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5d Old games you loved Title says it all. What were the games you loved when you were a kid back in 1980s and 1990s? Me? Well, I remember: 1. Doom 2. Quake 3. Syndicate Wars 4. Theme Hospital 5. Rise of the Triad 6. Duke Nukem 3D 7. Mario Kart 64 8. Red Alert 9. Jazz Jackrabbit 2 And obvioulsy SC1 but I played it in 2001.Linkark33 5d
Oct 11 Why does Adblock Plus not work on Twitch? Tried going on to Optimus' stream twice, and there was always an ad, despite me having Adblock Plus. I also tried to go onto ESL_SC2's stream, and there was also an ad. Why?soUuRrRStEvO0 Oct 11
Oct 10 Intels HD 4000 Graphics are impressive I recently bought a $600 ASUS laptop with an i5-3210M cpu clocked at 2.5 ghz which comes with intels integrated gpu. It has no vram and relies on the systems main memory. I was surprised when I set everything to ultra besides lighting and shadows and was getting a constant 60-100 fps. My laptop did start to heat up a fair amount and I wouldn't play for long periods of time like that but damn. I am not bsing you. Just thought I would post this because I saw a few threads bashing on intels integrated gpu.Eagle7 Oct 10
Oct 10 3 Random Questions 1. Who is your favourite band or musician? 2. Chocolate or potato chips? 3. What is your favourite gaming console of all time? For me personally: 1. Linkin Park is my favourite band. 2. This is a hard question. If I say something now, it's likely that I will say the opposite if I get asked this questio again. 3. My favourite gaming console of all time is the Playstation 3. It can run a lot of games that I really enjoy, such as Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.soUuRrRStEvO0 Oct 10
Oct 10 Rate The Song From The Person Above On a scale of one to ten, rate the song that the person above you posted. At most, decimal points to the tenth place are allowed, but not to the hundredth. Here is my song: I have to say, I really love this song a lot!soUuRrRStEvO0 Oct 10
Oct 8 Music. Anyone uses Like Classic Music here like the 90s music 80s music. for playing games like these? got play list so i can hear this songs. i really love the 80s or 90s. send some links. and tell me which one is your favorite.Escape2 Oct 8
Oct 6 Diablo 3 and Playstation 3 if this is true im gonna throw my CPU off the edge of the worldXDShuttle8 Oct 6
Oct 6 Extreme Graphics I am trying to run SC2 with extreme graphics. I added a Visiontek 5870 video card but SC2 does not provide an option for extreme. My cpu is an MD Phenom II x2 555 3.2 ghz with 4.0 gig of ram visat 64 bit os. I am not sure what to try next? Any advice would be appreciated.Carpetman2 Oct 6
Oct 4 r/StarCraft lol stupid subreddit banned me for saying the right thing; to %%@!*#### to believe that they're wrong and im right maybe i didn't word it in the right way, but still, they need to get their brains checkedsoUuRrRStEvO0 Oct 4
Oct 4 Your Favorite Game Series Like the title says, post your favorite game series, why you like it, and even list your favorites! I'll start. My favorite series is Metroid. The (mostly) non-linear gameplay made it stand out as a game with plenty of freedom in exploring the world's various areas at your own pace. The gameplay has always been top-notch in offering simple controls, but mixing in advanced techniques like shinesparking, vertical and horizontal bomb jumping, and mastering the triangle jump (also referred to as the wall jump). The games all use unique, detailed environments and backgrounds to help make a creepy and foreboding atmosphere that is further enhanced by the soundtrack. Here's how I have them ranked: 1. Super Metroid (Super Nintendo) 2. Metroid: Zero Mission (Gameboy Advance) 3. Metroid Prime (Gamecube) 4. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (Gamecube) 5. Metroid (NES) 6. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Wii) 7. Metroid Fusion (Gameboy Advance) 8. Metroid Prime Hunters (DS) 9. Metroid: Other M (Wii) I didn't include Metroid Prime Pinball because well, it isn't exaactly a Metroid game per-say. Feel free to share your favorites and reminisce. RadioMan4 Oct 4
Oct 4 Guns Up! Free MMORTSRPG So this game "Guns up!" on steam hit me by surprise... There are a few "modes" in which you play: 1.) [Attack] - Attack other players bases by sending units and using strategic items to victory. 2.) [Defend] - Other players attack your base and you have to make sure your base is ready for random attacks by placing strategic choke points. While all this is going on, you earn random currencies, cards, units etc... by playing the game... Its actually very addicting and very challenging.... 100% Free and the cash shop is very optional, you can earn everything in game. So glad I found this game! EDIT: Ill try and stream it a bit... Im honestly just grinding an easy stage for cards.... Doesnt represent how you play always. I could be doing harder levels and using cards/strategies or doing CPU defend modeRaserei3 Oct 4
Oct 2 new headphones? I have apple earphones right now and tbh I don't really like them. I've been thinking about going with UE triplefi 10 or monster turbine pros. I've seen the dr. dre studios and they look pretty cool but I'm not too sure about sound quality. Could anyone give me recommendations? I'm not looking for gaming earphones/headphones, just for music.Migration10 Oct 2
Sep 30 Is the Steelseries 6gv2 good? Hey guys, just wondering if the 6gv2 is a good buy. Any opinions would be helpful thxJAabiRD1 Sep 30
Sep 30 MW3 goes competitive So.. yeah. I love how the commentators are trying to explain the ''strategic'' aspect of the game while the players only run and gun. Oh, it's also on the Xbox 360. They must have turned off auto-aim because the players miss a lot of shots.Splinterize9 Sep 30
Sep 29 So LoL... After playing LoL for such a long time I really feel burned out. Any tips on how to make the game feel good/fresh again?Phreak5 Sep 29
Sep 29 black ops im 5th perstigeMarine3 Sep 29
Sep 28 If Pro's played a tourney on Slow... what would the battles look like? Would they be very defensive and all come down to using every resource on the map before one player was defeated? Would counter units trump micro skill and tactics? Basically is the game any good below faster? Can it be great at more than one speed?Deuce5 Sep 28
Sep 28 So I just played LoL and I don't get it. Why is this game so popular? What's the appeal? So damn slow passed and repetitive, I was bored to tears.Geo27 Sep 28
Sep 28 Starcraft in Minecraft Mod Fresh off the editor. Check it out! Note: I apologize for any and all copyright infringements, and urge Blizzard to send me a cease-and-desist should they harbor any oppositions to this project. Although I would much rather they see it as the compliment it is!StepEffect2 Sep 28
Sep 28 What video games have you played in your life The title says it all. Make your list in chronological order, from when your first started playing a game for an extended period of time. It does not matter if you still play the game today or not. Not every single little game must be included List games that you have either beaten or spent a large amount of time on. Also, list the system that you played it on. Super Mario Brothers-NES Duck Hunt-NES Legend of Zelda-A Link to the Past-NES Sonic the Hedgehog-Sega Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog 2-Sega Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog 3-Sega Genesis Sonic and Knuckles-Sega Genesis Shinobi 3-Sega Genesis Sonic Pinball-Sega Genesis Sonic 3D-Sega Genesis Jungle Strike-Sega Genesis Back to the Future 3-Sega Genesis Eternal Champions-Sega Genesis Street Fighter 2-Sega Genesis Mortal Kombat-Sega Genesis Mortal Kombat 2-Sega Genesis Mortal Kombat 3-Sega Genesis Vectorman-Sega Genesis Shining Force-Sega Gamegear Mighty Morphin Power Rangers-Sega Gamegear Virtua Fighter 2-Sega Gamegear Sonic and Tails-Sega Gamegear Sim City 2000-PC Roller Coaster Tycoon 3-PC Mechwarrior 2-PC Warcraft 2-PC Warcraft: Orcs and Humans-PC Starcraft-PC Diablo-PC Diablo 2-PC Goldeneye 007-N64 The Legend of Zelda-Ocarine of Time-N64 Super Smash Brothers-N64 Super Donkey Kong Country-N64 Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2-N64 MLB Baseball 2001-N64 NFL Blitz-N64 Super Mario 64-N64 Banjo Kazooie-N64 MarioKart-N64 Mario Party-N64 Turok: Dinosaur Hunter-N64 Turok 2:Seeds of Evil-N64 Turok 3:Shadow of Oblivion-N64 Turok: Rage Wars-N64 Gauntlet Legends-N64 Hot Rod Racing-PC Warcraft 3-PC Rainbow Six 3-PC Fable: The Lost Chapters-PC StarFox-N64 Killer Instinct-N64 Final Fantasy X-2-PS2 Final Fantasy X-PS2 Need for Speed Underground-PS2 Need for Speed Underground 2-PS2 Tony Hawk's Underground-PS2 Tony Hawk's Underground 2-PS2 Call of Duty 2: Big Red One-PS2 Halo 2-Xbox Guitar Hero 2-PS2 Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80's-PS2 Guitar Hero 3-PS2 Dawn of War-PC Black and White-PC Star Wars Battlefront-PC Star Wars Battlefront 2-PC God of War-PS2 God of War 2-PS2 Ratchet and Clank: Deadlocked-PS2 Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance-PS2 Shadow Heats: From the New World-PS2 Shadow of the Colossus-PS2 Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows-PS2 Doom 3-Xbox Halo 3-Xbox 360 Final Fantasy 12-PS2 Need for Speed Carbon-PS2 World of Warcraft-PC 2 year break from video games (occupied with other things) The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion-PC Mass Effect 2-PC Call of Duty: Black Ops-PC DOTA-PC Starcraft 2-PC Team Fortress 2-PC Bioshock-PC Bioshock 2-PC Left 4 Dead 2-PC Portal-PC Crysis 2-PC Om my Gosh!!!!! When I sat down and counted and thought of all these games, which took a while, I realized that I had played a ton of video games in my life so far. Heck, I even probably forgot to put some in there. As of right now my desire to play video games is waning. I used to be so competitive and I would absolutely excel at every game that I play, but as soon as I started playing Starcraft 2 ladderI feel like a total noob. It is quite literally the first game in my entire life (except that blasted DOTA which I still think is ridiculously difficult) in which I am not the best player. Heck, I'm struggling to stay in Gold league. Maybe I'm finally growing up and I should give up video games as a serious hobby(I have plenty others, dont think I've spent my entire life playing video games). Of course I'll play the heck out of Diablo 3 when it comes out./ So sorry for the length of the post, but post your game list!! What video games have you played in your life?Cajuntiger9 Sep 28
Sep 27 RIP Rio Olympic Sites................ Sep 27
Sep 26 Starcraft FPS Marine Game? Would it not be possible for Blizzard to make an FPS through the eyes of a marine in the starcraft universe? And more importantly would it have a fanbase? I am a fan of all the blizzard games (except hearthstone, I got MTG for that) but I think blizzard would excel at making an Marine style fps. They could even do a multiplayer class based system with the different units they have. Pretty much just trying to see if there is an actual fan base for it :PRakus7 Sep 26
Sep 26 Zeratul Warp Blade replica Hey guys, today I wanna show you something special I've been thinking about fro the last 3 years moreless. Some of you might know me from my hearthstone box I made few years back. Anyway, sadly I'm unable to post any pics or videos here directly but here, take a look at some renders and electronics test: Enjoy :)PotaToss0 Sep 26
Sep 25 The Original Blizzard Announcer Would it be possible to get a little love for Rock 'n' Roll Racing's Larry? He was announcing for Blizzard long before many of these added voices and, I think a little nod to the days of Blizzard's infancy under the name Silicon & Synapse could be interesting to add. The battle racer that was Rock 'n' Roll Racing is still near and dear to me, I still own the SNES Cartridge even after 20 years. This is just a small, frankly a little asinine request from a longtime fan of Blizzard games.Veras0 Sep 25
Sep 24 The Warcraft Chronicles: a pipe dream Since Warcraft 4 isn't happening anytime soon due to the storyline being carried on through WoW, and the unlikeliness that pure WoW players will pick up an RTS to continue the story, I am proposing an entire overhaul and remake of the original three game's campaigns into one mega remake. It could be titled the Warcraft Chronicles instead of being numbered as the specific games, and have 3 different campaigns or episodes entitle "The First War" "The Second War" etc. It would also implement all necessary retcons, expand and fix the lore that was left out or not invented yet within the first two games, and even add new missions and bonus campaigns with expansions into lore that has never been portrayed indepth in any game by Blizzard themselves (War of the Ancients, Draenei-Orc war etc) This would be an entire remake of the game with full modernized controls like SC2 and HD graphics, and would dominate the RTS scene, fulfill the lore buffs wildest dreams (especially those intrigued by the movie and expansions who hadn't previously been familiar with the origins of WoW), and solve the problem for all the devoted fans who are demanding Warcraft 4/ a fresh new competitive Blizzard RTS. The Warcraft Chronicles, experience the entire story in a brand new light. What do you guys think?Bleezebot1 Sep 24
Sep 24 MAKE WC4! SC2 is done. WE WANT WC4! Blizzard, due to popular demand it is hereby declared that Warcraft 4 must be the next RTS project, as it was the first and still the last best RTS of all time. I never could get into SC2, Im more into classic heros and armies and magic rather than complicated futuristic RTS. Ill let the asians dominate the pro SC2 scene because I have no interest in competing with them. Please maintain previous WC3 balance and races and add maybe 3-4 units per race at most and 5-10 new heros, with 1 added race, making a total of 5: Human Orc Night Elf and Undead plus a new race: (Naga or ? Blood Elves? Chaos Legion?) . New campaign, online matchmaking system, and some new spells and abilities, content, custom games, multiplayer modes etc. I think its apparent that blizzards standards for games have steadily declined since the entrance of WoW, hearthstone, diablo 3 fail, etc. Its time to get back to the basics, the RTS that revolutionized RTS back in the good old days of W3 and diablo2. Warcraft 3!! Now we need a WC4!! A smoothed out RTS with good graphics and engine. PLEASE BLIZZARD FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP WITH THE MONEY/TIME SWAMPS like WoW Hearthstone, Diablo and build the next best RTS that people will actually respect. AT least BLizzard, please consider sending a couple engineers over to help a community project thats working on a warcraft 3 clone to sc2 engine, to improve the graphics a lot and smooth the pathing and engine. The project is here and they need help cloning to make the new and improved wc3 clone: I wish blizzard would 'sacrifice' a few dollars to actually build a game worth playing, because NONE of their current games are worth playing, although I respect d2, wc3 and sc2 the most - The Classics. The rest of the games are trash time and money scams. HotS is the best moba, yet its got its issues. Nevertheless the people have spoken. WE WANT WC4! PLEASE MATCH UP TO THE QUALITY OF WC3 AND GIVE US A NEW AND IMPROVED WARCRAFT 4!Fitz13 Sep 24
Sep 22 Epic RPG Epic RPG was a game on Warcraft online. Before the arcade. It was a final fantasy base. You start as a chemist for the Mage tree. Or a squire for the knight tree. As you gain exp, you gain moves or spells. Do any of you know if this game is playable? I miss that game.moonhowl1 Sep 22
Sep 20 Starcraft 2 > League of Legends It always baffles me how LoL is compared with Starcraft 2 as some kind of competitive game. Starcraft 2 requires an astounding amount of strategy, skill and experience to play. LoL does requires some knowledge about positioning and ambushing, but when it comes down to it you only have to control 1 unit and concern yourself with the positioning of 9 other units. Comparatively, SC2 makes LoL look like a game for children. And, if you go watch a LoL event, you will indeed find that mostly children appear to be playing. I have not watched a lot of LoL, but from what I have seen it appears to appeal to 8-12 year old "pro gamers." Now, there are a lot of games which seem silly compared to Starcraft if you are just considering the skill required in the pro gaming scene. The reason which these other games do not bother me, is that they aren't constantly grouped in with or compared with SC2. They are a separate community for the most part, which is probably for the best. League of Legends should not be compared to Starcraft because it is a completely different kind of game. My opinion is that it is extremely inferior to Starcraft, but that's just one OPINION. Please, stop treating these two games like they are in the same genre or appeal to the same kinds of competitive gamers, because they DO NOT.Ghost72 Sep 20
Sep 20 New Farmland Race! :D OMG BEST IDEA FOR RACE EVER: THE FARMLAND RACE Only has 4 buildings: Farm (main resource collection base), plantation (vespene collector), stable (trains war units), and marketplace (researches new units, info at bot of page). Command Center/Nexus/Hatchery=Farm Training Center=Stable(only production center but cost $100) Upgrade/Research Center=Marketplace Worker=Pig, 50 min, 40 health, 5 damage, can repair buildings 40% slower than scv, 17 sec Stable Units Ground -Horned Cow (tanky melee cow, similar to zealot, doesnt require marketplace research) 13 damage, 1.25 attack speed, melee, 75 minerals, 160 health, 30 sec -Scout Cow (cloacked cow with high speed and low health) No attack, 25 Minerals, 75 gas, 4 speed, 25 health, 20 sec -Machine Gun Cow (cow with machine gun like tychus and somewhat tanky) 10 Damage, .25 attack speed, 5 range, 125 minerals, 50 gas, 120 health, 35 sec -Sniper Cow (ranged cow with more dmg but low attack speed and slightly lower health and high range) 30 damage, 4 attack speed, 9 range, 150 minerals, 200 gas, 75 health, 35 sec -Laser Cow (laser cow like voidray that is tankier) 10 Damage Every Second, 6 range, 200 Minerals, 150 Gas, 100 health, 45 sec Air -Rooster (shoots exploding eggs with splash damage, tanky flying unit) 15 Damage, .9 Attack speed, 7 range, 250 Minerals, 150 Gas, 200 health, 60 sec -Chicken (shoots exploding eggs long range high splash damage, lower healther than Rooster) 25 Damage, 2 attack speed, 10 range 200 Minerals, 100 gas, 125 health, 60 sec Marketplace Researches Main Info Panel -Invisibility Genes (allows scout cow to be trained) 50 minerals, 75 gas, 60 sec -Guns (allows machine gun and sniper cow to be trained) 125 minerals, 125 gas, 60 sec -Lasers (allows laser cow to be trained), 150 minerals, 150 gas, 60 sec -Rooster Eggs (allows roosters to be trained) 200 minerals, 172 gas, 60 sec -Chicken Eggs (allows chickens to be trained) 200 minerals, 175 gas, 60 sec Second Info Panel -Sheeps Wool Level 1,2,3 (armor upgrade) Increases armor by 1.5 each, 100 min/gas level 1, 175 min/gas level 2, 250 min/gas level 2, 160 sec each -Lions Claws Level 1 (highly upgrades horned cow attack, more expensive) Increases damage by 10 225 min/gas 160 sec -Penetrating Bullets Level 1, 2 (somewhat highly upgrades machine gun and sniper cow attack, somewhat more expensive) Increases damage by 5 each, 150 min/gas level 1, 275 min/gas level 2, 160 sec each -Burning Lasers Level 1 (highly upgrades laser cow attack, more expensive) Increases damage by 15, 225 min/gas, 160 sec -Explosive Powder Level 1, 2 (somewhat highly upgrades rooster and chicken attack, somewhat more expensive) Increases damage by 7 each 150 min/gas level 1, 275 min/gas level 2, 160 sec each Unlike other races, the only production building is the stable. It is cheaper than gateway/barracks and trains all of the army units in this race. When built, only the Horned Cow will be available. Then you can research different units to allow them to be trained in the marketplace.UltraMan2 Sep 20
Sep 19 SCII + MS Surface So has anyone tried StarCraft II on the Microsoft Surface Pro yet? Anyone looking forward to it? Actually, not even just StarCraft II. Diablo 3, Path of Exile, any other games that don't misbehave upon tablet use. *coughStarvoidandFreelancercough* And don't worry about any keyboard issues. Just get a Logitech G13. I for one can't use keyboard for StarCraft anyway. I need the thumb-cam. Yeah, I could practice without it... don't wanna.Adreni11 Sep 19
Sep 19 Your video game opinions for science Hey all, I've made a survey that tells you what type of gamer personality you are. Are you an Immersion Engineer, or an Escape Artist? Do you battle with real people or seclude to the shadows in a world of your own making? The reason why I made it is to gather research on people's gaming behaviours. This study for my masters thesis at The University of Sydney. Now as a gamer myself (WoW Heroic Tomb of Sargaras Raider), I feel like I have a good grasp of the gaming community, but as with all things, you need to do the research to confirm/disconfirm these assumptions. The survey itself is looking to explore information about: • Different aspects of your personality • What video games you play • How much you play by yourself and with other people • The impacts of your video game use on your daily life You can find a link to the survey and more information here (you might need to disable adblocker): So let me know what you think. Do you think I guessed right? What did I miss? One more thing. A survey like this is limited, and doesn't give people a voice to add what they want to say. I really encourage open opinions about the video game community and maybe how the news and public have a negative view of video games. Whenever I present, I add the personal messages people have sent me to encourage other researchers to remember that we are people too, not just numbers. Tell me what you think and let me know if I can share your comments in my presentations. Thank you, GavinTastyGav0 Sep 19
Sep 18 Starwars Battlefront + 4 DLCs now only $6 it used to be $70 (game) and $50 (season pass). Now only $6 for both. Sick dealnamvn0 Sep 18
Sep 13 The Banished Vs. The Tal'darim Who would win in a fight between Atriox's Forces (The Banished from Halo Wars 2) Or Alarak's Forces (The Tal'darim)?bullsammyLOL0 Sep 13
Sep 10 SC1 Remastered Won't be very popular SC2 fixed a lot of quality of life issues the first had because of hardware limitations. Selection refinement, control groups, units on screen, pathing, SCV management, etc. I realize skill came out of the workarounds for those back in the day, but today it just feels outdated. I think it will sell well, but I don't think it will have the same esports impact it did years ago... The graphics choice I feel is a mistake as well. It's nice it scales to modern resolutions now, but they should of used the sc2 engine and full 3d models, or did what the halo remakes did, add a graphics toggle to switch between modern and classic. In general I feel Blizzard should be looking forward, not back. SC2:LOTV did awful esports wise, and stream count wise. They need to rethink Starcraft and focus on the future.Xyos44 Sep 10
Sep 8 Starcraft Universe Hey all, what does everybody think about an MMORPG in the style of Starcraft? Similar to Warcraft in terms of factions, and having a number of different areas to explore, which in this game would consist of planets and various regions on those planets. However, instead of there being only two factions, this could be a tri-faction game consisting of the Zerg the Protoss and the Terran. I think it would be a unique idea, considering that each faction would have classes that pertain only to that faction. For instance, the protoss would have more high-tech structures and be focused more around telekinetic abilities, the Terran would be more brutish and be focused on More Physical ranged abilities with some Close Quarters combat, and the Zerg would be overwhelming in numbers and in close range. The civilisations would be unique to each faction's aesthetic, the Protoss having suspended buildings with pilons providing power to the structures. Terran would be rustic, smoky and industrial will plenty of engineering bays and mechs. And Zerg would be very organic over a landscape that is alive, perhaps consisting of tunnels underground connecting the hatcheries to all other buildings. I know it's probably more of a fantasy, but I think it would be interesting to discuss the idea. What do you guys think?Pendangua1 Sep 8
Sep 8 Protoss and Zerg in Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 One of my favorite hobbies aside from my investment into the Blizzard series was playing D&D...and eventually moving to Pathfinder when I discovered how much simpler it made the game. I'm currently running a quest right now that I called "Hybrid Initiative" which is basically an story in between when Aiur was retaken, but before Into the Void. NOTE: Unless you're actually interested in the D&D campaign I'm running, you can skip this next paragraph as it's just an overview of the campaign and not what this post is about It occurs with the StarCraft Universe being placed as if it was in the Pathfinder Golarion campaign setting universe with an altered timeline of events (Aiur being retaken and Into the Void occur with a 12 year difference instead of a 2 year difference). The big story is that a Hybrid Moebius Facility was detected on Golarion, and a Daelaam and Tal'Dairm ship went to investigate. One of the Daelaam ships exploded and the Tal'Dairm and Daelaam after a skirmish believing they were shot upon crashed on Golarion. Our current group is a Human Cavalier, a Half-Orc Paladin, a Tal'Dairm Bloodhunter, and a Daelaam Gunslinger. Explanation ends here One of the big things that I made for this campaign (considering it's theme) was a playable Protoss race that I wanted to share with all the people of the Blizzard community. I don't think know how many people play Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 on the forums, but if there is, I hope you would all enjoy these stat sheets. I tried to pay attention to the in game lore as strictly as I could when I was making these. You can feel free to comment on them if you are knowledgeable in Pathfinder. Protoss Racial Sheet: Zerg Creature stat sheet: Sep 8
Aug 31 WarCraft II Remastered? What about it? And what about War3 on 2.0 with leagues and achievements.Shafun20 Aug 31
Aug 30 New Elder Scrolls Trailer In case you're interested, Bethesda just released a new teaser for Elder Scrolls VI on their youtube channel: Enjoy.Monlyth0 Aug 30
Aug 23 The Case for Dear Really well written article on Liquipedia today. I've always enjoyed watching Dear play and felt he is almost always undervalued-Nice to see some attention thrown his way again.CSPARROW0 Aug 23
Aug 20 Today I am a dad My son was born today 7 pounds 7 ounces @ 714 AM. His name is Mason :) just wanted to share with yall!MAC13 Aug 20
Aug 19 Meet the disruptor. Hello, I am a disruptor. I cost 150 minerals. I cost 150 vespene gas. I cost 3 supplies. I take 36 seconds to warp out from robotics facility. I have 100 plasma shields. I have 100 max health. I have 1 armor. I am armored. I am mechanical. I am Protoss. I can use Disruption Nova, I shoots out an orange from my body, Then it splats. I am a part of Purifier Faction, also known as orange-glowing Protoss. I was born in Legacy Of The Void. My father was replicant. My cargo capacity is 4. My sight range is 9. My movement speed is 3.15 Before this day, I was an orange itself. Before this day, My skin looks like Khalai faction. Hope you enjoy my information. /Reboot in progress...Yuwaratb2 Aug 19
Aug 17 Totalbiscuit's attitude is getting worse I'm not the only one who's notice this have I? Totalbiscuit has just been showing more disdain for his fans more and more, posting constant toxicity in his social mediaDrScaphandre2 Aug 17
Aug 15 How are bugs/glitches created? This is about gaining insight into how complex game coding can be. This is not intended to expose how cheats/hacks can be used to exploit the game nor to learn how to create such cheats/hacks. I do not have a background in computer science. I have very little programming experience. Outside of LaTeX, I've only learned a little HTML, JavaScript, and a little Java. I am curious about how bugs/glitches are created. For example, in Co-op mode there had been a persistent bug with bonus experience points resetting for the achievement. This happened over multiple patches when a new patch was introduced. Another example is a current bug in Co-op: the Karax Colossus loses its ability to attack if a certain upgrade is researched. I'd like to know if anyone has information about how game code can create bugs. Are they formed with contradicting lines for a specific unit, task, etc.? An in-game situation that hasn't been defined but can be allowed to be done? Thank you.aYeDeeKay1 Aug 15
Jul 26 Starcraft 2 Movie There was a Warcraft movie why not a Starcraft movie? Starcraft has was cooler climactics than Warcraft.daedalis3 Jul 26
Jul 14 Duran is a lime :) [SPOILERS] Since Narud and Duran is a same guy, his name is spelled backwards: Narud Duran But what happened if we spell backward his name entirely? You'll got this: Samir Duran = Rimsar Narud Emil Narud = "Lime" Duran NARUD IS A LIME CONFIRMEDYuwaratb0 Jul 14
Jul 13 Achievements in SC:R Achievements is the thing that should be, cause its hooking lots of ach-farmers on it. But it must be summed with SC2 achievements. Its more interesting to increase SC2 acivements' point pool, then doing it from zero in SC Remastered interface.Shafun2 Jul 13
Jul 8 Can I run SC2 without a GPU? Athlon II x4 3.415 ghz, 2.5ghz CPU-NB 4GB RAM So I have a MSi GTX 460. It's really shoddy, and needs to be RMA'd. But the RMA process takes a month or so I believe? So the problem, is that for a month, I won't have my GPU. My question is, is can I play SC2 smoothly without a GPU? Obviously my graphics will have to be lowered, but my GPU is so unstable that it is usually low anyways (somedays it's stable, some days it isn't, so I can play on Ultra, but to avoid possible artifacting I leave it on medium or low. Basically it's just a bad GPU and I've already talked to MSi about it). I was wondering if I should like, go to best buy and buy a card for a month, and then return it (they have a no questions asked 30 day return policy as long as it isn't broken, I'm sure some other stores out there have a similiar policy), or if I could just play for a month without a GPU.Belial10 Jul 8
Jul 3 Starcraft - Remastered? Why should original Starcraft Brood War owners have to buy the Remastered Edition? I mean I'll proudly throw 15 dollars on it but really? Skyrim owners (if you had all DLC) recieved the Legendary (re-mastered) edition of the game for FREE when it released. Something just doesn't feel right about having to buy the game over again for basically the same game.Ender3 Jul 3