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Feb 10, 2012 best birthday present ever!!!!! :D phenoix range upgreade 4 to 6 YEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMagikcarp12 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 A Slight Change to The Snipe Nerf I am ripping this straight from reddit because this guy has a great point - ... A very fair criticism. This snipe change is intended to fix how damaging ghosts are to massive ghost units. But as this change is right now, it will also significantly weaken snipe VS smaller, weaker units too. Snipe won't even 1-shot banelings anymore! So just change snipe to be weaker VS units that have the "massive" trait. That will weaken snipe VS Brood Lords and Ultras while leaving it untouched VS the other units.SharkWLazors9 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 Why do people blame buffs/nerfs on QQ? Maybe the game is ACTUALLY Imbalanced! Y'know, what patches are to FIX? So if you don't know already 1.4.3 has, more or less, come out. Or, in a nutshell: Teran -MULEs harvest the same amount on gold and on normal -Snipe changed from 45 to 25(+25 vs Psionic) Protoss -Phoenix range upgrade (Yay for range, boo for upgrade. But whatcha gonna do?) General -Reverted APM change. -Added new thing: CPM (commands per minute) It's basically the current APM.iDontKnow4 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 Nvidia Hey, I am wondering if any of the new Nvidia beta drivers have performance increases in SC2 over the WHQL drivers that they have not updated since october? Trying to squeeze every last bit of performance out of my PC.HONAW1 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 Character name change To;BLIZZARD im just wondering when the next name change is avaible i want to change my name and i always keep checking and it always says coming soon so please tell me when the next name change is avialible thank you very much all appericatedMikeyTheTrex0 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 how do i play the ptr? hao.Magikcarp2 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 BliZZaRd DuZ Not Want TerrIn To wIn?! plz stop nerfing terran. not a single buff in long time need to overhaul protoss and make terran better kthxAllAboutYou2 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 What is the failest rush you've ever seen? Mine was a cannon rush, the dude, rand into my base 5 minutes into the game >.> attempted to build a pylon in my base, however he didn't do a good job of keeping it secret... then he built 3 cannons.... I was like "wtf is this kid doing....." destroyed all 3 cannons and the pylon, on top of that, he didn't even cancel......... waste of minerals... it was Gg!BomberBoy7 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 Nydus Worms + AI pathing Just throwing out an idea here to improve the utility and usability of the nydus worm. I personally don't use nydus worm because it require to much APM. The only use I see for the nydus is a sneak attack and retreat move and it is really hard to pull out because 4 harvesters can kill the head before it pop out. Using a nydus to reinforce an attack or to link bases is annoying to do because you have to load and unload the units from the nydus which takes some time.. and forgetting to unload the units inside a nydus for a certain time can have huge consequences. For 300 gas it is not worth it. So my solution is : make units use the nydus if they see it is the shortest way to reach their destination, like, automatically. The AI should take the decision alone to take the nydus. Maybe as an "autocast-kinda-option" for each head individually, so if you don't want it to happen you can "disable" it. That would make nydus so much more useful and i believe people would use it a lot more. Think about it, Instant reinforcement or super quick drone transfer to hidden expo. What do you guys think?BigBadBill3 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 Coaching from diamond or higher player. Hey everyone i am a rank 11 - silver zerg player looking for someone to coach me and give me tips via reply's or in game. also looking for a silver level practice partner. add me: 358 if interested.Zukatami0 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 How to Win ZvP With 8 Lings Hahahah check out this replay...Beat a masters lvl protoss with 8 lings because I went to scout his front door with them and I got 6 past his Force field and than killed 2 sentries with them and kited away from 2 zealots while I decieded to mass ling reinforcement. I also took the plyon out controlling his gatway and cybo core, he then BMs really hard calling me a noob and what not even though I was just scouting... Check it out really funny game ( just x4 until my lings go in) Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 Mouse Wheel I don't know what I'd like the mouse wheel to do but having it be zoom is rather useless. Is there any way to use it as a hotkey or define it to be something other than zoom? (I realize that you can turn off the zoom but then it seems to do nothing at all).pedz4 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 Fix ghosts snipe queuing failed AI Slightly disheartened by the recent snipe changes but it was needed. Since they are fixing snipe why not fix what should have been fixed a long time ago.... As of now when you queue ghost snipes one ghost will walk forward and shoot and deplete its energy and when the energy is out it will another ghost will walk forward and do the same. Fix ghosts so when you queue snipes they can all shoot. not just one. the current ai is terribleBrotoss5 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 Playing During Season Lock? So we can't be promoted or demoted during this lock until Tuesday, which will require a placement match to place us. However if I switch to a different race than what I currently play (Zerg) and do absolutely dreadful while trying to learn a new race, is there a chance I could be demoted during my placement match, even though during the full length of this season I had like a 75% win / loss ratio? I don't mind being replaced in my current league, but really don't want to go down because I was trying to learn a different race. Thanks all! <3Bitcly2 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 Abusive offensive FF, Pro Video + Solution Here is a perfect example of offensive forcefielding ramp abuse. This was not the original design or purpose for forcefield, so yes, it is an abuse of the mechanics. TWO, just TWO sentries, hold off a ramp for 2 real minutes, and nearly 3 in-game minutes. Don't say it should get scouted, because there is no 100% guaranteed way to see something like this coming in any given game. Zerg was ahead in supply, econ, macro, workers, and army size. Due to this abuse, Zerg suffers tremendous losses. And the real kick in the knee, is when Grubby hops back up into his warp prism and escapes with his sentries. 6:36/9:15 8:29/11:50 Unit's lost: Zerg - 45 - 3075 resources Protoss - 11 - 1200 resources Suggested Solution: Give queens the warstomp ability. This will not effect any other match up, nor the defensive capabilities/necessities of forcefield for the Protoss player. Warstomp does no damage, stun, or any other effect to any other unit. Costs 25 energy, and breaks forcefield. This way, queens can be used to break abusive forcefields. They will have to have the energy, have to be specifically microed to do it, and forcefields can be dropped down again anyway. Warstomp will not effect any other MU or race/units, so it cannot be used or broken in any other way. And will not make queens "massive" and vulnerable to voidrays. DISCUSS!TKiNewbie423 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 What's coming out first? Diablo 3 or Heart of the Swarm?Billy17 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 High Master Zerg stream Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 Artesian, where are yooooouuuuuuu? It's sad. Eleven weeks ago, I ran into a guy named Artesian while in a map lobby called $Everything is instant-build map$----... . That puts this at around 11/25/2011 according to Wolfram Alpha, but in checking my replay list, that puts it specifically at 11/21/2011 at around 8pm. It was his first time on multiplayer (you could see his progress in single player being logged), the map wasn't balanced. Most maps aren't. So his first perception of StarCraft II multiplayer was watching 20 infestors (burrowed so he didn't actually watch them) unload an infinite number (wasn't balanced I tell you) of infested terrans in his base. I then realized who's base I was in... He logged off and was never see again. His single player progress carried on a few days more and ended on 11/25/2011 with completing the Tosh storyline. Only 1 game was played in, and there is nothing more from him. - -- --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- -- - This is not a kind of post I post often (or ever for that matter), but it's sad to see people just fall off the face of the game like this, and it felt like something interesting to post. If you're new here, don't give up. Don't look at one map for one game and think it's not worth it. There's so much you can miss out on. I would have used sc2replayed to upload but it failed to parse my file. Mediafire appears to not having huge waits to download, so it should work find. Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 when will this patch hit anyone know when it comes out? Terran1 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 Phoenix Buff = less likely to see Tempest xp? I have a feeling Blizzard, which most people know, that most of the units showcased for hots were only their current ideas and nothing permanent, may not be implementing the tempest that we saw in hots, which leads me to my point. It makes more sense to make the phoenix the viable unit/counter to mutas by giving them necessary buffs and not have them essentially be replaced by the Tempest making the phoenix useless and people never building them. It makes more sense to rework the carrier and not give the protoss an oversized Corsair. I think with these patch changes this hints at the possiblity that the Tempest that we saw may not become simply "the muta counter" anymore but something more balanced.LeGeNDz4 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 When will the ladder reset? Anyone know of an exact date // time now that the patch notes are out? KHole2 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 A Tier 2 Roach This is not a thread questioning balance, it is meant to open discussion on improving gameplay mechanics and centered on the zerg tech-tree. During the Alpha, the Roach and the Hydra flip-flopped with their position in the tech tree. When the beta launched the final decision had been made (horribly) to keep Hydras in tier 2. Many problems were immediately evident during the beta-testing. The roach was clearly a tier 2 unit crammed into tier one - 145 health, 2 armor, 1 supply. Mass roach became the only real early game play and it was enough to end game after game after game - Toss and Terran alike were horribly abused - unless they did some abuse of their own. To this day, dedicated and well-controlled air play has ended many a bronze and GM's match because of Zergs paltry tier 1 AA. It is true that a few Spores and Queens are capable of fending off air <harassment> strategies - but dedicated air-aggression is another issue all-together - as a Zerg it SUCKS going up against it. At the end of the day, it's possible to hold it off, but its equally as likely to crush us out-right. Should we defend successfully, we feel like we just held off the worst cheese EVAR but still arent ahead - and should we lose we feel ruined by a gimmick. Neither one of these scenarios is "fun" and FUN IS WHY WE PLAY! After a series of nerfs and a range buff, the roach became a proper tier 1 unit - the same can not be said for the Hydra. Despite being terrible already, the hydra has only been nerfed twice during and since the beta but why is it terrible? The Hydra fills the roll for "direct-engagement" unit in our tier 2 tree. Ill expand on this more so we are all on the same page. Every race, upon opening up tier 2 units has a choice to make; shall I build support units for my pre-existing army, shall I build harass units, or shall I make direct engagement units? Examples for Terran/Toss: - t2 Support units: Ghosts, Medivacs, Observers, Warp-prisms - t2 Harassment units: Helions, Reapers (speed boost is factory), Phoenix and obviously drop tech units like the Prism and Medivac open up a different method of harassment as well. - t2 Direct Engagement units: Siege Tanks, Immortals, Voidrays, Banshees Now Zerg follow the same general options: Infestors for support, Mutas for harass and....... Hydras as a direct engagement unit??? For those who dont know, since Broodwar, Hydras were made much less cost-efficient; for 5 more health and a decent damage boost we pay DOUBLE the supply, DOUBLE the gas and 33% more minerals AND took a permanent speed reduction. This was not a buff, it was a nasty nerf, despite being forced into a higher tier. Its true that Hydras have a limited role in fending off Stargate/Starport aggression but let me ask you: couldnt a tier one Hydra (appropriately balanced for tier 1) do all that better? So then we put our Roach back up into tier two and take a look at some of its beta characteristics (your mind can feel free to fill in any balance gaps you feel exist): Its now got a base armor of 2, the potential to have HIGH above-ground-regen and all this with its health, speed and burrowed movement capabilities still in-tact - now THATS a tier 2 direct-engagement unit! If I felt like making a two-base push with a solid ground army, now I can. Now mutas or infestors arent my only tier two options and Ive opened up a whole new play style (already available to the other races) Now the 7RR isnt a massive pain in the !@# for Terran and Toss. Now Toss can ACTUALLY have Immortals out in the same time period as the opponent is making the decision to go roaches, rather than having 1 out in time for a massive push. Now Mutas arent 70% of the tier 2 unit-selection that Toss and Terran see. Now, mass-roach isnt a build. Now it makes sense that Roaches scale better than Hydras with upgrades. Now Zerg dont get auto-rolled by well-positioned early-game force-fields. Now Guardian shield has serious use vs Zerg in the early game. Now Terran and Toss dont have to feel dirty for crushing Zerg with early air (I know some of you felt dirty - I KNOW YOU DID) TL;DR: Tier 1 Hydra makes Zerg happy, tier 2 Roach makes EVERYONE happy because it's just better game design in the above context. GL HF GUYS!Anderson63 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 Gold league balance idea give zealots most hp total (shield plus health) but make most of it shield meaning nerf the current hp part but give it more shield. emp does more to zealots, but zealots deals more to zerg. ofc zealots do little to solve muta problem but it makes early game pressure a lot more dangerous so perhaps buff the combined hp by only like, 10.Kunell12 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 Terran Ghost Tell me if iam wrong but would it be unbalanced if ghosts became 150/100 min/gas, EMP would be an upgrade and cloak non-upgrade abilityuriChamploo2 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 Diamond Terran Streaming Hello everyone, I'm a diamond terran and I'll be streaming some ladder matches. I so far have been on a losing slump and look forward to improving my play. Feel free to critique my play and tell me what I'm doing wrong! Link: Thanks! *Edit* Anyone want to 1v1 practice msg me!Hippopotami5 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 What are some good Character Names/Usernames my friend bought the game is looking for a good namePatrickUS2 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 Boot/Kick option (pre-game lobby) NEEDED!!!!! I posted this over in the tech support forum, but I'm not sure if that's the right place for it. There's no "feature request for Bnet" section on these forums??? Blizzard: please, please implement a kick feature in the pre-game lobby for custom maps. EVERY day I try to play a popular custom map like Squadron TD, the pre-game lobby is PLAGUED with players whose status is "pending...". This essentially stalls/locks the entire game for everyone until said player is disconnected from the lobby; there is currently NO way to boot these people out manually. I've seen this "pending..." status linger for more than 5 minutes on many occasions, and often it's even more than one person. Yes, we could just leave and/or start a new game ourselves, but the same problem keeps arising in almost every other game I create. We desperately need a kick/boot option! I can't believe I haven't seen this discussed before - sorry if I've missed it!AssassiN0 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 try this to balance PvZ Hey guys, lots of complaints about the mutalisc in this match up. I dont feel that the mutalisc itself is to blame. I feel this is a cause and effect situation. the cause, warpgate tech was nerfed by 30 seconds i believe. the effect is 1 extra rounds of drones at the 6 minute mark that in earlier patches wouldnt of been as aquireable and more risky to do. the effect is much more income which translates into a bigger muta ball much earlier in the game then the toss can effectively deal with. how about trying to revert the warpgate tech timing and see how that effects the match up. yes i know it was nerfed to try to remove 4 gating from PvP but it hasnt worked. people still 4 gate, and there are better ways to remove the 4 gate. (such as decrease build time on sentries from the gateway) so you can get more sentries out sooner before WG is finished. I am not suggesting to impliment this change without testing, however I feel trying this might be a good start to crack the PvZ puzzle without trying to buff or nerf tech units that really are just the effect and not the cause of the problem. Post constructive feedback.KhaydarinXxX178 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 MMA Gets 6 Pooled out of the MLG winners Bracket T_T grats to Lucky though, this major upset will give him lots of attention through the Korean Brackets.CrazyTMR9 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 Imagine Playing Yourself Just do it...the more I think about it, the more epic it seems. I would use the exact same build on myself and test my zergling baneling micro against my zergling baneling micro. I'd be metagaming myself on a level no normal Starcraft game could possess. There's no way any of my tricky aggressive tank play or chargelot attacks could catch me off guard, could they? An ultimate grudge match against someone of quite literally identical skill. While pretty much impossible, can't you just imagine it--playing against yourself in a 1v1 game of Starcraft II?Kakisho20 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 Replace Xel'Naga Cavs with Oasis? Hi everyone! I've been seeing that one of the popular topics in the past few days is maps in... well the map pool. I've been looking into this a lot actually and actually would agree that there are some maps that should seriously just be replaced, and then some kept but modified in certain ways. Personally, I would love to see Oasis in the map pool. I believe it was featured a few times in the beta (correct me if I"m wrong), and I've actually played the map with a couple friends and its a really fun 1v1 map to play on. So to replace Xel'Naga or any small sized 1v1 map, I think Oasis should take its place. What do you think? Post other map ideas if you want to as well. :)BLiNKofANeye0 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 What race should I pick for masters? I primarily play random but I want to get into masters so my friend stops giving me crap about it. I have gotten Zerg and Protoss to rank 1 diamond, Random into top 8 diamond, and Terran I'm having trouble with low diamond/high plat. (Primarily just TvZ that was keeping me down, but at this point if I started actively playing T I'd probably be mid diamond) I like all the races almost equally but I know it will be much harder to get into Masters if I don't stick with just one race. I know the answer is going to come up to what I decide but I'd still like some input from other players....MyBffJill28 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 Please help, need some advice? :( Hey guys, so I'm having some difficulties in games, mainly early rush, now when I go scout, and my opponent is a zerg player, I usually expect some early zerglings from them, I usually go early forge, 2 cannons at entrance, completely blocked, this is zerglings can't get in, however with terran and protoss, what are some indications that they'll rush? (I'm a protoss player btw, if you couldn't tell by the Nyon picture lol) and when a protoss and terran player do rush, what are the best counters? as terran units are so cheap, they can get many murauders and marines in a very short time which zealots just wont do, and I'm always having economy problems so I only end up a few stalkers, protoss its sorta okay, however they still end up with many stalkers then I do, what am I doing wrong? I usually do pylon/gateway/pylon (this blocks my front) then I go for cyber/gas/3 gates so then I'll have a total of 4, maybe this is the mistake? I'm investing in to much buildings to early in the game? please help! :( if you need any additional information, I can happily provide you with it :) Thanks!BomberBoy4 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 Anyone know how to give a gtai a BO? I need to practice my defense vs certain builds and supposedly you can program a Green Tea AI a build order but I have no clue how to do that. Anyone know?XSliceNDiceX0 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 ... And now the Terrans hate peace!!!!!! When we last left our peace seeking hero, Pacifists, he was being brutally assaulted by the murderous Tal Darim heathen Protoss. His unarmed ambassador was killed, his embassy destroyed, his orphanages set ablaze. With his people in tatters and his ships badly damaged, he would set out again.... looking for a place to settle. Ah, a planet colonized by another terran! Surely THEY would let him settle peacefully :D Or not. :P (once again, hat tip to reddit)SharkWLazors18 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 US vs EU thread on Europe forums So there's a thread on the European forums about which region is better. US or EU. The OP is not really saying which one is better, but is talking about playstyles. Almost every one of them says that EU is better. But really, what did you expect? Of course Europeans are gonna say they're better. But is it really true? Take a look at the thread yourselves: Discuss! :)EzEX31 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 The Art of Ungentlemenly Warfare I have recently realized that I'm someone who plays way too nice in this game. I watch a ton of pro SC2, and I've long aspired to get the mechanics and game sense required to succeed in long macro games. Thus, I've spent most of my time trying to play a macro style game. That means my gameplay consists of lots of 3 gate expos, gate robo gate openings, and early nexus openings. I almost never do unorthodox strategies. In over a year of playing this game, I swear to raptor jesus that I have never cannon rushed. Not one time. I've never proxy raxed either. I think I've proxy gated a grand total of one time. I now realize that this is holding me back. Due to my complete lack of cheeses and other shennaniganry, I have become a predictable player and am not comfortable in nonstandard situations at all. I hereby resolve to fix this by becoming a student of The School of Ungentlemenly Warfare this offseason. I will learn to cannon rush like combatex himself. I will master 2 stargate void ray cheese. I will study MC's arsenal of timing attacks and deadly all ins. In short, I will become unpredictable, and a threat to do more than just macro up as I always do. CHEESE POWER, YO!SharkWLazors20 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 The new maps = win! I think people will appreciate the new additions to the ladder pool. Players who love 2 player maps will not be disappointed and macro players will feel pretty good too. I personally will have two more free vetoes and will be taking out TDA and Entombed Valley, because I hate not being able to scout in a timely fashion. What do you think about the changes, and what do they mean to you?HickorynutRH8 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 The AI's I was wondering what each AI difficulty represents such as does easy represent bronze medium silver hard gold very hard platinum/lower diamond insane diamond/very low master any opinions on this?Apocalypse20 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 Match Making is Broken Match Making is broken. I keep getting the same arranged team in 2v2 masters... why as a random am I playing arranged teams? I'm not even the same rank as they are... it's insulting. They are literally unbeatable... yet... why am I playing them? Blizzard - arranged teams should play arranged teams only. This is how it was in Warcraft III and how it should be in this game as well.NMxEzPzSqz0 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 Most important skill is decision making. MarineKing just proved this by beating a diamond with no keyboard. He FE and had a third CC going up when a 4 gateway push came and he defended against it. This really comes to show what makes a person look silly is not how good your micro is or what not. Decision making makes up for 90% of your skill. Raseru10 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 Warpgate idea for better t1 units --- give warpgate range requirement for warp-in --- give the warpgate a range were it can only warp-in units inside that range. Maybe, the same or half the range of the xel'naga tower?ecsalunga20 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 Haven't played in three months... and After completing my placement rounds, I got promoted from Gold to Platinum. Not much of a feat I guess, but it's something. It's been a while. Has anything really changed in the community lately?Gradden18 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 When I'm Grandmaster Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 what if sc2 units could jump? like you could make them jump people pylon blocking ur ramp and cannon rushing you? np just jump over it with the dronesAyvit3 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 For the swarm Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 Outmatched - Me vs. 4 medium AI I play zerg 1v1 and I feel it's my best race atm. I've been trying for hours to figure out a strategy to do the 1v4 medium AI achievement and I cannot seem to figure it out. Medium AI aren't all that good but if I sit back and attempt to macro a 200/200 army it just gets destroyed. I've tried all protoss AI, all terran AI, and all zerg AI, and so far, nothing has worked. I even tried to do a 9-pool spine rush against 2 of the opponents. I kill off 2 of them, but cannot get an economy going fast enough after to kill the other two before they overwhelm me. Anyone have any suggestions?Silvie10 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 Dispelling myths about zerg Myth 1: Zerg hatcheries are cheaper than command center / nexis Okay, the face value of a hatchery, nexis, and command center are 300, 400, 400 respectively. This is a common misconception and is very decietful on the surface. 3 factors are not taken into consideration; the cost of the drone(50), cost of supply(100/8 = 12.5 cost/supply), cost of macro upgrade. So... Hatchery = 300 minerals(initial cost) + 50 minerals(drone cost) + 150 minerals(queen cost) - 25 minerals(2 supply gained) = 475 minerals per hatchery Command center = 400 minerals(initial cost) + 150 minerals(orbital upgrade) - 112.5 minerals(11 supply gained) = 437.5 minerals per orbital command Nexis = 400 minerals(initial cost) - 125 minerals(10 supply gained) = 275 Minerals per nexis This means that zerg are not only not the cheapest, we are in fact the most expensive. With terran being a close 2nd 37.5 minerals behind, and toss being 3rd with 2 nexis only being 75 minerals more expensive than a single hatchery. Less than the cost of a zealot(why are toss the only race that dont macro nexis?) Myth 2: Zerg production is better than the other races A zerg who is doing perfect macro recieves 7 larvae every 45 seconds. Depending on what the zerg player is building, he spends 1-2 of these larvae on an overlord. This means he can potentially build 5-6 units every 45 seconds. This certainly means if i was to pump pure military that i could keep pace with another person on 1 base. But in reality all 3 races can create 10-12 supply worth of units every 45 seconds off of 1 base. 5 rax or 5 gate both keep pace with this. The difference is that zerg has to use those same larvae to also build his econ. This is the reason zerg needs the 2nd hatch so early in order for any build they do, not to put us ahead, but on par with the other races. Myth 3: zerg reinforce faster (aka the 300 food push) This goes hand in hand with myth number 2. However i feel its worth mentioning, because it refers to late game instead of early game and there are some minor differences. End game zerg will stack a ton of larvae, hit with a 200/200 army, then when that push is done they mop up the remainin forces by remaxing instantly. There are several problems with the myth in that, yes, this senario can absolutely happen, but again no, its not zerg specific, nor does it give zerg their maximum potential of units. Terran and especially toss can esentially do the same things. I would actually argue that toss can do it better because of warp gates but, i digress. Imagine yourself as a terran player. Zerg is contained on 3 base and your on 4. Your maxed out on 200 supply and the minerals are stacking. So you build extra barracks at you main and start a marine in each one. When the battle happens and yall trade armies, you would remax just as quickly as the zerg and once your stored money was all spent you would go back to the usual marines per base per minute production, and several of your barracks would be building nothing unless you stacked to 200 supply again. The zerg player dosnt have to build new buildings, however the offset is the fact that while larvae stack, the zerg hatchery now only produces 4 larvae instead of 7. Making it more effective for zerg to hit before he hits 200, this way he recieves the full effect of his production. As a final note, if a player is that far ahead in resources, they should win regardless of race. This post was simply about dispelling common misconceptions about zerg. I hope i have informed many of the terran, toss, and unfortunately some zerg players about why these things are simply myths. That terran or toss can be just as macro oriented as a zerg player. That terran or toss can do their own 300 food pushes. I also invite discussion backed by math or at least solid fact based arguement either for or against these myths. DesrtPhoenix47 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 No more Arid Plateau? What?!?!?!? Its the best fricken map. hard to secure natural. Greedy protoss=dead protoss.Demoylition25 Feb 10, 2012
Feb 10, 2012 Are you sick of seeing mutas? Good! Im sick of having to use them almost every game. Ive tried Hydras in various unit comps and found that they are auto-lose vs Terran. Against Toss, Ling/Bane/Roach/Hydra has had limited success vs any build that doesnt use Colossus (not many) Infestors are viable VS Terran, but you HAVE to be making solid IT-harass-plays else you get worn down by drops. Infestors are balls VS the Toss Deathball (unless you make it to broods - far easier said then done VS aggressive Toss). I REALLY want Hydras to be a viable option but they are almost always awful. Mutas are not a direct-engagement unit until they are massed. Infestors are a fantastic support unit. I feel hydras should then be our tier 2 direct-engagement unit but they really fail at that role. If you want to see less muta-play, then join with us Zerg's to see a change to the Hydra. There are a multitude threads with some really excellent suggestions, check some out - put in your two-cents and maybe we can all see a more diverse series of games. Trust me, Im sick of going spire any and every-game I wish to win on ladder.Anderson161 Feb 10, 2012