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15h downgrade to brood war 1.16? Is this possible? the new update is just not really for me personally I don't care to play online with others that much anywaysTerribleTyle1 15h
4d WarCraft II Remastered? What about it? And what about War3 on 2.0 with leagues and achievements.Shafun7 4d
5d Download Client Glitch Hello. I am posting here as I can't on the Overwatch forum. In the manage downloads screen, I stumbled upon a glitch. My mouse being the glitchy mouse that it is ended up selecting on the Overwatch download client and starting the download without me even paying! I immediatly stopped the install so my account wouldn't be banned and I would appreciate if an administrator of Blizzard will help me fix this glitch.Thor1 5d
5d So BWHD is happening tonight (or not :)) Any though ? I personally wish it's 3D, because I don't see how they could keep the quality of the original with higher res 2D assets. I'm afraid it could look as a cheap flash game. I also hope there are 2 options to play the game: - classic, with exactly the same commands and UI limitations - modern, with MBS and no unit cap selection Those could be 2 different ladders, casual / pros, whatever. If they don't offer a modernized UI, I think BWHD will remain small as they will fail attracting new players. On the other hand if they change the game too much, they will alienate their core fanbase. Though one Blizzard... Curious to see what you come up with :)HyDE18 5d
5d Any plans to update SC2 to DX11 or DX12? Any plans to update SC2 to DX11 or DX12? or at least optimize the cpu threads?ZHOU6 5d
5d SC1 Remastered Won't be very popular SC2 fixed a lot of quality of life issues the first had because of hardware limitations. Selection refinement, control groups, units on screen, pathing, SCV management, etc. I realize skill came out of the workarounds for those back in the day, but today it just feels outdated. I think it will sell well, but I don't think it will have the same esports impact it did years ago... The graphics choice I feel is a mistake as well. It's nice it scales to modern resolutions now, but they should of used the sc2 engine and full 3d models, or did what the halo remakes did, add a graphics toggle to switch between modern and classic. In general I feel Blizzard should be looking forward, not back. SC2:LOTV did awful esports wise, and stream count wise. They need to rethink Starcraft and focus on the future.Xyos31 5d
5d Starcraft v1.18 is twice the size of v1.16.1? Why is the game now more than double the size of what it was yet there is no perceivable improvement to visual and audio assets in the game? The game was about 1.20GB in size, now it is 2.77GB! And all the giant files are required for the game to launch. I did post this question before but my post got inexplicably deleted or my post is awaiting moderation? Maybe? Nothing on the Forum UI explains what happened to it at least. I posted it, I got redirected to it, I edited it a bit, I go and watch TV for a while and then when I return to the PC and refresh the page (F5) I see a "404: page not found" error and it isn't in my post history either. I've experienced this scenario multiple times in the past. I use the latest Firefox x64 stable Windows x64 build. Edit: I know says that this is not an off-topic forum, but it is literally called an off-topic forum with the description that we can discuss anything unrelated to Starcraft II here... Edit 2: Apparantly these forums exist yet they aren't easily accessible from anywhere but the Starcraft Remastered website.Decapitator0 5d
6d Changes from BW for Sc Remastered I have one big request for you Blizzard, plz change the fog of war from Brood War, it is almost impossible to compete on a map you've never played, without have a glimpse at what are the paths on a new map. So please put a fog of war, like the one in sc2 or I won't play this game.WinterX10 6d
Apr 17 Anyone know the music in this trailer? It's been quite a long time, but I remembered the music from this trailer and recently, I've been wanting to listen to it again. It starts at 17:58. However, I haven't been able to find it anywhere, not on YouTube, not in Google searches, and not in the SC2 Editor. Does anyone happen to know if and where I could find this?DrJade1 Apr 17
Apr 16 SC 2 minimizes second screen starcraft 2 just begun to minimizes anything on the second screen every time i start the game. It didn't use to, and it's annyoing. Any idea why?? and perhaps a solution??Zeus1 Apr 16
Apr 9 I wish you could hide unused icons in B.Net Like, I only play SC2, OW and WoW, I really don't need Diablo, Hearthstone and Heroes bugging me too. Bugs my sense of neatness and order to have unused icons/items cluttering up my interface.ParagonFury3 Apr 9
Apr 9 How are bugs/glitches created? This is about gaining insight into how complex game coding can be. This is not intended to expose how cheats/hacks can be used to exploit the game nor to learn how to create such cheats/hacks. I do not have a background in computer science. I have very little programming experience. Outside of LaTeX, I've only learned a little HTML, JavaScript, and a little Java. I am curious about how bugs/glitches are created. For example, in Co-op mode there had been a persistent bug with bonus experience points resetting for the achievement. This happened over multiple patches when a new patch was introduced. Another example is a current bug in Co-op: the Karax Colossus loses its ability to attack if a certain upgrade is researched. I'd like to know if anyone has information about how game code can create bugs. Are they formed with contradicting lines for a specific unit, task, etc.? An in-game situation that hasn't been defined but can be allowed to be done? Thank you.aYeDeeKay0 Apr 9
Apr 8 SC Remastered: Custom Maps? I was wondering if anyone had any information on whether or not old custom maps from Starcraft and Starcraft:Brood War will work with the remastered version? If I understand this correctly, it's still using the same engine but modernized to be able to run on today's systems and with updated graphics. With that in mind, I have a whole hoard of old custom maps I'd like to start reviving that I'm sure are available for download somewhere but could also provide in a rar file somewhere to eliminate the hassle of looking (keeping in mind that the old SC and SC:BW custom map files are pretty small so downloading them all shouldn't be too bad). I really hope that they work because aside from fastest possible map a lot of the older RP style custom games were great too!Master1 Apr 8
Apr 4 Old School FMP starcraft1 players Hey, whats up? Don't know if I'll find anyone from there on here but why not try? Any old school fastest players from starcraft1 still playing this game? I'm from VGT and SCD. Anyways, there's a new league for fastest in starcraft that's going on. Decent amount of activity. OP UGL US. WestDeWSePH3 Apr 4
Apr 3 Heroes of the Strom gets 2.0 update even Heroes of the Strom gets 2.0 update, while SC2 do not?!ZHOU0 Apr 3
Apr 1 SCII + MS Surface So has anyone tried StarCraft II on the Microsoft Surface Pro yet? Anyone looking forward to it? Actually, not even just StarCraft II. Diablo 3, Path of Exile, any other games that don't misbehave upon tablet use. *coughStarvoidandFreelancercough* And don't worry about any keyboard issues. Just get a Logitech G13. I for one can't use keyboard for StarCraft anyway. I need the thumb-cam. Yeah, I could practice without it... don't wanna.Adreni10 Apr 1
Mar 31 Dear Blizzard, Blizzard has allowed the SC Universe dev team to continue their passion with making the game and even doing a crowd funding. I wonder what they think about the game overall.Rancze0 Mar 31
Mar 30 Hours played Will there ever be a way to see how many hours we have played in Starcraft 2? It would be a very interesting feature to just know since when/how much we played SC2, it'd be nice.alexela0 Mar 30
Mar 29 12 units at a time in SC remastered????! (please god no) and for reference (day 9) Mar 29
Mar 29 FX 8350 & R9 290 low framerates Anyone else playing on this chip? are you experiencing any issues with framerate?, is blizzard ever gonna adress this issue of "high end" not really high end anymore and it hasnt been high end for a long time this setup, but still a pretty decent setup, but adress the problem of low fps on this kind of system? or am I just forced to go and spend 500+ dlls on intel chip and motherboard?CleanerTax1 Mar 29
Mar 29 Will Starcraft Remaster include other improve ...ments? Or is it just gonna be just an HD facelift with HD redone sprites and redone cinematics. If they mention other improvements, does it include better unit controls and pathfinding AI? Because lets just say for me Starcraft 1 and other RTSes that uses Sprites/Pre Rendered Graphics are not the best when it comes to things like unit movement. I struggle playing Starcraft 1 but I am fine playing true 3D RTSes like Warcraft 3 and Dawn of War and Starcraft 2 and Total War game (even though the last part is cheating because its Battles are vastly different from other RTSes, and they factor a Fast Forward, Pause Mechanic for battles)Argronok16 Mar 29
Mar 29 This is not a remaster. A remaster would fix real issues, like: -terrible pathfinding -terrible interface (not visible and limited control groups, not visible lifebars, unknown unit statistics: unit types, damage types, cooldown, range, speed...) -retarded missions (like mission 7 which can be done in less than a minute even by a noob, check this speedrun for more info -no competitive mode Who's going to pay for hd sprites and upscaled cinematics ? This is Diablo 20th anniversary event level. Some of you are going to say remasters of movies and musics are graphic and audio upgrades, but this is a GAME so some of the modified aspects should be gameplay. More importantly, DON'T !@#$ING TOUCH THE TERRAN SOUNDTRACK. It's by far superior to its SC2 counterpart, where you replaced the electronic instruments with a damn violin, which doesn't fit a "military sci-fi vision of the future".Malacath36 Mar 29
Mar 29 Bye SC:2, Hello SC:R I will never play Starcraft 2 ever again after the new BW patch. I will actually be uninstalling SC2. How could I EVER go back to this? GG boys.Dragoon6 Mar 29
Mar 29 Ghosts Umm could we get a redo on Ghosts, or something similar?Thassadin0 Mar 29
Mar 29 SC:R What it can contain There is a few ideas of mine: 1. Achievements summed with SC2 achievements (its more interesting to increase SC2 acivements' point pool, then doing it from zero in SC Remastered interface). 2. Smartcast (such thing as casting of Psionic Storm in one point by ALL High Templars in bind must be claimed as a bug), workers' primal automining. 3. Epilogue/Prologue. It can be Tykus story-line placed in, and missions with infected Stukov added in main part of campaign. There is more others characters that sure was a part of SC1, but wasnt showen there - Horner, Swan, Valerian, grandma from Nova DLC, etc. 4. Revoiceing by SC2 actual actors. 5. Remastered and brand new movies/interludes on new engine. 6. SC:R can be launch from SC2 interface as DLC. May be more?Shafun3 Mar 29
Mar 28 WHY SCremastered??? I'm sorry , but i have to ask...why you from blizzard are spending money and efforts to revive a old game? SCremastered is a joke...ok sc is the most famous and appreciated game right now maybe more than sc2....but move on, use your resources to make a good sc3 or to fix sc2 if it is even possible, after the void disaster... sorry guys but i dont want in 10 years (when the broodwar fans will not care any more) to have sc2remastered instead of a good sc3 or other rtsMisto21 Mar 28
Mar 28 Will my old maphacks still work with SC:R? I see the community whining about 12 unit selection and what not. The reason I quit playing SC1 was because maphax/multicommand became the norm on bnet. I hope blizz does more than just give hd makeover.StarCheese2 Mar 28
Mar 28 SC:R - 3v3 BGH TvB No Lag/Noobs !~!~@!@!!! I can't wait to play that again! Now in HD! Hope I can ban players and stack teams too. Thanks blizz!StarCheese0 Mar 28
Mar 28 Protoss Now that Protoss finally won a tournament in almost about 6+months let the PROTOSS WHINE THREADS BEGIN! GOGOGOGOGO PROTOSS SO OP NERF ZEALOT ADEPT STALKER SENTRY NERF THE WHOLE RACE NERF MSC LOLOLKingSTARK0 Mar 28
Mar 28 About race balance Hello I am manager of StarCraft 2 NEO CLAN in Korea. I would like to give three comments. First, I want to talk about Widow Mine. If you look at the current game, Widow Mine is one of the units that will benefit from production. You might think it's because of the powerful damage, but the price is very cheap and there is no burden. This is an example of Battle Hellion in the past. The second is about Archon. The reason why I did not mention Carrior is that coping is already taking place in various groups. However, the units that are breaking the balance in the Zerg and Protoss Wars are rather Archon. The combination of warpprism & Archon is a weapon that has speed and power, and with this combination it has done a lot of damage, so the Protoss has become more powerful in low power. In the case of WarpPrism, the spec seems to be a good line, but in the case of Archon, it usually adds a lot of Warp to the powerful shield, which puts a lot of burden on the user. And this patch caused a flicker at the start of the game, and it got worse. It may be only in Asia, but many users are experiencing discomfort. If you want to talk about something else, please email! Thx :)IlllllI1 Mar 28
Mar 28 How to change resolution in starcraft ONE111 First of all !@#$ blizzard for removing the option for doing this. The screen is too big and doesnt fit on my screen. As far as I can tell there is no option in game. Where did those morons hide it?Bane0 Mar 28
Mar 28 Achievements in SC:R Achievements is the thing that should be, cause its hooking lots of ach-farmers on it. But it must be summed with SC2 achievements. Its more interesting to increase SC2 acivements' point pool, then doing it from zero in SC Remastered interface.Shafun1 Mar 28
Mar 28 Protoss Skin Should Be Different First off, thank the Classic Games team for all of the hard work they've put fourth, but this is important. If you look at the remastered Protoss image ( Then compare it to the OG box art image ( You'll notice the Protoss face is markedly different. Instead of having scales and ridges as in the first one, you have skin, saggy skin that gives them the archetype of being like elves. But the Protoss are a hardened species that grew in tribes, if you or I were to punch one, our knuckles would sink back into our fists. I want to be able to play SC Remastered as if I was playing the original BW. Some of the models like the new reaver make me smile, but the job isn't complete just yet, lets get our voices heard now so we don't regret it later!WasteusTimus24 Mar 28
Mar 27 SC RM: the real questions. - will the cinematics be redone and upgraded? - will they include the extended canon missions? I already know that it is F2P, so huge respect for this effort. I am psyched.BlueZero10 Mar 27
Mar 27 MBS and NO UNIT SELECTION LIMIT in BWHD pls! titleHyDE8 Mar 27
Mar 27 Hosting UMS maps mon-sat 9pm eastern to 12am Just to kind of celebrate this epic occasion of a sc2 remastered I've decided to host UMS maps every night this week on brood war each day having a theme. Funday Monday: Random non standard map(ie cops and robbers, raccoon city, grocery store, and etc.) T is for Conquest Tuesdays: Conquest style maps (civilizations, diplomacy, risk, ww2 maps) Evolution Wednesday: Different flavors of the epic evolution map. Defenseless Thursday: Different defense maps! Fighting Friday: Different shooter maps sniper bald locks etc Boundless Saturday:Bounds! All are welcome!Littlepwny0 Mar 27
Mar 27 Will SC remaster kill sc2 as a E-sport? DiscussRutte10 Mar 27
Mar 27 BW HD Normal graphics look a lot better to me than the HD one, at least we can choose which version to play. Also, this week is patch week for BW that means match making!Candy8 Mar 27
Mar 26 Why are people so racist in starcraft? Never been told nearly as many racist things in any other game. Of course people talking smack is nothing unique but to me the amount of racism is. As you all know reporting doesnt do anything. Why is it such a problem in this game?Immociide1 Mar 26
Mar 26 BW Remaster developers are very good. He accepts Korean feedback actively. StarCraft seemed to understand what game it was. I am really glad that BW survived in Korea. I would like a good developer to come to Star 2 as soon as possible.KorMonster2 Mar 26
Mar 26 Starcraft Remastered Names? Will names and accounts from old Starcraft be transferred over to the Remastered? Will there be East / West servers? There are so many questions I have!! So hypeTwo1 Mar 26
Mar 26 StarCraft ReMastered I'll play SP at least. Been so long... Go go sprite sheets!Zemini51 Mar 26
Mar 26 Deafult Icon on SC Remastered vs SC2 The first thing you notice on the SC Remastered forums: how Ugly AF Kachinsky is in comparison. Please change the SC2 default portrait to something less ugly, like SC Remastered.Eigenscape2 Mar 26
Mar 21 Starcraft 2 unit replacements I got bored so I did this: starcraft 2 units that replaced starcaft 1 units. Firebat: Marauder/Medic: Reaper (hey, i did my researched and it gave me this) Vulture: Hellion/Goliath: Thor/Wraith: Viking /Science Vessel: Raven Banshee: Valkeryie (again, research) /Dropship: Medivac/Dark Archon: Sentry Dragoons: Stalkers /Shuttle: Warp Prism/ Scout: Void Ray (researched) Corsair: Phoenix/Arbiter: Mothership/Reaver : Immortals and Colossusses Lurker: Baneling and Roach/Guardian: Brood Lord/Overlord: Overlord and Overseers Devourers: Corrupters /Defilers: InfestorsHypernoid4 Mar 21
Mar 16 Anyone remember playing Desert Strike vQueen? I'm trying to find players who used to play Starcraft 1 map: Desert Strike vQueen. The map i made long time ago. I'm trying to prove my legitimacy to someone. Unfortunately, it has been too long since i've logged into the SC1 mapping websites like SEN or Nibbits. When I mapped back then, i played my map 24/7 and if anyone has played it, could have played it with me or played my many other experimental versions of that map.QueenGambit2 Mar 16
Mar 15 Looking for Desert strike players!. Hey guys looking for desert strike players to play the game with us .I mostly play the older version of it with the better map and upgrades.Seems the newer versions are pretty bad .HeavyRain2 Mar 15
Mar 5 Weekend Warriors Sydney Hi Everyone! Weekend Warriors Sydney are hosting a Sataday morning meet, every weekend, at FBI in the CBD starting on the 22 of April 2017. All levels of players are welcome, we will have a range of activities planned, like friendly match's, KOTH tournaments, coaching for BSG and P players, streaming and commentating ( going directly to our youtube page ), and most excitedly, an exclusive league format that you MUST be at the venue to play in! ( prize pool to be announced, already have some small time sponsors involved. ) This league will be further discussed on opening day and blogs/posts on the fb/website. League is looking to launch in May. Overall Weekend Warriors wants to re-ignite/re-boot/revive the SC2 scene in Sydney. We are not a clan, we are a gaming community ( By all means, if you have several clan member interested, please come down and represent!!! ) This promises to become a dynamic but stable format to help everyone learn and become more competitive online! Please see facebook page link below, yes we are still building the facebook, website and youtube page, bare with us as we develop more content and more updates on opening week and our league implementation! ( BSGP in one league, PDM/GM in the 2nd ) We would also like to invite any caster's/commentators who would like to get involved to come down as well, ( Please PM myself on the FB or post a comment for more information, we will need to reserve your spots ) Please also use the facebook page to confirm if you are attending the opening day. If this gets large, booking your place in advance ( we can do that for you ) Will be required, although there are around 200+ pc's at the venue! ALL CAPABLE OF RUNNING SC2 ON ULTRA.... *drool* Lets do this together!Samurai0 Mar 5
Feb 25 STARCRAFT1+broodwar! lets bring back the good ol days when the servers were crowded and constant fun! starcraft2 is a great game but something about the classics just never die! i recently started playing again and miss when you could just jump into a game, i am trying to start another channel. so if you want to play UMS/compstomp/1v1s etc then come hangout/game and enjoy the good ol days! working on getting some bots in the channel. US-East OP Clan_oSBrian3 Feb 25