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Dec 14 Computer part help Hey guys, I am not sure how to put together a computer but I did this. Can you guys help out with your thoughts? Ok, here comes the computer parts list! Motherboard: CPU: Is 0.2 GHz downgrade noticeable for a few $170 difference? RAM: I Heard VR takes a lot of RAM. was thinking of 32 if that's the case? Most things are recommending 8 right now right? Video Card: I really don't understand all the company branding of the same card. Hard Drive: Power Supply: A sight with the same/very similar build said max output was about 450 watts and recommended a 650 one. I am not sure how much power future products will end up taking so I figured 850 was growth room.Glassfist1 Dec 14
Dec 14 Awesome SC2 FPS suggestion/Idea I think personally that as cool as SC Ghost would have been, a Protoss themed FPS game would be so much cooler. Youd play as a dark Templar, and sneak around and blink and do crazy acrobatics,kinda like assassins creed with an SC2 twist. And it would take place during the 1st great war, and youd get some over lap with the main story, but also have a completely different story involving a wholly different setting. Ud be able to sneak around, slash up enemies, charge into battle with tons of other protoss warriors, and all with new, high end graphics. I just always thought that a first person assassin's creed-esque game could wok out really well, as Blizzard could do it without ripping off of Assassin's creed games, but still make a good FPS game. (FPS may not be the correct term, but idk any more accurate ones) Also, an FPS like this would be amazing because 1.) Blizzard has an amazing ability to make stories for games (except LoTV, im sorry but that was soooo horribly awful of an ending I need to make sure nobody think I enjoyed the ending of the story), and 2.) since its an FPS, and its 2017, the game could actually support multithreading decently, and have incredible graphics. 3.) they haven't made an FPS in the sc universe yet, and I think that theres a ton of possibilities for it. Any thoughts?MoreThor0 Dec 14
Dec 1, 2016 Suggestion/proposal for RNG casino game Hi Im a blizzard fan and a game maker in warcraft 3 world editor, as the title said I want to propose a game of RNG more like suitable for casinos/gambling. using WoW characters(since its the most famous) I cant post this in WoW because I dont have a char there in that game. I have my game ready to be sent for you devs to see, I will try to explain here how my system works, its a 1v1 battle but instead of pressing the buttons of what u want for ur char to do, you just watch and pray for RNGeesus. I made 2 separate variables for each hero to roll 1-10, and my base rule is every hero got a total damage of 21, for example thrall/durotan as a shaman: 30% chance to roll 1 damage (1-3), 40% 2 damage (4-7), 20% 3 damage (8-9)and 10% 4 damage(10), 1,1,1/2,2,2,2/3,3/4 so thats total of 21. while another ex. is guldan only got half hp than normal which is 12 so he got 6, but he deals 2x damage 222/4444/66/8. and last example ragnaros, he got 1,1,1,1,1/2,2,2/5,5 so meaning he is more risky with those five 1s, thats 50% chance to deal only 1 damage. But if ur lucky to roll 9 and 10 which is the 5 damage, then most probably the enemy wont catch up and die. So there I bet its easy for you guys to get my point on how the game works. You can send me email at Thanks for your time.Hierarch0 Dec 1, 2016
Nov 30, 2016 Heroes of Starcraft (Discussion) Heroes of Starcraft was originally was my discussion plan on how I would approach making each map type. What I've discovered was that I consistently wanted hero variations or sub-factions. Some of the map types include: - Tower Defense - tug of war map - Zombie survival - be the zombie - Melee map mod - Mission objective - like CO-OP command maps - Campaign Story - Mass Effect + Starfox game style Here are some on the spot rambling about the map type ideas: Tower Defense Most Tower defense maps has no race selection. In my map, I would enable race selection and have 3 sets of towers to choose from. I'm thinking a semi co-op type tower defense map instead of separate islands. Maybe one giant island that is initially separated by mountain range, river, but as the game progresses, players can unlock tunnels, bridges that allow for minions to pass through other players lanes. This can help alleviate pressure by making enemies go through additional roads through other players before the enemy gets to the end. How about a map where it encourages race diversity; Towers of different race that synergies. (like a zerg tower that poisons, a protoss tower that slows, and a terran tower that damages). Or even unlock towers if 2 towers of different race are close proximity. Maybe a unique "ultimate" ability that you press on each tower with cooldown of 1 minute. Tug of War Instead of just picking a race, you get to pick a subfaction. There would be 3 subfaction per race making a total of 9 armies to choose from. Each Subfaction in a race will similar but each get unique structures, units and even their own unique ultimate. As players play numerous matches, they will discover synergies. For example, if one team has Artanis Protoss and Alarak Protoss, they'd get to unlock Super Archons. If one team chooses Kerrigan Zerg and Raynor Raider Terran, then they get to unlock the Sons of Korhol with Terran Ghost Kerrigan units. Maybe have a dynamic terrain where different rocks when destroyed will yield additional minerals or unlock a neutral outpost. Zombie survival - be the zombie All the zombie maps are terran units trying to bunker down on an outpost. This map is inspired by Helms deep map on SC1 when playing as the orcs. you get to control mass units of different kinds of zombies. The lore would be - a virus outbreak which affected people in different geographical areas making different zombie tribes. You go rampage on a city. It would be like taking Grand Theft Auto V world map and shrinking it to 256x256 SC2 map. Each zombie tribe will have their own unique zombie hordes and tankers and creepers. Melee map mod I would simply create subfactions for each race and have them inherit unique structures, units and abilities. There are lots of fun like heptacraft and SCExpanded, but I myself would decide on the uniqueness of each subfaction. Since SC2 is inherently micro-intensive, balancing a new variety melee map would be impossible, instead this would be an ongoing balance effort catered to the bronze players of SC2. Mission objective - like CO-OP command maps This project was renamed to: SC2 generals. It was going to be another co-op series but free for everyone. I stopped working on it because I "Accidentally" bought lots of games during the Steam sale and now I'm trying to play them all. As far as balancing goes, it would be much more easier because... it would be nonexistent :P. I can create a level where you control Kerrigan and 1 hive and can only build drones and you must kill enemy base B and at point B. I would just have to tweak the AI enemy computer. Campaign Story - Mass Effect + Starfox game style Choose your own ending! Story: the REAPERS from the void are coming to consume the galaxy. Their mission is to restart the galaxy by purging intelligent living things. Players start off by choosing a sub-faction. Their on a rescue mission flying to different planets. As players save more people, they provide additional units and buildings and abilities. There will be base building levels, hero walking levels, defend levels, assault levels. Unfortunately, time is running out and the end battle is near. Players can only save so much. Each play through will create a unique army to go against the Void Reapers. Unlock additional skins for saving a combination of generals. Conclusion What do you guys think of these ideas? If there is any interest one of the projects above, then I'd be interested working on it.QueenGambit0 Nov 30, 2016
Nov 22, 2016 Watch highlights from WCS 2016 Playoffs on ZT All playoffs games available on this playlist. In a few days except Homestory Cup XIV Playoffs also in a form of highlights. If you have any comments on the form or any ideas, please share. We would love to get better at it. Cheers GGLfewf0 Nov 22, 2016
Nov 22, 2016 Probe vs Zealot How do I fix my generator? I saw a lot of people fixing there generators when taken damage from the zealot. Is there any way how to do it please let me know? Thank you.XUnderBiteX1 Nov 22, 2016
Nov 18, 2016 blizzard should make a SC2 game for phones i've had this idea ever since i started playing Pokemon GO, where you play this game on your phone for StarCraft... you choose your allegiance and use the GPS system to find and kill amons remaining followers! you start out as like a marine for terran, a hivemind zergling for zerg, or a zealot for protoss. and you rank up and eventually can commandeer your own fleet. you can establish bases around the globe, where you may resupply your troops from your main base! and you can have friends fight alongside you as you raid pockets of small, or large followers of amon! cool idea, aint it?Awesomov2 Nov 18, 2016
Nov 16, 2016 Check out my work Hey guys, I share my artwork on instagram and am trying to grow a following. check it out @argiveajax il return the favorMotion0 Nov 16, 2016
Nov 14, 2016 Starcraft HD Hoax So, is it safe to say now that "Starcraft HD" is a hoax?Salmon1 Nov 14, 2016
Nov 9, 2016 if not starcraft, then what will be the next RTS that everyone plays? i know i love this moba camera angle rts play and starcraft2 is the bestest, but if everyone is leaving what will we be playing next? after earth 2150 was 1602ad, then age of empires 1, warcraft 1, AOE2, wc2, wc3, aoe3, sc1, couple others, eventually sc2...... whats next? are we getting warcraft 4? would you play it?DonaldTrump26 Nov 9, 2016
Nov 8, 2016 Starcraft 3 Windows and Apple were the first generation of computers. But Google Chrome OS is the next generation. Shouldn't Blizzard make Starcraft 3 a browser based game? It would be the top game for the Chrome web store.Stickemup5 Nov 8, 2016
Nov 6, 2016 Wall Calendar Hi, i have an very special question, since 5 years i buyed every year the starcraft wall calendar, but this year it seems there is no edition for the year 2017. Will the edition released in late november?sHoGuN1 Nov 6, 2016
Nov 2, 2016 Artanus This is for Blizzard. Im trying to make an Artanus Costume. I have some Ideas that would make the costume LEGENDARY. But I cant find any toys of him to make the model just pictures. Im not good with the paper software so I was hoping that someone from Blizzard could send me the 3D model of him so I can print the paper and make the armor. If need be I will sign a terms of agreement that the model will not be used in any other form or market etc. Just want to make the armor like those Halo armor guys. If someone knows where I can get the 3D model of him plz send me a link. I need the full armor.ArmyToy0 Nov 2, 2016
Oct 25, 2016 StarCraft MMORPG We've been inside the Diablo world and the World of Warcraft. But when will it be Starcrafts turn? I am a huge fan of blizzard entertainment. The first pc game I ever played was diablo 1 and diablo 2 will always be a personal favorite. I have enjoyed every bit of work the Blizzard team has put into their games. But like most fans we want something new and exciting. A StarCraft game that is more than just a strategy game. Different worlds you can travel to for questing and leveling. Maybe even planets you fight to control between these different factions. A planet for Terran, Zerg, and Protos. Maybe even a new race discovered while questing and conquering planets and galaxies far and wide. An mmorpg with an open world like World of Warcraft but with a diablo feel to the play style. A hack and slash but with an action bar and an in depth ability tree. There is so much they could do with the game. In my opinion a game like this has the ability to be so much bigger then World of Warcraft.WarMachine9 Oct 25, 2016
Oct 23, 2016 Videos (OBS) unstable at the beginning I have problems with my videos recorded by Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). I tried to seek help in their forum, but not yet an answer. Thus, I want to try my luck here. My videos are slow and unstable at the beginning, but it runs normally and smoothly later (around 4:50 mark and later). Also, everything runs smoothly when I play the game, it's just the problem with my recorded videos. Could someone please help me, what the reason of this problem is, and how I can make my videos stable from the start? Thank you very much. The OBS settings that I am using: - Max Bitrate (kb/s): 3500 - Buffer Size (kbit): 3500 - Encoder: x264 - x264 CPU Preset: very fast - Resolution: 1920:1080 - FPS: 30 And the information of my computer: - Laptop computer Acer Aspire VN7-791G - Windows 10 Home 64-bit - Intel i7-4720HQ @ 2.60 GHz - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M - OBS runs with the NVIDIA processorSyltom0 Oct 23, 2016
Oct 22, 2016 EA is a disgrace to the video game industry No French and Russian armies in Battlefield 1, such a joke and a total disrespect to our ancestors who fought and died bravely. EA, I hate you since you shut down battle of the middle earth servers and I hate you even more now that you forgot to include one of the two main nations involved in WW1. Call me a cheese eater frustrated surrender Frenchy frog, I don't mind. Sick of it.MysticRiver0 Oct 22, 2016
Oct 12, 2016 Battlefield 1 Singleplayer trailer You can't tell if this was a game or a movie.namvn1 Oct 12, 2016
Oct 5, 2016 app updates, Windows notification Whenever the app updates, I have to set the Windows 7 (same issue on Windows 10) notifications from "Show Only Notifications" to "Show Icon and Notifications", also I notice there are two apps listed. This seems like a fundamental glitch with how Blizzard is updating the app. Screenshot: Can we please get a fix so this setting is retained between updates?FuzzyWaffles0 Oct 5, 2016
Oct 3, 2016 “” Update The name change of is poor decision! Everyone are use to it and everyone will call it or even if you start using Blizzard Tech (Come on! That's so horrible name!) for example sound so much better! (and you can still use If you so desperately want to have Blizzard name on the service. **************** I am unable to add my reply on, cose I do not have wow character. (and why do you post change on non forum only in the first place :))Spinal2 Oct 3, 2016
Oct 2, 2016 LFM for Everyday Life with Monsters RP site! Hey all! If anyone here is a fan of Monster Musume, and is interested in the possibility of roleplay, I've recently discovered a site that's been getting started that might be just for you! Head on down to, create an account, and introduce yourself! Create your very own monster character based on the manga/anime, or create a host character to play caretaker for other like-minded roleplayers. Come on down and start a new life for yourselves on the island of Hykonos today! :DClockwerk0 Oct 2, 2016
Sep 28, 2016 Any word on Warcraft 4? So incredibly keen for the next instalment.Wolf1 Sep 28, 2016
Sep 24, 2016 From fan Hi, my dear Blizzard! i want to say few words: Kim to David and all his nerf policy and approach to strategy and balance. Burn in hell, pop in the places in which you want to pop you. David, are you from the patch to the patch raped my favorite game. And to prove to everyone that she wanted to @!#!#*##. A huge number of fans wrote, where democracy, why only you decide the fate of our common game. However, we were told - a new Pachta. a new life, we understand everything. We know who Samir Duran, for which Phoenix died, why Sarah did not like Mengs and others -. Lies. without delving into history, without thinking about the name of this great game, you killed her ... I hate you. Dear Blizzard - Employ fans for gaming control. 6 years we have been waiting for an adequate strategy. Why do you have buried the best brand? ps no respect. StarCraft fan. and Warcraft pps for the first time I played Starcraft in 1999 ззы Yes, I spend one hour of time to say what I feel. Yes translated into English. yes I like StarcraftDanilaStorm0 Sep 24, 2016
Sep 13, 2016 Deserts of Kharak giveaway event! I will be hosting a live stream and giveaway event for DoK this Sunday, September 18, at 13:00 CDT/20:00 CEST. I have 10 copies of DoK to give away to viewers, and a ton of DLC codes to give out to participants. I will be giving out a few keys in between each match, so that gives you the opportunity to check out how the game plays. Be sure to tune in to the stream, and hit me up for a key if you are interested :) This is a fantastic RTS. The stream will be on my YouTube channel: You can also follow me on Twitter for updates: Sep 13, 2016
Sep 5, 2016 Cossacks 3 Cossacks/american conquest were pretty good and cossacks 3 is coming soon on steam. (in two weeks) the game will be based/remake of cossacks back to war. i hope they improved the interface though, its hard to play other rts games once u played SC or mobas. Its like playing wolf 3d instead of quake.(free mouse camera and aim/shoot) anyone is interested in cossacks 3 from SC community?energie0 Sep 5, 2016
Sep 5, 2016 an old friend i have been trying to find a friend and i don't know his battle tag so i can add him on other things beside starcraft2. He does not play anymore and has not played in 3 years i miss him can i get some help trying to find him. his name is Pesto. someone plz help me. i miss him and i want to say hi or something. blizz or anyone can you help me?HIZBIANS0 Sep 5, 2016
Sep 4, 2016 starcraft on a tablet? has anyone tried this? seems like it could work in theory.pixelfairy3 Sep 4, 2016
Aug 23, 2016 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided(PC) So this game's going to be released 8AM PDT. Is anyone else here excited to check out and play this awesome new installment of the Deus Ex franchise? I know I am hyped for it, the last one Human Revolution was really good. If you haven't already played it, check out the Director's Cut version of it - it comes with all the DLC and special bonuses to the game. Human Revolution shouldn't be too expensive, it shows it's $19.99 USD. I am pretty stoked for it, Steam typically oversells the requirements, so I am happy that my system should be at least minimum recommended requirements. Hope it doesn't lag too much, lol.Zephyn1 Aug 23, 2016
Aug 22, 2016 Where to post custom BW campaigns? Hey guys just curious where would i post a custom campaign for Brood War?GrimReaper0 Aug 22, 2016
Aug 11, 2016 program to test graphics/make recomendations is there a program that is free that tests your graphics/comp and the recommends what to upgrade to make your computer run games better?nick0 Aug 11, 2016
Aug 11, 2016 Doom 4 Over weekend i played doom 4 multiplayer, but it seems it lacks still the key elements of a good multiplayer shotter like pick up weapons and stuff. Hope single will be more badass! Aug 11, 2016
Aug 11, 2016 Anyone still plays warcraft 3? I want to try some new RTS games. Is it playable?Terran16 Aug 11, 2016
Aug 11, 2016 Halo Wars 2 Hype Who here played Halo Wars, was awful with a controller but cool RTS design. I suspect just the name being Halo, is the reason they are making it and being RTS they might try to compete in the Esports community. When the first Halo Wars came out the Esports community was very small. Hopefully the game will have a bit more depth than the few units and mechanics it had. It says that the game will be for PC too, so I would expect this game to try and compete in Esports, it is probably the reason it isn't an Xbox exclusive. I'm gonna buy it. Wbu?GeneralSezme3 Aug 11, 2016
Aug 8, 2016 David Bowie! <3 Heyo Everybody! If you love David Bowie, This is your guy! =) <3 Aug 8, 2016
Aug 6, 2016 "Featured Streamer" How Do I recommend? I just noticed battlenet features twitch streamers. Do they accept recommendations? If so i recommend a user named "Kuriko402" who plays starcraft EVEN THOUGH he's paralyzed from the neck downward! It's the most amazing thing i've seen in a long time AND NO THE USER IS NOT ME!OrcFoxx0 Aug 6, 2016
Aug 5, 2016 Starcraft HD remake So Blizzard will release a Starcraft HD remake! Hype!! Aug 5, 2016
Aug 2, 2016 anyone know Conquest:Frontier Wars? Hello everyone! im here to ask if anyone here has herd of Conquest:Frontier Wars? it is an RTS created in 2001 with 3 playable rases Terran Mantis Celareon sadly only the terrans have missions but there story is amazing! i think there like 30 missions? what makes this RTS different from a lot of others is - Supply's the RTS is a Space RTS game not following how homeworld or sins plays but it has the Star craft-like camera (this game also a a good way to test your micro skills...and you will see why!) all ships in the game has Supply's if a ship runs out of supply's it can not fire supply ships and supply platforms can fix this Conquest Frontier wars also seems to be the first RTS to have more then one battle ground you can have up to 16 maps all linked by Wormholes that you can build a "Jumpgate" around to allow only allied units passed like in Starcraft- Conquest has special ability for a lot of units! for example.. the Terrans have a ship called the Dreadnought it can activate a shield that can not be destroyed at all the downside is the shield drains the ships supply fast (does not help when fighting the nightmar AI >_>) oh! that also reminds me the AI is not something to laugh at at the max setting in this game -The Nightmare AI this AI out rights cheats and is very good challenge to fight! the AI seens everything even with Fog Of War on which some may think is fine because you can just defend the wormhole and kill the ships that enter it well.. the Celareon builder unit has a ability... it can build a Wormhole that you can use to teleport into any viable system on your mini map the game is very fun! there are several mods for the game that are stand-lone and can be found on moddb if you want to try them out so it also seems someone was able to beat the nightmare AI after all... EDIT: here is some PVP game play but ya you need good micro skills for this game because you are not just looking at one are looking at 16 passable needing to fight in several systems at the same time to hold them TLDR: so..back to my question...anyone in SC herd or played this game?navy3 Aug 2, 2016
Jul 26, 2016 Looking for a wireless gaming mouse. Hey guys. I have been looking at getting a wireless gaming mouse. I need it with a Bluetooth option and hopefully at least six hotkeys on it. I was looking at the razer naga mouses, however I have the msi ghost and have only two USB ports which is a real hindrance. If you guys can make a suggestion I would really appreciate it.Stonewall1 Jul 26, 2016
Jul 20, 2016 Starcraft Apk Who else thinks they should turn Starcraft 1 into an android apk, let's see if we can't get a couple 100k votes and see if they notice our want of Starcraft for the android!TwiztedSin0 Jul 20, 2016
Jul 12, 2016 Starcraft 2 FPS? Anyone think Blizzard should make a SC FPS? Like, Terran vs Zerg or something. Thoughts?Cookies2 Jul 12, 2016
Jul 9, 2016 Overwatch Forums? I Made A Purchase Of Overwatch On My XBOX One and linked my account but it doesn't certify me as having a purchase on the forums. I have found a few bugs but I can not report them and that is bugging me so Blizzard, please make Console Overwatch players be able to use forums,ZAWGURN1 Jul 9, 2016
Jul 8, 2016 A book by longtime blizzard fan As a longtime fan of Blizzard games and lore I decided to try my hand at writing as well. So Ive written a book called Cell to Cell, which is available on Amazon right now. Its about a young Neuron named Nero and his adventures throughout the developing human body. Its suited towards a middle school reader, but the story also provides entertainment for a much wider audience. I hope to write more works of fiction, which is why I come here. What would you guys like to read that isnt already copyrighted by Blizzard? Any ideas would be appreciated. Anyway here is the link if anyone is interested, its also available in kindle form. Feel free to leave comments about my next book, or pass the word along of my current one. Thanks alot! Jul 8, 2016
Jul 5, 2016 Blackthorne (Blackhawk) is coming back? Hey BLIZZ will Blackthorne (Blackhawk) get a remastered edition?MRrock0 Jul 5, 2016
Jul 4, 2016 Fantasy creatives 1. Ninja (or shinobi) wood elves 2. Human Druids 3. Human Arthurian soul Knights 4. High elven and night elven samurai 5. dwarven mage 6. Half human and half dragon aspect 7. Samurai\shinobi hybrid Please don't judge meLightPaladin0 Jul 4, 2016
Jul 1, 2016 Deliver games as virtual machines Ive been running sc2 and d3 in vmware for a while now. just took my windows vm, did a pc reset on it, then started multiple threads of snapshots, one for gaming and installed starcraft and d3 on that. as long as you play full screen, and lower the res and some of the graphics options (im using a laptop) it works well enough that i forget im doing it. the only thing missing is more direct graphics support. but, if any gaming company is big enough to nudge the gpu and hypervisor makers to support something like a desktop version of nvidias grid (cutting up a graphics card to be shared by virtual machines) it would be blizzard. if vmware dont want to play, the drivers could be added to virtualbox, which is free, but needs better graphics drivers. this way, one download for mac or windows, same experience for all. You'd have to port to linux for licensing reasons. but past that, it would be like shipping and running a docker container.pixelfairy1 Jul 1, 2016
Jun 28, 2016 Any chance for LotV price drop? With Steam and GOG doing price drops for the summer, was thinking it's about the right time. I'm a budget gamer and any wee bit helps, especially when it's a game series I loveMalevolence0 Jun 28, 2016
Jun 26, 2016 Alternative RTS Games I'm looking for another RTS game to play alongside SC2. Don't get me wrong, I still love SC2 after more than 2 years, however playing the same game for that long does begin to get a bit tiresome after a while regardless of how good the game is. I'm looking for a game that is more strategical and less mechanical based as I feel SC2 tends to lean towards more mechanical based play and less strategical based play. I will still be playing SC2 in the same time, but I need more variety in my gaming and I'm willing to add in a second game, however I don't want to play any more than 2 as I don't want to spread myself too thin. I also don't want play any MOBAS, FPS, CCGs or MMORPGs as I find those games boring for various reasons. I basically want to become more of a casual RTS gamer. I have a lot of other RTS games from the past, but they're like basically from early to mid 2000s and they're pretty much dead without outdated graphics so I'm looking for something that is like within the past 5 years or so. Here are some possible games that I'm willing to consider: Red Alert 3 - I loved Red alert 2, I played it alongside Broodwar for fun during my teens, but never really played it seriously. It seemed more carefree compared to Broodwar, but ultimately I ended up playing Broodwar more. Supreme Commander (1 or 2?) - I was kind of sold on getting the first Supreme Commander after watching the trailer, but I didn't have a rig at the time that could handle the game. I also heard that Supreme Commander 1 is far superior to Supreme Commander 2 for various reasons. I like the three factions as they're quite unique, however all are still human. Dawn of War 2 - I hear there's a lot of similarity of the DoW series to the Starcraft series at least in terms of theme. There's the space marines (Terran), Eldar (Protoss) and the Tyranids (Zerg). I heard it's similar in terms of theme, but game play wise it is very different as you control smaller armies and have to control territory as well. I have an idea of the gameplay as I played company of heroes and I found the gameplay very enjoyable, however wasn't crazy about the WW2 theme as I prefer sci themes like SC2 personally. If there are any other games of a recent RTS that you play or like to play then feel free to share your thoughts on it. Also, curious to hear your thoughts on the above games if you have played or continue to play. If you liked the game or hated the game then that's fine, but at least let me know why so I can draw some conclusions on them. I still haven't decided if I will even get a second RTS game to play, but merely entertaining the prospect atm. Thank you. :)Raver82 Jun 26, 2016
Jun 25, 2016 How to recover lost forums please tell me now I have lost a precious please how did this happen please tell me how I was making something good damn you blizzardLightPaladin0 Jun 25, 2016
Jun 25, 2016 Legacy of the Void last expansion? Hey, I was wondering is legacy of the void the last expansion of the SC2 series? Is it worth buying?DreamNiv1 Jun 25, 2016
Jun 23, 2016 Razer Nabu? I Was Wondering If The Razer Nabu WATCH Forged Edition Is Any Good? If Any Of You Have It I Would Like To Hear Your Advice!ZAWGURN0 Jun 23, 2016
Jun 19, 2016 warcraft 1 - sc2 arcade what's it like to make warcraft 1 in the arcade program? I never played that one, but did a little at a friends house. ,,, and always wanted to try it.tsmspace3 Jun 19, 2016