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13h sky toss imbalanced most of it has to do with the AIs retardation with carriers. we are supposed to focus fire carriers with corruptors. but shift clicking almost always results in AI retardation. so how are we supposed to neural parasite the void rays that 1 shot corruptors? ALLOW US TO SHIFT ATTACK CLICK WITHOUT THE AI CHANGING ITS MIND! HOW ABOUT TRYING TO CODE THAT BLIZZARD ?!?!?! unbelievablenova0 13h
13h zerg paper mache skin blizzard should make a zerg paper mache skin because thats exactly what zerg isnova2 13h
14h State of the Game! Alright, my take on the Game currently (protoss Dia 3): pvp : If you happen to meet a protoss you have a 75% chance that it will be a cannonrush pvz : rush colossus or die, while rushing colossus take great care to not die to zergling drop/ zergling runbys or baneling busts with simultaneous zergling drop. If you manage to get colossus you have a 50% chance of dying to mutas instantly. tvp: go mass adept every game, then rush storm, colossus and mass anti air or die to stimmed mmm with liberator (possibly mines), if you get storm, colossus, mass stalker you win, otherwise you lose. So fun, fun. I'm kinda repeating myself here but I don't get why blizzard insists on protoss being so crappy? 1. Give stalkers 14 flat damage, they will still be crap. if necessary lower their hp, but for god's sake give protoss at least one unit that can move fast and doesn't have absolutely pathetic damage output 2.Kill the MSC, Photonovercharge is the highest DPS that protoss has, the problem is with the gateway units, don't cover it up with this annoying hero unit. 3. VoidRay, please think about the idea of letting the void have a passive ability that makes it stronger if it doesnt move.. think of it as diverting all power to the beam from the engines, and if it moves let the beam power degrade gradually, give it maybe +1 range, if it rests long enough, or at least +1 range for when the beam is locked on already (to take down fleeing medivacs etc..), this way protoss will finally get one good defensive and void rays become a bit more usable 4.Photon cannons, they are really not that great as a defense vs mm or hydra or roach, but they are fricking deadly as a rush... this is idiotic. There has been an idea once upon a time... the phase cannon. Change the photon cannon build time to be twice or thrice of what its now. Add the phase upgrade to the forge or twilight council. It will allow photon cannons to warp to another location in half the current build time. This will prevent stupid cannon rushes but allow for cannon pushes in late game and make it less punishing to build defense walls since you can reuse them at a new expansion after the old one ran dry. 5.How about exchanging warpgate research and zealot charge? Zealot charge is really not that useful if researched later on and zealots are worthless without it. At the same time Warpgate allows for very strong early pushes through proxy pylon and gateways. Swap them and protoss will have faster early game defense and at the same time blink stalkers will be delayed or have to be played without warpgate. Fast zealots are fun but quickly become worthless (vs widowmines or banelings for example). Turn it into an easy early game upgrade (150/150) like stim, because that is what it resembles the most. 6.Remove the colossus as an AoE Unit. As long as it is there, even in its weakened state, it's still by far the most superior DPS in the protoss arsenal. Remove the AoE, instead make it a bit more mobile, with more single target DPS. That will allow all other Units to be buffed without making endgame armies too strong and will allow for smaller squads of 3-5stalker + 1 colossi to be usable (currently their DPS is so low in low number that they lose vs almost everything unless massed together) #DeathToTheMothershipCoreFreeborn4 14h
15h Coop commanders All co op commanders should have a playable character in coop mode. It's fun. Make Stronkclarrus1 15h
15h Zerg the complete race Zerg race is fun to play casue u have many oppertunitys to play your Style and many unti compositions works- u can scout very early and often- have map control and can play straight makro aswell as aggresive - most of the time its enought to have 2-3 unit types to have a nice synergy Protoss race: protoss is forced to 1-2 main syles casue all other doesnt work ( with some variation in it) - your scout ability is bad- u only have observer that can be sniped- u cant have good map control as protoss in generell- as toss u cant play straight makro- u need a great earlie harass otherwise zerg will overswarm u in mid game what is very hard to to casue of queens and the free scout of zerg and there map control - and the biggest problem i see in protoss is these: Protoss army reley very much on a synergy of like minimum 4-5 unit types- toss needs a buff in gateway units- casue if u woud build only gateway units- they all have no change vs any ling/bane roach/ravangerIIIIIIIIIIII9 15h
16h Central = 1000+ping, freeze every 2 seconds. Fix your servers, any game i get central currently is a freee loss. Its super lag literally game frozen entire game with thousands of latency. If i get any other server than central its fine. CEntral is free loss.. like 10 losses in last few hours to that.... zzzz Just deactivate central until u can fix issues?Snake10 16h
18h 3v3v3v3 in 2 hours, signups still open! Looking for more people for the event. I'm confident that I can get the rest of the players if I can get a couple more from here. The time of the event will run anywhere from 12 to 2 PST depending on how fast the game starts once everybody is there and how long it runs. I expect it to be less than an hour long, but it could always be longer. If you want to play, you can sign up here or you can message me, LickABoss #1469. Signups so far: 1. LickABoss 2. UknownSoldur 3. Positron 4. Qendel 5. HeReTiC 6. King Valkyrik 7. Deathwing As expected, I can take up to 12, and groups of 2, and 3 are fine as well as solo sign ups. You can sign up any time up to the event. If you're still interested in the hours just before it, feel free to message me. If you're interested in this event or future events, I suggest you join group "LickABoss Massive FFA". I will coordinate the event through the chat of that group, in addition to adding updates there.LickABoss7 18h
20h Snake Vs Avilo Oh dear oh dear... Just watched that on stream.... snake how do you feel?Turtle43 20h
20h Protoss vs Sky Terran? Ravens obliterate both Protoss ground and sky balls. I'm guessing the answer is some variation of "Kill them mid-game," but with what? Robo can't shoot up, most gateway units can't shoot up, and the ones that can do no damage. Maybe some kind of Blink Stalker all in, but a few tanks will stop that immediately. I keep getting Sky Terran opponents and the only response I can think of is Sky Protoss, and I just watched 12 3/3 Carriers die in 3 seconds to a Raven Ball.Gigan7 20h
21h View Score Screen from Replay? Is there a way to view the score screen after you've already closed it? Like from a replay?Oddible3 21h
21h Nerf Baneling´s HP to what it was Since Blizzard made new changes for SC2 ladder, I have been seeing how many Terran BIO players are struggling even more than before against zerlings, banelings and mustalisk composition. I suggest to nerf baneling´s HP to 35 because it is not so easy to split. It is even worse when they make tons of zerlings. You might be thinking that using widow mines is the correct respond against this but it is not entirely true, a zerg player can easily send his Overseers and use them as baits or simply send some zerlings. And it is not the only problem, since Liberators have been nerfed (it does not have bonus against light units), zerg players are making mass mutas all over again, making it very difficult for us. The new Thors are not so helpful against this composition due to the amount of resources it needs, it takes time to make one or two and it is easy to counter with a lot of zerglings which are made in seconds.HeadLong31 21h
21h Adepts are still broken by design Just saying... Imagine Blueflame hellbats shading into mineral lines, with increased range and Warpprism support (pickuprange, additional warp ins). There you have 'em, the good ol' adept. I still don't understand how they got out of beta^^ Redesign this crap, it has nothing to do in a RTS. Give protoss players a real unit like dragoons, not something that is specialised in killing workers.Larez9 21h
1d [Spoilers] Please make the epilogue non-cannon So after finishing the epilogue missions on my EU account there is only 1 conclusion I have. The Epilogue is one of the biggest disasters in story writing history. I don't even know if there is a worse storywriting, it is nothing compared to the Mass Effect 3 disaster. hell even Dukem Nukem Forever is a shakespear poet compared to this !@#$. So let me get it straight, after Amon is unable to control the Golden Armada and Tal'darime and Moebius has been destroyed, he is only left with the Hybrids and Aiur Zerg. Well we see that the Aiur Zerg just disappear before the scene where Artanis honoured Zeratul. Maybe the Queen of Blades claimed the Aiur brood I don't know. But the Hybrids are still free right? So after that Kerrigen (who didn't did any %^-* during LotV while she was ''the most important character'') contacted Artanis and Raynor to say ''jow guys the Swarm is not strong enough so please help me with entering a massive door that leads to a massive hell'' and they where just okey, lets do this together. Than they entered a magic world where Duran is and get payback from Stukov (which was the only good thing in the whole Epilogue) and than some Xel'naga want to transform Kerrigen into a Xel'naga just to destroy Amon to live happily forever??? WHAT???? So uhhh Blizzard was bought by Disney? Fine if they allianced themsevles against Amon but 1) not in just 3 missions and 2 the way they did is ridiculous. It is laughable, even Michael Bay would hate this. It is enormously bad. THIS IS NOT BLIZZARD QUALITY (even for this Blizzard) hell CoD is better at making (the same) campaigns. So please make this ending non-cannon or ''it was all a dream'' from Raynor who woke up in his own vomit (the epilogue felt like a wired dream anyway) and make a GOOD ending. A expansion with 30 missions on a massive fleet where you play 10 missions for each race (so in fact a expansion focused on random) going to the last remaining Hybrid planets to kill of the last Hybrids and to finish off Amon for good who is now resurrected as a new overmind or super Hybrid. At least that is better than the !@#$ we have now. Please Blizzard, don't make Sc2 ''the game with the worst ending'' Save the Sc2 trilogy!Rutte59 1d
1d SC2 slow when singleplayer Why does this happen? Campaign, against AI, etc... But when I go against other people, it's just fine, why does this happen? ._.GenX3 1d
1d Return of Hardened Shield? Just spitballing, and there are probably lots of circumstances I don't think of considering, but couldn't the Immortal's Hardened Shields make a return in current LoTV balance? The current cyclone would shred right through it after all, so its not a huge problem for mech I would think. EDIT: This isnt to say Barrier isn't a good ability, but rather to discuss possible alternatives Blizz could do.Rikkmaery9 1d
1d "SC2 Players are toxic" Just want to say first of all LMAO You think SC2 players are toxic? Have you even tried playing a team game like CS GO, DOTA2 LoL? If you have not. Then your idea of "toxic" compared to other games is completely dismissed. The amout of !@#$ you will receive from 4 other people in games like those will vastly out number the amout of %^-* you get from your oppponent in a 1 v 1 game of sc2! AND IM NOT EVEN TALKING ABOUT YOUR OPPONENTS IN THOSE GAMES LMAO. In those games you will get shredded for playing your role wrong or doing stupid !@#$ LMAO. At least in sc2 its 1 v 1. And every mistake you made is your fault. In those games your teammates will shred you. And they are probably right lmao. I love to hear about how "toxic" the SC2 scene is compared to other games. And every time i read a thread like that i just laugh my %^- off. Knowing this person has not played another team game competitively ever before! But keep saying the SC2 community is toxic..... My god. We are not 1/2 as bad as other communities! When i play a very bad player on unranked I do my best to point them to or . Trying to help them get better so maybe they can learn something! These are things people did for me! Never in my time playing other games (csgo dota lol) did anyone ever take THEIR time to point me in the right direction! So to me its infuriating to see people say "SC2 is so toxic" When in reality its not even close to the other popular games. grrrrrrrrrMcNasty20 1d
1d Ok, so basically this new patch was: - Buffing Terran. - Giving the illusion to buff Protoss with useless buff. - Nerfing Zerg. Hydra's buff reverted without any compensation (thank you for that), cyclone buff and viper's nerf implemented. Raven nerf ignored. I'm now waiting for the baneling and ravager nerf coming up soon. And yes, in case you are wondering, this is a QQ thread. Sincerely, Your favourite Zerg player, BugBunnyliskBugBunnylisk30 1d
1d Zerg vs Alien (Xenomorphs) Alright real talk. I am a big fan of SC lore and what not. In my constant endeavor to procrastinate from doing homework, i got to thinking... Who would win. Zerg or Aliens from ( from the AVP universe) I got to thinking...both: adapt. Assimilate. will die for the greater advancement of their race. have no remorse. are natural predators. my money is on the Zerg because i feel they are more organized but then again the aliens have wiped on worlds as well in their respective universes. Thoughts? comments? fun conversation? go!Jaydef59 1d
1d Relaunch SC2 to Save It Here are some of the main problems limiting the size of the playerbase: 1. The game costs $40. 2. The business model appears confusing (there's a new "which expansion should I buy" thread on Reddit every week). 3. The game looks intimidating to learn, although it really isn't. 4. Lack of exposure. Blizzard should address these problems and relaunch SC2 to increase the playerbase. No more dead game jokes. This plan involves the following components. 1. Rebrand the Starter Edition as the base game, and make it free to play, except for campaign. A restriction will be needed for 1v1 ranked mode to reduce smurfing (see Point 5). 2. Simplify the business model making WoL and HotS give access to LotV multiplayer and LotV co-op heroes. This brings WoL and HotS players into LotV multiplayer and it means that the entire multiplayer is available in the base game and the campaign is the only gameplay content in WoL, HotS, and LotV. 3. Commission some well-produced videos about gameplay basics (hotkeys, control groups, micro, macro, unit compositions, learning from replays, etc.) for new players. Not rambling videos that go on for an hour but concise 10 minute videos that make a new point every 30 seconds. 4. Advertise everywhere. Get SC2 in the news with the key message being the free content. Make a video about the SC2 relaunch. 5. To reduce smurfing in 1v1 ranked under a free to play model, free accounts, which don't include accounts that have bought any of the 4 campaigns, should be required to play the equivalent of ~20 hours (possibly measured in levels) or buy a 1v1 ranked pass to unlocked 1v1 ranked. When 1v1 ranked is locked they would have access to unranked but this would only allow them to be matched with other unranked players (unless their queue times become very long) so as to not affect ranked. This 5-point plan could help save SC2 and bring players in.Eigenscape12 1d
1d Attract new players and make SC popular again Sorry in advance for all the grammar mistakes and misspellings you gonna find in this post. I’m not a native english speaker. Question 1: What could possibly attract new players to play Starcraft and encourage them to invest some time in learning how to play the game ? Question 2: How can we keep existing customers happy and encourage them to continue playing Starcraft ? This game needs to change, it’s a fact. Let’s help blizzard to figure this out and save this game once and for all. Feel free to add your suggestions even if they are silly. Sometimes the silliest ideas end up being the best ones. Please, forget about balance issues here. LOL and Dota are imbalance but these 2 games attract tons of new players and players do not leave the game. It means that the problems starcraft is facing lies somewhere else. Now, It is time for brainstorming. ====================================================================== I came up with 10 suggestions: 1 - Advertising 2 – Grand master play off 3 - Challenges to accomplish every weak/every month/every year 4 - Organize pro team major tournaments 5 - Having the possibility to decorate our in game menu 6 - Reward the best player in each league ( from bronze to GM ) 7 - Small documentaries about pro players 8 - Make the game easier and funnier to play 9 - Play for money 10 - F2P ======================================================================= 1- Advertising Goal: create awareness, attract new players Imho, this is the primary reason why Starcraft is not popular anymore. Blizzard completely failed at promoting Starcraft effectively. No offence but what is going on with the people in charge of the promotion of this game ? It seems like you had no solid promotion strategy from the start. You thought having an epic game named ‘’Starcraft’’ would be enough to attract new players ? You thought investing in only one advertising campaign before the launch of the first game and its expansions would be enough ? Currently, there is no Starcraft advertising on internet, how do you want to attract new players like this ? It’s impossible ! Every time I watch a stream on Twitch, I see tons of League of legend advertisings. You want to make starcraft popular again ? take a risk and invest in a huge advertising campaign NOW. I’m not only talking about print ad here but real video advertisings ! Furthermore, advertising will not only help blizzard to reach new potential customers but will make existing Starcraft players happy and keep them loyal to Starcraft. I explain you why. What does the regular starcraft player would subconsciously think after he sees a Starcraft advertising on internet or on television ? A bit silly but pretty much this: ( read it in your head with on a naive and dumb tone ) => ‘’ Wow, what a great ad ! it means Blizzard still cares about the game and wants to attract new players. This game might not actually be dead, it is still alive because it is still advertised !!! ’’ Yes, what is still alive is still advertised. Please do not underestimate the power of advertising. It is the most powerful tool in marketing. Do not be greedy and invest some money in it. I can assure you, you will get a good return on investment. All the big brands in the world know this. They constantly invest huge amount of money in their advertising campaign to keep their lead on the market. Dior, channel, Louis Vuitton, Rolex, all these big names would have DIED a long time ago without a good promotion strategy.BugBunnylisk73 1d
1d Opened Reaper -> Hellion -> Banshee Opponent reports me for harassment :DBlizzRuinedT3 1d
1d One Base Terran Is so much funzies! I have such great success with Terran one base play. Even when people scout it they have trouble dealing with it :D Don't get me wrong. I'm happy that Terran players can play the late game now with Raven Mech, but why go through all that trouble? Having to manage a platoon of squishy, flying spell casters requires too much baby sitting and contant micro. Just like the Ghost. With one base play, Terran can do just like the other races. A+click :D Force engagement with Seige Tank, and a+click that natural baby! Why try to macro with a Zerg when he gets 2 reactored barracks, and a Command Center in one package for 300 minerals? Why try to macro with a Protoss when their macro mechanic is automatic, and allows them to produce workers 33% faster than you? Man eff that. One base Terran for LIFE.BlizzRuinedT7 1d
1d Raven + Mech Conundrum Blizzard, I am a terran player and I am asking you to consider nerfing the freaking Raven. This turtle mech to raven style is terribly boring to watch and play against. It is obviously not very easy to execute because defensively, decision making has to be very good. But, once the raven count goes up, it becomes a turret-!@#$-fest to watch. Looking at everything that you have been doing with the cyclone tells me that you are completely confused about the role of the cyclone at any stage of the game. Playing around with the ground attack and range instead of modifying it into a reliable AA option for mech, which pro players indicate on an everyday basis, shows the lack of critical thinking. To understand this meta, you have to think why mech players choose to mass raven and turtle until they get there. It is solely because of the lack of reliable AA. All current AA units are gas intensive, so mid game timings are pretty much non-existent with mech, because of the threat of AtG from the other two races. The Thor was changed but to be honest, it is a terrible unit. It is slow, AA is better but still not good enough and does not come out early enough in the game to assist in a more dynamic mid-game play. I would rather wait to get more vikings instead. You changed the AI recently to prioritize air units in an "attempt" to provide AA for mech. This is another example of a change that was not well thought out. The other day I was engaging into a zerg with roach hydra in mid game and guess what the Thors were doing in that battle; gunning down bloody overseers. It has to be one of the most retarded things I have seen in SC2 recently, second only to adepts shading on to a Terran army and still trading well. Also, if medivacs are not able to pick up tanks then why should phoenix or viper's abduct ability be able to lift/move a seige tank that is apparently rooted to the ground? More food for thought, in case you decide to do some critical thinking. The idea behind promoting mech play is good but you have to promote mobile mech play. This is why mech in Broodwar was and still is great to watch, because of the several small skirmishes. What is the difference? There is a reliable AA unit called the Goliath in Broodwar, which makes this style possible. Give mech a mech version of the marine and watch how great the mid-game interactions will get. Easiest place to make that tweak is the cyclone. Make that change, nerf the Raven and remove reaper grenades to make Terran great again.DrRektinator0 1d
1d New name is not updating... I changed my name, yet it is not updating over here. When I logged onto the actual game, my name was updated, but not here. Why is that?DaFearedThor4 1d
1d Aggressive mech is a lot of fun I'm having a blast playing with mech at diamond 1- master 3. My mech style is very aggressive and fun to play. For me, patch 3.8 did a great job making Terran late game on par with the other races. Don't underestimate the power of aggressive Hellions/Hellbats, Cyclones (still lacking just a bit more of AA) and Widow Mines. They are very good at quick skirmishes. Lots of fun! Mech is viable even without turtling! Anyone having fun playing with or against aggressive mech or no? Wanted to know.Seizon4 1d
1d ladder amount of players ladder has 88k players right now, at the end of the season, how many more will be playing? whats your guess? 100k? 150k?Spirit4 1d
1d New Campaign: Avilo Ops(+voicepack) Earlier this year, when the new announcers came out, many sc2 enthusiasts demanded an avilo voice pack. Seeing as how nova's voice pack is recently announced, it is now clear that in order for a new announcer to be released, they must be featured in the storyline first. This is why I propose we launch a new DLC campaign "Avilo: Mech Ops". This campaign will feature the new agent, avilo himself, as the main character serving as the replacement for the now-rogue nova. The story will be centred around ghost avilo infiltrating Zerg hives and protoss bases in order to discover how the new evolutions/technologies came about; and more importantly, how to cripple them. Storyline behind the new alien advancements such as hydra range/speed, burrowed infestors casting, and DT blink etc. will be revealed as avilo sabotages them one by one throughout the missions. Similar to nova, his army will be specialized, and composed of -obviously- all mechanical units. The only exception will be when a medivac picks up a siege mode tank (tankivacs will be back for this campaign), the medivac will immediately gain the "biological" status. The majority of the non-dungeon crawl missions will require the player to turtle to a max out army before being able to gain access to attacking the enemy base (similar to the requirements in the fenix/karax mission). Dungeon crawl missions will feature avilo himself, also a mech unit. He will be able to use various devastating abilities such as "avikungfu" and "throw headset" to gain the upper hand in these missions. Blizzard let us know when you can release this.llllllllllll10 1d
1d Can we get a crackdown on smurfs? So this is hardly a new problem - and I think there's been a few threads on this problem already. Popular streamers prefer to play on low-level accounts because it's easier for them to interact with their viewers and (apparently) more entertaining for them to win 99% of the games they play. There are streamers like Winter, Dragon, etc that play on new accounts every day. They don't even bother to hit GM. The skill gap between high masters and diamond players is quite large. So large that these players, even up to low masters, have a negligible chance of winning these games. Players have been warned and banned for this sort of thing before in other games. Look at WoW's Reckful who was banned (AFAIK) for smurfing and/or account sharing. This isn't an innocent "victimless" crime. It damages the integrity of the ladder (what it has left) and hurts the playerbase by creating these lopsided matches. Players get frustrated, and you can see it on the forums often - people complaining about matchmaking being bad ... and smurfs are definitely contributing to the problem. In the worst case these people become jaded and just stop playing altogether. Even if removing one or two streaming smurfs seems like a low-impact thing to do - it sends a message and sets a precedent that people should not be intentionally bashing on players that are significantly lower level than they are. Technically account sharing is already against the rules - but a rule that isn't enforced may as well not even exist.SilverBullet12 1d
1d blizz*rd is supporting GSL 2017 1d
1d Blizzard needs to talk to these players I think blizzard is getting a lot of feedback and it always seems like no one agrees, or people advocate the most broken or nonsensical things. Of the people I have seen who can talk about balance intelligently and without an overwhelming bias. Destiny, Incontrol, Scarlett, Naniwa (maybe), Mario, Demuslim. How about sitting these people down and getting their honest thoughts? People like Catz and Tod seem to advocate the worst game mechanics, and those anonymous kespa pros have helped to give you terrible advice. I don't blame DK as much anymore, because it seems like everytime he asks someone something, he gets an empassioned plea to buff that person's race and hard nerf the other people. The people mentioned above have talked about balance and everytime I heard from them, it seemed like they were all reasonable about it. They all have their own biases to a degree, but they are the most objective of high levels players i have seen.Dreadlord0 1d
1d Blizz forums for WCS If unaware of the Nony hoopla, he's aiming for Blizzcon next year, as a player. My take: Nony is an OP (opposition). He is the poster boy for Teamliquid. Their reaction? Akin to allowing autists to score touchdowns, while pretending legit. I say, if you got legs... earn the f'ing touchdown. Go for his knees. Jamaal Charles, arguably the best running back ever... was in the Special Olympics... Just because Nony was depressed before doesn't mean he can't be an OP. After going 31-1 in a WCG Qualifier, I played Nony on EU. I was dominating. However, his trademark is "you must kill every building." I was in amusement mode. I had expos outside his natural... I just had to move some tanks forward and siege... To Nony's credit, he found a way to comeback, via some skill and the power of arbiters. So, much like others, I have hypocritically gifted him something before. Never again, forum. We need to turn the kill switch on and keep it on. They choose to believe Nony can do it. If he can do that feat, why can't I/we (Snake and you) get a WCS spot next year? They think having been depressed and growing old is unique to them. The only ones to have won a BW game. They think their forum is above you. Do you know how much grief I've received in the past for posting on this forum? Even Mr. Nathanias has used that as his go-to insult. I would not post here if teamliquid was better than you. F team liquid. With your help, we can gain proper respectability. What if we took it seriously? Donate if you don't believe is better than you: I can try to do replay packs often and seek your advice/coaching, so we can properly own the ladder. Stream, w/e. One of my biggest surprises in SC 2 was when I realized Nony was making up his own builds; in BW, he only copied other people. He was the poster boy for copying. As someone who has been on both sides of copying and innovating, once you start thinking for yourself, it's a whole new ball game. I'm not convinced TL net is built like that. I think they're some punks who can only bandwagon/copy.Playa7 1d
1d Where's the hydra buff? 7 range hydras were stupid. Everyone agrees on this. Pretty much everyone also agrees that pre-3.8 hydras aren't very good, either. We were promised either a health or cost buff to compensate for the range revert, yet we didn't get one. Why? DK clearly said that they didn't want hydras to be the same as before, yet he made them the same as before.Wobulator44 1d
1d Some Diamond Replays Been on a bit of a crazy win streak with Zerg recently. Not due to some crazy mass hydra or viper shinanigans, but due to improving my understanding of the game and actually concentrating ;) Figured i'd upload the replays if any of you guys wanted to go through them if you were struggling on any particular matchups. I lost maybe 3 in the last 15 games or so, i posted the losses as well. Importantly, I reviewed every replay win or lose, to better understand in either scenario, something I certainly think is key to every players improvement. questions such as - Was I behind when i thought i was behind? (by how much?) - Was I ahead when I thought i was ahead? (by how much?) - Did my opponent make the right decisions? (Could I identify when they did or did not?) - Were there decisions I could have made better? - Were there particular decisions I correctly made (Could I identify this or was it by accident)] I have used some of these thoughts to dramatically improve my ZvZ play recently. I used to have a win rate of around 30%!.. It's recently gone up to 40% WIN ZVP WIN ZVZ WIN ZVZ WIN ZVT WIN ZVP WIN ZVZ WIN ZVZ WIN ZVT WIN ZVZ WIN ZVT WIN ZVZ LOSS ZVZ WIN ZVT WIN ZVZ LOSS ZVZ LOSS ZVZ WIN ZVZ You may noticed a lot of ZVZ's... can't think why :P It has however definitely helped me breakthrough in the style of play. All the games are reasonably different, with some cheese (mostly by the OPP) some macro games, no vipers, I think maybe one game with ultras! One important thing to note is in every game I understand why I won and why I lost, and where that moment was that lead up to the end result. Feel free to comment or criticise any of my decision making. 2 particular strategies I'm liking at the moment is countering cheese. BTW I scout every matchup. I ain't no pro and wouldn't pretend to be able to handle cheese last minute. ZvZ - against really early pools I go eco pool first and leave the scouting drone scout their Base and when their lings are half way over I spine their mineral line. I either gain time, get drones or stop their mining ZvP canon rush I go for double gas quick ravager and EZ win. Enjoy!Turtle3 1d
1d The Irony To lead off, i play Zerg. I lurk on these forums a lot. Been really funny watching so many zerg players play the high and mighty card about whining protoss/terran players with the last balance patch Now that hydra/viper got nerfed all i see are zerg doing exactly the same thing. Come on guys. You can't have it both ways.Koringul34 1d
1d Game's Over. Thought many people who don't regularly visit the team liquid forums would appreciate this valuable piece of information. Link to the TL thread. Simply put, Blizzard is no longer looking for a way to revive sc2, instead looking for a replacement. Honestly I regret ever buying the game after reading that, I honestly do, not because I didn't enjoy the story mode, but because I feel like the developers have been misleading for so long, when the reality was that all they cared about was LOTV sales. GG, hope to find you guys in the future in the next RTS community.Kiaph150 1d
1d So do we want Dustin Browder back or not?? So many people here agree MP's direction is misguided and we'd possibly be better off if DK stepped down from his position. What I'm wondering tho is if people think getting Dustin Browder back on the balance team could help fix some issues or not. It's crazy to see how co-op leadership has been absolutely fantastic so far while MP has been completely chaos since LotV.Princeso23 1d
1d WCS 2017 Announcement Nice gameplan for everyone to see for the upcoming year. 3 GSLs again, thankfully, with the winner of each season automatically being brought into Blizzcon. Global events once again open to all regions, which was sorely missing in WCS 2016. Overall some great changes to the system. Perhaps one of the most interesting was the time change for GSL, which attempts to bring in more viewers. This is a great change as it will most likely expose the tournament to many more viewers live.CSPARROW0 1d
1d Save Sc2, Emphasize Team Games. One of Blizzard's biggest blunders was not giving their full support team games. They lost so many people to LoL, Dota, etc because not everyone wants to compete in a 1v1 format. I have been playing 2v2-4v4 since day 1 and love it. The only problem is that Blizzard has severely neglected the scene. Way too many people have left for other games that encourage and support team games. Blizzard showed their true ineptitude when they made GM for archon but not for 2v2. Archon mode was available in sc1 and it was called team melee. No one played team melee, it was a dead mode. When they introduced archon, they should have known that it wouldn't take off(I knew it wouldn't take off). Currently there are only 38 archon teams in GM out of the possible 200. This means that hardly anyone plays it anymore. There are currently around 3,000 archon teams globally. For 2v2 the number is around 30,000. That means there are 10x more 2v2 teams than archon. But they still have Archon GM and not 2v2 GM....... I know the argument that the game is not balanced around 2v2. As someone who has played over 5k 2v2s since WOL, I can assure that the more skilled players win and that any supposed "imba" strat can be overcome. 1v1 players often claim 2v2 is imbalanced because they are stuck in the 1v1 mindset. They get 2v1ed and cry "imba" when its not the game design, rather it is their inability to cooperate and mesh with their ally. There is a strong bias towards 1v1 that needs to be lessened. People like myself crave the uniqueness and multifaceted aspect of 4-8 players competing in the same game. 1v1 is too 2 dimensional and in my opinion, even though I play random, I feel like I am doing the same thing over and over again in 1v1. The first thing Blizzard could do is make GM for 2v2 to acknowledge the highly competitive 2v2 scene. There are probably some other things they could do for team games that I can't think of right now so I may add to this post. Any suggestions from other team gamers out there would be much appreciated.ImpKing4 1d
1d taskbar not disappearing in FS windowed Sometime ago if you were to do fullscreen windowed you can use alt tab to switch rapidly between work and game, allowing you to do some work while playing the game. But now the taskbar remains at the bottom of the screen in fullscreen windowed. I hid the taskbar by rightclicking it and then go to settings, but if my cursor goes near the bottom of the screen the taskbar pops back up until I move my cursor away. Anyone know how to permanently get rid of the taskbar in fullscreen windowed mode? It's really annoying when you try to move your screen down by dragging your mouse and clicks open steam or google chrome... I use win 10 btw.AstroArchon4 1d
1d Brazil server is not playable why do i have to leave every game i play on the brazil server. I dont want to play on it. How do i veto it?Adnap5 1d
1d BC harass unit Each unit that blizzard touches become a harass unit. And the BC is probably the most ridiculous example. (disclamer : i'm terran) Yamato + jump being on separate cooldown make the BC the best and most frustrating harass unit in the game. "move across the map, deal damage, and as soon as you see the ennemy army, yamato to pick off expansive unit, and TP back home behind turrets. Repair, and repeat a minute later" Meanwhile, the BC is terrible at frontal engagements. Stalkers and hydras trade very well with BCs, corruptor/vipers or void ray/tempest kill them extremely fast. So we come down to a situation where the raven is the fights-winning unit, that has missiles that can't be avoided with the upgrade, while the BC is the "harass capital ship". I don't want the BC to become a terran "15 range tempest + revelation". Harass/free damage unit that sucks in frontal fights is probably the worst way to design a 400/300 capital ship. So please blizzard, make the jump and the yamato rely on the same cooldown to avoid that, while buffing the BC's fighting power a little.JackONeill34 1d
1d Bring Back Old Swarm Hosts Current Swarm hosts are very overpowered units and destroys positional gameplay with their current cost of 100/75 they can make 2 free units which can fly and land in a unit, killing that unit every time, with a (2x)23.25 DPS, dealing 830 damage in 17 seconds and worst of it, Locust fly and then have no natural way to deal with them, ignoring walls and positioning Isn't rare some Zerg Players just turtling in 2 bases and killing lots of workers and Bases using nydus or even SH speed, after kills lots of economy (even with the oponnent with a army they can't engage the Zerg and loses the bases, and even if engage he is losing units to free units, so anyways the zerg is in advantage), get an advantage, get a Third base and then Push and win Bring back Old Swarm Hosts, they were balanced, required Positional play both to use that unit and fight versus them, had counterplay (Locusts cannot Fly, so they can be countered via positioning) and then cannot be spammed to kill bases for free Please bring back old swarm hosts and to these players which say that Swarm hosts will bring back an stale gameplay, first Current Swarm Hosts can create the worst kind of games and second with the LotV changes the games will be much more fastMinhowMinhow4 1d
1d Buff Snipe damage from 170 to 175 (Reddit crosspost) Yes, I am proposing a +5 increase in damage for the Ghost's Snipe ability. Probably the Kim-friendliest of changes. As it stands, Ghosts do 170 damage with Snipe regardless of armor. Queens have 175 Health. A Sniped Queen will have about 5HP left. The Ghost can follow up with a one shot to kill it - but it needs to get within 6 range of it. I propose increasing damage to 175. Doesn't affect other Z units. But it makes this one less janky. Specially if its multiple ghosts vs multiple queens. This change would give some utility to Ghosts before Hive - snipe production, deny creep spread, deny future transfuses, deny anti-air... Right now its just rock-paper-scissors specialist. They are not particularly easy to use well either, so I think its not too bad to reward players that have the balls to do so. What do you think? I know its not something people have been complained or probably even thought about, but I just noticed it and wanted to share.Pereza70 1d
1d Change barrier to manual cast only Mini rant on LOTV barrier and auto-cast incoming. Listen, the barrier auto-cast was always stupid and it always incentivised laziness. It was also stupid that it was set to autocast by default and required a mouse command to disable. It never made it easier for casuals and it never made the game more fun or compelling for ANYONE. Sadly it also added this thing to the meta where the opponent wants to "poke" the immortal to pop its barrier. This is just stupid! This is really really stupid -- cant you see that this is "anti-cool" and not good science fiction? Now that you are removing my ability to set it to manual, you are making "immortal poking" an even more important part of the meta. Its like the most advanced race in the SC universe cant even disable its mega shield because a ling touches it? Yeah RIGHT! For the sake of the lore, simplicity, and fun, just bring back hardened shield or set the barrier to manual cast only. Trust me that your lowest level player will LOVE trying micro plays with manual barrier! Trust me they really will! To these low level players (that you supposidly want to cater to with the auto-cast barrier), the manual barrier is a really cool thing in the game that allows them to do cool micro with units. Sadly these low level players do not know how to set carriers to auto-build-interceptors or disable auto-cast barrier. Because of this they never benefited from a change that was supposidly targeted at them. And lets face it, who in their right mind wants to see a 45 second cooldown begin on an activated when it gets touched by a ling? Seriously? Another reason it was a mega fail is that if you have 4 immortals with manual barrier enabled and 2 more waddle out of the robo to join the gaggle, then how do you know which 2 of the 6 need to be enabled as well? This is not intuitive to your lower level or higher level players and only complicates your game. ThanksDragoon11 1d
1d Internet Requirements for LAN-type party? Hey everyone! So I am fully aware that StarCraft II doesn't support LAN play :'( However me and my buddies want to do a get together like the old days and have some fun. We were thinking of doing it in an area that has lots of space, unfortunately not very strong internet. Does anyone here know or have experience with multiplayer online when everyone is on the same local network? Specifically I'm wondering what internet speed would be required for lag-free play assuming everyone's systems are up to snuff? Are the requirements significantly less if you are all on the same network even though you have to connect online or not really?Wildfire1 1d
1d Little visual contrast on Tunneling Claws On high models, without claws: with claws: (This is with the new roach skin and without shaders) Basically if you have the new roach skin, it's often almost impossible for your opponent to tell if you have tunneling claws or not. If you don't have the roach skin, it's very easy for your opponent to tell if you have tunneling claws or not. So if you pay for the new roach skin, it can help you hide the fact that you have tunneling claws from your opponent in some cases. I don't think this should be an issue or factor for people like me who are still contemplating buying the new roach skin but haven't already. (I know it's super cheap, but the skins should be accessories. They shouldn't affect the gameplay in an impactful way, like making it hard to know what it is you scout (claws or no claws))hurdler0 1d
1d Please don't let this game die Blizzard ^^JudgeP9 1d
1d Command & Conquer: Starcraft: Generals I really like the concept of the Allied Commanders in Coop Mode, but there's just one problem; I hate playing against AI opponents. It's basically Mann vs. Machine (TF2) and the General's Challenge (C&C: Generals) all over again; they're fun, they're flavorful, but I'm essentially playing against mindless bots. C&C: Generals (a game that Dustin Browder was in charge of) added subfactions in its expansion, Zero Hour. The subfactions were various Generals, and could be played alongside the vanilla factions. Listed below are the 12 playable factions and their rough equivalents in Starcraft 2: USA (Protoss/Terran) - Units are fast, powerful, expensive, but relatively fragile. US Airforce General - No tanks, very powerful aircraft. US Laser General - Early access to late-game laser tech, tanks require power (if you're low on power they shut down). US Superweapons General (Karax) - Everything is overpriced but has overpowered turrets and has cheaper superweapons. China (Protoss/Zerg) - Units are slow, powerful, and swarmy. Chinese Tank General (Rory Swann) - Cheaper tanks, inferior infantry. Chinese Infantry General (Jim Raynor) - Very powerful infantry, everything else sucks. Chinese Nuclear General - Everything is more expensive, vehicles are much faster but have a tendency to explode when they die (can cause a chain reaction among your troops). Has access to neutron bombs which turn targeted vehicles neutral and capturable (you send an infantry unit to take control of the now crewless vehicle). GLA (Terran/Zerg) - Units are fast, cheap, and swarmy. GLA Toxin General (Abathur) - Very powerful biological weapons. GLA Stealth General (Nova/Vorazun) - No tanks but can cloak all buildings and units. Has hijackers which are basically one-time use mind control vs. vehicles. GLA Demolitions General - No biological weapons, but units explode when killed and do not deal friendly fire damage when this happens (unlike the Nuke General above). Imagine if all your units are Banelings. A lot of the Generals/Commanders have no clear analogues in either game, but a lot of the SC2 Commanders borrow heavily from the Generals in Zero Hour. Even the base SC2 game borrows a lot from C&C: Blink Stalkers are basically Blink Shock Troopers, Banshees are Orcas, and the Hunter Seeker Missile is based on a poorly-implemented superweapon in Tiberian Sun of the same name. The game doesn't have to be balanced. It doesn't have to be ranked. However, I'm willing to bet that being able to play Commanders against other human players would draw a lot of people into this game. It would be somewhere in between a MOBA (character-driven gameplay) and an RTS (army-drive gameplay).AronTimes0 1d
1d So IF there is EVER a Starcraft 3... (note: Please keep your negativity of Lotv off this thread please, I just want this to be one of the few positive ones on the forum, This is a request not a demand.) Edit: Shocking I've been downvoted. none of you trolls can let anyone be positive on this place can you? Edit 2: Ive added a little extra to the thread. If your willing to read that part then please do its a good thing ^^. Edit 3: Once Spec ops is out, Ill add more to the thread, my own opinion of where it could go to be honest, if you do the same that would be great, if you're going to buy the DLC ofc ^^ My Idea(blunt and direct): Can we please have Alarak! yes Alarak! as our anti-hero PLEASE he cant be altruistic because its alarak he was too cutthroat to be protagonist and just enough a pragmatist and slightly honourable to not be an antagonist. though he could be either. (I use "slight" lightly by the way haha) And PLEASE do NOT do it in a DLC im also saying not in 2 years or something but in say 3-4 maybe 5 at a stretch dont want another 10 years lol what do you guys think? everyone loves alarak right? :D Alarak Vs the UED Vs the Daelaam vs the zerg vs the dominion. that would be soooo good. Story could be really interesting too. <New stuff Below> Your idea?: If you have your own Idea on how it could turn out or what you would like too see, you should do so. The more the merrier and perhaps with some luck if we make this thread big enough and friendly enough prehaps the writers might even take a look and use some of our ideas whether it be for DLC or a full game thats a good thing! Why did you create this thread?: Initially I was just really hyped up about alarak as a character which is something I still am hyped up on haha so I created the thread to pitch my rather uncoordinated and messy idea to everyone. Strangely I did not expect a positive response, caught me a little off guard if Im honest. What else?: Seeing as the thread has developed far more positively than expected Id like to ask that anyone even if your just passing by add your opinion, contrary to popular belief SC is not dying at all and infact retained and even surpassed its previous incarnation sales wise and even though SC2's story has ended it should not be the end of starcraft all together, its a great franchise with a hefty reputation that I and so many others have enjoyed for more than a decade. Regardless of what you think of how Starcraft 2 ended, surely you agree that we are all here because we love starcraft and so we should do our up most to push it as much as possible :). Like I said, Leave your opinion of how starcraft 3 would take shape and where it could lead. Amon maybe gone along with most of the original characters but there are still so many storys to tell! En taro Adun! En taro Tassadar! En taro Zeratul! xeN197 1d
1d Why are sc2 people so rude? I haven't played in a while and last night I logged in to play a couple unranked 2v2s... My opponent went the extra mile to swear homophobic words even after the game is over. I don't understand why do peeple need to swear so much nasty things just because you are loosing a game?? Does any one else experience that same negativity?ZeRoOnE58 1d