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Apr 22 Final Fantasy 6 Remake: Things I'd Change I am working on a very massive article, which I would submit to the FF6 community and developers for proposals of a future remake of Final Fantasy 6 (with 3-d graphics and more semi-live action sequences). While I am suggesting adding some more diverse equipment and abiltiies, Keep in mind as you read this that I would have both "normal" and "Expert" mode be much harder than the GBA or SNES version of this game. Bosses will have far more HP, and more thought and skill, besides just "button bash A" will be needed, even for people who over-level their characters. In fact, I would suggest specifically design about half the boss fights to punish over-leveling characters. "Expert Mode," Among other things... -Evade and Magic Evade bonuses from most Weapons are reduced. -Gladius, Apocalypse, Excalibur, and Ragnarok, Critical not applied to spell damage. -Apocalypse now casts "Meteor" on striking. -Magus Rod and Swordbreaker reduced to 20/0 and 0/20 from 30/0 and 0/30 respectively. -Lightbringer reduced to 25/25, from 50/50, Critical not applied to spell damage. -Emerald Destiny reduced to 35/35 from 50/50, Critical not applied to spell damage. -Zwill Crossblade reduced to 30/10 from 40/20, now applies "Slow" instead of "Sleep". -Save the Queen reduced to 30/30 from 40/40, now applies modified "Dispel". -Oborozuki reduced to 30/20 from 50/20, but now applies "Slow". -Evade and Magic Evade bonuses from Shields are reduced by 5 if they are less than 20, and reduced by 10 if they are 20 or more, EXCEPT the Force Shield, which is unaffected. -Characters' base Evasion and Magic Evasion stats are unaffected. Damage Limit In Expert Mode the basic damage limit for player characters is now 5,000 damage per packet, though the damage is still calculated the same way. X-Fight and X-Jump It should be noted that I have nerfed "X-Fight" and "X-Jump" to a maximum of 3 hits each instead of 4 hits each, and the 3rd hit happens only 50% of the time. However, it is not a pure nerf, as I have changed some interactions with Spells on Striking effects and Desperation Attacks. X-Fight and X-Jump no longer fully nerf "Spell on Striking" effects. -Rods "spell on striking" can happen on all strikes and any number of times. The 50% penalty still applies on X-Fight and 75% penalty on X-Jump. -With non-Rod weaposn, no more than one spell may activate per X-Fight or X-Jump action, it gets applied after the physical hit which made the roll, and if it is a damage dealing spell it gets halved (or 3/4rd) just like the Physical damage. -One Desperation Attack can happen per X-Fight or X-Jump, but rolls a new chance every stroke. The Desperation attack is half of a normal Desperation Attack when done by the Master's Scroll, but is 75% of normal Desperation Attack with Dragon Horn. "Limit Break" -They are linearly cumulative, so that if you have one effect which allows a 50% Limit Break and another effect allows a 25% Limit Break on the same Strike, the total damage is 175% of the normal Limit, which would typically mean 17,500 damage instead of 9,999 damage. Some items have had small Limit Break properties added in order to make them more appealing to use. -Hero Ring: 15% Physical Limit Break, 10% Magical Limit Break. -Earrings: 15% Magical Limit Break. -Atlas Armlet: 25% Physical Limit Break. -Umaro's Bone Wrist: 25% Physical Limit Break, 25% Magical Limit Break. -Gau's Dueling Mask: 15% Physical Limit Break, 10% Magical Limit Break. -Relm's Princess Gown: 25% bonus to magic damage(stacks), 15% Magical Limit Break. -Relm's Cat-Ear Hood: 25% bonus to magic damage (stacks), 15% Magical Limit Break. -Relm's Sketchbook*: 25% bonus to magic damage (stacks), 15% Magical Limit Break. *This would be a "Shield Slot" item which adds no defense, magic defense, evasion, or magic evasion, essentially making her a "pure mage" while wearing this instead of a normal shield. -All equipped rods and brushes now add 25% bonus to magic damage (stacks) and 15% Magical Limit Break. Here is the TRUE final Super Boss I would propose, it is of course the True Dream Devourer, re-scripted of course. Merged True Dream Devourer (Shala). -It wlll use "Quick" and "Double-Quick" during the fight. -You won't be able to meet her before defeating Shinryu Dragon twice and obtaining the "Emerald Destiny" weapon. -In Expert Mode, it will be designed to be almost impossible even to level 99 characters. -As usual, time spent playing spell animations and calculations while inside Quick/Double-Quick status does not increment anyone's ATB gauge. Time spent while spell animations and calculations are playing outside of Quick/Double-Quick allows all characters, or monsters, except the active character, or monster, to continue charging their ATB gauge. If the Player somehow defeats the Dream Devourer, Shala says, "This creature sleeps beyond the flow of time. I will use my power to spare you now. Do not think on these things..." Then Gaspar says, "I didn't think you had it in you. Lavos is not truly dead, but nobody else has survived that long against him. Here, take this. You've Earned It!" He will give them the "Chrono Trigger Egg" which will teach "Double-Quick" to characters already able to cast "Quick". Double-Quick has the same casting time and animation time as "Quick", but when cast by player characters, allows 3 actions instead of 2. When cast by monsters allows 4 actions instead of 2. The Dream Devourer is then added to the top of the "Soul Shrine" super-boss chain after Shinryu Dragon, Omega Weapon, and Kaiser Dragon. If the party is defeated by the Dream Devourer, Gaspar, The Guru of Time, says, "Perhaps Somewhere, in another lifetime...," and then the "annihilated" screen appears. Quick improvements: -Quick can still be absorbed by Runic status, but Double-Quick cannot be absorbed by Runic Status. -I am going to give characters who are not "Mages" in the story a more limited selection of Esper spells so that character roles are more differentiated, therefore not all characters will be able to learn "Quick" nor "Re-Raise". -Scripts are added to force ATB gauge to zero for player characters after Quick status is supposed to end, preventing "infinite ATB gauge" glitches which situationally exist in SNES and GBA versions. -Quick (or Double-Quick) can no longer be the second spell inside "X-Magic". Presently, I plan for the following to be able to learn "Quick" Relm: Automatically at level 99, OR from Raiden or Gilgamesh Terra: From Raiden or Gilgamesh Celes: From Raiden or Gilgamesh Strago: From Raiden or Gilgamesh Cyan: From Raiden or Gilgamesh, OR automatically learned when Wrexsoul is defeated in his dream. Gogo: (Only if someone else in the party already knows it.) Celes Improvements: -If both Celes and Gogo are in Runic status when a spell is absorbed, the one with the fullest ATB gauge is consumed, and the other one no longer loses Runic Status. If they are both full, the one with the highest speed is used. -"Runic" now appears as the first ability in "Rune" sub-menu for Celes, which will have about 8 abilities. -Gogo still only gets "Runic". -I am making Gogo always be slightly inferior to the character he is emulating now. -Celes can no longer equip "Lightbringer" nor "Emerald Destiny" without using the Merit Award. "Rune" abilities: Runic: -Absorbs most types of magic spells. Chant: -MP Cost: 100. Can't be reduced below 25. -Adds 5 temporary levels to all party members and 5 to all party member stats. -Does not stack with itself, but may stack with other similar abilities. -Removed at end of battle. -Skips her next turn. -Learned after Opera House. Serene: -MP Cost: 100. Can't be reduced below 25. -Removes most debuffs from the party. -Works even when Silenced. -Learned on Black Jack Airship after Thamasa. Wizard: -Passive: Celes can now equip Rods without using the Merit Award. -Learned when Strago re-joins the party in the World of Ruin. Unbreakable: -Passive: Celes is permanently immune to "Stop", "Slow", "Frozen", "Instant Death", "Petrify", and "Zombie". -Is present, but greyed out in "Rune" sub-menu and "Ability" sub-menu once learned. -Learned after "Tanking" the attack from the Warring Triad on the Floating Continent. Cold Steel: -MP Cost: 21. Can't be reduced below 7. -Apply 100% Ice 2 spell on hit to target player character's weapon. This temporarily over-writes any "spell on hit" effects it currently has. -Learned when Celes learns Ice 3. Embrace: -MP Cost: 120. Can't be reduced below 30. -Only Available when Locke is in the party. -Casts Cure 2 on each party member. This can't be reflected. -Learned after the "Make Up" scene in Albrook. -Improves to Cure 3 when Life Line is learned. -Is not absorbed by Runic. Life Line: -MP cost: 200. Can't be reduced below 50. -Casts Re-raise on all party members. -Locke must be in the party and know "Arise" or "Re-Raise". -Terra or Relm must be in the party and know "Arise" or "Re-Raise". -Becomes available outside Locke's house after Celes sees Rachel in Stasis. -Is Not Absorbed by Runic. Terra Improvements -Terra can no longer used "Lightbringer" nor "Emerald Destiny" without using the Merit Award. -Gogo cannot use any of Terra's unique abilities. -"Spirit" sub-menu now replaces "Trance" on Terra's battle menu. -I used "Spirit" to avoid confusion with other references to "Esper". Spirit Trance: -Appears as the first option in the "Spirit" sub-menu, which replaces "Trance" on Terra's main menu. -Trance no longer costs APB to activate, but still drains 1 APB per second. -Stored APB points are now listed below the "Steps" counter in the main over-world menu. -Terra receives 50% damage from all Sources while Tranced. -Terra's Magic Damage is doubled while Tranced. -Terra's Magic Limit Breaks to Plus 50% while Tranced. Maduin's Love: -Passive: Terra has Permanent Float Status and does not suffer Wind element penalties to Jumped or Floating characters. -Learned after Maduin's memories when Terra rejoins the party after Vector. Whisper Wind: MP Cost: 30. Can't be reduced below 15. -Casts "Whisper Wind": Drain on one enemy and divided among all conscious party members. -Reverse Drain can't happen with Whisper Wind. -Learned if Terra is present and conscious when Wrexsoul is defeated in Cyan's dream. Wizard: -Passive: Terra can now equip Rods without using the Merit Award. -Learned if both Strago and Terra have been recovered in the World of Ruin. Leo's Honor: -Passive: Modified X-Fight automatically when wielding Rods, however limited to only 2 attacks. -Physical damage is still nerfed by 50%. -On-hit spell damage is not nerfed at all. -Learned when General Leo dies fighting Kefka. Elemental Aegis -MP Cost: 100. Can't be reduced below 50. -The next elemental spell which would damage the party is negated instead. -Learned When the Paladin Shield is uncursed OR Strago learns Force Field. Emperor's Fall: -MP Cost 100. Can't be reduced below 50. -Casts Bolt 4. Deals 15x Bolt 1 damage. -Magical Damage Limit Breaks plus 25%. -Learned if Terra is present on the Floating Continent when Kefka kills the Emperor. Antipode: -MP Cost: 100 to Terra and Celes each. Can't be reduced below 50 each. -Casts "Ultima", "Meteor", "Ice 4", and "Fire 4". -Ultima deals Shadow damage, the other three deal non-elemental damage in this special case. -Learned when Terra rejoins the party in the World of Ruin. Something similar will be done for Locke and Relm. Relm, the "Pictomancer" -will have an "Art" sub-menu replacing the original "Sketch" command. Inside , includes "Sketch" as the first option, "Erase", "Control", "Mix"(using common or rare ingredients plus common or rare pigments), and "Final Fantasy" (her Ultimate ability). Gogo can only use "Sketch". -Can now use "Minerva" while using Merit Award. Locke gets abilities which function based on his oaths to Terra and Celes, as well as a few other abilities besides just "Steal". "Steal" is now the first ability in his sub-menu called "Thief". Gogo can only use "Steal". "Ultimate End" -Player Character may cast "Ultimate End" by sacrificing the "Emerald Destiny" Sword in battle as a "Rod-like" item from the inventory. -When a Player character uses "Ultimate End", Each Esper which has been discovered attacks with "Slash-All" in a random order. -Odin always attacks last with "Zantetsukin" if he has been found and not upgraded. -If Odin has been upgraded to "Raiden" he attacks first and last, with "Shin-Zantetsukin" on the first attack, then "Slash-All" on the last attack. -Gilgamesh throws a random sword at all enemies: Excalipoor(nothing), Excalibur(Holy), Kagenui(Stop), Lightbringer(Holy), Emerald Destiny(Ultima). The swords have their normal chance to apply their on-hit spells. -After "Emerald Destiny" has been discovered at least one time, Gilgamesh now also has a chance to throw "Emerald Destiny" swords when summoned normally in battle. When Dream Devourer casts "Ultimate End" he is considered to have discovered all Espers. "Emerald Destiny" Sword Useable by: Locke, Cyan Merit Award Enables: Terra, Celes, Shadow Where: Defeat Shinryu Dragon twice. Rarity: You cannot win another "Emerald Destiny" if you already own one. Stats: Same as "Lightbringer" except it is non-elemental. Battle Power: 255 Attributes: +7 Evade/M. Evade: +50 (Only +35 in Expert Mode.) -20% chance to Cast "Ultima" on striking. -Half of Valiant Knife bonus. -Half of Atma Weapon bonus. -Normal: Limit Breaks to 20,000 damage on physical: 20% chance to Limit Break to 30,000 damage. You still need to actually roll that much damage. -Normal: "Tiger" HP goes to 1 after normal damage. -Expert: Limit Breaks to 15,000 damage on physical: 20% chance to Limit Break to 20,000 damage. You still need to actually roll that much damage. -Expert: "Tiger" HP reduced by 50% of remaining after normal damage. Shinryu Dragon Level: 97 HP: 128,000 MP: 128,000 Speed: 128 Magic: 128 Strength: 128 Stamina: 128 Defense: 225 M. Defense: 225 Evasion: 96 M. Evasion: 64 -Immune to all status ailments except Berserk. -Berserk randomly lasts 2 or 3 turns before wearing off (1 or 2 turns on Expert). -While Berserked does "Havok Wing-Fight" every turn. -Absorb Fire, Wind, and Water: Can't be debilitated below "Negate". -Strong against all other elements: Can't be debilitated below normal vulnerability. Spells: Level 9 Discord -New spell added to Super-Bosses. -Halves Character level if they are multiple of 9 levels. Ignores Death Immunity. Discord 2: -New Spell added to Super-Bosses. -Halves character level of a single character. Ignores Death Immunity. "Crying Heavens: Hidden Blow" (From Lavos Core) -Now does strongest of Lightning or Physical. Meltdown -Now Does strongest of Fire or Wind. -Can only be absorbed if both elements are absorbed. -Can only be negated if both elements are at least negated. Other notable difference from "Classic" Shinryu: -Atomic Ray was changed to Meltdown. -Saintly Beam added because it's hard to deal with. Script: -Parenthesis are Expert Only. -"Slash" means 50/50 chance of whatever is on either side. Free Action: Level 9 Discord at start of fight. Turn 1: Quick, Aeroga, Tsunami (Turn 1 Expert Repeats: Double-Quick, Level 9 Discord, Aeroga/Freezing Dust, Tsunami, Haste) Turn 2: (Quick, Discord 2), Mighty Guard 100% first pass/Freezing Dust 50% after. Turn 3: Quick, Discord 2, Tsunami/Ice 3 Turn 4: (Quick, Saintly Beam,) Havok Wing Turn 5: Double-Quick, Level 5 Death, Holy, Vengeance/Aeroga, White Wind Turn 6: (Quick, Level 4 Flare), Tsunami/Metal Cutter Turn 7: Quick, Meltdown/Drain, Discord 2 Turn 8: (Quick, Havok Wing), "Crying Heavens: Hidden Blow" Turn 9: Quick, Tsunami/Drain, Meltdown/Havok Wing Turn 10: Quick, Ultima, White Wind, (Instead Double-Quick, Ultima, Vengeance/Flare, Discord 2, White Wind) -Repeat from turn 1. Remember, "Wind" spells in my idea of a good remake would automatically hit "Jumped" and "Floating" characters, except possibly Terra with her new passive ability, seeing as how she is a flying half-esper in the story. I've attempted to add more gameplay mechanics consistent with the story.Wade3 Apr 22
Apr 14 Gifting Starcraft 2 I have starcraft 2 HOTS and want to get LOTV but noticed the complete trilogy can be bought for $60. Could I buy the trilogy and gift WOL and HOTS to a friend?drakoric0 Apr 14
Apr 13 BG2: No Equipment Challenge: Thaxillssyllia This is done on Core Rules. Apr 13
Apr 13 FX 8350 & R9 290 low framerates Anyone else playing on this chip? are you experiencing any issues with framerate?, is blizzard ever gonna adress this issue of "high end" not really high end anymore and it hasnt been high end for a long time this setup, but still a pretty decent setup, but adress the problem of low fps on this kind of system? or am I just forced to go and spend 500+ dlls on intel chip and motherboard?CleanerTax0 Apr 13
Apr 11 Baldur's Gate 2: Glitched RTA Speed Run Youtube: 9kfBOWax2yk#t=0.321 I do not understand how most of these glitches work (exactly), but I do understand the basics. 1) Uses polymorph, find familiar, and monster summoning in combinations to teleport through doors without the keys/switches. 2) Uses Imoen removal glitch to trip the bonus XP from leaving dungeon multiple times, and skip second and 3rd irenicus cutscene, as well as all dreams. This also allows skipping to level 9 thief right away after Dual classing FROM level 7 mage; normally not a good move in a "Power Build" which doesn't exploit glitches, as Dual Classing FROM Mage is generally the weakest type of Dual Class. 3) Skips Gaelen Bayle quests by stealing the Shadow Thief Cellar key, instead of paying for it, thanks to 225 pickpocketing skill points from the fast level ups. 4) bugs out both Bodhi Fights and skips those. 5) Skips 1st Irenicus Fight 6) Skips Drow city. Aparently a female character disquised as a Draw can simply talk to the guards and skip the drow wizard fight. 7) Bugs all of the mini-boss fights in Suldenessular. 8) Bugs Irenicus Tree of Life battle and kills him without any of his contingency spells firing. 9) Bugs Tears fo Bhaal sequence and completes only 1 of the 5 quests. 10) Bugs death trigger for Final Irenicus by killing his "Mislead" near where the "real" one normally spawns, which the trigger, for some reason, incorrectly detects as the "real" Irenicus. 22 minutes 41 seconds real time.Wade0 Apr 11
Apr 8 4X games I've just recently got into Civ V since it was on sale for the holiday on steam. After playing the game for a while it got me to thinking. The World of Warcraft franchise would make for a great expansion into the 4X style of games. Since StarCraft holds for Blizzards RTS market WoW could hold the 4X side. Imagine building a whole civ from the ground up with many of the WoW races: Night elves, Blood Elves, Orc factions, Trolls, Gnomes, Humans, Dwarves ect... I'd love to see these races build out and fight in a turn based form on a great macro scale over huge world maps. What do you think?StarCakes1 Apr 8
Apr 8 Any good books to read about computers? Can anyone recommend a book or books that could help me better understand computers? Like how they function and ect.Starkiller1 Apr 8
Apr 7 Playing Starcraft with a G600/Razer Naga Hi all, Just wonder if anyone else plays with a Razer Naga or Logitech G600 mouse? I have an old Logitech G15 keyboard to go along with it, and it works alright, but I'm not sure if I should be relying on the mouse number pad for hot groups or if I should get in the habit of using the keyboard. Any thoughts? Thanks.ALFM1 Apr 7
Apr 6 Not a serious post! So I was playing WarGame earlier and my tanks were low on everything. I quickly sent out a squad of supply trucks to resupply them. While distracted, I realised my that my tanks were still low as the supply never came. With my tanks vulnerable, I sent out a scout car along side a couple units of infantry and behold, my supply was intercepted and was now supplying their light tanks. With my scout hidden and feeding information, I call down a bomber to clear the tanks before sending my infantry in to retake my supply trucks. Tl; dr Can disrupt opponent's econ without massacring all their workers. That is all.SunRise2 Apr 6
Apr 5 Would pc gamers will cry When either mods will now be used on consoles or when gaben dies because i like to have mods on wii u and nx and maybe on the newer and last ps and Xbox consoles. What do you think?LightPaladin0 Apr 5
Mar 31 I have questions about Alienware (M17x) I have absolutely no knowledge about Alienware so I hope you don't mind my idiocy. 1) Does it have all the capabilities of a regular labtop? (web, Word, etc.) 2) What makes Alienware so good (and popular)? 3) Does it have a webcam? 4) About how much does it weigh? 5) Does the keyboard light up 24/7? Does it turn on with a button or.. what? 6) Will I be able to play SC2 with at least High setting on? I like my games in high quality. 7) How is the sound? Because I really like listening to music (KPOP!!!!) and hearing SC2's noises ("Nuclear launch detected" oh !@#$). 8) How hot does it get? Also, what is a good USB mouse that isn't too big? I'm only 16 - and a girl at that - so I do have smaller hands. This doesn't necessarily have to be a gaming mouse but I would like it to live on AA batteries and -hopefully- last a long time.Jun6 Mar 31
Mar 30 Choosing a video card for sc2 Lotv Hi which one of the following cards do you recommend for playing sc2 lotv? - T/VIDEO GT-730 1GB DDR3 $ 65.000 - T/VIDEO RADEON R5 230 1GB $ 45.000 - T/VIDEO R7 250 1GB DDR3 $ 85.000 - T/VIDEO GT 740 2GB DDR3 $ 95.000 The price is in CLP, may be exists a card that is in the price range and it's better? Thanks in advance.Ghoztkar2 Mar 30
Mar 25 Hereos of the storm nerfing Jesus Christ just put the sc quickmatch in heroes the good players sick and tired of youre nerfagedons and fricking playing a heoe and next it be complet !@#AdeptCoffee0 Mar 25
Mar 23 Razer Marauder Keyboard Problem Just recently i had been having a particular problem with the Marauder Keyboard... from time to time these few keys seems to be not responding: "T", "G", "H" , "B" and "A" and i had to unplug the USB and let it re-install the driver for it to work again.... anyone has such a problem? or any solutin to this...zzzThevenine5 Mar 23
Mar 14, 2016 Game Hub Idea: Blizzard’s ‘The Nexus’ Hello Reader, Please bear with me on the lengthy explanation, it's important to outline this idea I've been chewing on, I wonder what you'll think of it. A Virtual Playspace for all Blizzard gamers. The Nexus will offer space for gamers to seamlessly access Blizzard games, Congregate/Interact and play mini games. Players Create an Avatar and can change the appearance as they wish. These Avatar: - Can Represent characters from Blizzard Game Lore or could be analogous to a gamer’s own likeness - May be changed by visiting a shop/vendor - Are a fun way for players to express their love for a game or a specific character. - Are Unlocked through many various Achievements performed in Blizzard Games and the Nexus itself. The Playspace is a large area within the Nexus, first shown in the game Heroes of the Storm, representing an interdimentional ‘crossroads’ for all Blizzard Universes including, but not limited to: - World of Warcraft - StarCraft 2 - Diablo 3 - Overwatch - Hearthstone - And of course, Heroes of the Storm Each Blizzard game installed on your PC would have it’s own represented ‘lobby’ in the Nexus, with one or perhaps many access points for starting that particular game. In other words a seamless transition from The Nexus into the Blizzard game of choice (much like the current Startup Application, in the form of a game). For example: A timeless Nexus-based Tavern/Inn (which mysteriously appeared within the Nexus) where players can meet and challenge each other to a game of Hearthstone. Upon sitting at a table or accepting a challenge, both players will see Hearthstone start up on their PC and they will enter the game for the match, and once the match has ended they may choose to remain in the game, exit the game, or return to the Nexus. Each lobby could have a creative thematic twist, an origin story for each lobby’s existence within the Nexus. Which also conveniently offers plenty of space to expand when a new game is released (or available for open Beta perhaps). A few fun ideas for these other lobbies include: - Cain’s stolen Town Portal (For access to Diablo 3) Recovered and maintained by Ancient Nephalem Spirits. - The ‘Cosmo-Bellum’ a rediscovered Protoss tactical simulator (For access to Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void or earlier versions like HOTS or WOL) docked within the Nexus, with access to Terran controlled space and beyond. - The Nexus Portal pad (as displayed first in the Raynor Tutorial of Heroes of the Storm) Which will start up the game Heroes of the Storm as it’s a key part of the Nexus already. - An Etherial Portal (Leading to the World of Warcraft) Known only to and managed and maintained by the most elite Mages and Etherial beings of Azeroth and beyond.(To be honest I don’t have the best grasp of WOW lore, but perhaps Medivh could be involved in this origin story?) - And then there’s the upcoming Overwatch, I’m thinking maybe a ‘lost’ Overwatch Orbital Station which now drifts through the Nexus, granting Tracer and other members of Overwatch access to the Nexus (and Heroes of the Storm for those wondering how she got there). Another thing I’d like to add here is an Arcade (maybe based off of the one featured in the Overwatch Map: Hanamura) This is where players can access minigames and perhaps some legacy Blizzard games (Lost Vikings, Warcraft, Starcraft, Rock n’ Roll Racing to name a few). The Minigames may tie into whats available in the Starcraft 2 Arcade (which is seriously underrated) as well as other fun Blizzard Developer ideas and Fan proposed mini games, heck I’d love to see the community vote for the best fan made games sent in to Blizzard, and then they become ‘immortalized’ within the Nexus Arcade. The main point behind this idea is to collect the Blizzard community, they are already strong in numbers, but this gives everyone an environment where the atmosphere is lighthearted, mysterious, and enjoyable to explore, bridging the Blizzard game universe into what seems like an obvious conclusion; The Nexus (the hub of all things Blizz). But it would also represent something unique to Blizzard the Company and it’s customers; loyalty based on community interaction. Any other game I play nowadays doesn’t last nearly as long as Blizzard games do in terms of replay value, I always come back to Blizz for the fun and engaging community, and so do many other gamers I know. I hope this idea has merit to others out there, I would love to someday see it become a reality, as immersion is the biggest target for gamers and game creators. Anyways, thanks for reading this, and please feel free to comment/reply with any thoughts of your own. I'll include a list of foreseen challenges in a comment below, please feel free to add your more critical assessments there.Treboritory5 Mar 14, 2016
Mar 9, 2016 Gaming with a Trackball?! Hey fellas, I'm an avid gamer and use a trackball and have since I was 13 playing SC1. My first trackball was the Logitech Trackman Wheel I now currently use the Logitech M70 (thumb-style still but newer model) I'm considering trying to game with the Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse with Scroll Ring Has anyone gamed, specifically with SC2 using the Kensington one or another trackball? I've always used thumb-style trackballs but wouldn't mind trying something new. Thanks!OatmealCrisp1 Mar 9, 2016
Mar 8, 2016 Something Non-Blizzard Please What relatively new Non-blizzard PC games are actually worth buying? I'm getting tired of the same old crap, and want something completely different for a change.Wade3 Mar 8, 2016
Mar 6, 2016 Best gaming mouse for SC2? title says it all, I have a razor...something but I was wondering what higher league players use and why.winters27 Mar 6, 2016
Mar 6, 2016 Hardware used during the WC 2015 Hi , I am a student in IT and I am currently doing a research project on graphic cards , specifically the ones used for professional tournaments and I was wondering if there was any information that had been shared to the public regarding the ones that were used for the last WC during Blizzcon. Obviously a full spec list for the computers that were used from an official source would be the best for my research. I am looking for serious answer and I do not need comparisons or reviews , only the specs of the computers. Thank you for the information, HearingDeafHearingDeaf1 Mar 6, 2016
Mar 5, 2016 Anyone still play Starcraft Broodwar (sc1) I recently got back into playing sc1 again during done downtime. I even recently started remaking some updates for the missions of the game (all 6 episodes, plus the Precursor). if anyone is interested, I even started re-releasing some of my old sc1 maps, and even started working on some Co-op Campaigns. Reply with a comment if you still play or would like to have some fun in sc1. PS - there is 2 people in the past they remade some coop campaigns, but I am making my own from the updated campaigns I am releasing. Check on StarEdit Network, or ModDB if your interested.JCarrillo6 Mar 5, 2016
Mar 1, 2016 Upgrading to run SCII "pretty well" Bascially, I can't quite run SCII properly. As it stands I can't really run 2x 200 supply armies into each other without the game pretty much becoming unplayable. This is obviously really sucky, and while I mannaged to make it to gold league, without being able to properly micro my army, I simply can't keep climbing (well, I maybe can, but it sucks). I'm wanting to make 1v1 on low graphic settings run fine, but maybe have some issues when running 2v2 or higher when there's a TONE of stuff on screen (just doesn't really bother me, I don't really play matches that big anyway). Here I've taken a screenshot of everything I think you'd need to know about both my PC and the system req of SCII. I was thinking that if I just got a new processor that this would more or less bring things up to speed to let me play just fine. Am I right, or do I need a better graphics card, also? I'm a bit confused on that front. Also, I have 4GB RAM, but only can access 3.5; is that also an issue, do I need more RAM also? The AMD FX series seems a lot cheaper than the intel i series, so I was looking at that... but is the AMD FX series really ALL good enough to run this game just fine ("AMD FX Series Processor or better" seems like a pretty wide field), or should I be trying to get a certain level of that processor? and, would it then just be cheaper to get an i5? All feedback is appreciated, I'd rather not spend more than I have to to get this game running fine. Considering that SCII is easily the highest running game I want to run (kinda love the classics) there's not much reason on buying something super high end. Summery questions: -What's the cheapest processor to run SCII well? -Do I need more RAM? -Do I need a better graphics card?AchromicWht0 Mar 1, 2016
Feb 19, 2016 Blizzard Made-Up Languages I know this sounds like a real geeky question, but I was wondering if anyone else wondered if Blizzard would ever release books on how to speak the languages they created -- Khalani, Darnassian, Thalassian, Nazja... I heard Blizzard didn't just create separate phrases for these, but WHOLE languages. Its a shame they don't release enough of it to have a proper conversation in them.CrimsonChaos0 Feb 19, 2016
Feb 18, 2016 Starcraft New Mission pack Idea?? Share your thinking! I want to play these mission packs: Terran-UED ZERG-ZAGARA PROTOSS-TALDARIM GameClearing0 Feb 18, 2016
Feb 15, 2016 AoE III: 2 vs 5 Expert AI, Streaming recordin This game took 2.5 hours to play, and I was expecting 3vs5 experts, but one player dropped out. Feb 15, 2016
Feb 7, 2016 StarCraft 64 (Wrong forum? I think so too. Unfortunately it does not appear to fit in any other category.) I am curious as to how many people discovered StarCraft through its N64 "port"? I happen to be one of these people. It was definitely one of my favorite games of my childhood, and whenever my brothers took me to the local internet cafe I would always play the PC version and be amazed at how my amazing N64 game was 100x more amazing on the PC. I remember the differences. SCVs would mine automatically upon being built. Casters had smart cast, where you could have a group of Queens selected, choose Spawn Broodling, and only one would fire per instance of the C-button being clicked. The unit selection cap was also 18. Admittedly, the hardest transition from SC64 to SC PC was probably the difference in the unit selection cap. Control groups made it easier and became preferable. Although SC64 sported control groups, I never used them because, quite honestly, I never quite figured it out. I also remember how all the units only had one "pissed" comment in the N64 version when clicked excessively. Realizing there were more in the PC one, I spent a lot of time clicking. Sunken Colonies had 400 HP in SC64. As opposed to the 300 HP we see now. Dark Archon's ability was actually called Mind Control. We called it that anyways, but I'm pretty sure it's not called that on BW PC. Cheat codes, attained by various methods, from picking up discs to giving a critter a group hug. Sure, going back now, it's a terrible transition from SC1 and SC2 to go play it on the N64. But if all the computers in the world died, I'm sure a lot of us would fire up the N64 with the reassuringly heavy SC64 cartridge. :) Share StarCraft 64 stories.GhostUnit25 Feb 7, 2016
Feb 6, 2016 Eternal Crusade I'm going to try to post as many helpful links about this early access game on steam right now for you all! It is early access but they are funded and updating the Alpha frequently which makes it worth talking about. Still don't buy it if you are unsure, I'm putting this information out here to help you decide! It is buy to play with a vanity shop. If you are interested in the game don't forget to use my referral for free stuff when you register!!! EC-Z4PVOTHOSOUB5 (and yes I've been putting it everywhere) I'm going to keep this overview brief because most of what I have to say is talked about in the videos below which probably explain it better anyways. Eternal Crusade is a Warhammer 40k game that aspires to be a MMO3PS which will launch with the Space Marine, Chaos Marines, Eldar and Orks. They are planning to include as many factions as possible after that like the Tau and Dark Eldar. The Tyrannids will be a PvE faction and for now they seem to think the Imperial Guard can't be balanced lore-wise against the other factions but hopefully there will be a means to include them eventually. Tyrannids attack the largest/most powerful faction to help the other factions comeback if there are population imbalances. Right now the Alpha is focused on perfecting the shooting and melee game-play before throwing in the open world MMO elements, this means it's a instanced match based shooter currently. Tyrannids will be in underground hives you can conquer for lewtz (you can also get loot from fighting in the Planetside 2 style PvP battles) and character customization is going to be in-game too! Vehicles are in already and they hope to include other things like terminators, land raiders, wraith constructs, mega-nobz etc. Psychic powers are already in for the Chaos faction and the Eldar are the next faction to come into the alpha followed by the Orks. Right now it's just Space Marines vs Chaos Marines but it's still fun! =D Hope this gets you interested but I'd recommend giving some of the links below a try if you've put up with my bad typing so far. =p A few important Dev streams: - Feb 5, 2016 (Most recent twitch) - May 15, 2015 (Road to Open World) - May 1, 2015 (Probably the earliest place to start for what's going on now as Nathan is currently providing the direction for the game, things are a bit of a roller coaster but they are moving forward and such now so it gets better =)) - Dec 7, 2015 Funny livestream moments If you want the full playlist it's these two links (weekly twitches) and (mini-twitches) Nathan can be a bit awkward and silly but he wants to do right by people interested in the game. Also the live stream summary notes can be found on the games subreddit here Gameplay playlists for youtube streamers: AngryJoeShow: - Jun 24, 2015 (Interview with Nathan the producer) - Sep 5, 2014 (His pre-alpha impressions) - Nov 21, 2015 (Alpha Gameplay) Luetin09: - Nov 1, 2015 (First Look) ZoranTheBear: - Nov 11, 2015 (Zoran's Impressions + Alpha Gameplay) - Updated frequently (All his other videos on this game) VigiliaMortis: - Updated frequently (Lots of Alpha gameplay) - Currently just space marines (Class previews) - User guides (Loadouts and joining) - Patch Talks - Group play (Only has one video for w/e reason) Bonzi Kitty Gaming: - Cute couple who started youtubing for this game (they seem silly =p) Reiborn xDAx: - Earliest is Jan 13, 2016 (Gameplay) - Mar 14, 2015 (Amazing amount of information from Mar 14 to today) - All the Dev livestream gameplay footage (from pre-alpha to now) - Another gameplay playlist SurrealBeliefs: - Jan 26, 2016 (I like his accent =p also more gameplay) Remember to use my referral code at registration, it gives you free stuff! EC-Z4PVOTHOSOUB5Silverlight0 Feb 6, 2016
Feb 1, 2016 DungeonUP * FIRST SPEEDRUN EVER! * First recorded speedrun of DungeonUP just got posted. The game is weird to run because the level layouts are almost completely random. The game has never been speedran before and there is no documentation on it, so the rng is unpredictable and running it hinges on pitch perfect decision-making. It's a very different experience, less grind more skill, although I can't wait to see how far we can take it once the game has been properly documented and broken lol Feb 1, 2016
Jan 26, 2016 did anyone buy the new homeworld game? anyone wanna play/ teach me how to playMelody23 Jan 26, 2016
Jan 19, 2016 LADDER TO STRESSFULL. NOT FUN JUST A NOTE I QUIT BECAUSE THE LADDER IS STRESSFULL AND ITS JUST NOT FUN I regret investing the few months I did in this game and I really like the DOTA2 gameplay and fun no stress there and its team related which is why I play anywaysIslandSteve25 Jan 19, 2016
Jan 18, 2016 using an xbox 360 controller for starcraft 2 im not very capable of using the keyboard to do everything in this game because this is the first computer game Ive ever played in my life. i would like to kno if i can use my Xbox 360 controllers with wireless receivers to play starcraft 2 like i did with halo wars on my windows based PC.ANIMATEDFEAR19 Jan 18, 2016
Jan 18, 2016 STARCRAFT 3? oh my god lets hope the make a starcraft 3 legacy of the void was amazing all i hoped forgeojones5 Jan 18, 2016
Jan 16, 2016 Starcraft on the N64 Hello everyone! What was it like? I knew someone who rented it from Blockbuster once but I never asked him about it. All I know is that infested Stukov was first referenced in the N64 port.Poe3 Jan 16, 2016
Jan 13, 2016 xbox one won't work with xfinity box Look people Im going to make this simple, my dad decided to get an exfinity box set up on my downs steers TV, now when I turn on my xbox, and go to HDMI mode, it tells me it is getting my entreatment, experience ready, which it dose for for about 5 minutes before going into a black screen; my dads moved in his Philippine girl friend, her 16 year old daughter, her 80 year old mother, and there demonic dog, I have my dads girl friend watching the Philippine channel all day, her mom wounded around the house sparks no english, and tys to feed me rice, every 10 to 15 minutes, the dog, barks none stop, poops everywhere, eats everything it finds, my house is the definition of insanity, the only thing I have, is my xbox, and Net flex, and now that dose not work, I am going to completely lose my mind if I don't get this fixed, SO FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, HOW DO I GET MY XBOX ONE, AND XFINITY BOX TO PLAY NICE TOGETHER.comanderalex0 Jan 13, 2016
Jan 12, 2016 will sc2 ever go on sale for like $10? because thats all i can afford. Will this ever happen? i really want to play the sc2 campaigns but cant afford itmodybird3 Jan 12, 2016
Jan 4, 2016 Looking to get/build a gaming computer So I need some help. I've just gotten the Legacy of the Void only to find the system requirements are more then what my current computer can give. I tried playing one of the other installments and had a number of problems with the system trying to keep up with what I was doing. Currently I'm looking into getting a new computer for gaming, however, I don't have a source of income right now and want to keep the price below 1k, if that's possible. At the moment I'm looking into Cyberpowerpc to build one but, I don't understand all the components that go into a computer. How do I know what parts are better than what? What parts work well together and which will give me the best quality for my money? If someone could help me understand what would be good and why it's good, I'd greatly appreciate it. Just incase it makes a difference, the games I have are StarCraft 2 (all three installments), Age of Empires 2 (old game I know), and I'm thinking of getting X-Com 2 when it comes out.FrozenFlame0 Jan 4, 2016
Jan 3, 2016 Repeat installs How to install Starcraft 2 on more than one machine? The error is "CD-Key already claimed (registered).colmichael1 Jan 3, 2016
Jan 3, 2016 Starcraft 2 only using 1030mb of ram Starcraft 2 only uses 1030 mb of ram when my computer has 4gb. It seems to be capped and increases sometimes by minuscule amounts. Is there anyway to fix this for I can play with more ram. Any help is great. ThanksCampity1 Jan 3, 2016
Jan 2, 2016 Blizzard Collector's Editions; CEs done right I won't lie; I do love me my Collector's Editions of games. Even the big ones, like the $250 Halo 5 Legendary Edition. But there is one company's CEs that definitely have a lot of respect for; Blizzard's. They're always damn good, and they don't overcharge for them. They always come with nice things too. The game for $40, a soundtrack easily worth $15, a mousepad easily worth $7 (or more), an art book easily worth $15-$20 and a Behind the Scenes DVD easily another $5. Then if you add in the in-game goodies you easily add another $20 worth of stuff too. And they only charge you $80 for it. I wish more companies took the Blizzard route; too many companies either only do the massive big things (like Halo) or do the pathetic overcharged ones (too many to count).ParagonFury1 Jan 2, 2016
Jan 2, 2016 The Human Hive Mind Theory Game Theory: The Human Hive Mind Theory Jan 2, 2016
Dec 31, 2015 Relearning Age of Empires III This is me playing Dutch for right now against the AI in a Free For All. It's on Moderate. I can beat the max difficulty whenever I get back in practice. Real games online don't last this long. They go about 15 minutes or so.Wade8 Dec 31, 2015
Dec 30, 2015 Age of Empires III: Dutch vs German Level 10 This is first player vs player game since restarting on AoE III. Game lasts 8:20, as I clearly own my opponent. Unless someone logs on with a smurf character, I'm going to have to play like 100 games before I start getting matched against decent opponents if it's always like this.Wade0 Dec 30, 2015
Dec 27, 2015 Monster Hunter Online Just wondering if anyone here has been playing in the open beta like I have, and just looking for some opinions on it. I personally hate it. -.- I think it has ironically too many MMO features to it, and it ruins the Monster Hunter feel of it to me. If the graphics weren't damn amazing, I would have stopped playing after the tutorial. But, that's just me, and I haven't hit max level yet, so it could get better.DhangusKhan0 Dec 27, 2015
Dec 20, 2015 Help with Jurassic World: The Game I started playing Jurassic World: the Game, and I am getting absolutely wrecked. I was wondering if anyone can help me with the concept of the battle, cause it's like the most confusing thing ever. So the battle progression goes, I attack first.. and I always do 1 save, cause usually no dino is going to kill mine in 1 round. Now, theoretically, the AI should only get TWO moves during that first turn because he went 2nd... and that should be the end of round 1 right? Well, what I am finding is that... comp will also save 1 move, but then attack twice... meaning the AI is actually getting 3 move for round 1. Which is like... WTF? Then there are rounds where the comp will switch to a dino type that counters you, which if you switch in game, you lose all your bonus "saves" and lose a turn, right? Not for AI... they switch to dominant dino, and immediately hit me 4 times from advantage type. WTFFFFF??? This makes no sense. It's like they get twice the moves I do, for no raisen. And also some ridiculous rounds where they can "save" and attack in the same round, and I am getting killed by 8 attack moves for no raisen. I just don't understand this game. I can fight if given equal battleground. But it's not fair if I am only getting half the moves AI do. (Against players, this seems to be less of a problem, and aside from fighting common against rare and 5 levels higher, I can hold my ground with what I assume is the correct strategy... relatively.) Anyone else also play this super rigged pay to win game? I feel like even if I have the type advantage, I am getting killed for no raisen. Help please? -----------razen0 Dec 20, 2015
Dec 15, 2015 Licensing Question I am not really sure where to put this question so I will put it here. I am at with this federally recognized 503c not for profit in Indiana. We help to improve the quality of life for people with mental illness by providing psycho social rehabilitation skills. Our computers are starting to show signs of age as we have circa 5 year old core 2 quads that could probably run StarCraft 2 or Hearthstone, if I put forth a bunch of labor to rebuild them for like 200-300 dollars each (rough estimate of cost), with my labor being free. As there is not really anything like this in the area I am hoping to get a lot of interest, especially with Legacy Of The Void having just released. If there are significantly more people that want to play than there are computers available to play on, we could give priority use to people pursuing in demand computer skill sets at one of the local higher education schools. These skill sets may be something like Cisco Certified Networking Associate or Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate. Basically my question is this: If we allow people to be members of our organization for free ( pending mental illness requirements among other things), we allow people to use our computers for free ( pending our judgment on their use), we only allow people to play StarCraft on our schedule, and they have to buy their own copy of StarCraft 2, would that be in violation of the user agreement?bluescourge0 Dec 15, 2015
Dec 10, 2015 Gamers Needed We are developmental psychologists at North Carolina State University and we’re looking for gamers to participate in research. We at the Gains Through Gaming Lab believe that a lifetime of playing videogames has helped us grow stronger in certain ways than our non-gaming peers. First though, we need to see if gamers really are different. To do this, we’ve prepared a survey that will only take about 45 minutes to an hour to complete. In exchange for your time, you will entered for a chance to win a $50 Steam© gift card which you can use to download Steam© content of your choice. One in every twenty respondents, chosen at random, will be awarded a $50 Steam© gift card. All responses will be anonymous and confidential. Identifying information (i.e. name and email address) will kept separate from the survey responses and only used to send you your gift card code. If you think you are interested, please follow this link to begin taking the survey through Qualtrics survey software: Additional information about our lab and our research can be found at GainsThroughGaming.orgRezcobain0 Dec 10, 2015
Dec 8, 2015 My CM Storm Devastator Mouse Just Broke! I'm wondering about a replacement. what could be a good replacement that someone could suggest? also my hands are very small. my bro has a Death Adder which I find too big for my hands. something that's also got buttons on the side?TCLegacy0 Dec 8, 2015
Dec 5, 2015 Heroes Tactics friend referal help Hi all, I have been playing this turn based strategy game on my phone and I noticed there is a free 3 star hero if I can get 30 friend referrals in game and some other bonus along the way. I am hoping some of you gamers can help out! What you need to do is 1) download the game (if I recall, it does not ask for any odd permissions) 2) when you get into the game click your portrait in the top left (I don't think there are any long tutorials to get to this point) 3) click the button that says "Friend Rewards" 4) click the button that refers your friend (mine is gone since it needs to be done 48 hours after joining) 5) enter the player ID 114980. I hope you can help a fellow gamer out and good luck in your adventures!Glassfist0 Dec 5, 2015
Dec 4, 2015 Cherry MX Red, Blue or Brown (VOTE) Hi, finally it comes to an end that I wanted to replace my keyboard, and I just wanted to hear some opinion, whether MX Red, Blue or Brown, just for game, no typing, and please atleast cite why, thanks!GTA1 Dec 4, 2015
Dec 1, 2015 CSGO $7.49 (limited time only) 8+ million active players alive eSport low entry price micro-transactions for customization blizzard take note Dec 1, 2015
Nov 27, 2015 GAMERS NEEDED We are developmental psychologists at North Carolina State University and we’re looking for gamers to participate in research. We at the Gains Through Gaming Lab believe that a lifetime of playing videogames has helped us grow stronger in certain ways than our non-gaming peers. First though, we need to see if gamers really are different. To do this, we’ve prepared a survey that will only take about 45 minutes to an hour to complete. In exchange for your time, you will entered for a chance to win a $50 Steam© gift card which you can use to download Steam© content of your choice. One in every twenty respondents, chosen at random, will be awarded a $50 Steam© gift card. All responses will be anonymous and confidential. Identifying information (i.e. name and email address) will kept separate from the survey responses and only used to send you your gift card code. If you think you are interested, please follow this link to begin taking the survey through Qualtrics survey software: Additional information about our lab and our research can be found at GainsThroughGaming.orgGameLabUser0 Nov 27, 2015