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Nov 28 Community Groups, Events, and Tournaments Although it may not be apparent to forum newcomers, the forum community is very well connected. There are a number of groups we communicate in, a bunch of fun events, and variety of forum tournaments. This is a thread for those who may not be forum regulars who want to learn more about the various forum groups and activities. It is meant to be continuously updated, so if you are an event organizer please post about your group, event, or tournament here and I will add it to the thread! If you run one of the listed events, post here if your thread is nearing the post cap (500 posts, 25 pages) and needs the thread limit increased and we'll see if we can get that fixed for you. Social Groups Discord Chat: ... Forum Poster In-game Chat Group: ... Forum Poster Skype Group: ... Adopt-a-newb: ... Obs Gaming: ... Events Ladder Challenge: ... Current Tournaments [None] Miscellaneous Community Streams: ...TheSkunk44 Nov 28
Apr 21 The Newbies guide to StarCraft II Hello all StarCraft forum goers!!! I decided to make this thread to help out those are new to StarCraft or anybody who is struggling with ladder and looking to improve as a player. Below is a compilation of some things that I thought could assist the average newcomer looking for help. You don’t have to visit all of these links to improve or even any of them, but this is here for anybody who needs it. I included so many links because no one thing will work for everyone so I have gathered all this here so you may decide what will work best for you as an individual and as a StarCraft gamer :D! I will continue to update this thread and add new things as I find them. If you are a StarCraft veteran or newbie and you have anything to add to the list simply post it in the comments and I will add it to the list. Any feedback you have to help better the thread will be greatly appreciated!! Whether you have anything to add to the list, would like to see something edited, or even think I added something that should be removed, all feedback is welcome and will be taken into consideration. For those of you just joining StarCraft II or wanting to get more involved in StarCraft II I strongly suggest you check out Day9 daily #269 and the other Day9 dailies in the Beginner Day9 section. If you have never played an RTS game I would also recommend checking out the beginners guide under the TeamLiquids website section. It explains some of the basics concepts a bit and should give you a good starting point to choose where you want to go with the knowledge. Magnet also has been creating a great guide series for those new to the game that can help those who are beginners and up to the intermediates. Videos, Tutorials, and streams Watching videos and streams of StarCraft is one of the greatest ways to learn. You can watch pro players play so you can copy builds, learn timings, and to help you understand the game better. Many people also post videos online to help give you tips and tricks to “Be a better gamer” – Day9 Starcraft II: World Championship portal (For all things WCS and to watch pro players play) WCS season’s 1 and 2 replays WCS Season 1 of 2014 Blizzard released all of the pro level replays from WCS seasons 1 and 2. If you ever wanted to copy your favorite pros builds and get every little detail that even the casters miss, well then this is the place to do it. “The foreigner scene benefited tremendously from seeing the Korean well-honed builds in all their replay intricacies. Every SC2 notebook opened up after that news.” Streams to watch • Twitch streams • Community Streams RootCatZ Artosis (A well-known StarCraft caster) Day9 (A well-known StarCraft caster) Magnet's Video Tutorials (For every race!) A great collection of "tutorials that are aimed at beginners and intermediate players, but advanced players could pick up a thing or two from watching. They are all contained in a playlist, so you can get started here!" Magnets thread: Direct link to youtube guides: Protoss: Terran: Zerg: Day9 beginner videos • Daily #132 - Mental Checklist • Daily #252 - Secrets of hotkeys, APM and mouse movement • Daily #269 – How to get into sc2 • Daily #312 - How to learn and improve • Daily #419 - Fixing 1 problem at a time Day9 beginner/Intermediate videos These are videos I would like to have put in the beginner section but I wanted to keep that section small and I couldn’t decide one way or another so I put them here. • Daily #184 – Newbie Tuesday #1 • Daily #480 – Finding Leaks in your play • Daily #481 – Zerg Leak finder • Daily #434 – Simplifying problems Day9 intermediate videos • Daily -#257 Refining Mechanics • Daily - #261 Mechanics #2 • Daily - #285 Stealing a Build • Daily - #289 Refining a stolen build • Daily - #340 Gold level analysis • Daily - #341 Reprioritizing your to do list • Daily - #360 Mental Checklist: Exercises Apollo (Yet another well-known StarCraft caster) ApolloSC2 Youtube Starcraft II tutorials for all races (Warning: This was made for Wings of Liberty but it should still be helpful) Terran HotS tutorial part 1 Quick Tips from Apollo • A hotkey setup for terran • How to correctly reinforce your Zerg army FilterSC (Starcraft streamer and well known for his bronze to master’s series) FilterSC YouTube Profile General Bronze to Masters HotS Terran Bronze to Masters HotS FilterSC: HoTS Bronze to Masters - Protoss Combating Ladder Anxiety FilterSC Twitch Stream HTOMario (A grandmaster meching player on NA) HTOMario’s YouTube channel HTOMario: How to Mech TvP HTOMario a TvP video guide compilation! HTOMario a TvZ video guide Compilation! How to Mech TvZ Part 1 - The build order Apr 21
8h Upcoming Balance Update Balance Update Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on the proposed changes. We really appreciated all of the thoughtful discussion! After reading over the feedback, we are preparing to implement the balance changes that have been on the testing matchmaking queue. Terran Thor Thor armor was increased from 1 to 2. Thor morph times reduced from 2.5 to 1.79. Thor morph random delay durations reduced from 0.36 to 0.18. Raven Auto-Turret damage reduced from 24 to 18. Auto-Turret duration increased from 7.14 to 10. Protoss Tempest Kinetic Overload damage increased from 30 (+14 massive) to 30 (+22 massive). Void Ray Prismatic Alignment slows the Void Ray by 40% while active. Zealot Charge upgrade cost lowered from 200/200 to 100/100. Zerg Roach & Infestor Undetected burrow move visual effects should be more visible. Currently, we are planning for these changes to go live next week in the upcoming 3.14 patch. As always, we welcome your thoughts and feedback!Balance Team95 8h
20h Community Update - Thor, Tempest, & esports Hello everyone! We have some small updates planned for next week’s update to the Balance Testing Matchmaking queue. As always these are subject to change prior to a patch going live, so let us know your thoughts and feedback! Thor We would like to try out a different path with changes to the Thor for the next update. Changing its anti-air weapon to flat damage does make the Thor very powerful in sweeping air units, but we feel it also reduced counter play vs the Thor a bit too much. So instead of flatly increasing its air attack we would like to try a buff to the Thor’s survivability and a minor usability improvement. To this end we will be trying the following: Reverting Thor anti air attack to its prior values. Bringing back High Impact Payload Increasing base armor from 1 to 2 Decreasing transformation time between anti air forms This increase in armor should quite noticeably improve the Thor’s durability against quick attacking units like Zerglings thus improving its role in absorbing damage while dealing heavy damage in return during combat. Tempest We like the current direction of the Tempest having more damage against massive air units but would like to tone its damage back very slightly. Reduce Tempest +massive damage from 25 to 22 #WCS Austin & GSL We would like to thank all the players, casters, organizers and viewers who made WCS Austin such a great tournament this past weekend and shout out to Neeb for his victory! We also wish good luck to those currently battling it out in GSL, it’s been a very exciting season and we look forward to more games!Balance Team109 20h
1d Keybinding Change Coming in Patch 3.14.0 We wanted to give the community a heads-up about a specific keybinding change that could potentially disrupt your gameplay if you’re unaware of it. Going forward, we are matching the industry standard and assigning ‘Alt’ + ‘Enter’ to switch between ‘windowed- fullscreen’ and ‘windowed’ display modes. Currently, these keys our bound to the “Chat Individual” function, allowing you to directly messages individual players in a game. This change will be implemented with the release of Patch 3.14.0. You will still have the option to revert this change by assigning custom keybinds, but this will be the new default setting.Traysent9 1d
3d Thank You Everyone! Hello everyone, Design and balance on StarCraft II has been a combined effort among everyone on the design team and our community for quite a while now. We believe that the ongoing communication and collaboration between the design team, pro players, and community will keep SC2 the best it’s ever been as a competitive game. I’ve reached a point in my career where I’ve decided to branch out to a different project, to explore, learn, and grow as a game designer. This other project will be right here at Blizzard, so I hope working on this next game will be as awesome as my experience working on SC2 and with the community. The rest of the SC2 balance team will continue to make updates, and communication with the community will not be interrupted. I want to say thank you to everyone that loves StarCraft. I’ve spent much of my life dedicated to StarCraft like many of you have, and I feel especially connected to our SC2 community as we’ve grown together while making StarCraft II the best and most skill-based esport in the world. It has been such an incredible honor working with you and I will miss seeing how the pure passion flows out of so many people in constructive ways, and having design discussions as a game developer with such a dedicated, intelligent community of gamers was so extraordinary. I will always be grateful for this amazing experience that most game designers around the world just don’t get to experience at such a deep level. Thank you so much everyone and I will continue playing and watching StarCraft II as a fan of the game!Dayvie192 3d
5d "Help a Noob" for players new or returning! New or returning to StarCraft and have a question? Lower league player looking for advice? Anyone of any level of skill can ask any questions relating to SC2. If you answer, make sure you're correct! Be as helpful and specific as you can in your reply, help each other out, and ignore/report trolling. Even if nobody else contributes, I'll try to answer every question to the best of my ability. Resources: Check out the "Adopt A Newb" channel in-game: (or zerg/terran -- be sure to check out their discords) - Lots of great tutorials - The Newbies guide to StarCraft II - collection of links to good learning resources /r/starcraft does this and it's fairly successful, so I thought I'd see how it goes here.TheSkunk169 5d
May 10 Testing Matchmaker Bug We are aware of an issue affecting the Testing Matchmaker wherein the Thor's new armor value will not be correctly assigned in the High Impact Payload mode. Thanks for your patience and understanding while we work to resolve this issue.Arkitas4 May 10
Sep 29 Co-op Missions Update Archive In this post you will find all archived Co-op Missions Updates. Fall 2016: Co-op Missions Update - 3/23 Co-op Missions Update - 11/28 Co-op Missions Update - 9/29 Co-op Missions Update - 9/21Rackle0 Sep 29
Jul 10, 2015 Community Feedback Archive Here you will find all previous Community Feedback Updates. If you want to catch up on the status of Multiplayer discussions, reading the last two or three updates should get you mostly up to speed! Spring 2017: Balance Testing Matchmaker - April 20 Adept Balance Update - April 17 Community Update - April 13 Community Feedback Update - March 30 Community Feedback Update - Season 2 Maps Community Feedback Update - March 16 Balance Update (Reaper) - March 2 Winter 2017: Community Feedback Update - February 10 Widow Mine Feedback Update - January 31 Community Feedback Update - January 27 Community Feedback Update - January 23 Community Feedback Update - January 19 Community Feedback Update - January 6 Community Feedback Update - January 19 Community Feedback Update - January 23 Winter 2016: Community Feedback Update - December 20 Community Feedback Update - December 15 Community Feedback Update - December 5 Community Feedback Update - December 2 Fall 2016: Community Feedback Update - November 17 Community Feedback Update - November 10 Community Feedback Update - November 2 Community Feedback Update - October 28 Community Feedback Update - October 21 Community Feedback Update - October 6 Community Feedback Update - September 30 Summer 2016: Community Feedback Update - September 16 Community Feedback Update - September 9 Community Feedback Update - September 2 Community Feedback Update - August 26 Community Feedback Update - August 19 Community Feedback Update - July 29 Community Feedback Update - July 21 Community Feedback Update - July 15 Community Feedback Update - July 1 Community Feedback Update - June 24 Spring 2016: Community Feedback Update - June 17 Community Feedback Update - June 3 Community Feedback Update - May 27 Community Feedback Update - May 20 Community Feedback Update - May 13 Community Feedback Update - May 3 Community Feedback Update - April 21 Community Feedback Update - April 15 Community Feedback Update - March 24 Winter 2015-16: Community Feedback Update - March 11 Community Feedback Update - March 8 Community Feedback Update - February 18 Community Feedback Update - February 12 Community Feedback Update - February 4 Community Feedback Update - January 29 Community Feedback Update - January 13 Community Feedback Update - January 8 Community Feedback Update - December 18 Community Feedback Update - December 4 Fall 2015: Community Feedback Update - November 25 Community Feedback Update - November 20 Community Feedback Update - November 13 Community Feedback Update - October 29 Community Feedback Update - October 22 Community Feedback Update - October 15 Community Feedback Update - October 8 Community Feedback Update - October 1 Community Feedback Update - September 25 Community Feedback Update - September 18 Community Feedback Update - September 10 Community Feedback Update - September 4 Summer 2015: Community Feedback Update - August 28 Community Feedback Update - August 21 Community Feedback Update - August 14 Community Feedback Update - July 31 Community Feedback Update - July 22 Community Feedback Update - July 17 Community Feedback Update - July 2 Community Feedback Update - June 19Traysent0 Jul 10, 2015
18m Terran? Hello all... so for awhile now I've been dwelling on something sc2 related. And i hesitate to address it as merely saying it invokes a thousand down votes. But honestly after playing all three races a fair bit I've found Terran to be the most stressful and apm intensive race in the game. Im not saying they are the hardest race. Their micro (mainly splitting) isn't particularly hard, despite what some terrans would lead you to believe. But it requires constant attention to your army. Which tends to conpromise ones macro, the endless cycle is rather difficult to keep up with. Admittedly im not the fastest player, my apm only averages 230-270 apm a game. But from my combined experiences I've found that playing terran, is both the funnest, but also the most frustrating experience in game. Again my own bias may be sticking out as my zvt is currently 84% while my tvz is currently below 50... despite having a huge understanding off the zerg race. And to a lesser extent the same is true for tvp. I'll admit that terran is very easy in other areas. For example they aren't highly reactive, and not a lot off thought process goes into playing them. Its more about mechanics and executing the same strategy over and over again without slip up. While with protoss the difference between absolutely crushing your opponent and losing miserably is determined by a single force field or overcharge. Much the same as a single drone could mean the difference between falling behind irreversibly in the econ. Or our right dying. Both races require insane game sense. But terran! They kind off break the rules in my oppinion. Terran is the cast out race. Simple in theory. But impossible in action! While terran does have a late game, executing it requires virtually no slip ups watsoever. In my oppinion a large majority off terrans victorys are achieved via well timed pushes or timing attacks. If there was a statistic for terran winrates in the late game. When they are on an even footing. I believe the stats would not look kindly on our human brethren. While they aren't statistically imbalanced I believe they are fundamentally imbalanced. I believe that several moves should be made to normalize the terran race so that, while the mid game and the concept off slowing down ones opponent is a strong suit off the race. It is not an abolute reaquirement and necessity to win a game. I honestly can't say with any conviction what these ideas are but ultralisk armour, and protoss instant splash damage are two areas we could start with looking at. Not to mention reconsidering the way mech interracts with ravagers, swarm hosts, broodlords, immortals, and disruptors.Hydralisk3 18m
18m WM vs Probes: the ugly duckling of sc2. The "WAAAAAAAH DELETE WIDOW MINE" thread was deleted, regardless of whether or not that was justified I feel that the thread ended in a very logical and civil debate in regards to how Widow Mines specifically interact with Probes so I'm resurrecting that thread but only within a civil and logical context. Please don't derail this thread into name calling and other nonsensical crap! If you agree/disagree, please post why as discussion can't happen with bad quality posts! For those who are unaware of what I'm talking about, the thread ended up discussing Game 1 of Stats vs Innovation It wasn't a discussion about Stats losing as he did make build order mistakes, but rather it was a discussion about ease of use vs ease of counter and how that game highlighted that specific issue very well at the absolute highest level of play. What do you think about that game 1 demonstrating how Widow Mines have an unfair unit interaction with probes (and only probes imo, Widow Mines are perfectly balanced when considering every other unit interaction).DankTemplar54 18m
24m Swarm hosts > mech An entire tech tree negated by 1 unit....Dreadlord28 24m
27m How to Buy Namechange ? i would Like oneNebulA8 27m
36m Raven need to be adressed Raven is just too good right now, especially the tourett ability. During wol, infested terrans were nerfed because it was too good, but a tourett do the dps of 4 infested terrans for 50 energy instead of 100, and has +2 range and even +3 with upgrades... The energy cost must be increased at least to 75, and the DPS decreased of 15-25%Imperator18 36m
38m How do you play offline? Okay this is really pissing me off. Every time I click play offline it just takes me to the login screen.Krotux1 38m
1h Killing workers vs Killing workers I have been thinking about killing workers and why its sometimes its considered extremely stupid and other times very exciting. I think the key of unlocking this is the next formula: If killing workers take no effort but is very rewarding, then this is obviously silly and not exciting. But if there is a good amount of effort and skill invested, this can be very exciting. Think of it this way, what will you rather watch ? Disruptor or immortal drop or an oracle ? thor or tank or helbats drop or an liberator ? And if a single flying unit is not only more efficient than a drop, but takes less effort and resources, why bother with drops ? I propose the next idea to stimulate drops, effort and skill: SCVs+probes+drones gain a passive ability that reduces all damage done by flying units to maximum of 9. This way, if you want to kill workers, you need to use some creativity.Gas8 1h
1h Buff Vikings Since the Viking is the worst AtA Unit by far with an HP Pool of 125 an mediocre range pitty dps slow movement an insane damage point and an close to worthless Transformation MAYBE we can make the worst Air Unit worth a damn? Since Vikings lose to EVERY Single AtA unit. ( Yes even Phoenix) MAYBE we coud use a buff like: 125HP -> 165HP Dps +33% also shots merged to 1 projektile. Transformation speed halved. +1 Range Its something to do since the Viking is a bad joke right now.Learning38 1h
1h Need help with FPS My friend started playing Starcraft and he is complaining about how much he lags and he contains 1fps when a lot of a lot action/movement is happening in the game. He wants to know if it's his computer or his internet. I don't have this problem since i receive good internet/comp so can someone tell me what his problem is? Thanksyodaddy1 1h
2h fire the dev team! Remember when they took out the warhound because people stop building marauders why is the adept still in the game, protoss has official stop making zealots! Edited for language. -ModerationMMA9 2h
2h Starcraft 2 is not declining If you look at the number of games played per day it is almost the same now as 1.5 years ago. So the game is not declining. 2h
4h Find a friend I can't find a player that I had played with in a coop match in SC2 because I don't find out any tool to do that. My fault was not adding or chatting with him before hit the Leave button. His name is "oliving", a player in Asia server. Help me by give me his SC2 gametag if you can. Thank you very much!Domb1 4h
4h I was tilted when I was watching SC stories. Why is every human in Starcraft story videos, especially Kerrigan(when she was fully human), has abnormally small eyes? Is she supposed to be Asian(but she doesn't look Asian but she has Asian eyes)? Why couldn't Blizzard just use a normal standard face ? little things like this really confuse me and tilt me.SmrtAsianGuy2 4h
4h When next patch? + about Thor Buff. Guys, anyone knows the date of next patch??? Damn i cant wait :( Bliz never announce the date T^T Plus. I am realy worry about the thor buff. Its good as a Terran player that thor is getting buff. But i think this is a bit wrong way. What am i worrying is, TvT early Thor+Medivac drop. Yeah, i know this sounds rly sily. But think about it. Thor+Medivac is still strong IF, i said IF, Opponent does not know in TvT. But we had, good AA cyclone, now Trash AA, but strong ground cyclone. Which can defeat thors easily. Or just bunch of marines with cyclone+vikings help. BUT. guys, when thor will get 2 armor buff. Early few marines and Cyclone CAN NOT KILL The THOR. Cyclones dps based on atk speed, which is becomes very weak after armor upgardes. So as marines. Just imagine how marines are weak vs Ultras. Its the same. BUT after patch, Thor will get +1 armor. This is veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery dangerous. Just.... think about it. Trust me. After the patch. It will be early thor+medivacs massacres in TvT.AltrougE0 4h
4h Poll Remove AUS and Brazil from NA server. starkiller30 4h
5h Idea for Zerg Air-to-Air Been seeing lots of complaints about Skytoss (particularly Carriers) vs Zerg. An idea struck me: - In the past, people had suggested a "charge"-like ability for Corruptors to move in close to deal damage to enemy units. - Parasitic Bomb is a good tool for dealing with lots of small air units. - PB proved too strong being able to specifically target Interceptors. With all of this, what if PB could be cast on friendly air units for Zerg (still not dealing friendly splash, just the single-target damage for the unit cast on)? Example: cast on Corruptors to help deal with Interceptors, but not able to particularly target Interceptors. This could lead to more micro on both sides, moving the friendly Zerg units with PB on them towards clumps of Interceptors, with the Carrier player avoiding those units or retreating temporarily or quickly focusing down the units with PB while still taking some damage in return as the trade-off unless they wanted to use other units to do so. Thoughts?NinjaDuckBob6 5h
6h Sustainable eSports? What games and genre would be the future and sustainability of eSports Leagues and prizes for pc gaming? I feel that if I spend the next 6 years training sc2 to be as good as as stats so too would he be six years ahead of me and probably onto sc remastered. What are some games I can spend 4-6 years on and be competitive and win and prizes? Think of this as an investment of timeSpartan12 6h
12h Reducing of mass Air battles my idea Maybe a way to reduce Sky armies(like carrier/BC/Raven/VR) is to buff air to air units like corruptor and viking for toss i would really say tempest could make this because phönix is already strong The main army of Sky Armies are units that can attack both ground and air (Captial ships BC/Carrier) Both Carrier and BC have a fast cooldown on attacks and low dmg So i would say they could give all races main Counter Air to Air unit for them more armor reduce dps heavy of captial ships To beginn Viking i think start them having 2 armor and 1dmg vs armored so the upgrade scale works for +2 vs armored For the corruptor +1 armor to 3 base armor And for tempest because its the only 6 supply unit and having part shields +2 armor like viking to 3 base armor maybe 1 shield armor if blizzard would do this this allow them to counter capital ships way way better One problem is that vikings gonna be even stronger against Colossi what could kill the unit in the TvP so we need to buff Colossi a bit Because dmg is decent and fair that it got reduced during change from hots to lotv they need more abillity to survive a bit longer or reduced price Reducing price isn't often a option because thor and ultra both share all cost i would say we only could reduce the upgrade to 100/100 but it would still way easier to snipe with more dmg and armor of the viking(less risk) So are there 2 options increase range&micro or just HP/Armor buff So i think Range would be better in this case because it can kite vikings then way better into storm or stalkers i would increase is base to 8 +the upgrade gonna be +2 to a total range of 10 Or increase its hp +50 + 1armor but that is just boring the best option in my opinion then is going for extra range and maybe +1 armor to match the other 2 heavy ground tech units with 300/200/6 after patched thor he starts with 2 aswell What do you think about it plz comment if it could be possible or gamebreaking and explain it plz so everyone can disscuss what on this idea could potential change to make it okCommander22 12h
12h Remake SC BroodWar with SC2 Graphics Everything the same, except graphics. The remastered version would kindle a rebirth of RTS eSports. The SC2 trilogy is mediocre. I'd pay $59.99 for a remastered Brood War. Thanks Blizzard.LegalEagle16 12h
12h Have you ever played a zerg so bad That he killed all of your scv's, but still lost. #JustDiamondThings replay: 12h
12h REMOVE FREE MULES Lets remove FREE MULES and replace it with a spell that gives Terran the same income but does so by buffing scvs. This will actually force terrans to play good instead of getting OP FREE MULES that allow them to NOT SUFFER from worker harassment like the other 2 races.Overmind99 12h
13h Brood lord buff plz hp 225 heavy, movement speed... wt...........kimchi46 13h
16h Causation does not imply correlation The disconnect with the balance team The game has become korean, if they complain it gets balance right away and if they dont it wont, no matter how many post NA put on reddit. For too long the devs have been too focus on the korean scene and the big problem with this is seen in the unit balance. The korean pro players focus on mindset and game mechanics and not on strategies and build orders and unit comp unlike NAs is turtle speed balance. Imbalance unit goes under the radar for way too long than it should be because of the koreans. Simply they dont complain much because of their skill and imbalance units goes undetected. The reason why they win most of the game despite units being imbalance is that they are just too skillful for their own good, and because of the NAs lower skill level they hit the wall way more quicker see the imbalance unit way faster than koreans so they complain first and koreans just laugh at them. So guys stop blaming the devs for the turrle slow game balance they simply cater more to the koreans and not to you. The problem with balance is that the koreans because of their skill level they win despite of it and win rate statistic doesn't matter because of this. This is why causation does not imply correlation.MMA27 16h
16h First step in fixing carriers late game. Make it so that interceptors have lower target priority than carriers themselves. This way, we can spread out corruptors in a 260+ degree angle and a-move them, while controlling our other units. If we want to kill interceptors, we can just hold position micro. The fact that we have to focus fire every single unit when fighting skytoss makes it so we overkill like crazy, and tend to clump up more making us more vulnerable to storm/archon. Considering how easy carriers armies are to control, its a bit unfair how much the opposing players has to micro. And even with top micro, the fights arent ever that good. Another step wouuld be to just REMOVE the big mothership, its not needed and makes the army way overkill. If they focus the overseer its over. Lets not even talk about the fact that carriers can attack while moving...Snake27 16h
18h Why is NA ladder weaker than EU ? ( na ladder have got more games/day according to rankedftw )LeGallou36 18h
19h Is this the last year for SC2? I know what you think, but two things makes me wonder this: 1)AfreecaTV ASL now is casted in english. 2)SC1 HD remastered: I hope this can be confirmed. When I was watching ASL I can see that they have a big crowd not as when there are GSL games where the studio is almost empty. Also you can see in the ASL crowd there's a lot of young people even when the game is almost 20 years old, and in the other hand SC2 is not develepoing new players, as we all know. I think Blizzard is done with SC2 they know that the game will not come to be as popular even as SC1 currently is, and now I think they will attempt to bring back SC1, as the biggest e-sport. This is not a troll thread, also I'm not worried if that happens I think SC1 is way better than SC2, just watch ASL. But if that happens such a big failure on Blizzard side.Raynor23 19h
20h Only 7 more months And then libs will be nerfed again and thors will get plus vs light. Fire this balance teamDreadlord2 20h
20h has race identity grown weaker over time? as the title says, do you think what makes each race itself and unique has grown weaker over time? more so for some races than others. playing wings of liberty vs legacy of the void made me feel like protoss and zerg in particular lost a fair bit of there charecter, for example if you look at orginal game guide it says "Pound for pound, the protoss field StarCraft II’s strongest and most durable units. That power comes at a price, as their units tend to be costly." and i feel like in wings of liberty that was very much true with the old immortal/colossus/void rays it felt like protoss had the strongest late game tech units and would produce the most powerful maxed army, although take longer to get there. for zerg it felt that in the past that they always needed more supply, and a 200 supply zerg army would not stand up well against a 200 supply terran or protoss one, but they could rebuild units so quickly if there first wave didn't break you there second wave would ect. nowadays it feels like zergs max army is just as scary as the other races if not more scary, and they can to a degree still macro up much faster than the other races. i'm assuming these changes are mostly for game balance, as i'm guessing its harder to balance a game with more diverse races, but do you think its worth it, and do you think the races have become less unique.ilkbailk8 20h
1d Nerf beep beep I have been waiting for the coyote to catch beep beep for more than 20 years but it never happened. I can't take it anymore. Nerf that dumb chicken please.BugBunnylisk4 1d
1d SEA to NA I have just switched to NA server and it's pretty good. I hardly find a game on SEA server under 5 min and NA was only 10 sec. WOW! My ping was 150 and I wonder are there some ways to improve it ? I believe I read somewhere that you can do something with ISP/router ?Vikaroot3 1d
1d Why skins is paid? The game is already collapsing( as of player population)You should make skins is free so as may be attract the players for playing( to loving different unit graphic).This is just suggest not backbiting.QuuZoro19 1d
1d this map does not allow replays can not replay ranked matches.. is this a bug or am i missing somethingReNdItIoN4 1d
1d Why protoss is the least popular race? Due to statistics alone, there are the least number of protoss players comparing to other races. Almost every forum states that protoss is a horrible imba and should be nerfed. So, why do you think there are so few protoss?FlyReaper75 1d
1d Oracle revelation concern Anyone else finding this ability problematic? Especially in TvP? It just feels very abusive considering that there isn't really anything that can catch Oracles. Kind of just hope the Protoss is negligent at the right times for a Widow Mine or mass of Marines to kill them. Had a game like this yesterday and watched some other games with the same style. The basic idea is that Phoenix and Adept are mass produced, Oracles forever tag your units so they always see where they are. No Observers required anymore, unfortunately. Balance complaining isn't my intention but it wasn't very fun to struggle and turtle on two, trying to get three, bases while the Protoss saturates 3 bases with Phoenix, Adept and Oracles tagging everything. Doesn't seem very fun imho, I mean if Oracles can replace the need for Observers then you might as well give Protoss a robotics AA unit to replace the need for StarGate. Edit: In short it's not very fun when Oracles forever tag your units and reveal them for forever with no repercussions other than a one-time Mineral, Gas and supply cost. Scans, I know they exist but they don't follow armies and don't even last nearly as long. Each scan also means fewer minerals coming in via MULEs and/or fewer supply drops to save 100 minerals and prevent blocks. So in the case of Scans vs Revelation, Revelation has way more benefits to it.Zephyn39 1d
1d protoss why is it so impossible to beat skytoss as terran, wtf... tempest voidray storm archon seems to be pretty much almost unbeatable terran needs what to land PERFECT emp's SEEKERS PDD's AND STILL SPLIT toss army, aclick, storm. cmon man.KingSTARK15 1d
1d Back after 5 year hiatus So i have not played in over 5 years and was surpised that i retained relative hotkey proficiency. Who else had a long break only to return to a familar and easy return?Arcavian4 1d
1d The game is slowly dying It’s not just a meme anymore. Viewership for tournaments keeps slowly declining, therefore sponsors leave and fewer tournaments are organized. The end of Proleague and dissolution of all korean pro teams but Jin Air Green Wings in October 2016 was the beginning of the end, if not before. StarCraft 2 is not dead yet but it’s gonna be at some point. Well that depends how you define death I suppose. For some people it’s already been dead for a long time as we all know the meme and the numbers, for others it won’t be as long as there are tournaments with a few cash or even just players to play against. What is not a question to debate is that it is becoming harder and harder to be a StarCraft 2 pro. Players such as TLO have recently talked about this numerous times: «Every single tournament it feels like you're fighting for survival now. It’s hard to make a living of sc2 without results these days, there are few tournaments. This is not easy mentally.» So this leaves Blizzard with two simple choices. They can either accept it, or they can ask themselves why is this occurring and is it possible to reverse the situation to draw past and new players to StarCraft 2? My opinion is they don’t care much anymore. With all expansions released, the hype has past and most importantly the money they get from their last RTS is very thin compared to their other titles. They recently let go David Kim to “work on another project”. Since the guy has been the head responsible for the balance of SC2 all these years, good and bad mixed, I think that is quite telling. Why is the game dying? There are lots of complains on the place the game is at the moment. It's not just balance but the way the game is generally designed: its economy, the throw units away harassment based play, the state of the Protoss race, the multiple tech routes and styles Zerg have while Terran can only play viably one strong but only path, units such as adepts/swarmhosts/autoturrets/carriers, the low risk high reward of some very aggressive builds, etc. The direction of the game these past few months makes its present and future not bright. Balance updates are so slow to come out. The game is still fun, but not as fun as it used to be. And it is definitely less rich on his strategic aspect which was the most interesting thing StarCraft is about for me. Therefore I don’t find it worth playing anymore on a consistent basis. StarCraft 2 is slowly dying. This had been a great game.Meliw34 1d
1d WCS EU playoffs, where were the Terrans? Is anybody else even slightly concerned that there were only 2 terrans in today's playoffs, and that none of their games were even cast before they got eliminated? GSL and SSL seem to have a good racial distribution, why is EU so deprived of terrans?Kriegdonasu9 1d