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Feb 17, 2012 Ban'able offenses with macros? What is the official stance on macros? Does it have to be one key for one key or is it one action for one action? For Instance Ctrl+F3 requires two keys so the key:key ratio is off but the action:action ratio is consistent. Most of this could be accomplished with extensive key unbinding and rebinding in the starcraft hotkey management but it would be nice to put my extra buttons to use. Additionally, as a left mouse click constitutes a left mouse down action and a left mouse up action, does rebinding the scroll wheel, even with driver options, break the one key to one key rule? Thanks in advanceGiGiDy22 Feb 17, 2012
Feb 17, 2012 New equipment Hey ive got a job and im getting a new mouse and keyboard... can yall let me know of any that are really goodmatthew5 Feb 17, 2012
Feb 17, 2012 Stop All The Whining - A Plea To Reason There are far too many players blaming imbalance for their losses, and every race has been targetted. People say terran's economy is too good, or protosses' lategame is too good, or zerg's macro mechanics are too good. DIFFERENT RACES ARE DIFFERENT. The fact is, the winrates are pretty even across the board. As Artosis put it, "Protoss OP"/"Zerg OP"/"Terran OP" cycle was 100% metagame, and that people who whine about it are never going to improve until they change their attitudes. This is incredibly true. If you blame imbalances for your losses, you are not taking responsibility for mistakes that you made in the game and will likely make no effort to fix them in the future. If your opponent out-played you, see what you could have done differently. Everyone has weaknesses and strengths at this game, and every build or composition has weaknesses and strengths as well. So watch your replays, get advice from players that beat you, don't just take the easy way out in a difficult matchup and cheese/all-in to "get it over with" sooner - if anything, throw yourself into the matchup as much as possible. Ask random people you see in chat who are the "problem" race for you if they want to practice 1v1. Ask the same of people who beat you. Because you're never going to improve unless you do.PwigZ29 Feb 17, 2012
Feb 17, 2012 Free name change available check your profile you female dogs! free name change is available! If you haven't used your name change then you still only get 1. To those who have used a name change already, we get one more.MYeGame17 Feb 17, 2012
Feb 17, 2012 Alive vs MMA So Alive knocked MMA out of the Round of 8. How crazy is that? I don't have a membership, does someone who does want to fill the rest of us in of how that happened?Jazzy20 Feb 17, 2012
Feb 17, 2012 Overall Improvements for SC2 These are just some general improvements that I think would be good for the game. -Each race should have its only separate rating, So when I do 1v1 as Zerg i could be ranked in platinum but my 1v1 in Terran could be ranked Silver. I know it would full up the ladders more but its realistic, even master players in one race wouldn't be master in another race. Also this would promote people trying new races since they would have to worry about losing position because they are playing a different race. -Show win/loss ratio for each race. So if i click on Zerg, i can see i have a 30% win rate against Protoss, a 45% win rate against Zerg, etc. I think this would be good because it would show players strengths against other races as well as there weaknesses. -Show losses all together or a at least have an option to show losses. There should at least be an option to see it, seeing how many wins you have is basically meaningless without being able to see your losses. -Show total games played as each race, I may have played 100 games as zerg and only 6 as Terran this should be visible. -Allow the making of in game clans/guilds. Basically a group of friends that you all get to play together/Share clan-tags. -Be able to name games and perhaps set rules. That is all I can really think of for now. Maybe I will get some more later :D Korona2 Feb 17, 2012
Feb 17, 2012 GSL ANALYSIS Its been interesting so far. a lot of known pros are falling to newer, lesser known players. In code S: Showing all races are pretty balanced, maybe T slight advantage in T v Z As it gets EXTREMELY elite (round 8 and better) it looks like protoss lacks since they arent as microable and really good players learned protoss timing windows. In code A: Terran doing extremely well, zerg ok - more to come, protoss = trash.. Thoughts? Feb 17, 2012
Feb 17, 2012 Thank You! Thank you blizzard for the free change. :DCoretoss17 Feb 17, 2012
Feb 17, 2012 Protoss and HOTS Basically once this phoenix upgrade goes through, blizzard will trash the tempest Juding by older threads, the replicant has been trashed as well The phoenix upgrade gives the fleet beacon a purpose, in hots - since mothership and carrier is removed why have a fleet beacon? will it open doors for a new captial ship? What does protoss need in HOTS? will the fleet beacon carry a better role?Zamber0 Feb 17, 2012
Feb 17, 2012 Zerg vs Protoss is Broken Blizzard, you have to realized ZvP is broken, what can Zerg go vs Protoss? Mutas? no because they are aweful vs blink stalkers and storm... perhaps for lower league players have hard time stopping mutas, but in competitive scene, mutas are just not a right answer vs toss only reliable composition would be infestors with a lot of broodlords with corruptors mixed in there vs toss, but how many games do we see that in competitive league? not very many... zergs nowadays do all in with roaches because they know once toss has two bases with timing attack or macro, w.e the case may be u just dont see good game in ZvP, like in ZvT please dont kill sc2 gaming scene by not balancing the game right, which u are not doing very good job still... im sorry a lot more work needs to be done! Yes im mad cause Huk and Idra just got eliminated from GSL, but at the same time it isnt their skill or luck that decided the game, but game design which made them lose their matches cause of lack of scouting ability in early game for both races DO SOMETHING PLEASE BEFORE SC2 DIES Haustka77 Feb 17, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Give cannons and upgrade to be movable Just like in beta. To op early on for cannon rushing; but it can be a cybernetics core upgrade that every toss will get asap after warp in. Unless they are going air then they will have to wait a little longer. OR give them an up that allows them to attack ground and air at the same time.FinalBoss15 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Theroycrafting... Ravens Would seeker missile be viable if used against mineral lines? 1-hit workers with splash, not a bad deal for only energy. Oh, and you can save the ravens to regain energy for PDD if needed later in the game.ggProtentiaL6 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Question about the new maps... Does anyone know if you can get Mule Kick on Shino Numa?zzirGrizz0 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Alive's Statement After 4-0ing Idra -!/FnaticaLive/status/168918369096044544 :P EDIT - Some more context - Idra and Alive played a Best of 4 showmatch for NASL today. Idra dies to a 2rax and hellion all in in the first two games. Then he basically gives up. He 6 pooled during the last two games. In game 4, Alive called it, asking "You sixpoll?" right as Idra was dropping his spawning pool.SharkWLazors7 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Blizzard found a solution. EVERYONE, HIP HIP..... HURRAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!Roach1 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 part 4 I know about the other battlenet threads and this is a continuation. I just want to put out a couple more points from my point of veiw. Point one: Why do we have to buy a expansion for a balanced game and new UI features. Point two: Why no clan support blizz. This is so stupid. I remember you saying that the new would be one we would never want to get off but instead it ruins the game. Point three: It is unquestionable that lag ruins the game and even in team games where one guy leaves and the other three just all in. Can you please fix this. Point four: When you report someone it should actualy mean something. Not just go in blizzards never look at again box. Anyways Just fix the game.JoWlbaBy0 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 What is the average ladder map size? I want to be able to create a map in the galaxy editor for my friends and I to be able to use, but I've run into a problem. I dont know at which measurements to start the map on. I want to make something close to the size of tal darim altar, but i just dont know where to get the numbers from. Is there a specific place that i can get the exact map dimensions?superwaffle4 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Blizzard clash with Valve over DOTA trademark Blizzard is challenging Valve, the makers of STEAM and DOTA 2 over DOTA trademark. The comments are clearly heavily in favor of Valve. Who should own the trademark to DOTA? Should Blizzard own it because it was a originally a mod for Warcraft 3 or should Valve own it because they employ the original creator of the mod? ... The following paragraph had also triggered a lot of negative attention to blizzard. Especially the bold and underlined part where blizzard state that they had promoted DOTA regularly and consistently in the past when they barely done so. ... References: Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Mid masters toss streaming w/ commentary Come watch :) I don't advertise much, so...not that many people. I'll turn my mic on if a few people show up. Don't like talking to an empty room :PHungryGeKo31 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 A zerg playing 10 games as Toss and Terran I thought that I should get a little perspective on the other 2 races because as it stand I only played them a few times when I first started. If it matters my record was Terran - 6W 4L Toss - 4W 6L Observations TERRAN - Very easy early defence due to wall in. I didn't have the fear of dying that I do with Zerg - managing all the buildings was hard. I was trying to go back and forth and I was really struggling - 1 wrong move and banelings will ruin your day. I lost 2 games simply because I made a mistake and instantly lost all my marines - So many different options!!! I had a lot of fun making a huge variety of units and having a choice on what to make. Not being forced to make certain combos - Much easier to come back. Due to mules and the mineral centred cost effectiveness of the Terran army you can win games that you had no business winning - Terran macro is super easy, Terran micro is pretty hard. TOSS - hard to survive early. I lost a few games to stuff like 7 pool and Marine scv all in - PvP is not fun - Boring. It is not cost efficient to get into a conflict until their great tech/upgrades so I found myself sitting back in defence which i don't like. - All their late game units are great!! Archons, Colossus, Immortals are all really great cool units. Once I got past the 15 min mark I won most of my games with them. - Dark templars are pretty lame. - Stalkers are really bad before blinkEmzeeshady23 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 League System There is no point in a league system Everyone would be better off if there was 1 league and you were given your rank compared to every other player in the current ladder. You win a game = you probably jump up a couple hundred spots. g4u.. you are not better at this game than several hundred people. be happy. thats it. thats all we need. plus everyone should know their total win/lossdoughboy3 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Anyone else having trouble downloading ? When I queue for 1v1 matches it says " downloading item 1/8 " but it never downloads DudeBro12 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Game won't download maps.... After the new season began, I logged in to que for 1v1, but the game won't download any maps. This also apllied for every map. I wanted to practice 1v1 with my friend my creating a multiplayer room, it won't download the map... I don't know what's going on, if this is happening only to me. BulGom0 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Maps wont dowload for me Having an issue, with downloading 1 of 8 in 1v1 league. It is not going past the first download and not allowing me to play.CFNightphox3 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Can't play when i try clicking on find match i get a message that says "CLIENTSIDECACHE_READ_HTTP_FAILED" i've looked at other forums but it doesnt say how to fix it. Any thoughts?Wyndit2 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Yet another wtf thread about leagues I know that leagues are only cosmetic and that it's all about MMR and that people's MMR may be well above the threshold for the next league before they get promoted, but this season's placement in 2s just made me go "wtf". I play 2s in a team with a friend. Last season we finished rank 13 master with about 200 games and we were hovering around top 10-15 the entire season, probably about 55% win ratio. So, pretty stable in other words. This season it places us in diamond. Huh? (Won a placement match against a master team) We proceed to win 2 more games against master teams, we get promoted. (???) I have no idea what reasoning the system could have used to place us down and up like that and after only 3 games. This might have made sense if we had a ridiculous losing streak during the locked week and our MMR dropped down to diamond, but we didn't.Alleji1 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Does anyone NOT cheese/rush on 2 player maps? It's the primary reason I had all the 2 player maps vetoed, but decided to give the new ones a try. Shocker: Lost to an early rush. Yeah I know I should have prepared for it or just done my own, but just wondering if anyone does anything else but these kinds of strats on the small maps.Woundwort8 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Game time:real time Whats the ratio of game time to real time? its getting annoying thinking Holy shnikeese iv been playing for 40 minutes?? when its really more like 25MarkusDaWise5 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Still won't let me download maps? Still can't download 1v1 Korhal Compound LE 4v4 District 10 and unable to play the placement match. What's going on?MadControl0 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 TOS/EULA Question re: Zerg voices/music I am looking into getting into the Zerg more with the next expansion (obviously) and am not a huge fan of neither the Zerg "adjutant" nor the music. Is it against the TOS/EULA to change these sounds and play on What if there is a workaround that doesn't involve editing the mpq's? ThanksMantius6 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 New series Tales of a Diamond Player! Be sure to check out my new series Tales of a Diamond Player!! Which actually season two of Tales of a Platinum Player...someone got promoed :DD Haha. Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Arousal in SC2 (and eSports) In honor of Valentine'sDay this week I wrote an article about arousal in sc2 and lol, my two games and favorite eSports. If you are interested you can check it out here: The title is accurate! But your mind may be misleading you as to the content ;) I'm a new blogger about mental skills in sc2 so any feedback you have would be awesome!Viper12 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Sc2 could benefit from watching Valve's Dota Sc2 could take some notes from Valve. Dota 2 blog gives feed back, and Dota 2 is confirmed for LAN support. Would you agree that the inclusion of LAN support and dev responses is something that works for Valve and their in progress game Dota 2? And what do you think about Blizzard Activision suing Valve over their use of their game title Dota? Seems very petty and greedy.Rusty3 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Request to bring wins/losses display back I was wondering what people though of Blizzard could bring back the display of wins/losses for all leagues but make it optional for bronze-diamond and mandatory for master/gm. The options could be do not display, display for only yourself, display for yourself and friends, and display for everybody. Blizzard mentions how if you win 12 of the last 20 you are in good shape for a promotion but I don't feel like going through my match history to count all of my games so I thought making it optional everybody could be happy?GPBurdell3 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 GSL Code S RO8 Day 2 Discussion! MC vs Genius (two terrific players) and DRG vs Parting (the last hope for the Zerg!) Come on DRG you nerd baller, take us home to the finals!Xenharmonic33 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 STARCRAFT MASTER PORTRAIT? How do you earn it There is a new reward, a portrait with the title Starcraft Master. Is this an error? Is this intentional. It is a repeat portrait of the zealot chef. When I hover my mouse over it, there is no description. Why is it a duplicate when there are unit portraits that were never used. What the heck? How do we get it? Where did it come from? Explanations, theories, suggestions! And if anyone gets it tell us how. And if blizzard reads this please let us know!Darkwolf21 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Blizzard, we love the carrier #3 Thread #1 Thread #2: Blizzard buffed the Ultralisk because it wasn't being used by reducing build time, and now in HotS they're getting a charge buff, as well as some other buffs. Blizzard buffed the Battle Cruiser, yet it still wasn't being build enough. So now in HotS it's getting yet more buffs, specifically charge. Blizzard never buffed the Carrier, it still rarely got fielded, and now is being removed from HotS. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I can't help but feel that if the Carriers were being buffed this whole time, similar to buffs rolling out with the other races big end-game units, that people would be more likely to field these iconic beasts. Just imagine this. BlizzCon 2011, after Blizzard has released their new units, they have a fourth announcement to add. "Remember when we said that the Carrier and Mothership were being removed? Well, the Carrier part was just a joke. In fact, the Carrier's build time is being Reduced to only 80 Seconds. Not only that, but it's getting a rather powerful Anti-Ground attack to deal with light units. It's air attack is going to be reduced to add immense synergy with the Tempest. Here's a video of the Carrier and Tempest: (Plays video of Tempest and Carrier taking out Marines and Mass Vikings. Now if you noticed, the carriers weren't taking as much damage as they should have. Thats because Carriers have recieved a "Reverse" hardened shield, where they simply ignore the first five points of damage done by any attack that's less that 10 damage. This means that you'll have to build air to counter these units." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That is what I wanted to hear from BlizzCon. That is what I wanted to see on the screen. Obviously this isn't going to happen, but just think about it, so many things could be changed to make the Carrier a scary Icon of the Protoss Empire. Please, if you want to see Blizzard give the Carrier a chance, post here. Post anything, just let the fading voice of a dying race be heard by even the most ignorant of StarCraft fans. FOR AUIR!Reaver104 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Number of league wins & rank? Do they correlate? I always see most master players are around at least 1000 league wins similarly Diamond players at around 700 Plat players 500-600 Gold 300-400 Silver 100-300 Bronze less than 100 Is it just me?Sigol11 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Protoss...don't leave your units idle.... Else this is what is going to happen to you.....Especially your cloaked void ray fleet! I was very happy I pulled this off, now my revenge against Protoss void rays is complete.LandWarrior9 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Anyone else experience fps drop? Ever since late December or early January my frame rate for Sc2 has significantly dropped. I normally run at 30-40 fps on Ultra and 55-65 on Medium/High. I choose the lower setting so I can sustain more frames in the heat of the moment, but the past couple of months I've been getting 18-25 fps on Medium/High which doesn't make any sense. Was there a minor patch that messed with graphics? Anyone know? Anyone else have a similar issue since late Dec?xZJATx10 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Still no word on Blizzard DOTA? Whats the word?Genocidal10 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Mech TvP? Mech Tvp is not a viable option right now, let this thread be the end of these threads. I have been playing terran mech tvp for about a year and longer in other matchups. I have used over 20 openers and maybe 5+ different mech unit compositions. A few issues with mech is how easy it is to get into a bad engagement and the cost inefficiency of it. Thor/banshee/marine Seige tank/hellion/banshee Thor/hellion/ghost half and half thor/tank unit comp with hellion. In all of these builds I will get ghost or viking when needed. I've played around with multiple 2 base allins and passive 4+ base style. Mech is just too vulnerable to tech switches, and mech doesn't have a map control ability like spider mines. My two biggest problems which steamroll me no matter what my tech route or opening. Three base carriers and chargelots. Chargelots - Say a protoss engages a mech army, kills all the hellions then backs off. Now they just need one more warp in of charglots to roll your army as your hellions are just finishing production. Or protoss manages to wipe out your ghosts and thors, now immortals with a small amount of support will have insane longevity and dps against mech. Sc2 mech is just a nerfed down version of sc1 mech. Hellion < Vulture - A vulture has great cost efficiency against protoss with its 75 cost and rapid 20 damage single target attack. An effective zealot/tier 1 counter. The hellion doesn't fill it's role well and only excels at killing harvestors, something that the vulture could manage fine. Thor < Goliath - Thor is only good against light air, goliath could take down anything that flies, a role sc2 mech lacks. And for the record, late-game Carriers beat Vikings very badly. Sc1 Tank > Sc2 Tank - Although the sc2 tank is superb against zerg due to its smart firing and increased aoe, it also lost it's hard damage from sc1; ideally a indirect nerf to the siege tank tvp. (Tanks are still great in tvz/tvt) Sc1 spider mine > Planetary - The only thing I could compare it to as they both took no supply and were stationary defense. The Spider mine is a key unit to mech-play. They can prevent "base races" and are a great strategic support unit for an immobile army. Protoss is built amazingly well at countering mech.(Warp gates help to abuse mobility/immortal counters all factory units/marauder..) You could try and say build marines, but guess what? after the 12-15 minute mark protoss is bound to have some Aoe which cleans up marines with ease, and is why protoss is so strong late-game. Terran must choose mech or bio, the upgrades are seperate, mech is also gas heavy, which means you cannot support the gas for medivac/marauder and infantry ups. Terran can't mash stuff together like protoss can with such finesse and cost efficiency. MMM is still terran's best bet on patch 1.4.2 and counting. Mech tvp will not show up in the pro scene until HoTS, as much as I'd like to see otherwise.Coors146 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Post funny moments happened to you in SC2 I'll start with this: - Was in bronze league playing vs a Terran. - 10 min mark and no Orbital when i scout. - Terran lost. - He started raging and how toss is OP etc. I tell him you didn't even make your orbital command, calm down and learn to play. He replied (and seemed pretty serious): No Orbital Command, 150 minerals i pump a couple more marines. Sigol0 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Little tricks for all leagues. There are alot of small micro tricks in this game. While I know some of them I hardly claim to know them all. I decided to make this thread (and will update the OP) with good little tricks that you can use in this game because I'm pretty sure I, and probably others, will learn a few new tricks. I'm sure some of these will be obvious to some people while unknown to others which is why they are called tricks. They are small things you can do to get small advantages in game. We're not talking about strats or builds here just simple tricks you can use in game. Here are some examples and a start to the list: 1) Mineral Walking: If you want to get a worker into an opponents base and they have a unit blocking the ramp you can tell your worker to harvest one of their mineral patches. A worker being sent to mine will pass through any UNIT (not buildings mind you) to get to the said minerals. One of the more obvious uses is when a protoss makes one zealot to guard their ramp, you can send a worker right through them and then have free reign to scout your opponents base or when zerglings get into a mineral line mineral walking them away will save alot more of your workers than simply moving them (since the zerglings will block their pathing with a simple move command) 2) Move Drops: You see this in pro games alot but I never knew how you could drop from a moving medivac/overlord/warp-prism. To preform this action you simply tell your drop-ship to move then while it is moving you click "D" then click on your drop ship. The result will be your drop ship continuing to move to wherever you sent it while unloading its cargo on the move. As far as I know there is no way to do this on more than one unit without d-clicking on each individual drop ship so things like baneling blankets can be micro intensive. 3) Blind Nuke: Dropping a nuke only requires vision at the start of the cast. After it has begun the drop target does not need to remain in vision (so you can use scans or an air unit to nuke on high grounds). Contributed by Vorpal 4)Shift-queuing rally points. You can shift+queue a rally point from a building exactly the same way you would shift+queue a move command. The unit will follow that exact path, rather than just heading straight to the rally point. This is useful when you want to avoid watchtowers or other specific areas. Contributed by Alleji 5) Shift-queuing blink: You blink large group of stalkers without leaving any behind or ordering them to blink over an obstacle unattended. To do this, hold shift the whole time, press A (A-move command) to the point where blink should be used, press B (blink) to blink over an obstacle, and press A again to keep moving to the destination. The last step is necessary to make the stalkers that have already blinked move out of the way. The stalkers will walk up to the obstacle, blink over it one by one and keep walking. Contributed by Alleji 6) Shift-queuing DTs or banshees vs zerg. If you send a DT into a zerg's mineral line, the DT will prioritize the queen over drones, which is usually not what you want because the queen takes a lot of hits to kill and will keep running away. When attacking a zerg, tell the DT to attack drones specifically, holding shift and right-clicking each one. This will keep him from wasting time chasing the queen. (This will also apply to if an enemy has any other unit with an attack in range of your cloaked unit). Contributed by Alleji 7) Ghost Commands: that's how I remember it anyways. The idea is that you have 4 units and you want to send them to 4 different places as fast as possible. -Select all of the units and send them to location 1 -Shift + click one of those units from your wire frame (the thing at the bottom that shows you what you have selected). -You've now deselected one of those units. Send the remaining 3 to location 2. -Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the remaining 2 locations. Contributed by EllisD 8) Binding Locations: We all know you can bind units to hot-keys to make it easier to select groups of units or individual units. But you can also bind locations on the map to your F keys. The default location bindings are F5 and up but you can rebind them to lower F keys for easier reach. To bind location do the same you would do for binding unit hot-keys simply hold control and F5 then every time you click F5 from that point forward your screen will go back to exactly that viewpoint again. Contributed by EllisD 9) AOE casting on air: One important thing to realize is that you do NOT cast it directly on the air units, you cast it on their circle on the ground which is where their true location is. If you try an EMP a banshee or a observer, you will have to guess where they should be. If you cast EMP directly on them, it won't reveal them most of the time. Image with a visual explanation Contributed by Raseru 10) Burrowed Detection: Burrowed units are not visible when not moving but when they are moving you can see the ground shift slightly just as you can see the slight warped vision of stealthed units Contributed by Raseru 11) Attacking building SCVs: Clicking on those darn SCVs is tough! That's why you bring your worker close and attack + click near the building. Your worker takes priority to attack the scv instead of the building, making life easier for you and harder for them. Additionally you can shift que attacks on a building SCV so that your unit will follow it when the scv moves through it's structure (assuming it is not through a wall off) Contributed by Raseru 12) Hold position in mineral line: Ever send your lings into a toss mineral line then A-move them to try to kill drones only to have them all funnel and try to attack a cannon 1 by 1? Well if you move them across the harvesting workers then click H for hold position they will stay put and attack any workers that come into contact with them. Will yield alot more kills in many situation and also works with other units in similar situations. Contributed by EllisD] 13) Hold Position Workers: A worker on hold position will have a lower target priorty than a attack moving worker. This mean that if you want to buffer your units with workers if you put the workers on hold position the attacking units will have to maneuver through them to get to you actual army units. This can be used for blocking ramps or queens with workers against early zergling or other things. The only way your opponent can get through a worker blockade like this is if you have no attacking units in range (since then the AI will just attack the workers anyways) or if they individually target your hold position workers which is mircro intensive. Or they have to hold position themselves to get through the workers [i] Contributed by EllisD and eZmicro 14) Baneling worker Evasion: vs banes going to your mineral line; press stop on workers, spam f1 + click all around your base. F1 selects a single idle worker from all the idle workers. Also ctrl + F1 selects all idle workers. eZmicro 15) Egg Blocking: placing a force field over top of zerg eggs will prevent them from hatching so long as its positioned correctly. chain force field = eggs never hatch Wawacrates 16) Immortal Immortals: The immortal's hardened shields and sentry's gaurdian shield stack, meaning that an immortal in the guardian shield will take only 8 damage per hit from tanks, etc. splash damage around the immortal will also give units touching it hardened shield Snow & eZmicro 17) HT Micro: HTs move far slower than warp prisms, and far FAR slower than upgraded warp prisms. With the HP buff, it's not uncommon for people to load HTs into the prisms, drop, storm, then immediately pick them back up. They will continue to regen energy while in the prism. Snow 18) Warp Kills: killing units warping in under 5seconds is basically a few free shots maybe even a free kill if you react fast enough. Units warping in have that 5second duration to go from 0%hp to full 100%. eZmicro 19) drop micro: mainly for toss, maybe terran, this is obvious stuff, pick up weak units and drop them back down. Against units with missile atks ie. rauder/stalker/banshee/roach. The atk animation will be fired but will not hit the unit being picked up. eZmicro 20) forcing 2 workers to harvest from mineral patches closer to your Capital building early in the game will get you minerals a little bit quicker, in other words rather than having all 8 minerals being mined right away it is slightly more productive to have the closer minerals having two workers on them at the start. Seabass Well there is a start to the list I hope we get some good stuff in here. Let's keep this post constructive if possible :) Edit: I may have to restart this post with a few reserved messages if this list continues to grow thx alot for all the additions to this list thus farBouric35 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Muta Change Would anyone like to see some changes that caused mutas to be less effective as harassment units and more effective as straight up combat units. I'm not sure what kind of changes they would be, but just post some ideas if you have them. The only thing I can think of is lowering their movement speed, but i can't think of a trade-off that wouldn't keep them as incredible harass.Yavimaya5 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Making sc2 better Sc2 is a joke, competitive-wise. Nobody can seriously call this game competitive, because skill is almost the last thing considered. There's just too many hard counters, too much chance, and too many poorly designed mechanics that are allowed to remain. I'm guessing blizzard either has no idea how to improve their game, or has no intention to. Nonetheless, it's easy to see how to improve the game. We're going to operate on the idea that if there is anything that would allow a lesser player to take a game from a greater player, that thing should be fixed. This is how sane game designers operate, so it's perfectly fine that this is the template we're working from. In no particular order, these are ways to make your game better: 1. Remove Random Spawns Random has no place in a competitive game, whatsoever. This is a no brainer and should have been done on release. If you want map variety, make a variety of maps, not a variety of spawns on bland maps. If you want close by air, make a close by air map. If you want close by ground, make a close by ground map, etc. For no reason should there be any multi-spawn map in 1v1. Why this is a good idea: Obviously, it removes dice roll losses to cheese from the game completely. You'll always know if your opponent is cheesing in time to react, as opposed to scouting that 6 pool last and losing because you picked protoss. If you're one of those people that believes that cheese is healthy for gameplay, this also makes proxying simpler. 2. Get Better Maps I cannot stress enough how bad you are at making maps, blizzard. Sweet mercy, you have no idea how to design competitive maps. Cave to the fans and just let third party people design your maps, they're much better at it. Stop with the rocks at thirds, stop with gold expos, stop with main mineral lines exposed to the low ground, stop with cramped mains, stop with watchtowers that serve no purpose, just stop. The vast majority of players would appreciate this. Why this is a good idea: Jesus !@#$ blizzard maps are bad. 3. Make everything weaker and harder to use You read that right, everything. Colossi, thors, roaches, battlecruisers, sentries. Make everything in the game weaker and harder to use. Make a bigger divide between good players and bad players. Give good players more chances to shine, and bad players more chances to fail. As a part of this one, but not really good enough to be a topic on it's own, I'd like to throw out the idea that mini tournaments for wins would be better than a single elimination style of game. A best of 3 vs everyone you face on ladder, for example, would be much better than the current system, for obvious reasons. Why this is a good idea: It's pretty much what people have been asking for since the game came out. Everybody agrees it's pretty easy to play and not very competitive, and they have a point. Almost anybody can beat anybody in sc2. 4. Stop babying your playerbase so much You've got a cash cow, with WoW. You can back off on the greed for a bit and just design a good game. You don't need to cater to the zillions of mouth breathing cod fanboys and make a few extra bucks. If you make more hardcore fans now, your revenue will be stronger later when they're faithful to you as a company. People love Valve and Bioware and try out their new games because those companies have healthy track records for designing entertaining games. Tons of people bought Sc2 because you have a healthy track record for designing entertaining games. Are you really going to smear your reputation further with the debacle that is sc2, for a few extra bucks? I may not be experienced in running a company, but it seems to me that keeping fans coming back would be the way to go. Get rid of all the training wheels. No more supply drop, no more sensor towers, macro and scout better. No more autorepair, no more static D in the main tech path, scout better and prepare better. No more leagues, just show mmr and w/l. No more sugarcoating, none of it. Why this is a good idea: This is a game designed to be competitive. Yes, it has a story mode, that's more of an aside. The game was designed, packaged, and sold to be played in a competitive market. It's designed from the ground up for players to clash against other players, and competition isn't pretty. You've already catered to the player vs environment style of customer by making the story mode. Now cater to the player vs player customer by producing the most well designed, balanced sc2 you can. This game is played for money, and you're blizzard. For the love of everything holy, man up and drop the greed for a bit, and make the sequel to arguably the most competitive video game ever, the sequel it should be.LiaSiri171 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Race specific map preferences Hi, The majority of my veto'd maps are to allow me to forge FE against Zerg. As such Metalopolis, Korhal Compound LE and the Shattered temple are veto'd. This is a shame as some of these maps are fine in any other matchup. The problem however is that the majority of my matches are against Zerg. Would it not make more sense to allow race specific veto's? I.e. against Zerg I veto maps A,B,C , against Toss I veto maps B,D,E and against Terran I veto C,D,F etc? This won't have a major impact on the game, in fact it will most likely balance the game. Hopelessly biassed maps can be avoided almost entirely. Thoughts?Kieliebak1 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 placement match Ok for those of you reading thanks your awesome. UNLESS your the type of person I'm about to mention. Sadly this is another QQ about cheese. SPECIFICALLY on placement matches or at the beginning of new seasons. Today I had my p6 match. Some backround. I'm a part time gamer at most 3 games a day. s5 had me improving alot and staying around top 10 silver. I was truely thinking that a win in the placement would get me to gold where I ( egotiscally) think I should be now. SO in comes the cheese. s3, s4 and s5 saw me lose to cheese. 6 pool, cannon rush, cannon rush. ok yes I know "if i had scouted better" or "if you learned to watch you mini map" blah blah etc etc. NOT my point. win or lose could care less i actually mean GL HF when I say it. Therein lies the problem. Does cheesing other people out of the smallest bit of glory really allow you to have fun. I don't get it. This game is about mind v mind. Who makes the best decision when no matter what the skill. But a cheese for placement or during placement times truely ruins the game for a lot of people. So today not more than 2 hours ago I got cannon rushed on shattered temple on the back corner of 12 oclock position. As soon as i saw the cannon(which was the second of the leap frog) I typed this "MAN FU ITS A FING PLACEMENT MATCH AND YOU CANNON" and left the game. I've never rage quit in my life, but this match this player just drove me mad. Let people who care about the game be. I love this game after work and when the family is asleep its my ME time. My way to unwind and meet other gamers on the field of battle. But to just have people ruin a moment that i've been anticipating for a week just sucks. I know the responses(if any) to this will be of both type players. Cheesers and Good Manner players, but I just had to tell people of this moment. The night ended with a 2-2 record in top 10 silver placement. I still hope to get into silver before season 7 starts but I would feel better if I was going for plat. Again your awesome if you read this through. GL HF.Reyder6 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 I found a use for HSM They're good vs. mass void rays. VRs are pretty difficult to magic box, especially if they're shooting something, so if you've got 3 ravens, you can instakill a bunch of voids, even if the other player splits. So for all bronze/silver leaguers who despise toss going mass VRs no matter what, there is now a fun way to humiliate your opponent! (if you're too lazy to mass marines or something)Wertyuio16 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Blizzard patcher using 4 gigs of ram I would post this in technical difficulties forum, but i have this favorited and loading this is taking a while. The blizzard patcher is currently using more ram than the installer, and is going to take longer than downloading and installing combined. Am i missing something or is this working as intended?Yavimaya3 Feb 16, 2012