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19h WarCraft II Remastered? What about it? And what about War3 on 2.0 with leagues and achievements.Shafun23 19h
Mar 12 Browse the game forums without playing game Who else has done this in games that they don't play anymore but browse and post in the forums very often like frequently?DuvalierRock5 Mar 12
Mar 11 Protoss and Zerg in Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 One of my favorite hobbies aside from my investment into the Blizzard series was playing D&D...and eventually moving to Pathfinder when I discovered how much simpler it made the game. I'm currently running a quest right now that I called "Hybrid Initiative" which is basically an story in between when Aiur was retaken, but before Into the Void. NOTE: Unless you're actually interested in the D&D campaign I'm running, you can skip this next paragraph as it's just an overview of the campaign and not what this post is about It occurs with the StarCraft Universe being placed as if it was in the Pathfinder Golarion campaign setting universe with an altered timeline of events (Aiur being retaken and Into the Void occur with a 12 year difference instead of a 2 year difference). The big story is that a Hybrid Moebius Facility was detected on Golarion, and a Daelaam and Tal'Dairm ship went to investigate. One of the Daelaam ships exploded and the Tal'Dairm and Daelaam after a skirmish believing they were shot upon crashed on Golarion. Our current group is a Human Cavalier, a Half-Orc Paladin, a Tal'Dairm Bloodhunter, and a Daelaam Gunslinger. Explanation ends here One of the big things that I made for this campaign (considering it's theme) was a playable Protoss race that I wanted to share with all the people of the Blizzard community. I don't think know how many people play Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 on the forums, but if there is, I hope you would all enjoy these stat sheets. I tried to pay attention to the in game lore as strictly as I could when I was making these. You can feel free to comment on them if you are knowledgeable in Pathfinder. Protoss Racial Sheet: Zerg Creature stat sheet: Mar 11
Mar 10 Remastered Starcraft Been playing the Remastered Starcraft more, not sure why but it is good and clear again. Starcraft 2 is for tons of memory so systems may not find it overly advantageous to switch.Hadrian1 Mar 10
Mar 7 Old games you loved Title says it all. What were the games you loved when you were a kid back in 1980s and 1990s? Me? Well, I remember: 1. Doom 2. Quake 3. Syndicate Wars 4. Theme Hospital 5. Rise of the Triad 6. Duke Nukem 3D 7. Mario Kart 64 8. Red Alert 9. Jazz Jackrabbit 2 And obvioulsy SC1 but I played it in 2001.Linkark36 Mar 7
Mar 7 Moderator, What did I do wrong this time? Like, this is off topic, isn't it?Wade2 Mar 7
Mar 6 How to cook Butternut Squash? So normally my family eats a lot of yellow, white, or zuccinni squash. The other day there were some butternut squash at the grocery, and I bought them. I figured wtf, dieticians say you should eat some of them. So we didn't know how to cook them. I looked online and some people bake them, some people boil them. I didn't know what to do, so I cut them in half length-wise and put them in a pan with water in the glass casserole pan so they wouldn't dry out, and microwaved them for about 15 minutes on high. They came out with the soft texture of a baked potato. They taste alright, but not great. I don't know how to season them, and the taste is a tad more "Pumpkinny" than I expected.Wade1 Mar 6
Feb 27 The LOGOS argument for God. First of all, I need to stress that LOGOS and logos are potentially the same thing, but potentially logos is a sub-set of LOGOS. Capitalization is important here. So John's Gospel starts off with this: "IN the begining was the LOGOS and the LOGOS was with GOD and the LOGOS was GOD. He made all things, and without HIM was not anything made that was made." Is there a God? The short answers is "Yes". How can I prove John's claim correct logically? It works like this: 1) LOGOS is defined as the rational principle which governs reality. 2) Logos (lower case) is the set of laws which govern an individual universe, but this set is a sub-set of LOGOS(upper case). 3) The LOGOS is eternal, but we know universes are past finite. Therefore: 4) Universes must be created by a prior eternal reality, because of "From nothing comes Nothing" (Rene Descartes). Is LOGOS God with a mind? Or is LOGOS a mindless set of laws and concepts which randomly banged entre universes into existence? 5) We have a rational mind, which is governed by LOGOS and governed by Logos (lower case) in particular. Therefore Logos and LOGOS have the properties of a mind. If LOGOS did not have the properties of a mind we would not have the properties of a mind ourselves. 6) Since LOGOS is Almighty (creating and destroying? entire universes) and since LOGOS has the properties of a mind, then LOGOS has all the properties of an ALMIGHTY GOD. 7) Therefore, ALMIGHTY eternal GOD exists, and always has existed, because GOD is that eternal reality which is the first cause, the uncaused cause.Wade2 Feb 27
Feb 26 Moderator Question: Spiritual discussions Are we allowed to discuss theology or spirituality in this section? It says discuss anything unrelated to Starcraft, so I'm just wondering. if you say "Yes", I plan on discussing and resolving a paradox in the definition of Monotheism and Polytheism. I believe the nature of God is a bit different than people previously understood.Wade0 Feb 26
Feb 22 StarCraft Meets Command & Conquer? So, here's the scenario. Blizzard decides to acquire a new game to refresh their Strategy game audience. What better choice than the abandoned Command & Conquer (C&C) franchise?! Think about it... the creators of one of the greatest Strategy games of all time (SC) revitalizes and launches some new C&C games (huge already). C&C is arguably the only Strategy game that has had any sort of competition in the genre. The only thing holding back C&C advancement is an experienced Strategy development team. Not to mention, there is already blueprints out there for C&C 2 (since they quit on it while it was in beta). On top of that they could even bring in some new ideas for a future SC release! C&C left off with the new alien race Scrin... what if... Scrin was Zerg?! Imagine the possibilities!! What do you think?Sinista2 Feb 22
Feb 8 Anyone have a Runescape Account? Hi, I hope this doesn't violate any of the forum rules. I've been looking to get back into Runescape, as its a nostalgic game from my childhood. Unfortunately, I don't have my account anymore, being 7 or 8ish years since I've last played. If anyone has an mid/high level account they no long use and would be willing to give up to help a fellow gamer out, I would be extraordinarily grateful! Being a student my time is limited. I've started on a new account, however I simply can't put in the hours to grind away and really want to experience some of the mid/end game content again! I'll be sure to pass the favour on :) Anyways, hope everyone is enjoying Starcraft! Happy gaming, MikeMikewait2 Feb 8
Feb 7 Steamed hams but it's a topic in the SC2Forum Well Seymour, I've made it. Despite your directions.HunterBolt1 Feb 7
Feb 4 Recommended book for backstory If I want to know Nova's backstory, Raynor/Tychus relationship, and Stukov's resurrection, which novels or books should I get and where I can get it in Thailand??Grandsalfang1 Feb 4
Jan 31 Your options are... ... 50 hawks, 10 crocodiles, 3 brown bears, 15 wolves, 1 hunter, 7 cape buffalo, 10,000 rats, 5 gorillas and 4 lions - you must pick 2 that will defend you while the rest are coming to kill you. Which do you pick and why? Personally, I choose 50 hawks and the hunter. Logically speaking, the hunter can use anything, so he can just sit in a bunker with machine guns, flamethrowers, C4's, grenade launchers, and RPGs. Even though I'm facing 10k rats... I don't think they can stand up to grenade launchers and flamethrowers.soUuRrRStEvO0 Jan 31
Jan 31 Is there a way to change hotkeys On Desert Strike ? (the arcade mini game)srav0 Jan 31
Jan 29 The Swarm Hungers! "The Brewed Descends!" "The Brewed Arrives!!!"Dauntless0 Jan 29
Jan 17 Character name change Many people can get bored of their name so I got 2 ideas First: if you can put IN-SHOP a character name change option it would be amazing for me Second: maybe if you cant put the character name change, maybe for each new update or each month I don't know maybe with the update you can give the users a new character name change. hope you take this idea in your minds and consider it wish you a good daySilverwolf0 Jan 17
Jan 17 So I just played LoL and I don't get it. Why is this game so popular? What's the appeal? So damn slow passed and repetitive, I was bored to tears.Geo28 Jan 17
Jan 17 So LoL... After playing LoL for such a long time I really feel burned out. Any tips on how to make the game feel good/fresh again?Phreak6 Jan 17
Jan 11 MW3- do you like it? After trying out the multiplayer (thanks for the free weekend, activision) I can say that I don't like mw3 very much. It's fun at times, but five elements of the game ruin it for me. 1. You need to have a ridiculously high rank to get a decent ranged gun. The only gun I found that was usable was the dual machine pistols, but those felt incredibly nooby. 2. Players have ridiculously low health. It feels like the first to shoot wins, all the time. That wouldn't be so bad... except for flaw #1. 3. Teamwork is entirely absent from the game, because of flaw #2 you don't have time to assist an teammate before they're shot down. 4. It's near impossible to distinguish players from the terrain of most maps. Every map has the same cluttered and smoky aesthetic too. 5. Camping is the optimal strategy because of flaws #1, #2, and #3. That said, my FPS of choice is halo, mostly because all weapons have advantages and disadvantages, everyone spawns with the same decent weapon, maps are easy to navigate, and it's not a quick-draw style FPS, which means teamwork is involved. I'm curious as to how the Mw3 fans think.SunTzu15 Jan 11
Jan 11 MW3 So, post your thoughts on MW3 here, guys. Have a nice day.aGNyghtTyme15 Jan 11
Jan 11 MW3 goes competitive So.. yeah. I love how the commentators are trying to explain the ''strategic'' aspect of the game while the players only run and gun. Oh, it's also on the Xbox 360. They must have turned off auto-aim because the players miss a lot of shots.Splinterize10 Jan 11
Jan 11 StarCraft Emblems on Battlefield! Here are some StarCraft emblems for those of you who play Battlefield 4, Battlfield: Hardline or Battlefield 1!soUuRrRStEvO0 Jan 11
Jan 11 Wall Calendar Hi, i have an very special question, since 5 years i buyed every year the starcraft wall calendar, but this year it seems there is no edition for the year 2017. Will the edition released in late november?sHoGuN2 Jan 11
Jan 8 List of best RTS games My criteria are: story, balance, multiplayer, continuous content, replayability, music, art. And important, I look from current player perspective - ie. I don't care about the historical context Order by how I like them: Warcraft 3 Starcraft 2 Starcraft 1 Age of Mythology Red Alert 2 Warcraft 2 Netstorm Warhammer Dawn of War 2 Warhammer Dawn Of War Warcraft 1 KKND 2 Red Alert Dune M.A.X. 2 I was never fan of age of empires with exception of mythology. If you forgot some game I played, it's possible, but it's for a good reason then. Blizzard creted RTS, and also RTS dies with blizzard. How can I legally play and buy warcraft 3 ?TyphonVexCZ3 Jan 8
Dec 22 Starcraft Tabletop RPG: Updated Files Hey folks. I announced my Starcraft Tabletop RPG here some time ago, and I wanted to give out links to my updated files. Also, in celebration of the release of Legacy of the Void, I’ve released my newest supplement, Monsters of Koprulu. It’s a bestiary and guide to creating creatures in the RPG. Next up is some touch ups on the protoss supplement. Big shout out to these deviant artists who contributed creature concepts to the newest supplement. Anyways, the updated files (hope you all enjoy them): Main Site: Core Rulebook: Supplement 1: The Zerg Swarm Supplement 2: The Advanced Terran Training Manual Supplement 3: The Protoss (alpha) Supplement 4: Monsters of Koprulu Dec 22
Dec 20 3 Random Questions 1. Who is your favourite band or musician? 2. Chocolate or potato chips? 3. What is your favourite gaming console of all time? For me personally: 1. Linkin Park is my favourite band. 2. This is a hard question. If I say something now, it's likely that I will say the opposite if I get asked this questio again. 3. My favourite gaming console of all time is the Playstation 3. It can run a lot of games that I really enjoy, such as Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.soUuRrRStEvO2 Dec 20
Dec 19 Can Legacy of the Void be bought separately? Ok, So I own Sc2 WoL, and HotS. I was eventually going to buy Void later for single player but never really got around to it. So I decided to look it up, and I found that there wasn't an option to buy it separate from the whole pack. Am I just blind or something, or is there no option?TheOneDragon0 Dec 19
Dec 16 Image rights Hi. I have a website ready to launch, but I have two images of Starcraft 2 from Blizzard Entertainment on it. Do I have the rights to use these images on my website? The website and anything else is not for commercial use. Everything is free. The website is about a Starcraft 2 mod. One picture is used as a background and a transparent selfmade pattern lay over it. The other image is just shown normally. Both pictures I can't find anymore on the offical Starcraft 2 website. It is the usual Tychus image you can see here: and a planet picture which looks similar to this one: Can anyone help me to answer these questions? Thanks!Red0 Dec 16
Dec 15 Dislike button? Coming from the WoW forums I still noticed that there is a dislike button on SC2 forums after not being in it for a long time. Anyone know why the dislike button is still there in SC2?DuvalierRock1 Dec 15
Dec 11 Warcraft IV – No Fast-Forwarded Gameplay I love StarCraft II, but please don't make Warcraft IV a silly fast-forward game like StarCraft :) [don't make it a mobile game either]. Watching SC2 units bolt across the screen at 120rpm jogging animation is silly. Warcraft III was fast-paced in its own right via micromanagement.Deathborn1 Dec 11
Nov 28 Missed the window to read comics, again. I bought all three warchests and read the comics as they came out. About a couple months later I felt like reading them again, and I couldn't find them. Does anyone know a solution?Animal2 Nov 28
Nov 26 it sad to pay over 150$ for a free to play it sad to pay over 150$ for a free to playMiow5 Nov 26
Nov 25 Abathur like Mordin. Efficient Problematic. The way Abathur speaks reminds me of Dr Mordin Solus from ME. They both speak almost lacking any pronouns and in short complete phrases. Of course Mordin won't be taking your arms off to improve them like Abathur would... although on second thought Mordin would run a scalpel through your quads. XDDChen0 Nov 25
Nov 18 Thank you blizzard Thank you Blizzard. Hi. Thank you blizzard for making 1st and 2nd starcraft 2 free for other people. Even though I have bought every game before Im so happy you made it free for other people. I've noticed 15000 playing game today where as usually it was 5000. You guys are transitioning to make money. im talking about announcer packs and skins. I LoVEEE it.PsychoMarine0 Nov 18
Nov 17 Make Overwatch F2P!!!! "Please Blizzard, justa make Overwatch F2P, it would be so good for the comunity, bring even more new player to the new competitive FPS for both PC and consoles and give just a !@#$ty Tracer skin for those players that bought the game. I have som many friends that want to play overwatch and now we can play all together. I really think OW need a biger comunity to compete with CS:GO, Halo 5 and Team Fortress". Now see how ridiculous is the F2P bs? this is just showing that it is a life support for a dying game.Eärnur5 Nov 17
Nov 16 Is Hearthstone free? Bad timing, but legitimate question. I haven't played it since beta and I heard that there was an expansion (guessing that it cost money), so does that mean I need to buy the expansion to play? - Is the base game free? - Does premade decks during beta still count? Or you need to get the current expansion packs? - Do I need expansion pack to play against people? Not gonna waste time and data only to get annoyed should it not be free. Clarification would be appreciated. -edit- As for timing, my WoW sub expires in 41h. Need something to fill the gap for a long long long time.SunRise2 Nov 16
Nov 16 Help for building pc for extreme graphics Hellow everyone, as the title says im gathering oarts for new pc build but as the only game i play is Starcraft i want to enjoy it at full graphic setting's without loosing fps. Can plz someone tell me for sure the minimum cpu and gpu and ram that can give me what i want? In the starcraft 2 requirements as recomendet says i5 or amd fx or better or nvidia gtx 650 or radeon hd 7790 or better and 4gb ram. BUT dosent say frequency on cpu or what generation,if i get the cheapest cpu i5 or i7 i can play on extreme graphics iff i combine with gtx 1050 for example? And the memory dosent says frequency or ddr4 or 3... And iff i get one scale higher of opponents for example i5 7700k and gtx 1050 and 8gb ram 2400MHZ will i play on extreme without loosing fps? (Have in minde that i love late games with lots of units and action. ) or i have to take an i7 7700k with gtx 1060 or better with 16 gb ram at 3300mhz? The worst is that i cant pay much but ifd it warth i willing to give something more. Thank you in advance.IncarnationE1 Nov 16
Nov 16 Is the Steelseries 6gv2 good? Hey guys, just wondering if the 6gv2 is a good buy. Any opinions would be helpful thxJAabiRD3 Nov 16
Nov 15 Classic W.O.W. Before i even begin, i am well aware that this is the Starcraft 2 forum. however i am hoping that a Mod will see this and take it to the powers that be and have something done about it. People who do not have an active time subscription to World of Warcraft cannot post on the WOW Forums. This makes complete sense to me. However, seeing as how the vast majority of the current player base probably hasn't even played Vanilla WOW in all of it's glory, why is the Classic WOW Forum included in the paid time forums? For 1, its not released and isn't playable content. 2, it either hasn't even started development, or, is in the infancy stages. I am sure there are tons of players, such as myself, that are from the Vanilla ages, who loved the game, and are super excited to throw more money at Blizzard for it. But, cant justify paying a subscription to a game that, in my opinion, has become a massively multi-player anti-social solo game that requires an internet connection and a valid credit card. These players, myself included, are most likely feeling like Christmas came early with this announcement and are wanting to discuss it. Why not make the Classic WOW Forum accessible to all, such as this one?Psychodelic0 Nov 15
Nov 9 Starfriends channel removed from youtube Does anyone have info about this? Does blizzard have something to do with this? Starfriends is a channel on youtube where you can watch pro sc2 and sc:bw games being casted by Artosis, Tasteless and other famous commentators. Suddenly got removed by youtube...WolfsLair1 Nov 9
Nov 3 SC2 Developer/Enthusiasts Social Bnet Group! Hi all! If you're a SC2 dev, we have a new Bnet Social Group dedicated to SC2 developers. It's a small group of us at the moment, but with a wide range of experience! Come join and help bring the SC2 custom and AI scene together! Let's share and help each other build awesome and innovative content for the community! Also general game devs, artist and enthusiasts welcome! Nov 3
Nov 1 Zerg vs. Tyranids This seems to be a somewhat popular topic on these forums, so I thought I'd give my opinions on the matter. If every Zerg in the Starcraft universe were pitted against every Tyranid in the Warhammer 40k universe, the Tyranids would win hands-down; the 40k universe tends to have much larger-scale armies in general, and the Tyranids are implied to be more numerous than every other race in the 40k universe combined, so they could simply overwhelm the Zerg with sheer numbers. However, if the Zerg and Tyranids were pitted against each other in somewhat equal numbers (a few Leviathans full of Zerg versus a small Hive Fleet) I think the Zerg would win. This is because the Zerg have been shown to be much more adaptable than the Tyranids; while the Tyranids can adapt to their enemies' tactics and refine their weapons after every battle, the Zerg can assimilate the traits of their enemy and adapt their biology to new circumstances within minutes, hours or days at the most, as shown by the HotS campaign. Any biological weapons used by the Tyranids (toxins, pathogens, parasites, spores) would quickly become ineffective due to Zerg adaptability, rendering a large portion of the Tyranid arsenal useless. And while Tyranids may have several powerful organisms like Bio-Titans and others, the Zerg can simply assimilate these creatures as soon as one falls, thus learning its weaknesses and incorporating it into the Swarm. Also, the Zerg can establish large hives and replenish their numbers quickly after a battle using pure minerals and gas; whereas the Tyranids have to rely on the Norn Queens in their bioships to create new Tyranids, who can only create reinforcements if the armies on the ground have successfully delivered biomass into orbit; no easy task. Finally, the Zerg have the advantage of creep, which allows them to have eyes and ears everywhere and change the terrain to suit their needs. So that's my opinion. Discuss?Monlyth0 Nov 1
Oct 11 Why does Adblock Plus not work on Twitch? Tried going on to Optimus' stream twice, and there was always an ad, despite me having Adblock Plus. I also tried to go onto ESL_SC2's stream, and there was also an ad. Why?soUuRrRStEvO0 Oct 11
Oct 10 Intels HD 4000 Graphics are impressive I recently bought a $600 ASUS laptop with an i5-3210M cpu clocked at 2.5 ghz which comes with intels integrated gpu. It has no vram and relies on the systems main memory. I was surprised when I set everything to ultra besides lighting and shadows and was getting a constant 60-100 fps. My laptop did start to heat up a fair amount and I wouldn't play for long periods of time like that but damn. I am not bsing you. Just thought I would post this because I saw a few threads bashing on intels integrated gpu.Eagle7 Oct 10
Oct 10 Rate The Song From The Person Above On a scale of one to ten, rate the song that the person above you posted. At most, decimal points to the tenth place are allowed, but not to the hundredth. Here is my song: I have to say, I really love this song a lot!soUuRrRStEvO0 Oct 10
Oct 8 Music. Anyone uses Like Classic Music here like the 90s music 80s music. for playing games like these? got play list so i can hear this songs. i really love the 80s or 90s. send some links. and tell me which one is your favorite.Escape2 Oct 8
Oct 6 Diablo 3 and Playstation 3 if this is true im gonna throw my CPU off the edge of the worldXDShuttle8 Oct 6