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Feb 15, 2012 The Ghost Patch:Fix so ghost is getting a nerf this season.. that sucks and im a toss player ghosts will now do 25+25 to psy units well how about they do the original 45 damage but minus 25 vs massive? so it would be 45-25 vs massive instead of 25+25 vs Psy this would fix the late game in TvZ were snipe is too effective vs zerg tier 3 but still make them viable in other match ups because no other race has massive units that can be sniped :DcLvZickoray3 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 Actual buffs and nerfs? So, everyone is always complaining about their own race needing a buff or another race needing a nerf, but does anybody have suggestions for a buff for a race you don't play or an Idea for a nerf for your own race? I'd like to hear some non-rage inspired thoughts. It's not like the game is supposed to be easy. PS. If I get to many votes that this thread is stupid and uncalled for I'll remove it.Dan20 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 How you approach Placement Match Just curious... ...Love to know how everyone approaches there placement match? Usually I approach it with something funky/really aggressive. Do you cheese or play Standard or try something funky?TheJellymon20 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 Baneling armor classification? Any specific reason that baneling has no armor type classification? List a few other units that dont have one. What are banelings true counters? given a baneling does extra dmg vs light so armored units are good against them only because they don't receive that extra damage, but is there an actual counter other than extremely late archons when they have no other classification other than biological?oSaTalic41 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 EmpireHappy vs MouzMana That was one of the best games I have ever seen.Renegade0 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 Decline of non-macro play? As time goes on it's getting much harder and harder to play bio terran, or any early aggression strategy that doesn't focus on heavy macro(not 1-base play, mind you) I think new maps and other ones in the map pool encourage slow paced, long macro games(natural expansion on high ground and/or small chokes to natural that gives defender a bigger advantage) Bio terran, or any other super aggressive plays of any race, needs to put in some early pressure, or otherwise they fall behind, despite the fact that I expand at regular timings. I'm not saying we bring back Steps of War or top-and-bottom spawn for Metalopolis and Shakuras Plateau, but as things stand, fast expanding, especially for protoss and terran, is way too easy, takes very little risk, and punishing it is getting more and more difficult. I am perfectly okay with people wanting to play macro games, but I am hoping that aggressive play with less emphasis on heavy macro gets to have some fair chance fighting back.ChickFilA2 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 Blizzard - Small Balance to Team Matches Blizzard, I know you're out there ! I have played SC/BW for over 12 years, I have been playing SC2 since alpha, yes alpha. I was at all 3 Blizzcons in the SC2 line both days. Beta, I was in top 8 Plat for 1s 2s 3s and 4s, (that's when Plat was the top). I stayed Top 8 Diamond when diamond became the top and finally Masters when Masters became the top. If you are reading this Blizzard, I know you can confirm this for yourself. What's my concern? The ability to share/trade Gas in team matches, let me explain. During beta, my Protoss partner was able to Chronoboost my hatchery to get my queen out faster, also my Zergling speed to get speed up quicker. This ability to Chronoboost others was removed. It was removed because although this game is focused on 1v1, which I agree with, Blizzard still wanted Starcraft 2 to be fun for the team game players. The Chronoboost ability imbalanced the flow of Tier/upgrades in the game. The only reason Gas exists in Starcraft, Broodwar, warcraft 3 (wood), Starcraft 2 and many other games, is to balance the timing of tech in these games. If there was no reason to balance this, we would only have minerals and nothing more. This element works perfectly in Starcraft. In many of your patches you have been able to higher or lower the gas cost to prevent specific techs/units from reaching the field too quickly and imbalancing the game flow. So why am i still able to share gas in team games? Blizzard addressed this issue once by adding a 5 minute timer to the share ability, which I loved ! It was a step in the right direction in creating a diverse game flow for team matches and reducing cheese/rushes. I am not against cheese or rushing in anyway, but at high levels of team play, this is all that exists and is almost forced on us. The ability to hand all of your gas gathered, to your partners, destroys the flow of gameplay and the "internal clocks" many of us starcraft players have grown used to. We can feel when players can have certain techs in 1v1, but in 2v2 this does not exist. At 5 min, practically anything could exist and scouting becomes 10 fold crucial. Although this doesn't destroy the game, it turns team games into a rush fest. Some people enjoy this, I do not. If your ultimate goal is to drive people to 1s, then it is working =] No amount of Day 9 or starcraft binders are gonna help you in 2s, past 5 min. It is half skill and half luck in it's current state. If anyone agrees or disagrees, I would like to hear what you have to say. I am not here to flame, but only to express my opinion. To clarify, this is not a thread to address race imbalances, but game flow imbalance. This change will only improve the skill level and strategy in team matches. BaM- Currently rank 3 in Masters 2s.BaM0 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 The State of Macro in the Pro Meta-Game It's a trend I've been noticing for a while, but which probably came to a head for me watching this game: (Yes, it's a Husky cast. If you must, mute it while you watch it, or just don't watch it at all. It's not necessarily vital to the discussion). The emphasis on macro in the professional Starcraft II meta-game is quickly spiraling out of control. It was a few short months ago that I watched a game in which IdrA took his third by the six-minute mark and raised an eyebrow at the hastiness of the expansion. Now, Protoss FFEs before its scouting probe arrives at Zerg's base (and doesn't cancel even if no hatch is spotted at the natural), and Zerg itself routinely has four or five bases by 10:00. TvP and TvZ games see players take bases at barely slower clips. Logically, there is absolutely no reason games should play out like this: A 7-pool would absolutely destroy such macro-oriented builds on maps with fixed spawns; concerted 3-rax pressure not done concurrently with an expand would have similar effects, and, most of all, a perfect 4-gate would essentially automatically win the game against any race but Terran taking bases at such a clip, and most likely at least cripple greedy Terrans. Yet such plays are seen extremely rarely among professionals. It's a common adage that if one scouts an expansion, one should either expand oneself or mass up and punish the scouted base, and pro-gamers nigh invariably choose the former. This creates a situation wherein the viewer can safely skip the first five real-time minutes of a pro game, confident that she will have missed nothing except that the entire map will now be covered with bases. However, such a decision is intrinsically asinine, since it, by definition, puts the responder behind his opponent in terms of economy; he dropped his base second, possibly by a large margin, after all. On the other hand, dumping money (that one's opponent just used to expand) into army or possibly last-second tech can easily even the score or possibly turn the tide of the game into the non-expander's favor, as she destroys the scouted expansion and maybe even more. Why then, do pro-gamers almost never choose the second option? What makes it so tempting to safely put oneself behind in economy, rather than taking the (very good) chance to put oneself ahead in *winning the game*? My theory is that Starcraft as a spectator sport has encountered the issue that dogs all the more traditional ones: It must act as a show first and a competition second. We as fans demand to be entertained for as long as possible, even if the entertainment is less compelling, and that means wanting to sit in our seats for at least an hour over the course of a 7-game series. This means that competitors aim, not to win, but to avoid losing. Football coaches, even against lopsided teams like the New England Patriots, will kick for a one-point conversion to go to overtime and face the Pats' legendary offense again rather than try for a two-point conversion for the win against their abysmal defense. Baseball managers intentionally walk Albert Pujols, even though doing so is statistically much more likely to result in extra runs scored by their opponents than letting Pujols take an actual at-bat. Players like Puma who make a habit of early offense are vilified regardless of success simply because they cut short the show we expect. Other professionals take the hint and simply work to eat up ten minutes of game time by just taking the entire map. Where will this go? My theory is that, unless HoTS does something to make fast macro significantly more challenging (and, possibly, even if it does,) professional SCII players will begin to expand faster and faster, until, paradoxically, Zerg must break the chain of speedy macro because it, as the race that needs the most bases, will exhaust the returns of faster expands before either Terran or Protoss. The Swarm will then be forced to revert to the beginning of the pattern, intelligently deciding between expanding or pressuring at every scouted expand, or it will simply flounder as it and T/P each take half the map within the first ten minutes of the game and the latter find that their races can make much better use of six bases than Zerg can. Of course, this is all conjecture, and the professional meta-game can shift in unforeseen ways for whatever reason, especially with the drop of the expansion (pun completely intended), though because of the inevitable nature of the spectator sport, I do not believe that it will ever shift to such a state that it is not at least significantly biased toward macro plays. At any rate, the most practical application of this discussion would be that, if you, my kind reader, are planning to go pro anytime soon, striking a delicate balance between Puma and the rest of the world by occasionally 4-gating/7-pooling/What have you against careless professionals who expand without the scouting necessary to do so in anything below their level (even in Diamond and Masters), then you can probably garner inordinate amounts of success. And if you've managed to read all that, I congratulate you and question your sanity, and I close with the necessary invitation in public forums: Thoughts?kUwAngeR11 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 1v1 search, stuck at "downloading content" This has also been posted in the bug reports forum. I think there's a problem with all blizzard map downloads. They worked fine yesterday Official blizzard maps will not download, either through clicking the match search button, or through "create a custom game." Aren't a lot of other people having this problem? Why haven't the threads been noticed by Blues? Experimenting I've done so far: hovered over "estimated time" bar, noticed "currently downloading: cloud kingdom le" restarted the game, pressed "create custom game," searched for cloud kingdom le, found the one created by blizzard, tried pressing the yellow download button, also does not work. I think that if I could get the cloud kingdom map file then the other maps will download. either that, or all blizzard map download links are broken right now, because they were working fine yesterday. Korhal Compound LE v1.1 and even metalopolis will also not download. I've relogged, restarted the internet connection, and also restarted the game multiple times now. I've played two custom games (monobattles) with no problems. please get a blue post!! TL;DR: Blizzard map downloads broken, please fix, Blizz. Can't play laddernonbiO3 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 Cheese or push? Stop QQing about pushes ZERG Well, let me see, planning for 3 gate expo, pump out 2 zealot to make a earlier push. Cheesing? During such a push, I notice 4 gas building, less than 6 zergling, so i killed all the lings and 1 queen. Cheesing? Well, I guess if I expo, mutas will be out. I change my mind to dt push expo. Dts saw 3 spine crawler up and earlier lair I am sure it is mutas, so i charge zearlot+archon push. Sorry you die WHY zergs, when I saw 4 earlier gas and know you will pump out 20 mutas at 10 min and take the game, should I just let you go with your plan and win the game? earlier 2 zealot push is a earlier scouting and push strategy, is it cheesing? no, if you are not so greedy on your gas and have a little more ling, you will not lose your queen. if you are not so greedy and build a evo and spore you will not be harrased by dt's, if you just mining less guess and pump out some roachs you will not die from charge zealot archon push. STOP QQing about Cheesing, I don't know how to deal with large group of mutas so I do earlier push so that you don't get mutas that fast. WHY do toss have to just expo and let you pump out your stupid muta and collect your victory?MrChen5 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 Grubby v. Mass Muta just watched grubby lose to mass mutalisk. after outplaying his opponent and even doing somewhat successful multi prong attacks/and drops at main mutalisk are so op that he built cannons at edge of zerg base that mutalisk attacked into, still easily fending off the attack Both reinforce Grubby pushes into the zerg base, now clearly even more ahead mutalisk leave and steam roll grubbys bases. grubby is forced into a base trade and to attack an iron wall of spines at zergs 3rd and only base. mutalisk go for army, since they are so fast they can easily win base trades grubby outplayed but got gged due to NOT HAVING +2 ON PHOENIX Grubby even had a much higher score After watching that game i dont even think +2 phoenix will do the trick. phoenix cant attack structures. mutalisk might still be able to trade easily.Zamber31 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 Anti-casters are casters are anti-casters Blizzards decision to change snipe so it had bonus vs psionic made me realize something. Ghost-spell caster - emp/snipe HT-spell caster - Feedback Infestor - spell caster - ...Fungal Growth maybe? It seems all the anti-spellcasters, are themselves spellcasters. Wouldn't it be more interesting if there was something else to prevent such heavy 'caster wars'? I guess there are units with long range, or high numbers that casters can't handle... it was just a thought.Fawxkitteh5 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 Current and Future Patches 1.4.3 Phoenix Range Upgraded to 6 with Fleet Beacon 1.4.4 Muts now have a speed upgrade because we felt that to the phoenix unit has an unfair advantage with over micro 1.4.5 Phoenix now have a speed upgrade at the Dark Shrine because we felt that with the previous patch put us back two steps 1.4.6 Muts now have a Range upgrade, so they can adequately compete with their race rival, the phoenix kewl stacking patchesFirionel1 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 Team Zerg 10 (Achievement) problem So i started playing zerg in 2v2s and 3v3s yesterday, I've won 4 games as zerg (not much i know, but thats not the point ). The team zerg 10 win achievment is still 2/10 , i just won a 3v3 and it is still 2/10. It should be 4/10.. Any ideas ? ._.NaSiRA8 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 the ladder system sucks my friend and i are ranked in bronze for 2v2 we are around rank 10 but we have yet to go against a single bronze player we only vs high silver / low gold players. Why are we in bronze if we don't even vs people from our own league?CptClutch7 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 The solution to Terran woes in TvP I'm just learning terran so don't flame me too hard, but I can tell you what normally kills me in PvT. The biggest thing I fear is a quick terran 3rd or even a double expand. As a protoss I lack mobility to punish this in most instances especially since I still have to be afraid of drops and will lose to a base trade. I can't dislodge a planetary fortress that early in the game and likewise I'm going to be reluctant to attack a fortified natural. Hell I probably won't even scout it until it is well into mining since observers are so slow. Why don't more terrans do this? It is the best way to punish a teching toss that enables you to completely overwhelm him with numbers mid/late game.Blueduck26 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 How much would it cost... to install a 5-yard long pipe from my Command Center to a nearby Refinery? I mean balance- wise, would it cost 150 minerals? or more? I suppose that if the refinery was destroyed or the command center lifted off, the pipe would break. Maybe the development team can put this in HotS, and make an option for all three races. What do you guys think?TiberiumDSV15 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 Blink destroys TvP innovation. Yes i play Terran yes i suck, and yes...Im not quite sober straight up, ask yourself, why do marauders exist? The reason is because blink stalkers. Plain and simple. We all know marauders are a necessary evil, so many units in this game are. And they exist because Blizzard couldnt resist adding abilities like blink when they knew that they should not. Without blink there is no need for marauders, that is the truth as i see it. Blizzard should have taken the more practical approach with this game, instead they got fancy, and it plays out like an FPS as opposed to an RTS. Without the ability to control space, Mech will NEVER be viable, and Blizzard knows it. The fact that Blizzard is creating the new version of the spider mine (the shredder) tells me they know this, and thats a problem. Because if the shredder is strong enough to kill blink stalkers, and control movement, It likely will be OP. There are fundamental issues with this game that can not be addressed by simply adding new units IMHO. As much as we may not want to admit it there are some things in this game that just need to go...away...forever. Go ahead and list all the gimmicky crap that needs to be axed before this game can live up to its father. im tired and high GGstriveCBS8 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 Opinions on Korhal Compound What are all your opinions on this map? my personal notes -hard to take third -many ledges for siege units -very easy to cut the map and turtle for terran PieTaster5 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 Re-entering a a match I'm not trolling. But does anyone think that when your disconnected from a match that you should be able to re-enter the match like LOL. that way if your disconnected you can just press like a re-enter buttonwongseifu12 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 Blizzard's approach to every caster in SCII Step 1) nobody use casters, so might as well not do anything. Step 2) somebody figure out how to @**% face with casters Step 3) NERF BAT NERF BAT Step 4) rinse and repeat Casters that have received this treatment: HT Infestor MS Ghost Casters that have not received such treatment and therefore is probably next: Raven....... UntoldPain4 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 Why the phoenix buff? Ok. I do believe that the phoenix buff is too strong. Due to the phoenix's speed advantage over the mutalisk, when phoenixes get +2 range, mutas will never touch them under any circumstance unless they are mis-microed. I will literally be ashamed if I ever lose a phoenix to a muta again. That's just dumb. So I started wondering... So as it stands, phoenixes can't handle mass mutas, and carriers "should be replaced" by the tempest to deal with them. Let's break that logic down: Phoenixes(a currently functional unit) need to be tweaked to deal with a problem, while the carrier(a presumably dysfunctional unit) should be removed (because it is underused) by a unit that requires an entirely new expansion to actually exist. Is it just me, or would it make a hell of a lot more sense to leave the phoenix the way it is(since it functions in the game) and instead of replacing the carrier with a "counter" to mass mutas, simply tweak the carrier to handle mass mutas? Now, my proposition is this. Nerf the interceptor's damage, and give it a VERY small splash radius. This not only would deal with mass mutas, it would also deal with mass marines and other very small units. Now, I know that the thought of this outrages most Terrans, but it adds an interesting dynamic. What could terran do to handle carriers, since vikings aren't amazing against them? Buffed cattle bruisers. Now, two completely unused units are seeing use, adding a great amount of depth to the MU, while solving the mass muta "problem." I realize that I could be totally wrong, and it could possibly shift the game in an unforeseeable manner, but that is the case with every change that is made to the game. This change is more appealing, simply because it would help the game to evolve. I like it when the game evolves. :) Anyway, gl hf!TheDethAngel122 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 Dustin Browder Interview from 12 Years Ago This is a very young, VERY HOT Dustin Browder interviewed for Red Alert 2. lol so much has changed. btw, has there been less interviews with Browder? I have'nt seen him on the YouTubes latelyCiniCraft4 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 1.4.3 Pheonix QQ- Zerg, you might actually have to adapt to using lings to harass/build corrupters to help protect your army when pheonix count gets to high. And if protoss is stupid enough to get greedy with his pheonix 1 fungle can smash his paper planes to bits. This patch is mainly a change to help with mid/late game mass muta harass and base trades. + on a side note, as a spectator watching mutas in pvz is very boringAurora11 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 curious... Have anyone know something about StarCraft 2 going to console like xbox 360 or playstation? It would be nice to expand more and give the opportunity to other gamers that don't play in a pc as much as we do don't u think?ninplay20 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 How to Improve at SCII In my cosmically pointless quest to bring constructive material to these forums and improve my own writing, I present another work with my thoughts on the nature of this wonderful game and the path through which one must progress in order to master it. This is not a step-by-step guide, but rather an explanation of how to approach the game. It is easier said than done (I have not come close to mastering it) and it is possible to ignore these altogether and achieve a high rank on the ladder. However, ladder rank does not a SCII master make. This post will be a long one, so please don’t reply unless you read it all, and if you read it all, then please reply! In my mind, there are 4 “levels” of game understanding through which a player must progress in order to become a master of this complex game. It is possible to improve upon them all at once, or one at a time. This is just my way of categorizing the various skills involved in SCII, and might provide all of you with a fresh perspective on the way the game works. 1) Mechanics. This is the basic level, the core. A player must learn how the game works, master the controls, learn the ins and outs of every unit and ability, and learn good habits of gameplay. Essentially, this level of play involves perfecting one’s performance independently- as if there were no opponents. Being able to quickly amass an army of your choosing, with the upgrades and abilities you require, as quickly and efficiently as possible, is the most important skill to master in SCII. Every command should be executed as if it were second nature, every key on the keyboard must be used to its fullest potential. APM should be high and put to good use. Supply blocking should be a thing of the past, and never should you stop hearing “We require more minerals.” Eventually, build orders should be studied, learned, and practiced until they can be executed properly. 2) Game Sense The above is enough to win games against the weakest opponents. There’s a reason that players are able to cart themselves out of Bronze simply by outmacroing their opponents. However, these good habits and clockwork-builds are useless unless the application of them is understood. At this point, the player must begin to examine when certain techniques, tactics, and builds are to be applied. This game sense is something that is developed through experience. Learning to keep that production going even though there’s a battle going on, learning to respond quickly (and correctly) to the sudden Mutalisk harassment, and learning to properly counter your opponent’s army composition are some of the most important elements of this level of understanding. 3) Defensive Tactics This is where the strategy comes into play. At this point, the goal is to learn how to utilize scouting information. At this point, you’ve mastered the art of managing a scout due to the first level, and understand when the key times to scout are due to the second. This level has also taught you what the opportunities are for response (i.e. when to be aggressive, when to work on your economy, when to make the final push, what to compose your army of, etc.). The third level is the learning to recognize those opportunities when you see them, and to immediately call upon the proper response from within your arsenal. Having mastered the execution, you should be able to do so quickly and efficiently. 4) Offensive Tactics This is really the final level of mastery- when you learn to dictate your opponent’s play, and in turn, dictate the game. At this point, you’ve learned how to respond to your opponent based on what they do. Now, the focus revolves around eliciting your desired action from them, so that you can respond as you please. Forcing your opponent into certain tech paths, forcing their attention to your attack or tactic, forcing them to relinquish map control or make unfavorable army trades; this is the position in which you want to place yourself. Once you can confidently do this, all that remains is for you to practice and improve. How does one work on these levels? 1) Practice against the AI on lower levels. Set goals for yourself regarding your worker production, your adherence to a build order, and how often you get supply blocked. Ensure you have little to no money at all times, but also maintain steady production at all times. Learn the controls and use all the hotkeys. 2) Study. Watch professionals, read up on build orders, and learn how and why units counter one another. Apply your techniques in-game, and analyze your victories and your losses to determine why you won, or why you lost, in relation to your play and your opponent’s. 3) Studying helps here as well, but one of the best methods is experience. The meta-game is shifting constantly, so learn what certain races tend to do against you and look for the tells. Learn them, and you’ll know how to properly respond. 4) Experience and practice are good, but the most important is confidence. Enter the game with a plan on how you’re going to dictate the game, and do your best to execute it. Be in control. Learn to roll with the punches and keep being the one forcing your opponent. Learn to think from their perspective- assuming that they are as good as you, how will they react to what they see? How can you use this information to your advantage? In order to get good at Call of Duty and most other games, you really only have to practice, learn the maps, and get quick with the controls. For SCII, these things can get you far; but in order to really understand the game and experience the thrill of out-thinking your opponent, you need to work on these other areas of play. Being in Diamond or Masters does not mean that you’ve successfully accomplished these- it just means that you’ve won enough games to get to Diamond or Masters. What makes the pros so fun to watch is the fact that they've (for the most part) pulled all of these things off. Take a leaf from their book and try to incorporate these into your playstyle, and it will definitely improve your game. Thoughts and feedback are appreciated! For simpler tips for newer players, check out my long-dead thread: Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 A Protoss AA Issue that the buff won't help Specifically in the PvZ matchup. Let's take a quick look at the corruptor and the phoenix. Corruptor 150 minerals 100 gas 2 supply 200 hp Corruption ability Range 6 Phoenix 150 minerals 100 gas 2 supply 120 hp and 60 shields Graviton Lift ability Range 4 (6 with fleet beacon upgrade if the patch goes through) Now one of these units (the corruptor) is ment to counter massive and armored air units. While the other (the phoenix) is ment to counter light air units. So my question is, why does the corruptor hard counter the phoenix, a light unit? They are the same cost and supply, have roles that should make them equally terrible against each other, yet the corruptor dominates the phoenix. In a straight up fight a corruptor kills a phoenix with 80 hp remaining (98 if corruption is used). With higher numbers the corruptor victories become even more pronounced. Microing the phoenix is impossible since it has less range and this will remain the case even if you researched the range upgrade and the range became equal. While I'm not saying the corruptor is broken in any way, I think it is an issue when an anti armored air unit demolishes an anti light air unit so convincingly for an equal cost. The solution would either be to allow phoenixs to deal more damage to non light units or to nerf corruptor damage against light units. Either way this discrepency should not be as significant as it currently is and the patch does nothing to address this. Even a buffed phoenix will not counter mutalisks if the phoenix counter is already available from the spire. Edit 1: I am not saying phoenixs should kill corruptors, merely that corruptors shouldn't roflpwn them so hard when they have such a similar role against different armor types. Edit 2: Void rays do not beat corruptors cost for cost until the numbers get unrealistically high. (someone pointed out 66 corruptors vs 32 vrays0dGSckarr36 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 Pheonix buff to strong? I would think +1 range would be sufficient but +2 range seems like an over buff, to the point where they will literally take mutalisk usage out of the matchup. How do you guys think this will go out? phoenixes current are still a good counter and the +2 range is slightly over the top, +1 range is sufficient. This will make hydras have an even tougher time reaching phoenixes sniping overlords or in battles... Hydras are pretty much a terrible counter now vs pheonix rather then an medicore counter. We need to go !@#$ty corrupters now vs heavy pheonix.... and with it +6 range.. its gonna suck...yeAH333 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 An Idea to make the ladder a better place. So most people play this game to improve and the best way to improve is to learn not only why you lost but why you won. So here is my idea: Next time you beat someone tell him how he could have improved his play. Don't do this is a snide or arrogant way just suggest one thing they could have done to improve their playTantaburs7 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 Placement Match Issue I just played my season 6 placement match and i got placed in bronze. This doesn't make any sense because the guy i played in the placement match was in silver and i beat him. Not to mention the last two seasons i was in silver and nearing the end of season 5 i was winning over 50% of my games including beating people in gold. What's going on? Why is the ladder system so poorly designed? JohnyClassic14 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 New Season!! Woo! So, did anyone get promoted, demoted, stay the same? Did you get what you expected, anything unexpected? I got promoted to platinum (I know, I know, plat nub) and it feels great :)Deathpawn1 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 No matter how ahead you are, protoss wins I get colossi and chargelots, i steamroll terran or zerg.Kobe6 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 Nexus mass recall instead of phoenix buff Does anyone agree? EDIT: Referring to Situation Report: Protoss players attempted to move their armies out across the map, their bases became extremely vulnerable. Give Protoss Mass recall in advance of HotS would allow Protoss players to play more offensively and give pressure to their opponents, rather than letting the armies to stuck in the bases for defending mass Mutas.Seek17 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 Reporting Today I met a smurfer or someone who intentionally loses to be placed in lower leagues. I have reported many people for this action. This thread isn't really about how terrible smurfing is but rather if Blizzard takes action when someone is reporting. I'm guessing Blizzard has a team for these type of problems and that they get maybe thousand of reports from players. Some may be angry players who were legitimately beaten but just angry. So I'm assuming they have to handle this delicately, but I'm curious how do they handle this exactly? I've been told that just report that person and Blizzard will take notice eventually. This may be true, but how many reports have to be sent to get Blizzard to notice that person? Basically is it worth reporting people for cheating?SNTRL4 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 Assault units So not counting the Raven, High templar, or Infestor (because these have been described to be support units). Zergs have 8 assault units, Terran have 10, and Protoss have 11. I find this odd... And I suppose if you have enough creep spread then a Queen becomes viable as an assault unit so that would give Zerg 9 in the late game. Is there a specific reason for this?Vladamere1 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 how is stutter step possilbe? Flush0 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 ladders are strange So I am a lousy silver league terran and have no idea why I am not bronze....but maybe chance plays a big part.....dunno. I have been getting drilled by top-8 bronze guys.....consistently. Then I play a higher ranked silver and roll him.... I am losing 3 to every one I win and I have actually moved up in my league from 77 to 55 as of this post....go figure. I read the TL league and ladder guide....but from what I am seems totally wrong. It seems more like you are doomed to a league until the next season...I mean these bronze guys are *miles* better than me....but then I will hammer a top-25 silver....I just don't get it. In reading the guide, I see how "it is supposed to work." But reality couldn't be more different.segv15 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 My New Mid-Master Stream Hey guys! My name is Larry Mallory and my sc2 handle is FSbiglarry. I have been a masters lvl player for the last 3 seasons and with the start of season 6 i have decided to take the ladder alot more seriously and see just how high on the ladder i can climb. I would greatly appreciate if u guys would come hang out with me on stream and give me critisism (good or bad) on my z play. Thanks in advance and hope to see u on bnet friends. also on teamliquid non-featured stream list. FSbiglarry .311FSBiglarry2 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 How to completely remove all the starcraft 2 Hey all, does anyone know how to completely remove all the starcraft 2 data in the computer? I have facing the map download error while i was in the game. I have try to reinstall everything and even remove the data folder in the document file, but after i complete re-install, the login page still shows my email address there, means i have miss out some data to be deleted. Any advise ?Seig3 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 epic base trades replays/stories i wanna see/hear em. i'll start off with a game i played about 3 days ago, tvp. (ignore the bm we played twice in a row on ladder and he proxy gated me the first game lol) had another game today, tvt.. 30 min of it being me chasing his cloaked banshee around with a thor and both of us trying to set up a base, ended up in a stalemate, after a 40min long game. i want to see your base trades :)absolute2 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 The other side of the Phoenix buff The Tempest, currently replacing a currently useless unit, is now itself a useless unit. Discuss.GoldenWind3 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 Rig to play on max settings with 60+ fps Hey guys, I recently made a rig I thought would play starcraft 2 on max settings with 40 - 60 fps at all times. I have: 3GHz quad core i5 Asus EAH6850 4 gig ram And my resolution is only 1440 x 900 While initially the FPS is great, in huge battles (particularly 2v2) I get down to 10 - 20 FPS. Is it my computer, or some setting I have? What kind of upgrades will I need to make in future to get what I want? Thanks very much.FoxTrap15 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 Heart of the Swarm -- add micro heavy units I'm posting this to express my hope that Heart of the Swarm will add more complex, high-skill units to Starcraft 2. EGiNcontrol talked about this in the most recent State of the Game, and I agree with him. Removing the Carrier and replacing it with the Tempest makes it seem like Blizzard is trying to remove micro-intensive units and replace them with easy-to-use, 1-A units. As iNcontrol put it, "there's no Tempest micro. You don't micro that thing, you A-move with it." As a fan of eSports I don't want simpler game design. I want units that have cleverness and subtlety in their design, units that pros can pull off amazing tricks with. I think the Viper and the Swarm Host have a lot of potential for clever micro tactics. The Viper can manipulate unit positioning with Abduct, and force the enemy to micro his ranged units with Blinding Cloud. The Swarm Host looks like it will be very effective when combined with Overlord drop tech -- drop the Swarm Hosts near the enemy base, spawn some Locusts, then pick up and leave, go somewhere else and repeat. This would keep the enemy unsure of the location of your Swarm Hosts, and would force them to react to harassment from multiple angles. The Battle Hellion was specifically designed to be a tougher Hellion that requires less micro -- Blizzard said so themselves. I don't like that idea, but I think there is potential for some cool transform micro, similar to Vikings. The Warhound looks kind of simple -- it has a basic attack against ground, and a basic attack against air. I hope there is the potential for micro to improve its effectiveness, but as for now it just looks like a smaller, faster Thor -- and Thors are pretty A-moveish. The Tempest looks really, really bad. As iNcontrol said, there's no way for a player to micro it and make it more effective. It's a boring unit and I hope it's not included in HotS. As for the other Protoss units, the Replicant just copies other units (and probably won't be in the game anyway), and the Oracle is a non-combat caster. At least the Oracle can't be A-moved with, so that's something. As a fan of eSports, I'm 100% in favor of the addition of high-skill, micro-intensive units, even though I'm an awful player and I will doubtlessly be very bad at using those units. Please, Blizzard, don't dumb down your game. The complexity and the skill curve are what make the game so much fun to play and to watch. Sincerely, Some Guy on the Internet Yaksha19 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 Zerg POV Snipe Nerf (Over Neferd) Fix inside. Hello blizzard, as I was watching State of The Game. QXC had an ingenious idea on how to nerf ghosts against T3 Zerg without damaging snipe in other areas. Reduce the amount of damage snipe does against massive units. Since Zerg has the only bio massive, nothing else will be effected except ZT3. You guys have removed to many options in favor of short term balance. It is time you take the high road and allow snipe to actually be viable while not being over powered. Make this change asap.SlayerSMooch17 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 Battle of the Kobe's Hey there "Kobe". My 2v2 partner (who has had the handle Kobe since sc2 beta and BW) keeps getting asked if he is "the kobe from bnet forums". We are always confused about this poser (you) since he is the original SC Kobe nut-rider ^^ I'm not sure what your skill level is, but how about a fun best-of-x series vs. my bud? Battle of the kobe's! From what we hear you are pretty BM and my bud is good at making people rage so it should be fun. P.S. My bud isn't great, Diamond Zerg, but if you are in a lower league he can random and if you are Master you can random to make it more entertaining. Let me know what you think =) tskarz32 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 Tales of a Placement Match! Hey guys it's Darkslayer ^^ just got done editing my placement match! Enjoy! :D Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 Starcraft VS Other Sci Fi Worlds! A war has suddenly broken out between the Starcraft world and other sci fi universes!! Who would win in these epic battles? Zergling VS Starship Troopers Bug Infestor VS Starship Troopers Brain Bug Dark Templar VS The Predator Viking VS X-Wing Zealot VS Xenomorph Alien Battlecruiser VS Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer Thor VS Zaku-II Mobile Suit Ghost VS Boba Fett High Templar VS Your average Jedi Banelings VS Storm Troopers The Brutalisk VS the Rancor! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!SharkWLazors15 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 BGFO Tourny Cast R8 G1+G2, Newbie vs Dragon Battlenet General Forums Open Tournament, casted on youtube! Game 1 TKiNewbie vs Dragon! Exciting cast done by myself, check it out, rate, subscribe, and enjoy the watch! I will be casting all games from the RO8 all the way until the very epic finals, which I will not spoil for those of you that do not yet know! May take me a few days, maybe even until next week, but I will get 'em all out! Thanks to WolfLink and PeaceKeeper for hosting the epic forum tournament that took place over the weekend!TKiNewbie3 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 Fixing Snipe: Snipe uses the Ghost's weapon cooldown. This means it replaces the Ghost's primary attack, rather than doing both at once. Done!Bobucles0 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 Snipe has a 0.5 CD meaning 25dmg isnt viable This post will explain why a 25 damage snipe is literally NOT WORTHWHILE to cast. At first i thought the snipe change was bad but i guess in the scheme of things it makes sense because ghosts have an autoattack while infestors do not. Regardless, many people seem to think with the mousescroll trick ghosts will still be able to obliterate broodlords just at a lesser rate than before. Allow me to clear up some things. Snipe has a cooldown meaning at 25 damage for 25 micro'ing that is almost not even worth it. Snipe actually has about a 0.5 second cooldown/casttime and the ghost cannot attack/fire during that cooldown With the new mousescroll wheel trick you can cast a bunch of snipes at once, however its still limited by the ghost snipe cooldown so all it does is it makes all your ghosts fire instantly but still they individually have cooldowns. also ghosts cannot do their normal DPS while chain sniping. So while chain sniping you are losing your normal DPS, but gaining snipe DPS (assuming you are chaining 25 energy snipes). So if snipe is made 25 energy for 25 damage, it wouldnt be THAT bad as long as the 0.5 second cooldown on snipe was removed. Not only that, but the 0.5 second cooldown on snipe should not effect the firing rate of ghosts, meaning if you A-MOVE a group of ghosts then hold down the snipe button and use the mousescroll trick, you could literally spam 100 snipes in 2 seconds while also not messing any of the ghosts autoattacks up. I guess if that was possible, the change wouldnt be so bad. However right now because snipe has like a 0.5 second cooldown AND the fact that you have to consume APM to use it AND the fact that when you use a snipe it RESETS the attack timer of ghosts resulting in less autoattack DPS, when you actually use ghosts to snipe right now you are losing dps from their autoattack damage, and with a 25 damage snipe it probably becomes completely not worth it to even use your APM to cast snipe as each bit of APM you use on snipe actually results in a minuscule amount of extra damage being created when you factor in the lost DPS from ghosts autoattacks. The above is the main point of this post and something i think should be cleared up. Blizzard probably already knows about it somewhat but the community doesnt completely know about it and maybe blizzard is just talking about a 25/25 snipe now the same way they talked about NP not working on massive units, but its just a tactic by blizzard to suggest a massive nerf at first and then bring in a lesser nerf in the real patch. That is just speculation, who cares, but regardless maybe there is a small percent chance the balance team isnt completely aware of how the cooldown results in lost ghost DPS meaning casting a 25 damage snipe is almost a non productive use of APM because you lose DPS for almost a miniscule amount generated damage. So above is the main point of the post, and below is just my opinions on possible solutions. This is just one possible solution im thinking of. These are just my opinions, and i dont know what solution blizzard will go with im just brainstorming. The MAIN part of this post is just to aware people of the snipe cooldown and how a 25 damage snipe is almost removing the spell completely as its not even worth it to click anymore, this part of the post is just opinions/brainstorming on possible solutions but if you dont like reading that kinda stuff you can just stop reading now if you like. Okay, now moving onto my opinions. I think because removing that 0.5 second cooldown on snipe would be hard to do, i think the easiest and simplest way to balance snipe is to make it 125 energy for 125 damage So in conclusion, I think 1 energy for 1 damage on snipe is not a bad balance move because one 2food ghost can dish out 200 energy for 200 damage and that means 2 ghosts at 4food can instantly destroy a 4food broodlord while still surviving to live another day and regenerate energy and do it again, but 25 damage on snipe is just pitiful and not worth the APM clicks. So i suggest making snipe 125 energy for 125 damage, or possibly 100 energy for 100 damage. This would allow ghosts to almost 1shot zealots and still with max energy bars ghosts lategame would still do the dirty and kill broodlords/ultras quickly. But at a lesser rate than current. Lets look at my proposed idea. 3ghosts vs 2 ultralisks, both cost 6food. 4ghosts with max upgrades and energy bars could launch 4 snipes at a ultralisk and deal 500 damage to it, leaving it with 1health to get 1shotted and then launch 2snipes at the other ultra dealing 250 damage leaving it with 250 health remaining and the 6ghosts can autoattack and kill the other one shortly after. So with my change ghosts would still destroy ultras and broodlords, and but it requires them to regenerate to 125 energy on all of them, and its HARD to produce plenty ghosts, and infestor fungals with mass ling swarms would still #!#@ ghosts, and my change still follows the 1energy for 1damage guideline that blizzard wants to follow. However, zergs reading the above description may still feel thats overpowered, because they might think "dang, the reason they are nerfing snipe is cuz is kills ultras and broods too well, with your change it almost seems like a buff because 6ghosts will still destroy 2ultras" And you know what zergs, maybe you are right. Maybe it should be 75 energy for 50 damage. Maybe 150 energy for 125 damage (which would still lead to my scenario happening, but it would cost more energy to do it increasing the reload time). I dont know what exactly the main final solution will be, thats why this part of my post is just my opinions. The main part of this post was explaining how a 25 damage snipe is pretty pointless, and my opinions are just my opinions, so yes zergs maybe your right, i dont know, these are just my opinions and i think brainstorming is a good thing. Further thoughts. A comparing fungal damage i remember seeing a game where MVP had 30 spread +3 vikings trying to counter broodlords and they were still destroyed by infestors. I forget who he was facing tho. Id say in that game even with good spreads it was normal to deal 300 damage for 75 energy with the fungals on vikings. that is insane. thats 4 damage for 1 energy. One might think fungal is way too good compared to snipe if they compare the two spells. But I think the balance lies in the fact that multiple infestors cannot really "stack" their damage instantly, while many ghosts can stack their damage instantly with snipe. These two properties of the spells can create a trade off balance between the two spells where they both are strong in different areas but pretty well balanced in the scheme of things. Based on the spells mechanics and how infestors do DoT damage in a AoE, and snipe is a instant unload of all energy damage instantly, the mechanics seem to suggest infestors are stronger early, but when the terran has a 200food army with a ton of ghosts the "stacking" effect kicks in and ghosts are able to instantly unload all their damage while infestors must "wait" for the DoT spell to finish before turning more energy into more damage. So based on these mechanics blizzard has to come up with some kind of number scheme they feel is fair given the two spells properties and you dont want ghosts to be too powerful in that lategame scenario, possibly only just as powerful as the infestors. I dont know what numbers blizzard will finalize with, the point of this post was just to aware everyone how 25 damage snipes are pretty worthless. With that said, whatever solution ultimate is reached will probably be a good one so i guess lets just wait and see. Watch this game between morrow and leenock. I think if snipe was 125 energy for 125 damage, morrow could do the same thing in the game (murdering broodlords with snipe) however it would take less apm to pull off. So once again zergs might think 125 energy for 125 damage is pretty OP, and maybe you are right, whatever numbers are finalized i hope blizzard spends plenty of time trying to come up with the perfect numbers. HOWEVER, 125 damage snipe would ruin it against marines and i hear there are many new TvT strats involving ghosts against marines. So here is my final i believe best way to balance snipe NEW SNIPE STATS: 25 energy for 30 damage + 20 psionic if targeting a massive unit, the ghost will fire a second bonus super snipe at the massive target instantly for 100 energy which deals 90 damage. This effect does not happen if the ghost does not have the 100 energy available so the above new snipe will automatically allow ghosts with 200 energy to instantly unload 115 damage to a massive unit with 1 click, and this costs 125 energy to do. Then after that the ghost can cast extra snipes with remaining 25 energy. with these numbers, it would almost be a buff to snipe. because now 2 ghosts with 200energy will instantly vaporize a broodlord (2 snipes for 230 damage, broodlord dies) and still survive to do it again (on second thought, it might be imbalanced if the super snipe only costs 100 energy, because then 3 200 energy ghosts could launch extra normal snipes at an ultralisk and finish it off. so maybe the super snipe should require 100 energy to fire, however it drains all of the ghosts energy when used so a ghost cannot fire extra small snipes) Many zergs may think this is overpowered because of the example i gave above of 2ghosts instantly vaporizing a broodlord and both cost 4food. however what makes it balanced is the fact that its hard to make plenty ghosts and against ultras 3ghosts would only do 345 damage with their snipes, meaning ultras against full energy ghosts still survive to do more tanking while infestors unleash chain fungals destroying all the ghosts in seconds maybe my numbers arent perfect, however i feel some kind of number scheme that uses the above formula which allows the ghost to turn more energy into more damage faster is the best way to go because it lets ghosts turn more energy into damage but at a worse ratio and a 30 damage snipe is still worthwhile to cast in the early game in TvT for various ghost builds that are going around.taketobreak10 Feb 15, 2012