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Nov 28 Community Groups, Events, and Tournaments Although it may not be apparent to forum newcomers, the forum community is very well connected. There are a number of groups we communicate in, a bunch of fun events, and variety of forum tournaments. This is a thread for those who may not be forum regulars who want to learn more about the various forum groups and activities. It is meant to be continuously updated, so if you are an event organizer please post about your group, event, or tournament here and I will add it to the thread! If you run one of the listed events, post here if your thread is nearing the post cap (500 posts, 25 pages) and needs the thread limit increased and we'll see if we can get that fixed for you. Social Groups Discord Chat: ... Forum Poster In-game Chat Group: ... Forum Poster Skype Group: ... Adopt-a-newb: ... Obs Gaming: ... Events Ladder Challenge: ... Current Tournaments [None] Miscellaneous Community Streams: ...TheSkunk44 Nov 28
Sep 12 The Newbies guide to StarCraft II Hello all StarCraft forum goers!!! I decided to make this thread to help out those are new to StarCraft or anybody who is struggling with ladder and looking to improve as a player. Below is a compilation of some things that I thought could assist the average newcomer looking for help. You don’t have to visit all of these links to improve or even any of them, but this is here for anybody who needs it. I included so many links because no one thing will work for everyone so I have gathered all this here so you may decide what will work best for you as an individual and as a StarCraft gamer :D! I will continue to update this thread and add new things as I find them. If you are a StarCraft veteran or newbie and you have anything to add to the list simply post it in the comments and I will add it to the list. Any feedback you have to help better the thread will be greatly appreciated!! Whether you have anything to add to the list, would like to see something edited, or even think I added something that should be removed, all feedback is welcome and will be taken into consideration. For those of you just joining StarCraft II or wanting to get more involved in StarCraft II I strongly suggest you check out Day9 daily #269 and the other Day9 dailies in the Beginner Day9 section. If you have never played an RTS game I would also recommend checking out the beginners guide under the TeamLiquids website section. It explains some of the basics concepts a bit and should give you a good starting point to choose where you want to go with the knowledge. Magnet also has been creating a great guide series for those new to the game that can help those who are beginners and up to the intermediates. Videos, Tutorials, and streams Watching videos and streams of StarCraft is one of the greatest ways to learn. You can watch pro players play so you can copy builds, learn timings, and to help you understand the game better. Many people also post videos online to help give you tips and tricks to “Be a better gamer” – Day9 Starcraft II: World Championship portal (For all things WCS and to watch pro players play) WCS season’s 1 and 2 replays WCS Season 1 of 2014 Blizzard released all of the pro level replays from WCS seasons 1 and 2. If you ever wanted to copy your favorite pros builds and get every little detail that even the casters miss, well then this is the place to do it. “The foreigner scene benefited tremendously from seeing the Korean well-honed builds in all their replay intricacies. Every SC2 notebook opened up after that news.” Streams to watch • Twitch streams • Community Streams RootCatZ Artosis (A well-known StarCraft caster) Day9 (A well-known StarCraft caster) Magnet's Video Tutorials (For every race!) A great collection of "tutorials that are aimed at beginners and intermediate players, but advanced players could pick up a thing or two from watching. They are all contained in a playlist, so you can get started here!" Magnets thread: Direct link to youtube guides: Protoss: Terran: Zerg: Day9 beginner videos • Daily #132 - Mental Checklist • Daily #252 - Secrets of hotkeys, APM and mouse movement • Daily #269 – How to get into sc2 • Daily #312 - How to learn and improve • Daily #419 - Fixing 1 problem at a time Day9 beginner/Intermediate videos These are videos I would like to have put in the beginner section but I wanted to keep that section small and I couldn’t decide one way or another so I put them here. • Daily #184 – Newbie Tuesday #1 • Daily #480 – Finding Leaks in your play • Daily #481 – Zerg Leak finder • Daily #434 – Simplifying problems Day9 intermediate videos • Daily -#257 Refining Mechanics • Daily - #261 Mechanics #2 • Daily - #285 Stealing a Build • Daily - #289 Refining a stolen build • Daily - #340 Gold level analysis • Daily - #341 Reprioritizing your to do list • Daily - #360 Mental Checklist: Exercises Apollo (Yet another well-known StarCraft caster) ApolloSC2 Youtube Starcraft II tutorials for all races (Warning: This was made for Wings of Liberty but it should still be helpful) Terran HotS tutorial part 1 Quick Tips from Apollo • A hotkey setup for terran • How to correctly reinforce your Zerg army FilterSC (Starcraft streamer and well known for his bronze to master’s series) FilterSC YouTube Profile General Bronze to Masters HotS Terran Bronze to Masters HotS FilterSC: HoTS Bronze to Masters - Protoss Combating Ladder Anxiety FilterSC Twitch Stream HTOMario (A grandmaster meching player on NA) HTOMario’s YouTube channel HTOMario: How to Mech TvP HTOMario a TvP video guide compilation! HTOMario a TvZ video guide Compilation! How to Mech TvZ Part 1 - The build order Sep 12
1h Community Update - September 12 Thanks everyone for trying out the changes and providing valuable feedback. We appreciate your thoughts and input! Protoss We like the early game strength of Restoration Field, but think that it might be too strong in the middle and late game. We want to identify an ability that is strong in the early game but becomes less effective as the game progressed. Additionally, there were some gameplay concerns regarding Restoration Field. The range on Restoration Field required Pylons to be placed at a certain distance from the Nexus. This felt a bit restrictive and we think it limited the choices or options for defensive positioning. We want to put Restoration Field on the shelf for now, and introduce the Shield Battery structure. Shield Batteries can be built by Probes and will regenerate shields of nearby friendly units. This should allow Protoss players more options for defensive gameplay. You can find more details about this structure on our blog post linked below. Lastly, the Mothership’s Mass Recall was changed to Forward Recall. Forward Recall will not have a cooldown and can be used in combination with the Nexus Mass Recall. The Mothership is a powerful, expensive late game unit and this change should open up more opportunities for the unit. Zerg There are some concerns with the Entangle ability. We like the gameplay of using Entangle to allow ground forces to engage enemy air units, but Entangle may be a bit too strong versus massive air units. Even with possible cost or duration changes, we are worried that a targeted stun in this manner doesn’t provide the kind of counterplay that we are looking for. Changing Entangle to be unable to target massive air units is an option, but that may make the anti-air option not viable enough for Zerg players. For the next test, we’d like to try removing Entangle and replacing it with the previously tested Infested Terran spell. The Infested Terrans will continue to spawn faster on creep and they will have their new anti-air weapon Acid Spores. Additionally, Fungal will now affect both ground and air targets and will slow the target’s movement speed by 75% instead of immobilizing them. In order to simplify this version of Fungal Growth, the previous interaction of creep causing immobility is being removed from the spell, but its radius will still be slightly increased compared to the live version. The reduced movement speed at 75% should provide the defending players more opportunities for counter play. Please visit our blog to see the newly-updated list of changes we are running on the testing matchmaker, and feel free to provide any feedback or suggestions on these changes. Thank you!Balance Team125 1h
22h "Help a Noob" for players new or returning! New or returning to StarCraft and have a question? Lower league player looking for advice? Anyone of any level of skill can ask any questions relating to SC2. If you answer, make sure you're correct! Be as helpful and specific as you can in your reply, help each other out, and ignore/report trolling. Even if nobody else contributes, I'll try to answer every question to the best of my ability. Resources: Check out the "Adopt A Newb" channel in-game: (or zerg/terran -- be sure to check out their discords) - Lots of great tutorials - The Newbies guide to StarCraft II - collection of links to good learning resources /r/starcraft does this and it's fairly successful, so I thought I'd see how it goes here.TheSkunk203 22h
1d Community Update - Testing Matchmaker Changes In addition to the discussion topics from last week, we want include a few more changes in the update to the testing matchmaker. Protoss The Nexus’ starting energy felt a bit restrictive at 0, especially when faced with early aggression. We want to try increasing the Nexus’ starting energy from 0 to 50 to allow players more opportunities to use abilities without feeling constrained. Also, Mass Recall’s energy cost might be too high with Chrono Boost and Restoration Field as other options. We want to open up more chances to use Mass Recall in the early and mid-game, but keep it from becoming too strong in the late game when players have multiple Nexus structures. To keep Mass Recall viable but not overly powerful in the late game, there will be a 129 second duration global cooldown for Mass Recalls across all Nexus structures. Additionally, the Oracle’s strength may need some adjustment. Revelation is very useful but the ability may deter player interaction for a bit too long. We want to try and decrease Revelation’s duration from 43 to 30 seconds. Zerg As mentioned last week, the Infestor’s Infested Terran ability will be put on the shelf for the time being. The Infestor will now have “Entangle” and this ability will provide Zerg with an anti-air option that combos with Zerg ground army compositions. In addition to this, the Viper’s Parasitic Bomb may activate too quickly for a player to react, so we are going to test a one second delay to Parasitic Bomb to allow players some time to react before the effects begin. Terran Due to the long duration of Lock On, the damage from the Cyclone’s “Armor Piercing Rockets” upgrade was hard to determine. We are going to try removing “Armor Piercing Rockets” and add a new upgrade called “Rapid Fire Launchers,” which will cause the Cyclone’s first 12 shots to fire quickly at the enemy target. With this change the Cyclone’s anti-air weapon will deal its damage more quickly. The amount of total damage has been quite good, but there has been weakness in the damage output rate, giving the Cyclone trouble in the mid game when damage output begins to ramp up. We don’t intend the Cyclone to be a premier anti-air unit, but would like to give its anti-air weapon a bit more staying power for the mid game. Please visit our blog to see the newly-updated list of changes we are running on the testing matchmaker, and feel free to provide any feedback or suggestions on these changes!Balance Team109 1d
2d Bug: War Chest for WoL/HotS/SE players We are aware of an issue affecting players who have expansion levels set to Wings of Liberty or Heart of the Swarm where War Chest skins are not displaying in-game when a match begins. Until we develop a fix, players who do not own Legacy of the Void, but do own either the Starter Edition, Wings of Liberty, or Heart of the Swarm, can have their skins appear in-game if they set their expansion level to Legacy of the Void and play 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4.Arkitas11 2d
Aug 1 Ending Support for Windows XP and Vista Starting in October of this year, we will begin the process of ending support for Windows XP and Windows Vista in World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm. Microsoft ceased mainstream support for these versions of Windows in 2009 and 2012, respectively, but since a decent portion of our audience was still using them at the time, we continued supporting them. However, there have been three major Windows releases since Vista, and at this point, the vast majority of our audience has upgraded to one of the newer versions. The games will not run on these older operating systems once they are no longer supported, so we encourage any players who are still using one of the older OSes to upgrade to a newer version. We’ll be rolling out this change on a staggered schedule, and will post further notices as we get closer to making the change for each game.Cydra0 Aug 1
Sep 29 Co-op Missions Update Archive In this post you will find all archived Co-op Missions Updates. Co-op Missions Update - 5/31 Co-op Missions Update - 3/23 Co-op Missions Update - 11/28 Co-op Missions Update - 9/29 Co-op Missions Update - 9/21Rackle0 Sep 29
Jul 10, 2015 Community Feedback Archive Here you will find all previous Community Feedback Updates. If you want to catch up on the status of Multiplayer discussions, reading the last two or three updates should get you mostly up to speed! Summer 2017: Community Update - August 25 Community Update - Testing Matchmaker Tweaks Community Update - Terran Mech Community Update - Reaper Changes Community Update - Blood Boil Changes Community Update - Thor, Tempest, & esports Spring 2017: Balance Testing Matchmaker - April 20 Adept Balance Update - April 17 Community Update - April 13 Community Feedback Update - March 30 Community Feedback Update - Season 2 Maps Community Feedback Update - March 16 Balance Update (Reaper) - March 2 Winter 2017: Community Feedback Update - February 10 Widow Mine Feedback Update - January 31 Community Feedback Update - January 27 Community Feedback Update - January 23 Community Feedback Update - January 19 Community Feedback Update - January 6 Community Feedback Update - January 19 Community Feedback Update - January 23 Winter 2016: Community Feedback Update - December 20 Community Feedback Update - December 15 Community Feedback Update - December 5 Community Feedback Update - December 2 Fall 2016: Community Feedback Update - November 17 Community Feedback Update - November 10 Community Feedback Update - November 2 Community Feedback Update - October 28 Community Feedback Update - October 21 Community Feedback Update - October 6 Community Feedback Update - September 30 Summer 2016: Community Feedback Update - September 16 Community Feedback Update - September 9 Community Feedback Update - September 2 Community Feedback Update - August 26 Community Feedback Update - August 19 Community Feedback Update - July 29 Community Feedback Update - July 21 Community Feedback Update - July 15 Community Feedback Update - July 1 Community Feedback Update - June 24 Spring 2016: Community Feedback Update - June 17 Community Feedback Update - June 3 Community Feedback Update - May 27 Community Feedback Update - May 20 Community Feedback Update - May 13 Community Feedback Update - May 3 Community Feedback Update - April 21 Community Feedback Update - April 15 Community Feedback Update - March 24 Winter 2015-16: Community Feedback Update - March 11 Community Feedback Update - March 8 Community Feedback Update - February 18 Community Feedback Update - February 12 Community Feedback Update - February 4 Community Feedback Update - January 29 Community Feedback Update - January 13 Community Feedback Update - January 8 Community Feedback Update - December 18 Community Feedback Update - December 4 Fall 2015: Community Feedback Update - November 25 Community Feedback Update - November 20 Community Feedback Update - November 13 Community Feedback Update - October 29 Community Feedback Update - October 22 Community Feedback Update - October 15 Community Feedback Update - October 8 Community Feedback Update - October 1 Community Feedback Update - September 25 Community Feedback Update - September 18 Community Feedback Update - September 10 Community Feedback Update - September 4 Summer 2015: Community Feedback Update - August 28 Community Feedback Update - August 21 Community Feedback Update - August 14 Community Feedback Update - July 31 Community Feedback Update - July 22 Community Feedback Update - July 17 Community Feedback Update - July 2 Community Feedback Update - June 19Traysent0 Jul 10, 2015
Feb 9, 2012 MVPs: Most Valuable Forum Posters If you frequent Blizzard forums you’ve no doubt seen jade text stamped across threads here and there. Those with the power to wield green words are regular players -- just like you -- who’ve been recognized for their contributions to the forums in one way or another. And since we want to provide these player advocates with the resources they need to continue being awesome posters, MVPs have direct lines of contact with Blizzard community managers. Our goal is to find frequent posters who are a positive influence on the gaming community in some form, whether it be through posting strategy guides or tips on various aspects of gameplay, or even just bringing a positive and constructive tone to the forums when socializing with their peers. If you or someone you know fits the description of a Most Valuable Poster as laid out in the MVP FAQ, email us at We select MVPs based on a large set of criteria, so don’t be discouraged from putting your name out there if you only post on, say, the Protoss Discussion or DPS Class Role forums. MVPs are welcome to post wherever they’re comfortable, including across the Diablo III, StarCraft II, and World of Warcraft forums. But remember! The key to being a strong candidate is having a solid posting history. We’re always on the lookout for the next shining beacon of good within the community to join the illustrious ranks of our MVPs. Want to know more about how a Blizzard MVP operates? World of Warcraft MVP Eldacar recently spoke with WoW Insider in this behind-the-scenes interview: Feb 9, 2012
1m I don't know what I do wrong So recently I've been trying to get into 1v1 multiplayer (vs. A.I. so far because i'm new to it) and so far I'm only able to beat the easy A.I. and i get destroyed by Medium(I play Zerg and Protoss). My usual setup is I build the two extractors at main base and build supply while building the workers to get the extractors running. while doing that i'll build spawning pool/gateway to at least have some form of defense. I usually try to build at lease 1 of every building in case i need a certain unit(and turn my gates to warp gates with protoss). Usually for defense i'd have 3-5 zealots, and 1-2 conservator for protoss(with a couple of photon cannons). and as zerg i have a queen, zerglings, and roaches. I usually expand right after holding off an attack by the A.I., since another attack won't come soon(i can't really tell when to expand so that seemed to be the best time) and later in the game I spy on the enemy using an overseer/changling or harass them by using dark templars/adepts to destroy as many workers as i can before running away from their army and coming back again. I can't really do a good attack on the enemy base without outright ending it. for zerg i'd nydus right into their base and as protoss i mass build carriers and warpgates. (also this might be important but my APM is about 32...i guess that's really slow). so any help/advice would be much appriciatedShadow15 1m
3m Disruptor and Friendly Fire I'm not sure if blizzard will keep this change, but if does probally would be necessary to remove the friendly fire... I mean, currenty in the test mod, you can only use disrutpors vs terran, since they detonate right after the disruptor's "core" touch an enemy unit. That against zealots or lings (both basic units) basically means that most of the disruptor's dmg hits your army.... and most of the protoss vanguard are basic portal units, thefore they get 1 hit kill by your own disruptor. And even against terran the situation aren't good since terran have more splitable unit and the redisgn negate alot of potential dmg. So, what do you guys think about ?Draft10 3m
12m War chest questions. I looked around but I'm still confused. In the store there is a zerg blizzcon war-chest pass which would be the only one I want. Do i get all three phases with this? I guess there were 3 phases. Would it be possible for me to unlock everything by november? I just recently got back on but I've been playing quite a bit. Any info would be appreciated. ThanksDtMayo6 12m
39m Can't Invite Friends to Group after Patch Some of you guys are unable to invite some of your friends to a group after the yesterday patch?DaviAtrockFC1 39m
47m Ranked match wins showing as ties!!!! Well 9 hours of maintenance and ranked wins are showing as ties. GGrozzee14 47m
54m lag on gtx 960 and i5 4690k? when i play on high settings the game is fine up until the 15 minute mark where everybody starts getting armies, then mousing over bases drops about 3 frames, looking at bigger armies drops about 5-10 (depending on size). And when all the armies clash my frames drop around 30-40. Is there a reason as to why my frames are this low? Could it be a faulty processor?Nasubis15 54m
54m Is it possible to play the game on 2x speed? As the title saysKrotux9 54m
57m Protoss vs Covenant Title.VoidRay4 57m
1h why do people spam foreign languages ...on the North American server... I swear people have no common sense....xDSGSHENLONG43 1h
1h Remove stacking MULES so terran takes skill It be nice if Terran required a little skill to play. Point blank. Both players need to micro their armies or they are going to lose all their units. So when both players are microing their army ONLY TERRAN is benefiting because terran can stack up to 4 mules on each OC. Keep in mind that you can drop all 4 MULES immediately and after about a minute you will get ALL the money you would normally get (as if you had perfect macro) Compare this to a zerg where if you dont inject on time and then throw down 3 injects on a single hatchery..... zerg will need to WAIT...... for about a minute or two depending on the injects for each one to make more larva which then zerg needs to WAIT AGAIN for the build time of the drones....... See the difference...... zerg got PUNISHED FOR BAD MACRO WHERE TERRAN DID NOT! Terran does not need to WAIT that is one thing..... but what about the other thing...... FREE WORKERS! Zerg still needs to pay for drones despite our macro and protoss needs to still pay for probes despite their macro..... but terran just get FREE WORKERS...... so when both players run out of money and lose their workers ONLY terran can drop EZ PZ CHEESY FREE WORKERSOvermind55 1h
2h Balance Test Feedback These changes feel great: Oracle's reduced revelation time Swarm Host's slowed movement speed These changes are problematic: Infestor - The effect of having 50% slowed units feels similar to having them be completely immobilized. In that no meaningful micro can be done to them, and are easily overrun by enemy units. Also the increased range feels very far for the fungal spell. Widow Mine - Half of the utility of widow mine is in the response required to remove them with detection. Removing this is such a heavy nerf that it makes the unit borderline unplayable. Mines have always been cloaked while burrowed and this change feels strange and drastic. Raven - The scrambler missile can cause game ending moments quickly and is perhaps too strong. I don't feel informed enough to meaningfully comment on the other changes- but I think the overall intention of this patch is good.JackaL0 2h
2h Talk like a pirate day Hello community. Just keep this short. Why doesn't Starcraft celebrate this event but just Heartstone?Nephalem7 2h
2h So what was that about sc1 beating sc2 ? EU has like 500 players, other regions barely tickle 1000 . It was purely for the Korea market which has 20k players a complete broken outdated mess of a game missing critical features filled with terrible players so you can never get a decent match and lag/bugs and a visual upgrade that is meh at best, you wonder why it sold sub 200k. Sc2 is a travesty but Broodwar is nothing but nostalgia, same as Goldeneye, which is virtually unplayable nowadays.Varando5 2h
3h How to mech? With the recent changes to the mule, I figured this would be a good time to start learning mech, I'm pretty much clueless about terran and would like some coaching if possible. Anyone willing to help me out?Voidwalker5 3h
3h anyone who is a beginner and wants to learn Hello, any beginners around here? Anyone who wants to learn more or gain a higher rank? i can help u tho, i m a pretty good player, around 1 loss of 6-9 matches.AnaJkStnDn3 3h
3h anyone who is a beginner and wants to learn Hello, any beginners around here? Anyone who wants to learn more or gain a higher rank? i can help u tho, i m a pretty good player, around 1 loss of 6-9 matches.AnaJkStnDn0 3h
3h Increase Speed to Increase Difficulty? Why does Blizzard continue to use game speed to increase difficulty? Blizzard is handicapping those players who have less than perfect reflexes. It seems that he who clicks the fastest wins. Multiplayer/Ladder is played on the fastest speed setting so if you don't have a high APM you are relegated to the lower leagues. You should be rewarded based on your level of skill not on how fast you can click. In the Single Player Campaigns it is not skill but reflexes that holds you back from completing missions on Hard and Brutal Difficulty. Not only do you get more stuff thrown at you but you have to play at a speed the you may not comfortable with.AncientOfDay10 3h
3h Need Moooreee New Mission/Campaign Like Nova Waiting for Starcraft 3 maybe not a really good idea, since there are already a good ending, maybe some say Disney ending, but still its end. I think its better for more Side story mission like the nova or maybe even some prequel where Raynor and Tychus story...NetBattler1 3h
3h Why you lose It is because the balance team is biased against your race, even though 40% of your losses are in mirror match ups. It is because a unit that you didn't even attempt to counter is OP. It is because a build order that you didn't bother scouting is unbalanced. It is because your opponent that used tier 3 units, four types of spell casters, split his army to attack from multiple angles, while also making tons of upgrades and working his macro, is a noob who won because he stream-sniped, map hacked, and used the most OP units in the most OP race, while you are a pro that a-moves your un-upgraded tier one and tier two army straight into massive AoE. On a related note, the Earth is flat.VoidRay3 3h
3h Freeze Game After Maintenance After the maintenance, i cant play Multiplayer versus AI/ Custom games, everytime when the game is ready, then it freeze there, i cant even close the game by using alt+f4 or ctrl-alt-delete, i have to restart it, already tried reopen it 3 times already, but when play campaign didnt have these problems, thx...NetBattler6 3h
4h hydralisks need burrow So as a protoss player I think roaches AND Hydras should have burrow. No sarcasm. How does this make the community feel?FapperDupley8 4h
4h TvZ - a call for help Hi guys, A few minutes ago, I played my first ranked game in several weeks after stopping because all I seemed to face was Zerg, and I'd been struggling severely against them. I felt like I was never able to do anything against them, and my win ratio against them drastically fell, to the point where I needed a break. Post break, and predictably, I've got plenty I need to work on, but I'm still struggling against them. Mechanically speaking, I'm far from perfect, and know my macro needs work. I spent far to long on two bases even though I'd built my third. Didn't add my second starport to late. In fact, I feel like I lost the game right in the beginning, when I got supply blocked for a few second due to microing my reaper, which then caused my 2 medi-drop to come about 15 seconds to late, and as a result I failed to snipe the lair I was targeting (after slaughtering all his drones in his main, his queen, sniping his spawning pool and several lings in the process). I definitely didn't macro well behind it either, which didn't help. Still, I would greatly like some constructive criticism in order to help me better improve! Any help would be appreciated. Edit: I probably won't reply immediately as I'm headed to bed right now, but when I wake up in a few hours I'll read and reply.Miro10 4h
4h Collection: sorting augments I was hoping that with Patch 3.18 updating the Collection UI that it would restore the option to sort everything by newest. When the collection was first introduced this option was present for all Collection content. But currently it is not an option for anything in the Augments category and you can only see them in alphabetical order. In fact, since the Augments category was created you can't even see the date that Portraits, Decals, and other things were unlocked. Skins, Announcers, and Emoticons can be listed by newest. But the list of Portraits keeps growing and a lot of them are named in such a way that is difficult to find alphabetically, especially different portraits based on the same character or unit. For instance, there's Kerrigan, Ascended Kerrigan, Cheerleader Kerrigan, Ghost Kerrigan, Level-29 Kerrigan, Primal Queen, Queen of Blades, and Sarah Kerrigan. And when Portraits are unlocked it's hard to find them, especially when a bunch unlock at once like with the 8 portraits from the Shadow Wars comics. The option to sort everything by newest was there before. Please bring it back.HyperTurtle1 4h
4h Cannon rush, guaranteed win 1 - Start 3v3, 2v2 or 4v4 2 - Have one player give all minerals to another (by leaving the game) 3- have player with minerals start building instantly and send probe to opponents 4 - you should be able to start cannons ultra fast at opponents side before they even react... take out several players and ez win.Chris14 4h
4h Suggestion: New Replay Algorithm So i just thought of an amazing replay algorithm that should be able to create replays and save more information with less space then ever before. It is really simple There will be an array that stores 4 values, int, int, int, boolean called replay_activity. There will be 1 vector that is a pointer to other vectors in an array called replay_data_types. all the other vectors will be pointed towards another vector that for simplicity will be called replay_datum_type. Finally, for each type of datum it will be assigned a value of 0 or 1. When the function is called it will only check the vector arrays of the replay_activity that return true. These "activitys" will indicate the location they happen using integers, and from there call the definitions of the replay_datum_type wich will just return 0 or 1, alowing for VERY FAST computation. An entire map could be checked for every possible scenario ( as detailed as having over 1,000,000 datum types, allowing for way more data to be stored) Finally the most important part, is that at any given moment, a replay can load nearly instanously. This means in pro games, they no longer will have to watch the replay, as you can create a way to load the game from a given time from the game menu. Now the only downside to this is the time and energy it would take to create all the datum types example 1,000,000 locations can be checked in around a millisecond for a 1,000,000 differnt types of datum types using a ~4.5 ghz processor. With parrel processing there should be no issue at all in checking the status of a datum type, so the only issue is creating the vector that will be called because the data type is all 0,1 even the vector replay_data could be called almost instanously. finally only true values will be stored, and checked against the initial value of the map, allowing for saving replay data to be very effecient. One down side is that to watch a replay you must have the map downloaded as well, but that would be the only downside i beleive. Anyways just wanted to post my thought process.Kiaph1 4h
5h @Random Players What do you think is the strongest/weakest race? My opinion at my level of play(@5.2k random mmr) (I imagine opinions would change at different levels of play) Strongest Race: Protoss Weakest Race: TerranKong9 5h
6h Sentry Hallucination and abilitys Can we look at this unit a bit more and see =Sentry= Hallucinated ideas: -''ability'' split: when killed they become 2 more of the same kind Hallucinated unit -''Passive ability'' cant scout this: Enemy Detectors cant expose hallucinated units -Hallucinated don't take double damage "EMP or Fungal Growth or storm or buildings with Detection will reveal the hallucinations" we can add if needed >.> Sentry ability: -Squad Sight: Nearby allied buildings gain +2 range to their attacks. -Phasing Mode: Transforms the Sentry to Phasing Mode and generates a power field as if it was a Pylon. The Conservator cannot move in this mode. or use other ability. or warp units I took the ability ideas from Conservator & Havoc with some small changesFinalKnight5 6h
6h Disruptors Can we undo the changes to them? They obviously kill the unit.ASConviction0 6h
7h Mothership core as a portable shield battery? I haven't exactly thought out this idea as its something I came up with in the spur of the moment. Given the fact that we have a skin for both the mothership and mothership core, and the fact that the motheship itself needs a little something to give it a reason for its existance and use, perhaps we could remove pylon overcharge and replace it with a shield recharge? Being a hero unit, as well as an early defense unit, it would need to be able to heal multiple units at a time, or alternatively heal extremely efficiently as you can't make more than one of them. Numbers can always be tweaked. I'm no great fan of the mothership core as a unit in its current state, but I feel it could still have its uses in game without being stupid to play against. As a portable shield battery, the MSC could dodge biles, removing one of the issues that the current shield battery has, which is how easily it's sniped by siege units in game. Keeping time warp could also allow for a choice that the layer has to make, keep energy for shield regen, or cast timewarp to zone the enemy, or alternatively, maybe timewarp gives a localized aoe attack speed buff within a limited area. And to make sure blink doesn't become OP between the stalker buff and the MSC's existance, it should have a really, really small sight radius, say 5, forcing it to be within turret/spore/queen/photon cannon range to be able to allow units to blink up while additionally putting it at risk of being sniped by units on high ground too. As I said earlier, these are simply barely fleshed out ideas, more idle thoughts. But the model is there, the numbers can be altered and it gives a purpose to a skin made that would otherwise be effectively removed from LotV as well. Perhaps you have a better idea you may want to share? Your thoughts and criticisms are always welcome too!Miro15 7h
7h Bio/tank vs mech dynamic in TvT Over the course of legacy of the void mech has becoming increasingly buffed over time. Stronger tanks, thors and ravens coupled with nerfed counters maud/lib has made turtle mech much easier in the matchup. With the current balance and economy suggestions giving huge advantages to mech play, Bio tank will be too weak on ladder. This could be filled with a much needed improvement of a seige ability for bio... the nuke. As it stands a ghost can only nuke slightly out of radius of siege coupled with the long cast time it is easy to be picked off. I suggest that a fusion core upgrade allows you to cast nuke from a greater range. This will allow bio players another option outside of just going air or yoloing bio over and over again to deny the fourth. Heres some replays in the current patch 7h
8h Maintenance Maintenance is an hour and a half past right? Or am I reading the time zone wrong? I am still having trouble logging in. Anyone else getting on? Wondering if there's an update from blizzard anywhere or maybe this is just a me problem..Sumptuous57 8h
9h Fungal nerf in test map needs fix [Updated 9/17/2017] Here is how I think fungal should work. -Fungal ONLY hits ground units. (yes its a nerf but the nerf should allow buffs to fungal that now will only affect ground units) -Fungal does NOT ROOT but has its duration increased to 4 or 5 seconds. -Fungal disables blink on stalkers(stalkers can currently blink while they are fungaled... making it a useless spell as it does not root them and it does not even allow you to catch them now since they can use blink) Fungal does plus X amount to bio. Since it has been given the most game changing heavy nerfs I think this might be a good idea. I would like to see NP REMOVED and replaced with entangle. Entangle would be good if it is adjusted properly like (not hitting massive units maybe). Keep in mind zerg will still have IT with upgrades which will by some time. But ultimately your going to need to get mass corruptors with some vipers to beat carriers which currently is not good enough as we all know which is why I always say give corruptors a +1 to armor. This +1 armor on corruptors would help vs interceptors a lot also what about giving corruptors a buff to damage since they lost their ability from HotS and WoL that gave them more DPS. What about changing NP into darts? They no longer affect massive units and the infestor only needs to shoot them and then can still be controlled normally. May be they cost 50 energy.Overmind29 9h
10h What is barcode? I know what it means in retail, but can't figure out what it means in sc2 with frequent references to it. Can anyone please explain this?Chris6 10h
10h NeoSteel Frame EDIT: So how about removing this upgrade and allow bunker to be individually upgraded (like blizzard did with droplord) For example: after bunker is done you can upgrade with 25 mineral,25 gas and a vce(requires engineering bay), the vce starts to "build" on top of the bunker for 15 seconds, after that the bunker gain +100 hp and 2 supply space. (unit CAN NOT stay inside of the bunker while are being upgraded) I think it would be a cool ideia to put in pratice a upgrade that is never done.Draft30 10h
11h Recommendation on Announcers. Please read! Recommendation: As a purchaser of many of the announcers, one thing I think would be cool would be to add a bit more value to the announcers by adding a few more recordings. The announcers were an absolutely great addition and choice for an add-on content, I think the primary thing now would be to increase how great they are. It almost feels as though they are casting your game, minus the repetition in the phrases. There's already a bit of diversity in the phrases; to increase this from 2 things they say to about 4 or 5 things they could say, given a specific scenario, I can picture a lot more support behind the initiative. Speaking from my own experience, of course! RyanByuN5 11h
11h First Time Playing Ranked I've been playing SC2 for years, but never played Ranked. Actually I avoided MP altogether after I played 1 Un-Ranked after I beat Swarm and got Trolled, Hard. Is it worth it to even try to play straight up during my first placement, or should I just GG through the placement matches? I'm certain I'll start in Bronze, but as I've never touched the Ladder, I don't know what to expect. I hate to be one of "those players", but I don't see the point of placement matches when I already know how bad I will be. I want to just start at the bottom and learn the MP aspect like I learned Co-Op, Arcade and everything else. I love this game, and I want to experience all of it, and that means Ladder.InkFox17 11h
14h Why's RapiD Not fired yet? I've never casted. But i absolutely promise that after all the GSL i've seen and i'm sure others. Literally anyone can do a better job than that. I mean wow. The only positive thing about that cast was val chiming in sometimes with information and quips to tell him to shutup, unfortunately it didn't take. Please, for the sake of GSL, fire him. I don't understand korean but i felt like i was being given more information on afreeca tv. We shouldn't have to mute gsl because someone with severe ADHD found the mic on accident and nobody could get to him in time to stop what was undoubtedly the most embarrassing display of a broadcasted game in GSL history. RiP anyone who watched maru vs ryungWinter25 14h
18h Option to turn off skins Blizzard could you please add an option to turn off skins? I really dislike playing with/against skins and an option to not see them would be really nice. People who like them can actually enjoy them and the ones who dont(including me) are able to turn it off. Win win situation isnt it? :-) Let me know if i missed something! EDIT: This option should only affect MY view like the colour option there already is. Also you could allow skins in WCS with this option and you would promote your own skins!Maru262 18h
19h Player Population Improving? Out of curiosity I checked rankedftw and saw that there are around 240K players at the moment. I swear this is higher than when I quit back in 2016. Am I right or wrong about this?Roboroadkill17 19h