concrete, and rather bland to the eye. There is nothing flashy or noticeable about it. Over the entrance is a neon title. The interior of the store is simple. It has a few electric lights lining the ceiling which are usually turned off, the light in the room coming from two plastic-laminate windows which are secured by metal mesh, plexiglass. The walls are unadorned, and some individual benches line two of the walls. There is a chest high counter on the far wall and a metal door leading into the back storage rooms behind it. Several signs are pinned up at the counter. They included signs offering slight disclaimers and the right to refuse service to anyone. Brochures and catalogs are stacked at the corner. Despite being a legitimate business, the place appears to have been constructed with extreme safety in mind. The counter is reinforced with armored plates. Several armaments are kept under it. Recording audio and cameras are present, though out of the way. On top of that, there is a large, darkly humorous sign pinned to the wall depicting a pull-string and bounding landmine set up under the floor-tiles, drawn with a smiley face and an exploding robber. ------- Welcome to Baikal! - a local, family owned import business. We're legally licensed, and all arms are manufactured at the Topol machine&tool place used by the Alliance Marine Corps. All firearms made by Baikal are marketed to those of more orthodox and traditional tastes. They used cased, gunpowder operated cartridges and conventional operating systems. While they may not have the many advantages of modern Gauss technology, many civilians and civil-sector officers often prefer them for their exceedingly low weight and size, lack of overheating, and non-requirement of any power source. Never worry about your weapon suddenly turning into a pellet gun when your power runs down. As long as you have ammo, it'll run. Ever suffered burnt hands or melted furniture when your barrel suddenly glows orange? Our weapons are air-cooled, half the weight, and still won't overheat no matter how much you fire them nor how quickly. For the man or woman desiring an effective, easy to handle, concealable weapon - and willing to handle maintenance and training, Baikal arms is for you. ---- BP-45 Pistol: Steel Framed, Semi-automatic, SA, Short Recoil .45 Super, 12 round box magazine Includes Tritium 3-dot sights, weaver rail, and threaded barrel. Length: 210mm Weight: 1kg MSRP: 1,100 Credits Based on a nearly two century old operating design, the BP-45 is small, ergonomic, reliable, and packs the necessary punch to take down modern organisms. Designed to reliably feed expanding, hollow point ammunition, it's a dependable sidearm for those not constantly expecting open combat an desiring a lighter, more concealable package. GSh-20 Pistol: Polymer Framed, semi-automatic, DA/SA, rotary barrel 9x21mm, 18 round box magazine Includes tritium V-post sights, weaver rail, and threaded barrel. Length: 180mm Weight: 400g MSRP: 1,500 Credits Small, compact, and lightweight, the GSh may be a suitable as a pocket pistol, but packs a lot of firepower. Commonly found in the military and law enforcement, the GSh model is tailored to use armor-piercing 7N33 cartridges. Their smaller size allows larger capacity, while the design itself lets them penetrate through up to 10mm of solid steel plate. It'll easily penetrate Zerg carapace and Level IIIA body armor. SR-7 Battle Rifle: Aluminum Chassis, semi-automatic, short stroke gas 8.58x70mm, 12 round box magazine, bull-pup feed Includes quad weaver rail mount and bipod, with a feed disconnect for covert work. Length: 1050mm Weight: 6kg MSRP: 2,500 Credits We started with a sniper rifle, built a battle rifle, and then packed it into carbine length. With a powerful 8mm magnum cartridge, sub-MOA accuracy, and over 2,000 meter effective range, the SR-7 lets you accurately and reliably engage enemy forces at a safe distance. ---------------- RP-4 Shotgun Polymer Furniture, Pump or Semi-auto action 12ga, 8 round tubular magazine, 3-1/2" chamber Includes feed disconnect, interchangeable chokes, and folding stock MSRP: 800 Credits The most versatile weapon on the market, the RP allows you to use your shotgun in semi-automatic for general engagement, and switch over to pump at a moments notice if you want to load specialized rounds. From breaching to non-lethal to high explosive, the RP-4 can cycle anything you feed it, including 2-1/2" shells to 3-1/2" magnum loads. It comes with a set of chokes that can be threaded onto the muzzle as desired, and can accurately fire 1oz Foster slugs to 150 meters. Simple, reliable, and easy to use, anyone can learn how to strip and exchange parts as necessary, which leaves the RP-4 as the most customizable small arm we offer. ----------- We constantly have new weapon designs shipping in, so check back in the future for a wider selection, accessories, and ammunition variants. Thank you for trusting Baikal Arms.Orthrus9 Mar 3, 2012
Mar 3, 2012 *Deleted* *Deleted*NickDaMan25 Mar 3, 2012
Mar 3, 2012 friends list Hey guys and girls ,im kida lost here i play us but i have frinds in EU can i add them to my FL and play custom games but not ladder and if so how do i go about doing that!? i have tried to add a friend and i keep getting the error''could not find char'' msg? how do i add them?Wolvarine1 Mar 3, 2012
Mar 3, 2012 Alone... (An open Roleplay) Light flashes... Look Around... Glass cubical... Look up... Hatch... Look down... Grated floor... Look to stomach... Bolted down... Hands tied... Alone... Scream... No answer... Struggle... No success... Alone... Intercom... "Oh, oh, oh, good... Come out my pretties... time to play..." Pant... Look to the left... Glass wall... Scream of pain... Bloodsplat... Look to the right... Glass Wall... Scream of pain... Bloodsplat... Look up... Hatch opened... Look down... Blood dripping on grates... Look up... Six inch claw deep in your shoulder blade... Look up... Something bites your face... Knocked out... Alone... Wake up... Pale white room... Light Bulb flashes... Look around... Concieled... Look down... Bolted to a chair... Look up... Shoulder patched up... Face patched up... Look around... Intercom... "Well, this should be interesting..." Look down... Alone... OOC: For starters, I will be using my old systems because they worked out well, so here it goes. No weapons yet, but the equipment charts will be here, have and quistions? Ask, please. Since Ace is banned everyone is allowed to rp! :D You can be Terran, Zerg (But when being Zerg be something sentient that is cut off from current zerg, like the Changeling who can't even communicate with new zerg.), or Protoss. No armor or weapons currently. There are two Majors your character can take, Intelligence, or Brute. Intelligence would be the Problem solvers, the Wizards and Mages if you may say. Brutes are the tanks and such. Each have perks and downsides. In addition you have 13 points to spend in what you major as For Intelligence; Scientist, Strategist, and Pilot Scientist: You major in all things Bio Related. You can crack any sample and learn from it. The higher your skill the more you can crack from something. Strategist: You're a leader, a person who, obviously, looks at thing strategically. Every point you major in this gives you the ability for people to pay attention and listen to you. Pilot: You're a scientist of Machines. Consoles, codes, Vehicles, and weapons are your good sides. Every point you major in this gives you a better knowledge on fixing stuff. For Brute; Gunman, Swordsman, and Grunt Gunman: You're the Techies pet. Whatever he makes, you use. You can use any gun, withstand any recoil. Everyone point you spend on this increases your overall usage of skill with guns. Swordsman: You are a melee man. From Psi Blades to Katanas, you have it down. Every point you major in this will increase your agility and strength with a melee weapon. Grunt: You take the hits for the team, you're a nutshell, much stronger than any other class. Every point you major in this gives you more health. You also have three random perks for anything. It could be Cooking to Running track. Format; Name: Age: Race: Sub Species (if one): Skin Tone: Hair Color: Eye Color: Class: Sub Class Points: (List the three sub classes of your main class and how many points you put in each class) Perks: Bio: Random Info: Friends/Loved Ones: Hatreds: Equipment Charts: Miscellanious: Basics (1 - 5 Cr. or 1 Pc.): Mug: 1 Cr. Mug (Large): 1.5 Cr. Flask: 1 Cr. Flask (Large): 1.5 Cr. Traveler's Cloak: 1 Pc. Bandana: 1 Cr. Rug'taff Shoulder Pad (Damaged): 1 Pc. Face Mask (Minor Gas Resistance): 1 Pc. Hat (Fedora): 1 Pc. Hat (Wide Brimmed): 3 Cr. Kilt (Damaged): 1 Pc. Robe (Any Sort, Torn): 1 Pc. Water (1 Pint): 1 Cr. Water (1 Quart) 2 Cr. Water (1 Gallon) 3 Cr. Juice (Processed, Orange): 5 Cr. Juice (Processed, Lemon) 5 Cr. Cola (Fizz): 5 Cr. Cola (Flat): 1 Pc. Ammo (Projectile Bullet [10 Rounds]): 1 Pc. Ammo (Projectile Laser [10 Charges): 1 Pc. Ammo (Projectile Plasma [10 Canisters]): 1 Pc. Ammo (Rocket/Cannon Shells [1 Zaglass A.T.]): 1 Pc. Advanced (2 Pc. - 10 Cr.): Purified Water Container: 2 Pc. 3 Cr. Purified Flask: 2 Pc. 3 Cr. Jacket (Leather): 2 Pc. Jacket (Fur): 10 Cr. Robe (Clean, any sort): 2 Pc. 5 Cr. Kilt (Clean): 2 Pc. 2 Cr. Traveler's Space Cloak (Heat Sustaining): 2 Pc. 10 Cr. Water (Clean 1 Pint): 1 Pc. Water (Clean 1 Quart): 2 Pc. Water (Clean One Gallon): 2 Pc. 5 Cr. Juice (Fresh, any fruit): 2 Pc. Juice (Fresh, any vegetable): 2 Pc. Cola (Fizz, Clean): 2 Pc. Cola (Flat, Clean): 2 Pc. Weaponry: Plasma Pistol: 3 Pc. Burns Bullet Pistol: 1 Pc. No effect Laser Pistol: 5 Pc. Burns through 1" solid objects Mini Pistol A.T. Rocket: 10 Pc. Tracks Vehicle Treads/Tires Plasma Shotgun: 10 Pc. Burns Spray Bullet Shotgun: 5 Pc. Spray Laser Shotgun: 20 Pc. Burns through 3" object, Spray Spray Rocket Cannon: 25 Pc. Tracks Vehicle Mounter Weapons Plasma Smg: 10 Pc. Burns Rapid Fire Bullet Smg: 5 Pc. Rapid Fire Laser Smg: 20 Pc. Burns through 2" object, Rapid Fire Rapid Rocket Five Burst Cannon: 30 Pc. Fires Five Rockets, Tracks Driver Plasma Assault Rifle: 12 Pc. 5 Cr. Short Controlled Burst, Burns Bullet Assault Rifle: 8 Pc. Short Controlled Bursts Laser Assault Rifle: 25 Pc. 7 Cr. Short Controlled Bursts, Burns through 5" material Rocket Launcher: 50 Pc. Tracks Canopy of Vehicle Plasma Sniper: 30 Pc. 20 Cr. Burns, Pierces Armor Bullet Sniper: 20 Pc. Pierces Armor Laser Sniper: 50 Pc. 3 Cr. Pierces Armor and continues burning behind hole in body Long Range Mini Rocket: 50 Pc. Tracks Fast Moving Vehicle Plasma Minigun: 56 Pc. Burns, Faster than Light firing Speed Depletes Very Fast Bullet Minigun: 40 Pc. Faster than sound Firing Speed Depletes Very Fast Laser Minigun: 80 Pc. Cr. 15 Faster than light, Burns through 1" per second. Depletes Fast Special Weapons: Plasma Cannon: 100 Pc. Giant Tracking Projectile, Burns and Explodes Bullet 'Doom' Grapple Cannon: 100 Pc. Shoots three hooks that shoot through bodies and grapple/pull towards firer Laser Purge: 100 Pc. Solid Beam, Burns through 1' of Titanium per minute, must be mounted. Armor: Basic (You customize and give details, it's YOUR armor): 3 Pc. Advanced (You customize and give details, it's YOUR armor): 8 Pc. Tactical (You customize and give details, it's YOUR armor): 5 Pc. Speed (You customize and give details, it's YOUR armor): 4 Pc. Camoflauge (You customize and give details, it's YOUR armor): 3 Pc. Cloaking (You customize and give details, it's YOUR armor): 10 Pc. Heavy (You customize and give details, it's YOUR armor): 20 Pc. Rebuilding Nano (You customize and give details, it's YOUR armor): 12 Pc. Rebuilding Nano Prototype (You customize and give details, it's YOUR armor): 50 Pc. Plasma Shield Armor: (You customize and give details, it's YOUR armor): 25 Pc. Burn Proof (You customize and give details, it's YOUR armor): 25 Pc. Laser Proof (You customize and give details, it's YOUR armor): 50 Pc. Shield Generator (Attach to armor): 10 Pc. Combat Shield (Attach to armor): 5 Pc. Should start when we have five people ready...IraqLobster438 Mar 3, 2012
Mar 2, 2012 Memes I hate themAliquem20 Mar 2, 2012
Mar 2, 2012 Breakout (Part 2) ---Continued from part one--- Terran surveillance detected. The replicant states. "I see, how troublesome. The terrans may now notice we are here. But in case they have not..." *Blasts camera off wall* "Continue."Zanon470 Mar 2, 2012
Mar 1, 2012 Would you play a video game to help military? Here's a question: How would you feel if you knew the military was analyzing your game play to study the evolution of small unit tactics? Would you want to help if you were asked to be in a think tank that would study how you play something like StarCraft or WOW? It's just a thought, but an interesting one. I am looking at the possibility of marketing a video game that would help predict and find solutions to issues like terrorist attacks, piracy, and small unit tactics. Would you be willing to help?Rae7 Mar 1, 2012
Mar 1, 2012 Welcome to Joeyrays This thread is to explain what Joeyrays is all about. Joeyray's bar is a place for one to chill, have some fun, or have some hard-core Roleplaying. Most posters are humorous, and will accept most ideas. We cut a lot of slack and just expect everyone to have fun. In general, unless an RP is specifically "closed" anyone can join. New-comers should just tryout the zergling and zealot threads as It is well known, and has a lot of RPers there. Get a feel for RPs, and go with the flow. For news about the bar, Visit Fantasy's news-network. If you want to talk to other players outside of an Rp or just to have fun, visit Zanon's bar, or the breakroom. now Some ground-rules Do not troll a thread, people will be annoyed, and try to shoo you away. Its no fun, and if you want to troll, go to the general discussion. Do not deliberately murder anybody in a thread, unless they are being a troll, then it is encouraged, Have proper spelling and grammar, no one likes a post they can't understand Have funFantasy10 Mar 1, 2012
Feb 29, 2012 Across the Desert Dunes.... this is a story i'm beginning. constructive feedback is welcomed, this is the first chapter. CHAPTER 1: “Alpha Delta Sigma Pronto we are nearing drop location” I heard over the comm as we zoomed into the planet’s atmosphere in our drop pods. The roar of the pod’s engines filled the cramped metal chamber as I neared the ground. Hard to think a warpig like me was serving Mensk, the person we decided to detach from. The pod landed with a thud as the walls came apart. All around was desert nothing less and nothing more. Looking around I spotted my 3 war brothers from the warpig mercs. I waved at them but I guess it was hard to tell as so many marines continued to land, eventually my companions were hidden from view. As I approached the rendezvous point after drop my 3 war brothers approached me. “its been some time since we’ve worn these dominion colours” the largest one said, his name was Dalas a warpig marine. “what do you think Delta?” that was me. We each had our own quadrant names. I turned to look at the man who asked the question, Omega, a hammer security marauder. “us elite ghosts have nothing to remorse over, as long as we get the money I’m fine” I reply. Readying my sniper rifle I looked out at the dunes with my scope, shooting a lyote just to make sure everything was functional. “lets get moving” it was Alpha, an ex-dominion firebat aka. a devildog. Suddenly the ground beneath the camp exploded. It was roaches, the zerg haven’t forgot about us after all....darkra13 Feb 29, 2012
Feb 29, 2012 Shopping List for Cruiser Heres what I need guys: 2 carrier shields, outfitted with hardening technology. Armor mods to bring up my little cruiser to 500 armor rating (each point being 1 hp) A long range sensor tower to detect enemies One 250mm strike cannon with underside mount prepared One Hundred 250mm Nanite rounds One Hundred 250mm Concentrated roach acid rounds acid rounds One Hundred 250mm glaive rounds (rounds filled with glaive worms, for dealing with masses of enemies) Twenty four PDDs 2500 hydralisk spines, and 10 guns capable of firing hydralisk spines Twelve carrier interceptors to be designated to my Cruiser an AI to auto aim, control Intercpetors, and generally keep the ship in order A smallish drop ship capable of holding up to 10 people A size and cargo upgrade to fit all this crap along with 9 more bunks for extra crew, and armory for any and all weapons useable by a human being or smaller armor suit. With space for more of course. Lastly, engines powerful enough so that I can move through space at a decent speed, warp capable of course.MATTHIASKUR10 Feb 29, 2012
Feb 29, 2012 Missing: MockingJay Does ANYONE know where Jay is? Seriously. She's been gone for a month now.NickDaMan29 Feb 29, 2012
Feb 29, 2012 Ace Attorney: A lost of a "friend." :DDavidSavyer13 Feb 29, 2012
Feb 29, 2012 What is the most awsome thing you've done? Ever wish you could share your greatest moments? Post a replay or just tell us about something awesome. Me first cause it's my thread, I built four nydus networks, built a bunch of overseers, and flew over the enemy dropping changelings all the way! This granted me vision to constantly bring out new nydus worms four at a time! I overran his base and he gg'd.Dan12 Feb 29, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 Sweet tooth: "special" candy store welcome to Sweet Tooth where we serve the most quirky and exciting candy money can buy. this is what we have for now but knew shipments always come in <code/> GUMMIES: Stimalicous: you tired? well with this gummy you'll be awake for 6 seconds at a time Baneling Blast: we are not responsible for sudden head implosions Concussive Shockwave: this is for those people that want to slow things down. Burrowing Temptation: for some reason you want to bury yourself HARD CANDY: Firebat Fury: you feel your goose getting cooked with every suck. Charging Z: please don't run at the door. Supernova: please eat it outside. our employees are tired of scrubbing flesh and blood off the walls. Nuke-a-Flavour: it tastes amazing but u feel you are missing your limbs LOLLYPOPS: Roachy Goodness: you feel your tongue disintegrating with each lick Blinky: you feel yourself slowly teleport outside <code/> enjoy!!! and haz a nice day VALENTINES SPECIAL: Each purchase will give you a free bag of ultra-lisk love chocolates that will make your loved one fall to pieces.... literallydarkra44 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 Veteran's Day (In Starcraft Universe) I propse a day in honor of my fellow Immortals and myself in appreciation of our sacrifice and service defending our race against the zerg. It is also to remember the brave actions of countless zealots and dragoons in valiantly giving their lives to defend our beloved homeworld, Auir. So why not? Who's with me?Elite2 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 Deleted For bad design Deleted for bad design. Time to try again!MATTHIASKUR5 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 27, 2012 Necron Dynasty vs Starcraft if one of the necron dynasty invaded the sector, could the protoss, zerg, and terran defeat it? or would they get destroyed?Tarzan1 Feb 27, 2012
Feb 27, 2012 What makes you sad? Title pretty much wraps it up. What makes you get all teary eyed? Please be serious here, the last thing I need is people QQing about balance.Vader17 Feb 27, 2012
Feb 27, 2012 An explanation i know everyone thinks i am a main ace hater in all this but the truth is i'm just fed up. a perma ban might have been right. ever since the appearance of ace we have been telling him over and over grammar grammar and quality. maybe now he will finally see the light.....darkra4 Feb 27, 2012
Feb 27, 2012 Funny After Game talk threads Have you ever found some people just funny after your games because you dominate them in a fair game? Well have you ever chatted them afterwards and had an even funnier after-game conversation? I'm not sure about you, but I have and I was thinking it'd be interesting to have a forum where people could post their conversations for people's general amusement. Here's an example of mine: You: ok, jw SOS has reconnected. You: so you called me a noob? SOS: ? You: because i beat you? SOS: yeah You: so if im a noob and i beat you SOS: no i called you a noob cause your a noob You: does that make you WORSE than a noob? thats only logical SOS: now your using some kidergarden logic Gj You: haha ok well SOS: so your a noob and an idiot goes well together You: if someone beats the other person SOS: that wasnt even a game You: doesnt that typically make them the stronger opponent? so SOS: all u pressed was build lings noob You: if im a noob and i beat you SOS: noob You: doesnt that make a noob stronger than you > ? SOS: noob SOS has disconnected. You: so if i post this to a forum, who do you think they will say is better? SOS is not online. You: hm SOS is not online. You: well, idk if u can see this when you get back online, but if I see a fast expand with only one gateway and one zealot down im going to attack you with zerglings asap SOS is not online. You: i think thats the good decision rather than let you get your 18 nexus FE SOS is not online. You: gg SOS is not online. ZeroWing7 Feb 27, 2012
Feb 25, 2012 And it all comes falling down... (Part 2) Thread was filled to the brim, so here's my post to get this started: I start up the computer, and over heard the explaination. "How are you so sure? It could be a bomb for all we know. We need to get this over with so we can get out of here." I open up the pods, mist coming out of them. "Get in them. It's part of the process to recover your memories, so we need to get this over with."Naitsrich454 Feb 25, 2012
Feb 24, 2012 ...... not gonna write anything .......darkra18 Feb 24, 2012
Feb 24, 2012 Pie I baked you one.DavidSavyer14 Feb 24, 2012
Feb 23, 2012 Clan Overdosed - Recruiting! BNET- Clan OD Clan OverDosed was founded by Shraps and Slipknot on December 03, 2001 Clan OD has been out for many years, and has a strong member-base; always gaming with one another as a Team, with an excellent amount of Staff Members, & Administration, always there about 24/7, to help out members with all types of questions, concerns, problems, and etc. Clan OD is m25 Rank Structure Clan, and you have many possibilities to climbs ranks if you do the following. logging in on a daily basis, show interest that you want to be here, Staying active in primary game or other games that OD may support, Ventrilo, and any type of communication tool that helps us see the activity. I would suggest & is recommended to use AIM for any type of Communication within Clan OD as almost every member uses it. 3rd Party programs will not be tolerated so no botting. BM = Bad Manners will not be accepted. Clan OD is a Multi-Gaming Clan. Overdosed currently has divisions in CS 1.6, Diablo2 LOD, Starcraft 2, League of Legends, Broodwar, and many other games. If you do not play any games, and would like to join the Community as well? You are always welcomed to join as that is an option also when filling out the Join Application. Maybe you want to join the Graphics Department? and help out. The decision is yours. Requirements on Becoming a Potenial OD Member.* (MUST Pass your 7 Day Trial Period to become a Potenial Member.) Website: Join Application: Forums: Your Recruiter will be me: Sil3NtKilL(OD)* Clan OverDosed has been a stable in Battle.Net Clans since 2001 and dominating other bnet clans, and is still going strong. Now, that some of our Brood War players are staying in Brood War, we are looking for fresh recruits into the new StarCraft 2 division. First of all, we are looking for any player Master and up, but if you are Gold & lower we are opening a New Division for lower league members. We are looking for mostly Casual players that like to play 1v1's and team games.We also have an "Elite" group that will play in Clan Wars, and do different ladders that happen to pop up in the future. We are always praticing with each other, and learning New Strats & Strategies to become better players in the future. This is just some quick, brief information about the clan, but if you have anymore questions, just shoot me a PM and I will talk to you more. Also, you can add TroubleSome.874 on StarCraft 2 will talk more about you being a Potential Overdosed Member. Hope to hear from you soon. If you are having any trouble by using this Join Application function. My contact info is below. I'm available for any type of questions, problems, concerns you may have. And I will help you throughly with the Recruitment Process. AIM: OD sil3ntkill OD BNET Channel: Clan ODTroubleSome1 Feb 23, 2012
Feb 23, 2012 New Tales of a Diamond Player :) Hey guys! I just got done posting a new Tales of a Diamond Player! Be sure to check it out :) THX! Feb 23, 2012
Feb 21, 2012 Practice Games/Buddies? (right now) not sure where to post this, saw a similar post here so i suppose its ok. basically looking for people to play practice matches with, any race and any league plat and plat atm but i feel like i play at high gold, though i do beat other plats and have lost to a silver here and there so you decide if your rank is a decent match for a GG. Viconaut 944- would like to play now and wouldn't mind someone that is down to become a regular practice buddy, i do play daily. i havn't played much on the ladder this season and im looking for these matches to get the rust off and get back into the game (and of course have fun with other players) hit me up in game or let me know here if you want some casual, no ladder stress games :) thanks edit- i play toss full timeViconaut16 Feb 21, 2012
Feb 21, 2012 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO All my posts got wiped with my name change... Maybe enlisting for a clan wasn't the best idea I ever had.BcInFinitY1 Feb 21, 2012
Feb 20, 2012 Dark Revolution Gaming - Recruiting If you're seeing this, you have taken some interest in signing up for [Dark Revolution Gaming Community] a Positive gaming environment with helpful people. - About us - 1) We are a friendly group of people that like playing all of blizzard many games. 2) We have many events with substantial prizes and good competition in PvP and multiplayer. 3) We like discussing strats, builds, items basically anything and everything dealing with games. -Got a clan? want to join Dark Revolution Gaming, np Come join the ownage! -Sign your clan up and get your forum page and fight other clans in clan wars and other clan vs clan, guild vs guild games! -Meet other clans and guilds and players looking for a home in your guild or clan! - - Requirements and info - - -Chat Channel- must join website for chat channel info. -[Dark Revolution Gaming Community] Website. -[Dark Revolution Gaming Community] YouTube Website. Feb 20, 2012
Feb 20, 2012 Tassadar and Tychus Two of the most dramatic, epic, and straight badazz people on the face of StarCraft, and they are both dead. *Tassadar has never tasted death, and is now an internal spirit.* *BOOM HEADSHOT TYCHUS!*DavidSavyer2 Feb 20, 2012