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Mar 7, 2012 Free Name Changes Anyone notice this in their account management? Took advantage of it myself. Though gotta log in and name change. Back to original name.Iceburgh4 Mar 7, 2012
Mar 7, 2012 Patch 1.4.4 Notes (THIS IS A PARODY. Seriously, guys, don't take this seriously....) I predict Terrans will resort to finally making Ravens. Then THIS will happen... "Patch 1.4.4: Due to Terrans switching to Ravens, the Auto Turret's range is reduced to melee, the Point Defense Drone has 10 max energy (has 0 when cast; so, y'know, it can't be Feedbacked... '>_> ), and the Hunter Seeker Missile actually decelerates just before impact." And you KNOW it's going to happen. ;-P Live on, MMM, Bunker rushes, and 1-1-1's!! Use dat noggin o' yours! Come up with something funny that Blizzard should "nerf" or "buff" or "change" someday in the future! :-DcLANTheAnax11 Mar 7, 2012
Mar 7, 2012 Dragon joins Millennium? Uh...well, I am shocked to say the least, thoughts?XSliceNDiceX11 Mar 7, 2012
Mar 7, 2012 IEM Season VI I just recently looked at the groups for IEM tournament and saw group B. That is the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Can someone please explain to me how players are placed into groups and who decides that 5 Protosses should be in 1 group?HurricaneRd0 Mar 7, 2012
Mar 7, 2012 Put supply depot at bottom of ramp. This is so obvious of a change that i can't believe blizzard hasn't done this yet. Pylon blocks vs. zerg players is obviously imbalanced, and will almost always result in a free win for the protoss, unless they make some enormous mistake. Come on blizzard, you say you want to make the ladder pool a tournament pool, so why not follow suit with all the tournaments and add supply depots at the bottom of ramps to prevent pylon blocks?CarrotJuice5 Mar 7, 2012
Mar 7, 2012 Anybody want to take a break? and play some lol? LGArcanous11 Mar 7, 2012
Mar 7, 2012 2v2 Team Gold? As The title states.ShreyaSSSSM5 Mar 7, 2012
Mar 7, 2012 2v2 Team Gold? Does anybody want to make a team?ShreyaSSSSM0 Mar 7, 2012
Mar 7, 2012 Colossus, Hardest Unit to Use in the Game (I will admit my title is an exaggeration to attract attention as it is silly to call one unit the hardest to use in the game, however, this thread does seek to point out that the collosus is not a simple aclick unit and is one of those units you can squeeze out every last bit of dps if you're good with it). You know, the term Colollololosus or Colawlsus really annoys me. As does sentence: "You just aclick with your collosus and gg; they are a no skill unit." It it time to address this unfair QQ and whining head on. There is no unit in the game that requires more skill to use than the collosus. What is that you say? He is more mobile than a siege tank, he has huge dps, he can cliffwalk, and has huge range? How does that make him easy to use exactly? Lets look at the facts about him. 1) He has the ability to cliff walk which means he can be microd very intensily to maximize his dps while minimizing his damage taken. 2) He will use his dps potential inefficiently if he isn't microd 3) His huge range and mobility means he tends to get caught shooting at buildings rather than units (something so few terrans understand) 4) He is a protoss unit that can actually kite but if this isn't done perfectly he will do no damage since the damage lags the animation What other unit in the game has the amount of posisitioning, microing, and control requirements and has to be use continually during a battle? Yes my friends, the QQers and baddies have given a bad name to my favorite unit in the game, the collosus. It is time we stood up and say, we love the collosus, it is the most challenging unit in the game to use, learn to play and stop complaining. *This post of course doesn't take into account specific unit micro on unit micro such as baneling vs baneling.Blueduck276 Mar 7, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Win free d3 digital copy on release. Visit here for details. Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Can somebody tell me when i'll rank up? I was in Silver league start of this season - It took only a day to rank up into gold (about 20 games). I'm now rank 2 gold in my division - winning 5/7 games. I'm just wandering how many games, or when i'll be able to make it out of gold into Plat.Shrek3 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 [Suggestion] Custom Map Listing. Ok, I'm sure many people have stated over the past couple years of the flaws of the way custom maps are chosen. I personally think the system is flawed but can be remedied very easily. Honestly in Sc1 and Warcraft 3 the custom map selection process was simple and effective. The only downfall to the way maps were chosen was that not everyone could host because of firewall errors. That's not to say that the system itself is broken. Having the most recently hosted games on a list that is refreshing constantly allowed for people to host games that weren't popular and have people join them. The way it is now the undiscovered fun games may never be discovered and played. Some of you may be saying well they added the Fun or Not selection to find new games that are fun to make them popular but we all know that the Fun or Not selection was a decent idea at best. There is still a major flaw with the way that it selects games to be considered popular it's that there is no way for those games to be played alot since most people stick to the first page of the custom games cause they don't want to wait a year for people to join a game. Also I mean what some people may consider as "fun" others may not and then the game that someone likes to play that isn't popular will never be played. Some of my favorite games on WC3 were games that were rarely ever hosted so wouldn't those games be considered unpopular? If so I would never get to play them even though I enjoyed them so much. All I'm saying is that the ammount of games that are available to play is very limited and that is mostly because the system that blizzard has set up for people to join custom games. I mean seriously Blizzard you went out of your way to make this rediculously powerful custom game editor but you didn't really give the map creators much availablility to publish thier maps and get people to play them. I think by simply adding a Recently hosted games tab it would increase the number of fun games on the Custom map list. I know it's a mouthful but please take the time to read it all before commenting. If you agree with what I have to say or I mean if you don't agree with what I say comment tell me why I just want this message to be seen to try to help better the way custom maps are listed.Talon7 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Need help asap I having this problem in-game where suddenly every action I do is qued-up and everything I click on is added to my last control group I used. I've lost several games simply because I can't figure out how to escape out of it short of pounding my keyboard until it stops. Can anyone tell me how I'm doing this and how to exit it out of it? It's extremely frustrating.Sin9 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 A protoss thought process flow chart From redditor enursha I'd love to see Zerg and Terran flow charts. This is far more handy than a build order or a guide.Raseru30 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 What is a stalker? Lore-wise. I've been reading the starcraft 2 wiki page on it, and it states that: "While dragoons were piloted by crippled protoss, the stalker is controlled by the shadow-essence of a Dark Templar warrior fused into a metal body." So is there a living, breathing dark templar that's inside of that frame? Why did they choose to call it the "essence" of a Dark templar warrior instead of a dark templar? Are they controlling it by remote? If you look at the portrait of the unit, it's just really really creepy.Dimentio34 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 when to game? awesome stuff guys, they are finally starting to realize what weve known all along, that gaming is good for you :) my favorite is when they say "People who played action-based video and computer games made decisions 25% faster than others without sacrificing accuracy, according to a study. Indeed, the most adept gamers can make choices and act on them up to six times a second—four times faster than most people, other researchers found" awesome read!Belisarius2 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Why not put a tournament link in main menu Ok I have always wondered this. If blizzard really wants to improve viewers numbers and get more people watching sc2, why don't they go ahead and put an actual link that everyone sees when they log in for big tournaments that are being played. I think on that random screen you enter after you type in your password would be fine. I mean look at what LoL has done. If blizzard did this for starcraft I think that we would see a lot more people watching tournaments, and it takes little effort on blizz's part to do this. What do you all think.TaCMoOsE0 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Does Graphics settings affect gameplay? Hi, I was wondering because I have had some master class players say that turning graphics all the way down will improve your play. I was wondering if this is true? I have mine set all the way to Ultra, everything maxed out and I get like 300 fps, even during 200/200 fights. Anyone think that turning GFX all the way down will improve your gameplay and if so why?MVP16 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 So will the next MLG be PPV? I have been trying to find the answer to that for a while on the MLG website, but I couldn't find it. I really hope it isn't. It just doesn't feel the same watching all the videos a week later and that there is no crowd to get excited with you at certain parts.stubing3 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Please Document our win rates in all MUs Wouldn't it be cool to be able to check your win rate vs just terran or protoss? I really think they should implement this in HOTS.. It seems like this would be very easy for them to add and I'm sure pretty much everyone would appreciate it. *I've heard you can do this by downloading some program from a 3rd party site, but it would be much better if this just came with the game. kira5 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Match Screen vs Score Screen Favor Why is it that most games the match screen will say one thing "Favored" for example, but then in the score screen it'll say "Even Match"? Why do they change like that?Shiggity2 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 If blizzard MUST take out one unit from each race, which units should they be? and what units should replace them?Tarzan33 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 History of Meta Game shifts per Race History of Meta Game shifts per Patch + over time Terran: (beta) Nerfed – Reapers no longer viable Nerfed – Proxy rax builds less viable Nerfed – Stim delayed big time, all builds changed to compensate Nerfed – Adjusted accordingly Nerfed – Trying to adjust to new Ghost changes Patch 1.5 – begging not to get nerfed again Protoss: (beta) Nerfed – no longer use VRs Nerfed – 4-gate takes a bit longer, but no meta game shift Nerfed – K/A was removed, meta game didn’t change though Buffed – still no meta game changes Buffed – Terran busts out old beta 1-1-1, protoss still don’t know how to beat it 1.5 years later – Terran nerfed to compensate Buffed - Some top innovators of the race discovered warp prism + sentry builds, nobody else learns them though, so no meta game shift occurs (yet) Buffed – Mutas, which every single Protoss unit that shoots air, counters cost and supply effectively, still can’t deal with them, buffed uber to compensate. Patch 1.5 – asking for more buffs Zerg: (beta) Nerfed – Roaches no longer OP, new builds discovered Nerfed – Adjusted accordingly Buffed – Roaches viable again, new builds discovered, adjusted accordingly Nerfed hard – Infestors absolutely demolished, instant meta game shift, learned very quickly to adapt. Nerfed – Invented new muta builds vs Protoss, even though all their units beat mutas. Nerfed – Invented new lategame BL/Infestor mix to stand a chance toe to toe vs 200 Protoss army. It still gets insta-gibbed by archon toilet, which was never properly fixed. Devs never bother to readdress this Nerfed – Muta play destroyed… Haven’t needed to adjust yet though, as not a single Protoss has attempted to build a fleet becon, even if Zerg has invested in over 30 mutas. Patch 1.5 – Asking that whatever comes, goes through the PTR first. TKiNewbie47 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Master Level Coaching message me here or come to my channel SPhere , offering Master Level Coaching , Sponsered by origin pc and Energy Fuel , used to be on from page of Here more info on my coaching profile from z33k feel free to message me here or add me xsphxrkoxldr id is 178 add me on skype also xdoomxrko here is my official coaching website xSPHxRKOxLDR0 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 In honor of the release of Mass Effect 3... I say everyone goes mass reapers today!Shuriken5 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 How do I block someone from talking to me? I have some jerk who keeps sending me messages and I can't figure out how to straight up block him.Zerofrost4 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 What does the armor upgrade do? What does the armor upgrade do? I mean, you don't get extra hp on your units. And what does the shield upgrade do? Thank youEzEX3 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Name Change Thinkin about changin my name GetGud Baddies Robo Gravity Those are my top 4. I'm leanin towards Baddies because in FFA, 3v3, and 4v4 someone will say my name and someone else will get all hyped up for nothin.Eekers1 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 How exactly does storm damage work? I was wondering, storm does 80 damage over 4 seconds, so 20 damage per second. What I was wondering is how the damage is actually applied. Is that at every second the unit suddenly loses 20 health, or is it a constant drain of health over that one second? If a storm is dropped on a unit, does the unit immediately lose 20 health in that instant, or does it lose 20 health a second later? The overall point I'm trying to figure out is if storm does "instant" damage the nanosecond it's dropped, and if theoretically a single Marine could run out of the storm before taking any damage at all? Also if there's any difference "where" a Marine is in the storm? If a Marine is on the very periphery of the storm animation does he take the same damage as if he were in the center of the storm?Strelok4 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 EG Master Cup Casters I really like the Orb Incontrol combo. I think they work really well together and are a pretty good casting duo. I would also like to state that Gretorp is the worst Caster in the entire sceneTheJoKeR1 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 strategy site idea. this chart was posted in another thread and it game me an awsome idea for a fansite that could be made or added to something like teamliquid the chart is seen here: I think someone should make a website where all possible match-ups are listed in this format and anyone who joins the site can manipulate the flow chart. the chart will then be rated by everyone who views it and certain branches of the flow chart will be greyed out or deleted after so many negative votes. hyperlink each bubble to a forum topic where the finer points of that particular situation is discussed and debated, so that it can be changed or qualified further to make it better able to understand when it is most viable. Must be master level in the race whose flow chart you manipulate. any person under masters can post in the forums to propose thing or suggest things. Enough options will need to be given from each branch that include options for players of lower leagues, though. IE, even if its not the best response in a certain situation it is still viable, and easier to pull off for lower level player. this will allow even low level players without the micro of the masters to have options shown as well.Deafmute0 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Insane Lag today Has anyone else noticed this today? This is the first time that I've ever started lagging out in the game. I know it's not my internet nor my machine. My connection speed is 37mpbs down and 18 mpbs up...I'm running the 2nd Gen i7 chip 8gb of ddr 1600mhz ram etc...I've never ever had a problem with lagging out but for some reason today it's every game I play! I've rebooted my router and I don't have any issue with any other online game I'm playing. Is anyone else in NA area seeing this issue?Revan0 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 BGFO Finals Cast! TKiNewbie vs Dewtrocity! Check out the Battlenet General Forums Open Tournament Grand Finals! Featuring TKiNewbie - Zerg and Dewtrocity (now BcDewtrocity) - Protoss Map: Cloud Kingdom Game 1. Best of 3. I will cast the other two games tomorrow. The finals are exciting! Sorry for the late upload! TKiNewbie18 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 The simplest solution to fix custom games. Games like DotA overpopulated other custom games, but non-mainstream games still had a chance to thrive as anyone would see there is someone out there who wants to play that game right at this moment and people give it a chance due to curiosity or just to try something new. Now Blizzard has offered us a list of games with popularity, and now we don't get spammed with the top games, but the non-mainstream games do not stand a chance. Only a select few even get a chance to get featured or even on fun or not. There are in fact absolutely marvelous games that are far more exciting than the top 20 but have 0 hours played because no one knows about them. The solution. Extremely simple and there are 2 potential methods. 1)Let people create games again for the public BUT exclude all maps in the top 20 popularity. or 2)Perhaps Blizzard doesn't trust us making whacky game names, and this can be fixed by showing games that have 1+ people waiting in game lobby BUT exclude all maps in the top 30 or 40 or so. Popular maps no longer spam the game list and unique games have a chance to thrive once more.Raseru5 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Q regarding "Climbing the Ladder" articles I'm sure this has been asked a million times. I have searched but have found no answer. After reading this article I have a couple question that I hope have some answers: -Does the normal rank increase at the beginning of each season when applicable? -Do we have to get the said number of points in one season to get the promotion? I do appreciate any and all help with this, many thanks.GameOfDrones2 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 How did you come up with ur starcraft name? Mine just like appeared in my head, thats the great thing about adhd :) how about u?dudeguyman23 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 An idea I had Disclaimer: this is all speculation. I don't know if this would be considered game breaking or not. Also I am posting from my iPhone so please excuse misspelled words I play toss an Zerg at a low diamond high plat-ish skill. Lately I've been doing pretty bad on the ladder, 7-19 this season :(. So I decided I want to make my own build that I can practice and edit so I can start winning games again. Now the build is mainly for toss an includes a gateway air mix ( heavier on the gates) with upgrades. Attack before I take a third with whatever I got. An issue I ran into just like plenty of other toss is mobile detection. Which now brings me to my idea. It's basically just hallucinated observers. A 60 second life span cloaked observer that would cost the appropriate research and 200 energy. Would this be game breaking or fair?Dash5 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Should MMR dropping be aloud to happen? So im a mid-low level silver player at the moment, and im a casual fun only gamer. That means no tournys, streaming, and very few promotions. Im not here to "QQ" about races and what not and say "x race is op against y race", but i will state the painfully obvious fact that Masters players are probably OP against Silver players. How did i come to this conclusion? After tedious equations and research, i managed to reveal the truth. They're a hell of a lot better than us casual silver leaguers. Normally i wouldn't care about that, the game is designed to match me against players of a similar level so that i don't get my butt handed to me every game and eventually stop playing. Thats all fine and good, but what about the players that purposely drop there MMR (for those who don't know its match making rating, in other words how we get placed in matches with equal opponents) in order to play people way under their skill/ experience level? Its not a difficult concept, just surrender every ladder game for about an hour and you'll be facing the poor kids fresh out of practice league that don't even know there hotkeys yet. Some people might say its there choice to play in whatever league they want as it is there game. But doesn't this just fundamentally break the ladder system? Why not just match me against Stephano or IdrA if people not to far off from them skill wise can play me anyways? I don't feel like i should have to play people so far outside of my skill level just to be there amusement. When i sit down and decide to give my limited time over to a video game, i don't expect to deal with people who in all there infinite wisdom learned how to abuse the system that makes the game fun for everyone. Here's a great article from the TL forums about a kid who decided to bring his fantastic new discovery to the public. And last but not least, before i leave you to troll me and rip me to pieces, ill post some pictures of a match i played earlier today. Let me again remind you that im a low to mid silver player. yes his first achievement listed is 1000 random wins, while i have 250 total wins. 2v2 through 4v4 all masters, 1v1 is silver? Must have some damn good teammates... i highlighted the achievement for top 8 masters. Good to know he can compete pretty well in low silver too. So what do you all think? Should there be a way of preventing people from abusing the ladder and ruining other peoples game time? Or should they be left to troll the unsuspecting noobs who don't have the time and experience to compete? Maybe even make the MMR stop dropping after a certain amount of losses within a few minutes to make it take to long to be worth there time? Thanks! Alex21 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Outmatched 1v4 very hard 2012 Ok, all the threads I've seen on this are 2010 or so. I've tried the cannon rush successfully against 1v2 insane AI, and I can get through 2 AI on 1v4 before I get whacked... it seems it's been patched since those suggestions were made, and the AI now just huddles in their base with a buttload of marauders or anything else (while I'm taking out the other 2 AI), then blows through my cannons. No number of cannons is able to stop their force. I've also tried the traditional unit rushes, tried the most solid bunkering up to survive the initial rush, and nothing, they blow through every time. Any thoughts or suggestions for the most current version AI?Snuck6 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Starcraft Survey Greetings starcraft players! I've doing some research regarding APM and league, age, and race to see if there is a relationship between the factors. I've created a very short survey that I would greatly appreciate if you filled out. It shouldn't take over a minute of your time. Thanks! For now, until I get an appropriate sample size, we can discuss possible relationships between the variables. In the survey I also included gender (which I highly doubt has anything to do with APM) and also hand size for interest sake. Here's the link to the survey: Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Do you think cheese is a legitimate strategy? For example, if you get cannon rushes or six pooled is it a legitimate strategy to you?TsubakiMKII18 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Master achievement available on Single Play ? Can blz make that achievement available on single play?? I finished all 30rounds on single player with 0 lag. But it piss me off when switch to custom game simply because it's soooo lag, i mean lag enough for you to fail round 28 and 30. specially 30. Cheers.HeavensFeel0 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Mass Effect Reapers vs Zerg Army. Which would you rather fight ? The entire reaper army or the ENTIRE zerg army TwPrcntMlk19 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 ladder system is a little messed up check my division. the person ahead of me has 2 more wins and 30 more losses, some people ahead of me have 2-3 less wins while 15+ losses. how do they have more points?KhaydarinXxX11 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Would this be OP? Would a upgrade for phoenixes that allow them to move at a slower pace while they pick a unit up be OP? I think it would help make Phoenixes viable against a ground army rather because instead of sitting above the Terran/Zerg army picking units up and shooting them you would be able to move slightly and not lose so many phoenixes.DStein2 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 i tried something different. i tried to do 2v2s, and i'm very happy with my results. turns out that im a gold MMR.... its kind of ridiculous that i am 2 leagues above in one matchup though. either way, why is it that i got placed in gold in 2s and not in 1s even though im doing better consistantly (besides the last two 1v1 games where i had my computer spontaneously shut off). Why is MMR not directly linked to league placement.ETSlimJim1 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Masters!!!!! omg, i finally got promoted to masters 1v1 I'm so happy T_TsGMario33 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Columbo's 3d Modelling Mega-Thread So, I've been in the 3d modelling field for about 8 years on-and-off. I started when I was 14, and was involved on several mod teams (most of which didn't end up panning out). I've been focusing on college for the past year and a half, and haven't been doing much of it, but I want to start back up. I figure, taking starcraft related requests is as good of a way as any to get back into it, and might be fun for the community, or at least a break from all of the balance complaint threads on these forums. First off, a little about my history: I've worked on several mod-teams under the name EvilJoe, including the First Strike mod for battlefield 2142 (a star-wars mod, and by far the most successful mod team I've ever been on, got two mod of the month awards in PC Gamer and several ModDB awards), Project Wulf, Project Oblivion (a very ambitious mod doomed from the start), Eden, and Starcraft: Source, a copyright nightmare that was also doomed, but my personal favorite - the idea was to make a team-fortress style game based on starcraft with different classes and vehicles from starcraft. So, here are a few examples of my work: - a medic gun for Project Oblivion, the idea was that you could revive a teammate with the attachment and it became a low-power high rate of fire SMG when you took it off. A pistol for Eden or Oblivion, can't remember which. An SMG for something or other. 1911 for Wulf A desert eagle. No real reason, just that everyone models the deagle at some point or other. Carrack cruiser for First Strike. Doesn't look like much, but the problem with the Titan system from BF2142 is that the model itself and the insides (it is a board-able ship) are all part of the mesh, so to keep the polygon count reasonable you have to make them a bit over-simplistic and rely on textures more. Lancer, another first strike capital ship. Tie fighter - my first attempt at using a high-polygon model to bake a normal map onto a low-polygon model. High poly was about 29,000 polygons, low polygon model was about 4,000. I have a variety of guns, vehicles, and props from all of my mod work, but I don't really have time to render it all at the moment. I feel like these are pretty indicative of my skill level. Here's some of the models I made for Starcraft Source, keep in mind that these are mostly based on SC1 sprites and screens for the (then) upcoming Starcraft: Ghost. They're also some of my earliest work, so I'm eager to see what I can do now with the same universe. Vulture: - never really had a chance to add the finishing touches to it before SC:S got canned. Zergling: - I'm honestly surprised I still have this, it was my very first attempt at an organic model - still my weakest area in modelling. I remember never being happy with it, and the mod leader pressuring me to just use it like this and get it in the game. That was just before we got a cease and desist letter from blizzard (which I was expecting since day 1). - this was saved as SCPistol.max, I have no idea if it was something I came up with or if it was based on a concept from SC1 or a screenshot from SC: Ghost. - the ghost's sniper rifle from early screenshots of SC: Ghost. Still one of my favorite early models I did, I honestly feel like it came out a bit better than the one blizz made - - (but I'm sure I was working with more polygons). So, request SC models (preferably non-organic, I'm definitely willing to do some organics, but it will take a lot longer to get it from WIP to finished), ask me any questions about modelling, mod-team development, or anything else you want to know. I've been considering doing some streaming or youtube videos on modelling, workflow, tutorials, etc, let me know if there's any interest and I"ll definitely do some.Columbo9 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Competitive Non-Masters+ Tournaments I'm only aware of SCVRush holding these. I heard Playhem does but I don't see that on their website. Can anyone direct me correctly on their website and/or to anywhere/anyone else who holds tournaments for people who are not Masters? Thanks :)RuneK1 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Move clicking on enemy is attack move. Bug? EDIT: I am talking about "M clicking" NOT Right Clicking. I've spent more time than I care to admit messing around with an idea to stop a zerg player from continuously stealing your gas, canceling the extractor, and then building it again. The idea is to catch them between the cancel and rebuild. I describe the process here: The problem with the method may be the M click. I've just realized that M-clicking on an enemy unit will cause your unit to attack move. For example, telling a marine to M-click on an enemy probe will cause the marine to shoot the probe before he reaches it. Is this a mistake? I was under the impression that M-Clicking always causes movement. It even says in the description that your units will not engage. I can understand right clicking being an attack move, but M-Click? In order to M-Click you are manually telling the unit to move into, NOT to attack. There is no chance of accidentally M-Clicking. Or is Right clicking exactly the same as M-Clicking? It may be easier programming for it to be this way, but I feel they should be different.Abstraction13 Mar 6, 2012