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Sep 24 Community Groups, Events, and Tournaments Although it may not be apparent to forum newcomers, the forum community is very well connected. There are a number of groups we communicate in, a bunch of fun events, and variety of forum tournaments. This is a thread for those who may not be forum regulars who want to learn more about the various forum groups and activities. It is meant to be continuously updated, so if you are an event organizer please post about your group, event, or tournament here and I will add it to the thread! If you run one of the listed events, post here if your thread is nearing the post cap (500 posts, 25 pages) and needs the thread limit increased and we'll see if we can get that fixed for you. Social Groups Discord Chat: Forum Poster In-game Chat Group: ... Forum Poster Skype Group: ... Adopt-a-newb: ... Obs Gaming: ... Events Ladder Challenge: ... Current Tournaments [None] Miscellaneous [ul]Community Streams: ...TheSkunk45 Sep 24
Nov 30 The Newbies guide to StarCraft II Hello all StarCraft forum goers!!! I decided to make this thread to help out those are new to StarCraft or anybody who is struggling with ladder and looking to improve as a player. Below is a compilation of some things that I thought could assist the average newcomer looking for help. You don’t have to visit all of these links to improve or even any of them, but this is here for anybody who needs it. I included so many links because no one thing will work for everyone so I have gathered all this here so you may decide what will work best for you as an individual and as a StarCraft gamer :D! I will continue to update this thread and add new things as I find them. If you are a StarCraft veteran or newbie and you have anything to add to the list simply post it in the comments and I will add it to the list. Any feedback you have to help better the thread will be greatly appreciated!! Whether you have anything to add to the list, would like to see something edited, or even think I added something that should be removed, all feedback is welcome and will be taken into consideration. For those of you just joining StarCraft II or wanting to get more involved in StarCraft II I strongly suggest you check out Day9 daily #269 and the other Day9 dailies in the Beginner Day9 section. If you have never played an RTS game I would also recommend checking out the beginners guide under the TeamLiquids website section. It explains some of the basics concepts a bit and should give you a good starting point to choose where you want to go with the knowledge. Magnet also has been creating a great guide series for those new to the game that can help those who are beginners and up to the intermediates. Videos, Tutorials, and streams Watching videos and streams of StarCraft is one of the greatest ways to learn. You can watch pro players play so you can copy builds, learn timings, and to help you understand the game better. Many people also post videos online to help give you tips and tricks to “Be a better gamer” – Day9 Starcraft II: World Championship portal (For all things WCS and to watch pro players play) WCS season’s 1 and 2 replays WCS Season 1 of 2014 Blizzard released all of the pro level replays from WCS seasons 1 and 2. If you ever wanted to copy your favorite pros builds and get every little detail that even the casters miss, well then this is the place to do it. “The foreigner scene benefited tremendously from seeing the Korean well-honed builds in all their replay intricacies. Every SC2 notebook opened up after that news.” Streams to watch • Twitch streams • Community Streams RootCatZ Artosis (A well-known StarCraft caster) Day9 (A well-known StarCraft caster) Magnet's Video Tutorials (For every race!) A great collection of "tutorials that are aimed at beginners and intermediate players, but advanced players could pick up a thing or two from watching. They are all contained in a playlist, so you can get started here!" Magnets thread: Direct link to youtube guides: Protoss: Terran: Zerg: Day9 beginner videos • Daily #132 - Mental Checklist • Daily #252 - Secrets of hotkeys, APM and mouse movement • Daily #269 – How to get into sc2 • Daily #312 - How to learn and improve • Daily #419 - Fixing 1 problem at a time Day9 beginner/Intermediate videos These are videos I would like to have put in the beginner section but I wanted to keep that section small and I couldn’t decide one way or another so I put them here. • Daily #184 – Newbie Tuesday #1 • Daily #480 – Finding Leaks in your play • Daily #481 – Zerg Leak finder • Daily #434 – Simplifying problems Day9 intermediate videos • Daily -#257 Refining Mechanics • Daily - #261 Mechanics #2 • Daily - #285 Stealing a Build • Daily - #289 Refining a stolen build • Daily - #340 Gold level analysis • Daily - #341 Reprioritizing your to do list • Daily - #360 Mental Checklist: Exercises Apollo (Yet another well-known StarCraft caster) ApolloSC2 Youtube Starcraft II tutorials for all races (Warning: This was made for Wings of Liberty but it should still be helpful) Terran HotS tutorial part 1 Quick Tips from Apollo • A hotkey setup for terran • How to correctly reinforce your Zerg army FilterSC (Starcraft streamer and well known for his bronze to master’s series) FilterSC YouTube Profile General Bronze to Masters HotS Terran Bronze to Masters HotS FilterSC: HoTS Bronze to Masters - Protoss Combating Ladder Anxiety FilterSC Twitch Stream HTOMario (A grandmaster meching player on NA) HTOMario’s YouTube channel HTOMario: How to Mech TvP HTOMario a TvP video guide compilation! HTOMario a TvZ video guide Compilation! How to Mech TvZ Part 1 - The build order Nov 30
2h Community Update - December Balance Changes Thanks everyone for all the recent feedback. We appreciate the thoughts and are eager to continue discussions with the topics below. Protoss We received feedback that the strength of Chrono Boost may be too strong and it’s allowing units to come out a bit too early. We are looking into reducing the strength of Chrono Boost but increasing the duration. This should help to reduce the ability to rapidly produce a particular unit or upgrade much faster than the opponent or before the opponent can have their own opportunity to respond. Since the effects of Chrono Boost will be reduced, we will most likely revert the Oracle’s build time from 43 seconds back to 37 seconds. Also, we received feedback that the Stalker feels a bit strong right now due to the Stalker’s base damage value. We would like to try reducing the Particle Disruptor’s damage from 15 (21 vs armored) to 13 (18 vs armored) and decreasing the weapon period from 1.54 to 1.34. Also, the weapon upgrades would receive +1 base and +1 armored damage instead of +2 base damage. This kind of change will generally increase the number of shots it will take for the Stalker to kill various enemy units. Next, the Disruptor’s Purification Nova might be a bit strong at the moment. In order to provide the opposing player with opportunities for counterplay against the Disruptor’s Purification Nova, we are thinking about adding a 1 second charge up time after activating the ability. Opponents will have a little more time to react to the Purification Nova and this should open up more opportunities for micro. Also, Disruptors in large numbers seem to be able to shoot a constant stream of Purification Novas at their enemy. In order to reduce the number of shots that could be fired in a given period, we want to try increasing the Purfication Nova’s cooldown from 14.3 to 17.9 seconds. Nexus Chrono Boost strength reduced from 100% to 50% and duration per cast increased from 10 seconds to 20 seconds. Stalker Particle Disruptors damage reduced from 15 (21 vs armored) to 13 (18 vs armored) and period reduced from 1.54 to 1.34. Weapon upgrade will provide +1 base and +1 armored damage instead of +2 base damage. Oracle Build time reduced from 43 to 37 seconds. Disruptor Purification Nova cooldown increased from 14.3 to 17.9 seconds. Purification Nova has a 1 second charge up time. Terran The Raven unit hasn’t been used as much as the other units in the Teran arsenal most likely due to its current strength level. We want to increase the Raven’s strength a bit to try and make the unit more viable in matchups. We want to try reducing the Anti-Armor Missile energy cost so that each Raven can fire two Anti-Amor missiles. The Anti-Armor missile lock time seems a bit long right now and the initial delay could be reduced from 2.14 to 1.43 seconds to increase the chances for the ability to connect with the enemy target unit. Also, the Interference Matrix range might be too short right now and Ravens are having difficulty landing the ability on enemy targets. Increasing the range of Interference matrix from 8 to 9 should help the Raven and make it safer to cast on enemy units. Lastly, increasing the Interference Matrix missile speed would also help increase chances for the Interference Matrix to connect with the target. Next, the Widow Mine’s build time seems like it could be reduced a bit to open up more opportunities for the unit. Reducing the Widow Mine’s build would allow players to build or replenish them faster. Raven Anti-Armor Missile lock time reduced from 2.14 to 1.43. Anti-Armor Missile energy cost reduced from 125 to 100. Interference Matrix range increased from 8 to 9. Interference Matrix missile mover speed increased by 50%. Widow Mine Build time reduced from 28.6 to 21.4 seconds. Multiplayer Map On Blackpink, possibly adding a jumpable platform to provide Reapers with an entry or exit into the main base locations could help Terran players with scouting. There are several esports events in the month of December so we would like to target a balance update on December 18th for now. Just to note, the exact values for the balance update may be adjusted and balance update publish date could change as well. Lastly, thanks for your continued feedback and please let us know what you think on the forums or any other community sites!Balance Team229 2h
8h Placement match MMR fix (for new players) Recently, we have been seeing increased feedback about a potential issue with new player league placement on the StarCraft II Versus ladder. The upcoming patch 4.1 will introduce a temporary fix to this issue to ensure that any new or returning players are being placed into their starting leagues correctly. We intend to make additional improvements in a future patch. Thank you for helping us identify this issue, and happy laddering!Arkitas18 8h
1d Community Update – Design Changes Its been a big week here for StarCraft! Just this past weekend we hope you had fun watching Home Story Cup and seeing all of the changes being played out at a high level. And this week itself we have gone live with our big patch with a new commander for coop and all of the multiplayer design patch changes. Now that the patch is out, we would like to make a number of balance changes based off of observations and feedback that we received from the community. The patch is a bit larger than usual for a balance patch, but these past changes have been larger than usual as well! In addition, a number of esports events are coming up in December so we would like to make sure that players have time to practice with new balance updates. In addition the holiday season is upon us so we would like to target a balance update for sometime during the week of November 27th. Zerg For design patches we like to lean on the side of making things powerful so that players can really feel the changes and then pull back from there. However, it seems the Infestor is currently further in this direction than we would like. We believe that Fungal Growth is the prime reason for its strength and we want to increase counterattack options to the currently stealthy Infestors first before heavily nerfing its direct power. So we are going to reduce the Fungal Growth area of effect slightly and remove the ability to cast Fungal Growth while burrowed. In line with this we are also planning on reducing Infested Terran cast range by 2. It can still be cast while burrowed, but now there should be more trade off in how far forward you want to move your Infestors with the initial cast and how much you want to let the Infested Terrans walk towards their targets. Infestor Fungal Growth Area of Effect reduced from 2.5 to 2.25. Fungal Growth can no longer be cast while burrowed. Infested Terran cast range reduced from 9 to 7. Protoss Since Protoss got the biggest design changes in this patch we would like to carefully monitor certain areas before making a move. Disruptors and Stalkers could be overly powerful, but we would like to get more data first. However, the roughly 3 minute Oracle timing vs Terran seems too strong so we want to make a adjustment to that strategy. Since the Oracle itself is a strong option in several matchups and already fights well at short ranges, (Thus already providing player interaction, but perhaps too sharply) we believe that we can adjust the power of the unit. Oracle Pulsar Beam Damage changed from 25 vs light to 22 vs light. Damage type reverted back from Normal to Spell. Build time increased from 37 to 43 seconds. This changes how effective they are against Marines and SCVs especially. Marines are now able to defeat an Oracle head on with a group of 5 instead of 6. This change also adjusts the relationship between Oracles and Hydralisks slightly and the Hydralisk will perform better vs Oracles. We are also increasing the build time to match Void Rays to help push back the timing of when Oracles hit slightly. We are also planning on slightly increasing the cost of Shield Batteries. Right now the decision to make them is a bit too ubiquitous so we would like to make their cost more similar to other defensive structures. This is just an initial change, depending on how the meta game develops we might have to revisit this newly added building in future balance passes. Shield Battery Cost increased from 75 to 100 Minerals. Terran For Terran we want to introduce some buffs as we think a number of their upgrades are currently more expensive than required. With the current nerfs to the Widow Mine we think the upgrade is much more costly than needed, especially since the upgrade is now more needed to keep your mines alive. In addition the Rapid Fire Launchers have a very specific use case so we want to reduce the cost here as well. Finally Smart Servos is probably slightly over costed compared to other mobility/combat upgrades like Stimpack and Combat Shields. Factory Tech Lab Drilling Claws cost reduced from 150 Minerals / 150 Vespene Gas to 75 / 75 Rapid Fire Launchers cost reduced from 150 Minerals / 150 Vespene Gas to 75 / 75 Smart Servos cost reduced from 150 Minerals / 150 Vepsene Gas to 100 / 100 Also we have been getting feedback about Ghost usage in regards to cost and how they can be a bit inconsistent. Here we wanted to buff Steady Targeting slightly and adjust the cost of Ghosts to better fit in with Bio oriented playstyles. Ghost Cost changed from 200 Minerals / 100 Vespene Gas to 150 / 125 When interrupted by damage Steady Targeting returns 50 energy to the Ghost. Returning energy on interrupted Steady Targeting should help Terran players who keep their cool under pressure and retarget the ability. Also while the cost change is an overall reduction, Vespene Gas is usually seen as more valuable, except to high level Marine oriented Bio play. This should make it a more competitive choice for players. Future Changes This is of course not the end of balance tuning. The changes are very new and we think that even without patches the game will change quite a bit as high level players develop new strategies. Some areas that we are especially keeping an eye on include things like: Widow Mine usage post nerf, Stalker/Disruptor power vs Terran, overall effectiveness of Terran Bio, timings with the new Chrono Boost, Raven strength and the late game strength of Zerg. As always let us know what you think on the forums or other community areas!Balance Team356 1d
1d StarCraft II 4.1.1 Patch Notes We released a patch today to fix a couple of issues introduced in patch 4.1.0 Bug Fixes Fixed an issue that caused the Thor: Collector’s Edition and Special Forces skin icons to be missing when selecting skins for Large Format Games. Fixed an issue that caused the game client to crash when attempting to load a replay generated during patch 4.0.0 through 4.0.2. Due to this fix, replays created on the 4.1.0 patch will no longer be viewable. Traysent7 1d
5d "Help a Noob" for players new or returning! New or returning to StarCraft and have a question? Lower league player looking for advice? Anyone of any level of skill can ask any questions relating to SC2. If you answer, make sure you're correct! Be as helpful and specific as you can in your reply, help each other out, and ignore/report trolling. Even if nobody else contributes, I'll try to answer every question to the best of my ability. Resources: Check out the "Adopt A Newb" channel in-game: (or zerg/terran -- be sure to check out their discords) - Lots of great tutorials - The Newbies guide to StarCraft II - collection of links to good learning resources /r/starcraft does this and it's fairly successful, so I thought I'd see how it goes here.TheSkunk250 5d
Dec 3 Community Update – New Map Pool Next Season’s Maps Last week was very busy for us with BlizzCon, during which we released the next season’s new 1v1 and team maps to the custom games list. They are now available for players to test out before they go live! Map Pool 1v1 The full map pool for the 1v1 ladder next season will be as follows: Blackpink Neon Violet Square Catalyst Battle on the Boardwalk Abyssal Reef Ascension to Aiur Odyssey We thought you might like to know why we choose three returning maps for this selection. Abyssal Reef has been consistently popular at the high levels of ladder and professional play while also being quite well-balanced in terms of matchups. That said, it’s also been in the pool for quite a while now. We wanted to keep it for one more season so it could help us to gauge balance in the new patch by acting as a constant variable. Odyssey and Ascension to Aiur, meanwhile, are both strong maps in terms of ladder win rates, and are currently the most popular maps across all divisions by a significant margin, so we thought it’d be good to keep them around for the next season.Balance Team35 Dec 3
Nov 14 Season 4 is now Live! Season 4 introduces new maps to the 1v1 and team map pool. Be sure to check out our post for more details. We’ve also applied a free character name change to all accounts that do not have one available. Remember, character name changes do not stack (you can only have one free name change at a time). Good luck, commanders — and have fun!Traysent0 Nov 14
Aug 1 Ending Support for Windows XP and Vista Starting in October of this year, we will begin the process of ending support for Windows XP and Windows Vista in World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm. Microsoft ceased mainstream support for these versions of Windows in 2009 and 2012, respectively, but since a decent portion of our audience was still using them at the time, we continued supporting them. However, there have been three major Windows releases since Vista, and at this point, the vast majority of our audience has upgraded to one of the newer versions. The games will not run on these older operating systems once they are no longer supported, so we encourage any players who are still using one of the older OSes to upgrade to a newer version. We’ll be rolling out this change on a staggered schedule, and will post further notices as we get closer to making the change for each game.Cydra0 Aug 1
Sep 29, 2016 Co-op Missions Update Archive In this post you will find all archived Co-op Missions Updates. Co-op Missions Update - 5/31 Co-op Missions Update - 3/23 Co-op Missions Update - 11/28 Co-op Missions Update - 9/29 Co-op Missions Update - 9/21Rackle0 Sep 29, 2016
Jul 10, 2015 Community Feedback Archive Here you will find all previous Community Feedback Updates. If you want to catch up on the status of Multiplayer discussions, reading the last two or three updates should get you mostly up to speed! Summer 2017: Community Update - October 5 Community Update - September 28 Community Update - September 21 Community Update - September 12 Testing Matchmaker Changes - August 30 Community Update - August 25 Community Update - Testing Matchmaker Tweaks Community Update - Terran Mech Community Update - Reaper Changes Community Update - Blood Boil Changes Community Update - Thor, Tempest, & esports Spring 2017: Balance Testing Matchmaker - April 20 Adept Balance Update - April 17 Community Update - April 13 Community Feedback Update - March 30 Community Feedback Update - Season 2 Maps Community Feedback Update - March 16 Balance Update (Reaper) - March 2 Winter 2017: Community Feedback Update - February 10 Widow Mine Feedback Update - January 31 Community Feedback Update - January 27 Community Feedback Update - January 23 Community Feedback Update - January 19 Community Feedback Update - January 6 Community Feedback Update - January 19 Community Feedback Update - January 23 Winter 2016: Community Feedback Update - December 20 Community Feedback Update - December 15 Community Feedback Update - December 5 Community Feedback Update - December 2 Fall 2016: Community Feedback Update - November 17 Community Feedback Update - November 10 Community Feedback Update - November 2 Community Feedback Update - October 28 Community Feedback Update - October 21 Community Feedback Update - October 6 Community Feedback Update - September 30 Summer 2016: Community Feedback Update - September 16 Community Feedback Update - September 9 Community Feedback Update - September 2 Community Feedback Update - August 26 Community Feedback Update - August 19 Community Feedback Update - July 29 Community Feedback Update - July 21 Community Feedback Update - July 15 Community Feedback Update - July 1 Community Feedback Update - June 24 Spring 2016: Community Feedback Update - June 17 Community Feedback Update - June 3 Community Feedback Update - May 27 Community Feedback Update - May 20 Community Feedback Update - May 13 Community Feedback Update - May 3 Community Feedback Update - April 21 Community Feedback Update - April 15 Community Feedback Update - March 24 Winter 2015-16: Community Feedback Update - March 11 Community Feedback Update - March 8 Community Feedback Update - February 18 Community Feedback Update - February 12 Community Feedback Update - February 4 Community Feedback Update - January 29 Community Feedback Update - January 13 Community Feedback Update - January 8 Community Feedback Update - December 18 Community Feedback Update - December 4 Fall 2015: Community Feedback Update - November 25 Community Feedback Update - November 20 Community Feedback Update - November 13 Community Feedback Update - October 29 Community Feedback Update - October 22 Community Feedback Update - October 15 Community Feedback Update - October 8 Community Feedback Update - October 1 Community Feedback Update - September 25 Community Feedback Update - September 18 Community Feedback Update - September 10 Community Feedback Update - September 4 Summer 2015: Community Feedback Update - August 28 Community Feedback Update - August 21 Community Feedback Update - August 14 Community Feedback Update - July 31 Community Feedback Update - July 22 Community Feedback Update - July 17 Community Feedback Update - July 2 Community Feedback Update - June 19Traysent0 Jul 10, 2015
Feb 9, 2012 MVPs: Most Valuable Forum Posters If you frequent Blizzard forums you’ve no doubt seen jade text stamped across threads here and there. Those with the power to wield green words are regular players -- just like you -- who’ve been recognized for their contributions to the forums in one way or another. And since we want to provide these player advocates with the resources they need to continue being awesome posters, MVPs have direct lines of contact with Blizzard community managers. Our goal is to find frequent posters who are a positive influence on the gaming community in some form, whether it be through posting strategy guides or tips on various aspects of gameplay, or even just bringing a positive and constructive tone to the forums when socializing with their peers. If you or someone you know fits the description of a Most Valuable Poster as laid out in the MVP FAQ, email us at We select MVPs based on a large set of criteria, so don’t be discouraged from putting your name out there if you only post on, say, the Protoss Discussion or DPS Class Role forums. MVPs are welcome to post wherever they’re comfortable, including across the Diablo III, StarCraft II, and World of Warcraft forums. But remember! The key to being a strong candidate is having a solid posting history. We’re always on the lookout for the next shining beacon of good within the community to join the illustrious ranks of our MVPs. Want to know more about how a Blizzard MVP operates? World of Warcraft MVP Eldacar recently spoke with WoW Insider in this behind-the-scenes interview: Feb 9, 2012
4m Could SC2 grow? The game is nearly 6 years old, and on its last legs. Is it feasible Blizzard could do something to revive it? Not asking if Blizzard would do anything, if they were going to they would have done it by now. But if they did something, ANYTHING, could the game be revived and grow? I never saw SC2 grow at any time while playing it. I got the game 3 years ago, and at that point it was already in a steady state of slow, arduous decline. Blizzard made virtually no effort during this time to fix any of the games problems, and it shows with how the game looks today. Is it feasible? Is the game savable? (Theoretically speaking)Roboroadkill58 4m
7m bring back wol and hots BRING BACK WINGS AND HOTS GAMEPLAY. There are tons of people who prefer playing wol/hots over Legacy. Please give us back our gameplay.LEXCHAKRA318 7m
9m Drop Hacking? I've been getting disconnected a lot when I play ranked games. It seems that as soon as I have the upper hand I suddenly get disconnected. Im at Starbucks so Im sure its not my connection. Anyone else experiencing this? I can play unranked games just fine...minty3 9m
15m Blizzard hates Protoss? According to the facts, PvZ (only 38%) is the most broken matchup. Yet Protoss is receiving 4 nerfs upcomming patch despite not performing well in PvZ. Yet the sky is falling at Blizzard for Terrans as the winrate is 53% in PvT xDTimothy42 15m
33m Widow mine cool down May i suggest to shorten it? Its not a pleasing unit to play with becuase it takes too long to rearm. May i suggest a reduction of ten time units? This unit is only viable as any use in mass numbers of ten or more other than that i find them useless.jeff11 33m
1h Imba did anybody here def a proxy hatch with lings/spines and queens ever? plz post your replay here ( only master replays allowed were u not blind cheese i never won vs a proxy hatch strat- neverDystopia1 1h
1h Are you cut out for the balance team? If you failed the "only a genius can get this right" tests or the various optical illusion tests, don't fret -- I have the picture/test for you. I present a simple picture: Study the picture and present your SC 2 conclusions. I'll provide the answer below for if you passed the test (balance team worthy) by failing super hard. Answer for being cut out for the balance team: Terran is absolutely getting annihilated/pummeled by Protoss. We're going to need about 3-4 or more nerfs to Toss, pronto. This is far more urgent than even deflecting a giant meteorite that's about to kill mankind. If you completely glossed over Zerg winning every game vs Protoss or said something stupid to justify it, then you're most definitely qualified and should be hearing from Blizzard, soon. However, if you went even further and found reasons to believe Toss is by far the easiest race and they need nerfs in P vs Z, and ZERG needs buffs for this matchup, then ladies and gentlemen, we've found the next David Kim. The one. Who among you is the next leader of the morons?Playa44 1h
2h Protoss mass Air needs to be toned down Both Terran and Zerg has no good answer to the Carrier/Tempest/HT combo. If two races reaches late game on an equal footing both should have a similar chance of winning. But right now Protoss more or less autowins late game given similar economies. Since Protoss are strong both in the early game and in the midgame I see no reason for why they should not be more equal to the other races in the late game. It is also more fun if all the races are somewhat equal at each stage of the game.noLanguage12 2h
2h Nerf Droplords GM Protoss here. At any level, holding a ling flood with heavy ling pressure at the front can be extremely difficult to hold. Sure, there are viable ways of holding.. But I feel attention should be drawn here. My idea: 25/25 upgrade off the evo or pool (Unsure of research time right now), then another 25/25 to make the droplord. In hindsight, this is only an additional 25/25 investment. This will give Protoss players a more realistic time to prepare for drops, while making non-SG openings viable. Because with no SG, stalkers wont kill ovi's in time.Maplez32 2h
2h WHY is terran bio not nerfed yet? why the hell is this tier 1 unit amove composition still viable? starcraft 2 is dying as everyone who doesn't plays terran quits the game due to the cancer this composition is. you can harass without punishment and just amove towards enemy armies with your incredibly cheap !@# mass tier 1, and there's absolutely nothing the opponent can do played perfectly and harassed him well even though i'm a zerg and zergs were supposed to be defensive. i had more bases than him but he can just amove and win because terran bio is cancer. I can beat master 1 zerg but cant beat diamond 1 terran WTF? blizzard must IMMEDIATLY change this, they are doing a redesign for the game so i beg you, PLEASE REDESIGN THIS CANCER TOO, otherwise there will be only terran players left by next year. just as i said in another thread, it is impossible to beat terran unless you've mined 20k more resources than him PLUS you've been able to get ultras/infestors out which take a lot of resources, and that all just to beat mass tier 1 amove. terran needs to be redesigned around mech. bio needs either to be heavily nerfed or zerg needs ling/bling/muta to be heavily buffed to be able to fight this cancer and force terrans to go mech. seriously, mass tier 1 that does the most damage output in the game, has the best mobility and most amove friendly army? lol. no wonder why BW is getting more viewers than SC2 right now, this cancer has killed SC2 and the game will only ever have attention again after bio is nerfedDemocracy32 2h
4h skermish for starcraft 2 is there a skermish mood for the new starcraft if so how do i find it? if not i wish they would bring it inlycan3 4h
4h . .MyOhMind76 4h
4h New and exciting design changes part 5 Hello my fans I have new and exciting design changes as always pay close attention because this is pure gold and better yet ask blizzard to implement these changes as soon as possible. Terran: Terran buildings can now train units while in flight.When a unit is done training it will glide to the ground with a parachute.While gliding it will be vunerable to units that can attack air stuff and it takes 5 seconds to glide to the ground. Thor:Thor has now the upgrade at the armory called rocket launcher.Once rocket launcer has been researched thors can shoot into orbit and after a 5 second delay will land anywhere on the map.This will make thors a viable unit again. Thats all for now my fans spread the word and remember blizzard as always I am ready to be hired as a game designerhappyogre6 4h
4h Skin Idea:Prototype-01 You have bunch of sneaky NGE easter eggs in skins for other games, why not add one for SC2? Just a Marine colored as Unit-01 with some fins on hands, small shoulder pylons and Unit-01 like jaw. This idea seems fun to me. Not much else to say actually ¯\_(ツ)_/¯HellGoesON0 4h
4h a Wish for Santa plz nerf zerg Lurker or Hydra or both - something need to be done there and i wish some nerf Cyclone- very op thanks Santa for your great job every yearDystopia15 4h
5h Multiplayer WOL or HOTS Can someone help me understand what happened to the previous versions multiplayer? Did the option get moved or removed, all im trying to do is play some WOL multiplayer like the good old days, please help with info.Niki13 5h
6h Where is WoL and HotS? Why can't i play the WoL and HotS Ladder anymore? I clearly paid money to have access to the WoL ladder and deserve a full refund. I didn't ask for LotV, I paid and specifically wanted WoL. This is unacceptable that it has been removed, blizzard.IIIIIIllllll59 6h
6h Mashup Units Let's take a break for a minute and have some fun. 1. Pick a unit from each race. 2. Combine them. 3. What is this unit named? 4. What does it do? 5. What's it's role? Be as specific or vague as you want. If you just want to name 3 units you think would be awesome and list nothing else, go for it. Want to list all it's stats and go ham, go for it. Make it as balanced or as broken as you want. Want to make 1 unit or 30, go for it. I only have 2 rules here: 1. Pick from each race 2. Be civil. Nobody has stupid ideas. This is purely for fun. I'll go first. Colossal Swarm Tank: (Colossus, Siege Tank, Swarm Hosts) Shield/Health: 200/150 Damage: 25(32 light) @ 1s Range: 6 Siege Damage: 35(60 armored) @ 2.25s Siege Range: 10 Movement: 3 Cost: 250/200 Can siege up to become immobile and fire arcs of explosive laser blasts at increased range. Can walk up cliffs Spawns locusts periodically Can burrow defensively but cannot attack while burrowed. Used to break any defensive position and contribute splash damage to fights. Have fun with it.DrFuzzyGlove5 6h
7h Terran at the mercy of Protoss At every point in the game under any circumstance Protoss players can just decide to end the game whenever they want. I know I am not the only person who feels this way, this is the most unbalanced any matchup has felt in sc2 history. Open bio and you just die to stalkers 100% of the time if the protoss decides to attack. Forced to open cyclones but who the hell wants to? This matchup is awful and the balance team should be ashamed of themselves after the last patch. Of course marauders were too good in their state before but the current stalkers are not? Give me a break that is straight up contradictory.BerryPuncH15 7h
8h Option to turn off skins Blizzard could you please add an option to turn off skins? I really dislike playing with/against skins and an option to not see them would be really nice. People who like them can actually enjoy them and the ones who dont(including me) are able to turn it off. Win win situation isnt it? :-) Let me know if i missed something! EDIT: This option should only affect MY view like the colour option there already is. Also you could allow skins in WCS with this option and you would promote your own skins! 2nd EDIT: Now that that WarChest season 2 is on they way and sc2 is f2p many new players will be even more confused by this already very complicated game. With WarChest 2 there will be around 200 versions of units. Its time for this option!Maru374 8h
9h Classic Swarm Hosts These were real Swarm Hosts games: In these games Swarm Hosts were both a positional unit, created exciting games no Turtle games neither hard counters or Locust rains good games, not the mess that we have nowadays And don't say to me about Mana vs Firecake or Stephano vs Petraeus, just because some foreigners that loved to turtle(Firecake) or were trolls (Stephano) and caused some anomalies, don't mean that SH are bad. And if someday blizzard bring back HotS, revert the patch 2.1.9 and bring back the Classic SH.lIlIlIlIlIlI6 9h
9h Don't forget the true OP race While the Protoss nerfs are needed, don't forget the true OP race of all 3: ZERG. The only race with the highest win rate IN ALL POSSIBLE MATCHUPS IS ZERG. We have too much representation of Zerg on everything one could imagine in SC2. Blizzard, what about you work now on the strongest race in the game? It was said by many Protoss pros that at the highest level of play Protoss is FORCED to open Stargate just to not autolose against Zerg. It was said by many Terran pros as well that Bio is completely garbage, trash, against Zerg late game. Blizzard, cumon Blizzard, let's work on the true OP race.MrFartButt48 9h
10h For the first time in over 2 years Terran is the lagging race: I never thought I'd see the day. So, how is everyone adjusting to Terran not being invincible? Like 44 periods of leading in a row, while still crying, and then, bam -- lagging race. I don't follow too closely, but I saw some pros whining about T vs P. Yet, the numbers are still better than P vs Z. But, since P vs Z has been such a dumpster fire and Toss has been the lagging race since the universe was created, nothing is ever made of it. Anyways, just curious how it's going. How much MMR is your Joe Terran losing here? When I left, both Terran and Zerg were invincible. Would be tempted to play again if P vs Z wasn't as imbalanced as ever. Some things won't ever change, though.Playa41 10h
10h can not invite to clan friend free2play I can not invite to clan friend with free2play account. call: "player is unable to access this feature or map" ?? Is friend now. Invite to game is ok.AnUnnaki0 10h
10h Restore Classic Ladder!! WoL and HotS are actually different games entirely from LoV. So far from 'the player base being merged', as is being said, what really happened was SC2 was deleted, and this other thing put in its place. The style, pacing, and flow of LoV are so completely different that for classic players its not even the same game. What we see is that the game we love, paid for, and keep fighting for, was simply deleted (And without any notice, community vote, or anything by the way). Many people can't even play LoV, and were upset by similar changes in the other "suicide patch", 3.0 - from where the pre-downloaded Legacy stuff, skins, voice packs, and 64-bit interface spawned. Yet this new one is a still bigger betrayal altogether. Many of these people play hours a day, it is a huge social activity for them, as well as a way to challenge themselves and develop intellectual/problem-solving skills. They are paying customers, who also buy into Co-op content, Mutations, and all the microtransaction stuff they love so much. Tearing something away from them so dear, as you can see on the forums and many groups springing up, is an abominable move. Now we know there's been many of those, and they don't see reason as we do when these arguments are made, but once again shorning several thousand paying customers is something even they must realize is foolish. BUT! Unlike other posts, or unlike what Blizz has done, I think I have a good solution for this. Simply make TWO ladder modes. Fine, LoV can be the default mode, and it could be called "Current" ladder or whatever you choose. Then have a button on the side: "Restore Classic Ladder", which would then default matchmaking to WoL or HotS, as you selected. Seasoned players would know how to navigate this, noobs would not get confused and can be pooled into the LoV population unless they care enough to get out, and then there are only TWO ladders, not 3 which is more confusing. I submit that this would be the best option for all concerned. Truly WoL was an amazing game, in my opinion the funnest to play, and best RTS of modern times. HotS was good at first too. Both still had many thousands of active participants daily.Mephisto58 10h
10h I would like my WoL ladder back. LotV is not at all the same game. I don't like the pace of the game with 12 workers and the low mineral patches. I do not like the emphases on harass and gimmicks. I do not like any of the new units or abilities that came with the expansions, I think a lot of them look ugly and the abilities look stupid. I do not like the team games. WoL became my StarCraft after playing for the last 2 years. I've been with StarCraft from the beginning, bought multiple accounts, an announcer, cheered for the e-sports, loved playing this game. Just not lotv. Please bring back my game.gravytrain12 10h
10h Where can I meet Dr. Volakis? House calls her 'cutthroat b****' but I am ready to sacrifice my life to support her. any tips?SmrtAsianGuy0 10h
11h Is the December Balance Update irresponsible? Not withstanding the proposed buffs to Terran. Is the quadruple Protoss Nerf irresponsible given the current PvZ winrate is approx 37% ? This is supposed to be a "Community update". So lets have a Community vote on it!! Like (Vote UP) if you think this proposed update due the week of 18th December needs a serious rethink, and the concerns of the community (of all races) should be listened to. Dislike (Vote DOWN) if you agree with the proposed changes, and that they should all be implemented without further discussion. [Update] Link to the "December Community Balance Update" thread : 11h
11h Tal'darim vs Aiur I honestly think that the Tal'darim should lead the entirety of the Protoss. Aiur is original and where it began, but Aiur is weak. They have no drive and lack the ruthless efficiency needed to cleanse the entire galaxy of all life that is not Protoss. So that is why I personally believe that Lord Alarak needs to have a really big role in SC3 as he strives to annihilate all life that is not Protoss. Only way to truly stop the Swarm is to cut off their food source. Just like in Halo. The rings cleanse all life so as to cut off the food source. That should be Lord Alarak's projective this time around. Let the Tal'Darmim rise and replace Aiur entirely. So the Protoss can take over just as they were always meant to. Do this first by wiping out all of the Terrans to that way there is no food for the Zergs, then go for the Zerg next. That is what must happen. Burn and purge everything with fire. Aiur can try to stop it, but take a close look....Aiur is weak. They were wiped out with relative ease. Not so with the Taldarim. Only way to have ever lasting peace is for the Tal'darim to destroy everything and take over the entire galaxy.Mandalorian3 11h
12h I play NOTHING but people above my league! THIS IS NOT FUN - I play nothing but master master 1 even gms' im DIAMOND its NOT fun to lose all day than,s.AciD20 12h
12h Drone vs. SCV vs. Probe Which do think would win in a head on match between the three and why.xanar13 12h
12h War chest 1 purchuse skins Warchest 1 when can we expect to purchuse the skins ???KaMOKaZi2 12h
12h Terran looks like a dissatisfied housewife Terran has already been IMBA for an edition. But this time, only if Protoss or Zerg become stronger, terran started their complain everywhere and everytime. If there is no patch, how the terran play? This is a competitive game rather than a complain game. But terran is a complain race and only if they complain, they will never loss.Luffy16 12h
13h War Chest: Katowice 2018! Hey look at al these awesome new skins! Wow I can contribute to the Katowice player prize pool as a result of buying these skins?! That's Awesome! Only $9.99 for the Terran Skins and some continued support of all this great content they are making for Starcraft 2? Hot diggity dog, where do I sign up? What the !@#$ do you mean if I don't earn enough XP I won't actually get the skins I paid real money for? NO THANK YOU. I'LL PASS.zenasprime114 13h
13h BALANCED GAME FINAL PROOF This clearly shows the game is now BALANCED and except few small and non existant minor bugs doesn't require any balance patches! it took me almost 5 minutes so please atleast dont say i was lazy in short: -explaination of scouting -unit counters -graphs -main strategy marine vs everythin* -tips -counters -ultralisk to gm a-move guide -hats bonus: -hall of fame (best players 2017 ranking with photos) All just in one top quality 1920x1080 image! *sometimes not vs everythinDukeNukem3 13h