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Sep 18 Starwars Battlefront + 4 DLCs now only $6 it used to be $70 (game) and $50 (season pass). Now only $6 for both. Sick dealnamvn0 Sep 18
Sep 13 The Banished Vs. The Tal'darim Who would win in a fight between Atriox's Forces (The Banished from Halo Wars 2) Or Alarak's Forces (The Tal'darim)?bullsammyLOL0 Sep 13
Sep 10 SC1 Remastered Won't be very popular SC2 fixed a lot of quality of life issues the first had because of hardware limitations. Selection refinement, control groups, units on screen, pathing, SCV management, etc. I realize skill came out of the workarounds for those back in the day, but today it just feels outdated. I think it will sell well, but I don't think it will have the same esports impact it did years ago... The graphics choice I feel is a mistake as well. It's nice it scales to modern resolutions now, but they should of used the sc2 engine and full 3d models, or did what the halo remakes did, add a graphics toggle to switch between modern and classic. In general I feel Blizzard should be looking forward, not back. SC2:LOTV did awful esports wise, and stream count wise. They need to rethink Starcraft and focus on the future.Xyos44 Sep 10
Sep 8 Starcraft Universe Hey all, what does everybody think about an MMORPG in the style of Starcraft? Similar to Warcraft in terms of factions, and having a number of different areas to explore, which in this game would consist of planets and various regions on those planets. However, instead of there being only two factions, this could be a tri-faction game consisting of the Zerg the Protoss and the Terran. I think it would be a unique idea, considering that each faction would have classes that pertain only to that faction. For instance, the protoss would have more high-tech structures and be focused more around telekinetic abilities, the Terran would be more brutish and be focused on More Physical ranged abilities with some Close Quarters combat, and the Zerg would be overwhelming in numbers and in close range. The civilisations would be unique to each faction's aesthetic, the Protoss having suspended buildings with pilons providing power to the structures. Terran would be rustic, smoky and industrial will plenty of engineering bays and mechs. And Zerg would be very organic over a landscape that is alive, perhaps consisting of tunnels underground connecting the hatcheries to all other buildings. I know it's probably more of a fantasy, but I think it would be interesting to discuss the idea. What do you guys think?Pendangua1 Sep 8
Sep 8 Protoss and Zerg in Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 One of my favorite hobbies aside from my investment into the Blizzard series was playing D&D...and eventually moving to Pathfinder when I discovered how much simpler it made the game. I'm currently running a quest right now that I called "Hybrid Initiative" which is basically an story in between when Aiur was retaken, but before Into the Void. NOTE: Unless you're actually interested in the D&D campaign I'm running, you can skip this next paragraph as it's just an overview of the campaign and not what this post is about It occurs with the StarCraft Universe being placed as if it was in the Pathfinder Golarion campaign setting universe with an altered timeline of events (Aiur being retaken and Into the Void occur with a 12 year difference instead of a 2 year difference). The big story is that a Hybrid Moebius Facility was detected on Golarion, and a Daelaam and Tal'Dairm ship went to investigate. One of the Daelaam ships exploded and the Tal'Dairm and Daelaam after a skirmish believing they were shot upon crashed on Golarion. Our current group is a Human Cavalier, a Half-Orc Paladin, a Tal'Dairm Bloodhunter, and a Daelaam Gunslinger. Explanation ends here One of the big things that I made for this campaign (considering it's theme) was a playable Protoss race that I wanted to share with all the people of the Blizzard community. I don't think know how many people play Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 on the forums, but if there is, I hope you would all enjoy these stat sheets. I tried to pay attention to the in game lore as strictly as I could when I was making these. You can feel free to comment on them if you are knowledgeable in Pathfinder. Protoss Racial Sheet: Zerg Creature stat sheet: Sep 8
Aug 30 New Elder Scrolls Trailer In case you're interested, Bethesda just released a new teaser for Elder Scrolls VI on their youtube channel: Enjoy.Monlyth0 Aug 30
Aug 23 The Case for Dear Really well written article on Liquipedia today. I've always enjoyed watching Dear play and felt he is almost always undervalued-Nice to see some attention thrown his way again.CSPARROW0 Aug 23
Aug 20 Today I am a dad My son was born today 7 pounds 7 ounces @ 714 AM. His name is Mason :) just wanted to share with yall!MAC13 Aug 20
Aug 19 Meet the disruptor. Hello, I am a disruptor. I cost 150 minerals. I cost 150 vespene gas. I cost 3 supplies. I take 36 seconds to warp out from robotics facility. I have 100 plasma shields. I have 100 max health. I have 1 armor. I am armored. I am mechanical. I am Protoss. I can use Disruption Nova, I shoots out an orange from my body, Then it splats. I am a part of Purifier Faction, also known as orange-glowing Protoss. I was born in Legacy Of The Void. My father was replicant. My cargo capacity is 4. My sight range is 9. My movement speed is 3.15 Before this day, I was an orange itself. Before this day, My skin looks like Khalai faction. Hope you enjoy my information. /Reboot in progress...Yuwaratb2 Aug 19
Aug 17 Totalbiscuit's attitude is getting worse I'm not the only one who's notice this have I? Totalbiscuit has just been showing more disdain for his fans more and more, posting constant toxicity in his social mediaDrScaphandre2 Aug 17
Aug 15 How are bugs/glitches created? This is about gaining insight into how complex game coding can be. This is not intended to expose how cheats/hacks can be used to exploit the game nor to learn how to create such cheats/hacks. I do not have a background in computer science. I have very little programming experience. Outside of LaTeX, I've only learned a little HTML, JavaScript, and a little Java. I am curious about how bugs/glitches are created. For example, in Co-op mode there had been a persistent bug with bonus experience points resetting for the achievement. This happened over multiple patches when a new patch was introduced. Another example is a current bug in Co-op: the Karax Colossus loses its ability to attack if a certain upgrade is researched. I'd like to know if anyone has information about how game code can create bugs. Are they formed with contradicting lines for a specific unit, task, etc.? An in-game situation that hasn't been defined but can be allowed to be done? Thank you.aYeDeeKay1 Aug 15
Jul 26 Starcraft 2 Movie There was a Warcraft movie why not a Starcraft movie? Starcraft has was cooler climactics than Warcraft.daedalis3 Jul 26
Jul 14 Duran is a lime :) [SPOILERS] Since Narud and Duran is a same guy, his name is spelled backwards: Narud Duran But what happened if we spell backward his name entirely? You'll got this: Samir Duran = Rimsar Narud Emil Narud = "Lime" Duran NARUD IS A LIME CONFIRMEDYuwaratb0 Jul 14
Jul 13 Achievements in SC:R Achievements is the thing that should be, cause its hooking lots of ach-farmers on it. But it must be summed with SC2 achievements. Its more interesting to increase SC2 acivements' point pool, then doing it from zero in SC Remastered interface.Shafun2 Jul 13
Jul 8 Can I run SC2 without a GPU? Athlon II x4 3.415 ghz, 2.5ghz CPU-NB 4GB RAM So I have a MSi GTX 460. It's really shoddy, and needs to be RMA'd. But the RMA process takes a month or so I believe? So the problem, is that for a month, I won't have my GPU. My question is, is can I play SC2 smoothly without a GPU? Obviously my graphics will have to be lowered, but my GPU is so unstable that it is usually low anyways (somedays it's stable, some days it isn't, so I can play on Ultra, but to avoid possible artifacting I leave it on medium or low. Basically it's just a bad GPU and I've already talked to MSi about it). I was wondering if I should like, go to best buy and buy a card for a month, and then return it (they have a no questions asked 30 day return policy as long as it isn't broken, I'm sure some other stores out there have a similiar policy), or if I could just play for a month without a GPU.Belial10 Jul 8
Jul 3 Starcraft - Remastered? Why should original Starcraft Brood War owners have to buy the Remastered Edition? I mean I'll proudly throw 15 dollars on it but really? Skyrim owners (if you had all DLC) recieved the Legendary (re-mastered) edition of the game for FREE when it released. Something just doesn't feel right about having to buy the game over again for basically the same game.Ender3 Jul 3
Jul 1 XPS 15 9560 and StarCraft II Hi guys! I'm planning to buy this model: Will it run SC2 at decent frames and no throttling? ThanksHarry0 Jul 1
Jun 30 SC Remastered: Custom Maps? I was wondering if anyone had any information on whether or not old custom maps from Starcraft and Starcraft:Brood War will work with the remastered version? If I understand this correctly, it's still using the same engine but modernized to be able to run on today's systems and with updated graphics. With that in mind, I have a whole hoard of old custom maps I'd like to start reviving that I'm sure are available for download somewhere but could also provide in a rar file somewhere to eliminate the hassle of looking (keeping in mind that the old SC and SC:BW custom map files are pretty small so downloading them all shouldn't be too bad). I really hope that they work because aside from fastest possible map a lot of the older RP style custom games were great too!Master2 Jun 30
Jun 22 Community Infrastructure For Map Makers Hi, I wasn't sure where to post this so please direct me if there's a better sub forum. I play an arcade game called marine arena and I think it would really benefit with the ability to organize games with good players. Without interfering with the casual-ness of the arcade, and without requiring a lot of development, I wonder if a few simple tools Blizzard could provide map makers with might create the social infrastructure to make this possible. A lot of good players in marine arena have left because they tried to organize tournaments and games and said it was too complicated, but this functionality provided in game could breath new life. It's really exciting to see the automated tournaments for ladder. For the arcade games which are suited for it, it would be awesome to give players or clans the ability to plan tournaments. No ranking system required, persistent or otherwise. One or a few players could have oversight over making it run smoothly, and the rest would be tools to create an interface to plan and record and reflect its current condition. Basically replacing what a third party fan-website for a game might do, a way for players to self organize in this way would strengthen the community. Especially in marine arena the skill gap between players is frustrating and would require a ranking system just a way for players to self organize specific games. Does anybody know if this might be possible some day? Thank you to the Devs for all you do and making great games. All the best.Neon0 Jun 22
Jun 22 STARCRAFT1+broodwar! lets bring back the good ol days when the servers were crowded and constant fun! starcraft2 is a great game but something about the classics just never die! i recently started playing again and miss when you could just jump into a game, i am trying to start another channel. so if you want to play UMS/compstomp/1v1s etc then come hangout/game and enjoy the good ol days! working on getting some bots in the channel. US-East OP Clan_oSBrian4 Jun 22
Jun 21 PAGE NOT FOUND When I get in the forum I sometimes get this message,"404 PAGE NOT FOUND" and rarely, "500 PAGE NOT FOUND".Ricky0 Jun 21
Jun 20 A Major Arcade Chat Issue Alright, this is a legitimate issue of the Arcade chat. Blizzard, I get that it isn't convenient nor easy, but it's a nessecary measure. Spend one or two days in the arcade chat, and see how many spammers are there, toxic repliers(When asked to stop spamming). I GUARENTEE you will find over 50 of them, Maybe over 70-100. You NEED to get a handle on arcade chat. People have NO faith in it ever getting fixed, and often times I'm the only one who gives a damn anymore. So PLEASE blizzard, you need to at least LOOK at the arcade chat before anything else. All I request, and ask for is that you spend a few hours of your day(s) to look at/fix arcade chat. I try to manage it myself, but I could REALLY use some help here. Make arcade chat beautiful!killaguy2 Jun 20
Jun 14 Art of War: Red Tide STEAM! (Desert Strike) If you are into TUG OF WAR games, namely Desert Strike, there is now a standalone game on steam which is FREE TO PLAY!Raserei1 Jun 14
Jun 14 A Combination of Blizzard games (arcade) What would you think of a game that featured SC2, D3 and Warcraft (not world of warcraft) units and structures. I put this in off topic being i am also talking about 2 other games than sc2. Sample of units: Ultralisk/Siege tank/Carrier (sc2), Demon Hunter/Wizard/Barbarian/Witch Doctor (D3), Huntress/Frost Wyrm/Demolisher(WC).GoodDaytoDie0 Jun 14
Jun 7 Which Gaming PC should I go with? Hi, big SC2 player here. I currently play on my work laptop with low RAM and I'm looking to upgrade and buy a home gaming PC. Looking to spend about $800 - $1,000 CND for a gaming PC. Doesn't need to be top of the line but certainly designed for gaming, and with no issues whatsoever playing SC2 or other games. I'm not an expert in this field and would appreciate any insight or suggestions regarding components and speeds etc. Even better, if someone is cool enough to provide an Amazon link to what they believe is a perfect gaming PC for under $1K, please send over. Needs an SSD hard drive and a good graphics card. Any help in this regard is much appreciated. ThanksGoogle2 Jun 7
Jun 1 Time played There should be a system where you can see how much time you played, similar to Steam where you can see the hours you logged. OW kind of did this by showing how much hours you played in Quickplay or Comp, but it would be nice to see the overall logged hours from the time the game was launched. Just a suggestion. :)NamirHassan1 Jun 1
May 27 Help a man out I'm looking to change my blizzard name to my actual legal name, but seeing as i'm under 18, i don't really have access to any government issued ID. Can anyone help? I'm truly tired of going around under the name Larry Finnigan. It just isn't me. (its a randomly generated name, not the previous account holder's name or anything) Anyone got the blizzard support email? Or any suggestions?Shmizer1 May 27
May 27 K10000 Pro - Phone Hi. I need a phone with good performance and huge battery. So I've never heard of this brand before, but it looks/sounds interesting. I was wondering if any of you here have some insight on this phone. I want to know all the bad things about it. Regards.Nippa1 May 27
May 27 SCII Campaign Mode on Max Settings? Hello. I'd like to enjoy the Campaign mode for SCII in their full glory, but I'm wondering if my PC can handle settings at Max. My specs are below. That said, this is just for Campaign mode. I don't really play SC multiplayer. Motherboard: Intel DX58So Memory: 3 x 2GB Corsair TR3X6g1333c9. (6GB Total.) Processor: I7-920 @ 2.67 GHz. Power Supply: Antec Earthwatts EA-650W. Graphics Card: EVEA GeForce GTX 760 For the most part, all my settings seem to be set pretty high, but a few of them get set to low automatically. Effects, and Lighting in particular. I'm just wondering if I'd be fine turning those up, or what.. Anyways, thanks!MasterObso1 May 27
May 26 Anyone still play Starcraft Broodwar (sc1) I recently got back into playing sc1 again during done downtime. I even recently started remaking some updates for the missions of the game (all 6 episodes, plus the Precursor). if anyone is interested, I even started re-releasing some of my old sc1 maps, and even started working on some Co-op Campaigns. Reply with a comment if you still play or would like to have some fun in sc1. PS - there is 2 people in the past they remade some coop campaigns, but I am making my own from the updated campaigns I am releasing. Check on StarEdit Network, or ModDB if your interested.JCarrillo8 May 26
May 25 Destiny 2 battlenet hype all aboard the hype train! hoping the pvp is more than attack/defend, could care less about the campaignDeathwing1 May 25
May 24 Hours played Will there ever be a way to see how many hours we have played in Starcraft 2? It would be a very interesting feature to just know since when/how much we played SC2, it'd be nice.alexela1 May 24
May 18 ' 'SmrtAsianGuy0 May 18
May 17 "!@#$ty Robots" KattKran (cat faucet) if you sometimes forget to give your cat water:) May 17
May 16 tell me everything's gonna be okay? I think living in this millennial generation is just horrible. you basically work like slaves and yet, you get rejected cuz your 'resume' doesn't have 5+ years of corporate experience+3 internships.SmrtAsianGuy75 May 16
May 14 hTx Vs Confed This is more to promote my stream, but come check out this clan war! hTx (Heretics) clan war today will be live on twitch @ 5PM PST / 8PM EST vs Confed! Please tune in on twitch @ and - There will be commentary overtop of the gameplay and also twitch features such as chat, etc. - Don't be a stranger! come by and support some SC2 good times!Defy0 May 14
May 12 Insurrection & Retribution; Forgotten? Insurrection & Retribution, Starcraft expansions that we're once blessed by blizzard to be introduced as.... Well, Story and Game expansions. No new units, no new mechanics, just story intervals.... Such as SC: Insurrection; the story takes place before the fall of the confederacey in the first Starcraft while Retribution takes place after the first Starcraft leading to the brood war. Would these expansions ever be remade for SC: Remastered?.... Probably not, though it would be kinda fun to see it remade in... well SC2 or anything else available.Avaith0 May 12
May 9 Age of Mythology I would like to recommend the game Age Of Mythology to anyone who really likes the aspect of SC2. I feel weird praising another game the isn't blizzards in their own chat room. But I digress, Age of Mythology is very similar to sc2 because you have to build your own armies and you have special powers based on which god you start off on and such. If anyone else has played feel free to bring in anything I've left out. If you like sc2 check it out. It's fun!daedalis1 May 9
May 1 chill streaming channel! -hi all just want to throw out a post about my stream. I am very new at streaming but i find it a fun past time. I'm a diamond 2 sc2 player and a novice player in brood war. My streams are very chill and revolve mostly around the clan im in, hTx. -in my streams you can join my clan as we practise in observer mode. We talk strategy and have a few laughs over 1v1 matches from clan members! -I also play a couple other games like heroes of the storm and im slowly getting into league of legends. -Since i have a very small viewer base, i can engage with whoever directly and quickly. If you want some tips from a diamond player like myself, i can help you and give you a little bit of coaching. If you want to see how i play on ladder i can stream that for you. My stream is ment to be chill and for everyone! - hope you stop by and give a follow, thanks! May 1
May 1 12 units at a time in SC remastered????! (please god no) and for reference (day 9) May 1
Apr 26 Sc1 custom game name???!! Trying to remember a OLD custom game it was a 3v3 custom game where it was like a vollyball style map and you were an builder and you would make a type of building and it would spawn like a wave pattern of enemies and the enemy builders had to dodge the unit collisions or you lost. It had ultimate and everything anyone remember sc1 brood war mapLoneTemplar0 Apr 26
Apr 26 Overwatch vs Starcraft Ghost. So does anyone else want Starcraft Ghost over Overwatch?Deathwing1 Apr 26
Apr 26 StarCraft/BroodWar Raynor here, just need a question answered about purchasing the StarCraft/BroodWar bundle off battlenet The single player campaigns including Brood War would be great to play and master again, just want to know if the online game client version from the website would allow access to the battlenet and multiplayer features, or if it will strictly be single player and the campaigns only. Looking to purchase asapJimRaynor1 Apr 26
Apr 25 downgrade to brood war 1.16? Is this possible? the new update is just not really for me personally I don't care to play online with others that much anywaysTerribleTyle1 Apr 25
Apr 20 Download Client Glitch Hello. I am posting here as I can't on the Overwatch forum. In the manage downloads screen, I stumbled upon a glitch. My mouse being the glitchy mouse that it is ended up selecting on the Overwatch download client and starting the download without me even paying! I immediatly stopped the install so my account wouldn't be banned and I would appreciate if an administrator of Blizzard will help me fix this glitch.Thor1 Apr 20
Apr 20 So BWHD is happening tonight (or not :)) Any though ? I personally wish it's 3D, because I don't see how they could keep the quality of the original with higher res 2D assets. I'm afraid it could look as a cheap flash game. I also hope there are 2 options to play the game: - classic, with exactly the same commands and UI limitations - modern, with MBS and no unit cap selection Those could be 2 different ladders, casual / pros, whatever. If they don't offer a modernized UI, I think BWHD will remain small as they will fail attracting new players. On the other hand if they change the game too much, they will alienate their core fanbase. Though one Blizzard... Curious to see what you come up with :)HyDE18 Apr 20
Apr 20 Any plans to update SC2 to DX11 or DX12? Any plans to update SC2 to DX11 or DX12? or at least optimize the cpu threads?ZHOU6 Apr 20
Apr 20 Starcraft v1.18 is twice the size of v1.16.1? Why is the game now more than double the size of what it was yet there is no perceivable improvement to visual and audio assets in the game? The game was about 1.20GB in size, now it is 2.77GB! And all the giant files are required for the game to launch. I did post this question before but my post got inexplicably deleted or my post is awaiting moderation? Maybe? Nothing on the Forum UI explains what happened to it at least. I posted it, I got redirected to it, I edited it a bit, I go and watch TV for a while and then when I return to the PC and refresh the page (F5) I see a "404: page not found" error and it isn't in my post history either. I've experienced this scenario multiple times in the past. I use the latest Firefox x64 stable Windows x64 build. Edit: I know says that this is not an off-topic forum, but it is literally called an off-topic forum with the description that we can discuss anything unrelated to Starcraft II here... Edit 2: Apparantly these forums exist yet they aren't easily accessible from anywhere but the Starcraft Remastered website.Decapitator0 Apr 20
Apr 19 Changes from BW for Sc Remastered I have one big request for you Blizzard, plz change the fog of war from Brood War, it is almost impossible to compete on a map you've never played, without have a glimpse at what are the paths on a new map. So please put a fog of war, like the one in sc2 or I won't play this game.WinterX10 Apr 19
Apr 17 Anyone know the music in this trailer? It's been quite a long time, but I remembered the music from this trailer and recently, I've been wanting to listen to it again. It starts at 17:58. However, I haven't been able to find it anywhere, not on YouTube, not in Google searches, and not in the SC2 Editor. Does anyone happen to know if and where I could find this?DrJade1 Apr 17