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Jun 16, 2015 Those Who Watch from the Shadows The city of Augustgrad was busy as usual, car rushing up and down the roads to get their occupants to work or the mall or some other such place. Foot traffic crossed the streets as people talked to people next to them or to others on mobile communication devices, or on social media or via email. The news ran on televisions in windows in electronics stores, new toys sat in the windows of toy stores, taunting little children into bothering their parents into buying them the wonderful new thing.Over all, the streets and side walks were busy and crowded, a perfect cover. Among the hustle and bustle crowd walked a lone man, with dirty blonde hair and luminescent green eyes, a scar running along his cheek, though it was faded. He walked the streets of Augustgrad towards a seemingly random location, though it wasn’t that random if you paid attention to the pattern that he was walking in. He was simply walking around the city to shake any pursuit. And in the center of the busy city stood a statue of the one man that Mason Johnson hated more than even the Ghost that had captured and brought him to prison, the man who had ordered their capture and imprisonment in New Folsom when they weren‘t killed with the destruction of Project Shadowblade; Arcturus Mengsk, Emperor of the Terran Dominion and number one on the Specters’ hit list. The hustle and bustle of the every day life of the city helped to hide the trench coated Spectre, but he still felt naked wearing only his civvies and not his hostile environment suit. If he had to guess, it was because he knew that the Ghosts were out there on the streets too, walking around as though they were normal citizens as well. Hell, Mason envied them in a way, their ability to just dress up and walk around with their knives and guns hidden under a regular jacket, possibly some fake letterman’s jacket, maybe just a poofier one, not like most Spectres though, they got stuck in trench coats for reasons that made sense only if you looked at it from their point of view. He wore the trench coat to hide not just his pistol and combat knife, but his delivery to one of the Wrangler stations; a high explosive bomb, shaped to maximize shrapnel output and minimize left over evidence. He didn’t think they’d do much damage since Wranglers just sat around until a call about a kid with potential came in, then they retrieved and delivered and even then there were two or three Wranglers max in any one station. Mason could still remember his retrieval, or at least he could since he‘d first used Terrazine. He still wore his lucky silver cross from when he‘d first started the treatments. He might have peculiarities, but not like some of the others. As he walked, he let his mind drift back to that day.Zarkun73 Jun 16, 2015
Jun 16, 2015 End Time (Story) The deed was finished. The Overmind’s body was vaporized by the righteous fury of the Spear of Adun, heralding a new age for the Firstborn. The scattered feral Zergs on the ground fell easily to the seasoned Protoss on the ground. Aiur was once more under the Protoss. Though the land was badly infested, time would see that the lands heal. Time would see that the Protoss rebuild their society That was what Rasiz thought as the last vestiges of the Overmind burned away to nothingness. Yet for the Nerazim, time suddenly stopped briefly. The last thing he remembered was a blinding light of shadow over the horizon and dreadful chill took over his entire body. The immediate telepathic screaming of many came right after. Grabbing onto a ledge for support, he pulled himself up to his feet and took this moment to survey what was happening around him. He felt only one emotion in the air whirling like a mad tempest. It suffocated Rasiz. Fear. Maddening fear. That was all that Rasiz could feel from the adherents of the Khala and it drowned out all other thoughts. So loud was their fear that Rasiz could barely hear himself think. Down the ruined street. he saw three of them, thrashing around and swinging wildly at the air, utterly out of their minds. He saw only shock in their faces. The screams continued and Rasiz could only shudder at what caused the stoic and disciplined Khalai to completely lose their sense of self. There was only one thing to do and that was to knock some sense back into them. Quickening his pace, he made his way towards the confused and aimless zealots. He grabbed one by the shoulder and to his surprise, the zealot broke down in tears. “Calm yourself! Remember who you are! This isn’t you! Tell me your name Templar!” It was no use. The zealot was still despondent. Rasiz could sense intense turmoil inside the zealot’s mind and though he knew it would not be right to privy he took a deeper look. She was lost and confused, but more than anything she was afraid. Afraid of what? Was it loneliness? Was that the feeling he was getting from her? Yes, it was an overwhelming fear of being alone. And it felt cold, so cold. It disturbed the Nerazim deeply. And the other two ahead of him, were they also afraid of being alone? Leaving her alone for the time being, Rasiz went to check on the other two. Both gave him the same feeling of distress as the first zealot. No doubt other Khalais were experiencing the same thing. Unquestionably, the dark light that enveloped his senses earlier was responsible for this disaster. Yet, why wasn’t he affected? As he pondered this question, something crashed down by the old ruins of Antioch, some 100 meters away. He looked up at the dark skies to see only a sea of fire raining down on Aiur.Animus2 Jun 16, 2015
Jun 15, 2015 An important Notice. Not all has been well in my life lately. I've been getting lazy an unproductive. All actions (or lack there of) have consequences. For me, this comes in the form of limited internet access outside of work/job-hunting. Don't expect to see posts from me on the weekdays for a while. I apologize for any inconvenience this will cause. @Zanon: If you want to continue without me on the sidestory in DH, I'm totally cool with this. I have more than enough faith in your skill as a writer to pull off Seraphim. Just don't get him killed. @Anterograde: Given the pace at which Corporate Law is moving, I'm fine with taking my leave from the roleplay if I'm holding it back. In regards to SS, I will be working on my Naga race when and wherever I can and will hopefully be able to upload them by this weekend. Thank you all, War.Warhawk4 Jun 15, 2015
Jun 13, 2015 Gate Project Reboot PRP PRP OP: A group of about 200 people are gathered in a large meeting hall. A gruff man stands in front of the group with a middle aged woman and a relatively young Protoss sitting to the side away from the main group, these three are obviously in charge. "Welcome to Gate Project, a subsidiary of WOLFs Head Corporation. For those of you not familiar with the WHC we work well outside of and beyond the Dominion, the Umojans, and the Protoss Hierarchy. You have been recruited from within the ranks of WHC as well as all over Terran and/or Protoss space and all walks of life. You have been selected to be a part of an expedition to new and uncharted territory. A few months ago, an ancient installation that predates everything previously found in the Koprulu Sector, and also created by a previously unknown race, was found deep beneath the ice of a frozen world that we believe had once been lush and green. The installation is mostly intact and inside a moderately sized dome from what seems to be a long since deactivated shield. The most interesting thing however is the large 30 foot diameter ring covered in strange symbols at the heart of the, for lack of a better description, city." The wall behind the man giving the briefing comes alive showing sectional and full pictures of a large ring with strange markings that looked like constellations on the inner ring. "Upon closer examination the ring, which appears to be a warp gate of sorts from long before the Xel-naga came through, has a single set of coordinates locked in, which is in the form of 9 of the symbols on the inner part of the ring. The techs have decided to nickname it the 'stargate'. We dialed the address and got a solid connection as well as managed to send an observer through. There is an instillation that appears to be just like the 'gateroom' on this side except that it seems to be in much better shape and much warmer. The techies believe we should be able to send a decent sized expedition through the gate before the power source depletes. You are to be that expedition. If you want to back out do so now so we can get a replacement in. You'll spend the next month or so here training and preparing for when the expedition gets underway." You are part of the Expedition specializing in one of various skill sets. Medical personnel, Military, Scientists et cetera. This RP is not going to take place in the Koprulu sector nor even in the Milky Way. You'll begin on the Hercules-class Transport ship as the briefing is wrapping up. If you have ever watched the TV series Stargate Atlantis yes this is similar. There will be some humans scattered on different worlds but will generally have very little in the way of tech and be entirely native to that galaxy. Also there won't be any contact with the Koprulu sector for a while in the RP as the gate won't have the power for an intergalactic wormhole thus trade with the indigenous populations will be a must, more friends is a good thing. Interstellar wormholes between gates will be the main mode of travel between planets and star system. There will NOT be any zerg allowed no 'ifs, ands or buts' about it. Terrans, Protoss and Mozan will all be available. CMC grade Power armor is available but so is most of what is available to the WHC. Please keep use of heavier armor to a minimum if possible due to lack of resources and ability to recharge, at least at first. Protoss may of course have zealot suits or High Templar armor etc. but please don't have an immortal/dragoon or mech bigger than a sentry or observer(an observer is sketchy to have though and I will have to debate on it) there will also be several protoss probes but their ability to warp in buildings will likely be nullified given the distances involved and lack of warp network. There will also be a few SCV's for 'grunt work' that can't be done in regular armor. Also going to limit the numbers, and powers, of Psionic Terrans. I would love a decent mix of scientists, medical personnel and military crew, now this does not limit scientists and medical personnel from having weapons or combat experience/training/abilities but please don't only make military personnel. Just about everyone will be going on off world missions. SteelWolf is my official Co-/Sub-DM for this. His word goes unless I over rule it. ^RPer name^ Name: Race: Age: Primary field(s) of training: Abilities: (such as snipe, stimpack, hacker, etc.) Appearance: Equipment: (Armor, weapons, etc.) Backstory: Mozan: The Mozan are similar to werewolves yet far different. They can shift from a humanoid form into a ‘feral’ form. Their humanoid form is that of a normal human (skin color varies) with the exception that they have wolf ears and a wolf tail (fur color varies). Their feral form is exactly as it sounds, full wolf (type of wolf/fur color varies). Mozan also have little to no psionic potential. Mozan are usually born in groups of 4 though groups of 2-6 also happen but are very uncommon. Single births are next to completely unheard of from Mozan. They are usually born planet side, though sometimes they are born on starships, and almost entirely raised on a planet. Until they turn 4 they are raised as what would be a mix of wolf pup and a Terran child. At the age of four they begin their 'schooling' which is more like a mix of military school and a normal terran school. The Mozan evolved on a small world, roughly the size of Venus, which was covered in green and blue, located in a remote area on the far edge of Protoss space, from Dominion space. They have a tribal democracy for government and have colonized every world in their system but tend to distrust other races. They have had very limited contact with other races. They have technology that rivals the Protoss. Although Mozan society is deeply rooted in tradition they tend to be more innovative with their use of technology. Mozan are very loyal to their ‘packs’ which generally act in the same capacity as families. Packs can however take on many different forms, such an example is a squad or battalion might organize itself in the form of a pack with the highest ranking officer being the ‘alpha’. Main Equipment Available: (for details on WHC gear please see post 2 on: Custom gear from each rper is allowed but will be heavily scrutenized and debated between myself and Steel on whether to allow or not. Protoss have too little cannon weapons/tech so feel free to come up with a bit of custom tech for them WHC Jumpsuit (standard 'softshell') Fatigues WarWOLF armor OmegaWOLF armor TechWOLF armor NightWOLF armor (can be standard light combat armor) ShadowWOLF armor CMC 300 armor C-14 Gauss Impaler Rifle AGR-14 Assault Rifle P-38 Scythe Pistols Needle gun Slugthrower F-173 'Mauler' Shotgun M-114 'Seeker' DMR M-7015 'Mosquito' LBR Mk. 8 'Fang' SMG MSW-5 SMG 'BlackWOLF' Pistol MT-8 Xane Combat BladeTheLostMorph146 Jun 13, 2015
Jun 9, 2015 Objective: Survive 1x1 (Mark and Zarkun) System: Sarcarion Planet: Unknown Location: Unknown Time: 0400 Hours Shipboard Objective: Find The Distress Beacon Sent By The A.A.S. Ship Eternal "Hello, I am Dropship XZY700091253's, or Zeus' Wrath's, AI, but you may refer to me as Maria. At 1600 hours shipboard time on the A.A.S Ship Guardian, a distress beacon was detected on an unknown planet in the Sarcarion System. Your mission is to find the source of the distress beacon and secure it for pick up by Dropship BRI8000498375. You will-" Maria's voice cuts out as the pilot can suddenly be heard cussing rampantly and seen fighting with the controls, attempting to level the ship. Something had forced the ships into a 90 degree drop and could now be seen heading straight for the ground. As the ground slowly grows closer, the power in the ship slowly begins to fade, indicated by the sudden flicker and then failure of the lights in the passenger compartment. The last thing you see before the world goes dark is the pilot hit his eject button. Link to the original: Link to the Reboot: This one is for me and Mark, to give the bar a...test run, of sorts. If 1x1 formatting works out alright with this one, I suggest we start doing to maybe help create backstories for characters or just have a fun RP. Regardless, cheers folks!Zarkun7 Jun 9, 2015
Jun 8, 2015 Looking for a coop arena UMS map for SC1 Is this forum alright mods? You chose your player on the lobby, based on your race you'd get a hero, you could use a marine, dark templar, ghost and goliath iirc. The arena your hero spawned fit somewhat on the screen, and it had several minions and one very tough boss, your team had to kill the boss to move to the next level. The bosses were visible north standing on their pillars. You leveled the hero by killing enemies on the arena, upgraded their stats, bought minions for yourself if you wanted, or bought protoss probes for a full heal. As you reach the end the enemies just mass in huge quantities and it just gets hectic in general, the penultimate boss is a battlecruiser and the minions guardians, they just make a "flower" of guardians around you, and finding where the battlecruiser is to click on him is quite the problem (towards the end you are just mashing the probes button as no amount of defense can cover the damage you receive). The final boss has ghosts that spawn on the arena walls, and just summon nukes constantly. I think the map was korean and I searched several times across several years and had no luck finding it again. Wonder if anyone has any clue to help me out :Dgia3 Jun 8, 2015
Jun 7, 2015 Mission 2: Bait and Switch K0-0RG 1S_WRL-MDL1_PRD-MAIN The Realm and Sovereignty of Russvalen. The day's leaf storms had just come to an end. Even though a golden-orange sliver of sun was still watching from the horizon, the branches of the nearby trees were already beginning to creak softly with the exertion of their nightly regeneration. The nightbirds weren't active yet, which Croyen considered unfortunate, but at least the dayworms had bedded down for the night. He glanced at his watch, then back at the boulder in front of him. The etchings on the surface were meaningless to him, but he was assured by his employers that they were incalculably old... and rare. "Intentionally created weaknesses in the Third Wall are extremely uncommon," Mr. Lu-ya had said. "Particularly this kind; ones made from inside their universe. Most breaches come from the outside, or form accidentally during catastrophes of an environmental, magical, or technological nature. After all, since seeing the Void is easier than entering it, most people capable of creating an opening like this are aware of the dangers associated with other worlds... and the big black Lack Thereof. You guys are lucky we made contact before anyone else did." Croyen had no frame of reference regarding otherworlders, but the Corporation had always treated him fairly. He had no reason to suspect their word, and he reasoned that even if they fed him nothing but lies it didn't really matter. The pay was good. That, in his mind, was what counted. Others disagreed, not so much on the 'pay is what counts' issue, but on the nuances thereof. It was clear, Croyen admitted, that the Corporation employees who came through the portal were usually not extremely fond of their employers. It was also true, he imagined, that the Corporation was capable of paying him a lot better than it was. Finally, it was most likely true that what they did pay him was probably all but worthless to them, which was why they were so willing to come through on the pay. He had difficulty caring. Did it, in the end, matter if Lu-ya's employers were hoarding vast riches? Did it really matter if their native contractors were paid only the most infinitesmal of fractions of the wealth they produced for the Corporation? Not in his opinion. Croyen knew well the otherworlder story of the man who killed the golden goose. He was not about to seek some fabulous otherworld technology if, in doing so, there was a chance of losing the little things he already enjoyed. Little things like a nice silver watch, some extra coin to line his pockets, a coat that would never wear, and a copy of Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm. A head popped out of the leaves a few feet away. "Hey, Croyen! What's taking 'em so long?" "I have not received any communications since our mission briefing yesterday," Croyen told Darya patiently for the fiftieth time. "Thus, if they were late, I would not know why. As it happens, they are not. They are due in precisely fifty-five seconds," he added, glancing back at his watch. "Best get out of that heap unless you want to embarass yourself." "Fine, fine," the Molekin grumbled, struggling his way out of the pile of leaves. Croyen allowed himself a small head-shake of disapproval. Why was it that nobody else could seem to grasp the concept of portal timing? It wasn't like waiting in an inn for someone on a three-day journey, where if they weren't there ten minutes before the designated time they were going to be late. These were portals. You couldn't see them coming until they were there. Croyen rather liked the concept. Portals allowed people to be perfectly punctual. "Dig up the chest," he ordered. He preferred doing things himself, but to go digging through the loam himself when there was a young, strong Molekin present was just foolish. He stepped closer to the portal and focused his attention on it, holding his breath. Activation was due in thirty seconds, and he had never quite lost his fascination for it. Exactly as his watch advanced to the ninth hour of the day, the stone cracked. Croyen jumped. That was alarming. Could something have gone wrong? What would happen if the stone simply broke? His concern was, fortunately, unnecessary. Several more cracks ran their way through the rock, then the stone's surface seemed to pull inwards, shattering like glass. He breathed a sigh of relief as he spied the familiarly vague sight of the room on the other side of the portal. Two men stepped through. He recognized them as members of the previous expedition. Before he could give Darya any orders, a slim figure stepped through after them, clad in a heavy cloak. "Should probably let the others know that, too," she shouted back through the portal. Croyen inclined his head slightly. "Greetings, friend. I am Croyen of Kasset. Welcome to Russvalen and Cycleos." He cast a glance at Darya, who instead of politely greeting the person was just staring, motuh slightly open. Croyen raised an eyebrow, then realized the problem. The woman was wearing the trousers and tight-fitting tunic of a man. He hadn't noticed, having become accustomed to the strange garb of otherworlders. "Boys," he muttered, rolling his eyes. "So, where are we going?" An odd-looking man says, climbing through the slightly misshapen portal. A few more come through; another, more conventionally dressed woman, a man with particularly odd hair, and a few of the usual bizarre aliens. Croyen glanced at a small checklist, then tapped his watch. "Mr. Lu-ya? Mr. One? I believe I have received everyone on this end. You may deactivate." "Copy that, Croy. Closing doorway now. Good luck." Shards of stone flew at the portal opening from the other side, fitting together neatly. In about four seconds, it was once again an almost-ordinary stone. "I am Croyen of Kasset," he said, introducing himself again. "This is my colleague, Darya of Ru-Kasset. Forgive his momentary speechlessness, as he has never met unHyded aliens before." Indeed, if seeing a woman with trousers had shocked the boy, the arrival of the others had probably caused him some sort of permanent damage. "We will escort you to Kasset."KnarledOne316 Jun 7, 2015
Jun 5, 2015 Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 36) Continued from Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 35)Zanon499 Jun 5, 2015
Jun 4, 2015 [PRP] [Horror] Things in the Dark (WIP) Hello Everyone, After coming across a brief story on my little wanderings across the internet, I seem to be infected with the inspiration to write up something we could host and participate in. The title is a pretty heavy work-in-progress, but I'll see if I can improve it as I go along. Because this will be my first real role play that I will host I certainly expect a few small issues, but I'll certainly try to give it my all. Now with that brief bit of preface, on to the story. You will be taking the role of freshly-hired guards and employees brought to AR4593, a recently-established research outpost on cold fringes of a dying star. At the absolute border of Korprulu sector, this research facility's particular quirks make communicating with the outside world exceedingly difficult. The local star's unusual radiation and strange gravitational field make subspace communication unreliable, mandating weekly check-ups and reports to ensure the proper status of the underground research facility. Recently, reports of the failing nuclear reactor and bizarre mental status of the previous employees has mandated your arrival to act as maintaining engineers and, if necessary, enforcing agents of law and order to ensure the well-being of as many of the crew members as possible. I recommend making up a new character rather than relying on previous incarnations and pre-existing ideas, as the possibility of your characters dying is a very real one. This is a horror roleplay, after all! I hope to drive this story through the fashion of the environment around you, as well as the reactions you in the hopes of creating a more organic atmosphere, rather than fights and flashy moments. Sign-up Sheet: Character Name: Character Age: Character Role: [Engineer/Officer/Scientist (W/speciality)/Other (Upon Approval)] Character Equipment: Particular Quirks and History: All characters posses a simple HEV (Hazardous Environment) suit with the basic slew of life-support systems and sensors, as well as a common mesh-based radio uplink. One should note that the radio uplinks rely on proximity to transmit information, so don't expect to communicate with one another half the base away unless you're hooked up to the base's transmission systems. Solid rock is a terrible communication medium, after all. I may occasionally post a bit of music for you to listen to, to act as a setting for the environment. They're perfectly optional to listen to, but I'd encourage you to at least give them a try.morrjo7 Jun 4, 2015
Jun 3, 2015 Day I reboot Been thinking of reworking my rp of Day Infected. Focus more on the combat and missions than the economy, character progression and personal story lines. I was wondering who would be interested? This would be a full restart back on Ruusan or whatever the name of the planet was. (Currently my word refuses to show me my documents.) It would be happening right after Jim is captured and Sarah has escaped to Kaldir giving about a month or two before the events of char. (I will not be keeping the time line due to lack of understanding how long the zerg campaign takes.) Instead of focusing on the infected aka zombies it will be more of a mixture. I will allow some none cannon races such as Mozans and other non zerg races. Bases will be reworked as well as the cities. Start out with basic weapons until team reaches the base which then final tier armor, weapons, abilities will be allowed. I want to have at the very lest five roleplayers. If I can get enough support I will start working on the lore, storyline, missions and etc during my free time.Steelwolf20 Jun 3, 2015
Jun 2, 2015 Roll to Dodge: The Return of the Emperor In this thread, players may in their posts Attempt to do things. An attempt could be anything from trying to Spawn Moar Overlords to eating cake to conquering the earth. All could potentially be fatal, or could make you rich! I (or another qualified person) will roll a die to determine your level of success. Providing example: Bob: I attempt to cook a pot of soup. Roll 1, lethal failure. Bob's soup is so bad that he dies instantly and his body is charred to ashes on the spot. Bob is now ashes: Dead. Roll 2, failure. Bob's soup tastes awful, so bad he begins vomiting violently. Bob is now Vulnerable. Roll 3, grey area. Bob eats a bowl of the soup, but it's not appealing. He leaves the rest. Bob is now either Fine or Vulnerable, dependent on magnitude of attempt. Cooking soup is mundane. He is Fine. Roll 4, success. Bob makes a delicious soup. He eagerly eats it all. Bob is now Fine. Roll 5, great success. Bob's soup is so good he opens a soup restaurant, which is immediately successful. Bob is Good. Roll 6, extreme success. Bob's soup is fantastic! It raises his psionic index by 2 and gives him eternal life. Bob is Great. You may get tags from actions. THis is what they mean. Keep in mind that I might not enforce them if I take pity on you, get irritated by you, or am simply too lazy. Tag scale: Exiled - out of the game unless someone specifically summons him. Cannot roll. Dead - could be revived accidentally or on purpose. -2 to all rolls. Injured - not in the best shape. -1 to all rolls. Vulnerable - off balance. -1 to Dodges. Fine - nothing wrong here. Good - feels pretty good. +1 to all rolls. Great - things are going very well. +2 to all rolls. Giddy - sick with happiness. +3 to non-Dodge rolls. Prepared - ready for anything. +2 to Dodges. Godlike - SOMEBODY STOP HIM! +3 to all rolls. Cannot be Killed, Exiled, or Injured. All players begin Fine. If higher than Fine, will lose one rank each turn. If lower, action must be taken to raise rank. If someone Attempts to do something nasty to you, you have to Roll 2 Dodge. The die will be rolled for you to determine how much damage you suffer, if any. In addition to being a qualified operator of the Dice of Power, I also represent the Celestial Court, to which you can appeal if you are Exiled for a couple of turns or if you feel you've been wronged. Qualified Rollers: The Original Trio Zanon KnarledOne Animus ShadowFury *tentative* *Note that each roller may use a variant of the rules. Anyone else who thinks they have what it takes may apply to the Celestial Court for a chance at Rolling the Dice. If "we" like your work you could become qualified. Make your Attempts.KnarledOne485 Jun 2, 2015
May 31, 2015 Mission 3: Runes and Ruins Caleb's Rock was one of the last of the World's coastal towns. Once upon a time, the western coast was lined with villages, docks, and harbors, practically all the way from the mountains to where the Great South River poured itself into the sea. That was years ago, back when the Swamp Folk controlled the coastline. They killed the leviathans that threatened the shore, brought protection to all who lived there... and enslaved both man and beast as they saw fit. Perhaps things were better now that they were less prosperous. Matchen loved the place. He'd lived here all his life, fishing off the coast and hunting the kraken and sharks with his brothers. It was on days like this, when a strong wind pulled at his hair and the Lights shown brightly in a cloudy sky, that he felt like there could be no better place in all the World. There was another reason to be happy today. The Swamp Folks' Doorway would open. The dark ones had made no such announcement, but it was obvious. Two of them had emerged from the Swamp, silent as the shadows, and taken up positions near the Doorway. They had already opened it and brought someone through a few weeks ago. They usually opened it once a month, but already they had opened it twice this month, and seemed to be preparing for a third time. The Doorway was exciting. Matchen wasn't sure exactly what it was all about; the Swamp Folk guarded that knowledge jealously, and those who came through the Doorway never spoke to the villagers. But he had been able to look through it, just for a moment, as it opened, and the strange room and fantastic creatures he had seen on the other side still haunted his dreams and imagination. He glanced up at the sky. Lei and Vyaht were fighting for the center of the celestial stage, as they always did this time of year. Lei was his favorite of the Lights. It was said that it was named for the Ancient who first hunted the leviathan, and it served as a sign of courage, ambition, and the hunt. Alas, there were no leviathan left, or very few. He would likely never have the chance to hunt one, no matter how he prayed to Lei for the chance. Suddenly, he heard the noise he'd been waiting for. He crept eagerly towards the Doorway, trying not to attract the attention of the guards. The surface of the stone rippled slightly, then seemed to fall in at the middle, spiraling like a whirlpool. The stone fell away from its own edges, leaving an opening. The room on the other side was different this time. There were tables. The light was a different color. The creatures on the other side were human. Matchen jumped as he heard a hiss from just behind him. He turned, eyes widening. One of the Tattooed Ones stared at him, eyes hard as flint and glowing like coals. The Runes that covered his body seemed to steam as though with anger. Matchen fled. He glanced over his shoulder, and saw a group of armored men emerge. One day, he thought. One day I'll get to walk through the Doorway myself.KnarledOne75 May 31, 2015
May 29, 2015 I am Drunk I am drunk and therefore it is a given that I miss people that I haven't talked to in forever. While I may not be back for RP'ing, I definitely miss the friends that I've neglected here. So I came back to say hi and I'm going to leave this tab open so I don't forget about it (and I won't, I don't get that drunk ever, I swear guys). So hello!Thecommander12 May 29, 2015
May 29, 2015 New to StarCraft, Looking for Friends/Tips Whats up guys Nadebot here. I recently decided to take a break from Console Gaming and get into PC Gaming. Im new to StarCraft but learning quick. I know Im nowhere near alot of you guys but Im looking to meet new friends and take tips on how to better my game along the way. If interested in adding me and helping me learn and become a good player send me a Friend Request. NA Servers : Nadebot#1723Nadebot4 May 29, 2015
May 29, 2015 Role Play *I sit down at a bar and order a drink.* (open Role Play)WalleRas8 May 29, 2015
May 28, 2015 Combination time! Okay everybody, I want whoever cares enough to open this thread to take any two units from starcraft 2 HOTS melee and combine them to form a brand new unit! Get creative and suggest how they could be used in the game. It is A-OK 2 B OP. In fact, I encourage it. Here are a couple rules. 1. A combined unit MAY NOT have any features which neither of its parents had. 2. One parent unit may be worked into the ability of another. For example, if you were to combine the overseer and the baneling, you could get an overseer (New name here) which dropped explosive changelings. Please take note that the changeling is not counted as a separate unit but rather as a part of the overseer. 3. Cross-race combining is allowed! Go for it. 4. Please try to avoid lame names! You could combine a pheonix and a seige tank to make a quick flyer with the ability to fire seiged tank rounds. (Good for harassing mineral lines and kiting armies) Please do not name it a Pheonix Tank or some similar uncreative name! 5. You can combine a land and an air unit but it can be only one of those things unless you choose viking as one. 6. No buildings. Buildings? Why on earth would you use buildings??? 7. Please respond! I don't want to feel like an idiot when nobody replies to this. Update: If you want to add lore, go right ahead!Dan7 May 28, 2015
May 28, 2015 The Starcrap Universe Note: Wrote this way way back after WoL was announced. And the events here happened between Broodwar and WoL so please mind the time line. This story is only meant as a joke to make your day. Enjoy ^-^ Kerrigan in her primary hive cluster on Char is furious about some thing„ Overlord 1: What is troubling you my queen? Kerrigan: Amassing armies for four years and designing battle plans to perfection and now this how can I miss this? Overlord 2: What my queen? Kerrigan: Crap! The entire hive is full of it. Overlord 1: What did you expect my queen of course there is going to be plenty of it. You specifically ordered that you want your warriors to be well fed for them to evolve properly. If you put some thing in naturally some thing has to come out. Kerrigan: I didn’t ask for your opinion minion! Do some thing about it, hide it, throw it, eat it, I don’t care just get rid of it by next week. Overlord 1 and 2: Yes my queen. Kerrigan leaves Overlord 1: You do it! Overlord 2: Why me? Overlord 1: Whose idea was it to mass ultralisks in the first place? Who told her highness, “My queen what you need are more ultralisks they will be unstoppable”. Overlord 2: Alright! I’ll do it. Overlord 1: Oh yeah. Are you done with her majesty’s assignment to come up with a new strain for the swarm? Overlord 2: Oh crap! I almost forgot it is due next week and now I have to clean the entire hive as well. Overlord 1: Good luck, or else you’ll end up like the others. A week later, Kerrigan found her hive cluster spotless clean (for zerg standards) and decides to check up on Overlord 2. Kerrigan: Well overlord? Have you done what I ordered you to? Overlord 2: Yes my queen Kerrigan: Well where is it? The overlord reveals to Kerrigan a scaly slug creature without legs and has a grinding mouth parts with a huge posterior at the other end of its body. Overlord 2: Tadaaah! My queen I present you the Crapbaglisk. Kerrigan stares at the very strange creature for a while. Kerrigan: From the looks of it I’m not impressed. Where is its head by the way? Both of its ends look’s the same to me, as if it’s got an !@# for a face or a face for an $%^. Overlord 2: Its head is the end with the chewing mouth parts, highness. Kerrigan: Oh I see, so what does it do exactly? Overlord 2: My queen it does everything you wanted. It eats crap efficiently, stores it inside its body and can launch it over long distances. Kerrigan: Hmmm… Crappy projectiles that do not cost vaspene not like the hydralisk’s spines. It is economical, environment friendly and down right dirty, I like it. But still it must prove itself in real combat like the other fighting strains did. A month later Battle! the hive cluster is under attack by an allied force of Terran and Protoss. The situation seems desperate for the zerg, and then at the final moment a battalion of Crapbaglisk emerges from the ground. They bombarded the enemy with white balls of stinky fury. Marine 1: Holy crap! What is this stuff? The stench pierces through my suit. Marine 2: It is only stench boys endure it! Marine 1: Yeah but ew it’s so sticky. Marine 2 Live with it! We cannot embarrass ourselves in front of the protoss look at them they still keep going. At the zerg side Kerrigan: Overlord if your creations fail their fate is your fate, understand? Overlord 2: Yes my queen, not to worry they have a secret weapon. Unleash the CRAP BALLS OF DEATH FROM ABOVE! The Crapbaglisk changes artillery, now it launches black balls more sinister looking from its behind. A zealot takes a hit right on the face. Zealot: Adun Toridas! Aaaahh! It’s melting my armor. I m blind, blind! Marine 1: I don’t like the looks of that black stuff it’s even worse than the white stuff. See even the protoss can’t stand it and they don’t have noses. Marines 2: Crap! The zerg has a new weapon its burning my eyes, I feel like urgh Soon Marines started puking inside their suits. Marine 2: Terrible, terrible! The effects even reach us over here Retreat, retreat! Marne 1: I need a shower big time. The enemy retreated; the zerg has won the day. Kerrigan: Excellent work minion, your creation has proven its worth to me. It is so efficient that it even revealed and scared off the cloaked dark templar and ghosts. I m curios though, tell me that black crap, what sort of vile creature did it come from? Overlord 2: Ah………..My queen it is …… her majesty’s royal crap.dfool4 May 28, 2015
May 22, 2015 I Just Finished Highschool >:D And it feels sooo goood to do it! It tooks years of blood, sweat, dedication, and tears, but I'm finally there! I just finished my end of course exams, and finally left for good! Now all that's left is the graduation ceremony itself, but holy @#$! I'm so happy right now XD WOO HOOOOOT!zerganator22 May 22, 2015
May 21, 2015 Dinosaur Portrait? What is the portrait with what looks like a Dinosaur and 2 stars in front of it given for?fpsDennis5 May 21, 2015
May 15, 2015 Brave World PRP Addendum: 1. The discovery of artifacts takes place during the age of magic 2900-2500. 2. During the Golden Age, the Academy sets up shop in several places all over Telos. The one in Adanos is simply the most famed. All of them saved for the one in Adanos eventually become "nationalized" by present day ========= The continent of Teros was once under control of a single vast empire. Yet, for all of its power and glory, that empire too fell to ruin in time. All that remains of this once mighty nation are scattered ruins and powerful artifacts. These artifacts are potent magical items whose inner workings even confound the brightest magicians of today. Attempts at replicating them only resulted in failure. Taking on many forms, these artifacts come in many different forms. Once it senses a compatible user, it will form a bond with that person, allowing only them to perform extraordinary feats. Over time, the power grows. Should the user die, the artifact becomes useless until it senses another match. Your artifacts can grant your character any conceivable gift. Perhaps it will allow them to cast elemental magic. Maybe it allows your character to shapeshift into a beastman. As these artifacts are magical in nature, it must draw its energies from a source, whether internal or external in order to be used. Those able to wield magic without the aid of the artifacts are rare. Only 1 in 300,000 are able to use magic. Mana is inherent to the world and magicians manipulate mana in order to induce phenomenon. Most magicians draw mana from themselves to cast spells. Should their reserve deplete, they are unable to cast magic. All of Kahbya and much of Haribad fell to ruin and disaster in the aftermath of Gandia’s Plague. Kahbya became a festering and toxic wasteland home to nefarious creatures and undead. Very few dare venture into Kahbya. As for Haribad, it bore much of the attacks from Gandia’s army, a mixture of undead and orcs. Though it still maintains sovereignty over its borders, it is in a highly weakened state and still much of the land is defiled. Hadanbur has begun to claim land from Haribad. ====================================== Our focus on Telos concentrates on the following human nations and struggles of its inhabitants. Elves, orcs, dwarfs, cycians also occupy Telos, Kahbya: A military junta, it was the first country to fall to Gandia’s Plague. Due to its xenophobic and militaristic attitude, the country sealed itself and attempted to deal with the plague themselves until they realize too late that they needed help from the outside. By the time word got out of what had happened inside Kahbya, Gandia was well on his way invading Haribad. Haribad: A confederation of city states, it sent a scouting force into Kahbya after receiving disturbing reports of what had happened inside. The scouting force met an overwhelming army of undead coming from the west. With the undead coming from the west drawing much troops over to defend, the sudden orc invasion from the north spelled disaster for Haribad as the orcs swept south with much ease. Pressed on two fronts, Haribad withdrew whatever it forces it had left into their more secure inner forts, abandoning the countryside and a significant amount of the populace to their fates. Sending letters of help to both Adanos and Hadanbur, Haribad held out until help from the two nations arrived. The Republic of Mansur: Consisting primarily of island city states, The Republic, though the smallest nation, has a powerful naval force and controls an important system of tributaries in the mainland that runs through Adanos. Though interested in expanding westward, they are content operating in the shadows, leveraging their naval power whenever necessary. During the war, Mansur sent ample supplies for the war effort. Hadanbur is the largest nation and also the most populous. With The Coven woven into their daily lives, the citizens of Hadanbur are fervent defenders are their faith and are eager to convert more to their ranks, especially the downtrodden survivors of Haribad. As a result, they are the most expansionist nation and that is evident in their immediate take over of Haribad. Nonbelievers are sent to churches where they are educated. They see the old relics as abominations and seek to destroy them. Adanos: Adanos is the second most populous nation. It was established in 2054 by a nobel called Hanum Adanos. Within three centuries, they have built a number of cities. Among the human powers, the armies of Adanos is the most organized and powerful military power out of necessity. With the threat posed by the Republic of Mansur to the east, Handanbur to the west and northwest, and the Wastelands on what was Kabhya, the people of Adanos are constantly vigilant. Men who turn 17 are conscripted and trained for a period of four years. Those who show promise are kept and trained more, becoming future military leaders. Others will return back to their daily lives, ready at a moment's notice to defend the crown. Joan Adanos is the current King. ==== Elf Elves generally stand taller over humans. They are a lithe and agile race. The lifespans of the elves are longer than that of the human. Unless a grievous injury or illness take away their lives, an elf can live for nearly three centuries. They are more attuned to magic and are generally more potent spellcasters than their human counterparts. A consequence of this has resulted in sharper sense, especially in their eyes. Elvish magic is nature based and there is even a type of magic that morphs its user into a fierce animal. Those who are not as skilled in magic typically spend more time developing their physical skills. Though they do not enjoy war, the Elves will not hesitate to fight and they are by no means pushovers when it comes to battle. The longevity and the experience that comes with such a long life make them quite formidable opponents. In particular, elvish archers are particularly (in)famous, for their mastery of the bow is second to none. Though once seen in greater numbers in the open, sighting an elf outside of their forests is very uncommon. Many have retreated back to their forests. Those who do wander Telos do so for a variety of reason, all of them curious about the world outside their homes. Dwarf The Dwarves are a stocky, short but well built race. They have many clans scattered throughout the land. The most powerful and prominent clans of dwarves have all but disappeared from the surface, retreating deep into their cavern homes for reasons unknown. What remains of the dwarves on the surface numbers in the tens of thousands and come from less influential clans. Living under the surface for so long, the dwarves have acquired an interesting trait known as stoneskin. This trait makes them more resistant to physical blows and offers a small degree of protection against magic. Cycian A race of dragonoids said to be descended from dragons, the average cycian stands over three meters making them the tallest race to roam the lands. Living an average of 140 years, Cycian reach sexual maturity when they are 45 years old. They lay 1 or 2 clutches of eggs whereupon it takes 2 years for it to hatch. Because of this, Cycians are slow to reproduce. Their scales are naturally resistant to both blades and magic and such protection is supplemented by adding heavy armor that even the strongest man cannot use. However, using such protection removes them of the ability of flight. Thanks to their great bulk, the Cycian can even overpower the normally stoic dwarves. There is a steely relationship with the humans when the Basil dynasty annexed parts of Haribad and Handanbur were once Cycian lands. the Cycian begrudgingly left willingly when it was clear that could not defend it. From there on, the Cycian kept a careful vigil over their lands A calamity during the lost age has devastated the Cycian population so greatly that even in present day they are recovering. Their once great empire centering around the Great Sea Sand has been reduced to a fraction of their size and they have recovered half of their lands at their peak. Even for the Cycian, the calamity that wiped them out has been lost to the sands of time.Animus107 May 15, 2015
May 13, 2015 The Lead Menagerie Scene 1 Jeff:My name is Jeff. I am a Terran Marine. You earthlings think that the video game that you call Starcraft is just fiction. Well we are real. But it is not how you think. We recruit the best players. And so does the primitives. Only they recruit civilization and Age of Empires players. This is the story of how I fought the hunic horde. Marine: Commander General: At ease Marine: Militia has been sighted General: Which civilization Marine: It is a western civilization General: Is there any other indication? Marine: I have not seen any houses General: Holy banshees! Marine: Banshees? Holy? How come nobody ever told me that? General: Why don’t you shut up? Marine: Yes sir! General: I need you get all marines, and a medivac and attack! Marine: Yes sir! Jeff: That marine was my commander, he picked up me and several other marines. These primitives shouldn’t be able to threaten us. Unfortunately, they can. They somehow resist bullets for a while. We kept on going and dropped outside of a town center. Villagers were busy upgrading the town center to the Castle age. A castle lay under construction to the north. Several men-at-arms stood around. Marine: Hop to marines, we have to get a move on. Marines run at villagers and open fire. Jeff: Why are we attacking the villagers? Shouldn’t we attack those men-at-arms and archers? Marine: No! We must cripple their economy! Jeff: Heck with that I am going to save our skin. Marine: What? Jeff turns and opens fire upon men-at-arms. Marine: Don’t be daft! Other marines open fire upon men-at-arms Marine: Kill the villagers! Other Marine: I see a tarkan! Jeff: Retreat! Marine: Stand firm! Tarkan: Attack the Terran dogs! Several Tarkans attack the marines Marine: Kill them! Jeff: We fought on for a while. It would be an understatement to say that we were doomed. The hunic horde was as bad as zerg. Except they had better defenses. A castle takes a siege tank to take down. Or a thor. They have been known to destroy battle cruisers. Finnaly our commander let us retreat. We lost all but two guys that day in our squad.WalleRas0 May 13, 2015
May 12, 2015 A Text Adevnture I describe surroundings, you give command based off them. You are a human visiting the capital of Jaayad on some planet of moderate importance to the Dominion. Apparently today is the parade for the glorious celebration of the election of a local statesman. After paying for your coffee, you head outside to the streets. There are blimps flying around, all plastered with the image of the politician who won. There are some Dominion soldiers around talking among themselves but you can't hear anything where you stand.Animus45 May 12, 2015
May 12, 2015 We need to overthrow Zanon! He's too powerful He's too powerful, even now he controls everything! Not a fly passes by without his knowing and swatting! This kind of tyrannical dictatorship must come to an end! Therefore I suggest myself as new kinda-sorta head of JRB. @Zanon What do you think, sorry to start this little revaluation, but perhaps your time has come? Tell me, will you step down peacefully or do we need to burn the bar down first? *lights a fire and whistles*Duke44 May 12, 2015
May 10, 2015 And the Wind was Whistling [Story] And The Wind Was Whistling Warning. You may suffer from Wall of Text sickness from reading this. Caution advised. The wind whistled through the branches as dawn came. The sun shone on Lufasher castle, capital city, and the surrounding villages and towns. Then, peaceful morning was rudely interrupted by troops storming in from the Zagara Mountains. Thousands of mounted invaders on horseback came charging at the peaceful city, swords raised high in the air. Meanwhile, in the city, the people where just stirring, and on the city walls, the night watchmen had all fell asleep, seemingly unaware of their plight. As the invaders grew nearer, one of the watchmen woke and saw a huge force of sword wielding invaders rushing toward the city. He had a moment of fear, and calmed down, taking a canister of red dye and attaching it to a firework and setting it off, alerting the kingdom about the incoming invaders. General Leonardis woke up hearing a gigantic explosion. He woke up, rubbed his eyes, and looked out the window. Upon seeing a shower of red raining down and a small dark mass that was gradually getting closer, he immediately knew the situation and reacted immediately. “ Evacuate the civilians to the nearby city of Renzar, send a battalion of knights to accompany them. He shouted at his officers, “Station archers at the walls, knights blocking the gate, and any mages and wizards on the spire, where they will have vision of the invading army and be able to cast spells. I will not be caught unprepared like all the other cities that have fallen.” His officers heard the general’s orders and they immediately carried them out. Meanwhile, at the foot of the Zagara Mountains, Ilaesu stood and smiled. He called his army to stop for a moment. His army was poised to attack and today he would take another city back from that evil king Tyisur, who had burned down villages and killed his family laughing. He sighed, now was not the time to think about such things. He rallied his army “Today is the day we retake Lufasher from the evil clutches of King Rakan. His troops cheered they prepared to storm the city. And with a cry of “Saesur Radarialis Eoral” which meant “Die with honor” in the ancient tongue, the army charged. Back in the city, in the spire the mages gathered. Eori sat in his position and waited for the enemy to come. He tried to save up as much mana as he could, because he knew he would need it. He put his hand in his pocked and felt the reassuringly smooth glass bottle, which held his only mana potion, and a vial filled with sweet smelling flowers, which he would use to end his life if he was going to be captured. His friend Irmor smiled at him signaling that everything was going to be all right, which he would have believed if it were not for the giant horde of rebels he was facing. Irmor saw that Eori was nervous so he told him that everything was going to be all right but he doubted he believed what he said. He sighed, “Time to focus on the task” as a senior mage, it was his job along with Eori to protect the younger mages. As the army approached the wall Irmor saw from the midst of the horde a red haired figure, presumably a mage, raise his hands as a green ball of energy started to form. It got bigger and bigger until he put his hands down and a beam of light, like a magical battering ram broke the wall which came tumbling down. He saw that the horde had come in range so he picked up his staff and began casting a spell. As he was about to finish casting it he felt a pain in his shoulder. He looked and saw a shaft of an arrow in his shoulder. He pulled it out and saw that it had poison on the end. He stumbled back and hit the wall of the spire and slumped down. Eori rushed to his side, looked at the wound and shook his head and hollered for the medical mage. She came running to his side and examined the wound. He felt dizzy and saw everything swirl around him. Then everything went black. Captain Lufericia watched as part of the wall crumbled near him. He felt lucky that his troops where not at that section of the wall where his unlucky comrades were. He led his squadron of archers and knights toward a part of the horde. His archers opened fire, and his knights rushed toward the front lines bashing their shields against the enemy lines and slashing their swords. He smiled, as he knew the enemy would be caught out of position and surprised. They had no idea that this attack was coming so he would have a precious minute at the least to wreck as much havoc as he could. His troops worked fast and within a minute, when they pulled out, there were 70 enemy soldiers dead, presumably 90 injured and 3 cannon destroyed. He smiled at his work, and had his small platoon of troops move to the other side of the army to harass and hopefully slow them down enough until the reinforcements arrive. His forces slipped into the midst of the horde again and struck again, wrecking 5 cannons and killing 50-70 horses. He and his platoon began to strike their final attack when rebels snuck up behind them. He heard screams of his men and turned around only to be hit in the face with a hammer, then which he promptly blacked out. Lieutenant Arlt commanded his division of cavalry toward the inner city walls. They rode fast and true, for their job was to clean up or capture any troops that were around the inner wall so that their mages and cannon could break them easily. They rode around and captured 2 small groups of imperial troops and went back near the wall just to se it crumble and the rebel troops storm in. They rushed in and went to the middle of the battleground and put up their flag. He let out a sigh of relief. They had won at last. Back at rebel camp, there was a party going on. The chefs served bigger portions of better food and mysteriously the contents inside kegs of ale kept disappearing. Ilaesu paced around the camp, seeing all his troops giddy about their victory. He knew that they had defeated an army that was 2 times bigger than theirs and knew the quality of his troops weren’t a problem, which relieved him. He smiled, which was a rare sight and went into the officer room, where Lieutenant Arlt, Captain Gormu, Lietenant Raylid, Captain Quell, and General Kalha were standings, waiting for his orders. He beckoned to them to come forth and told him his plans. “The Empire is still in shock about the fall of Lufasher. We should strike fast and try and take either the city of Renzar or Adun. Gormu, you should take a few men and go recruiting in the nearby towns and villages. The empire has treated the badly and some of them should join. Try and persuade anybody with magical talent to join our cause, they shall be a very useful asset. Quell, Raylid and I shall take the army to Adun and conquer it Kahla and Arlt, stay at camp and keep all the soldiers in line.” “Then it is settled then, officers. To victory!” Meanwhile, back at the silver palace in the capital city of Jel’Har, the emperor was furious about the fall of Lufasher. The rebels hadn’t been much, taking a couple of villages and towns but now 2 small cities and 1 big city were under their control. He needed to end this quickly. He called for his advisor. “Advisor Oires, where do you predict the rebels will strike next.” “Your Magisty, I think either the city of Renzar or Adun.” “Good, send 2,500 bowmen, 2,500 paladins and 500 magi to each of them. Also send 100 Redheads with you to scout for the rebel camp and destroy it.” The Advisor stifled a gasp, for the redheads were the empires most elite soldiers. They were big, burly, wore full metal gear that would withstand almost anything. They also were expert bowmen, swordsmen, and mages. They rode on huge elephants called Ravagers that were twice the size and could chew through iron. “Now go” the emperor said, “ I don’t want to hear of any of this “rebel” nonsense anymore.” Eori woke up on the floor of a spacious cell. He surveyed his surroundings and instantly realized that he was captured. He called out to the cells next to him, maybe there was someone he knew. “Hello? Anyone there?” he called. He waited for a long time before hearing a faint reply. “Eori, is that you.” “Iromor!” he called out. “I thought you were dead.” “Well my friend, I appear to be fine, at least for the time being.” “That’s good news to hear my friend, now do you happen to know anybody else that will help us escape from the godamn cell?” “Eori, Captain Lufericia is in the cell next to me, maybe you should go talk to him.” Just then, the cell door opened and Lieutenant Arlt stepped in. Epicness1 May 10, 2015
May 6, 2015 Mass Immigration Welcome to a better world. Enjoy your stay.Anterograde10 May 6, 2015
May 1, 2015 Just dropping in to say hi New SC2 Player here, I dont know what inspired me to install SC2. Maybe it was the thinking back to my SC1 glory days with my friends. Any recommendations on how to really get started playing this game? the idea of online multiplayer StarCraft seems like I will spend a lot of time getting my butt handed to me. So maybe what im lookin for is some possible guides to learning the game all over again. I'm going to peruse the forums some more and go crush more of the Wings of Liberty Campaign! I hope this community is a little better than the LoL community, bout had it there.Dekkar7 May 1, 2015
Apr 29, 2015 Bored and wana learn some Starcraft? Hi all, I am a brand new streamer who casts 1v1 obs matches as well as my ladder climb. If you are bored and wanna have some fun, or you want to learn strategy and whatnot come watch my stream, we have guest casters all the time from people who have never played to people who are hardened sc2 players. We set up peepmode lobbies and just talk about the game and what we would do in terms of unit composition, building placement, tech builds, and much more. Ive love this game and i love doing this for you guys so come join me in my stream Signed EnVy Apr 29, 2015
Apr 23, 2015 The Browder story Note: The following is a literary rendition of the author's fertile imagination. Any similarity to any person living or dead, place and organization that may exist in the real world are purely coincidental. This story is only meant as a joke and to put smiles on sad and tired faces. Enjoy ^_^ P.S. I wrote this along time ago after WoL was announced. ----------------- This happened years ago before SC2 was even announced. Inside Blizzard HQ in Irvine California there is this room called the "Shadow Chamber" a secret room that very few people in the world know about. In fact it is so secret that until now only a handful of Blizzard employees know its existence. In this room many major and difficult decisions was made, like the cancellation of Starcraft Ghost, the merger with Activision, releasing WC3 Frozen Throne with a below standard cinematic (Illidan vs. Arthas),what day should Pizza be served for lunch (its Thursdays if anybody wants to know), when is the next sleep over party and poker night and many more. Now you guys, did you know that SC2 was nearly canceled during its predevelopment stage by Blizzard's board of directors? Yes it’s true; here is a detailed account on what really happened in the "Shadow Chamber" that day. All the people that are involve in the new project called SC2 was called into "that place" all of a sudden. Two and a half minutes after everybody was assembled Michael Morhaime enters. "Well guys I will make this short. The board of directors wants to shutdown the new project." After the initial shock and a few violent reactions have calmed down he continues. "The reason is, the BoD people has felt a disturbance in the "Balance" about this project and deemed it Imbalance. And we all know what will happen if we release an "Imbalance" game. This causes some people to silently nod in agreement. "Yes it can cause bad juju for the company." "Is there anything could be done to make it Balance? I mean all those hard work and ideas up until now will be wasted. “asked the new guy. Michael Morhaime smiled and gladly responded. "Well there is one thing we could try but...". "What is it?" Another member asked. "One poor soul must shave his head." After about 10 minutes of deliberation it all came down between Chris Sigaty and Dustin Browder (he has an awesome Afro back then) because both of them have important positions on the project. At first both of them protested so Michael Morhaime proposes that the matter should be decided through secret ballot. Both of them were given a chance to say something for their defense. Chris Sigaty went first, "dudes and dudets I need my awesome mane to do my work, and they are like my nerve tendrils that connect me to the Khala, my source of inspiration. Chicks find it sexy and do you have any idea how much time and effort it takes to achieve this length? So please don't vote for me and don't take away my mojo". Dustin Browder's turn, "yeah what he said" pointing at Chris Sigaty beside him. Then the voting commences and wouldn't you know it the result was a tie. So Michael Morhaime brings out a coin and said "OK guys since it all comes to this let us have fate decide then. Chris heads or tails?".”Tails". As Michael Morhaime toss the coin into the air all are silent and you can really feel the tension rises within the room as every one's eyes are focus on the little metal disc as it rises up in the air and subject itself to the power of gravity and fell in reckless abandon until it landed on the floor (apparently Mr. Morhaime is a poor catcher and I think the dude needs glasses. He missed it in case you are wondering why it hit the floor. I m pretty sure all of you know which side of the coin went on top. But what you didn't know is how it happened in detail). Everybody's attention was on Dustin Browder, you can see shock and disappointment on his face. Few seconds later he closed his eyes and took a deep breath and said "OK let’s get this over with, for years now the fans are desperately begging us for this game. I will do this for the fans". Michael Morhaime then brings out an electric razor and a pair of scissors and gave it to him. Dustin Browder then said to Chris Metzen "Bro will you do the honors?" "Of course bro, of course". As Chris Metzen started cutting, it is very evident on the face of Dustin Browder that he is on the verge of crying but somehow he keep himself in check and just repeatedly whispers "For the fans, for the fans, for the fans" throughout the ordeal. An atmosphere of sympathy filled the "Shadow Chamber", few even began to sob and cover their faces or turns away. "Man he is so brave". One member said on the background and just burst into tears. Even Chris Metzen's cool shades cannot hide the tears that are flowing down his face as he now has to use the electric razor. When all was finished Dustin Browder's head was smooth as a baby's bottom (well its not that his head looks like a butt but..........oh you get the idea). Michael Morhaime then ask for the hair to be collected and said "I will present this (lifting slightly the plastic bag full of hair) to the Board of Directors and hear what will they have to say. Until then the SC2 project will be put on hold. And remember everyone what happens in the chamber stays in the chamber, Okay were done here". And he went out of the room. For almost two weeks the people working on the new project just came to work with literally nothing to do, others were reassigned to the MMORPG game. On Thursday of the third week all members (which are pissed because they will miss pizza day) were again called in to "that place". Michael Morhaime enters the room and immediately looks for Dustin Browder who is sitting silently on one corner. "Dustin, the Board of Directors in all its wisdom greatly admired your commitment and decides to reward (highly classified can't tell you what it is even if I'm dead drunk or under torture) you for the sacrifice you made for the sake of the new project. However they want you to grow a beard or something because your head is a little bit imbalance, other than that everything is Okay. Everyone can all go back to work on the new project". As soon as Michael Morhaime turns around and heads for the door somebody said "Hell, it’s about time!". Michael Morhaime then turns around again and asks "Who said that?" All looked at the new guy. "What did you say just now?" The new guy suddenly was so afraid and hesitantly repeats what he said "H..h..ell, it’s about time...Sir". Michael Morhaime then just smiled and said "I like the sound of that. Okay meeting is not over we need to discuss something all of a sudden".(You probably know what they will talk about next). So there you have it folks, now you know. Dustin Browder looks the way he is now because of his dedication to his work. He did it for us THE FANS, to give us a great gaming experience to look forward to. He is one cool dude, but unfortunately what you guys don't know yet is he hasn't fully recovered from the ordeal yet, he is still suffering from certain side effects like saying a specific word twice or having crazy eyes during interviews and other stuff, which is terrible terrible in my opinion. :( So I implore everybody that has read this, lets help him recover. Next time when you see or meet Dustin Browder, thank him, complement him, say something nice to him, pat him on the shoulder, give him a hug. XDdfool1 Apr 23, 2015
Apr 20, 2015 Brave World The king paced around the throne room alone, mildly apprehensive. "Where is my son?" he asked again, "Why is Robert not here yet? He promised to be here yesterday yet a whole day passed and still he is absent!" He sat down on his throne, his hands covering his mouth. Robert, though young was punctual and an intelligent lad. For him to be late, an entire day late, was unbecoming of him. The king was silent. If disaster fell on his firstborn son, his heart could not bear the grief. The loss of his second son to the plague some years ago was devastating enough. "No, I cannot think like this. He is safe and sound. Some matter must have occupied him from coming. He is one that will aid a stranger in need. It is alright. It is alright." There was a knock on the door. "Enter." A servant came in. Bowing his head, he spoke,"The Queen request your presence in the chambers. She says it is urgent." "Very well. Tell her I will be there soon. There are some things I must look after." =============== Today was a sunny and bright day as Regina Gilmore lead her small detachment of troops towards the main gate. It was open and with it, an enormous crowd flowing in and out of the city, the likes of which Regina Gilmore had never seen in recent memory. The capital was always a bustling city, but today it was quite something else. A buzz of frenetic excitement filled the air as people were making their preparations for such a joyous day. A beautiful day held in celebration of the recent birth of the King's third son! ... Matthew Shaw. He was a very by the books man, inflexible, and rather short and his way of doing things was usually shouting everyone down to oblivion until he had his way. Granted, it was crude and he'd probably have more friends if he could temper his words but his words often held good consul. Perhaps his voice was always so loud because he was too short to be heard. She chuckled. Reaching the front gates, she was stopped by a watchmen. "Hail! What is your business here madam?" asked the watchmen. Regina reached for her pockets and showed an officer's seal. The watchmen understood, nodding and stepping aside. "Make way for our soldiers! Let them through please!" She led her men through the streets and found to her surprise what an ordeal it was. The crowd never seemed to end. The streets were crowded with merchants hawking their ware to tourists. The crowding did not ease when wagons carrying all sorts of assortment were making their way towards the center of the city where the Grey Keep was. Finally, they arrived at the barracks. "Wait here while I get our orders from Shaw," she told her troops. Taking a flight of stairs up, she opened the door to Shaw's office to find the man sitting down buried under loads of paperwork. "Captain Regina Gilmore reporting in. What are my orders sir?" "You are here! Good! How has the border treated you?" "Nothing but bandits. Nothing too hard to take care of? And you sir?" "I spend more time here lifting a pen than I do a sword. Bah! You'd take me for a clerk were it not for this uniform!" "Good to hear sir! About my assignment-" "Yes, yes, your assignment. Nothing strenuous, really easy to be honest. You will be assisting the royal guards in their patrols inside and around the keep. You should be honored! Not too many people are free to move around the keep." "When do I start?" "Get something to eat first. You still have time before your shift. I think I heard your stomach growl. Just get to the keep within the hour."Animus78 Apr 20, 2015
Apr 17, 2015 Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 35) Continued from Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 34)Zanon499 Apr 17, 2015
Apr 7, 2015 Australia sc2 not working plz help the game wont allow me to play in any region Australian and New Zealend problem plz help. I tried uninstalling and re installing but it wouldn't work any ideas plz post on ANZ chat. chearschristoned6 Apr 7, 2015
Apr 5, 2015 New here. Help! I see a lot of abbreviations and I don't know what they mean. The sticky post said fan fiction, but I've been told this is RP now. Sorry to take away from the scene, but if anyone would kindly tell me the workings of things around here, it'd be greatly appreciated. I am intrigued :)tilt8 Apr 5, 2015
Mar 14, 2015 Asylum Ring! Ring! Ring! It’s 1550. School’s over. Pack your things, grab your bag, walk out the door. “Hi.” A familiar face says, ignore. Keep walking, keep your head down, listen to your music, it will be over soon. Another familiar face is passed outside, he waves. Just look at him. Don’t turn back now, keep going. There she is, the girl you are (were?) sweet on for 3 years. She smiles and waves. Give a small smile back at her, and attempt a wave. Look at the car. Try for the handle, it’s locked. You idiot. Unlock the door, put your things in the back seat and hope nothing spills. Call mother. “I love you.” She says. “Love you too.” It replies. Buckle up and prepare the music. This ride home will be long, longer than usual. Just as always. Drive away, don’t look back. People, they are nothing. Words, they mean nothing. Direction, they lead nowhere. Friends, they give you nothing. You. You are nothing. You don’t exist anymore, none of them matter, you don’t matter. Nothing matters. The rain falls and cascades off the side, It’s your day washing away the filth of the day. The path home is always a long ride, Existence is only relative. Once you’re gone, everything will be okay Disappear, and you return to the fray. It gets home. “Hi.”, It says. Take the shoes off, walk into the room, take the Thing off. Don’t worry about your work, it will be done later. Check the Phone. Did she respond yet? How is she doing? Why do you care. Undress. Redress. Sit on the bed. Listen to your music some more. It listens. Essence. It lowers. Presence. What? “Greetings.” A figure says, standing in the corner. “What do you want.” It says. “I’m just stopping by to say Hello. How was your day?” “What do you want.” It repeats. “Well that’s rude, isn't it?” It says nothing. “Well, I’ll come back when you’re in a less pitiful mood.” 'Pitiful.' He wouldn't know pitiful if it hit him in the face. Because it wouldn't ever hit him in the face… “Don’t worry about him, he doesn't know what if feels like.” It looks at this figure. “You can cradle yourself inside of me.” The figure expands into a blanket of darkness, enveloping It. It lies in the fetal position. As comfortable as can be. It’s eyes never close in here. It never stops staring. It never stopped crying on the inside. And never started crying on the outside. A lighter one descends behind him. “You look sad, _____.” The last part sounds like a garbled mess. “Why are you sad?” “You know why…” It says. “But it never hurts to ask!” This new figure says, It feels this one smile. “Why won’t you ever say my name.” “You know I can’t do that, silly!” The other two descend around It. They say, simultaneously, “Those who don’t exist cannot be addressed by name...” … … “You are my only friends.”Korozain14 Mar 14, 2015
Mar 12, 2015 OOC: Advice/info to a newcomer? Hello guys!! I've been interested in participating in some RPs recently now and I thought I'd drop in and say hello! I haven't done very many sci-fi RPs and haven't done very much RPing since my wc3 days but I think it's really fun and I'm gonna try to get back into it. Mind getting me up to date on who everyone is and and the history of Joeyray's Bar? Also mind giving me any info on the do's and don't like if your gonna talk OOC then keep it in this thread, or put OOC before chat? etc. Also I've never RPd in a forum before and it's been awhile so I'm not 100% on all of the proper etiquette. (I'm sure I'll learn quick enough) I'm looking forward to our future RPs together! :DKillerofGods27 Mar 12, 2015
Mar 8, 2015 Fragment (OOC) It has begun. You don't know how, you don't know why. The universe itself is beginning to break down. Reality is shattering like a pane of glass that just hit the floor. And like a pane of glass, each of these fragments is it's own world. For some reason no one can explain, every one of these individual realities is made of decisions. And not in the way you would think. Every single time anyone makes a choice, the pane of glass they occupy divides in two or more. One where they made one choice, and one where they made another. Allow me to give you an example. Say that you are approached by a man with a gun. You realize you can either run or fight back. And as you make the choice, your universe divides in two. One where you run, and one where you fight back. And then the man has the choice in both of those universes to shoot you or let you get away. So now you have four universes. One where you ran away, one where you ran away and got shot, one where you kicked his butt, and one where he shot you as you attempted to fight back. To make matters worse, the human species has developed two new subspecies; Clerics and Watchers. The Clerics are genetically similar to humans, except they possess the unique trait of being able to travel backwards in time and warn themselves of future events, causing the universe to fragment even more. Each time they go back, they have created three universes; one where they didn't go back, one where they did and they heeded their own advice, and one where they went back and didn't pay attention to what they said. Watchers are even more unique. They have the ability to travel between fragments. What this essentially means is that every time they make a decision, they can see what both outcomes would be, and then choose the more favorable one. However, many of the Watchers have killed themselves shortly after realizing their powers. This could be caused either by A. that their subspecies is more prone to depression, mainly because they can only reproduce within their own subspecies, and have only a 12.5% chance of fertilization, or B. that they realize life is meaningless if you never have to suffer the consequences of a poor decision. And after all is said and done, there will be nothing left but glass dust on the floor. So what has humanity been doing in this time? Well, the general public is ignorant. Life is much as you'd expect it to be in 2016. New president rushed into the White House pretty recently (I wonder why they were in such a hurry to get him in there), War was declared on Cuba (Goes to show how well we did in terms of self-restraint when we removed the trade embargo, doesn't it?) and a new mineral, Tarydium, was discovered and lab testing began on it. But what was really going on? The new president was ushered in so quickly because of the problems that arose around Tarydium. War was declared on Cuba because they had a large natural resource of it. And as for the mineral itself? When they attempted to take the mineral and run a high voltage through it while bombarding it with loose ions and alpha radiation, the mineral reacted to the process by shattering the whole freaking universe. Like, the whole thing. Like a pane of glass. Application! Name: Gender: Race: (Human, Watcher, or Warden) Appearance: Backstory: Other: Standard RP rules apply. Also: If you want to create your own subspecies, you can. Just run it by me first, either in the Other section of your app or through a P.M. If I decide it's not too OP or if it's OP and I really like the way you describe it, then I'll add it to the main post so that others can use your cool new race. I'd rather have you use the races I designed, but I'm willing to go with anything as long as you do it well.FlCoDamThree10 Mar 8, 2015
Mar 6, 2015 Story completed, no achievement. I beat wings of liberty a while ago and i noticed that i didn't get the achievement or any perks or rewards that come with it. Whats the deal?RoninCompany3 Mar 6, 2015
Mar 5, 2015 Origins OOC: Will update every 2-3 days. Dawn broke upon the prairie as the morning dew dripped red with blood. A lone marine ran down a hill as loud shot rang, taking away a large chunk of the marine’s right leg. Falling to his knees, he looked up defiantly at his would be captors and snarled viciously. Blood sprouted off the wounded stump. Arnold Ravener looked up from his scope. It amazed him how resilient his target was in evading and killing his pursuit team. Nearly four hours passed since the operation began and it was only now that the target showed signs of fatigue. Arnold felt a sense of euphoria. He sensed it. The hunt was nearly over. “Theta-01 have you subdued the target?” a voice came from the radio “Affirmative HQ, we have surrounded the target.” “Good. Carry on.” Looking back through his scope, Arnold saw the marine slowly regenerating his leg as he crawled furiously on all fours, desperate to reach the forest. “OPEN FIRE NOW!” Arnold yelled through his radio. The forest roared to life as a hail of gunfire came from within. The marine staggered backwards and it was still standing as gunfire came to a stop. POW! With the squeeze of a trigger, a hand sized hole appeared on the marine’s sternum. The marine fell on his back and the gaping wound on its chest did not show any sign of regeneration. Arnold wiped his brow. The grueling task was over. The marine’s armor began to liquefy revealing the marine’s true identity. A changeling, amorphous and still, was not what Arnold quite expected. Arnold found it hard to believe that such a weak looking zerg was this formidable. How unexpected! No wonder the higher ups wanted it alive so badly. Did I kill it? I do hope not. Getting up and patting the dirt off his pants, Arnold picked up his radio. “Command, mission accomplished. The target is subdued. Send over the transport.” “Well done Theta-01. Escort the transport back. You and your team have earned a well deserved rest.” Arnold lit a cigarette. “Alright team, secure a perimeter around the target. Keep your distance, you all saw how capable it is in close combat. It shouldn’t be moving but if it does, you all have permission to unload 1 clip into it.” “Aren’t we suppose to keep it alive?” “It’ll live.” He began to make his way to the changeling. He heard the familiar sounds of a dropship’s engine from the distance. He counted four of them. Standing over the changeling’s body, Arnold started a quick inspection. The wound he inflicted on the chest struggled greatly to close the wound. His eyes wandered up and his gaze met with the changeling’s eyes. Five eyes, three small ones and two big ones moved rapidly, up and down and right and left, as if it too was inspecting him. It was still alive, breathing heavily. The changeling’s eye suddenly stopped, looking directly into Arnold’s eyes. Arnold briefly seized up. All five eyes were listless and unmistakably filled with malice. Unnerved, Arnold forced himself to look away. The dropships landed and a containment crew came out. What was it that unnerved him? He fought killers with stone cold eyes face to face so why did he feel that slightest hint of fear? He turned around and found the changeling still gazing intensely at him. Does it know? …It knows I am the sniper. Is it scoping me out? This changeling, can it actually think like us and plan?” He shook his head. Preposterous. Zergs were all feral animals, save for the command strains. For such a lowly zerg, a mere changeling, to possess intelligence was laughable. It may be special; its lifespan is far beyond typical changelings topped with an absurd regeneration rate but that’s should be it. His thoughts were interrupted when a well dressed man appeared. Several nearby marines saluted him. “Bring the pod over! Hmm, this is quite excellent. What a wondrous specimen. How is it still alive and regenerating after all of that damage? Careful now, this thing is worth more than your lives time times over! You and I will have quality time together. Oh yes.” The changeling shrieked madly, feebly trying to break free of the clamps as it was scooped up and sealed inside the container unit. The man said something inaudibly into his earpiece. Who was it? It wasn’t a scientist Arnold recognized. The man gave another round of orders as the containment unit loaded up in the transport. “Pod #47…” Arnold slowly read off the label on the pod. The man saw Arnold, smirked, and went inside the dropship. The loading doors closed and the dropship left, soon followed by two others. A soldier approach Arnold. “Hey, the transport is ready. We’ve loaded up the changeling in the container. Them geeks say the specimen won’t cause any trouble once inside. We're just waiting on you and a few others.” “Mhm," Arnold replied somewhat absentmindedly, "Theta, back to base!” Arnold climbed onto the dropship and took his seat, lighting up another cigarette. He shook his head once more hoping to get rid of the haunting image of the changeling's eyes. It stuck.Animus15 Mar 5, 2015
Feb 25, 2015 StarCraft What's App group! :D Hi folks! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining a What's app group with the purpose of admiring the wonderful game of StarCraft and everything related to that, just discuss the game etc. Of course there's also place for non StarCraft related things like the everyday life, what's keeping you busy, school, work, sports etc. etc. I came up with this idea since I don't really have any one to talk about StarCraft and games in general and maybe some of you are searching for something like such a group as well. Would love to hear some feedback! Please do not share your phone number here out in the open, send me a private message if you would like to be added to the group =)NeLvalHiL0 Feb 25, 2015
Feb 17, 2015 Roll to Dodge Redux In this thread, players may in their posts Attempt to do things. An attempt could be anything from trying to Spawn Moar Overlords to eating cake to conquering the earth. All could potentially be fatal, or could make you rich! I (or another qualified person) will roll a die to determine your level of success. Providing example: Bob: I attempt to cook a pot of soup. Roll 1, lethal failure. Bob's soup is so bad that he dies instantly and his body is charred to ashes on the spot. Bob is now ashes: Dead. Roll 2, failure. Bob's soup tastes awful, so bad he begins vomiting violently. Bob is now Vulnerable. Roll 3, grey area. Bob eats a bowl of the soup, but it's not appealing. He leaves the rest. Bob is now either Fine or Vulnerable, dependent on magnitude of attempt. Cooking soup is mundane. He is Fine. Roll 4, success. Bob makes a delicious soup. He eagerly eats it all. Bob is now Fine. Roll 5, great success. Bob's soup is so good he opens a soup restaurant, which is immediately successful. Bob is Good. Roll 6, extreme success. Bob's soup is fantastic! It raises his psionic index by 2 and gives him eternal life. Bob is Great. You may get tags from actions. THis is what they mean. Keep in mind that I might not enforce them if I take pity on you, get irritated by you, or am simply too lazy. Tag scale: Exiled - out of the game unless someone specifically summons him. Cannot roll. Dead - could be revived accidentally or on purpose. -2 to all rolls. Injured - not in the best shape. -1 to all rolls. Vulnerable - off balance. -1 to Dodges. Fine - nothing wrong here. Good - feels pretty good. +1 to all rolls. Great - things are going very well. +2 to all rolls. Giddy - sick with happiness. +3 to non-Dodge rolls. Prepared - ready for anything. +2 to Dodges. Godlike - SOMEBODY STOP HIM! +3 to all rolls. Cannot be Killed, Exiled, or Injured. All players begin Fine. If higher than Fine, will lose one rank each turn. If lower, action must be taken to raise rank. If someone Attempts to do something nasty to you, you have to Roll 2 Dodge. The die will be rolled for you to determine how much damage you suffer, if any. In addition to being a qualified operator of the Dice of Power, I also represent the Celestial Court, to which you can appeal if you are Exiled for a couple of turns or if you feel you've been wronged. Qualified Rollers: The Original Trio Zanon KnarledOne Animus ShadowFury *tentative* *Note that each roller may use a variant of the rules. Anyone else who thinks they have what it takes may apply to the Celestial Court for a chance at Rolling the Dice. If "we" like your work you could become qualified. Make your Attempts. ========= PLOT: Animus has crossed a bridge safely. The gargoyles on the bridge gave him adulations until Animus asked them to join him. The gargoyles spat profanities instead. Furious, Animus gave them the finger, disintegrating them on the spot and continued his way to Castle Black where upon he discovers the Apple. Upon touching the Apple, it turns out to be Anthogyna, goddess of Nature and keeper of the Tree of Life. Accepting her hand in marriage, Animus is soon smothered to death. Not soon after his death, Anthogyna is killed after using up her life force in an unsuccessful bid to restore Animus. Left with 3 seeds of life, Animus gives one to Charon to gain passage through Styx. He meets Judge Oshae and weighs his heart on a scale. KnarledOne has managed to turn a derelict town into a bustling metropolis in a very short time span. Quoting Cato the Elder, he become a Senator for the Motherland. However the real Cato appears in his ghostly form but is soundly defeated. After several mishaps and successes on the election vs Thunderbama, he has become Our Most Benevolent Undying God, Cato the Elder, ruler of Djo'e-Rais. Warhawk signed up for Computer Coddling Class. He became Thunderbamacare's head computer coddler and appointed to a position on the Worldwide Computer Coddling Board. He mastered actual computer coding in his free time and is in a position to use these two skill sets to create something awesome. CrymsonRaven blew up the UBD's shipyard where battlecruisers are made. Then he covered it up successfully (and rebuilt it in the process). Creating a ship that rivals that of Aiur's Kitchen, it self destructed when the Oleaginous Hemispingus construct installed on the maiden ship was searching for a successor persona. Wandering aimlessly through the streets, he was dragged off and shipped offworld into a salt mine as a slave. At the salt mines, he instigated a successful revolt. With his engineering degree, he opened a portal within the mines as a way to move supplies in and out. An eldtrich horror appeared at first but it was successfully captured and bribed with cheese. He found the most fertile lands in existence with his portal machine and though he managed to get lava flooded on the lower levels of the mines, they became a source of geothermal energy. He then resurrected Shadowfury from exiled but got only a feral dog that did its own thing. When nature started dying, CrymsonRaven attempted to grow food. For his efforts, he was poisoned by his own work and died. Upon reaching the underworld, he attempted to bribe Judge Oshae who promptly weighed his eye on the scale. It was heavier than the feather. For his sins, CrymsonRaven was exiled to the abyss, waiting for someone to summon him. Jester tried to sabotage the shipyard. He ended up in a wormhole instead. He briefly King/Lord/God of the underworld but that was a brief moment. Tampering too much in portal, he ended up in the same wormhole he was stuck at, dying. The Reaper showed up and offered to save him if he told the World's Funniest Multiverse Joke. "Who's the best at rebuilding civilization after an apocalypse? Programmers. Cuz they always start from nothing!" Fortunately for him, the Reaper has a terrible sense of humor and Jester was revived at Barville. Zarkun builds personal robot cyborgs called the Zarkanes. With this, he spreads anti-empire messages through the sector and he gains a following. In an effort to build a war chest, he uses a weapons company as a front, selling subpar weaponry to the Empire. But, Zanon keeps a close eye on his operations. Orion attempted to cheat the system by forging a d16 dice. He was promptly with a mundane regular ol' die. Then he tried to use that same die on a roll. Pylons exploded in his face. He died. However, security in Hell was very lax so he managed to escape back into the world of the living with another body. Upon returning to the living realm, Orion transmute lead into gold and in the process, breaks the law of conservation of mass. He ends up with more gold than he started with lead. FegelKitteh plays DOTA. Xer summons a legion of bad###muthas who have some very special properties. Then Xer constructs a mage tower but that fails. So, he constructs a command center but he doesn't have enough minerals. Frustrated, he installs a cheat that gives him infinite minerals and it works! Blizzard's warden won't be catching him any time soon! Lekroger Vecen ShadowfuryAnimus499 Feb 17, 2015
Feb 14, 2015 Can we still create our own maps? In StarCraft1, there was the 'Campaign Editor' where you could make your own maps. Does that feature still exist in StarCraft 2? I couldn't find it.Starblazer2 Feb 14, 2015
Feb 12, 2015 Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 34) Continued from Thundercrash's PRP Bar part 34Zanon499 Feb 12, 2015
Feb 11, 2015 Wooo da Pats won Assuming anyone here follows sports lolTheroux26 Feb 11, 2015
Feb 11, 2015 Legacy of the Void question Will LotV import the choices and the game state of WoL and HotS? When I wiped my computer to get rid of viruses, I lost all of my saved games for StarCraft 2. Stated differently, when LotV is installed, will you get to manually decide which choices you made in previous games (Selendis vs. Hanson, Nova vs. Tosh, Warfield vs. Tychus, etc.)?Starblazer9 Feb 11, 2015
Feb 2, 2015 Valarian Mengsk looks like... Does anyone else here think Valarian Mengsk looks like Kurt Cobain with less stubble? Seriously I just started heart of the swarm ( new to RTS genre, loving it btw) and I kinda noticed.RoninCompany2 Feb 2, 2015
Jan 30, 2015 Kay-Oh! Character Sheets Hi guys. Don't bother posting here. This is just the thread I'll be using to store your character sheets. I will link to it when necessary. I'll make sure to keep it updated with equipment/skills/etc., so check here for current stats.KnarledOne6 Jan 30, 2015
Jan 20, 2015 Kay-Oh! Inc. HQ (Local) WRL-DAT-RETRIEVE_NULL : BETWEEN_WORLDS Kay-Oh! Incorporated metaregional office K0-0RG. Greetings, and welcome to our arrogant abode. This is our local office, which we are going to be using to recruit people from this universe and the surrounding ones. Some important notes are below. 1. Please refrain from bringing any of the following items into the office area: -Untested weapons prototypes. -Corpses. -Potentially illegal narcotics. -Any form of music generating device other than violins. -Violins, unless you have a certified "can play a violin" certificate. 2. All mercenaries, please see the receptionist. You will be asked to wait in the lobby until a representative is available to brief you. 3. The piano has already been sold. 4. If you're here about the pocket fusion generator, please talk to the receptionist. A representative will be along shortly to offer you your choice of a refund or extensive detoxification session.KnarledOne406 Jan 20, 2015
Jan 6, 2015 Looking for a RP development collaborator... As per usual, I've got a few ideas for RPs bouncing around my skull, but not enough drive or focus to get them made by myself. So, I was curious if anybody's willing to do a bit of collaboration. I would mainly need help with organizing a story for the RP. Keyword: RPideaWarhawk30 Jan 6, 2015
Jan 2, 2015 Zarkun's Pizzeria and Arcade Welcome to Zarkun's Pizzeria and Arcade. Outside of Blizzard's Code of Conduct, I have three rules: Rules: 1. Don't shoot my games or my TVs. If you do, I'll feed you to some Mutalisks I caught the other day. Figured this would be the best way to deal with them. (No one will tell me what ShadowFury did to those roaches.) 2.Trolls will be burned to a crisp and thrown to the Mutalisks with extreme prejudice. I despise trolls. 3. My word is law. If I say no food fights, I mean no food fights. Here's your menu: Good old Pepperoni: What the name implies. Just choose your type of cheese. Meat Lovers: Every kind of meat you can think of, and some you haven't. Choose your cheese. Deep Space cheese: Why's it glowing? Zergling Pie: Careful, it's prone to try to eat you! Protoss Special: Not sure whats in the crust or on the pizza. Still trying to figure out why a Protoss made a pizza. Mind Melter: Inspire by a drink from Zanon's bar. Not sure what the chef used, but it has similar affects as the Mind Shredder. Custom: Take anything you can come up with and order it. If it's popular enough, I'll add it to the menu! Flamethrower Wings: So hot, you'll really breath fire! SuperNova Wings: Guess. Cheese Sticks- Bread sticks topped with your choice of cheese. Cheeses: Cheddar, Habenero Jack, Deep Space Cheese, Predatory Feeling, Whatever the chef used on the Mind Melter, Monterrey. Toppings: Pepperoni, Sausage, Bacon, Canadian Bacon, various other meats, zerglings, pineapple, olives, and various fruits and veggies from across the Koprulu sector.Zarkun22 Jan 2, 2015
Jan 2, 2015 StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void To All of the StarCraft 2 fans, lovers, players, and newbies I want to hear all of your opinions. What do you think would be the plot of the third part of the StarCraft 2 Trilogy? And if you have an idea of a new unit or more, by all means, tell us, we would be glad to hear it.MadHatter105 Jan 2, 2015