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Mar 1, 2018 Community Groups, Events, and Tournaments Although it may not be apparent to forum newcomers, the forum community is very well connected. There are a number of groups we communicate in, a bunch of fun events, and variety of forum tournaments. This is a thread for those who may not be forum regulars who want to learn more about the various forum groups and activities. It is meant to be continuously updated, so if you are an event organizer please post about your group, event, or tournament here and I will add it to the thread! If you run one of the listed events, post here if your thread is nearing the post cap (500 posts, 25 pages) and needs the thread limit increased and we'll see if we can get that fixed for you. Social Groups Discord Chat: Forum Poster In-game Chat Group: ... Forum Poster Skype Group: ... Adopt-a-newb: ... Obs Gaming: ... Events Ladder Challenge: ... Current Tournaments [None] Miscellaneous [ul]Community Streams: ...TheSkunk46 Mar 1, 2018
Oct 15 The Newbies guide to StarCraft II Hello all StarCraft forum goers!!! I decided to make this thread to help out those are new to StarCraft or anybody who is struggling with ladder and looking to improve as a player. Below is a compilation of some things that I thought could assist the average newcomer looking for help. You don’t have to visit all of these links to improve or even any of them, but this is here for anybody who needs it. I included so many links because no one thing will work for everyone so I have gathered all this here so you may decide what will work best for you as an individual and as a StarCraft gamer :D! I will continue to update this thread and add new things as I find them. If you are a StarCraft veteran or newbie and you have anything to add to the list simply post it in the comments and I will add it to the list. Any feedback you have to help better the thread will be greatly appreciated!! Whether you have anything to add to the list, would like to see something edited, or even think I added something that should be removed, all feedback is welcome and will be taken into consideration. For those of you just joining StarCraft II or wanting to get more involved in StarCraft II I strongly suggest you check out Day9 daily #269 and the other Day9 dailies in the Beginner Day9 section. If you have never played an RTS game I would also recommend checking out the beginners guide under the TeamLiquids website section. It explains some of the basics concepts a bit and should give you a good starting point to choose where you want to go with the knowledge. Magnet also has been creating a great guide series for those new to the game that can help those who are beginners and up to the intermediates. Videos, Tutorials, and streams Watching videos and streams of StarCraft is one of the greatest ways to learn. You can watch pro players play so you can copy builds, learn timings, and to help you understand the game better. Many people also post videos online to help give you tips and tricks to “Be a better gamer” – Day9 Starcraft II: World Championship portal (For all things WCS and to watch pro players play) WCS season’s 1 and 2 replays WCS Season 1 of 2014 Blizzard released all of the pro level replays from WCS seasons 1 and 2. If you ever wanted to copy your favorite pros builds and get every little detail that even the casters miss, well then this is the place to do it. “The foreigner scene benefited tremendously from seeing the Korean well-honed builds in all their replay intricacies. Every SC2 notebook opened up after that news.” Streams to watch • Twitch streams • Community Streams RootCatZ Artosis (A well-known StarCraft caster) Day9 (A well-known StarCraft caster) Magnet's Video Tutorials (For every race!) A great collection of "tutorials that are aimed at beginners and intermediate players, but advanced players could pick up a thing or two from watching. They are all contained in a playlist, so you can get started here!" Magnets thread: Direct link to youtube guides: Protoss: Terran: Zerg: Day9 beginner videos • Daily #132 - Mental Checklist • Daily #252 - Secrets of hotkeys, APM and mouse movement • Daily #269 – How to get into sc2 • Daily #312 - How to learn and improve • Daily #419 - Fixing 1 problem at a time Day9 beginner/Intermediate videos These are videos I would like to have put in the beginner section but I wanted to keep that section small and I couldn’t decide one way or another so I put them here. • Daily #184 – Newbie Tuesday #1 • Daily #480 – Finding Leaks in your play • Daily #481 – Zerg Leak finder • Daily #434 – Simplifying problems Day9 intermediate videos • Daily -#257 Refining Mechanics • Daily - #261 Mechanics #2 • Daily - #285 Stealing a Build • Daily - #289 Refining a stolen build • Daily - #340 Gold level analysis • Daily - #341 Reprioritizing your to do list • Daily - #360 Mental Checklist: Exercises Apollo (Yet another well-known StarCraft caster) ApolloSC2 Youtube Starcraft II tutorials for all races (Warning: This was made for Wings of Liberty but it should still be helpful) Terran HotS tutorial part 1 Quick Tips from Apollo • A hotkey setup for terran • How to correctly reinforce your Zerg army FilterSC (Starcraft streamer and well known for his bronze to master’s series) FilterSC YouTube Profile General Bronze to Masters HotS Terran Bronze to Masters HotS FilterSC: HoTS Bronze to Masters - Protoss Combating Ladder Anxiety FilterSC Twitch Stream HTOMario (A grandmaster meching player on NA) HTOMario’s YouTube channel HTOMario: How to Mech TvP HTOMario a TvP video guide compilation! HTOMario a TvZ video guide Compilation! How to Mech TvZ Part 1 - The build order Oct 15
12h Community Update - March 12, 2019 Greetings! After an epic final and an emotional championship ceremony at IEM Katowice, we got to witness soO take home a championship win! It was an uphill battle as he started the series being down 0–2, but in the end, he pulled it off and came through with a victory. Congratulations to soO! Speaking of IEM, we saw a lot of cool strategies employed throughout the tournament, including Gumiho’s Battle Mech, as well as the subject of our first discussion topic: Nydus Worms. Nydus Network/Nydus Worm Nydus Worms will now have 3 armor instead of 5 armor when emerging. While we love seeing some of the new strategies involving the Nydus Worm in action, we feel it can sometimes take too much of a commitment to stop a Worm from emerging even if the defender spots it right away. To help remedy this, we’re reducing the Nydus Worms’ armor while they emerge to give small groups of basic units—like Zerglings, Zealots, and Marines—an easier time taking them out, provided they discover them within a reasonable time frame. At the same time, we’d still like to keep some of its bonus armor intact to preserve its resilience against worker pulls. Forge/Cybernetics Core Level 1 upgrade times increased by 15 seconds. Level 2 upgrade times increased by 18 seconds. Level 3 upgrade times increased by 22 seconds. Over the past few months, we’ve been following discussions within the community surrounding the TvP matchup, much of it centered around Protoss’s ability to build an upgrade advantage over Terran. To address this, we’d like to reduce the windows in which Protoss are able to gain that advantage over Terran by increasing the Protoss upgrade durations. As upgrades have historically been particularly impactful, we’ll be keeping a close eye on this change. Our current plan is to release these changes to live servers on Monday, March 25. However, in order to give players ample practice time, these changes will be available for testing on the Testing tab and the Balance Test mod starting today. As always, let us know your thoughts!Balance Team170 12h
5d Retiring the StarCraft II Media Section Over the last year, we’ve been upgrading the look of Recently, we updated player profiles and trimmed down the content in the Media section. The old media is still temporarily available here. We wanted to give a heads-up that this content will be retired by the end of the year, at which point, it will no longer be available. If you want to download any of the media content from the old site, now is the time to do so.Traysent16 5d
6d "Help a Noob" for players new or returning! New or returning to StarCraft and have a question? Lower league player looking for advice? Anyone of any level of skill can ask any questions relating to SC2. If you answer, make sure you're correct! Be as helpful and specific as you can in your reply, help each other out, and ignore/report trolling. Even if nobody else contributes, I'll try to answer every question to the best of my ability. Resources: Check out the "Adopt A Newb" channel in-game: (or zerg/terran -- be sure to check out their discords) - Lots of great tutorials - The Newbies guide to StarCraft II - collection of links to good learning resources /r/starcraft does this and it's fairly successful, so I thought I'd see how it goes here.TheSkunk305 6d
Feb 2 Hot Fixes - January 29, 2019 Today we have released the following hotfixes: Versus Players can no longer click on the former location of a blinked Stalker to target the unit. Fixed an issue that caused Pylons using the Forged skin to not display the faster warp-in field when attempting to build one near a Nexus or Gateway. Maps Cyber Forest LE Main base resource locations have been adjusted to provide additional space for players to build. Units can no longer hide inside the large tree stump doodad. Fixed an issue that caused visual distortion with certain doodads when zooming the camera in and out. Improved the pathing for air units in several locations. Rosebud LE Fixed an issue that allowed ground units to be completely hidden in steam vents. Fixed an aquatic plant doodad to properly appear on the surface of water. Fixed an issue that caused visual distortion with certain doodads when zooming the camera in and out. Efflorescense LE Adjusted several locations on the map that allowed ground units to be hidden behind terrain. New Repugnancy LE Improved the pathing for air units in several locations. Fixed an issue that caused air units to clip into certain doodads. Main base resource locations have been adjusted to provide additional space for players to build. Adjusted the placement of mineral nodes in the starting base to prevent drones from sometimes pathing inefficiently. Traysent3 Feb 2
Jan 17 Reverting the Oracle Bug Fix Yesterday we released a patch that fixed a long-standing bug involving beam weapons. Though we believe this bug should eventually be addressed, we agree with the feedback that the change was sudden, especially with the upcoming IEM and WCS qualifiers. As a result, we’re going to revert this change today and reintroduce it at a later date.Balance Team22 Jan 17
Nov 21 In Memory of John “TotalBiscuit” Bain We here at Blizzard Entertainment are devastated to learn of the passing of John “TotalBiscuit” Bain, one of our most valued personalities and creators. John’s contributions to the StarCraft II community have been both immense and enduring over the years; these include serving as a team owner alongside Genna Bain, professional commentator, and tournament operator. Most of all, John was always unabashedly himself – his passion and honest feedback helped us make better games and better decisions for all players. Our deepest condolences go out to Genna and all those whose lives he touched. John, thank you for everything. We will miss you.Traysent34 Nov 21
May 2 Community Feedback Archive – 2018 Below you will find all of the Community updates that have been posted this year. Community Update – January 12, 2018 Community Update – January 22, 2018 Community Update – February 5, 2018 Community Update – March 6, 2018 Community Update – March 13, 2018 Community Update – April 19, 2018 Community Update – May 8, 2018 Community Update – May 24, 2018Traysent2 May 2
Feb 9, 2012 MVPs: Most Valuable Forum Posters If you frequent Blizzard forums you’ve no doubt seen jade text stamped across threads here and there. Those with the power to wield green words are regular players -- just like you -- who’ve been recognized for their contributions to the forums in one way or another. And since we want to provide these player advocates with the resources they need to continue being awesome posters, MVPs have direct lines of contact with Blizzard community managers. Our goal is to find frequent posters who are a positive influence on the gaming community in some form, whether it be through posting strategy guides or tips on various aspects of gameplay, or even just bringing a positive and constructive tone to the forums when socializing with their peers. If you or someone you know fits the description of a Most Valuable Poster as laid out in the MVP FAQ, email us at We select MVPs based on a large set of criteria, so don’t be discouraged from putting your name out there if you only post on, say, the Protoss Discussion or DPS Class Role forums. MVPs are welcome to post wherever they’re comfortable, including across the Diablo III, StarCraft II, and World of Warcraft forums. But remember! The key to being a strong candidate is having a solid posting history. We’re always on the lookout for the next shining beacon of good within the community to join the illustrious ranks of our MVPs. Want to know more about how a Blizzard MVP operates? World of Warcraft MVP Eldacar recently spoke with WoW Insider in this behind-the-scenes interview: Feb 9, 2012
39m Warp Prism needs to be balanced! Phasing Mode needs to land and turn the WP into a pylon.SpaceNinja1 39m
41m Anyone else nuking for fun? Often when I could push for the win I delay my attack and start double or tripple nuking outlining expansions. These nukes typically do not change the outcome of the game but I find nuking fun in itself, which is why I do it. I sometimes even risk throwing the game away by spending too much resources on nukes insted of something more useful.Ghost1 41m
1h PureLegacy and loadblaster123 are racist I have proof , screen shots from terransuperman stream, they came and started BM the chat, calling the broadcaster country as cancer and telling non white ppl are trash and more. Those guys should be banned in game and in forums, I also noticed they BM many twitch streamers, they fo it in groups, they will show up 2 or 3 and start bm. In terransuperman they did type racist stuff.ByuN10 1h
1h 21:9 SUPPORT!! NEW THREAD FOR 2018 ! It´s been requested and discussed for over 3 years.. We are soon entering year 2019! And still no 21:9 support ! I dont understand how this can be ignored. 21:9 Ultrawide monitors are selling like never before. I have one and 4 of my friends. StarCraft 2 is basically the ONLY game around now that still dont support it! Its a joke and shame. This should be available for singleplayer and non competitive multiplay like when I play with friends and my son. Come on Blizzard FIX THIS! - I dont even see the cheat perspective as FOG OF WAR also is in the game. Its a shame an older AAA title are forced to be forgotten before time by so many players with this type of hardware. I really dont want to play it because of this feature being disabled. The game is lovely, so why not make it even more lovely on 21:9 Lasse K.LASSE18 1h
3h GSL RO8 has perfect 3-3-2 distribution You balance whiners should feel dumb and ashamed - problem is: you won't. Enjoy the matches, everyone else.Ninjette40 3h
3h James "Jim" Raynor's Age Hi everyone, i was just wondering how old Jim is, i had been doing a bit of research and i found he was born August 20th 2470. Then i found out what year the "End War ended" this was in the year 2508 from my research. This would mean that old Jim Raynor would only be 37 or 38. I just wanted to see if my calculations and research was correct. If it's not can someone point me in the right direction as to his age?LGGMCandyman0 3h
4h Make Portraits Pay to Own You should be able to buy most portraits instead of play ladder. Portraits also shouldn't be lost forever due to not taking part in some event, probably won't ever have a Serral portrait for this reason... It's similar to a skin, just let me buy it for $5 or $10.Wake0 4h
5h Custom Game Lobby Problems I'm sure there are other threads which discuss this problem, but as changes have not even been attempted I will assume they aren't useful and will make my own. The problem I have is this: The 2.0 system was supposed to be a great improvement on the old system but it falls short in many aspects. In this thread I will only address one of them: the dismal setup of of the custom game lobbies. I will discuss the several downgrades 2.0 has for this system: Movement within the lobbies - In Starcraft 1 (14 years old) and Warcraft III (10 years old) you could join a game and move between different slots. In Starcraft II however, on this "new and improved" game system that feature is no longer available to every player, but only to the game host. And even then, when a mod mapmaker designs a game, this feature is defaulted to be unavailable, so if the modder overlooks enabling this feature, even the host cannot move players around.You can't tell me this is a coding complication, because it was easily possible in those other ancient (10+ years old) game systems. The pluses to a setup that allows player movement within the lobby is that if a group of friends joins a game and intends to play together, they are unable to if it would require moving between slots. And you might say that you can just join a party before the game and then join as a party. To which I would respond: yes that is one possible work around, but why restrict something that need not be restricted, and why cause the extra nuisance for players who forget to form this party before hand. Closing slots - This feature was also available in Starcraft 1 (14 years old) and Warcraft III (10 years old). (also I repeat the age of the games to simply emphasize the absurdity that this feature is no longer available) If you had a team of three players for a game that allows for 4 or more players per team, you could close the extra slots if you did not expect the game to fill up. Now the only way to fix this is for the host to add computer players which could negatively alter how the in game play works. Why take out this "Close slot" option? Kicking A player - This feature was also available in Starcraft 1 (14 years old) and Warcraft III (10 years old). There are several reasons why kicking players from the lobby should be enabled. Say someone joins and is spamming the chat, being offensive, or in some way being rude to the other players. There should be a way for the host to remove that player. Another problem I've noticed is that if an idle player is invited into a game it takes 5 (or some absurd amount) minutes before they are automatically removed from the lobby, and the host cannot start the game or even remove the player to free up a slot until this 5 minutes has ended. If this feature is somehow available I have yet to see a game whose lobby allows it, it should most certainly be the default setting. Why would this option ever be removed from the game design? Reflecting In game Settings - Again, this feature was also available in Starcraft 1 (14 years old) and Warcraft III (10 years old). Even if the above features are fixed, this is my biggest problem I've found. For example, if I join the game on team 1, the host moves me to another team (in the rare game where this setting is enabled), when the game starts the players are referenced by triggers with respect to the order they joined the game lobby, not by the order they are on the game list. This causes obvious bugs for games that are split into several teams. There is, of course, a very lengthy set of triggers I have devised to work around this bug, but how absurd is it that I even had to do that when this feature worked completely fine in the much older version of Starcraft 1. Also, despite my lengthy set of triggers to fix this, there are still bugs associated with it, this is a much needed fix. There are several other problems I have with the loading screen, but these that I have listed are the biggest and most important fixes at this time, so I would like to hear other people's opinions on these problems, how big of a problem people think they are, and potential other fixes (other than simply restoring the settings to their 10 year old settings, of course ). I would also love to hear an opinion from Blizzard as to why these changes are made so I could understand what you were thinking, perhaps there is something I am missing here (though I doubt it, I find it hard to find any positives to these downgrades from 1.0 or whatever it used to be called).DaBernMon30 5h
5h How are Void Rays doing? I watch a lot of tournaments, and I do not play the game as a general disclaimer. How are Void Rays doing? It seems like a really interesting unit but I almost never see them used in tournament play. Having a few seems like a really good counter to mass roach/ravager, but its almost never used. Are they too expensive? Too slow and unreliable? Just looking for some insight. Thank you in advance.Trenchfox11 5h
5h Ban Loadblaster already 1) Blatant map hacker across all server 2) Racist as all hell across all servers What in the actual F*CK is wrong with you people at blizzard? Why do you not uphold YOUR END of the TOS?lIlIlIlIlIlI0 5h
5h If Protoss is so OP .... How come Terran wins so many tournaments and Protoss nothing?Timothy4 5h
7h Why can't reliably go mech in TvP The simple answer is protoss has too many counters to mechs slow positional based play. Entrenched defensive positions are useless vs much of the Protoss army. Examples. Disruptor Unstoppable unblockable attack that will hurt defensive tank lines an do severe damage to stationary and slow units Adept. Shade allows the adpet to close distance safely and disrupt prepared positions. Tempest. It's range allows it to damage entrenched positions from safety. Immortal Hard counters most mech units. Mechs power comes from prepared strong positions not being a mobile power force like bio. Banshees and ravens are hard countered by high Templar Zealots with charge are highly effective against all mech U Especially if a wave of adepts distracts them allowing the charge lots to decimate them easily. It's a simple case of Protoss has too many counters to Terran Mech and sky support. That large scale outside of cheese it's highly ineffective, Unless mech got mobility buffs Or some way of countering disruptors and Tempest mech will always be a pipe dreamAutumnflame87 7h
8h TvP late game? Does any Terran win TvP late game against equal opponents? Macro and late game is normally my strengths since I typically win TvT and TvZ if the game goes to the late game. But TvP? No. I think my late game winrate is below 20%. The only time I ever win in the late game if I enter it with a massive lead, like if I managed to kill 30+ probes with mine drops and hellion runbys. There is simply nothing that works in the late game. I have tried Tank/Hellbat/Mine/Thor. I have tried mass Liberator. I have tried BC. I have tried BC/Viking/Thor/Hellbat/Ghost/Liberator. Basically I have tried every comp there is but there is no combo that you build that is strong against Protoss. I often have a eco lead in the late game due to hellion harass and widow mine drops, but I never manage to win a battle convincingly. And even if you do win a battle Protoss can just warp in 20 zealot and kill of your remaining army. It simply not possible to win a battle with a big enough margin to be able to kill of the post-battle warp-in and still have enough army left to continue the push towards his bases.Ghost22 8h
8h The Globetrotter race Who was the European Zerg that got high GM without ever taking a geyser? It was supposed to be a demonstration of "how mechanics can get you anywhere in SC 2." But, really, it was just a demonstration of how broken queens are. Who was the guy who got into GSL multiple times through baneling busts and not using any hotkeys? Oh yeah, Noregret. What a feat. Just like the nydus - just winning through element of surprise and "mechanics." I've always known that Toss has a zero % win rate vs late game Zerg. The only way to ever beat a Zerg is if they attack into a maxed out mothership army, while not having vision. And, even then... they can just rebuild their army and bring vision next time. It had perplexed me, though. What was it about late game Zerg that enabled Serral to never lose or anyone else you'd play on ladder? Was it vipers that are better than any other races late game? After playing, who I guess was Vibe, who decided from the get go to ONLY MAKE infestors, I got to learn that infestors, alone, counter every Toss unit. I'll act surprised, for the sake of it. 1 guy, only using 1 unit was able to counter every unit I could make. 5500 MMR. I watched him play Response, next game. A guy close to 5700 MMR. Same deal. Maxed out Toss army and a guy who was supposed to have the "ultimate Toss army..." countered by 1 type of unit. A Toss player can't just make 1 type of unit and win vs any race, unless it's like maybe an adept all-in vs Zerg. Zerg can make 1 type of unit and beat anything a race can throw at it, at any point in the game. P vs Z is at 41% this period and Zerg hasn't been beatable in the entire history of SC 2, outside of the immortal sentry all-in. F'ing nerf something. It's not bronze players vs Serral that's "skewing the results." Stop with the bs. Tomorrow, I expect to see a pro Zerg showing off how he can play with his foot (Larva from BW style) and win via only making overseers. Everyone already knows you can win with Zerg at any level, making any other unit. Give me a break. T vs P is a real issue. If only it were as balanced as P vs Z is, then Terran could win via only making vikings or any other unit of choice. What a bunch of bs. The race is so stupidly designed that players end up with a HIGHER MMR when trying to "troll" than when they try to play standard/legit, because... playing like an "idiot" is optimal. It's far easier and stronger than it is to play any other way. Who can't just mass infestors?PointsThief14 8h
8h Fallen world: last stand Do buffs stack past 30 on fallen world: last stand, the custom game in multiplayerNickstream0 8h
9h Zerg vs terran? (diamond league) Need some good advice on how to beat terrans as zerg.. Can beat toss and zergs and beating most early rushes but I have like ~10% winrate vs terras as zerg. This is what keeps happening to me: 1. Battlecruiser drop on mineral line. What have I tried: - 2 spore crawlers + queen is apparently not nearly enough to beat 1 battlecruiser. - Rushing hydra tech. He gets his first battlecruiser up before I can manage to get 1-3 hydra's up. - Ravagers. He dodges most attacks. Attacks continue while moving and I usually just end up killing my own workers. - Let workers flee from mineral line. Yeah.. where does that even get me. 2. Impossible to destroy expands. What have I tried: - Ling rush on expand. Just gets 1shot by tanks before I can even get 1 dmg on either tanks or base. - Baneling/ling rush on expand. Just gets 1shot by tanks before I can even get 1 dmg on either tanks or base. - Roach/king rush on expand. Just gets 1shot by tanks before I can even get 1 dmg on either tanks or base. - Roach/hydra/ling rush on expand. Just gets 1shot by... you get the point. - Infestor to neural parasite the tanks. Worked decently and sometimes did some good damage but hard to reach tanks with marines instantly killing the infestors, freeing up the tanks to 1shot my entire army in 1 hit. - Vipers to pull tanks in my army range. The amount of economy and tech required to build these vipers leaves too little resources to get expands and a decent army to even kill the tanks. By the time I do have them the terran has a maximum bio/tank/liberator army, 1shotting anything I throw at it. 3. Can't harass? What have I tried: - Early ling rush gets blocked by wall and get finished off by marines. Sometimes a terran has a tank before I can get 6-10 lings up. - Baneling/ling early rush. Naturally this takes a lot of resources so it's hard to get my natural up and running this way. Before I have my banelings, the terran has tanks and they all get 1shot before I can even get 1 piece of his wall down, leave alone killing his tanks, marines and workers. - Mutas. Takes time to build up and just get destroyed by turrets. - Burrowed roaches just get 1shot by tanks (vision granted by turrets) - Nydus worms allow to deal some damage but they usually die to tanks before they surface. Tried multiple nydus at once, allows a few nydus to surface but anything that comes out gets 1shot by tanks. Engaging the terran army head-on is working pretty fine for me. I flank his tanks with split-army and finish off his marines easily after the tanks are down. Morale of the story: I can't seem to beat tanks.. 55 damage per shot at massive distance for a unit that has about the same cost as 2 roaches. Don't need a Cpt. Obvious to tell me I need to gid gud, I'm a fairly casual player looking for advice. I'm simply running out of ideas here.TJay7 9h
10h Cyclones... let me get this straight 1. They outrange every zerg unit 2. They are faster than every zerg unit except the zergling and mutalisk 3. They can shoot while moving 4. They deal spell damage and ignore armor 5. They have more DPS than every zerg unit except the ultralisk 6. They can hit both air and ground 7. They cost as much as 1 corruptor Seems fairBaronVonOwn57 10h
10h Will the new patch help TvP? Current situation: 1. Protoss economy is stronger than Terrans, getting a 10 worker lead due to Chronoboost. 2. Protoss can take their 3rd before Terran, while simultaneously attacking Terran, preventing him from leaving his natural. 3. Protoss get a resource lead due to Terran spending so much worker time on constructing buildings. 4. Mules do not compensate enough for having less workers and spending worker time constructing buildings. 5. Protoss always have an upgrade lead. So the only things that will be slightly better if that Protoss will still have a upgrade lead, just slightly less long compared to pre patch. But the economic advantage over Terran, which is the core problem, still remains. Am I missing something? How is this supposed to solve the problem of TvP?Ghost21 10h
11h MMR I have an MMR of 2427 and I am Tier 2 Silver Rank 7. I went up against a Tier 1 Silver Rank 40 players that has a MMR of 2400, so why am I not Tier 1 Silver or Tier 3 Gold. Just wondering if anybody knows why this is happening.SmartAsp8 11h
12h Remove Tactical Jump Do it!LigerMaNN13 12h
13h Innovation eliminated from GSL Is not a big deal. I see a lot of people acting as though Innovation, reigning WESG champion, coming last in a group of 3 Protoss must mean *gasp* the TvP match up is imbalanced! Well, Innovation coming last has nothing to do with it. Everyone, after winning a big tournament, no matter what game, will see a temporary slump in their next few matches. Do you guys remember in WOL, when Korean GSL winners would experience the GSL-curse? They'd drop to Code A after winning the Code S. How many times has this happened to IMMvp? Innovation just took home $150K USD in winnings in Chongqing. That's more than what Maru won across 3 GSLs. Do you really think after that, you would be able to sit down and practice TvP properly? Remember after soO won IEM? Losing 4 games to Rogue (the ZvT specialist) and getting eliminated in GSL group stage? In what is arguably soO's most successful match up? Come on, my friends, let's get a grip.Revolution26 13h
15h Stream up terransupermanByuN2 15h
15h Disable chat in replays I don't know where to turn to when suggesting feedback. This forum clearly isn't the right place, perhaps there is no place. However I just had a game vs a very BM opponent, there's no reason to give details. It's a good game to analyze, but doing so I have to relive the BM sent me through the replay. Even though the player is blocked I still see every message he sent me, even the ones he sent after he was blocked in game. Is there any way to disable chat in replays? And if not, why not? It would be very beneficial.papaya12 15h
16h Playing SC2 seems to f*ck with my mouse. I have a Razer Naga 2014 mouse, and it seems the more I play SC2, the more the pointer's sensivity seems to go down. It's weird because when I stop playing for some time, it goes back to normal and the mouse works as intended. It's been like that for years and I have no idea why. Anyone there having similar issues ?srav11 16h
16h Jump in dif from Easy to Medium So I am trying to get into learning how to pvp in this !@#$ing game. BUT I can't learn %^-* when the AI is WAYYYYYYYYYY too easy on easy. And on medium knows every exploit and unit grouping combo I am unaware of. I have tried like 3 or 4 maps and I can only seem to beat the zerg while zerg. Terrans are unable to play against protoss and the AI is amazing against me but on my team is !@#$ing useless. I like watching the pvp matches but if getting into it means I have to take a %^-*ing class to beat the AI on medium I will just pass and delete this !@#$ing game. IDK how to combo 30 of every type of unit. How the %^-* are you supposed to learn against that? IDK how you lose a match 2v2 when you win every !@#$ing battle take 80% of the resources and then all of a sudden the AI rolls out with 30 of all the strongest units in the game and magically just owns everyone. What a %^-*ing jokeKbls9 16h
17h Purelegacy's mate Loadblaster using maphack The guy doesnt even hide it. A hotkey analysis will prove that this barcode is loadblaster. Can we have some moderation in this game? Im so sick to have to run in this bs every day. Not only this clown hacks but he also harass me every single day.azeaezazeaze31 17h
19h Medivac Upgrade The medivac boost upgrade (Rapid Reignition System) may be the only upgrade in the game that is more of a meme than Neosteel Frames was. Why not re-work this upgrade to make it useful; e.g., allow the Medivac to heal two units at once, or perhaps simply increase healing speed? These are just ideas off of the top of my head, but I would much rather see Blizzard pursue changes in this direction--one which takes a never-used upgrade that already exists in the game and revitalize it to make it functional with mid- and late-game utility--as opposed to nerfing Protoss upgrade research time (which will just give Terran longer timing/all-in windows and may negatively impact PvZ, too). TL;DR Protoss upgrade nerfs will just give longer timing windows to Terran, which is not fun for P or for T. Why not buff Medivacs by changing never-used boost upgrade to some type of healing upgrade, which would give a bit more strength to T in the later mid-game and late-game?SymphoniC62 19h
20h Quality of Life Changes Wishlist/ Petition Hello everyone :) My name is Jazz and I am a fellow SC2 player. Occasionally I come across to people suggesting some really good Quality of Life changes and I have a couple suggestions of my own. So for those who want to participate I would like to compile a QoL Wish List together for other players and the developers to see. For those who do not know, QoL changes are things which can improve the quality and the playability of the game. “Unit X should have less range.” or “Upgrade X’s cost should be increased to 150-100” are not QoL changes,they are balance changes. I really don’t wish this post to turn into just another balance discussion and lose its purpose. For that very reason I would like to suggest a method if I may: Write your suggestion briefly and If you like any of the suggested changes please reply to this thread. I think this is important because this way we can keep the thread up to date. It can also serve as a survey/petition and we can see which changes are wished the most. So please try to reply even if you like all the suggested changes. I have also uploaded a youtube video where I talk about these changes in more detail as well as show a couple visual examples. So feel free to check that here: Thank you all for participating :) My suggestions: 1.Option to show minerals and supply above the minimap Looking at the minimap is one of the most important things in the game and I think it is a bit impractical to look away to the opposite corner of the screen to check the minerals and the supply. Sometimes missing something on the minimap for even one second can be game ending and this change can help prevent that for players of all levels. You can see a quick example I made in the video: 2. Show worker supply separately The game already has so much multitasking in it and moving the cursor to the upper right side of the screen to see the worker count shouldn’t be one of them. 3. Option to change minimap contrast or saturation Sometimes depending on the terrain color it is more difficult to see your and the enemy dots on the minimap. Ability to lower the saturation/contrast or better yet option to make it black and white can be very helpful. Color blind mode kind of does this but it also changes other things. 4. Ability to assign the same hotkey for siege-unsiege and burrow-unborrow I understand that having a different hotkey has its purposes but some players(like me) may like to have the same key. It should be the players choice. 5.Show total hours played on 6.Ability to post on forums for free accountsTheJazz18 20h
1d Zerg Role in Team Games? Hello all. I am a 'toss player, but recently went grinding to get the level 50 achievement for all 3 races in versus. While doing so, I discovered that team games (unranked or vs. AI mainly) were very good places to level terran and zerg. I didn't have to worry too much about losing, as my mistakes with the races were covered. But while playing zerg i often felt that, even when maxed with full upgrades and endgame tech, i wasn't being as productive as my teammates. Eventually gave up on the endgame deathballs and simply ling rushed and harassed all game. So what role does/should zerg play in team games, namely 3v3 or 4v4? (Quite possible that I just can't play zerg. thank you all in advance for your help :) )Volsarex12 1d
1d Announcers in Co-Op? I often play Versus and Co-Op in one day, switching between the two modes on a game-by-game basis. Despite playing since long before the introduction of announcers, I never tried one until just now and am wondering why they are implemented in Co-Op. Each Co-Op commander is a possible announcer, and using any given announcer for the Co-Op missions produces a very strange disconnect that I find rather annoying. I don't know what other people think about this, but it will likely keep me from using the announcers. I would very much like to be able to use my announcers for Versus, but not Co-Op, without having to manually revert to the default before any Co-Op game.Volsarex0 1d
1d About that Maru vs Scarlett game 1 you know what im talking bout EDIT: LOL @TCF downvotes. I didnt even say anything except to bring up that the game existedmadumlao49 1d
1d Thor Collector's Edition Skin In game, the Thor Collector's Edition skin says that it can be unlocked through purchase of the Wings Of Liberty collector's edition. Obviously, this can't be purchased anymore. On the SC2 website, however, it says that the skin can be acquired by "Winning 50 evenly matched custom games against Elite A.I. opponents." Does anyone know if this is true, and what that even means?Jargon7 1d
1d Are there any manuals that come with SC2? Are there any manuals that come with the physical copies of the StarCraft 2 Collection? Like for StarCraft 1, there were manuals that came with it and the Expansion, and even an Official Strategy Guide from Prima?Calixtus6 1d
1d Current state of game/opinions? As a returning player from a five year break I must say...This game seems to be in really good condition! Arcade is still booming (I see you squadron TD still pulling in players) plenty of different lobbies to choose from and meeting new friends wont be to hard (toxic players everywhere but not too bad here.) New marketing to reel in some new players while putting all of us Starcraft 2 players on the same patch. And last BUT NOT LEST! 1v1 seems fire so far! I've only been playing for less then 3 weeks off and on but damn, the game is so much faster now and I feel a nice balance as well. I've been enjoying 1v1s more then I've ever had in my life! As a Zerg who left mid to late h.o.t.s as a diamond player and coming back and beating high plat and diamonds its some kind of rush I haven't felt in a long time. (even the gold wins feel good!) How does everyone else feel about the game current state? Needs more balance? more maps? Everything ok? or is it all going down hill? I'm very curious to what players who have been playing it think? Much love -herpherp11 1d
1d MMR Ranking I have an MMR of 2427 and I am in Tier 2 Silver. I go up against other Silver Tier 1 players and they have an MMR of 2420. Why am I not in Tier 1 Silver or Tier 3 Gold.SmartAsp1 1d
1d Innovation got Protossed The WESG winner, who beat Serral and Maru, just looked like a scrub in his Protoss group. Ironically, there wasn't a top Korean Protoss at WESG to walk over the top Korean Terran players so that's why Terran got a little further. Good thing Blizzard realizes PvsT is broken in favor of Protoss and they will issue the balance patch on March 25.gadwin57 1d
1d Cannon rush is a waste of time Doesn't matter if you can hold or not, it's still a terrible way to play the game. Just a waste of time.HotlineBling61 1d
1d Warp prism is way too effective For literally just a 200 mineral investment: - transporting units - warping in units after a millisecond setup - insane pick-up range - good speed (way faster than even a fkn viking) and can be upgraded for even faster speed - only need one - perfect harassing unit meanwhile terran has medivacs that is crucially needed with the army to heal (as protoss doesnt need anything like that as they heal shields for free).. which is a 100 mineral and 100 gas investment, and several of them is needed.. warp prism is just way too effective for its current price. its actually hilarious how cheap it isChillty13 1d
1d Twitch Stream 20th Anniversary Unlocks So I was wondering if anyone had any idea which streams/streamers actually contributed to this. There's nowhere on the internet with a definitive list of streams that'll help unlock the rewards, apart from mentioning the anniversary stream at the end of the month. I've sat on at least three different streams for more than two hours each and they've yielded nothing (looking to get that Bob Toss emote). Can anyone provide ant solid info?PsychoFox21 1d