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May 27 Starcraft3? Will there be a starcraft 3. I feel blizzard could make one there is so much lore to the SC universe.Javik5 May 27
May 23 If i block a user does it stop them from seeing my threads and posts ?DeathBlade2 May 23
May 22 Is Twitch free? Ive been told its free but when I looked it up it said its 4.99 a month so which is it?bombarder2 May 22
May 17 What's the best monitor for starcraft 2? I have a 24 in led samsung screen and I find that most monitors in that range look the same for the most part. I initially thought 1k was way too much for the apple thunderbolt display but I'm starting to think it might be worth it since the images look so amazing on it. I have a PC myself so I know I'll have to use a converter for the mini displayport but that shouldn't be much of a problem. Does anyone have any other suggestions? The Dell ultrasharp is also something I've been looking at but the problem is that they don't have a showroom for me to look at it in person...Shahzad8 May 17
May 13 Five Nations, a promising StarCraft clone Has anyone checked it out? It is an old-school real-time strategy game set in a futuristic science-fiction setting. Nothing too original, but it really does look and feel like a StarCraft game, except that it takes place exclusively in space; as such, all units are spaceships and buildings are either stations or satellites. There is a free Super Early Access demo that allows to get a taste of what the game has to offer. As the build's name suggests, it is still very unpolished and lacks a lot of features, but judging by the single-player prologue, it looks promising enough; the music is good and the 3D-rendered sprite graphics look gorgeous. Not too sure how the developers plan to balance the five factions, though; even Blizzard gave up on trying to do so with WarCraft III...JohnnyZeWolf0 May 13
May 12 Assignment need to clutch tmrw Hello fellow StarCraft II players, I have a school assignment due tomorrow that I will need to get done by today. Basically, I am supposed to read The Poisonwood Bible and watch this documentary: After that, my directions are literally "watch or listen to a documentary or podcast and construct a 2-page response" while tying it to the book. I've decided to talk about how the novel and documentary both show white authority over Africans, as that is the main thing they both have in common. Any advice on this assignment will be much appreciated. The reason the formatting is a bit weird is because I didn't really plan to write an essay initially (since the directions said to "construct a 2-page response"), but near the end it felt like a conclusion would be fitting, thus it is half-essay, half-not-essay. I would prefer to refrain from writing a full-blown essay, though, since this assignment is due tomorrow. -soUuRrRStEvOsoUuRrRStEvO1 May 12
May 12 I brought my own BM domain BTW I just recently created that website. Right now it's trash as it has no HTML code, but imagine me cheesing some nubscrub trash, then I shall send that n00b this website for extreme BM. Mehehehehehehehe!! Oh after I go into Water Engineering, it will be something about water BTW.RektTrashEZ0 May 12
May 4 StarCraft Meets Command & Conquer? So, here's the scenario. Blizzard decides to acquire a new game to refresh their Strategy game audience. What better choice than the abandoned Command & Conquer (C&C) franchise?! Think about it... the creators of one of the greatest Strategy games of all time (SC) revitalizes and launches some new C&C games (huge already). C&C is arguably the only Strategy game that has had any sort of competition in the genre. The only thing holding back C&C advancement is an experienced Strategy development team. Not to mention, there is already blueprints out there for C&C 2 (since they quit on it while it was in beta). On top of that they could even bring in some new ideas for a future SC release! C&C left off with the new alien race Scrin... what if... Scrin was Zerg?! Imagine the possibilities!! What do you think?Sinista4 May 4
Apr 11 Thanks, New Ideas, Soviets-Tips. 2019 Hello (^_^) - I am the way, many years ago I played on Sega Mega Drive Genesis game Rock N Roll Racing - fully passed it, even on the emulator the game Gens32 HD filter, not in the PC version, namely Gen/Bin MD. I didn't even know that you sozdali Rock n Roll Racing was, by the way, I was able to make during the selection of characters - a secret hero, the truth had to enter the code to receive the character Olaf and heard some and 8 the character was secret, which even the portrait was not, Air Blade T5D7 HQPV SWJ! – 10X Speed Super Racing. So I took Diablo 1 on Playstation 1 Sony so it all and not passed, even played with a friend on a two on one screen, the Vikings also played, then I switched from WarCraft 2/3 StarCraft 1 and Brood War, played, took it, edited the cards for her too, only I had fast Internet and could not download maps to you, however many years later, I am playing StarCraft 2, in principle it's a decent fair game, where is written the replay and you can see after the match how many who have the resources and the other modes including the love company, especially liberty. I help you, create maps on StarCraft 2 - replenishing the server USA, Korea, Asia, Europe, has already created 7 maps, which called the joint mission and name. Co-Op Mission 1 - Prologue the way to a Dream Co-Op Mission 2 - The Twilight Zone X Co-Op Mission 3 - Unreal Real Co-Op Mission 4 - Truth or Falsewood Co-Op Mission 5 - Return The Chaos Engine 2 - Syndicate Part I Co-Op Mission 6 - Return The Chaos Engine 2 - Syndicate Part II Co-Op Mission 7 - TruthChronoCrossX1 Apr 11
Mar 30 Legend of Zelda: Whats your favorite game? Mine is The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. My second favorite is The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Soooo. Discuss.Zizzlfied40 Mar 30
Mar 12 LADDER TO STRESSFULL. NOT FUN JUST A NOTE I QUIT BECAUSE THE LADDER IS STRESSFULL AND ITS JUST NOT FUN I regret investing the few months I did in this game and I really like the DOTA2 gameplay and fun no stress there and its team related which is why I play anywaysIslandSteve26 Mar 12
Mar 10 Looking for an old Starcraft-like game I've been searching for quite some time for this game but couldn't find anything about it. These are the things I can still remember about it: * There were like 2 races(don't think there were 3), one was like some robots and the other one was like aliens * The main menu got these black alien eyes that would open when hovering over, revealing if it was the option, single player, exit etc buttons * One robot unit had the same attack sound like the scout from Starcraft If anyone remembers the name, you're awesome! ^^Alexhandru0 Mar 10
Mar 5 editor zooming in and random crashes the editor does not zoom in correctly instead it zooms out , also the editor randomly crashes when there is lots of things inside there's a button that crashes the editorMax0 Mar 5
Feb 22 Rise of Legions (Similar to Desert Strike) Free to play tug of war strategy game just released in early access on steam! Lots of depth in customizing combos to defeat your enemy. If you are familiar with games like Desert Strike or Minion Masters, this game is a mix of all of them! Features include: -Unit Leveling -Unit Ascension -Deckbuilding -1v1 Players or vs AI -2v2 Players or vs AI (Will be added soon) -Quest system to unlock unitsRaserei0 Feb 22
Feb 18 Using SC2 to study collective intelligence I am leading the human research unit of an IARPA funded project investigating ways to improve the reasoning ability of teams. We are required to test our system on multiple problem types, and are considering using Starcraft 2 as one problem domain. Teams would be presented with a replay that is truncated at a certain point, and would be asked to predict the state of the game (numbers of units of each type, structures built, tech developed, bases taken etc) at a time in the future. They would also be asked to provide rationales for each kind of decision. In different conditions, teams might have two hours to produce a result, or 2-3 days. I wonder if you think this could present an appropriate level of challenge. If it is too unpredictable then all teams will fail which would introduce floor effects. If it is too easy, teams will be at ceiling which is equally problematic. Presumably the challenge would depend on the amount of time before truncation, and the time in the future that the teams are required to predict. I was thinking that we might truncate at 5 minutes and ask for the state a minute further into the game. What to you think? Another important variable is the level of the players. We would most likely not use professional players, as it is important that teams not be able to find the games online (and thus see what happened). What level do you think would be best? Cheers, Simon. Professor Simon Dennis | Director, Complex Human Data Hub Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences Nielson, D. M., Smith, T. A., Sreekumar, V., Dennis, S., & Sederberg, P. B. (2015). Human hippocampus represents space and time during retrieval of real-world memories. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,112(35), 11078-11083. Osth, A. F., & Dennis, S. (2015). Sources of interference in item and associative recognition memory. Psychological Review, 122(2), 260-311. Sloutsky, V. M., Yim, H., Yao, X., & Dennis, S. (2017). An associative account of the development of word learning. Cognitive Psychology, 97, 1-30.Joka2 Feb 18
Feb 17 Starcraft Ghost Cinematic Remastered? Hopefully this is the right place to post this question. To my knowledge, the best quality that the Starcraft Ghost Cinematic Trailer can be seen is in 480p on youtube. Does anyone know of a higher quality version? I wonder if somewhere in the blizzard archives, if they have a higher resolution version, or maybe the original files that could be rendered again in 1080p. I know it's a long shot, but that dang cinematic is so good, it's a damn shame we haven't been able to see it in better quality.CxZwei1 Feb 17
Feb 17 So this is not really an "Off-Topic Forum?" ... What?! What does this mean? I am just confused by it......TheThree0 Feb 17
Feb 17 A Portal! A portal to Feb 17
Feb 14 People sniping in game Hello everyone, i'm an Italian little streamer, trying to create a comunity on twitch. I'm aware of the stream sniping and stream cheating problems but i don't care about these two. What i want to know is how can i prevent someone, when i'm not streaming, to snipe my game. Because if i block this person in game, in application and i put my account on busy in game and invisible in the app, they can still message me and see that i'm searching for a match. Unfortunatly I have some people in game that enjoy insulting all the time and saying blasfemy words and a lot more to me and to everyone in the stream....So i'm forced to block these immature persons, but how can i prevent them to snipe me? i'm a m2 protoss player with a bad macro but still a macro that makes its work, but i can't keep up with these people that are smurfing and trying to snipe me for hours. Two days ago i was sniped for 10 games, even if i was trying to dodge them. This was equivalent to 3-4 hours of constant dodge and snipe. If there's a way to stop this and you know i please you to make me know. Thank you all very much for your time and your help. GL HF!Ryuzaki0 Feb 14
Feb 1 Done with this company... I'm not good at Starcraft, and at times, have become highly toxic due to the sheer toxicity of people in games combined with the sheer volume of them. Perhaps some of this is my fault, as far as wanting any communication on an all ages type gaming community such as Blizz's for each respective gameline rather than the festering !@#$ show so much of it has become. Still, I feel compelled to say this as it bears repeating. On top of very questionable activities over the years that are either blind cash grabs like much of the behavior associated with both World of Warcraft and Hearthstone as well as underhanded activity such as the illegal snooping using your Warden program that is or at least was, bundled into WoW for some time before its controversy, somewhere along the way, you've gone well into the territory of being another Nintendo only ten times worse, not just ignoring but actively lashing out at longtime fans to satisfy anything from bored teenagers actively trolling that only know something like WoW, Overwatch or League of Legends to Social Justice Warriors. As such, this will be the second unjustified extended ban in Heroes of the Storm in less than a %^-*ing months time you've given me. As stated, I know and have owned up to including prior to now that at times I can be toxic and hostile. This doesn't change the situation. It doesn't change the fact that each and every single !@#$ing time, I have also initiated reports whenever I felt it would do anything, which is to say almost never, as the reporting system is %^-*ing broken, you've known this and done nothing about it all throughout the history of the !@#$ing game. Yet now, much like the heavy handedness of other mega companies a little too enamored of their own successes, you've taken to insta suspensions and perma bans based solely on volume of reports received. In which case, %^-*!@#! Is that all I had to do! Geez, lemme make ten thousand dummy accounts just to $%^- up your reports log with spammy false reports of anyone and everyone in the games! I mean seriously! This either ends or you will lose what you had left of the original fanbase, my suspension and eventual likely ban or not notwithstanding. In each and every case, there is demonstrably proof that these people have gone so far out of their way to actively troll that if done in any forum on the planet without say a pet admin for protection, they'd be insta-banned for life! Most now also tend to group together or search at similar times so that they can stack on false reports multiple times after various types of trolling. Sometimes, there's just bad play or play mistakes. Some people are bad at a game, that's not the issue, or I wouldn't feel comfortable saying anything, as I will freely admit to being terrible at Starcraft for instance. The difference being that one of the only comparable nonverbal activities in a game like Starcraft would be when an ally in 2v2 multiplayer back when Warcraft 3 was a thing would get pissed for an accidental body block and literally expend all troops to attack my buildings. It really is that bad on every level. And has been ever since the sewage that makes up most of the League of Losers fanbase has infiltrated into Heroes of the Storm, often after getting perma-banned there. They'll spout phrases for the slightest misstep like "*!@# your mother" or "I hope you die of aids", they'll literally wait out your death only to go in right after then go off in chat about how "this is all your fault" or the reverse, feint to go in then rush out and leave you to die. Then come the barrages of false reports, which you, like an obedient little puppy, lap right up never noticing or at least never caring that 90% or better is utter dog$%^-, and the rest are questionable at best as far as a clear "who's to blame" scenario. Yet you continue to cowtow to this type of player and and place your longest fans at the very bottom unless they continue to outpour bottomless wells of money into the company, despite the fact that it took an enormous outpouring of not only advertising revenue spent but social media influencing and so forth to get something like Overwatch off the ground and this popular, for now... Well I for one can't stomach it anymore. I miss the old Blizzard. The one that gave a *!@# about its core fanbase, not just the newest set of dollar signs from either churning out monetized content or inviting in swarms of people whose sole focus is to basically ruin the enjoyment of others in the game, yet you see it as totally justifiable to uphold and put them on a pedestal while exiling anyone who dares question the newest cash crops and their frat boy type demographics. I know nobody cares I just figured I have the right to at least post this in the faint hope that there are finally some positive changes to the absolutely corrupt management and so on that inevitably seems to take over in a company as big as Blizzard.zeroninja1 Feb 1
Jan 30 Old School FMP starcraft1 players Hey, whats up? Don't know if I'll find anyone from there on here but why not try? Any old school fastest players from starcraft1 still playing this game? I'm from VGT and SCD. Anyways, there's a new league for fastest in starcraft that's going on. Decent amount of activity. OP UGL US. WestDeWSePH5 Jan 30
Jan 10 Specs help for new games Specs tips for new games including RAGE 2... I am wondering what all I need to update on my PC to have better performance with games. I know I will need a new video card, but I am also aware that is not always the answer. What else needs improvement? EDIT: Also, how do you embed a screenshot? It did not paste as I had intended?jabberwookie0 Jan 10
Jan 5 Learning from the masters How does one 27 year old get into programming and graphics design with no experience?Goldenmouse2 Jan 5
Dec 11 How do you use games? Entaro Adun, I am conducting a study to find out how multiplayer online games are actually being used, as opposed to how people - the public and researchers, but also developers and players - think they are being used. All players of all games with a multiplayer online focus (whether you use it that way or not) are invited to participate. If you could spare about 15-20 minutes, please complete the questionnaire online :-) Participation is anonymous. You can access the questionnaire at For more information on the project, please visit my website ( Your help will be greatly appreciated! :-) If you have any comments, suggestions, feedback, or ideas related to this topic, I would be more than happy to use this forum as platform for the discussion! Thank you and kind regards, Florian (alias IronWulf) Florian Flueggen, PhD student in Education at Victoria University of Wellington This research has been approved by the Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) Human Ethics Committee [application no. 0000025257]. It is not affiliated with any other company or institution besides VUW in any way.IronWulf1 Dec 11
Dec 4 Protoss and Zerg in Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 One of my favorite hobbies aside from my investment into the Blizzard series was playing D&D...and eventually moving to Pathfinder when I discovered how much simpler it made the game. I'm currently running a quest right now that I called "Hybrid Initiative" which is basically an story in between when Aiur was retaken, but before Into the Void. NOTE: Unless you're actually interested in the D&D campaign I'm running, you can skip this next paragraph as it's just an overview of the campaign and not what this post is about It occurs with the StarCraft Universe being placed as if it was in the Pathfinder Golarion campaign setting universe with an altered timeline of events (Aiur being retaken and Into the Void occur with a 12 year difference instead of a 2 year difference). The big story is that a Hybrid Moebius Facility was detected on Golarion, and a Daelaam and Tal'Dairm ship went to investigate. One of the Daelaam ships exploded and the Tal'Dairm and Daelaam after a skirmish believing they were shot upon crashed on Golarion. Our current group is a Human Cavalier, a Half-Orc Paladin, a Tal'Dairm Bloodhunter, and a Daelaam Gunslinger. Explanation ends here One of the big things that I made for this campaign (considering it's theme) was a playable Protoss race that I wanted to share with all the people of the Blizzard community. I don't think know how many people play Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 on the forums, but if there is, I hope you would all enjoy these stat sheets. I tried to pay attention to the in game lore as strictly as I could when I was making these. You can feel free to comment on them if you are knowledgeable in Pathfinder. Protoss Racial Sheet: Zerg Creature stat sheet: Dec 4
Nov 27 The Banished Vs. The Tal'darim Who would win in a fight between Atriox's Forces (The Banished from Halo Wars 2) Or Alarak's Forces (The Tal'darim)?bullsammyLOL1 Nov 27
Nov 21 found hidden gem that was cancelled following the Diablo Immortal fiasco would have been great along with StarCraft GhostSCUED0 Nov 21
Nov 12 Community Survey to Reforged Here is a fan made survey to find out how the Warcraft Community thinks about Warcraft III Reforged: Nov 12
Nov 2 Time played There should be a system where you can see how much time you played, similar to Steam where you can see the hours you logged. OW kind of did this by showing how much hours you played in Quickplay or Comp, but it would be nice to see the overall logged hours from the time the game was launched. Just a suggestion. :)NamirHassan2 Nov 2
Oct 30 katowice console *Please understand that I used translator because I did not speak English Aren't they resold? I did not get a console. I want to buy again. Please.LJG0 Oct 30
Oct 28 RIP Command and Conquer Not sure if many of you saw the EA E3 conference. One of the greatest foundations for the RTS genre, Command and Conquer, has once again been defiled by EA games. It’s a shame. Such an awesome universe tarnished again and again by greed and corruption. It deserves a better company. I can only hope one day the IP will fall into the correct hands.xDRAMAGIRLx4 Oct 28
Oct 26 Starcraft FPS Marine Game? Would it not be possible for Blizzard to make an FPS through the eyes of a marine in the starcraft universe? And more importantly would it have a fanbase? I am a fan of all the blizzard games (except hearthstone, I got MTG for that) but I think blizzard would excel at making an Marine style fps. They could even do a multiplayer class based system with the different units they have. Pretty much just trying to see if there is an actual fan base for it :PRakus12 Oct 26
Oct 26 Have a console and want super immersion? Pick up Red Dead Redemption 2, play in 1st person view. Game is like playing an old gritty western.DankTemplar0 Oct 26
Oct 19 WarCraft II Remastered? What about it? And what about War3 on 2.0 with leagues and achievements.Shafun27 Oct 19
Oct 14, 2018 Why do I have to upgrade to post on fourum? I don't really understand why I have to upgrade to the full account to post on the forum. What is wrong with free players posting on the forum?bunnyPlayer4 Oct 14, 2018
Oct 14, 2018 LAN Help I know that you can't have one account split between two people to play sc2 together because blizzard wants everyone to have to buy a copy, but since its gone free can I now use one account to play LAN with my friends? If so please tell me how.SpiritRaven1 Oct 14, 2018
Oct 11, 2018 C&C:Tiberium Secrets 1.3 Released Hello, We just released 1.3: our discord: EnjoyGeneralJist0 Oct 11, 2018
Oct 11, 2018 Computer takes forever to load It always pauses this screen: after it is finally over and i am able to login i get this pop up: any help? windows 7 btwsoUuRrRStEvO0 Oct 11, 2018
Oct 5, 2018 Wall Calendar Hi, i have an very special question, since 5 years i buyed every year the starcraft wall calendar, but this year it seems there is no edition for the year 2017. Will the edition released in late november?sHoGuN3 Oct 5, 2018
Sep 16, 2018 Thank you for the TB Bundle Thanks for implementing the TB Commemorative Bundle ... and not making it into the Shadow of War debacle. <3momo0 Sep 16, 2018
Sep 15, 2018 CoD BO4 I downloaded it but i cant start it. I didnt pre order it, but i thought we are able to try it ? To see if its even any good. Did i miss something , any help please ?IIIIIIIII0 Sep 15, 2018
Sep 11, 2018 Test Reaction time: ____MyOhMind3 Sep 11, 2018
Aug 14, 2018 Does BF 4 run better on AMD or Nvidia? So recently, I found out that my graphics card is pretty bad, as it could NOT run on the AMD Radeon HD 6800 I had with me. This made me realize that I need a new graphics card. Now, I am trying to find a brand to buy from. I figured that I enjoy playing this game, and it has a partnership with AMD. Does this mean that Battlefield 4 runs better on AMD GPUs as opposed to other GPUs? If so, should I get AMD then or what? Let me know what you guys think.SeaWhole0 Aug 14, 2018
Aug 13, 2018 Require posting in a thread to down/upvote. I propose upvote and downvote are changes so you have to participate/post in a thread before you are permitted to up or down vote within it. 8) It's only fair as you then have to have something presumably constructive to say before applying votes.Aital0 Aug 13, 2018
Aug 12, 2018 Introduce Yourself Title Says it All, Use this thread to Introduce Yourself!!!! If you're having trouble coming up with some things to say, try the formula below! How'd you find StarCraft II? My older brother introduced me to this game 3 years ago. What are some other games you love? I enjoy playing FPS games in general, such as the Modern Warfare series in Call of Duty, Ironsight and Battlefield 4. This game of course, is a huge exception. Even though it is an RTS game, it will always have a special place in my heart. What do you do in your spare time? In my spare time, I watch YouTube and play video games. Yeah, pretty boring. I should probably expand my activities but homework is honestly a b*tch.SeaWhole0 Aug 12, 2018
Aug 12, 2018 How good are your eyeballs? View this video about frame rate, perception, and how good your eyeballs really are ... Aug 12, 2018
Jul 29, 2018 it sad to pay over 150$ for a free to play it sad to pay over 150$ for a free to playMiow8 Jul 29, 2018
Jul 19, 2018 Please, make a WoW Starcraft rated M I am dying to play a game that is rated M or more that is as polished as Blizzard makes games. Why rated M or greater? A lot of original players have aged and are looking for an extraordinary game to call home. Starcraft in a VR and 3rd person shooter game with massive and beautiful animation would be revolutionary. We all want to see Kerrigan before the Betrayal. Can you do it, Blizzard? You already made Overwatch and something of this type of play with streamlined controls would be more than intense. I wish it will have a ghost class and provide items and structures that surpass Skyrim and WoW. It would be great if we could begin fresh out of the academy and land ourselves into a war zone? What do you think - any ideas?EARTHDRONE18 Jul 19, 2018