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Mar 28 Protoss Skin Should Be Different First off, thank the Classic Games team for all of the hard work they've put fourth, but this is important. If you look at the remastered Protoss image ( Then compare it to the OG box art image ( You'll notice the Protoss face is markedly different. Instead of having scales and ridges as in the first one, you have skin, saggy skin that gives them the archetype of being like elves. But the Protoss are a hardened species that grew in tribes, if you or I were to punch one, our knuckles would sink back into our fists. I want to be able to play SC Remastered as if I was playing the original BW. Some of the models like the new reaver make me smile, but the job isn't complete just yet, lets get our voices heard now so we don't regret it later!WasteusTimus24 Mar 28
Mar 27 SC RM: the real questions. - will the cinematics be redone and upgraded? - will they include the extended canon missions? I already know that it is F2P, so huge respect for this effort. I am psyched.BlueZero10 Mar 27
Mar 27 MBS and NO UNIT SELECTION LIMIT in BWHD pls! titleHyDE8 Mar 27
Mar 27 Hosting UMS maps mon-sat 9pm eastern to 12am Just to kind of celebrate this epic occasion of a sc2 remastered I've decided to host UMS maps every night this week on brood war each day having a theme. Funday Monday: Random non standard map(ie cops and robbers, raccoon city, grocery store, and etc.) T is for Conquest Tuesdays: Conquest style maps (civilizations, diplomacy, risk, ww2 maps) Evolution Wednesday: Different flavors of the epic evolution map. Defenseless Thursday: Different defense maps! Fighting Friday: Different shooter maps sniper bald locks etc Boundless Saturday:Bounds! All are welcome!Littlepwny0 Mar 27
Mar 27 Will SC remaster kill sc2 as a E-sport? DiscussRutte10 Mar 27
Mar 27 BW HD Normal graphics look a lot better to me than the HD one, at least we can choose which version to play. Also, this week is patch week for BW that means match making!Candy8 Mar 27
Mar 26 Why are people so racist in starcraft? Never been told nearly as many racist things in any other game. Of course people talking smack is nothing unique but to me the amount of racism is. As you all know reporting doesnt do anything. Why is it such a problem in this game?Immociide1 Mar 26
Mar 26 BW Remaster developers are very good. He accepts Korean feedback actively. StarCraft seemed to understand what game it was. I am really glad that BW survived in Korea. I would like a good developer to come to Star 2 as soon as possible.KorMonster2 Mar 26
Mar 26 Starcraft Remastered Names? Will names and accounts from old Starcraft be transferred over to the Remastered? Will there be East / West servers? There are so many questions I have!! So hypeTwo1 Mar 26
Mar 26 StarCraft ReMastered I'll play SP at least. Been so long... Go go sprite sheets!Zemini51 Mar 26
Mar 26 Deafult Icon on SC Remastered vs SC2 The first thing you notice on the SC Remastered forums: how Ugly AF Kachinsky is in comparison. Please change the SC2 default portrait to something less ugly, like SC Remastered.Eigenscape2 Mar 26
Mar 21 Starcraft 2 unit replacements I got bored so I did this: starcraft 2 units that replaced starcaft 1 units. Firebat: Marauder/Medic: Reaper (hey, i did my researched and it gave me this) Vulture: Hellion/Goliath: Thor/Wraith: Viking /Science Vessel: Raven Banshee: Valkeryie (again, research) /Dropship: Medivac/Dark Archon: Sentry Dragoons: Stalkers /Shuttle: Warp Prism/ Scout: Void Ray (researched) Corsair: Phoenix/Arbiter: Mothership/Reaver : Immortals and Colossusses Lurker: Baneling and Roach/Guardian: Brood Lord/Overlord: Overlord and Overseers Devourers: Corrupters /Defilers: InfestorsHypernoid4 Mar 21
Mar 16 Anyone remember playing Desert Strike vQueen? I'm trying to find players who used to play Starcraft 1 map: Desert Strike vQueen. The map i made long time ago. I'm trying to prove my legitimacy to someone. Unfortunately, it has been too long since i've logged into the SC1 mapping websites like SEN or Nibbits. When I mapped back then, i played my map 24/7 and if anyone has played it, could have played it with me or played my many other experimental versions of that map.QueenGambit2 Mar 16
Mar 15 Looking for Desert strike players!. Hey guys looking for desert strike players to play the game with us .I mostly play the older version of it with the better map and upgrades.Seems the newer versions are pretty bad .HeavyRain2 Mar 15
Mar 5 Weekend Warriors Sydney Hi Everyone! Weekend Warriors Sydney are hosting a Sataday morning meet, every weekend, at FBI in the CBD starting on the 22 of April 2017. All levels of players are welcome, we will have a range of activities planned, like friendly match's, KOTH tournaments, coaching for BSG and P players, streaming and commentating ( going directly to our youtube page ), and most excitedly, an exclusive league format that you MUST be at the venue to play in! ( prize pool to be announced, already have some small time sponsors involved. ) This league will be further discussed on opening day and blogs/posts on the fb/website. League is looking to launch in May. Overall Weekend Warriors wants to re-ignite/re-boot/revive the SC2 scene in Sydney. We are not a clan, we are a gaming community ( By all means, if you have several clan member interested, please come down and represent!!! ) This promises to become a dynamic but stable format to help everyone learn and become more competitive online! Please see facebook page link below, yes we are still building the facebook, website and youtube page, bare with us as we develop more content and more updates on opening week and our league implementation! ( BSGP in one league, PDM/GM in the 2nd ) We would also like to invite any caster's/commentators who would like to get involved to come down as well, ( Please PM myself on the FB or post a comment for more information, we will need to reserve your spots ) Please also use the facebook page to confirm if you are attending the opening day. If this gets large, booking your place in advance ( we can do that for you ) Will be required, although there are around 200+ pc's at the venue! ALL CAPABLE OF RUNNING SC2 ON ULTRA.... *drool* Lets do this together!Samurai0 Mar 5
Feb 25 STARCRAFT1+broodwar! lets bring back the good ol days when the servers were crowded and constant fun! starcraft2 is a great game but something about the classics just never die! i recently started playing again and miss when you could just jump into a game, i am trying to start another channel. so if you want to play UMS/compstomp/1v1s etc then come hangout/game and enjoy the good ol days! working on getting some bots in the channel. US-East OP Clan_oSBrian3 Feb 25
Feb 21 What are the weird lines on SC 1 ghost? So I was replaying Brood war with a remasterizated 3 d mod. I was looking at the Ghost portrait. And I noticed these lines At 0.2, 0.8 secs. I do not know what they are? They are preety weird. Does anyone have an Hd large resolution scale portrait to maybe see more clearly?Victor2 Feb 21
Feb 20 Blizzard new meta: frustrating games The old blizzard made beatiful, amazing games. We all know that Blizzard one time was a synonim of quality. Now Blizzard games are synonim of frustrating. When I see that video I know exactly what he is feeling and believe me is not fun. BTW I already unistalled all my Blizard games, I hope some day this company could be what one time it was.Raynor11 Feb 20
Feb 19 E-Sports Project Hello fellow Gamers, I am currently a graduate student at Syracuse University and I am doing a project based around E-sports. Any input you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I have attached the link to a short survey below. Feel free to pass it along to friends if you feel so inclined. Thanks again for your help! Feb 19
Feb 19 Playing with 2 monitors? Is it possible to run a dual monitor setup but play with only one of your monitors? I get annoyed with alt tabbing out of starcraft to change my music and i was wondering if a dual monitor set up would help this. What i'm wanting to do is play starcraft on 1 monitor while have music and other things on the other monitor. Is this possible?SuperSloth16 Feb 19
Feb 19 Tiberium Secrets Goes to GDC 2017! Hey yall. Thanks,GeneralJist0 Feb 19
Jan 30 WwMan is a !@#$ing retard WwMan is a !@#$ing retardChildOfLight0 Jan 30
Jan 29 Today I am a dad My son was born today 7 pounds 7 ounces @ 714 AM. His name is Mason :) just wanted to share with yall!MAC9 Jan 29
Jan 29 Blizzcon 2016 memories Blizzcon 2016 was my first time attending a Blizzcon. It was one of the if not the greatest time I had in 2016. Made this video (which im sure doesn't do it justice) Tried to get a little of everything not just Starcraft which was my main reason for attending, but I know I missed a lot of things. I hope you guys enjoy it still, I've never made a video or anything like this so it's prob not great but I still enjoyed making it and I hope some if not all of you enjoy watching it. Jan 29
Jan 28 vs AI comment and request Love the Starcraft game. However, one criticism. I am by NO means a pro player. I stay off from playing online with others because folks seem to be very unsupportive of those that are not pro level. So, I play against the AI. I got good enough with the vs AI game in Terran level that I could play on the "harder" level. However, when I went to play Zerg or Protoss (which I had not played), I was stuck at the "harder" level on those as well. So, I just get wiped out game after game until it sets itself back to a low enough level for me to play in those races. Why can't the vs AI games be set up based on the race being played rather than the best that one has done in any race?Drew2 Jan 28
Jan 23 The Word "tease" I looked up the word "tease" and none of the definitions fits the video game way of using the word. So it's either the video game world made up it's own way of using it or the word makes no sense when used in the context of "teasing of new content"Somebody0 Jan 23
Jan 20 Star Wars TFA So did anyone see it I did and I thought it was really good and if there is any Star Trek fans here go home now (I really like Rey)LightPaladin1 Jan 20
Jan 17 Looking to get a new mouse. Thoughts? Been researching and I am currently leaning to the G900 after reading this review What mouse are you guys using? I kinda want it to be at least wireless.Noxstreak3 Jan 17
Jan 16 Razer Key pads Have any of you guys played with this keypads, is it good to play with SC 2 or its just for looks on whatever set up you have. what games does gaming keypads are good to play with? im thinking to get one but I wanted to have opinions I don't know, if it will be good for SC2 for hot keys although im already used to playing on a keyboardJeriel2 Jan 16
Jan 14 SC1 String and Byte Limit please fix Dear Blizzard. The max Byte limit for a Starcraft 1map is 65535 and a total of 1030 strings for triggers. If you ever happen to find it upon yourselves to raise this limit in a future patch, all of us in the map making community would be extremely grateful. Various skilled mappers and I have all encountered the issue of hitting this limit on some our most long term projects, forcing us to remove entire gameplay elements from our maps, and only allowing "for so much" As much of a constructive exorcise in auditing our own maps can be, it is nothing short of a let down that we can't produce what is in our minds. So please help us by raising the string and byte limit for Starcraft 1 maps. You can see some great projects such as; maps, mods, and editing tools here Jan 14
Jan 9 my opinion on the game vs other RTS's Well, I may not be the best, but I am intelligent enough to know a game imbalance. Just because you are low, doesnt mean you dont know stats, or numbers or anything... Anyways... on to the show. Personally, I dont enjoy the games competition. I enjoy competition but not THIS game. The learning curve is just stressful and makes you want to pull your own hair out, punch your screen and scream bad words at your opponet. This RTS is a good one, ill admit, but its just not a good one for new players and its scary. I suppose the arcade is great, but it kind of sucks when you want to play with friends and you drag them behind. Im quite terrible at this game, and I dont play 10 hours a day of 1 v 1 to improve. Why? because its pointless. There is no fun in having stress. Its why I enjoy other games, including another RTS with a simpler learning curve, yet just as popular, yet its also just more fun for me. Company of Heroes. Im not going to say why I enjoy it more in a long paragraph but really its jsut a more balanced, less stressful, and its World War 2. Its realistic, better mechanics yet its not as popular. Mechanics as in, The cover system, machine guns pinning people down, the grenades, tank losing engines, losing tracks, summoning a 'hero' vehicle, the resource system etc. Its sad really, but its whatever. I will admit overall Starcraft is better because of the Arcade but the multiplayer is just stressful on this game. Its only meant for those who spend immense amounts of time on this video game. Im surprised people could do it, but what do I know. Differnt people can handle different stress levels. COmpany of Heroes is just more fun for the fact is really just World War 2 and less Stress. I only joined Sc2 because my friends begged me to. I see why this game is popular as an e-sport, but its just not my type of game sadly. And its for several reasons. Three races causes alot of imbalances and I see them as I see them. Perhaps I am wrong perhaps I am not. Its in my eyes. Two is alot easier to manage for balance because its no a rock paper scissors like Starcraft feels. Zerg > Toss > Terran > Zerg. Thats how I feel the game goes for starcraft. Its fun and all, but its not a game to keep playing hours and hours. Maybe its because I prefer working as a team instead of playing by myself. haha, thats probally one reason. Ugh im off track. Anyways, this is just my opinion of Starcraft vs my favorite RTS((Which feels alot mroe strategic yet less stressfull oddly)), and well... as the human torch says. Flame On. oh another thing to give to Starcraft. Much more immerseful Single Player which was FANTASTIC. seriously it was just fantastic.Sesshomaru171 Jan 9
Jan 9 Too Old to Game... I turned 30 today and some one asked THE question... you know the one.... "Aren't you too old for video games yet?" Many ideologies in the modern world label gamers as losers and misfits. I have to disagree.SharkBite9 Jan 9
Jan 8 Illegal action Starcraft please email me for someone is using your game to promote theres. My email address is i have pictures and everything to send and support it.Rickybobby0 Jan 8
Jan 4 New gaming pc Can anyone link me a computer capable of running starcraft 2 on high with 60 fps that is within the 500-600$ range. Thank you!!!!Soap5 Jan 4
Jan 2 StarCraft is there any way to play StarCraft 1 on mac computers there used to be a patch but now you can no longer purchase the game?BLACKDRAGON0 Jan 2
Dec 30 Very exciting Chess game re-cap. If you missed this and enjoy exciting chess games then you will want to watch this video. 100% worth 30 minutes of your time, but thankfully the video is less then half that. Don't miss out, it's an exhilarating game to watch. Dec 30
Dec 21 Looking for the name of this Protoss Poster Who is the biggest protoss Defender on this forums?Derptralisk1 Dec 21
Dec 14 Computer part help Hey guys, I am not sure how to put together a computer but I did this. Can you guys help out with your thoughts? Ok, here comes the computer parts list! Motherboard: CPU: Is 0.2 GHz downgrade noticeable for a few $170 difference? RAM: I Heard VR takes a lot of RAM. was thinking of 32 if that's the case? Most things are recommending 8 right now right? Video Card: I really don't understand all the company branding of the same card. Hard Drive: Power Supply: A sight with the same/very similar build said max output was about 450 watts and recommended a 650 one. I am not sure how much power future products will end up taking so I figured 850 was growth room.Glassfist1 Dec 14
Dec 14 Awesome SC2 FPS suggestion/Idea I think personally that as cool as SC Ghost would have been, a Protoss themed FPS game would be so much cooler. Youd play as a dark Templar, and sneak around and blink and do crazy acrobatics,kinda like assassins creed with an SC2 twist. And it would take place during the 1st great war, and youd get some over lap with the main story, but also have a completely different story involving a wholly different setting. Ud be able to sneak around, slash up enemies, charge into battle with tons of other protoss warriors, and all with new, high end graphics. I just always thought that a first person assassin's creed-esque game could wok out really well, as Blizzard could do it without ripping off of Assassin's creed games, but still make a good FPS game. (FPS may not be the correct term, but idk any more accurate ones) Also, an FPS like this would be amazing because 1.) Blizzard has an amazing ability to make stories for games (except LoTV, im sorry but that was soooo horribly awful of an ending I need to make sure nobody think I enjoyed the ending of the story), and 2.) since its an FPS, and its 2017, the game could actually support multithreading decently, and have incredible graphics. 3.) they haven't made an FPS in the sc universe yet, and I think that theres a ton of possibilities for it. Any thoughts?MoreThor0 Dec 14
Dec 7 BLIZZARD MAKE WC4! SC2 is done. WE WANT WC4! Blizzard, due to popular demand it is hereby declared that Warcraft 4 must be the next RTS project, as it was the first and still the last best RTS of all time. I never could get into SC2, Im more into classic heros and armies and magic rather than complicated futuristic RTS. Ill let the asians dominate the pro SC2 scene because I have no interest in competing with them. Please maintain previous WC3 balance and races and add maybe 3-4 units per race at most and 5-10 new heros, with 1 added race, making a total of 5: Human Orc Night Elf and Undead plus a new race: (Naga or ? Blood Elves? Chaos Legion?) . New campaign, online matchmaking system, and some new spells and abilities, content, custom games, multiplayer modes etc. I think its apparent that blizzards standards for games have steadily declined since the entrance of WoW, hearthstone, diablo 3 fail, etc. Its time to get back to the basics, the RTS that revolutionized RTS back in the good old days of W3 and diablo2. Warcraft 3!! Now we need a WC4!! A smoothed out RTS with good graphics and engine. PLEASE BLIZZARD FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP WITH THE MONEY/TIME SWAMPS like WoW Hearthstone, Diablo and build the next best RTS that people will actually respect. AT least BLizzard, please consider sending a couple engineers over to help a community project thats working on a warcraft 3 clone to sc2 engine, to improve the graphics a lot and smooth the pathing and engine. The project is here and they need help cloning to make the new and improved wc3 clone: I wish blizzard would 'sacrifice' a few dollars to actually build a game worth playing, because NONE of their current games are worth playing, although I respect d2, wc3 and sc2 the most - The Classics. The rest of the games are trash time and money scams. HotS is the best moba, yet its got its issues. Nevertheless the people have spoken. WE WANT WC4! PLEASE MATCH UP TO THE QUALITY OF WC3 AND GIVE US A NEW AND IMPROVED WARCRAFT 4!Fitz10 Dec 7
Dec 1 Suggestion/proposal for RNG casino game Hi Im a blizzard fan and a game maker in warcraft 3 world editor, as the title said I want to propose a game of RNG more like suitable for casinos/gambling. using WoW characters(since its the most famous) I cant post this in WoW because I dont have a char there in that game. I have my game ready to be sent for you devs to see, I will try to explain here how my system works, its a 1v1 battle but instead of pressing the buttons of what u want for ur char to do, you just watch and pray for RNGeesus. I made 2 separate variables for each hero to roll 1-10, and my base rule is every hero got a total damage of 21, for example thrall/durotan as a shaman: 30% chance to roll 1 damage (1-3), 40% 2 damage (4-7), 20% 3 damage (8-9)and 10% 4 damage(10), 1,1,1/2,2,2,2/3,3/4 so thats total of 21. while another ex. is guldan only got half hp than normal which is 12 so he got 6, but he deals 2x damage 222/4444/66/8. and last example ragnaros, he got 1,1,1,1,1/2,2,2/5,5 so meaning he is more risky with those five 1s, thats 50% chance to deal only 1 damage. But if ur lucky to roll 9 and 10 which is the 5 damage, then most probably the enemy wont catch up and die. So there I bet its easy for you guys to get my point on how the game works. You can send me email at Thanks for your time.Hierarch0 Dec 1
Nov 30 Heroes of Starcraft (Discussion) Heroes of Starcraft was originally was my discussion plan on how I would approach making each map type. What I've discovered was that I consistently wanted hero variations or sub-factions. Some of the map types include: - Tower Defense - tug of war map - Zombie survival - be the zombie - Melee map mod - Mission objective - like CO-OP command maps - Campaign Story - Mass Effect + Starfox game style Here are some on the spot rambling about the map type ideas: Tower Defense Most Tower defense maps has no race selection. In my map, I would enable race selection and have 3 sets of towers to choose from. I'm thinking a semi co-op type tower defense map instead of separate islands. Maybe one giant island that is initially separated by mountain range, river, but as the game progresses, players can unlock tunnels, bridges that allow for minions to pass through other players lanes. This can help alleviate pressure by making enemies go through additional roads through other players before the enemy gets to the end. How about a map where it encourages race diversity; Towers of different race that synergies. (like a zerg tower that poisons, a protoss tower that slows, and a terran tower that damages). Or even unlock towers if 2 towers of different race are close proximity. Maybe a unique "ultimate" ability that you press on each tower with cooldown of 1 minute. Tug of War Instead of just picking a race, you get to pick a subfaction. There would be 3 subfaction per race making a total of 9 armies to choose from. Each Subfaction in a race will similar but each get unique structures, units and even their own unique ultimate. As players play numerous matches, they will discover synergies. For example, if one team has Artanis Protoss and Alarak Protoss, they'd get to unlock Super Archons. If one team chooses Kerrigan Zerg and Raynor Raider Terran, then they get to unlock the Sons of Korhol with Terran Ghost Kerrigan units. Maybe have a dynamic terrain where different rocks when destroyed will yield additional minerals or unlock a neutral outpost. Zombie survival - be the zombie All the zombie maps are terran units trying to bunker down on an outpost. This map is inspired by Helms deep map on SC1 when playing as the orcs. you get to control mass units of different kinds of zombies. The lore would be - a virus outbreak which affected people in different geographical areas making different zombie tribes. You go rampage on a city. It would be like taking Grand Theft Auto V world map and shrinking it to 256x256 SC2 map. Each zombie tribe will have their own unique zombie hordes and tankers and creepers. Melee map mod I would simply create subfactions for each race and have them inherit unique structures, units and abilities. There are lots of fun like heptacraft and SCExpanded, but I myself would decide on the uniqueness of each subfaction. Since SC2 is inherently micro-intensive, balancing a new variety melee map would be impossible, instead this would be an ongoing balance effort catered to the bronze players of SC2. Mission objective - like CO-OP command maps This project was renamed to: SC2 generals. It was going to be another co-op series but free for everyone. I stopped working on it because I "Accidentally" bought lots of games during the Steam sale and now I'm trying to play them all. As far as balancing goes, it would be much more easier because... it would be nonexistent :P. I can create a level where you control Kerrigan and 1 hive and can only build drones and you must kill enemy base B and at point B. I would just have to tweak the AI enemy computer. Campaign Story - Mass Effect + Starfox game style Choose your own ending! Story: the REAPERS from the void are coming to consume the galaxy. Their mission is to restart the galaxy by purging intelligent living things. Players start off by choosing a sub-faction. Their on a rescue mission flying to different planets. As players save more people, they provide additional units and buildings and abilities. There will be base building levels, hero walking levels, defend levels, assault levels. Unfortunately, time is running out and the end battle is near. Players can only save so much. Each play through will create a unique army to go against the Void Reapers. Unlock additional skins for saving a combination of generals. Conclusion What do you guys think of these ideas? If there is any interest one of the projects above, then I'd be interested working on it.QueenGambit0 Nov 30
Nov 22 Watch highlights from WCS 2016 Playoffs on ZT All playoffs games available on this playlist. In a few days except Homestory Cup XIV Playoffs also in a form of highlights. If you have any comments on the form or any ideas, please share. We would love to get better at it. Cheers GGLfewf0 Nov 22
Nov 22 Probe vs Zealot How do I fix my generator? I saw a lot of people fixing there generators when taken damage from the zealot. Is there any way how to do it please let me know? Thank you.XUnderBiteX1 Nov 22
Nov 18 blizzard should make a SC2 game for phones i've had this idea ever since i started playing Pokemon GO, where you play this game on your phone for StarCraft... you choose your allegiance and use the GPS system to find and kill amons remaining followers! you start out as like a marine for terran, a hivemind zergling for zerg, or a zealot for protoss. and you rank up and eventually can commandeer your own fleet. you can establish bases around the globe, where you may resupply your troops from your main base! and you can have friends fight alongside you as you raid pockets of small, or large followers of amon! cool idea, aint it?Awesomov2 Nov 18
Nov 16 Check out my work Hey guys, I share my artwork on instagram and am trying to grow a following. check it out @argiveajax il return the favorMotion0 Nov 16
Nov 14 Starcraft HD Hoax So, is it safe to say now that "Starcraft HD" is a hoax?Salmon1 Nov 14
Nov 9 if not starcraft, then what will be the next RTS that everyone plays? i know i love this moba camera angle rts play and starcraft2 is the bestest, but if everyone is leaving what will we be playing next? after earth 2150 was 1602ad, then age of empires 1, warcraft 1, AOE2, wc2, wc3, aoe3, sc1, couple others, eventually sc2...... whats next? are we getting warcraft 4? would you play it?DonaldTrump26 Nov 9
Nov 8 Starcraft 3 Windows and Apple were the first generation of computers. But Google Chrome OS is the next generation. Shouldn't Blizzard make Starcraft 3 a browser based game? It would be the top game for the Chrome web store.Stickemup5 Nov 8
Nov 6 Wall Calendar Hi, i have an very special question, since 5 years i buyed every year the starcraft wall calendar, but this year it seems there is no edition for the year 2017. Will the edition released in late november?sHoGuN1 Nov 6