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1d Having trouble fighting Zerg lately, tips? I am having a lot of trouble with Zerg lately, my winrate against them is slightly below 33%. My control on my spellcasters is mostly fine, I use sentries for guardian shields and force fields, and HT's for storm and sometimes feedback, and I use oracles to keep track of them and harass when I can. I also usually have the same, if not better, upgrades than the Zerg. The main problem is that even though I can win big mid-game engagements, their army simply rebuilds way faster than my army (my standard mid-game comp is usually made up mostly of stalkers, a fair amount of archons, 3 - 4 sentries, 4 HT's, sometimes chargelots if I am flooding minerals). The game usually ends with the Zerg overrunning me with numbers. Any tips?VoidRay10 1d
1d matching building skins I love the forged protoss skins, i am just sad because i wish my buildings were all matching colors it would be cool if once youv unlocked ALL the skins you get a grand final skin pack that makes all the buildings match with the unit skins in color at leastnova2 1d
1d Warchest missing supplyskin for protossterran But the zerg have their overlords skinned. Every single unit has a skin except the pylon/supply depot. My OCDs are triggered.Kratos4 1d
1d Can't Invite Friends to Group after Patch Some of you guys are unable to invite some of your friends to a group after the yesterday patch?DaviAtrockFC7 1d
1d @Random Players What do you think is the strongest/weakest race? My opinion at my level of play(@5.2k random mmr) (I imagine opinions would change at different levels of play) Strongest Race: Protoss Weakest Race: TerranKong29 1d
1d my profile ranks are wrong im dia 1v1 and master 2v2 but it says im plat 1v1 and dia 2v2. dont rlly care but its a bugnova1 1d
1d Remove XP lvl cap for standard and ranked ty Please remove XP level caps for unranked and ladder games! I want to Level my protoss much higher than lvl 50! Thanks :=)ToRni14 1d
1d Increase Speed to Increase Difficulty? Why does Blizzard continue to use game speed to increase difficulty? Blizzard is handicapping those players who have less than perfect reflexes. It seems that he who clicks the fastest wins. Multiplayer/Ladder is played on the fastest speed setting so if you don't have a high APM you are relegated to the lower leagues. You should be rewarded based on your level of skill not on how fast you can click. In the Single Player Campaigns it is not skill but reflexes that holds you back from completing missions on Hard and Brutal Difficulty. Not only do you get more stuff thrown at you but you have to play at a speed the you may not comfortable with.AncientOfDay29 1d
1d Talk like a pirate day Hello community. Just keep this short. Why doesn't Starcraft celebrate this event but just Heartstone?Nephalem9 1d
1d The new ultralisk skin... Is an upgraded version of the HotS collector one. Feels a bit unfair for those who purchased it, the colossi and thor skins are different from the collector ones, but for the ultra it's just the exact same with a few more spikes and aquatic stuff.Feitan9 1d
1d Veteran Casual's Review Long after the release of all the StarCraft games, here are my thoughts (why I don't play StarCraft 2 much anymore, and why I play StarCraft Remastered now and then). Keep in mind I am a huge StarCraft fan, since 1999. The mutliplayer in StarCraft Brood War/Remastered is slower paced, which makes what you do and create feel like it counts. In SC2 units and buildings come and go so fast that nothing really seems unique or meaningful in the end. There are way more units, and it seems all of them have some abilities/spells (which also makes the game harder to learn and less inviting). Timing and positioning feel less important in SC2 (still important strategically, but); in SC-BW/Remastered most units had no spell/ability, and it didn't really matter what units you had, as long as you had enough of them, and timed and positioned them just right. In essence, it felt like a realistic or believable war. It took time to build an army, it took time to position it, and it took time to push back or annihilate another army. Battles lasted and felt more natural. And therefore more inviting. If you're new or casual, you had time to think about your strategy, while in SC2, it feels like a quick mess of spells and clicking, and less time to contemplate what you did wrong. I'm not saying SC2 isn't balanced well, nor that it's really a bad game (the multiplayer). Just that it's less appealing to new players and casuals. I've been a casual since 1999. I'm an adult and have a life. I'm not highly competitive, and I'm content in silver/gold, because I still just win/lose 50/50. But after Legacy of the Void I found it got harder and harder to manage all the spell casters. Blizzard seems to realize this as per the proposed removal of the mothership core, which I'm totally in support of. Even dark templar now have a spell (though they needed it to combat all the other spell casters). The single player (story) of StarCraft Brood War/Remastered is unique, original, sets up great world-building, great character development, and the characters and events just feel genuine and believable. You feel like you're dropped into a huge universe, witnessing one event of many going on around you. Aside from perhaps the fall of the Overmind, the characters and events were very unpredictable. In StarCraft 2 there are 4 main characters (Raynor, Kerrigan, Artanis, and Amon) who now follow a cliche Hollywood-style fail-at-the-box-office story. Everything's painfully predictable and unoriginal. And the StarCraft universe feels small and under-developed (in the entire Terran Dominion empire, there are only 2 members of the royal family and one general?). The supporting characters are what editors and publishers call cardboard cut-outs with minimal personality, who only serve to slide the main characters along their unoriginal cliche stories. In StarCraft/Brood War, Zeratul was the wise mysterious leader who you looked to for advice and guidance. In SC2 he was a broken recording of all the "wise" old sage-like characters who die early, in every ordinary fantasy story out there. I won't even get into the retconning, which only ever undermines stories even further. Another thing that's so disappointing is that since I was such a big StarCraft fan, I was determined to get the collectors edition of each StarCraft 2 installment. I thought I'd get everything in the game, especially paying extra for the collectors. Then micro transactions were introduced, starting with Nova's campaign I believe. With all the skins and announcers, there is so much content I don't have. Meanwhile in Heroes of the Storm, I have all the content I specifically wanted, and I didn't pay a dime. But I do play it much more than any StarCraft game now, and I've got a few friends playing it, and paying for content where I haven't. And again, I'm actually playing it regularly. My overall feeling towards SC2 is disappointment. But hopeful and happy about the future of StarCraft, due to the patches (including the removal of spell casters like the mothership core) and the release of StarCraft Remastered. Cheers!Wolf12 1d
1d Why is it so hard to get to play off line? Blizzard has kept their promise to enable off line play for SC2. However, why is it so hard to get to play off line? In SC1 you have a clear choice, either single player or multiplayer. However, SC2 was designed to be a multiplayer game that if you so desired you choose you could play by yourself off line. Why would you want to play off line when you could stay connected to and right click to make a game off line? To get your StarCraft fix on Tuesday mornings when is down for maintenance. If you live in a rural area with little or no internet. If you travel for work or pleasure. But getting to play off line is such a hassle. To play SC2 off line first you have to be disconnected from the internet, ether physically or via your network controls. Then you have to wait until the game recognizes it has no internet connection. Then you again have to wait for all the maps and stuff on your computer load. Now you have to search for the map you want to play which are presented in no recognizable order. Plus, you have to hope the data for your map is already downloaded and on your computer. What a Hassle!!AncientOfDay2 1d
1d Terran Balance Update The mule should just go back to 25 min per trip, as they mentioned but keep gas mining as it is too. Let the terran decide which to mine and which not to. If I am using it to mine gas, then I lose the mineral income i would have gotten. Not sure why the gas mining was removed. Shredder missles are still pretty bad, most expensive spell, the least damage, and longest cast time delay, easiest to dodge or negate. It is the worst spell in every metric of damage spells for this game. You guys should really work on toning down all-ins, because that is probably the most boring to watch and play against.Dreadlord6 1d
1d Warchest Warchest not showing up at all like it is not there.CplTempleton2 1d
1d Mule Gas mining This change allowed Terran BIO and MECH to play on the same field and allowed for BIO Mech and mobile Mech. Turtle Mech was no longer needed. But i guess Blizzard LOVES 5 hour games of each player looking in there own Base. Revert the change to CAN MINE GAS.SoundWave0 1d
1d Major Design change mod bug Sorry for bad english. 1. Protoss upgrade doesn't apply to Observers in surveillance mode. 2. Oracle's Pulsar Beam didn't change. (Spell damage still.)SOnicBoom0 1d
1d Macro Key Reset? ok im really new with RTS gaming learning all i can playing pc b4 i muti play. anyways was wondering if macro keys can get reset? couse when i try to do way too much to fast trying to increase my reaction speed i put wrong units or base on same key and have to tab or put it on a different key from normal which really screws me. just wanted to know if they was a way to clear like say the #4 key from anything i stick on that key. ty4 ur time and i hope i didnt confuse anyone.Silk4 1d
1d Nydus Mining So you can in theory put a nydus and send workers through, but you would need to unload them manually, it wouldn't exactly give zerg a big advantiage if drones had a channeling ability so if on they went straight to the closest nydus and out the other way delivered minerals then out again the same way they came in. Just restrict the nydus so it has to have some distance from the minerals. So mining from a base would still be better. The only thing this would change is late game zerg, like instead of long distance mining you would get a small advantiage with a nydus.Datsik14 1d
1d Why No Replays for Single Player Campaign? The title says it all. You get replays in multiplayer but not in the campaign. This is true for StarCraft 1 Brood War and SC2. The question is why?AncientOfDay11 1d
1d I don't know what I do wrong So recently I've been trying to get into 1v1 multiplayer (vs. A.I. so far because i'm new to it) and so far I'm only able to beat the easy A.I. and i get destroyed by Medium(I play Zerg and Protoss). My usual setup is I build the two extractors at main base and build supply while building the workers to get the extractors running. while doing that i'll build spawning pool/gateway to at least have some form of defense. I usually try to build at lease 1 of every building in case i need a certain unit(and turn my gates to warp gates with protoss). Usually for defense i'd have 3-5 zealots, and 1-2 conservator for protoss(with a couple of photon cannons). and as zerg i have a queen, zerglings, and roaches. I usually expand right after holding off an attack by the A.I., since another attack won't come soon(i can't really tell when to expand so that seemed to be the best time) and later in the game I spy on the enemy using an overseer/changling or harass them by using dark templars/adepts to destroy as many workers as i can before running away from their army and coming back again. I can't really do a good attack on the enemy base without outright ending it. for zerg i'd nydus right into their base and as protoss i mass build carriers and warpgates. (also this might be important but my APM is about 32...i guess that's really slow). so any help/advice would be much appriciatedShadow20 1d
1d Combine adept and stalker Why have 2 ranged units? Makes no sense. Why not just make stalkers stronger to fulfill both roles?Chris7 1d
1d balance test map dead Please make for playing balance test map more achievement, free coop commanders and free skins, in reasonable amount ofc, you like you $$$ I wait 3 minutes to get gold player...lagertansGG0 1d
1d test map new pvp meta I played gm and he went this vs me, so i give him credit, i didn't come with this: You make nexus first and than forge, because shield battery is !@#$ing imba op ........ You can hold anything and than you put canon each to mineral line, than you can do whatever you want. First replay gm when he did this build: Second: I won vs master, game got to lategame, i got 3/3 carrier, he rushed me with stargate and blinkstaers. I think this is funny before anything, it is %^-*ing hilarious, but hope it will get heave nerfs, i main terran, wtf this battery is even worse than overcharge. Btw i think test map should have its own forum category. Yet i add replay, we test fast drop warprism vs this nexus first build: 1d
1d Sentry Hallucination and abilitys Can we look at this unit a bit more and see =Sentry= Hallucinated ideas: -''ability'' split: when killed they become 2 more of the same kind Hallucinated unit -''Passive ability'' cant scout this: Enemy Detectors cant expose hallucinated units -Hallucinated don't take double damage "EMP or Fungal Growth or storm or buildings with Detection will reveal the hallucinations" we can add if needed >.> Sentry ability: -Squad Sight: Nearby allied buildings gain +2 range to their attacks. -Phasing Mode: Transforms the Sentry to Phasing Mode and generates a power field as if it was a Pylon. The Conservator cannot move in this mode. or use other ability. or warp units I took the ability ideas from Conservator & Havoc with some small changesFinalKnight9 1d
1d Terran? Hello all... so for awhile now I've been dwelling on something sc2 related. And i hesitate to address it as merely saying it invokes a thousand down votes. But honestly after playing all three races a fair bit I've found Terran to be the most stressful and apm intensive race in the game. Im not saying they are the hardest race. Their micro (mainly splitting) isn't particularly hard, despite what some terrans would lead you to believe. But it requires constant attention to your army. Which tends to conpromise ones macro, the endless cycle is rather difficult to keep up with. Admittedly im not the fastest player, my apm only averages 230-270 apm a game. But from my combined experiences I've found that playing terran, is both the funnest, but also the most frustrating experience in game. Again my own bias may be sticking out as my zvt is currently 84% while my tvz is currently below 50... despite having a huge understanding off the zerg race. And to a lesser extent the same is true for tvp. I'll admit that terran is very easy in other areas. For example they aren't highly reactive, and not a lot off thought process goes into playing them. Its more about mechanics and executing the same strategy over and over again without slip up. While with protoss the difference between absolutely crushing your opponent and losing miserably is determined by a single force field or overcharge. Much the same as a single drone could mean the difference between falling behind irreversibly in the econ. Or our right dying. Both races require insane game sense. But terran! They kind off break the rules in my oppinion. Terran is the cast out race. Simple in theory. But impossible in action! While terran does have a late game, executing it requires virtually no slip ups watsoever. In my oppinion a large majority off terrans victorys are achieved via well timed pushes or timing attacks. If there was a statistic for terran winrates in the late game. When they are on an even footing. I believe the stats would not look kindly on our human brethren. While they aren't statistically imbalanced I believe they are fundamentally imbalanced. I believe that several moves should be made to normalize the terran race so that, while the mid game and the concept off slowing down ones opponent is a strong suit off the race. It is not an abolute reaquirement and necessity to win a game. I honestly can't say with any conviction what these ideas are but ultralisk armour, and protoss instant splash damage are two areas we could start with looking at. Not to mention reconsidering the way mech interracts with ravagers, swarm hosts, broodlords, immortals, and disruptors.Hydralisk29 1d
1d Dancing animation for idle units As the title says, what about if a unit is idle for X amount of time, make it dance? as it is now, I've only seen ppl use the /dance animation on arcade games, so i think it'll be refreshing to see your units dance if you leave them idle for too long and caught them dancing.TypeMoon5 1d
2d So what was that about sc1 beating sc2 ? EU has like 500 players, other regions barely tickle 1000 . It was purely for the Korea market which has 20k players a complete broken outdated mess of a game missing critical features filled with terrible players so you can never get a decent match and lag/bugs and a visual upgrade that is meh at best, you wonder why it sold sub 200k. Sc2 is a travesty but Broodwar is nothing but nostalgia, same as Goldeneye, which is virtually unplayable nowadays.Varando14 2d
2d Player Population Improving? Out of curiosity I checked rankedftw and saw that there are around 240K players at the moment. I swear this is higher than when I quit back in 2016. Am I right or wrong about this?Roboroadkill19 2d
2d why do people spam foreign languages ...on the North American server... I swear people have no common sense....xDSGSHENLONG46 2d
2d All events should use regional qualifiers I think that every tournament that gives WCS points should have regional qualifiers and an open bracket that anyone is allowed to play in. That way everybody could play in all the tournaments and players from all around the world would be guaranteed spots in each tournament. I think that would be cool. That way whether you are a fan of Korean Starcraft or Non-Korean starcraft you could watch your favorite players in every tournament.Skyhawk0 2d
2d SC:R Ep. 1 Terran Cinematics Enhanced in 4K Hey SC2 players! How are you? I recently took on a project to remaster the cinematics like they did with the gameplay, so here are my first 5 classic cutscenes that I've attempted to visually enhance.. These are from the first terran campaign "Rebel Yell". I hope you enjoy, and if you didn't, please let me know why, so I can improve in future videos. Opening Cinematic - Wasteland Patrol - The Downing of Norad II - Open Rebellion - The Inauguration - The originals are in the video description on yt. Have a nice day!Quickly0 2d
2d Please Remove Dislike Button Like WoW Forums WoW forums and Facebook both have no dislike button. This is due to what is called the 'herding effect'. It causes toxicity and negativity and only multiplicates it making people able to callously press a button as a way to show they dont like an opinion instead of making their own. Removing the dislike button reinforces people to make their own opinions on the subject if they disapprove adding to the individuality of each post and said posters. Though many may not like this, this is still yet just a button, however, due to the herding effect this can still cause a negative impact on each said application thus making it useless. Especially considering people will press the dislike button and feel that is sufficient without adding their own idea on why said person is wrong, reinforcing impartial negativity and removing individual ideas in the process. However, I have a feeling this is actually being removed since WoW has already did this and if it is, carry on. <3Heathensauce12 2d
2d Cannon rush, guaranteed win 1 - Start 3v3, 2v2 or 4v4 2 - Have one player give all minerals to another (by leaving the game) 3- have player with minerals start building instantly and send probe to opponents 4 - you should be able to start cannons ultra fast at opponents side before they even react... take out several players and ez win.Chris16 2d
2d Disruptor and Friendly Fire I'm not sure if blizzard will keep this change, but if does probally would be necessary to remove the friendly fire... I mean, currenty in the test mod, you can only use disrutpors vs terran, since they detonate right after the disruptor's "core" touch an enemy unit. That against zealots or lings (both basic units) basically means that most of the disruptor's dmg hits your army.... and most of the protoss vanguard are basic portal units, thefore they get 1 hit kill by your own disruptor. And even against terran the situation aren't good since terran have more splitable unit and the redisgn negate alot of potential dmg. So, what do you guys think about ?Draft17 2d
2d Rewind with Gameheart 2.0, or with WCS 3.0 Hello, while some of my friends and I were rewinding games, we wanted to see how many workers were lost during a game, so we rewinded, but into the default observer overlay, regardless of having gameheart or wcs 3.0 enabled in the options. Would it be possible if, in rewind, we were given these overlays to see more specific details of the game?Kritter1 2d
2d Name-Changing Effects I changed my name multiple times. Because of that, I can't access some of my older posts. I have 414 total, but I can only look at 152. Why are these forums this way? Is this some glitch? Will Blizzard fix this? It's not that I want to necrobump; rather, I just want to look at some of my older posts for the fun of it because I am bored.soUuRrRStEvO3 2d
2d Sentry Shield Restore Attack Allow Sentries to toggle between their usual attack and a Shield Restore "attack" that costs no energy. Makes shield upgrades better, protects other units at the cost of reduced dps in armyKrotux0 2d
2d Is it possible to play the game on 2x speed? As the title saysKrotux10 2d
2d test map stalker colosi changes wb giving the colosus a single lazer and have it scale nicely like the seige tank does its absurd how the stalker scales on test map but the colossus doesn't even scale in the current patch stalker is a tier 1 unit and colossus is tier 3 so it makes more sense for the stalker to scale by 1 hitpoint and the colosus to scale by 2 atleast having 1 attack instead of 2 so what about single attack doing 24 damage each upgrade gives it +2 so with +3 attack upgrade it does 30 damagenova4 2d
2d i play so much starcraft that when i go to type !@#$%^&*() characters i press control 1234567890 instead of shift 1234567890nova1 2d
2d Question about Mech Composition Is there a mid to late game viable composition where cyclones are part (preferably core portion) of the mech composition? Currently now the gas requirements are pretty high, and it seems more efficient to sink it into tanks/thors insteadSenKeigo8 2d
2d lag on gtx 960 and i5 4690k? when i play on high settings the game is fine up until the 15 minute mark where everybody starts getting armies, then mousing over bases drops about 3 frames, looking at bigger armies drops about 5-10 (depending on size). And when all the armies clash my frames drop around 30-40. Is there a reason as to why my frames are this low? Could it be a faulty processor?Nasubis16 2d
2d 21:9 Ultra Wide Monitor Support Hi Starcraft 2 Developers and Community, I recently purchased a new monitor that has a Screen Ratio of 21:9, which is what they deem "Ultra Wide". This style of monitor has been around for over a Decade now. Every game I have played so far supports this style of Monitor. Even games like Age of Empires 2, Torchlight and Crash-lands even support this monitor size. Not to mention Every game on the Blizzard Launcher supports this size. Can you please look into Supporting this Screen ratio, as it is a little disappointing that it is Unsupported and doesn't utilize the Full Screen.Twisted5 2d
2d Freeze Game After Maintenance After the maintenance, i cant play Multiplayer versus AI/ Custom games, everytime when the game is ready, then it freeze there, i cant even close the game by using alt+f4 or ctrl-alt-delete, i have to restart it, already tried reopen it 3 times already, but when play campaign didnt have these problems, thx...NetBattler7 2d
2d End of XP Support Not impressed with the end of support for XP. Some of us on fixed incomes can't afford new machines. Support should continue on the platform that it was originally released for. I could understand the new content (Nova missions, Co-Op) not being compatible but the base game (Campaign, Multiplayer, Arcade) need to still be supported on older sytems.EightBall8 2d
2d How to mech? With the recent changes to the mule, I figured this would be a good time to start learning mech, I'm pretty much clueless about terran and would like some coaching if possible. Anyone willing to help me out?Voidwalker6 2d
2d War chest questions. I looked around but I'm still confused. In the store there is a zerg blizzcon war-chest pass which would be the only one I want. Do i get all three phases with this? I guess there were 3 phases. Would it be possible for me to unlock everything by november? I just recently got back on but I've been playing quite a bit. Any info would be appreciated. ThanksDtMayo7 2d
2d Nova's automated refinery should be adjusted Nova's automated refinery's cost is 100 minerals, and it takes 45s to be built completely. But normal refinery's cost is 75 minerals, and its build time is 30s. In 3.16 patch, Swan's tech reactor has been buffed. Its cost and build time changed to be the same as the TechLab, and Dev comment of it was 'Once Swann unlocks the Tech Reactor at level 10, it actually slows his tech path down since it costs more and takes longer to build than a standard TechLab. Unlocking a cool new upgrade should always be a bonus so we've adjusted the cost and build times to match.'. It is sure that Nova is certainly good Co-op Commander, but Nova's automated refinery isn't a only bonus for nova. It gives extreme boost to Nova, but its longer build time and more expensive cost than normal refinery makes Nova's early time harder than before commander level 7. Vorazun has automated assimilator, bit its cost and build time is same as the normal assimilator, and Vorazun doesn't have penalty of max supply limit 100. 'Unlocking a cool new upgrade should always be a bonus', so automated refinery's cost and build time must be changed to be the same as the normal refinery.WolframAlpha2 2d
2d No puedo dar party a un amigo No puedo invitar a un amigo a party para poder jugar 2vs 2-???? Alguien me puede ayudar? No puedo clickear la opcion de dar partyAares5 2d
2d ZvT what to do against 6 minute marine push LoTV really fun game, lots of fun timings and great macro gamesroarbot4 2d