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1d WarCraft II Remastered? What about it? And what about War3 on 2.0 with leagues and achievements.Shafun26 1d
1d RIP Command and Conquer Not sure if many of you saw the EA E3 conference. One of the greatest foundations for the RTS genre, Command and Conquer, has once again been defiled by EA games. It’s a shame. Such an awesome universe tarnished again and again by greed and corruption. It deserves a better company. I can only hope one day the IP will fall into the correct hands.xDRAMAGIRLx2 1d
1d Why do I have to upgrade to post on fourum? I don't really understand why I have to upgrade to the full account to post on the forum. What is wrong with free players posting on the forum?bunnyPlayer4 1d
1d LAN Help I know that you can't have one account split between two people to play sc2 together because blizzard wants everyone to have to buy a copy, but since its gone free can I now use one account to play LAN with my friends? If so please tell me how.SpiritRaven1 1d
4d Assignment need to clutch tmrw Hello fellow StarCraft II players, I have a school assignment due tomorrow that I will need to get done by today. Basically, I am supposed to read The Poisonwood Bible and watch this documentary: After that, my directions are literally "watch or listen to a documentary or podcast and construct a 2-page response" while tying it to the book. I've decided to talk about how the novel and documentary both show white authority over Africans, as that is the main thing they both have in common. Any advice on this assignment will be much appreciated. The reason the formatting is a bit weird is because I didn't really plan to write an essay initially (since the directions said to "construct a 2-page response"), but near the end it felt like a conclusion would be fitting, thus it is half-essay, half-not-essay. I would prefer to refrain from writing a full-blown essay, though, since this assignment is due tomorrow. -soUuRrRStEvOsoUuRrRStEvO0 4d
5d C&C:Tiberium Secrets 1.3 Released Hello, We just released 1.3: our discord: EnjoyGeneralJist0 5d
5d Computer takes forever to load It always pauses this screen: after it is finally over and i am able to login i get this pop up: any help? windows 7 btwsoUuRrRStEvO0 5d
6d Done with this company... I'm not good at Starcraft, and at times, have become highly toxic due to the sheer toxicity of people in games combined with the sheer volume of them. Perhaps some of this is my fault, as far as wanting any communication on an all ages type gaming community such as Blizz's for each respective gameline rather than the festering !@#$ show so much of it has become. Still, I feel compelled to say this as it bears repeating. On top of very questionable activities over the years that are either blind cash grabs like much of the behavior associated with both World of Warcraft and Hearthstone as well as underhanded activity such as the illegal snooping using your Warden program that is or at least was, bundled into WoW for some time before its controversy, somewhere along the way, you've gone well into the territory of being another Nintendo only ten times worse, not just ignoring but actively lashing out at longtime fans to satisfy anything from bored teenagers actively trolling that only know something like WoW, Overwatch or League of Legends to Social Justice Warriors. As such, this will be the second unjustified extended ban in Heroes of the Storm in less than a %^-*ing months time you've given me. As stated, I know and have owned up to including prior to now that at times I can be toxic and hostile. This doesn't change the situation. It doesn't change the fact that each and every single !@#$ing time, I have also initiated reports whenever I felt it would do anything, which is to say almost never, as the reporting system is %^-*ing broken, you've known this and done nothing about it all throughout the history of the !@#$ing game. Yet now, much like the heavy handedness of other mega companies a little too enamored of their own successes, you've taken to insta suspensions and perma bans based solely on volume of reports received. In which case, %^-*!@#! Is that all I had to do! Geez, lemme make ten thousand dummy accounts just to $%^- up your reports log with spammy false reports of anyone and everyone in the games! I mean seriously! This either ends or you will lose what you had left of the original fanbase, my suspension and eventual likely ban or not notwithstanding. In each and every case, there is demonstrably proof that these people have gone so far out of their way to actively troll that if done in any forum on the planet without say a pet admin for protection, they'd be insta-banned for life! Most now also tend to group together or search at similar times so that they can stack on false reports multiple times after various types of trolling. Sometimes, there's just bad play or play mistakes. Some people are bad at a game, that's not the issue, or I wouldn't feel comfortable saying anything, as I will freely admit to being terrible at Starcraft for instance. The difference being that one of the only comparable nonverbal activities in a game like Starcraft would be when an ally in 2v2 multiplayer back when Warcraft 3 was a thing would get pissed for an accidental body block and literally expend all troops to attack my buildings. It really is that bad on every level. And has been ever since the sewage that makes up most of the League of Losers fanbase has infiltrated into Heroes of the Storm, often after getting perma-banned there. They'll spout phrases for the slightest misstep like "*!@# your mother" or "I hope you die of aids", they'll literally wait out your death only to go in right after then go off in chat about how "this is all your fault" or the reverse, feint to go in then rush out and leave you to die. Then come the barrages of false reports, which you, like an obedient little puppy, lap right up never noticing or at least never caring that 90% or better is utter dog$%^-, and the rest are questionable at best as far as a clear "who's to blame" scenario. Yet you continue to cowtow to this type of player and and place your longest fans at the very bottom unless they continue to outpour bottomless wells of money into the company, despite the fact that it took an enormous outpouring of not only advertising revenue spent but social media influencing and so forth to get something like Overwatch off the ground and this popular, for now... Well I for one can't stomach it anymore. I miss the old Blizzard. The one that gave a *!@# about its core fanbase, not just the newest set of dollar signs from either churning out monetized content or inviting in swarms of people whose sole focus is to basically ruin the enjoyment of others in the game, yet you see it as totally justifiable to uphold and put them on a pedestal while exiling anyone who dares question the newest cash crops and their frat boy type demographics. I know nobody cares I just figured I have the right to at least post this in the faint hope that there are finally some positive changes to the absolutely corrupt management and so on that inevitably seems to take over in a company as big as Blizzard.zeroninja0 6d
Oct 5 Wall Calendar Hi, i have an very special question, since 5 years i buyed every year the starcraft wall calendar, but this year it seems there is no edition for the year 2017. Will the edition released in late november?sHoGuN3 Oct 5
Sep 27 Starcraft FPS Marine Game? Would it not be possible for Blizzard to make an FPS through the eyes of a marine in the starcraft universe? And more importantly would it have a fanbase? I am a fan of all the blizzard games (except hearthstone, I got MTG for that) but I think blizzard would excel at making an Marine style fps. They could even do a multiplayer class based system with the different units they have. Pretty much just trying to see if there is an actual fan base for it :PRakus11 Sep 27
Sep 16 Thank you for the TB Bundle Thanks for implementing the TB Commemorative Bundle ... and not making it into the Shadow of War debacle. <3momo0 Sep 16
Sep 15 CoD BO4 I downloaded it but i cant start it. I didnt pre order it, but i thought we are able to try it ? To see if its even any good. Did i miss something , any help please ?IIIIIIIII0 Sep 15
Sep 11 Test Reaction time: ____MyOhMind3 Sep 11
Sep 8 A Portal! A portal to Sep 8
Aug 14 Does BF 4 run better on AMD or Nvidia? So recently, I found out that my graphics card is pretty bad, as it could NOT run on the AMD Radeon HD 6800 I had with me. This made me realize that I need a new graphics card. Now, I am trying to find a brand to buy from. I figured that I enjoy playing this game, and it has a partnership with AMD. Does this mean that Battlefield 4 runs better on AMD GPUs as opposed to other GPUs? If so, should I get AMD then or what? Let me know what you guys think.SeaWhole0 Aug 14
Aug 13 Require posting in a thread to down/upvote. I propose upvote and downvote are changes so you have to participate/post in a thread before you are permitted to up or down vote within it. 8) It's only fair as you then have to have something presumably constructive to say before applying votes.Aital0 Aug 13
Aug 12 Introduce Yourself Title Says it All, Use this thread to Introduce Yourself!!!! If you're having trouble coming up with some things to say, try the formula below! How'd you find StarCraft II? My older brother introduced me to this game 3 years ago. What are some other games you love? I enjoy playing FPS games in general, such as the Modern Warfare series in Call of Duty, Ironsight and Battlefield 4. This game of course, is a huge exception. Even though it is an RTS game, it will always have a special place in my heart. What do you do in your spare time? In my spare time, I watch YouTube and play video games. Yeah, pretty boring. I should probably expand my activities but homework is honestly a b*tch.SeaWhole0 Aug 12
Aug 12 How good are your eyeballs? View this video about frame rate, perception, and how good your eyeballs really are ... Aug 12
Jul 29 it sad to pay over 150$ for a free to play it sad to pay over 150$ for a free to playMiow8 Jul 29
Jul 19 Please, make a WoW Starcraft rated M I am dying to play a game that is rated M or more that is as polished as Blizzard makes games. Why rated M or greater? A lot of original players have aged and are looking for an extraordinary game to call home. Starcraft in a VR and 3rd person shooter game with massive and beautiful animation would be revolutionary. We all want to see Kerrigan before the Betrayal. Can you do it, Blizzard? You already made Overwatch and something of this type of play with streamlined controls would be more than intense. I wish it will have a ghost class and provide items and structures that surpass Skyrim and WoW. It would be great if we could begin fresh out of the academy and land ourselves into a war zone? What do you think - any ideas?EARTHDRONE18 Jul 19
Jul 4 How to stop background music map editor? Co-Op Mission 1 - Alfa Version Greetings to all. I created a map while testing, laid out on all the servers EU / US / JP as I could, the name of the map Co-Op Mission 1 - Alfa Version. Tell me please, how do I add music to my created map, so that it sounds in the game, how to do it? Create a sort of trigger, if so which one and what is there to specify? I can specify a file of sound or music to play the music, just how do I get my song to play on my card? Tell me please :) I exported music in a format, but how do I make it play on my card for all players? I managed to create a special sound point in which the music on my map will be played and heard by all players in online and offline mode, now my main problem is how to make background music not play when starting the game for a race that plays as standard, , that there are two tracks playing right now, one from the company Blizzard, and the other is my added composition in the format, the creators of the cards that I described in the post, as they could blink the reproduction of standard background music and replace it with racial, here now a question, how to me to muff background music or an alternative concept, how to me to stop the reproduction of background standard music in general on the map? That the music in general on the card does not play except for simple sounds, not depending on the settings of the game itself, even if you have to turn on music and repeat and the volume is 100%, so that it does not play at all. P: S I was able to deceive the sound of the game, instead of sound, I put a composition on it and it even plays if I press a pause while playing online or offline. You were in the Jungle as a result of the time machine experiment, which year is unknown here, but it is known that what monsters appeared in the jungle, our task is to destroy all the monsters in the Jungle to save their !@#$%^-s, Mission 1 - Destroy all the monsters on the map.ChronoCrossX1 Jul 4
Jun 23 FUN 14 MINUTE RAPID-FIRE HISTORY OF GAMING I thought you might all enjoy it. Love to know what you think!BigAlChubbs0 Jun 23
Jun 17 Anyone else mad about C&C Rivals? I know it's not SC related, but really we're all fans of RTS so it's such a disappointment to see how low the only other classic RTS series has fallen. Is EA that intimidated by SC2 that they've willingly backed out of the genre or do they just not really care? I thought C&C 3 was great it actually has my favorite RTS campaign of all time. The narrative was awesome how you play GDI first and feel like you kicked !@#, but then play through essentially the same events as Nod and Scrin and realize that they also won the war in their own way (just forget C&C4 happened). Anyway does anyone else remember C&C fondly and feel a little upset about what it's become?FajitaEata21 Jun 17
Jun 17 Your options are... ... 50 hawks, 10 crocodiles, 3 brown bears, 15 wolves, 1 hunter, 7 cape buffalo, 10,000 rats, 5 gorillas and 4 lions - you must pick 2 that will defend you while the rest are coming to kill you. Which do you pick and why? Personally, I choose 50 hawks and the hunter. Logically speaking, the hunter can use anything, so he can just sit in a bunker with machine guns, flamethrowers, C4's, grenade launchers, and RPGs. Even though I'm facing 10k rats... I don't think they can stand up to grenade launchers and flamethrowers.soUuRrRStEvO1 Jun 17
Jun 16 Avilo bunkbed Ive been wondering what happend to avilo bunkbed... I remember that he uninstalled it on the stream, but then he said couple of times that the bunkbed is in the house somewhere... I wonder what it use for nowJohnRambo6 Jun 16
Jun 5 Dear Snorers: I know you can't control it and I applaud those who actively seek medical help if the snoring is unreasonably bad...but most of you don't seek medical attention. Excessively loud snoring and sleep apnea that bypasses noise cancelling heqdphones+white noise is outright torture (seriously, sleep depervation is a form of torture). I bring this up because of a growing attitute of entitlement Ive noticed when dealing with heavy snorers. Especially the ones who dont try to fix the issue. If you snore heavily or have sleep apnea until you address the not be a roommate or dorm with another a little considerate to the other person who has classes or a job which relies on them sleeping properly. Just a mini rant after having to take a personal day because my fat, lazy roommate has sleep apnea they didnt disclose when moving in which is now costing me my sanity and sleep. It would have been taken care of if her fat, lazy !@#$ would have dealt with the issue and just gotten a CPAP machine since she had a sleep study done and knew about the sleep apnea.DankTemplar77 Jun 5
May 20 Will my old maphacks still work with SC:R? I see the community whining about 12 unit selection and what not. The reason I quit playing SC1 was because maphax/multicommand became the norm on bnet. I hope blizz does more than just give hd makeover.StarCheese3 May 20
May 18 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Who's excited for it? Honestly, I am now tempted to get it since the CoD developers finally seemed to get their head straight as they removed wall-jumping and jet-packs. Also, it's coming the, it's gonna have Prop Hunt, and the graphics are sooo smexy.SeaWhole0 May 18
May 16 Can’t change my avatar here. Is there a fix for this? It isn’t the avatar displayed in game, and login screens from my profile here don’t seem to let me change it.Galgus2 May 16
May 9 How to cook Butternut Squash? So normally my family eats a lot of yellow, white, or zuccinni squash. The other day there were some butternut squash at the grocery, and I bought them. I figured wtf, dieticians say you should eat some of them. So we didn't know how to cook them. I looked online and some people bake them, some people boil them. I didn't know what to do, so I cut them in half length-wise and put them in a pan with water in the glass casserole pan so they wouldn't dry out, and microwaved them for about 15 minutes on high. They came out with the soft texture of a baked potato. They taste alright, but not great. I don't know how to season them, and the taste is a tad more "Pumpkinny" than I expected.Wade6 May 9
May 5 Starcraft Ghost Cinematic Remastered? Hopefully this is the right place to post this question. To my knowledge, the best quality that the Starcraft Ghost Cinematic Trailer can be seen is in 480p on youtube. Does anyone know of a higher quality version? I wonder if somewhere in the blizzard archives, if they have a higher resolution version, or maybe the original files that could be rendered again in 1080p. I know it's a long shot, but that dang cinematic is so good, it's a damn shame we haven't been able to see it in better quality.CxZwei0 May 5
May 1 Laptop for sc2 So I’m looking for a cheap laptop that will run Starcraft smoothly but I have no idea what to look for besides the minimum system requirements. And one have a suggestion of a decent laptop under 300 that I can play sc2 on? Doesn’t have to be amazing just wanna be able to play while I’m away without burning a hole in my pocket -thanksXDeathwishX3 May 1
Apr 24 Anyone have a Runescape Account? Hi, I hope this doesn't violate any of the forum rules. I've been looking to get back into Runescape, as its a nostalgic game from my childhood. Unfortunately, I don't have my account anymore, being 7 or 8ish years since I've last played. If anyone has an mid/high level account they no long use and would be willing to give up to help a fellow gamer out, I would be extraordinarily grateful! Being a student my time is limited. I've started on a new account, however I simply can't put in the hours to grind away and really want to experience some of the mid/end game content again! I'll be sure to pass the favour on :) Anyways, hope everyone is enjoying Starcraft! Happy gaming, MikeMikewait4 Apr 24
Apr 20 Outcome: TRAIN GO BOOM!!!SeaWhole0 Apr 20
Apr 10 Right... What the hell kind of name is Soap, eh? How'd a muppet like you pass selection?SeaWhole0 Apr 10
Apr 9 Old School FMP starcraft1 players Hey, whats up? Don't know if I'll find anyone from there on here but why not try? Any old school fastest players from starcraft1 still playing this game? I'm from VGT and SCD. Anyways, there's a new league for fastest in starcraft that's going on. Decent amount of activity. OP UGL US. WestDeWSePH4 Apr 9
Apr 6 MiSi SC2 Dev Group Hi, I'm starting an SC2 Dev Group called MiSi; MiSi will be ran on Discord, and will ideally, be working on several Map and/or Mod Projects at a time, Members will be able to choose what Projects they wish to work on, and will be separated by their Roles; which detail the Types of Work they can contribute. With several Roles, Members will be diverse in Skills and will be better able to co-operate with others. Members will be able to propose their own Projects and proposed Projects have their own Channels, which Members who join the Projects can use to help them Develop and Communicate. Proposed Projects each have 3 Role-Tiers, Entry-Tier, Development-Tier, and Moderation-Tier; leaders of the Project enter with Moderation-Tier, while Coders and File-Editors enter as Development-Tier; Idea-Makers and Balancers enter as Entry-Tier. Tiers are selected based on the Skill-Type Roles of the Member. All Finished or Ready Maps and Mods will be Officially Uploaded to BNet under the MiSi Account and all Map Descriptions and Loading Screens will host Links to the Discord as well as an Explanation that MiSi is a Group and not one person. All Credits to Participants in a Project will be compiled into the Project List on the Discord. Do you want to join MiSi or learn more? Join to join as a Fan; if you wish to join as a Member, fill out an Application in the 'role-application' Text Channel, and visit the FAQ to find how to Propose or Join a Project's Team, or wait until the Group has grown large enough to actually finish a Project. Currently, MiSi hosts 1 Potential Project, intended as a Starter-Project to help us figure out if this form of Map Making is feasible, as well as it being a relatively Small Project, however if completed will ensure that we as a Team can create many diverse Features, and Accomplishments in the future. This does not mean that Project-Proposals are off the table right now, everything is open ^~^ Hope to see you there!~keenan1 Apr 6
Apr 1 Salute to StarCraft WoW - Solved - Hello, I'm looking for someone that has one of the StarCraft pets on WoW, and I wanted to get the “Salute to StarCraft” Feat of Strength, it would be a great help to me, as I spend a good hour going server to server, looking for people on a limited account due to not having an active subscription. I can't post in the WoW forum due to not having an active subscription, which I don't want to spend $19 just to get it, if I can do it for free, which I don't plan on coming back to WoW for awhile.Shadowds1 Apr 1
Mar 30 Remastered Starcraft Been playing the Remastered Starcraft more, not sure why but it is good and clear again. Starcraft 2 is for tons of memory so systems may not find it overly advantageous to switch.Hadrian4 Mar 30
Mar 29 test testing!iILuZioN1 Mar 29
Mar 28 Legend of Zelda: Whats your favorite game? Mine is The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. My second favorite is The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Soooo. Discuss.Zizzlfied39 Mar 28
Mar 12 Browse the game forums without playing game Who else has done this in games that they don't play anymore but browse and post in the forums very often like frequently?DuvalierRock5 Mar 12
Mar 11 Protoss and Zerg in Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 One of my favorite hobbies aside from my investment into the Blizzard series was playing D&D...and eventually moving to Pathfinder when I discovered how much simpler it made the game. I'm currently running a quest right now that I called "Hybrid Initiative" which is basically an story in between when Aiur was retaken, but before Into the Void. NOTE: Unless you're actually interested in the D&D campaign I'm running, you can skip this next paragraph as it's just an overview of the campaign and not what this post is about It occurs with the StarCraft Universe being placed as if it was in the Pathfinder Golarion campaign setting universe with an altered timeline of events (Aiur being retaken and Into the Void occur with a 12 year difference instead of a 2 year difference). The big story is that a Hybrid Moebius Facility was detected on Golarion, and a Daelaam and Tal'Dairm ship went to investigate. One of the Daelaam ships exploded and the Tal'Dairm and Daelaam after a skirmish believing they were shot upon crashed on Golarion. Our current group is a Human Cavalier, a Half-Orc Paladin, a Tal'Dairm Bloodhunter, and a Daelaam Gunslinger. Explanation ends here One of the big things that I made for this campaign (considering it's theme) was a playable Protoss race that I wanted to share with all the people of the Blizzard community. I don't think know how many people play Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 on the forums, but if there is, I hope you would all enjoy these stat sheets. I tried to pay attention to the in game lore as strictly as I could when I was making these. You can feel free to comment on them if you are knowledgeable in Pathfinder. Protoss Racial Sheet: Zerg Creature stat sheet: Mar 11
Mar 7 Old games you loved Title says it all. What were the games you loved when you were a kid back in 1980s and 1990s? Me? Well, I remember: 1. Doom 2. Quake 3. Syndicate Wars 4. Theme Hospital 5. Rise of the Triad 6. Duke Nukem 3D 7. Mario Kart 64 8. Red Alert 9. Jazz Jackrabbit 2 And obvioulsy SC1 but I played it in 2001.Linkark36 Mar 7
Mar 7 Moderator, What did I do wrong this time? Like, this is off topic, isn't it?Wade2 Mar 7
Feb 27 The LOGOS argument for God. First of all, I need to stress that LOGOS and logos are potentially the same thing, but potentially logos is a sub-set of LOGOS. Capitalization is important here. So John's Gospel starts off with this: "IN the begining was the LOGOS and the LOGOS was with GOD and the LOGOS was GOD. He made all things, and without HIM was not anything made that was made." Is there a God? The short answers is "Yes". How can I prove John's claim correct logically? It works like this: 1) LOGOS is defined as the rational principle which governs reality. 2) Logos (lower case) is the set of laws which govern an individual universe, but this set is a sub-set of LOGOS(upper case). 3) The LOGOS is eternal, but we know universes are past finite. Therefore: 4) Universes must be created by a prior eternal reality, because of "From nothing comes Nothing" (Rene Descartes). Is LOGOS God with a mind? Or is LOGOS a mindless set of laws and concepts which randomly banged entre universes into existence? 5) We have a rational mind, which is governed by LOGOS and governed by Logos (lower case) in particular. Therefore Logos and LOGOS have the properties of a mind. If LOGOS did not have the properties of a mind we would not have the properties of a mind ourselves. 6) Since LOGOS is Almighty (creating and destroying? entire universes) and since LOGOS has the properties of a mind, then LOGOS has all the properties of an ALMIGHTY GOD. 7) Therefore, ALMIGHTY eternal GOD exists, and always has existed, because GOD is that eternal reality which is the first cause, the uncaused cause.Wade2 Feb 27
Feb 26 Moderator Question: Spiritual discussions Are we allowed to discuss theology or spirituality in this section? It says discuss anything unrelated to Starcraft, so I'm just wondering. if you say "Yes", I plan on discussing and resolving a paradox in the definition of Monotheism and Polytheism. I believe the nature of God is a bit different than people previously understood.Wade0 Feb 26
Feb 22 StarCraft Meets Command & Conquer? So, here's the scenario. Blizzard decides to acquire a new game to refresh their Strategy game audience. What better choice than the abandoned Command & Conquer (C&C) franchise?! Think about it... the creators of one of the greatest Strategy games of all time (SC) revitalizes and launches some new C&C games (huge already). C&C is arguably the only Strategy game that has had any sort of competition in the genre. The only thing holding back C&C advancement is an experienced Strategy development team. Not to mention, there is already blueprints out there for C&C 2 (since they quit on it while it was in beta). On top of that they could even bring in some new ideas for a future SC release! C&C left off with the new alien race Scrin... what if... Scrin was Zerg?! Imagine the possibilities!! What do you think?Sinista2 Feb 22